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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! Chapter 41 is UP! (100%)

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue May 23, 2006 12:50 pm

Chapter 42:

*there was silence. Of course there would be silence in due surprise on the Creampuffs' end since the Powerpuffs and the others just appeared seemingly out of nowhere in front of them, in the center of the eerily enchanted meadow. The half-dried tears on the Creampuffs' faces were a clear sign that they've been crying, but why? A minute passed, and before they knew it, Bop glomped Bubbles as new tears replace the old ones*

Bop: *crying* B...Bubbles!!!

Bubbles: Bop? What happened?

Bop: *sobbing* It was...they...mommy and daddy, that hothead...*her hasty sobs keep her from talking properly*

Bean: *glomps Dimitri* Shaddy's daddy!

Dimitri: Where's Shad?

Bunny: C'mon Dimitri! First we gotta calm these girls down.

Buttercup: But what the heck happened that made them so upset?!

Berry: *sniff* Why would you care?!

Claire: Girls, please...

Blossom: Easy Berry. We're just trying to help.

Dexter: *sigh* This won't be easy. 2 minutes and our first obstacle is this.

Professor Utonium: *bends down to Berry* Berry, sweetie. Tell us what happened to Shad and Bell. Where are they?

Berry: .......................

Bubbles: Berry, it's okay. Listen to the professor.

Professor Utonium: Amazing. You really do look like Bubbles.

Berry: But I'm better then...I mean, as good as her.

Bean: We don't know what happened. Really, we couldn't get what happened to Shaddy at all. But I feel it's something bad. REALLY bad!

Bop: And it's big trouble for mommy too.

Claire: Perhaps I can help.

Dexter: You can help them recall?

Claire: I wouldn't quite call it...*pants, then suddenly falls on her knees as she coughs fervently while clutching her chest*

Dimitri: Claire!

Claire: Darn. It's catching up this quickly!? *gets up* There’s nothing to worry about. Which one of you has the clearest recollection of what happened?

Bean: What?

Claire: Who remembers the most?

Bean: Shaddy.

Dexter: What she means is which one of you girls remember the most?

Bean: Me...I think.

Claire: Are you sure?

Bean: Yes grandma. I'm really sure.

Claire: *smiles*..........................good. Now close your eyes.

*Bean does as she's told and closes her eyes. Claire lays her palm on Bean's forehead as it glows her trademark cerise color*

Berry: What are you doing?!

Bunny: It's okay Berry! She's looking into her mind.

Claire: Think of it as my version of visionburst.

Blossom: She kinda did the same thing with us. It's how we got Bunny back.

Dimitri: You girls are a bit frazzled over whatever happened so Claire's checking Bean to see what was going on. I just hope it's quick.

Professor Utonium: Hmm? Did you hear something Dimitri?

Dimitri: No.

Claire: I'll be telling you all everything that I see so listen well!

*cue shimmery stuff that comes up when flashbacks appear. The scene shimmers to the lab. Shad/??? is still on the teleportation pad relaying his message to Claire as Bell tries her best to hold back Dr. X. The Creampuffs and Breannin are a bit confused as to how this all happened, so they just watch*

Bell: *jumps back from a punch* Daddy, just listen to me!

Dr. X: I'm your father! You obey ME!

Bell: This isn't about that now! It's about Shad! Something's wrong with him! *grabbed by the wrist*

Dr. X: Wrong? He fell down the dome but he remains unharmed. Shad thinks so. What makes you think something is wrong with him?

*Bell's eyes light up in fury. 2 white-hot eye beams shoot out and scald Dr. X's wrist, freeing Bell*

Bell: You knew. *enraged* YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN DIDN'T YOU?!?! This is why I didn't want him to be here!

Dr. X: But I wanted him to be here and so did he! Shad wished to stay here by his own will because his "trusting" parents fed him lies! And the Powerpuffs...they abandoned him.

Bell: NO THEY DIDN'T!! *roundhouse kick to Dr. X's stomach, but is blocked and pushed back* Shad's heart was just weak! And just so you know, he stayed here because he wanted to help me!

Dr. X: You?! It was the circumstances of Link Conversion that forced him into tolerating you!

Bell: Tolerate? TOLERATE?! He liked me because we were alike! He knew that he wasn't the only one who was in the state he was in! If anything hurt him more then his parents lying to him and thinking the Powerpuffs left him, it's seeing another person in pain! He knew you tried to use his powers for your own selfish reasons! He endured all that pain from using his powers to help me! But now...

Dr. X: But now you realize that's his weakness? Putting others before himself to the point where he doesn't even value his own life. I'm just trying to mold him into the opposite. If he lives longer, he'll grow ever powerful. And once we are victorious, the future for him will be that of a bright one. I won't make the same mistake Dimitri did and try to hide his hidden talents.

Bell: I thought the same thing. But if Dimitri had a choice whether to let him use his powers freely at the cost of what makes him human and the choice that'd let him live a regular life, the life he thinks I SHOULD HAVE, then I'd choose the latter! You're just hurting him and you know it! All I want to know right now is your relation with Shad and his parents! I saw that visionburst. You weren't always like this daddy! What happened?!

Dr. X: Th...That is not for you to know!

Shad/???: *steps off the pad and staggers toward Dr. X* Is that so, Cranston?!

Dr. X: do you...

Shad/???: Perhaps it's best if you hear me out for a moment. I fear that I don't have much time considering the state I'm in.

Dr. X: I see. Shad exhausted his powers so much you can barely provide him with protection. *eyes narrowed* Are you who I think you are?!

Shad/???: Yes...and no. Tell me, do you plan to take extreme measures to mold Shad into a weapon you can control, much like you controlled Breannin when she was docile? *angered* THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! YOU CAN'T!!

*near the exit of the dome, the Creampuffs watch on, confused and scared*

Bean: *horrified* Wh...what's wrong with daddy? His voice is...

Breannin: That's not Shad. Something's taken ahold of him. That malevolent dark aura of his is weakened, but it can still produce an effective fear factor. Yet...

Bean: That's why I feel more scared then usual?

Breannin: Yes. But somehow feels familiar somehow. But how can that be?

Bop: Who cares?! We have to help mommy!

Breannin: OK, but first I must get back to Earth.

Bean: Why?

Breannin: Since the bout against Brisbane I feel more of my powers returning little by little. I wish to heal Jack.

Bop: That samurai? What for?

Breannin: Before I petrified him he mentioned knowing the true source of that energy Shad unleashed earlier near the forest. It isn't the cause of Chemical X, he said. We may know what's happening to Shad once I heal him.

Berry: Take me with you. I don't like this place!

Bop: But Shaddy and mommy need us here!

Berry: But this place is too dark! I want the sun!

Breannin: I understand your dislike for the darkness, but please remain here for Bell's sake. I'll come back with help.

Bean: Okay, but we have to go to that teleporting thing on our tippy-toes.

Breannin: Understood.

*at the other end of the dome*

Dr. X: I never said I would hastily unleash the energies within Shad. I happen to know a little someone who will do it for me. He's been quite interested in you.

Shad/???: FOOL! Cranston, will you WAKE UP?! If you do that then the final remnants sealing away Shad's past memories along with IT will be lost!

Bell: Past memories? What?

Dr. X: And that's exactly what I want. What WE want!

Shad/???: *screaming in desperation* CRANSTON THADDEUS UTONIUM!!! Do you remember the Berserker Revolt or not?! You might've not seen the aftermath of it but I will say this: WHAT YOU HOPE FOR WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!! If you have any humanity left within you then STOP THIS NOW!!

Dr. X: Odd. You speak as if you know me. Nevertheless, you have no choice in the matter!

Shad/???: Not if I can help it! EBONY BLAZE!!

*the shadow only spurts out a small black fireball, which falls to the ground and vanishes. Shad/???, with a look of fear on his face, starts to step back*

Dr. X: So you barely have any power left. As I thought. *grabs Shad/??? by the collar*

Shad/???: You don't understand. If I die, then...she will die as well. And if that...should that happen then...

Dr. X: What? Who are you referring to?!

Shad/???: My death will result in her death. And her death will awaken the...the...*eyes flicker back to sliver, then close as he falls unconscious*

Dr. X: Now where were we? *turns to Bell* Perhaps some punishment is in order!

Bell: IVORY BLAZE!! *nothing happens* What?!

Dr. X: Link Conversion is cut off when Shad loses consciousness. Now do as I say and...

*there's a loud VWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP sound. Dr. X turns to the teleporter console and sees quite a sight. Breannin is standing on the pad as she's warped away, which is being operated by none other then Bean! She types the last few numbers as Breannin finally disappears in a multi-colored light*

Dr. X: *flames grow wildly on top of his head* YOU!!!!!

Bean:, did I mention I can learn things really fast?


*Bean barely flashwarps away from Dr. X's hammering punch. He turns to the exit and sees her grabbing Berry and Bop as they quickly fly out of the dome...out of sight*

*end flashback*

Claire: Hope you've all been listening. Good thing I didn't mention Cranston while watching all that. Not sure how Adric would take it.

Blossom: So...Dr. X is going to have someone do something to Shad that'll...not sure if I caught all that but it's probably bad.

Bean: Bree's gonna try to heal Jack. She thinks he might know more.

Berry: But daddy's...he's...

Bop: Maybe he's still in the dome.

Dimitri: If what happened there is true, then Dr. X is probably looking for you.

Professor Utonium: Does he know of this area?

Bop: *shakes head* Nuh-uh. Mommy says it's a secret place.

Dexter: Then perhaps we should review our situation up to this...

*another dimensional crack crackles open between the Powerpuffs and Creampuffs. Purple-black fog comes out of it in the same fashion as before. The dimensional crack closes itself up as the fog thins out. The silhouettes within the thinning fog become clear as the figures step out, revealing themselves to be...*

Bricks: See Butch? I suggested that we follow them and look where we are now. *opens his hand, as if beckoning for something*

Butch: Ugh! *gives Bricks a piece of candy*

Boomer: Uh...hi Bubbles?

Buttercup: For crying out loud! What are you jerks doing here?!

Butch: I'm thinking rematch, that's what!

Boomer: We probably would've won if Weasel weren't calling us.

Bricks: During that battle outside, we kinda...*blushes* got out of our league. Our fight with you earlier caused us to retreat due to fatigue.

Boomer: More me then them.

Bricks: *quick glance at Boomer* As I was saying, we were just flying about until we saw your car...

Bubbles: How did you know it was our car?

Bricks: Global Defenders has the best surveill...

Dimitri: HAD! HAD the best surveillance systems. Brisbane's dead and the Global Defenders is kaput. Gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Bricks: Gone?!

Bunny: Really long story.

Butch: Look, long story short we followed you all and now we want a rematch!

Bricks: But before that...tell us about Shad. If Brisbane really is dead then there's no use asking him.

Buttercup: Never mind about him!

Professor Utonium: Buttercup! We have to find Shad first!

Buttercup: Don't worry professor this'll only take a minu...

Claire: HALT!!

*everyone turns to Claire in surprise. The tall woman walks past the group and stops in front of the Rowdyruffs, who look up at her in sheer awe*

Boomer: Wow. You're tall lady.

Claire: How about I fight you instead?

Rowdyruffs, Powerpuffs, Creampuffs and the rest: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!

Dimitri: Claire this isn't the time nor the place for joking...

Claire: *slightly dark tone of voice* I'm not joking Dimitri.

Butch: Who said anything about you?! We want those Powerpuffs!

Claire: You choose your rivals well. I admire that. But perhaps you can use a little distraction.

Bricks: Say what?

Claire: Here's what we'll do. All 3 of you may fight against me. Should you win, you may go after the Powerpuffs. But if I win, you must promise never to fight them again. Deal?

Bean: But...but...

Bop: They're really strong! And they made at cheap shot at us last time!!

Claire: *sly smile* I'm well aware of that. Just trust me on this one.

Blossom: *notices the light change in persona in Claire* Claire, are you feeling okay?

