Naruto RP IC *Said the Blind Man*

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Re: Naruto RP IC *Said the Blind Man*

Postby Sentios » Mon May 21, 2012 10:49 pm

-Village Outskirts-

"Actually I'd wondered where you had gotten to, but since we receive orders to stay put and carry out some missions for Konoha so I didn't have time to go looking for ya." Age responded apparently not surprised at the sudden return of his team mate, really though he was just too enthralled in what he reading to make any reactions. He moved a thumb down the page so he wouldn't lose his place before turning attention to Lucas. "It should just be a simple hunt for a wild animal that's been causing some problems but since your brother won't be joining us I'll need you to come along." Once free to move again he did so, not being one to waste time just standing around talking when they could do it while moving.
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