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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 6:33 pm

Chapter 32 completed!

Let's see...I used the "READY STEADY GO" line for what, the 4th or 5th time? This also makes the 3rd Azumanga Daioh reference in the fic so far (those 5 lines in bold weren't bolded by accident. AzuDai fans should see it as a familiar scene. And Akiba is the nickname for Akihabara. And the pictures came from this nifty place. Finally, the torn apart Townsville line is a reference from the PPG movie. So yes, the skeeballs of mass destruction was based on that scene from the movie when the girls were "playing tag."

Added after 11 minutes:

Added a BGM for the skeeball match!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 7:15 pm

Great add-on to Chapter 32!

Damn, chapter 32!?
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:01 pm

Add-on? You referring to the photos, the numerous references or the BGM? Or all of them?

And what's wrong with Chapter 32?
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Skorri Siggeir » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:05 pm

Probably saying, Wow, that many!?
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:06 pm


And that you have made many chapters that I have lost count. lol
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:12 pm

Well I do update a bit quicker then most others here. My imagination goes away fast so I type it up before I forget.

Added after 5 minutes:

C'mon Keeper. Technically, your fic's has much more chapters then this one. Then again, you wrote them before I even became a member here.

Anywho, glad you like the extra content. We're getting a wee bit closer to the end...of this part that is! Also, after reading some of LinkG07's fic, I'm considering the return of a certain, long-deceased girl. A process that'll begin in the next chapter. Or the chapter after that.

Try to guess who I'm referring to. ;) LinkG07 knows, but he's not telling...I think.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:13 pm

Good plan! I dindn't mean anything thing bad. Not one bit. You got a great story going for yah, ShadowM, and coulodn't ask for any better. :snoogins:
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:26 pm

Thank you! Oddly enough, even though I have about 3 OCs here (4 if you count Shad's "other half") the fic seems to give somewhat equal spotlight to the girls as well.

Although it's probably more of Bubbles then her sisters. :P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:51 pm

Well, she's like the second main character to the story. Ain't she. ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:22 pm

That reminds me. There might be more time for them the next day on account that Blossom and Buttercup are grounded.

Gee, I'm really putting the Bubbles/Shad chapters in high gear aren't I? :P Must be because this part is coming to a close soon. That and there's a little something Bubbles hasn't told Shad yet.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:34 pm

The thing between her and Boomer. ^_^;
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:43 pm

No! The PPG didn't even SEE the Rowdyruffs. Of course apart from capturing Shad they didn't do anything. Well, technically Blossom saw them WAY BACK in chapter 11 but they were in a disguise that, oddly enough, fooled her.

The way I put it, the PPG don't even know that the Rowdyruffs are still alive. Bubbles (or one of her sisters) needs to tell Shad (in a future chapter of course) that due to the damage of some parts of Townsville caused by Mojo (he caused a massive earthquake after all) they're moving away.

Poor Bubbles just doesn't know how to say it. :( And Shad got a to her and her sisters...well, mostly her.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:45 pm

Oh s@#$! :shock:

Poor Bubbles and Shad. :unsure:
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Dec 07, 2005 1:25 pm

Well, more like poor Shad. :( Anywho...chapter 33 already?! Gee, now I know why you're a bit surprised Keeper. Even I'm a bit flabbergasted. :unsure:

Chapter 33:

*Living room of Shad's house 6:42PM*

Claire: AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Wh-wh-what hit you on the head again?

Professor Utonium: *icepack still strapped to his head* Please don't laugh too loud Claire. I have a headache you wouldn't even believe to have had before.

Dimitri: She's had one...during the SAT that is. *elbowed in the stomach* OOF!

Claire: Haha, very funny. You almost didn't get through that without a few panic attacks yourself.

Dimitri: Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Professor Utonium: Ahem! Claire, we were talking on the phone, saying you can get the swelling down a bit.

Claire: Oh yeah. That. Heheh. *whispers to Dimitri* Can I? Please?

Dimitri: *whispers back* Just give him a bigger icepack and get Shad back here. Not much he can do with the girls seeing as they're grounded AND slapped with probation!

Claire: *whispers back* Only Blossom and Buttercup. This means Shad has more time to spend with his gi...

Dimitri: *whispers back again* Bubbles is not Shad's girlfriend! They're far too young for that an...

Claire: *continues whispering* Oh, but how about when we were young...

Dimitri: *whispers back, now blushing a bit*'s not the same! We didn't actually talk to each other until the 8th grade.

Professor Utonium: Excuse me. Head. Swollen. Need something.

*Dimitri and Claire look back then stop their "private" conversation*

Claire: I have just the thing. Of course I'll need this. *takes off the professor's icepack* Stay here please.

*Claire walks out of the living room and into the shining kitchen. She stops in front of the silver refrigerator and puts the icepack inside a small alcove in the left door. She presses a button above it shaped like a square and several tiny chunks of crushed ice fall into the icepack. Claire takes the icepack out of the alcove and raises her index finger. She pokes the ice as it glows a faint pink. She then closes the icepack and goes back to the living room*

Claire: This special breed of ice should do it. *gives back the icepack*

Professor Utonium: Special breed of ice?

Dimitri: Yes. It's a type of ice that's suitable for medical purposes like sores and various swelling. Isn't that right Claire?

Claire: Why of course! Keep that on your head for another hour or so. If it still swells up in the morning just come back here.

Professor Utonium: Say, the headache's gone. That's some ice. Where did you get it?

Dimitri: No need to worry where it came from.

Dimitri: C'mon Dimitri. It's a little something from the hospital, that's all.

Professor Utonium: Well thank you very much. Good night now. *exits the house*

Claire: *waving goodbye* Good night Adric. *to Dimitri* See, it worked out just fine.

Dimitri: Well you technically didn't lie to him on account that your actually use that ice on your patients.

Claire: Oh, that. It's what makes it a special breed of ice. Heheh.

*Powerpuff household 6:54PM*

*in the PPG room, Blossom and Buttercup merely lay down on the bed in boredom as Shad and Bubbles try out the plush doll kit. Shad's "lantern" is on the top of the drawer*

Buttercup: Greaaaaaaat. How fun is it to be stuck in our room grounded for something you did...NOT!!

Blossom: Me?! It's your fault for forgetting you owed me tickets.

Buttercup: And it was because of you I couldn't get Shad that plush doll kit.

Blossom: Just drop it already. We're on probation, but we're lucky we didn't get arrested. Speaking of that prize...

*Blossom sits up and turns to Bubbles and Shad, who seem to be making a little something*

Bubbles: C'mon Shady. Pleeeeeeeease? You can tell me. What are you going to make the doll look like?

Shad: It's a secret. *stuffs a tiny beanbag with cotton and uses a tiny brush to carefully paint the eyes on* But you'll definitely like it...I hope. I never made a plushie before.

Buttercup: *yawns* It's probably a teddy bear or something. We know how it is.

Blossom: How so?

Buttercup: Because I say I know.

Shad: Auuuu. I need more cloth. *checks the first drawer and finds various socks* Can't use these.

Blossom: Shad if you need more...

Shad: Maybe there's some here. *opens the third drawer, only to find a small square-shaped piece of purple cloth with a black stripe in the middle flattened on a pillow* This'll...

Bubbles: NOT THAT! *pushes Shad away*

Shad: What? What?

Blossom: You can't use HER!

Shad: Use what, that square thing? No, I wasn't going to use it. It's too small.

Buttercup: Good. We always make sure nothing happens to her.

Shad: Her? The cloth?

Bubbles: You don't remember?

Buttercup: Either that or he didn't see her.

Shad: See who?

Blossom: *sigh* It's not like we actually told this to anyone but the professor...but you probably have a right to know as well. What you're looking at right now is...our sister.

Shad: Your sister?!

Bubbles: Her name's Bunny.

Shad: Bunny. So there was a forth Powerpuff Girl?

Blossom: Yes. "Was" is a good way to put it.

Shad: What kind of Powerpuff was she?

Buttercup: Let's do we put it? She was different. VERY different.

Bubbles: Her color was purple. She had brown hair in a ponytail and really really big.

Buttercup: She was just as stupid as she was big really.

Shad: She was?

Blossom: Yeah. It was because when we made her we used some...well, odd ingredients. We resorted to using flour, sticks and a whole lot of stuff.

Shad: So you used the wrong ingredients?

Buttercup: I guess. Like I said, she was stupid enough to not know the difference between good and evil so she couldn't do a lot of stuff right. Almost drove us crazy!

Blossom: We got so upset we told her to go away and never come back.

Bubbles: But when we were surrounded by a lot of bad guys and almost got beaten, she came back and saved us. That's when we sort of apologized and stuff.

Shad: So she was stupid, but just as much of a superhero as you girls.

Blossom: Yeah. That's a good way to put it.

Shad: What happened to her? Where is she now?

Blossom: ..................................that's her. *points at the cloth* At least what's left of her.

Shad: You mean...she's...

*meanwhile, in the basement of Shad's house*

*Claire and Dimitri watch the monitor, which is receiving visuals from Shad's "lantern." It then shows Bubbles with a teardrop rolling down her cheek as she explains how Bunny met her demise. Shad then gasps a little, remembering a little of what happened*

Dimitri: *sigh* It's no wonder she went unstable. Artificial sweetener and twigs don't hold DNA together!

Claire: Yet sugar, spice and everything nice does so?

Dimitri: Hey, they say all girls are made of that. Well, the first 2 anyway. You're more sugar then spice and it was the other way around back when you were a student. Poor girls. If only they can perfect the genetic faults that ma...*notices "that look" on Claire's face* NO!

Claire: But can't our lantern...

Dimitri: NO!

Claire: But you just said...

Dimitri: State your powers.

Claire: *sigh* Fine. Healing capabilities and Molecular Regeneration.