Claire: I'm just fine Blossom. Now all of you, get going!

Dimitri: Are you sure you'll be able to hold them off...

Claire: I'll find a way. Now GO!

Dexter: Are you sure that you'll...

Bop: You heard grandma! Let's go save Shaddy!

Buttercup: For what, the 4th time now?

*the Powerpuffs, Creampuffs, Dexter, Dimitri and Professor Utonium make their way through the thick trees, exiting the meadow. The only ones left there are Claire and the Rowdyruffs*

Butch: Aw, come on! Out of our way lady! What make you think you can stop us?!

Bricks: He's right for once. Do you know who you're dealing with?

Claire: *smile breaks up as she giggles, almost mockingly* Come now!

Boomer: What's gotten into her? *to Claire* How can you fight us? It's not like you're a Powerpuff or anything?

Claire: *stops giggling* Oh really? I may not be one, but I suggest you get them out of your mind for now. Because for the time being at least, I happen to be much stronger then them!

All 3 Rowdyruffs: SAY WHAT?!

*a cerise aura appears from nowhere and envelops Claire. The light from the aura is so bright it engulfs her, showing only a silhouette of the woman. The Rowdyruffs can't quite make out what's happening. The silhouette of Claire shrinks down to the height of a 12 year old. Next, her long ponytail shrinks to a small one behind her head. Lastly, the cerise aura vanishes, revealing Claire's new form, leaving the Rowdyruffs dumbfounded. It's that of a 12 year old girl with brown eyes, a curved tendril, short ponytail, and a black karate uniform with a white sash*

Butch: It''s...

Boomer: How did...but I thought...

Bricks: So that girl back during the raid was...NO WAY!!

Claire: *snickers* Way indeed. *goes into a fighting stance* Rowdyruff Boys! Prepare yourselves!

End of Chapter 42!
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! Chapter 42 is UP! (30%)

Postby _BLADE_ » Tue May 23, 2006 2:30 pm

make it done please :shock: .
i can`t wait this long :brickwall:
o ya,I`M LOVING IT w00t
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue May 23, 2006 2:33 pm

*is happy like like a little girl*
Awesome :D

Man I have a hard time containing myself :P
This is great.
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Postby _BLADE_ » Tue May 23, 2006 2:45 pm

Darkness_calls wrote:*is happy like like a little girl*
Awesome :D

Man I have a hard time containing myself :P
This is great.

do you need a duiper??(i think that this is not the right word o well.
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed May 24, 2006 5:44 pm

Chapter 42 completed!

At last, the Mystery Girl's identity is revealed!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Wed May 24, 2006 8:12 pm

your giving us more and more candies (information). Love what you are and have done. Really awesome.

Yet again I must ask a question:
After this fic, are you going to write a "continue", another fic or stop writing ?

please don't say number three ...
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed May 24, 2006 9:23 pm

I'll continue, but not right away. There are several loose ends I have to tie up. Otherwise, it might end up shorter then this part of the fic.

Heh. Funny how you said "write another one." I've been discussing that with Griddles as of late. When the time comes I might tell ya what I have planned for that. But just as a warning, the bulk of it assumes you've read most, if not, then all of Lifelines to understand it.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Wed May 24, 2006 10:43 pm

For easy access, much of Lifelines is now on my Dev-art account.
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Postby Darkness_calls » Wed May 24, 2006 10:51 pm

I've read all of Griddles work ;)
So don't worry about me ^_^ not understanding.
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! Chapter 42 is UP! (100%)

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sun May 28, 2006 6:07 pm

Ah, that's good. But I haven't quite slated that fic yet. Still lots of kinks to work out. That AND part 3 of this fic. Whew, got a lot of planning to do on that one.

Chapter 43: Attack of the L-Rex!

*Dr. X's room*

*Dr. X opens the closet that conceals the secret alcove where he usually meets with Aku alone. This time, he isn't alone. In his arms he carries an unconscious Shad as he steps into the dark alcove and shuts the door. It then expands itself, growing larger and larger yet not stretching the entrance. It's dimensionally transcendental, that secret room of his. Finally, the "closet" is as big as Dr. X's room itself. His torched head provides some illumination, which is good or he wouldn't have ever seen the wide black pillar that just sprang out under the ground in front of him. He looks up, pretty sure who it is*

Dr. X: Aku.

Aku: Why do you summon me again mortal? Should you dare to renegotiate...

Dr. X: Not that. Not that. As you know, the test run of the Blackout Cannon was...somewhat successful. We need to find a weak dimensional boundary but it's only a matter of time. The Cluster are scouting for it as we speak. Once we obtain its exact'll be downhill for all of out adversaries.

Aku: And when the entities of Black Eden and Earth merge, I can finally summon enough energy to...

Dr. X: Kill Jack? That won't be necessary. You do recall what Bree has done do you not?

Aku: Yes. Is that all mortal?

Dr. X: Ah, how could I forget. Notice someone?

Aku: *sees that he is gesturing to the child in Dr. X's arms* That's the one you've been speaking of.

Dr. X: As you know, I've told you all you needed to know about Shad. But a few complications arose and Bell...let's just say she's in a little "time out" if you get my meaning. Now back to the subject. You can do this final favor and...

Aku: Say no more. I've wanted to see if this child truly is as strong as you claimed for these past few weeks.

*Dr. X raises the limp Shad high above him, as if presenting an offering. Aku extends his arms as he uses just a finger and thumb to pick up the little boy. Shad, still out cold, is dropped on Aku's left palm as the left hand covers it. Both hands rise high up to the midsection of his spire-like form and merge together. The melt and cement into a huge black sphere, trapping Shad. The newly formed shape finally emits an eerie dark aura*

Aku: Hmm...oh...ah! He holds such dark essences indeed.

Dr. X: How long will it take until...

Aku: A little nigh longer then I estimated.

Dr. X: Remember...not too much. We're close to our goal and I don't want a repeat in history.

Aku: Cease your commands mortal! I shall closely inspect his mind and heart first. I'm interested in seeing where such a child obtained this type of energy.

*Black Eden (lightly wooded area)*

Bop: I'm tired.

Buttercup: Quit whining!

Blossom: How much farther Berry?

Berry: I don't care how much farther. I'll keep walking through here forever if it means saving daddy.

Bubbles: But I thought you hated the dark. Or are you scared of it?

Berry: I do. And sometimes I am. Daddy once told me that just because I'm afraid of something, I couldn’t be afraid to face something. And I have to face the dark to save him.

Buttercup: Hey, didn't I tell him that last year?

Blossom: Something along those lines.

Berry: Really? You said that to daddy?

Buttercup: Duh. You should've seen him back then.

Blossom: From everything Bell told me it's amazing how he still remembered everything we taught him.

Bean: But you left Shaddy.

Professor Utonium: But they weren't at fault. If anyone had us move, it was me.

Berry: So? When he told me everything he sounded really hurt, but he still helped us.

Bop: I even heard that he knows the X guy is bad and using him for bad things but he still wants to stay here to help mommy and us. I want to learn how to read.

Bean: Shaddy's really brave. He and mommy beat Bree and made her one of us.

Dimitri: True, but for most of his life so far, he saw himself as a weakling. Perhaps your words are proof that he's stronger then he knows, and not in terms of ability.

Berry: Heart?

Dimitri: Exactly.

Dexter: Which is all the more reason to save him.

Dimitri: *mutters* I can only hope I'm not too late.

Professor Utonium: What?

Dimitri: Nothing.

Blossom: Claire.

Buttercup: What about her?

Blossom: Before we left that meadow after the Rowdyruffs showed up, did you notice something strange about her?

Bunny: Yeah. Those Rowdys aren't pushovers. Can Claire handle them?

Bubbles: She seemed even more...

Dimitri: Cocky? She gets like that sometimes, though I have to worry. She can't fight THAT well.

Berry: Grandma fought before?

Professor Utonium: She's been taking martial arts lessons when she was about 12. Though back then her view on any form of combat was...*shakes head* No no. The story's a bit too...never mind.

*the group makes it out of the forest. A gray grassy plain stretches out almost everywhere, the edges serving as borders for more wooded areas. The group takes notice at the sky. It's completely covered by unusually familiar purple-black clouds*

Buttercup: Those clouds...

Dexter: Yes. They appear to be the same ones taking form back on Earth!

Dimitri: So this is where they're coming from.

Blossom: But why would they...

Bubbles: Blossom! Buttercup! Bunny! I see the dome! *points to the dome, which is just a few yards away*

Professor Utonium: Looks like we're in for quite a walk.

Dimitri: Couldn't be 1 or 2 yards from this spot.

Dexter: Keep on guard everyone.

Bunny: What for? They don't know we're here yet.

Zim's voice: Which is exactly what we want you Earth monkeys to think!

Bean: Uh-oh.

Blossom: Who was...

*Zim drops from above, the 4 metal spider legs sprouting from his PAK and landing a few feet in front of the group*

Bean: It's Zit!

Zim: FOOL! It is Zim! INVADER Zim!

*out of nowhere, Gir (not in his dog suit this time) comes rolling around and stands upright*

Gir: YAY! We find them!

Dimitri: C'mon, c'mon! We don't have time for this!

Buttercup: How did you know we were here?!

Zim: The Black Eden surveillance systems keeps track of all activities when need be. Courtesy of ME! For I am...

Gir: No it wasn't. That big head made it.

Dexter: Mandark!


Berry: *in her cuter then usual voice* Zimmy, can you please...

Zim: Not so fast! Your infantile cuteness shall not daze me this time! For I am durable! I am great! I am...

Buttercup: Would you just shut up already?!

Blossom: You're worse then Buttercup after our vacation is over.

Buttercup: Yeah, even worse then...HEY!

Bubbles: *stares at Zim, as if trying to remember something* Wait, I know you! You're that 4th grader I saw last time!

Zim: Oh, but I am! But in reality, I merely tricked you so I can make it back to Black Eden after that ape person finished making those burning...lizard...things.

Gir: Jojo!

Professor Utonium: Jojo?! You mean...

All 4 Powerpuffs: MOJO JOJO!!

Bunny: You mean he's the one who made those lava-raptors?!

Blossom: How did you...

Bunny: Claire told me back when I was MIA.

Professor Utonium: Should've known he'd escape sooner or later.

Mojo's voice: But of course Utonium. So I figured...*neon-colored lights materialize beside Zim and take the shape of none other then...well, you know* Why not sooner?

Blossom: Mojo Jojo?!

Mojo: At last, the time has come to initiate my revenge. Vengeance shall be delivered, for I am Mojo Jojo! The revenge shall be executed by my will, which you shall suffer, for I am Mojo Jojo! Ve...


Dimitri: Bean?


Mojo: WHAT?! Who are you anyway?!

Berry: We're the Creampuff Girls. Daddy Shaddy made us!

Zim: Silence! I shall call the shots here! For I am mighty! I am ZIM!

Mojo: NEVER! This is my plan of action! The action shall answer to me! For I am Mojo Jojo!

Bean: *still crying* MAKE THE MONKEY GO AWAY!!!

*Bean's constant wailing causes her to yell out a Sonic Scream, collapsing Mojo and Zim*

Gir: Oooh, music! *tries to screech along*

Buttercup: Whoa. Never saw anyone crying just because he talked too much.

Bunny: He's just repeating himself. And that Zim alien isn't so different. He's like an alien version of Mojo.

Bubbles: *giggles* Never saw it that way before.

Mojo: Enough! As you already know, the lava-dinosaurs are my creations! Funny what you get when you mix chemical X with lava and fossils.

Dexter: So that's how you did it.

Mojo: But now, thanks to my Irkan assistant...


Mojo: *sighs* Thanks to my Irkan invader, I can at last take control of my most powerful specimen.

Buttercup: You mean like those other 10 bajillion greatest specimens you sent at us back at Townsville?

Bunny: She's got you there.

Mojo: MWAHAHAHAHA! This one is far different! You simply cannot fathom...

