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Postby Azumand The Wise » Sun Nov 20, 2005 8:05 pm

No no no, i am very sorry all those answers are wrong...the correct answer is: Who gives a damn?

Sorry couldn't resist, watched the Triumph and Star Wars . lol
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sun Nov 20, 2005 8:33 pm

Hey, just doing it for fun. If it'll make you feel better I'll try and get some of chapter 20 up. But I'm still keeping the mini-quiz open! Because I say I can. :P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:10 am

So while the quiz stays open for those who'll take it...

Chapter 20: Bubble Parade!

*Powerpuff household. PPGs room*

*the PPG and Shad stare at the tad exorbitantly large suitcase-styled bag the professor left them*

Blossom: Shad, your stuff's in there?

Shad: I think so. But I didn't think there would be a lot of stuff.

Buttercup: Geez, look at the size of this thing! Did your dad pack your whole room or what? *tries to pry open the bag, but to no avail*

Bubbles: There's a zipper right there.

Buttercup: Oh. I knew that. *unzips the bag*

Shad: Thanks. *lifts open the top half*

*inside are various clothes neatly folded and tucked at the bottom half. shirts at the left and shorts tucked away at the right. Between the clothes are plastic zip-lock bags containing soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a small bottle containing a light pink liquid, and deodorant. Just above the bag lies a gray towel. At the top half are pockets containing a CD, night-light, slippers, socks, and a blanket*

Buttercup: Man, it looks bigger inside then at the outside!

Blossom: Guess your dad really wanted you to be prepared. Although the towel and toothpaste are a bit much. We have tho...

Bubbles: Night-light! You never told me you had a night-light Shady! What color is it?

Shad: It's blue.

Bubbles: That's my color!

Blossom: Aren't night-lights a brighter color?

Shad: Yeah. I sort of like blue. *stares at the towel and blanket* And sometimes gray.

Buttercup: Whatever, let's just put all this stuff in our drawers.

Shad: Huh? Why?

Buttercup: It'll be faster then just zipping and unzipping over and over again, duh!

Shad: Is there room?

Bubbles: Of course!

Shad: Okay. *takes out CD and puts it on top of the drawers*

Blossom: What's that?

Shad: It's a music CD.

Buttercup: *putting Shad's clothes in the drawer* What song?

Shad: Don't know. It doesn't have anything written on it. *takes out plastic bag with toothbrush and toothpaste then heads for the door* Where's the bathroom?

Bubbles: Wait, I'll take you.

Buttercup: Whoa, Shad. You forgot your...*Bubbles and Shad exit the room*...towel. >.< Might as well get it to him myself. *takes towel out only to uncover what appears to be a silver walkie-talkie. It's in the shape of a square instead of a rectangle. It doesn't seem to have an atenna and has what appears to be a glass circle in the center. It also has a sticky note stuck to it* Blossom?

Blossom: Yeah?

Buttercup: *takes out device* What's this supposed to be?

Blossom: Looks like a walkie-talkie, but it doesn't look like any walkie-talkie I've ever seen. Where's the atenna? And what's with the glass circle?

*Bubbles and Shad re-enter the room*

Shad: Your bathroom is big. Was that bubble soap I saw?

Bubbles: Uh-huh. We add bubbles in the bath sometimes. Get it? Bubbles?

Shad: The bathtub's really big too. Like that joke. Knock knock.

Bubbles: Who's there?

Shad: Dwayne.

Bubbles: Dwayne who?

Shad: Dwayne the tub, I'm drowning!

Bubbles: *giggles*

Buttercup: Yeah, hate to break up the pun-fest but what's this? *shows Shad the strange walkie-talkie*

Shad: Never saw this before. There's a note on it. It says...

Sticky note: Keep this with you at all times. As long as you have it, you'll be safe. Don't let your curiousity get to you. Dimitri and Claire.

Buttercup: You're with us Shad! Of course you'll be safe.

Bubbles: What's with that part about curiosity? I don't get it.

Shad: Don't know. I'm just fine with you girls, but if mommy and daddy says I have to keep this dohicky-thingy with me, I'll do it. They know what's best.

Blossom: Hmm.

Professor Utonium: *yelling from the kitchen* Girls! Bathtime!

Blossom: Just in time. We'll play rock paper scissors to see who goes in first.

Buttercup: Let me be last. Let me be last. Let me be last

Shad: Yeah. About that. *stares at their hands...again* How do...

Bubbles: No rock paper scissors! Let Shad go first. He's a guest here.

Shad: Um...I don't know.

Bubbles: What?

Shad: I can'*whispers in Bubbles' ear*

Bubbles: Aw.

Buttercup: What is it?

Bubbles: He says he hates baths!

Blossom: Huh?!

Buttercup: Hah! Can't blame you for that.

Shad: That's not what I said! I said that I hate baths unless mommy does it for me. Or daddy. They take turns.

Blossom: Yeah. Aren't there other conditions?

Shad: Well I usually take a bath with anyone just as long as they're...*blushes*...nice. Or something. Only mommy and daddy do it though.

Buttercup: Well the professor might do it...if he isn't cooking right now.

Bubbles: So the only ones who can do it is...

Blossom:*everyone looks at each other*


*bathroom, five minutes later*

*Shad is currently in the tub filled with lukewarm water and his eyes are closed shut*

Shad: Now?

???: NO! Stupid janken!

*Shad kept his eyes closed for another half minute until he heard a light splash in the water*

???: Now.

*Shad opens his eyes to see...Buttercup. All red in the face, hair down and a pouty expression*

Shad: Sorry.

Buttercup: Meh. Let's just get this over with.

Shad: Yeah, but how did you lose?

Buttercup: Never mind. *squirts shampoo on her hair and scrubs it, then gives the bottle to Shad*

Shad: You don't like baths either do you? *scrubs shampoo on his hair*

Buttercup: What's it to you?

Shad: I think I remember this one time you didn't take a bath for a long time and your stink made everyone so mad. Even monsters wouldn't fight you.

Buttercup: Yeah. That's the ONLY reason why I bother getting in this tub. So no one will complain about any weird smell. Pass the soap.

Shad: *grabs soap bar from the tiny alcove* Hmm. I have a better idea. *takes the small bottle of pink liquid from under the sink* Me and mommy do this all the time.

Buttercup: Do what all the time?

Shad: She says it makes bubbly fun and gets us clean all at the same time. *squirts the bubble fluid on the soap bar and drops it in the water*

Buttercup: Nothing's happening.

Shad: Wait for it.

*the soap bar disintegrated. Soon after that, tiny bubbles began to rise up to the surface, rapidly growing larger and larger until they rose out of the water. Next thing, there were many bubbles floating around the tub, on the water, and even some sticking to the 2 kids. With the light shining through them, the bubbles flickered all 7 colors of the rainbow*

Buttercup: Hey, it won't come off!

Shad: That's supposed to happen. The bubbles stay on us and around us until we're squeaky clean. I call it Bubble Parade!

Buttercup: Cool! Hey, I'll race ya. *pops a bubble*

Shad: No you don't! *pops another bubble*

*just outside the bathroom, Blossom and Bubbles wait for their turn as they hear popping noises from inside and...giggling?!*

Blossom: Oooooooooooookay...what're they doing? o.O

Bubbles: Hmm. *uses her x-ray on the door to see...* NO FAIR! Why didn't I lose?! :angry:

Blossom: What? What were they doing?

*bathroom door opens to reveal Shad and Buttercup wrapped chest to ankle in towels*

Bubbles: *screams in Buttercup's face* WHY DID YOU LOSE?! :angry:

Buttercup: What're yo...oh. Well stinks to be you then. Better luck next time. *flies to her room*

Blossom: Shad? What did you do?

Shad: Bubble Parade! *gives bottle of pink fluid to Bubbles* Have fun. *walks away*

End of Chapter 20.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:20 pm

Chapter 20 complete!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Keeper » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:51 pm

Hehehe BUBBLE PARADE! w00t

Great update ShadowM. :snoogins:
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Postby GridsNaranek » Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:37 am

Poor Bubbles....

Still, there's a moral to this. Losing ain't always bad...
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:52 pm

Yes. That cute little filler is out of the way for the time being. After all, there's still that weird device Dimitri packed in Shad's bag. What is it? And among other questions as well, especially the "Berserker Revolt" and Shad's "other half" that showed itself not too long ago. It won't be answered all at once, but this little chapter will give us a little glimpse. Remember, look for the words in bold.

Chapter 21: Mystery of the dark maze.

*PPG household 8:51PM*

Blossom: Okay girls, almost time for bed.

Buttercup: What? But there's no school tomorrow! We can stay up as long as we want.

Bubbles: Yeah. And that Bubble Parade was fun! Let's do it again!

Blossom: I don't think we can do that outside the bathtub...can you?

Shad: *puts the weird device on top of the drawer* Don't know. I never really *yawns* tried it before. *yawns*

Blossom: Maybe we should go to sleep. Shad's already tired.

Buttercup: Nah, he's just not used to staying up late.

Shad: I tried to stay up on New Years Eve, but I fell asleep at 10PM.

Bubbles: Really? I only stayed up until 9:30PM.

Blossom: 11PM for me.

Buttercup: As for me...11:56PM. So close too. Better luck next time, huh Shad. Shad?

Shad: Night night. *climbs on the PPGs bed with his blanket and snuggles his way under the blue streak*

Buttercup: Aw come on you party pooper!

Blossom: Oh let's just go to sleep already. It'll make tomorrow seem longer anyway. *flies above the bed and lands on her side, then snuggles under the covers*

Bubbles: Something's missing. OH! *takes out night-light from Shad's bag and plugs it in an outlet next to the door* Much better. *flies to her side of the bed, only to see Shad already fast asleep on it* Uh...Shady? You're in my spot.

Blossom: There's still enough room for you. Besides, Shad's using his blanket only.

Bubbles: I guess. *moves Shad over a few inches as she lands on the red streak and gets the bed covers over her*

Buttercup: Argh! I give up! *turns off the lights, only for the night-light to slightly illuminate the room with a dim blue hue. Then she flies up and lands on the green streak*

*about 2 hours later, all 4 children were fast asleep. The night-light was still on and the professor retreated to his room to doze off as well. And just above the kids, there were 4 invisible white bubbles floating above them, each containing a seperate dream*

*Bubbles' dream*

*everything was a bright pink. There was a small table surrounded by thousands upon thousands of plushies. At the table, there were tea cups and a tea pot complete with a sunflower in a vase. Sitting at the table was Bubbles and a bigger then normal Octi*

Bubbles: More green tea Sir Octi?

Octi: *British accent* Why of course Lady Bubbles.

Bubbles: *pouring tea from the pot and also speaks in a British accent* I have good news. It seems that Shady's mommy and daddy let him stay with us until school's open. Isn't that grand, Sir Octi?

Octi: *sips tea and speaks in a British accent* Grand it is, Lady Bubbles. I think he has a little crush on you. Not that I'm surprised. You're the most beautiful girl in all of this dream. Perhaps Sir Shad would like to have tea time with us.

Bubbles: But of course! I'll go fetch him right away, he's just next door.

*meanwhile, outside the dream bubble, a teeny tiny Bubbles flies out from one of them and heads towards Shad's dream bubble*

Bubbles: *speaks in normal accent again* Wait. Why should I only invite Shady? Blossom and Buttercup should come too!

*10 minutes later, 3 teeny tiny (and slightly transparent) Powerpuff Girls are floating above their sleeping bodies*

Blossom: You got me out of an international spelling bee for this?

Buttercup: And I was about to beat the heck out of Bass. Or was it Forte? Meh.

Bubbles: But it's not a tea party unless I invite everyone. Shad's just inside that dream bubble.

*Blossom and Buttercup follow Bubbles as they phase inside Shad's dream bubble. However, what they see inside isn't quite what they expect. They land inside a labyrinth with walls a dull gray and 4 open corridors. And the floor was a pitch black as well as the sky*

Buttercup: A maze? LAME!!

Blossom: Didn't see this coming.

Bubbles: Aw, this'll make finding Shady really hard! Which part is this?

Blossom: I'll check. *flies up above the maze, but suddenly drops back down* Whoa! We're at the center.

Buttercup: What was that?

Blossom: No idea. It felt as if something just pushed me down.