Dimitri: Now describe the second one.

Claire: Come now, you know what it can do! It's the reason our Shady boy is still alive.

Dimitri: Exactly. It can repair severely damaged injuries and fix up the faults in a person's genetic code, but it can't...

Claire: It can't reform anything, I know! Molecular Reconfiguration...

Dimitri: Isn't your forte. Suppose a little bit of Bunny's DNA is on that cloth. Even if you were to say, sneak into Adric's house and fix up the genetic defects, you can't fully restore her.

Claire: *smiles, then kisses Dimitri on the cheek* Thank you sweetie. *exits the basement*

Dimitri: .................oh crap, what did I just say? Meh, not like she can bring Bunny back. *looks in a small tabletop drawer near the keyboard and takes out a CD* Then again, she might show her po...CLAIRE GET BACK HERE!! *bolts out of the basement and out of the house* Where are you?

Claire: Peek-a-boo! I see you!

*Dimitri turns around and sees Claire inside the house. Slightly embarrassed, he steps back in*

Dimitri: For a second there I could've sworn...

Claire: What? I wasn't going to go out. I'm staying put right here.

Dimitri: But were going to...never mind. Women. How do we understand them? *walks back to the basement*

Claire: *heads towards the kitchen and then leaves it, holding a tray of tall, heart-shaped jell-o* Surely the girls aren't grounded from dessert. *shouting* Dimitri! I'm going to our colleague’s house to deliver some dessert!

Dimitri: *from the basement* Okay, don't stay too long!

Claire: *exits the house* Whew. Well, technically he said I could go to a colleague’s house. *stares at the professor's house* But he didn't say which one. Thank you Dimitri. *Claire crosses the street; towards the professor's house*

End of Chapter 33.

So it begins...sort of. Sorry if things (like the way Claire "tricked" Dimitri into letting her go to the professor's house) seemed slightly rushed. I'm at school, which means I can't put up a BGM either. Damn. I'll do what when I get home though, so sit tight.

Added after 2 hours 26 minutes:

Chapter 33 completed! And the restoration of Bunny begins.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:48 pm

Okay, I made a few patch ups in Chapter 33 and most of the spelling errors are fixed up. Now...

Chapter 34:

*living room of the Powerpuff household 7:03PM*

Professor Utonium: *icepack still on his head as he watches TV* Say, the medicated ice is really doing the trick. *takes off the icepack* The swelling's gone! *doorbell rings* Who can that be?

*the professor opens the door, revealing Claire holding a tray with something covered by a lid*

Claire: Good evening Adric. I see your head's much better.

Professor Utonium: Claire? What brings you here?

Claire: Oh, just came over to drop off a little something to make Shad feel better. His trip to Tokyo Townsville was cut short after all.

Professor Utonium: Yes. Come on in.

*up at the PPG room*

*Blossom and Buttercup are stargazing through the window. Well, at least they're trying to*

Buttercup: No, that's Jupiter.

Blossom: Jupiter doesn't come up until another hour. What you're looking at is Mars!

Buttercup: Well how about that thing shaped like a pot?

Blossom: That's the Big Dipper!

Buttercup: Yeah, and I found it first. 10 points for me!

Blossom: Points?! Since when was this a game?

Buttercup: Since you got us on probation.

Blossom: It was your fault for forgetting...*bickering commences*

Shad: Are they always like this?

Bubbles: Only when they're grounded and bored.

Shad: Sorry about Bunny.

Bubbles: *sigh* It's okay if you didn't remember her at first.

*the door opens, revealing the professor*

Professor Utonium: Girls, someon...*notices Blossom and Buttercup incoherently bickering about constellations and whatnot* GIRLS!!

Blossom and Buttercup: *ceases arguing* Yes professor?

Professor Utonium: Normally I wouldn't let you have dessert due to you being grounded and cutting our trip short, but Claire insisted that...

Shad: Mommy's here?

Professor Utonium: Fine. Long story short: Claire dropped by to give you all a little snack but only because...

Buttercup: Can't she bring it up here? You said we can't leave our room for the rest of the night.

Professor Utonium: She also insisted that you all come down as well. And Shad, bring that...*points at the "lantern"* thing with you.

Shad: This thingy? *takes the "lantern" off the drawer* Okay.

Bubbles: Race ya!

Shad: Last one is an amoeba boy!

Buttercup: See ya, amoeba boy! *darts past the professor and out of the room. Bubbles and Shad do the same*

Blossom: Hey! I can't be last! *follows the kids*

*when they get down to the kitchen*

All 4 kids: WOW! Pretty!

*they stare at a big red heart-shaped jell-o dessert almost a foot long. The kitchen lights above make it looks like it's glowing*

Claire: Glad you like how it looks.

Shad: Mommy never made jell-o this big before.

Professor Utonium: Now girls, what do you say?

All 3 girls: Thank you Mrs. Staydamind!

Claire: Shad do you have that thing I gave you?

Shad: You mean this thingy? *puts the "lantern on the table*

Claire: Good. The lens aren't facing me. It's not a thingy. It's a lantern.

Buttercup: That? A lantern?

Blossom: Come to think of it, it does look like a little like a lantern.

Shad: But I don't see a candle inside or a handle at the top.

Claire: It's a different kind of lantern. Now if you excuse me I have to use...

Professor Utonium: The bathroom? It's upstai...

Claire: I'll find my way there. Enjoy the dessert now. And I'm sorry if you didn't finish your trip Shad.

Shad: It's okay. I had fun anyway. I wanted to see Bonsai Gardens though.

Claire: Hmm. Of course you had fun. You were with Bubbles. *goes upstairs*

Shad: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?

Blossom: C'mon. You don't know?

Buttercup: Speaking of which, you never showed her that picture. You know, the one with Bubbles kissing you.

Shad: *blushes* Th-th-that? What would mommy think?

*in the PPG room, the lights are off and no one is inside. That is, until the door slowly creaks open, letting a bit of hallway light in. Claire slowly walks inside and gently closes the door and turns on the lights*

Claire: Made it. And just to make sure that there aren't any interruptions...

*Claire stretches both arms and presses her palms on the door. It flashes a faint pink, then Claire lets go*

Claire: Now where was I? Bunny? Where are you Bunny? *no answer. Claire lightly bonks herself on the head* PAH! She's just a cloth now. She can't answer.

*Claire walks up to the right side of the bed where the drawers are*

Claire: Which one was it again? *opens the first one only to find socks, then closes it* Nope. *opens the second drawer only to find underwear, then quickly slams it shut* DEFINATLY not! Now as Dimitri would say, by process of elimination *opens the third drawer, revealing a tiny purple square cloth* this is it! *press her hand on the cloth* Easy there Claire. Don't break anything. *closes her eyes* Bunny? Are you there Bunny?

*normally one wouldn't see anything when they close their eyes, but for Claire in this case it's far different. Instead of pitch-blackness, she sees purple. Soon other things pop up. Fragments of some sort appear. Broken fragments. The defected DNA. Many more of the broken genetic code shows up until it floats around endlessly, resembling autumn leaves fluttering in the wind. In the midst of it all, a figure materializes and takes form. A lady in a nurse's outfit with shining brown eyes and a long ponytail. Claire Staydamind*

Claire: I'm in! Take that Dimitri! Now where are you Bu...

???: Guggggugguuuu.

Claire: Hmm? What was that?

*a purple orb materializes in front of Claire. It grows bigger and bigger until it stops expanding, being bigger then Claire! The orb vanishes and in its place stands a wide, slightly mishapen female. She has a dress similar to the PPG only it's purple. Her eyes match the dress as well. Her teeth looks like they need braces and finally, has brown hair tied in a pontail at the end. And she also has a hump on her back*

Claire: Don't tell me...who are you?


Claire: Wait, hold on. *catches a floating broken DNA spiral in midair. She catches more and more until they piece themselves together. Claire's hands emit what appears to be pink sound waves which weld some of the DNA fragments into one and wipe out the defects* Now speak.

???: Bunny. Huh?

Claire: I was afraid of that. Then again, judging by the amount of defections here I shouldn't be surprised. Hello Bunny.


Claire: My name is...I'm a nurse.

Bunny: Nurse?

Claire: Yes. Nurses help people. They heal people.

Bunny: You...heal my talk.

Claire: Well, almost. Yes. I can help you. Just like I helped you speak. All these DNA fragments are broken because you're unstable. Now tell me. *sits down* What was it like when you were with your sisters?

Bunny: You help me talk. *sits down as well* You...friend. Okay. I say all.

*in the hallway*

*Shad chases Buttercup around, who is holding the picture that was taken in the booth at Tokyo Townsville*

Shad: Give that back!

Buttercup: Not till Claire sees it! *opens the bathroom door, only that Claire isn't inside* Claire! Look what I...huh? *photo snatched away*

Shad: Mommy that wasn't a...mommy?

Buttercup: Ms. Staydamind? Where are you?

Shad: You don't think she...*gulp*...fell in did she?

Buttercup: What are you...oh. *checks the toilet* Course not! The seat's down.

*just outside the PPG room*

Blossom: That jell-o was delicious!

Bubbles: Shady's lucky isn't he?

Blossom: Guess you can say that. *grabs hold of the doorknob and pulls, but the door doesn't open* Huh?

Bubbles: Lemme try. *tries to turn the doorknob, but it doesn't budge* Hey, what's happening?

Blossom: *pulls with all her might, but the door stays shut* I don't get it!

Bubbles: Maybe we locked it from the inside by accident?

Blossom: I'll check. *Blossom uses her x-ray vision to see if anyone's inside, but strangely enough, she can't see through the door!* HUH?!

Bubbles: What?

Blossom: My x-ray vision isn't working!

Bubbles: What'll we do?