Bean: Phantom? EEP! It's a ghost?!

Mojo: NO! No more interruptions prior to your demise! I WAS going to let loose a hoard to lava-raptors, but why do that when I can genetically fuse them into one whole being?

Zim: It's a creature that was supposed to be extinct on that doomy dummy Earth, but now with MY expertise, I will at last be able to...

Gir: Nuh-uh, you and Mojo.

Mojo: ENOUGH! No more talking! Powerpuff Girls! Professor Utonium! *turns to Dimitri, Dexter, Bunny and the Creampuffs* other people. Feast your eyes on the last thing you shall ever see! RISE!

Zim: RISE!

Mojo and Zim: ARISE, LAVASAURUS REX!!!!!

*Mojo, Zim and Gir backed away quickly, resulting in a 5ft gap between the groups (er...pair, in Zim and Mojo's case. No, Gir doesn't count!:P). The ground starts to shake violently. The space between the opposing group and trio changes from blackish gray to a magma red, incinerating the gray blades of grass in the process. A deeper shade of red carves itself into a large circle. Within that circle...KABOOM!! A short lived, but loud eruption of dust, thick smoke, and bits of magma takes place! Although the choke-inducing smog doesn't reach the group, it obscures their vision nonetheless. Although...they hear something breathing. And quite loudly too*

Bean: Wh...what was that?!

Dexter: An eruption? Here?!

Dimitri: How can they muster something like...

*an ear-splitting, almost Jurassic-esque roar causes everyone to jump up in fright (not to mention making Bean sob like nuts). The monstrous howl blows the smoke away, revealing to all the creature behind the billowing screen. An enormous, T-Rex sized creature. Come to think of it, if the title didn't give it away, it's basically (okay, not basically) a Tyrannosaurus Rex enveloped in lava. Hence the name...*

Mojo: The Lavasaurus Rex! It's very skin is able to generate the intense heat of 100 lava-raptors!

Zim: And combined with my microchip version of the program locking machine, I have TOTAL CONTROL! For I am ZIM!

Mojo: And I am Mo...HEY! It's MY creation, so therefore, I shall have total control! The control shall be at my command! For I am Mojo Jojo!

Zim: Stupid Earth monkey! If it weren't for me you'd never be able to control that magma-drooling specimen! I have tamed it! Tamed it too well, for I am excellent! For I am ZIM!

Gir: Uh...guys?

Mojo: Nevertheless, the right to control MY creation belongs to me and only me! Your device is implanted within the brain of MY creation! For I created it! For I am Mojo Jojo!

Gir: Heeeeellllooooooooooooo!!!!

Mojo and Zim: WHAT?!

Gir: The good guys are getting away!

*the 3 look past the lava creature and see the group tip-toeing past it*

Zim: NO! The humans are escaping!

Mojo: I shall not lose my opportunity for revenge again!

Zim: And the Tallest shall be most pleased with what I have accomplished.


*the lizard pupils of the dinosaur shift to its escaping pray, and lets out a roar signaling its sighting*

Buttercup: AW CRAP! We almost made it!

Bean: EEEEEEEEK!! *glomps Dimitri* Too scary!! Grandpa, make it go away!!

Dimitri: What can I do?! I knew we'd be ambushed sooner or later, but THIS?! It's a crime against nature FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

Bop: Crime shmime! Let's just beat him already! *flies high above the rex* AMBER PHOTON BAR...

*the Lavasaurus Rex looks up and opens its mouth, causing scalding red-hot saliva to spill forth from the lips. Within seconds, it shoots out a large lavaball aimed straight at Bop! She shoots her trademark amber plasma spheres, but the incoming lavaball absorbs them*

Blossom: BOP!

*Blossom takes a deep breath, looks up, and blows out a frosty, light blue snowflake-patterned substance. In doing so, a wall of icy mist is made between Bop and the lavaball. Said lavaball passes through the mist and comes out an iceball instead. After that, all Bop needed to do was to punch through it and descend back to her allies*

Bop: Heheh. I was fine.

Bubbles: Bop you can't just go ahead of us like that!

Dexter: We have to elude this thing first!

*another roar is unleashed from the volcanic monster. Now it chases the group though the plain, leaving charred footprints in its wake*

Bubbles: He's still coming after us!

Buttercup: Everyone! Get behind me!

*they do as Buttercup says. Her fist crackles with green electricity as she slams it into the ground, releasing her Emerald Shockwave. It tears through the ground and hits the dino's foot. Only problem is that it didn't do anything except roar and continue the pursuit of its prey, causing said group to resume fleeing*

Buttercup: What's up with that?! It worked on those lava-raptors!

Professor Utonium: It's too big of a target! Raptors are smaller but that...

Dimitri: Hold on! *whips out his silver pistol* TAKE THIS!

*a ZHHHHHHHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sound is heard as the Nullify Blaster gun fires a blue ray at the dinosaur's chest, but to no avail. The laser flickers away upon contact with the lava skin*

Dimitri: What?! The Nullify Blaster works on all organics! Unless...

Dexter: It's...not organic? How is it not...

Bunny: Wait, I got it! *forms the ol' purple energy orb and expands it* Ricochet Bounce!

*Bunny bounces her "ball" as if it were a toy. The Lavasaurus Rex keeps stomping forward, mouth wide open until...*

Bunny: Gotcha!

*Bunny kicks the sphere up, but not at the face or chest. It strikes the chin with such force that it not only forces the beast into shutting its mouth, but it even bites the tongue in the process! The end result is the creature roaring out in pain*

Bunny: That should hold him.

Bubbles: I think you only made him madder!

Bunny: What makes you say...

*another roar echoes throughout the field. The Lavasaurus Rex crouches down and opens its mouth. The bloody gash on the tongue is visible before melting, scorching lava is spewed out from the mouth. From the sidelines, Zim and Mojo watch as their enemies are caught in the short lava flow shot out by their creation. Need I remind you that Gir isn't even paying attention? He's playing patty-cake with himself believe it or not*

Zim: YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!! At last they have been defeated!

Mojo: Eh?

*the source of Zim's puzzled reaction is what the monster's attack left behind. Where there was once lava is now a blackened, burnt pathway...but no ashed remains of its prey*

Mojo: I don't understand. I heard no screams. I see no bones! What has happened?!

Zim: Eh? What? What happened?

Bean's voice: Genji Bullets!

*from the sky, 10 thin, maroon beams rained down and hit the lava-covered dinosaur. Zim and Mojo look up and see...the Powerpuffs, Creampuffs, Dexter, Dimitri and Professor Utonium high above! Blossom's carrying Dexter, Bubbles carries the professor and Buttercup's keeping Dimitri afloat*

Mojo: Impossible! The Lavasaurus Rex was far too close for them to avoid contact from that attack!

Zim: Flashwarping! Those creations of that white-haired Earth monkey can warp with a bright, irritating flash! It hurts the eyes, but not all the time! For I am ZIM! Also, it's far to complicated to explain, especially to an Earthling.

Mojo: Pfft! Sure it is.

*the group descends to the ground, a good distance away from their scorching hunter*

Bubbles: Wow! Thanks Berry!

Berry: *pant pant* I...*pant* don't think I can do it again today.

Bean: It's the only thing that makes us really tired. *plops her rear-end to the ground* I'm pooped.

Dexter: How are we going to beat that thing?!

Blossom: What about your...

Dexter: My weapons are still damaged, no thanks to Brisbane. Also, I doubt your ice breath will be effective against something of that magnitude.

Blossom: I know. I tried it on a lava-raptor last year and it just thawed itself out.

Bunny: So we're out of ideas already?!

Dimitri: I wonder...yeah, it might work.

Professor Utonium: Dimitri?

Dimitri: Just before it spat out that stream of lava, did you see anything odd about the interior of the mouth?

Bunny: The inside? Yeah, the tongue was cut since I made it bite it.

Dimitri: That's it! It's the only thing that isn't lava! It's fully organic so it must be its weakness!

Dexter: So you're suggesting that we disable the tongue?

Dimitri: I don't know what good it'll do but its the best we got.

Blossom: Guys, I hate to interrupt but it's headed towards us again!

Dimitri: Buttercup! When I say the word, give me a lift!

Buttercup: Don't know what you're up to, but whatever.

Dimitri: Bop, do you have enough strength to fly?

Bop: *a bit wobbly due to the after-effects of flashwarping* I...I think so.

Bubbles: It's okay Bop. I'll...

Bop: NO! Grandpa needs me! I can fly! For you grandpa!

Bean: Bop. You act really silly a lot but maybe you do know when to be serious...I think.

Dimitri: Okay then.

*the Lavasaurus Rex charges forth. It stops and crouches down*

Dimitri: BOP! UP!

*Bop takes to the skies. The monster, not wanting a portion to get away, directs its attention to the amber girl*

Dimitri: Buttercup!

Buttercup: Gotcha!

*Buttercup grabs Dimitri and goes up in a similar fashion. She positions herself and Dimitri a meter away from the creature*

Dimitri: Only got one shot...

*the L-Rex keeps focused on Bop. His lizard eyes, menacing and savage. He widens them as he does the same with his mouth...which is exactly what Dimitri wanted him to do*

Dimitri: NOW!!

*Buttercup ascends even higher, putting herself and Dimitri in the path of the monster's vision, blocking its view of Bop. Dimitri fires his Nullify Blaster once more, the blue ray not going for the stomach, but in fact, the tongue! (DUH) The painful shocks surge through the L-Rex's body, causing enough pain for it to be immobilized as it roars in pain and frustration. Buttercup and Bop descend with Dimitri in tow*

Blossom: You did it!

Buttercup: Yeah. Who'd have thought he had it in him?

Dexter: I'm surprised you made such a clear shot from that distance.

Dimitri: Haha. C'mon, it was a...

Blossom: What?! Please don't say it was a 50/50 chance!

Bean: Why would it?! Grandpa beat that monster!

Dimitri: Actually...make it 90/10.

Professor Utonium: So there was a 90% chance that you'd make the shot.

Dimitri: *blushes* You...might want to reverse that for the sake of honesty. Heheh. *sweat drop*


Dimitri: C'mon! Blame it on Claire! Her risktaking rubbed off on me...sort of. *gulp* Adric, help me out here.

Professor Utonium: That's enough Blossom. Dimitri was probably intent on getting inside that dome. Shad must be inside.

Berry: Yeah. Daddy needs us!

Bop: And mommy too!

*the group leaves, continuing their way to the center of Black Eden, leaving behind an immobilized L-Rex and a very flabbergasted Zim and Mojo*

Mojo: AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! How could this happen?!?! We were so close to victory but...BUT...

Zim: A stinky HUMAN had to ruin it! A HUMAN! And he didn't even look powerful! Gir, make sure the Tallest never hears of this!

Gir: Can I have tacos now?

*a roar rings though the dark plains yet again. The L-Rex is fully recovered and this time, it has its sights set on a certain pair of evil geniuses (okay, not sure if Zim counts in that catagory*

Mojo: Why is it...

Zim: Oh my. I should've never used Gir's program lock.

Mojo: You mean you knew this would...

*another roar sends the duo and Gir running off as the L-Rex chases them all around the plains with relentless pursuit*

End of Chapter 43.

Feel free to count this as a filler. Oh, and as for what Zim said about the program lock, it's the same one used on Gir in an episode of Invader Zim. Unfortunately I never saw the episode, but I got the info off Wikipedia.

Sorry if the L-Rex went down a little too easily. Hey, Dimitri needs the spotlight too!
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JEJ. I've noticed Mojo is so ... forgotten lol
Good to see you use him ;)
Great job ^_^
man ... I want the next chapter :P
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GAH! The forums were down for at least 2 DAYS! What happened?!

