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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:26 pm

Chapter 7:

*Megasville Hospital (head office) 1:30PM (AN: This is one week after the dodgeball game)*

*The office of the head doctor had bookshelves left and right. The desk is just in front of the window, where one can get a good view of the medical herb garden. Facing the desk is Claire Staydamind. The apron of her new nurse uniform is beige instead of white and the rest of the dress is bondi blue. The head doctor was reviewing her application and resume on his computer*

Head Doctor: Ah. Seems everything is in order. Says here you're very enthusiastic at your job.

Claire: Well, I try.

Head Doctor: And according to notices from your former employer, patients in your care recovered at a much faster rate. You invented...medicated ice? And burn-healing bubbles? You made these?

Claire: I have my...*rubs the tips of her fingers together*...ways.

Head Doctor: Yet it says here that even though you've patented these things yourself, they haven't been undergone testing by the FDA. There haven't bee...

Claire: I test them myself! I assure you there are no side effects.

Head Doctor: Haha. I'm surprised you haven't sold these at pharmacies yet. You'd make a fortune.

Claire: No no. I like my life the way it is now. Besides, I like helping people. It's what I do.

Head Doctor: Kind yet modest. *shakes Claire's hand* Welcome aboard Mrs. Staydamind.

Claire: Please, call me Claire.

*meanwhile, at Megasville Elementary*

Ms. Meryl: Okay class, one more time:

All students: I before E except after C except when said 'ay' as in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'.

Ms. Meryl: Good. Now anyone wants to take a hand at spelling? How about you Shad?

Shad: Huh? Oh no, I'm not very good.

Bubbles: C'mon Shaddy! You can do it.

Ms. Meryl: Bubbles, why do you call him Shaddy? Do you know him from somewhere?

Bubbles: Of course. Back in Townsville.

Shad: *hastily stands up* I'll take that word now!

Ms. Meryl: Spell 'enamored'

Shad: E-N-A-M-O-R-E-D. Enamored. *sits back down*

Ms. Meryl: Wait, at least let me give you another one: Multiplication.

Blossom: M-U-

Ms. Meryl: Now now, let Shad spell this.

Shad: M-U-L-T-I-P-L-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. Multiplication.

All students: Whoa!

Dexter: He spelled a 5-syllable word so fast.

Otto: Getting jealous already?

Dexter: Of course not! He won't surpass me in such a short amount of time...I hope.

Student 1: Did you hear that? Dorkster's getting jealous of snowy hair.

Student 2: If he becomes the new class brain you think he won't be such a show-off as Dorkster?

Ms. Meryl: Bubbles, spell 'recovery'.

Bubbles: Recovery?

Ms. Meryl: Sorry Bubbles. But it's R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y.

Bubbles: But I thought...

Shad: Bubbles, words like 'recovery' have a hard C that makes it sound like the K sound. Like 'crayon' or 'cartwheel'.

Bubbles: Really? Thank you Shaddy!

Shad: *goes silent and ducks his head behind his textbook*

Buttercup: Did he just...

Otto: Yeah. Funny the next word was recovery. You think Shad's starting to recover?

Blossom: Let's hope so.

*just outside the classroom, 2 girls have their ears pressed on the door. Descriptions you say? Better yet, how about names: Suzie and Tootie*

Tootie: I knew it! This is so going on the newsletter!

Suzie: Um...why are we eavesdropping again?

Tootie: Didn't you hear the rumors between classes? Ever since snowy hair came here Bubbles was acting a little weird. And the boy was staying far away from her as possible.

Suzie: Snowy hair? You mean Shad?

Tootie: Yeah, but I hear she was caught calling him 'Shaddy' a lot.

Suzie: And what? Shad's only been here for one week so far. How does this...

Tootie: Didn't you hear what Blossom said just now? She hopes snowy hair is on the road to recovery. And Bubbles says she knew him back in Townsville. That he hanged out with her and stuff. Can't you see?

Suzie: See what?

Tootie: Snowy hair is Bubbles' ex-boyfriend! They were probably in love but something happened last year so they broke up. So snowy hair's too shy to start over as friends which is why he's so timid! So romantic! First Blossom and Dexter, Buttercup and Sensei Jack, and now Bubbles and Shad "snowy hair" Staydamind!

Suzie: Ugh! Your mouth is moving too fast and your brain hasn't catched up, you know that?!

Tootie: So we'll put it in the rumor corner. I can see the headlines now: Trio of heroes get trio of crushes!

Suzie: And to think I used up my free time for this.

Tootie: Your free time was very well spent! If this turns out to be true we'll get extra credit! Who knows, if I can get all of them together, I'll finally be with my sweet sweet Timmy Turner! To the library! Let's go!

Suzie: Can't we at least interview...*grabbed by the collar*

Tootie: I said let's go! We only have an hour left until school's over! Time's awasting!

Suzie: You know we're in fan clubs right?

Tootie: I said time's awasting!

*the 2 girls run through the halls. It isn't long until they crash into a certain green-skinned boy*

Zim: *toppled down* OOF!

Suzie: OOF! Sorry about that...Zim was it?

Zim: YOU! How dare you, the puny redhead earth monkey that you are. make me, the almightly ZIM, go OOF to his DOOM! Now you will be wise to twist your head and look down at your back, for you will be watching it in fear that...

Tootie: We said we're sorry! Sheesh!

Zim: Fine! Your puny earth apology will suffice. Not that it will matter! For I am ZIM! *walks away laughing*

Suzie: Our apology won't matter? What's that supposed to mean?

Tootie: Who cares? Must be some 4th grade thing. Now let's get going already.

End of Chapter 7.

Anyone wanna bet a buck that Tootie will blow everything out of proportion? And as for what Suzie said (in bold), it's one of my favorite quotes from volume 4 of a certain little manga by Ken Akamatsu. Hint: I used the same manga to make a reference in chapter 3 of the first part of this fic.

Added after 3 hours 21 minutes:

Oh, one more thing. If any of you plan on making a PPG(D) fic, I IMPORE YOU to read this first.

I just found I can't remember if I even got the PPG in character. What am I saying, of course I did! I hope.
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Keeper » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:28 pm

Don't worry about it. You got it down Shad. ^_^

I don't have to worry either. Sense I haven't even introduced the girls in my fic. lol
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:32 pm

Yeah. I read your fic time to time. I know.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Keeper » Thu Dec 22, 2005 8:20 pm

Glad you did.^^

Hopefully I should encourage the girls' personalities too. ^_^
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Dec 23, 2005 3:53 pm

Chapter 8:

*Megasville Elementary (hallway) 2:05PM*

*the students make their way to their next classes. Among them are the PPG, Dexter, Otto, and of course, Shad*

Bubbles: *walking next to Shad* Hey Shaddy, what class do you have next?

Shad: *scoots away*

Bubbles: C'mon Shaddy, you can tell me.

*Bubbles tries to pull Shad closer, but he pulls his arm away harshly (almost making Bubbles fall in the process), and walks faster*

Dexter: Unbelievable. Didn't it seem from our previous class that...

Blossom: Not sure if I get it either.

Buttercup: Are they racing or something?

*Bubbles and Shad are then running side by side, as if they were racing together...or so it seems*

Shad: Go away! I have to get to science class!

Bubbles: That's the same class the rest of us ha...OOF!

Shad: There, I told you! Now just go away alrea...OOF!

*Bubbles and Shad simultaneously bump into Suzie and Tootie with notepads in their hands*

Tootie: Bubbles! Snowy hair! Just the 2 lovebirds we wanted to see.

Buttercup: *catches up to Bubbles* Hey, that's my line!

Blossom: I don't like where this is going.

Bubbles/Shad: *blushes* Lovebirds?!

Suzie: Yeah, excuse my partner in gossip here. We just need to ask both of you a few questions.

Tootie: 5 to be exact!

Shad: NO! I need to get to...*tries to run past them, but Tootie keeps sidestepping in the way*

Otto: You think we should just go ahead of them?

Blossom: I don't know. Suzie and Tootie are the interviewers of the school newspaper.

Buttercup: Not to mention founders of a lot of fan clubs. Knowing them, they'd keep Shad and Bubbles waiting. They'll be asked questions.

Otto: What's so bad about...

Tootie: How long were you deeply infatuated with Bubbles?

Shad: *shaking* Uh...

Blossom: Personal questions.

Otto: I'm sure it's not that...

Tootie: Bubbles, how would you describe snowy hair's confession of love to you?

Bubbles: Well...

Blossom: VERY personal questions!

Tootie: What was the cause of your year-long breakup? Do you both plan to patch things up? And snowy hair, just WHO does your hair? Is Danny Phantom your role model?

Buttercup: Okay, that's it! Both of you BACK OFF! Make us late and you're both dead!

Suzie: Hi Sensei Jack.

Buttercup: SENSEI?! *turns around, only to see laughing students passing by, then blushes* NOW YOU"RE DEAD!!

*Susie and Tootie run away as Buttercup chases them mid-air*

Blossom: Good thing Suzie and Tootie have the same class we do.

Dexter: That's assuming if they lure Buttercup there. Speaking of which, we must be on our way as well.

*Blossom and the others go ahead as Bubbles and Shad (with his head down* just stand there*

Bubbles: Shaddy?

Shad: *shaking*

Bubbles: Shaddy don't worry about what they were asking. It's none of their bu...*hears dripping noises* What?

*looks on the floor and sees drops upon drops fall down on the floor, like heavy rain. She looks up and sees the source of it all: Tears rolling down from Shad's eyes! So much that his glasses fogged up*

Shad: *sobbing hard*

Bubbles: Shaddy you don't need to...