*as they ponder what to do, Buttercup and Shad rush to the problem*

Buttercup: Why are you standing out here?

Bubbles: Our door! It won't open!

Shad: Mommy's missing too!

Blossom: Ms. Staydamind?! That explains it. *hand curls into a first* On 3 Buttercup!

Shad: Explains what?

Buttercup: *curls her hand into a fist as well* Gotcha!

Blossom: 1...2...

Blossom and Buttercup: THREE! *both punch the door, but strangely enough, they get bounced back, slammed to the wall!*

Shad: You have security too?

Bubbles: How did our door do that?!

Blossom: *falls down the wall and gets back up* It doesn't.

*back in the PPG room (more specifically, "inside" the cloth)*

Claire: I see. So when you saved them you combusted.

Bunny: I go BOOM!

Claire: And you were here ever since. Never to be with your sisters. Do you miss them?

Bunny: *sad face* Yah. I miss friends.

Claire: Well...I'm your friend now. And as a friend I'm going to help you.

Bunny: Huh?

Claire: I'm going to bring you back and your sisters will be glad for that.

Bunny: How? *looks at the several floating broken DNA fragments*

Claire: Well I just need to fix you up. That look isn't your true self.

Bunny: Look?

Claire: Yes. Now stand still. This won't hurt, but it may take a while.

*Claire stretches her palm forward in front of a nearby cluster of shattered fragments. Pink waves echo out of the palm and go through the fragments. They then piece themselves together neatly into a complete DNA spiral. Claire slightly prods it, causing the spiral to emit a faint glow, diminishing all defects*

Claire: That's one down.

Bunny: I feel...hey. *her voice goes from deep to steadily sweet and clear. Like a young girl's voice* I can talk better.

Claire: Better. *repeats the same process to another cluster of fragments. This time Bunny starts to shrink a little, although her hump remains*

Bunny: Yay!

Claire: *stares at the seemingly trillions of fragments floating around* Ugh! This is taking too long! I don't like rush jobs but there's a limit!

*Claire's hands glow a bright pink. She raises both hands and sends wave after pink wave to most of the DNA fragments. They stop fluttering around, allowing Claire to swirl them together by just waving her hands! The red pieces match the reds, the big ones go with the other bigs and so on*

Claire: *giggles* This is like a puzzle game! Almost done now.

*after about 5 minutes, all the pieces are welded together and cleansed of the defects. Several towering spirals of DNA land at several spots*

Claire: Bunny I'm almos...

*before she can finish her sentance, Claire sees a purple flash on the ground. She turns around and sees Bunny's body enveloped entirely in purple light!*

Claire: Bunny?!

*the lights seems to be changing her. The hump on her back vanishes. Her eyes no longer look a bit bug-eyed. Her head and face straightens itself out. Her legs grow longer. And finally, the dress shrinks to accomidate her new, smaller size*

Claire: Did I just...

*the light around Bunny vanishes. But the Bunny Claire sees isn't the same. She's the same size as her sisters. Her entire body is now shaped as such. Her eyes actually look a little normal. She still has no fingers (yet) but the arm length is correct. Same with the length of her legs. She wears the same black shoes and white socks as the Powerpuffs. The ponytail is tied behind the back of her head like before And finally, her voice...*

Bunny: *looks at herself. Her hands, her feet, everything!* I...did...*stares at Claire* you did this?

Claire: Why are we Dimitri's right. I can't fully pull it off. *sigh* Consider it my first act of friendship.

Bunny: Why do you look so sad?

Claire: I wanted you to be with your sisters again. But I didn't have enough power to do so. At least not now?

Bunny: Not now?

Claire: I planted the seeds for your reconfiguration. But it'll take one year for them to sprout. That's when your sisters, not me, will give you the most important ingrediant of all.

Bunny: How will they know?

Claire: With this. *Claire opens her hand once more, revealing a tiny pink dot. She inserts it into Bunny's heart* When one year passes, you can speak with them through telepathy. If it works, they'll know what to do. At least I hope so.

Bunny: *hugs Claire, tears in her eyes* Thank you...friend.

Claire: *hugs back* Why you're welcome! *Claire starts to fade away*

Bunny: Where are you going?

Claire: Home!

Bunny: When will I see you again?

Claire: Don't worry! We're friends forever! We'll meet again. Count on it! *and then...Claire fades away into nothingness*

*finally outside the cloth, Claire removes her hand from it and opens her eyes*

Claire: *pants* That...really...whew...that took a lot out of me more then I thought.

*Claire "depetrafies" the door and opens it, only to see the PPG and Shad standing there*

Shad: Mommy?

Bubbles: What were you doing in there?

Claire: Uh-oh! Must've spent more time in there then I thought! I was just checking to see if Shad's clothes were folded correctly. Nice work Shad. It seems you're an excellent guest in this house.

Blossom: Wha...

Buttercup: She locked the door just to...

Claire: Hate to check and run but I'm feeling a bit sleepy and all so...bye! *kissses Shad goodbye and runs down the stairs and out the house*

Buttercup: What was that about?

Blossom: Not even I can guess.

*inside the PPG room, deep within the third drawer, the purple cloth starts to glow. Faint glows that is. And on that cloth, a transparent face with lavender eyes looks around, and smiles*

Bunny: *giggles* Watch out sisters. Bunny's coming to town!

End of Chapter 34!

So it REALLY begins!

Added after 2 hours 53 minutes:

Chapter 34 completed!

Added after 4 hours 12 minutes:

Need music for when Claire speaks with Bunny and the DNA reconstruction? This may do.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Thu Dec 08, 2005 6:08 pm

It took me a while but I finished.^^

Excellent job ShadowM. w00t
Looking forward to Bunny's arrival. ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Dec 08, 2005 6:23 pm

I just realized something.

I don't make chapters really long unless something important happens! Like chapters 9, 28 and this one.

Wonder if LinkG07 read this. After all, his fics are the reason why this event happened.

As for seeing Bunny again, that won't happen until the middle of the second part of the trilogy...if I'm making it into a trilogy that is.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:53 am

Chapter 35:

*front door of Shad's house 8:12PM*

Claire: *staggering a bit* Wooo. Soooo *wobbles a bit* dizzy.

*Claire takes out her key from the dress pocket and inserts it into the doorbell, which then turns into an eye scanner. Claire gets her eye close enough for it to be scanned, which it does*

Security system: Key scan confirmed. Retina scan confirmed. Identity: Claire Staydamind. You may enter. *door opens, revealing Dimitri standing just behind it*

Dimitri: That was a really clea...

Claire: *yawns, then collapses in Dimitri's arms*

Dimitri: Claire! What happened to...never mind. You did it didn't you?

Claire: *sounds a bit airheaded* Guess so sweetie shorty!

Dimitri: Geez, look at you. Did you try to pull off you-know-what?

Claire: Maybe. Didn't work.

Dimitri: Of course it didn't work. It's impossible for you. Sorry to say that but you know it's true. Let's just get you to bed.

Claire: It's out of my way, but someone else will do it.

Dimitri: What? Who else has the same power you do? Not counting Shad that is.


Dimitri: That's it! You! Cold shower! Bed! Now!

*back at the PPG household 8:18PM*

Professor Utonium: Okay, just start from the beginning.

Buttercup: What beginning? We just tried to open our door and it wouldn't even budge.

Blossom: We tried punching it open but it bounced us back somehow.

Shad: And mommy wasn't in the bathroom.

Bubbles: But she came out of our room. Why did she do that without permission?

Blossom: It probably has something to do with her powe...

Shad: She doesn't have powers! She was just checking if I folded my clothes right. She locked the door so no one can distract her and she doesn't like it when she gets distracted.

Buttercup: Can't you just grow a brain for once and...

Professor Utonium: Calm down all of you! Now that you mention all this Claire did seemed to be in a rush to leave. That and she looked a bit dizzy. She bumped into the door and had a hard time opening it.

Shad: She did? Maybe she's sleepy.

Blossom: Now that you mention it, she did look a little swooned when she got out of our room.

Bubbles: But grown-ups can stay awake longer.

Buttercup: I say we check the room ourselves.

*10 minutes later in the PPG room (after they change into their nightgowns)*

Shad: See? Nothing went wrong. Mommy just got tired. She always goes to sleep earlier then most grown-ups because she leaves for work earlier. Most nurses do. I think.

Blossom: *looks under the bed* Hate to admit it but you're right Shad. She really didn't do anything.

Shad: Of course she didn't. *puts his "lantern" on the drawers* So what do we do now?

Buttercup: Pillow fights till sunrise! Sing till dawn!

Bubbles: But you and Blossom are grounded. And on probation.

Buttercup: Gee, thanks Bubbles.

Shad: What's probation?

Blossom: Normally it's when one is accused of a crime. Instead of going to jail we have to follow conditions set by the authorities. Normally we'd get convicted but then decided to go easy on us. So in our case, Buttercup and me can't go anywhere near the arcade, at least what's left of it.

Buttercup: It should've been just you. Your skeeball did the most damage!

Blossom: Well you were the one showing off! *bickering commences...again!*

Bubbles: Shady?

Shad: I know. I'll finish making the plush doll.

Bubbles: What's it gonna be?

Shad: *blushes* It's a...secret. I said before that you'll like it.

Bubbles: Can I watch?

*10 minutes later*

*Blossom and Buttercup finally simmer down. Blossom simply reads a fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood. Buttercup merely practices some moves, jabbing in the air while wearing the sweatbands Shad gave her a while back*

Shad: *carefully sewing the arms on the body* Almost done.

Bubbles: Where did you learn to do that Shady?

Shad: Mommy. When I was making the sweatbands for Buttercup the machine broke...

Bubbles: Never mind. I remember.