Oh, and I added more to chapter 47. It's almost half-done. 7 pages so far.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Hmmm ... when you think about it Zim and Mojo are just as annoying ^_^

Good update Shad :)
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Chapter 43 completed!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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I'm going to put this in one simple but really true word:

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GAH! How'd I miss this?! Okay, if it's in italics for almost half the chapter, that was NOT INTENTIONAL! It was meant to have just 3 "thought lines." One for Dexter, Bean and Dimitri. See folks? This is what happen when you try to update near midnight!

And I can't seem to edit it without getting a 404, which sucks! GAH! So sloppy! So SO TERRIBLY SORRY! I'll fix it tomorrow. REALLY!!

Added after 9 hours 29 minutes:

Whew. Chapter fixed.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! Chapter 43 is UP! (100%)

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This is it. The finale to Dual Minds Think Alike. And before it ends, you'll find out that...

Chapter 44: The Berserk Shadow is...(NO!! IT CAN'T BE!!) [or Advent of Chaos]

*Bell's room*

*scene first shows the door leading to Bell's room. It's locked tight, barricaded by several steel bars and a light blue barrier. Scene shifts to inside the room. A certain white-haired girl is curled up on the bed, crying. Her white dress is torn from the bottom, the strap on her left shoulder ripped up, her right wrist red with squeeze marks. The hair is a mangled mess, sprawled about instead of flowing and neat. The bedsheets are damped with tears*

Bell: *crying* Daddy...why? Why do you do this? What happened to you?

*everything gets all shimmery again, as in a flashback coming up. The scene now shows the dark forest again. It seems bigger though, with much taller black trees and the red spheres the size of elephants. The meadow at the center is larger too, with a patch of Black Snapdragons. In the meadow, a tall humanoid orange mutant with a torch-esque flame atop the head is on his knees, panting and confused, as if he was fleeing from something. Next to him is his newly born creation: a girl named Bell*

Dr. X: Wh...what is this place?

Bell: *giggles* It's a dark place silly!

Dr. X: Silly, heh. Do I really look so silly to you, girl?

Bell: Um...not that much. You're the first thing I saw, so I guess not.

Dr. X: Look at me. *stares at his hand, while still human in type, is rough; almost rock-like* I'm a mere beast! Something that shouldn't have been made. I used to be...*shaking*

Bell: Be what?

Dr. X: *shakes head* No. What's the use? Best if I don't lament now.

Bell: Maybe we can go back.

Dr. X: NO! *sees Bell jump up in shock* I apologize.

Bell: We can't go back?

Dr. X: Absolutely not! Never again will I go back. Not like this.

Bell: So we can stay here?

Dr. X: There's nowhere else to go. The humans can never except someone as hideous as myself. I am no longer one of them. And you...I mustn't lose you.

Bell: You made me, so I can't be lost.

Dr. X: Not like that. You're my daughter. I made you.

Bell: Daughter?

Dr. X: A female child of the parent. The female adult serves the role as mother/mommy. The male adult is the father/daddy. Most of their life they are to be taken care of with love, for it is love that has brought them unto the world.

Bell: *confused* So I came here I don't get it.

Dr. X: You're still a child. It's just that...I don't think I brought you here through love. Nevertheless you're*shakes away the feeling* Never mind. How can I take care of you? I don't even know where I am!

Bell: We'll find out something. Really. Just think back and maybe we can find a way. You can do this!

Dr. X: Where do I start? *head down; chokes back a sob*

Bell: Name me...daddy.

Dr. X: *eyes widen; looks up at Bell* What did you call me?

Bell: Daddy. Maybe I can have a name. Can I daddy? Please?

Dr. X: This is only at the top of my head, but would "Bell" do?

Bell: YAY! *glomps Dr. X* Thank you daddy!

Dr. X: This feeling. I don't seem to feel any sort of resentment anymore. How can this be?! *stands up* Can the love of a child make so much of a difference? Is

Bell: *giggles* You're tall daddy!

Dr. X: Yes, I've been rather known for that. But as for the predicament at hand, where do we start?

Bell: I say we explore!

Dr. X: Yes. Perhaps we'll start going north. Set a perimeter. There might be some resources we can salvage together.

Bell: Daddy?

Dr. X: Yes?

Bell: Is the parent really supposed to love the child?

Dr. X: Yes. It's demanded by society as a whole.

Bell: So you'll always love me no matter what, right?

Dr. X: R...right. Bell. I may have brought you into this world out of pure malice and contempt towards a certain relative of mine, but I promise...on my very provide to you the life that any child should have. That I promise you. *holds Bell's hand*

*end flashback*

Bell: I want him back. The old daddy. *sobs*

*mysterious meadow in the dark forest (aka gateway back to Earth)*

*the Mystery Girl, now revealed to be Claire, is locked in combat with 2 of the 3 Rowdyruffs. Right now she's on the defensive; blocking whatever physical attack she can from Bricks and Butch. Boomer is watching for now, seeing as there isn't much room for him to attack up close. That, and he's still tired*

Butch: *punching rapidly* You can't block forever lady!

Bricks: She's not really a lady anymore.

Claire: Heheh. Got that right. *ceases blocking and runs backwards, stopping against a tree*

Butch: Eh? Get back here! *chases Claire*

Bricks: Butch don't!

Claire: *arm outstretched behind her; fist glowing cerise* LEONAZIUM!!

*she throws a punch, but Butch stops right before the fist hits. That doesn't mean he avoided the attack, because he gets pushed back and knocked down after being slammed by battle energy in the form of the cerise silhouette of a lion's head*

Boomer: Whoa! How'd ya do that?!

Claire: Wasn't much really. Just something I picked up.

Bricks: You're no ordinary human, are you?

Claire: Pfft! I thought that'd be obvious by now!

Butch: *gets up* Boomer, we can use a hand here!

Boomer: But she's a girl.

Butch: What difference does it make?!

Boomer: She's a cute girl.

Butch: Cute gi...SO WHAT?! You think that blonde prissy is cute yet you fought her!

Claire: Really? How cute!

Boomer: *blushes* SHUT UP!

Butch: Besides, she's not even really a girl! She just turned into one is all!

Bricks: He's got a point there.

Boomer: So that makes her a grownup.

Butch: Exactly, so help us already!

Boomer: *sigh* Fine, already.

Claire: Can you hurry this up? I really gotta...*feels a sharp pain in her chest* GYAAAAAAAA!!!! *collapses on her knees; holds her head in pain*

Bricks: Huh?!

Butch: What the hell?

Claire: *shaking violently* It''s happening?! How can it be happening so soon?! Not this fast!

Boomer: What's happening?!

Claire: *hack! cough* Gotta...keep...together. *hyperventilating*

Butch: Look, I don't know what...

Claire: Don't come any...just give me a moment! *stands up slowly, staggering in the process* Eb...eb...EBONY BLAZE!!!!!!!

*a cerise aura surrounds Claire and turns black as it generates a wall of black fire around her. The inferno is shot up through the tree trunks, leaving the meadow and vanishing in the sky*

Claire: Wh...whew! Glad I got that out of my system.

Bricks: Got it out of...*bewildered* That's the same attack that Shad kid used!!

Boomer: Yeah, I think we saw a video of that a while back.

Butch: How'd you do it?!

Destruction's voice: Yes, just how did you invoke the human's powers?

*startled by the unexpected voice, Claire and the Rowdyruffs direct their attention away from each other and to the edge of the meadow leading to more forest. There they see the Cluster agents of the Darkstar Council. Destruction, Montray, Nool, Kuwagus, and Samantha*

Samantha: So that girl can do it too?

Claire: Where'd you all come from?!

Montray: Never mind that, human! What we wish to know is how YOU and the other 3 pests got HERE!

Nool: I'm detecting weak dimensional energies in this location. They must've gotten here through the weakened fissure.

Kuwagus: This is the place we've been searching for.

Butch: You bots are here for a rematch too?!

Montray: Last I remember, you weren't in good condition when we were finished with you!

Kuwagus: Consider yourselves lucky you were alive at the time!

Bricks: Hold everything! I want to kick Darkstar butt too but I want some answers! This Shad kid's been bugging me for too long!

Butch: Brisbane was bent out of hell to get him. He had us, so what's so special about that brat?!

Destruction: That's precisely what I want to know!

Samantha: *to Claire* You said you needed to get...whatever that was, out of your system. What's that supposed to mean?

Claire: Just forget it! No one must know! *stands back* I didn't want to'll probably happen anyway, at this rate. And after what I just did...I only hastened the process. *head down*

Nool: Process? What process do you speak of?

Montray: Explain yourself human!

Kuwagus: Lest you attempt to initiate in combat with Vexus' finest!

Boomer: Us too!

Claire: *sigh* I think I'd like to admit that I'm smart enough not to cause trouble when I'm seemingly outnumbered and overpowered. Maybe my sister would but me...*shakes head* no.

Boomer: You had a sister?

Claire: I'll explain on the condition that you let me go. Got it?

Bricks: Depends on how much you tell us.

Claire: I can only hope the Powerpuffs get to Shad on time or...well, here goes because it's quite a tale.

*as Claire begins explaining, a familiar girl of 12 years identical to her sits high atop a tree trunk, looking down with a look of loathing on her face*

Barasia: That's right...keep talking. *caresses the Cruxis Crystal embedded just above her chest*

*just outside the dome entrance*

Security system: Identification please?

Dimitri: Say...this looks an awful lot like my security!

Dexter: At your old home?

Dimitri: Yeah, that one.

Professor Utonium: Perhaps you can hack into it.

Blossom: But he didn't bring his...

Dimitri: *takes out his Nullify Blaster gun* Gadget?

Bean: But that...

Dimitri: Who says I use it for shooting? Not that I'm much of a sharpshooter but...*pushes the gun against the door and pulls the trigger. Several beeping and humming sounds are heard*

Bop: What are you talking about?! You were able to beat that monster back there!

Buttercup: Barely! He only had a...a...a really really small chance!

Blossom: 10% chance.

Dimitri: Provided that the gun recharged enough. Otherwise it'd be 9%.

Blossom, Dexter and Utonium: DIMITRI!!

Dimitri: *anime sweat drop* What? Claire's little risk streak rubbed off on me! Besides, I really need to get to Shad. *gun beeps; door opens* Done!

Bean: That was fast!

Bunny: Another point for Dimitri.

Berry: He's just inside this dome. Let's go!

Bubbles: Don't worry Berry. We'll save him.

*the group steps inside the dome. The first thing they see inside is a ravaged lab. Test tubes shattered, tables turned over and cabinets broken. The ceiling is about one of the few things that are intact, providing more considerate illumination then outside*

Dexter: Such a mess.

Professor Utoniun: Dr. X did all this?

Bean: Uh-huh. This was where he and mommy were fighting each other.

Blossom: Speaking of Bell, I wonder where she is.

Bop: Let me lead the way! I've been here lots of times. Right Berry? *no answer* Berry?

*Berry runs to the teleportation console and fervently presses whatever button she sees*

Blossom: Berry this isn't the time!

Berry: I'm not leaving! I want to see Bree! This thing won't turn on!

Dexter: It appears that Dr. X locked all the software that operates the hardware.

Dimitri: *mutters to self* That's just like Cranston.

Buttercup: Hey, what's with this barrier here? *points to the barrier blocking access to Bell's room*

Bean: *gasp* Mommy's trapped in there! *presses a button next to the barrier, shutting it down*

Bop: Yay! Bean did it!

Bunny: Uh, she just pushed a button is all.

*Blossom opens the door and enters Bell's room. She sees the white-haired cute one just lying on the bed, eerily still. It only takes a minute until the silence breaks*

Blossom: Bell?

Bell: *sits upright a bit; looks in surprise* Bl...BLOSSOM?!

*at that moment, Bell did something that she thought would never do. Something that never crossed her mind...until now. She not only flew toward Blossom but hugged her as well, as if she was a loving sister. Bell breaks into sobs a moment after*

Bell: came?! I can't believe you came after...

Blossom: C'mon Bell. Don't cry. We came because like Shad said: "You're a Powerpuff!"

Bell: But when you thought I was...

Bubbles: When we got here we saw the Creampuffs in that weird meadow and Claire looked into their minds.

