DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

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DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Darkness_calls » Fri Mar 31, 2006 8:05 pm

EDIT: question deleted, The fanfic stsrts below (scroll down)

I'm sorry that I can't tell much about this fanfic, every info is a spoiler :P.

But the PPG don't become a part of it yet.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby LynxViscount » Fri Mar 31, 2006 11:32 pm

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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Nebacanezzar » Sat Apr 01, 2006 1:01 am

Depends on how well the story is written, really.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 01, 2006 1:34 pm

Fine then, I'll Just put it here and see what happens.
Please note it starts a little slow.

Chapter 1

“Somewhere in space”

A not so large meteoroid flew quietly through space.
Floating right behind the meteoroid was something, much larger than the
meteoroid. Whatever it is, it was not to be seen because of a cloaking
device. It just hovered there behind the meteoroid.
The meteoroid on the other hand wasn’t going in a random direction, oh
no, it was looking. The meteoroid had been sweeping through the galaxy
in search of… *beep* was heard inside the cloaked craft, the meteoroid
halted with ease, no normal meteoroid can do that. A laud beep was
heard again.
A soft but still strong willed robotic voice was heard inside the cloaked
craft, though, thanks to lack of air, it wasn’t heard outside of the cloaked

“Outer scan checked up” said the voice to itself.

“Solar system with masters wished power level found” the voice
continued. “Set course to found solar system”.
The meteoroid took a big U-turn downwards, toward the solar system and

the cloaked craft tailed behind it.
The meteoroid went almost in light speed; it looked like it used some kind
of portal to make sure it didn’t take any damage. About a day later it
came to a really big planet. “Gathering information …” said the voice,
about an hour or two later the voice said:
“Information gathered, this planet is in orbit with this system’s great light bringer, about 97291250 Sn
( Sn is 1/8 of Km ) from it, about 17873 Sn in diameter and has about
90% Kwel ( hydrogen ) and 10% Ashen ( helium ) making it breathable
for master.”
The voice stopped for a second then it continued “Scanning
for life forms … … … no life form detected, moving to next planet”.
The owner of the voice didn’t know that the next planet in the orbit wasn’t
near so it moved to the nearest planet, presuming that it was the next planet.
It came to a blue planet. “Gathering infor…” it never finished because a
loud beep came. “Power source found, planet breathable for master,
make course to the place with the most power aura”. The meteoroid
aimed at the strongest power aura, moving with incredible speed towards it.

End of Chapter 1
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Apr 01, 2006 2:52 pm

Rather short I must say. Almost shorter then the first chapter I made. But I'll just assume that those guys are aliens....for now that is.

And thanks for commenting in my thread. Just keep wait and I'll get back the chapters and update again!
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 01, 2006 3:04 pm

Yeah it is rather short.
I decided to post everytime I fill up an A4 paper (in word that is)

Chapter 2

“First Contact”

In a busy school, one boy, was going home, not feeling so good and had
just gotten permission from the principal to go home. Damn Zim, must
have poisoned my food
he thought, rubbing his stomach ( the boy didn’t
know he was normally sick, not poisoned by the weird, green student in his class ).

The boy, had blackish hair brushed backwards and a thunder like top, on
his nose rested giant glasses, he wore a white shirt, blackish leather coat,
blackish jeans and light brown shoes. He was outside when he heard a
loud roar in the air, he looked up at the noise and his eyes shrank with
amazement at the sight of the meteoroid coming down. He didn’t know
that long before he saw the meteoroid, a cloaked craft had suddenly
stopped following it and now flew in the air.

It must be one of Zim’s doomsday tricks the boy thought.
Many people rushed out of the school (and many other places too) to see
the meteoroid crash. It crashed in the forest near the school, blasting
hundreds of trees and animals, making a huge, compared to the small
size of the meteoroid, crater in the ground. Everyone whom saw the
meteoroid rushed towards the crashing site, along with the ambulance,
police, firefighters and the press, but high up in the air a voice was heard
inside a cloaked craft:

“Hidden arrival protocol successful, moving to phase two”

The craft slowly flew towards the mountain in the middle of the forest.

“Locating a suitable place to reawake master” the voice slowly said to itself.

After hovering around the mountain for a few minutes, the voice spoke again:
“Suitable location found” then the craft flew inside a small cave opening in
the mountain, from the cave opening you could see this town’s

The craft flew in and landed on the only flat spot in the cave. Then with a
loud ZZzzzaP the cloak disappeared, revealing a medium sized space
craft, approximately in size of a double decker bus, it was dark gray in
color and had a pitch black glass (well it wasn’t glass but just to bypass
any misunderstanding I’m just going to call it glass) which gave no
reflection at all.
A tall door was on one side of the craft and behind it was its propelled
flight gravitate breaker (or in simple human words, the thing that makes it
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Apr 01, 2006 3:15 pm

Strange. You use <> instead of regular quotations? If a character is thinking something, may I suggest using italics? Also, just say it's futuristic glass, or make up a name.

Otherwise your rather short fashion of updates, good so far.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 01, 2006 3:26 pm

Thanks alot Shad. ^_^

And yes I think it is better use Italic, changing time.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sun Apr 02, 2006 9:51 am

Is double posting forbidden ?
If so then sorry.

Here is the next update (double update), I'm going to try and update every day.

“Landing successful, start awakening procedures” the voice spoke.

In one of the few rooms of this craft, was a horizontally placed tube, no
one could see inside it because of a massive blur that was on the glass (it
was actually, the same material as the front glass in this craft ( which
again I’m going to call glass to bypass any misunderstanding).
A loud hiss came as smoke started to rise below the tube, almost instantly
raising the heat in the room from -689°C to +20°C (this of course is
impossible … for humans, but as you might have guessed, this isn’t a
human). A greenish liquid was sprayed all over the room as a thick blue
colored chemical was drained from the tube, with the removal of the
chemical, the blur (for reasons unknown) disappeared, revealing a tied
down man with lot of wires, tubes and pipes pierced though its skin. With
a white Zzap, blinking lights and a screech, the man woke up.

Most people had already left the crash site, but not of course the police,
whom had already barricaded the area around the site, many scientists
were analyzing the area, but not finding anything, for the meteoroid. It
was nowhere to be found; like the explosion made it vanish in to thin air
(actually it turned into oxygen, amazing technology that is). The boy
which was described earlier, was there wondering if this so called Zim was
to blame for this. “Dib” was called, the boy wondering, who had called his
name, turned around and saw another boy, whom was wearing a white
coat and thick glasses, he had curly copper hair and wore purple gloves
and black boots.

“What is it Dexter?” asked Dib.

“Did you see when it fell?” Dexter asked, all puffing after running a rather long distance.

“Yes, why?”

“Did you not see anything strange about it and did you hear what happened after it landed?”

