UD+Timer-Tales of the fightclub-Cha1 origional work

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UD+Timer-Tales of the fightclub-Cha1 origional work

Postby Ultimate destroyer » Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:29 pm

Ok... its back!

This is mine and Timer's book, the second version, using what you all told me before It has been improved.. We now have 18 chapters, (only two which are not complete) so i'll do the quick catch up and post the first chapters in whole, before it goes to only being a few pages again. Bear with us... you'll be up to date in no time.. constructive Critisim is still GREATLY wanted.

Chapter 1 – The nightmare begins…..

This world is not as it seems, when this world was forming, other planes were already in the rise and fall of there own civilisations, the fabric of reality was nothing more than a curtain hiding the world from the others around it. A war raged across the sky, demons and angels fighting for the control of the planes… and in the closing stages a stalemate was reached. Lucifer, the soul primal form of evil took his stand on the last surviving plane, building a city and establishing a home for his people in the outer of the living realms.

The demons had waged war and turned the once bountiful home of the ancestors into a husk of its former self, a desolate wasteland now known as the plane of chaos. The ancestors took one parting stab by turning the sky of Lucifer’s new home into a murky window, showing the demons their own destruction forever more.
This curse turned the rational demon society into a land of pain and destruction as the demons reverted to their primeval states and Lucifer lost control the god of demons fell into the darkness and was never seen again. Years passed and seven so called ‘lords’ of the land appeared, these lords were greater and more powerful then the demons of the realm combined, they took control of the capital city and reformed order in the land, and so it came to how it is now…

Darkness reached out over the plane of evil as night crept in over the muted lands. Fires burned brighter in the now none existent light. Dark creatures crept around in the shadows of the fires around the murky streets, their yellow eyes glaring from the darkness, lower demons preying on the weak for their own survival. This is the plane of evil the dwelling of demonic beings, each more gruesome and horrific than the last. Every creature lived to the laws of death, pain and suffering.
Red scales glimmered as four legged beasts raced past those of higher birth, muscles straining as they chased their next meal.

This world was engulfed with rage, every being effected by the atmosphere, however this is what fuelled the creatures, they lived many, many times longer than humans and were far more adept with magic and weapons. Its surface was covered with red sand where pitch-black rocks jutted out of the ground at random intervals like claws of a huge beast rasping at the surface. Conquered cities wreathed in flames as the wars between demons rang out across the surface of this fallen land

The cities were built from black charred brimstone, with red veins cracking its surface, the fiery glow lighting the paths. Spectacular fountains of flames were formed for decoration, each one a tale of death as some lower creature perishes to a demon’s blade. The sky being a doorway or a mirror image to the chaos realm, looking down on the wastes of the realm just off from their own, dark purple clouds looming across the watermark image.

The plane of evil rested between two planes, the closest being the plane of chaos, a dark menacing realm where no creature can live. The only light that plays across the chaos realm is that of almost black fire that never dies. The bleached bones of long dead creatures jutted from the black earth. The ground littered with rodent like corpses long rotted and decayed. No sign of life anywhere in this dead forgotten land. The water slick with oil, the entire realm uninhabitable, which is the reason it is also known as the Chaos wastes.

On the other side of the plane of evil resides the plane of shadow, nothing is known of this place not even to those of the council of the seven demon lords, the most terrifying demons in the plane of evils.

It was an icy cold day on the demon plane, fires burning futilely in the crowded streets of Idgjrea, the home to the Tsah palace, a place where all seven demon lords come to meet. An ice-cold fog embraced the ground, the hot breath of spiny malevolent creatures crystallised in the dramatic change of temperature. The omen of such drastic cold in the city was significant, yellow eyes looked up as a sharp wind swept through the narrow swarming streets. The Demon lords we’re gathering for all to see…

A cold gust of wind whistled down one of the main roads, the burning fires flickering out, the dim burning sunlight hidden by black rolling clouds, thunder echoing loudly in the distance. An armour-clad foot stepped around the corner, its owner swiftly appearing into the street. A towering figure stood at over seven foot tall. The armour that wrapped itself around his body shone a demonic red with fiery gold illegible runes. They moved around the surface of the strange metal ever changing the glow.

His entire form, an imposing figure stared down at those impotent lower creatures that claimed to be demons. Lightning flashed across the sky behind him in a menacing fashion, thunder following seconds after.