*Bubbles reaches out her hand to hold Shad's hand, only to have it SLAPPED away! Shad then runs out through the back doors of the school*

Bubbles: *eyes get all dreary with unshed tears as she stares at her slapped hand* Why won't you...

Blossom's voice: Bubbles!

Bubbles: *turns to her left and sees Blossom running toward her* Blossom?

Blossom: What's taking yo...where's Shad?

Bubbles: Shaddy left the school. He *sniff* didn't go far.

Blossom: What?!

Bubbles: Tell the teacher I won't be coming in today. *floats off the ground and bolts out through the back doors*

Blossom: Bubbles it's a...oh well, she can just do a make-up quiz. *walks back to the science lab* Shad, what's going on in that head of yours?

*above Megasville Elementary, 10 minutes later*

Bubbles: Shaddy! Shaddy where are you?! *catches her breath* It's no...use. Shaddy couldn't have gone far so fast. *looks ahead to the forest* He didn't go in there, did he? He's not familiar with those woods. Then again *gulp* I'm not either. I heard scary stuff about those woo...huh? *looks down and sees a green-skinned boy walking into the forest* Who's that? *descends right in front of him*

Zim: AHH! YOU! Powerpuff earth monkey Bubbles!

Bubbles: Uh...yeah. Are you going in those woods?

Zim: Ack! How did she know?! It is impossible for her to know! For it is secret! It is confidential! I am ZIM! I guess.

Bubbles: Whew. Good, 'cause I think my friend Shaddy went into those woods. But it looks really dark in there and...well, can you go get him and bring him back, the principal's office? Please? He has white hair, so he should stand out.

Zim: Yes yes. I, the mighty Zim, shall capture your comrade earth monkey and drag his doomy carcass to the school of DOOM! HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! *walks away towards the forest*

Bubbles: Thank you! *flies back to the school*

Zim: Foolish stupid dummy...dummy stupid head! Even if I were to encounter someone like that in the woods, I could care less! For I am Zim! Besides, this white hair is a very rare trait in humans. The only other human I know that has white hair is Gir's bestest friend, and she's been down on DOOMY sadness for some time now.

*in the forest behind Megasville Elementary*

Shad: *running through the woods, crying* What's wrong with people?! Why can't they just leave me alone?! They can just do that one simple thing but NO! Tootsie or whatever her name is had to ask those...those... *trips over a root and scrapes his knee* OW!

*Shad crawls behind a tree, still sobbing. He takes a look at his knee, bleeding due to some of it's skin scraped off by the rough ground*

Shad: *sniff* Stupid tree. Stupid knee. Stupid ground. STUPID EVERYON...*sharp pain in his knee causes him to wince* Ooooh. Now I have 2 hurts. One in my heart and one on my knee. And it's burning. *lightly blows on the affected area, but it burns even more* AHH! Why won't it heal? *puts finger next to the scrape and lightly nudges his skin towards it* Heal! Make the hurting stop!

*then the most surprising thing happened. The finger that was pressed on the scrape started to glow a shining silver! The bleeding stopped as the skin started to heal rapidly over the scrape, not leaving so much as a scar*

Shad: *completely flabbergasted* WHA...HOW...WHO...AH....DID I...HOW...*hyperventilating and wide-eyed, then looks at his finger, which is back to it's normal tint* N-N-N-N-N-N-N-NO WAY!!! HOW DID I DO THAT?! It's gone! The scrape is gone! I healed it...somehow! *comes to his senses* Wait a minute...mommy and daddy said I don't have any powers. That the Chemical X didn't do anything to me. They tell the truth but here, I just found a power that I have. My mommy and daddy...did they li...

*just then, Shad heard footsteps. He crouched behind a tree and some nearby bushes*

Shad: Is it Bubbles? Hope it's not a...*gulp* a bear.

*the person came into view. It wasn't Bubbles or a bear, but someone in the school uniform. Zim! Shad still remained hidden*

Shad: Huh? He's a 4th grade student. Why is he here?

*Shad looked on as Zim walked further down the path, then turned to the right, leaving it entirely!*

Shad: He left the path? Where's he going?

*with his curiosity getting the best of him, Shad follows Zim deeper into the forest, crawling at a safe distance. It's only 5 minutes until Zim stops and Shad ducks behind another tree. Even though Shad couldn't see well due to the leaves and tree branches blocking his view, he can very faintly see 2 other figures: a girl with white hair and a dress with the black stripe across the middle and what appears to be a small green dog with googly eyes*

Zim: Bell. Glad you can be out. Out to lead our plan of DOOM!

Bell: I guess.


Bell: There there Girly. They'll be here. *clenches her fist* Daddy made sure of it.

Shad: That dress...I've seen it somewhere before. *gently moves the branches aside and finally recognizes it* It's the same one as the...*gasps, then clasps his mouth shut*

Bell: What was that?

Zim: Do not be so...silly, or something. Everyone's in the DOOM school! Which will be DOOMED!

Bell: I know I heard something.

Shad: Close one.

*Shad now has a better view of Bell. Her dress is indeed similar to that of the PPG, only white. Also white is her long flowing hair, blowing side to side. Almost more white then Shad's hair. There appears to be an earpiece hooked to her ear, possibly for communication. The dress however, is unusually short. It blew side to side ever so slightly, exposing her white panties just a tiny bit. Naturally, Shad blushed and ducked, slightly embarrassed at what he saw.:P And her pale white it's haunting. Shad feels afraid by those eyes, but also...hypnotic?*

Shad: [i]Her face. Just change the hair and eyes with either of the Powerpuffs and she looks just like them. She's just as pretty as Blossom, Buttercup...and Bubbles even. But is she a Powerpuff? Why didn't Bubbles tell me about her? Or Blossom? Buttercup even? I never heard of a Powerpuff called Bell before.

*all of a sudden, the wind got stronger, but not around Shad*

Bell: He's here.

*neon-colored lights materialize in front of Bell, Zim and Gir out of nowhere. Some of the lights come together and form a very familiar villain of the PPG: Mojo Jojo!*

Shad: *gasps again*

Zim: Finally!

Bell: *turns her head left and right, then faces Mojo* Where are they?

Mojo: Patience young one.

*the remaining neon lights behind Mojo began to take form as well. They melded together and took the shape of tall, frightening creatures! They appeared to be raptors...raptors in armor! They were snarling and snapping at nothing, with claws able to severely burn anything it slashes*

Gir: The DOOMY has landed!

Mojo: Behold! My greatest creation ever conceived! Next to the Dread Dragon of course, but that would've worked if it wasn't for that gym teacher! But this one is better, more efficient with the ultimate defense, for I am Mo...*slapped upside the head*

Bell: Shut up. You and Zim can go back now.

Mojo: What?! You dare comman...*Bell raises her palm in front of Mojo's face, a white sphere forming on it*...farewell! And you'll need this...just in case. *gives Bell a small cube with a button on it. Then he presses a button on his watch, warping him away in the same fashion he came*

Zim: Gir, come! Come to your master!


Zim: No ding-dong!


Zim: Cease this ding dong.


Bell: It's just Girly's way of saying he wants to stay with me. Now go!

Zim: You...fine. But I shall watch from Black Eden! Watch as you command these bringers of DOOM in black armor burn everyone in a DOOMY fire of infinite DOOM! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *warps away in the same fashion as Mojo*

Bell: *giggles* C'mon raptors. Time to burn. *touches the armor, only to quickly pull her hand back due to an exorbitantly hot sensation* OW! HOT HOT HOT! Anyway, follow me.

*Bell walks back to the path leading out of the forest, the armored raptors stomping close behind her. Gir marches next to Bell*

Gir: ichi ni san one two three
YI er san un deux trois!

Bell: Sound off!

Gir: Pancakes!

Bell: You're so silly Girly.

*as Bell, Gir and the pack of raptors trail off, Shad watches on, a look of fear and confusion on his face*

Shad: What was that all about? Mojo working with Zim EVIL Powerpuff?! I have to warn everyone! But...*looks back and sees Bell still walking on the path* do I get there on time? *looks around him* I don't even know where I am. And that thing I did...*looks at his finger* do I explain THIS? My parents saying I don't have any powers. Did they...lie to me? *whispers the next word* Why?

End of Chapter 8!

HA! Shad's FINALLY starting to get it...but at what cost? And as for what Gir was saying...use the "one two three" part as a clue. He's actually saying the same thing in a few different languages. What languages? Figure it out!:P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
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Postby LinkG07 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 4:03 pm

Thats funy... you captured them very well dude...

Keep it up ^^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Dec 23, 2005 6:54 pm

Captured what? Their character just fine? I'm pretty much surprised I pulled Zim off just fine. Believe me. I thank the Invader Zim Christmas Special and this place! And I owe the knowledge of that place to Sir Griddles! :)
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Dec 24, 2005 8:46 am

Ey, no prob. I feel kinda stupid cos back in Black and White, my interpretation of Zim was TOTALLY OFF!

And yay for the appearance of Bleed's almighty angel of calamity, herself!
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Dec 24, 2005 5:32 pm

Behold! The first 2-part chapter!

Chapter 9a: School siege! (part 1)

*Megasville Elementary 2:25PM*

*scene starts in a science classroom. Not the lab, sorry. The students are currently taking a pop quiz from their science teacher. Obviously, a certain redhead is already finished and just sits silently. A few other students, Suzie and Tootie included, finished their tests and asked to be excused. Looking for Shad no doubt*

Buttercup: *chews on her eraser* Root pry? Frost action? What is this?! Wait...pry. That means a tree opens up a rock. How do trees open rocks!? Who would write this? Meh, might as well write whatever. *scribles her answer and looks at the clock* I mean, there's just 4 more minutes left! Can't we just leave early?

