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This page contains Chapters 6, 7 and 8 as well as the Ending of The Chronometal Wars.
This page also contains Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2 of The Panic.
This page also contains specially chosen Character and Story Themes.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Six: The First War
Part Two: The Darkest light, D

Megas crashes into the pavement mid-Megaville, and Dexter gets out- now wearing sunglasses; hair blowing in the breeze. "It's a good day to die..." *CRUNCH MUNCH, GULP... SLURP* ... .... ..... "Dammit Coop you ruin everything..." He takes of the sunglasses then throws them into Megas' cockpit and slams the door. He then slides down the arm of the machine until he eventually hits the ground. He raises his head and opens his eyes-

"OH CRAP!" He bellows out and flails backwards as he is looking into Buttercup's eyes barely an inch from his face! "You're late, come on already." --- "S-Sorry, hehe..." He follows Buttercup into the center of the city, which has no lack of robots flying around in the air. "Dexter's here!" The blue girl, Bubbles lets out exited, robot debris in her hair! "Yeah, now he can finally help us." Buttercup spits out. "Hey, I was busy getting civilians to safety!" --- "Yeah, after we already saved them... in the middle of a large scale battle no less."

"Buttercup, stop it!" Blossom lets out, passing over the top of the large building they were scouring for civilians. "We all need to work together and get along, now work together and GET ALONG!" She barks out before leaving sight again. "Psh, fine. Four-eyes, you get that street, there are a couple of machines over there, Bubbles and I will work on clearing this block for survivors, got it?" --- "Yep."

As both Bubbles and Buttercup leave sight, Dexter mans his cellphone. "Coop, you there?" --- "Yuh-Yeah! *gulp* I'm 'ere!" --- "From what I've heard from the people at Megaville Elementary, there are giant mechanical worms loose in the city and the surrounding suburb, think Megas can take 'em out?" --- "You 'kiddin? I'll make mince meat out of them!" He turns his cellphone off and runs down the street Buttercup told him to clear.

"Aha, there's a live one!" Dexter lets out, exited after locating a flying-machine. He pulls out his laser pistol and nails it in mid-air. "Ha, still got it!" he blows the tip of his gun; cocky and eyes closed. But as he opens them his heart picks up really fast. Where there was once one machine, there are literally dozens. "Dear Einstein..." As they all open fire on his location he scampers for cover.

Back to a wrecked car he re-arms his pistol and fires from sub-safe cover. One, two... three machines go down in what seems like a single second. They all open fire again, forcing him to take cover. He pops his head out, and to his dismay- there are even more machines there. He ducks back down and sighs. "Dang, this is gonna be tough..." But right after he says that, the sound of many small scale explosions go off where the robots were. He sees a few robots fall near his location; dead.

"Hey thanks Bloss... eh?" Dexter rises and see's that Blossom isn't there, it is possible she didn't do it at all. As he eyes the wreckage, he notices a Blond girl standing in the road. "H-HEY! It isn't safe here, get to safety!" He yells out in an attempt to make her run to the police barricade, but she doesn't budge. "Get going, are you insane?!" She still remains resolute. Dexter groans deeply. "Guess we gotta do this the hard way, I'm saving you weather you want me to or not!"

He leaps from his car-wall and runs to the girl, constantly checking the corners for threats. As he is about halfway to the girl he squints. She is also wearing a pink dress, and she seems to be bleeding. "Dammit, what is she DOING here?! She's gonna get herself killed!" He says to himself, before continuing to run to her. He is barely a hundred feet or so from her location, noticing all the robots that were destroyed are all filled with a glowing red hole that signifies that they were hit with something very hot and fast.

He finally gets to a point where he can sprint to the girl's location, and he goes for it. But not even halfway there he stops in his tracks. His grip on his pistol loosens before it eventually falls to the ground. His eyes are widening as his hands rise as if trying to touch the far away girl. "D...Dee...Dee...?!" He lets out frantically.

"The day has come, Brother." The girl lets out simply. Dexter's eyes seem to relent back to their normal state as he reaches back for his gun, and aims it at the girl! "I... I know those wounds! You are the unfinished android of my dead sister... so that's where you went..." --- "The day has come, Brother." She lets out again.

Dexter takes aim. "You are not my sister, you are a monstrosity!" He fires and it grazes her left shoulder. The robot looks at the wound, which is letting off electricity. "Yes, it is to be this way. You must be stronger than me, Brother." --- "Stop calling me that!" Dexter fires off several more shots, but the machine rushes side to side, nimbly dodging the attacks!

It then rushes along the ground with inhuman speed toward Dexter, and he barely has enough time to pull out his Beam-Saber to meet in contact with her arm! "Kill me, Dexter!" --- "W-What the hell are you?!" Dexter flares his saber, nearly incinerating the machine- were it not for it jumping back. He re-arms his gun and fires at her again, but now he is backing up trying to find a vantage point to fight her in without getting pinned.

She once again avoids every attack, and rushes at him again, but he throws a small adhesive device at her which causes a giant electrical surge to go off once it hits her chest, causing her to scream in pain! He uses the time to nearly fly up a nearby ladder to the top of a small drive-through. As he reaches the top, the machine rips the device off and locks eyes once more with Dexter, who is aiming for another shot.

"If you wish to defeat me, you will have to do better than this..." She lets out as she extends her arms to her sides. "Going stationary eh? I'll make this quick!" Dexter aims the gun at her head, but her arms open up to show a lot of smaller holes that expel a bright light. "Live Dexter, Live!" She says with her body betraying her words; as it lets off a large amount of red lasers at the building Dexter is perched on! One of them fires so close to his head that it singes his hair!

He takes cover but it is of no use, the entire building is coming down as the foundation melts at the seems! He scrambles as it heaves under its own weight, he nimbly jumps off before the roof collapses unto itself!

He rolls as he hits the ground, and as he hears cars being destroyed in the street he once again arms his Beam-Saber. And sure enough, one comes flying his way; and he slices it in two with surprising skill! The haunting visage of what was supposed to be Deedee walks calmly to Dexter, but not in an act of smugness or overconfidence, he can tell by her eyes, she is looking for a weak-point while keeping a close eye on his weapons.

"Why are you telling me to kill you while you are trying to kill me?!" --- "Because, I was made to serve you, only after you are made strong enough to defeat me without my power." --- "What the hell are you talking about?!" The robot inches ever closer to Dexter, as he backs up, never looking behind himself should the robot attack!

He stumbles- and the robot uses it to her advantage and rushes at him! "Bad move!" Dexter lets out as he completely regains his stance- it was a decoy! He lunges his saber at her, and it pierces her chest cavity! She tries to grab the saber, but he flares it while it is in her, causing her to incinerate! "Rest in peace already..."

He pulls it out as she slumps to the ground. He looks upon her, she is exactly as she left him before... blonde hair, pink dress... and a giant gaping hole in her stomach. "D...Dexter..." He meets her words and she raises one hand, without so much as thinking he grabs it. "It is time you fulfilled your destiny..." --- "What are you talking about Dee- *ahem* Android?" The android starts to electrify and glow, and he backs off from it!

As it gets brighter and brighter he takes cover to shield his eyes from even looking in its general direction! Several moments later after the light fades he looks back, and an odd metal object lays where she once was. He inches toward it, being very cautious... The machine is pristine, even though the previous machine had a gaping hole in it...

*The machine starts floating in the air*
*A voice permeates Dexter's head*

"The promised day has come, accept my power and bring this world into the light dear brother!" The machine fires at Dexter, and he has no time to recoil!


*Electricity and energy fluctuate in the air as stones begin to float around Dexter*

The machine is binding to Dexter's arms and feet, He cannot resist its grasp as it forces him to be stationary! It engulfs his chest and legs as he uselessly tries to fight it, and before he knows it he also has a helmet molded around him too! "W-What is happening?!" He screams, addressing no-one.

A few moments later he notices he can move. He waves his arms around, as if in test of his new 'armor'. It is a very light gold color, so light that it is almost white instead of gold, with obvious pigmentation of the precious metal. "A... Mech-suit?" He says to himself, as he now tries to use his legs. "W-Wow, I feel weightless!" He starts running, and then he jumps- "WOAH!" He nearly yells out as he jumps a dozen feet in the air, and lands- breaking pavement.

"HAHA!" He laughs as he starts running and jumping around the city, before he starts a collision course with a wall! "OH NO!" But as he nears the wall, the machine itself lets off a rotational energy that gyrates the air around his collision zone so he is practically sticking to the wall, even in his suit made of solid metal.

He leaps from the wall and tries to gyrate the air around where he lands on the ground, and it softens his fall as to cause the pavement not to break! "Deedee... Is this what you were saying?" He views his arms coated in the metallic suit. "Either way, I could DEFINITELY get used to this!"


"It's coming along quite well. Chronometal Model D has been completed as the Black Mother requested, now it is time to initiate phase 4 of our plan." The blue leader of the group lets out, addressing the group of the details. They all take small gray diamond-like objects out of their pockets and eye them.

The red, musclebound person lets out in question: "So we won't be in contact for a while?" --- "Correct, but if all goes according to plan, we should meet up in 3 days time at Megacorp's main building- the tallest in the entire city, and unleash phase 5." The leader responds with, addressing all of them- while answering that individual's question.

A giddy laughing spree is heard coming from the slender green knight. "I can hardly believe we are finally about to do it! It is so close, and everything is going perfectly! Heeheehee!" The leader lets off a smile. "Yes, everything is perfect... but..." The leader's hesitance catches the ear of the exclusive purple knight. "But...?"

The leader scoffs. "The Black Mother is my only worry right now." The Purple knight, Astro walks away from the wall she was resting on an approaches the leader. "You think so too?" --- "Yes, it all seems so complex... yet so simple at the same time, she is giving us everything... but what does she get out of it?" --- "Your... our world?" He shakes his head. "I would love to think so, but she came and went, giving us exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it."

The purple one lets out in rebuttal. "If everything goes as planned, then even if she is against us we will be far more powerful then her." --- "How can you be so sure?" She looks at her arms, coated in a fine purple nano-steel mesh. "The Biosymbiotes are more powerful then she gave them credit for..." She looks back up to meet the leader's eyes. "Phantom is the very reason I could kill those three... alone no less. He told me the secret to ultimate power."

The leader raises an eyebrow. "Well don't keep me waiting, what's the secret?"
She lowers her head to view her body: "Sacrifice..."


And thus, the birth of Chronometal Model D. Things can only get WORSE before they get any better, though.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Not sure if I should make this more than 3 parts or not. Part of me wants to tell the entire story of the first war now, instead of leaving it as another 'third chapter in intermission.'

I guess I'll decide later.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Six: The First War
Part Three: Forged Destiny

Dexter spends a large amount of time looking at every aspect of his new armor. He feels around everything, it's incredibly powerful despite it being relatively light- yet still hundreds of pounds it bestows Dexter with many more hundreds of pounds of power. As he feels around his back, he feels something strange, he flicks it around for a while before dragging it across his neck into his view.

"Blond hair...?" Dexter looks above his peripherals, his hair is still red, yet looking at the hair in his hand, it is a bright blond. He feels around his right side, and sure enough, there is blond hair there too. He grasps both locks of hair and brings them into his vision. "This is..." Dexter closes his eyes, and almost in a trance, he instinctively smells the hair... "Deedee..." He says to himself with deep concentration and meaning.

He looks around the wreckage and finds a broken car, he rips off one if its side mirrors in an attempt to get a better look at himself. He parks the mirror to his side, and it gives him a full view of his back. "It is coming from the armor, an entire head of hair, covering my own. Strange..." As he takes a better look at the hair, several strange images trickle into his mind... images of; his sister...

Brushing her hair...?

"What was that just now?" He says to himself, looking into the distance, yet at the same time; looking at nothing. He shakes his head and regains perspective; "Well, at the very least I cleared this street, might as well check up on the girls!" He runs off, faster than ever before- the armor makes him really fast, but as he goes so fast he almost loses balance several times.

As he loses his balance again, the armor starts gliding on the ground. "Okay, THAT is cool." As he sits still to observe it his armor once again touches ground. "Hmm..." Dexter starts running again, but this time he tries sliding his feet along the ground, and sure enough- the armor starts floating at high speeds along the ground as if it were a futuristic vehicle. He sways his arms side to side and he is actually sliding along the ground as if it were ice!

As he nears fallen cars, he flares his feet and they cause him to jet side to side incredibly fast, avoiding the obstacles nimbly, even at high speeds! He slides off at very high speeds, avoiding all obstacles, and before he knows it he is already back in central Megaville, but he is having far too much fun to just stop! "Let's make this cool!" --- "What the?" Buttercup lets out, somehow missing his arrival.

Dexter jumps from the ground, and then using air gyration, breaks his collision on a nearby building, and then bolts off of it to other nearby buildings, quickly gaining height. Before long, he has jumped over 20 times and landed on the top of one of the highest buildings in Megaville in a scant 10 second period. "Howdy." He lets out simply.

Buttercup floats up until he is on the same level as him, but she retains some degree of distance, roughly 50 feet. "Who are you?!" --- "Can't ya tell?" Buttercup looks him over, up and down, but she seems to focus on the blond hair. "D... Dexter...?" --- "Bingo." She gradually floats closer to him, keeping a penetrating eye on him, with deadly curiosity!

As she is eye to eye with him, she finally asks the obvious question- "What's with the get-up?" Dexter looks at his armor a bit, and then he looks back up. "Believe it or not, I didn't make this." --- "Okay, that doesn't answer my question..." --- "You didn't expect that I made this?" --- "Not at all, it actually seems cool!" --- "HAR HAR HAR." --- "So where DID it come from?"

Dexter places his armored hand to his chin and goes into deep thought. "Ohh 'cmon now! You were only gone like 30 minutes!" He shrugs, and lets out with a flat voice; "I killed a robot that looked like my sister, then it turned into some kind of machine. It proceeded to bind itself to my body for no apparent reason, now I'm really fast and strong."


"Fair enough." She lets out simply. "Fast and strong huh? Care to test that out?!" Buttercup punches her hand and gives off a deadly smile. "Sure." Buttercup recoils from his quick response, as if he was hoping she would ask. "Meet you at the bottom!" Dexter sharply states as he is already in free-fall. Buttercup follows and catches up really fast, but Dexter angles himself down and fires his air gyrators straight up causing him to go even faster!

As he approaches the ground, he flips and lands softly on a bed of circulating air, Buttercup on the other hand lands roughly- on her feet of course; but roughly none the less, breaking pavement upon impact. "Looks like I win the first round!" He spits out, taunting her. "Yeah well it's all about round two! The lightning round!" Right after saying that she rushes at him, fist extended!

Dexter catches the fist and bends it into submission, causing Buttercup's knee to strike the ground! "G-GAHHH!" She screams out! She unleashes her eye-beams on him, and he flies back from the impact! He lands on his feet and slides at her very quickly, she jumps in the air, as does he- as he nears her she quickly flies around him! "No fair, I cant move in mid-airOOOF-" He tries to say as he gets smacked into the ground, shattering his landing zone!