“Uhhh… no”
“I’ve got to show you something, follow me!” Dexter runs off.

“Wait!” Dib calls after him, and then with a loud sigh, he ran after Dexter.

“Are you all right master?” said a robotic voice

A man stood there, already dressed in soft, light green T-shirt which were
rather tight, showing his muscles. His pants were made out of white
fabric, it wasn’t as tight as the T-shirt. On one of his finger is a big, golden
colored, metal ring.

“I’m fine, Goliath” said the man with a soft, dark and low pitched voice.

“Mast…” Goliath (the owner of the robotic voice) wasn’t able to finish.

“Call me by my name, master makes my skin crawl”

“Yes, excuse me; do you want me to use your real name or your man name?”

“My man name of course” he answered quickly but whispered:
“I hate my real self”.

“As you wish Balethor”

Balethor was reading an information tablet.
“Are my information good?” asked Goliath

“Weary good Goliath, I’m most pleased”

Balethor looked at his ring, turned it a few times and then pressed a little button on it. The room shone in bright white color, the color vanished, revealing Balethor in big, hefty armor. A helmet that had a sandy brown glass in front of the eyes. In the right hand was a large machine representing a fist, but in the left was some kind of gun. The armor, helmet and weapons were cadet blue in color and all made out of unknown material (for us at least, not for Balethor).
A cube, similar in size with a beach ball, came forth, shining white in color but at the front it had a screen with the color red.

“What is your next step Balethor?” asked Goliath (the cube)

Balethor clenched his fist (the machine fist that is) and said with an easy-to-hear sarcasm: “I’m going to make myself welcome”.

“What is this?” Dib asked Dexter where they sat in front of a computer.

Dexter had placed some kind of device in the computer’s USB slot, showing Dib a lot of photos of the meteoroid and its crash site.
“I was checking out these pictures when I noticed this” Dexter said, then
zooming in, right behind the meteoroid.

“See the flurry spot?” he asked,

“Yes … I do” answered Dib.

“Look closely” Dexter said in a rather commanding voice, and then he
clicked the mouse button few times, making the pictures go like a video.

“*gasp* did the flurry thing just move away from the meteoroid!?”

“Exactly! It looks like something came down with the meteoroid” said Dexter.

At that point a really high pitched screech came, then an explosion shaking the whole school.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby LynxViscount » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:06 pm

Looking good! Though the style seems a bit...choppy to me. Ah well, keep it up!
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:34 am

Thanks for the comment LynxV.
Could you explain further what you mean by choppy ?
If you could then I would try to fix it ... and becomming a better writer.

Next update:

There was a wide spread panic inside the school, Dexter and Dib had a
rather hard time getting to a window to see what was going on. Outside
the school a heavy armored man stood, a screech came again as some
kind of energy was gathering around his left hand, he aimed at the school
and shot an energy ball witch flew with towards the school, exploding and
making a huge hole in the school’s wall.

Everyone was screaming and running around in panic.
“Why is he attacking the school?” Dexter asked, with a sudden fear in his

“Look Dex, A meteoroid crashes near the school, we see something flying
away from it and now suddenly a mysterious man attacks the school, that
can’t be a mere coincident.” Deb said to Dexter while he watched the man
outside shooting another energy ball at the school, shaking everything.

Everyone was waiting for another screech sound, but none to be heard.
Then suddenly the speakers in the school gave a loud hiss.

“Is there anyone here!” the voice said.

Everybody stopped screaming and running, because of this surprise.
“How did he…” Dexter said with amazement.

“Is there no one here to challenge me!” the voice said angrily.

“Where is Jack!” someone in the crowed screamed.

Outside Balethor was speaking into his helmet:
“I going to blow this building up, piece by piece until someone will come
out and fight me”

Balethor counted to ten.
“I guess you’re all going to die!”

He raised his left arm, ready to fire at the school when a sudden voice was heard:
“I’ll take you on, evil monster!”

Balethor saw a large, muscular man walking towards him. He is wearing
blue training jeans, matching colored training jacket and white, tight
T-shirt. He had short black hair with a little ponytail. In his hand he held a
long, little carved sword.

“Finally someone to challenge me”

“You shall perish for what you have done” The stranger said.

“Your aura shines with true power … you shall be an excellent addition to
my collection” and with those word he shot an energy ball towards the
sword wielder.


The sword wielder and Balethor were both getting really tired.
“Amazing, that man and Jack have been fighting for 15 min” an unknown
student said. “What is more amazing is that jack seems to be losing” said
another student. “He’ll win like always” Dexter whispered to him self as he
watched Jack leap towards Balethor (Dexter of course doesn’t know who
the attacker is).

“Getting tired are we?” Balethor said to Jack with a smirk.

“Not by a long shot” and to prove his words he jumped high in the air and
slashed downwards towards Balethor’s head, but Balethor deflected the
blow with his right arm.
“Is that all you got?” Balethor said with a taunting voice.

But Jacked only smiled.
“What’s with that smi…?” Balethor screamed before he could finish as his
right arm fell off, blood spitting out of it.

“Smart move” Balethor said and then a sound of metal colliding, his
wound closed up.

“What the …?” Jack said but was interrupted as Balethor slashed, with his
left arm, a deep wound on jack’s chest.

“Jack!” most of the students screamed.

“AAAAARRRGGHH!” Jack screamed as he fell over on the grassy ground, a
fine amount of blood spitting from him.

“I guess … your aura is a fake if you are as weak as this”
Balethor stepped back as a loud screeching sound came, a dark violet
energy started to gather around his left arm. Jack stood up and his blade
started to shine as he whispered something to him self.

“What is going on?” Balethor asked with a not-so-scared voice.

Then Jack said with a louder voice “Thank you ancestors for loaning me
your power to vanquish this evil being.

“This is over” Dexter whispered.

“What?” Dib asked

“Nothing can withstand such power as Jack has temporarily gained”
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Ryler » Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:47 am

Simply wonderful. I’d like to post my story on here soon, it doesn’t have anything to do with PPG. But I would like to show it none the less. First I have to edit it a bit though.
Backwards aint it?

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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:16 pm

Thank you for your kind words Ryler.
Here is the next update:

“DIE!” Balethor screamed, but Jack leaped towards him, making a big
swing with his bright glowing sword. Balethor tried to guard him self with
his left hand, but Jack's sword went through it like butter and made a really
deep wound on Balethor’s chest. “NO this can not be!” he stumbled away.
“I was terribly wrong” said Balethor with a soft sound of panic in his

“Saying sorry won’t help you now” Jack said.

“Mark my words, THIS IS NOT OVER!” and with that Balethor’s armor
created thick black smoke. When the smoke cleared, Balethor was long

Everyone in the school was cheering as many of them ran outside to help
Jack, whom had fainted from blood loss.

