Trender's Mannequins: PG-13: Fanfiction: Complete

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Trender's Mannequins: PG-13: Fanfiction: Complete

Postby GinKyofu13 » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:18 am

I don't own any characters within the series not even the Nurses from Silent Hill or etc. There will be a few gore and violence within the fanfiction, that's all.

It had been a doubt that Trenderman was the weakest within the family due to his lack of abilities. There was something about him, that no-one saw him for what he is. He wasn’t always strong from brothers’ standard, but he had skills in fashion designing. He wasn’t the favorite in our father’s eyes, but he was gifted with wisdom in the world.

“Why my father hates me so much? When he noticed me… I am sick and tired of being weak…”

He doesn’t have a highest stamina, but he had his ways. No-one knew about his own abilities and his twisted way of killing. The “Trenderman” is something when he enjoyed human’s fashions and looked at the latest trend. Unlike the family, he was the only one who was able to adapt human’s life. None go near them since we saw them as the disgusting beings.

I heard the words when I saw a shattered mirror to the right as he was breaking down, but I failed as a brother. I saw him as a calm brother was intelligence except I don’t consider him as a weakling. I don’t like the idea of that, but was misunderstood by the others. I could feel an emotional breakdown, but it wasn’t by willpower and it was troubling inside of his mind.

“I am sick and tired of being Smexy’s victims, but I am sick of being ignored. I am sick and tired of being dead last. I hated myself.”

It was quite odd when I notice his workshop, but it was away from us. He envied the humans, but he wanted to be a part of it except he couldn’t due to his appearance. He had a workshop, but it smells like blood. My father doesn’t see it before when I smell animal’s and human’s blood mixed with it. I was the first one to go inside the workshop to see that he have a small bedroom before him and a kitchen from the top floor. The workshop appeared to convert from an abandoned home, but no-one judge my own brother from his intelligence or him as the weakling.

“If they don’t accept me for what I am than they give me no choice,” I saw the words written on the wall.

I saw something odd about the wallpapers as it was made from wolf’s skin, but it was disturbing except interesting. The rug was made out of human skin, but the bones were covert into the furniture. I noticed the two chairs and the table in the middle, but the skulls were served as candle holders. There are a few hanging from the wall and the chandelier disturbing except interesting. He doesn’t get rid of the remains except he recycle them in his own style minus the organs missing.

There was a coat hanger near the brick-made fireplace, except the design was a fake except it was twisted with the skull have bones with hands at the end. I thought Trenderman was weak myself, except he wasn’t any more in my opinion. The bones were aged, but he had been killing from over 100 years. What were his weapons to skin his victims when I saw the door on the opposite side between the bed and shelves containing books? He doesn’t have the televisions, but it was odd that he have the kitchen above his own bedroom.

I checked his bed, but he seemed to buy it with a shelf with video games and consoles underneath except there was a laptop near the shelf. He was the only one immunity from the technology’s malfunction. There are dark secrets that we don’t know about Trenderman when I saw a TV monitor. He had one above the fireplace behind the double doors, but I decided to check the kitchen.

When I took the upstairs and the kitchen was normal except there were dead animals and mannequins on the other side. These mannequins looked eerily as they don’t have any faces like us, but there are some who are rag dolls stitch up with different skins. I wondered who his inspiration behind it was, but my mind wondered why didn’t our father saw anything to him?

He was just a mannequin alone in the family except his skills were extended throughout this year. I remembered unleashing his wrath and Splendor told me that his abilities are awakened. He told me that Smexy threw his favorite book into the lake, but he was calm. He was always the one in the middle to stop the fighting between those except he and Splendor always be Smexy’s victims.

He snapped when Splendor came out with rage except he reveals his mouth and eyes as it was bleeding. He tried to calm him down except beating up Smexy, but he got it coming from Trender’s behalf. Smexy refused to apologize for what happened, but I wanted to see for myself. The mannequins were his victims around me and I looked up to see a table and noticed the masks hanging from the walls.

“Why can’t I be human like them?” as words written on the walls behind the masks, “But everyone sees me as a mere mannequin. It hurts so much, but…”

I headed downstairs to notice something change from the opposite side when I heard footsteps. I noticed a red wheelchair near his bedroom and the door slammed down. There was a cold chill down within the room and the fire blew out as I looked around here. I was concerned for Trender since he hasn’t returned him except it wasn’t like him to stay silent. He was broken down when reality crashed down at him when I looked through another room to see a coffin except it was familiar when we traveled in Japan. I saw the pictures except coffins around the place except they are corpses stood there like statues.


The door was open within the room where I was in with the fireplace, but I didn’t prepare for what happened. I knew Offender have his dislike to not being a Slender while he tried to find love, but he finds love in the wrong places. I cannot stand him when he smelled like he has come out of the Night Club. We have our own standard, but we have a reason to be a fear of humans except for my brothers. I saw them as insects except I have feared them while they fear me. I couldn’t help it when I killed someone except it was what I born to do.