The first demon lord had arrived, stationary at first he allowed for heads to turn his way. Black leathery wings were tightly folded to his armoured body. The size of a demon’s wings indicates the rank and power at which a demon stands; they didn’t need to be unfurled for people to realise who he was.
As soon as the resident’s of the main avenue noticed him they scampered to the side of the cold street, kneeling to the floor to show their respect, their heads were bowed, Fear struck into the hearts of all beings in the street. Under his helmet a satisfied smirk crossed his lips. Content that no one was left to obstruct him, the Lord started walking towards the palace in the centre of the city. The sound of his footfalls reverberated around the silent gathering as the magnificent figure made his way, none daring to get in his way... The demon lord of wrath had arrived...

Down a separate street the winds continued to howl, more intense than before as a second demon lord had entered the city, a tall sleek figure standing at the entrance to the market square. The black silhouette stood out against the grey sky. All watched in awe as the shape stepped forwards, the silhouette of a slender woman appeared, her form clothed in full plate armour. Men stared in admiration at her unbreakable form. Her armour was of gold, the precious metal glinting in the firelight. Crystals and prized jewels encrusted in runic patterns upon the armour plates. Unlike some of the lower demons she was not scantily clad, not an inch of flesh showed to the outside world. Her malevolent presence enough to send most individuals sprawling for their dark corners, terrified that she should cross their path.

A pair of dark green wings was folded tight to her body, resting over her shoulders like a cloak. She strode confidently down into the market square, lower demons grovelling forwards upon their knees offering gifts to the higher demon. A fulfilled smile spread across her face as she looked at the tributes to her powerful form. Walking down towards the Palace she ignored the gifts knowing they would be delivered to the palace where she could take pleasure in them later.

As the demonic figure walked past the fires the flames died swiftly, plunging the square into a faint light. Casually this glittering gold demon glanced to either side, lower demons were on their knees, all heads were bowed and in their raised clawed hands glittering jewels. Her glowing red eyes watched as her fingers plunged in and out of bowls over flowing with trinkets, glittering jewels and golden chains, broaches and coins of all sorts. Rare items of immense value and rarity. Red, green and blue precious stones twinkled in the faint light.

Trailing her hand through the jewels and trinkets she was pleased until her armoured fingers rested on the rough scaled skin of nightmare berries. The lush deep purple showing the ripe tasty fruit as a prime specimen. Her eyes burned brightly as they moved from her fingertips to the demon holding the bowl. He was a scrawny red breed, bright terrified yellow lamp like eyes stared cowardly down at her golden greaves. He had only a brown ragged cloth to keep his modestly, the ugly scaled creature quivered beneath her glower.

As he looked at the red soil, his crimson flesh was shaking uncontrollably cold chills racing down his spine. The demon lord spoke, her silky voice enriched with rage.

“What is the meaning of this?” A golden lance was held tightly in her grip, under her helmet her face was contorted with fury. The offering of simple fruit was an offensive gesture in her demon eyes, implying that she was no better than the demon lord of gluttony. The unfortunate underling had made a drastic mistake and would pay dearly for it. The demon’s need for precious jewels and rare items was overpowering as she stared furiously at the infidel.
“M-my lady…” Stuttered the weaker demon, his voice a murmured hiss. She repeated her question, her golden armoured hand lashed out, the bowl and fruit scattering along the scorched earth.
“I- I am sorry my l-lady, b-but-” Her hand had grasped around the creatures thin frail neck. Her red glowing eyes piercing through the yellowish eyes of the creature, his slit like pupils dilated through pure terror.
“M-m-my lady… I will do b-better n-next time!” He stuttered his rough hissing voice grating in his throat; her golden gauntlets had tightened slightly, her slender fingers itching to constrict, around the spineless beast before her.
“You impudent fool… for your selfish ignorance there won’t be a next time!” Her grip tightened, as the people watched eyes widened in horror as red crystals started to form slithering down the demon lords arm towards her wrist. The crimson lower demon writhed in her grip screaming, pleading for his life. The ice travelled from her hand, down past her fingers and onto his flesh, the demon let out a piercing scream. “Please! Please my lady… I’ll make it better!” his whimpers were muffled as he clamped his jaws shut, the ice trickling over the gash where his mouth was and entering his body through his snake like nostrils.

The pain was too much for the younger demon a shrill scream passed his lips as the stabbing pain gripped the back of his head. The yell was abruptly halted, shards of demonic red ice jutted from his back. His mouth was agape, sudden lifeless yellow eyes stared out at the world. Someone behind gasped a hissing whisper which echoed around the deathly silent trading square, “That’s the ice of Abezar” A crack ran up the face of the dead demon, before his body shattered violently into a million slices, frozen shards littered the soil where he had been standing.