Dimitri: She explained everything while doing so don't worry.

Professor Utonium: Did Dr. X make you?

Bell: *lets go of Blossom: Uh-huh.

Professor Utonium: What...ingredients did he use?

Bell: I can't remember now. I had so much to think about that...hey! How did you all get here anyway?! The teleporter was locked so...

Dexter: Did you know that "meadow" is harboring a gateway that links the dimensions of Black Eden and Earth?

Bell: How did you know that?

Buttercup: Claire knew. Somehow she went nuts back at home and yammering at us to go to the forest behind Megasville Elementary.

Bubbles: She also said that you were trying to get Shaddy out of Black Eden.

Bell: No. That wasn't Shad.

Blossom: That "other half" of his?

Bell: Yeah! He wanted me to help him to the teleporter so he can send some sort of message. He seemed really weak for some reason. Couldn't even use his attacks.

Dexter: That's strange. When he fought you at the schoolyard a few weeks back he was rather powerful. What could've weakened him?

Professor Utonium: And he mentioned something about Shad's old memories.

Dimitri: L...let's not talk about that right now. Where's Shad?!

Bell: I think he's in the other room, daddy's room. Just next door from here.

Bunny: Probably that other door we saw.

Bop: What are we waiting for?! Let's save him already!

*Dr. X's room*

Dimitri: Apart from the larger bed, it doesn't look any different from the previous room.

Bean: He has a closet. Does that help?

Bell: Wha...what?!

Blossom: Bell?

Bell: Shad. He's in that closet.

Bubbles: But there's no one in here.

Bell: It's a little hard to explain but he's in there. I'm sure of it.

Berry: I think I feel it too. Daddy's in trouble.

Buttercup: Guess there's only one way to find out. *opens the closet. There's nothing inside but a dark portal in the form of a thick black fog*

Bunny: What the?!

Bell: Shad's on the other side. I can feel it.

Bubbles: It's weird but I can feel it too, but only a little though.

Dimitri: Must be the neutral trust.

Buttercup: So...who first?

*Bop kicks Bean into the closet. The chinese bunned girl vanishes in a blink of an eye after going through the fog*

Berry: *angered* BOP!!

Bop: What? You said who first, so I picked Bean.

Bell: You didn't have to kick her!

Bop: If I just told her to go in she'd be crying right now. She gets scared too much.

Bubbles: That still wasn't nice!

Bop: Fine! I'll go in.

*Bop kicks herself (don't ask how. Seriously, don't ask) into the closet, also vanishing through the fog. Bell follows suit*

Bunny: You only live once so...

Professor Utonium: But we just got you back.

Bunny: Heheh. Guess I'm an exception.

Buttercup: But just so you won't get scared...*grabs hold of Bunny's hand* On 3.

Buttercup and Bunny: THREE! *both jump into the portal*

Blossom: Alright, after you Dexter.

Dexter: Actually...*blushes; holds Blossom's hand* Shall I?

Blossom: *giggles* Of course, on 3. 1...

Dexter: 2...

Blossom and Dexter: THREE! *both follow suit*

Dimitri: This is it Shad. Daddy's coming to get you! *runs into the portal*

Professor Utonium: Bubbles. Berry. Don't lag behind now. *follows Dimitri*

Bubbles: Guess we're the last ones. *starts to walk, only to notice that Berry isn't following her* C'mon.

Berry: go save daddy.

Bubbles: But you have to come with us! Shaddy's just through here.

Berry: It's dark. *sniff* I DON'T LIKE THE DARK!

Bubbles: Berry. Just try to remember what Shaddy and Dimitri told you.

Berry: I...I do. Really. It's just that I don't...the dark. It's scary and I HATE IT!!

Bubbles: I'm afraid too.

Berry: What?

Bubbles: I'm still afraid of the dark, but Shaddy, my friend, is in trouble and he needs me. Needs us. I don't care if I'm afraid or not. I'm never afraid to save someone.

Berry: So...I'm not afraid to save daddy. But...

Bubbles: *holds Berry's hand; smiles* Ready?

Berry: *comforted by Bubbles' smile* Y...yeah. 3...

Bubbles: 2...

Berry: 1...

Bubbles and Berry: READY STEADY GO!!!

*the 2 pigtailed youngsters leap through the fog. They feel as if they're being swirled about on a roller coaster. Luckily, it's over before the group gets overly nauseous. They end up in a dark realm of sorts. Somewhat like Black Eden, but empty*

Bean: *kicks Bop*

Bop: OW! What'd I do?!

Bean: *cheeks stained with dried tears. Obviously she was crying upon entry* That's for kicking me!

Blossom: Keep on guard girls. Dr. X could be anywhere.

*there's a bright orange light in front of the group. They now see a humanoid orange mutant, the source of the light being the flame atop the head. There are 4 extra yellow eyes on his chest, all narrowed in anger upon gazing at the visage of a certain trio of sisters*

Dr. X: Powerpuff Girls. We meet at last.

*Shad's house*

*Bree bolts into the empty home via the front door and scrambles upstairs in haste. Upon entering Shad's room she sees Sensei Jack, still petrified in sapphire*

Breannin: As I thought. *lays her hands on Jack* Please. Please work.

*Bree slowly shuts her eyes as she channels her power into her hands, starting to flash sapphire. She presses harder, trying to heighten her slightly increasing power*

Breannin: No. I can't...can't fail. Please wake up!

*more power is poured into her hands, but still nothing happens*

Breannin: Wh...why isn't it working?! Wake up!

*alas, Bree becomes too exhausted. Her hands stop glowing and she collapses, panting heavily*

Breannin: *looks up; Jack still petrified* No. NO! *sobs* I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! *wraps her arms around the sapphire samurai* It's all my fault! If only I was stronger! If only I had more willpower you wouldn't be...*tears roll onto Jack* Why?! Why did I have to be born a docile...

Jack's voice: What? Where am I?

*Bree jumps back in shock. Her vision still misty from crying, she wipes her eyes to get a better confirmation of what she thought didn't or couldn't happen...did indeed happen. The sensei in front of her is no longer petrified in sapphire, but a man cured by the girl's near-desperate will to repent*

Breannin:'re alive?

Jack: Hmm? This is the Staydamind home. How did I get...*notices Bree* YOU! I remember now! I came to help the Powerpuffs rescue Shad, but then he...yes. That power. It felt far too malevolent to be caused by chemical X. Then...

Breannin: *starts to cry again* I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I was...I was a Shen Gong Wu and was ordered to...

Jack: Strange. I don't sense any hostility from you like last time. I wonder...*stares deeply into Bree's dark sapphire eyes, as if he's reading her mind. Or perhaps, looking into her very soul*

Breannin: Are you...

Jack: So...that's what happened. You're not a "true" human are you?

Breannin: And it may be best to assume that you're not a normal human. But you speak the truth. I am only in this sane state because of the Heart of Jong. You can thank Bell for that. Nevertheless, I've caused...

Jack: You needn't worry about that. What matters is that you've set things right by fighting alongside your former enemies and healed me from my crystallized state.

Breannin: The truth is, there's another reason. You said that Shad's powers felt...unnatural. You may be right.

Jack: I was afraid of that. The darkness within Shad. When I first met him I passed it off as a gloom state. I felt it the instant I shook his hand. That one instant made me feel as if all the positive emotions...were sapped. How could I have not sensed it?!

Breannin: Perhaps it'll be easier if you explain while we get to Black Eden.

Jack: Yes. The power that Shad unleashed before was definitely not something a mere chemical can cause, nor was it a family trait.

Breannin: I fear it may have some connection to his death.

Jack: *stunned* What?!

Breannin: Did you know that the Powerpuff Girls and Berry had visionbursts from within Shad's dormant memories? Berry's was most disturbing. She claimed to have witnessed Claire holding a dead child.

Jack: And that dead child was...Shad?

Breannin: From what she said of her surroundings, it may have been after the Berserker Revolt. When that shadow ravaged the Global Defenders 4 years ago. At least, that's what I've heard.

Jack: How can that be? If Shad died during the incident then...*shakes head* No. couldn't be THAT!

Breannin: Hmm?

Jack: Nothing. We know far too little to make false speculations now.

Breannin: And the Doomsday Blackout is crossing over.

Jack: Blackout?

Breannin: It's a bit long to explain. It's the reason why the clouds are...look, let me explain. Please.

Jack: Please do. *looks out the window* That power I sense from those clouds. Why does it feel so familiar, yet so vile?

*Dr. X's "closet"*

Dr. X: How long I have waited for this day.

Blossom: Why? So you can kill us?!

Dr. X: HA! Not only that, but I shall also unleash to the rest of the superheroes, the ultimate weapon!

Professor Utonium: What do you hope to accomplish by killing my girls?!

Dr. X: *taken aback by Adric's presence* Wh...what?!

Dimitri: As I thought. Did you miss him?

Dr. X: What are you doing here?!

Professor Utonium: What's wrong with you?

Dr. X: No...NO!

Bell: So it's true.

Professor Utonium: What's true?

Dr. X: NOTHING!! I am no one to you! And you! *points at the professor in contempt* You are nothing to me!

Dexter: What's going on?

Bean: He sounds like he knows him.

Dr. X: Enough of your stall tactics! Bell! Why are you outside your room?!

Bell: I want you to stop this! What's gotten into you lately?

Dr. X: Common sense, that's what! Sense that allowed me to realize what the real obstacle in our path is!

Dimitri: Enough talk, where's Shad?!

Dr. X: He's here. Closer then you think.

Bop: Quit talking weird! Where's Shaddy?!

Dr. X: Oh, I'll tell you. But I'd rather do so in the form of a...bedtime story.

Bubbles: Bedtime story?

Dimitri: wouldn't!

Dr. X: Oh, I think it's time they all know the truth about the Berserker Revolt. You had far too many chances to tell them yet you avoided every opportunity.

Dimitri: If you even so much as whisper...

Dr. X: Then I'll tell a certain someone here something else you don't want him knowing. *to the professor* Isn't that right................Adric?

Professor Utonium: *gasp* How did you...*shocked*

Dimitri: *to Dr. X* SHUT UP!! He doesn't deserve to...

Dr. X: Whether he wishes to know what became of his cousin or not, I'll tell him every last detail should you stop me from explaining to these children why Shad is so special.

Dimitri: There's nothing special about...*shaking*

Professor Utonium: Cranston? He knows what happened to Cranston?

Dimitri: F...fine. Go on! But if you get reactions from these innocent souls that you didn't want beforehand...don't say I warned you. *to the PPG, Creampuffs, Dexter and Bell* I'm sorry for what you're all about to hear.

Dr. X: Let's start far back, shall we? Once upon a time there were 4 people who were the best of friends. 3 males and a female. Back in high school, the male friend liked the female friend, but she liked the short one. After graduation and college, the female friend obtained a job as a nurse whereas the other 3 received confidential "invitations" to be enlisted to a certain top secret organization.

Dimitri: The Global Defenders.

Blossom: So wait, the short one is you and the lady friend is Mrs. Staydamind?

Dimitri: I don't need a history lesson to remember any of this. Should've destroyed that slip right then and there.

Dr. X: As I was saying, one refused to be drafted to the Global Defenders, leaving his cousin and the cousin's friend to join Dr. Brisbane's...

Dexter: LATE Dr. Brisbane.

Dr. X: Yes, I suppose that's an appropriate way to put it. The 2 friends were among the best technicians. The ones who made most of the weaponry and defenses of that was them. The Volt Barrier, the supercomputer, the 4 sectors, and more.

Professor Utonium: *to himself* Cranston and Dimitri. *to Dr. X* You speak as if you know them.

Dr. X: Heh. You really have no idea, do you? Soon the Global Defenders had their work cut out for them. They obtained a most unusual substa...

Dimitri: For God's sake, you think I DON'T know this?! The substance was considered fatal due to the many failed experiments and inability to cancel out the irreversible side effects! Yet somehow...

