PPG FanFic my version (Updated every 1-2 days)(CH15)

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PPG FanFic my version (Updated every 1-2 days)(CH15)

Postby Linknight » Wed May 17, 2006 3:51 am

[center]CHAPTER 1: A lost love and an Unknown threat[/center]
Bell was in her room crying at the death of Suzan
"Why...Why did he die....What did he ever do...."
As the tears streamed down her face the more darker and evil side of bell was talking to her in her head.
"Kill him.." It said as she looked in shock and wondered who was talking to her as she shouted with tears falling down her face "Who's There!?!"
"He Killed the one you love....He Should suffer..."
It wasn't Long after that Bell knew that the voice was actually her own.
She wispered the name of the one she loved.."Suzan."
The rage inside Bell was To great for her, She wanted revenge on the PowerPuff Girls and Dexter, But for now she would wait...Until the time was right..

[center] -----===Meanwhile===-----[/center]

The door bell rang as The professer answered the Door to see it was Samurai Jack with courage, He came to see how Dexter was doing but the professer said to give them some Time alone.
Seeing Jack come in Buttercup forogot about Dexter and Blossom and Went downstairs and Bubbles rushed down to Play with Courage
As everyone left Blossom started where she left off and said
"Everyone misses Bunny. But we cant let the death of a love one destroy our lives..."
After she said this a Tear dropped down and Dexter wanted to change the subject, he didnt want to bring back sad memories.
"Blossom....how did you get cought by mandark anyway? I didnt think he followers because I know you can take out his robots."
Blossom told Him about The white and strange power puff and the Strange new monsters that All ganged up on her.
Dexter wondered what was happening and Who was this new threat and said "How strong were thease monsters and that Powerpuff?"
"Bell was to strong for me to take on alone...I only won by outsmarting her. As for the monsters I can take one or two probally But there was so many of them and I only got attacked by 9 or so. And he threw them at me like he had many more to spare even if they were to weak."
Dexter Knew mandark wouldnt make a PPG replica or thease strange monsters so he knew there was another force at hand.
"Blossom, we need to get stronger, thease monsters are strong and there are many of them as your description of what mandark had under his controal. Next time they might take on one of us....and not take us in alive."
Dexter Thought at the fact of Loseing Blossom and Blossom thought of loseing Her sisters And Dexter. Dexter tried to get up.
Blossom stood up and tried to stop him "You need your rest Dexter don't Strain yourself"
"I'm fine" Dexter replied "I will be alright dont worry."
But right as he said that he fell over But Blossom cought him and they both Blushed.
Everyone was watching and they both Blushed Brightly as Dexter Stood up out of her arms.
"It's not what you think!" They both said at once.
Samuri jack and Professer Laughed but Dexter Walked up to Jack as if nothing was happening and said "Jack, Can I join your Martial arts and Swordsmanship classes?"
Jack look somewhat confused "Well...if your parents say yes then sure but you never do anything in Physical Education (P.E) Why the sudden change?"
He looked down to hide his blushing because the main Reason is to Help Protect Blossom "My reasongs are personal." He said Aloud.
Buttercup said to Jack looking away from him. "I want to join the Classes too." She was looking away to hide her own blushing since She's just takeing this class to be near Jack.
Jack asked the professer and he said it was alright. The Training has started and the battle shall begin...in time.
[center]CHAPTER 1 END

Tell me what you think and If the responces are Positive I will contingue if negitive I shall stop.
I Will announce my Choice to Contingue or not Tommorow (2:00 am here im going to bed then School)
The choice to contingue is yours
I will NOT contingue if lots of people say it sucks or no one posts at all

Side note: Coop is just eatting the whole time after he went downstairs in this comic so thats why he wasn't mentioned.
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Postby Hoboman » Wed May 17, 2006 6:41 am

..... that's quite good. i gotta say i'm no better than you. just worse

Da girl is gonna eat ya alive

A Blossom got stamped by a Brick which got hit by A boomer blown by Bubbles in a Buttercup held by Butch. This is very very random
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Re: PPG FanFic my version! (Will Update Daily)(On Chapter 3)

Postby Linknight » Thu May 18, 2006 2:19 am

[center]Chapter 2: DeeDee's Message and the Return Home[/center]
The doorbell rang once more and everyone went Downstairs To answer it.
They answered the door To see it was Dexter's parents comeing to pick him up.
Dexter walked over to To the where His Lab coat was but Blossom Quickly Flew over to it and got it for him and handed it to him. "Here you go Dexter" She said blushing slightly
Dexter Took his coat "Th-Thanks Blossom" he said blushing as well.
He looked at his coat Sadly as it was ruined covered in his own blood and Ripped up everywhere.
"If you want I can sew it for you!" Blossom said without thinking blushing brightly.
Dexter looked away to hide his Blushing "No it's Alright I have many more at home." He puts it on and starts to go to the car after saying goodbye to Blossom but Blossom shouted before he went "Wait Dexter I have to tell you something!"
Dexter walked up to her wondering what it was as Blossom wispered in his ear "I have a Message from DeeDee. She told me to tell you That She loves you, Always Has always Will, And that She'll Be watching. And when the Time Comes She will return."
Dexter Gasped "How...How did she say this to you? Was it in a dream?"
Blossom shook her head and said "No. When I drowned by Mandark I actually died. Right before The grim Reaper was about to take me away She appeared and convinced him to keep me alive. Then She told me to tell you this message then there was a Blinding Flash of light and I woke up so see myself in your arms."
Blossom then thought of the moment when he did CPR to her and when Dexter Hugged her after she woke up.
Blossom Starts to Blush some more
Dexter lowered his head to the ground and thought to himself containing his tears
~Thank you DeeDee...Thank you...~
Dexter looked back up at Blossom with a small smile
"Hey Dex are you ready to go home now?" Dexter's Mom said in a Slight worried tone
"Yes" He walked to the car, his hands in his pockets, And he got into the car and waved goodbye to Blossom as he left the powerpuff Girls House.
Dexters Dad saw Dexter Looking out the window with a sad look and sid "Hey dex after your wounds heal up do you want to go fishing? I remember our 1st time fishing" He was trying to bring back happy memories to make his son a little more cheerful
"Yeah. It took 4, if not more, failed attempts of the sun raising before we can get there."
Dexter wasn't in a happy mood, As he usually isn't in now-a-days since DeeDee Died.
His father was going to say something but didn't and left dexter alone.
Dexter Contingued to look outside the window and thought about What Blossom said about DeeDee and that message.
As he looked up into the moon it seemed to shine more brighly along with the stars surrounding it and Then in the shine of the moon Dexter could have Sworn he saw DeeDee watching from the hevens for a split second and he smiled.
His parents saw Him smileing and Dad Wispered to Mom so Dexter couldn't hear "I told you mentioning our fishing trip would bring back good memories."
The rest of the car ride was Completely silent

[center]--==When they got home==--[/center]

"Mom.. Dad.. I am going to come home from school late from now on."
Both his parents look at him Puzzled "Why on earth for Son?" his father said.
"I am going to take After-school classes for Martial arts and other things with Sensei Jack in the school's dojo."
His parents thought for a second. "Well if it's what you really want." Mom finally said.
"Thank you." He said and walked up the stairs and looked to the left of him and saw the Dark hall way that lead to DeeDee's room that no one has ever touched since She died.
Dexter sighed and walked into his room and put his torn labcoat away and changed into his Pajamas and got into the bed. As soon as Dexter closed his eyes He fell asleep.
His parents looked at him from his door and saw him sleeping Silently for the first time in a while and not tossing and turning in a pool of sweat. They smiled at him and Closed the door to let him sleep.
As Dexter Dreamed once again about Random acts of Being with Blossom and Blossom hugging and/or Kissing him.
"Wow he seems really into this girl" Cosmo said in dreamland
"Thats True Love for you" Wanda replied.
After that Night Dexter woke up Refreshed and Somewhat Happy for the 1st time in a while and he looked outside the window seeing the start of brand new day and the start of his training.

