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Page 7
This page contains Parts 2 and 3 of The Belle in White.
This page also contains Parts 1 and 2 of the Epilogue to the First War.
This page also contains the substory- A Trip to Townsville.
This page also contains the Prologue to the Second War.
This page also contains Chapter 1 of Blossom, Dexter and Rowdyrough's sides of the Second War.
This page also contains the end of the first day of the Second War.


The Chronometal Wars
-The Belle in White-
Act 2

Without missing a beat, Bell returns to Megaville... this time, without Gir. She fears for his safety with these people.

“Susan...” She mutters to herself. Bell has never been known to be so distant. Odd, yes... perhaps even insane... but she has always found her comfort from those around her. She lived her life through her friends and family... and now she goes to see an old friend... one she almost called “Brother.” Maybe even more...

The weather has died down last time she’s been here and the sun has set a while ago. However, the night is very deep... but she is seemingly guided through the darkness to the north of Megaville. There she finds a smoldering ruin. She jumps into it and is immediately bombarded with an odd feeling.

She kneels down and picks up a strange crystal shard. She thinks about what that woman from the other day said. How that crystal was somehow Susan. This shard seems to be a part of that crystal...

“S... S-Susan...? Can... You hear me?” She timidly speaks into the crystal in the palm of her hands. The embers around her crackle peacefully. The crystal in her hand glows a soft gray coloration before she feels someone behind her.

She turns her head around to see a strange man in a blue suit of armor.

“Who are you?” Bell asks. The man in blue bows curiously. “I am the one who is helping to bring your friend back from the dead. You may call me Micheal.”

Bell turns her entire body around and walks toward him slowly. “How...? How is this crystal him? I-It’s just a rock...” He reaches out and takes the crystal from her and holds it up to her eye.

“Just a rock? Perhaps. Merely a case, holding the more important aspect of his existence. His soul.” He takes the crystal and puts it back into her hands and curls her fingers around it.

“What are our bodies if not merely cases for our immortal souls? But... I digress. This is not his true shape. That, we shall see tomorrow.” – “T-Tomorrow?! Susan’s coming back tomorrow?!” Bell asks, excited- a large smile crossing her face!

Micheal nods and turns around. “Well, tomorrow, yes... but we are a little short-handed. If we don’t get some help it may not happen at all.” – “N-No! What kind of help do you need?” Bell begs, running in front of him.

“Well... his human form is unstable... so many crystals have been shattered that it is no longer a certainty that his true form can be maintained safely.” – “So what can I do?” – “Hmm... you can help us test his human form.” Bell’s eyes dart back and forth...

“What can I do to help with that?” Micheal holds out his hand, beckoning her to grab it. “Allow me to show you.” Bell hesitantly holds his hand and before they know it, the entire area around them twists and contorts before they appear in the middle of a large mechanical metropolis!

“W-Wow...! What is this place?” Bell asks, wandering off and star struck. “Impressed? I’ve been building this place for many years. Almost twenty. Now finally, the time has come for it to all be worth it. If Mandark can be successfully resurrected tomorrow, this world will finally be delivered back into the light.”

Bell turns around, not sure what question to ask next...

“Where’s Olga?” – “Come again?” – “Susan’s sister... where is she? I want to meet her...” Micheal thinks a small moment before responding.

“She’s busy right now, fighting the person who is destroying all of our crystals.” – “Someone’s been destroying them...?! Who? Can I help you stop them?” – “His name isn’t important. We have him under control. As for you helping Susan, come right this way.”

Micheal walks into a separate room. Bell takes one last look at this underground factory... there are so many robots here... it reminds her of Black Eden before the Cluster went away...

She enters the room and to her surprise, it’s rather small. There are only a few machines in here. There are drawings and schematics on the wall. All with the same pattern and date. A person with a bunch of wires behind them... and...


“Now, this is merely a test. A test to see if you are compatible.” – “Compatible? With what?” – “Why, Susan of course.” Bell thinks to herself, not sure what to make of this situation.

“Compatible with... Susan...? What do you mean?” – “What I mean is, without you- Susan will NEVER come back! We need your help.” – “O-Okay... alright... I’ll do your test.” She walks up to the center of the machine in this room as Micheal goes over to a nearby console.

He presses a couple buttons and noises can be heard around Bell. She isn’t comfortable with this at all, but the prospect of bringing Susan back is more powerful than her doubts.

“You are going to feel a small pinch.” After he says that, a machine skewers her arm and draws blood. Then another... and another. One in her leg, one in her back. The pain isn’t too bad, but the sensation is frightening. Before she knows it, five different needles are sticking out of her body.

“I-I don’t want to do this anymore!” Bell yells as she rips away from the machines and out of the door. Micheal merely stands in awe of the situation and sighs.


He walks out of the room, Bell is hunched over the wall grabbing her chest and breathing deeply. She looks over, tears growing in her eyes. Micheal thinks to himself...

“I’m... sorry if I scared you. I can take you out of here if you want.” He extends his hand once more and Bell just looks at it. She sniffles and rubs her eyes.

“I-I just need t-time to... to think... that’s all...” She says as she grabs onto his hand and soon finds herself in the rubble north of Megaville once more.

She looks into the sky as the darkness begins to wane.

“You don’t have to do this... but you don’t have a lot of time to choose either. If by tomorrow- wait...” He says as he checks the time.

“Sorry, if by Eight Hours from now, you haven’t done this... I’m afraid all of our efforts will be wasted. The binding process will be aborted and we won’t be able to bring Mandark back. Not just that, but I fear the enemy we are fighting will have destroyed everything we worked for by then. Just look around you.”

Bell looks around the smoldering ruin, she wasn’t really curious as to what it was before, but now she can understand the gravity of the situation.

This looks just like the factory she was just in...

“The person you are fighting... they did all of this?” – “All of it. In less than an hour no less. We never expected them to even live to this point, let alone destroy over half of our production so soon. I’m afraid we will have to abort if we can’t bring Susan back in the time I told you.”

Bell stands over the wreckage thinking, before Micheal speaks up once more, this time with a different sounding voice- as if he just heard bad news.

“Speak of the devil... I have to go now, Bell. Make your choice. I’ll come see you again here in seven hours. If you aren’t here, I’ll understand.” He says as he disappears, leaving Bell alone.

The sun starts rising again...


Bell returns once more to Black Eden, but she doesn’t tell X about the needles... or the factory... she only tells him about the people who want to bring Susan back.

He laughs heartily at the concept of restoring life, but Bell doesn’t find it funny. She seems incredibly distant and X can see how serious this is to her.

X seriously considers if she should be allowed back to Megaville, but she pleads with him that she must go back in a few hours.

She MUST go back...


What could possibly go wrong?
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Is this the beginning of the end, or the end to the beginnings? Is it a matter of perspective or is nothing 'true' anymore?


The Chronometal Wars
-THE FIRST WAR Epilogue Part 1-
Fates Intersect

Micheal charges Dexter down, giant scythe drawn with his own armor being infused with the power of the crystallized Model M.

Dexter’s pure rage is enough to hold back the attacks, but he can’t push forward... it seems Micheal is also being driven by powerful emotions. He doesn’t show it, however. He has spent so much time hiding his emotions as he conducted his research and committing these atrocities... but now they are pouring out into his scythe, grinding Dexter into the scaffolding!

The scythe is absolutely massive- twice the size of a normal human. The weight is nothing to cough at either... it’s well over a ton of divine power, wielded by a man who would sacrifice anything and everything to bring this world back into the light.

“I won’t let you win...!” Dexter huffs, wincing under the sheer pressure Micheal is exerting. “If you have a single bone in your body in tune with what is right- you will LET me win!” – “What’s right?! Grr... You are really starting to get... on... MY... NERVES!” Dexter yells as he bats the scythe away and goes on the offensive!

The massive double bladed weapon clashes with Dexter’s golden energy swords time and time again, causing shockwaves to ripple out! The debris on the roof being blown off and even the large crystal that is Model M is starting to crack under the intense pressure of the battle!

Micheal overpowers Dexter time and time again, but Dexter refuses to stay down! The city around him burns an ominous red as the sun refuses to fully set. The streets are flooded with blood, the buildings crushed by glaciers and burned by energy fire... yet here Micheal is- preaching about “what is right...”

“There is only one truth here, Micheal...” – “And that is?” – “That you have killed hundreds of people... and are going to kill hundreds more. I don’t give a damn about your vision... the ends will never justify the means and so help me- I will see you sent to your own personal Hell!”

He bats the scythe over and over, Micheal now starting to buckle under the pressure, as does the crystal! He smashes his blade into Micheal’s weapon over and over and over and over! The ground cracks and crumbles, energy waves blast away from every hit, distorting the shield around Megacorp!


“Guys, look!” Blossom says, pointing to the building! The shield ebbs and swirls, losing power quickly!

“I bet we could break through that!” – “Yeah, let’s go!” The Powerpuff Girls take to the air to enter themselves into this battle as well! They rise to the pinnacle to see Dexter and Micheal fighting, Dexter apparently winning.

All three of the girls charge the shield at once and it shatters, causing energy to spill into the area around them and funnel straight into Micheal, who turns the tides and bashes Dexter away onto the ground!

“DEXTER!” Blossom yells out as all three of them charge Micheal down! He raises his weapon and holds all three of them off with relative ease! He pushes them back and smacks them away with the blunt end of the scythe.

“This is not your battle, little girls. This is between two men and their visions of the future.” – “Oh, get the hell over yourself!” Buttercup blurts out, quickly rising back to the skyscraper! Micheal readies himself to smack her away, but she attacks the crystal instead!

“BUTTER... CRUSH!” She roars as she slams her hand onto the top of the crystal causing energy to cascade, blowing chunks of it to the wind, where Bubbles quickly grabs them and crushes them into nothing.

“No! Stop that you meddlesome child!” – “And squander this perfect opportunity to stop you? I think not.” Blossom freezes an area of the crystal with her breath and shatters it with a strong blow, while Bubbles screams so intensely that portions of it instantly shatter!

“Enough of this!” Micheal yells as thousands of robots rise around the building.

“You think they are going to stop us? We will destroy however many you have!” – “Oh, these aren’t for you...” As he says that, the robots all take off for the house Lynn has the people stored in!

“D-Damn it!” Buttercup yells as she instantly takes off without another thought. Bubbles trails behind her, but Blossom hesitates.

“Dexter! Wake up!” She screams as loud as she can. Dexter shakes his head and barely regains consciousness. “Blossom...?” He looks over with half open eyes to see her fly away. He looks over to Micheal and remembers why he’s here! He rises to his feet and draws his weapon again. Micheal looks back and chuckles a small bit, his scythe being held in only one hand as he lazily walks over.

“You are still going to resist? You have no legs to stand on! You’re running on empty, Dexter. You’re out of energy, you have no motivation, you have no backup... you’re done.”

“It’s... not over... until you’ve lost, Micheal... It’s not over... until I put you... AND Mandark... into the dirt.” He huffs, struggling to even stand. Micheal looks over to Model M. The crystal’s shell is shattered... being attacked directly caused massive damage- but Micheal still seems pleased.

“This isn’t over yet Dexter. Neither your death nor mine would stop what’s coming soon.” Dexter ponders his words. He too looks over at Model M.

“What about... HIS DEATH!?” Dexter yells as he charges down the crystal, catching Micheal off guard! He rushes to intercept Dexter, only to have him lunge out at him! He played him like an instrument...

In one fell swoop, the tables flipped. This time for good. Micheal laughs at the irony of thinking so far ahead that even the most ham-fisted strategies seemed out of sight... He laughs and laughs, coughing up blood before Dexter retracts his blade and Micheal slumps to the ground, laughing and curling up in a pool of his own blood.

“So... basic-*COUGH*... your plan. I mean... is this... how it all ends...? In a pool of my OWN FUCKING BLOOD...?!” He hacks and coughs before he finally goes silent.

Dexter limps over to the end of the building and looks down, The Powerpuff Girls barely able to keep the robot assault under control.

“I have to help them!” He says to himself, getting ready to jump off the building.

“Don’t you want to stay for the after-show?” A familiar voice is heard behind Dexter. He turns around and meets her face to face.

“Olga. It’s over. Micheal is dead. I’m going to save those people’s lives- and you are not going to stop me.” – “Oh, I can’t stop you. You proved that much by taking three of us on at once and breaking us down in one fell swoop. But I’M not the person you need to stay for.”

The sun finally fully sets and a deep rumbling can be felt from the crystal embedded in the building as a sinking feeling is felt in the pit of Dexter’s stomach.

“The time has come for Susan to come back!” After she says that, a spectacular array of lights emit from Model M! Black, White, Red, Blue- indeed all colors and it brightens and darkens the areas around them!

The crystal breaks and a shape begins to coalesce from the wreckage! What seems like a giant mechanical head is born from the crystalline formation, but not even relevant to the shape is the fact that the crystal is emitting a kind of Power Dexter cannot even fathom! It smothers him and it makes it hard to breathe this energy laden air!

“FINALLY!” A booming voice breaks through the sky! The metallic crystalline head that is Model M speaks, surprising Dexter. It looks over to him and breaks into a small grin.

“Dexter... It’s been too long. Soon I shall return... but before then, we have some unfinished business!” – “Our business finished years ago, Mandark!” – “Not quite! Before this day is over, you will follow me back to the afterlife, Dexter!”

Dexter looks back and notices Olga is far gone, as if she fled this location. The entire top of the building is ignited and Dexter scrambles to a patch of stone that is not on fire! Giant segments of concrete are ripped from their base by Model M! Dexter scrambles to keep footing on his patch of ground as it is suspended in the air, surrounded by fire seemingly hotter than possible!

“One false step and it’s all over, Dexter” – “Yeah, well- unlike you, I‘m good on my feet!” He jumps from rock to rock and strikes Model M square in the head, but is blasted back, only to barely hold onto one of the suspended blocks.

“Is that all you got?” Mandark taunts. Dexter growls, not sure how to handle this situation...

The giant head begins to float toward Dexter through the flames, his eyes reflecting the divine fire.

“I gotta say, Mandark... I never expected you to come back like this.” – “I’m not quite back yet- only maintaining my consciousness through this Malevolent Shell. Soon- assuming you are still alive; you will see what true resurrection is!” Dexter stands on top of the floating stone and ponders his options... frontal attack is no good, but there’s nothing else he can do! The energy around him is so suffocating that he can’t gyrate the energy enough to fly, either.

“Need help?” Blossom yells out of nowhere, blowing icy breath across the battle, causing the flames to vanish! Model M turns around to meet her. “Blossom... I see you’re still alive. It’s a shame you didn’t stay dead that day!”

As he says that, Dexter runs across the now cooled ground behind him and puts all of his power into cleaving a possible weak spot! “HAYAAAA!” He yells, cutting right through the red crystal amidst the entirety of the Purple Model M!

Mandark instantly turns around and blasts Dexter away with an energy beam, reigniting the field. Blossom attempts to help, but Model M conjures crystal beings from thin air that go to attack the civilians!

“D-Dexter...! I have to go! BE SAFE!” She yells as she reluctantly goes to stop the enemies. Dexter rises before the fire reaches him and perches himself onto another of the floating stones. Model M is not amused anymore.

“Enough of this- just die already!” He yells as he fires another giant ray of energy at Dexter! He has barely enough time to jump to another stone held afloat amidst the thick energy field cast off by Model M.

The building they are fighting on completely collapses, save the roof which is being held in an energy field! The giant worm still perches over the battlefield.

“Why are you doing this, Mandark?!” – “Because I want you to die- that’s all!” – “These guys were preaching about you being some kind of messiah... you don’t seem very holy to me.” – “And you’d be right!” He responds, confusing Dexter.

“I’ve died more than just once, Dexter. This is not the first time I’ve taken the form of Malevolence. I have been destroyed in this form once. Every time I regenerate, a little bit of the initial energy within me fades... leaving me more and more empty.”

“Energy? Like what?” – “The initial soul, Dexter. Mandark’s soul- MY soul. As I am broken and reconstituted I am more and more diluted. There is hardly anything left anymore. These fools refused to see this. I am not Mandark, I AM MALEVOLENCE!” He roars as he fires energy beams across the entire battlefield, causing bits of stone to fly everywhere! Dexter can barely jump out of the way!

“There is no way you can defeat me... as Mandark’s soul breaks, I grow into more of a being far beyond your comprehension! My power is legendary! You cannot hope to beat me on your own!”

“That’s why we’re here! BUTTERCRUSH KICK!” Buttercup yells, crashing into the red Crystal behind Malevolence, causing him to recoil into the flame, putting them out!

He turns around to fire another blast at her, but Dexter musters all of the energy he can into this one blow!

“Dexter, if you don’t put EVERYTHING into this- Buttercup will die! You can’t let her die!” Deedee yells into him! Both Deedee and Dexter put their strength into this one attack that seems to take eons to finally be swung!

Time stops around the area and the blade finally makes contact with the crystal- SHATTERING IT completely!

“GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Model M roars as all of the robots and crystal beings shut down at once! The dense energy field around the top of the building fluctuates and nearly gives way, but the worm coils around it and prevents it from falling.

The giant head collapses on the ground, seemingly lifeless. Blossom and Bubbles fly up, now that the robots are finally taken care of.

“Is it over...?” Bubbles asks. “I think so...” Dexter responds, before something catches their eyes and ears. The worm opens up and expels something near Model M. It seems to be a person...

“Wait... is th-that...?!” Blossom stutters as the being rises. It is a girl, wires and machinery sticking out of her. She has white hair and is wearing a white dress.

“B-Bell...? Is that you...?” She looks over to Blossom with emotionless eyes. She opens her mouth as her entire face twists and contorts- Model M showing signs of life again! Energy from Model M begins to creep over the wires sticking out of Bell and she begins to speak-

“Susan... come back...”


It's not over yet. There is still something left to do. Why is Bell here? What happens next? I will explain both in the two parts to come. The Final part of the Belle in White trilogy, and the ending half of the Epilogue. Stick around!
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Final part of the Belle in White. Here it is, some closure!


The Chronometal Wars
-The Belle in White-
Act 3

Bell sits in her room and looks around. Everything she sees is reminiscent of a little girl’s room, a room of pure innocence and comfort from the pains of the outside world.

So then, why does it feel like her world is ending...?! “Daddy...!” She mutters under her own breath again and again...

X has forbidden her from returning to Megaville.

Bell turns over to meet Gir, who only just now entered the room; even he seems to be taking this at least somewhat seriously. He walks over to her and snuggles up, Bell more than happy to have someone to hold.

“Girly... I have a chance to bring Susan back... should I disobey Daddy? I mean... he was like a brother to me... and with my help they could bring him back! B-But... Daddy thinks they are dangerous...”

Gir releases himself from her embrace and raises a finger. Bell is confused for a moment, until he points that finger to her chest. “Listen to your heart, it’s always right.” – “G-Girly...?” He merely looks back. Bell has never seen Gir act like this before.

“Are... are you being serious?” Bell asks, desperate. Gir nods with a dumb grin on his face. Bell smiles and begins to cry tears of happiness. She hugs Girly dearly. “Thank you, Gir...! Don’t tell Daddy I’m gone...” She rises up and wipes her eyes clean and runs out of her room.

The teleportation device in her own room is deactivated, but there is another near the entrance to Black Eden that hasn’t been used in a while since the Cluster suffered a miserable defeat a while ago. There are cameras set up all over Black Eden that X is watching at all times, so Bell needs to be careful.

She sneaks around dead zones and zips past cameras with low vision, careful to not be seen or heard. A few minutes later, she finds herself at the entrance. The teleportation pad is viewed by several cameras and Bell can’t find any way to sneak past this final challenge, which is until Gir shows up.

Without trading so much as a word to each other, Gir rips out some cords and begins to chew on them, causing the nearby level to short circuit! Primary systems reactivate first, such as the Teleportation pad- but secondary systems will activate soon! Such as cameras...

“Thank you so much Girly! I won’t forget this!” She says as she enters the pad and quickly disappears. Gir stands there for a short moment before walking off. He takes a white wig out from somewhere and puts it on before he walks off toward Bell’s room.


Bell runs off toward the ruin from before, but she is intercepted by someone.

“Ah, Bell. You have come. I take it you wish to partake in the test?” Micheal says from the shadows. Rain falls all around them giving this moment a particularly tense feeling. Bell nods.