Deep in the forest a certain, really damaged, man in heavy armor was
stumbling towards the mountain.

“I can’t believe I lost” he whispered as he fell on his knees.

“I’m going to die”
With those words he fell backwards on the ground, facing towards the clear blue sky. Balethor barely kept his eyes open.
A thick grey smoke came from his mouth and formed a blue humanoid
, which vanished into thin air shortly after.

“No not my transformation powers” Balethor said with much trouble and
coughed some blood. His form started to change; he noticed it and said:

“Use ring, Code 889-766-546” and with those words, a white flash came,
making his armor disappear and his T-shirt (he only wore the T-shirt
under the armor) appear.

“Now I’ll just have too see what happens” said a different voice, but still
from the same person. Balethor closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

For some weird reasons his arms started to reapear and the blood
stopped flooding, just like the body was healing itself. Balethor form
started to change.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

“Who are you?”

Dexter, Dib and every kid in school watched as the ambulance drove
away with Jack.

“Dexter, we must go and find the alien” Dib said with sudden excitement.

“What! No way, didn’t you see the fight and besides we aren’t sure if that
crazy man was an alien … or even a man, think about it, it could’ve been
a robot” Dexter answered quickly.

“Come on Dex, I’ve been trying to prove existence of aliens for a long

“No! I’m not going, besides we are still in school”

At that time Dexter and Dib heard the principal voice:
“I’ve decided that because of this horrific event, all classes are suspended for the rest of the day.

“Well I’m going with or with out you, but remember I helped you once”
and with that Dib walked toward the forest.

“DAMN IT! I hate it when he uses that” Dexter said (to himself) and ran
after Dib.

After a long walk inside the forest.
“That thing is long gone” Dexter said in a puffing voice, clearly he wasn’t
used to walking such a distance.

Dib turned around to face Dexter as he walked backwards.
“Stop whining, he couldn’t have gone fa…”
Dib tripped on something and fell to the ground.

“Whoa!” Dexter called in surprise.

“What!” Dib said angrily, because he thought Dexter was making fun of

Then he noticed what he tripped on.
It was a young girl, younger than Dib, but probably the same age as
The girl was wearing a white dress (it rather looked like a T-shirt then a
dress), which had a large cut on it, revealing a deep wound on her chest.
She had light brown hair.
“What the hell?” Dib asked and then added with a fright in his voice:
“That Alien must have made that cut on her, just like it did to Jack!”

“Probably, but lets get her to the hospital”.

They both picked her up and carried her towards the school.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 04, 2006 5:29 am

I wished I've gotten at least one comment, oh well, I guess every fanfic writer goes throught that "stage" ^_^

Next Update:

Hours passed by as Dib sat in front of the girl in the hospital, she was still
unconsius. He heard someone speak behind him.

“You still waiting for her to wake up?”
Dib turned around to see Dexter standing in the doorway.

“I have some quistions for her when she wakes up” Dib answeared quickly.

“I just talked to the police and they don’t have any files on her”

Dexter threw a can of coke to Dib. Dib took a sip and said with a sad tone:
“I don’t know what she was doing there half naked in the forest, but she
got attacked by that alien”

“We don’t know for sure if that thing was an alien”

“Has Jack awoken?” Dib aksed, ignoring what Dexter just said.

“Yes I have” said a newcomer.

Both Dexter and Dib turned around to face Jack as he entered the room.
Jack had no shirt on, but had a good amount of bandage on his chest and
he haltered as he walked, using a crutch.

“Good to see you are ok, sensei” Dexter called, happy to see that Jack
was alright.

“I’m fine” he smiled, his smile faltered as he saw the girl.

“Is this the girl I’ve heard about?”

“Yes” Dexter and Dib answered both at same time.

Jack walked to her bed.
“She has a similar wound as me” Jack said and stroke his own wound.
At that time, some muscles twitched. She opened her mouth and slowly
opened her eyes. But when she saw Jack, she got really startled and
punched him in the face. At that time she remembered all that has

“Whoops, I’m sorry, I just got startled” she said quickly and jumped out of
the bed, only to realize she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Dib’s and
Dexter’s face became red as they turned around.

“EEEKKK!” she screeched and jumped back under the duvet.

The trio of men was now outside the room, as the nurse had ordered them
to wait outside. Jack had ice bag on his chin.

“Man, she can punch” Jack said to himself.
Dib and Dexter giggled.

The girl’s door opened and she walked out.
The hospital had given her a fine made yellow dress, black girl shoes and
a black hairclip. She had combed her hair and all the hair connected to the
hairclip and came smoothly down her back.

“So you have awoken” Jack said and tried to smile.

“Uhhh… yes, and again I’m terribly sorry for punching you” the said and
scratched the back of her head.
Then she faced Dib and Dexter.

“You must be the ones, whom saved me from the terrible alien”

“How did you know” Dexter said with a surprised voice.

“The nurse told me everything” then she added in her mind;
Fools! You don’t recognize me, not even the warrior.

“Might I … no I mean … might WE get you name?” Dib said trying not to
blush at the happy smile she gave him.

“Of course, my name is Tina. And what might be the name of my saviors?”
Dib introduced himself, Dexter and Jack.

“Did you get a good look on the alien?” Dib suddenly asked.

“what?... oh you mean that alien, well no I don’t seem to remember much
before I suddenly got slashed and the world became black” she answered
with a (fake) sadness in her voice as she added in her mind;
I can’t face those idiots directly so I’ll just try to become one of them until I’m available to defeat the warrior.

“What are you going to do now?” Dexter asked.

“I don’t know, what do kids my age usually do?”

“You could always go to school” Jack said and then added “I’m a teacher at one of them”

“What is school?” she asked with embarrassment.

Dib and Dexter couldn’t beat down their giggle, but Jack smiled and told
her what school is, what the point to go into school was and even the
school rules (of course only the most basic parts). The nurse came in and
said with her heavy ordering voice:

“Jack, the doctor want’s to look at you wound before you can leave and
you little girl should go and rest, I’ll check on you later”

Tina walked towards her room again but stopped and turned around at the
doorway and spoke with a happy voice:

“Thank you all for what you have done, maybe I’ll see you all later” with
those words she closed the door. The nurse turned around to face the
boys (Jack had already left) and whispered to them with a smile on her face:

“You two little heroes, should go home now”
And that they did.

End of Chapter 3
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:35 pm

Is it considered a Spam if I post often ?

Next update:

Chapter 4

“The new kid”

Two days passed since the hospital.
A certain boy sat in a class room, partially listening to the teacher and
partially spying on the weird, green student. Dib had noticed that Zim,
which he knew was an alien bent on conquering earth, hasn’t been up to
any mischiefs lately.
Dib noticed one of his class mates was sleeping; the classmate had light
brown hair. That student made him remember Tina.
I wonder where she is Dib thought as he looked out of the window.