[center]End of Chapter 2[/center]
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Re: PPG FanFic my own version! (Will Update Daily)(On Chapte

Postby MiniMage » Thu May 18, 2006 2:33 am

Not bad.. Seen better But it's not Bad
Keep at it
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Re: PPG FanFic my own version! (Will Update Daily)(On Chapte

Postby Linknight » Thu May 18, 2006 2:35 am

[center]Chapter 3: Training begins. Enter RRB[/center]

Dexter woke up and Got one of his Clean and fixed, cleaned, Lab coats on.
He looked through his Giant Selection of Comics and picked two that He hasn't Read with Blossom yet.
Dexter got his backpack on and left his room.
He walked down the stairs and said Somewhat cheerfully "Morning mom. Morning dad." as he went to the kitchen to Fix up some breakfast before school.
His parents Looked at him kinda funny, This is the 1st time they heard him in his more 'Happy moods' Since DeeDee died.
"Morning son. You seem..Cheerful today." His dad said
After he ate breakfast he went to the bus then to school.
A normal school day goes by but at the end of the day He Went to the Dojo to see that Buttercup was already there.
Amazingly enough they were the only 2 Afterschool students Jack had, not many people Wanted to train after the School day ended.
Jack tought them some martial arts moves 1st and Buttercup was acting stupid so he would give her close attention trying to help her.
Then After Martial arts training He got the the part where he would show them about swordsmanship.
After a series of training Dexter said to Jack "Can I spar with you?"
Jack looked Very confused at his responce.
"I want to know every day how much better im getting. When I am able to hit you once when your trying thats when I know im getting better."
Jack was still confused at this question, Because even his more advanced students couldnt even do that.
"Pfft. Like you could ever Hit Jack Dorkster. Your Just wasteing your time." said Buttercup.
Dexter Ignored the comment and Ran at Jack with One of the wooden Great Katanas and Attacked but Jack easally dodged his attacks without a sweat. Dexter got tired out.
Buttercup laughed loudly at how Stupid Dexter looked with each failed attempt to hit him.
"Thats enough Buttercup. Lets Resume where we left off tommorow."
Dexter Went home sweating from all the training. But that didn't stop him from training more. Dexter went into the lab inside his room.
"Computer I need Movie Holograms" Dexter said
"On what Dexter?" The Computer Replied
Dexter Asked computer for Movies on Begginning Samuri Techniques and Martial Arts abilitys.
Dexter Trained as hard as he can until dinner than After dinner he trained until Almost 12:32 am until he was so Tired He just went to bed.
The Next Day was another normal day at school.
At the afterschool training session as Soon as jack Started a sentence on the lesson Dexter Finished his sentinces. He Learned the Whole Lesson last night over training. Jack Took Him to the next level seeing he mastered almost 2-3 days of training overnight.
Dexter was getting more attention than Buttercup because he needed the extra lesson Because he was getting So advanced so quick, which Buttercup didn't like one bit.
Days passed by as Dexter Pretty much Learned a Whole lesson every day, and on the weekends he would Upgrade his Glove's and Boot's and Started working on a Light-sabre like sword That can Enlarge to that of a normal Blade to a Great Katana's size.
2 weeks passed by as faster than a blink. Nothing Special happened in that time though just Everyone Trained immencly.
Jack has to actually use a wooden katana of his own to Keep dexter from hitting him. He's come a long way in a short time.
Jack gave both of them special lessons now and gave him the training he got as a child to obtain his sword.
the 1st lesson was Accuracy.
There was 5 targets, 1st was 10 feet 2nd was 20 3rd was 50 4th was 60 and last was 80 ft away and almost out of sight.
Dexter threw his D lookin disk at each and hit targets 1-3 with some ease but couldn't hit 4 and 5 was to far for him to throw at.
ButterCup however was able to hit all 5 with her energy blasts without any trouble.
Next was Balance. There were bamboo sticks outside of the Dojo And dexter and Buttercup had to get from one side to the other.
Buttercup Just flew past it and was done and in this case is acceptable since she can fly anytime she wants.
Dexter didn't take the easy way though even though he could use his jet boots he did the lesson and got to the halfway point and then started to rush and fell.
"Haste and confusion have clouded your mind dexter, the way to the warrior takes patience theres no rushing it."
Dexter nodded at this comment and went on with the lessons.
The next lesson was hitting 15 mellons out of 30.
Buttercup hit about 4 and dexter 10.
Jack gave them both a Large Stick then and told buttercup to hit him at least once.
Buttercup didn't want to hit him but thought if she did maybe it would impress him and she would get praised and she tried...and failed badly.
Dexter never attacked and waited for Jack to attack and as soon as he did he dodged and attacked. Jack Blocked at the last second almost getting hit.
A month passed by of training at by this time Dexter was able to Hit all The 5 targets with ease Jump through the Bamboo sticks with ease and was able to hit all 30 mellons while Buttercup Just passed with 15.
Then when it came to the part of hitting Jack Dexter jumped and balanced on his stick when Jack attacked and wacked him right on the head. Buttercup Just dodged an attack flew behind him and hit his back.
Jack Congradulated them both on the way of the warrior but was more impressed by dexter because he didnt use anything to enhance his strength like how he would usually do for things in past gym experiances.

The Next day Dexter was walking Blossom home from school.
The road split up ahead and Dexter went to his path to go to his house and Blossom took her Path to her house.
The sisters Flew home but Blossom Walked with Dexter so she's alone.
And then out of the blue 3 boys Flew down in front of Blossom.. It was The RowdyRuff Boys.
"Wha-What are you guys doing here? How did you get back?" Blossom said in a Surprised tone backing up slightly
"I see your Sister's aren't around.. I guess 1 will do." Butch said with a Evil smirk ready to kill.
"And don't think you can destroy us like last time with some stupid kiss" Brick said making a fist and a evil stare "It won't work, not this time."

[center]To be Contingued...[/center]
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu May 18, 2006 10:18 am

Good work ^_^

Samurai Dex I can see it all now lol

Good work. Keep it up ^_^
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Re: PPG FanFic my own version! (Will Update Daily)(On Chapte

Postby Linknight » Fri May 19, 2006 12:19 am

[center]Chapter 3 Part 2: The Battle[/center]