“Yes. I will do anything to get Susan back! Anything!” Micheal smiles and holds out his hand. “Well then... shall we go?” Bell grabs onto his hand, leaving no room for doubt anymore.

They are in the base, but something is different- MUCH different!

“Who... who are all of these people...?!” Bell asks, confused and surprised. She walks over to the glass pane that overlooks the entirety of the factory she saw before. There are people in it! More people than she can count!

“These are the chosen, Bell. They will help us bring back Susan- just like you.” – “Them? How will they help?” – “Their holy essence is what we need to awaken Model M’s dormant powers. Your holy essence is what we need to awaken Susan himself.” – “I... don’t completely understand, but I’ll help.”

“Good!” Micheal says as a deep rumbling is felt! It sounds like a spaceship has just taken off! Everyone in the facility covers their ears as the rumbling permeates the very air! All Micheal does is smile...

(============== (Elsewhere, in a soundproof cell.) =============)

“You are the last person we have to interview.” – “Please... what do you want with us?” The woman lets out, at her wit’s end. The woman in the purple armor sits down across the table from her and throws something to the woman.

“Look in that.” The purple girl says. The woman hesitantly opens up the item, a kind of file to see what’s within. What she sees causes her to cover her mouth.

“R-Ruby...?! What have you done with my daughter?!” – “Nothing, Rose. She is innocent in all of this. You, however... we need you to help us.” – “I won’t do it! Let my daughter go!” – “Keep this up and I might actually do that.”

“What...? What do you mean?” The purple knight activates a monitor that both she and Rose look at. “What in the...?!” She stammers. “Is this for real?” – “Yes, Rose. We are flying. In the air. Not just that, but in a few minutes, a lot of our droids will be released to take out anyone who we deemed unworthy. That is, anyone who is NOT within this base.”

“Not within... oh...” – “Do you see now? HERE is the safest place for her. Outside, all she has to look forward to is a couple mile drop, or mechanical warfare. CHOOSE, NOW!” – “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!” Rose yells, slamming her hands on the table, willing to do anything for her daughter.



“Yes, YES! This is PERFECT!” Micheal yells as Bell winces at the pain of everything that is happening.

“There is just one... final... step...” He says, almost giddy as he presses one final button labeled: ‘M’. As soon as the button is pressed, a dark black liquid is drained into Bell and her eyes go wide!

“HYAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” She screeches, the pain too excruciating to bear, even though she is fully mentally prepared!

“What, what is this?! Everything was going perfectly... are you incompatible with Susan’s pure soul?” – “IT HURTS! MAKE IT STOP!” She yells, ripping herself from the conduits! The dark energy continues to seep into Bell, causing her to yell even louder and feel even more pain!

“NOOOOO! STOP IT, PLEASE!” She yells, grabbing her head in an attempt to dull the pain! Micheal at first seems terrified, but he overviews the last reading he got from the test.

100% Match... “Okay, Bell... calm do-OOOOOH!” He tries to say before she blasts him through the wall, causing this level of the factory to explode! She rips the black wire out of her head as the factory ebbs and fluctuates!

“IT STILL HURTS! WHY?!” She crashes around in the lab causing massive damage and machines to explode! A worm coils its way out of its tunnels in an attempt to hold Bell, but she musters some freak strength that manages to hold the worm by the maw and slam it into the factory! The people scream and run away as the worm falls through the factory, causing massive explosions!

The entire base is exploding and Bell still cant find any solace from this pain she is in! “WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO ME?!” Bell roars, standing over Micheal. Micheal opens his mouth, but Bell has had enough! She is filled with so much anger and dark energy that she no longer tolerates his life and she lunges for his throat!


The noise reminiscent of a log breaking over an anvil is heard as Astro bashes Bell over the head, causing her to pass out. Micheal rubs his head and rises from his position. “Good work... Astro...” He says half heartedly as he looks over the lab.

“You go. You are needed above. I’ll take care of Bell and the people. She should be ready soon. I’ll make sure of that.” – “Alright...” He says as he looks over the wreckage. He begins to fly off, but before that he turns around.

“He will be back soon, Olga... your brother will finally be back...” – “Where have I heard that before? I won’t hold my breath...” Micheal diverts his eyes, knowing that his previous attempts were foiled by would-be heroes before.

“This is different. We finally have a proxy this time. Bell... Bell is the key that will open the door to our success! You’ll see!” He says as he fires up through the wreckage of the lab.

Olga looks down to the girl in her arms, her face still showing signs of excruciating pain, tears going down her eyes and teeth clenched. Wires and tubes sticking out of her back, her clothing torn and her skin cut and sliced.

“You...? You are the key? You’re... you’re still just a little girl. Hah... when I saw you all those years ago I thought the same thing... such a little girl with such great power... I used to envy you, Bell... but, not anymore. Not with what you have to go through soon.”


And with that, we can continue with the story.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Part two of the Epiloge: I warn you- IT'S KINDA BIG. It's like, the biggest epilogue so far. So yeah... sorry in advance. Pace yourselves.


The Chronometal Wars
-THE FIRST WAR Epilogue Part 2-
Fates Intersect

A tense wind blows...

Without anyone being able to understand what could possibly be going on or how Bell could be involved, mechanical formations from Malevolence creep over the wires hanging out of Bell’s back and every opening is smothered with dark energy!

Black liquid and solid mechanical parts force themselves into Bell, but her eyes show no pain- not anymore.

Everyone stands in awe of the situation until Bell shows signs of life. Her arm snaps and breaks into place, machine parts bursting out of her skin! “BEGONE!” She roars, blasting everyone off the platform and into central Megaville! The giant worm that was once suspending this area is also blown away, causing everything around Bell to fall to pieces!

The remaining pieces of Malevolence bind themselves to Bell, puncturing her skin and causing it to erupt with mechanical devices! Everyone has barely enough time to regain their footing from the several hundred foot fall to look at her final transformation!

Every bit of the crystal forces its way into Bell and she fires off towards them! They put up their arms in defense, but she does not strike them. They open their eyes to see she is merely floating there. She has almost tripled in size, every appendage invaded by robotic things. Her bones snap back into place and they find themselves basking in a deep energy even more powerful than Malevolence!

“Dexter...” Dexter perks up his ears and responds- “Mandark...?” – “Not quite. I am... something... more. Something greater. I am not Malevolence, nor Mandark, nor Bell. I am... I... am... the strongest any of us have EVER BEEN!” Her voice booms out, laden with a mixture of feminine and masculine chords- Mandark is speaking through her as she talks!

The sky erupts as she flaunts her powers to cause an energy tempest!

“I am a God, Dexter. Today, you die- but not before I have some fun!” Mandark and Bell yell out as a familiar energy rises in the sky. It looks like the whirlpool summoned by Micheal.

“Wasn’t... that keeping Megaville up...?!” Buttercup asks as they begin to feel lighter all of a sudden.

“OH NO!” Bubbles yells, noticing rubble rising from the pavement! The city has entered free-fall! “What do we do...?!” Buttercup yells, unsure of anything!

“Girls, come on! We have to keep this place from hitting the ground too hard!” Blossom commands, as she flies off the edge. “But- what about Dexter?!” – “We have no choice! He can take care of himself, COME ON!” Bubbles and Buttercup reluctantly follow Blossom down the Cliffside to help keep Megaville in the air, or at least stop it from reaching terminal velocity.

Rain begins to fall from the darkened sky as Dexter finds himself one on one with perhaps his greatest foe yet...

Mandark rushes Dexter with a giant mechanical blade and he barely has enough time to jump out of the way! The strike hits the ground so hard that Dexter is still completely blown away by the force of the attack! He cannonballs into a building as it comes down around him!

Dexter tries to erupt from the rubble to get some kind of a sneak attack on Mandark, but as soon as he emerges Mandark is already firing a volley of black arrows at his location! He scurries as fast as he possibly can to avoid them! As they hit the ground, they explode- sending him flying once more!

Mandark and Bell seem to be enjoying this greatly. Her increased size and robotic appendages truly strike fear into the outclassed Dexter. He looks around him, the clouds zipping past as his entire world comes crashing down, no hope of success, before something happens-

A stray thunderbolt hits in between Dexter and Mandark as Drax and Elly cut them off from each other!

“Model M! You are supposed to be a benevolent god! What is all of this haphazard destruction?!” – “Dexter will die; I will have my revenge- and crush everything and everyone ever close to him! He will lose his entire world and I will stand here laughing as his still beating heart loses life in my very hands.”

“M-Mandark...?! Why?!” Elly yells! “Mandark...? I AM NOT MANDARK, FOOLISH GIRL!” Bell and Mandark roar as they bash her away! Drax arms a heavy magma hammer and bats Model M away slightly, he foresees a counterattack and dodges surprisingly nimbly, running over to Elly to help her up.

“D-Drax... we... we can’t fight Model M! This is what we worked for all our life!” – “This? THIS IS WHAT WE FOUGHT FOR?!” He yells as he points all around him, the city in the sky, broken, bathed in blood and falling. “We have to stop this fucking THING now! Dexter, help us out!”

Dexter, now sufficiently collected joins Elly and Drax to form a three man attack squad! Suddenly, it seems a little less hopeless. Mandark and Bell darts their eyes around, no longer so sure that his victory can come without a cost... before he feels someone behind him.

“Olga...” He purrs as she emerges from behind his shade. “ASTRO! Get away from that thing!” – “SHUT UP! I won’t let you guys kill Susan! He is all I fought for! I will never let you take him away from me!” She yells as she draws her two weapons.

“Olga- that is not Mandark anymore! That is NOT your brother!” Dexter yells, desperately trying to talk sense into her. “SHUT UP! I will not let you poison my mind! Not when I’m so close!” She yells as her face armor closes.

Mandark charges down the three who all pile together to repel the godly attack! All of their metals shine, Dexter’s gold accenting their orange and green well! Olga appears from the shadows and attacks Dexter, causing the defense to break! Elly flies him out of there before he is crushed by the attack as Drax rolls out himself.

They barely have time to regroup as the entire battlefield is coated in darkness. The terrifying prospect of being caught off guard from one of Model M’s attacks is deep so they all stick together and keep their senses sharp. Many blades fly out from the shade, but Elly whips up a gust to blow them all away easily.

Drax slams his fist into the ground to erupt the entire plane in flame, blowing Olga away and revealing Mandark, who is falling from above! All three of them once again try to hold him off with their combined powers! Olga rises from the cinders and views the battle from the rubble- she sees the look in Mandark’s eyes.

His pupils are gone... he has gone completely berserk! A battle rage the likes of which she has never seen before...

“Ha ha ha... HA HAHA HAHA!” Both Mandark and Bell laugh maniacally as they attack the guarding trio over and over again! Over three times their size and imbued with the purest power Model M can provide, they are losing their energy fast!

Olga slowly walks towards them, her face armor deactivating. “What are you doing girl...?!” Phantom whispers through her armor. “Is that... my brother?” – “What kind of question is that...?” She continues to walk towards her. “Stop, stupid girl!” – “Why? It almost sounds like you’re scared. If that really IS my brother, no harm will come to us.” She says as she continues to near him.

“Susan—AH!” She tries to say before she is smacked away, nearly shattering her armor in a single blow! She crashes into a wall and collapses to her knees, coughing up blood immediately. She looks back up at the battle.

“My... b-brother would... never... hit m-me...” She whispers- out of breath.

“My brother would never hit me.” She says, climbing as if she were never struck.

“THAT. IS. NOT. MY. BROTHER!” She yells as she glows a deep purple! “Phantom! Grant me the next bit of power from our deal!” – “But- to use it against Model M! It goes against everything we agreed upon!” – “Do it now or I call it all off!” – “V-Very well... but be warned, this is your second one... your next is your last- then you are mine...”

The purple coloration swells with energy, as even Mandark seems to be affected. He looks over in awe of her energy! Olga stands there, exerting almost as much energy as Model M itself!

Everyone scrambles to Olga’s side and they form a new attack formation! It’s now four on one, with Olga on their side- victory seems assured! “Back off...” She says, to their surprise. “This fucking thing is mine.” She says, tears in her eyes. Everyone backs away as she walks towards Model M with a kind of Righteous Indignation burning within her.

“Sister... you are foolish to think you can beat me...” Mandark and Bell hiss. “You are not my brother- I am not your sister... I am your executioner- MONSTER!” – “Big words, let’s see if you can back it up!” He roars as he charges for her-

Only to have her charge first and appear behind him almost instantaneously- causing a sonic boom while she’s at it. She musters all of her power into one attack and pours all of the energy into her hand.

“I was foolish to think you could be brought back this way... I’m so sorry Susan...” She says as she digs into Bell’s spine with that one attack, ripping it clean out- causing a blood curdling scream to ripple through-out the entirety of Megaville!

And before anyone knew it... it was over... Model M slumps onto the ground and quickly loses energy and Olga walks away without saying another word.

“W-Wait! Astro!” Drax yells, trying to call her back. “There’s nothing more to say. I’m... I’m...” She tries to say, tears still coursing down her face. “I’m going... home.” She flies away leaving everyone behind.


“We are going to hit the ground hard, but I think Megaville will be okay!” – “Okay... on the count of three- we all rush away at once...”



“Three!” They all yell as they leave the underside of Megaville as it falls back into place, the power of which causes several buildings to collapse and forces mountains to fire up from the cracks around Megaville! Megaville has seen better days- that much is certain. The heat and pressure emanating from the invading mountains is great, but they should cool off in a few hours.

Dexter, Elly and Drax walk toward the broken heap that was once Model M. They know better than to let their guard down, but even then: None of them expected what was to come next-

“WHAT THE HELL- ARGH!” Drax yells out as something impales his back! “DRAX!” Elly says before iron tentacles burst from the pavement and smother her! Dexter chooses life over death and jumps away before he suffers the same fate! He looks on in horror as Elly and Drax are impaled and ripped apart by the once thought dead Model M.

“This... is not... the end... merely... a new... beginning...”

A deep voice booms from all around them, Model M still face first on the ground. The clouds once again churn, but this time they seem to coalesce into various shapes... and even change color!

The armor from Elly and Drax float over Model M... it rises as if nothing had happened- as if its very core wasn’t ripped out. Bones explode out of Bell’s back and combine with the two armors- orange and green and form some kind of energy wings! The corrupt iron and steel encompassing and invading her body once again become more pronounced as she grows in size once more, this time towering over a nearby building!

The Powerpuff Girls try to near her, but she emanates a shield made of pure energy that deters their every attempt.

“No, Powerpuffs. This time, it is truly a one on one. No more excuses, no more risks- just me and my murderer!” She and Mandark yell, the clouds above them shaping into what look like pictures! Memories of Mandark when he was fighting Dexter in his lab all those years ago!

Everyone looks up at the rainy sky at the fascinating yet terrifying display of power... A lightning bolt strikes and illuminates the battlefield- Dexter getting a good look at Model M’s eyes. They seem to almost be filled with life this time.

“This is the end, Mandark! If this is how you want it to go down, then so be it! I will not let you win! I will put you in the ground and you will STAY there!” He yells, drawing his D-Saber. As he puts his hand on the weapon, he can feel something, like someone is guiding him.

He closes his eyes and feels it... Deedee... she is here with him, guiding his every movement. Model D... the last hope of the world. He shoots his eyes open with a newfound vigor burning within them!

He charges at the behemoth of a Model M head on! It summons tentacles of evil iron at him and he dances past them, blasting them off one by one as he nears his final goal.

“DIE DEXTER!” He continuously roars out, but Dexter pays it no mind- this battle isn’t about them anymore... it’s about the world and everyone within it. This is a battle Dexter cannot afford to lose. Knowing that, he knows he can win- even if he is alone- even if everyone other than him is completely helpless...

Is this his destiny? Is this what his whole life built up to? He continuously dodges and attacks the tentacles as he nears Model M, but he doesn’t even think of the battle... he thinks of his family- his loved ones...

His parents... Dexter knows that due to the carnage- they are more than likely dead at this point... but it doesn’t matter. He knows they are looking down on him. Deedee... even through death she is still teaching him the meaning of life...


Blossom is out there, looking in on him... he knows what she must be thinking. A more powerful version of something they couldn’t beat before- and Dexter is taking it on one on one? He knows she must be thinking he’s doomed, even though she knows she shouldn’t think like that.

The rain falls around them, the memories in the sky almost crying out in pain as Bell’s memories also become intertwined with Mandark’s. Images of her father... Mandark’s memories show images of Olga... Model M begins to stumble and weaken, before it refocuses-

“PETTY EMOTIONS! I DON’T NEED YOU!” He roars out as a thunderbolt splits the memories in half!

“G-Girls! We can help!” – “What, Blossom? How? We can’t get through the shield.” – “We have to talk to Bell... we have to make her come out! Emotions are weakening Model M! We have to do this or Dexter is doomed!”

Buttercup and Blossom seem at a loss, but Bubbles floats towards the shield.

“Bell... can you hear me?” She asks to no avail, as the giant machine of Red and Green wings continues to fight Dexter.

“You have to go home Bell... you have to go back to your dad... he must be worried sick.” As she says that, a jolt of emotion crosses Model M’s face, before it shakes it off.

“STOP IT!” – “Your father, X... he created you, his daughter... just like our dad created us. I know at some times he may have seemed strict... but he loves you Bell... if you stay here- or worse... die, you will make him really sad...”

Blossom and Buttercup stand in awe, her words are working... where did Bubbles learn all of this personal information...?

“D-DAD...” A giant voice escapes Model M’s mouth as Dexter finally spots and opening to go in for the kill, but he doesn’t... Deedee is no longer guiding him- as if... telling him to stop.

“Someone told me that you would go so far as to endanger your own life for him. And I know deep down, he would do the same. What about Gir? Bell... you have to go home... you must be so tired...” – “I... I AM... I JUST WANT... TO GO HOME...”

The memories choke the sky, flooding everything within sight with visions of Dr. X, Gir and even Mandark.

“Please Bell, resist this energy Model M is filling you with... bring down the shield and let us help you.” After Bubbles says that, the shield almost immediately goes down and they all near Model M, who seems all but pacified.

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Dexter all near the paralyzed giant.

“IT HURTS... SO MUCH...” Both Mandark and Bell say, surprising Dexter. “PLEASE... I CAN’T HOLD THIS DARK ENERGY OFF ANYMORE... JUST... PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY... I’M... SO TIRED...” – “Okay Bell... we will... just... close your eyes...” Bubbles says, tears growing in her eyes. Even Buttercup seems a little choked up.

Model M’s giant iron eyes close as the rain begins to pick up, nearly blinding. The very heavens cry out in sadness. Everyone charges their attacks at once and combine them into one source. Dexter holds it as his D-Saber absorbs the energy and glows a brilliant white color. Dexter can feel Deedee guiding him again...

‘Do it Dexter... let their suffering end... please...’

Dexter walks towards the quivering giant, very reluctant to do anything with this divine weapon. He raises it above himself, looking at the memories swirling around the battlefield. The buildings around him shattered and fallen, Lynn and the civilians looking on in awe. The sun is starting to rise again...

“Good night... Bell... Mandark...” He says as he swings the giant blade down as hard as he possibly can, engulfing Model M in a brilliant white light!

Pillars of light permeate the fallen city. The memories swirl around and are absorbed into Model M. Dexter can feel a warm energy permeate him.

‘Thank you, Dexter...’

The light dies down and all that remains are a few black crystals and a mangled body. Dexter walks over. It’s... Bell... her body is torn and bruised. Her face still wet with tears. Wires and cables spill out from every appendage, she doesn’t even look human anymore.

Lynn walks out from shelter to meet them all. To everyone’s surprise, she goes right for Bell and picks her up. Before anyone asks- she speaks up.

“I know what to do with her. I know the perfect place for her to rest...” Is all she says as she begins to walk north through the ruins of Megaville, towards the mountains. Everyone follows her, including the Powerpuff Girls, but Dexter stays behind. Blossom looks behind her.

“Dexter... you coming?” – “Yeah... give me a second. There’s something I... have to do first.” – “Oh... okay.” She says as she walks off with everyone else.

Dexter can feel something. The opposite of being guided... it feels so strange... it’s like someone is telling him to stay, to not do anything. He feels a power nearby; it is immense, yet at the same time... almost comforting...

He turns around.