Dr. X: Claire Staydamind was the first one to not only test herself with the Chemical X by choice, but also the first to not experience any nasty after-effects. er powers consisted of an angelic healing ability and the much sought after....Molecular Regeneration.

Professor Utonium: And with both she's presumed to be close to immortality.

Dr. X: Shortly after, she found out that she had become pregnant. The thought of a possible "superchild" sent all of Global Defenders in an upheaval. Brisbane was most pleased at the thought of a perfect child. A most powerful being that we can control. The 2 friends had their thoughts. One supported Brisbane's ambitions. The other...*looks down to Dimitri* Let's just say he felt rather apprehensive of it all.

Dimitri: Thankfully, that feeling diminished when it was found that no traces of Chemical X within Shad. And he was just a baby then!

Dr. X: But as we all knew, Brisbane refused to be wrong. He wanted to achieve his dream to safeguard the world from the true evils through Shad.

Dimitri: *scoffs in contempt* Translation: He forced his black and white vision on a toddler who couldn't even walk properly yet!

Dr. X: All tests for supernatural talents came out negative in all fields. Even one of the 2 friends/scientists were starting to wonder whether Claire's added X chromosomes were passed on to Shad at birth. The second, and father, of Shad didn't care. He loved him no matter what.

Dimitri: He's a child! He should be just that, not a mindless supersoldier-in-training!

Bubbles: *gasps* That's...I remember!

Buttercup: Remember what?

Bubbles: I had a visionburst, but it wasn't about that scary shadow. It was like this. About Shad's tests. I was there...kinda. Dimitri said that same thing. Or something like it. I don't remember all of it.

Berry: Daddy used to be with that bad man? Why?!

Dr. X: But Brisbane wouldn't take no for an answer, now would he?!

*back at the Otherworldly Meadow (yes, I finally have a name for it) Claire is, coincidently enough, explaining to the Rowdyruffs and Cluster the same story Dr. X is*

Claire: Shad grew normally. He developed no powers. Yet Brisbane wasn't satisfied with how things turned out for him. He saw Shad as a failure. And he hates failures in his organization.

Bricks: So Shad was one of them when he was just 3 years old!?

Claire: No no, not really. It was soon after his third birthday that things went wrong. Shad wasn't even one of...

Nool: Went wrong? Elaborate.

Claire: The shift was over for Dimitri. Cranston had a late project and I came to pick Dimitri up. I had Shad with me at the time. When I came across Cranston, he wanted to give Shad a short tour. Shad was curious of the marvels of the Global Defenders, and he trusted and looked up to Cranston so much, he was like a second father.

Samantha: So you let him go with the guy?

Claire: Dimitri didn't mind. So we both left while Shad was taken around with Cranston. That...*lets out a short sob* That had to be the single most stupidest thing I've done.

Boomer: Why's that?

*back at Dr. X's "closet"*

Dr. X: "Would you like to see something amazing?" Shad's godfather asked. Shad replied cheerfully. He was taken to a lab. There he was...conveniently passed out.

Dimitri: *shuddering* Stop it.

Dr. X: When he woke up he was in a glass tube of sorts, surrounded by several computers and scientists. They didn't seem too surprised, as if they expected the child. In the center of it all was Brisbane himself. He exclaimed that he would not tolerate any "normals" in his army, that with the correct dosage of Chemical X, he'd create his invincible any...means...necessary.

Dimitri: *shaking harder* I said stop it!

Dr. X: Shad had no idea what was going on. Alas, it mattered not to Brisbane. He was...*fist clenched* forcibly injected with a large amount of Chemical X.

Berry: *coughs out a sob* Wh...what?!

Dr. X: Shad hasn't been very fond of shots. Even moreso when he didn't know what was being injected into him. He screamed, cried, wailed for is mother and father. Constantly slamming onto the glass. Brisbane paid no mind, his mind directed to the monitors displaying Shad's internal systems. Nothing changed until...........................Shad CHANGED!

Bunny: Changed?

Dr. X: The childish screams of fear were twisted into screeches of terror. A screech so loud, it shattered his glass prison and every surrounding computer! The first blow he mustered was directed at Brisbane as the Chemical X morphed him...

Dimitri: *tearing up* I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

Dr. X: *ignoring Dimitri's pleas* And now everyone! It is time I reveal to you all. Who was it that ravaged through the base 4 years ago?

*scene shifts to the Otherworldly Meadow*

Claire: Who was it that killed all those soldiers?

*scene goes back*

Dr. X: The one that nearly killed Brisbane? The identity of the Berserk Shadow...

*scene goes to Claire*

Claire: The one responsible for the Berserker Revolt...

*back to Dr. X*

Dr. X: Is none other...

*back to Claire*

Claire: Then...

*finally, the scene does a split-screen effect. Dr. X on the left and Claire at the right. The 2 words they state not only confirms the identity of the Berserk Shadow...but also sent waves of fear, grief, disbelief, and utter...utter denial to both audiences*

Claire and Dr. X: SHAD STAYDAMIND!!!!!!!

*the scene at last returns fully to the Powerpuffs and the rest. They couldn't believe it. Some outright refused to believe it. The stomachs of Bubbles, the Creampuffs, and especially Bell ached horribly...along with their hearts. In seconds, all their cheeks were streaked by their tears*


Dexter: Bubbles, I'm just as shocked as you are, but now that...

Bubbles: *snaps* NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! IT CAN'T BE!!!!!!! NOT SHADDY!! NOT SHADDY!!!!!

Bean: He's not a killer! Shaddy would never hurt anyone!

Berry: *enraged* YOU LIAR!! LIAR LIAAAAARRRRR!!! DADDY CAN'T BE...HE CAN'T!!!!!!!!!


Bell: Th...that explains it. He's turning back. YOU WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN?!?!

Dr. X: Yes. It took but one woman to finally subdue him, but by then, Shad's body was drained thus resulting in his death.

Berry: HE DID NOT!!!!! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Dr. X: That's what I don't understand. Not even I knew how a 3 year old boy was brought back to life. I didn't witness it. Dimitri saw it as a miracle.

Blossom: So that's why you took him! You want to force him into turning into that...that...THING!!

Buttercup: That screeching shadow from those visionbursts?! You wanted Shad for that?! SICK!!

Bunny: How could you?! Shad trusted you!!

Dimitri: It's a monster! THIS is why I didn't want to tell them! You might've left these children hurt for life!

Dexter: And how do you plan to control it?! Last I was told, it was practically mindless. Bent on one thing: death.

Dr. X: That's where you're wrong, boy genius. I've had a little...someone to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

*the flame atop Dr. X's head burns brighter. The group see what appears to be a large black pillar behind him. They look up, wondering how high it goes until they see what look like arms at first glance way high up on said pillar. The hands are merged into a ball and inside that ball is a little boy who's inner darkness is rapidly becoming unsealed...changing his body and morphing his very heart*

Bell: Shad's...Shad's in there?!

Dr. X: Once my "associate" is done, all your efforts will have been in vain. He will become the Berserk Shadow, only this time he shall be obedient to me and ONLY me!


Dr. X: Nothing Bell. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone this far had you not betrayed me! I have no more use for you. BE...


*a sharp beam of amber whizzed past Bell and struck Dr. X in the stomach. Although it only pushed him back, it was quite a distance*




Dr. X: And what makes you think I'll listen to the likes of you?!


*in sheer rage, the Creampuffs, torn by the horrible truth about their father, display furious faces as they flashwarp out of sight. Dr X, not worried about the incoming onslaught, merely stands there. In the blink of an eye, he thrusts a fist to his left right before a flash of bergandy, hitting Bean the instant she appears! Next, he executes a low-kick, sending Berry to the ground! Lastly, he shoots a fireball high above him, hitting a fast appearing Bop as she catches fire, only having it put out by skidding across the ground upon falling*

Dexter: How did he...

Bell: You couldn't have saw that coming!!

Dr. X: Oh, but I have. The extra 4 eyes aren't for show. Now...

All 4 Powerpuffs: NOT SO FAST DR. X!

Dr. X: *scoffs* FLAME LANCE!

*Dr. X materializes a long lance made up of fire, hence the name. He takes aim and throws it at the Powerpuffs. They fly up, dodging the attack as the lance hits the ground, exploding after a brief moment. Dexter, Dimitri, the professor, Bell and the Creampuffs aren't so lucky*

Blossom: Professor!

Buttercup: That's it! I had it up to here!! *to everyone below her* Spread out!

*the rest of the group manage to recover quickly as they move away. Buttercup descends quickly as she strikes the ground, preparing to unleash her Emerald Shockwave, but when she's close to the ground...*


*the ground below turns red with heat. Almost instantly after that, a rift of fire explodes from beneath in the shape of a dome! Although Dimitri and the others were able to get away, Buttercup isn't so lucky. She's caught in the fiery eruption, bounced up 1, 2, 3 times before landing, partially burnt and the hem of her dress burned away, revealing a flash of panty*

Blossom and Bubbles: BUTTERCUP!

Dr. X: If you wish to take Shad back you'll have to defeat me first!

Bell: *runs to Buttercup* Are you okay?

Buttercup: *gets up with ease* Ugh. Been better.

Bunny: So you wanna rumble? Lets! RICOSHE...

*the 4 eyes on Dr. X's chest glow an angry red. They fire thin, but extremely hot lasers at Bunny. She screams out in pain as the beams of heat push her away as the temperature increases rapidly. Dr. X ceases his attack when Bunny is pushed onto the professor, who catches her as she falls down*

Professor Utonium: Bunny? Bunny!

Bunny: *weakly* Da...daddy?

Professor Utonium: Just stay put sweetie. *holds her close* I don't want to lose you again.

Bunny: *laughs* But you didn't even see me when I was first made.

Blossom: Bunny. *to Dr. X* Don't you villains ever learn?!

Dr. X: I've learned far more then you can possibly imagine.

Bell: Regardless, you're still my daddy. There's still good inside you! You really didn't used to be like this!

Bop: Mommy, he's bad!

Berry: Daddy trusted him and he broke it!

Bean: We're not letting you hurt him or anyone else!

Dr. X: Hurting him? I'm merely making him stronger! Did you all forget that it was the Powerpuff Girls that deserted him? They were the ones that hurt him.

Berry: No! That wasn't it at all! I used to think that way, but not anymore! We're just like them.

Bean: Just like Bubbles, the girl Shaddy liked best.

Bubbles: I would never hurt him so much on purpose. Honest!

Dexter: You're clearly outnumbered 6 to 1.

Dimitri: Just give it up. You don't want to end up like Brisbane.

Dr. X: HA! I'm the one that killed him! And that's exactly what I plan to do to each and every single one of you! In fact, before I do so, I'll just stall a bit. Long enough for Shad's Berserk Shadow to be unleashed. Watch. I'll unleash his might as your own "friend" slaughters you all!

Bell: No...NO! STOP!!! Leave Shad out of this! Let him go!

Dr. X: Hmm...fine, perhaps I'll spare you all the grief. But on one condition. RAGING MIST!

*a huge circle of burning orange mist swirls around everyone but Bell. They're restrained, unable to move and sweating greatly due to the intense heat of the mist*

Blossom: Can't...move.

Bubbles: *pant*

Bell: What are you doing!?

Dr. X: Bell, you've done enough ill towards me and everything that the Darkstar Council stands for for me to disown you! I've watched as you became more and more defiant, more rebellious! But all of that will be forgiven...if you kill the Powerpuff Girls right here, right now.

Bell: What?

Dr. X: Do this, and Shad will be freed.

Bell: But...

Dr. X: *getting impatient* Do as your father says!

Bell: But...*looks at the sweltering Powerpuffs and company, then looks up at the spherical containment Shad is in* Shad. He says that I should have a say in things. That daddies don't let their kids do this.

Dr. X: And the parent is the one who upholds authority! I said KILL THEM!

Bell: NO!