Blossom Started to back up slowly.
Butch and Brick Started to Close in on Blossom as she backed up.
Boomer was in the back looking in the clouds Not wanting to fight so he kept his distance.
~It looks like I'm alone on this one...~ Blossom Stood ready to fight the 2 RowdyRuff boys that were about to attack.
Brick Dashed to Blossom So fast it Tore the Ground Below him and he sends a barrage of Punches to Blossom and while Blossom is Occupied on blocking Brick Butch Flys Up from behind and KickFlips her into the sky sending her flying and Brick and Butch follow.
Blossom Charges a Strong Blast in her hand of massave energy and it Glows a Blinding Pink Light and she unleashes it Full force to Brick Who blocks it but it sends him to the ground then Blossom heads for Butch.
Blossom Fakes an attack which he fell for and ends up Kicking him towards the ground But as he Fell he grabbed her leg and flew Down faster than a bullet and he Smashed her into the Ground Causing Her to scream a scream of pain that echoed throughout the town.[center]--== Dexter ==--[/center]
"What the?!?" Dexter Turned around hearing the scream as he was still walking home "That sounds like.....Blossom?!? Hold on Blossom! I'm comeing!" Dexter Turned on his Jet boots and Flew off into the direction of Blossom and the battle.
[center]--==The Battle==--[/center]
Butch Threw her to Brick Who Sent a fury of punches all over Blossom and Butch Was punching her from the back as Brick was attacking her from the front then Brick Grabbed her head and charged a Red blast and shot her towards the Trees as she slamed and she slammed through 7 and stopped and fell at 8. Then Brick Did 2 kicks then a Frontflip Kick and Sent her into the air as Butch Charged a Blast and when she was in mid-air He Blasted her full force Shooting her into the air and far away and makeing her slam into the ground makeing a 2 foot deep Crater.
"Hel.......Help...." Blossom Said being in unimagineable pain.
Brick and Butch Flew Down and landed 15 feet in front of her.
"Heh...This was too easy..." Brick said Triuphently "Boomer! Get over here so we can Finish her off for good! GET your head OUT of the CLOUDS!" Brick said with great impatience.
Boomer stood there for a second and looked at him.
"Al..alright im comeing." Boomer said as he walked slowly to Them So maybe would appear and help because he didn't want to hurt Bubble's Sister.
Eventually Boomer made it to them and Brick held up a Red energy blast charging lots of energy.
"Alright Lets finish her off with our Special attack." Brick Said to his Brothers.
Butch Started to charge a Green energy attack and Boomer a Blue one.
"BLOSSOM" Dexter shouted as he Jetted over to Blossom.
He stood in front of her and kneeled down to her as the RRB's were still charging up.
"Blossom are you alright? Come on speak to me!" Dexter said with a worried tone.
"Dex....Dexter? le...leave.... before...." Blossom said in a weak and worried tone, Even As she may die she want Dexter to leave so at least the one she loves will still live.
"NOW!" Brick Yelled as they all combinded their blasts into one and a enormous Blast was formed Tearing the earth under it to shreads.
Dexter gets up and turns around facing the blast. "No I won't Run... I won't leave you here to die...I will protect you."
"Dexter...." Blossom said in a sad weak tone hopeing he wont get hurt.
The Blast was approaching fast and Dexter Grabbed the Blast With his Machincal Power Gloves and Held it back but it was pushing him a bit too.
~I must not let this blast....get through....If it does Blossom will die....I can't let that happen....I WON'T let that Happen!~ Dexter thought to himself as he was guarding the blast then Dexter screamed as the blast exploded.
"Heh..Oblitorated.. I guess he was no match for our Attack." Butch Said with a Smirk then turned around to leave.
"Wait a second, Butch. Look in the smoke." Brick said to Butch.
"What do you mean theres nothing th-" Butch said but looked in the smoke and saw a Figure standing in the smoke. The smoke cleared as dexter was seen with his head down. Then Dexter Raised His Head slightly as He Glared at them With a Evil Peterifying Stare.
"Heh it seems he has more of a fight in him than I thought." Butch said
"No matter Im still going to kick his ass!" Butch said as he dashed over To Dexter.
"Wait a second Butch we don't know how strong he is!" Brick said but Butch ignored and send a kick to the side of Dexter's Head.
Dexter blocked the kick with his hand then Grabbed his leg.
"What the?" Butch said in surprize
Dexter Slammed him into the ground and as soon as he let go a Sword handle ejected from his Mechanical Glove into his hand and a Lightsabre formed but the Blade of the Sabre was Much longer like a Great-Katana.
As Soon as Butch hit the ground he bounced slightly and Kicked him into the air and then followed him with his Jet boots and Proceeded with a 4 Slash combo in the air then a 5th to shoot him into the ground then Dexter landed back down Right in front of Blossom.
Butch lands on his feet slightly Cut up but alright and saids "Damn he's Stronger than I thought."
"I tried to warn you Butch. Lets show this guy the real power of the RowdyRuff boys! Boomer Butch Get ready." Brick said Commanding his brothers.
Butch and Boomer got ready to fight, Boomer not wanting to fight but having no choice in the matter, They all went at him at once.
Brick Headding right at him and Doing A Fury of punches to him and Dexter Guards with his Light Sabre So it would Backfire and hurt Brick more than if he just guarded him normally.
Butch Tried to kick his head again from the side but Dexter Grabbed his foot because he was only guarding with one hand and then slamed Butch and Brick together but Boomer Smashed him from behind sending him into the Ground.
Dexter landed on his feet but didn't have enough time to see that Brick Was Heading at him and Brick kicked him in the Stomach then chest then Kickfliped him into the air as Butch charged a Blast and Shot it to him in the air and Dexter Blocked it with his sword and it sent him flying back with a series of backflips.
Dexter jetted At Butch with his boots and Jumped over Butch and Hit him from his back sending him flying.
Brick Came up and did his Triple kick attack but on the Last Kickflip Dexter Cought his leg And Smashed him into Boomer like a who was Approaching to attack sending Boomer Flying.
Dexter Threw Brick but Brick Landed on his feet and Boomer Landed right next to him and Butch Flew right to the 2 and then they all looked at eachother and nodded.
Boomer Flew at dexter using his Special Ramming attack and Dexter Blocked it with his sword but Butch Came From The side And Flew at Dexter and Punched him with Full force sending him Flying but then Brick Blasted him With a Immence energy blast sending him into the Ground then Brick did a Immaginablely Long, fast, and Painful Punch/Kick combo then ended it with grabbing his head and Blasting him Far away and Dexter Flew back and Then Skidded 10 feet away From Blossom still holding his sword in hand.