The powerful demon continued her pace proudly towards the centre of the city. No one else daring to be so ignorant as to make the same mistake, she continued on her way, the demon lord of greed, now walking the streets.


The third spiralled street that lead to the enormous palace in the centre of Idgjrea was emptying of people, the cold starting to get too much for those of lower birth as they crept back to their holes for the remainder of the day. All heads turned to a misshaped shadow appearing at the entrance to the street.
A figure started to appear from the fog, slumped over the front of his horse the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground were his wings, which were wrapped around the horses stomach.

A shocked cry arose from the crowd of demons as the horse trotted forwards. Its Eyes were glassy orbs of blue liquid, which speckled and glowed aqua marine, its skin a light blue translucent substance, bubbles floated idly under the surface of its flesh. Its long silver tail flowed out behind it even at this slow pace.

The demon lord’s armour was a light blue, although he looked like an immense figure, his stature made him look less intimidating. His armour was dusty and unkempt; His weapons were clamped to his wrists a strange set of bracers with a large gem on each, glowing with the same glow as the horses eyes. The demon’s eyes glowed dimly through the gloom gathering around him. His horse was striding slowly through the lingering fog about the ground.

The demon, although an impressive figure, he was slumped over the reigns of his horse, as if in contempt for the proceedings letting himself be led towards the city centre. Suppressing a yawn, his mind tried to reason with his own values. Why did I have to come this way, why couldn’t the lazy bastards just come to my castle in Landius…? I only have to come here because it’s ‘tradition’. Grumpily the third demon rode towards the palace. The demon lord of Sloth trudged through the emptying streets.

The people scattered out of the way of the greater demon going back to their business travelling through the murky streets, clinging to their ragged clothes for any warmth they could find. It seemed the intense chill was getting greater as the years went by.


One Demon already stood at the first gate; she stood arrogantly lent against a sword, which was impaled in the ground another was fastened at her hip. She was almost naked, apart from thin pieces of plate armour which started as shoulder plates coming down into a chest plate with a large exposed front showing her cleavage, it then thinned out into narrow bands going down her stomach and back, which widened once again to form a metal plate covering her crotch and hips, Her upper legs were exposed down to the top of the knee a large pair of armoured boots covering the rest. The whole set of ‘armour’ was a striking shade of violet.

She looked over to the small group of people forming in front of her, her long crimson hair flowing with the cold breeze. “Hello... mistress..” the glossy voice of a man came from behind her, tilting her head sideways she spotted the speaker, a smirk crossed her lips, she was looking at a pale worn man, he looked much older than she knew him to be. His eyes were cracked with red veins, this man stood tall at almost six foot, he saluted with his hand to his chest bowing respectably “Pestilence of the four horsemen, first guard to the Tsar palace at your service my lady.” Slowly he stood up; an insignia of the four horsemen was emblazoned upon a sash over his
white chain mail. He readjusted the platinum crown resting on his greasy black hair.

The scantily clad demon glanced at the growing crowd of men collating around her, and then turned her body towards Pestilence, leaning seductively on the hilt of her sword, a satisfied feeling welled inside of her as she heard gasp from the males behind her, and from watching Pestilence take in a sharp intake of breath hurriedly taking his gaze away from the demon’s cleavage.

War, the second horseman leaned on the wall, watching Pestilence make a fool of him self to one of the greater demons. War was using a short dagger to whittle away a small wedge of wood, an elaborate long sword hung at his hip, the crimson thronging wrapped around the hilt matching his blood red plate mail, the emblem of the four horsemen, carved into the chest plate.
The female demon looked over to Pestilence with amusement; “Is my body not good enough for your gaze horseman” Her silky voice was filled with confidence, red eyes flicking over the sickly guard.

“No- I mean, yes my Lady... You look spectacular my lady...” Pestilence stuttered, unsure of the words to describe this scantily dressed female before him, his tired eyes travelling the length of her body to her face, she seemed so inviting, a gleeful smile crossed his lips as he gazed into her eyes as he thought to himself [iDamn I want to bed her so badly.[/i] The demon’s smirk widened “You and the rest of the city...” a small chuckle escaping her rose red lips. Pestilence’s eyes went wide, his cheeks turning pink adding colour to his pale face. He had forgotten about the immense telepathic power of the higher demons. The Demon of pride smiled sweetly at his lax in memory.