In another classroom, 4-B to be more exact, Dexter sat as he studied with
most interest. Then the class’s phone rang. Mrs. Meryl, she’s the teacher,
After a minute or so, she hung up and turned to towards the students.

“Children, we have a new student joining this class”
She took a deep breath and continued.

“I need you all to be extra nice to this student”

“Why is he retarded?” a random student asked.

“SHE is not retarded, she just had a hard life” Meryl said with a sad tone in her voice.

“What happened” another random student asked.

Meryl saw that the students would ask until she gave them answers
so, she told them that her family died in a car accident, she became so
depressed that she ran away from her foster home and tried to hide in the
forest here, she pointed at the forest outside the window, but at that
time, that crazy gunman whom attacked the school, attacked her. Dexter
became suddenly interested.
Can it really be her? He thought.
Before Meryl could continue a light knock came from the classroom door.

“That must be her, remember what I said boys and girls”.

Meryl walked towards the door and opened it.
“Welcome, come on in”

Dexter’s eyes widened as he saw Tina walk in.
She had the same hairstyle like she had in the hospital, but now she was
wearing the school’s uniform, though instead of white shirt, she had a
bright yellow shirt.

Dexter heard two students behind him whisper:
“Man, she is pretty” one said.
“I agree” the other replied.

Tina noticed Dexter; she smiled at him and gave a low wave.
Dexter heard the two students behind him whisper again:
“Whoa, she just waved at dorkster” one said.
“You think they know each other?” the other replied.

“Welcome, wouldn’t you like to introduce yourself to you classmates,
maybe tell us you interests and such?” Meryl said with a big smile.
Tina gave her a nod.
“My name is Tina, I like robotics, running and fighting”

Meryl opened her mouth to say something, but got interrupted by
student’s question:
“You say you’re a good runner and a good fighter?” a boy asked.

“I’ve only once seen someone … or something that goes faster than me
and as for fighting, I just like it, not that I’m a pro or something like that”

“Very well Tina, please sit down” Meryl said.
Tina walked torwards the only seat left. It was two seats behind Dexter.
The class went smoothly. The class had to do individual work. Dexter
thought it was easy, he could’ve finished long time ago but he didn’t look
forward to the next class.
The school bell rang.

“See you all after gymnastics” Meryl said just before she stood up and left
the class. Everyone was walking out, but two boys walked up to Tina.

“So you’re a good runner?” one of the boys asked.

“I believe I am” Tina answered, she guessed what came next.

“Then I challenge you, in gymnastics, you and me will race”

“Alright, see you at the gym” Tina replied with a smile.

“You’re about to get humiliated, girl!” the second boy said as they walked out.

They don’t even have a power auras this will be too easy, Tina made
an evil smile.
Lucky for me, the inhabitants of the planet I last “visited” had many good powers, she thought and then she whispered:
“Blue, red, black, fox and a fat man, the pink one escaped but the rest were

She walked out, heading towards the gym.

Can anyone guess what she ment with:
"Blue, red, black, fox and a fat man, the pink one ..." ?
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Apr 06, 2006 9:59 am

Well I guess it isn't good enough.
But I'm still gonna update this fic. Holding the hope that people are reading this though they ain't posting any comments. :unsure:

Next update:

The race took only a minute.
The boy was crushed. It didn’t even seem that Tina was trying. She wasn’t
tired nor was she sweating. Unlike her, the boy lay on the floor, breathing
like crazy and sweating like never before.

“Man, you’re quick” the boy spoke with much trouble.
Everyone was amazed at her speed.
That day went smoothly; the sun was high up in the air, as the last class
was over. The school bell rang and everyone ran out, to freedom. Tina
was walking on the road heading towards the mountain; she made sure
that no one was following her. On her way she noticed Dib, he was
currently spying on a little green kid.

So Zim what is you next plan? Dib though.
Then Zim suddenly disappeared with a flash of light.

“What the hell” Dib said, a little shocked.

“What are you doing?” a soft voice was heard behind him.
Dib was so startled that he jumped high up in the air.

“Who are y…” said started to say, but noticed it was Tina.
“It’s you. What are you doing here?” he continued.
Tina tinkered with her bright red ascot.

“You’re a student here?” Dib asked as he saw her uniform.

“Yes” she said and nodded with a smile.

“That’s great” Dib said, with a little to exited voice.

“What were you doing?” she then suddenly asked.

“Well … I was … spying … on that boy … well …” Dib started and then with a
rather angry, or annoyed, voice he said again:
“That boy is an alien, fine now you’ve heard it, laugh at me like everyone
else but I’m going to prove to you all that, he really is an alien!”

There was a silence, Dib felt like running away.
“I … believe you”

“See you don’t believe me like all the other … wait … what did you say?”

“I believe you” she repeated with a serious tone and looked him in the eyes.

“I … I … I can’t believe somebody finally agrees with me” Dib said with a
broken voice. (Poor Dib had no idea that Tina has encountered the Irkens
before, that pathetic (like she used to call them) race nearly wiped out her home planet).

“I’ll even help you stop that Irken” she said and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks … wait a sec. what did you call him?”

“I… ohm … called him an idiot”

“Alright, I’ll show you my secret base and everything I know about Zim” Dib answered.
Phew, that was too close, she thought.

Tina was rather amazed to see his base (which was only his room). It had
many interesting things, though it tumbled in comparison to hers.
Dib showed Tina everything and told her all that she knew about Zim.
Later on there came a light knock on the bedroom door as a girl came in.
She had a smooth purple hair, black dress with a skull sign on it. She face
resembled a tired teenager as she walked lazily in.
“What do you want Gaz?” Dib said with a rather annoyed voice.

“Dad want’s to know if you bro and your girlfriend want any refreshment”

Dib blushed a little.
“She is not my girlfriend”

“Look, Dib, I don’t care, just answer the question so I can leave”.
“You want anything Tina?”

“No thanks I’m fine”

“No thanks sis, nothing now”
Gaz walked out of the room and called something to her dad.
There was a little silence; Dib still had a soft red layer on his cheeks.

“It’s getting late, I have too go” Tina said, her voice didn’t sound really like
she wanted to leave, well; actually she liked to be around Dib.
They walked together towards the front door. She and Dib were face to
face just outside the house; he took one step towards her. They slowly
hugged each other. Then Tina did something, she didn’t know why she did
it, but still she did.
She gave Dib a small, soft kiss on the cheek. Then she walked fast away.
Dib heard her sister’s voice behind him: “So she is you girlfriend”.

Tina wasn’t going home; no, she was heading towards Zim’s house.
She had gotten good information’s from Dib. After some time she came in
front of his house.