“Mandark...” He says, viewing the person standing amidst the crystals. A man, taller than Dexter with Black Hair and Golden Armor looks at the sun as it rises. His armor is glorious... with angelic accents and is seemingly made of solid gold. He is giving off such a strong aura, much stronger than that of the Model M he just fought- and that’s saying something.

“Is this it, Mandark? Are you finally back? Are we finally going to settle this once and for all?” Dexter says, fiddling with his Saber.

“Back...” Mandark whispers, flexing his hands before frowning. “Not quite... now is not my time...” He looks at the city. The smoldering ruins and the terrified people within it who are all walking away, not looking back.

“This is not what I wanted...” – “Come again?” – “Dexter... I don’t want this. This is wrong.” He says, turning to Dexter. Dexter doesn’t know how to treat this situation... Mandark is his enemy: He just tried to kill him twice- and so many innocents had to die to get this far... but Dexter almost feels like he’s talking to a friend.

“What ‘did’ you want?” – “A world within the light...” Dexter’s eyes go wide. “L-Like Micheal?” – “Yes, Dexter.” Dexter seems amazed, but shakes his head-

“What are you anyway?” – “What do you mean?” Mandark asks, turning completely around to look Dexter in his eyes.

“Are you really Mandark? Or are you... whatever Model M is?” Mandark chuckles a small bit. “What’s so funny?” – “You’re so close minded... why can it only be one or the other?” – “Wh-What?”

“No, I am not Model M... but...” He stops as he flexes his hands again. “I am also not Mandark... as I said- it is not my time. Not yet. But there is something I have to tell you, Dexter.” – “And that is?”

“Surely you can feel my immense power... you know that I can take my revenge on you now and you would be dead before you even felt any pain...” Dexter looks away, the truth of his words obvious.

“But I didn’t come here to kill you, Dexter. I came here to ask for your help.” – “M-My help...?! You? Asking ME for help?” – “My sister... she is lost right now... the Knights are all dead... she is alone...” He says, turning back to look at the rainy sunrise.

“I’m afraid... no. I know she is going to do something drastic... and at the end of it, she will completely lose herself. Dexter... I want you to look after her.” – “What? Wh-Why me?” – “You are the only one I can trust with this. I have felt your love for your sister... when your blade struck Model M, with your energy within it- with HER energy within it... Dexter... I am dead. I can no longer protect my own sister. But you can.”

He turns around with a melancholy expression as Dexter feels a strange energy.

“Please... she... she’s innocent- all she wants is her brother back, she’s so misguided... and I’m afraid that she could die from this. I don’t want her to die for me, Dexter. I don’t want this.” After he says that, his energy begins to fade away, his feet crackling away into pure light.

“M-MANDARK!” Dexter yells, worried. “Don’t worry about me Dexter. Worry about what you have to go through.” – “Wh-What?” – “The War of the Chronometals has only just begun. Even though Micheal and the other two Knights are dead, where have their armors gone? They still live on, Dexter. They will try to bring me back again- maybe even with Olga’s help...”

“But... you don’t want that, do you?” – “No. Neither do you, I hope.” He says as his legs also start to flash away into light. “What do I do, Mandark? What CAN I do? I’m... I’m just one person...” – “You can do this, Dexter. You and you alone can save this world. But there is one other person who thinks she can save it- but her involvement will doom it.”

“What? Who?” – “Blossom.” – “Wh-What?!” Mandark’s torso begins to crackle away into pure energy, there is not much time left to talk.

“Listen, Dexter- and listen carefully. There isn’t time left for me to repeat myself, or for you to ask questions- just listen.” Dexter nods. Mandark smiles as his body is almost completely gone.

“I know you love her- she loves you too- but she cannot become involved in these wars. She will die, you will die... the whole world will die. You have to keep her out of this. If you love her... you will shun her. You will send her away- you will make her hate you- you will make her leave, never to come back. It will hurt, Dexter- I know... but there is no other choice. You have to do this.” Mandark is almost entirely gone. Only his head remains, even it begins to fade away into light.

"The sleeping Ark has been awakened... I can feel it..."

Mandark completely vanishes into thin air, leaving Dexter in the center of Megaville. The center of the crash.


In the center of the new tomb finished only a few weeks ago, Lynn places Bell’s body into an above ground grave of sorts. She closes her in and everyone pays their respects. They leave the crypt, but not before Lynn places a sign above the door.

‘Tomb of the Chronometal Wars.’

Everyone looks into the sunrise across the Horizon of Megaville.

“Megaville is wrecked... I haven’t seen a city this broken since Townsville.” Bubbles lets out. “Yeah, maybe we should get the Townsville committee to help us repair.” Buttercup jokingly responds, before pondering it further.

“Actually... that’s not a bad idea...”

And so the end of the early days of innocence comes to a close forever. From here on, the world will live in perpetual fear. Model M was stopped... for now... but the Biosymbiotes are nowhere to be found- and what of Olga? Countless people lost their lives this day- and Megaville will never be the same.

Even the most optimistic of us question the future of this broken world. Is this an omen of end times? Or merely a byproduct of a malignant civilization? Neither road is good, but when the time comes, we will be walking down one of them; maybe both. But that is a story and a journey for another time.

For now... our heroes deserve a little rest and reflection. No-one from any corner of this engagement has come out better than they went in- even Olga has lost everything... to gain nothing. Countless children have lost their parents... Dexter hesitates to check up on his own...

Is there such this as a happy ending? Or is Catastrophe the only certainty?

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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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First War Recap 2

The Chronometal Wars as a whole has been all over the place. While a lot of the story of the First War was told in the original story, it was mostly vague and a lot of details were left out. This story encompasses the entirety of the First War and every detail within.

The story at hand is in the red, the original story and everything told within is in the orange, The Panic is in the pink and the Barasian War, also a part of the second story is in the Purple.

Please note that there are (At least up to interpretation) two different 'Second Wars.' One where Blossom and Dexter know everything- let's call this the 'Renaissance,' and one where they know nothing. That is the original Second war that led to everything else.

The next story will be the Second war (Not Renaissance) and will be picked up on soon enough. It is in the green.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War
Second War {Renaissance}
The Panic
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War
Ruination War
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(7 year gap)
Justice War


Chapter 1: Knight in the Daylight
   Dexter, Megas and the Powerpuff Girls all take their defense to the next level, saving countless people and defending them in key locations. Dexter tries to rebuild his old lab in an attempt to create another safe haven. However, in his attempt to repair the lab he goes under attack by a strange woman with a green suit of armor not unlike his own gold suit. He takes the fight to her atop the Megaville wind farm and discovers that she is not alone and a strange crystal he discovers has a deeper purpose than once thought. Bubbles and Lynn go in depth about what this war means.   

Chapter 2: Ignition
   Dexter returns the crystal to the Professor to have it analyzed, but is sidetracked by a strange rumbling he feels in the ground. Along the way to discovering what's causing it, he comes into partial contact with a strange girl. She tells Dexter multiple times to simply rely on instinct- when he does, the results are extraordinary! Another strange person, now known as a 'Knight' goes into combat with Dexter, who barely escapes the ensuing battle alive. During the battle, Dexter shatters a crystal turning off a massive factory which was the source of the tremors in town. Bubbles and Lynn talk over the futility of resistance, but the necessity of kindness.   

Chapter 3: Shadows of the Past
   Barely escaping from the battle with the second Knight with his life thanks to Buttercup's assistance, Dexter returns to the Powerpuff Girls' house to get a status update from the professor. During the recaps, one of the crystals go out of control and destroy the scanning machine. The night seems to be much darker than usual and Dexter once again tracks down the strange girl in his visions to her source. It turns out the girl is none-other than Deedee, Dexter's dead sister. His armor is imbued with her consciousness! While exploring the darkness, Dexter finds yet another Knight and a crystal much larger than usual. The knight reveals herself to be Olga, someone Dexter hesitated to fight. Barely surviving the encounter, Dexter is left in the dark forest to tend to his wounds.   

Chapter 4: The Cold Truth
   Limping away from the forest with the sun finally starting to rise, Dexter thinks to himself the intentions of Olga and indeed all of the Knights. The school which was being used to defend people is completely destroyed and Buttercup goes to warn the rest of the Powerpuff Girls, but it's too late- everyone at their house is also devoured by the giant worms! Dexter makes contact with Micheal, the supposed Leader of the Knights and notices a giant seemingly magical anomaly behind the clouds! Dexter as well as the entirety of the Powerpuff Girls do battle with all four Knights and come out victorious, but they are far from defeated- it seems they were only testing them. Megaville is somehow thrown into the sky and Dexter has to overcome personal limitations to pierce the heavens and rejoin the Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles fights within a hidden base in an attempt to save Lynn, who for some reason denies the gesture and tells Bubbles to save everyone 'else.'   

Chapter 5: A Plan's Fruition
   Bubbles and Lynn break people out of the holding cells of the Knights only to have the entire base start exploding! Everyone eventually learns that the person causing the explosions is none other than Bell, the strange girl who has so far brought nothing but misfortune to our group- Blossom especially. The knights initiate a two pronged attack on Megaville, liquidating the escaped prisoners through carnage and attacking Dexter directly. Dexter's rage builds to a level never reached before and manages to take down three knights in a single hit. Dexter climbs to the top of the tower to meet with Micheal and settle this once and for all as a swarm of robots are unleashed on the entire world.   

Substory: The Belle in White
   Bell explores Megaville on order of her father and discovers that a group of people called The Knights are planning to resurrect Mandark. Bell finds this very interesting and tells X about it, who reluctantly sends Bell back to Megaville to get more details. She enters the factory with Micheal and undergoes tests which terrify her- so she runs away without the test ever being completed. Micheal allows her to leave and she returns to Black Eden only to be barred from returning to Megaville. The nagging feeling of being able to resurrect Mandark drives Bell to sneak out of Black Eden and undergo the tests with Micheal at the last minute. The test, although a success- drives Bell to insanity and she nearly destroys the entire lab. Her body is prepared by Astro to be used by Micheal during the final battle. Ruby's mother- now known as Rose, agrees to become part of the Knights' plan in exchange for Ruby's life.   

Epilogue: Fates Intersect
   Dexter goes into the final battle with Micheal atop Megacorp, the largest city in all Megaville. The battle is long and arduous and before it is over, many civilians lose their lives. With help from the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter manages to land a killer- although simple blow on Micheal which costs him his life. However it was too late; Model M's power awakened and Malevolence was reborn! Dexter scrambled just to survive the battle with Malevolence, which without the help from Blossom and Buttercup would certainly have ended with his death. Dexter manages to pacify Malevolence for a time being, but someone unexpected appears: Bell. With a lifeless demeanor, she absorbs Malevolence's power to become a being far greater than before! The chaotic being of Mandark and Bell nearly beat Dexter to death were it not for the timely arrival of Drax and Elly. They all team up in an attempt to stop Model M, but Olga appears and fights against the three. Only after becoming sure that this Model M is not her brother, she unlocks her second stage of power to destroy it in one blow. She leaves the group, but Model M isn't done yet. Utilizing a sneak attack, it swiftly kills Elly and Drax leaving Dexter all alone to face a being twice as strong as before. Utilizing the power of emotion, everyone charges their power into one final attack and destroys Model M once and for all. Bell's body is taken to the tomb of the Chronometal Wars as Dexter goes into a deep conversation with Mandark, who is apparently 'not' actually Model M nor human. He warns Dexter of the future of this world should Blossom get involved in the Chronometal War to come- he also asks Dexter to look after Olga, who after these battles seems to have nothing left to live for... Mandark still worries about his sister through the grave. Dexter agrees and Mandark passes on right after saying one last cryptic line: "The Sleeping Ark has been awakened."   
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:18 am

A story after the First War, but takes place before the Second War. Enjoy!


The Chronometal Wars
-A Trip to Townsville-

What could only be called ‘The Crash’ is over. It’s been over for several hours now. The surviving people scramble to find any of their loved ones as the city still lay in smoldering ruin, almost nothing left usable.

“Man... this sucks...” Buttercup exclaims, sitting on the ledge of a broken building aside Bubbles. “Yeah... this place is ruined.” She sadly says, Buttercup knowing it’s not the city that has Bubbles down; it’s the people within it.

“I think we can get this place fixed.” – “But that would take years...” – “Well, there’s a union of workers who are specialized in demolished cities.” Buttercup says with a grin on her face. “W-Wait, you mean... you’re actually going to go back to Townsville?” – “Not just me, want to come along?” – “Y-Yes! Yes I do! It’s been a while; I can’t wait to see our old friends!”

Buttercup stands up, the mid-day sun just starting to go down. Bubbles also stands up, but asks a question: “What about Blossom?” – “I think she’s fine here with Dexter... dang lovebirds.” Buttercup spits, still kind of uncomfortable. “You still don’t like Dexter that much, do you?” Bubbles prods. Buttercup thinks to herself a bit before actually smiling.

“Actually? I think he’s alright. He’s shown to be a very tough fighter. Hell, if it wasn’t for him- I don’t think we could have stopped... whatever the hell that was a while ago.” Bubbles smiles and laughs. “I’m glad to hear you’ve finally warmed up to him! It will make it that much easier when he’s our brother in law!” Buttercup recoils and blushes-

“Woah, hey! I said he’s ALRIGHT not ‘I’m comfortable with him marrying Blossom’!” Bubbles laughs and flies away, leaving a flustered Buttercup behind. Buttercup growls. “Stupid Bubbles... sheesh...”

They both fly off and meet up at the ruined yard of the Powerpuff residence, already seemingly under reconstruction. “Whoa, what’s all this?” Buttercup asks Blossom as she lands. Blossom scratches the back of her head as she looks over to all of the people repairing the house and yard.

“Well... I told them it was fine and all, but they insisted on fixing our house- because... you know... saving their lives and city and all...” Bubbles and Buttercup look over to the people, Bubbles slightly amazed.

“Wow... after all that happened, they are still working to rebuild? After all the people who got... y-you know... and they are still trying to move on? They are so brave...” – “Yeah, these people remind me of Townsville, believe it or not.” Blossom responds.

“About that...” Buttercup interjects. “Bubbles and I were actually going to head down to Townsville to get people to help rebuild Megaville. I figure they owe us a favor or twenty. Uh... you want to come along?” – “Thanks, but Dexter and I are going to stay here and plan everything out... and he’s been acting really strange all of a sudden.” Blossom says with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t blame him... I’m still very uncomfortable with how this all turned out.” Bubbles responds. “I think we all are.” Buttercup says with a pained expression, before shaking it off. “Well, time’s a wasting. C’mon, let’s get going!” She says to Bubbles as she fires off. “How long are you guys going to be gone?” – “Shouldn’t be any longer than a few days. A hero’s work is never done!” – “Haha, true... good bye Bubbles!” – “Bye Blossom!” Bubbles yells as they wave to each other, Bubbles flying away.


They meet up in the air, flying past clouds and looking at the ground below. “Wow...” Bubbles exclaims, pointing down. Buttercup also looks down and wears the same expression.

“Whoa...” A giant pile of deactivated flying robots all piled up outside, only a few miles from the neighboring city. “We really cut it close, didn’t we?” – “You got that right. If that fight kept going, these robots could have made it into that city.” Buttercup and Bubbles cringe at the possibility of what could have happened if they got in without the people being prepared. “Come on, let’s keep going.” – “Wait, look at that!” She yells, pointing to a burning building.

Bubbles flies down without Buttercup’s consent! “Bub-... bah, damn it!” She stammers before following her into the city.

(Bubbles and Buttercup spend the rest of the day in the city, realizing that even though the robots never quite made it in, the people were still very affected- especially by their long range attacks. The people are very thankful for the work they put into the city to help them. By the next sunrise they take to the sky once more.)

“Well that was one hell of a detour.” – “Well, they needed our help.” – “Help? It was more of a hero’s ceremony. They spent half the day praising us- and while I’m not against getting my dues, we have a bigger problem to solve.” – “I know, I know...” – “Look, I’m not mad, Bubbles. But if we stop for every little thing, it could take us weeks before we got the committee to Megaville!”

Still flying in the air, Buttercup calms down a great deal and reflects on what just happened. “It felt nice to be treated like a hero again, it’s been a while.” – “Too long. There are so many other heroes in Megaville that it doesn’t really feel like we are being appreciated, you know?” Bubbles responds with. It was a rather somber question.

“Remember how happy the people of Townsville were when we saved them day after day?” – “Yeah, haha... remember that time they took us for granted and we stopped being a hero for a day?” – “HA! Yeah, I do! I’m sure they appreciated us every bit more after that.” They both give a contented sigh, reminiscing about old times as they continue zipping past the clouds.

“Hard to believe that was over eight years ago...”

(Several hours pass and the sun has reached its peak height.)

“I’m thirsty...” Bubbles exclaims. “Yeah, I could go for a drink. Come on, let’s stop by this shanty town real quick.”

They both land in a pretty rural town in the middle of the scrubland. The people stare at them, people who just fell out of the sky and walked into the local store. They pick out some drinks from the fridge as someone walks up to them.

“Are... are you two the Powerpuff Girls?” A little boy asks Buttercup. “Yeah, we are. Why?” – “I heard about you guys on the TV! You guys saved that city! You’re heroes!” Buttercup blushes a small bit. “Yeah- yeah I guess we are. Always nice to uh, meet a fan!” The kid runs away smiling to his dad saying all the way- “I met heroes! I met heroes!” Bubbles and Buttercup take their drinks to the counter and rummage in their pockets for money.

“No charge, girls. All on the house thanks for what you did down there.” – “Oh, thanks!” – “Thank you!” They both exclaim as they walk out of the store with smiles on their faces. On the outside, the fresh air hits their face and Buttercup takes a deep breath. “Oh yeah, I could get used to this again...” They fly back into the sky, looking down at the people waving and cheering for them once again. They continue flying for Townsville.

(Several more hours pass, the sun has started to set.)

Buttercup yawns and shakes her head as they continue to fly through the clouds. “Are you tired?” – “Nah, nah... I’m fine for a few more hours...” – “You look very tired...” – “I’m... f-fine, okay?” She says, shaking her head. “Okay... maybe I’m a little tired...” She chuckles. “I see a hotel down there on the outskirts of this town. Come on, let’s sleep the day off.” Bubbles insists as she drags Buttercup down who is no longer objecting- and is instead yawning all the way to the ground.

Bubbles takes their packed money out and uses it to pay for a one night stay in a moderately cushy room, still holding Buttercup by the wrist. She seems to be completely clocked out.

They enter the room and Bubbles sits Buttercup down on the first bed.

“Are... you okay?” – “Y-Yeah, just a bit tired. I... didn’t get any sleep last night.” – “What? I slept like a rock! You mean to tell me that you flew two entire days without any sleep?!” – “Look, I had a lot on my mind... I don’t think I’ll get any sleep tonight either...”

Bubbles looks worried as she sits by Buttercup, who is looking down at the floor, deep in thought. She looks so tired, but her mind won’t let her sleep.

“What are you thinking about?” Bubbles asks. Buttercup just shakes her head. “It’s nothing, okay? I’ll try to get some sleep. Please don’t worry about me.” – “Oh... o-okay...” She says, still worried as she gets up and walks to her own bed.

“Good night, Buttercup.” – “Good night...” Bubbles turns all the lights out and covers up, which makes Buttercup remember something.

“Remember when you couldn’t sleep without a nightlight...?” – “Yeah... remember when you constantly punched in your sleep?” – “Ha, I think I still do it... I keep waking up and finding strange holes in the wall.”

They laugh the nostalgia filled night away as Buttercup finally feels comfortable to let her eyes shut without her thoughts poisoning her mind, but they creep into her dreams...

‘I’m worried about Blossom...’
‘Dexter is acting very strange... I think it’s getting to her.’
‘I don’t think he said a single word to any of us since what happened...’
‘He’s always looking in random directions, deep in his own stupid thoughts...’
‘Give me a break, Dexter. We were all there; we all experienced what happened... didn’t we?’
‘I think so. So suck it up already, pansy. Be strong, be a man...’
‘Don’t let my sister down or so help me God...’

(A full Buttercup-esque 11 hour night of hard sleep later...)

She yawns and stretches, getting that 48 hour adventure out of her bones and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She hasn’t slept that good in years. She smacks her lips and looks around the room, noticing Bubbles isn’t here. It’s raining a bit outside, the sound of it almost lulls her back to sleep, but she’s up for good it seems.