Blossom: *takes a little peek from behind her book* You're going a little too fast. Do you ever poke yourself by accident?

Shad: Yeah. It hurts a lot too. This is the first time I'm doing this since I made Buttercup's gift. Can yo...*looks at the fingerless hands of Blossom and Bubbles* never mind. Bubbles, can you close your eyes?

Bubbles: What for?

Shad: Please Bubbles?

Bubbles: Shady. There's something I have to te...

Shad: I'll only be a second.

Bubbles: Maybe I'll tell him later. I hope I do. *closes eyes*

Buttercup: *stops jabbing* Hmm? *floats over to Blossom* Is he gonna kiss her?

Blossom: I doubt it.

Buttercup: C'mon. When is he gonna kiss already?

*Shad puts the finishing touches (the clothes) on his plush doll. The result: A squishy little boy just a wee bit taller then the Bubbles plushie. It has gray-white hair identical to Shad's. Same with the silver eyes and light skin. It dons a light-blue t-shirt with a wide black stripe across the middle, blue jeans and white sneakers with blue stripes*

Shad: *puts his creation on Bubbles' lap* You can open your eyes now. I hope she likes it. I never worked on anything harder.

Bubbles: *opens her eyes and sees a plush doll version of Shad sitting on her lap, then gasps*'s...

Shad: I know. The head isn't really big since there wasn't enough cloth. And it was too hard to make fing...*glomped so hard he fell to the ground*

Buttercup: Is there a camera in this room?

Blossom: No. So cute! Too bad you don't have a photographic memory.

Buttercup: Neither do you.

Bubbles: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

*at the basement of Shad's house*

*Claire sits on the chair this time and watches the monitor, finally relieved of her woozieness. Dimitri has a look see as well*

Claire: I was wondering why he'd be interested in a plush doll kit.

Dimitri: Good. No more broken sentences. That doll doesn't look half bad.

Claire: Lantern, save screencap and set as wallpaper. *monitor flashes*

Dimitri: Claire!

Claire: What? It's cute!

Dimitri: I know. I just like the Full Metal Alchemist wallpaper better.

Claire: Oh you and your robot in a loincloth...

Dimitri: IT'S AN APRON! And it's not a robot!

Claire: Then why does he have an apron? What is it hiding if it's just a suit of armor?

Dimitri: You know, I never thought of that. Hey, don't change the subject. Did you get caught back there?

Claire: No. I saw Bunny though.

Dimitri: Yeah. And just how will she come back exactly?

Claire: When the time comes, her sisters will know. They miss her dearly, I'll tell you that much.

Dimitri: *turns to the monitor. It shows Bubbles dragging out Buttercup's boom box from the closet* Would you look at that. Bubbles wants Shad to sing again. Which reminds me, I forgot to give them my second burn CD. Then again, what's the fun of just 2 people singing? Kinda feel sorry for Blossom and Buttercup, being on probation and all.

Claire: Fun of 2 people singing you say? Perhaps I should turn up the volume. *reaches for the knob on the speakers*

Dimitri: Okay I get it! Let's see how this turns out.

*back at the PPG room*

Bubbles: Now which one haven't we sang yet?

Blossom: Try Heart wa Wow Wow.

Buttercup: What kind of song title is...wait, it's Japanese. Never mind. Still don't get it though.

*3 minutes later*

    Ohayou ooki na koe wo dashite
    Machi ni deyou
    Nemurenai yoru wa asa made kakete
    Sawai ja ou itsu datte
    Hame wo hazushite warai tobasou
    Ashita ni yume nukuramasete

    Tsumanai toki issho ni furikitte
    Egao kagayakasou
    Chotto dake tsuyoku narou to harikitte

    HAATO ugokaseba wow wow...
    Tanoshiku nareru kara

    HAATO ga karappo ni narisou na
    Toki wa yonde
    Gochisou tabeta dake de choppiri
    Shiawase da to omoeru yo

    Itsudemo eiyou manten de
    Ashita ni mukawanakucha ne

    Itsumo itsumo genki nande dare datte
    Ari wa shinai kedo

    Itsumo itsumo genki dashite ganbatte
    HAATO ugokaseba wow wow...

    Yukeru yo!

    Tsumanai toki issho ni furikitte
    Egao kagayakasou

    Chotto dake tsuyoku narou to harikitte
    HAATO ugokaseba

    Itsumo itsumo genki nande dare datte
    Ari wa shinaikedo

    Itsumo itsumo genki dashite ganbatte
    HAATO ugokaseba wow wow...
    Sekai ichi wow wow...

    Tobikiri ni..tanoshiku nareru kara

Blossom: *claps* Wow! That's your song right there!

Buttercup: *head under a pillow* Is it over?

Bubbles: Now I know why that song reminds you of me Shady!

Buttercup: *head out of the pillow* Good, so it is over. I'm going to sleep.

Blossom: You?! Going to sleep?

Buttercup: We're grounded remember? I'd play my GBA:SP but the professor took that away. Good night.

Shad: *yawns* I'm sleepy too. Nighty night.

Blossom: Good! Now's my chance to get to the bottom of this. Yeah, let's go to sleep now.

Bubbles: But we just started!

*too late. Shad climbs into Bubbles' side of the bed with his Bubbles plushie in one hand and his blanket in another*

Shad: Maybe if you sleep with that plushie I gave you, you won't...have any...nightmares. *falls fast asleep*

Bubbles: *stares at the Shad plushie* If it works for you...*floats above the bed and lands next to Shad*...maybe it'll work for me. *crawls under the sheets and sees a sleeping Shad* Good night Shady.

*30 minutes later*

*all the kids are fast asleep as their dream bubbles appear above them. However, something pops put of Blossom's bubble. Blossom herself. Or a teeny tiny dream version of her at least, holding a big trophy followed by applause in the background*

Blossom: Okay, I get it. I'm the best speller in the world! Thank you! *shoves the trophy back in her dream bubble*

*Blossom phases inside Shad's dream bubble. She flies through what seems to be endless mist, but it clears up, revealing the same maze that Blossom is high up above...again*

Blossom: Again?! This doesn't make any se...AHHHHHH!! *sharply tugged down towards the center of the maze by an influx of gravity, then crashes*

???: So the leader comes a snooping, does she?

Blossom: *gets up, only to see the Shad look-a-like (i.e. his "other half" not that Blossom knows that)* You!

???: Why did you come back?

Blossom: Look, I happen to know that in dreams time passes quickly so I'll just say it right here. This place I'm in isn't a dream is it?

???: Did you come here to question me?! It's merely a security measure to keep the nightmares out! Honest!

Blossom: Look, the last time I came here I got this weird feeling that this maze is here for something else. And whatever I did the last time I was here was an accident!

???: *giggles* Funny. All the other times the door got blasted open one way or another. Those were accidents too. First it was because you lost control of your attack. Second, Bubbles got a little out of hand with a game of tag.

Blossom: Bubbles came back alone? She never said anything.

???: And then the third. Buttercup beat my security measure and broke the door simply out of carelessness. Now you wish to unearth those memories on purpose!

Blossom: Unearth what?

???: If you're really a friend of Shad, you will leave this place RIGHT NOW!

Blossom: Look, I don't know exactly what you meant by memories or whatever, but Shad's parents are lying to him! There's no exact proof but I'm sure of it! I get this strange feeling that they, particularly Claire, are hiding something! Shad just doesn't believe us! If you just let me see those memories or whatever I might get some answers!

???: *a dark aura swirls around his body* So you can damage his mental state? I don't think so.

Blossom: *shivers* Why do I feel so cold? And I feel...scared? How'd that happen?! I was just fine a minute ago!

???: If you want to go into the maze so badly you'll have to get through me!

Blossom: I-I-I-if you say so? What's wrong with me?

???: Fine. Just had your chance to leave. Now it'll prove impossible. EBONY BLAZE!!!

*a tower of black fire rises up in front of Blossom. Surprised, she fell back down*

Blossom: You think that scares m-m-m-m-me?! I don't get it! I feel like all the...focus and joy got sapped out of me when that aura appeared around him. And these shivers...why would Shad have HIM as a dream guardian!?

???: Got the shivers, Powerpuff Blossom? I thought you'd fight BACK!! *on that last word, he jumps forward and kicks Blossom into the wall*

Blossom: Ugh! that it? I should of dodged that easy! What's happening?!

???: I really don't want to do this. *walks toward a collapsed Blossom* Shad cares a great deal for you superheroes. Yet you keep coming in here to find answers. *grabs hold of Blossom's hair and pulls her up to his face, then speaks in a cold whisper* Answers that shouldn't be etched in your head. No one deserves to see what happened all those years ago! Keep opening that door and the memories will leak out. If Shad remembers everything he will never be the same again!

Blossom: Never be the same? But the last time we were here we didn't even SEE Shad! Buttercup saw the same guy he mentioned though. Bubbles didn't come here on her own yet this guy says she did. Why didn't she say anything? Don't tell me she's on Shad's side on all this! Can't he see we're trying to help him?

???: Look. I'll give you another chance to leave. Just promise to never come here again.

Blossom: I just want some answers.

???: Now a wrong answer.

*seemingly out of nowhere, 2 small spinning blue spheres strike ???, causing him to let go of Blossom and end up crashing at a nearby wall, his dark aura vanishing*

Blossom: *sees a hand stretched at her* Huh? *looks up to see Bubbles and Buttercup in their nightgowns*

Buttercup: Well? Need any help?

Blossom: Do I! *takes Buttercup's hand as she pulls her up from the ground, allowing her to stand* How did...

Bubbles: We decided to stop by your dream bubble but you weren't there!

Buttercup: And you were in a hurry to get to sleep more then usual so...

Blossom: *giggles* I see you're starting to use that brain of yours.