War mumbled something half to himself, “Honestly Pestilence, stop making a fool of yourself…” He noticed something out of the corner of his eye “oh it’s him…” The words died in his throat as he watched a tall figure clad in dark green armour emerge from the gloom of the city. The fifth demon lord had arrived. His commanding voice rang clearly over the heads of the spineless lower demons, “Control you-self Taenia! You’re not Salathra you know!” His voice was authoritative as he walked forwards sending all the inferior demons scattering back towards the city.

The immense towering figure stood before the gates, his armour polished to the highest degree, prominent green runes drifted about his form, a double handed heavy flail hung loosely at his hip, the spiked ball flecked with dry blood. Large deep green wings we’re partially unfurled, this show of authority scattering any remaining beggars in the area. The clatter of his boots died once he stopped before the female demon lord, Taenia. A defiant red glared out of his visor as she turned to look at him. This new comer was the demon lord of envy.

His red beam like eyes trailed to the horseman leaning against the wall. War standing proudly in fiery red plate armour. He watched the demon lord as his eyes trailed down to his sword. A gift from the gods. War’s sword shone with a red glow, just the slightest light glimmered out of the fancy scabbard worn at his hip. The intricate hilt one and a half hands in length with red leather thronging wrapped around the black grip. The pommel was a clawed hand wrapped around a blood red ruby, a matching design swathed the cross guard, shapes of thorns bound tightly to dimly lit runes.

The demon lords eyes changed, the colour shifting quickly from red to a menacing green. The female demon scowled as his attention moved away from her. Here we go again thought Taenia to her self as the lord walked up to War
"You really want that sword War? You know it reeeeally doesn’t suit you" He said to him. War rolling his eyes looked down to his sword and back up,

"Yes for the six hundredth time, I do want my sword" his voice was filled with exasperation, obviously irritated by the constant attention from the envious demon, his eyes staring calmly into the now glowing green slots of the demon lord’s through his visor. “I’m sure I could pursued you to part with it…” The demon said pleadingly, his eyes fixed on the sword... "I’m sorry but you can’t have it, being a god’s weapon and all...” War seemed to be enjoying tormenting the lord to a degree. But he knew that he wouldn’t stay like this for long.

Pestilence was gazing at Taenia again, his disgusting ailing figure gazing over her plump perfectly shaped rear while she was turned, watching War and the other demon lord. “I could offer you all the riches in the city if you were to let me have your sword...” The demon reasoned still not having taken his eyes away from the shimmering weapon.
"Money is no concern to me... I get what I want anyway... I have the highest paid job of any other... Apart from your highness...es... " He corrected him self twice in succession, once when he saw Envy’s eyes light up once again when he talked about his pay and then again when he said highness, not taking into account the other demon lords.
“I’m sure we can find a way… dock your pay... maybe money would have more value then… maybe you could... reconsider?” The green clad demon replied slyly, tearing his gaze away from the weapon and back to War’s face. His voice was rough, and coarse, obviously a demon of his word as he threateningly glared at the horseman.
"I'm sorry... but only one person can dock my pay... and that’s... me" War chuckled, envy knew really that he couldn’t do anything to War, the four horsemen, being the best fighters in the realm were entrusted to protect them, no one could do the job as well.

Envy slammed his fist into the wall next War’s head, obviously furious with his reply. “Why you impotent little-… I’ll..” he glared angrily at War’s calm collect face, shattered stones scattered upon the ground, Envy’s fist still embedded in the wall, his eyes had turned a dark red, his leathery green wings opening to their full span of thirty foot as he threatened the horseman. "Now now...” War said lightly, his hand on the hilt of his sword, "I’m here to protect you... I don’t want to have to hurt you... sir"

Taenia’s daunting chuckle rang out as she watched Envy lose his temper. “Now now Imok… you’re not Azure you know...” She imitated Imok’s greeting referring to Azure the demon lord of wrath. Imok didn’t move just glaring violently at war.
"She does have a point...” War said tentatively, "My lady" he took a small bow towards Taenia. "So who are we waiting for?" asked pestilence from behind the female, tearing his eyes away from her bum to look at the back of her head. Imok pushed away from War, his mighty wings flapping once before folding tightly to his body. “The other five.. Azure, Upria, Nephthy and Jormund and Salathra.” The demon lord replied a little harshly glaring once back at War. He then looked out towards the city gates “the other four… Jormund’s just arrived..”