“Huh... wonder here she went.” She says to herself. She sits on the bed, her feet touching the floor and looks over to the bathroom. “Man, I slept in my clothes... I need a shower.” She walks up and enters the bathroom and starts the shower. She starts removing her clothing as she notices something on the sink counter.

“A note?” She says to herself. She picks it up and reads the top.

-To Buttercup.
The Kidnapper-

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She yells, putting her clothes back on and reading it further.

“If you want Bubbles to live: come to Townsville: TODAY. The ruins of Mojo’s Lab. Tell no-one of what you read here or why you are coming to Townsville. Come alone. Come ready. Destroy the note: I will know if you left a paper trail or not- and that won’t be good for Bubbles.”

“Who the... what the... fuck...” She stammers, absolutely stunned. She crumples up the note and burns it with her laser vision, making sure not to leave a paper trail.

She looks over to the clock on the wall. It’s just about 7:00 AM. The sun is coming up, but the rain makes it seem dark outside. She runs out of the building without saying anything, zipping and dodging all of the people in the halls!

She fires off into the sky as fast as she possibly can! The rain hits her face, but she is not blinded by it. She bursts through the morning sky without a second thought in her mind other than:

“Please be okay...”

She goes so fast, she nearly blinds herself to the world around her, before she realizes she’s lost. She lands and talks to random people asking for directions to Townsville.

She does this several times across the span of several hours, as she can’t seem to stay on course; she isn’t paying attention to the world, only the goal. As if the entire world is a blank canvas, the only thing with color is Townsville...

She flies and flies, but she hears something off in the distance... something like a woman screaming and a monster howling! She instinctually starts to go for the noise, but she looks at the sun. Is it really starting to set again?! She hesitates, huffing through clenched teeth as the screaming continues.

“Fuck... I’m so sorry!” She says under her breath as she ignores the screaming and continues to Townsville. She feels a deep pain in her chest... she probably just let someone die... She begins to cry as she flies faster and faster, the pain- excruciating.

As she flies on, she hears gunshots... howling... screaming... yelling... she ignores it all. Every little thing. People who need a hero won’t find one in her, not right now.

“Who could have done this?!” She thinks to herself. “Mojo’s Lab? What is Mojo? Could a giant monkey sneak into a hotel and snatch away a superhero? I don’t think so... what about Him? He’s the root of all evil. He could easily have done this- but then why leave a note? Why not something more personal? Was it the Gangrene Gang? No... Same problem as Mojo... Who? WHO?!”

The sun sets, but the rain picks up... almost blinding Buttercup... but she gets some solace...

The horizon... it’s the Observatory! It’s Mojo’s lab! Townsville!

She lands on the outskirts, remembering that she isn’t supposed to be followed or not to tell anyone why she’s here. She has to sneak into Townsville... if anyone sees her they would likely call attention to her. After all: She’s a Powerpuff Girl.

She can’t go in from the air. Too many searchlights tonight. Townsville is smart, evil could come from anywhere- it’s always prepared.

She nears the city limit and notices a homeless person on the street. He looks up to her and she gets an idea. She takes all of the money out of her pocket, an amount roughly equal to $300 and gives it to him. He seems ecstatic, but she wants something in return.

“I want your coat.” He happily nods and gives it to her before skipping off. She has no time to feel good about herself. She has to save Bubbles. She puts on the coat and every part of her that screamed hero is gone in an instant.

She runs down the wet, puddle strewn streets of Townsville, dodging people and making sure not to make eye contact. She looks at a clock... 11:40. Twenty minutes until tomorrow...!

She runs down as fast as she can while still blending in, running a red light and having someone spit obscenities at her. She nears the center with mere minutes left on the clock. She runs up the tower as fast as she can, before she notices a searchlight is about to see her.

She takes off the trench coat and flies the rest of the way up the staircase and enters the building. Every light is on to her surprise. It seemed completely dark from the outside.

She walks in before she begins to run through the doorways into the central lab. When she bursts through the door, she meets a sight that both relieves and terrifies her.

Bubbles... But attached to a strange machine!

A strange being walks into view of both of them, Bubbles seemingly hysterical, needles so close to her skin she can feel it. He looks human, but his entire face is covered in a cloth. His skin is slightly metallic and has a faint orange pigmentation.

“WELCOME, BUTTERCUP. TAKE A SEAT IN THAT CHAIR OVER THERE AND I WILL MAKE YOUR DEATHS PAINLESS.” – “As if! Give me back Bubbles and I promise I won’t give you more than a couple dozen broken bones!” – “YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO BARGAIN, WEAKLING.” – “Weak?! What did you say?!” – “YOUR SISTER, BLOSSOM IS NOW THE STRONGEST, BY FAR. YOU ARE WEAK.” – “What are you talking about?!”

The being flips a switch as giant monitors activate all around the room. Images of Blossom and a giant white explosion cascading across the outskirts of Megaville- which seems to be repairing itself surprisingly fast.

Once the explosion dies down, both Bubbles and Buttercup can see a being walk out of the crater. It’s Blossom! But... she looks weird... she has white hair and white armor... kind of like what Dexter was wearing a while ago...


“She’s... the strongest...?” – “YES.” He says as he nearly teleports to Buttercup and grabs her by the throat. “AND YOU ARE WEAK, HELPLESS. I WILL MAKE YOU WATCH AS I INJECT BUBBLES WITH- THIS!” He holds up a phial of strange liquid, it says- Antidote X. "SHE WILL BE HUMAN... THEN SHE WILL DIE- AND YOU WILL WATCH!"

“N-NO!” Buttercup yells and squirms, but he is overpowering her. He turns her around and forces her to look at Bubbles as a needle goes into her skin! She is bound and muffled so she can’t scream! “NO! DAMN IT!” Buttercup yells as she fires her eye vision at the injection device, breaking the first phial!

The man growls and throws her to the side, causing her to crash through multiple objects and break others. He forgot she could do that... Before he gets another chance to speak, she fires out of the wreckage and hits him in the head as hard as she can, but all it does is knock the cloth off and hurt her leg severely!

She falls to the ground and grabs her leg before he once again picks her up, this time with both hands. She squirms to get free as she looks at his face.

“Wait a minute... are you...?!” – “THE DREAD DRAGON! BUT I AM MORE NOW... WITH THE POWER OF THIS NEW LIFE THE KNIGHTS GAVE ME, I AM IMMORTAL!” He roars as he squeezes her with all his might, causing bones to snap and her to let out a blood curdling scream! Bubbles tries with all of her might to fight out of the chair, but it’s made out of Nano-Steel! She can’t break free! She can only look in horror as her sister is crushed to death!

“FINALLY, I CAN FINISH WHAT I STARTED ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! DIE, PATHETIC WORM! MODEL D-2 REIGNS SUPREME!” He roars as he squeezes her harder and harder, his iron face contorting into a toothy smile.

“That’s MY pathetic worm!” A deep angry voice booms across the lab, before a red energy smacks Model D-2 into the wall and through it. Buttercup falls to her knees, barely conscious and coughing up blood. She looks up, but her vision is so blurry she can’t make anything out, only a faint red coloration. She passes out on the ground.

Bubbles’ eyes go wide at her savior, but she can’t say anything completely bound and gagged like this.

“YOU...! WHY ARE YOU HELPING THEM?!” – “Come now, you said it yourself: They are helpless. What’s the fun in killing a defenseless target? Pick on someone your own size!” The red man playfully exclaims as he enters a battle stance!

Chronometal D-2: The Dread Dragon charges the man down and they engage in a battle of brute strength! They both try to overpower one another, neither giving an inch! The Dragon’s large maw attempts to bite down on the Man’s shoulder, but the man’s own shoulder morphs into a kind of carnivorous maw itself!

Claw and claw, fang and fang, power and power! They constantly match each other’s strength to the man’s surprise.

“EVEN HIM SHUDDERS AT THE POWER OF THE CHRONOMETALS!” – “So... this is a... Chronometal... F-Fascinating...! So powerful...!” Him lets out, barely able to keep the Dragon at Bay.

A small amount of red energy escapes him and enters Buttercup. She coughs up blood and regains consciousness shortly after, barely able to stand up. She gasps and wheezes as she finally gets a good look at the person who’s helping!

“H-Him...?!” – “Don’t just stand there stupid girl, help your sister!” – “NOT TODAY!” The Dread Dragon roars as he overpowers Him and throws him to the side before he engages Buttercup who is in no position to do anything!

Before he bites down, a deep red mist enters Buttercup and she feels as good as new somehow! Without questioning it, she uses her hands to hold the top and bottom jaws in place! “This... power...!” She says to herself. “GRAHHH!” She roars as she twists the Dragon’s Head and forces him to collapse on the ground. She runs as fast as she can to Bubbles who seems to be tied up rather nicely.

Bubbles tries to mutter something about it being ‘unbreakable’ as Buttercup completely decimates the machine and carries her out without so much as any effort. As Bubbles goes free, red mist fades from Buttercup and Him is on the ground, panting.

“Are you okay?” – “NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, GIRL!” He yells as he points to the Dread Dragon, charging them all down! Him can’t move and Bubbles thinks that retreat is the best option from this attack!

“Hold him off!” – “What?!” – “Him can’t run! We need to help Him! HOLD HIM OFF!” – “O-Okay...!” Bubbles reluctantly agrees. They both muster every bit of strength they can find to hold of the rampaging Chronometal! He is so much stronger than them, but Buttercup is fighting with everything she has, as if she were fighting to save Him as if he were family...! This caring protective demeanor she is wearing inspires Bubbles to do the same! They both somehow manage to force him back a few feet!

Him takes a breath and rises to his feet again, his power somewhat restored. “Him, good to see you back to nor-“ Buttercup tries to say as the Dread Dragon’s Maw crunches down on her! Only her bottom half is dangling out as it overpowers Bubbles and throws her through a wall, causing much of the lab to come down around them!

“N-No!” Him stutters, finding himself protective of Buttercup! He rushes for the Model D-2 and bashes her out of his mouth and then musters whatever strength he has left to blast him away, even for a moment!

“Buttercup! ANSWER ME STUPID GIRL!” He says as she shakes her limp body. Her body is mangled and punctured... she’s... dead...

“No... Not today my Buttercup, you saved my life... now I shall return the favor!” He says as he forms into a shape of pure energy and enters her body. Her stopped heart lay still...

Her brain is not giving off any signals...

Her lungs refuse to fill with breath...

But then... all of a sudden... her bones snap into place and she gives off the biggest gasp of her life! Her clothes turn from green to brown and she is hyperventilating, unsure of how to react as she views the exploding ceiling from the floor. She hears Bubbles scream and she immediately rushes to her feet!

He is about to bite down on her which makes Buttercup’s eyes go wide! She jumps at him and retracts her fist as far as she can!


YOOOOOOUUUU!” She yells as loud as she can as she puts all of her power and then some into a single attack, completely blowing the Dragon’s head clean off and causing an explosion to blow them all away!

The battle finally goes into a calm...

Buttercup, although recently killed and completely blown away by the attack, finds herself perfectly able to get up after this attack. She looks around and sees Bubbles on the ground. Before she goes to her, she nears the Chronometal on the ground. She musters her strength and smashes it to pieces. Then she runs over to her and makes sure she is okay. She turns her over and looks into her eyes.

“Are you okay, Bubbles?” – “Yeah... I’m... f-fine...” She says, weakly as Buttercup’s clothes fade from brown back to green. Buttercup helps Bubbles to her feet and they turn around to leave this forsaken place.

Him is standing by the door. They near him and Bubbles is the first to talk.

“Th-Thank you...” She says simply before leaving the room. Buttercup stays however- looking into Him’s eyes. “What is it, girl?” – “Thank you so much, Him.” She says with a big smile on her face, making him almost feel uncomfortable.

“D-Don’t mention it... but uh, thanks for what?” – “For what? You saved my life! You gave me the power to save my sister! But... if you don’t mind me asking... why? Why did you save us? I mean- I think you from the bottom of my heart... but... why?”

Him looks away, almost blushing. “W-Well... because you are all MINE to kill, not his. And besides, Blossom isn’t here. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.” Buttercup’s head cocks to one side and she wears a half forced smile.

“Is that REALLY why? It can’t be... you risked your own skin to save me.” – “And you risked your life to save mine...” – “Yeah... I guess I did, didn’t I?”

“Buttercup, you coming?” Bubbles yells from outside. Buttercup frowns and turns to the door.

“I guess this is goodbye again...” She walks away in a somber mood. “Wait, why do you seem so sad about this? I’m evil! Don’t be sad that you’re leaving me, stupid girl!” – “Oh, it’s not that... it’s just...” She looks at the floor. A broken phial in her vision. It reminds her of how powerless she just felt.

“When you gave me that power... I felt so in control... before then I was feeling so helpless. He was going to kill Bubbles in front of me... he was going to kill me in front of Bubbles... neither of us could do anything... and to top it all off, apparently Blossom is gaining a new kind of strength back home. I feel like I can’t do anything to protect us anymore...”

“Oh... I see...” – “But when you gave me that power...!” Buttercup says, looking into Him’s eyes with tears growing in her own. “I felt like I could conquer the fucking world! I saved my sister and for the first time in such a long time I felt like I could actually protect the ones I loved, with my own two hands! Him...” She says, still deeply looking into his eyes- but this time he doesn’t relent.

“What would it take for me to have more of this power? Your power? The power to protect my sisters?”


And with that, a deal is struck. This entire adventure took a couple days out of their lives and was met with disbelief and near catastrophe. But everything worked out in the end. How will all of this play into the bigger story? Something tells me you all already know...
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby CrimsonCreed » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:39 pm

Birdofterror wrote:
Unlimited wrote:Aaaannnnddd I've lost all interest.
Your words wound me.

But would you mind explaining why? If it's something I can fix I will. If it's the slow update times or something like that I'm holding off so chapters aren't clumped up together.

I wanna give it some time.

But if its not that- please elaborate. :(

So Dexter created a cyborg of Blossom and then put his brain in it?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:25 am

CrimsonCreed wrote:So Dexter created a cyborg of Blossom and then put his brain in it?
Quoting back that far, eh? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but no- that's not exactly what happened.

Dexter did -something- to Blossom's soul by doing -something- to his soul, and as a side effect, in the spirit world Blossom looks like Dexter. You can read all the nitty gritty details later.

Thanks for reading!
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby CrimsonCreed » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:39 pm

Birdofterror wrote:
CrimsonCreed wrote:So Dexter created a cyborg of Blossom and then put his brain in it?
Quoting back that far, eh? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but no- that's not exactly what happened.

Dexter did -something- to Blossom's soul by doing -something- to his soul, and as a side effect, in the spirit world Blossom looks like Dexter. You can read all the nitty gritty details later.

Thanks for reading!

No problem on with the adventure lol
Nothing is true Everything is permmited
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed May 01, 2013 3:12 pm

Prologue to the Second War, explaining two- maybe three sides of the same event. Takes place at roughly the same time as Buttercup and Bubbles' trip to Townsville. Enjoy!


The Chronometal Wars
Prologue: Twin Worlds

(===Somewhere in Nevada...===)

The barren land around them is beaten and destroyed... but not by war or drought, instead by constant training and harsh drills. They have been training for so long... they themselves are beginning to question why.

They have never been sent out on a mission. They have never achieved the goal they hoped to accomplish when attaining this position. Instead all they do is train... and wait... and train... and wait.

Until one day...

“Men, listen up. Today we are forgoing the usual drills.” The leader- Brisbaine lets out to the group of people in the room. They rise to attention. There are dozens of young people here, but three stand out as exemplary students.

“We have our first real assignment. We are moving out to Megaville and establishing recon for a few weeks.” Everyone nods in agreement and prepares for the journey... except one of them.

“RECON?! We haven’t been training for over seven God damned years to do RECON!” – “Butch, really... calm down.” – “NO! I’m going crazy over here!” He yells with a mouth full of teeth that all look like fangs- “I’ve been cooped up for too long- AND NOW you’re telling us to go LOOK at stuff?!”

Brisbaine excuses everyone in the room except Butch and two other individuals.

“NOW WHAT?! Are you going to try to console me?!” – “Butch. Calm down.” – “AGAIN WITH THIS CRAP-“ He tries to say before the young man to his right taps him on the shoulder. Butch looks back to see he’s pointing at something. Butch looks over to where he’s pointing and his eyes go wide. It seems to be a hologram of three girls.

“No way...” – “Yes way, now please... calm down, Butch.” – “F-Fine, okay... but... that hologram... does it mean what we think it means?” – “Perhaps. Now just be quiet about this for a few hours and let me inform the rest of the men of their jobs. Your jobs, as you may imagine; are slightly different from theirs. Don’t spread word of this to anyone, you three.”

They all nod and head to their quarters.

(===Meanwhile in Megaville several hours after what has come to be called ‘The crash’===)

A young man sits on a nearby bench. He is very out of place, his large suit of golden armor sticking out like a sore thumb. A girl comes walking by... this is the third time this hour she has done so.

“Dexter... please talk to me...”

... ... ... ... ...

“Dexter, come on... what’s the matter? Did something happen when we walked away?”

... ... ... ... ...

The girl sighs and walks away again, the futility of her efforts apparent.

‘Why aren’t you talking to her, Dexter...?’ – “Didn’t you hear Mandark?” – ‘Yes... but... I don’t know...’ – “Neither do I. Until I can come up with a better idea, I think it’s better for everyone if Blossom and I simply don’t talk to each other anymore...” – ‘You believe what Mandark said? About the end of the world and how Blossom is involved?’

Dexter still sits on the bench in the ruined city, making no real eye contact with anyone passing by.

“I don’t know. Part of me still hates and distrusts Mandark... but another part of me feels like... what he was saying was the truth. The real truth.” – ‘So what if he’s right? What does that mean for Blossom- or you even? Are you simply going to cut the relationship off?’ – “If only it were that simple... Mandark said I have to make her hate me... I have to get her away from these wars...”

He looks into the sky, Bubbles and Buttercup flying off somewhere pretty fast. It looks like they left the city...

He still sits on the bench, but this time someone calls out to him. It’s a woman, an unfamiliar one.

“Excuse me... are you Dexter?” He raises his head up to meet her. She seems to be in a hurry. “Yeah, I’m Dexter.” – “Oh, good... can you help me?” Dexter rises from the bench and approaches her. “With what?” – “We are trying to get names right now... last names of children from all around the city.” Dexter realizes without further explanation what this is for... it’s to see how many children were orphaned...

(===Meanwhile, Back at the Nevada Base...===)

Butch throws a rubber ball at the wall and it bounces back at him. He does this over and over again. He looks over to his brother. Blonde hair and blue accents on his otherwise black uniform.

“Boomer... you know what this means? I think you will get to see your little ‘girlfriend’ pretty soon, haha...” – “Real funny...” – “But seriously. If push comes to shove, I want you on our side- okay? No fratricide.” – “Don’t worry about it... I think I got all that mushy stuff out of my system a couple of years ago.” – “Bah... ‘Don’t worry about it’ he says...” The ball still being juggled off the wall.

The door to their quarters open and the other brother walks in with a file in hand, tossing it near Butch- Butch quickly grabbing the ball and placing it on the bed before breaking into it. Boomer looks over his shoulder as the two read. The other brother, Red hair with Red highlights sits on his bed and tilts his hat down over his eyes.

“Wait... are you telling me this is STILL a recon mission?!” – “Unless we can come up with information supporting this theory... yes...” – “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! The ONE chance we get to take those bitches down within the confines of the law- and we might not even get a chance to do it! Unbelievable!” The red one looks over, his hat still covering one of his eyes.

“I have a feeling they did what Brisbaine suspects...” He says before turning back to relax on the bed. “How, Brick... HOW?! These goody two shoes, directly causing massive genocide?! Nope. We’re done. We’re never doing it. It’s over. It’s fucking over.” Butch spits, flipping the file onto his bed before leaving the room in a huff, leaving Boomer and Brick.

Boomer opens the file again to read it in quiet as Brick gets in a well needed nap. Boomer constantly flips back and forth, absorbing whatever information is here.

“Do you really think they did this, Brick?” Brick turns over and raises his hat to show both of his eyes. “They’ve never so much as stolen candy... well, directly anyway. They are model heroes. Yet here is a giant city-wide genocide and they seem to be the prime suspects. It seems too crazy to be a fake.” He says before turning back around.