Bubbles: *test sheet is blank* Shaddy where are you? You sure do run fast, but why did you just fall apart like that? Was it really because of what Suzie and Tootie were asking us? They owe you an apology! Maybe they know that and are probably looking for you right now. *sigh* Hope that Zim person finds you.

Blossom: Looks like Dexter's done already, as usual. Sheesh, what were those two thinking, asking Shad those things? Not that I can blame him for running off like that. Besides, it's not like anyone except Dexter and Otto would believe his hair and eyes are like that because of the Chemical X. Kids would be asking him to do powers he probably doesn't have...he won't stand the attention! Shad already has enough to deal with a few students thinking he's related to Danny Phantom. Hello! Shad has SILVER eyes! Danny has GREEN eyes! Big difference right there!

*school bell rings*

Buttercup: YES! We're outta he...

*before Buttercup can finish her sentance, the bell ringing are almost drowned out by screams coming from outside the classroom, followed by the door swinging open, revealing Suzie and Tootie, scared half to death*

Suzie and Tootie: MONSTERS!! MONSTERS!!

Dexter and Otto: What?!

All 3 PPGs: Monsters?!

Tootie: *scared and shaking* Y-y-y-y-yeah! Scary ones! Covered in armor!

Suzie: Did we mention that they look like DINOSAURS?! Raptors to be specific!

*all the students look out the windows and see packs of armored raptors, circling the entire school preventing escape!*

Dexter: Dinosaurs? Here?!

Otto: Those are Velociraptors! They can run almost as fast as most predators today.

Buttercup: How would you know?

Otto: I go through time! I've seen what those things can do.

Dexter: But that armor...where did they get it? Whoever brought these things to life...somehow...must have something in mind.

Science teacher: Everyone stay put! I'll call for help! *opens a small box attached on the wall next to the door and take out a phone. He presses a big red button, but to no avail* What? There's no signal!

Bubbles: Why can't we just fly out?

Blossom: Good idea Bu...

Principal: *voice coming from the school speakers* Everyone please remain calm! The school appears to be surrounded by what appears to be dinosaurs. I'm contacting th...what's this? All communication been cut off! I repeat: All communication has bee...*sound of glass shattering* Who are you?! Wait, let go of...GYAAAAAA! *static obscures the noise, then it stops*

Bubbles: What's happening?!

A girl's voice: *coming from the school speakers* Awww, what's wrong? Can't call for help?

Otto: What the?

Dexter: Who are you?!

Gir's voice: All your base are belong to us!

Blossom: *eyes lit up* HUH?! Wait...where did I hear that before?

Girl's voice: Shush. Anyway, the school is now under the control of the Darkstar Council. Megasville Elementary is now the re-education center for our organization. You are all to remain all cozy-like in your chairs as you wait for our new personell you and stuff. And don't try to leave. Because if you do...look out the window. Oh wait, never mind. You probably did. Those are raptors. But not ordinary raptors mind you. They may look scary with that armor on, but believe me: Pray that you won't find what's underneath! Try to remove it and it'll be the last thing you'll see until...BAM! Game over! See you at the pearly gates! I'll be there when hell freezes over, which is never!

Bubbles: Blossom. Shaddy's still out there.

Blossom: I know.

Girl's voice: But just so you all won't be so bored while you're awake, I'll provide fun's that word? Oh yeah, entertainment! I want the following 3 people to exit the school and dance a little dance for the "security" outside. Blossom. Bubbles. Buttercup. Time to come out and play. *giggles*

Buttercup: HA! We'll entertain all right! *slapped*

Blossom: We do not entertain! This is serious!

Buttercup: Sheesh, sorry. *opens a window* It's been a while since I kicked monster butt anyway.

Bubbles: Shaddy. What if he comes back and those things see him and...and...

Dexter: No need to worry. Otto and I will leave fir...

Girl's voice: Oh, one more thing: Anyone else who tries to leave will BURN!!

Gir's voice: Burn baby burn! Disco Inferno!

Dexter: DAMMIT!

Blossom: I swear I heard that voice somewhere before.

Buttercup: *floating in mid-air, preparing to fly out* What?

Blossom: Nothing. Okay girls, let's roll!

*the PPG take a few steps back, then bolt out of the windows leaving behind streaks of pink, blue and green*

Tootie: Hope they'll be fine.

Suzie: Hey, they're the Powerpuff Girls. Right now I'm more worried about Shad.

Tootie: EEK! You're right!

Suzie: I know, you're worried too.

Suzie: Actually, I remembered we never finished our interview with him.

Suzie: *sigh* Say, where's Sensei Jack?

*at the schoolyard of Megasville Elementary*

*the PPG are facing a row of the armored raptors, who are closing in on their prey*

Buttercup: Any ideas leader girl?

Blossom: That armor doesn't look too hard. Let's try a physical assault first.

Buttercup: Now that's speaking my language!

*the PPG and the armored raptors collide into each other. 3 raptors try to swipe them, but the girls duck under and punch the stomach. However, they recoil their fists and fly backwards away from them, their hands a burned red*

Bubbles: OW! HOT HOT HOT! *blows on her hand*

Buttercup: What kind of raptors are they? And where's Sensei Jack?

Girl's voice: *coming from the intercom again* Oh, don't worry about him. He think he won a free sushi buffet at Chinatown. Of course, you should be more worried about yourselves!

Bubbles: Blossom. Buttercup. Can you keep them busy while I look for Shaddy?

Blossom: No time! If we leave who knows what these things will do to the students!

Buttercup: JUMP!

*the pack of raptors charge towards the PPG again, but they jet up into the air and shoot eye beams at them, which surprisingly work*

Blossom: Got it! Keep shooting girls!

Buttercup: I have a better idea!

*Buttercup's hand glows an emerald green and starts to crackle electricity. She quickly descends to the ground and...*


*she slams her fist into the ground, creating an Emerald Shockwave that tears through the ground and explodes upon impact of the armored raptors!*

Buttercup: *flies back up to Blossom and Buttercup* I did it!

Bubbles: That was easy!

Blossom: Almost too easy. *smoke clears* Look!

*the smoke clears, revealing the still-alive armored raptors. Apparently some escaped the blast, while the rest of the pack were flat on the ground, struggling to stand up*

Girl's voice: Uh-oh.

Buttercup: HA! Face it whoever you are!

Girl's voice: *giggles* It seems the armor is starting to take it's toll.

Buttercup: You're just making that up because I beat your dinp-wimps!

Girl's voice: Better watch who you call wimps, Buttercup!

*scene shifts to the principal's office. Bell takes out the tiny cube Mojo gave her and presses the button on it. The scene goes back outside and zooms in on the armored raptors. But instead of trying to get up, the armor starts to heat up, turning from black to red. The raptors then curl up slightly*

Blossom: What?

Bubbles: What's happening to them?

*the armor heats up more and more until...CRACK!! The raptors break free from their armor, revealing their true appearances! Their skin is entirely made of lava, flowing through all of them. The claws looking hot enough not only to cut, but possible set aflame anything it swipes*

Blossom: Wait a...

Buttercup: NO WAY!

Bubbles: Aren't those...

*scene zooms out to the very edge of the forest, where Shad watches from afar*


*inside Megasville Elementary*

Dexter: Impossible! Raptors that adapted to volcanic environments?! Otto, did...

Otto: No! The watch would've picked up something if someone interferred with the past. Whoever's behind this not only somehow brought those things back to life but also infused them with volcanic properties! But it can't be that girl who's responsible...could she?

Dexter: For one of the few times in my life I have no idea. Unless she's working with someone that is. Now that their true skin has been revealed it'll be even harder for the girls to take them down. They were far less dangerous in armor!

*outside the school*

*the pack of lava-raptors shoot out magmaballs from their mouths up in the air, towards the PPG! Luckily, they ascend high enough to avoid them, but not before they fall victim to gravity and hit the ground, leaving behind a small fire*

Buttercup: Those attacks seem stronger from before.

Blossom: That's because they aren't holograms. They're real this time!

Bubbles: But I thought dinosaurs were ex...exti...dead forever! How did they get brought back to life?

Blossom: No idea. Still, if they have the same weakness...*clasps her hands together and forms a pink sphere*...then it won't matter for now. We'll ask after the students are safe!

Buttercup: *fist crackles green electricity* I'm with ya all the way!

Bubbles: *both hands enveloped by a blue light* Me too!

*some of the lava-raptors snarl and jump up towards the girls, preparing to slash*

Blossom: Now Buttercup!

Buttercup: Right! Bubbles, come with me!

*just when the lava-raptors rise up right in front of Blossom...*

Blossom: Major luck!

*Blossom shoots out a large pink blast, engulfing the mid-air lava-raptors completley, leaving nothing behind. Buttercup dives down to the ground and slams her fist once again, releasing the Emerald Shockwave that tears through the ground along with most of the lava-raptors. Finally, Bubbles shoots out twin blue energy spheres that chase each other in a circle, cutting through the rest of the pack! Shad watches from afar in amazement*

Shad: WOW! Just like in Townsville! Guess I didn't need to warn them after all.

*in the principal's office*


Bell: Already?! Why didn't Mojo make mo...*hears a voice through her earpiece*

???: Bell. Just like we discussed. You know what to do.

*in an undisclosed location*

*the sky is as black as it can be. The trees are black and some of them a little purple, almost like cyber trees. The entire forest is...wait, why am I describing this?! It's Black Eden! In a section of Black Eden is a huge chair. A tall orange human-shap...Dr. X! And sitting next to him is none other then Zim. They both watch a huge screen which shows Bell in the principal's office, looking out the window*


Dr. X: Bell, if you were able to top the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, then you should do just fine against all 3. I believe in you. You know that.

Bell: *on screen* Yes daddy. I'll go get'em for you!

Dr. X: Good girl.