"Heh... you were pretty good but now your number is up. After we Kill you Blossom is next." Brick said evilly.
"no....No...." Dexter said In a Weak and Painful tone.
"Oh yes! You see you tought me something. Someone who Tortured me so Should die a Slow and Painful death and the torture will begin by killing you!" Brick Said clenching his fist and looked at Blossom who Is Crying because the one she loves is going to die because of her.
Brick Dashed downwards right at Dexter and extended his leg and Was Going to Kick him for a finishing Blow.
[center]To be Contingued[/center]
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Update Daily)(Ch 3 Pt 2)

Postby MiniMage » Fri May 19, 2006 12:40 am

Nice battle so far
I'd Like to see the end soon
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Update Daily)(Ch 3 Pt 2)

Postby Linknight » Fri May 19, 2006 12:41 am

[center]Chapter 3 Pt 3: The Battle (Cont.)[/center]

Blossom stood up and pointed her hand at Brick and charged all of her remaining energy but just enough where it wont kill herself into one blast and shot it.
The blast Hit Brick and sent him to fly back a little bit but he landed on his feet and looked at Blossom who was now on her feet.
"You know what? Screw the torture your going to die right here and NOW!" Brick flew at Blossom ready to finish her for good now.
Dexter Got up and said "no...NO!" His Jet Boots Make Him fly faster than a Bullet train and doing this almost overheated them but was worth it because he got in front of Blossom and he Punched Brick As hard as he could right in his face and sent Him Far away.
Dexter started walking foward as Blossom's Vision was getting blurry because of her drained power and the pain.
Brick Hit the ground and got up And Got really mad now.
"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Butch Boomer Finishing formation!"
Boomer Was Heading to Dexter at Mach Speeds with his Ramming attack and Butch Was Flying Just as fast as Boomer with His fist glowing in a Green flame and Brick was Flying from high above Comeing down like a Comet on Dexter With His Foot and leg and 1/2 his body Engulfed in a Red Flare.
As they approached Dexter Shoved his sword into the ground and waited for the right time and when they got close enough Dexter Slammed his Hands Onto the Ground sending spiraling Blasts shoot from the ground up to spiral and surround him but it was twice the size of when he used it on the powerpuff girls in school and it was a Golden Crimson Color.
"What!?!"- Brick "Huh?!"- Boomer "Oh shit" - Butch
They all Smashed into the Spiral Rage of blasts as it tore up their bodys for the moment they were exposed to it Then It exploded with a Force Thats Unimmaginable Sending Butch through countless Trees and Boomer to Skid through the ground for about a Block and Brick Flew high into the air But Dexter Used his jet boots and Flew after him with his sword in hand and did countless amounts of slash while screaming the whole way through, each Slash makeing Brick's Blood Fly everywhere with a Flash, then he smashed his sword into him sending him into the ground makeing a 6 and 1/2 foot deep Crater.
Brick Got up to see Dexter grabbing his head and slamming him through Trees all around in a circle then he threw him in the air as he Smashed Him into the Ground.
Brick Got on his knees to look up and see Dexter.
The Look on Dexter's Face was Undescribable, the only thing that could match the color of blood covering his shirt and face and Dripping down from his gauntlets was the Crimson red Flare inside his eyes and Dexter Clenched his teeth in a Demonic Grin of Rage.
Blossom's face was full of fear as she saw this other side of Dexter..this Darker side.
Brick Lowered His head in defeat as Dexter raised His sword for the Finishing blow... But something was stopping him...he couldn't Kill him.
He Lowered his sword as Brick Looked in shock and Dexter turned To Blosom and said "Leave now before I change my mind....But heres a warning... If i ever..." Dexter Turn around to look him eye to eye "EVER See you about to Hurt ANYONE....I will Make sure you don't get a Second chance.....DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" Dexter said as it echoed out throughout the City.
Brick was to stunned in fear and in pain to make any Kind of responce but Dexter Took that as he Knew how serious he was and Kept walking to Blossom and Kneeled down to her.
"Are you alright Blossom..?" Dexter said in a Worried tone.
Blossom Nodded and Tried to get up but ending up falling but Dexter cought her before she hit the ground and she Blushed as He carried Her on his Back.
~I Hope dexter Can't Feel my Heartbeat..~ Blossom Thought to herself as He carried her and as he passed by Brick going to Blossom's House he said "Make sure your brother's are alright. And if you want to keep your brother's alive I suggest you send my Message along to them as well." Then He kept walking. Brick Sat there Unable to move.
"Hey Dexter....Why didn't you run...You could have died back there." Blossom said to Dexter while He was Carrying her home.
"Because I would rather die than see you hurt in any way Blossom..." Dexter said to back to her.
Blossom Blushed more as her heart raced faster and she prays that He can't hear/feel the heartbeats.
They Finally Arived at the PowerPuff household and Dexter Opened the door to see The Professer and Both her sister waiting near the door for her. Dexter's head is Hung low.
"Where in blazes were you Blo....." The Professor said but stopped in Midsentence becuase he saw Dexter Covered in Blood and Injured Badly as He carried Blossom who isnt even close to has Injured as Dexter Is.
"Blossom! Genius Boy! What Happened." Bubbles said In a Frightened and worried tone.
"What did you do to my sister!?!" Buttercup said in a Angered tone.
"I told you That He was nothing but trou-" Buttercup stopped in midsentince as well as Dexter Looked at her with the flare still in his eyes, It even scared Buttercup off, "Buttercup take Blossom Upstairs.... Please...Tend to her wounds before mine.." Dexter Said to Buttercup ignoreing her comments.
"I'll do it" said Bubbles as She took Blossom Upstairs.
"Dexter you rest on the couch. I'll be down soon." Said the Professer.
Dexter Nodded as the 3 went upstairs leaving Dexter alone downstairs.
"That look in his eye......was frightening....What happened..." Buttercup said to the others
"I don't know But at least their safe." Professer said to Buttercup as He bandaged Blossom.
"EEEEK!" Bubbles Screamed in terror.
Buttercup And the professer Ran out.
"What? what hap......woah..." Buttercup said looking downstairs to see Dexter on the Floor in a very small Pool of Blood.
http://www.snafu-comics.com/forum/viewt ... 082#647082 My own PPG FanFic. Please Post as many comments as you like :D
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Postby Emerald Emblem » Fri May 19, 2006 2:29 am