“Besides... that’s why it’s recon first. If it turns out that they did do this- we have full authorization to do what we see fit...” – “What we see fit...”

(===Back at Megaville, several more hours have passed- the sun is going down...===)

Blossom sips quietly from a cup in the dining room. She is all alone. “Bubbles and Buttercup are going to be gone for a while... I guess... I have the whole house to myself. The Professor is off doing some ‘government’ thing...” She says to herself, sipping from the cup again.

It occurs to her that she has never had time to herself in years... and here it is. Nothing but time. But she can’t find anything to do with it...

She sips from the cup again, before realizing it’s been empty for several minutes.

“Forget this, I have to be out there and help however I can!” She yells, flying out of the house. She flies up to people cleaning up rubble. “Need any help?” She asks as she scoops up as much as she can and dumping it in the correct zones. She does this several times and gets a good ‘thank you’ before flying off again.

She looks over the city from the sky... it’s completely ruined. The molten mountains that sprang up from the sheer force of Megaville being dropped from the sky have cooled off and now seem to be a permanent part of the city.

She sees Dexter walking around with a bunch of kids and a woman from overhead. She lands down near them. The woman speaks up once she notices Blossom:

“Oh, Blossom! We could use your help.” Blossom looks over to Dexter, who doesn’t make eye contact. “How can I help?” – “We are trying to find out the names of kids and trying to... um... match up with the... survivor’s list for parents...” – “Oh... well I know Lynn is holed up with a bunch of survivors near the center of Megaville. Let me go check them out. I’ll come back with them- and some names.” – “Thank you...”

Blossom flies off, Dexter still not making eye contact. “Why is he acting so weird...?” She scouts out for the building she remembers Lynn being in before. They all went back there after they visited the Tomb of the Chronometal War until they made SURE it was safe.

She lands near the building and a little girl is outside it. She has red hair and big eyes. “Are yew Blossom...?” – “Huh? Oh, Blossom... yes, I’m Blossom.” – “Lynn told me to give yew this.” She says as she hands over a dark letter.

Blossom opens and reads it.

“Dear Blossom, Bubbles and/or Buttercup. I realized with the end of this entire chaotic episode, that it’s time for me to take my leave. I’m sorry for leaving on such short notice, but them’s the breaks. Sorry.

Your friend for a few days;

“What kind of Goodbye letter is this?” Blossom says, almost laughing.

(===Outside the Nevada Base...===)

All of the men are gathered outside, the moon now sufficiently high in the sky.

“You have your orders...” Brisbaine states as everyone marches off, except the three brothers. The men all head in the same direction: Megaville’s direction.

“Yes, boys?” – “There was something I wanted to ask...” Brick says; file in hand. “Yes?” – “The rogue agent, Micheal- and how he got involved in this event... do we know anything?”

Brisbaine puts his finger to his chin, not so much thinking about the answer... but thinking about the way to say it.

“We had a small group of three members scouting out Micheal- and to a lesser extend the three individuals he was working with for a couple of days. In those few days, we learned everything we needed. He was deranged and it eluded us all.”

He looks up to the stars. “He rushed the construction of a space satellite... ‘The Hangar.’ However, even to this day we don’t know exactly why he did that.” Brisbaine looks back down and takes the file from Brick.

“It’s highly classified... but what we suspect the Powerpuff Girls of doing is directly linked with Micheal... and that girl... The Black Mother...” He looks away.

“You have your orders... enjoy...” They all fly off at the same time.

In mid-air, Boomer speaks up-

“What was all that about? How is Micheal important to this?” – “If we are going to learn how it’s even Possible for the Powerpuff Girls to be involved in this, we need to learn about Micheal and the rest of the Knights. Elly, Drax and Olga. To our knowledge, Olga was the only one left alive. Before we confront the Powerpuff Girls- we need to confront her. Perhaps she can give us the information we need.”

Butch growls. “Why can’t we just kill them?” – “Because they are HEROES, Butch. The only way we can get jurisdiction to unleash on them is if we can get evidence Brisbaine approves is proof that they knowingly put thousands of lives in jeopardy- and had them killed.”

Brick looks forward, flying fast towards Megaville.

“Taking them out ‘and’ being praised for it...? It’s like having our cake and eating it too...”

(=== Back at the building Lynn left the survivors in... ===)

“Okay, that’s the last name. Come on, guys. We have to go somewhere.” Blossom says, herding the kids out of the building and walking down the road to meet up with Dexter and the woman from the orphanage.

“Thank you, Blossom. This will really help.” – “No problem, here’s the list of names.” She hands the paper over and walks away. She tries to make eye contact with Dexter again, to no avail. She flies off, noticing that even though it’s nearly midnight, the people here are working tirelessly to repair this city.

She flies home, tired and bored.

Dexter meanwhile is just about done here himself. “Where is the orphanage?” – “The south side of the city. We had it repaired with fresh water and a backup generator really fast. We would love for you to come visit sometimes... if you have the time.” – “Hah, thanks. Maybe I will. Take care.”

Dexter walks off into the star lit night, still unsure about how to handle everything.

“I have to make her hate me... but how do I do that?” – ‘Do you really have to make her hate you? Maybe you can be more subtle about it... Dexter. You are a good person. You don’t have to do this.’ – “Don’t I?” He says sadly, aware of the decisions he is going to have to make.

“I need to get my mind off of this. I’m going to see the professor. I think he’s still in my lab.”

(===Outside Megaville...===)

The Rowdyroughs float outside the city, high tech goggles in hand and ready. They look around the city while covert members commune with the citizens. Before long they receive a status update... Brick checks it.

-The group consisted of four members... The Powerpuff Girls and someone called Dexter.-
-The Black Mother, under the guise of ‘Lynn’ has apparently left the city.-

“So we need to find this Dexter person and keep an eye on him.” Brick tells everyone. The status update came with a picture of him- the armor sticks out like a sore thumb...

After a short while of searching, Boomer spots him- “There, is that him?” They all look to where he is pointing and wear their goggles. It is indeed Dexter... he’s walking towards Megaville Elementary.

“Isn’t he a little old for elementary school?” – “Let’s follow him. Go in quiet.” They fly down and maintain a low profile. They change out of their uniforms and into something a little more casual. Brick wearing a red jacket and jeans- paired with his usual hat, Boomer wearing a light blue tee and shorts and Butch sporting a blazer. Yeah... a blazer.

They walk into the school and try their best to avoid suspicion, so they walk away from each other and try not to look like a group. Dexter walks into the library and down an open hole in the wall into a kind of metropolis.

They walk in quietly...

When down, they notice him talking with a Professor of some kind and they take hidden positions and keep an ear on him.

“Professor, have you thought about that thing we talked about?” – “Yes... and I’m not so sure.” – “Well, Model M grows off of the negative emotions of the people of Earth... what if it gets out of hand? If it spirals out of control and destroys everything?” – “But... to do what you suggested-“ He tries to say before his phone rings. “Hold on a second...”

He answers his phone. “Hello? ... ... Oh, hello Buttercup, is something wrong? ... .. Put you on speaker? I’m talking with Dexter...” A short pause is heard. “I see. Alright.” He says as he presses a button. “Hey Dexter...” A female voice is heard and Butch’s eyes go wide. Boomer holds his shoulder and shakes his head. Butch squats back down and maintains stealth.

“Hey Buttercup. Why do you want to talk with us, if you don’t mind me asking?” – “Are you guys talking about what might happen if we fail to contain this shit?” Dexter looks surprised to see Buttercup talking about the same thing they were. “Y-Yes... you are too?” – “Yeah, I can’t get any sleep. I mean, Bubbles is passed out on the bed next to me, she ate like a pig... but... I can’t get any shuteye.”

The professor speaks up: “We were... talking about alternatives to fighting this head on, yes.” – “Yeah? Like what? Cutting the power off at the source?” – “How did you...” – “I was thinking about that too. If this gets completely out of control, we need to find some semblance of power over Model M... or whatever the hell that thing is.” Dexter looks over to the phone. “We were... talking about the same thing...” – “You mean... killing everyone if it comes to that?”

The professor and Dexter look at each other, wearing different expressions. “We haven’t agreed on anything yet, but the Professor’s research yielded a kind of chemical that might be just what we need.” – “Chemical, huh? Found out a way to harness it, yet?” – “Not yet, I’ll keep you posted.” – “Alright... oh, and Dexter? One last thing.” – “What?”

“Be good to Blossom...” *CLICK...*

Dexter walks off and the Professor is left to his own thoughts. He walks by the Rowdyroughs without them being detected. Soon after, they leave the school and fly back into the security of the night-time sky.

“Is that proof enough, Brisbaine?” – “So far... all we have evidence on is Buttercup... not Blossom or Bubbles. You have our authorization to move in on her, but not the others.” – “What if they come to her... ‘Defense?’ What then?” – “It would count as a direct and premeditated obstruction of justice and interference with government agents. Therefore...” – “Therefore we would have jurisdiction... Thank you Brisbaine. RR Out.”


And with that, a trap can be set. They have plausible evidence of a conspiracy against not only Megaville... or America- but the entire world. How will this all play out? Only time will tell.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Havoc » Thu May 02, 2013 2:03 am

You know, when I read a comic or story, I always give the characters a voice when I read their dialog. Characters like Olga and the Rowdyrough Boys have voices that really grate, and don't fit their new characters. So this entire time, I've been trying to find new voices for each of the RRB. Except for Butch, his old voice fits him just fine....maybe. But I think I've found new voices for Brick and Boomer though.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu May 02, 2013 3:11 am

Havoc751 wrote:You know, when I read a comic or story, I always give the characters a voice when I read their dialog. Characters like Olga and the Rowdyrough Boys have voices that really grate, and don't fit their new characters. So this entire time, I've been trying to find new voices for each of the RRB. Except for Butch, his old voice fits him just fine....maybe. But I think I've found new voices for Brick and Boomer though.
Authors have tried for thousands of years to give voice to their work, but alas... text is but merely thought given form and lacks a voice of its own.

It's the curse of using preestablished characters and advancing or detracting their age to the point in which their original voices don't seem to really work anymore. But just do what I do: Imagine their age, but mixed with the maturity and severity of age. They are practically men now, after all.

As always, thank you for reading.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Havoc » Fri May 03, 2013 12:48 am

Birdofterror wrote:It's the curse of using preestablished characters and advancing or detracting their age to the point in which their original voices don't seem to really work anymore. But just do what I do: Imagine their age, but mixed with the maturity and severity of age. They are practically men now, after all.

Well, what I do is go through a bunch of anime and video game character voices, and just assign them one that fits. Like Boomer, I imagine him sounding like Yosuke from Persona 4. Adult Dexter, Imagine him sounding like Liam O'Brien (Gaara from Naruto, Jūshirō from Bleach, etc.). Olga, I imagine her sounding like Maka from Soul Eater.

Sorry if I'm rambling.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri May 03, 2013 2:06 am

Havoc751 wrote:Sorry if I'm rambling.
Hey, anything to fill up the response bar so the pages aren't so unbearably long.

It's no trouble, I'm sure people relate to the voices thing a lot. It's a legitimate topic of discussion. And while we are on the topic of voices, we have to remember that Dexter has quite the accent too. It's not just limited to voice after all. Something to think about. :D
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Sun May 05, 2013 3:12 am

The main hook behind the Second War's storytelling will be the fact that it will take place in 3 Different places at once. Not like 'The Panic' where only one of them was real, but each of the sides in the second war will be different perspectives of the same events. The perspectives will be:

Blossom, Dexter and Team Rowdyrough.

We will start with Blossom, so without further a-don't, here's part 1 of chapter 1- Blossom's Side.

(Note: I will no longer be doing final remarks on each segment of the story, and I will turn off my signature to streamline the process of reading.)


The Chronometal Wars
Blossom’s Side
Chapter One: Model B
Part One: Fallen Angel

The sun is starting to come up and Blossom hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep, even through the crippling boredom of nothing to do. She wishes she could do more to help the people of Megaville, but they already cleaned just about everything up already to her surprise. All that’s left to do is rebuild... and that will take time and meticulous planning an action hero like Blossom simply doesn’t have.

Besides, it’s their city. They should be the ones to plan their own futures. If they want her help, they’ll ask...

Is what keeps she keeps telling herself as she sits at her table, with nothing at all to do. But then all of a sudden-

“Blossom!” Some random city goer bellows, suddenly barging into her house. “What, what is it?” She asks the panting man. “There’s... there’s something going on outside Megaville...” – “What? What kind of something?” – “I think it’s a Knight...” Blossom’s eyes go wide.

“A Knight...?! Are you sure? They all died out there... except...” Blossom pauses. “I understand. Where was this?” – “South, just outside the city. A big warehouse that hasn’t seen any life for years.” – “Alright, inform everyone of what’s going on.” – “Don’t worry; I already did... even Dexter. He said that something came up at the north of Megaville too, so he couldn’t go. When I suggested sending you to the south, he got really scary all of a sudden...”

“Scary...?” – “He told me under no circumstances was I to tell you about this... but I’m so scared that something horrible could be going on down there that I ran as fast as I could here...” Blossom has a far away look in her eyes. “You did well; I’ll take care of this.” She says as she flies out the door and to the south.

“Dexter... what the hell has gotten into you...?!” She fumes, just about sick of how he’s acting. “When this is over, we are going to have a talk, even if I have to pry the words out of you... what if there are people here, Dexter- What if they need help?! Dang it...”

She flies over the outskirts and views what scared that man so much... a seemingly derelict building is shining and flashing white light all over the area.

Blossom questions whether or not to go in... If it’s Olga, they could probably talk... but if it’s anyone else... Blossom considers the possibility that she won’t be able to take them on. Her eyes dart around the building and the surrounding area, taking in possible escape routes in case things go south.

She lands outside of the flashing building and nears the door. She looks in the window, quickly blinded by the flashing lights. She shakes her head and regains her composure.

“Well, I have these for a reason... might as well use them.” She says to herself as she takes out a pair of fancy looking sunglasses. They seem weathered. She quietly opens the door and she can hear noises inside... it sounds like a saw buzzing against wooden planks.

The white flashes are dimmer now that she has the glasses on, but they are still very bright. She rushes into the room where the flashes are coming from, battle ready!

... But there isn’t anyone or anything in it. The flashes seem to be coming right through the floor of this room. Blossom seems confused but continues to walk through the building. She finds a stairway down and cautiously climbs it downward.

She sees more flashing white, but what is most surprising is what she sees before the flashes. A tentacle of white energy is seeping through the walls before bursting into a glorious white explosion.

“What the heck...?” She asks herself, covering her vision with her arm to shield her eyes from the bright light. She walks towards a door along the wall the tentacle seeped out of, but as she touches the doorknob she hears something behind the wall.

It sounds like more sawing, but she can hear something else... it sounds like...

A little girl crying!

Blossom kicks the door down and rushes into the room and what she sees shocks her!

“B-BELL?!” It is indeed Bell, but she is still covered in the wires and cords she was invaded with when she died... Tendrils of white energy leave her being and explode around the room as she continues to cut at her own arm, crying all the way!

“Bell, what’s going on?! What are you doing to yourself?!” – “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Bell yells and smacks Blossom away as she tries to pull the saw away. “Bell...” – “GO AWAY BLOSSOM! Let me die... alone...” She mopes as she takes the saw to her throat!

“Bell, STOP IT!” Blossom yells as she tears the saw from her hands and breaks it on the ground. Bell merely looks at it and collapses to her knees as more tendrils of energy escape from her and burst into white light.

“It doesn’t matter... I couldn’t kill myself even if I tried... my skin is too hard...” – “What...?” Bell looks up into Blossom’s eyes, tears in her own. “I don’t know what I am... my skin... it’s so rough and metallic... and I can’t even feel my own heart beat anymore... why is this happening? I want it to stop... I want to go home...”

Blossom thinks to herself... before coming up with a question:

“Home? But... you can go home right now... and why were you trying to kill yourself?” – “I can’t go home. Not like this...” She mopes as she picks up one of the large wires sticking out of her back, before dropping it back on the ground. “I’m not a girl... I’m... a zombie robot...”

Blossom kneels down to Bell’s level. Her power is immense, so much more than the last time they fought... but right not Blossom is counting her lucky stars Bell isn’t fighting her right now- or she’d be in trouble.

“How did you get here? Everyone thought you were dead...” – “Everyone...? Who’s everyone?” – “Well... all of the people of Megaville. Your love for your father and even Susan is what made it possible for us to beat Model M... you were a hero, Bell... and we all thought you died... you don’t remember any of that?”

Bell shakes her head, tears still falling to the ground. “What do you remember?” – “I remember... feeling so sad and so tired... and then all I can remember is light... then... darkness...” – “Darkness? Probably because you... died...” – “No... It was something else...”

She looks up at Blossom.

“There was a dark energy all around me... I couldn’t open my eyes, but I heard someone. Someone was near me... it was a girl... she kept talking to herself... something about ‘sister...’ I don’t know what it meant... but the next I knew... I was here- in this building.” She looks around the derelict building, the energy seeping off of her finally starting to die down.

“I looked around, at myself... I’m a monster... I’m so scared and I can’t go home like this... and I don’t even feel like myself anymore. I feel like someone else- something else... it hurts to breathe and it’s impossible to even think... I just want to die...” She looks over to Blossom one last time.

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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Tue May 07, 2013 6:23 am

(I'm also going to stop doing Before-Part text as well. I will only put in comments if they are important from now on.)


The Chronometal Wars
Blossom’s Side
Chapter One: Model B
Part Two: Rebirth

“Bell... I’m not going to kill you...” Bell chokes up, energy still somewhat radiating off of her, but not to the point where Blossom needs to wear her glasses anymore.

“Ha... I thought you wouldn’t... you didn’t do it before, so you won’t do it now... typical.” – “I’m sorry, but I’m a hero. I don’t ‘kill.’ Ever.” Bell merely sits there on the floor, wiring and cables sticking out of every extremity and orifice.

“It’s mostly gone, but I can still feel the taint I felt before... I’m still Model M, Blossom...” Blossom’s eyes go wide, so sure that they destroyed all of Model M before! If a single shard is left undestroyed, it could coalesce into a completely new Model M! Bell looks up.

“Still don’t want to kill me?” – “YES! Or... NO! I... I’m not going to kill you- it’s not your fault! We just... we just need to find a way to get the Model M outside of you.” – “Don’t bother... it was injected right into me before I even fused with Su-... Model M. It’s as much a part of me as my own skin...” She says before sighing, pinching her metallic skin.

“Never mind- MORE than my own skin...” Blossom looks around in thought, unsure how to react to this. “Bell, I... I don’t know what I can do for you...” – “I already told you what you can do...” – “I CAN’T DO THAT!” Blossom yells.

Bell turns her head down and begins to cry again... and at that same moment more of her energy begins to spike and fork off in random directions before exploding into light, forcing Blossom to put back on her Glasses.

“Do you know why I’m doing this, Blossom...?” – “You mean... there was a reason? I thought you couldn’t control it.” – “There is something in me I can’t control, yes... but it’s not the energy. It’s Model M’s growth... I can feel it growing in me, Blossom...”

Blossom thinks to herself. Emotion is what causes Model M to grow and here Bell is crying... as she started crying she started unleashing this energy, lots of it.

Then it hits Blossom!

“You are unleashing the pent up energy from Model M?” – “Yes... and there’s more... I’m actively destroying it with my own energy... well, bits of it at least. The minute growths caused by my emotional state... I’m breaking them little by little- that’s what these lights are...”

She says as more and more lights erupt before finally calming down again.

“The more I think about my own situation, I feel more and more helpless... the fear of unleashing Model M, the sadness that I’ll never get to see Daddy again... and the hatred of the Knights for what they did to me...” – “Bell... the Knights are dead...” – “No, they aren’t... I can feel them...”

Blossom remembers that Olga is still alive, but something about what Bell just said perplexes her.

“Them? Them who? I thought there was only Olga alive?” – “No... I can feel them... they are all alive and even stronger than before... their energy burns...” Bell says, clutching onto herself with both arms, wrapping them around her body.

“The pain... the Model M... it’s... it’s too much- I can’t take it Blossom... P-Please... put me out of my misery...!” Blossom sulks and looks over to Bell who is rocking her cuddled body over and over, trying to dull the pain.