Buttercup: Hey! Never mind about that, why was that Shad look-a-like grabbing hold of you?

*the girls feel a sharp shiver down their spines as they hear what sounds like a geyser erupting coming from the wall where ??? crashed into. Only he was standing, his dark aura back in place and flaring up ferociously*

???: Why must you all come here?! LEAVE!!

Bubbles: But we're not nightmares! We just want to see Shady!

Blossom: Don't bother Bubbles. I don't think he's what he says he is.

???: So you know. No matter. Shad won't believe you. Besides, if you're all really his friends then you'll agree with me.

Bubbles: But we are his friends.

???: I know. *aura starts to simmer down* He seems to have finally adapted to being with other people. And it's all thanks to you Bubbles. *aura vanishes*

Bubbles: You're welcome. I know that Shady likes me likes me though.

???: That I'm aware of. I know his thoughts. His feelings. The question you like him the same way?

Buttercup: Psst. Blossom, weren't we about to fight this guy? What's the deal?

Blossom: I don't know. He seems to have a soft spot for Bubbles. Just like Shad. Maybe if he talks with her long enough we may be able to slip past him.

Buttercup: Yeah. I was thinking that too.

*Blossom and Buttercup tip-toe behind ??? as he continues talking with Bubbles. They sneak to the second corridor and make a break for it*

???: You don't remember?

Bubbles: No. I don't remember coming back here by myself. I played tag with you?

???: She doesn't recall. Wait. That white sphere that kept coming here. It followed Bubbles and got her out of here somehow. Did that wipe her memory? If it can do that...maybe it can erase Shad's old memories so they can never resurface. But if I do that, then... It doesn't matter if you don't remember coming here a second time. What matters is that because of you Shad is finally starting to get over his inferiority complex.

Bubbles: Infer-what?

???: He thinks he's useless with everything and everyone. Used to have a habit of keeping to himself due to thinking he won't be a good friend with anyone. It got a bit worse when he became your friend, but in time, he noticed how normal you all can be.

Bubbles: Of course! We don't use our powers all the time.

???: That I know. Bubbles...if you really do like Shad the same way he likes you, do you think it's right for a superhero a normal person?

Bubbles: Huh? That's what Shad thought. But I...

*before Bubbles can give her answer, the "specter" appears between her and ???*

???: You again!

Bubbles: Isn't that the white ball from the first time we got here? Blossom! Buttercup! It...*tilts her head to the right to take a peek behind ??? only to notice that her sisters aren't there*

???: *to the "specter"* Where do you keep coming from?!

Bubbles: They're gone!

???: *turns around* What?! Those...*the "specter" zooms to the second corridor* Follow it! *grabs Bubbles' hand and follows it*

Bubbles: Why are we following it?

???: I don't know how but it always knows where you girls are in this maze. It's as if that sphere knows it just as well as I do.

Bubbles: It's going too fast!

???: Not for long! Grab on. *glomped by Bubbles* Not that kind. Just don't get scared and keep your eyes off the floor. In fact, just close your eyes.

Bubbles: Weird. His skin feels so cold. Scared of what? *shuts her eyes*

*black tentacles phase out of the floor and entangle Bubbles and ???. They pull the 2 down through the pitch-black ground. Bubbles and ??? then sink into the floor like quicksand*

*in another part of the maze...54 minutes later*

Blossom: *pant pant* We...found it.

Buttercup: Yeah. Think there'll be another giant hand or something?

Blossom: *looks at the newly-fashioned locks on the big door* Doubt it. I mean, look at it!

Buttercup: Yeah. So why are we doing this again?

Blossom: You know how I keep thinking that this place is hiding something?

Buttercup: Yeah.

Blossom: And you know that Shad's parents are hiding something?

Buttercup: From what you said last time, more like they're lying to him. About what?

Blossom: It's not that I know entirely. I might even be wrong. But...*clasps her hands together*...let's just say we'll never know unless we try.

Buttercup: I see. *fist starts to glow a bright green* Let's just hope you're right. You've been wrong a couple times.

???: *voice seems to be coming from everywhere* STOP!!

Blossom: Where did that come from?

Buttercup: Uh, leader girl? *points to the ground* The floor!

*the pitch-black ground around the girls started to ripple. In front of them, a black piller phased out of the ground. It then disintegrated, revealing ??? and Bubbles*

Buttercup: Huh?!

Blossom: How did

Bubbles: Wow! How'd we get here so fast?

???: Hehe. I have full control of this maze. Oh wait, the girls. Bubbles can you stand to the right of them?

Bubbles: Okay. *walks to Blossom's side. Blossom being in the middle, Buttercup at the left side and Bubbles at the right* Ready!

???: You girls look cool in that formation. *giggles* Thank you. Now...all of you get out NOW!

Blossom: Did you have to play along Bubbles?

Bubbles: Sorry. He looks just like Shady. Except for the red eyes.

???: Fine. *dark aura appears around him* Have it your way!

Bubbles: *gasps, then shivers* Wh-wh-why do I feel so scared?

Buttercup: None of this makes any sense. It can't be the maze causing it?

Blossom: But the last time we felt like this was when we all got behi...WAIT A MINUTE! I know who you are!

???: Wh-wh-wh-what?

Bubbles: And so do I!

All 3 girls: You're HIM!

???: Him? You mean the evi...NO! I'm not that guy! He's a weirdo.

Blossom: Well whoever you are, you're definitely not a dream guardian. You'd know we're not nightmares!

???: If you're so desperate as to access Shad's memories, then you are a nightmare!

Blossom: There's no talking to you, is there? *sigh* I really don't want to do this but...*a pink energy sphere appears between her palms* don't leave me with much options. *the sphere starts to expand*

Buttercup: Blossom?

Bubbles: Not again!

???: Not this time Blossom! EBONY BLA...*sees something behind her* YOU!

Blossom: Almost got it right this ti...*the something hits her behind her head* OW!!

Buttercup: *turns around* It's that round thing again!

Blossom: *sees the sphere growing out of control, then has a smug expression on her face* Not again.

*scene zooms out to a bird's eye view of the maze. A huge pink blast shoots up into the black sky, followed by an explosion from where it came from*

Blossom: YES! I DID IT!

Buttercup: Yeah, but it blew up on you...again!

???: Yeah. You did it alr...*hears loud crashing noises, a creaking noise, then turns around to see all the locks on the ground and the door slowly opening* The door! *runs up to it and tries to push it shut* ALL OF YOU GET AWAY FROM HERE!!

Buttercup: Just what I was thinking. C'mon! *runs back to another corridor*

Bubbles: Let's go Blossom! *sees that Blossom is still standing with the "specter" floating next to her* Blossom!

Blossom: You girls don't have to come if you don't want to. As for me, I want some answers!

Buttercup: Forget it, we're a team!

Bubbles: I'm in too!

???: *still struggling to keep the door shut, close to shutting it completely* Why are you still here?!

Blossom: *grabs hold of the "specter"* Something tells me you're our ticket out if things get a little out of hand. Ready girls?

Bubbles and Buttercup: Ready!

Blossom: 3...2...1...NOW!

*the PPG jumps through the small opening in the door, before it's closed completely*

???: NO! *collapses due to exhaustion, then pants heavily* truth? I don't get it. *eyes start to close* Should those memories ever be restored...*falls unconscious*

*in a completely wrecked hallway (the same as before) the girls stand, slightly transparent with the place in black and always*

Bubbles: Is this...

Buttercup: Yeah.

Blossom: *still has the "specter" in hand* The Global Defenders place. But...where is everyone? Are they...*hears the ear-piercing screech as last time* AIEEE!

Bubbles: Not again.

Buttercup: C'mon girls. Let's just get going. We go through stuff in this place.

Blossom: Hey that's my line!

*the PPG walk through the numerous debris. Several sparks fly loose from the broken lights and cameras. One hallway after another, they see the same path of destruction, caused by the black shadow figure no doubt. In some corridors, they see several solders, lying still in puddles of blood. Some with gaping slashes on their chests while others seemed burned from head to toe*

Blossom: *shakes* Why would that thing do this?

Buttercup: H-H-H-Heck if I know.

Bubbles: Girls. When you heard that screech, didn't it sound like it was trying to say something?

Blossom: That screech was completely incoherent! How can we understand it?

Bubbles: I don't know how, but it said something. Something like...well I don't know but...

*just then, the girls stop walking as they hear footsteps. As if someone's running from something*

Bubbles: Who is it?


Blossom: That voice.

Bubbles: Is that...

*they see another figure at the end of a corridor, where all the dead people lay. It's not the black shadow, but it appears to be someone wearing a light gray jacket and has short black hair*

All 3 girls: DIMITRI!?

Dimitri: *looks at the line of bloodied corpses, devastated* My God! What did this!? I know I got a distress call but...

???: Dimitri! Did you find him?!

*a lady wearing a coat over her nightgown runs up to Dimitri. She has a long ponytail*

Bubbles: Claire!

Blossom: What are they doing here? *notices that the "specter" is shaking in her hands* Hey, what's with you?

Claire: What happened here?! Where's our boy?!

Dimitri: Your guess is as good as mind. Shad's nowhere to be found in this section either.

???: Dimitri! Claire!

*the Powerpuffs see a third man. Only this one seems to be wearing a labcoat with an X at the lower left side and carrying a wounded man in a suit*

Dimitri: Cranston! What happened to Brisbane?!

Buttercup: It's that guy! I saw him the last time I came here!

Bubbles: And he's in that photo Shady has!

Blossom: *tries to keep the "specter" from shaking so much* What is all this? If Shad's parents are here then where's Shad?

*a loud screeching scream echoes through the halls. However, it sounds louder then usual, as if it's close*

Claire: *turns to her right and sees a shadowed figure*MY GOD WHAT'S THAT?!