She looks down, half worried, half proud of herself, but then Dexter gets back up... she looks half relieved and half pissed! "Gotta hand it to ya, you're a lot stronger than I thought, But you ain't no SUPERHERO yet!" She fires off at him, and he quickly parries all attacks, but the collisions are forcing him backwards, ripping through asphalt even as he maintains his stance! But then seemingly out of instinct, he extends his arm and opens his hand-

A large red laser fires out of it sending Buttercup on a one way ticket to Pain! He looks at his hand. "Huh... didn't know I could do that..." As he looks back up, Buttercup rises from the smoke, with a certain deadly look in her eye... "I... AM... NOT... GOING TO BE BEATEN BY A NERD!" She swings her head back, and lunges it forward unleashing a giant laser beam, and Dexter retaliates with his new-found hand-laser!

They collide in mid-air and give off a deep red aura, neither party giving an inch, but then a familiar noise sours the mood- "BUTTERCUP!? STOP!" The commanding tone is none other than the leader of the Powerpuff Girls; Blossom. Dexter relents his laser and sidesteps Buttercup's. She eventually stops as well, and looks up to the self-proclaimed leader, then gestures her head to Dexter.

Blossom shifts her gaze from Buttercup to Dexter, and she flies down in curiosity... "D... Dexter? Is that you?" She lets out confused, looking at the back of his... blond head. As he turns around and his eyes meet her's she cocks her head. "Why are you blond?" Dexter looks up, and tugs his forehead a little bit, and pulls a tiny strand of hair out. Upon inspection- it is a red hair. "It's just the armor, it makes me look like a fairytale hero."

"Strange... but I guess you have built crazier things in the past..." --- "Ohh I didn't build this." --- "Then who did?" --- "No idea..." She eyes him inquisitively but then shakes her head. "I guess it doesn't really matter, how goes the hunt?" Buttercup walks up to them. "You mean destroying the robots? Could be better, I can't even touch these giant worm things." Upon hearing these words Dexter pounds his palm as if remembering something!

"Coop! He can stop the worms with Megas, let's meet up with him!" --- "Where is he?" Blossom asks. "He 'should' be near the suburb" --- "Should...?" Buttercup lets out, clearly not amused. "Well, there no knowing weather or not he stopped for a bite to eat." --- "AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!" She continues, seething! "Hey, he's a big, BIG man, with a big, BIG appetite! ... All joking aside, we should look for him." Blossom lets out a sharp whistle, and within moments Bubbles shows up.

She doesn't even ask what's expected of her, and they all fly off at once to the suburb. "Y... Yeah, I'll... uh, catch up!" Dexter says in vain. He shrugs. "Ohh well, at least I can continue to test this thing's mobility!" He fires off, gliding along the ground and walls.


A single silhouette stands atop a building, eying Dexter as he dashes off... it's the green knight.

"Hmmhmmhmm... He's already as strong, if not stronger than Buttercup, and he hasn't even unlocked a single shred of power in Model D!" She rubs her hands together... "He's going to be a fun boy to play with... Heeheehee!" Her armor opens up at key ends and it lets off a familiar rotational energy, allowing her to fly off at high speeds!

She nears the wind turbines in the Megaville outskirts, and she places herself at the top of one. She closes her eyes and maintains a disciplined stance that is unusually unlike her energetic personality.


A few moments pass and the wind seems to pick up dramatically...


"Is anyone in here? If there is... I give you one polite chance to leave- or die. Your calls though!" Several workers in the electrical plant scamper off as the orange knight sets the place ablaze. "LAST CALL! SURVIVORS; 'GIT OUT!" He bellows as his arms open up, spewing large spheres of energy at the walls, causing them to come down at the seems- people running from rooms he was aiming at that would of surely perished if they stayed in for more than a few moments.

As he is alone in the building, he spots a door labeled; 'Authorized per- "Good 'nuff." He breaks down the door without so much as reading it, and heads down the stairs.


The cool air of an approaching sunset wafts through Megaville woods, right on the outskirts of the city... The orange setting sun casts shadows on the many trees. The shadows get deeper and deeper, even though the sun has yet to set... A single person; Astro, the purple knight, sits in the forest clearing- eyes closed and cross-legged as if meditating.

The winds slowly die down, as the shadows get even more intense, soon the sky isn't even visible anymore... not even the stars shine in the forest... "Let there be fear, feed M..." She lets out, eyes still closed, then all vision of her is removed as the forest goes into eternal darkness... A single faint glow appears where she once was, a small gray glow...


A single man sits on the harbor, next to the water purification plant. He is out of place, looking into the water with an entire suit of armor equipped for no discernible reason to passers by. He kicks the water, deep in thought. As the water is in mid-air it freezes into snow before hitting the water again and melting. A middle-aged man in a trench-boat walks by and addresses the man;

"Something wrong, partner?" He tears his gaze from the water and looks into the setting sun. "A lot of things are wrong..." --- "Is it something you can fix, partner?" He closes his eyes and smiles. "I'd like to think so, but it's gonna be hard..." The kind gentleman squats down next to the man.

"The harder a problem is to overcome, the better it feels in the end, partner... It may seems tough, it may seem impossible- heck, even if its a woman you can get her, partner! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, just... go for it!" He opens his eyes and meets his with the stranger's. "You have had to overcome a problem concerning your life-long dream?"

The blue knight rises- as does his new-found cohort. "Shoot, It was always my dream to become a big-shot lawyer, but people back in my hometown say that it was just 'fer city folk!" --- "How did it work out?" The man takes a card out of his pocket and hands it to the knight. He reads it... 'Bill Jackson, attorney at law.' The knight closes his eyes and smiles.

"What's your name, partner?" --- "Micheal, and my friend here is Leviathan." He lets out. Before the man asks who that is he speaks again;

"I'll remember your words, Bill Jackson." --- "Well, if 'yer ever in trouble, gimme a call partner!" Bill walks off leaving the knight to his business. He opens his eyes and views the card again, and sighs. He throws it into the harbor and looks off into the sunset again. "Sorry, Bill, but my dream is for a better world with me as it's founder... and you have no part in it. As he says that the water seems to tide in and out ominously...


I could just snip it here and head on to chapter 7 after chapter 5... or extend it until the story is finished... I wonder...
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Before I decide anything, here is a tidbit of side story, I may or may not make the concept of Sub-Chapters a permanent part of TCMW.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Sub-Chapter 1: Before the War

The date is June 20th, 2002... smack dab in the middle of the year before the first Chronometal war. A lone scientist is in a strange lab several layers of earth beneath Megaville.

"Everything is here... but...!" He slams his hand against a desk. "The catalyst is... nearly impossible to find! I tried boosting the combination process itself, but without a strong enough soul it just wont WORK!" He hits the desk again! He leans against the desk with his elbow and places his fingers to his eyes, deep in distraught thought...

" *Sigh...* I didn't come this far just to fail, there has to be SOMETHING... SOMEWHERE. A soul strong enough to both withstand the binding process and then provide enough feedback power to not only support itself in the chamber, but create abundant energy for things like... movement, and speech. But how?!" He looks at scattered notes strewn across the table in front of him.

"If my notes are correct- in which I have full confidence; The stronger the emotions of the dead human, especially that of hate and love- the stronger the energy... but other emotions like jelousy, and pride... they too are more than acceptable." He keeps going through the papers, sure he has done this exact thing way too many times...

"The problem is knowing who expressed ALL of these emotions right before their death! Perhaps... a death caused by a... battle fueled, by a loved one? That has anger, jealousy and love... but no pride! After all, the person needed to die, first. Why be proud in death?" He darts his eyes around the room and gives off an innocent smile... "Maybe a... spartan?" He chuckles slightly at his own joke and looks around the room- he is alone...


"C'mon, Mike! You can do this, I can do this- just... think about it more, look around, there HAS to be something I'm missing..." He scratches his head... then he scratches more... then his teeth grit and he nearly rips his scalp off! In his furious fit he scatters papers around- "Ohh! Damn!" He leans over to pick them up, but then he stops...

The papers are all aligned in certain phrases side by side...

-Relative killed, causes sadness and anger. Especially a brother or sister and-
-Lover is killed, causes sadness and anger- possible jealousy if the lover was-
-Also; with unfairness. Unfairness, usually in death means unfair advantage with-
-Being killed by their own hands, an accident perhaps? Self loathing and Sadness.-
-Causing depression, but not just depression- Anger, the lust for revenge! And in-
-Their own hands they wrought their own death. But it was a just death. Or he thought-
-So at least; I've established that teenagers, with their new found emotions are the best catalyst.-

"Wait... that... situation..." He thinks to himself deeply about the circumstances of his hypothetical situation...

"The catalyst killed someone's... brother or sister- possibly a rival's... but It was also his, Lover? And it was an... accident... Causing depression? Then anger... forced him into battle... with the rival? And it... Killed him, but right before his death- he felt proud of himself..." His eyes widen! "Y-YES! That has it all! Hate, Love, Anger, Sadness, Self loathing, Jealousy, Envy!"

He puts his finger to his lip and goes into deep thought... He gets off the chair and runs to the next room and accesses his large Computer. "The only people I might think be able to pull of this kind of messed up charade is a late adolescent, Maybe 15 or 16 years old... maybe male and completely dominated by his emotions; time to check the obituaries... AGAIIIIIIIN..." In the past year only 3 males of that age group have died in Megaville city... the names are as follows.

-Victor Clausewitz-
-John Peach-
-Susan Astronomonov-

"Susan? I'm sure I checked it into 'Male Only,' Let me just fix that..." He double checks the configuration and runs the scan again, and he shows up yet again. "Hmm, interesting..." He clicks the name and it shows the face of a young man, Black hair, Glasses, and an obviously devilish back-round, just from looking into his eyes...

"A name like Susan might also cause shame... Yet another negative emotion..." He prints out a picture of the young man and the residence of his living parents. "Time to check in to see if this is worth another $50,000 of materials..." He walks out of the lab, carrying with him only a small waist-bag.

(Several Hours of travel Later...)

He is a safe distance away from the house of the young man; Susan. Simply by looking at the house and it's presentation, it is clear the parents have a strong tie to nature... not just a love for animals- as a lot of people interpret, but their entire front yard is the perfect habitat for certain squirrels and hummingbirds. They didn't even skimp out with imitation bird feeders shaped like flowers, it is truely plants filled with nectar that they nursed themselves... "Cute."

A short girl, probably no older than 13 with pigtails the color black catches his eye. "Same haircolor, young age... standing by." She walks by the house and he cancels his mental note, but then she walks into the yard, and starts tending to one of the flowers. After a few moments she rises from the grass and nears the door. "Bingo..." He runs across the street and yells; "Hey little girl! Wait up!" --- "Huh...?"

His only fear of the meeting would be she would run away, but she does not. "Who are you, Guy?" --- "I've come to ask a few questions about your... umm... Brother..." She looks away from his words, clearly hurt. "I-I didn't mean to-" --- "It's fine... It's just, you are probably one of the only people who asked about him..." --- "Oh, I see." --- "What questions..."

The scientist of blue hair speaks up- "This may seem oddly direct, but how exactly did he die?" She looks up at his eyes, not with teary eyes like that of someone reliving a horrible tragedy, but of suspicion... "Why...? Who are you?" --- "My name is Micheal, and I study... the afterlife- cutting my profession short with your well-being in mind." --- "Afterlife? Like... paranormal? Ghosts and stuff?" --- "Not exactly, mine is much more science based..." --- "And you need to know about my brother, and more specifically, his death; why?"

The blue haired scientist looks around, making sure no-one is in sight- or earshot. "I think I..." He looks around once more... "I may be able to bring him back-" The girl clenches her fists, seemingly in anger and turns away from the man. "Go away... I have nothing to say to heartless assholes like you who would mess with with people's emotions..." He grabs her arm and turns her around, as she is all around he grabs her right hand with both of his hands.

"I promise you, this is no ruse little girl, I am truly onto something ground-breaking... world-changing! And I need to know everything about your brother and his death!" She tugs her hand away from his grasp, but tolerates his presence more... "How." --- "Come again?" --- "How will you bring him back?" --- "The power of the best science the world has yet to see!" The girl looks away, seemingly wounded by the words. "Science huh...? ... One condition..." --- "Okay, what?"

She looks over to his blue eyes, he is still knelled down and at eye-level with her. "If it has to do with my brother, I see everything." The man gulps, and looks in her eye... he has dealt with children before in his long quest for the perfect soul, but none were nearly this... inquisitive... or persuasive. "V...Very well..." He rises from the ground. "But I have my own condition." --- "Oh yeah? What?" --- "You tell me exactly how he died, where he died, who killed him; if he was murdered and why."

"It's a deal."

(Several hours of travel and talking later.)

"So, he went by the name, Mandark? Because he met some geeky kid who insulted his name one day? And he never dropped it? Seems pathetic, yet at the same time it seems perfect..." --- "That's my brother for you..." She says holding a coffee mug to her lips, unknown weather or not there is anything in it, but as she sets it down- it certainly sounds like she is drinking something... black. Coffee perhaps?

"So you still never told me exactly what you are going to do with this information- let alone how you are going to help me get my brother back..." --- "All in due time, but there's no time like the present- so let's get started!" She raises an eyebrow, as if she was expecting it to be a bit more... subtle...

They walk into the other room, and everything seems prepared, some odd antennae are sticking out every which-way and there is some strange material on a nearby shelf. "What's that?" --- "Nano-steel, incredibly dense without adding too much weight- but more important than that... It is incredibly flexible." --- "What's that got to do with anything? Are you making a robot?" --- "Not exactly..."

He flicks several switches, and then the unexpected happens. "You're up." --- "... ... ... Huh?" The scientist looks at her. "Usually when I get information on a soul I have the relative give me something treasured to them that reminds them of the dead, in your case... you are that treasured item." --- "O-Okay, what do I have to do?" --- "Simply walk onto that disk you see on the floor and picture Susan in your mind." She timidly walks toward the pad, once she is on it she turns around to face the blue scientist.

She closes her eyes and goes into deep thought, her body language gradually shifts from a neutral stance; arms at both sides... to a more emotional state, hands grabbing each other at the chest... "Yes, it's working, don't stop..." Heavy electric noises go on in the back-round, the scientist thinks it may impair her thinking, but in fact- the machine is actually powering up; is the noise of loud electric equipment nostalgic to her? Does it help her remember Susan?

A glowing figure appears in the chamber next to the girl- "Yes, YES! I've only ever gotten this far once! But it failed a couple seconds back! This could be it!" A deep rumbling goes on, the place is shaking- he is sure that this will ruin her concentration, but to the contrary it is yet going up! 'Did... did he die in a way that makes a deep rumbling noise? Is that what she is remembering...?' He thinks to himself.