???: *Shad's voice, only in a much darker tone* That would be me, thank you very much.

*the girls turn to the 2nd corridor to see the boy they were searching for. Shad...but his face looked a little grim and sullen. And his eyes were a piercing red*

???: *normal tone of voice, then smiles* Powerpuff Girls! What brings you here?

Bubbles: We were looking for you Shady! We're having a tea party at my dream bubble.

???: Sure, but I'm not Shady. Hehehe. Shady. Cute name. You're probably talking about my other ha...Oops. Almost said that out loud. I mean, I'm not Shad. Just a duplicate who guards his dreams. He moves around the maze a lot so you might want to split up.

Blossom: You mean you don't know where he is?

???: *shakes head* Uh-uh. I'll stand guard in case any nightmares come through.

*the girls choose their respective corridors. They're about to move on until...*

???: Wait! One more thing. If any of you see a darkish gray door with lots and lots of locks, DON'T OPEN IT!

Buttercup: Ooookay then. Don't shout, geez.

Blossom: Hmm. Just one question. Why can't we fly?

???: Just one of the security measures. Now go look for Shad now.

*and so, the 3 girls each go into a corridor*

???: Perhaps I should've disabled the traps. They seem trustworthy enough. *??? goes through the forth corridor to patrol. Soon after, a small glowing bright white sphere materializes in the center where the PPG were. And it floats through the same corridor Bubbles took*

Bubbles: This doesn't feel right. I thought Shady's dream would be something nice, like that Bubble Parade. And he always wanted to be a superhero. Instead it's a creepy maze. The walls look so dull. And the feels like there is no floor. And the sky is the same too. Why is Shad's dream like this?

*meanwhile, in another corridor*

Buttercup: Man, this place blows. Why is there a maze? Is Shad a fan of mazes or something? Because I'm not! You hear me Shad! Next time make your dream NOT a maze! *puts hand on the wall* Then again, they say this trick'll work.

*at the next corridor*

Blossom: Okay.......I don't just think there's something not right about this. I KNOW something's not right. Why is there a maze? And what's with that...other Shad? He looks like the Shad we know, but his eyes are red and his looked like it had no feeling. Why would Shad make something like that in his dream? Then there's that door he mentioned. What's in there that's so important that he just yelled like that? I wonder if Shad ever gets lost here. I have this feeling that this doesn't seem normal. *looks down* I feel like I'm standing over a pit. Shad, I really have a lot of questions for you just as soon as we find you. *puts hand on wall* Hope this helps.

*30 minutes later*

Bubbles: *hand on wall* I don't get it. They say if you put your hand on the wall like this you find the exit. But all these walls look the same and I know I'm going in circles. *takes hand off the wall* So I'll just walk my way!

*as Bubbles starts sprinting to the next corridor on the right, the same glowing white sphere from before follows her slowly*

Bubbles: Hmm? Is it me, or are these walls getting a bit darker? *runs for 7 more minutes until she stops in front of a black-gray door with many locks attached to it at the end of the corridor* What's this?

*it might've been her imagination, but Bubbles heard something behind the door*

Bubbles: What could be in here? *about to put her ear against the door until...*

???: STOP!

*Bubbles turns around and sees the Shad duplicate*

???: I told you NOT TO...

Bubbles: I-I-I wasn't going to open it. Honest!

???: You weren't supposed to go near it either. I'm surprised that you of all the girls did so.

Bubbles: Huh?

???: Shad's much happier now because of you. You became his very first friend. It's because of you he's more talkative and no longer so timid of anyone. But it's not enough. I still have to make sure those old memories of his never resurface!

Blossom: What old memories?

*??? turns around to see Blossom and Buttercup behind him*

???: Uh...memories? What memories? Shad remembers everything!

Buttercup: Gee, that's weird. For some reason I don't really believe you.

Blossom: Shad says that there are a few things that he can't remember. Normally his parents would tell him but they refused to do so every time. And when Shad got kidnapped, he somehow ended up at his house thanks to his dad. And when we tried to ask him how he did it, Claire kept interuppting us! So don't play dumb! You know that I know that whatever it is that's hidden behind that door, *puts her wrists together* has something to do with all this!

???: Fine. *eyes narrow angrily* Seeing as you won't get out of here on your own...*a black aura surrounds ???*...perhaps the Dreamdrone Expulsion will speak for itself!

Buttercup: Not if I can help it! *shoots eye beam at ???, who topples to the ground*

???: No fair! I wasn't ready!

Blossom: Too bad! Hope this works. *a pink sphere forms between the palms of her hands*

Bubbles: NO! You didn't get that move to work right yet!

Blossom: *struggling with the energy between her hands*! *the sphere blows up in a pinkish fireworks explosion, enveloping Buttercup, ???, Bubbles and even breaking straight through the big gray door! Then the PPG immediatly got sucked into the revealed passageway*

???: NO! *sees a glowing white sphere chasing after the PPG into the passageway* Huh? What's that?

*meanwhile, in an undisclosed location*

*the 3 girls stand in a middle of an unknown corridor. But it wasn't the maze anymore. Instead they were in a hallway that seemed...torn apart. Up above, they saw security cameras destroyed and hanging by a mere wire. The walls were practically covered with cracks and some were even knocked down. Almost as if there was an explosion...or an accident And to boot, everything (except the PPG) is in black and white!*

Bubbles: W-w-w-w-what is this place?

Buttercup: What's with all the black and white? And weren't we in a maze before?

Blossom: No idea. I lost control of that attack, the door broke and sucked us in some dark pit and now...we're here? How?

*just then, what they heard made them (even Buttercup) jump up in sheep terror. It was a horrific scream that echoed everywhere. It was angry and somehow...sad? Then the girls heard footsteps. Lots of footsteps headed their way*

Buttercup: *shaking in fear* W-w-whatever that was, it's coming this way!

Blossom: I don't think so. Look!

*at the far end, several people in beige army uniforms, each wearing a badge with the Earth on a shield and a sword in the background, run row in row through the corridor. They held big, sci-fi-esque arsenol in their hands. Guns, grenades, you name it. And they stopped right in front of the PPG, guns pointed at them*


Blossom: Wait. Look at their eyes. They don't even see us.

Buttercup: Come to think of it, we're the only ones in color. That and I can see through myself a little. Why is that? And what are these guys aiming at?

Soilder 1: Hold your ground. He'll be here soon.

Solider 2: You sure. From the looks of the damages in this hallway, he's been here already.

Solider 1: Look, Dr. Brisbaine says to get this thing at all cost. He's already destroyed 76% the base and 1/3 of our army in less then 8 minutes!

Bubbles: Did he just say...

Blossom: Yeah. Shad mentioned Dr. Brisbaine earlier. Who is h...*hears the same screeching scream again*


Bubbles: Wait...I think that scream was saying something.

Soilder 3: There he is! FIRE!!

*the PPG sees something...or someone at the far end of the hallway. But they couldn't make out who it was, only he seemed enveloped completly, from hair to toe, in a black shadow. It screeched again, and before the PPG could even blink, they heard horrific ripping sounds as the soilders screamed at the top of their lungs. Next thing they knew, the PPG were standing in a huge puddle of blood! The soilders were just lying there, most with gaping slashes in their chests and some even had their limbs sliced off! The shadowy figure then turned to the next corridor, causing constant shaking and explosions as soon as he went through it, putting it in the same condition as the previous hallway*

Buttercup: W-w-w-WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

Blossom: I only blinked for a second. Lots of stuff happened went so fast. Look at these people! WHAT WAS THAT THING?!

Bubbles: *crying* I want to go back to my dream. *sniff* I don't wanna be here anymore!

Buttercup: Yeah, but...*another explosion rocks the place as more screams are heard. This time, what appears to be black fire spreads all around and stretches to the same demolished corridor the girls are in* How do we get out?!

*just when escape seemed impossible, the same glowing white ball from earlier pops up in front of the girls*

Blossom: What's that?

Buttercup: AHH! Something's happening!

*the surrounding area of the PPG starts to distort and twist until it poofs into nothingness, leaving the girls in total darkness. The glowing sphere then expands, enveloping Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup*

*outside the dream bubbles, 3 streaks of light: one pink, one blue and one green, are shot back to their own dream bubbles. The white sphere pops out of Shad's dream bubble. And then... it phases right into the device that Shad left on the drawers*

*meanwhile, at the basement of Shad's house*

*Dimirti sits in front of his computer as he holds a walkie-talkie-like that looks exactly the same as Shad's. He connects the device to his computer. The monitor then flashes the words: EXPULSION SUCCESSFUL.

Dimitri: Whew. Now let's hope those girls didn't see too much.

End of Chapter 21!

Hehe. You all finally get a glimpse of the Berserker Revolt. Want to guess where the girls ended up when they got sucked in. HINT: Look at the badge descriptions. And everything was in black and white. Also, try to guess what kind of attack Blossom tried to use. *coughPPGDcough*

Added after 7 hours 51 minutes:

Chapter 21 completed!

Added after 39 minutes:

Oh, one more thing: If you would like some music to go with the whole maze exploration thing, this is the tune to listen to. ^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Keeper » Tue Nov 22, 2005 7:15 pm

Great update and music ShadowM! w00t
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Nov 22, 2005 8:05 pm

Why thank you! Remember, there's another one just for Bubbles on the previous page.

By the way, Buttercup was referring to Bass/Forte of Megaman fame, just in case you were stumped at that reference. But anyway, you all now have a tiny (but gruesome) glimpse of the Berserker Revolt. Who or what was that merciless shadow figure? And just how goddamn resourseful is Dimitri?! Didn't think the weird device Shad put on the drawers did something like that did you?
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Keeper » Tue Nov 22, 2005 8:12 pm

Yah, good job dude. ^_^

Keep it up. w00t
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:55 am

Keep it up I will. I got 1,000 views! Although I wish others would comment as well. Don't be shy now.

Chapter 22: Volcano battle! Lava-raptor attacks!

*PPG room. 7:01AM*

*the PPG are still fast asleep. Well, except for one of them at least*

Bubbles: *cheeks stained with dried-up tears* What was all that? We were just looking for Shad in that scary maze. Then someone who looks like him appears and tells us not to open a door. Blossom got suspicious and opened it by accident when she used that attack. She didn't even finish practicing it yet. The door sucked us in the dark and next thing we knew we were in this weird wrecked place where everything was black and white. And we were just a tiny bit...what's that word...transparent. We were the only ones in color and those soilders didn't see us. What was that place? Maybe that door we weren't supposed to open have Shad's nightmares? But who has nightmares about that? And that...that dark thing. It just killed all of them. All the screams and ripping sounds. It was like a horror movie or something. Then that thing just screamed. It almost made me wet a dream! But that scream sounded like it was saying something, and it sounded...sad. Angry and sad. At least that's what I thought. If those were Shady's nightmares, then how can he sleep peacefully? None of this makes any sense. Great, now my head hurts from all this thinking. *holds head in pain*

*3 hours later, the PPG wake up and brush their teeth. Then they make their way to the kitchen to find the professor and...Shad right at the table? The weird device was on the table as well*

Shad: Morning!

Buttercup: weren't at the bed when we wo...when did you get up?

Professor Utonium: He got up 30 minutes before you did. He must've went to sleep early yesterday.

Blossom: Not really. We all went to sleep at the same time last night.

Bubbles: We probably had a hard time sleeping because of a nightmare.

Shad: Nightmare? So superheroes have nightmares too? I didn't have any.

Blossom: You didn't? Did you dream about a maze?

Shad: Maze? No. Don't remember anything like that. I dreamed I was a hero. I got 100 on a test, ran 10 laps around the school and beat up a giant monster!

Buttercup: That's what you dream about?

Shad: Sometimes. As long as I have this *takes out Bubbles plushy* I'll never have nightmares.

Blossom: Wait, so you don't remember seeing some wrecked hallway? No maze? No look-a-like of you?!

Shad: Huh? There's only one of me! And I don't dream about broken halls and mazes. Nuh-uh. No way.

Professor Utonium: Mazes? What makes you think he dreams of those Blossom?

Blossom: Uh...nothing! Must be a tiny bit sleepy. Breakfast should get us up and running.

Bubbles: But what about that sha...*bonked*

Buttercup: *whispers* Shut up! Not like he actually saw what we saw...somehow.