haven't read it
but the part where you show the Rowdyruff boys do a team attack is good
a new idea
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Postby Darkness_calls » Fri May 19, 2006 7:26 am

Really Awesome. really fucking awesome. That battle scene was one of the best ones I've seen here :shocked:

Can't wait for more ^_^
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Update Daily)(Ch 3 Pt 3)

Postby Linknight » Sat May 20, 2006 3:46 am

[center]Chapter 4: The Ambulance and True Feelings[/center]

The professer Rushed down the stairs to check on Dexter.
"Dexter?" The Professer said In a slightly worried and frightened tone.
"Is....is he.." Bubbles said sadly. "No he's Just unconscious....But it's amazing...Any normal Human would have passed out long ago with this many wounds, yet he carried Blossom On his back to our house from who knows how far, and he would have died by now with the Blood he has lost. Bubbles get me the phone he Needs Medical attention." The professer said While Bandageing Up all his wounds.
"Right!" Bubbles said and quickly got the phone and came back in a matter of 5 seconds. Bubbles started dialing the phone and handed it to the professer.
"I'll bandage Genius boy Professer you get the doctors here." Bubbles said to the professer.
The Professer nodded and Took the phone as Bubbles bandaged Him all up Quickly then after he was all bandaged she started Drawing on the Banages.
"Stop that Bubbles!" The Professer said to Bubbles while calling the Ambulance.
As Bubbles Layed down Dexter on the Couch as he was all bandaged Buttercup thought to herself ~What could have happened to them...I think this is the most damaged up i've seen Blossom...And now I Look at Dorkster here and He looks 10 times worse....I Guess I'll find out when Blossom Wakes up.~
The Professer Hung up the Phone "They will be here Soon."

[center]--==When the Amublance arrived==--[/center]

Siren's Were heard and they were so loud they Woke up Blossom
"Ow....My head..... Whats with the sirens...." She got out of her room to Look downstairs and Dexter Was being Carried outside by 2 people.
"oh....my....god...! DEXTER!" She Screamed out with tears falling down her eyes as she ran downstairs.
Buttercup stopped her and told her "Don't Worry Dorkster over there is alright."
"ALRIGHT!?!" She said in tears "He's Being Carried away by the Ambulance and your saying he's Alright!?!"
Dexter Was put inside the back of the Ambulance Truck then they closed 1 door and as they were closeing another Blossom Stopped him from closeing it.
"Im comeing too!" She said Worried about Dexter feeling Gulty because this is mainly her fault Dexter is so hurt.
"Can you let her ride with him" The Professer said "Were going to be following from behind in our Car."
They allowed it and they Drived to the Hospital.
[center]--==When they Got to the Hospital==--[/center]
The Ambulance took Dexter to a Room to The emergency room because of the loss of so much Blood.
Blossom Wanted to follow but was stopped because she wasn't allowed to go back there so she sat down on a chair Worried to death.
The Professer came in with Buttercup and Bubbles and sat down near Blossom.
"Blossom what happened? Why are you and Genius boy so hurt?" Bubbles Questioned Blossom.
"It was....The RowdyRuff boys..." Blossom said sadly.
All 3 looked shocked and Bubbles Blurted out "The RowdyRuff Boys!?!"
Blossom nodded as Buttercup said "We beat them though how did they come back?"
"I don't know..." She said still sadly
"Can you tell us what happened?" The Professer said in a worried tone.
Blossom nodded and told them the whole story and told the story of the battle as detailed as she could remember.
"Your Jokeing right? Your telling me that that Dork took on all 3 of the RowdyRuff boys at once?" Buttercup said to Blossom kinda angry because she thinks she's lieing.
"It's no joke....You should have seen the look on Dexter's face.... it was...." She put her head up to look at the 3 "....Frightening."
Buttercup looked kinda scared remembering the look in his eyes, Blossom Went on.
"The look on his face Made The Rowdyruff boy he was fighting, Brick, Into a state of being completely Petrified."
A doctor came out of the Emergency room where Dexter was being treated and Blossom Dashed Right to the Persons face.
"Is Dexter going to be alright?" Blossom asked Worriedly.
"We did all we could child...." She said to Blossom.
Blossom gasped and said, with a tear falling down her eye, "So you mean he's...he's..."
"Completely Fine? Of course!" The doctor said in a more happy tone.
The Doctor Told them the room number where Dexter was and Blossom Flew as fast as she could Dodgeing Doctors and Sick people alike and Finally got to his room and she opened the door.
Dexter was on The Bed still out cold haveing Blood Injected into him
Blossom Sat down on a chair near by him Looking at him worriedly holding his hand.
The Doctor Came inside the room with the professer and Buttercup and Bubbles and the Doctor said "Were going to close up soon You have to go home now." The Doctor said To Blossom.
"No i'm Staying." Blossom said seriously without looking at them
"Come on Blossom We got to go home" The professer said
"Yeah Lets Leave genius boy here he'll be fine." Said Bubbles
"Let's Leave Dorkster here Blossom." Buttercup said to Blossom
Blossom turned her head around her face and tone as serious as she can make them "I...Am..Staying...."
The professer wispered to the Doctor's ear "It's Best we don't force her to leave... who knows what she will do."
The doctor nodded and tried one last time "I don't know How long it will take for him to wake up. You might be here for a while."
"I dont care." Blossom said.
"Come on lets Leave Blossom to be with her Cootie infested Boyfriend" Buttercup said but Blossom Ignored the Comment and Just watched him.
The 3 left as Blossom spent the nights there
[center]--==2 Days later at 3 P.m.==--[/center]
Dexter Slowly opened His eyes and Blinked a bit and saw that he passed out to be in the Hospital and he Sat upright quickly and looked around to see Blossom placing a tray down near him with more food than she could eat alone.
Blossom Looked at him surprized and extremely happy to see him awake.
"Blo..Blossom? What happened?" Dexter asked Blossom seeing that he's covered in bandages and has Blood being injected into him.
Blossom Hugged him Happily and loosely so she didnt hurt him and Dexter Blushed Extremely Brightly.
As She hugged him She said "You had everyone worried... You were Unconscious For 2 Days.."
Blossom Stopped Hugging Him And looked away from him as they were Both Blushing brightly.
A Doctor came to the Room with Dexter's parents and his mom was in tears but when she saw him she ran over to him and hugged him Extremely tightly.
"Oh Dexter I was so worried..." His mom said while crying tears of joy.
"Mom....your...squishing....me..." Dexter said Struggleing to get his words out.
His mom released Him from her tight Hug and she whiped her eyes.
"You had us worried son." Dexter's Father Said to Dexter "We didn't Know when you would wake up."
"Thankfully this kind young lady stayed by your side the whole time you were here." Dexter's Mom said.
"Blossom...you did?" Dexter said in Surprize.
"...Uh-huh." Blossom said with a nod in a Embarassed tone Blushing Brightly.
"He seems to have completely Recovered. Strange that a Child can Heal up so quickly."
"I'm going to pay the Bill and we can get out of here." Dexter's Dad Said as he left the room.
"Blossom the professer and your sister's are waiting." Dexter's Mom said as she followed Dad.
"I'm sorry You got so hurt....It's all my fault." Blossom said sadly.
"No it's not....It was my choice not to run." Dexter said trying to make Blossom not feel bad.
"Yes it is...If I was stronger and trained like you did I wouldn't have needed your help and you wouldnt have gotten hurt..." Blossom said with her head down then she started to leave.
Dexter said right before she left "Blossom wait.... I need to tell you something."
Blossom Turned around walking toward him a bit and looked at him confused and said "Yeah Dexter?"
"Being as close to death as I was...I now know I might not get another chance to say this..." Dexter said as his heart Was beating faster than ever before.
Dexter took a deep breath and looked away and said "You don't have to respond to what I'm about to say....Thease are my feelings.... just hear me out..." Dexter Got off the Bed and stood up.
Blossom's Heart raced as she heard what he just said and Blossom Walked toward him a bit but looked away so he couldn't see the Blushing on her face.
Dexter Contingued on. "Even a Boy Genius like me doesn't know what to say perfectly...So i'll just follow my heart.."
He Paused for a second but Contingued
"...Blossom...You're a Very Special Girl to me.."
The Blushing on Blossoms Face Brightened more as her heart was beating faster and faster.
"I have never thought of a Girl so fondly or strongly as I do when I think of you...I guess what i'm trying to say is...." Dexter looked over at her "..I.. love you.. Blossom..."
Blossom gasped as a tear fell down her eye. After a little bit Blossom turned around in tears and they looked at eachother eye to eye.
"I feel the same way....I just never knew how or when to say it."
Blossom whiped her eye but the tears of joy kept comeing and she smiled at him and he smiled back and Blossom ran to Dexter and Hugged him as he Hugged her back.
"Where are they?" Buttercup with an impatient tone and her arms crossed.
"Don't worry They'll be here soon." Said the Professer.
"Look there they are!" Bubbles said Pointing at them.
Dexter and Blossom are walking down the Hallway towards everyone as they hold eachother's hands