*back outside Megasville Elementary*

*the PPG float high above the small craters made after their attacks*

Bubbles: We did it!

Buttercup: And they ain't coming back!

Blossom: Now let's get to the bottom of...*hears a shattering sound, then turns around and sees an angry Bell charging towards her!*


*faster then you can say "she's a maniac", Bell delivers a swift kick to Blossom, knocking her into Bubbles, who in turn crashes into Buttercup. All 3 fall down to the ground*

Shad: *gasps*

*inside the science room*

Tootie: What was that?

Dexter: More like WHO was that?

Suzie: Say, that outfit. It looks just like the one the Powerpuffs wear sometimes!

Otto: You mean there's another puff?!

*back outside*

*Bell charges down for a dive attack. The girls react and jump back before she lands, but don't react fast enough to dodge an incoming white sphere from Bell just seconds afterwards*

Blossom: Bell! Should've known you were behind this!

Bubbles and Buttercup: You know her?!

Shad: *still at the outskirts of the forest* She DOES know her!

Blossom: I'll explain later!

Bell: There is no later for you!

*Bell charges toward Blossom again, but Blossom blocks the kick this time. Buttercup lands a blow to her stomach as Bubbles grabs hold of her and tosses her away, followed by a barrage of eye-blasts. Unfortunately, they bounced off of Bell's palm, which in turn retaliates by shooting out a stream of white-hot energy at Bubbles' leg!*


Shad: Bubbles! Bell isn't one of them at all. A Powerpuff doesn't do this.

Buttercup: Now you're gonna get it!

*Buttercup lands another blow towards Bell, who blocks it with just her left palm. She headbutts Buttercup, dizzying her, and lands a series of about...6 punches and probably...4 kicks before she collapses into unconsciousness*

Bell: Whew. Headbutts hurt.

Blossom: Not as much as THIS!

*Blossom shoots out the same big pink blast of energy as before, but Bell once again raises her palm in front of it. The blast splits in half before it even hits it's target! It instead splits and goes past the left and right of Bell, missing her entirely!*

Blossom: How did you...*Bell re-appears in front of her face*

Bell: Peek-a-boo! *punches Blossom hard in the stomach, the pain causing her to pass out* HA! I win!

Shad: She...she beat all 3 of them!

Bubbles: No you didn'! *Bubbles floats above the ground a bit, avoiding use of her burned ankle*

Bell: *giggles* Guess this means I get to play more! Knock-knock!

Bubbles: Who's there?

*Bell vanishes, then re-appears in front of Bubbles and punches her in the ribs!*

Bell: Dead girl! *grabs hold of Bubbles and continuously punches her over and over again*

Shad: *teary-eyed* BUBBLES! Fight back Bubbles!

Bell: *continues to pummel Bubbles until she lands a stronger blow that sends her crashing into a wall...face first!* Just like a punching bag.

Shad: She can't do this. *turns his head to both Blossom and Buttercup, badly hurt and unconscious, then stares at his finger* It worked for me.

*while Bell takes her time walking towards the pummeled Bubbles, Shad sneaks to Blossom and sticks out his finger*

Shad: Okay...heal! *nothing happens* What? Heal! Make Blossom better! *hears a scream and turns around, devastated* BUBBLES!

Bell: *holding Bubbles by the neck, her palm flat on her stomach* I wanted to do this to Blossom, but since I haven't done this yet...*palm glows, about to shoot Bubbles through the stomach until...*


*Bell turns around and sees an angry, but slightly scared Shad running towards her, about to make the first punch...or try to at least. He does...only for it to be blocked*

Bubbles: Shaddy?!

Bell: Huh? You have white hair too?

Shad: *angered* Let Bubbles GO! I don't like hitting girls but you're an EVIL girl! And a Powerpuff! Since when does a Powerpuff hurt others?!

Bell: That's the thing. I'm not a Powerpuff. *lands a hard blow to Shad's stomach, knocking him unconscious*

Bubbles: SHADDY!!

Bell: Aww, what's wrong? I hurt your boyfriend?

Bubbles: The worst part hurt my friend.

Bell: That's the worse part? Then I'm REALLY not doing my job. *pins Bubbles to the grassy floor, about to deliver the finishing blow until...*

???: I'd let her go if I were you.

Bell: Huh? Where'd that come from? *eyes on Shad* You? Shaddy, what Bubbles called you?

*Shad's eyes snap open. But instead of silver, they were a piercing red. He stood up as if nothing happened, staring angrily at Bell*

Shad/???: *childlike, yet deathly sinister tone* To certain extents, yes. You see, I don't normally come out unless I'm in the presence of the one man who I happen to be out on a personal...vendetta. But seem to take enjoyment in harming others...especially Shad's little crush.

Bell: But aren't you Shad? At least tha...wait a minute...your voice is different! Who are you?!

Shad/???: Never mind that. I can't be here for long so I'll just make this quick and painless. Of course I'll try to add doses of PAIN while I'm at it. *a dark slate gray aura swirls around him* Prepare yourself Bell.

Bubbles: *shocked* Shaddy?!

*meanwhile, at Black Eden*

Zim: Look at that stupid spooty earth monkey! Bell will rip through him like the tissue paper that he is probab...

Dr. X: SILENCE!! *shaking*

Zim: Dr. X? Why do you shake so?

Dr. X: Bell...retreat at once! You mustn't face him!

Bell: *on screen* What for? He's trying to keep me from ki...


Bell: *on screen* Why do you sound so afraid of him? This won't take long.

*Dr. X can only watch on as his orders are ignored. Bell and "Shad/???" charge towards each other*


End of Chapter 9a.

Next up...*ding ding*...Bell VS Shad's "other half" Seeing as we've been without BGM for a long time, here's some for the previous battle: This or this. And the battle theme for Bell VS Shad's "other half" will be in the next update!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Keeper » Sat Dec 24, 2005 6:04 pm

Now this will be a battle worth waiting for. :snoogins:
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Postby LinkG07 » Sat Dec 24, 2005 6:08 pm

Uh-oh.... ^_^

Who will win?? Who knows... ^^

Great update dude ^^
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:26 pm

Haha, Bell's defiance will get her hurt, hehe. Great work!
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:25 pm

Chapter 9b: Light of Darkness VS the Deepest Fear (part 2)

*scene flashes white, followed by several punching and kicking sounds. The flash dies down, revealing Bell face down on the grassy ground as Shad/??? stands his distance from her. Bubbles looks in total shock as her other sisters still lay on the ground, still knocked out*

Bell: *gets up* did you do that?

Shad/???: *smirks evilly* You'd be surprised what I can do. EBONY BLAZE!!

*a huge stream of black fire jets out of his shadow, heading towards Bell. Bell jumps back, the pitch-black inferno hitting the ground and just barely missing it's target. It vanishes, leaving behind a black circle. So black it looks like a round pit*

Bell: Whew, clo...*punched from behind* OW! *turns around and sees Shad/??? right behind her* How did...*scared*...weren't you...*points to where Shad/??? was standing just a second ago*

Shad/???: Tee hee hee. Like I said. You'd be surprised at what I can do.

Bell: Really? *punches Shad/??? in the stomach, only it goes through him!* W-w-w-w-what are you, a GHOST?!

Shad/???: Just because I can turn intangible, doesn't make me a phantom...much! *goes for a swift punch to Bell's face, but she ducks and rolls away*

Bell: Then what are you?! Weren't you knocked out just now?

Shad/???: WRONG! *dashes to Bell and slaps her across the face* Shad got knocked out.

Bell: *rubs her cheek* But you're Shad...aren't you?

Shad/???: *evil giggle* You really have no idea do you? *ignites his dark aura, sending chill after chill down Bell's spine, making her shiver*

Bell: *shaking* D-d-d-d-did it just get cold in here? I feel...scared? But how?

Shad/???: How? I'll let you figure that out in the time it takes me to finish this sentence...time's up!

*grabs Bell by the throat and throws her at the building that is Megasville Elementary. He then charges for another punch, but Bell takes flight in the nick of time*

Bell: Nya-nya! *sticks her tongue out* Betcha can't fly!

*at Black Eden*

Dr. X: *still watching the battle from his monitor* Run...Bell for the sake of our conquest and my love for you GET OUT OF THERE!!! *flame atop his head flaring up wildly*

Zim: And why should Bell surrender to the earth monkey? She is winning! For she is Bell!

Dr. X: It merely seems so! Her eyes...they show signs of great fear. And for good reason. She must get away from Shad RIGHT NOW! The longer he stays that way...

Zim: Dr. X! I wish not to offend you but from the way you're speaking it's as if you know this human.

Dr. X: ......................get back to cleaning the lab! NOW!

*meanwhile, at the teacher's lounge of Megasville University*

Dimitri: Hmm. So this is the teacher's lounge. A little too fancy for my taste. *sees some professors crowded around a plasma TV* What's on the news this time? *squeezes himself into a seat (not that it was too hard for him...he's short for his age after all). The news is on*

Newsperson: A call from a student (who wishes to remain anonymous) coming from Megasville Elementary was heard 7 minutes ago at the Megasville Police Station claiming they were held captive at the school by armored dinosaurs controlled by a group called the Darkstar Council. The authorities arrived near the destination only to find no claims of said prehistoric creatures. However, what the police found was even more startling...and possibly devastating. Switch to news in the sky.

*the TV then shows a birds-eye view of the moderately scorched schoolyard, along with a few small black fires*

Newsperson: For possible safety reasons, we can't descend any lower but from what we have picked up, 2 of the Powerpuff Girls have been knocked out by what several students from inside the school claimed to be a white Powerpuff Girl. She was about to finish off one of them until a white-haired student (who some believes to be Danny Phantom) steps in and initiates combat with the girl by (what witnesses claimed they saw) shooting black fire out of his shadow. *camera zooms in on Shad/???, who charges at Bell yet again* So far *BOOM* so far neither one is winning...