He looks at the machine, the figure is almost human looking, he looks upon it as if he is seeing the face of the almighty... But then the readings go down, they spike very fast! "N-NO, NOT NOW! DAMMIT! I'M NOT GOING TO GET ANOTHER SHOT AT THIS!" He frantically presses whatever buttons he finds, but before he can even do that he hears a foreign noise behind him.

"Move aside." He looks over, and in shock, it is a young girl, dressed in black, carrying a pair of broken glasses. He obliges, knowing it is hopeless to continue trying to salvage the situation... He slumps out of the room, knowing what is going to happen... inevitable failure...

The Black girl nears the girl in pigtails, she grabs her hands and looses her grip, and puts the glasses in... "S...Susan..." She lets out quietly. The room eventually stabilizes, but the noise of nothing all but causes the scientist to fall and weep, and the Black girl come walking out. She nears him and lets out stiffly; "Your task is complete. Claim the soul." He looks up to meet her words, seemingly breathless. He runs to the room!

The girl is sitting on the pad, holding a pair of glasses in her hands, and the machine has a fully functioning Catalyst. "Th-There's no way..." He runs to his desk and punches in a few commands, and the soul leaves the chamber, and into a different chamber. "Th-This is it!" The small girl looks up at him, she quietly get up and walks to see what he is talking about...

She views the small metal device with sadness... "W...What is it...?" --- "Susan."

The strange girl who appeared from nowhere looks to them with no emotion in her eyes. She nears him, and extends 4 small balls in her hand. One orange, one purple, one green, and one blue. He looks over and takes them, and asks a single question. "Who are you?" --- "I am the Black Mother, the birth giver to all Chronometals." --- "Ch-Chronometals?" --- "What you see before you on the desk, the fruit of your research will bring upon the world an ultimate power."

His eyes widen as she continues to speak. "Those 4 balls are catalysts... souls, that you can also use to form something that syncs to that Chronometal... They are called Biosymbiotes; and they are the key to Ultimate Power, although, they themselves are very weak in power." The scientists eyes squint as she continues... "Use them as you see fit, the rest is up to you." --- "W-Wait! Why are you doing this?"

"It is in my knowledge that what your research carries with it is exactly what I've wanted all my life. You can fill in the blanks of my reason yourself as you see necessary." She walks away, as cryptic as ever. The man views the balls he was given, and the metal object before him...

"This is it, everything I worked for is finally possible... Now, it is time for action!"

The Girl with the Pigtails eyes her new-found cohort, it seems they are bound for life... "I've never asked for your name yet, what is it, little girl?" --- "Just call me Astro, I don't care for my name... or any nickname I've earned in the past."


This is by far, the earliest the Chronometal Wars goes back. This takes place only a short time after the previously known 'final chapter' of PPGD. I am going to use Sub-Chapters as a way to fill in small blanks that I simply do not wish to form into entire Chapters.

Still not sure weather or not to form the current chapter into a different one later, or make it more than 3 parts.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Once again, another Sub-chapter.

The beauty of the Sub-chapters are that they can be read at any time, they do not tie into the 'core' story so even if you have never read even part one you can read these.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Sub-Chapter 2: The Sands of Sadness

Sands blow through the sad world, the sun barely shines through the irradiated clouds... once industrious cities now lay dormant, almost as if waiting for people to move back in- but that is more than impossible. But a few life-forms remains on the entire planet, even all plant-life has been eradicated.

Weather or not it is day or night is impossible to tell, as the entire world is engulfed in a constant dust-storm maintaining a constant dreary appearance, but even that lies about the world's true nature. No real life can survive on this planet anymore, no clean oxygen remains... all that remains is death's grasp.

And yet something lives in this world, and not only does it survive; it laughs through the day, and cries through the night. A hulking Juggernaut- more machine than man constantly treks through the sands of death. It constantly speaks to itself, addressing nothing, living nor dead.

"Do you know what true pain is? Before you answer that; answer this-
Have you seen your entire world crumble? Before you answer that; answer this-
Have you seen your own parents, or siblings killed? Before you answer that; answer this-
Have you ever killed your own parents? Before you answer that; answer this-
Have you ever killed? Before you answer that; answer this-
Has anyone ever tried to kill you? Before you answer that; answer this-
Have you made an enemy of the entire world? Yes. Yes you have, by merely existing..."

It hulks through the deserts, if not with a grin, then with watery eyes... four wings splayed out, sucking the very life-force from the planet.

The red wing of ultimate power, anger and envy branches out of the left shoulder.
The blue wing of complete control, lust and pride branches out of the right shoulder.
The green wing of happiness, guilt and sadness extends from under the red wing.
The purple wing of death, love and solitude extends from under the blue wing.

They all provide a small amount of power to the ultimate weapon, yet even as small they are in comparison to the weapon- a single wing alone could level the entire planet were there nothing to stop it.

"Dexter... Deedee... Mandark... Bell... Drax... Micheal... Elly... Olga..." It constantly chants as it crashes through the dead planet. "I am all... All is me... I am all... All is me... happy... happy..." As it lifts its feet, sand pours down from the massive size, and as it lands small cracks are made where it steps.

The giant stops.

At this time every day, Dexter breaks free of the hypnotic grasp of the machine for several minutes, yet he usually never even opens his eyes, and he tries hard to keep tears from forcing their way out. He huffs through clenched teeth. He hates his new-found existence, yet he continues on, hoping that his recent project will work... it is the only thing keeping him alive.

Not too long ago, before the world completely died, Dexter took a girl who was in more way than one; dead, and put her in a liquid tube of healing enzymes... yet not even that would save what was left of her life, so he destroyed anything he could in his lab to get to the most vital of materials; working circuitry.

He used everything at his disposal to make a robotic husk that looked just like her, and he moved her brain to the machine... but even then it would take many decades for the the nearly dead brain to adapt to the new host body; if it will at all. Merely a day after the world was doomed, he managed to regain full control of his body and emotions, but even then the world was unfixable; even though he was put on the spot and forced to destroy the world, he knows the dark and ugly truth.

Even without the end of everything, he knows it was all his fault; he tried far too hard to control everything, and in the end he lost everything he ever held dear. Before he was even labeled a hero, he antagonized and tortured his enemies until they grew to vitally loath him to the point of self suicide, and even after being a hero he couldn't even save his own sister from getting killed by his enemies.

He was a terrible person, he caused more destruction then he ever thought possible, and everyone he ever knew is now dead for it. Blossom, his lover; Dead. Deedee, his sister; Dead. All his friends; Dead.

So in the end he committed one last sin to end them all, he took the last of the world onto his shoulders, controlling it yet again... but now he passes the torch of control to another. If she can use it for good unlike him, the world may yet have a chance, after all... she was born a superhero, not crafted into a lie as he was.

She was strong, tough... and pure. She was incapable of the sins he lived and breathed, perhaps she can bear the curse better than he. If not, the world is doomed for all eternity.


Nary a week after she was shunned from the impact zone by her own sister, she returns to the planet Earth...

The city she called home is wrecked, the only buildings left standing are fewer than a couple stories as dust circulates through the world, all of the buildings wear a dead look; windows shattered and ceilings caved in. She finds it hard to cope with the atmosphere, it is even more hostile then the moon, where she goes to hide...

"Why... why did this have to happen...?" She says to herself, tears building in her eyes. She starts walking around the impact zone... looking for something.

She moves stone after stone, and uses whatever powers she has to clear the ground away, there must be something here!

She tirelessly throws debris in all directions...

Then she stops...

She falls to her knees, a look of horror and sadness in her eyes, but her entire face is emotionless; truly a rare sight for one such as her. She reaches out and grabs a hand with both of hers...

She closes her eyes and clenches her teeth as her head droops down... "Why..." She lets out through her teeth, her voice trembling. Her grip on the hand tightens to that which would crush a normal human's, but the hand remains in-tact. She looks up at the face of the one who's hand she is holding, her face red from the absolute sadness and anger burning in her veins, and her teeth are flashing through her mouth with tears coursing down her cheeks.

"WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO LEAVE?!" She lets go of her hand and slams the ground, causing a deep quaking noise, and blasting all nearby dust away! She scrambles to the body and hugs it tightly as she lets all her sorrow out... the cries of one who lost everything and then some echo endlessly through the empty and dead world.

The girl's blue dress is in stark contrast to the dirt-brown the other is wearing, even though they are both wearing the same type of dress... even though the other dress is drenched in blood...

She stands up and looks at the body, and then at herself... she is wet with blood. "Not here... *sniff* I'll bring you to the right grave... *sniff*" She picks up the body, and she looks at the face... she looks so content; peaceful, odd considering her personality. She flies off leaving a blue trail behind her, her blonde hair waving in the air.

She lands several moments later next to a large stone building, mostly untouched by the crash due to it being surrounded by mountains. She walks down some stairs, body still in her hands. As she reaches the bottom, she reads the sign.

--Here lie all the victims of the Megaville Chronometal War--

Many graves are filled, but she proceeds down the halls to a special room with it's own sign.

--Here lies the heroes of the Megaville Chronometal War--

But a single grave should be filled here, and she moves to one of the empty stone graves... these were not spared by the radiation-laden dust clouds and are caked in layers. She hovers slightly and opens the coffin with her foot and then lands back on the ground... She lowers her into the grave and takes on last look at her, tears growing in her eyes again...

"Goodbye... sister..." She lets out, choking on her words. She closes the grave and grinds the word 'Buttercup' onto it's face. She then walks somberly toward the exit when something catches her eye... The grave that should of been filled is slightly ajar...

She looks in, hesitant to see a 6 month old corpse, but there is nothing there! As the lid falls to the ground with a loud thump, the dust clears off it... the name 'Bell' etched into it. She looks into the empty grave and lets out under her breath; "Not even the dead were spared this hell..."

She runs as fast as she can out of the building, her tears following in her wake! As she exits, she yells out as loud as she possibly can;
"D-----A-----M-----M-----I-----T!" An emotion almost never seen on her face is blazing across all of it; Anger... Rage... Lust for revenge.

She fires off faster than ever before toward the outskirts of the ghost-town, and finds the colossus wandering around. She opens with a very pronounced kick to side of the head which causes it to stumble slightly.

As it regains its balance it looks to her and its eyes widen! "B-BUBBLES...?!" She does not change her facial expression as it notices her. "You killed them all..." --- "Bubbles..." --- "WHY DID YOU KILL THEM ALL?!" She rushes at him again, seething with rage, and it does not fight back. However before long, she notices her efforts are futile and she stumbles to the ground, weak from the exertion.

She starts to cry again and yells out through quaking breaths; "I... thought you loved... my sister...!" The behemoth does not looks away nor respond. "You even told me... yourself that she... was your only light left...!" She looks up with more rage mixed with the sorrow. "And you killed her...! YOU KILLED EVERYONE!!!"

"Blossom will return." Those words shock her the way he has never seen before... "W-what are you...?" --- "I made it so she will be revived in a few decades." Her face discards its surprised sight and regains one of anger; "DON'T YOU SEE THIS IS HOW SHE DIED?! Your damn science and god complex killed her and now you are going to try bring her back?!" --- "I'm so sorry Bubbles... but you should leave... now...!" --- "What the hell are you talking about?!" --- "I'm... going... now... RUN-"

Before long his face loses its composure and it sets her off guard... and that was all it took.

Her last memory is being impaled in the same manner as her sister. She feels sad that she let her emotions turn to blood-lust and it lead to her death, but it doesn't even matter. She lost her will to live a few hours ago... or maybe sooner, when she was forced to abandon her sisters...


And with that, the world returns to a lifeless orb of death, the titan patrolling for anything left alive... as if nothing ever happened.


This takes place a couple years before chapter one... which takes place at the very-very end of the second war and it tells the story of Dexter and Bubbles after the crash...

Still not sure how to continue on the main story.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:08 am

Simply for the fact that in more ways than one I feel o.c.d., I shall keep it to 3 per chapter and continue on with the story.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Seven: Birth of the Mother
Part One: Staring down the Void

"So you met Buttercup in the future, and she saved your life...?" She takes a moment to process her response, before smiling and saying; "Yes, at the time I did not know why... I do now, but even then she sacrificed herself to save me... that is something I have never done." She looks toward the house of the Powerpuff girls through the glass door, seeing Buttercup talking to Coop. She smiles slightly as if she was seeing an old friend.

She looks back at Blossom, who was the one who initially asked the question. "I may have to apologize for the incredibly hard trouncing I gave her earlier- oh, before I forget." She looks over at Bubbles and kneels down to her level. "I'm sorry about hurting you earlier Bubbles." She closes her eyes and smiles, showing a side of herself that neither Blossom nor Bubbles have ever seen. "I-It's alright... I'm sure you had your reasons..." She gets up and eyes Otto.

"This has gone on long enough, now it is for you to decide weather or not Bubbles stays in this time-line with what she knows, or we reset the day." Otto closes his eyes and crosses his arms, deep in thought. This is not a decision to be made lightly. She looks over at Blossom, who seems to be mentally bombarding him with the words 'keep it as is.'

"I think we should keep her here. After all, she may be a major help in the future if she knows now." --- "Indeed." She looks over to Bubbles again, who is standing up now. "We only ask one thing of you." --- "Y-Yes?" --- "Don't tell anyone what we talked about until the second war's end. You can act on your intuition to help people until then, but never talk about it to anyone." She nods her head. "Okay..."

"What now?" Blossom asks. "Now we pray." The answer catches her off-guard. "What do you mean...?!" The black girl sighs. "I've been putting this off for a while, but there is almost no hope in stopping the wars as is." Blossom gasps, a tick she has not shown for the longest of times! "Then, what was this all about...?" --- "A shot in the dark." --- "But what if we tell people around here about what is going to happen?"

She shakes her head. "Well on that note let me give you two reasons that wont work.
One: The actual Catalyst has already started, the war will be here in a few years, stopping it now will be very hard, especially since it's trigger was Mandark's death.
Two: If you stop it from happening, I; and possibly you and countless others will blip out of existence."

"Then is there ANY hope?!" Otto says, his voice starting to tremble. The girl closes her eyes for a while before shaking her head. "I've been in this dimension for over 300 years, I don't think there's much more I can do." The strange explanation baffles Otto. "Th...Three hundred years...?" --- "A useless topic of discussion, but yes; 300 years." Otto exhales, it seems he was holding his breath for a while.

She looks him sharply in the eye, arms still crossed and it sends a shiver down his spine. "W-What?!" --- "There is one thing that may help..." Blossom rushes to his side- "We will do anything!" --- "You can't help here Blossom, it is all Otto." They both look at him and he recoils from their stares. "W-Wait I have- NO idea what you guys are talking about!" --- "You may not think it, but you are yet a Time-Squad agent, are you not?"

Otto looks at his wrist-device, and then back to her. "Yes, what about it?" She shrugs. "I was kinda hoping you would know, after all, you've been at the whole time travel thing a lot more than I have." --- "But you said you've been here for 300 years...!" --- "I didn't spend all of it traveling, I spent a lot of it learning about myself, in fact... over 98% of it simply sitting on the dark side of the moon."