[center]End of Chapter 4[/center]
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Postby Girguy » Sat May 20, 2006 10:13 am

Wow,so that both finally admit they like eachother.Good story
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Update Daily)(Ch4)

Postby Linknight » Sun May 21, 2006 10:40 pm

[center]Chapter 5: Boomer's Feelings and Kidnapping[/center]

"Ugh.. look at the two love birds..." Buttercup said in Disgust and made gagging noises and said "They make me sick."
Blossom and Dexter Passed by her ignoreing her comment.
"Were done paying the Bill Dexter We'll meet you in the car." said Dexter's Dad.
"We'll be in the car Blossom." Said the Professer.
Everyone went inside their cars Except Dexter and Blossom.
"See you tommorow Blossom" Dexter said to Blossom with a Small smile.
Blossom smiled back and kissed him on the cheek then ran to the professer's car saying "See ya!" To Dexter while waving goodbye.
Dexter stood there Blushing for a while until Dexter's Mom said "Dexter are you comeing?" and as she said that it knocked Dexter out the trance and he ran towards the car.
As Dexter was in the car all he could think about was that kiss.
~I will never wash this Cheek again.~ Dexter thought to himself as he rubbed his cheek.
"Hey Dexter are you alright? Does your face hurt?" Dexter's Dad said to Dexter. "Yeah Dad everything's alright." Dexter said with a happy tone
Dexter stared outside the window Daydreaming about Blossom.
Dexter kept daydreaming until the car completely stopped, which snapped him right out of his daydream, and Dexter saw that he was at a store.
"Mom why are we here?" Dexter asked with a confused tone.
"We just need to get some things." Dexter's mom said "Meet us back here in 1 hour ok son?" Said Dexter's Dad.
Dexter nodded and went inside the store wandering around.
After Dexter wandered around For 40 minutes he got really bored and just wandered in random places.
As Dexter wandered around he saw a Beautiful Pink Bracelet With a Ruby on it for sale That was worth 132$.
Dexter Gasped as he thought to himself ~This will be perfect for Blossom.~ and he checked his Wallet which he has been saving his allowence in for a long time.
Dexter saw that he had $156.32 and he Gladfully bought the Bracelet and even added extra for a case for it.
Dexter Checked the time after he bought it and Saw that almost an hour passed by and he ran to the car and got there just in time.
When Dexter got Home He wrapped the case in a Beautiful bow.
[center]--==The Next Day During Recess==--[/center]
That recess was like any normal recess except right before the bell rang.
"Hey Blossom...I have a surprise for you." Dexter said holding the Gift behind him.
Blossom blinked at him and said "May I see it?"
Dexter nodded and Handed her a Velvet Case Covered In a Shining Red Bow.
Blossom Gazed at it and The carefully took it and un wrapped the bow and opened the case and she just stared at it and she was speachless at the beauty of the Bracelet.
"This is....for me?" Blossom said in surprize.
Dexter nodded as she put it on then She hugged him tightly.
"Thank you Dexter...I'll wear it always."
Dexter Blushed slightly and Hugged her back but then the bell rang to go inside.
After Dexter Walked Blossom home that day he could have sworn he thought someone was following him but he thought it was just his imagination when it really was Boomer.
After a little bit Dexter heard Noises in the bushes and he threw his D shaped disk at it, It just missed Boomer's Head By an inch, and Dexter said without looking holding another one in his hand "Show yourself or the next one won't miss."
Dexter looked over as Boomer came out the bushes.
Dexter stared at him and said "What do you want." Remembering when he tried to hurt Blossom.
"Look I came here alone and I don't want to fight. I just want to ask a question." Boomer said backing up.
"Well...what do you want to know?" Dexter said more calmly.
Boomer sighed a sigh of relief seeing Dexter Calming down and said "Do you know.......Bubbles?"
"Yes I do. Why do you want to know about Bubbles." He said stareing at him.
Boomer sighed at his Question and just looked into the sky.
Dexter smirked and said "You like her don't you."
Boomer chuckled and said "That obvious huh?"
"Heh..Sorta." Dexter said as he thought of when he fought him and he tried to kill Blossom then Dexter said "If you like Bubbles why did you try to kill her sister Blossom?"
Boomer sighed and said "It's a 2 agenst 1 battle... My brothers pretty much hate the powerpuff girls... we were created Originally by a Monkey named Mojo-jojo and he created us for the soul purpose of killing the girls."
Boomer sighed and went on "We defeated the Girls but they Beat us By kissing us...somehow that Made us unstable and we turned into our Original ingredents. They beat us in the cheapest way possible but that was their last resort... After Bubbles kissed me, even if that kiss was only ment to destroy me, I can't stop thinking about her."
Dexter Thought about Blossom Kissing her counterpart, Brick, And was disgusted by it but as Boomer said they used it as a last resort.
"Is Bubbles with anyone? Does she like anyone?" Boomer said looking at Dexter eye to eye.
Dexter thought for a second and said "No she isn't with anyone at the moment, unless you think she can go out with a dog. Also I don't think she likes anyone that way at the moment."
Boomer looked to the ground and sighed a sigh of Relief "Alright...Thanks."
Boomer than flew off and Dexter and he walked home.
[center]--==2 weeks later==--[/center]
Dexter Walked home with Blossom that day just like any other but when After a little bit when Dexter got home he got a call from the Professer.
"Professer?" Dexter asked as he Answered the phone "Whats going on"
"Blossom didn't come home yet. Is she with you?" The professer asked in a worried tone.
Dexter gasped and said "No sir... I saw her take the path to your house."
Just as Dexter said that the doorbell rang and Dexter opened the door to see a box on the ground....inside the box was Blossom's bow.
Dexter dropped the phone and Ran out the door and used his jet Boots to fly towards the Powerpuff house.
"Dexter?!? Dexter!?!" The Professer yelled at the phone hearing no responce.
"I'll get him to talk" Buttercup said and opened the door to Fly to his house but as soon as she opened the door she saw Dexter Standing there Holding a Box in one hand and Blossom's Bow in the other.
Buttercup Grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up a bit "Where is Blossom!"
"Let...me...go.." Dexter said in a angered tone.
Buttercup let him down and He placed the box on the table and read the Note alowed
"I have Blossom
If you ever want to see her again
Come to opening in the forest Outside the town.
(Same spot Blossom and Bell fought in CH 4-5)
Tonight I shall avenge Susan"
Bubbles asked Dexter "Who is it from?"
Dexter Shook his head "It doesn't Say."
Buttercup went to the Door and flew off in an instant without thinking.
"Wait up Buttercup!" Bubbles said as she flew off with her.
Dexter was about to follow but stopped when the professer said "Dexter wait Let me see your gloves I want to see if i can upgrade them in any way."
Dexter nodded but said "Please hurry Professer." And he handed them to him.
"Buttercup you know where your going?" Bubbles asked as they were flying
"I think so." Buttercup said back thinking
On the ground Boomer was walking around and He saw Bubbles and Buttercup Fly off Like Bullets and he followed.
Buttercup and Bubbles landed eventually in a forest and looked around and when she got to a clearing all she could see is a Swarm of Kaijins.
"Oh...shit..." Buttercup said to herself looking at this Swarm of monsters.
Bubbles is in silence by the monster swarm thats ready to attack
Boomer stand in the trees watching
"Done!" The Professer Screamed out.
"Great! What upgrades you do to it?" Dexter Asked
The professer told him all the upgrades he made and Then Dexter Opened the door to fly off but the Professer stoped him again and said "Please...Try to keep My Girls safe."
Dexter nodded and Clenched his Fist and said "I will." then He used his Jet boots and Flew off.