“Isn’t there anything else I can do for you...?” – “What do you mean?” – “Is killing you the only way? Is there no other way I can help you with your pain?” Bell stops rocking herself and thinks a little bit, as much as she can think without her poisoned thoughts getting in the way anyway.

“There is this strange feeling in me... a feeling that- I am only one half of a greater whole...” – “What? What’s that supposed to mean?” – “I don’t know... but, when you asked that question, something triggered in my mind...” – “Half of a whole... do you mean... you need someone else to help you become whole?”

Bell shakes her head. “It’s more than that... it’s not just ‘me’ who changes, the other person must change too... then we both become something bigger...” Bell keeps thinking through this triggered response in her mind before something spikes-

“GAH! No, NO!” She growls as she tightly grasps her core as more energy is expelled! The brightest energies Bell has let off yet explode next to Blossom, blinding and deafening her temporarily!

“B-Bell?! What’s going on?!” – “AHH...! THE... MODEL M... IT’S... COMING AGAIN...! I CAN’T HOLD IT BACK...!!!” Bell cries, shaking her head and rising to her feet! The energy waves coming off her begin to tint gray...!

“Bell!” – “Bloss... om...” She quietly says as she tries to best to maintain her sanity. She holds out her hand, looking into Blossom’s eyes as her own begin to leak black tears. “Help...”

Blossom has a puzzled expression, but takes her hand. Bell uses both of her arms and embraces Blossom as hard as she can as all of her energy comes pouring out at once! Blossom braces for impact...!

(Outside the building.)

“WHAT IS THAT?!” A random person says as the building fluctuates between white and black flashes, so bright and so dark that everyone within a hundred miles can see it. Everyone near the building scramble for cover and others simply run away as fast as they can.

“What’s going-“ Someone tries to say as a brilliant explosion blasts the entire building to smithereens as the white light engulfs the entire area! The people cover their eyes and brace for impact, but the light simply wafts past them.

They open their eyes and stand up, looking around them. Brilliant patterns form around them. What look like people-shaped clouds dance in the explosion. Time slows to a halt as the people wander around. The building is gone, but a single being stands within. They timidly walk over to the crater left by the explosion to view her.

It’s Blossom...! She is standing there, clad in a brilliantly crafted and beautifully accented suit of armor as white as her own changed hair.

The white energy dies down finally as the people realize the only thing affected was the building. Everything else is completely fine. Blossom walks out of the crater as the people look on in awe. Her eyes face forward, as if looking through the mountains in front of her to something greater.

She flexes her arms and various muscles. She feels stronger than ever before. “Bell...” She says under her breath.

‘Yes?’ – “What the...?!” Blossom recoils, before putting things into perspective.

“Wait, is this what you meant? About changing both of us into something greater?” – ‘Yes...’ – “But, what about Model M?” – ‘Did you see the beautiful dancing memories just now?’ – “Yeah... what about them?” – ‘Those were the last good memories of Susan. I let the Model M sleep at last...’

Blossom’s eyes go wide.

“You... you actually stopped Model M? Without destroying it?” – ‘It’s as much a part of me as you are now, Blossom... don’t worry. It’s just tired. If it wants to, it will help us.’ – “O-Okay... I trust you.” A faint giggling noise emanates from the armor.

‘Good... trust is key, now that we are one being.’
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Chronometal Wars
Blossom’s Side
Chapter One: Model B
Part Three: Blasts from the Pasts

Everyone around her is speechless. Even though they are not superheroes, they can feel the absolute energy emanating off her. It’s not as conspicuous as Dexter, but it’s definitely something to behold.

“Bell, you said something about the Knights still being alive? Are you sure?” – ‘Yes, I can still feel them...’ – “Well? Where are they?” Blossom asks. The people around her seem to think she’s talking to herself, but some of them are familiar with Dexter doing the same thing- so they just assume it comes with the territory of having a Chronometal.

“Bell?” – ‘Sorry, Blossom. I can’t tell you the exact locations, but I know they are out there. I can feel them linked to Model M.’ – “Well can you point me in the right direction at least?” – ‘You mean you are going to go after them? They are much stronger than before, Blossom...’ – “Yeah, well that’s more of a reason to stop them now before they hurt more people, right?”

A faint laughing is heard from the metal.

‘A hero through and through I see. Fine, I felt one of them in the mountains to the west. In the ruins of their old base.’ – “Got it... wait, I thought their base was underneath Megaville?” – ‘I...’ Bell stutters, almost seeming to confuse herself.

‘It’s strange. I don’t know how I know that either.’ Blossom thinks a bit... is it really worth going over there if there isn’t anything there? She looks over to the people. If she leaves, Megaville will be defenseless...

“Perhaps we should wait for Dexter to return first...” Blossom says. But before long, she beings to feel anxious, but she doesn’t know why.

‘Blossom...’ – “What is it, Bell?” – ‘Dexter is fighting the Knights as we speak...’ Blossom recoils. “Wh-Where?!” – ‘He’s north, among other ruins of the base.’ – “What? Why is he- never mind, we have to help him!” – ‘But what about the people of Megaville? If we leave that other Knight alone, they could come under attack.’ – “How many Knights is Dexter fighting?” – ‘Uh... two, I think.’ – “So that means the only other one is west, I’ll take him on! If all of the Knights are being fought at once- they can’t possibly attack Megaville!”

Blossom flies off faster than ever before; she almost overshoots it right into a building before slowing herself down.

“Whoa, gotta get used to this thing eventually.” She flies off again- with a little more restraint.

She eventually comes to an unassuming part of the mountains before she feels guided to a large doorway in the mountainside. It seems to be a mine tunnel. She walks into it and is greeted with a large brilliant crystal.

“Whoa...” Blossom says, viewing it and rubbing it. It is large and blue. It looks as thought it were humongous azure quartz. ‘I’ve heard of this mineral before... it’s Arkanite.’ – “Arkanite? What’s that?” – ‘Daddy was researching it a while ago... apparently it is a very special mineral that blocks all electronic scanning and lets off a small electromagnetic field. I think the military was trying to use it a while ago.’

Blossom nods and heads deeper into the cavern, now sufficiently acquainted with the Arkanite crystal. It’s very spacious inside... several pools of still water, small Arkanite crystals within.

“For a mineral so rare I’ve never even heard of it until now- it seems to be very common here.” – ‘Yes... I don’t quite understand it myself. Daddy spent months trying to get a single sample, but here they are- in tons...’

They move further into the cave and come to a stone door, blasted open and moss growing over the hinges.

“Is this the place?” – ‘I think so...’ They move in quietly...

What Blossom sees shocks her! An entire factory, hidden away from Megaville...! It wasn’t under Megaville either. It’s unpowered and plants are starting to grow over some of the main systems but this was definitely in use less than a couple months ago.

She walks over to several blasted open gates before a question lingers on her mind.

“It seems like someone broke into here before us...” She views the smudges on the gates... they are old- not too old... but old.

“Maybe a few weeks ago?” – ‘I wonder...’ – “Hmm?” – ‘Daddy was saying something about some people who came in here before these wars started. They kept coming back with more and more equipment. Daddy said it was very odd that they never came back here in force...’ – “Huh... that is kind of odd. Were they the Knights?” – ‘No, I think they were the ones who broke in first...’ – “Well, regardless, I don’t think this place is inhabited anymore.”

“Not by the living... not anymore...” A person, their voice both masculine and feminine lets out from the darkness.

“Show yourself!” Blossom says, in a defensive position.

A being steps out of the shade. Seemingly a robot clad in deep blue armor wielding two frost-bitten scythes. Artificial hair dangles down over the being’s face. Blue hair, bedraggled and unkempt. A single piercing eye burns through the darkness and looks right at Blossom.

“Wait... you’re...” – “MICHEAL...!” A pained voice growls, the scythes being dragged along the ground, freezing it and causing sparks.

“I thought you were dead...!” – “Dead? Haha... I was never really alive! Now I can see the light! THE REAL LIGHT!” He says, raising his scythes into the air with ease, regardless of their massive size. He looks back over to Blossom, his matted blue hair spilling over his face.

“Now, fused with Leviathan, she has shown me the true path...” He says before his voice begins to distort-

“THE PATH OF DEATH AND DARKNESS!” A mixture of male and feminine voices yells out as he lunges at Blossom! Blossom bats the scythes away with her fists and attacks Micheal hand to hand. The scythes morph into smaller swords which Micheal uses to parry her attacks. He lands a fierce blow, slashing her down her core and smacking her away!

She growls through the pain and rises to her feet. ‘Blossom, you need to use weapons- like Dexter...’ – “But he conjures them from nowhere, I can’t do that!” – ‘No, but I can!’ Bell lets out as a sword lands in Blossom’s hand.

She activates it and it glows a brilliant white. Micheal once again charges Blossom down but she holds both of his blades back with her single B-Saber.

“Gun, left ha-“ – ‘Got it.’ A gun appears in Blossom’s left hand- as her right hand is holding the blade and she puts it right up to his head.

“You lose.” She says as she pulls the trigger and white energy fires through his head! But he doesn’t relent, he only breaks into a toothy grin, his teeth made of iron and ice...

“It doesn’t work like that anymore, Blossom...” He hisses, his blades turning once more into scythes and he scissors them around her defensive grip and blasts her saber away! She tries to get it back but he clamps down on her with both weapons at once, causing them to penetrate her skin and hold her in place.

“I’m going to enjoy this more than you can possibly imagine...!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Dexter's Side now.


The Chronometal Wars
Dexter’s Side
Chapter One: Possible Armistice
Part One: The Flame and the Harpy

Dexter has an unholy fire burning in him. The thoughts going through his mind, to what he has to do to Blossom to make her go way. He’s finally psyched himself into forcing it upon them both. From this moment on, her inclusion in these wars cannot be accepted.

He has a far away look in his eyes, standing in the middle of Megaville. Knowing what he must do to Blossom, but knowing that he still has to help the people of Megaville the best he possibly can. As he gets done thinking to himself a hysterical man comes running down the street-

“Dexter! Dexter! Please, you have to do something!” – “Hold on, what is it?” The man grabs his chest and takes a few breaths. “Okay... okay... the outskirts of the city... there is a building that is flashing with an odd white light... at first it seemed like nothing, but it’s been flashing over and over and getting brighter!”

Dexter thinks to himself as to what that could possibly be. “A Knight perhaps?” – “A Knight...?!” Before Dexter can respond he feels something horrible. He grabs his head and fights back a terrible pain!

“Are you alright, Dexter?!” – “Gah... muh...!” He mutters, before the pain finally dies down. As he opens his eyes he somehow knows exactly what caused this pain.

“Elly and Drax... they are still alive.” – “Huh?” – “I’m sorry. This ‘flashing’ will have to wait. I have something to do.” – “Oh- uh... okay...” Dexter begins to run off before the man continues-

“Should I have Blossom check out the light?” After he says that Dexter stops dead in his tracks and looks away with a burning in his eyes. He walks over to the helpless man and imposes over him, knowing this is for everyone’s good.

“Under NO circumstances are you to tell Blossom about this- are we clear?” – “Wh-What?” – “ARE WE CLEAR?!” Dexter yells! “Y-Yes...! We’re clear...” – “Good.” Dexter says before flying off to the north to meet with the energy he just felt.

‘Are you sure they are up here, Dexter?’ – “I’m not sure why, but yes... I’m sure. They just called for me.” – ‘But, you look like you are ready for battle...’ – “I am. This is obviously a trap.” – ‘Then why are you going in?’ Dexter thinks a small bit, flying through the air.

“Mandark said that the Armors on them live on. To what end? Are they still ‘them?’ Or are they completely different people? Needless to say, Mandark warned me of these things. I’m not going to take them lightly, or let them take ME lightly either. If I want these wars to end, I have to break them down.”

Dexter passes the city limits and crosses into the extension of the mountain surrounding Megaville. He lands next to a broken piece of equipment jutting out of the side of the cliffs.

“What is this...? It’s broken... but...” He says as he rubs it. “It was only recently broken, like a few weeks... something happened here... WAIT...!” Dexter says as he begins to remember something-

“This is where I detected that large energy source before all of this began! Like it was a growing explosion of pure energy! Is that what happened here?” Dexter asks himself, looking around the mountain, before finding a doorway in.

He walks in, clearing rubble out of the way before coming to some metal walls. “This was definitely a base of some sorts... was it the Knights’?” He asks himself before moving further in. He comes to a fork in the installation, but the left side is caved in so he moves right, coming to a dimly lit room.

Boxes are arranged in a formation that suggests that there was a firefight here, but not with magic or machines... just- regular firearms. There was a lot of traffic here- and recently. “What the hell happened here...?” – ‘I don’t know... but I feel so much sadness emanating from this area...’ Dexter looks over and sees another path that leads deeper into the installation.

He passes through the gate and comes to something awe inspiring! Four gigantic pillars, one Blue, one Red, one Green and one Purple. “The Knights’ colors... This definitely was their base.”

“Yes- it was. How perceptive” A deep sarcastic voice blurts.

Dexter turns around to be met with a living suit of burning armor. It looks at Dexter through the flames, but stands its ground. Dexter draws his weapon and begins to speak.

“Drax?” – “Close, but no cigar. The name’s Fefnir- and I’ll be your Drax for today!” – “Cute, now defend yourself!” Dexter says, going into a battle-ready position. Fefnir extends his arms to his sides and burning fists appear from within the flames and attach to his hands.

“It’s funny how you think you can take us on. You know, two on one! Harpuia- NOW!” Fefnir says as Dexter is knocked down face first into the metal flooring. He has barely enough strength to move his head to view his assailant.

It’s a very serious looking man with his iron boot on his head looking down on him. Green aerodynamic armor and everything- just like Elly.

“H-Harpy...?” Dexter mutters. “The name’s Harpuia...” He says with his two purple blades mere inches from Dexter’s face. They could kill him right now and there would be nothing he could do about it, but he’s still alive...

“What... do you want from me?” Dexter says, muffled by the floor. Harpuia keeps his boot on Dexter as he begins to talk.

“There are a couple disturbances within our team... Micheal and Olga...” He lets out, confusing Dexter. What is the correlation between those two? One of them is dead and the other is gone... they seemingly have no relation.

“What... do you mean? What about them? Gah, can you GET OFF ME?!” Harpuia laughs and eases up on Dexter and backs up, his weapons still drawn. Dexter rises to his feet and puts his sword away. In no position to get aggressive- besides... he’s curious about what they have to say.

“Micheal isn’t fully expelled, yet...” – “Huh? What do you mean?” – “Look at Fefnir and I. Do we look ANYTHING like Drax or Elly?” Dexter looks over to the two. Fefnir discharges his flame and his face can finally be seen. Red eyes, but his face is completely unfamiliar.

“No, you don’t... why?” – “We were anchored to them and their souls. When they died and we were finally freed, their souls were weak enough to be absorbed by us. We are finally re-completed. But our friend, Leviathan... she was absorbed by Micheal! But barely. Her soul is still within his. His soul is very close to breaking however.” He looks Dexter dead in the eyes.

“I need you to finish breaking Micheal so our friend can be freed.” – “Who ‘ARE’ you guys?” Fefnir walks up behind Dexter and begins to speak.

“We’ve come from a world far in the future of an alternate timeline- apparently... I’m not good with this time travel crap so I’ll just give you the goodies. We were plucked from our dimension by someone called The Black Mother. She was strong and crafty. Before we even knew what was going on we were already dead or dying. But instead of letting us die like warriors, she did something horrible...!”

Harpuia follows on Fefnir’s words. “Instead of killing us, she turned us into slaves to be used by humans. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life than when I was serving that stupid girl. But I digress- our friends are still trapped. Leviathan and Phantom and YOU are the only one who can free them.”

“Me? Why me?” – “Your Chronometal has the power to absorb and sever souls. Surely you knew?”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Chronometal Wars
Dexter’s Side
Chapter One: Possible Armistice
Part Two: Powers of the Metal

Dexter dwells on the question for a few seconds... then a few minutes...

“We don’t have all day-“ – “If you want my help, you will let me think.” Dexter snaps back. Fefnir’s face scrunches up before he walks out of the room.

Dexter looks back up to Harpuia, who has now sheathed his weapons.

“I guess I can understand the severing part... but what do you mean about ‘absorb’ souls? I’ve never felt anything like that before.” – “Haven’t you?” Harpuia says and then pauses.

“There is no way around this. Come.” He says, beckoning Dexter further into the ruined base. They walk into a room where there are bed-like mats strewn across the floor. Boxes are arranged just like before, as if to resist gunfire.

“Harpuia, do you know what happened here?” Dexter asks the green Machine Man. He responds, still walking down the halls.

“The Three and their military lackeys broke into our base a while ago. A lot of innocent people died.” – “Innocent? Like who?” – “You know... innocents. Civilians, people who had nothing to do with this.” – “The Military brought civilians here and killed them?” – “No, they were already here.”

Dexter stops in his tracks, causing Harpuia to turn back.

“Already here...? You mean they were in the Knights’ base before this happened? Was the Military trying to break them out?” – “No, Dexter. They were killing them. That’s why the boxes are arranged like this.” – “Were they helping the Knights in some way-“ – “Does that matter to you?!” Harpuia snaps surprisingly.

“Listen, Dexter... these wars aren’t... w-weren’t so black and white at the start. We were enslaved to these four people, but their vision of the world... Dexter- I won’t mince words... Micheal had a great plan with the world.” – “Oh yeah- and what was that?” – “He was going to control the world and shatter every government, putting Model M- the voice of God in charge of everyone- of everything. The absolute faith, fear and respect born of an actual God ruling over the world? It would eradicate sin, Dexter.”

“There you guys go again with this God crap- if he wants to control this world so bad, why doesn’t he come down and do it himself?!” – “He can’t.” Harpuia lets out simply before turning around and walking down the halls again.

“Hey, don’t run away! What do you mean-“ – “This conversation isn’t important in the slightest. Follow me to the pinnacle of the mountain.” Dexter grumbles before following Harpuia into the next room.

In it, he sees some strange devices... followed by a huge influx of stockpiled Nano-Steel.

“What was worked on here...?” – “Model M.” – “Whoa... I would love to study these machines.” – “You will have all the time in the world to study these once the world is safe.” – “Wait... you are... HOLD ON!” Dexter yells, causing Harpuia to stop again.

“What the hell is going on?! What do you guys even want?” – “Dexter... calm down. I can explain everything as time permits and something tells me you want to speed things along as fast as I do.” – “What makes you say that?” – “Your girlfriend, Blossom... she’s about to be killed by Micheal.” Dexter’s eyes grow wide and his face loses color. Harpuia expected him to be a little shocked but it looks like Dexter just saw a hundred ghosts.

“Are... you alright?” Harpuia asks as Dexter slumps up against a wall and slides down, breathing deeply. “Dexter...?” – “Damn it... I should have scared her away from these wars a long time ago... why the fuck did I hold it off for so long...?” He mutters to himself before covering his face with his hands as if he has failed the biggest mission of his life. Harpuia begins to feel a little concerned that there is more to this than he realizes. He walks over to Dexter and kneels down to his level.

“Dexter... what’s wrong? Is it Micheal? Or Blossom?” – “Blossom... she isn’t supposed to be here... this is so bad...” – “What’s so bad? If you hurry along you can save her!” – “It’s not that...” Harpuia looks stumped. What else could it be other than the life of the woman he loves?

“Mandark told me if she got involved in this war we were all doomed...” – “Mandark? You mean, Model M?” – “No... The real Mandark.” Harpuia’s eyes go wide.

“You... you mean it worked?! Model M truly resurrected Mandark?! Was he as strong as we all imagined?” Dexter merely nods. “Then... where is he?!” – “He’s gone- again.” – “WHAT DO YOU MEAN GONE?!” – “He came back at full power. Like you said, he was really strong. But he said he didn’t want this.” Harpuia relents and diverts his gaze.

“Then what? How is he gone?” – “I’m not sure. He said it wasn’t his time to return yet. Then he just... fizzled away.” – “I see... so... why is Blossom being attacked so terrible that you have to act like this?” – “Before he went away he told me something... something very important. That if Blossom were to get involved, that this entire world would be destroyed.” Harpuia rises to his feet and turns around.

“Mandark said this? All of this?” – “Yes.” – “Then it’s irrefutable. We need to stop Blossom. We need to save her and then we need to send her away.” Dexter looks up to Harpuia who turns back to meet his eyes. “You... believe me?” – “I believe Mandark.” He says as he extends his hand to help Dexter up to his feet.

