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[Challenge Yourself] - Hall of Win

Postby Spike » Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:59 am

[center]Challenge Yourself
Hall of Win[/center]

In this thread, we honour those who have won the forum 'challenge yourself' contests.

Challenge Yourself I: Snafu Ultimate Showdown [thread]
Winner: AinoKitsune for "Save Our Server"
Runners up: Aneri, Maddkaze, Aeris and Keeper

Challenge Yourself II: Fan Characters[thread]
Winner: Serafina for "Snow White and Rose Red"
Runners up: Erix and LynxViscount, honourable mention to BG07

Challenge Yourself III: Forsaken Angel Project[thread]
Winner: Butterfly~Kiss for "Ayame Nightwood"
Runners up: Erix and BigJC, honourable mention to Aneri

Challenge Yourself IV: Original Characters[thread]
Winner: Keeper for "Velmont"
Runners up: Alfina and Cali, honourable mention to ZoulArt

Challenge Yourself V: Self Portraits[thread]
Winner: Cali for "Self Portrait in the Fall"
Runners up: Yovannyx, DeadArt and Demi De Vre, honourable mention to Alfina
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