Dimitri: SHAD!!!

*other professors turn around and see a stunned Dimitri, who bolts out the back exit and heads for the parking lot*

Dimitri: *about to unlock his car until his cell phone rings. He answers it* Hello, I can't speak...

Claire: *from the phone, sounding frantic* DIMITRI! The news...

Dimitri: *speaking frantically as well* I know! I saw it too!

Claire: But I...I thought...

Dimitri: I don't get it either! All that matters is getting Shad outta there IMMEDIATLY! Take an early leave or something and wait outside the front entrance! I'll pick you up there! *hangs up, then gets in his car* I can't believe it! I could've sworn that...tha...WHAT'S GOING ON!?

*back at Megasville Elementary*

Bubbles: *trying to shake Blossom awake* Blossom! Blossom! Wake up! *nothing works* Unless...Dexter's got a girlfriend.

Blossom: *eyes snap open* WHAT?! Why didn't he...oh. Hey Bubbles. What's going...

*Blossom notices that Bubbles' ears seem dreary eyed due to unshed tears. Also, her lip's bleeding a bit from being slammed into the building along with a seriously burned ankle, with most of the skin burned off*

Bubbles: *sniff* It's...look.

Blossom: Hold on. *staggers toward Buttercup and slaps her awake*

Buttercup: What who when?! Oh, it's just you. Did we win?

Blossom: Does it look like it? Where's Bell?

*the back doors swing open, revealing Dexter, Otto, Suzie, Tootie and the rest of the classmates running towards the PPG*

Dexter: Blossom! Are you okay? *helps Blossom up*

Blossom: Don't worry, I'm not that hurt.

Otto: You Buttercup?

Buttercup: Meh, I'll live. What did we miss?

Tootie: What did you miss? What did you MISS?! You're missing the biggest scoop in the history of school! Snowy hair is saving you!

Suzie: Why didn't you tell us he had powers?

Buttercup: What are you two blubbering abo...*hears Shad/???'s voice from the far side of the schoolyard*

Shad/???: EBONY BLAZE!!

*the entire class turns to the fight afar, the PPG in total awe at what they're seeing. The stream of black fire shoots out of Shad's/???'s shadow and engulfs Bell, who falls from the sky. Before she even lands on the ground, she's kicked even further to the edge of the schoolyard*

Student 1: Snowy hair's kicking butt!

Student 2: So he was a superhero all along.

Student 3: Maybe he stayed away from us all the time to keep is identity a secret.

Student 4: Did anyone else see the part when that punch went through him and went intangible and stuff? That kid HAS to be Danny Phantom.

Student 5: Or a relative at least.

Buttercup: Whoa. Where'd Shad learn to do all this?

Blossom: All this time I was actually starting to think he didn't have any powers

Dexter: So it seems that you were right this whole time Blossom.

Otto: What I don't get is why did he keep lying saying he didn't have them?

Bubbles: Because that's not Shaddy.

Suzie: *to Tootie* Get the camera and go...what?

Otto: Not Shad? How?

Bubbles: *whispers* That's not him. When he got knocked out he woke up again, but his eyes...they were red and his sounds like...

Blossom: Wait a minute! RED eyes?! And that attack looked a little familiar too.

Buttercup: Hold on. I don't remember much, but you don't think it's...that Shad look-a-like in his mind do you?!

Dexter, Otto, Suzie and Tootie: Look-a-like?!

*at the far side of the schoolyard*

Shad/???: *knocked to the ground as his dark aura vanishes* Augh!

Bell: You're not getting me scared this time!

*Bell jets up into the air and dive bombs Shad/???, punching him hard in the stomach! Shutting his eyes, he cries out in pain as Bell lifts him up by the neck and stretches her palm out. It generates a white sphere, but before it can shoot out, a slate gray aura starts to seep out of Shad's/???'s shadow and swirl around him, somehow causing Bell to lose her focus. She drops him to the ground*

Bell: *scared almost to death now* Wh-wh-what's wrong with me? Why am I so scared?!

Shad/???: *gets up off the ground* You should've thought of that before you decided to give me a good enough reason to use what precious little energy I have to wipe out the likes of you! *eyes snap open, startling Bell so much she steps back a bit. The eyes weren't red, but instead...the left eye is red and the other...silver. Shad's silver eye! Shrouded by a mist of black! He...or should I say THEY punch Bell to the ground!*

Bell: What?!

Shad/???: *all of a sudden, it sounded like both the "other half" AND SHAD were speaking at the same time! Also, the shadow started to seep onto his body from the leg up, covering his entire body in pitch-blackness* NOW LEAVE *raises hand, a big dark violet sphere forming atop it* MY FRIENDS ALO...*the sphere vanishes as Shad/??? holds his head in pain* NOOOOOOOOO! *the shadow that was enveloping him in darkness sank back to it's normal position. Also, Shad's voice is no longer present* I...can't...mustn't...give!!!! *the silver aura vanishes as Shad falls down, unconscious*

Bell: *feeling of fear now gone* What...just happened? *hears her dad's voice through the earpiece*

Dr. X's voice: Bell...

Bell: *sees the Powerpuffs and other coming after her* Okay, I'm coming home.

Dr. X's voice: Not alone! Bring Shad with you.

Bell: The boy that attacked me? *stares at Shad, still unconscious* He kinda looks cute while asleep. But...

Dr. X's voice: Just do as I say! Bring Shad here at once!

Bell: Okay. *puts her hand on Shad's chest*

*the Powerpuffs and the rest of the students are almost up to Bell. Bubbles speeds up ahead of them, preparing to grab Shad away*

Bubbles: You stay away from Shaddy!

Bell: Sorry, but we'll have to play another time. Orders are orders.

*just as soon as Bubbles gets close enough, a sphere of bright light envelops Bell and Shad. Bubbles stops right in front of them and covers her eyes from the blinding light. When the light vanishes, Bubbles opens her eyes...and sees no hide nor hair of Bell...or Shad. She just sits there in total silence as Blossom and the others catch up*

Blossom: What was that light all about?

Buttercup: Yeah...where's Shad?

Tootie: Yeah, we oughta take a picture of the little he...

Bubbles: *tears fall on the dirt ground as she sobs uncontrollably* Sha...Sh...Sha....gone.

Dexter: Excuse me?

Bubbles: *sobbing* Sha....sha...SHADDY'S GONE!! THAT GIRL...SHE TOOK HIM!!

Blossom and Buttercup: WHAT?!

*a car right at the edge of the block makes a rough stop, knocking over a fire hydrant in the process. Out comes an exasperated Claire and Dimitri*

Dimitri: WHERE IS HE?!


Dimitri: Girls, we heard the news. Have yo...Bubbles?

Bubbles: *ends up crying hard on Claire's knee* I'm sorry Mrs. Staydamind! I couldn't do anything! I just stood there when...when...

Claire: *bends down to Bubbles' height* Shh. Quiet down now. What happened?


Claire: *silent, then a tear falls from her right eye* No...Dimit...Dimitri?

Dimitri: *clenches his fist in anger so hard that small amounts of blood can be seen trickling out* SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!

End of Chapter 9b.

Don't know why, but this seemed a bit shorter then I first planned it. Oh well. Right now I have 2 battle themes for you to choose from! I was going to have one, but after hearing one of the BGMs that Keeper used for one of his recent updates, I say "screw this for it's far too short!" and went with this instead! So how was the battle? I apologize if it was a bit...lesser then expected.

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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Keeper » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:37 pm

Woah... Rough fight for those two. Poor Shad. :unsure:
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sun Dec 25, 2005 12:02 am

What does X have planned for Shad? Hmm...

Another great installment!
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Postby Bear » Sun Dec 25, 2005 3:43 am

Wow, good fight. Interesting to see Shad's "other half" make an appearance outside of his dream world.

Oh, and about the languages up a few posts, it looked like english, french and japanese. I don't know the fourth one though.
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sun Dec 25, 2005 4:42 am

Most likely Mandarin, or Chinese.
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:27 am

Glad to see you all liked the fight. Normally I'd update now but there are 2 reasons as to why I can't do that:

1. Final Fantasy IV Advance
2. Tales of Symphonia.

Yeah...anyway, as for the languages: Gir was saying "one two three" in 4 languages (in the order he said them): Japanese, English, possibly Chinese as Griddles stated, and French. What I didn't mention before is that those are lyrics to a song! So yeah, Gir was singing a song I forgot to post. I can't put it up now due to the aformentioned reasons, but I can tell you the title of it:

Rockman EXE Stream - Dooweep Doobop Communication!

So I'll give you a link to the website that has the song! Rockman EXE!

Added after 8 hours:

Chapter 10:

*Global Defenders HQ 3:19PM*

*Dr. Brisbane sits on his chair, a slight stunned look on his face upon watching live feed of Megasville news on his PC. It's currently showing the fight between Bell VS Shad/???, then freezes up a bit due to feedback malfunction (on the news website's part), then plays again, showing an unconscious Shad being warped away by Bell*

Dr. Brisbane: By Merlin's beard...*slams fist on the desk* SHAD! *opens a drawer and takes out a week-old newspaper, the front picture showing a house in ruins* So you saw right through us Dimitri. I expected as much. And yet...*shakes fist in anger*...this Darkstar Council the newsperson mentioned took him! A ransom? Pupil exchange? No. They must've seen what he can do. What his power his capable of. Power that should've belong to US!! And yet, this Darkstar Council must've not heard of us. At least that gives us the element of surprise...if only we knew the location of their HQ. But that girl...her attire looked similar to that of the Powerpuff Girls. Yet from the looks of her actions towards them she appears to be...evil? Someone like her couldn't have been conceived by Adric. A shame we don't know much of this Bell. I have much to ask her.