"That's deep." She laughs loudly, an exclamation no-one alive has ever seen her do! Once she catches her breath, she speaks again. "Deep! Right... I was simply sitting around for over 290 years trying to train my own mind to not kill itself or go into an infinite loop. It is very hard to do when you are a robot build to destroy the world. I couldn't exactly go to Black Eden and preform maintenance on myself." Blossom and Otto eye each other. "Black Eden...?" They say in unison.

The black girl looks over in a sign of slight horror. "O-Oh, you guys... don't... know about Black Eden yet... do you...? Hmm..." She wears a mask of deep embarrassment and scratches the back of her hear while putting on a mock smile, truly awkward considering how powerful, smart and mysterious she is. "It... probably isn't important right now anyway." She looks at her wrist, as it opens up to reveal a screen. "Damn... I only have a few hours left." --- "A time traveler with a schedule?" --- "You have no idea."

"I'll give you the short version, I have never tested this yet... but I fear being in the same universe as another one of me travels into it. It may cause nothing... it may cause a temporal loop. I don't know, and I certainly don't feel like trying." --- "You are coming into this universe...?" --- "Yeah, myself from a couple years ago came here at this time." --- "Anything we should know?" --- "Actually, yes. She is not as tame as you see me now, watch what you say, and don't tell her you have seen me. I'm going to be safe and get going before she shows. See you soon..."

She flies off, but this time a white light engulfs her, and she dissipates into the night.

"A few hours huh...?" Otto says, addressing no-one in particular. "Well what do 'I' do now...?" Bubbles squeaks, feeling left out. "The only thing we can ask of you." Blossom lets out- "Go about your life normally until the end of the wars." She nods timidly, and walks inside the house. "You think she will hold her word...?" --- "I don't think it's something to worry about Otto... she's a good girl. She will do what is asked of her."

"So what now, Blossom?" --- "She's going to be here soon, I think we should prepare in some way." --- "What makes you think she will be coming 'here'?" --- "The black girl said to watch what we say to her, I'll assume that means she's coming here." Otto fidgets with his device a little. "Okay, you wait, I'm going to look up some things..." He walks off, face buried in his wrist.

Blossom is left to herself outside their house, she is left to her thoughts and her thoughts alone. She always turns to the earlier events of the day... The machine she woke up in the future in was Mandark's, that much she can be sure of, and when she was dead... she was Dexter? Nothing seems to make sense, and to round it all out; it seems there is no hope for saving the future... yet she must try.

She must.


"Hmmm..." Otto says to himself, deep in thought as he flips through logs on his Time Squad device. "Apparently, Time Squad was fiddling with something I'm not too sure of..." As he goes over the logs, they all reference something called 'The Barasia Project.' Almost all of the logs turn up with either the phrases 'Failure' or 'Too Dangerous' as hot-words.

"The Barasia Project... an experimental project that not only utilizes time travel, but dimension transference, all closed experiments result in either complete failure or lack of containment. It is recommended that no Time Squad agent attempt to initiate the Barasia Project without the consent of experts in Dimensional Theory."

He goes over the details in the top ranked agent's logs. Apparently the project focuses on a being from and alternate universe who's power is unmatched in almost every way. They were attempting to probe the universe without destroying it, and moving the being to this universe in an attempt to control it for the benefit of all of Time Squad. "This is good...!" Otto mutters to himself as he buries himself in his work, he seems like someone who just found a really good book!

He continues with the most extensive documents on the most recent and closest to successful attempts.

"Attempt #15: We isolated the subject, but the dimensional stress was still too high, and it forced it back into the void. Failure."
"Attempt #16: After loosening the dampeners, we successfully ripped the being from it's universe without too much damage to it's structure, however; It was incredibly aggressive and he had to force it into it's own universe, we lost good men that day. Too Dangerous to proceed."
"Attempt #17: (final) We found the perfect balance to the being's structure, which pacified it without damaging it or the void. It was successfully and safely moved into this universe, but upon further analysis, the chief in charge of the attempt forced it back into it's own universe under grounds of instability in the being itself. He states that no further attempts of the Barasia Project shall ever be conducted. (final)"

Otto puts his finger to his lips, wondering why he has never heard of this before... He copies down instructions for the Barasia Project and heads outside.


Thing may or may not start to be making sense based on how your mind works so far. But no matter how hard your brain works there are still plenty of twists and turns to be had.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Been gone for a long time, I felt like I was working too hard on my story's individual parts, so I took some time to think about how it would turn out and get a mental picture of everything before attempting to put it into words. :unsure:

Not confident about set-in-stone update times, but I'll try to get em out quick.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Seven: Birth of the Mother
Part Two: Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The moon is starting to fade away as the sun rises in the distance, Blossom still stands in the yard by herself, still alone with her thoughts. All she can remember is a lonely world wrought by the endless conflict of hero versus villain, yet at the end of the road she still doesn't know if she was the hero.


The voice catches her mid-thought, and she looks to it's speaker; it is Otto. "What is it, Otto?" --- "I just got an idea from viewing Time Squad's experiments!" --- "An... idea?" Otto looks around, as if expecting someone to be here, but he shrugs. "You know how that girl said there was no hope left and that she told me to use my device? Well I did, and I struck gold!" His words raise her morale slightly, but as of now they are still just words, and she chooses not to express her happiness.

"Well don't leave me hanging, what is it?" --- "A private operation called 'Project Barasia'. Apparently it is the art of summoning a super powerful being from another dimension." --- "That... sounds... VERY risky Otto." --- "Is there another way you can think of?" She looks at him for a while and shrugs. "Nothing I haven't tried or I know won't work." --- "So what have we got to lose if this doesn't work anyway?" She sighs.

"Way to motivate, Otto." --- "S-Sorry..." She looks at him expectantly, and he returns a look of confusion. They lock eyes for a moment before Blossom breaks the silence. "Well?" --- "O-Oh! Right!" He takes another look at his device, and he projects the plans in 3-D next to them.

"Apparently, the only device needed is my Time Squad bracelet." He fidgets with it a little bit. "Gotta, calibrate the dimension, place, time, and voracity of the void." --- "Void?" --- "Yeah, apparently this utilizes some sort of trans-dimensional black hole to suck the being into our universe." He fidgets with it some more. "I have to set it to a level that knocks the being out, but doesn't destroy it... just like the final test."

After everything was punched in, he activates the device...


"Well that was unexpected, what the hell was that girl's problem?!" She says to herself, flying away at high speeds. "This was between me and the Powerpuff Girls, and then she comes in, with a Lolly-pop of all weapons and takes me alone? Not bloody likely..." She fumes as she continues. "I guess I'll have to impose terror in other ways... but I don't have TOO many options open..."

She stops in mid air and ponders the situation... "Perhaps... the cluster's leader... maybe she isn't as feeble as the others! Hmm... and once I am done with her, getting myself some well needed upgrades- I will simply dispose of her as I did her minions." She lets out a toothy grin, with an evil malice crossing her face. She shoots straight up into space, still pretty tired from the battle, before she is stopped by something odd...

She can't see it... but she can feel it... Something is happening... She stops and looks around, curious...

Before she can recoil she is being sucked into an empty void! "WHAT THE HELL?!" She screams as she tries with all her might to fight the event horizon! "DAMN DAMN damn damn da---..." She lets out loudly yet simply before all sight of her is lost.

Yet in a few seconds she re-appears, as if nothing ever happened!

"Hmm, I guess it was nothing..." She flies off into the universe in which she has no idea she was for all intents and purposes; copied and pasted from. The Time Squad device plucked her without damaging either universe. Truly a magnificent device.


As she falls to the ground with a loud thump; unconscious... the party around her stands in silence and amazement. Otto merely looks upon her, eyes wide; while Blossom is fully agape. "Th-This... What does it mean...?!" She lets out frantically! Otto puts his palm to his face and takes a deep breath, before breaking out into silent laughter. Blossom looks upon him as if he were insane!

"Wh-What's so funny?!" He simply chuckles, hand still covering his eyes. "I..." He lets out simply, before laughing again. Blossom tears her gaze from him and looks upon the girl who fell. She kneels down and closely examines her. Black hair, slightly tanned white skin, Black dress; with a single solid white stripe on her core... she keeps looking at the stripes as if they are something that doesn't belong there.

But it's her.

Otto finally stops his laughing fit and speaks up. "I should of known this was going to happen... It was so obvious... She played us all like a fiddle, yet at the same time this NEEDS to happen; doesn't it?." He continues to cover his face. "What now...?" He laughs a little again, and then removes his hand and looks at Blossom with a sense of duty in his eyes.

"It seems more than obvious what needs to be done." He says with a straight face, now looking right at the girl. "She told us that we must watch what we say to her, and don't tell her that we have seen her from the future." --- "Okay, what do we tell her first?" Otto's eyes dart across the grassy ground, now barely illuminated by the sun, he squints, deep in thought. "I... think I understand everything now..."

"If we save Deedee, none of this would happen!"
*NO, Don't do that!*
"What are you doing here?"
"Who are you? What's your name?"
*Best not to tell you now..*
*Soon we will be good friends...*
"Anything we should know?"
*Yeah, she is not as tame as you see me now...*
*It's hard to keep my brain from killing itself or going into an infinite loop when you are a robot built do destroy the world.*
*I can live, I must live, I WILL LIVE!*
*So I reprogrammed myself...*
"You didn't see what happened?"
*I know what caused it, and I know what happens afterwords, but I never actually saw it happen.*

He nods to himself. "I know exactly what we are going to tell her." Blossom looks at him, he wears a face of confidence and preparation. She nods. "Okay, where do we start?"

"We have to tell her about the end of the world, the Apocalypse that ended all life, and we need to tell her that 2 certain things ended it all. Model B and Model D. We need to tell her about Model D... but I don't know anything about Model B..." --- "Maybe she will find the rest out on her own... after all- she will have 300 years to think." That comment snaps into his mind, filling in a missing piece of the puzzle!

He takes off his device and puts it in his pocket. "If she learns about these things, and goes to check it out herself, and see's that it was caused by her; her robotic logic will force her to do whatever is needed to cause the end of the world, as she was originally programmed for." He pats his pocket. "And it will all be possible because... I will give her my device..." Blossom nods, but then stops in mid thought...

*A friend of the author of the messages you recently heard wanted me to give you this...*

Otto must of given the device to 'Him' in the future... but if he gives it to 'her', how will he give it to Him...? Perhaps she was thinking of it all wrong... what if it is not Otto who grants Him the device in the first place, in which case... who did? She shakes her head and abandons the thought.

"Uhhg..." The girl says, slowly coming back to reality. "Okay, Blossom. Get your speech ready, we have to watch what we say very carefully."

She slowly crawls up from the ground, and opens her eyes slightly... she scans the ground a bit before noticing feet, and fires her head up rather fast to lock eyes with her new found cohorts. "DID YOU GUYS JUST-" She lets out and stops as she notices Blossom. Her eyes quickly dart back between Otto and Blossom.

"Okay... I'll give you a couple seconds of life to explain what is going on... NOW!" Blossom recoils as she barks that out facing her the entire time. Otto then picks up the conversation. "The end of the world." The girl squints and then stands on her two feet, looking Otto up and down, scanning him.

*Prepubescent Male; threat level Low*
*End of the world Subroutine; Inquire more information*

"Explain..." --- "In a couple years, something called the Chronometal Wars will end the world, we summoned you to this universe using the Barasia Project so that you may save the world."

*End of the world; asked to save world*
*Initiate Deception Protocol 2*
*Barasia Project; Scanning phrase*
*Name same as self designation; Inquire more information*

"Barasia Project... Why is there 'anything' that isn't a monument of terror named after me...? Who would name it after me?" Blossom and Otto lock eyes... it seems they now know their mysterious friend's name. "It was simply a code-name to get you here." She darts her eyes around, updating and storing new information. "Alright... now that that is out of the way... you want me; to save the world...?"

Blossom timidly lets out; "Y-yes..." --- "Alright... I'll bite, how would I go about saving it though?" --- "I have a complete temporal map of the main things we need you need to work on. We would do it ourselves... but we are too weak." Otto takes his device out of his pocket and hands it to her; she eyes it a few seconds before accepting it. "That will allow you to travel back and forth through time." Barasia's eyes light up!

*Time travel possibility initiated*
*Temporal locations Listed*
*World is ended by Chronometal Wars*
*Proceed to scan all locations before continuing*
*Inquire last information*

Barasia nods. "I'll check it out... but where would I go about starting?" --- "At the year 2010, something called Chronometal Model D is unleashed on the city. Someone claims it and becomes very powerful, around a full year later the Chronometal is fused with other Chronometals we have yet to fully locate and then the world is destroyed."

*Installing new information*
*Use new time travel device to scan all time-lines between 2009 and 2011*
*If all prior statements are true; Destroy world*

She looks Otto in the eyes and nods. "I'll see what I can do..." She fidgets with the device a bit, and before long she seems to have it completely mastered and before they know it, she is gone from sight.

Otto laughs to himself. "Well I guess all we can do is hope that we created a logic loop and that everything that happened will happen normally... but now we need something else to save the world..." He says with sorrow in his voice. "After all... that was supposed to save us... not just tell us things we already know..."

As soon as he says that, a portal opens up right where Barasia left; it looks much different then normal time travel gates and it seems to be letting off a very strong electric aura.


It got kinda rough around the inter-dimensional area storyline-wise and text-wise, but I think it evened itself out in the end.

Things like that are incredibly hard to write in my opinion, so just bear with me.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Ending the last chapter before the big one. Get ready, shit's about to get climactic up in here. (Finally)


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Seven: Birth of the Mother
Part Three: No Going Back.

The portal radiates where the other portal once was energy seeping from its gaping mass. Otto and Blossom both stare at the portal waiting for something to happen. "Is it... her?" Blossom lets out quietly. "I don't know... didn't she just leave? Besides... this isn't a time squad portal!" The portal radiates again, but his time they see a leg come out of it.

It's not a smooth leg like that after a skirt; it’s a panted leg, a Black one at that. They both wait on bated breath for the rest of the being to come out, but the leg goes back in. Otto sputters slightly. "Oh, Come on! The anticipation is killing me!" Voices eep out from the portal... it sounds like a young woman speaking to someone... a young man...?

This time the portal radiates again and the being comes out completely. Blossom squints at the attire of the being... Black pants, a dark gray vest and a deep black cape with some white stripes on it; and the being seems to be carrying something. As she looks at the being's face, it is obviously a female... but besides that she can't put her finger on it...

"Hello Blossom... Otto... It's been a while." She has dark hair and her face looks vaguely familiar, but it's riddled with so many scars its hard to tell. Otto lets out slowly; "Is that... you, Barasia?" The girl smiles and raises her head to look down at him. "Don't tell me you forgot me already?" - "So it is you... What happened to you?" She carries a look of confusion for a short while before responding. "Oh, you mean, my get-up? Well somewhere along the line a skirt seemed really inefficient for warfare, so I switched to combat pants and a camo-vest."