Cranston: Get to the lab now!

*Dimitri, Claire, and Cranston (with an unconscious Brisbane in tow) run through the corridor, narrowly evading a charge attack from the figure. The 3 run through (literally of course) the PPG themselves and turn to the next hall*

Buttercup: B-B-B-Blossom? We have a problem here!

*the PPG are at one side of the hallway, the black shadow at the other end, his red eyes showing no signs of restraint*

Blossom: Wait a minute.

Buttercup: Yeah, can we go now?

Blossom: Doesn't that so-called "monster" seem a bit...short? And shaped like a person?

Buttercup: So?

Bubbles: Yeah, I was thinking that too.

*the black shadow screeches again, then charges through the PPG and continues his pursuit of Dimitri and the others, leaving behind trails of fire as they combust into multiple explosions!*

Bubbles: AIEEE!!

Blossom: Don't worry! N-n-n-nothing can hurt us here!

Buttercup: That thing is after Shad's parents for some reason! Why is that?!

Bubbles: *tears about to fall from her eyes* And where's Shady?

Blossom: *the "specter" breaks free from Blossom's hand* AHH! Hold on you! We're not ready to leave yet!

Bubbles: But I'm scared!

*the "specter" expands and sucks in the PPG, then shrinks again. The surrounding area distorts and swirls until it's all pitch black. Then it shoots up until it phases out of Shad's dream bubble and deposits the girls back into their own dream bubbles and goes back into its "lantern." That's when Blossom wakes up*

Blossom: WHOA! *cold sweat drips from her forehead as she shivers* Wh-wh-why do I feel so scared? *tears roll from her eyes* Those things we keep seeing...I wanted to get to the bottom of this...but something about it all gets gets...what do all these things have to do with Shad? *looks at Shad, sleeping peacefully* How does he not see any of it?

End of Chapter 35!
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Chapter 35 completed! 3 words: LONGEST. CHAPTER. YET! Although I think I missed a few parts. Meh, better luck another chapter.

As for the Bubbles/Shad duet/Bubbles' theme song: Listen I say! As for the BGM for the other scenes...I'm still deciding.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Midori » Sat Dec 10, 2005 9:37 pm

Is good.
Nice duet.
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That's okay. If you're busy, then you're busy. ^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Okay, let's not drag this on any longer. I was planning...stuff.

Chapter 36:

*PPG household 10:53AM*

*the girls and Shad are having breakfast in the kitchen. Blueberry waffles with French toast. The "lantern" is at the center of the table*

Professor Utonium: *notices Bubbles' new plush doll on the table* Bubbles? When did you get that?

Bubbles: You can't tell? It's my Shady plushie!

Blossom: Shad made it for her using that plush doll kit he won at the arcade.

Professor Utonium: So that's what you and Buttercup were trying to get. That is, until...

Buttercup: Yeah yeah, we know. We got out of hand and Shad got it by himself. Why didn't you tell us?

Shad: Uh...I can't remember?

Blossom: Admit it: You just wanted some alone time with Bubbles. Is that it?

Shad: *blushes, then chokes on his waffle* Hack! *piece of waffle sinks down to his stomach* Uh...I remember now! You and Buttercup looked like you were having fun playing skeeball! I didn't want to stop the game.

Bubbles: That's sweet Shady.

Shad: Not as sweet as you Bubbles.

Bubbles: What?

Shad: I mean, not as sweet as this honey! Yeah, it goes good with waffles!

Buttercup: HA! We heard what you said! We have it on tape!

Blossom: No we do...*elbowed in the rib* OOF!

Buttercup: *whispers* Shut up!

Professor Utonium: That's enough of that. If Shad likes Bubbles then it's no harm.

Buttercup: I know. I just like to bluff stuff sometimes. Besides you should've seen him crying the other day.

Blossom: Buttercup!

Professor Utonium: Let's just change the subject. I checked the mail a few minutes ago. You all have mail regarding your schoolwork. *takes out 5 envelopes and passes 4. Each one to Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Shad*

Buttercup: You mean it's open?!

Blossom: Just open it before you assume. *opens envelope and sees a report card* Cool! I got...B+?! Everything is an A but how did I get B+ in writing?

Buttercup: Huh? Greeeaaaaat!! I have straight Ds.

Bubbles: Oooh. I have 3 Bs, 2 Cs.

Professor Utonium: Shad, what about your grades?

Shad: I don't have one.

Bubbles: Huh?

Shad: My letter says something about a place called Megasville Elementary.

Bubbles: Uh-oh!

Professor Utonium: Whoa!! *snatches the letter back* Sorry. Must've given you the wrong one. Here's your letter. *gives Shad the correct envelope*

Shad: Huh? I A+

Bubbles: A+ in art?!

Buttercup: *snatches Shad's report card* Whoa! Shad got A+ in EVERYTHING!

Blossom: What? Lemme see! *reaches for the report card*

Shad: Hey give it back! It's nothing! I was just lucky.

Blossom: Great, there you go again, being overmodest.

Buttercup: Yeah, you beat Blossom's grade by one subject! That's something I've been trying to pull of since...well, ever.

*meanwhile, at Shad's house*

*Dimitri keeps a close eye on Shad via the monitor and "lantern" as usual, with a breakfast tray on his lap*

Dimitri: Guess that 'I before E' quote I kept telling him did the trick, at least for his spelling. Didn't think he'd get straight A+ in everything.

Claire: *comes in the basement* What was that?

Dimitri: Shad outranked Blossom in school. Straight A+

Claire: What?! OUR Shad? *pushes the chair that Dimitri is sitting on to the side and gets a closer look at the monitor* You're right. Didn't think we had a little genius in the family.

Dimitri: I wouldn't say genius. It's only kindergarten after all. He'll be in first grade right with the Powerpuffs at Townsville Elementary. Although I'm a little surprised he got such a good score in art. You didn't really show him the full art of sewing.

Claire: He just picked up my skill. How else was he able to make that plush doll for Bubbles?

Dimitri: "Picked up your skill?" By which you mean he got it on your side of the gene pool, provided that you knew how to sew back in your younger days...which you didn't.

Claire: Don't remind me. Back then I had to save my allowence just for band-aids.

Dimitri: *spots a small square at the lower-right corner of the monitor* Oh...PERFECT!! *slams his hand on the desk, causing the monitor to wobble a bit* Who knew THIS would come back to bite me in the ass?!

Claire: What?

Dimitri: Remember when I hacked into the Global Defenders mainframe a while back?

Claire: You did it to save Shad.

Dimitri: Yeah. *the small square flashes the words: FOREIGN INTRUSION AT THE FRONT FIREWALL!! Dimitri sighs, slightly frustrated* I just didn't think I'd be tracked at all!

*meanwhile, at the Global Defenders HQ*

*in a wide training room, the Rowdyruffs...well, train. :P Bricks punches a steel punching bag repeatadly, Butch zaps flying discs with his laser vision, and Boomer sits in front of the computer that controls the difficulty levels*

Butch: *stops zapping* Boomer I thought you were gonna make the discs faster!

Boomer: Uh...yeah. Funny thing just happened. I tried to up the settings and stuff but I forgot how.

Bricks: *stops punching* C'mon! It's not that hard. *walks to the computer and sees the monitor flashing the words: HACKER TRAIL FOUND*

Boomer: I was pressing a bunch of stuff and it found some numbers. That's when those words popped up.

Bricks: Hacker? Why does that sound familiar?

Butch: Wasn't the Doc all ticked about that a while back?

Boomer: Yeah. Something called a hacker made everything all screwy.

Bricks: And Brisbane had a hard time finding him. Maybe those 5 digits are a clue.

Butch: 11453. Is it an address or something?

Bricks: Don't know, but if it has anything to do with finding whoever it was that hacked in here we better show it to Brisbane pronto.

*time lapses as the scene shifts to Brisbane's office. He almost spits out his coffee upon hearing what Boomer said*

Boomer: It was an accidnet Dr. Brisbane.

Dr. Brisbane: YOU found the hacker's trail?!

Bricks: Like he said, by accident. Some numbers showed up too. Butch?

Butch: Yeah yeah, I got it. *gives Brisbane a piece of paper with the numbers on it*

Dr. Brisbane: Hmm. 11453? 5 digits? Could this be...well Dimitri. It seems you have much to learn about hacking. Perhaps this will teach you not to play the hero. Excellent work Rowdyruffs! You're dismissed.

Butch: *smacks Boomer in the back* Way to go! Looks like you actually did something good for the Doc for once.

Dr. Brisbane: Excuse me?

Butch: I mean, Dr. Brisbane. I miss slang.

*back at the Powerpuff household (backyard) 12:28PM*

Bubbles: Okay Shady! As celebration for your super-duper grades, we'll do what YOU want to do!

Shad: Again? Okay.

Blossom: Fly in the sky? Check out our garden? Run through the sprinklers? Go to Tokyo Tow...wait, we can't go there. Darn probation.

Shad: Now that I think of it, there's one thing I keep forgetting to ask you. *takes out glasses from his pocket*

Buttercup: If you have glasses then why don't you wear them?

Shad: I don't wear them all the time. Mommy says I only use them if I read stuff that has tiny words.

Blossom: Oh. You're nearsighted then.

Shad: Bubbles, remember that time when you had to wear glasses? And you had to fight that giant ant?

Bubbles: Uh-huh.

Shad: I kinda saw how you wouldn't put your glasses on because you look like a dork with them on and they were too big for you...even for your big eyes. But when you did put them on and used your laser blast, it got big! *gives glasses to Bubbles* Can you do it again?

Bubbles: Again? Uh...will these glasses work? *puts Shad's glasses on*

Shad: Just try. It'll work.