*the girls sit at the table. In front of each of them is a plate of 3 pancakes topped with strawberries. Surrounding the pancakes is a ring of scrambled eggs. Next to each plate is a fork, a knife and a glass of citrus punch*

Professor Utonium: Eat up now.

Blossom: The ring of scrambled eggs is new.

Shad: That was my idea. Mommy usually does it when she makes pancakes. Thank you professor! *rapidly cuts pancakes into small squares, stacks 4 pieces on a fork, and puts it all in his mouth!*

Blossom: Isn't that a bit much.

Shad: *swallows* What's a bit much? *stacks 4 more pieces on the fork, wraps it up with scrambled eggs and puts it all in his mouth!*

Bubbles: Where does it all go? *drinks orange juice*

Buttercup: So you wanna play rough huh? *stuffs 5 pieces of pancake into her mouth*

Shad: You're on!

Professor Utonium: Buttercup! Shad! This isn't a race.

Shad: But mommy would never let me do this sort of thing. Every time she catches me stacking them up on a fork she gets mad and tells me to pace myself, whatever that means.

Blossom: In other words, slow down.

Bubbles: But the pancakes are delicious! Shady can't help it.

Buttercup: Uh, guys? He's done. *PPG looks at Shad's now-empty plate*

Professor Utonium: Shad please. Next time go a bit slower or you'll get an upset stomach.

Shad: Tummies get upset?

Professor Utonium: No I meant, oh never mind. What's that thing on the table?

Shad: *takes the strange device off the table* This? Don't know. It was inside the bag. There was a sticky note on it that says I have to keep it with me at all times or something. I'll be safe if I keep it. Wanna see? *gives the device to the professor*

Professor Utonium: Hmm. It looks like a walkie-talkie. But why does it have a glass circle in the center? And where's the antenna?

Shad: It's not a walkie-talkie. I tried calling daddy with it but it didn't do anything.

Buttercup: Okay, all done! *floats 6 inches off the ground* I'll be in the training simulator.

Shad: What?

Bubbles: It's this big big *stretches her arms wide, as if about to give a hug* REALLY big white box-thing where you can fight digital bad guys for training.

Blossom: It's how we keep ourselves in top fighting shape.

Shad: Can I see?

Blossom: Sure. I just have to finish eating first. Then we have to change.

Shad: *whispers to Buttercup* She eats too slow.

Buttercup: *whispers back* Tell me about it.

Blossom: Hey I heard that!

*10 minutes later*

*the PPG are in their normal clothing inside a big white box-shaped room. Just outside of it, the professor stands by the controls as Shad watches on through the simulation window, still holding onto the strange device*

Shad: Mr. Utonium?

Professor Utonium: Yes?

Shad: They won't get hurt will they?

Professor Utonium: Of course not. Everything that materializes in the simulation cube is just...well, a simulation. It's not real.

Blossom: Professor! Can I try that attack again?

Professor Utonium: Yes, but not too much energy. You still need practice.

Shad: What's that knob there? *points to a knob with the number 5 above it*

Professor Utonium: That's the difficulty setting. 1 is the easiest and 11 is the hardest. The more my girls train, the higher I can set the difficulty level. Right now I'll just set it up to 8. *turns knob to number 8* And this button initiates the simulation. *speaks in a microphone* Get ready girls! *presses a big red button*

*the walls, floor and ceiling of the Simulation Room start to flicker, morph and swirl. In seconds, rocky landscapes and hot rocks replaced the white walls. The ceiling rose higher and higher until it almost closed up, leaving a large hole. As for the floor, it turned red as the girls quickly floated up. There was no longer a floor, but lava! The temperature increased dramatically as the remaining white spots became lavafalls flowing off a cliff. It was then that the girls knew what the room turned into*

Bubbles: A volcano?!

Buttercup: Hey, the room hasn't turned into this for a while. Now where's that monster?

Blossom: Don't get cocky Buttercup. It'll probably show itself sooner or later.

*outside the Simulation Cube*

Shad: *face currently beaming with astonishment as he looks at thw view screen* WHOA! COOL! The room can take you anywhere?

Professor Utonium: Not anywhere. Remember, this is all a simulation. It has the feel and appearance of a volcano, but it's not a real volcano they're in.

Shad: Can they see us? How can we talk to them?

Professor Utonium: They can't see us unless I send a floating image to them that allows visual contact. And I can only speak with them with this microphone. Would you like to try?

Shad: *takes microphone* Hello? Hey Powerpuffs! It's me Shad! Can you hear me, over!

*inside the Simulation Cube*

Bubbles: We hear you loud and clear Shady, over!

Shad: Why is it that we have to say "over" after saying something on a microphone?

Blossom: Not a microphone, a walkie-talkie. Over.

Buttercup: We're still looking for the monster.

Shad: Aw, you forgot to say "over" when you were done talking.

Buttercup: What's the point of sa...*something jumps out of the lava in front of Buttercup and lands on a nearby cliff* AHH!

*it's a creature with yellow eyes. It has the shape of a raptor's body, only completely covered in lava. Also, the claws on the feet and hands seemed so hot it'd melt anything it slashes*

Buttercup: What's that supposed to be, a lava-raptor or something?

Blossom: Guess so.

*lava-raptor opens its mouth*

Bubbles: DUCK!

*the PPG quickly descend as a ball of lava shoots out of the lava-raptor's mouth*

Blossom: I got this!

*Blossom inhales deeply, then blows out an ice blue breeze towards the lava-raptor. The mini-blizzard covers the creature whole, and when it vanishes, it leaves behind a frozen raptor encased in ice*

*outside the Simulation Cube*

Shad: Ice breath! That's what she used on that giant ball of fire. And when she broke it, it started snowing!

Professor Utonium: You have quite the memory there, Shad.

Shad: They did it so fast. And at level 9 too. Maybe they don't need to train.

Professor Utonium: I wouldn't say that if I were you. Keep looking at the view screen.

*inside the Simulation Cube*

Bubbles: Way to go Blossom!

Buttercup: Man, what level did the professor put this on?

Blossom: Don't know. Maybe he put it at the wrong sett...uh-oh.

Bubbles: What's uh-oh?

*the ice encasing the lava-raptor starts to melt. Soon many drops of water start to land on the hot rocks one by one. Finally, the ice shatters and spreads all over as the lava-rapor breaks free! It growls ferociously*

Bubbles: Not good!

Buttercup: HA! My turn. *eyes light up a bright green as 2 bolt-shaped beams shoot at the bottom of the cliff. The top of the cliff, where the lava-raptor is standing, starts to crumble apart. Unfortunately, instead of falling to its doom, the lava-raptor instead jumps down to a lower platform and retaliates by shooting out another ball of lava*

Buttercup: *ascends above the lava ball* Whoa! Guess that didn't work.

Bubbles: Let me try. *inhales deeply, and out of her mouth came a loud, almost ear-piercing scream that shook the entire volcano. So much in fact, that several boulders broke off from higher cliffs and buried the lava-raptor in the large rocks*

Bubbles: I did it!

*outside the Simulation Cube*

Shad: She did it!

Professor Utonium: Maybe. Maybe she did.

*inside the Simulation Cube*

Blossom: Way to go Bubbles.

Buttercup: That oughta *rocks over the lava-raptor melt as it breaks free...again* trap him.

Blossom: Trapping it doesn't seem to work. Time for plan B: laser attack!

*all 3 girls shoot eye beams at the lava-raptor, only for it to just run left and right as the lasers miss at every shot...until a pink one hits it, knocking it backward*

Blossom: Got it!

Buttercup: I don't know. It doesn't look hurt.

Bubbles: I don't think lasers can do anything to it.

Blossom: Yeah. Immobilizing it doesn't work and energy attacks only get absorbed by the lava on its skin.

Buttercup: How about punching it?

Blossom: Sure. Why not? Let's use our bare hands to punch it lest they turn into mush from the lava BUTTERLIMBS!

Buttercup: Quit making fun of my name!

Blossom: There's only one attack that'll do the job. *stretches arms forward and puts her hands together* Stand back girls!

Bubbles: Wait! Last time you tried doing that attack it blew us all away!

*outside the Simulation Cube*

Professor Utonium: Hmm? But Blossom was alone in that room the last time she was practicing that attack.

Shad: What attack?

*inside the simulation cube*

*a bright pink sphere starts to form between Blossom's hands. It then starts to grow a bit bigger*

Bubbles: Uh...Blossom? Don't you think that pink ball thing is big enough.

Blossom: I have to gather enough energy for the attack to be big enough. The bigger the ball, the wider the attack will be.

*lava-raptor prepares to jump*

Buttercup: Blossom watch out!

*lava-raptor jumps high up at Blossom, preparing to slash at her*

Buttercup: Stay back! *shoots eye beam at the lava-raptor, who falls in the lava*

Bubbles: That did it.

*just then, the lava started to bubble...a lot! Soon, not only was there a lava-raptor climbing out of the lava, but many more of its kind jumping at many stone platforms, all looking at their floating meal*

Blossom: *still charging her pink sphere* There's a whole pack?! I just finished charging up enough energy to take out one!

Buttercup: What? You mean it'll take longer for you to get it ready?

Blossom: NO! I'll get it ready now!

*the bunches upon bunches of lava-raptors snarl as they jump at their prey, claws at the ready*

Blossom: Come and get it you LIZAAARDS!

*the pink sphere in her hands grows too fast and out of control. All of a sudden, the sphere explodes in the same pink fireworks explosion, wiping out the incoming lava-raptors and disintegrating the entire surrounding area!*

*outside the Simulation Cube*

Shad: *sees nothing but a bright pink light on the view screen* Powerpuffs!

Professor Utonium: Oh for the love of...not again! *pushes a large blue button* End simulation!

*the bright light rapidly vanishes, replaced by the default white walls, floor and ceiling. The temperature is cooled down to lower degrees. On the floor lies the PPG, completly still and some parts of their dresses burnt through and more burn marks and small blisters on Blossom's hands*

Shad: Powerpuffs! *runs inside the cube and tries to shake the girls awake* Blossom! Buttercup! Bubbles! Bubbles wake up!

Professor Utonium: Blossom, why didn't you pull out? *follows Shad inside the cube*

Shad: Mr. Utonium they're not waking up! You said they'd be fine! *eyes start to fill up with tears* What if they're...they're...*on the brink of crying*

Buttercup: *coughs* Geez, hold...the funeral...*coughs*...will ya? *struggles to get up*

Blossom: What she's trying to say is...ooohh *winces in pain* we're not dead.

Bubbles: Dead? We can't die. We're still needed. *glomped by...Shad?* Shady? Why are you shaking?

Professer Utonium: Girls that was far too dangerous! It might've been a level 9 simula...

Bubbles and Buttercup: *points at Blossom* She did it!

Blossom: *scoffs* Tattletales.

*meanwhile, in Brisbaine's office at the Global Defenders HQ*

Dr. Brisbaine: *stares at his monitor, which is flashing the words: Hacker trail not present* Just as I thought. A clean getaway. Yet no data was stolen. Of course whoever it was that hacked us must've known our security details so well that he took control of one of our guard bots. Then again, the timing of the hacking couldn't have been...ironically better. Another few more seconds that time and it would've been catastrophic. The Berserker Revolt. The horrific event that cost numerous lives of employees. Over 1/2 of our army...slaughtered within 30 minutes! This HQ would've been leveled to the ground if SHE didn't stop him. Since then one of our top employees left us in sheer anger...anger at me. Anger at what I've done. Anger at our whole organization. Who does he think he is? Saying that we wish to recreate the world in our blind image. To eliminate the "competition" he says. We got too greedy and corrupt he says...PEON! We're trying to preserve the pure image of the Earth. He and his wife made a mistake by resigning. I just need to get Shad again...without his other half intervening. So the Chemical X can mask itself within one's genetic make-up. And it only showed itself on the scanners when IT took over his body. *sigh* Then there's the other one. Crankson Utonium, where are you? Soon after the Powerpuff Girls were created you went mad with jealousy. You claimed that you would do the same your cousin did, only without an accident. That's when we lost all contact with you. Adric would've made a fine addition to our ranks, but since he's disposed of the rest of his Chemical X and the last stock that Robert tried to steal got spilled onto Shad, and with no whereabouts as to where the Staydamind family fled, we're stuck.