Dr. X: YES! You were created for this purpose! They are the result of an accident that my bumbler of a cousin happened to have created by chance! It was because of him that I was made a fool of!

Professor Utonium: *shocked* Cousin? Result of a...WHAT?!

Dr. X: You were made not by an accident, but with a purpose! NOW FULFUILL THAT PURPOSE!!

*Bell remains silent, at a loss on what to do. She turns her back on her estranged father, facing the Powerpuffs. They're close to collapsing due to still being trapped within the hot mist. Dimitri and Dexter are already face down on the floor and the Creampuffs are just barely hanging on. Finally, Bell looks deep into Blossom's eyes that seem to say..."I trust you. Shad trusted you. I know you'll do the right thing. As Shad're a Powerpuff." Bell raises her arm, outstretched in front of her...aimed at Blossom. She begins to form a white orb of energy, preparing to fire*

Berry: Mommy...*pant* No.

Bell: If the only reason that I was brought here...was to cause pain to the 3 girls Shad looked up to. The very girls who gave him the strength to help me. To kill them all for the sake of revenge. Then...I wish...I...was...never...BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*at the last second, Bell does a 180 (she turned around) and faces Dr. X. She changes the orb in her hands to shoot out a wide white power blast similar to Blossom's. The blast not only strikes Dr. X with enough force to knock him down, but also illuminates the chamber in the process. The heated mist vanishes, allowing the Powerpuffs and others to cool off*

Dexter: *wakes up* Am I...alive? *glomped*

Blossom: Dexter!

Buttercup: Psh. Figures.

Bop: Did mommy beat him?

Berry: I think she did.

Bunny: *struggles to get up* Aw, come on. You didn't even leave me some?

Dimitri: Bunny, stay down. You're still hurt.

Professor Utonium: *to himself* Dr. X. He said something about a cousin who humiliated him by making something out of an accident. He couldn't be...can he really be...

Bell: *to Blossom* That attack. How did I do that?

Blossom: I don't know. I just placed my faith in your hands, then I felt this warm light. Not hot like that mist, but a good kind of warm.

Bell: Was that...did we just do Link Conversion? *eyes widen* That means...

Dr. X's voice: SPIRAL FLARE!

*a large bolt of fire is fired in a straight line, headed towards the professor*

All 4 Powerpuffs: PROFESSOR!!

*too late. the attack explodes as it hits its target...or did it? A flash of bergandy occurs, followed by a shout. The girls look up and see Bean carrying the professor, unharmed by the attack*

Professor Utonium: It's okay girls! I'm fine!

Bean: Just aboard Air Bean is all! *giggles*

Blossom: Whew. *turns to Dr. X, staggering to get up and has his 4 chest eyes closed* Time to finish this! You know the drill girls!

*the Powerpuffs (minus Bunny) fly up and initiate the usual Starburst Ray attack in the same pattern. The 3 heroines each fire a beam in front of them at an angle, causing them to merge into a white sphere*


*a huge multicolored power blast is blasted out of the white sphere and strikes Dr. X. It appears that the girls have won...or not. The smoke clears and Dr. X is still standing! Even more unfair is that he merely blocked the attack by raising his arms in front of his face! The only notable difference is that one of his wings are gone*

Buttercup: WHAT THE?!

Dr. X: I'll assume that you're all out of ideas now.

Dimitri: I don't believe it!

Dr. X: Now to finish you all off once and for all! Bell! As much as I hate to do this, you've commited treason for the last time! EX...

*a horrible, ear-splitting, soul-shaking screech is heard, followed by a shattering sound*

Aku's voice: Methinks you mortals are too late.

*the group looks up in sheer horror. They cannot believe what they see. The spherical containment that Shad's been held in is broken, but Shad...isn't inside. Instead, they see a black shadow of sorts. The dark aura around it gives it a spiky fringe all around the body. The eyes are a devilish red and the hair black. It has returned. HE has returned. Also, the "pillar" was really Aku, but you knew that*

Dimitri: No...NO! GOD DAMMIT NOOOO!!!!!

*meanwhile, at the Otherworldly Meadow*

Bricks: Whoa. No wonder Brisbane wanted him so bad.

Nool: Yes. It explains much.

Kuwagus: Let's get to the bout shall we?

Claire: *currently back in her adult form* What?! But you said...

Montray: The Rowdyruffs chose not to fight you, but I don't recall us promising anything! Nevertheless, you were useful...for a human.

Samantha: Sorry, but that's how the Cluster does things. Hey, you're right about a lot of things but...

Claire: But you don't under...*chokes up* HA...HACK!! *eyes widen*

Butch: Huh?

*what the Rowdyruffs and Cluster are witnessing look like something out of an exorsism movie of sorts. Claire's heart stops beating, starts shaking violently, and gasps for air as she collapses, her brown eyes becoming bloodshot*

Boomer: *rushes to Claire* Lady! What's happening?!

Claire: *gasping for air* It''s happened. I'm such an idiot.

Boomer: What happened?

Claire: must get to the Powerpuffs. I'm sorry for not finishing our fight but...Shad.

Bricks: What about Shad?

Claire: Grimlock Curse...after Berserker Revolt...more

Butch: What's going on?!

Claire: *starts to get colder* Can't...hold...on much...longer. Get help. Any help. Never...mind me. Save my...little boy. And...please...when you do him...make sure that he knows that....that...

Boomer: *about to cry* That what?!

Claire: That mommy...mommy is sorry. Sorry for what his weak mommy has done to him.

*and with those words, Claire breathes her last. Her head lolls to the side; her eyes still open*

Boomer: *sobs* Wh...what was that?!

Bricks: Grimlock Curse? What the hell?

Butch: Is that how she just died like that?

Destruction: Humph. A pity how humans can die so easily.

Voice: KYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Normally, I'd agree with you, but since you didn't mention ALL humans...

*then things start to look even more like a horror movie. A Cruxis Crystal suddenly appears on the corpse's chest just below the neck. Claire's body is all of a sudden reanimated! Color returns to her skin as she gets up straight as if nothing happened. Finally, her eyes are no longer brown...but BLACK!*

Claire(?): Oh boys? Care to join the rumble?

Butch: I'd like to fight as much as the next guy but...

Claire(?): PAH! I wasn't talking about you!

*2 shadows, one tall and the other the size of a 10 year old, phased out of nowhere next to Claire(?). Dark auras around them conceal their forms, the only things visible being an identical Cruxis Crystal embedded just below the neck of the aura-concealed figures. Also, the eyes were a glowing, paralyzing gold staring menacingly at their targets*

Claire(?): *snaps fingers* Teach them.

*back in the dark chamber*

Aku: This child. His power is...

Dr. X: YES! The moment is at hand at last! Berserk Shadow Shad! RIP THEM TO PIECES!!!!

*the Berserk Shadow pays no attention to Dr. X. He merely stares at Aku, as if awaiting HIS orders instead*

Dr. X: What?!

Aku: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Did you honestly think that I would allow something this powerful to serve a mortal such as yourself?!

Dr. X: dare deceive me?!

Aku: What else would you expect? You turned back on your end of the bargain! I sense him! JACK IS ALIVE!!

Dr. X: WHAT?!

Bean: That...then that means...

Buttercup: *face beaming* Bree did it!

Aku: Now...Berserk Shadow! DESTROY...

*another screech pierces through the chamber. However, this one is different. It's as if the Berserk Shadow is in pain. It holds its head in pain as the pitch black skin starts to, CRACK apart!*

Bubbles: SHADDY!!!

Bell: What's happening to him?!

Dimitri: I don't know! I...I don't recall anything like THIS happening!

Aku: *senses something* Wh...WHAT?!?! NO!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING DR. X?! THIS THING...HE HAS...HE HAS...

Dr. X: Has what?!

*too late. The skin on the Berserk Shadow's chest, legs, back and pretty much everywhere else crumbles. On the back, 2 more appendages rips out from each side of the spine. They're wings...that of the demonic kind. The dark aura vanishes, allowing a more clearer view of what Shad is turning into. His new appearance is that of scaly dark slate gray skin, black eyes covered by cross-shaped irises in the middle...GAH! Too much! He looks like the heartless below...kinda. Minus a few things*




Aku: A Heartless?! This thing...

Grimlock Shad: *raspy voice* Ebony...Grave.

*a large dark gray stalagmite springs out of the ground at an angle and pierces Aku's heart! The dark wizard screams in agony as more dark stalagmites skewer him, causing him to shrink down and collapse. He kinda looks like the equivalent of swiss cheese now, at near death. One more stalagmite, while not stabbing Dr. X, strikes him hard enough to impair his consciousness*


Blossom: SHAD!!

Bunny: Okay, what the heck is going on?! That's not the Berserk it?

Berry: Daddy...what's happening to daddy?

Dexter: It's as if he became a different creature entirely. If only we can reverse this.

Bubbles: We have to! *looks up at her malformed friend* SHADDY! I'll find a way to change you back! I PROMISE!! JUST COME BACK TO US!!

*Shad does not respond. He just looks down at Bubbles with his blank black eyes. The red cross-shaped pupil still resides in the middle of the iris*

Bubbles: Shaddy? *tears fall down once again* Did...did you forget about me? About all of us?

Claire's(?) voice: You're wasting your time, you know that?

*the group turns around sees Claire(?). She just arrived, but...something seems to be amiss about her. And it's not just the black eyes. Her tone of voice seems more...darker then usual, and sinister*

Claire(?): Not only did Shad forget you all, but he's also lost the very soul to even listen to you.

Professor Utonium: Claire!

Dimitri: Where have you been?! No, what are you saying?

Claire(?): God, I hate explaining. Look, Shad hated himself for being weak. He wanted to gain power by any means in order to remove that weakness. In a way, he kinda chose this path himself when he decided to stay here. Now that the Grimlock Curse is complete, our plan can at last initiated.

Blossom: What? Cl...Claire?! *confused* What are you talking about?! "Our?"

Claire(?): We will take Shad as our newest recruit. The stronger, the better.


Claire(?): OUR son? OUR SON?! C'mon Dimitri! Look closer! You're smarter then...


*everyone is taken aback by Aku's reaction...and what he said*

Bunny: Barasia?! But...isn't that the same name Brisbane said?! What's going on?!

Aku: Defeat this menace! NOW!!!


Aku: What is the meaning of this?!

Claire(?): Did you forget Aku? I was once of the race that you were bent on destroying. The race that you sometimes underestimate. The humans. Does the master of darkness himself beg for assistance from that which he despises most?

Aku: You...

Claire(?): Perhaps you're best suited for death, a foul virus such as yourself. If not, then you're a fool, pure and simple.

Aku: Do you honestly...

Claire(?): What's that? You want me to choose?! Fine by me! *raises one arm and points at Aku* I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder. INDIGNATION!!

*an enormous bolt of lightning is dropped from the sky, hitting the wounded wizard with tremendous force. Aku screams his last as the deadly spell leaves nothing but ash. The remnants of Aku. He is gone. Dead. And at the hands of the last person anyone expected*

Claire(?): Okay everyone, move out of the way!

Blossom: No.

Claire(?): What?!

Blossom: Who are you?

Claire(?): Ah, so someone finally notices. About time. Heheh.

*a cerise aura appears once more. However, it appears much darker then usual as it covers the woman up. While it's in place, Claire(?) speaks out at last as she morphs*

Claire(?): I am of the Chaos Seraphim! The future warriors that'll show this place the new meaning of power and strip everyone of all weakness!

*Claire(?) morphs back into her younger self, but once again, something doesn't seem right. The eyes are still black, the face has a look of loathing, the ponytail is now a spiky fringe, and the tendril is no longer curved, but almost scythe shaped*

Claire(?): Of course, we won't be the Chaos Seraphim until Shad is one of us...


Claire(?): *sigh* Should've seen this coming.

Dimitri: *shocked beyond belief* You were...that's...JERI!!! JERI ASHER!!

Buttercup: Where's Claire?!