*while Brisbane ponders on the situation at hand, the Rowdyruff Boys burst through the door*

Boomer: Brisbane Brisbane! The news...

Butch: Some girly white-haired Powerpuff beat those sissies down pat!

Bricks: And that kid, he looks fa...

Dr. Brisbane: SILENCE!! *RRB pipe down* First of all you do NOT recklessly barge into my office unless I summon you myself, and even then you are to come here in a civilized matter. Secondly, I saw everything. Yes Bricks, that is the same child I had you retrieve for me one year ago.

Butch: But those powers! How's the Chemical X ain't it?

Dr. Brisbane: .................yes Butch.

Bricks: Hmm?

Dr. Brisbane: Is there anything you would like to share with us Bricks?

Bricks: Did you just say "retrieve" Shad just now?

Dr. Brisbane: Nonsense. One year ago I simply told you to bring him here.

Bricks: Just now you you know this kid?

Dr. Brisbane: I already told you the previous year. He's an...aquantience.

Boomer: We know sir, but why did we have to go so far as to kidnap him just to bring him here? Couldn't we ju...

Dr. Brisbane: *peeved* Are you questioning my authority Boomer?!

Boomer: N-n-no sir. Sorry s-s-sir.

Dr. Brisbane: Any mission I give you all is a mission that will bring the Global Defenders one step closer to finally attaining it's former glory as the true safeguard of the world. To do that we need power, and the Chemical X has that power. And you 3 of course.

Bricks: And what about the Darkstar Council thing?

Dr. Brisbane: We just need to draw them out of hiding, trace them back to their base and get Shad back to US...somehow. You are dismissed.

Bricks: Yeah, see you later Brisbane.

*the RRB leave Brisbane's office as he continues his pondering*

*meanwhile, in Black Eden*

Dr.X: *sits in his big chair, watching the monitors nervously* C'mon Bell! What's taking you?

*a flash of white illuminates the surrounding area a bit, revealing a sphere of white light in front of Dr. X. It opens up and vanishes, revealing Bell kneeling down on the floor, her hand pressed on an unconscious Shad's chest*

Bell: I'm home daddy!

Dr. X: *relieved sigh* Thank the stars. Are you hurt much?

Bell: Just a tiny bit shaken up, but I'm fine. *looks at Shad, still out cold* Why did you tell me to bring him here?

*Dr. X gets off his chair and bends down to Shad*

Dr. X: Shad. *prods his chest with his large finger a bit, feeling a few heartbeats* Good, still alive.

Bell: Daddy, how did you know his name?

Dr. X: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Bell: Nothing?!

Dr. X: Fine, something. But I'd rather not tell you. At least not yet anyway.

Bell: Look at him. So harmless. And a little cute while asleep. When he ran up to me he couldn't do anything but when I knocked him out...he seemed...different.

Dr. X: Of course he did.

Bell: What?

Dr. X: Nothing. Wake him up.

Bell: What?! But he almost...

Zim: *walking back from the lab* I have sent the dust to their doom Dr. X. What sha...*sees Shad on the floor* IT'S AN EARTH MONKEY!! Dr. X! Why did you bring him HERE, where we plan to spread out NEW WORLD ORDER?! He'll blab! He'll use the same big drooly mouths all humans have and tell...*hard slap sends him flying into a tree*

Dr. X: As I was saying, wake him up!

Bell: But he'll...

Shad: *moans*

Dr. X: Shad?

Bell: Hello?

Shad: *slowly opens his eyes, his vision a little blurry without his glasses* Nuuh. Daddy? Mommy? Where's Bubbles?

Dr. X: *chuckles* Still need glasses I see, eh Shad?

Bell: Huh?! How did daddy know...

Shad: Wait...that voice. It sounds...*gets himself up*...familiar.

Bell: Familiar?! You know daddy?!

Shad: Wait, whoever you are. *takes his glasses out of his pocket*

Dr. X: Wait, Shad! Don't put those...

Shad: *puts on his glasses and sees Bell clearly* IT'S YOU!!

Bell: Uh-oh. Don't turn around.

Shad: Why not?

Bell: I said don't turn around!

Shad: What for, it's not like there's a monster behind me.

Bell: There is...sort of.

Shad: Look, I come from a place where there are monsters every day and I've seen them all. The only thing that can scare me now is...*turns around and sees the hulking, multi-eyed orange mutant that is Dr. X*

Dr. X: Oh shi...


Zim: *gets himself up* What is that...*sees Shad awake*...HUUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAAN!




Zim and Shad: *screaming and pointing at each other* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *scream-fest ends*

Dr. X: I told you not to...

Shad: *panicking* WHAT ARE YOU?! WHERE AM I?! *points to Bell* I DON'T REMEMBER YOU A LOT BUT I SAW YOU HURT SOMEONE!! *points to Zim* AND YOU, YOU'RE A STUDENT! AND AN ALIEN! THAT MAKES YOU AN ALIEN STUDENT!! *points everywhere else* AND THIS PLACE IS SCARY!! WHY ARE ALL THE TREES BLACK?! WHY IS THE SKY SO DARK?! I know, this is a NIGHTMARE!! *punches himself in the face* WAKE UP!! WAKE UP DRAT IT!! *crying* I WANT MY MOMMY!!

Bell: *grabs hold of Shad* Calm down! My daddy won't hurt you!


Dr. X: QUIET!! *everyone falls silent* Better. Now I want you to introduce yourself, nice and easy. I will bring you no harm. After all, it's what inside that counts, doesn't it? *pats Shad's head* Surely your parents taught you that.

Shad: Hey...mommy and daddy DID say that to me some time ago! How did he...and when he patted me on the felt...familiar. Shad Staydamind. But how did you know my name?

Bell: That's weird. He was scared just a few seconds ago until daddy patted him. In fact, why is he being so nice to Shad?

Dr. X: Lucky guess. That is all.

Shad: And what kind of monster are you? *slapped behind the head*

Bell: He's not a monster! He's my daddy!

Shad: How is...that's your daddy?! But you're...a human! Wait, speaking of that, why are you wearing a Powerpuff dress?!

Dr. X: It's a long story Shad. A really long story. I'll tell you sometime.

Shad: What sometime? I wanna go home!

Zim: FOOL! You have seen too much! Why shou...

Dr. X: Silence! As much as I would hate to admit it, our poor excuse of an Invader is right. You've seen too much. I would like for you to stay here for some time. After all, Bell can use a little company.

Bell: Speaking of company, where's...

*several neon lights materialize in front of Zim, forming what appears to be a green dog with big googly eyes*

Gir: YAY! I WIN!

Bell: *lets go of Shad and picks up Gir* Girly! You made it back!

Gir: HAHAHA! Huggy!

Shad: What is this place? What's going on?!

Dr. X: Black Eden. Our home.

Shad: But this place is almost dark. How is this place home?

Dr. X: Hmm? You don't seem to be afraid. Instead of a haze of fear, I see a glimmer of fascination in your eyes.

Shad: I don't know what that means, but I'm a little bit curious. I just want to go home. But that monster man makes me feel safe...why is that?

Bell: Just one question: Why did you beat me up back there?

Shad: Beat you up? How? And why?

Dr. X: Don't bother asking him Bell. He has no recollection of the fight.

Shad: What fight?!

Bell: *whispers* Just like what he said. Is there someone else inside Shad?

Gir: Oooohhhh. What's that do?

Bell: What thing?

Gir: SPOT SPOT! *points to the bottom of Bell's dress*

Bell: What spot ar...AIEE! What's this?! *notices a big damp yellow spot on her dress* It looks''s...*glares at Shad*

Shad: *blushes* Oh see, when I get a lot more scared then normal by something I don't really expect I scream, point fingers and...uh...have an accident?


Dr. X: Bell, stay where you are! Zim, take Shad to the living quarters and fetch him some spare pants.

Zim: What?! I, the mighty ZIM, have come here from Irk to invade these humans and finally be top DOOMBRINGER for the Tallest! Now you expect me to wet-nurse him like he's some...wet...thing?

Dr. X: That's the point. He IS wet!

Zim: Why can't Bell do it?!

Bell: *blushes* None of your beeswax!

Zim: YOU! EARTH MONKEY! Follow me! For I am ZIM! *walks away from the others*

Shad: I'll be back, but you'll take me home right?

Dr. X: Maybe.

Shad: Okay. *tries to walk, but trips over* OOF!

Bell: Zim! Shad can't walk properly.

*a muttering, angry Zim walks back and picks up Shad. He grabs his hand and pulls him forward*

Gir: *switches the channel on the monitor, now showing an episode of Azumanga Daioh* I love this show.

End of Chapter 10!

So I updated after all. Well, this marks the second fic where the PPG aren't present at all. Try to notice a few oddities about the remarks between Shad and Dr. X. Of course if you're reading this sentence then you've already seen them!:P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 10 is UP!

Postby Keeper » Mon Dec 26, 2005 2:38 pm

My, my, Shad really some watery things when he's too scared. lol

Great work on Bell's attitude too. ^_^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 10 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Dec 28, 2005 12:47 am

Chapter 11:

*Megasville Elementary (cafeteria) 3:28PM*

*most of the students have already left for their homes. The only ones left are the PPG, Dexter, Otto, Suzie, Tootie, Dimitri, and Claire. Dimitri, who had bandages around his palm, was speaking with Bubbles, who has bandages around her burned ankle*

Dimitri: What do you mean he just vanished?!

Bubbles: That's what I saw. I was about to get him back, there was this really bright flash and now he's...gone.

Claire: *to Suzie and Tootie* Okay, just start from the beginning.