"That's... not what I meant. What happened to your face?" She raises her eyebrows slightly. "You noticed huh? Well that's not important. What IS important is that I finally found hope for a good future." She flares the item she had in her hand for a while at the two. Blossom cocks her head. "What is it?"

It resembles the letter 'T' but its curved downwards at the top, making it resemble a small anchor and its made of something like metallic Ivory and it carries the look of something technological.

She raises it up and looks at it with a mixture of pride and sadness in her face. "This... device; is what I've worked so hard to find and get." She looks Otto in the eyes before continuing. "The Ark of the Covenant." - "WHAT?!" Otto bellows out without even having emotion first cross his face! "That should not even be here!" Otto pats his pockets, looking for his device; before remembering he gave it to her in the past.

"D-Dammit! How did you get that?" - "Otto calm down, what is that thing?" Blossom asks, worried. Otto takes a few breaths before answering. "That... thing is the anchor between everything that is time and matter. That thing makes both, existence and to a lesser extent, time travel possible."

Blossom stands in awe of the aura of the situation. Otto shudders a bit before letting out softly; "How... who... where... WHY?!" Barasia looks away from his sadness and malice, as Blossom looks on, as confused as ever. "It is true, that I may have killed them all. But you are left, are you not?" - "There were innocents there! The ark is bound to every one of their souls... and in stealing it... you...!" - "Found hope to save the entire universe!" Otto scoffs and diverts his eyes, clenching his fists.

Barasia looks at the Ark. "The ends will never justify the means, but I had no choice. If I didn't do this, the world would fall into darkness." Otto shakes his head wildly as if he is trying to disbelieve the situation at hand! "N-No! My friends... my colleagues... Larry... everyone!" - "I'm not going to try to justify my actions, but you know better than anyone that they can't come back. There's no going back for any of us, Otto."

Otto huffs through clenched teeth. "Damn this war... and DAMN YOU!" He rushes at her and punches her in the face with all his might! Yet all she does is stand there, face slightly indented. Otto back off tending to his hand, which now hurts severely, yet he says or exclaims nothing, no pain is shown on either side. Barasia gives him a look of sadness, but not of guilt... it's more of pity.

"I give up; I want no part in this." - "Wh-What?!" Blossom lets out frantically! "Otto..." Barasia simply says... Otto walks off into the Powerpuff Girls' house and never looks back. "Wh-What happened? Why did he leave? WHAT HAPPENED?!" - "I killed every Time-Squad agent in existence Blossom."

Blossom quickly looks to Barasia, then to her own house, then Barasia again. "But... Otto?" - "Was the only exception. I used the Ark to spare his life." - "But, he's gone! How are we going to stop this?" Barasia looks at Blossom up and down, examining every feature of her. "What is it? You're creeping me out!" She then looks at the Ark and then back to Blossom and nods.

"It all makes sense now." - "H-Huh? What does? What makes sense?" Barasia extends the device from her hand and aims it at Blossom. "WHOA!" Barasia focuses her eyes and Blossom finds herself paralyzed. "I can see into you Blossom. Open yourself to me..." A bright light radiates from the Ark!


Blossom hears heartbeats again... and she finds herself once again in the tube of dark light, but this time, she is not alone... and she is not moving. She looks around and sees a young woman and a young man... she walks toward them and realizes she is walking on nothing; as she looks down the light is pouring upward at her and she feels like she is moving on the very light itself.

As she nears the girl, she looks over. It is Barasia. "Hey..." She looks over at the man. "Let’s go meet him..." Blossom asks no questions and follows Barasia amongst the dark lights toward the young man, standing alone in the only area without light.

As they near him, his features become apparent. He has dark red, almost brown hair and is wearing glasses and a relieved face. "Oh, Blossom... I am so glad you are okay..." He nears her and she flinches a little bit at his movements, which cause a shock to cross his face. "B-Blossom?" - "You... You can't be Dexter..." He raises his eyebrows. "Well... why not?"

"Because I am Dexter!" Barasia looks at Blossom, not in shock and not in confusion, she is just monitoring her. "Blossom... I don't know how you came up with that answer, but I can assure you, I am Dexter." The situation grows tenser as the lights around them start to pool around the area. "During... Dexter's fight with Mandark, I saw that I was Dexter with MY memories. I can come to no other conclusions..." She points at Dexter and speaks with determination! "YOU ARE NOT DEXTER!"

The windless halls of light spin furiously, causing Blossoms long hair and clothing to flutter in the windless breeze. "You are right about one thing, Blossom." She wears an adamant face as she waits for him to continue. "You did see Dexter as your soul, but do you know why?" She continues to wear a defiant face, but she can come to no reasons why she could be Dexter; she only knows that she is.

The heartbeats pick up in speed as he who calls himself Dexter walks toward Blossom, who stands resolute. "You ARE Blossom. I AM Dexter. But we are one, you and I. Dig into your last memories; you know it to be true. Accept it Blossom, so that we both may save the world; together." Dexter stands still, only a few inches from Blossom, making eye contact with her. He takes off his glasses and they both stare at each other.

The heartbeats stop and the lights quit moving, it is as if the entire world came to a stop at that moment. Looking into his eyes makes her head once again pool with emotion, but this time... she is learning everything she has ever known. All is coming back into perspective again.

*She accesses, almost as if by memory a control panel and opens file A...*
*The girl squints as she reads, certain she has seen these words elsewhere...*
*Blossom will return.*
*I made it so she will be revived in a few decades.*

"The titan had Dexter's soul... but not mine?"

*Bear with me, as I can only tell you so much without overloading your still waking and fragile mind.*
*I don't know what you have done to yourself Dexter, but whatever it was and wherever it got you, I want you to know I will always love you. And that I will always be watching you...*

"I see... Dexter fused his soul with mine because it was broken... his soul kept my soul from breaking in its still fragile state. I am Blossom... and I was also Dexter, but I guess that time has passed, hasn't it?"

Blossom opens her eyes to a breeze; she is back in her back yard, looking into Barasia's eyes. "I know everything now... I am ready, Barasia; and so is Dexter." She nods. "Good. It's time to finally end this." They both look off into the sunrise, wind blowing through their corresponding black and red hairs.

"The Chronometal wars... finally, this gigantic whirlwind of death and terror will come to an end!"


Blossom finally realized who she was, and with Barasia's new toy, things are starting to look up. Otto may have left, but with Dexter on their side... Well let's just see what happens.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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-Story Recap #2-

Chronometal wars takes place in 4 major timelines.

A- PPGD: 2002, the start of PPGD.
B- The first war: 2008, 6 years after PPGD's chapter 6.
C- The second war: 2008.5, several months after the first war.
D- Ruin: 2050, 40-50 years from PPGD's start to the second war's end.
(Note: The phasing from PPGD to the first war may be a little sketchy, due majorly in part to time-keeping in PPGD is trivial at best.)

My main worry is that PPGD itself will contradict this story in one crucial way or another.

Ways to contradict Chronometal wars:
-Any main character dies. (Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Utonium, Bell, X, Roudyroughs, Otto, etc.)
-Black Eden attacks Earth, either victorious outcome contradicts my story. (Black Eden destroying/taking over Earth, or the heroes destroying Black Eden.)
-Bell Dies/Goes away forever.
-Time squad gets a much bigger role. (They must remain mysterious)
-Any 'major' time-travel related incident occurs.
-Any major new character emerges.
-Megaville is destroyed.


Sub-Chapter 1: Before the War.
Several months after PPGD's original final chapter. Takes place before Chapter 3.
   Micheal befriends Olga to claim her brother's soul to create Model M. The Black mother shows up and helps him to create it, as well as the 4 bio-symbiotes.   

Sub-Chapter 2: The Sands of Sadness.
49.9 years before Chapter one, after the second war decimates the Planet.
   The Chronometal Titan treks through the land as Dexter fights to regain control of it, however; during one of his many wanderings, Bubbles shows up and is Killed. Thus ending the reign of humanity forever.   

Chapter 1: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
50 years after the second war.    Blossom awakens, regains parts of her memory from Dexter's logs and Him's words and goes back in time to either stop the wars from happening or prevent their horrid outcome.   

Chapter 2: Enemies of Time.
2 years before the first war, and beginning of PPGD.    Blossom meets up with Otto, who betrays her after piecing together pieces that really shouldn't of been pieced in that way. Meet's the Black Girl AKA the black mother for the first time.   

Chapter 3: Turning point in Fate.
2 years after the start of PPGD, and 1 day before the first war.    Dexter and Blossom fight in his lab during the prologue to the first Chronometal war- Emotions flare as Dexter is reminded of his past over and over. The only thing keeping him sane is Blossom.   

Chapter 4: The Black hand of Fate.
2 years before the first war, direct continuation of chapter 2.    Otto and Blossom put aside their differences and become allies to save the world. The black girl shows up many times, not as an enemy or a friend, but as a Watcher. Blossom thinks she; herself- might actually be Dexter somehow.   

Chapter 5: Mandark's Legacy.
2 years, with a few days shaved off- from the first war. Direct continuation of chapter 4.    Dexter kills Mandark in cold blood instead of letting him live. (and ending up killing himself) The black girl shows up and tells everyone- including Bubbles; who eavesdropped on their private conversation that she is a robot willed from another dimension who actually caused the wars to begin with.   

Chapter 6: The First War.
The exact start of the first war, direct continuation of Chapter 3.
   Dexter claims the infamous Model D as Megaville comes under fire. The four knights start their main plan to revive Model M and with it, end the old world order.   

Chapter 7: Birth of the Mother.
Direct continuation of Chapter 5.
   Blossom and Otto create a logic and creation loop that creates both The Black mother; now known as Barasia, as well as the Chronometal wars Themselves. Otto leaves the group as Blossom becomes one with her inner soul before finally starting the last battle with Model M in the future with Dexter's soul at her side.   
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Another Sub-Chapter revolving around the new(ish) character; Lynn. Referenced in chapter 5.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Sub-chapter 3: Lynn's new World.

"Global panic as a new type of monster is found in central Megaville!" The camera zooms into a giant worm robot tearing through the subways. "Even world renowned heroes such as the Powerpuff Girls are unable to keep them under control! Even the mysterious and powerful Megas robot can only take on a few at a time, while the rest of the worms wreak havoc!"

A girl looks at the monitor as if it were a map, taking careful details into consideration. She is not at all out of place, wearing a cover-all black dress and white wristbands. Her long black hair reaches her back and her skin is greatly improved by the starkness of ebony she is clad in. Her eyes are devilish, yet deceivingly innocent and she always carries around a neutral expression.

She walks around the city, blending into the crowd, paying special attention to calendars and clocks in windows and on walls.

"Twenty oh eight..." She says to herself. She looks at her wrist-watch, which seems a little high-tech and catches glances from passers-by. She nods to herself and then catches an odd sight. People are running away en-mass as rumbles can be heard deep below the streets! Sirens blare as an emergency warning starts.

"Attention all of eastern Megaville! This is not a drill! Unknown enemies have been sighted moving from central Megaville to all outlaying establishments! Police and other law enforcement have set up a secure barricade near the southern borders of Megaville near Megaville Elementary! Stay calm and stay safe!" The intercom loops endlessly as people start fleeing due south as the tremors intensify.

However, the girl only walks while the others run as fast as they possibly can. She can feel the quakes picking up in frequency and magnitude as only a small amount of time passes. It is not long before the sounds of buildings collapsing are heard and then the real tragedy begins...

A large mechanical worm monster shatters through the pavement causing cars to fly at nearby buildings, causing catastrophic damage! People scramble across one another as they desperately try to run from the beast, before a certain noise catches the girl's ears.

"HELP PLEASE! MOMMY!? WHERE'S MY MOMMY!?" A little girl, no older than five years of age screams out while at the absolute back of the stampede of people, very close to the worm. She runs for her life with tears in her eyes constantly yelling out for her mother! This sight causes the girl to completely turn around and take a hard look at the girl. Then she starts talking to herself;

"She helped me when I had no hope... and I was her enemy... or at least; that's what I thought. I was less than that to her; I was almost a complete stranger! Yet she risked her life to save me..." The girl starts shaking her head as the young girl's cries intensify as the worm starts moving to her! "I was created to destroy this planet... but..." She clenches her fist as she locks eyes with the young girl.

"HELP ME! PLEASE, MISS!" She blubbers out through tears and fear before finally she says one last thing to herself. "She isn't the world... now is she? No. She is just a single little girl, in a very bad position... as I was. There can be no harm in helping her." She runs very fast to the girl and then passes her, causing the girl to look back!

"What are you doing, miss?! It's gonna 'cwush you!" The girl's young tongue rings in her ear as that of a true innocent. "Run, I won't let this... THING harm you! Or anyone!" The girl runs away still in fear of the worm as she does not believe a single young woman can stop it. In normal circumstances; she would be completely correct.

As the worm nears her, it lunges down as she prepares a heavy attack, but the worm stops. "W-What?" She sputters to herself. A small camera leaves the worms mouth as it examines the girl. The worm relents and then a voice is heard coming from its mouth cavity; "Black Mother Identified, returning to base." The worm dives into the pavement once more and before long, the tremors in the entire city end completely. The girl relents her guard as she hears a familiar voice behind her.

"Wow, Miss... I can't be... belie? Buh... lee?" She shakes her head with a smile and lets out; "YOU DID IT!" The young girl is hugging her core body's left side with a large grin across her contented face. That look causes a smile to cross her face as well as un-familiar feelings cross her mind. "Hmm... looks like I've finally learned the meaning of empathy..." She says to herself. "What does that mean, Miss?" She shakes her head and pats hers.

"Nothing, let's go find your mom!" Her eyes light up before she takes off, giddy. "Follow me! I think I know where she is!" She follows at a mellow pace, as they both head south; towards all of the other people.

(Several minutes pass.)

"So... what's your name, Miss?" The young girls says out of the blue as they near the crowd of people. She looks off into the distance as if in remembrance, and says with a small smile; "Lynn." The young girl, skipping along as they finally reach the crowd lets out right before they join it; "My name is Ruby! Pleased to meet you, Lynn!" She lets off a bright smile again before finally looking around.

She keeps looking until she finally finds something that causes her to bolt off at it! "W-Wait!" Lynn says in vain, arm extended but the girl is already going a mile a minute. She sighs as she runs after her. She runs through the crowd avoiding people; "Sorry, excuse me! Coming through! Pardon me!" She lets out every few moments as she barely keeps Ruby in sight.

Finally Ruby stops and Lynn catches up, as she reaches her, she meets up with a worried looking woman. "Oh, my god! I am so happy you are all right, Ruby!" The woman says kneeling down and hugging Ruby deeply. Ruby pries herself from her arms slightly enough to point at Lynn; "She helped me!" Ruby lets out in thanks! The woman looks up at her and finally lets go of Ruby after a small peck on the cheek.