*meanwhile, at the PPG household 11:21AM*

*the girls were lying on their bed, some bandages covering their bruises while Blossom's hands were completly wrapped in bandages. Shad sat next to them, eyes full of worry whilst the professor stands by*

Shad: You'll be fine, right? Wait, what am I saying? You're superheroes, of course you'll all be fine.

Buttercup: Duh. Of course we'll be fine, no thanks to Miss I-can-handle-the-attack.

Blossom: It was an accident. I tried to control it, honest.

Bubbles: But you made that pink ball too big. Just like in Shady's dream last time.

Professor Utonium: Shad's dream?

Shad: Huh? My dream?

*meanwhile, at Shad's house*

*Dimitri's still at his computer, looking at the footage being sent there via the device that looks similar to Shad's. The screen shows a back shot Bubbles walking through a dark, almost pitch black maze. It then fast-forwards to when the girls are in the wrecked corridor obviously not part of the maze, but looked very familiar to Dimitri*

Dimitri: Oh geez, so they did!

*Claire enters the basement*

Claire: You're still in there?

Dimitri: I just finished decoding the visuals our "specter" picked up last night. Take a look.

Claire: Wait, what are the girls doing there?!

Dimitri: Apparently they have the power to project themselves in astral form while sleeping. They wandered into Shad's dream...or in this case, his mind. Although it's very fortunate for him, we still don't understand how Shad forgot everything from 3 years ago. As if those memories just went underground.

Claire: And the girls seemed to have found it. But are you sure it's not another nightmare Shad was having?

Dimitri: No. I'm afraid what the girls uncovered, most likely accidentally, is more then just a nightmare. It's something Shad shouldn't remember...for his own good. For his own well being. I thank whatever it was that caused Shad to forget. *stomach growls*

Claire: Oh dear. You didn't have breakfast did you?

Dimitri: *blushes* No.

Claire: *grabs Dimitri* Then to the kitchen with you!

Dimitri: Time and again, I wonder why you're so much taller then me Claire.

End of Chapter 22!

Yeah, nothing much happened at the Global Defenders HQ. At least now you got a few hints along the way. Of course you should know who left the GD after the Berserker Revolt...I think. And will the Rowdyruffs be back...I don't know. Maybe soon. Maybe later. As a bonus, try to guess which move Blossom tried to do, but failed at doing.

And as a bonus, I've uploaded some nice battle music as well. Enjoy![/url]
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
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Ooh! This will be interesting!
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Chapter 22 completed! Also added music.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Keeper » Wed Nov 23, 2005 11:40 pm

Like the music and update dude! :w00t:
Keep up the good work. :snoogins:
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Nov 25, 2005 2:44 pm

Glad you liked the music. "Magical Battle" is a BGM from Mahou Sensei Negima (excellent manga. The anime...not so much from what I heard). Every time a magic fight occurs, that BGM plays. Sweet, ain't it. Although now that I think about it, it's really ironic I chose this as the BGM for the fight against that lava-raptor. There was no occurance of magic! :P Anywho, the PPG are a tad bit injured so early in the morning and now can't play with Shad, thanks to Blossom of all people.

Chapter 23: Magic bubbles?

*PPG room 12:33PM*

*the girls are still resting in bed while the professor reads the newspaper in the living room, whereas Shad just sits next to the bed. The strange device is on the drawers*

Buttercup: Sheesh. *looks out the window* Just look at that! We were supposed to set up the sprinker today, but we're stuck here! Thanks a lot Blossom!

Blossom: How many times do I have to say it was an accident?

Bubbles: Yeah, but that's something Buttercup would do.

Buttercup: Duh! Of course I'd let an attack of mine go...HEY!

Shad: Blossom, you said you tried doing that attack in my dream. You weren't in my dream last night.

Blossom: Huh? If that maze wasn't Shad's dream, then what was it? And what's with that other Shad?

Bubbles: So you didn't see some scary shadow or anything like that?

Shad: No nightmares! I said as long as I have my plushie I don't have them. *walks to the door* I'm going to see my mommy. I'll be right back. *exits the room*

Bubbles: Was it something we said?

*in the living room*

Shad: Mr. Utonium, I'm going to see mommy. I'll be back.

Professor Utonium: Really? What for?

Shad: The Powerpuffs keep saying that they saw something in my dream. But how did they get in my dream? I keep telling them I didn't see any mazes or any scary thing. That and I'm a bit bored since they're still healing.

Professor Utonium: They're probably a tad bit cranly because they can't play. Of course Blossom knew she couldn't handle an attack that big. Then again, she seemed really determined to master it. Run along now.

Shad: Okay.

*at the PPG room, Bubbles looks out the window and sees Shad cross the street and enter his home*

Bubbles: Poor Shady. Maybe we shouldn't have asked him all those things.

Buttercup: Guess so. It's not like he believes anything we tell him when it comes to his dreams and the Chemical X and stuff. And being kidnapped! Who doesn't believe that?! We're his friends for crying out loud!

Blossom: Yeah, but he still doesn't trust us enough to actually believe us or even the professor. He trusts us to a tiny extent, but he believes his parents more then anyone...and that's the problem. I just don't believe his parents are being honest to Shad about a few things.

*at Shad's house*

*cue Claire spitting out cup of tea*

Claire: They said what?! *notices that the spat-out tea splatted on Shad* Oh, sorry about that sweetie. *takes napkin and wipes it off Shad*

Shad: They keep saying that they were in a maze in my dream. But I didn't see them in my dream at all.

Claire: Dimitri, your little "specter" wasn't perfected. When it expulsed the girls out of Shad's mind it was supposed to wipe their recollections of what they saw in there. I'm sure it's all in their imagination. They were probably dreaming that they were in your dream and got confused.

Shad: Yeah. Maybe it was that. I was a bit bored because they got hurt during training so I can't play with them.

Claire: Training? Against what?

Shad: It's a simu...something...

Claire: Simulation?

Shad: Yeah! A simulation. They were fighting a dinosaur covered in lava. The Powerpuffs were amazing trying to beat it, but it didn't get beaten. When it fell in the lava more came out and Blossom tried to use this big...

Claire: Was there a pink sphere in her hands?

Shad: Uh-huh. But it blew up and they all got hurt. How did you know?

Claire: Um...mommies tend to know things.

Shad: Okay. Do tummies get upset?

Claire: Hmm?

Shad: I was eating breakfast really fast a...oops.

Claire: Shad! I told you not to just scarf your food in public like that! You'll get a stomachache.

Shad: So why didn't you tell me before that tummies get upset when food gets down there too much?

Claire: You're so silly Shad. You see, when you eat to fast, your tummy hurts a lot. That means it's "upset" because it can't take in too many foods in one sitting. So you need to...

Shad: Pace myself? That's what Blossom does.

Claire: Exactly. Now how did your first night go?

Shad: It was fun. They helped me unpack my stuff. And they really like the Bubble Parade. Can you do it outside the bathroom?

Claire: You mean you never did it? The bubbles can do more then just clean you up.

Shad: They can?

Claire: Sure. Just...*whispers in Shad's ear*

Shad: *gasps* Really?

*PPG room 12:55PM*

Bubbles: *looks out the window* Shady's back! And he was running real fast for some reason.

Buttercup: He's probably gonna pack up his stuff and go home since we'll be in bed for a while.

*the door is swung open, revealing Shad, his face beaming. He held a bucket full of water with a bar of soap in it in one hand, and the bottle of bubble fluid (which is slightly glowing a bright pink) in the other hand*

Blossom: Not that I'm jumping to conclusions or anything, but you're not giving us a sponge bath are you?

Buttercup: What!? Hey Shad, we're not that hurt!

Shad: Sponge bath? No! I'm going to help you. *puts bucket down and closes the door* Remember that Bubble Parade I showed you?

Buttercup: You mean those rainbow bubbles you made that got us clean really fast?

Bubbles: I wanted to see them first. No fair!

Blossom: Bubbles will you let it go?

Shad: I didn't know that you can do the Bubble Parade outside the bathtub, but mommy told me just how to use it in another way. Can you all get out of bed?

*PPG gets off the bed*

Blossom: OW! Shad we haven't healed yet? What for?

Bubbles: We still ache a lot.

Shad: Wait for it. *squirts bubble fluid on the bar of soap in the bucket, which disintergrates in the water. In seconds, lots and lots of bubbles rise out of the water and float all about the room*

Bubbles: Oooh! They're so pretty.

Buttercup: You did this to cheer us up?

Shad: That and then some.

Blossom: That and then some?

*the bubbles continue to float around the room until one of them sticks to a cut on Blossom's skin*

Blossom: AH!

Shad: Don't pop it! Wait.

Blossom: *the bubble quickly mends the cut on her arm, healing it completly and taking away the acheness!* The cut's gone! It doesn't hurt anymore!

Buttercup: They clean you and heal you?

Bubbles: *jumps up and down* Me next! Me next!

*the bubbles stick to all the aching areas and burn spots of the girls, healing them, removing their burns, and soothing the aching areas. In just a matter of minutes, the girls were in tip-top shape again*

Bubbles: 3 cheers for Shady!

All 3 girls: Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray!

Bubbles: Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray!

Blossom: Those were 5 cheers you said.

Bubbles: The other 2 were for good luck.

Buttercup: Shad, I never thought I'd say this, but these bubbles RULE!

Bubbles: I rule?

Buttercup: No. You rule. I mean the bubbles rule. Wait, that's not right.

Blossom: Where did your parents get that bubble fluid anyway?

Shad: Weird. I never asked.

Professor Utonium: *comes in* What's all the ru...WAH! *remaining bubbles fly out past the professor* Are those the bubbles from bathtime?

Bubbles: Professor! *glomps the professor* Shad healed us! He used the Bubble Parade and it cured all our owies and boo-boos. Look, no more burns!

Blossom: Shad doesn't know where his parents got it, but he should ask. We could use some of that!

Buttercup: Who cares where it came from, we can go outside again! Or at least the parts that aren't all broken up from the earthquake.

Bubbles: They're magic bubbles!

Professor Utonium: did this all by yourself?

Shad: No. I told mommy that I was bored because the Powerpuffs were hurt. Then she told me to put all the water in a bucket, put a soap in after that, squirt the bubble fluid, and the Bubble Parade will do the rest. So now we can play again!

Professor Utonium: What brand is it?

Shad: Huh?

Blossom: There's no label on the bottle. It's blank.

Buttercup: It's not generic, that's for sure.

Professor Utonium: Now what do you all say?

Bubbles: Thank you Shady! *glomps Shad*

Shad: *blushes*'re welcome?

*just across the PPG household, at Shad's house*

Claire: *while reading at the table, she sees a pink bubble float inside the house via an open window* Well well. It actually worked.

*next to Claire, a bottle filled with the same bubble fluid sits on the table. Claire opens it and sticks out her finger. The finger glows a bright white as it's dipped into the bubble fluid. The fluid then glows a bright pink*

Claire: Yep. This is going straight into the medicine cabinet.

End of Chapter 23!

Voila! Yes, it's a filler chapter, but at least this one gives us a peek at Claire's powers. And a BGM to go with it all. Well, not so much as a BGM as it's Blossom's theme song. Hey, Bubbles got her theme song back on chapter 19.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Keeper » Fri Nov 25, 2005 7:39 pm

Sweet update dude. :snoogin:

And Blossom's theme was a fine choice.^^
Sakura Cardcaptor is one of my favorite animes and manga. ^_^
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. :w00t:

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:13 pm

Good to see at least one of the songs I put up is familiar to you. I had a lot of choices at my disposal really. I just need to pick one for Buttercup...and that ain't easy!

Chapter 24: Up up and OWWIE!

*PPG room 1:12PM*

Bubbles: Okay Shady you name it. What do you wanna do first?

Shad: Uh...

Blossom: It's the least we can do for getting us back up and running.

Shad: Um...

Buttercup: The beach, the sprinklers, any good building that didn't get banged up by the earthquake, it's your pick!

Shad: Well...can we go outside?

*just outside the doorstep*

Bubbles: Now what Shady?

Shad: Um...remember a long while back you flew me home after that dodgeball game?

Bubbles: Yep.