[center]Chapter 5 End[/center]
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Postby Darkness_calls » Sun May 21, 2006 10:55 pm

Really awesome. This is really looking primising ^_^

I like your battle describtions and the plot is quite nice.
Well done :)
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch5)

Postby Linknight » Sun May 21, 2006 11:02 pm

Thanks Darkness ^_^
and thanks to everyone who supported me, before and after this post, Even though theres only a few Supporters I still want to say thank you to the few
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Postby Mirak's Mod Ghost » Sun May 21, 2006 11:47 pm

I read it all the way, and im my years of studying love i'm glad to say you're a true romantic, LK, i've got to say you do a perfect job until now and im honored to say this fic is oficially my favorite, keep your guard up!
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch5)

Postby henry2588 » Mon May 22, 2006 12:02 pm

u know what makes this fanfic great
its the battle scenes
keep up the good work
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch5)

Postby Linknight » Tue May 23, 2006 2:25 am

[center]Chapter 6: Boomer's Assistance And Enter Shira Bell[/center]

Blossom started to awaken with a blurred vision and when it came to be clear she noticed she has restraints on and then she saw Bell standing over her looking in the direction where Buttercup and Bubbles are fighting the monsters.
Bell didn't even turn around and said to Blossom "If you try to escape I will strike you down where you stand."
Blossom got angered and confused why she's here so she asked "Why did you kidnap me? What did I ever do to you?"
"Your just bait to Lure out the one who killed Susan. The one who killed the one I loved." Bell said in an emotionless tone.
"What? If you mean Mandark It's not Dexters fault De-" She was interuputed there by Bell as she kicked Blossom "Lies! It's all his fault that Susan is dead....and I will get my revenge." She said in a Saddened then changed to angered tone.
When Bell kicked Blossom it knocked off the Bracelet that Dexter gave her and then she tried to get it but before she could Bell took it and looked at it.
"What is this?" Bell said as she looked at it.
"Give it back!" Blossom said Angerly.
"No. I think I will keep it." Bell said with a smirk.
"Give....it...." Blossom started to get up then she said "BACK!" as she Sent a Blazing Fast kick into the Back of Bells Head knocking her over and forceing the bracelet out of her hand.
Blossom Quickly but it back on but Bell came over to her and Punched her right in the face and said "Don't you dare touch me."
Blossom hit the ground hard but thought it was worth it getting the Bracelet back.
--==The battlefield==--
"Bubbles Behind you!" Buttercup shouted as she was fighting off so many getting beat up.
Bubbles kicked the monster far away then Jumped back and took in a deep breath then she screamed a Ear pierceing sonic Wave Blast Pushing away all the monsters back in the direction of her Scream.
Buttercup Blasted away the few that were on here and saw one comeing up from behind and then Jetted at him As her Foot Grew a green flame as she yelled "Buttercrush Kick!" and then as she kicked the Stomach of the monster she Ripped right threw it and landed on her feet as It fell to the ground dead but many more replaced the fallen one.
"EEEK Buttercup help!" Bubbles screamed as a whole bunch of them gathered in front of her and she was a bit worn out from using her sonic scream like attack.
Buttercup wanted to help but she was in her own battle and couldn't get out of it.
The monsters jumped at Bubbles all at once.
"BUBBLES NO!" Buttercup screamed knowing she was to late to help but Rushed over to try anyway.
Bubbles eyes Grew big and then she Guarded bracing for impact but at the last second a Blue Shine is seen from behind.
Buttercup looks at the blast as Bubbles looks behind her seeing a Blue Blast comeing to hit her and she closes her eyes but then the blast passes right by her smashing into the monsters that were attacking her. Another wave Attacked Bubbles as Boomer is heard Screaming as he Does his ramming attack faster than he has ever done it before, the ramming attack causes the ground below him to tear up and make flames shoot up from the ground he's moving so fast, Then Boomer smashes into the monsters Killing a few and knocking them all back.
Bubbles opened her eyes to see that all the monsters are pushed back and Boomer is standing in front of her.
"Bo...Boomer?!" Bubbles saids in surprize.
"Are you alright Bubbles?" Boomer said watching the monsters still croud around them.
Bubbles nodded "uh-huh....Why are you here?" Bubbles asked confused.
"I've come to help you. I won't let any of thease monsters hurt you." Boomer said charging a blast in his hands.
Bubbles stands to the right side of him charging her own Blast.
Buttercup flys over to the left of boomer Charging a Green Blast.
"On my command we shoot ok?" Boomer said to the girls.
"On MY command we shoot." Buttercup said.
"Alright tell us when then." Boomer said to Buttercup not haveing any arguments in the matter.
Buttercup is surprized that he's helping and thinks it's a trick but for right now she has no choice but to trust him as all the monsters are approaching.
"NOW!" Buttercup yelled as the 3 Blasted them all at once as the immence blast Annialated all that was in its path.
Even after the blast there was still a lot to kill and Buttercup and Bubbles are tired out and only Boomer is there to fight them off.
A monster jumped at Bubbles and Boomer roundhouse kicked it away then one jumped at Buttercup as he Punched it then a monster jumped to Buttercup and one to Bubbles as Boomer Charged a Blast in each hand and then as the 2 approached her grabbed their heads and blasted them to ash.
Boomer who is getting tired out now starts panting as the girls get up getting more energy.
"Theres to many." Buttercup said looking at them all.
"Yeah there is a lot. But that won't Stop me!" Boomer said ready to Charge at them.
Bubbles stood near Boomer to assist him as he blushed slightly.
"Wait whats that?" Bubbles said pointing to the sky as a Ball of grey/black swirling light is seen.
The 3 looked at it then Boomer's eyes got Big and he screamed "GET BACK!" and he ran away from the blast
Bubbles and Buttercup looked at Boomer who was running and Bubbles Quickly followed and Buttercup followed after seeing the 2 leave her alone with a Giant Ball fast approaching and Monsters crouding in.
The 3 looked back to see the blast come down like a Meteor makeing a Blinding flash of an explosion.
The 3 Covered their eyes from the flash and then when they looked all they saw was smoke.
As the smoke cleared a figure appeared in the smoke and many more around it Circleing it.
In the smoke it can be seen the Flashes of the slashes that were made to the monsters and Blood Splattered everywhere with each slash.
The smoke cleared as Dexter is seen Covered in blood, but the Blood wasn't his own, then monsters Jumped at him as He slashed right right down the middle then stabbed one in the stomach behind him without even looking then grabbed the head of one jumping at him and slamed him into another one then Crushed his head Makeing Blood Splatter everywhere.
A whole Bunch Jumped Dexter at once as Dexter Charged a White/Black electric energy ball in his hand then Chushed his hands together and grabbed the blast then teared it Makeing it Explode right in his hands Makeing a Orb of Electrisity Surround Dexter.
The attack he used annialated all the monsters who jumped at him and then Dexter Jumped back to Boomer Bubles and Buttercup.
Dexter Stood there and Said "You 3 Go after Blossom and Do whatever you can to save her. I'll hold thease off."
Bubbles said "What about y-" but Dexter Interupted her and said "Go now!"
The 3 Flew off and Bubbles asked while flying "You think he will be ok?"
Buttercup laughed and said "Dorkster is Toast. He doesn't st-"
Boomer Interupted Buttercup and said "You obviousally never seen Dexter fight...He wasn't even trying back there."
Buttercup shut up from then on.
They Finally made it to Bell and they saw Her hovering over Blossom.
"Why did you Kidnap my sister!?!" Bubbles said in a angered voice.
Bell ignored her and said in a demanding voice "Where is the one who Killed Susan? Where is the one who killed Mandark?!"
Buttercup ignored her comment and said "Let Blossom go now or Prepare for a Butt Whooping!" Buttercup flew at her full force.
"No! Stop!" Blossom said to Buttercup but she ignored the comment and flew at Bell and Smashed her foot into her face but Bell Grabbed her foot and Smashed her into the ground then Threw her into the air and Followed and then Bell punched at her so fast it looked like there were 3 fists comeing at once then she Finished with a Strong Punch to the Face Forcing her back.
Buttercup whiped off the small amount of blood on her mouth and said "She's Pretty tough."
Buttercup Rushed at her and Threw a Fury of punches and she blocked them all with one hand then Bubbles came and Punched at her as well and she was blocking them both with each hand then Boomer appeared Behind her and his Right hand Glowed a Saphire Glow and then he Punched Her downwards with a Blast which sent her to the ground then as soon as she hit the ground She Got Smashed in the Gut With a Buttercrush Kick then Buttercup kickfliped her into the air which Bubbles Charged a Blast in each hand then Formed it into one and Shot it at bell sending her flying.
While Bell was Getting bashed by the other 2 PPG's Boomer Walked up to Blossom.
"St-stay away! I'm warning you!" Blossom said in a Frightened tone Being Restrained and all.
Boomer then walked behind her and Broke the Restraints and said "Let's Go help your sister's" and Flew over to them as Blossom looked in shock but then snapped out of the trance and flew over to help.
Buttercup then Kicked her in the Stomach But then Bell Flew behind her so fast she couldn't even see it and then she Kicked her away then flew behind her and Punched her again then She Flew in front of her and did a 10 kick/punch Combo with an Uppercut Finish then Flew above her and Kicked her into the ground then Bell Flew above her and Blasted her Into the Ground.
Blossom Then Kicked her from behind then Bell rushed at her but Blossom Dodged the attack and Blossom Punched her in the Stomach then chest then in the face but then Bell Flew behind her in a flash and Kicked her away and then Blossom came back and Punched her but she Got behind her and kicked Blossom but she dodged and Got behind Bell again then Used her ice breath on her But Bell was to quick and flew above and Blasted her down but then Boomer used his ramming attack on her.
As She flew from Boomer's Ramming attack Bubbles Kicked her into the ground but then Bell Rushed at her and Bubbles tried to counter the attack but Bell was to fast and she Attacked her so fast it looked like there was more than 1 of Bell then she Drop kicked Bubbles.
Bubbles then Flew at her in a Rage and Bubbles Kicked her but Bell cought her foot and smashed her into the ground and Kick flipped her into the air.
Bubbles then got to the enraged point of when she was 'Hardcore Bubbles' and Bubbles flew at her faster than lightning and then did a 8 punch combo with a Drop kick then Did a Slideing kick when she hit the Ground then followed her into the air and Kick Fliped her into the sky.
Bell Rushed at Bubbles with a glowing white fist but Bubbles Grabed her hand and smashed Bell's Face into her Kneecap then Kicked her to the ground then all 4 Teamed up.
Bubbles rushed at her with a 4 punch combo and Kicked her away then Blossom did a Icy cold Breath with a Blast then Buttercup did a 8 Kick combo with a Kickflip and Boomer ramed into her as Bubbles and Boomer went to one side and Blossom and Buttercup on the other and they all blasted her at once.
Bell fell to the ground as the 4 surrounded her.
"Give up Bell you lost" Blossom said in an angered tone.
"No....I will avenge Susan..." Bell said and her body Pulsated and She Glowed Completely White then started to Float then she screamed "I will avenge the one I loved!" and her aura surrounded her with a Blinding White Flare then her aura exploded Pushing everyone back.
When everyone looked at her after the Explosion her Body Completely shined a Bright White aura as she floated over the ground.
Everyone looked in awe, shock, and fear at this new power Bell has Aquired.
[center]Chapter 6 End[/center]
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Postby Mirak's Mod Ghost » Tue May 23, 2006 2:35 am

Wow, the angel Bell arises...
is a pity you can only put images and not sound, i would gladly bestow upon you my Beat of The Angels for your fic...
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch6)

Postby henry2588 » Tue May 23, 2006 3:54 am

woah :shock:.....
so bell gets new powers
cant w8 for the next
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue May 23, 2006 10:29 am

Shira Bell !!!!!!!!!!!

Love the update ^_^
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch6)

Postby Linknight » Wed May 24, 2006 1:40 am

[center]Chapter 7: The Battle Part 1
Rage and Revenge.