Tootie: Well I got to school early and went to the printing room...

Suzie: Not that! We were just asking Shad a few questions. He couldn't answer any of them so...well, he got rea...

Claire: What kind of questions?

Tootie: Well there's one thing I've been wondering. Why is snowy hair's...

Claire: Snowy hair? Shad has a nickname already?

Tootie: Yeah. Why is his hair white and your hair black?

Claire: Sorry, but that's a little something for me to know, and for you to have a near-impossible chance of finding out. Besides, you wouldn't believe Shad even if I told you.

Tootie: Rats!

Dimitri: *to Blossom* So Bell is her name. She's the one that took Shad away from us.

Blossom: Yeah.

Dimitri: And you say her garb is similar to what you girls used to wear?

Buttercup: We still wear the old dress. Just not as much since this school requires a uniform. And it's an elementary school! Sheesh!

Dimitri: Okay, I got some info on the news. Just where did she come from?

Buttercup: Never mind that. What I want to know is how *to Blossom* YOU knew her name!

Dexter: Yes, just how did you know her?

Blossom: Oh no. Come to think of it, I went off to that forest after Otto showed me... *shaking as she thinks back to the time when Otto took her back through time and saw Deedee's death, among other things* If I do tell them, how will Dexter feel? He doesn't know. I know! Maybe I should make up least for now. I was ambushed. Two months ago.

Dexter: When Mandark captured you?! He sent Bell?

Claire: Wait, you were captured?!

Dimitri: And this Bell was involved?

Blossom: Yeah. I got outnumbered and Mandark took me to his lair. I never saw Bell again...until almost half an hour ago.

Buttercup: So she came back to finish you off or something?

Dexter: Blossom, why didn't you tell us?

Otto: *gulp* Uh...never mind about that. When Bell took over the school she said something about her being part of something called the Darkstar Council.

Dimitri: Darkstar Council?!

Claire: Dimitri?

Dimitri: Nothing! Just a slip-up. Anyway, we can only assume that this Darkstar Council is up to no good. But why did Bell take Shad?

Suzie: Oh yeah, speaking of Shad, you should've seen him!

Tootie: He tried to save Bubbles, but got knocked out, then he got up and had Bell on the ropes! Man, I wish I had a picture of that!

Dexter: He was using powers...powers which I believe you said he didn't have.

Dimitri: That's because...

Bubbles: That's because it wasn't Shaddy!

Otto: How? The entire school saw him!

Bubbles: It's a little bit hard to explain, but when he got up...I had this weird feeling. That wasn't Shaddy.

Buttercup: Yeah, I got that feeling too. That scared feeling that just comes out of nowhere. It's that look-a-like!

Dexter: Yes, that we haven't got to. Who is this doppleganger? I don't recall seeing 2 Shads.

Blossom: That's because the other Shad isn't visible. Not on the outside at least.

*scene blacks out. Cue REALLY long explanation on the past visionbursts that span out the first part of this fic. Scene then brightens up and shows them once again*

Dexter: WHAT?! Shad has a...a...

Otto: Split persona? No. So this "other half" is more of a guardian of sorts.

Blossom: Guardian?!

Otto: You said every time you tried to enter Shad's dream, you all got intercepted into his mind...a twisting maze that changes every time you enter. And you try to find this big locked door that you assume leads to Shad's dream. But his "other half" tries to stop you, claiming that has his old memories. Memories that Shad himself somehow forgot.

Blossom: Yeah. I wanted some answers but he wouldn't let us through. The first time we all got inside we were in this...demolished hallway. There were soilders looking for something. Then there was this loud screech and the next thing we knew, those soliders were dead!

Bubbles: *shaking* was the scariest thing EVER!

Buttercup: Even I was spooked by whatever that shadow was! And on top of that, Shad didn't remember ANY of it! HOW!?

Tootie: Wait...YOU?! Buttercup?! Scared?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Dimitri: *shaking*

Blossom: So we each went inside his mind on our own for one reason or another. Somehow Bubbles doesn't remember.

Bubbles: I remember a tiny bit. I was in the same place but it wasn't wrecked or anything.

Buttercup: And when I went in, I was in this destroyed lab and some huge broken tube! Just being there almost drove me nuts!

Claire: Uh...are you sure these weren't just nightmares? *laughs nervously*

Buttercup: Come to think of it, we were all in one place: Global Defenders or something.

Dexter: Global Defenders? Hmm...

Dimitri: Y-y-yeah. Nice chatting with you all but me and Claire really must get going. Come dear, we're leaving.

*Dimitri gets up and walks to the side exit. However, before he can even reach for the handle, he hears the wind blow. In that instant, he sees Blossom (with Dexter in tow) blocking the door*

Dexter: Leaving so soon Mr. Staydamind?

Dimitri: I take it that's a rhetorical question. Now stand asi...

Blossom: I guess I was right the whole DID lie to Shad! You and Claire!

Claire: What?!

Dexter: That fight earlier proved your claims null and void. You worked with the Global Defenders!

Dimitri: That's not...

Blossom: And it's probably best to assume that Claire DOES have powers!

Suzie: Mrs. Staydamind, is this true?

Tootie: What are they talking about?


Otto: *turns to Dimitri* And you're the reason why Shad can't remember anything all those years ago!

Claire: *mouth quivering*

Buttercup: Not to mention that accident a year ago gave Shad those powers! It also turned his hair white and his eyes silver, but that's not important...I think.

Tootie: So THAT explains the snowy hair!

Claire: *spouts out spontaneously* The accident didn't give him his powers!

Blossom and Dexter: *double take* What was that?!

Dimitri: THAT'S IT!! *dashes toward Claire, pulls her towards the door as both adults exit the school* Just so you know, you kids are half-right! Shad might've forgotten, but I assure you neither me nor Claire was responsible! I don't know how he forgot, but this much I can tell you: He's better off NOT REMEMBERING!! I'll do everything I can to get Shad backe alive and well...agian! Furthermore, I know nothing of this "other half" you all speak of. So just stay out of this, go on with your lives, and never speak of those so-called visionbursts! *slams the door shut*


Otto: Well that sheer burst of anger proved something. We were on a roll there.

Bubbles: But Shaddy wasn't using those powers. The other Shad did.

Dexter: But if Dimitri wasn't responsible for the split persona, then where did Shad's "other half" come from?

Blossom: Good point there. But that doesn't explain why Shad's better off not remembering.

Buttercup: Maybe it's because those visionbursts into his old memories are too scary. Or something, 'cause that's the only guess I have.

Dexter: Global Defenders. I need to get on home now.

Blossom: Homework?

Dexter: That and a little...research. See you tomorrow. *exits the school*

Otto: Yeah, I oughta head out too. *follows Dexter*

Bubbles: Now what? *lands on her burned ankle* AIE!

Buttercup: Easy there! *helps Bubbles up* You don't just stand on a hurt leg like that.

Bubbles: *floats an inch off the ground* How's this?

Buttercup: Meh, okay. Heading out leader girl?

Blossom: Yeah. No use staying here any longer. But that accident...if that didn't give Shad those powers...what did?

*the PPG get their backpacks on and fly out of the school, on their way back home. Suzie and Tootie just stand there*

Tootie: Suzie?

Suzie: Tootie?

Tootie: You're the smart one. You had any idea what they were talking about?

Suzie: Well I got the part about Bell being an evil Powerpuff, something called the Darkstar Council and Shad having white hair because of Chemical X.

Tootie: Do you have any idea what this means?

Suzie: No idea whatsoever.

Tootie: This'll be the SCOOP OF THE CENTERY!!

Suzie: *falls down ala every anime* Do you ever stop?! We don't even understand what the conversation was!

Tootie: That's the beauty of journalism! Any info we didn't get, we get to make up!

Suzie: Last I checked journalists are honest.

Tootie: Exactly! We'll just put the made-up stuff in, label it as tentative, and when we finally get all the right details we'll put those in!

Suzie: Yeah, just when the heck is that?

Tootie: Good things come to those who wait! To your house!

Suzie: *sigh* Yeah. Always my house.

End of Chapter 11!

Added after 5 minutes:

And just as a heads up, I may be going to my grandma's house. If so, then there won't be any updates until New Year's Eve...or a little later then that. So you can use this time to put up comments and speculations on what the future holds.

Or stuff might happen and the trip will be either delayed or cancelled. If it's not, then ciao! If so, then [insert obscene rant here].

Added after 6 hours 21 minutes:

Okay, change of plans: I'll be going tomorrow morning! Which means one more update before I ship off to Queens!

Chapter 12:

*Black Eden (Dr. X's room) 5:10PM*

*Shad sleeps soundly in Dr. X's large bed. He dreams a pleasant dream*

*Shad's dream consists of the PPG room. Buttercup was playing her GBA:SP on her bed while Blossom and Shad color in their coloring books*

Blossom: Shad, look! A kitty!

Shad: Wow, that's a lot of colors.

Blossom: Of course. It's a multi-striped kitty.

Shad: Blossom?

Blossom: Yes Shad?

Shad: Does Bubbles like me?

Blossom: Well she likes you as a friend.

Shad: I know. I want to know if she likes me as more then a friend. *blushes* You know. The same way I like her.

Buttercup: Go ask her yourself! It's not like she'll leave you or anything.

Shad: Oh yeah, I forget that sometimes. Heheh. You girls won't leave me since we're friends and all...right?

*Bubbles walks in the PPG room*

Blossom: Bubbles, excellent timing! Shad has something to ask you.

Shad: *gulp* Do me like me? *blushes*

Bubbles: Oh...I wish I can answer that, but I can't. We're moving to Megasville.

Shad: Moving?

Blossom: As in never coming back.