She walks over to Lynn, Ruby in close pursuit. "Thank you so much for what you did, Miss...?" --- "Lynn." She nods. "Thank you, Lynn... you have no idea how grateful I am to you... Thank you!" Lynn scratches the back of her head as she feels an artificial blush coming on. "O-Oh, stop now... It was no trouble at all! Hehe..." --- "No trouble? From what I've heard a giant worm was in that city right as I lost sight of Ruby! I was so scared and I started to jump to all the worse conclusions!"

After saying this she kneels back down to Ruby and starts hugging her more, as Ruby slightly resists; "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" She lets out, flustered. "Well I am more than happy to help... You know... she reminds me a lot of myself when I was that age..." After saying that Ruby's face breaks into a large smile as she jumps to the words; "I'M GONNA BE A SUPERHERO?!" Lynn laughs slightly before replying. "There is nothing in this entire universe than can stop you from being who you want to be, Ruby."

Upon saying this, Ruby's mother stares at Lynn, mouth agape before rising. "That's... what my husband used to say..." --- "O-oh... did I offend, Miss?" --- "Not at all... it's just, he's not with us anymore and I've yet to find a good father figure for Ruby..." Ruby's mother looks at her, as Ruby looks back and replies innocently; "Well, Lynn is as strong and brave as any boy or man I've ever seen!" Lynn and Ruby's mother both smile at the sentiment.

"Yes, she is very brave... isn't she?" Her mother looks Lynn in the eyes. They stare at each other for a small while. "Thank you for everything you have done... and everything you have said, Lynn... I will never forget your kindness..." Lynn extends a hand to Ruby's mother, and she grabs hold of it and shakes it. "I must get going; I have things to take care of." --- "Of course, thank you so much. Goodbye, Lynn."

As Lynn walks off, the joyful atmosphere of Ruby and her mother are quickly replaced once again by one of fear and panic as the towns-folk gather outside of a certain household. Lynn walks up to the front to get a better look, and the people she sees cause her eyes to go wide.

"Bubbles, any word from Dexter?" --- "Yes, Blossom... he says the shelter got over-stuffed so he sent people over to us until he can open up his old lab." A red haired girl clad in a pinkish dress and large red bow, a blast from the past for Lynn floats above the ground. "Alright, we need to keep open watch on this entire area, there is no telling when a robot could show up at any moment!"

A similarly dressed girl with blonde hair and blue dress also floats in the air, keeping a watch on the crowd, before she catches eyes with Lynn. She lowers herself to her level, and approaches her slowly. Lynn recoils and looks around the crowd, making sure she isn't looking at someone else; but there is no-one of merit behind her, she is looking right at her.

She squints, now only a few feet from her. "C-Can I help you?" The blonde haired girl relents her gaze. "No, I just... thought you were... someone else." She shakes her head. "Where are my manners? Hi, I'm Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls!" --- "Oh, uh. I'm Lynn, and I'm new here." --- "Lynn huh?" Bubbles nods as if she just heard an answer to a long question.

Ruby's mother walks near the two with Ruby at her side. "Bubbles... would you consider having Lynn here help you?" Bubbles looks over to her. "Well, anyone can help, but-" Before she can continue, Ruby cuts her off. "She's a superhero too!" After hearing that Bubbles looks over to Lynn with a smile. "I knew it..." She says to herself.

Lynn looks at her confused. "Knew what?" --- "Nothing, if you are a superhero, there are some major things I have to tell you about in private... the masses can't hear this or they will panic." --- "Of course..." Lynn follows Bubbles into her house and as she looks back she notices Ruby is giving her a thumbs-up! Lynn smiles back at her.

Lynn's new life as a superhero is about to begin.


Once again, Sub-chapters provide an above-average amount of information per chapter then most parts and are not directly linked to the main story and can be read in any order before or after the main story without spoiling either, although reading the main story enriches the sub-chapter itself.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Another Sub-Chapter, explaining how she knew about Otto's plans back in Chapter 2.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Sub-chapter 4: World, Thy Name is Ruin.

"The world is upon my shoulders... it is all up to me." She says to herself. "Things may be different now that my mental status has been changed, I must investigate the future." She gets up off the lunar dust and inputs several numbers into her device. "Hm?" She mutters to herself right before she activates the travel. "Tracking beacon...?"

She is being tracked at that location. "Something is definitely changed." She punches in the final code. "Someone is there waiting for me, time to meet them." After saying that she fires through a gate of light!


As she travels through time, she can already feel the consuming sorrow.

She lands and dust scatters all around, her device reads the year: 2070. As soon as she hits the ground she sees the observer, it is a young man, slightly balding, and brown hair. He seems familiar to her; despite wearing a trench-coat, and she cautiously walks over to him, when he turns around; she fully recognizes the person.

"Otto...?" He raises an eyebrow, but then shakes his head; replacing the look of confusion with one of anger. "I guess I would expect you to know my name, but that doesn't matter anymore. Nothing does..." He looks to the ground, tears falling from his glasses, and hitting the dusty ground. The girl looks around. The entire world is caught in eternal twilight as clouds of dust and radiation blanket the skies, all cities and buildings around them are in ruin.

"Who would have thought she was telling the truth? Now look at what happened... there is no hope for the entire universe anymore..." This time the girl raises an eyebrow. "She?" He shakes his head and grips his chest. "One of my closest friends... Blossom... and I killed her!" The girl's eyes go wide and she staggers. "BLOSSOM?! But why?! You killed her...?!" She lets out hysterical.

He smiles slightly through the stream of tears. "It all made sense a while ago... she was the only one it could have been... with her gone, the world would be saved... haha... ha..." He says, trembling and shaking. He raises his head slightly to look at the surrounding world. He grips his glasses very hard, shattering them and slicing his hand... and then he throws them to the ground and smashes them with his boot!

He looks up with a terrifying mix of Hate and Sadness in his eyes. "It was not her, it was not me. It can only have been you." He raises his hand, now bleeding and sliced, facing his body as he looks right through it into her eyes. He makes a fist as blood and tears rush down his body. The girl looks at him, now in a neutral state. "So... what are you going to do about it...?" He maintains his gaze and says through bodily quakes; "I don't want to live anymore... whoever you are, monster; I no longer care. You alone traveled into the farthest future after destroying the world. We will fight here and now."

She shakes her head. "That won't solve anything." His face blazes with anger as he brandishes his teeth! "IT WILL MAKE ME STOP FEELING THIS!" Eyes still wide, but anger aside he continues; "I have no will to live, the entire Time Squad was destroyed by something, only I am left; and with my last days I killed one of my best friends and caused the world to be locked in everlasting death. I have nothing left, but anger and sadness."

He pulls a small gun from his pocket with his bloody hand and rests it at his side as he looks right into her eyes. "Do you have a weapon, monster?" She shakes her head and says plainly; "This won't solve anything. I am not going to fight you." He laughs slightly and faces the ground. "You won't even put my out of my misery? Of course I know dying or killing you will mean nothing. What's done is done, even if I kill you now, the world is forever ruined but my pain yet remains."

He looks up with regret and sadness splaying through his entire body right into her eyes. "Mandark was freed from his sadness and pain, Dexter was freed from his... but I am left, a withered husk and a sinner." The dark twilight and the rushing dust set a mood of terrible catastrophe and death, yet he chooses to be here.

She eyes him with a great deal of pity in her eyes, before she finally responds. "I have a weapon... I will put you out of your misery." His eyes relent their sadness as he enters a defensive stance. "And I will also save this world." - "That's impossible..." - "What? What do you mean?" - "Why do you think I am here asking you to fight me instead of saving the world myself?" The dust continues to rush through the tense atmosphere as he explains himself.

"I've tried, but the Chronometals are impossible to stop. I've gone back and forth through time, I've ended certain tangents that led up to these events, but it all ends the same. They convey emotion and actions even across universes they didn't exist in. No matter what timeline you try to stop them in, another one in another timeline resonates to stop you... There is not a single thing in the universe that can stop them; Ever." He points his gun at her. "Now please, stop talking and fight me."

She shakes her head and barks out- "NO! There must be a way! I won't accept this! There has to be something that can beat Model M!" - "THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO STOP IT!" Those words trigger something in her thoughts; "Wait... left? What was there to stop it?" Otto shakes his head. "It doesn't matter, it's gone now. No-one can do anything with it." - "WHAT IS GONE?!" He scoffs. "The Ark is gone, as well as Time Squad. That was the only thing that can stop it." - "The... Ark?"

"Time squad was granted the ability to both scan and travel through space and time using a device they called the Ark of the Covenant. It served as an anchor between universes and time-lines and it alone made time travel possible. All Time Squad agents were bound to it, and now that Time Squad and its headquarters are gone, there is no Ark. I can only imagine someone stole it to keep it from me so this universe would stay like this..."

She nods. "I understand..." - "Do you? WHY DOES THIS MATTER?!" She raises her right arm and it opens up to display an array of mounted rifles and cannons. She covers half of her face with it, with her remaining eye looking his' dead center. "Otto, I will put you out of your misery, and I will save this world, if it is the last thing I do!" He shakes his head and re-arms his gun. "The Ark is gone, there is no Hope, now please... stop talking!" He fires his weapon, and she is already out of its range.

She is floating in the air firing off multiple rounds at Otto, which he dodges nimbly as he continues to fire upward at her! "You fight pretty well for a doomed psychotic nerd!" She lets out both as a taunt and a compliment. "Shut up and fight, monster!" He fires off rounds that nearly graze her at every turn. Constantly dodging his gun's projectiles she lets out one final question. "Is there really nothing I can do to stop you from doing this Otto?" - "I said... SHUT-!" Otto stops mid sentence...

He smiles and closes his eyes. He lets down his guard and drops his gun and lets out a sigh... He reopens his eyes to view a large iron blade piercing his chest. He turns his head around, to meet her eyes. "I'm so sorry Otto..." She removes the blade from his chest and he falls to the ground, lifeless, his trench-coat falls nearby, bloodless.

His short brown hair blowing in the irradiated breeze seems almost as peaceful as the expression on his face. She looks off into the distance, seeing the destruction from a new point of view. "This isn't just the end of the world... This is the end of everything." She shakes her head and kneels down to his body, and deactivates the tracking beacon on his wrist-device. As she rises up she looks at him once more.

"Otto... you killed Blossom...? Something tells me she is important...." She takes his trench-coat and puts it on. "This cannot be allowed to happen Otto, I won't let it." She inputs a sequence into her device and nears the tube of light. She looks back at the entire situation. With the death of Otto, the last human and Time Squad agent has finally left the living world...

She shakes her head and enters the tube and after she is in it, the tube vanishes.

Otto is left in the dead world, with a contented look on his face as the dust endlessly churns...

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

An hour passes and another man appears. He sits on a rock next to Otto. It’s... Otto...? The man wears glasses and has brown hair just like Otto, but he looks much older. He looks at Otto with pity and sadness in his eyes.

“There but for the grace of the gods go me... I’m sorry Otto. I didn’t know this would happen, but she is capable of saving the world now.” He says with a choked up smile.

“She is capable, I know this much. That’s why I chose her. Don’t worry, Otto. This world can still be saved. Let them show you.” He sits on the rock looking into the black storm. He rubs his eyes.

“Blossom... and Barasia.”


With that loose end tied up, several things are explained, onward to the next real Chapter.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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And so the 'final' chapter begins.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Eight: All In
Part One: Soul Searching

Barasia raises the Ark to mid-level and it rips open a yellowish gate floating just above the ground. She looks over to Blossom who looks back. "Are you ready for this?" --- "Dexter and I have been waiting over 50 years for this day... we are ready!" Barasia nods, and then whips her head toward their house.

Otto is standing there...

"Otto? I thought you weren't coming..." Blossom lets out. Otto shakes his head. "Time Squad is gone, they are all dead... but that won't stop me from saving what is left of this world. I am coming and helping the world, not YOU, Barasia!" --- "Otto, I did what had to be done. I've wandered this universe for over 300 years, been in more realities then I care to remember... this is the only way!"

Otto stares at the device in her hand. "Why is it we had to resort to that just to save ONE world, in ONE universe? How can the Chronometal Wars end the entire Omniverse... everything?" Barasia lifts the Ark close to her eyes, and then relents it, replacing her gaze with Ottos. "I don't know... but standing here wont figure that out." Otto nods, and sternly walks over to the group.

Blossom then asks; "Wait, I thought this time travel could only move souls to other vessels? Otto wasn't at the crash sight!" Barasia nods. "Normally you would be correct... to a certain extent of which I will explain later; but this will make it different." She lifts up the Ark once more. "The Ark repairs any space-time anomalies, loops and indeed; all problems. This gives us complete Freedom!" Otto shakes his head slightly.

"Close, but no Cigar, Barasia. It actually recreates all space and time as it travels through either, the reason there are never any space-time logic loops, is because the Universe and location it enters is created anew around it wherever it goes or is taken. Moving matter though Universes is even less then second nature to the Ark, as all Universes it is in is new and recreated."

Blossoms eyes seem to sparkle as she views the device. "How does it work...?" --- "No-one knows, Blossom. Not even what was once Time-Squad, but even being near it allowed humanity to access complete time control and travel. Through Time-Squad of course." Barasia stuffs it in her pocket. "Enough discussing how it works, lets actually use it, or the entire Omniverse is Doomed."

The sun, now high in the sky shines down upon Blossom, Barasia and Otto as the breeze picks up around them. Blossom speaks. "Okay... once we land, Dexter's soul will land in his body, and me in mine. Otto, Barasia; you will both be coming in at a semi-random location due to not actually being in that time-line, right?" Barasia nods.

Blossom shudders slightly. "The battle we are about to go in within all time-lines, will end in tragedy. I will die, and Dexter will lose his sanity; immediately following all the Bio-Symbiotes will combine with Models D and M and create the immortal Chrono-Titan. We cannot let ANY of those things happen." Barasia picks up her words. "However, with Otto and I, we may be able to stave off your Execution, and even break Dexter out of his stupor!"

Blossom tilts her head to the side and diverts her eyes, as if hearing something faint or remembering something else... she then re-raises her head. "Dexter tells me that won't be needed. He is ready to battle wits with Mandark atop the Precipice." Barasia's baggy black pants blow in the slight breeze, now bulging with the Ark inside. "Okay, we covered you and Dexter, now there is one other person who can help us fight Model M."

Otto meets her words; "Who? Was there anyone else strong enough at the crash?" --- "Yes, in fact- there were 2 people." Otto thinks for a moment, before responding. "Bubbles and Buttercup?" Barasia chuckles. "Close... Buttercup- and Him." Blossom nods. "That's right, I remember now... Buttercup and Him are fused right then, making her pretty much immortal." --- "Okay... but what about Bubbles?" Otto lets out. Barasia smiles. "She played her part in this war perfectly, she gets the gift of exclusion. She is far too weak and brittle to fight Model M."