Buttercup got up looking at this New Bell and smirked.
"Heh... So what you got a little stronger. That still won't Matter." Buttercup said in a Confident tone.
Buttercup Rushed at Bell with another Buttercrush kick but Bell sidesteped and when she passed by Bell smashed her knee into Buttercups Stomach which Completely Knocked the Wind out of her then Bell did a mighty uppercut Sending her into the air then Bell Appeared above her in a flash and Punched at her with such speed that it looked like there was 3 if not 4 Bell's Attacking her all at once then for a finishing blow Bell smashed both hands into her stomach then Blasted her into a 5 foot Crater.
Blossom and Bubbles Then Attacked her in a Furious rage as each one attacked her.
Bell grabbed Bubble's leg and Smashed her into Blossom then Bell Flew down to her with a Incredible speed and smashed Blossom with Bubbles again then Bell through Bubbles to the Ground then Bell flew down and kicked Bubbles like a Comet.
Bubbles flew down and smashed into Blossom and they both smashed into the ground makeing another Crater into the ground.
When they hit the ground they both got up slowly and in incredible pain as Buttercup started to get up as well but bell ignored her because she was charging a Blast to finish Bubbles and Blossom off.
Bell Charged a blast and Shot it and the blast Came at the 2 girls like a Train but Boomer Got in between and Blocked it because he was Blocking Bubbles.
Boomer Screamed as the blast was overwelming him and then his Brothers came and Helped him guard it and Destroy it.
"Brick? Butch? What are you guys doing here?" Boomer said really confused.
"We should ask you the same thing." Butch said to Boomer then Brick said "We couldn't find you and we went looking.. Looks like we found you right in time."
The three looked at shira Bell and rushed at her and Boomer Rammed her but she punched Boomer but the force of his attack was Blocking her punch and Then Brick Blasted her with all he had Shooting her away and Butch Kickfliped her then Got above her and Punched her with a Green Flaming Punch then Buttercup Flew over and Blasted her into the air.
As soon as Buttercup Blasted Bell Bubbles Smashed into Bell's Stomach sending her high into the air and Then Blossom and Brick smashed her into the Ground with a Mighty kick then they all Blasted Bell at once with all they had And then Bell let out a mighty Scream Sending a Power Wave explosion and it pushed them all back.
Bell then Rushed at Brick and then Punched Him downwards then Flew under him and Kickflipped him high into the air and used lazer eye beams that pierced through his arm.
Bell then went for Butch an Buttercup as She Grabbed Butches Hand and Smashed him into Buttercup then she threw him down and Blasted them both.
Bell then Attacked Boomer By Kicking Him in the Face then Blasted Bubbles then Boomer attacked Bell with his his ramming attack again but then Bell rushed at him faster than a flaming Bullet train And Punched Him sending him to fly off but then he lands on his feet near Bubbles then He looks up to see Bell charging another blast in her hand as the Blast's Glow engulfs Bells arms completely then she blasts it to Bubbles But Boomer Blocks it once again but it's to much for him and It The blast Smashes into Bubbles as well then Bell stands there looking at all the fallen foes.
They all get up slowly and in pain but ready for one last attack and all 6 attack her at once but Bell Charges up her energy and her aura starts to glow brightly then when everyone gets close enough she releases the stored energy into a Blast shoots from her body and raises to the sky and engulfs everything in a 20 yard radius.
Everyone gets Hit by the Blast and Is knocked back while the 3 RRB's are standing on one knee and one foot while the 3 girls are on their backs.
Bell looks at Blossom and Flys down toward her to finish her off but right before she made contact a flash is seen and Shira Bell is knocked back but she lands on her feet and when she looks she sees Dexter standing over Blossom with his head down and His sword in his right hand and he's Soaked in blood and not a drop is his own.
Bell stared at the man who suddenly appeared from the depths of the darkness so suddenly stared at him.
"Dexter" Blossom said "She kidnaped me because she want's to avenge Mandark."
Dexter Stood up completely and stared at Bell and said "If you're here to avenge Mandark then the one you want to kill is me. Leave the other out of this fight."
As the 2 stared eachother down both the PPG's and the RRB's Ran to Dexter's side.
Dexter Stared at Butch and Brick and then to Blossom and said "Are you alright?"
Blossom nodded and said "I'm alright. I kept your bracelet safe." she said with a small smile showing it to him.
Dexter half smiled back and looked back to Bell and said "This fight is between you and me. Blossom and the others have nothing to do with this so keep them out of it."
Bell ignored his comment and just stared at him.
Blossom grabbed Dexter's shoulder and said "Dexter she's to strong let's retreat for now and fight her when were ready."
Dexter Shook his head and said "No I won't Run away. If I run now she will follow and also even if we do run away successfully she will kidnap you again eventually. I will not let her have the chance to harm you."
Dexter Looked to the ground and said "I will protect you Blossom...I will protect the one I love." after he said that he stared at Bell and his eyes in a flame and he clenches his fists and tightens his grip on the sword.
Bell Flys at Dexter and Dexter uses his Upgraded Jet boots to fly at Bell and their speed is evenly match and as they close in on eachother a Blinding flash is seen.
Everyone covers their eyes from the flash then when they are able to see they see Dexter Slashing at Bell rappidly and about 2/3 make contact while 1/3 are dodged then he uppercuts her and sends her flying then Dexter Follows her and slashes at her again but then Bell Dodges it and counters by punching him away then Bell Flies Behind him and kicks him upwards then Bell Kicks him from one side and she moved as if she teleported and kicked him from another and Repeated this then after about the 6th kick Dexter got mad and another sword ejected from his glove and he now duel wielded 2 swords then he span around and then smashed Bell smacked her right into the ground then he ran right at her and Kick fliped her into the air and then Jumped after her and did constant slashes to Bell and then Smashed her into the ground.
He then Flew at her But Bell Charged power then her aura exploded again into a blast that engulfed Bell and Dexter as he took the hit full force.
Dexter Then Flew back and Landed on his feet and spit small amounts of blood and then Dashed at her again and Punched the Ground sending a Sesmic Shockwave Ripping the earth under Bell then it Exploded sending her into the air then Dexter Charged a electrical energy blast and Threw it at her as she Got hit and flew back.
Dexter Ran at her and both his swords Glew a bright light and then he slashed at her and they Releaced Slash like Shockwaves then Bell dodged them both and Punched Dexter Sending him into the sky then she flew at him and Punched and kicked so fast you couldn't tell if 1 punch was 2 3 or even 5.
Dexter Eventually got mad enough where he Dropped his sword and Grabbed her leg and Flew to the Ground the friction effected them both and he slamed her into the ground Creating a 7 foot Crater.
Dexter then jetted down and Grabbed his sword and Dashed to Bell as she charged a blast in her hand and then Threw it towards the ground as it teared the Ground causing it Rip, shread, and raise up 20 feet high but Dexter Guarded with both his swords and Teared it apart but as soon as he did Bell Dashed faster than a Flaming Bullet train to Dexter and her Fist and 1/2 her body was was engulfed in a white Flame and as she flew the ground below was Destroied and Dexter Tried to guard it And did but she broke through his defence and Smashed her fist into his face Makeing Dexter Fly back.
As Dexter Flew back he stopped himself and he charged at her full force and Bell did the same as Dexter Charged his fist and Bell charged hers and Both of their Fists Had a Glow that Burned the eye to look at and then they Clashed their fists and a giant explosion is Formed Engulfing everything around them then They Jumped back and stared at eachother.
Both of them had a Staredown with both breathing Heavy.
Dexter then used his Jet boots and Flew at Bell so fast he looked like a blur then he threw one of his swords at her but Bell cought it and Dexter kept Flying at her and They both clashed their swords causing a Shockwave that Oblitorated the Ground below them and Destroied everything within 10 yards.
They kept slashing and clashing then they both jumped back and they ran at eachother with lightning speed and a flash was seen as they passed by eachother and they were both of 7 yards of eachother.
Dexter Fell to one knee with a bleeding arm and Blossom gasped but he grined and he got up and as he did Bell fell over onto the ground face first.
Dexter started walking back to the others and then suddenly a white flash is seen as Dexter Turned around and saw a giant blast comeing at him and he just stood there in shock but Blossom Pushed him out of the way takeing the Hit.
Dexter Turned and ran to Blossom screaming her name constantly and Held her up a bit and said "Are you ok Blossom?! Please Speak to me?!"
Blossom's eyes Opened slowly and she nodded and Dexter Hugged her as tears fell down his face.
Dexter then turned around and Carried Blossom to the PPG/RRB are and placed her down slowly.
Dexter then stared at Bell who's eyes showed Nothing but rage as she was now using 100% power and pushing her limits.
Dexter Ran at her screaming in rage and Bell Flew at Dexter as they prepared for the Final Fight.
[center]To Be contingued.[/center]
http://www.snafu-comics.com/forum/viewt ... 082#647082 My own PPG FanFic. Please Post as many comments as you like :D
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Re: PPG FanFic my version (Updated Daily)(Ch7Pt1)

Postby henry2588 » Wed May 24, 2006 4:28 am

WOAH :shock:
awsom fight scene i love it
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Postby Darkness_calls » Wed May 24, 2006 10:03 am

Great battle. Love the fight describtions ^_^
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