*everything around Shad starts to fade away, including the girls*

Buttercup: Been nice knowing ya. *vanishes*

Blossom: Have a nice life. *follows suit*

Bubbles: *giggles* Bye bye Shaddy. *waves good-bye as she vanishes into nothingness, along with the rest of the room, leaving behind total pitch-black darkness*

Shad: No! NOOOOOOOO!! Come back! COME BACK!! *tries to run after them, but trips and ends up crying on the floor* I...thought we were friends.

Dimitri: *appears out of nowhere behind Shad* They're not your friends anymore.

Claire: *follows suit* You're a big boy now Shad. It's time you stopped crying and become a big boy. Make new friends.

Shad: *sniffs, then gets himself up* Why? They'll just leave me! Just like the Powerpuffs! Just like BUBBLES!!

Dimitri: That's what you think. Your mom and I started out as friends.

Shad: Yeah, I...NOOOO!! Why should I believe you?!

Claire: Shad! Don't talk back at your father that way!

Shad: I have powers! YOU LIED TO ME!! *starts crying again*

Dimitri: What are you talking about? You know very well your mother and I don't lie to you.

Shad: Well how do you explain this! *sticks out his finger, which glows a shining silver*

Claire: *gasps* Shad we had no idea.

Dimitri: Actually, we di...

Shad: Shut up! SHUT UP!! The Powerpuffs are liars! You, my parents, who I never thought were lie, are liars! You're all liars! I don't need any friends! They'll just leave me! EVERYONE'S A LIAR!! EVERYONE'S BAD!! I DON'T NEED ANYONE!! *amidst Shad's tantrum, a black fog seeps out from the black ground and surrounds the boy, forming his dark aura*

Claire: Shad, sweetie calm down.

Dimitri: Are you even listening to yourself? You do need us!

Shad: GO AWAY!! LEAVE ME ALONE!! I DON'T WANT YOU NEAR ME EVER AGAIN!! GO AWAY!! *hyperventilates as the dark aura flares up more violently*

Claire: Shad stop this!

Dimitri: If you don't stop right away you'll...

Shad: GOOOO AWAY!! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! ANY MOMMY AND DADDY THAT LIES TO ME IS NO MOMMY AND DADDY TO ME EVER!!! *just then, his muscles seize up as he collapses* Huh? Wh-what happened? I can't move! *looks up, only to see that Dimitri and Claire are gone* Where is everyone? *vision starts to get foggy and slowly starts to get clouded with darkness* What's happening? What's wrong with my eyes? *Shad is now being dragged away by...his very own shadow* Wh...what's happening?! WHY CAN'T I MOVE?! HEEEELP! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! MOMMY! *legs sink in* DADDY! *sinks up to his neck, his head left as many tears of fear roll down from his face reminiscent of a waterfall* BUUUUUBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!

*Shad's head sinks down into his own shadow, leaving nothing behind in the darkness*

Shad: *wakes up, tears rolling down his cheeks and cold sweat beading on the sides of his head* AHHHH!! *shivers* Why did I have a...a nightmare like that? *curls up and cries* Why did I get angry? I was screaming first and then...what happened?! So scary!

*Shad moves his hand around the bed, checking any damp spots just in case. Fortunately, everything's dry so Shad takes out his Bubbles plushie from his pocket*

Shad: *"talks" to said plushie* I'm not supposed to have any nightmares with you. Is it because...I'm not friends with Bubbles anymore?

Robot's/kaijin's voice: WHAT?! You brought a HUMAN into out lair?!

*the loud voice causes Shad to jump up a bit, which leads to him slipping off the bed*

Shad: OOf! Owie! *gets up* What was that?

Another robot/kaijin voice: What is that fool thinking?

Girl's voice: Hey, I'm a human and you don't try killing me off Kuwagus.

Robot/kaijin voice: You're a special case Samantha.

Shad: Where's that coming from?

*curiousity getting the best of him again, Shad puts on his sneakers and tip-toes out of Dr. X's room. He finds himself in a lab (illuminated by bright white light-bulbs) with counters covered with various test tubes and beakers. Also, Shad sees a complex chart of some kind paired with a diagram*

Shad: What's that? Oh well, never mind.

*Shad keeps moving on until he reaches the lab exit and opens the huge door just a creak for peeking through. The second he peeks out to the rest of Black Eden, he sees what appears to be 5 huge robo-kaijins and one girl. In one place or another, they each have a strange marking on them*

Commander Destruction: Nevertheless, we need to obey Dr. X's orders. Surely he has a reason for keeping him here.

Count Montray III: That's the problem. We DON'T know why!

Nool: Dr. X said he has a few records that'll change our minds on all this...or so he claims.

Master Kuwagus: Or we can salvage the answer immediately. Perhaps the human knows.

Count Montray III: I'll go check for myself.

*Shad sees Montray flap his wings as he soars toward the lab...where Shad is. He comes closer and closer until...none other then Bell lands from the sky in front of him, Gir on top of her head*

Bell: Stop right there!

Count Montray III: Bell! What brings you near the lab?

Bell: Daddy says to make sure none of you go near the lab.

Commander Destruction: No need young one. I gave Dr. X my word on behalf of all of us that we wouldn't enter.

Nool: And yet we were always granted access inside the lab. Why does he make a restriction now? I suspect it has something to do with that human.

Bell: Never mind why! Daddy doesn't trust your word so I'm looking after Sha...I mean, the lab. So go! Move along whatever you Cluster robots do.

Lord Silkoid: Alright then, sheesh. *flies off*

Master Kuwagus: I take it an answer is too much to ask.

*Kuwagus follows suit as the other kaijins go off as well. Now the only ones left are Bell and Gir*

Gir: Heeeeelllllllooooooo?

Bell: It's okay. You can come out now Shad.

Shad: *steps out of the lab, the scene zooming out to reveal the lab as a huge dark dome* What were those things?

Bell: Those are the agents of the Darkstar Council. They come from Cluster Prime, wherever that is.

Gir: It's a DOOM DOOM world!

Shad: *sad look on his face* I guess.

Bell: They look scary at first but once they get past the you being a human thing, you'll get used to them.

Shad: It's not that. It's a dream...nightmare I had.

Bell: What happened?

Shad: A friend...she was my best friend. But I liked her more then a friend. But she left me. Left me and it's all mommy's and daddy's fault! That's why I have this hurt in my heart that won't go away!

Bell: What? You said a friend left you? And it was YOUR daddy's fault? That...that almost sounds like...

Shad: Huh?! Did I just say that? Weird. I don't think it's their fault, but I think they lied to me.

Bell: How?

Shad: I don't want to talk about it. Except I feel even more hurt now that I know that they weren't telling the truth.

Gir: Ouchie ka boo boo!

Bell: Ouchie is right Girly. Shad...that hurt. How long was it there?

Shad: One year. And still going.

Bell:'s just...there's something I should probably tell you. Maybe it's because you're the only one who can understand.

Shad: What?

Bell: Not here. In my room.

Shad: Is it about a friend?

Bell: *getting all dreary-eyed* Yeah...a friend.

*Bell sticks out her finger and puts it through a tiny hole right next to the door, there's a humming sound, followed by a section of the wall sliding down, revealing an eye scanner. Bell opens her left eye wide as the scanner...well, scans it*

Security system: Fingerprint confirmed. Retina code confirmed. Identity: Bell. You may enter. *door opens*

Shad: *gasps* THAT'S...THAT'S...

Bell: It's what?!

Shad: That's the same voice that does the security for my house! The eye scan and everything! How did...

Bell: Oh well, let's get inside.

*Bell steps in the lab-dome. But as soon as Shad takes a step forward, the upper wall just above the entrance slides open, revealing a 15mm gattling gun!*

Security system: Intruder! Leave the premises or me terminated in 3...2...


Bell: *runs back* And guest! GUEST!

Security system: Identity confirmed: 1 guest. You may enter. *gattling gun retracts back in the wall*

Bell: Close one. Now let's...Shad?

Shad: *shaking*

Bell: You didn't wet yourself again, did you?

Shad: *blushes* No!

Bell: Good. Come on, it's safe now. *pulls Shad inside*

Shad: I don't get it. Why does the dome have the same security thing as my house?

End of chapter 12!

For info on Kainsword's kaijins: PPGD or this gallery. Hope I got them right.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby LinkG07 » Wed Dec 28, 2005 12:59 am

Nice dude...

Shads really losing it huh?? ^^;;
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 12 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:56 am

Just a quick note to inform you all that I am NOW going to Queens! I won't be back till Saturday so...ciao for now! ^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 12 is UP!

Postby Keeper » Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:23 pm

Yeesh, at least Ren didn't have to deal with a minigun when he went in Bell's room. ^_^;
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 12 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Dec 31, 2005 5:09 pm


Okay, first things first. I'm pretty much back just in time for an upcoming update and...REUNIFICATIONS!! But first I need to...unpack. Yeah. However, I've noticed a few nice things have happened while I was gone. First...



Name: Bean
Age: Appears to be 6
Origin: Original character by Shadowed State of Mind
Status/Personality: Is able to plan ahead of things but is a bit of an airhead at times to do so.
Afflication: One of the 3 Creampuffs (yes. Creampuffs!)
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye color: Bergandy.
Signature color: Bergandy.
Powers: Unknown as of yet.

No profile! Yes, you heard me. None! She (and her sisters) will be in this fic very soon, so no profile is necessary. Same with blabbing on who made her. Chances are, they'll be introduced before the Berry and Bop images come in. But I can assure you 2 things:

1. They'll be just as cute as this one.
2. You'll be VERY surprised at Berry's appearance along with how the Creampuffs were made.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 12 is UP!

Postby Keeper » Sat Dec 31, 2005 5:37 pm

Can't wait to see her in the story, Shad. ^_^
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