Shad: Well, I kinda liked being high up...sort of. We didn't go too fast since you were carrying me. But now I was wondering what it'd be like going through the sky just regularly. So...*gulp*...can you fly me around town? Please?

Bubbles: Really?

Buttercup: Which one of us will do it?

Blossom: I say we play rock pa...

Shad: Bubbles!

Blossom: Huh?

Shad: I choose Bubbles to fly me around. Why did I say that out loud? And how do they play janken when they don't have any... *blushes*

Blossom: Oooh. I see. Okay then. Bubbles, try not to go too fast.

Bubbles: Okey-dokey! *wraps her arms around Shad's waist* Welcome to Air Bubbles! Please hang on to all loose stuff that might fall out and have a great time. Ready Shady?

Shad: I guess. I hope is more like it.

Bubbles: Liftoff in T-minus 10...9...8...7...

Buttercup: You sure about his Blossom?

Blossom: C'mon. You can't tell by now that Shad really likes Bubbles? It's cute.

Bubbles: 5...4...3...2...1...UP UP AND...*flies up but ends up having her head collide with a lamp post* OWIE!

Buttercup: Oooh. That's gonna leave a mark. Good thing that wasn't Shad.

Blossom: Actually, I'm surprised it wasn't Shad. He's a little bit taller then us, but just by a really small bit.

*3 minutes later*

Bubbles: *a multi-colored bubble pops on her head* Ah. Much better. Thank you Shady. Now...*wraps arms around Shad's waist once again* UP...UP...and AWAY!!

*like a miniature rocket, Bubbles launches off the air and up into the sky, with Shad in tow as Blossom and Buttercup watch*

Bubbles: *floating* How's the bird's eye view Shady?

Shad: So this is how birds see? Wow. Hehehe. The houses look so small from this high up.

Bubbles: Having fun? We've just begun!

*Bubbles quickly jets to the right. From above, Shad sees several houses moving, or appear to be moving due to the vast speed Bubbles is flying at. They see a nearby cloud in front of them*

Shad: Bubbles, what are clouds made of?

Bubbles: Tee-hee. Let's find out!

*Bubbles accelerates right through the cloud, only for her and Shad to come out soaking wet*

Bubbles: Aww. I thought it would be cotton candy.

Shad: That's okay. At least we know how it rains...I think. Besides, I know how to get dry really fast. Fly faster!

Bubbles: Okay, you got it!

*Bubbles increases velocity (aka, flies faster) as Shad looks down. They now see a vast lake below them. Bubbles flies lower and lower until she's flying just a few inches above the lake*

Bubbles: Try putting your feet down!

Shad: Okay.

*as Shad lowers his legs, the soles of his sneakers flow through the water, creating tiny little waves in its wake as Shad and Bubbles see their reflections in the lake while they soar along*

Shad: Cool! I saw something like this on TV once.

Bubbles: You think that's cool, watch this!

*Bubbles rises back up to the upper skies. She then does an aerial somersault above the clouds!*


Bubbles: I have a better idea.

*Bubbles flies down to a nearby forest. As they go by, Shad sees various little forest critters. Squirels, woodpeckers, moles, field hamsters, robins, a few falcons, butterflies, just about every common forest animal. Once they bolt out of the forest, a flock of blue robins flew out right behind the 2 kids, chirping cheerfully*

Bubbles: Birdies!

Shad: They're robins. Hi robins! I'm flying Air Bubbles! *waves to the birds*

*Bubbles flies straight back to Townsville, this time the urban area where repairs are still taking place*

*meanwhile, in a classroom at Townsville University*

Dimitri: And so class, nuclear physics are nothing to fool around with. Even the greatest of scientists know better to not tamper with such dangerous substances. Which is why I teach you all to know better should you take up a career with the stuff out there *turns to the window* in the real world.

Student 1: Professor Dimitri, that's great and all, but since most of the other students aren't here due to the earthquake, can we leave early?

Other students: Yeah c'mon. *indistinct chatter*

Dimitri: Settle down now. Class is still in progress. And no matter what happens the day I let you off early is the day when random children take flight for no explainable reason whatso...

Shad: Hi daddy!

Dimitri: *looks out the window to see Shad seemingly floating in midair* WHAJA!? HOWDA?! WHOBA?! *eye twitches*

Shad: I'm flying Air Bubbles. See you at home bye bye! *Bubbles flies Shad off*

Dimitri: >.@ SHAD?! *pinches himself* OW! *grabs suitcase and bolts out the classroom, but bumps into the door in the process* OW! CLASS DISMISSED! *opens the door and leaves*

*after some time of flying (30 minutes to be exact) Bubbles goes back to the suburban area of Townsville and finally descends near her house where Blossom and Buttercup are standing, then lets go of Shad*

Blossom: So?

Buttercup: How'd it go?

Shad: *head looking down, shaking*

Bubbles: Shady?

Blossom: I think you went a little too fast for him.

Shad: It was...*glomps Bubbles* IT WAS SO FUN! A roller-coster has nothing on you Bubbles! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Bubbles: *giggles* It was nothing Shady. There's no flight like Air Bubbles.

Shad: Can I ride on Air Bubbles again? Please please please please pleeeeeease? And maybe you can take mommy and daddy on Air Bubbles too!

Blossom: Glad you liked it.

Buttercup: My turn!

Shad: What do you mean your tu...AIEE! *snatched by Buttercup and is sent to the air*

Bubbles: *gulp* Hope Shady'll be okay.

Blossom: Don't worry. If he wasn't too shaken by your flight, he'll be fine...wait, what did I say? Knowing Buttercup, he'll be lucky not to get a fear of flying!

End of Chapter 24.

Hmm. Another filler I have made. Meh, all the better by putting another song. Unfortunately, I don't have any music that fits the Air Bubbles scene, so I'll put up the next best thing. Hope this'll do. I swear there was another more fitting song on the hard drive. Meh, if I find a better one I'll change this one.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Sun Nov 27, 2005 7:45 pm

^_^; Poor Shad.

Well, it was a quick update but a cute one. ^_^
Nice music theme tool. ^_^
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:01 pm

Don't worry, he won't be traumatized by the sheer speed of Buttercup's flying. Although he might get in a bit of trouble. Dimirti saw him and almost thought he was having a mental break! As for the shortness of the chapter, it was because I finished watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie. Do you recall the Hippogriff? Buckbeak I think it was called. And when Harry rode on him for the first time? Compare that with Air Bubbles. See the similarity? ;) And the song of choice, Megaman EXE Beast opening theme: Shouri no Uta; Song of Victory.

Chapter 25: Your daddy's a j-pop fan?

*Living room of Shad's house 2:03PM*

*Blossom and Bubbles sit on the couch sipping apple juice while Claire reads a magazine on a recliner*

Claire: So you're wondering where I got those magic bubbles?

Blossom: Not magic. Healing bubbles. Those things can really help us. Where'd you get them?

Claire: Well, I just came up...I mean, private store! Very experimental.

Bubbles: Huh?

Claire: *yeah, she's lying :P* I got it at a garage sale. Some science-looking guy sold it to me at a bargin.

Blossom: Really? You just bought it?

Claire: Of course. Suppose I didn't expect Blossom to question me on my healing bubbles. Probably should've used it on Shad beforehand. I'm such a goof sometimes. Where's Shad?

Bubbles: *sips orange juice* Shady's...

*there was a huge BANG on the door, followed by a voice*

???: OUCH! What is this, METAL?!

Blossom: Buttercup?

*in a moment there was a light foorstep sound on the ground, followed by the security system talking*

Security system: Identity confirmed: Shad Staydamind. You may enter.

*the door swings open to reveal a very shaken, white-faced Shad slowly walking to Claire, whist Buttercup floats behind him*

Claire: Shad! *crouches down to his height* Oh what happened to you?

Shad: M-m-m-m-m-mommy?

Claire: Yes sweetie?

Blossom: Buttercup what did you do?!

Buttercup: What?

Shad: Buttercup did something really good. It's because of her flying so fast in weird t-t-t-t-t-twisty turns, I'm not afraid of any roller coster...ever.

Buttercup: See? Thanks to me, he's not afraid of roller costers. Besides, they're not tha...

Shad: At least roller costers stay on a path and don't almost...almost hit trees! Or buildings! Or traffic lights! Or airplanes! Or stop signs! Or people! Or houses!

Bubbles: Shady slow...

Shad: *shakes like crazy* Or statues! Or mountains! Or cars! Or trucks! Or the ground! Or...

Claire: *puts finger on Shad's lips* There there. *hugs Shad* It's over now. I think the point you're trying to get straight is...*turns to Buttercup*...Buttercup can't fly for a dime.

Buttercup: What's that supposed to mean?

Claire: Let me put it in a way that you can understand. *covers Shad's ears* You suck! End of story! Period! *uncovers Shad's ears* Wow. It's been a while since I said something along those lines. Not since my self-defence classes back in high school and junior high. Hehe.

Buttercup: :shock: DUUUUUUUDE!

Blossom: *bewildered* Didn't see that coming.

Shad: What? What did you say mommy?

Claire: I told Buttercup that she should be more careful when she has a passanger.

Buttercup: Nuh-uh! You said...

Blossom: Actually Buttercup, I think that's what she meant. You oughta be more careful.

Bubbles: Shady could've gotten hurt. Right Shady? *holds Shad's hand*

Shad: *blushes, then smiles*

Blossom: Oh dear, we're losing him.

Buttercup: Look on the bright side. At least Shad won't be afraid of roller coasters anymore.

Security system: Identity confirmed: Dimitri Staydamind. You may enter. *door swings open, revealing a very distressed Dimitri*

Shad: Daddy!

Dimitri: *pants* are! How that? Was that you doing that?!

Shad: Oh. You saw us. That wasn't me. That was Air Bubbles! *points to Bubbles, who waves*

Dimitri: Air Bubbles? There's an airline named after you?

Claire: No no no. Bubbles flew Shad around and outside Townsville you dummy. *prods Dimitri's forehead* Now why aren't you at work?

Dimitri: I can ask you the same thing.

Claire: Humph. Well unlike you, the detour for my route to the hospital isn't complete yet. You had something to do while I was bored to death until these sweeties came to visit.

Dimitri: *blushes* Aye yai yai. Must you speak like that in front of the girls? I feel like we're sophmores in high school again! Well apart from my little shock at work, how's your sleepover coming along Shad?

Shad: Fun! The girls got hurt during some sort of simulation thing.

Dimitri: You mean the simulation room. I've heard of it.

Shad: And I healed them using the bu...*slapped by Claire* OW!

Claire: Sorry Shad, I thought I saw a fly.

Bubbles: Magic bubbles! Shady used magic bubbles to heal us when we were hurt.

Claire: *raising arms in a frantic motion* Shush!

Blossom: Yeah, Claire got them at a garage sale. The professor says he never saw the stuff at a store though.

Claire: *anime-style sweat drop appears on her head* Girls...

Buttercup: We came here to thank her and stuff.

Dimitri: *fist clenches* me in the kitchen. Now! *walks to the kitchen*

Shad: Why did daddy look mad?

Claire: *whispers* Girls, that wasn't such a goo...

Dimitri: CLAIRE!!

Claire: Coming! You all run back to your house please. You too Shad.

*in the kitchen*

Claire: Honey, it was a good thing to do. Shad was bored and wanted to play with them so I did him a favor. It's not like he...

Dimitri: Regardless that wasn't a very smart move. What if Adric were to run some tests on the bubble fluid and find some "chemicals" hmm?

Claire: It won't matter. Didn't you say yourself that Shad won't believe him? That he trusts us more then everyone else? Even if the professor were to prove that I have these powers...

Dimitri: That's not the point! The girls now know. And Bubbles seems to be the type to spread stuff. What if she were to spread the word of "magic bubbles" to the other students? Then it goes to their parents. Then they use it as a subject for conversation at their workplace. Soon Global Defenders intelligance would hear of it and start wondering things. They'll track the source of the "rumors" and find us at the end of the trail! Is that what you want?!

Claire: You're not making much sense. Besides, Brisbaine already knows that we don't know the whereabouts of Crankson. Hell, we're not even sure if he survived that explosion! And Shad keeps asking questions about the truth because he knows that in HERE *points to heart* that there's something amiss. Regardless of what you say, eventually Shad will find out that we're lying and there's no telling if he'll be the same again after that!