Blossom: Are you sure about that? The only reason Bubbles pulled off that big eye blast during that fight with the giant ant is because her glasses were really thick.

Buttercup: Meh. Maybe it'll be, what's the word, a moment that'll be sentimental. What's that word I'm looking for?

Blossom: You got it right the first time.

Bubbles: *lies down on the grass, head face up* Ready!

Shad: 3...2...

*back at Shad's house*

*Dimitri reads the newspaper while Claire takes a nap in her bedroom*

Dimitri: So the main roads won't be done until the end of the week. Finally...*hears a loud WHOOSH sound from outside* What the?!

*Dimitri runs outside to see a large red piller of energy shooting up from behind the Powerpuff household and into the sky. In a few seconds it subsides, narrowing until it's paper thin, then vanishes*

Dimitri: :shock: What. The. Hell.

*back at the backyard of the Powerpuff household*

Shad: COOL! Do it again! Do it again!

Bubbles: Shady...

Blossom: She can't do it again.

*Bubbles stands up and hands Shad his glasses. At least they were glasses, but the lens are shattered*

Shad: Oopsie. How'll I explain this to mommy and daddy?!

Bubbles: Don't worry Shady. Say it's my fault. It was my idea.

Buttercup: It IS your fault. And it IS your idea.

Blossom: I don't know. Until school opens again you probably won't need them. You just need new ones. Besides, you look kinda cute when you're not hiding behind those wide specks.

Bubbles: They're not that wide.

Shad: *holds broken glasses upright* It's hard to tell now.

Professor Utonium: *from inside* Girls! Shad! I need you in the lab!

*scene shifts to the lab. The kids sit in front of a desk with a blackboard that has complex equations and such on it. On the desk is the bottle of bubble fluid that healed the girls' wounds the other day and a beaker with ice in it. The ice cubes seemed to be faintly glowing a dim pink. The professor stands next to the desk holding a microscope*

Shad: Isn't that the bubble parade fluid from last time?

Bubbles: Are those ice cubes glowing?

Professor Utonium: Funny you should ask those questions. I've been running a few tests on both of them, followed by a few extractions. *puts the microscope in front of Blossom, along with 2 slides* Put one of those under the microscope, will you Blossom?

Blossom: Sure professor.

*Blossom puts a slide under the microscope and looks into it. She sees magnified molecules of the bubble fluid. She zooms in, and sees a few black dots that vanish and appear when the bubble fluid glows and dims a dull pink*

Blossom: Is that...

Bubbles: Can I see?

*the kids each take turns looking through the microscope, then pass it back to the professor*

Professor Utonium: Now...*switches to another slide with a pebble of ice on it* try looking at this.

*Blossom zooms in on the ice, only to see the same black dots that disappear and reappear with each glow and dim of its pink due, although the occasional glowing gets dimmer still*

Blossom: I don't get it.

Professor Utonium: *holds up the bottle of bubble fluid* Shad, who gave this to you?

Shad: My mommy did. That's a special kind of bubble parade that took away all the owies and stuff from the Powerpuffs.

Professor Utonium: I thought so. And this *holds up the beaker full of ice* I got last night when my head was killing me after...

Blossom: Buttercup did it, not me!

Buttercup: No way! That was your skee...

Professor Utonium: That's not the point! I went to Shad's house to see if Claire or Dimitri has something that can ease the swelling. Claire gave me this ice. Oddly enough, when I put it on my head the swelling and headache went down in 15 minutes.

Blossom: Whoa! That's some ice!

Professor Utonium: What I'm trying to get at is that...

Blossom: *raises hand* I know! Those black dots we saw through the mircroscope, they're Chemical X aren't they?

Buttercup: So Claire does have powers!

Shad: No she doesn't! Mr. Utonium, those black dots are probably something else. Mommy got the bubble fluid at a yard sale. Or was it a garage sale? Can't remember. And she's a nurse, so that's probably some...uh...special ice that makes headaches go away!

Blossom: Here we go again.

Professor Utonium: The garage sale fib was a bit lacking but you may have a point about the medicated ice theory.

Shad: Mommy's a nurse, so she finds ways to make people feel better. Maybe she made the ice and the healing bubbles by herself and didn't tell me. Probably because the healing bubbles are a birthday gift or something. Or it's because I didn't get a boo-boo and didn't need it.

Buttercup: For the love of...don't you ever at least grow another brain stem and actually listen to what you're saying?! Just think!

Shad: I did think! I think about a few things, like why daddy's friend doesn't visit anymore. But mommy and daddy didn't answer, so I stopped asking. Then there's that dream I had when that man told me my mommy has powers, but daddy says it was a dream so it's not real or true. They know what's best for me and stuff. They wouldn't lie to me. They're good people and only bad people lie. Right Bubbles?

Bubbles: *gulp* Uh...yes? Maybe I should tell him.

Blossom: Which makes me worry what'll happen if you find out the truth the hard way. Guess telling him he was kidnapped won't do much.

Buttercup: Fine! Believe what you want to believe! When you grow some self-thinking or something that'll tell you that something isn't right, I'll be in my room! *storms out of the lab*

Blossom: Buttercup, c'mon! That's a bit harsh.

Shad: Mr. Utonium. Do you think my parents are bad people?

Professor Utonium: No! But the girls do have a point. You shouldn't be TOO trus...

Shad: But I DO trust them!! Mommy and daddy said that lying is bad and they wouldn't do a bad thing! I keep saying that and you try to do something to make them look bad!

Professor Utonium: That's not what I'm...

Bubbles: Shady! Calm down. I think you need a nap. A nice long nap.

Shad: I guess. I'm feeling a little cranky. I just hate it when people call my mommy and daddy bad. They love me.

*as Bubbles takes Shad out of the lab, the professor puts away the bubble fluid and ice in a cabinet, then takes out a photo of himself, Cranston, Dimitri and Claire in their high school days*

Professor Utonium: *sigh* Dimitri. Claire. Just what are you hiding from your son? Is it so bad that you have to lie to him?

End of Chapter 36.

Added after 11 hours 8 minutes:

Chapter 36 completed!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Dec 13, 2005 7:20 pm

Chapter 37:

*Powerpuff household 1:21PM*

*Blossom is at the front lawn holding a clipboard and peering into the cracks of a sidewalk while Buttercup just stands there, bored. Shad is taking a nap and Bubbles is inside as well*

Blossom: Cool! A red ant!

Buttercup: *sigh*

Blossom: Oooh, what big pincers you have.

Buttercup: *deep sigh*

Blossom: Is that the queen? Wait, no it's not.

Buttercup: That's it! I'll just ask it right here: Why are you looking at ants?!

Blossom: A personal project. I'm thinking that once we go back to kindergarten we won't have much time left to make up all the stuff we missed these past few weeks. So I'm researching ant behavior. I hand in my work and I get extra credit the instant I enter first grade.

Buttercup: Oh, I see. You're jealous because Shad got better grades then you.

Blossom: Actually it's more because of us accidentally wrecking the arcade and being ground and on probation. So seeing as we're stuck here, I'm just as bored as you are. *sees a line of ants marching to an anthill* Oooh! Take me to your leader! *giggles and runs to the anthill*

Buttercup: Funny. You don't look bored. *kicks the ground* Stupid Shad. He doesn't get it. Here we are trying to help him and he wouldn't even at least tell him what we saw in his dream. But Blossom keeps saying that it isn't a dream. Ugh! My head hurts! Again! Man, this is so confusing!

Blossom: Aw, they're all gone. I wonder if the professor can let me use that nano-ray.

*scene shifts to outside of the PPG room. The door opens to reveal Bubbles exiting the room, leaving Shad to his nap*

Bubbles: Poor Shady. Everything we try to do only makes it worse. Are his parents really lying to him? Maybe they are. Shady doesn't know he got kidnapped because Mr. Staydamind told him it was a dream. But did Shady think that before he was saved? Why was he kidnapped in the first place? Perhaps it had something to do with that accident. But the professor says Shady doesn't have powers even though he got Chemical X spilled on him. Why is that? Maybe it has something to do with Mrs. Staydamind having powers somehow. But does she? Then there's those scary stuff we keep seeing in his least I think they're dreams. And with all of this stuff there's still something I have to say to him. But what if he gets sad? That we have to leave soon? He wanted to start first grade with all of us but because of that earthquake...that won't happen. It's only better if I tell him before it's too late. The professor says he has our reservation stuff set up. But how do I tell him in a way that he can understand and stuff? "We're moving to Megasville Shady, but you can visit us someday." Nah, that's not good. *sigh* And just when we were having so much fun.

*meanwhile, at Shad's house*

Dimitri: *trying to shake Claire awake* Claire! Claire wake up! Something happened at Adric's house and...great, sawing logs like a baby. *shouts in Claire's ear* WAKE UP!! *punched in the nose*

Claire: *wakes up* Who's there?! You dare sneak up on a fighter?! *grabs Dimitri and prepares to literally toss him through the door*


Claire: *snaps out of it* Huh? OH! Sorry Dimitri. *puts Dimitri down* Guess I was still stuck in my dream. Still, why wake me up?

Dimitri: Some red energy pillar rose up from behind Adric's place. It's a long shot but...

Claire: Global Defenders? No way, they can't be that quick! All they took was our mailing address. Brisbane is still going to have a hard time finding us.

Dimitri: *sigh* Nevertheless, I just want to check on things.

Claire: How about this: I'll check on Shad and you relax your shorty little self.

Dimitri: I'm not...never mind. Guess I've been a bit off since having a hard time getting to college. Maybe I'll try taking the detour again...the same one...the one that's clogged up with excess traffic since that APE caused the earthquake!

Claire: Relax. You take your nap *walks to a drawer and opens it* and I'll just...*when she reaches for her hand mirror, Claire sees 3 tiny twinkling dots floating in the drawer. One pink, one blue, and one green* ARE THOSE...