“The lasergun leprecons” she said to herself as she took few small iron
balls out of her pocket. She threw them up in the air. There they started to
hover; they flew quickly and attached them selves on the leprecons.
There were few sparks as the leprecons deactivated.

Too bad, I haven’t finished making a new armor in my size, I guess I’m going to do this the old fashion way, she though as she ran towards the
door, raising her fist for a punch.

“Someone is coming” a girl’s voice whispered at Zim.

End of Chapter 4
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:49 pm

Odd. Call me crazy but for some reason I have a hard time keeping up. Perhaps I should start over from the beginning?
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:59 pm

It often happens that I make a scene then FLASH the scene has ended... It was a paticular style I used in movie making but it kinda looks wierd in fics :P

As in the last two updates:
They were going to race then SUDDENLY in the next update the race was already over.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:44 pm

This chapter is rather short :unsure: . Well the chapter after this one is an explanation chapter.
It will explane what Tina is and what her purpose is too.

Next update:

Chapter 5

“The white girl and the leech”

The door had been smashed down. Tina stood in the broken doorway.

“Who are you earth monkey to come in my house, you looking for your DOOM!?” Zim Screeched.

Zim is a green colored alien, little smaller than Tina; he had strange
looking sensors on his head. He wore pinkish sweater, black boots, gloves
and trousers. He has large red eyes.

“I’m here to get you, irken fiend” Tina answered with a hateful look on her face.

Zim took up a small kind of pistol and aimed it at Tina’s direction, but in a
blink, Tina was already in arms reach. “Vanish! Earth monkey, feel your
DO… cough.” Zim choked on his own words as Tina grabbed his neck and
pulled him to her face height.

“Shut up you Irken slug!” Tina screamed at him.
A thin cut came on Tina’s lower jaw, Zim eyes widened. Tina’s lower jaw
opened up like insects jaw. Revealing a second mouth. On each side of
the opened jaw were stingers filled with paralyzing poison.
(It looks kind of like this, I got the idea from Blade 2 lol)

“Damn Leech!” Zim said, with much fright in his voice.

“That is correct you irkish slug” Tina’s said, her voice was different; it was
like three differently pitched voices were talking at the same time.

“I’m going to suck all your knowledge out of you, then take all your
intelligence away, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able too find more of your
damn race here”

“Doom on Irkens” a voice came. Tina looked down and saw a weird green
looking dog. “Yey we’re all gonna die!” the dog continued.

“Ohh shut up!” Tina growled, as she kicked the green dog away.

“You dare hurt girly!” some girl screamed.

Tina didn’t get the change to see who it was, for a white blast hit her on
the side and sent her (not Zim, she dropped him) flying on the wall,
making a huge crack in it. Tina stood up and closed her jaw, the cut
wound disappeared and she became humanlike again. She noticed the
one whom had shot her. It was a girl. With bright white hair, soft skin,
white eyes with no crystalline lenses. She had short white dress with a
black line in the middle.

“Such power” Tina said as she noticed the girl’s enormous power aura.

“You haven’t seen anything yet” The girl answered angrily, as she started
to gather energy in her fist.

“I give up” Tina said out of nowhere, she raised her hands up. Clearly the
girl didn’t expect this, as she stopped gathering energy.

“You what?” the girl asked, she didn’t believe it.

“I give up” Tina repeated.

“Then I’ll take you down easily” the girl said, she gave a vampire smile
and started to gather energy again.

“Be careful Bell” Zim suddenly called.
The girl, Bell, did a horrible mistake. She looked at Zim’s direction. This
was enough hesitation for Tina to sprint forward. In less then a second
she reopened her jaws, revealing her stingers, as she bit Bell in the hand,
which wasn’t collecting energy and dealing a fine amount of poison into
Bell’s vascular system. In an instant Bell could feel her loss of control
over her body, she wasn’t able to keep colleting energy so it evaporated
into thin air. Bell’s body gave a heavy bump sound as it fell on the
ground, with her facing upwards, Her eyes were staring into Tina’s eyes,
though Bell couldn’t move a muscle, Tina was still able to see the hatred
in Bell’s eyes. Tina gave a loud sigh sound and spoke softly, as she closed
her jaw:

“I’m sorry I had to resort to such cowardly trick but I could see in an
instant that I am no match for you”

Tina sat on her knees beside her and spoke again with an evil grin on her face.
“Don’t worry, I’m only going to drain you of all your powers, leaving you
like a helpless litt…” she suddenly heard a click, as in a gun being shot.

She easily dodged the laser beam. Tina stood up and stared at Zim.
“I nearly forgot you, worthless creature!” She growled.

“Meet you DOOM!” Zim screamed, as he sent another laser beam towards her.

She dodged and ran towards Zim but that sneaky little alien had placed a trap.
Tina stepped on a metal platform. A loud Zap sound was heard and many,
many volts of electricity went through Tina’s body. She screamed and
with much trouble she jumped off and landed in the doorway.

“That was a smart move” Tina growled.

“And it’s not over yet” Bell’s voice was heard, as she stood up.

“NO!” Tina screamed, “Nobody is that quick at getting trough my poison”
She dropped a small grey colored cube and when it hit the floor it burst
into thick black smoke. “We’ll meet again” said Tina’s voice with a fading
out effect.

Bell quickly sent an energy ball towards it, but Tina was long gone.
“What the hell was that creature?” Bell looked angrily at Zim.

“I’ll tell you but first let’s get out of here” Zim said and pointed at a square iron box on the floor, beeping 5…4…3…2…

“DOOM!” The green dog called.

As the timer reached zero, Zim’s house burst into flames, as it exploded. Never to be lived in again.

End of chapter 5
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:29 am

Next update:

Chapter 6
“The history of the Leech”

Bell, Gir and Zim all stood now in a dark place.

“That was close” Bell sighted.

Zim hit the ground and spoke with most anger in his voice:
“My base! Damn that leech fiend!”

“Zim, Let’s go to my room and there I want you to tell me about this leech”

They ran up a hill and on top of it they could see Bell’s father half finished
base. Bell ran at the same speed as Zim. They didn’t have to run very far
and quickly made their way towards Bell’s room, staying away from Bell’s
father and ignoring certain members, whom worked for her father. But
one of those certain members did stop them, just in front of Bell’s room.
It was a girl; she had a strange looking tattoo on her forehead.

“Why are you guys in such a hurry?” the girl asked.

“Well, Samantha it’s … uhm … a thing Zim needs to tell me about … so… uhm” Bell stammered.

“It’s about that fight you had with that girl in Zim’s house, right?”
Samantha asked with a raised eyebrow and a happy smile, she liked it
when she made that look on Bell. Zim and Bell stood there gaping, not
believing that this girl, Samantha, knew about that incident.