Dimitri: P-p-p-please don't change the subject. I know you're using your powers for the good of others and you've done a good job keeping them a secret. But you never know if someone were to find out. Now I'm not saying that you'll slip up. I'm saying that you should at least let me know first be...

Claire: *turns away* You would've said no.

Dimitri: Maybe. *puts hand on Claire's shoulder* Just be more careful. Make them not tell anyone. Then again, Blossom'll get suspicious but what's done is done. And I suppose we'll tell Shad the truth in the distant future...

Claire: Ah, thank you! *glomps Dimitri*

Dimitri: *blushes* Sometimes I think we're in high school again you know that.

Claire: Oh don't be silly Di...hey! *lets go of Dimitri* "distant future" means never doesn't it?

Dimitri: Guess you caught me. Did Shad listen to my burn CD yet?

Claire: You mean the one with those...songs? Don't know.

*back at the PPG room of the Powerpuff household*

Blossom: Hold on, I didn't hear that. What kind of songs are in that CD?

Shad: Japanese songs. Daddy calls it J-pop. He used to have all of it on his computer but got some of it on his CD.

Buttercup: Well, pop it in already.

Bubbles: *pulls out a green boom box of the PPGs size (i.e. a bit small) from the closet, complete with minuature microphone* Pop it here! Pop it here!

Shad: *inserts the CD into the boom box. A small screen in the center flashes, then displays the following titles*

Mahou Sensei Negima - Happy Material
Rockman EXE - Begin the Try
Mahou Sensei Negima - Oshiete Hoshi zoo
Full Metal Alchemist - Ready Steady GO
Full Metal Alchemist - Undo
Azumanga Daioh - Soramimi Cake
Rockman EXE - Piece of Peace
Rockman EXE Axess - Hikari Todoku Basho De
Cardcaptor Sakura - Honey
Love Hina - Heart wa Wow Wow

Buttercup: Geez, how much songs did your dad cram in the CD?

Blossom: This isn't even the full list. The screen says there's more but it's not big enough to list the rest.

Bubbles: Your daddy's a J-pop fan?

Shad: Well, the Heart wa Wow Wow one reminds me of you Bubbles.

Bubbles: *giggles* Really?

Shad: *blushes* Yeah. Begin the Try and Soramimi Cake I've heard. And mommy really likes Piece of Peace. Daddy likes the music from Full Metal Alchemist the most. Does your boom box show the words?

Blossom: Yeah. It's not in katakana is it?

Shad: Kata-what? No, it's in regular words.

Bubbles: Ooh! Then Shad can let us listen to the songs first and well try and sing along after!

Buttercup: Let's not yap about it and just do it then. *pushes the Play button on the boom box as music flows out from the side speakers followed by the singing voices of the singers*

    hikaru kaze wo oikoshitara
    kimi ni kitto aeru ne
    atarashii kagayaki HAPPY READY GO!!

    mezameta bakari no, tokimeki hajikesou
    mune POCKET ni tsumete, sora wo miageta
    maegami no yukue wo, kagami to niramekko
    ORIGINAL egao de, kakenuketai yo

    ichibyou goto dokidoki, irodzuku kono hibi ga
    miraichizu ni naru, takanaru kodou

    *hikaru kaze wo oikoshitara
    nani ga matteiru no kana
    amefuri demo heiki, niji ni naru yo
    kimi ni kitto aeru ne
    chiisana yuuki wo, sakase you

    hayari mo Study mo, youten CHECK OK
    hyouteki wo kakunin, SPEED shoubu
    nodo goshi sawayakana tokubetsu no yokan ga
    kono mune afureteku, kasoku shiteku yo

    namida kakushita egao, kimi wa kidzuiteru ne
    koi shiyo! yume miyo! watashi rashiku

    negai no saki e Jump shitara
    uketomete kureru kana?
    nayamu mae ni dekiru koto wo shiyou!
    osoroi no kirameki
    kimi ni todoketai HAPPY READY GO!

Bubbles: Play it again! Play it again!

Shad: That's Happy Material. You liked it?

Blossom: Like it? We LOVE it! Sort of. Can we try to sing along this time?

Buttercup: Wait. Me? Sing that?

*5 minutes later*

Buttercup: Much better.

Blossom: Fine we'll choose this one.

Shad: Begin the Try it is. Here goes.

Bubbles: 1...2...GO! *presses the Play button*

    Daremo ga matteru tsugi no yume
    Jidai wa yosoku o tobikoeru
    Kanarazu mirai wa kuru keredo
    Ima wa kono toki dake

    Aoi sora o miagetara
    Kaze ga nagarete iru
    Kitto utatteiru
    Kimochi no muku mama aru ke to

    Genki daseyo
    Itsumo mitai ni
    Hajimari wa mada korekara sa
    Dame na toki wa
    Warai tobashite
    Demo wasurezu
    Nani ka ga mieru

    Juuman bariki ni akogareta
    Kodomotachi ga otona ni natte
    Hikari wo sekai ni hashiraseru
    Sore mo mukashi banashi

    Yume wa todokanai you na
    Tooi tokoro ga ii
    Sukoshi chikazu kutame
    Omoi mo chikara mo ookii

    Yuuki nante
    Tsuite kuru mono
    Muchuu ni nareba afuredasu
    Dame na toki ga
    Taisetsu na toki
    Ki ga tsuitara
    Ashita ga
    Rekishi ga kawaru

    Genki dase yo
    Itsumo mitai ni

    Hajimari wa mada korekara sa
    Yuuki nante
    Tsuite kuru mono
    Muchuu ni nareba afuredasu
    Dame na toki ga
    Taisetsu na toki
    demo wazurezu
    Ki ga tsuitara
    Ashita ga
    Rekishi ga kawaru...

Shad: Whew.

Bubbles: That song was fun! Let's sing another!

Buttercup: What? That song was like what, at least 2 minutes?

Blossom: 2 minutes isn't that long. *looks at the screen* And it was 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Besides, there's one song I want to sing on my own anyway?

Buttercup: Which one?

*2 minutes later*

Blossom: Hit it!

Bubbles: Piece of Peace? Gotcha. *pushes the Play button*

    Hitogomi wo kugurinuketa
    Kaze no otoni yume wo sumaseba
    Imadachi wo kugara seteru
    Kotoba dake ga MERODII ni naru yo

    Nee, utatte kimi no tokui na egao de yasashisa wo
    Ikigatsumaru jikan no nami ni kokoro wo
    Sara wareru mae ni

    Kono hoshi no daremo ga ai wo sagashite iru
    Mou kizutsuke au arasou ii wa shinai de
    Kimi wa nigiri shimeru hon no kakera de ii
    PEACE tsunagiawase yume wo egakou

Buttercup: Boooooooring!

Blossom: Let's see you do better then.

Buttercup: Yeah yeah. Hey, it says here in the screen Hikari Todoku Basho De works as a duet. Blossom?

Blossom: Okay. Shad?

Shad: I got it. *presses the Play button*

*1 1/2 minute later*

    Wasurenai yo Kyou mo Ashita mo
    Hikari todoku Bashou no Naka

    Shiranakatta koto o Ima Hitotsu Hitotsu Oboeteyukou yo
    Isshonara sou

    Mita koto no Nai Basho Kiri Hiraiteyuku
    Chisana Bouken mitai

    Hora, Soko ni mo Yume ga Ochiteru
    Kimi no Tonari ni
    Niji no Mukou ni

    Wasurenai yo Kyou mo Ashita mo Hikari todoku Bashou de
    Itsudemo mata Soba ni iru kara
    Kokoro ga Tsuyokunareru yo

Shad and Bubbles: Do it again! Do it again! *Shad covers his mouth*

Shad: *blushes* Why did I say that?

Bubbles: Because you want another song.

Shad: No. I'm tired now.

Buttercup: Already?! But you only sang one song!

Shad: Maybe later. I need a nap. *climbs onto Bubbles' side of the bed and falls asleep*

Bubbles: I'm pooped as well. That was so much fun. *floats above the bed and lands next to Shad, falling asleep as well*

Buttercup: I wonder where Dimitri got those songs. They rock! Well, some of them at least. I don't want to know where he got Happy Material from.

Blossom: We didn't even sing that one.

Buttercup: Good. *stomach growls* I'll be right back. Put my boom box back in the closet will ya? *exits the room*

Blossom: Whatever.

*meanwhile, in the living room of Shad's house*

*Dimitri holds the same peculiar device to his ears, then sighs in relief*

Claire: Well?

Dimitri: They liked it! I'll get the next installment ready soon enough. Now which ones should I put up next...*goes into the basement*

Claire: Dimitri slow down, they haven't even heard all of them yet.

End of Chapter 25.

VOILA! Powerpuff karaoke. Props to those who made these songs. And yes, Dimitri's a J-pop fan, sort of. Also, try to use the colored fonts to guess who sings each line. And will I put up all these songs when I get home? YES!

Happy Material
Begin the Try
Begin the Try(karaoke version)
Piece of Peace
Hikari Todoku Basho De
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Nov 28, 2005 4:39 pm

Chapter 25 complete!

Oh, and just for the record, any line that's the default white font means all 4 of them sing it together. As for the colored I said, figure it out from there. And if you wish for the english lyrics, just ask. I sort of looked into them so I can fill each line with the correct color.

Added after 5 hours 51 minutes:

Added not one, but 4 songs! Wait, I missed Happy Material. I'll get to that soon.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Postby Keeper » Mon Nov 28, 2005 10:18 pm


Sorry if I didn't read it a while back.^_^;
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Nov 29, 2005 7:50 pm

I was wondering why. No karaoke in this chapter. But it's not the last we'll see (or hear) of it. And another thing, I forgot to mention this (and bold the corresponding part), but Shad being almost scared by Buttercup's flying and then complaining about the things he almost crashed into was a bit of a parody of Ms. Yukari's godawful driving in Azumanga Daioh. I'll post a link for more info as I don't quite remember all the details. Or you can just ask me for more info.

Chapter 26:

*PPG household; PPG room 2:15PM*

Blossom: Asleep already? Shad gets tired way too easy. *looks at clock* Then again we usually take a nap at school at this time. He's probably still used to school time. Wait a minute.

*Blossom has a flashback when they entered Shad's mind*

Blossom: Both Shad and Bubbles are napping now. What if Bubbles tries to enter Shad's dreams again and ends up in that maze? That Shad look-a-like wasn't too happy when we found that door. And speaking of that...where the heck did we end up? I figured that was a secret maze zone or something but everything was so wrecked. And we were the only ones in color while everything else was in black and white. Then there was this creepy screechy scream and those people didn't even notice us. That couldn't have been part of the maze. Unless...*recalls what Shad's "other half" said*

???: I still have to make sure those old memories of his never resurface!

Blossom: Could those have been...what he forgot? But if that was the case why didn't we see Shad? And that white kicked us out somehow. Every time one question seems answered, dozens more pop up. What the heck is going on? *holds head in pain* Great, my head hurts and I need to use the bathroom. *rushes to the bathroom*

*Shad's dream*

Bubbles: *floating above the maze* Shady? Where ar...*pulled down to the floor* AIEE! *crashes into the center of the maze*

???: Why are you here...again?

*??? helps Bubbles get up, who sees the Shad look-a-like with the red eyes and the near-emotionless face (i.e. Shad's "other half" not that Bubbles knows that. :P)*

???: Did you forget that this is a no-fly zone?

Bubbles: Sorry, I forgot. I was just looking for Shady.

???: *looks around to his left and right* Good. The other 2 aren't here. Okay then. He should be here.

Bubbles: Umm, that door.

???: Darn it. Didn't she say she forgot? What door?

Bubbles: *shakes* I think I know why you told us not to open it. I know very well.

???: NO! Don't tell me she...

Bubbles: Its to keep the monster inside isn't it? That shadowy monster.

???: Oh!! That's what it's for. Shad's nightmares are kept inside that room. Make sure your sisters don't open it again.

Bubbles: But Blossom did it by accident. She probably didn't mean to.

???: Accident? Sure she couldn't control whatever attack she was using, but if she started it, then it's her fault.

Bubbles: Can I ask a question?

???: Sure Bubbles.