“But first, I need to teach you to unlock the potential of your Chronometal.” They both walk up the stairs and through an odd corridor. One path looks like a jungle, another looks like an ice cavern, one looks like deep space and another looks like its covered in magma, albeit cooled magma. They exit the room through a doorway and once again find themselves outside.

They walk up a stone path and come across a jutting spire of stone with a faint white light emitting off of it.

“What’s that...? It seems so familiar...” – “The residual power from when Malignancy was destroyed.” – “Malignancy? What’s that?” – “A variation of Model M that can attack Earth on a global scale.” – “Whoa... who destroyed it? The Three?” – “Indeed. They were very strong humans, but today isn’t about them. It’s about you. I want you to destroy this energy, Dexter.” Harpuia says, pointing at the spire of stone.

“Huh...? Okay...” Dexter says reluctantly as he draws his weapon. He walks over to the spire and cuts it, to no avail. He takes out his pistol and shoots it- also to no avail. “Huh... it’s pretty tough.” – “Remember what you did to Model M at The Crash? The emotion that coursed through you and into your weapon...? You know what to do.”

Dexter turns back around to view the stone spire and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He knows the power he harnessed that time... He raises the sword above him and thinks about everything this war has done to the world. The people killed and the children orphaned... the pain everyone has been through. He harnesses his anger, his fear, his happiness and his hope into the blade and it once again glows a brilliant gold! He swings it down on the spire as hard as he can and it blows in half, chunks of rock and boulder flying everywhere!

A faint dark energy courses around Dexter and enters his armor. In his mind... he envisions fire, wind, thunder, rain, oceans, magma, darkness and light. Everything is bursting forward and everything he has ever learned in these wars pour out all at once! The fire shield he used to deflect heat, the thunder lance he used to destroy heavy machinery, the frost missile he used to penetrate the magical shield!

Dexter effortlessly flies above the ground without gyrating the air around him and he turns around to look at Harpuia.

“I see what you mean now. The soul absorbing... the soul severing... I’ve been doing it all along without knowing. But now, I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever these wars have in store for me!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Chronometal Wars
Dexter’s Side
Chapter One: Possible Armistice
Part Three: Buried Emotions

“Are you sure you’re ready for such things? This isn’t a game. The stakes are life and death and whether or not the world even has a future.” – “I know.” Dexter responds flatly.

Dexter looks over to Megaville and thinks.

“Harpuia, you and Fefnir go save Blossom.” – “Wait, us? What are you going to do?” – “I can feel someone I almost forgot... I’m going to go pay her a visit. Rescue Blossom and tell her to leave this place forever. This is no place for her, not anymore.” Dexter says as he flies off, not awaiting Harpuia’s response.

Dexter flies through the air faster than ever while exerting almost no energy at all. He touches his chest with his palm and thinks...

“Is this the power of Model M?”

He shakes his head and continues forward; following the feelings he has to where ‘she’ is. He finds himself soon at the ruins of Mandark’s old lab from over seven years ago.

He lands and walks towards a giant crack in the wall, cloth scraps and various things hanging off it. He walks in between the cracks and enters a room he didn’t expect at all.

This entire room has been completely rebuilt. Pictures, carpets and drapes. Nothing electronic, it’s all memorabilia. It’s all pictures of Mandark and his little sister Olga.

He turns to his left to see a girl sitting in a chair looking at him. It’s none other than Olga herself, her Bio-Simbiote unequipped and sitting on the nearby bed.

“So... you came... why?” – “I need your help.” – “Turns out everyone needs my help today... although I must admit you haven’t attacked me yet so that puts you higher on my list... what’s up?” Dexter is baffled at how informal she’s being.

“Are... you okay Olga?” – “Yeah, just fine.” She says with a very... VERY forced smile, but there aren’t any cracks in her façade. Dexter finds a mat and sits down on it and looks around. This room was very well repaired. You can hardly tell that just a few inches away from these walls are total wreckage.

“Did you repair this place?” – “Yes... yesterday in fact.” – “Y-Yesterday?! But... that was-“ – “The Crash, I know. I was there, after all. After the battle with Model M, I almost forgot what was important to me... so I came here... to remember and never forget again.” Dexter looks around the room again.

“Phantom. Can you hear me?” Dexter asks unexpectedly. “Hmm? What is it, boy?” – “Do you feel like you are... trapped here? Do you want to be free and join Harpuia and Fefnir...?”

... ... ... ... ... A long and piercing silence crosses the room.

“So... my friends made it out of their prison? It matters not. I have a job to do.” – “A job, huh? Does it involve world domination?” – “Hah, we aren’t worried about controlling the world anymore. The people have spoken... they don’t want to be controlled, don’t worry.” – “Good... because I came here to... kind of ask a favor.”

“A favor?” Olga tilts her head. Dexter stands up and looks to Olga.

“Blossom... she’s putting herself in too much danger... she could die if she stays involved in these wars. I want you to help convince her to leave.” – “Are we friends now?” Olga almost laughs- “We tried to kill each other less than 48 hours ago!” – “Please, Olga. We were all friends once, remember?”

Olga frowns, not wanting to remember the past.

“I’ve burned those bridges, Dexter. I’m not the same little girl you... you...” She looks up to Dexter.

“That you kissed that day. I’m just a phantom of my former self who’s only goal in life now is to get her brother back. We aren’t and cannot ever be friends again.” – “That’s not true, Olga... I know you think it’s the end of the world now, but there is still so much you can do! Life is short, but not so short that you think it has to end now! You aren’t even twenty years old yet! Your entire life is ahead of you, Olga!”

She laughs and covers her face.

“You sound just like my parents did before... you know... the wars took them.” – “The wars took my parents too, Olga... but here I am trying to stop this whirlwind of death before it gets out of hand... Please...” Dexter says, extending his hand to Olga. “Let’s end this... together.” Olga smiles and begins to tear up.

“God damn you Dexter for making me feel this way again...!” She says, her face betraying her words as she smiles. She takes his hand and rises to her feet with him.

“O-Okay... let’s go stop Blossom, Dexter... together, as friends!” Dexter nods as she equips her Bio-Simbiote and transforms back into her Chronometal Self.

“Is Model M destroyed, by the way? Like... really destroyed?” – “Honestly? No. Some is lying dormant somewhere in the southern hemisphere... I think there might be one in Megaville somewhere, but I looked for it and couldn’t find it.”

“Maybe once all of this is over, we can go and deactivate them?” – “But... Susan...” – “Those things aren’t Susan, Olga. You know this. You saw what happened at The Crash. He’s gone. I’m sorry.” Olga looks away, pained.

“I started to see a change in him after those three started breaking it... he started getting more and more... d-different. I thought that it was nothing- I hoped that it was nothing, but I think you’re right... He’s gone... I’ll... n-never see him again.”

‘That’s not true!’ A girl’s voice echoes through the conversation. “What the?!” Olga looks around rapidly, the familiar voice causing her to feel something.

‘Olga... you will see your brother again, I promise...’ – “D-Deedee?! Is that you?!” Olga blubbers before Dexter taps her on the shoulder. He points to his chest. “You... you mean Deedee is in there...? Really? I thought that when we made Model D that... ah- forget what I thought! Deedee, is that really you?”

‘Yes, it is, Olga... it’s nice to see you again under good circumstances this time.’ – “Haha... yeah, sorry about the whole fighting before, I was-“ – ‘There’s not need to explain. I understand completely. You were fighting to get your brother back, just as I’m fighting to help mine.’ – “You sound... good, Deedee... like you aren’t even dead, like you aren’t even angry... like... you’re happy...”

‘I am happy, Olga. Please, follow Dexter and help him fix this world and the people in it. These wars have opened their eyes to the afterlife, your goal has been accomplished- but now they are frightened for their lives... you can help them Olga. You can still achieve a world free of sin through kindness, not force.’

“World free of sin? That was Micheal’s idea, not mine...” – ‘But you felt it... you felt that you could have your brother back... in a perfect world. Where you two could be happy in a safe world, together. And believe me, Olga... nothing would make him happier than to have a world where everyone is happy and pure.’

Olga smile and begins to almost glow. Dexter hasn’t seen her ‘this’ happy in... Ever! She nods.

“Okay, I will! Let’s fix this world with you two, together- with 'all' of us as friends again!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Sun May 26, 2013 12:46 am

The Chronometal Wars
Team Rowdyrough’s Side
Chapter One: Premeditation
Part One: Reconnaissance

“We have a lot on our agenda.” The leader, Brick lets out, addressing his two siblings.

“What’s first on the list?” Boomer asks, prompting a response.

“Well, Buttercup AND Bubbles are out of town at the moment- in Townsville of all places. So until they return, which should be in a few days... we need to gather as much information as possible.” Everyone nods before Butch speaks up.

“We need to find this ‘Olga’ chick, right? Where would we go about finding her?” – “We should start where she’s been seen before.” Brick responds before fiddling with his wrist device.

Everyone has their own and begin to use it as well. A few locations pop up. The western mountain, the northern power plant and Mandark’s destroyed lab.

“Olga hasn’t been spotted in the lab in years, but we had an unconfirmed source say they saw SOMEONE go there earlier. I’ll head up the search there myself. You two, head out to the other locations. If nothing else, if you can’t find her- get as much information about the situation as possible.” Brick commands before flying off.

“Man, why does he get to make all the big choices?” – “Why do you complain about that ‘every’ time?” Boomer responds before flying off to the factory. “W-WAIT! You mean I have to scout out the FUCKING MOUNTAINS?! HOW BORING!” He fumes.



Flipping over every overturned stone and taking mental notes of anything possibly abnormal, Boomer does a textbook job of surveying the scene. He walks around before coming across the internal factory which is in surprisingly good shape. Every single power conduit is blown out, but all the hardware is still more or less intact.

Boomer makes a note of this before feeling something behind him. It feels like a person, a person stalking him, but instead of facing them head on... he simply acts like he doesn’t know he’s there.

He continues walking around, now aimlessly flipping objects over without looking at them. He is putting all of his energy into listening and feeling around him. There is DEFINITELY someone here.

He picks up a piece of paper before his patience pays off- the person attacks swiftly! A less prepared person would probably find this impossible to dodge, but Boomer ducks under the attack and trips the person! He barely lands on his hands and blasts Boomer back with a strong gust. He lands on his feet and views his assailant. It is apparently a man in a green suit of armor.

“How did you...?” – “You aren’t very good at sneaking.” Boomer responds quickly. The man extends his arms to the side and they erupt into two purple blades.

“Who are you?” Boomer asks. “I am Harpuia- and you are a threat to our plan, Rowdyrough!” Harpuia yells out as he charges Boomer down!



“Fucking mountain, fucking rocks, fucking dirt- what the fuck is that? OH- IT’S MORE FUCKING DIRT!” Butch fumes, kicking dirt and sand around, not sure what he’s supposed to even be looking for.

He looks inside the lab, but it’s completely destroyed and dirt is caked over everything. Not even any paperwork survived. It’s a mechanical graveyard and Butch is going crazy.

He walks around fuming before something catches his ear. He stands perfectly still, not even his eyes are moving. He slowly reaches his hand into his right pocket and pulls a small ball out.

He looks around the dusty mountain very slowly until he hears something again! This time he throws the ball as hard as he can at the area, causing a large scale explosion and ensuing firestorm! Nothing can survive that, that’s for sure.

Butch casually walks over to the area before a being bursts out of the flames and pins him to the ground with pincer-like fists. His armor is a bright orange and his face is covered in armor.

“And just who the hell are you?!” Butch asks, apparently not disheartened by the fact that he is completely pinned down. “Your executioner, Rowdyrough!” – “Not fucking likely!” Butch yells before somehow yanking himself free and punching the machine-man in the face so hard he is sent flying back several feet.

Butch rises to his feet and the armored man quickly realizes that he is much stronger than he thought. Butch smiles and lets out a taunt-

“You were saying?”



The lab of Mandark- completely destroyed and leveled more than seven years ago. People from the nearby town still occasionally come around here to gawk at the sheer size of the ruin. Some even go so far as to call this giant destroyed monument ‘romantic.’

Brick very quietly floats just above the ground as to make zero noise. His killer instincts are fully honed, ready to break spines and snap necks at a moment’s notice. Fully adept at hand to hand combat- as are the other Rowdyroughs, he is not to be taken lightly even by people much stronger than himself.

He floats around before something catches his eye and his ear. A faint silhouette of someone in a broken room and their feet walking on the ground. He flies in quickly and huddles against the wall before peaking in.

It’s a girl in a suit of purple armor. He presses a button on his wrist to notify everyone that the target has been found. He waits for her to sit down or something before trying anything.

Her shadow fades and the noise disperses- this is his chance!

He rushes into the room- but... no-one’s there... “Oh shi-“ He tries to think to himself before something hits him in the back of the head. It would have normally knocked someone out, but Brick isn’t a lightweight! In no time flat he completely turns around and throws Olga’s momentum off before pinning her to the wall by the throat with his forearm.

She paws at his arm but he only pushes down harder! Any harder would certainly shatter her windpipe. “S-S-S-Stop!” She huffs as he relents slightly, her still being pinned against the wall but now able to breathe.

“You are Olga.” – “Y-Yes I am!” – “You are going to help us.” – “H-Help?! Get away from me!” – “You are guilty of actions causing the death of thousands of civilians. I am fully authorized to kill you right here-“ He says, pushing down on her throat again.

“And you know I can...” Her eyes grow deep with fear. “Who... are you?” – “Brick. You are going to help me, or I’m going to kill you.” – “F-Fine... what do you want?” She blubbers as Brick finally relents his pin on her. She falls to her knees and begins to cough. She looks up with pain and fear induced tears in her eyes.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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(I've noticed the parts are a little small lately, so I extended this one by a couple Paragraphs.)


The Chronometal Wars
Team Rowdyrough’s Side
Chapter One: Premeditation
Part Two: Revelations


Boomer spends all of his energy simply dodging Harpuia’s attacks instead of parrying. He is very fast and he cannot afford to slip up. The slices near his skin over and over and Boomer realizes he is mere seconds from death. Boomer is eventually backed up against the wall and realizes he can’t dodge from this position, as does Harpuia!

He slices down as hard as he can with both blades and all Boomer can do is guard as best he can! The blades cut into his arm and burn through his suit causing massive pain! But then, Boomer does something unexpected...!

He grabs the two blades at their sharpest points and forces them down. His hands bleeding and cut. Harpuia tries to jerk them away but Boomer slowly drags him in. The blood from his arms and hands dripping to the floor, Boomer has a strange look in his eyes. He only lets out one word.

“Hardcore.” He yells as he head butts Harpuia as hard as he can! He collapses on the ground, knocked out in one clean shot. Boomer reaches into a small sack on his waist and takes out a couple bandages. This entire ordeal has barely fazed him. He looks at Harpuia unconscious on the ground... he doesn’t like that.

He slaps him as hard as he can and before Harpuia can react he grabs him by the throat and keeps him pinned on the ground, all the while keeping full eye contact.

“What do you want from me?” Boomer asks. “I... can’t let you... get involved... we need the P-Powerpuffs...!” – “Powerpuffs? You mean the girls?!” – “They... are the key... to saving the world!” Boomer’s face un-tenses a small bit. “I don’t buy it. We came here to stop them.” – “I know... you are the Rowdyrough Boys... long time enemy of the girls... you have been missing in action for years- but I knew you would one day return...! Especially now when they are at their most vulnerable!” – “Most vulnerable? What do you mean?”

“You mean... you don’t know about Buttercup and Bubbles?” – “I know they are in Townsville, that’s it.” – “HAH! So you ignored them, huh? If you wanted your revenge... you could have had it on them, easy. They almost died over there... they will be back shortly however... stronger than ever!” – “I am here to bring them to justice, Harpuia.” – “Justice? You? Don’t make me laugh. You will accomplish nothing other than further destabilizing these wars! If you want your revenge on them, do it after they have saved this world! Or you will doom us all...” Boomer gets up and backs away.

“Whether or not you are telling the truth or are simply a babbling madman doesn’t concern me, you’ve given me some good information. Now, if you’ll excuse me...” Boomer says before flying off. Harpuia rubs his neck. “This isn’t good.” He says to himself.



The orange armored man tries to land a clean and heavy hit on Butch, to no avail. He simply plays with him, jumping over his attacks and making childish faces at him. “WILL YOU HOLD STILL?!” – “Not on your life, Jackass.” Butch says slapping the back of his head before running off again. The enraged robot hurls explosives at Butch at supersonic speed, but Butch simply plays it off.

“Damn it kid, I don’t have time for this.” – “You know what? Neither do I. Why don’t we call it a truce?” – “Alright, done.” They both say before meeting face to face and shaking hands.

Anyone seeing this would likely be completely stunned.

“So who are you anyway?” – “My name is Fefnir. I was once indentured to The Knights, but I’m free now and I have a lot of work to do.” – “Work, huh? Like what?” – “Well, only Harpuia and I are freed, but our two friends are still slaves... Micheal more than Phantom.” Butch tilts his head and begins to think.

“So... why were you attacking me?” – “Well, I thought you came here to stop Blossom before she heads west.” – “Huh? I didn’t know she was coming here, we were looking for Olga.” – “Olga? Why do you want Olga?” – “We need to know everything she knows about the Powerpuff Girls so we can... you know- kill them.”

Fefnir’s face grows into a scowl. “I can’t let you do that, not yet anyway.” – “Why not? Is she important or something?” – “Yes. Blossom and Dexter will stop the coming catastrophe.” – “Catastrophe? But Model M was destroyed! What else could there be?” – “Model M is still here, Rowdyrough. I fear that unless we free Phantom and Leviathan, it will be unleashed.”

“Whoa, that’s some heavy stuff. Any way we can help?” – “Stay out of Blossom’s way. And ‘we’ will handle Dexter, so stay out of his way too.” – “So... you want us to do nothing? We are on government business; we aren’t ALLOWED to do nothing!” – “Well-“ – “You know what? Forget it. I’ve heard enough. Once I consult this with my brothers and Brisbaine, we will see if we will intervene or not.” Butch says before abruptly flying off.



“You want me to... lure them into a trap...?” – “Is that right, Brisbaine?” – “Yes. At first, it will be to simply get information. But if it goes deeper than that, we can expand upon that into an all out attack.” Olga shakes her head.

“But, that’s so dirty... even though we aren’t even friends anymore, I can’t imagine turning on them like that!” – “Would you rather I just kill you now?” – “Man, what the fuck is WRONG with you guys?!” Olga snaps. Brick crosses his arms, her Bio-Simbiote on the bed beside him so that it is no longer equipped to her.

“You killed THOUSANDS of people, Olga. Be happy you are still alive.” – “Look at you all high and mighty you damn hypocrite! You want to lure Blossom into a trap so you can kill her! She saved thousands of lives too! If it wasn’t for her this entire event would have gone so much worse!” – “Spare me your conjecture. You will do as we say or we will do it ourselves. Your life being optional.” Olga’s face scrunches up and she looks away.

“I don’t have a choice.” – “No, you don’t. But I thank you for your cooperation. We’ll be keeping an eye on you.” Brick says, tipping his hat as to say good-bye in almost a polite manner, making Olga sick to her stomach. He leaves the room to be met with Boomer and Butch. They look like they have something to say, surprisingly- given the fact that Brick already found Olga.

“Anything to report?” – “Apparently we can’t go after the Powerpuff Girls.” Butch lets out, causing a response from Brisbaine on the intercom. “What do you mean, Butch?” – “Boomer and I met with some strange robot guys and they will be looking after Dexter for a while. During that time they told us to not interfere with Blossom in any way.” A small pause permeates the field as Brick wears a confused face. Brisbaine speaks up again.

“What would happen if you DID get involved?” – “They said something about another Model M. I’m not sure if he was completely serious, but if there’s a possibility of unleashing another one of those things- I say we put this whole thing on hold.” Butch lets out, surprisingly against his characteristic bloodlust against the girls.

Brick thinks a small bit before speaking up.

“Well... our plan with Olga should yield us more data. If anything out of the ordinary happens we will put a pause on everything. We can bring them to justice when it doesn’t endanger the world.” – “I couldn’t agree more, Brick.” Brisbaine responds, pleased.

“I’m looking forward to your next report. Tomorrow at the same time.” Brisbaine fades out and the boys all fly off.