Barasia smirks a bit more. "I'm looking forward to fighting alongside my sister, I want to see if she got any stronger these past 300 years..." Blossom thinks of her words and then nods; smiling. "Yes... Bell, that's right. She is there too." Otto cocks his head. "Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't Bell die at the end of the 'First' war?" Blossom looks at Otto. "Yes, she did. But she is Chronometal Model B." Otto once again wears a face of confusion. "W-Wait... didn't she have to be a robot at some time to be a Chronometal?" Barasia shrugs.

"I don't know the exact details myself, but at the end of the first war when Dexter and the entire Powerpuff Girls' squad were fighting the knights in Central Megaville, Model M fused with Bell, converting her into an Android, and at the end of the battle, she died. I took her robotic body out of her grave and created Model B to deliver it to Blossom; secretly of course." Blossom snaps her fingers. "Aha! So that's how she became Model B! ... Wait..." Blossom looks Barasia right in the eyes, causing her to smirk slightly, as if she is predicting Blossom to figure something out.

She smacks her fist into her hand! "You're Lynn, aren't you?" Barasia smiles and nods. "That I am, Blossom. I went back in that time to learn everything about the first war, and then create Model B, as well as save a few lives while I was at it." Otto nods deeply. "Yes, it is all starting to come together, all of the questions are getting answered at once!"

Barasia stands tall. "Alright, now that we know everything about what we need to know, we can head into the portal now. The final battle awaits us!" Otto and Blossom nod. They all walk up to the portal, and Barasia looks back. "Otto and I can walk right in, both due to us not originally belonging there, and due to us only hoisting one soul." Blossom nods, knowing that she was both there at the crash, and she is currently holding Dexter's soul as well.

"We will go in first, you soul-travel last, and make sure to prepare yourselves before you land in your respective bodies." Barasia walks into the portal. Otto begins to walk in, but looks at Blossom first. "Blossom, I am sorry for ever doubting what you said to me. It's time I made amends and saved this world with my own hands!" He walks into the portal as well.

Blossom walks up and stands at the yellow Maw. She takes a hard gulp and touches the portal. In moments she feels herself leaving her body...


She once again hears heartbeats... and opens her eyes to see the dark lit tubes of light once more, but this time she looks over, and sees that Dexter is now behind her. They travel along the light until they see the crash, and then the weightless sensation ends, and they both land on the light with a portal in front of them, but before either of them enter it, they face each other, and Dexter takes his glasses off.

Dexter stares into Blossom's pink eyes...

Blossom stares into Dexter's blue eyes...

... ... ...

Dexter begins to walk toward her, before she fires off at him! She tackles him into a giant hug and hangs on dearly, and Dexter is more then happy to return the sentiment.

The dark light swirls peacefully around them as they embrace one another... Blossom chokes up trying not to cry before she feels a wetness on her shoulder. She looks up, on the verge of tears to see Dexter is already crying. Even through his tears he never blinks as he looks into her eyes, a small smile splaying across his face. Then Blossom can hold it in no longer, she buries her face in his chest...

Dexter embraces her as she lets out the pent up emotion, as he does himself...

After a short while of no words and endless tears, they eventually separate. Blossom sniffs her nose and Dexter rubs his eyes before one of them finally speaks. "I can hardly believe you're here... that WE'RE here." Dexter lets out, breaking the silence. After rubbing her eyes and regaining her composure, Blossom follows his words. "I never stopped believing in you for a second, Dexter... I always knew we would find each other again."

He shakes his head. "I've been stranded on an island of uncertainty for over 50 years, but seeing you again brought fire back into my existence... Blossom, I may never get another chance to say this, so I will say it now and have it stay forever." He nods and takes a small breath... "I love you Blossom. I always have, and always will. This war has separated us for over 50 years and I never once forgot you, your voice, your eyes... It kept me going in my prison of Darkness. Blossom... You are my everything."

He shakes his head and continues. "I am sorry for the way I acted before the war ended..." --- "Don't be." Dexter raises his head as Blossom wears a stern face. "I may not of understood what you were doing now, but being within your soul for so long finally made me understand. I know what Mandark said at the end of the first war, and all you did was try to save me." She shakes her head. "There is nothing to be sorry about, it was I who made the mistake-" As she says that Dexter barks out;

"BLOSSOM! It was never you, you never did ANYTHING wrong!" He says with a great deal of passion! "Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted to be a hero, and I would do anything to get that title! I was a selfish brat and the very reason Mandark died, was made into Model M, and even the world getting destroyed was because of ME! NOT YOU!" He grasps her hands.

"Blossom... you were born perfect, but I tried to become something I was not. Even in the end I pushed my only friends and loved ones away, my parents died... and so did the entire world; and to top it off Mandark thought it funny to enslave me and my soul to a robot for 50 years before finally dropping me in the dead world I wrought of my own hands... and you know what? I deserved all of it!!!"

Blossom slaps Dexter across the face!

... ... ...

Dexter merely stands there, in the position he was slapped in... Blossom walks up and coaxes his face to hers. The windless breeze blows her red hair as she looks into his eyes... "Dexter, you put everything on your own shoulders... you may have made the hard decisions... but those were the ones you thought were right, and guess what?" He raises an eyebrow.

"It's because of your decisions the world still has a chance to live... if it was not for your actions, we would of never met, Barasia never would of discovered who she was, Buttercup wouldn't of discovered her true power and humanity wouldn't ever truly band together to fight Model M. Your actions had its ramifications, yes, but if we can stop them, the world will be remade in a whole new light!"

She retracts her finger from his chin and continues. "Dexter, once this is over... the world will be forever changed, and the whole of it will have you to thank!" Dexter's face un-tenses and he lets out a contented smile. "Thank you... Blossom... before I've known you, I've always seen the wrong in everything I've ever done. But ever since I've been with you, I've started seeing the good in both myself and the world." He nods and looks at the portal.

"And after today, I will put the past behind me forever." Blossom walks to his side and looks at the portal as well. "It's been a long road, and we have lost good people, as well as 50 years of our lives... but once we win this last battle, everything will be... okay..." She lets out with a mixture of both confidence and uncertainty. She looks back at Dexter who looks back at her.

"The battle out there is bleak, but I will never give up on you, you will pull through; like you always do. Like you always WILL!" Dexter nods. They both walk toward the portal as the windless breeze swirls around them and the light grows dim...


I couldn't quite decide when to end this part, in writing it always seemed to keep on going. But I really loved the way it turned out.

All of the smaller details will be ironed out in the following segments, I sure hope people reading AT LEAST know why Buttercup's dress was brown at the crash.

(Hint: Green plus red makes Brown.)

(Edit: Fixed minor grammar errors and a spelling error.)
(Edit 2: Fixed another error.)
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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How am I NOT getting responses? I mean really.

Meh, whatever silent readers I have will get a kick out of this next part!


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Eight: All In
Part Two: Yin and Yang

World's End lies on the other side of the portal Blossom and Dexter look through. It seems so artificial to see their place in time to be frozen like that, especially since the fate of everything lies in a few crucial minutes. "It really is aptly named, isn't it? At the time I only thought of it as a pretentious name for a base of operations... but it really does end the world." Dexter eeks out, only inches away from the portal.

Blossom nods. "And to think, that at the very end, it was really Olga that was pulling the strings of the second war..." She shakes her head. "I know it was of Phantom's influence... but Olga desired the power to do everything she initially did, I am done feeling sorry for her, Dexter." Dexter remains silent to her sentiment. "Dexter...?" He shakes his head. "No, Blossom."

He turns to her with a stern face. "We cannot harm Olga... I promised Mandark." Blossom scoffs. "You promised Model-" --- "NO! Mandark! Susan!" Blossom recoils... "At the end of the first war, not even you were there when he told me what was really happening and what was going to happen next. It was his words that led me to defend you against this war, even if it meant hurting you... he spoke truthfully of his heart." Dexter looks at the portal, and at the being floating above it... Malignancy...

"He told me, that he wanted none of this. He never forgave me for what I did to Deedee, and for good reason. But I could tell he was in complete control, and instead of take his revenge... he warned me of the future and told me to take care of Olga. In his position I don't know if I would of spared him... We cannot let Olga come to any harm; EVER!" Blossom pauses for a moment... and then nods. "I... didn't know..." Dexter shakes his head. "I hid that from you while we were soul-merged, it is not your fault."

"Olga's soul is in turmoil... Phantom will completely absorb and erase it within only a few moments of re-entering this time-line, although it will not kill her, we should try to stop Phantom." Blossom shakes her head. "We have to save ourselves, the world... and Olga at the same time?" She lets out a fatigued huff. Dexter looks Blossom in the eyes. "If it wasn't for Mandark reaching me, we would not of made it this far, and I will be damned if I turn his gift down because it seemed a little hard!" His fists clench...

"Mandark..." He lets out softly, as if mourning a friend.

"It's time we end this." He says simply before entering the portal before Blossom can even respond. "H-Hey... ...?" She tries to say before he is completely gone. She looks at the crash once more...

In only 10 minutes time, it is destined that Blossom will lose the battle, therefore causing Dexter's complete loss of sanity. With Blossom's last breaths she will try to convince Olga to stop what she is doing, to no avail as her soul will be completely annihilated. Once that happens, Bio-Symbiote P will fuse with Model M, now as Malignancy, Model D and the 3 remaining Biosymbiotes- F, H and L. In doing so, will create the Chrono Titan, which will stand atop the Precipice as it crashes down, forcing Bubbles to retreat. As Megaville is destroyed, radiation and death creep across the world like a plague, wiping out all life in under 50 years, but far before that Buttercup will meet in battle with Dexter, now as the Chrono Titan. Even with Him's Immortality, Dexter prevails in killing her, due to Dexter actually being more powerful then Him, who is forced to abandon Buttercup. After that, the world will slowly wither and die as no hope will ever arise again.

She shakes her head. "Not this time... Not EVER!" She jumps into the portal!


As she sways in the portal, she notices the world around her fluctuates and circulates. The sheer amount of time-power on the other side is distorting the very reality it resides in! The heart-beats stop and she finds herself in a stony hall, looking Olga in the eyes from only a few meters away. To the left of her, is a stairway to the Precipice that leads to Dexter's and Malignancy's location. The red sunset rips right into the halls, giving off an eerie glow. She feels heavy, as she views herself... she is in Model B. A very bright white suit with a few black stripes, with artificial White hair replacing her usual Red.

"Just give it up, Blossom. I've won. Soon, Dexter's very sentience will be crushed only to make room for Susan's new body!" Blossom shakes her head and extends a fist to Olga! "I will never give up! If I fail here, all life will end, even yours!" Olga recoils ever so slightly from her words. "Wrong... the world will be remade in our image, and I will finally have Susan back... that's all I ever wanted!"

Blossom's face scrunches and she bears her fangs! "I have returned from the dead future! Everything ends this day, all that will remain is Model M! If this happens you and everyone you know is going to die!" --- "I DON'T CARE!" She yells out, also showing her teeth; "Blossom, you always paraded yourself around as the hero, and as a friendly person... but I know who you are! You were nothing more then a pawn Dexter used to kill MY BROTHER!"

Blossoms hands clench shudder with rage... "Mandark broke into Dexter's lab, and Killed Deedee... Then he broke into my school, and kidnapped me; THEN HE LOCKED ME IN A TUBE AND KILLED ME!" Olga relents slightly with a confused look across her face. "I drowned that day, only to be revived by Dexter... then your brother activated the self destruct sequence to attempt to kill us all, and himself!" Blossom shakes her head. "It wasn't us who killed Mandark, it was Mandark who killed himself; TO KILL US!"

Olga shakes her head and backs away from the staircase, away from Blossom. "I... I don't care...!" --- "Your brother KILLED ME OLGA!" --- "SHUT UP!!!" She screeches out, causing her armor to glow! Olga's eyes seethe with rage as an otherworldly power resonates around her, as a foreign voice begins to speak. "Why do you insist on torturing this poor girl, you so called... Hero?" A deep manly voice permeates Olga's location.

"Phantom! Let go of Olga!" Olga's teeth clench- "What the hell are you talking about, Blossom?!" --- "Olga, Phantom is going to rob your soul in just a few minutes!" Olga's face relents its anger, and then breaks into a smile. "Of course it is... it was part of the deal." --- "W-What?!" Olga nods and chuckles. "In order to attain the ultimate powers, you must sacrifice a part of yourself... It was part of the deal that got us this far, Blossom!"

"You can't be serious?! You are going to give up your soul? For what?! A dead world?!" --- "A NEW WORLD! With me and my brother..." --- "Dammit Olga... ... Sorry Mandark, I tried..." Her quiet words reach Olga's ears and her eyes go wide. "W-What did you say?" Olga's confusion sparks a flame in Blossom's mind!

"At the end of the first war, Susan wanted Dexter to save this world... and to keep you safe as he would of wanted..." --- "Y-You're lying! Susan would never entrust me to the hands of his killer!" Blossom shakes her head. "You're wrong... Dexter was the only person he ever wanted the minute he died to care for you. Regardless of what you may think... Dexter and Mandark are essentially opposite sides of the same coin, they had similar affinities to science, and their rivalry was born of respect."

"No, their rivalry was born of Dexter's heinous insults! He intentionally drove my brother to insanity! He even drove him to kill his own sister, Susan's girlfriend..." --- "Olga... Mandark does not want this..." Olga's fists clench. "What do YOU know about what my brother wants?!" --- "Everything... At the end of the first war, the perfect Model M was born, he was in every way; Mandark. Instead of using his power to kill Dexter, he entrusted your safety to him! Think about it, even to this day, as you betray us and send us to our deaths, he still never laid a finger on you; Not even during the First War!"

Olga's eyes go wide as she eyes the rocky floor in deep thought. "But... that's...?" Her armor resonates once more- "And just what do you hope to accomplish by brainwashing this poor girl, Blossom? Your words have NO merit! You are lying through your teeth just so you can stop her brother from coming back! You want nothing but her suffering!!!" The armor spits out. "Olga, you know what I am saying is true... There is no way I can prove it to you, but surely you noticed Dexter hunting down F, H and L... but not P... you... Even before you claimed to be on our side; he gave everything to you!"

Blossom's eyes show a large determination burning in them as Olga raises her head to meet her now inflamed eyes. "Mandark, supposedly Dexter's arch enemy, forgoes his perfect form in return for Dexter's total mercy toward you. It was a mutual deal, Mandark spared Dexter... Dexter even to this day spares you. Olga, please understand... It's not too late to fix this! Your brother does not want this!"

"S-S-S... Susan..." Olga looks at her hands as if they were foreign and unwanted as tears build up in her eyes... The armor on her resonates a deep purple! "Enough of this!" Olga gasps for air! "NO!" Blossom rushes for her as she collapses to the ground! "Olga! BREATHE!" Olga grab's onto Blossom's armor, and lets out very faintly- "I cant... breathe... my lungs, wont... move..." Blossom seems hysterical, and looks around! "HELP! HELP, ANYONE?!" As Olga's eyes move into the back of her head, Blossom takes a deep breath.