Bubbles: Is that monster really a monster?

???: Hmm?

Bubbles: I don't know how, but when it made that screech I thought it...I thought something. And it sounded a bit sad. I don't know how I can tell, but that's what I felt. We didn't see it very well, but it wasn't shaped like a monster either.

???: Uh...

Bubbles: And why was everything in black and white? My sisters and me were the only ones in color and all those people with the guns and stuff didn't see us. Why is that?

???: Sorry, but I can't answer that.

Bubbles: Why?

???: Because.

Bubbles: Because why?

???: Because because.

Bubbles: Because because why?

???: Because because because!

Bubbles: Because because be...ow! My tongue!

???: Look, did you come back here just to ask questions? I thought you were looking for Shad.

Bubbles: Oh yeah. I thought I'd find him much faster if I fly over the maze, but something pulled me down.

???: It's a maze. You can't cheat a maze and find the exit like that. Shad really likes you, you know that?

Bubbles: Huh?

???: Why else would he just agree to sing with you and your sisters without hesitating or something? He thought he'd make the sleepover more fun so he put in the CD and let you sing some of the songs. What was your favorite song?

Bubbles: Happy Material! We didn't sing it.

???: I see. Shad seems to be coming out of his shell very well so far. Perhaps at this rate those memories will vanish, and this maze will have completed its purpose. And I'll... Bubbles? Where are you? Darn drat it! She must've snuck off. HOW?!

*just before ??? runs to a random corridor, the same glowing white sphere from before appears beside him*

???: You again? What are you? Where did you co...*the sphere speeds towards the 1st corridor* It knows where Bubbles is? Hey, wait for me! *??? follows the floating sphere*

Bubbles: *runs through the maze* Shady! Where are you? Come out come out wherever you are!

*Bubbles turns left at a crossroad as the "specter" follows her while keeping a stealthy distance. ???, on the other hand, tries to keep up*

???: What are you? Last time I saw you, you forced the girls out of here. Well thanks but keeping Shad's memories from long ago buried is my job.

*the "specter" shakes wildly and darts to the left*

Bubbles: Weird. *stops running* Wasn't this corner a wall last time? And that wall was a corridor. And that corridor was a wall. Mazes are hard! No wonder Buttercup hates them!

*Bubbles keeps taking random paths left and right, not knowing that the "specter" and ??? are on her trail*

???: Hold on, sphere-thingy. I got this. *tries to snap fingers, but fails* Grr. Why can't I get it right? *tries again, but fails* Oh, forget it! *claps hands*

Bubbles: Sha...AIEE! *a wall springs out from the ground in front of Bubbles* Aw, why now?

???: Stop right there Bubbles!

Bubbles: *giggles, then pokes ???* Tag, you're it! *jumps over the wall*

???: Tag? I'm not Shad!

*??? claps again, causing another coulum to pop up under him, raising him up above the other wall high enough for him to get over it. He jumps down as the white sphere is way ahead of him*

Bubbles: Shady we're playing tag! Someone's it so watch *bumps into a door* OOF! This wasn't here eith...its this door! The same one that Blossom broke. It doesn't have a lot of locks like last time. Guess it's not done being fixed yet. Maybe Shady's inside. *slowly opens the door*

???: WAIT! Shad's not in there!

*too late. As soon as Bubbles opened it a tiny bit, it swung open, sucking her in what appears to be the same infinate darkness as last time*

???: Shad, what do you see in her. I know she's cute but...*the "specter" quickly follows Bubbles through the big door* Hey! Fine, its not you know how to get out. *closes the door quickly, only to have one of the few remaining locks to fall* And I just started fixing it too! I can't get her out of there...unless...*sits down in a meditative state*

*in an undisclosed location*

*Bubbles stands in the same corridor as last time. But instead of being wrecked, the place was in good condition. Nothing broken. The security cameras above were rotating and the doors on each side of the hall weren't blasted down. And as before, Bubbles is slightly transparent, in color while her surroundings are in black and white*

Bubbles: Hey, everything looks normal. Maybe that monster thing won't come again. Shady? Where are you?

*Bubbles started walking, calling Shad every few minutes. Eventually she saw 2 men in lab coats walking down opposite of her direction, talking about something*

Scientist 1: So I guess Professor Staydamind is here to stay.

Scientist 2: Of course. He and his friend has done much for us. A shame the other one chose not to join.

Scientist 1: What do you expect? He was hesitant because he just got out of collage he says.

Bubbles: Professor Staydamind? Isn't...are they talking about Shady's daddy? *walks up to the scientists* Excuse misters. Have you seen Sha...

*before Bubbles can get another word out, the 2 scientists not only don't notice her or hear her, but they walk right through her!*

Bubbles: AIEEE! What was that? Wait. *touches her face* I can still feel my face. *takes a look at her hand, which is slightly transparent along with the rest of her body* I a...a...ghost?! Why am I a ghost in Shady's dream? And why is everything in black and white? Those 2 guys didn't even see me. Why is...

???/a man's voice: What do you mean the results don't matter?

Bubbles: What was that? *rises off the ground* I can fly now! And since no one here can see me...

*Bubbles flies over to the next corridor. On one of the sides she sees an open door. Upon going through it, she enters a large room and sees several steel plates hung on the wall. All the way ahead is a 5-inch deep chasm with a cushioned pit. To the left are several small dumbells weighing at least 4-6 pounds. What Bubbles was looking at however, was a tall man with brown hair wearing glasses and a gray suit carrying a clipboard. Next to him is who appears to be a somewhat shorter Dimitri, wearing a gray lab coat! What Bubbles was most surprised to see however, was something...someone Dimitri was carrying. It appeared to be a tiny little boy, possibly no older then 2, perhaps 3 years old. He appeared to be sleeping. And his black hair has a slightly familiar spiky fringe to it.

Bubbles: *bewildered*! You're so tiny! It's me Bubbles! Mr. Staydamind, who are you talking...never mind. No one can see me here.

Dimitri: Dr. Brisbaine, as I just said the results don't matter to me. That's all.

Bubbles: The guy in the suit is...

Dr. Brisbaine: That's all? That's your response after the tests regarding our subject came inconclusive?

Dimitri: He's not a subject Dr. Brisbaine...sir. His name is Shad Staydamind. Son of Claire and yours truly.

Dr. Brisbaine: Please don't deviate from the subject Professor Staydamind.

Dimitri: I deviated? You might want to lay off the fancy words sir.

Dr. Brisbaine: There you go, purposely devia...

Dimitri: And there yo...look, I don't care if the results came out zero or whatever. If my boy's all good and healthy, that's good enough for me.

Dr. Brisbaine: Good enough for you? Good enough for you?! It's high time you started thinking about what's exceptional enough for US! We! Claire volunteered to test the Chemical X on your behalf. With it she developed astounding healing capabilities. Healing that'll do a lot of good for us. She soon found out that she was pregnant. So when she gave birth to Shad, it's...

Dimitri: It's only logical that Shad might have them too blah blah blah you said that like what, this is your 4th time now? I don't need the life story. Besides, you scanned our boy twice and no signs of Chemical X were detected. Therefore, it's only logical that he has no powers and I think the results of his test backs up my saying. He failed, thus proving that...

Dr. Brisbaine: We don't train failures! We are to preserve the sanctity of the Earth for the greater good! We need to get out there and show the world what we at the Global Defenders are really capable of and to do that, we need subjects that can...

Dimitri: Will you stop calling them subjects?! They're regular people like you or me. Just because someone has some special talent doesn't mean that they're better. It just means they're different. It's how they use their skill that makes all the difference. Those who are ordinary, like Shad here, don't need to worry about that. Perhaps Thaddeus would agree with me.

Bubbles: Thaddeus? Who's that?

Dr. Brisbaine: How can you be proud of that? Why have a mere ordinary son when he can be extraordinary?

Dimitri: Humph. Nice add on there sir. But as a father I cherish my child no matter what. If only you can understand that, you'd stop this. The Chemical X is too unstable even for us. Adric thought it'd do better with us but so far we seem to be getting nowhere with the proper dosage amount for humans. *heads to the door. He walks through Bubbles as she looks on* Just start over with a new plan. There's a high rise in crime in Townsville so maybe you can put what resources we have to good use there.

*and on that line, Dimitri exits the room with Shad in tow, still sleeping soundly in is father's arms as Bubbles looks on*

Bubbles: Huh? What were they just talking about?

*all of a sudden, the white sphere from before popped up in front of Bubbles*

Bubbles: Huh? Isn't this the...*surrounding area swirls like last time until there's nothing but darkness* AIEE! Dark again? What happened?

*the white sphere expanded up to Bubbles' size and sucked her right in! Outside, in the PPG room the sphere phased out of Shad's dream bubble once again and went back inside the strange device. A few minutes later, Shad woke up*

Shad: Nnnnuh. *yawns* Wow. Why'd I just wake up so fast? Bubbles? Bubbles what time is...

*looks down and sees Bubbles' head on his lap(i.e. using his knee as a pillow :P), still fast asleep. Of course, this causes Shad to get so nervous his surprise reflexes kick in...literally! He yells in slight shock, then accidentally kicks Bubbles off the bed, bumping her into the drawers and on the floor*

Shad: AHH! *jumps off the bed* Bubbles I'm so sorry! *drags Bubbles toward him as he puts her head on his knee* I didn't mean it really. Sorry! *doesn't realize that Bubbles is still asleep and not that injured* She probably has a bump or something. Then she'll have a headache! *notices a slight cut at the side of Bubbles' head* AHH! Now she's bleeding because of me! What to do? What to do? *waves arms in a frantic motion* C'mon c'mon. Fly away bleedyness! Or something!

Blossom: *steps inside the room* What's going on he...WHAT THE?!

*as Blossom sees Shad panicking a bit, just for a split second, she thought she saw Shad's index finger glowing a bright shining silver!*

Shad: Huh? What? *glowing on his finger vanishes as he stops waving his arms*

Blossom: Y-y-y-your finger! Didn't you see it?

Shad: *stares at his fingers* See what?

Blossom: They were...what happened here?

Shad: I woke up and Bubbles was using another pillow.

Blossom: That's it?

Shad: Um...*blushes* yeah. She used me. When I woke up her head was on my knee.

Blossom: Let me guess, you got surprised and kicked her off by accident.

Shad: *looks down and notices that the cut...closed itself up?* Huh? Where'd the cut go? I just got nervous. Why would she use my knee as a pillow?

Blossom: *giggles* Don't know. Wish I got up here sooner though. Would've been a cute sight.

Buttercup: *steps in the room holding a cookie jar* What sight?

Blossom: About that...*whispers what Shad said to Buttercup* And that's what happened.

Buttercup: You mean you saw something weird about Shad's finger? *puts cookie in her mouth*

Blossom: No! The other thing. *whispers to Buttercup again* That.

Buttercup: *spurts out cookie crumbs in shock* PAHAAHHAHAHAH! You mean Shad freaked out because of THAT?! Man, why wasn't I here when that happened?! I'd pay money to see something like that! I can see it now: Bubbles looks for a pillow in her sleep but uses Shad's knee instead. She puts her head on her lap. Shad wakes up. Shad gets so nervous he turns red and KICKS HER off the bed and into the drawer *loses composure* HAHAHAHA!

Shad: That's not funny! It was an accident and Bubbles probably has a bump by now.

Bubbles: *stirred awake by Buttercup's laughter* What bump? Where?

Blossom: Ah, good. *smiles mischievously* You're awake.

Buttercup: Yeah. Want to know which pillow you were using?

Shad: No! Don't tell! Don't tell!

Bubbles: Tell what? What'd I miss?

Shad: Nothing! You missed nothing!

*meanwhile, at Shad's house 5:41PM*

Dimitri: *sees all the commotion in the PPG room via the device in Shad's possession and his own device connected to the PC monitor* Shad you lucky little boy you. Bubbles sleeping on your lap? Claire didn't do that until junior year at high school! I swear, kids are really learning fast these days.

End of Chapter 26!

Okay, reference/foreshadowing time! Bubbles didn't get another glimpse of the Berserker Revolt (which is good since she was scared to the point of crying in record time) but we saw something. Try to guess who Thaddeus is. Hint: It's actually the middle name of a certain someone. And I borrowed it from you-know-who. And I mark thee the 4th Bubbles/Shad fic...sort of.