Olga merely sits in the room. “You aren’t going to put me back on?” Phantom asks. Olga merely sits some more, silent. “Did you hear any of that?” She says out of the blue. “About the Model M? Yes.” – “And they want to trap the Powerpuff Girls... because if something happens to Blossom... Model M would be re-awakened...” – “What are you thinking, Olga?”

She looks up with rage in her eyes.

“I’m thinking that I don’t care for their plans. I’m going to awaken Model M, using my OWN brand of trickery! They will regret the day they crossed me!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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(Sorry for the wait. Had writer's block.)


The Chronometal Wars
Team Rowdyrough’s Side
Chapter One: Premeditation
Part Three: Reveling

“So what now?” Butch says out of nowhere, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, what now? If we can’t go after Blossom, the other two are out of town and we can’t do anything with Dexter... I mean... we already found Olga. What else is there to do?” Boomer follows with.

“Model M. We search for Model M. The sun is about to go down, we need to find and destroy as much of it as we can.” – “Sounds like busywork.” Butch replies. “It’s the only work we have. Brisbaine will contact us tomorrow; our work for the day is done. I’ll search for Model M fragments around town. You two can help or do what you like for the rest of the day.” Brick says before flying off.

“Hell... I don’t even know what these things look like. I’m going to sleep.” Butch says, walking off. “W-Wait, then what do I have to do?” – “Whatever you want, man. The day’s over.” Butch soon disappears from sight, leaving Boomer next to Olga’s chambers.

He walks in, claiming a dark look from Olga as he sits down.

“The hell do you want?!” – “Look, I’m not going to let my brother speak for me- I have nothing against you and if it comes to what he was talking about, I’ll see if I can talk him down from his ultimatums.” – “Hah, whatever.” Olga spits, unamused.

“Run.” ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

“What?” Olga responds after a few seconds of nothing. “Run away. Get away from here and cover your tracks, or my brothers will kill you, I know them.” Boomer says with a straight face. “What...? Why are you telling me this?” – “We are here to get our revenge on the Powerpuff Girls, not kill random people. The way my brothers see it, you are guilty- so they can have government authorized fun with you. I’m not just talking about murder, either.”

Her eyes go wide before she tilts her head down. “Not just murder huh? I won’t ask for details. Look, I’m strong enough to take care of myself; I don’t need a little sidestepping piss ant’s help.” Boomer doesn’t take offense to her harsh words. If it comes to this, Boomer might just let his brothers do it... after all, Olga is guilty. Very guilty. Her death will be seen as a blessing to the populous.

“It’s stupid to stay here, girl. Even if you DO betray your friends, who’s to say you will live long enough to see the charges against you dropped?” – “My friends? Betray my friends? I don’t have any friends anymore.” – “Don’t be an idiot; you can’t get through this alone. You need friends or you will die- alone.” Boomer says before standing up and walking towards the curtained crack in the wall that functions as the door.

“If you are going to stay here, you need friends. That’s all I’m going to say about this.” Boomer walks out of the room. Olga buries her face in her hands.

After a short time, a tear breaks through her hand and hits the floor. Then another... and another.


Walking around the town, Butch notices that a lot of it has already been rebuilt. “Hah... almost as fast as Townsville.” He says to himself, walking down the darkening streets. His attire doesn’t draw too much attention. Pants and a jacket, kind of punk, but it suits him.

He walks around before spotting something that catches his eye. A building, one of the only ones for miles with power, a bunch of people with signs outside. On them read several things. “Lost a kid? Check in here!” – “Know a kid who’s alone? Bring them here!” – “Need help, Orphanage horribly understaffed!”

Butch’s heart drops a small bit and he checks his pockets. He doesn’t have any walking around money, but he feels compelled to help them out. He walks up through the crowds and walks inside.

People are handing out bottled water and tending to an internal generator. There are kids as far as you can see, half are asleep. The other portion that is awake are either sitting down or crying.

“You there, have you come to help?” An orphanage tender asks. His eyes are begging Butch to say yes. “Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here.” – “Oh, good... we are so understaffed and there are so many children here without parents, come- come this way.” Butch follows the man through a maze of sleeping bags and tears to the upper level.

As he goes up the stairs, he notices a lot of the walls are covered in cardboard cup holders and egg cartons. Seems kind of... low tech.

“There are so many babies here that their continuous crying is almost deafening. We tried to soundproof the upper level so the kids downstairs can actually get some sleep. We... are doing what we can, but it’s not enough.” Butch looks away. The crying is definitely noticeable up here. Through the windowed doors he notices a lot of people cradling and rocking babies, but sleep is hard to achieve with all the crying.

They reach the upper levels and come to a room with several hand powered generators.

“The power for the entire city has gone out- and a lot of faulty wiring around here is hemorrhaging power, so we have to constantly and manually re-supply it every hour. You look like a strong guy, care to help us with this?” – “No problem.” Butch says, cracking his knuckles.

He powers two of them at the same time at high speeds, causing faces of awe to cross everyone in the room. The dim lights quickly glow at their highest efficiency in no time.

“Th-Thank you mister...?” – “Butch. Of the Rowdyrough Boys.” The man’s eyes go wide. “W-Wait... aren’t you guys-“ – “Criminals? No. That was a long time ago. We went legit and joined the military. We are trying to do whatever we can to help the people of Megaville and get justice on the people who caused this.” – “Oh, I see. Thank you so much, Butch. I guess times of harshness bring out the best in everyone...” Butch nods and smiles, still powering two of the generators at once.


He flips over stones, rocks and rubble... but cannot find anything. It’s been over an hour and he feels like he’s wasting his time.

“If there are some fragments here... then... where?! I’m at the crash sight for crying out loud.” He keeps flipping stuff over until someone catches him off guard. He turns around.

“Olga...?” He says as she too is looking around, with no armor equipped. “Why- you know what? Nevermind. Happy to have the help. I’ll search over here.” He says, broadening his search.

He keeps looking around, but now his mind is flooded with Olga. He knows that Brisbaine expects him to bring her to justice... but she’s still pretty much just a little girl. He shakes his head and keeps his mind on the mission. He knows that she contributed to the death of thousands of people.

After constant searching, he comes across a kind of hole. He uses his enhanced vision to look down as far as he can. He can see a small shard of metal at the bottom of the hole. It’s black and Smokey... definitely a shard of Model M.

He looks over to Olga, who is still looking over in her half. He questions what would happen if she knew there was a Model M here, so he simply plugs the hole up with dirt and walks to her.

“There’s nothing here. I recommend getting back to where you were before. We will be back by morning.” She looks up to him. She doesn’t do anything. What is she doing? He furrows his brow.

“Just be there by the time comes- or we WILL find you. Remember that.” He says as he flies off.

Olga sighs and walks back.

She makes it back to her den and before she can even relax, she notices someone is coming in.

It's... Dexter?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Chronometal Wars
Day One – End

Blossom finds herself trapped in a pit of some kind. She doesn’t know why, but the air here is so thick that she can’t fly...

The walls are completely coated in ice. Maniacal laughing can be heard echoing from all directions.

“Micheal?! Why are you doing this?! I’m not even the one who killed you- I mean... I don’t want to hang Dexter out to dry or anything- but he kind of IS the guy who did, after all.” – “Death? You think this is about death? If anything I should be THANKING Dexter for giving me this life!” A voice twisted of male and female voices echoes through the room.

“I’ve never felt so powerful... so alive... so in control in my entire life! Micheal is dead, Leviathan is dead- there is only Biosymbiote L! I am nothing less but SO much more! You and your newfound powers... I will enjoy ripping you bit by bit until you are left so powerless that you will be begging for your pathetic life!”

The icy walls grow barbs and begin to grow inward. Slowly but surely, the circular room Blossom finds herself trapped in grows smaller and smaller. Without the power of flight, she cannot possibly hope to escape. She nears the edge of the wall and takes out her saber and slices at it! The ice breaks upon impact but instantly grows back tougher than before!

Blossom runs out of ideas as quick as they come and she makes her way to the center of the room, farthest away from the walls.

“Yes... sit there and die like a good worm. I must say, you didn’t put up much of a fight. Maybe Dexter will?” Blossom looks down, not even sure how to react to those words. Does she feel offended that he threatened Dexter’s life?

She doesn’t know what to feel about Dexter...

“STOP THIS, NOW!” An unfamiliar voice booms out! The air quickly blows with magical wind and before she knows it, the air around Blossom isn’t so sickly anymore! She flies out of the pit with ease and views her savior. It’s a man with green armor. It looks like Elly’s armor.

“Who are-“ – “There is no time for formalities, Blossom. We have to destroy Micheal!” – “R-Right!” Blossom responds, not looking a gift horse in the mouth. She turns around, floating in mid air with the green man.

“Harpuia. My name is Harpuia.” Blossom nods at his sentiment.

“Ah, Harpuia, my old chum... how’s life been? Boring? Come join me in this new existence I’ve carved out for myself!” – “I’ll pass, Leviathan. I’ve come to free you.” – “Free me?! I’VE NEVER FELT SO FREE BEFORE IN MY LIFE!”

The ice in this lair melts as a new person enters the room. A person in orange armor. “The party can start now- Fefnir’s in the house!” He yells, slamming his two fists together.

“I see the old gang is almost together again...” Micheal and Leviathan whisper. “But there is someone missing... where is Phantom?” – “He’s next. He’s in no real trouble with Astro. So enough talking, are you going to come quietly or is our saving grace going to be plagued with violence?” A feminine laughter can be heard echoing around this complex.

“Do you forget where we are, Harpuia...?” – “No. This is the Malevolent Core, where we all forged Malevolence using the souls of the willing.” – “Do you have any idea where the Model M fragments are?” – “N-No... why are you asking?” – “Oh... no reason...” Micheal hisses as a dark energy begins to envelop him.

“No! There is a fragment inside you?!” – “FRAGMENT?! It feels like a damn boulder is inside me- AND I’VE NEVER FELT BETTER!” Biosymbiote L yells, dark energy pouring from every extremity and coating the room in dark fog.

The being within the fog grows a giant scythe, so black that it consumes the darkness around it.

“It’s time you remembered what Model M is capable of!” L yells, charging at the three! Everyone runs away except Fefnir... who unfortunately cannot fly.

“YEAH THANKS GUYS, I’LL TAKE HIM ALONE, WHATEVER.” He yells in a monotones tone, getting ready to endure the impact. His two fists morph into claws and he clamps down on the giant scythe that bears down on him! He can barely keep it from impaling his chest, but Blossom and Harpuia flank L from both sides!

However, two figures rise from the mist. One of ice and one of water, they both look like L, which is to say- an abomination born of biological and mechanical augmentations that vaguely looks like Micheal and Leviathan.

The ice being attacks Harpuia, instantly grounding him and glaciating his weapons, rendering them useless! The water being fires steam towards Blossom, causing the air to thicken around her and make flight impossible! She coughs and fans the steam away, blinded.

Fefnir barely musters enough power to bat the dark scythe away and jump to Harpuia’s side! He launches a small ball of fire to him which engulfs Harpuia! L morphs the scythe into two smaller axes and engages Fefnir at melee range!

“You are slower than I remember...” – “And you are more grotesque than I remember!” – “Careful, you shouldn’t insult girls with heavy ordinance!” L and Fefnir say, constantly enduring each others’ blows.

Harpuia rises from the flames and activates his weapons... but only one will work, the other is still frozen.

“Blossom! I cannot fight this one made of ice, switch targets?” – “Sure!” They put their backs together and spin around! The being of ice attempts to strike at Blossom, but she flares her saber and instantly melts its arms! The being of water attempts to steam Harpuia, but he musters the power of wind and blows it away!

Harpuia puts his power into his single weapon and strikes at the water creature again and again, but it just reforms after every attack! Blossom is having a similar problem, the ice being keeps refreezing back into place!

L kicks Fefnir in the chest onto the ground and stands over him, talking to everyone.

“Poetic, isn’t it? Ice, water and steam... all parts of the same whole. Just like I am. Life, death, human, machine, Micheal, Leviathan and Model M! Ice and water know neither life nor death, they cannot be stopped!” L says, kicking Fefnir into the icy pit below and turning around, the weapons once again forming into a scythe. The being of ice crumbles and the being of water floods away.

“Unfortunately, I cannot maintain my peak power with them given life, but it is of no matter. With one strike of my scythe, you will all taste the sweet ambrosia that is death!” L yells, charging Harpuia and Blossom down! Harpuia finally gets his second weapon to work and before anyone realizes what is happening, his armor erupts with a boom of thunder!

The mist is blown away and lightning courses through him! His purple blades strike down as fast as he can, causing an electrified sonic boom to blow L away! L breaks its fall with one hand and coats its body with ice. Dark pupils break through the foggy ice and a toothy grin is apparent even through it as well. The shadow scythe grows in size as it too is caked in frost.

“Blossom, you need to get Fefnir out of there!” – “Okay!” Blossom flies down and picks him up before the pit clamps shut with the bladed ice!

“You think you are safe from the chill of the grave simply because you crawled out of a hole? Not likely...” L whispers, raising an icy claw above, causing the frozen stalactites to fall around them! As they split up to avoid them, L also whips up a swift Blizzard, blinding them to their surroundings!

The howling gale whips around Blossom’s ears and is nearly deafening!

‘Blossom, look out!’ Bell yells, causing Blossom to jump back in recoil! A dark shadow swiftly passes near her belly... the scythe almost killed her! “Th-Thanks Bell! Can you see in this?” – ‘Yes and so can you!’ – “What?! No I can’t!” – ‘We don’t have time for this! Close your eyes!’ – “O-Okay!”

Blossom, scared that the next second could be the one where L cleaves her with that scythe closes her eyes. To her amazement, she can still see! ‘I’m giving you my sight!’ – “Oh my god...! This is... u-u-unreal!” Blossom stutters. She sees that L is coming down with a vertical slash and she dodges to the side!

The scythe breaks into the ground and shatters the ice around them!

“Blossom, you can see in this?!” Harpuia yells, also blinded. “Yes!” – “Tell us where to go!” – “Okay...!” A large stalactite falls right above Fefnir! “Fefnir, back up!” She yells! He backs up, narrowly avoiding it. Blossom closes her eyes as hard as she can, her body reflexively trying to tell her to open them.

L slowly turns around to face Harpuia before Blossom realizes something.

“Guys! L is slowed down by all of this ice! We can attack it!” – “Good plan, who can attack right now-“ – “HARPUIA, DUCK!” Blossom yells, cutting him off. But he dives down, so his HEAD doesn’t get cut off by the swinging scythe.

“Fefnir! L’s right in front of you, do what you can!” – “Got it!” Fefnir yells, launching a giant fireball and hitting L right in the back! Harpuia can see the fire within the Blizzard and arms his thunder-charged weapons and bolts right for it!

“Harpuia, NO!” Blossom yells as a giant ice claw clamps down on him! He tries with all his might to conjure a storm around himself, but the blizzard is too powerful and the ice is too tough! “Fefnir, finish it with me!” – “Alright!” They both take off at the same time and rush L down! It swings the scythe as hard as it can to Blossom, but she is close enough to grab the frozen pole and hold it in place!

Fefnir climbs on top of L and looks into its eyes.

“See ya!” Fefnir yells, putting all of his burning power into one attack and striking down right against the back of L’s head!

“GAHHHHH!” L lets out a deep booming roar as the blizzard completely fades and the frost armor breaks to pieces! L falls to its knees and slumps onto the ground, as does Harpuia.

A small rumbling is felt in the ground and Blossom has a bad feeling about this. She opens her eyes and looks around. “This isn’t good...! This place is going to come down!” – “Damn it! There’s no way we can get out in time!” They look hysterical as Harpuia slowly rises back to his knees, weak and near death.

“Sacrifice...” He says to himself. “W-What?” Fefnir says, scared that they are all going to die. “Phantom... told Astro... Sacrifice... ultimate power...” He says, gripping his chest, his life force quickly draining away.

“What are you talking about, man?” – “Goodbye... we will never meet again, friend...” – “WHAT?!” Harpuia glows a green color and a huge energy can be felt emanating from him!

“My soul... WILL SET YOU BOTH FREE!” He yells as his entire body loses life and both Blossom and Fefnir are engulfed in a green energy! The roof starts to collapse as they find themselves being shot out of here as fast as light!

... ... ...

They open their eyes to see that they are outside...! They turn around to the factory, but a huge explosion that cracks the ground and causes rockslides tells them all they need to know...

Harpuia is gone...

“N-No... DAMN IT! We couldn’t even save Leviathan and now Harpuia is gone too! DAMN IT! GOD DAMN IT!” Fefnir yells, slamming his fists on the ground.

Blossom merely looks up to the moon. She didn’t even know his name a couple minutes ago... and he already sacrificed himself to save her life.

“Why...? Why did you guys do this to save me...?” – “You stupid girl... you are important to these wars- we NEED you!” – “Me? I’m important?” – “ARE YOU DEAF TOO?! Harpuia gave his fucking life to save you and I’ll be damned in you waste it! You are going to save this world, whether you want to or not!”

Fefnir is hurting bad and Blossom can feel it. She nods. “Okay. What do you want me to do?” – “I want you to leave me alone for now... I’ll find you tomorrow... just... leave me alone...” She nods and begins to walk away.

Her eyes keep drawing themselves to the moon. It seems brighter tonight than usual.


Dexter and Olga sit on a bench together and look at the moon.

“Why... do I feel sad...?” Olga says out of the blue, clenching her chest. She is wearing Biosimbiote P again. “It feels like...” She tries to say as a tear falls. “It feels like I lost someone really close to me... my heart... it’s... it’s hurting!” She says, still clenching her chest.

Dexter holds her close and her eyes shoot open. In that instant... everyone can feel everyone else.

Dexter... Phantom... Olga... Deedee... they all feel the same thing. All four voices let out at the same time...

“Harpuia...” – “Harpuia...” – “Harpuia...” – ‘Harpuia...’

They continue to embrace one another as everyone cries collective tears for Harpuia. Their sadness emanates through the area and Olga can feel something familiar...

“Model... M? It’s... here, after all? Model M... is crying for Harpuia... too?"
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Second War Recap 1

This is the Second War, which leads up to the end of the World. The world is saved in the Renaissance, but this is not that. This is the bad timeline. Merely a different way to look at how things got as bad as they got.

The story at hand is in the red, the original story and everything told within is in the orange, The Panic is in the pink and the Barasian War, also a part of the second story is in the Purple.

The First War, which was right before this is in the Yellow.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War
Second War {Renaissance}
The Panic
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War
Ruination War
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(7 year gap)
Justice War


Day 1
Blossom's Side: Model B
   Claiming Model B from a distraught Bell, Blossom finds herself drawn to a nearby ruin. There she comes into contact with Micheal and Leviathan, who are both still somewhat alive. This builds into something horrible, she could surely die if someone doesn't come to help her!   

Dexter's Side: Possible Armistice
   Dexter flies north to do battle with some of the remaining Knights, but it turns out that the survivors are actually two men called Harpuia and Fefnir. Dexter unlocks the power of his Chronometal and visits Olga in Mandark's ruin to discuss a favor to stop Blossom from being involved in these wars. Harpuia and Fefnir run off to help Blossom.   

Rowdyrough's Side: Premeditation
   Hunting down Olga, the last surviving Knight, the three split up for the day to find her. They come into contact with Harpuia and Fefnir who tell them that Blossom and Dexter are important to the world. They interrogate Olga and force her to co-operate, telling her to betray her friends to lead them into a trap. During the night they all go their separate ways. Boomer telling Olga to run, Butch tending the Orphanage and Brick finding a shard of the Destroyed Model M.   

End of the Day
   Micheal/Leviathan, now identifying itself as 'L,' charged with the power of a giant shard of Model M attempts to kill Blossom, only to be intercepted by Harpuia and Fefnir. A giant battle breaks out, forcing the three to utilize each others' strengths just to survive! Bell teaches Blossom the power of inner sight and through perilous odds, she finds a way to battle through a blinding blizzard. The battle ends with the entire ruin coming down on them. Harpuia sacrifices his soul to have Fefnir and Blossom escape before the ruin explodes. Olga, Dexter and Blossom all look at the moon at the same time and feel the same pain at once. Harpuia is gone. He sacrificed himself to save Blossom's life. They will never forget that.   
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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