Dimitri: What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost?

Claire: *quickly snatches the 3 dots and runs out of the room* Of all the...I KNEW I forgot something! Nothing Dimitri! Have a nice day! *closes the door and leaves the house*

Dimitri: Now what's gotten into her?

*back at the Powerpuff household (front yard)*

Blossom: *writing something on a clipboard* Okay, that's 1 page down. And if Buttercup can stop picking on the ants...

Buttercup: It was an accident! I thought I kicked a rock.

Blossom: Now these poor things have to evacuate their larvae.


Buttercup: Thought they were larva.

Claire: Blossom!

Blossom: *turns around and sees an exhausted Claire, who looked like she ran a mile* Hi Mrs. Staydamind.

Claire: Is that a clipboard?

Blossom: Yeah. I'm doing a little project.

Buttercup: About ants!

Claire: You got a project with your report card?

Blossom: No. It's just that I'm...hold on. How did you know we got our report cards today?

Claire: Oops. Just a quick hunch. *pats Blossom on the head*

Blossom: *feels a slight tingle in her head* Wooo. What was that?

Claire: *walks to Buttercup* What was what? And how are you doing Buttercup?

Buttercup: Bored.

Claire: Aw. Are you still grounded? *pats Buttercup on the head*

Buttercup: *feels the same tingle in the head as Blossom* Huh? *holds head, feeling a bit dizzy* Wooooo.

Claire: Where's Bubbles?

Blossom: She's inside.

Claire: Thank you.

*Claire walks past the girls and inside the house. She then opens her hand, revealing one tiny blue dot*

Claire: Just one more...

Bubbles: One more what?

*Claire looks down and sees a pair of big blue eyes*

Claire: *jumps back in surprise* Waugh!

Bubbles: *giggles* Shaddy does that too.

Claire: So he does. *about to insert the "probe" in Bubbles' head via patting her head*

Bubbles: How much does Shaddy remember?

Claire: What?

Bubbles: I remember Shaddy saying a few days ago that he doesn't remember anything from before he was 4 years old. He says he keeps asking you but he said that you told him not to ask or never mind. Why?

Claire: I need you to NOT tell this to anyone. *bends down to her height* Understand?

Bubbles: But...

Claire: Understand?!

Bubbles: ...fine.

Claire: Listen and listen good. Something happened to Shad. Something big. So big that he doesn't remember for some reason.

Bubbles: Why don't you tell him?

Claire: He's better off not remembering! That's all I'm saying. Got it?

Bubbles: Got it...I guess.

Claire: Good girl. *pats Bubbles on the head, transmitting the "probe" into her head* I'll be heading out now. Bye. *leaves the house*

Bubbles: Woooo. Why do I feel so dizzy?

Claire: *crossing the street* Okay, the only visible side effect is dizziness. Hope those "probes" don't have any other side effects. Without them, all that I've did last night would've been for nothing. Still...if this does work... *giggles* Boy oh boy am I going to rub it in Dimitri's face!

End of Chapter 37.

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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:40 pm

Over 2,000 views?! BOOYAH!! But what's with the sudden drought of comments? Anywho, we're almost at the end...of the first part that is. ;)

Chapter 38:

*Powerpuff household (front yard) 3:34PM*

Blossom: *finishes scribbling on the clipboard* That should do it.

Buttercup: Now you're done?! It took you 2 hours!

Blossom: Point being?

Buttercup: Point being, I'm bored! You wouldn't even be doing this ant stuff if we weren't grounded because of you.

Blossom: And you!

Buttercup: *opens the door* Whatever.

*Blossom and Buttercup walk inside the house. They see Bubbles float-pacing (think that ball from Pong going back and forth :P) left and right in the living room*

Bubbles: "Sorry I didn't tell you before Shaddy, but we're moving. I'll write to you!" No that's not good. "Bad news Shaddy: We're moving to Megasville. It's a bit far but maybe you can visit us." That won't do either! "Shaddy, the professor says we have to see the world and stuff. So well be back whenever." NO! I can't think of anything!

Blossom and Buttercup: You haven't TOLD HIM yet?!

Bubbles: Eeep!

Blossom: You were supposed to tell Shad we're moving a week ago! We leave for Megasville next week!

Buttercup: Okay, I'm confused. Why can't we tell Shad?

Blossom: Confused already? 2 reasons: The first being that Shad is a bit more friendly with Bubbles then with us. The second being that Bubbles lost in rock-paper-scissors, so she has to tell Shad.

Buttercup: That and Shad's a little peeved at us for calling his parents liars. What, did he forget that he told us himself that he doesn't remember anything from before he was 4?! Why is that?

Bubbles: Do I have to tell him?

*upstairs, Shad exits the PPG room, rubbing is eye a bit. He hears indistinct chatter coming from downstairs. Shad walks to the stairs and crouches down to takes a peek. He sees the PPG, seemingly arguing about something*

Bubbles: But Shaddy was looking forward to starting first grade with us. If I tell him that...

Blossom: And if you don't tell him what do you think will happen if he wakes up and doesn't see us?

Buttercup: If we can't convince Shad that his parents are hiding something, then...well...don't know what to say after that but if you can't convince him, then tell him that we WON'T be here come the week after this one! We won't be together in elementary school!

Shad: *gasp*

Bubbles: Huh? *looks at the top of the stairs and sees nothing* I thought I heard...fine. I'll tell him. But what if...

Blossom: It's for the best. Besides, we don't want to lie to him. Just do so by next week.

Buttercup: Make it short and sweet if you have to.

Bubbles: What do you think I was trying to do before YOU CAME IN!?!

Buttercup: Well soooooooorry! Geez.

*Bubbles flies up the stairs as Blossom and Buttercup look on*

Blossom: Calm down. Bubbles won't stop until she finds a way to tell him.

Buttercup: I know, but when the heck is that?

Blossom: Before we pack up we hope.

*meanwhile, in the PPG room*

Bubbles: *opens the door and walks in* Shaddy? Are you awake?

*Shad lays on the bed, all curled up and wide awake*

Bubbles: There you are! Done napping already?

Shad: *sniff* Do you hate me?

Bubbles: What?!

Shad: I...I heard all of you talking. That we won't go to first grade together. It's because of me.

Bubbles: Shaddy it's no...

Shad: But I kept yelling at them! And they kept saying my mommy and daddy are liars! No matter how much I keep telling them that they don't lie they do something to make me think that they do lie, when they don't!

Bubbles: Maybe it's because you don't remember anything from before you turned 4. Why is that?

Shad: I don't know! I always wondered why that is and wondered about a few things! But mommy and daddy won't tell me and I don't know why. And Blossom and Buttercup might not be friends with me anymore because I won't listen to them. So they'll probably go to a different school!

Bubbles: That's not it! Wait, yes it is! How do I say it?

Shad: At least you don't think my parents are liars. It always looks like you're the only one who understands what I always say.

Bubbles: Uh...maybe you should ask your parents again. Aren't there pictures or something about what you can't remember?

Shad: I never asked. I always thought I should only listen to mommy and daddy, and only ask what they want to answer.

Bubbles:! That's not true at all!

Shad: What?

Bubbles: You have to think for yourself! You can't listen to your mommy and daddy all the time. No wonder Buttercup got so mad at you.

Shad: But...

Bubbles: You're going to be a big boy in first grade. And the older kids start to choose things for themselves and stuff.

Shad: You mean something like keep asking?

Bubbles: I guess. If not remembering something is bothering you then tell your parents. Keep asking until they tell you even a tiny bit.

Shad: I guess I can do that.

Bubbles: Yeah. And there's something else I have to tell you. Here goes. Hope I got this right.

Shad: Is she going to say she likes me? Maybe even kiss me again?!

Bubbles: Shaddy...I don't know how to say this the right way, but...

*just outside the room, Blossom and Buttercup take a peek through the small creak in the door*

Blossom: This is it.

Buttercup: Better not screw up Bubbles.

Bubbles: It's really hard for me to say this ever heard of a place called Megasville?

*Shad hears a loud thud from outside the room, followed by 2 frustrated groans*

Shad: What was...Megasville? Not a lot. Only that it's far.

Bubbles: Well it's sort of like a sister city (whatever that means) to this place, Townsville.

Shad: Yeah. Daddy said that one time.

Bubbles: Did Mr. Staydamind ever say anything called "broaden your horizons" or something?

Shad: No. I don't think he did.

Bubbles: Um...the professor says we need to broaden our minds and the sooner the better. He says seeing the world outside Townsville is the best way to start. And to begin, we go to Megasville.

Shad: So you're all going on a trip. Can I come? And how long?

Bubbles: can't come. The professor says it's thingy. And...*gulp*...I don't know how long we'll be gone either.

Shad: *notices a bit of sadness in Bubbles' eyes* What's wrong?

Bubbles: I guess it's because I'll *shakes a bit* miss you.

Shad: But it's a trip. So you'll come back some time right? And then we can play together and stuff. Right?

Bubbles: *starts sobbing, then glomps Shad*

Shad: Bubbles! What's wro...

Bubbles: I'm sorry Shaddy. I'm...s-s-sorry. *lets go of Shad and speeds out of the room*

Shad: Bubbles? Why was she crying? And I feel...I feel sad too. Like I'm about to cry. Why is that? Bubbles said it was just a trip so she and her sisters will be back...won't they?

*just outside the PPG room*

Blossom: Poor Bubbles. She almost had it too.

Buttercup: Had it? To me she nailed it...sort of. I just hope Shad got the message.

End of Chapter 38.

It's almost done now.
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Wed Dec 14, 2005 4:58 pm

Cool update. ^_^

I finally catched up. Damn straight I did. :snoogins:
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