“How … did …” Zim tried to say but his voice failed him.

“I’m just a genius” Samantha said while observing her nails, apparently
not going to tell them how, then she looked at them with an interest.
“Tell me about this creature, I want to now about it too” she kindly ordered.

“Alright, come foolish earth monkeys I don’t have all day!” Zim growled.

Bell, Samantha and Zim walked inside Bell’s room.

WAIT A SEC! Where is Gir?
“I’m thinking I am lost” Gir said, still standing where they teleported in the
beginning of this chapter.

Bell and Samantha sat on Bell’s bed while Zim sat on a chair.
“Well here I go, this story I rather long” Zim said slowly, he noticed that
the girls still gave him their interest.

“We Irkens once invaded a planet, this planet had many valuable ore,
chemicals and other kind of valuable stuff. But on this planet was a race.
They were really barbaric back then and they didn’t seem to be able to
live very well on that planet, for they weren’t large, didn’t have any
defensive nor offensive capabilities, they even were critically stupid. But
somehow they were still were the top species, they ruled all the other
species on that planet. The tallest sent a small force to destroy them, but
they vanished. Then two days later the tallest got called through their own
technology. I don’t know what they said to the tallest, but it angered
them greatly. They prepared their fleet to destroy everything on that planet”

“This is getting good” Samantha suddenly said with an exited voice.

“Like I was saying. On our radar, everyone could see that our ship was
returning. The tallest called the docking bay to open up. To everyone
surprise it wasn’t our elite soldiers inside but those weird creatures, fully
armed in Irken technology. Those creatures knew all about our ships,
weapons and even strategies. On a really short time they became
somehow really smart. I was in the docking bay at that time, there I saw
them do that … that thing. Where they opened their jaws, inside the jaw
were really sharp teeth. Their bitten targets became paralyzed, then they
somehow drained creatures of their power. But of course they didn’t last
long” Zim took a deep breath and then continued:

“After few days on analyzing those creatures, our scientists discovered
that these creatures, lived on the power of other creatures. Those
creatures literally took the power of others and gave to them selves”

“So that’s how they became so smart, they drained the power of the first
attackers?” Bell’s asked, she was generally exited. Zim continued.

“Yes that is exactly what they did. And because of their behavior, they
were given the name, Leech. AND NOW ON WITH THE SOTRY!” Zim
suddenly called:

“In the end we Irkens won and they were going to be enslaved. As a last
resort the leeches sent more than thousand of their own to space, in
totally random directions. The tallest didn’t look at those a threat at the moment”

“Let me guess, that was a mistake?” Samantha asked.

“OF COURSE!” Zim screamed and then continued:
“Hundreds of planets fell before each leech, they stole the power from the
strongest and obliterated those whom weren’t strong enough. When
enough of them became really powerful, they returned and they …”

“KICKED IRKEN BUTT!” Gir suddenly called as Bell’s pillow exploded,
reaviling Gir, they all stared with a surprised look on their face.


“Love me!” Gir said with a soft (and cuddly) voice.

“Anyway, they didn’t kick any butt, they overthrew the Irkens, yes, but
only a handful of them survived. Now they wish to rule the galaxy by
being the only race with any power at all. So they send out their young to devour planets.
And this is how the story goes” Zim took a long deep breath.

“Love me!” Gir said with a soft (and cuddly) voice AGAIN.

“So now one of those creatures is here!” Samantha said with a worried voice.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Apr 13, 2006 7:53 am

The PPG will soon come.

Next update:

“Exactly” Zim replied

“This was a good story, but now I must leave” Samantha said. She stood
up and walked outside the room, there she pressed a button on a device
on her arm and said in to the watch like device:

“Did you get that?”

A rough, metallic voice came:
“Yes, good work Samantha now we must capture that creature”

“Hey, I just remembered something dad said when he analyzed the meteoroid”
Bell said after some time.

“What he said, you must tell me” Zim ordered.

“Well he said” Bell started.

“TELL ME!” Zim suddenly said.

“He said that”


There was a long silence … Bell opened her mouth to say something.
“TELL ME!” Zim interrupted again.

“ZIM!” Bell screamed.


“You’re doing it again!”

“Sorry …” Zim replied with an embarrassed expression.

“ *sigh* Well anyway, dad analyzed that meteoroid for some time and
found something out, I don’t know what he found out, but he became
worried and said something like “Most unfortunate” ”

At that precise moment her father came in.
“Bell” he said with a soft but ordering voice.

“Dr.X sir” Zim stood up

“Zim I need you to finish that machine I told you about” the man, Dr.X, said.

Dr.X was a large man shaped creature, with small wings, orange skin, six
yellow eyes that were placed from the normal eye socket and all the way
down to his chest. On his head was a bright fire. He was wearing dark
blue knickers.

“Yes dad?” Bell asked with a big smiled on her face, she loved her father.

“Bell my dear, I need you go again in the angel costume and pick up that
boy I told you about”

“You are talking about Susie?” Bell asked.

“Yes … Susie”
Dr.X never knew why Bell called that boy Susie. His name was Mandark.

A little creature was walking in a large laboratory, when a man walked in.
“Well …” said the man with a raised eyebrow.

The little creature had a bright white lab coat on. The creature was a
weasel, red in color.
“Yes Dr.Brisbane, our suspicions were correct” the weasel said.

“Good, I’ll send the boys to pick it up”

“I’ll have the containment cell ready” and with those words they walked in
an opposite directions.

Tina was in her base at the top of the mountain. She was building
something or more like remodeling. She was currently making her armor
fit her “new” size. Meanwhile Goliath was working, under her orders of
course, on something much, much larger. Actually it was working on three
of those larger “things”.

“I feel like our secret is blown, If I am to face such powerful beings like
that girl again I better be ready” Tina said into her comm.-link.

“Yes Tina and with your newest creations, you should be able to trample them”

“Correct, but I should stay clear of Jack”

“Who?” Goliath asked

“You know … the sword wielder I battled first”

“Why would you fear him?”

“His blade can cut through my metal like butter, now stop talking and
keep working on them”

The next day.
The sun was bright, the wind was cool and the heat was good. The perfect
weather. The first class was starting.
At recess Tina sat under a tree, in it’s shadow. She was currently reading
biology. She heard someone walking her way. It was Dib; he sat down
beside her and said:

“Did you hear what happened at Zim’s house?”

“No?” Tina said quickly (of course she knew).

“Well it exploded”

“What? Zim must have been trying some new doomsday machine and it explode”

“Just what I thought but the police said there were no bodies”

Dib thought about it for a while, but Tina’s eyes narrowed as she thought:
So they escaped, they probably will be after me. But this time I’m ready
for her.