Added after 9 hours 18 minutes:

Chapter 26 completed!

Added after 2 minutes:

Hmm? I just realized I didn't put up a BGM. Meh, I'll get to that...if I can think of which is a good one.

EDIT: Good news! Thanks to Keeper, I found some good BGM for that little chat Dimitri and Brisbane had. And when Bubbles sees Shad's past self. Hell, this BGM fits Bubbles just plain wandering through the Global Defenders HQ! Soothing, ain't it?
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Hey, I got a little behind there for a while but I'm caught up now. That battle music you put up a while back was pretty good, really fast paced. I guess I'll have to check out some of the other music, eventually. Anyways, keep up the good work as usual.
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Just kidding. lol If you were busy you're busy. Glad you liked the music so far. And Bubbles' and Blossom's theme songs. Although I think Heart wa Wow Wow suits Bubbles much more then Prism suits Blossom...I think. Meh, I can always make another karaoke chapter to find a theme song for Buttercup. No MP3 I have fits her.

But enough about music, how about the Bubbles/Shad pairing? As of now there's 26 chapters and the latest one is the 4th Bubbles/Shad fic...sort of. Perhaps I should make more.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

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Chapter 27: Shady...likes me?

*living room of PPG household 5:53PM*

*the PPG and Shad all sit down on the couch*

Professor Utonium: Okay, one at a time now from the beginning. What was all that raquet upstairs?

Bubbles: We were sleeping. I woke up first but didn't get out of bed yet but Shady...

Buttercup: He's asking why we were making so much noise dummy-head!

Bubbles: I'm not a dummy-head, dummy-head!

Blossom: Would you both be quiet? Besides, Buttercup started it!

Buttercup: Me? You're the one who told me what I missed, so you started it!

*PPG commence incoherent bickering as the professor and Shad look on in toal confusion*

Shad: Mr. Utonium, I don't know what happened either. I just woke up and Bubbles was using me as a pillow.

Professor Utonium: Shad, I'm so sorry about this. *faces his bickering daughters* QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

*all 3 girls cease bickering and sit still*

Professor Utonium: Blossom, you start.

Blossom: We were singing a few j-pop songs Shad had...

Professor Utonium: Shad, you listen you music?

Shad: Not mine. The CD that was put in my bag is my daddy's CD. He listens to it when he has free time.

Professor Utonium: *muttering* Still a J-nut, eh Dimitri?

Blossom: What?

Professor Utonium: Nothing. Continue.

Blossom: After we finished singing, Bubbles and Shad got tired and took a nap. When they fell asleep I went to use the bathroom and Buttercup went to get a snack. After that we were both playing video games in the living room. We were playing for a few hours until we heard yelling from our room. I went up first and saw that...

Shad: She said there was something wrong with my finger. Does it look weird to you Mr. Utonium?

Professor Utonium: *gently rubs it* Doesn't seem like it.

Blossom: This might sound crazy, sort of, but when I saw Shad, he was waving his arms and his finger looked like it was sparkling!

Shad: I didn't see it.

Blossom: He really doesn't believe me! Anyway, he was panicking a bit because when he woke up he found Bubbles laying down on his lap.

Bubbles: I was?

Shad: *blushes* Yes. I got so...I don't know what I felt when I noticed but I got a lot more jumpier then usual. I kicked you off the bed by accident. Sorry.

Professor Utonium: And the noise from before?

Blossom: Well I thought it was kinda cute and wished I saw it earlier, but when I told Buttercup she just found it funny. Why, I don't know. Then Bubbles woke up and Buttercup was about to blab the whole thing. Shad got frazzled and started yelling a bunch of stuff to drown out our voices until you barged in. That's what happened.

Professor Utonium: Hmm...

Buttercup: Oh, and you know what else? *floats up to the professor's head and whispers in his ear* I think he like Bubbles.

Shad: Huh?

Professor Utonium: I know.

Blossom and Buttercup: You do?

Professor Utonium: Don't know how, but I had a feeling that the reason Shad here wanted to stay with us for a while is Bubbles herself. Isn't that right, Shad?

Shad: *blushes* Uh...uh...

Blossom: C'mon you don't need to ask him that. I can see it written all over his face.

Shad: *touches face* There are words on my face?

Bubbles: like me?

Shad: Yes.

Buttercup: No, what she's asking is if you LIKE LIKE her.

Blossom: Yeah, as in REALLY like her.

Shad: I like all of you.

Blossom: We know that, but which one of us is your favorite?

Bubbles: Yeah, who's your favorite?

Shad: *blushes* Uh...uh...I...i...well...I GOTTA GO! *bolts up the stairs but trips halfway* OW! *runs up to the PPG room*

Bubbles: Shady...likes me?

*meanwhile, in the basement of Shad's house*

*Dimitri and Claire look at the monitor as it shows the PPG room. On the bed, they see a peculiar lump under the covers*

Dimitri: Now what happened to him?

Claire: Oh dear, they must've figured it out.

Dimitri: Figured what out? *bonked on the head* OW!

Claire: Our little Shady has a crush on Bubbles!

Dimitri: *rubs head* Oh, that. Then I guess that explains this. *puts the weird device connected to the monitor on his lap*

Claire: Did you give it a name yet?

Dimitri: Unfortunately no. *Dimitri turns a small dial on the back of the device as the monitor switches to another image. It showed Shad sleeping soundly as Bubbles' head rested on his knee*

Claire: CUTE! When was this?

Dimitri: Shortly after our specter expulsed Bubbles from Shad's mind.

Claire: So she got in again?

Dimitri: *sigh* Lord knows how, but yes. But it wasn't...IT this time. You remember that talk me and Brisbane had after Shad was tested know?

Claire: Sort of. I wasn't actually there at the time.

Dimitri: *monitor then flashes an image of a slightly transparent Bubbles floating next to Dr. Brisbane and Dimitri* Bubbles saw a little glimpse of that. Makes me worry a little. I said some pretty negative things about the Chemical X back then. What if she were to feel a little guilty that the very substance that gave her life can also bring death?

Claire: That won't be a problem. The specter got her...right?

Dimitri: Yes, and this time she shouldn't remember...I hope. I was never really too good with these electronics.

Claire: And yet you built that thing over a year ago, which still doesn't have a name! *grabs the device*

Dimitri: Hey, give that back!

Claire: *looks at monitor* Hmm. You were a lot shorter back when you were with the Global Defenders. *raises device high up above her*

Dimitri: That's not fair and you know it.

Claire: If you want it back, give it a name.

Dimitri: It doesn't need a name! *tries to jump for it*

Claire: Oooh, so close.

Dimitri: For God's sake woman, it's freshman year all over again!

Claire: What's the magic word?

Dimitri: Lantern! There, I designed it to look like a lantern without a handle. You wanted it to look like that since you thought it emanated a "magic" feeling or something.

Claire: And?

Dimitri: CLAIRE! *gives her a stern look*

Claire: Okay, you win. *gives the "lantern" back to Dimitri*

Dimitri: Using my short posture to your advantage like that. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

*Dimitri turns a dial on the "lantern" causing the monitor to switch back to the current happening. The shaking lump under the covers of the bed*

Dimitri: Poor kid. Let's see how this'll play out.

*meanwhile, in the PPG room*

*Shad lays all curled up buried under the bed covers*

Shad: How'd they know? I thought I was trying to keep the me liking Bubbles thingy a secret. Is it because girls know everything? My mommy sure does and she found out before Blossom and Buttercup did. Even Mr. Utonium knew! Was I really that...what gave it all away? What made it all blab? *holds Bubbles plushie in front of his face* And how do you feel, Bubbles? I like you like me?

*door creaks open slowly*

???: Shady? Where are you?

Shad: *gulp* It's her! She's here! What do I do? My tummy's getting mad again. Wait, it always gets like this when I'm near Bubbles. And my face, it gets really hot and feverish when she hugs me and stuff. Did those give me away? That's how girls tell?

*before Shad can mutter another word, the bed covers concealing him are tossed off, showing him as a curled-up boy on the bed with a Bubbles plushie next to his face. And who else to find him other then...*

Bubbles: *floating over Shad* There you are!

Shad: AAHHHHHHH! Uh...there who are? Who?

Bubbles: Shady, I knew you were hiding under all our sheets. I heard you talking so loud.

Shad: That gave me away too? What's wrong with me?! How did they know?!

Bubbles: How did they know? Well I was using your knee as...

Shad: Not that! It sounded like they knew all along!

Bubbles: I didn't. But I think they knew how. First, *descends down next to Shad* why are you so sad?

Shad: *turns away and wipes his eyes, then turns back* Well...

Bubbles: Are you crying?

Shad: *sniff* No. I just forgot to put on my glasses today.

Bubbles: How do you feel about superheroes?

Shad: You Powerpuffs? Well I like...

Bubbles: Not that silly. ALL superheroes.

Shad: I like that they save us all the time. Mommy says they're like our guardian angels. I know of them and their superpowers so much that I...I got a tiny bit jealous. Then I felt sad because I wanted to do something to help and be liked by many people like any superhero would. I felt...*sniff* a weakling. Mommy and daddy says that I don't need superpowers to help people but that didn't make me feel any better that time.

Bubbles: So you felt all useless and stuff.

Shad: Uh-huh. When you girls were made it was the most biggest suprise ever. You beat bad guys like all superheroes do, but what made you different was that you didn't have any special costumes, secret lair, or wore tights and underwear on the outside. You looked like regular li...*gazes into Bubbles' exorbantly large eyes and her seemingly fingerless hand* well, almost normal looking little girls. You just lived in a normal house and went to school like the rest of us. Next thing that happened, I became a big fan of you girls. But not everyone knew that you're my favorite Powerpuff. I wanted to be your friend, but then I remembered your being a superhero and everything. I wondered if I was good enough. I just stayed by myself all the time...

Bubbles: Until I got you to sit with us!

Shad: Yeah. After that everything got better little by little. I was still really shy and stuff, but Blossom somehow made me believe what mommy always told me: Special powers don't make a person better. It makes them different. It's how those powers are used that make the difference. I felt a lot better...not a whole lot but still enough to play with you during recess a little. I liked all 3 of you back then. Each of you taught me something that helped myself. You showed me to be more open and Buttercup taught me to stand up for myself. I wanted to do something as a thank you.

Bubbles: Oh yeah, you decided to give us gi...

Shad: No.

Bubbles: Huh?

Shad: I...I...I was only going to give you a gift. The Nekokoneko plushie. Somehow I forgot about Blossom and Buttercup. I was going to give all of you gifts on that one day but I forgot. That's when they were starting to think that I like you more since I only had a gift for you on that day.

Bubbles: But you gave them gifts too. And when school got closed because of the earthquake I figured you would sleepover with us until it's open again. Since we're all friends now I thought you'd agree.

Shad: I did. And I'm having lots of fun.

Bubbles: But why are you sad now? Blossom and Buttercup found out you liked me more. It's not bad. If you thought they were going to be mad they're not. So you...

Shad: It's not that.

Bubbles: What?

Shad: You're a superhero. Ever since I became friends with you I started to feel better about myself...about me. When I found out that I liked you more...more then normal I tried to keep it secret. It's always one thing to be a friend with a superhero. But have a...what's it called...a CRUSH on one?! I thought it wouldn't be right! And I thought you wouldn't like me like I like you! I got scared! I thought if you found out you wouldn't be my friend and I'd be alone again! And I don't...I don't want to be alone! *crying* I like you! I really like you!

Bubbles: Shady...

Shad: *sniff* Do you like me?

Bubbles: Well...

*at Shad's place, Dimitri bites his fingernails as Claire crosses her fingers in anticipation as they watch the 2 kids from the "lantern" connected to the monitor, but before Bubbles can say her answer, the PPG room door swings open, revealing Buttercup and Blossom!*

Dimitri: *falls off his spinning chair anime-style* DAMN HER!!

Claire: Oh.........raspberries!

*back at the PPG household*

Buttercup: HA! You said you REALLY liked her didn't you?! DIDN'T YOU?! We heard you! Don't deny it! We have it on tape!

Blossom: No we don't. *elbowed in the stomach*

Buttercup: Shut up. I don't want them to know it.

End of Chapter 27!
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