A stout round demon came trudging down the road towards the gates, his dark orange armour smeared with grease and flecks of food, huge quad bladed axe was slung over his shoulder, the weapon resting over his wings. The plates of his armour didn’t mesh together correctly; obviously he had grown wider since it was made. Swaggering forwards the runes covering his flesh became clear through the gaps in his armour, a large leg of some dead animal hung loosely in his hand, large bitten chunks already taken out

"I wonder where the others could be.." pondered Taenia, bending over in full knowledge of pestilence being behind her, faking checking something on her boot. War looked at her cock eyed, taking his hand of the hilt of the sword. As Taenia’s head dropped out of his gaze he involuntarily looked down following where it had gone, his stare was met by her rear end. A whimper escaped his throat, his pale face filled with colour as he blushed, unable to move his eyes, he just gawked openly.

War’s attention moved to his coworker behind her, he shook his head slowly and then strode over swiftly, walking past the female demon, and promptly rasping the back of his comrade’s head. This effectively jolted pestilence’s attention away from Lady Taenia as he stood straight to face War who was wiping his hand on a white cloth. The grubby man scowled, “What was that for?!” the irritation was prominent in his voice as he stared angrily at War, his face still pink from embarrassment. “Stop making a fool of yourself!” War had hissed back angrily.
"Now now.. Let him have his fun" said Taenia standing up and seducing looking over her shoulder at War, Pestilence’s eyes strayed down her and then sharply back up as war kicked him in the shin "Not on the job." he snapped at pestilence.

The approaching demon lord, Jormund, demon of gluttony had finally plodded to the gates where every one was standing around, “where is everyone” He snorted, lifting the gate of his helmet covering his mouth and ripping off an almighty chunk of flesh from the animal leg in his hand, grease smearing the lower half of his face, juices running down his chin.

Taenia rolled her eyes at War and turned to look at Jormund "Ah. I see you took that dieting thing to heart then" she chuckled "Ya. I have.. This is half the size of the normal one I have" He said through a mouthful of meat. Behind him came a cart full of food, lower demons rushed to try and pick up what hung off the side but where whipped violently as they neared by a small red demon with a huge whip five times bigger than he was. .
Imok looked queerly at the cart, “There is plenty of food in the palace… you don’t need to stock up you know…” He replied sarcastically. Jormund snorted laugh came, spraying flecks of meat from his mouth, “Yes but ain’t in the palace are we?”
Taenia looked over to Imok "He needed to snack on the way up didn’t he?" she said jokingly, Imok looking at the small red demon on the top of the cart who was currently cackling insanely, his whip coated in flame. "I see you have a new helper" he said brashly.

An icy cold chill swept violently through the roads leading towards the Tsah palace. Three figures appearing and walking towards them. Azure, demon lord of wrath, Nephthy demon lord of greed, and Upria demon lord of sloth.
"Here we go" said War, relieved to see the rest of the lords. "Took them long enough" said Taenia while picking up her swords and sheathing them quickly, and then turning to watch the others approach.

“Everyone’s here…” Yawned Upria, barely glancing around. “the sooner we start, the sooner we finish…” Jormund paused halfway his mouth agape as he prepared to take another mighty bite. He looked around with beady eyes counting slowly and silently, his eyes peering at each member stood outside the gate “Check your numbers Upria! We’re still one missing ” Agitation was prominent in his voice as he turned back to the demon lord of sloth. Azure looked around, matching faces to names, he briefly looked at the two horsemen and then glared down his eyes gleaming with red demonic energy, his angry unforgiving voice booming out into the night, “Salathra!

The city walls blazed in the distance, the baron wastes seemingly endless as a huge figure stalked along a broken red highway. This figure was clad in dark blue armour, glowing runic inscriptions standing pronounced against the strange metal of his armour. A large double edged sword hung in it’s scabbard, The hilt an icy blue with a blood red gem embedded in it. His feet strode onwards mercilessly never slowing pace, his red eyes set on the towering figure of the Tsah palace. Large leathery black wings hugged his form tightly.

And echo barrelled over the hills, Salathra’s name echoing on the cliff sides. Salathra looked slowly to the sun and then quickened his pace "Great.. I’m late.."
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Postby Elend-X » Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:31 am

You know, I think if I read it all at once my eyes would hurt. BIG TIME
I will read it once I get back, because I remember that it was good ^_^
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Re: UD+Timer-Tales of the fightclub-Cha1 origional work

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Fri Feb 15, 2008 3:32 pm

Wow, so much happend! :shock: But it was totally worth it! Nice, UD and Timer!
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