End of Chapter 6
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Fri Apr 14, 2006 7:22 pm

Though I get no comments, I'm still gonna update just because I like writing this fic ^_^ and there isn't much talking here.

Next update:

Chapter 7

The day went smoothly until at the very end of the last class. Tina felt a
very strong presence in the forest. After school she headed to the forest
and made sure no one was following. She walked for a rather long time,
until finally she made it to the center of the presence she felt. She quietly
made her way towards it. She hid behind a tree and carefully her eyes
peered, looking for the creature that gave off such magnificent power.
She didn’t notice anything. She was sure that something was here but she
didn’t see it. Then she heard a noise much like when something is moving
inside a bush. She quickly looked up, but nothing, she looked around to
make sure no one was sneaking up behind her. A softly swoosh sound
came from the top of one tree. Tina could feel a sting in her neck, her
sight slowly turned black. She sat down and thought about her mistake.
That was the last sensible thing she did before the dream world took her
thoughts away.

“Where am I” Tina’s voiced echoed.

“What is this place?”

“What kind of poison have I been injected with?”

It was like she was hovering in the center of a glass sphere. That
particular sphere had purple splash here and there. And this sphere was
inside of a bigger glass sphere, which had red splashes instead of purple
ones, and that sphere was in another glass sphere. It went like this until
Tina saw no more. Every sphere rolled in totally random directions: Tina
started to get a headache of all these bright colors. Then an image came,
an image of a house, or a castle to be more exact. It looked as is it was
thousands of years old. Tina blinked her eyes and when she opened them
again she was in front of that castle. She gasped with amazement. Then
a horrific, dark but cool and somehow seducing deep voice was heard:

“So I’ve located your dream sphere”
Tina felt totally mesmerized by that voice.

“I will need to speak to you in person” the voice continued.

“I will see you later, but now you’re going to wake up"

Tina didn’t want to leave the voice, but suddenly a loud screech came, as
a shockwave pounded her head, making her ears hurt like crazy.
Her eyes flew open.
Only to realize that she had been strapped down on some kind of platform.
Her first sigh was a ripped body of a robotic insect of some sort.
She lifted her head upwards, but the sun shone so brightly and made her
sight all blurry. She heard that some great fighting was going on.
Punches, shots and explosions were heard. Then her sigh finally became
normal as it got used to the light. There not so long from her. There were
lots of those insect machines, in all shapes and colors. One of them

“You children can not withstand the might of the cluster, give in”

That particular insect never spoke again, as its head exploded in a red brilliance.
It was then Tina saw for the first and not last time the Rowdy Ruff boys
(Of course Tina didn’t know that they called themselves that). These boys
looked to be the same age as her. They were dressed in grayish military
outfits, with a noticeable RR sign on it. One of them had a long copper
colored hair; it was strapped in a ponytail, on his head laid a bright red
peaked cap. Another of then had a blondish hair. The third one had raven
black hair and a short ponytail.
Tina could not see the insect’s power auras,
because well … they’re machines. But the boys shone greatly. Tina Had rarely seen such power.
The creatures and these three boys were to busy to notice that Tina had
woken up. She said as loud as she dared, she didn’t want to get noticed:

“Use ring, Code 458-552-898 and Code 789-144-003”

Tina could feel her armor appearing. The ropes that strapped her down,
frayed as the armor fully appeared with a white light. This was quite
noticeable, the battle stopped and the light faded away. Instead of Tina
stood now an armor suit (thought inside it was Tina). That suit was nothing
like Balethor’s suit. It looked humanoid but didn’t have any head; instead
it had an “eye” on the chest.
It had many weapons; on its back was some kind of jetpack. The armor
suit hovered and raised its arm. Out of that arm sprung out some kind of
weapon. It shot a red, half invisible shock wave. The wave it self was
only about a meter in radius. The shockwave hit one of the insect
machines in the chest and instantly melted that machine, like butter in a
microwave. With that sight most of the insects turned from the boys to
take down that suit. They ran/sprinted/flew/stumbled like crazy towards
Tina (or rather the suit). But they didn’t get very long as three powerful
laser beams came from the skies and turned the ground into a messed up
crater. The Machines slowly raised their head towards the sky. There out
of the clouds came much larger versions of the battle suit Tina was
currently in. they landed beside Tina and looked down on those creatures
and the three kids.

Now came up a situation that is currently known as a “Stalemate”, if you
look at the battlefield as a triangle, then in one corner were Tina and her
three machines, in another corner were those three boys and in the third
corner were the insect machines. If one attacked another then the third
would attack him. A crow flew by and gave a horrid wail. With that the
sides rushed at each other.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 15, 2006 8:30 am

Again I post. Not much talking here. I'm not very good at writing battle scenes :P

Next Update:

Tina’s three robots rushed towards the insect machines and Tina went to
face one of the boys, the blond one. The two other boys flew towards the insects.
The Insects were outmatched on both sides. The black haired boy
punched a large ant like insect robot. He made a large dent in its chest.
The ant’s two large scythe hands flew with amazing speed towards the
boy’s head. The boy barely dodged, he jumped up and gave a furious
sound, as he kicked the robot, in the already dent chest. The ant robot fell
and never rose up again. A large bee machine flew with its stinger in
front, ready to assault one of Tina’s giant machines. It hit the machine,
barely scratching it. The machine grabbed the bee robot and threw it into
another flying insect machine. They exploded, when they collided in the

Tina threw a punch towards the blond boy, but she missed and hit the
ground, making a small crater in it. The blond boy didn’t hesitate and shot
two small laser beams from his eyes, it hit the armor suit in the jetpack,
making it explode. A weird looking energy gun sprung from the suit’s
shoulder. It shot a tightly focused particle beam, but the boy knew what
he was doing and the beam missed him and flew towards one of her own
machines. The giant machine exploded with a devastating blow and ripped
many of those insect robots apart, the copper haired boy was cough in
the explosion, but he only got burned a little and the other two giant
machines didn’t seem to notice (or care) that one of them exploded. This
angered Tina and she turned to face the boy, whom was smirking. Out of
the suit’s arm came some kind of lighting whip. It sprung towards the boy
and grabbed him by the waist; he reacted by shooting a brilliant blue
energy ball at the suit. The ball hit, Tina knew her armor was about to
explode, so she pressed a button, which gave great amount of electricity
through the whip. With screams of pain, the blond boy was rendered
immobilized. The chest of the suit opened up and Tina jumped out of it,
then even before she landed on the ground the suit exploded. Tina was
wearing a cadet blue colored armor, nearly the same as Balethor used,
but Tina was helmet less and she didn’t have any weapons. Tina walked
towards the nearly unconscious boy. She sat on him and held his arms
down; the eyes of the blond shrank with fear, when he saw Tina open her
jaw. He tried to do something but his muscles were still “inactive” from
the electricity. She moved her head near his; it would look as if she was
going to kiss him, but out of her throat came a worm like tongue. The
“worm” “opened” its “mouth” reviling many small but sharp teeth. It
moved towards the boy’s forehead. The “worm” secured it self on his
forehead by biting the boy. The boy screamed, as his muscles were
starting to act again. Pure white energy came from his forehead, as it was
being drained by that “worm”. Tina could feel the information and power
she drained from him. She stopped draining his power; she withdrew the
“worm” and said in a taunting voice:

“Who is Bubbles?”

