More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

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Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Postby CrimsonJack » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:42 pm

Rage, pure, primal, and all consuming. Nothing can escape the torrent of power that is rage. Not even the just and righteous.

Eli cracked his neck twice as he stood up from his meditation position. It had been a long, sleepless night as Eli sat in his almost melancholy room, the lighting and thin wisps of smoke from various incense enforced this image. Sure sleep was important but keeping this... Thing in check takes too many essential energies to have a break. Interesting thing to note Eli was no longer in his room, or his penthouse with his cousins. "Huh..." Eli looked around, he was outside with tons of panicking people, looked some sort of park he hadn't caught the strange names of all of these places yet. He was still working on how there could be a New York within New York, perplexing. Anyway, back to the scene at hand. Eli could tell everyone here was a meta even though he had just gotten out of his trance like state, the power from them was almost tangible. "Excuse me. Anyone?" The panic was too great. No one paid any mind to the questioning teen only the great snake slithering about the battlefield.[color=#0040BF] 'This is our chance. We could help kill every meta in New York. We could finally experience the pleasure of true combat! Of worthy opponents!'[/color] Asura had a feral smile as he spoke to Eli through their shared spirit and mind, his eyes flashed a bloody red for a second. "N-no Asura. We are of peace. I shall lead these people to safety!" The ancient spirit just laughed at this fantasy of Eli's. "What can you do without me?" Asura was right, he could do nothing against this Oroborous alone. None of this mattered as that tail of steel and stone smashed into Eli sending the monk through a building and a half. Again, that awful white expanse that resembled and infinite nothing but had an overwhelming sense to it. "Damn." Eli's limp body rose as though it had been possessed, a crimson red aura seeped from his form. Metas turned their gaze upon the boy, half of them broke down while the other half looked upon him with more fear then the Oroborous. Even the snake glanced upon him as he again smashed through the buildings, knocking a few of the frightened innocents out of the way. "I'll tear your fangs from your skull and gut your with them!" Eli ran towards the Oroborous and jumped, coming down upon the snake with a force that shook the ground. Shattering punch after punch landed on the midsection of the snake causing it to twist and turn until it threw Eli off and smashed him under it's tail. This battle was going to be EPIC!
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Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Postby Bishomonten » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:44 pm

Brandon's vision was a blur, a flash of light that seemed to cut through the thickness of his glasses brought him to his knees and a state of blinding pain he hadnt felt since gaining his powers. He huddled in to a ball, trying to cloak himself in his duster for a few moments. After what seemed like hours the pulsating pain in his head stopped, his vision returning. He knew his powers were greatly diminished in the daylight but this....quarry of evil men and women in one place was too much for him to pass up. So much evil in one place made his blood burn, how could they let this happen? And now innocents were in danger and the villains ran for freedom.

After being able to stand on his own Brandon sniffed the air around much fear....too much to discern his prey from the innocent. However the Nocturne One seemed to want this hunt to continue as he saw a group of handcuffed individuals running among the crowd and almost out of instinct...grinned. That made him shiver for a moment, was this glee for finding prey his own wish to punish the wicked? Or the Nocturne One bending his will? At that moment Brandon heard the huge eruption of an enormous creature appearing in Time Square which brought him out of his thoughts. He looked again and the handcuffed people had ducked in to a building. He looked towards the creature, seeing Heroes and villians in the area, most more powerful then him at the moment. " prey....but now, I hunt others." He then ran to the building the villains entered, pulling out a pair of knives to bring his dark justice.
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