Barasia: Hate to break it to you all, but the sweet lady you thought you knew is long gone. Aku did his part quite well, but he serves no purpose now. When my sister died, I took control of her shell via my Cruxis Crystal. Pretty thing, isn't it? Oh, and I kinda had to change my name so no one would suspect anything. Kinda like an agent.

Bop: Did you say...SISTER?!

Dimitri: NO! Wh...WHAT IS THIS?!?! You look like that other girl!!

Barasia: Are you all STUPID OR SOMETHING?! That girl who helped you before WAS CLAIRE!! She obviously learned how to replicate my moves, but it's a long story. What matters is that I take Shad with us. Though you all seem pretty strong too.

Dimitri: and...*faints*

Dexter and Professor Utonium: Dimitri!

Blossom: I don't know what's going on, but you're not taking Shad!

Buttercup: I say we pound her first and ask questions later!

*the 4 Powerpuffs charge towards Barasia*

Barasia: Fine. Let's see you stand up to this. LEONAZIUM!!!!!!!

*a large image of a lion's head is shot out of Barasia's fist. It knocks down the Powerpuffs with great intensity, leaving the Creampuffs to take their place as they charge forth as well*


Barasia: SPIN KICK!

*WHAM! A hammering kick lands on Bop's cheek just when she's about to punch. Bean and Berry flashwarp behind their target, but...*

Barasia: Mirage!

*Barasia phases behind the 2 blondes in equal speed followed by 2 elbow thrusts to the backs of Bean and Berry. Despite nearly having their spines shattered by the blow, they keep going at Barasia. She manages to block every blow so far until...WHAM! Bop comes in with a sneak attack, sending a cold hard fist at Barasia's nose*

Barasia: GAH! You'll pay for that you brat!

Bop: Still think we're weak now?

Blossom: *gets up* Leave it to us Bop.

Bunny: We'll teach her! How does 6 on 1 sound?

Barasia: Pfft! Sure, go on! Not like numbers equal strength anyway. Have at it!

Berry: Bubbles, follow me.

Bubbles: Where?

Berry: *inaudible whispering* Got it?

Bubbles: I'll try.

Berry: DO! Not try!

*with a battle cry, Berry charges towards Barasia once again, but she stands her ground, not amused*

Barasia: Again? LEO...

Berry: NOW!

*Berry flashwarps out of sight. Due to the resulting flash of aquamarine, Barasia is unable to defend against a slamming tackle attack by Bubbles. The flashwarp served as a blinding maneuver, even though it only lasted a second. Barasia staggers back, trying to hold her balance*

Buttercup: Now we got ya!

*Blossom uses her ice breath to freeze Barasia's feet and the ground she stands on, causing immobilization. Buttercup slams the ground as she lets loose an Emerald Shockwave. It looks like Barasia's done for, but then...*

Boy's voice: SPREAD!

*a huge geyser of water bursts out underneath the ground in front of Barasia, canceling out Buttercup's attack*

Bean: Where'd that come from?!

Older boy's voice: Should've known not even you would bring yourself to fight against such weaklings.

Barasia: Heheh. *breaks out from the ice* C'mon Kage. They just caught me by surprise. They're not that weak.

*the 2 shadows from before phase into appearance again. This time though, the silhouette appearance vanishes, revealing themselves at last. The short one, although taller then most of the girls, is around 10. He dons black jeans tucked into a pair of dark gray boots. He had a dark blue shirt on and wore a dark gray windbreaker over it, zipped down halfway. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows to reveal a set of black fingerless gloves. His hair was an unruly mess of dark brown that reached to the back of his neck, but the most surprising thing about this child was his irises: they were gold. The taller figure, probably in his late teens, has similar facial features to the younger child, but are more mature, more defined. His were a dark brown like his hair, which was long enough for a short ponytail. He was wearing a pair of black sneakers along with loose blue jeans, his wallet chained to one of the belt clips. He had a white shirt on with the Chinese symbol for “Dragon” and wore a black hooded sweater over it.*

Kage: Sage?

Sage: Yeah?

Kage: You may want to seek out the recruit Barasia mentioned.

Barasia: No need. *points up to a floating Heartless Shad, still staring into nothingness* He's right there.

Buttercup: More?!

Bubbles: Who are you?!

Sage: Girls? *to Barasia* You got beat by girls?

Barasia: HEY! Watch it!

Kage: Look, that Doomsday Cannon's already modified. Let's just get this over with. *to the Powerpuffs, Creampuffs and Bell* Allow us to show you the meaning of true power.

Bell: You're not taking Shad without getting through me first! *charges up Blossom's power blast via Link Conversion again*

Kage: *scoffs* May the merciless embrace of frost take thee. ABSOLUTE!

*out of nowhere, a huge crystal of ice encases Bell, chilling her to the bone. It shatters, sending shards of sharp ice fragments at the others*

Bell: AHHHHHHHH!! *falls unconscious*

Blossom: BELL!

Bop: Now you're gonna...

Sage: Haha. Pay? Don't think so! Reduce these evil souls to ashes! Explosion!

*a huge ball of fire streaks down from the sky, headed towards the group. Although the Powerpuffs and Creampuffs move Dexter, and an unconscious Dimitri and Bell out of the way, it's no use. The ball of fire hits the ground with such force that it creates a massive blazing explosion that, what else, sends them flying far and knocked down, leaving all but the Powerpuffs themselves out of commission, but gravely injured*

Barasia: C'mon! Don't you ever use your hands to fight?

Sage: Look who's talking! You had to use magic to kill Aku!

Barasia: Shut up. Might as well finish them off. Pity. I had high hopes for them, but oh well. I call upon thee...

Breannin's voice: STOP RIGHT THERE!!

*a streak of blue fire whizzes above Barasia. While she turns to see the source of the blaze, a circular device soars between Sage and Kage and lands around the unconscious group. It creates a light that begins to make them transparent. Something, or SOMEONE is warping them to safety! In anger, Barasia sees the ones behind it. Breannin, Sensei Jack, and a girl in a Nazi-esque uniform with blonde hair and black eyes, going along with a smug look on her face*

Barasia: Who the hell...

Breannin: Now what Mandy?

Mandy: *looks up to Shad* UGH! It's too late! It's just as Grim said!

Jack: Quickly Mandy!

Mandy: It's no use! We have to leave him.

Kage: *sees the Powerpuffs and the others close to vanishing* Barasia! They're escaping!

Mandy: Jack?

Jack: Yes.

Barasia: Not so fast! LEONAZIUM!!

*Barasia throws another punch, but Jack scoops up Mandy and Breannin in his arms and jumps into the warping light. They, along with the Powerpuffs, Creampuffs, Dimitri, Bell and Dr. X vanish along with the light*

Sage: Great, they got away!

Barasia: So what? We still have Shad.

Kage: Why do we need him again?

Barasia: Actions speak better then words. I didn't really see this coming, but let's say it works in our favor. Is the...

Kage: Ripping up the dimensional walls as we speak.

*the scene goes away from all of Black Eden to Earth itself. The sky, the atmosphere itself, cracks and rips apart as "shards" of the sky fall. Black smoke begins to seep out of the cracks. With the help of the fast atmospheric winds, the fog is quickly blown throughout the world in just half an hour! By then, every cloud, every part of the sky that's normally blue is now a dim, purple-ish gray not unlike what you see in Black Eden. It has happened. The assimilation between Black Eden and Earth is complete, but things remain unanswered. Who are Sage and Kage? What is Barasia's relation to Claire? Is Shad's unexpected transformation somehow connected to the constantly mentioned Grimlock Curse? And what IS this Grimlock Curse?! So many questions, many enigmas, multiple mysteries, but very little answers. Alas, this is where this part of the story draws to a close. What has become of the Powerpuff Girls? All these questions and more will be answered on the final part. The part that shall conclude this trilogy*

*and in when all shall be explained. Hopefully*


Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys (c) Craig McCracken
Names "Adric" and "Cranston" (c) Sir Griddles
Shad Staydamind (c) ME!!
Dimitri Staydamind (c) WHODYA THINK?!
Claire Staydamind (c) DUH!
Global Defenders (c) Mpcp 13
Creampuff Girls (c) Seriously, don't make me go Bubblevicious on you.
Bell and Dr. X (c) Bleedman
Sage and Kage (c) PueRToRiCaN12187
Barasia and Breannin (c) Sir Griddles
Kimiko, Omi, Raimundo, Clay, Dojo, Guan and Roy (c) Whoever made Xiaolin Showdown
"Grimlock" term (c) Keeper
Darkstar Council (c) Kainsword 17
Samantha (c) Medabots
Dexter (c) Genndy Tartakovsky
Mandy (c) Maxwell Atoms
Samurai Jack (c) Genndy Tartakovsky
Zim and Gir © Jhonen Vasquez
Lava-saurus and Lava-raptor (c) You're really trying, you know that?
Every flippin bolded incantation and spell in this chapter (c) Tales of Symphonia

GAH! This is it! IT'S DONE! Dual Minds Think Alike is done! I must eat! NOW! So feel free to post your positives, negatives, favorite moments, anything! Even suggestions will do!
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:18 pm

Ohhh... Great ^_^
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Postby GridsNaranek » Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:12 am

Now to see what he's made of!
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:01 pm

Dual Minds Think FINISHED AT LAST!!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Jun 08, 2006 8:11 pm

The greatness of you fic leaves me speechless.
Seriously, when I began to read this I didn't suspect it to get SOOOOOOOO good. I've got too many faverable moments too list ;)

I can't wait until it will be concluded. If all those character would have been original then I would have ordered you to make a book out of this and sell it ... you would get rich!

I also remember Sage and Kage, from PueRToRiCaN12187 fic ... to bad he never continued :(

Now I must grade.
Drama: 4/5
Action: 4/5
Comedy: 5/5
Describtions: 4/5
Character development: 5/5
Originality: 4/5

Overall score: 9/10

Last words: You are evenly matched with Griddles (you two are in my list of best writers)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! COMPLETE!!! w00t

Postby Keeper » Thu Jun 08, 2006 10:04 pm


Damn, Shad... Awesome... just so damn sweet, I kept loosing track of what was even going on!! So many twists and turns in the plot. lol AND SUDDENLY SAGE AND KAGE SHOW UP!?! Hell you surprised me that time. >.@

Overall, buddy. You're best work I've ever had my eyes to read. Seeing as how Clairie went all evil and was just playing the good house wife really shocked me. Now what will I do with her for my fic. XDDD Eh, anyways, splendly work! I really appreciate you using my heartless form of Bulldog picture for Shad's Beserk Shadow form. Specially since he's a heartless now. :bigsmile: Heh, okay so I'll give this story a rating of 10/10!!! w00t

For three good reasons, 1: It's PPGD related. What better! :D, 2: All the powers and villians the good guys faced rock my world! w00t, and 3: I so have become addicted to your series, it owns!

Okay, that's settles that. So as of now I'll be waiting PAITENTLY to the concluding series of the Shad Staydamind adventures. Really looking forward to the third sequel and really glad I've come to know you as a great friend and a even greater story-maker. You, Shad! Are one of the fanfiction gods in my book! :snoogins:
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Postby GridsNaranek » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:01 am

A very excellent conclusion! And since when am I a 'Sir'?

Looks like I gotta beat this one ;)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:48 am

Thank you all! I'm lucky to take praise well. Why? Because I didn't think I'd be on par with Griddles himself! I still think he's better then me on a few levels, yet Darkness Calls gave me the same score. WOW! Fanfic...fanfic GOD?! :shock: Seriously, I never imagined. THANK YOU ALL!!! w00t w00t w00t

Oh, and expect a "New Hero/Villian" pick list soon. A sneak peek at who might have a chance of being in the final part.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike COMPLETE! (new hero list coming s

Postby Keeper » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:33 pm

Heh, who knows, I might see Forceivir in the next one. From you told me that. Hmm, adding Jazzal to the hero list wouldn't be a bad idea either, but I leave the really judging to the pro. ^_^
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