I was a disappointment in the monsters on what the modern time, but do they think that they will bring peace between humanity and monsters. I think not in reality, but I couldn’t believe that I am thinking about a reference of Monster High. Reality hurts like a bitch when you realized that an organization is after us. Offender doesn’t like the isolation except he finds ways to blend in except Splendor is the opposite me since he cared about the humans. He would be the enemy since we are the opposite, but I tried to reason with him. He told me not all the humans are evil, but it doesn’t matter. I brought fear into the humans’ eyes when they mustn’t enter into my territory within night. The rotten brats who have no regrets about what was going to happen if they sneaked out in the middle of the night, but they will cause a downfall with their own family.

I couldn’t help it when I tried not to get my distraction about it as I went into the room to see bloodstains on the walls. I noticed a mannequin with a coat stitched up with different parts of clothing and human skin, but I noticed the animals were roaming around without fur. I took notice that they are dead when I saw the scars on their bodies except they were hostile to me. I went inside of the room to notice the bloodstains in the room, but human skins and skeletons are hanging from the meat hangers with blood dripping from the wall. The clothes were in the laundry baskets near the door and workshop table were between the door and me.

I examined the mannequin with a mask, dark brown hair wig, silver bracelet and black gloves, the pants were mixed with different materials and belts hanging on the side with the one doll head. He had an odd fashion design, but it isn’t his latest one with fishnets, but I am thankful to have a business suit. He had an odd reason to like to get into the latest trend through time to time, except it had a hook hanging with human skin rolled up.

“I tried to convince you to change your style, but I was thrown insult by you and friends. No-one knows me, but you shouldn’t mock someone who was ready helping you out.”

Trender used necromancy to bring the animals back to life, but does that include the humans except the temperature is lower within the room. The eyes were glowing, but this is what I like about it. The light went on when I saw the materials stitched up into the wall and there was a shelf with materials rolled up and ready to be used. A sewing machine was near the cage on the table, and a scroll near the table on the opposite side of the mirror. I checked inside the drawer to see the sewing kit from the first one and the second one has surgery equipment were within a roll-up scroll.

“Offender will be your worst nightmare when you mocked him too, but so will Splendor. They will kill you and your body will not last long forever, except I will reserve your body. There is a lot to do when I always mock to be weak, but you see my true color.”

The last one had masks except I never realized that he have a Pretender in him since these are human mask to fool them. There was a hidden skin on the right when I lifted the cover, but this was possible that he cleaned his own equipment since he skinned or kill his victims. I wondered where he was now, but he hasn’t shown up lately. I heard a noise from somewhere as I tried to track him down instead I fell down into the trap door.

“Slender doesn’t even go out with whores like you! You wasted your body for what for pleasure. You are mistaken.”

I looked around as the light went on and noticed about him as he sat down on the chair before an operating table. I saw him holding a meat cutter as he was upset, but he didn’t notice me. His victims were wrapped up in fabric materials and gagged as his tentacles coming out of his back except it was blended in from his sweater and scarf. The victim was gagging and strapped on the tables with the tentacles coming from his arm. The victim was a woman as she was crying as it ruined the make-up.

“Oh, you wanted to say “Sorry”, but it’s too late!”

I saw him ripped her face off before he decapitated the head and ripped her arms. I saw the shadows took over and the blood splatter around him as his shadow was more frightening when I saw his eyes were glowing in the dark. He used the garden’s scissor as I watched him rip apart at lower slims when I heard he sings a tune as a whistle. He chuckled sadistically as he took his time to throw the head and placed the arms inside of the cooler rack.

“Even though, it is fun to see you “all” screaming in pain as I turned you into dolls and mannequins one by one.”

He noticed something odd when he got the nurses dragging the garbage. He saw them in the bandage except they were in blood as they wheeled the garbage can out of the room. I stayed hidden to watch him as he removed the organs from the inside of the body as he used the scissors. He removed the heart of the woman who will soon become a manikin. As I saw him slide the woman into the tub of wax before he did that. He cleaned the blood out of her corpse and I watched him, allowing the wax took over.

“I will not be mocked ever again, never will. Never ever since I own you now and you are now my fashion slaves. Don’t worry, you will be Young forever…”

He never has been seen like this before when I kept distance as I left the scene without the trace. I departed when I know my mind was at ease and worried about him. It doesn’t matter since it shows the sign that he still got it. He is a Slender after all, but I could have sworn that there was a person behind me as I heard the wheelchair from the background. If father saw him now, he would be proud except he oversaw him as a weakling. I knew father cared about us except he oversaw Trender, but Trender have a reason to be like this right?

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Re: Trender's Mannequins: PG-13: Fanfiction: Complete

Postby Tuor » Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:41 pm

So english is not your first language, correct?
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