The last of Tina’s giant machines fell. It’s head exploded and out of it
crawled a spider looking robot. That particular robot had just destroyed
the giant machine from within, he looked over the battlefield and saw that
they had lost. He was the highest ranked insect robot left. He called with a
horrific voice, it sounded like hundred rats scratching a metal door:

“We have failed, let us flee to Black Eden and tell commander Destruction about this!”

They all as one ran away. The two boys there didn’t stop them, they
instead turned around, and they expected their brother to have already
immobilized their target.
To their surprise it was the opposite. She had immobilized him.

“Well, you like this Bubble person don’t you?” Tina asked as she grinned.

She was going to start draining him again, but heard instead someone called:
“Get off my brother!”

The black haired boy kicked Tina in the stomach; she could hear one of
her rib breaking. The kick made her fly off the blond boy. She crashed at
a tree. The copper haired boy helped the blond one stand up. He looked
at Tina and said:

“You shall pay for this”

Tina stood back up and smiled.
“You three couldn’t beet three miserable girls, I guess you are pretty
weak” she taunted.

This angered them greatly and the black haired boy rushed towards her.
In less then a second she shot bright blue energy ball at him, the boy was
to surprised to react, so the energy ball hit him and sent him flying on a
tree, breaking it to pieces. The blond gaped in surprise, that was his
favorite move.

“Isn’t that your favorite …” the copper haired boy started but got
interrupted by the blond boy:

“That was my favorite move”

Then police sirens filled the air. The copper haired boy looked at Tina and said angrily:

“This is not over; we will get you for this”

And off they flew all three. Black smoke filled the air and Tina disappeared.

End of Chapter 7
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:40 am

Yet again I bring another update.
Here comes two person most poeple know about.
(and yes I've already gotten his permission to "use" him and his char).
A short chapter.

Next update:

Chapter 8
“Three new kids”

Days have passed since the battle. The police had no answers for it.
There were only three enormous machines. For some reasons the corpses
of those insect robots were gone. Now Tina sat in her class room. She
had tested all her new powers and was most pleased with them. Today
they were studying physics. Tina found it stupid, she knew most of it and
she had already found ways to break most of the physics law.

“Kids” Miss Meryl, the teacher, said suddenly.
Everyone looked up, but one, he was asleep.

“There will be new students joining us today, they come all the way from
our sister city, Townsville” she continued.

Just as she finished her words, a light knock came on the door. In walked
a tall man in a white lab coat and with him three little girls, one of the
girls had long copper hair, pinkish eyes, pink version of the school
uniform and a large red ascot, firmly place on her head.. The other one
had short raven black hair, Green eyes and a green version of the school
uniform and she had her hand crossed at her chest. The last one had
bright blondish hair, two well brushed piggytails, bright blue eyes and a
blue (brighter than normal) version of the school uniform. Tina didn’t hear
what Meryl said to the professor, mostly because she stared with hunger
at the girls. Tina’s heart stopped for a moment and a sentence came
slowly to hear head:

The power!

Tina closed her eyes and fell into her own thoughts for a moment.
They have such great power; I have never seen such power.
She was suddenly taken back to reality, when out of nowhere, everyone
burst into laughter. Tina noticed that the new girls were in some kind of
pose, it looked stupid.

Later on the school bell rang, it was recess. Tina walked towards the
forest; she was heading to her base. She needed a spy drone to keep
track on those new kids.

“Hey everyone! The new girls and dorkster are fighting” was suddenly called.

Well I’ll be, better check it out. Tina though, then she ran towards the fight.
When she got there, Dexter had been beaten, he kneeled there and the
girls were on every side, forming a triangle around him. Tina thought
about helping Dexter, but she wanted to see the girls in action. The girls
shot power blasts at Dexter, but to everyone’s surprise, Dexter formed
some kind of shield. A loud KABOOM sound echoed, as the blasts hit the
shield. Sending the girls flying in every direction. Tina became a little
disappointed. Dexter made himself ready to fight the girls, but Jack came
out of nowhere and stopped the battle. He ordered the new kids and
Dexter to follow him to the Dojo.

“Hahaha, they are in for it now” some kid said.

Tina had always disliked Jack (for obvious reasons) and now she was
really angered at him for stopping such a good fight. She quickly turned
around and headed into the forest. Then something happened, Tina
became stiff, she got chill upward her spine, she felt depressed and a little
frightened. She looked around and noticed a shadow of a figure in the
forest; the creature had some sort of dark aura around itself. She ran
after the creature, almost controlled, like she “had” to do it. Tina then
decided to go a little faster and that she did, it only took her a second or
two to get the shadowed figure. The figure’s aura became pitch black and
froze Tina at her place, her legs shivered with fright, but she was near
enough to see the figure. It was a boy, around her age; he had bright
white hair and eyes. His clothing was pitch black though, she didn’t know if
they were black because of the dark aura or if they just were black. The
boy had a devious smile on his face; apparently he liked it when he
scared people like he did to Tina. The creature walked towards Tina.

“Who… are… you” She said with much effort.

“I am but a pawn” the boy replied.

Then the boy placed his finger on her forehead, as darkness formed
where he touched her. Tina felt like her head was exploding, she tried to
scream but her voice failed her and she could only whimper a little. Then
everything went black.

Tina opened her eyes; she was in front of an old castle.
“What the hell?” she asked her self.

“Ahhhh … you’ve returned, my minion did his job well” said a horrific, dark
but cool and somehow seducing deep voice. She had heard that voice before.

“Come in” the voice said again, the big heavy castle door opened up.

Tina walked in. The inside of the castle was only one room, one oversized
room. It was more like a library. Tina could feel the presence of
something really large. The room filled up with the smell of cooled down
coals. The air was damp. Two large eyes, filled with fire, were seen high
up in the darkness.

“So you here you are” the voice said.

“Who are you?” Tina asked.

“I am merely the shadow that lies in the mind of people; I’m the darkest corner in your mind. This planet’s core is my home. But to simplify things
you may call me, Shadowed state of mind.

End of Chapter 8
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Postby Frostmork » Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:37 pm

You´re commenting my fanfic. So now I comment yours!

This fanfic/comic is veeeeery good.
Nobody´s commenting... Why?
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