She locks lips with Olga and blows into her lungs! She keeps blowing into her mouth as tears start to form in her eyes! "DAMMIT! DON'T DIE ON ME! PLEASE!!!" As all hope seems to fade, she can feel that Olga is exhaling onto Blossom's cheek very faintly... But she obviously isn't getting enough air. "DAMN ARMOR! LEAVE US ALL ALONE!" She yells out as she tears at Olga's chest, ripping pieces of armor off! As she frantically tears at the armor, she attempts to give Olga more air, and this time... she starts to come-to!

*Cough Cough Cough!* Olga hacks out as she looks into Blossom's eyes hazily... "Blossom... kissing... me... ... Gross." She lets out a small smile as she passes out. What's left of the armor resonates once more; "Foolish girl! I have more than enough soul power to form the titan anyway! You efforts are futile!" The armor lets out as it leave's Olga's body and flies into the clearing up the stairway!

As Blossom gives chase, she stops and looks back at Olga... "Don't you dare die on me, Olga..." She runs up the platform, and atop the precipice, she is staring directly into the setting sun!

"Change of plans, Malignancy, we must form together, now!"

... ... ...

"MALIGNANCY! ANSWER ME!" Dexter kneels on the ground, eyes closed and in deep thought, as a giant machine floats in the air, also eyes closed. "W-What does this mean? IS DEXTER PUTTING UP RESISTANCE TO M?! IMPOSSIBLE!" The floating violet armor bellows out! Blossom rushes to Dexter, and kneels down. She puts her hands to his cheeks and looks into his closed eyes. "I know you can do this Dexter... I believe in you!"

A floating green armor begins to resonate as well; "I always knew he was a strong person... but this? This is not human!" A red armor follows. "There is no way! M is pure emotion! There is no way any human can withstand his mental torture!" A blue armor lowers to the ground, next to Dexter. "How...? Not even the Black mother foretold this! What is happening?!"

World's end begins to rumble around them as familiar voices are heard above! "BLOSSOM!" Bubbles lets out as she fires down, with 2 other trails of light following her. She lands aside Blossom, along with Buttercup... and now Barasia- who is carrying Otto in toe.

She drops Otto and he looks at Malignancy and Dexter. "So this is it, Huh? Give him hell, Dexter... YOU CAN DO IT!" Bubbles nods. "You better not fail, Genius Boy! Blossom is counting on you!" Buttercup's shadow rises as a red person appears... It is Him. "Truly an unexpected turn of events, but you better not fail Dexter, you will only make a good adversary- alive!" Buttercup punches her fist. "You claim you are tough huh, Nerd? Why don't you prove it... right here- RIGHT NOW!" A toothy grin crosses her face. Barasia puts her hand on the still crouching Blossom's shoulder and looks at Dexter as well. "We came way too far to fail, Dexter... Don't you dare lose!"

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Barasia, Him, Otto, Malignancy and all of the Bio-Symbiotes form around Dexter as he is engaged in Mental Combat with 'M'! All life as we know it rests in the balance... all we can do is hope.


The single most climactic Part yet, and it only gets better!
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The final part of the final chapter, but it's not over yet!


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Eight: All In
Part Three: Death Incarnate

Dexter stands within his own lab... why? Dexter looks around, confident in his abilities. He walks forward, as he witnesses a grizzly sight.

He sees himself holding Deedee in his arms as she dies a quick yet painful death... "Do you see it yet, Dexter; my vertically challenged chum?" Dexter does not respond, and instead approaches the images and kicks it out of the way, as it turns to a haze. He is not in Model D anymore, he is in his usual white labcoat, as his red hair droops over one of his eyes.

A young man with short black hair, wearing a slender purple suit walks out of the shade, and grins at Dexter! "So hostile! Just like I expected of a killer! You would sooner kill your memories then embrace their truths!" He chuckles as he approaches the haze, and as he moves his hands around- the entire climate changes! This time, they are outside... in a sub-urb. A small girlish looking boy is on the verge of tears as a mean red haired boy laughs at him!

"Do you remember this day, Dexter?!" Dexter shakes his head. "You expect me to believe that this one act of unkindness merited a death of ones sister and the end of the world? Give me a break, Mandark." He lets out sternly. Mandark breaks into a terrible toothy grin! "Well, what about; this?" The climate changes again, this time they are within a futuristic looking area.

A young blonde girl is swinging around what seems like Mandark into his own machines, causing destruction! "You unleashed your own sister on me for a layer of reasons... you knew that I loved her, and that alone could of easily quelled our rivalry, but you didn't stop, did you? No, you intentionally sent her to my lab to destroy it!" Mandark's razor sharp fingers force a fist! "It took me months to repair the damage you did to my lab; and to round it all off, it made me despise you even more, Dexter!"

He nears Dexter and looks him in the eyes. "Even as my love for your sister grew, my hatred for you grew ever more massive! Even as we were in school together, you seeked nothing more then to take whatever it was that I had for yourself! You grew up with everything, Dexter! But I had to make everything myself! I had nothing, and whatever it was I had, you seeked only to Destroy!"

His blade-like fingers near Dexter's face, but he does not flinch. Instead, he looks Mandark right in the eyes. "Mandark, do you remember nothing about the months before?" He breaks into an evil grin. "Whatever it was I said while at the ruins that day, meant NOTHING!" --- "NO! That was you, I could tell! But what is THIS Mandark? This is not you!" Mandark scowls and seethes! "You know nothing about me, Murderer!"

As they engage in heated debate, the atmosphere shifts around them, before they know it... they are in Mandark's hide-out as they are doing battle over Blossom's life! But neither of them pay attention to the backdrop-

"I know you were a light hearted child named Susan! You may not of been pure, but you sure as hell were not evil! Your parents despised technology and the murder of animals, and attempted to convert you to their ways, but you remained a man of science- who loved meat!" Dexter raises his hand and points at the battle. "But this? Mandark... you are no Murderer-" --- "I KNOW I AM NOT! It was you who caused this!" Dexter nods.

"Yes, it was." Mandark is caught off guard by Dexter's sentiment, but never relents his evil gaze! "But look around you, Mandark." Whether Dexter is speaking of the base they are currently standing in, or the foggy mass that is a mental war zone; He does not know. "I may have thrown the first punch, and I may of sent my sister to antagonize you, but look what happened."

He nods through closed eyes. "It was through my unkind and selfish ways that you met Deedee, no?" Mandark laughs- "What a poor excuse to protect yourself with!" --- "I am not done, Mandark. What about your sister?" --- "What ABOUT her?!" --- "She grew to embrace my sister as a close friend... if I am not mistaken, that was one of her only friends, ever." Mandark scowls as the environment changes again!

This time, they are once again in Mandark's lab... but a small girl with pig-tails walks up to him and pulls him by his tie. Mandark reminisces coldly; "While it is true, that my sister was 'friends' with yours, she by no means was too much of a close friend! On this day, she asked me to build her a robot that could beat your sister in a contest!" Dexter laughs! An emotion he has rarely ever shown during the wars!

"What do you make of it then, Mandark?" --- "Simple, My sister wanted to be better then yours!" --- "What do you call that?" --- "Superiority!" --- "WRONG!" Dexter points at Mandark. "It was rivalry, and a friendly one at that!" --- "Tch*!" As he lets that slip the world shifts to a moonlit back-round, as two robots leave a large hall into the dark night. One pilot, blonde... one short with black hair.

Mandark looks at the expression on his sister's face as she communes with Deedee. Dexter walks up and view it as well. "Look at that, Mandark! Our sisters loved each other! They were rivals, and friends... as we once could of been." Mandark shakes his head as the vision becomes distorted. "LIES!!! You forced me to help you Kill my only love, and your only sister; my sister's only friend! You are a monster, Dexter!"

"Look around you Mandark! This world is going to be destroyed, and for what?! An accident that happened YEARS ago? And do not even dare to forget, she may of been your love; but she was MY damn sister! What if it was YOUR sister who died?!" The vision quickly snaps into a still frame of Olga, looking into Mandark's eyes. Dexter looks at the image.

"To this day, I am holding true to what you said at the ruins during our previous battle. You told me to make sure your sister is safe... and that is one of the many reasons I have to stop you!" As he says that, Mandark's eyes go wide! "Did you finally figure it out, Mandark?! Phantom, merely a fragment of your power is going to rob your sister's soul, and leave her here to die in World's End with the rest of us! Your sister is going to die, Mandark!"

The visions all fade around them as a deep red coloring floods the room, and sways around like lava coursing on the wind! "WHAT?!" Mandark yells out- "PHANTOM! YOU ARE GOING TO BETRAY ME?! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH-


As Dexter opens his eyes and looks into Blossom's, he knows that he succeed! He rises, without paying attention to anyone around him, and looks at Malignancy as it floats behind him! The giant construct opens its heavy iron eyes and roars! "PHAAAANTOOOOOM!" World's End shudders around them as a cyclone engulfs the precipice! However, Dexter and his allies are not effected... but as he looks around, he notices all of the bio-symbiotes are gone!

As he looks up, he notices they are floating before Malignancy! "PHANTOM! YOU WERE GOING TO KILL MY ONLY SISTER!" --- "W-Wait, Malignancy, I can-" Before he can finish, Malignancy fires a spike into the Symbiote's core, as it is impaled he nears it to his iron face. "My sister is ALL that is important to me other then my rage toward Dexter and his friends; the world! If she dies all I have done would of been wasted!" --- "Please... don't..."

Malignancy lets out a deep roar as the spike expands in four directions, splitting Phantom into many pieces, but Malignancy is far from done- He opens his maw and fires a large red laser at all of the airborne fragments! The 3 other symbiotes float near his face as he looks over, his large eyes piercing their entire beings. "And you all knew about this transgression?!" He opens his mouth, as a red glow builds within!

"Please, Master M! STOP! We never knew-" Malignancy closes its mouth it stares at the blue Metal. "That my sister was your ally? That is not possible! She stated that I was her only reason for fighting!" The giant machine nearly breaks into a smile after those words are spoken. "Your lives are forfeit! I no longer need ANY of you, BEGONE!" He fires a laser before any of them can protest and the entire sky starts burning!

As Dexter's crew begins to feel a warm sensation from the situation at hand, it is quickly replaced with more fear- "My sister shall yet live, but we are far from through!" As Malignancy lowers to eye level with the precipice, and looks straight at Dexter, it bellow out; "This changes nothing, Murderer! I do not need the Bio-Symbiotes to destroy you! I will avenge all those lives that have been ruined by you, this day! And I shall free them from their suffering, and leave this world, with my sister!"

Everyone gasps! "Y-You can't be serious?!" Bubbles lets out frantically! Him and Buttercup rush to the front of the cliff- "You can't do that! You got what you wanted! Your sister is safe!" Buttercup lets out, with Him following- "They do not all need to die this day, Mandark!" Malignancy lets out another roar that shakes the very meteor they stand atop! "I can feel their rage, their lust... their negative emotions give me life and strength! Their sinning cannot go un-punished!"

Malignancy rises up and spreads its large mechanical wings that block out the sun! Him continues- "Their emotions fuel me as well, Mandark! But what good can come of termination?! Surely you know they can feel good as well as evil feelings?!" Malignancy laughs and resonates the very wind. "The very form of evil, lecturing me about humanity?! I was once human, and only I have the right to judge them! They shall all die this day!" As he lets that out, the meteor starts to fall, and Olga floats out of it, and onto Malignancy's shoulder.

Barasia lets out- hysterical; "No! We can't let this happen! We stopped the Titan from being formed, but the world was not destroyed by the Titan! It was destroyed by World's End!" The meteor enters a free-falling state as Dexter jumps off the cliff- "DEXTER?!" Blossom yells out, before she notices him flying to the bottom of the mass! Blossom nods. "Come on everyone, we can't let this happen!

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Him and Barasia all fly off the cliff as Otto takes out his gun, and stares at Malignancy, who stares back. However, Otto says nothing, as Malignancy stares at him with great curiosity. "You..." It lets out deeply. Otto nods and points the gun at it! "We have met through many time-lines, Malignancy, or shall I say... Mandark! But this day, you will finally be stopped!"

"What makes you think, if you failed everywhere else, that you stand a chance now?!" --- "Because of the Ark!" After saying that Malignancy smiles. "The Ark... haha... HAHAHAHAAAA!" It bellows out, vibrating the wind around Otto! "W-What's so funny?!" --- "Your Ark has no power over me!" Otto's face tenses. "You underestimate it, Monster!-" --- "NO! IT IS YOU WHO UNDERESTIMATES ME!" As it resonates those last few words, its chest opens up to reveal a small 'T' shaped object... and Otto drops his gun to the ground.


As Dexter, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Barasia all force themselves against the Meteor, it finally begins to slow down! "We can do this! Don't give up!" Barasia yells out! "What is going on, Lynn?! How are you so strong, and where did you come from?!" Buttercup screams as the noise around them intensifies- "NO TIME! PUSH!" Dexter's Jets from Model D burn out at great intensity, as he strains to keep pushing, as does Blossom and her Model B!

The meteor begins to rumble as they are only a few hundred feet from the ground! "Please, no! Keep trying, everyone! Harder!" Bubbles lets out, tears growing in her eyes as they grow closer to the ground! Barasia nods, and takes something out of her pants, and faces it at the Meteor! "STOP IT! NOW!" She yells out as the meteor begins to slow down... then pieces of it being to fracture off and rip into all directions!

"W-What the?!" Buttercup lets out, as her eyes go wide! The entire meteor starts ripping itself to pieces and crash into the ground, but not into Megaville! "Lynn... I... I...!" Bubbles stutters. As the meteor begins to lose its entire mass, Blossom and Dexter rush forward, pushing the low light weighted meteor upward, toward the clouds! "Bubbles, go get Otto!" --- "Got it!" Bubbles flies off to the top of the meteor, and quickly back down, with Otto in toe! Blossom looks him in the eyes... he seems to of lost the will to fight...

"Good, now take him to our house and stay there until we return!" --- "Oka... WAIT! What?! I can't leave you here!" --- "And tell everyone there to get to cover, in case we fail!" --- "What are you talking about?!" --- "Bubbles, this thing is way too strong for you, and it is still stronger then us, but we are going to try to stop it, you get back home and warn everyone of what is about to happen!" After saying those words her eyes go wide. "Wait... are you... from the... future, past? You warned me about this years ago! Are you them?" Blossom nods.

"This is what we are all fighting for Bubbles, get him home... we will stop Malignancy, right here... RIGHT NOW!" Bubbles gulps... then nods. "O-Okay... please... no, DON'T you dare die! I will never forgive you if you leave me alone!" Blossom smiles. "We promise... now go!" Bubbles flies off as Dexter and Blossom relent their pushes and Barasia fires a laser from the Ark at the meteor, sending it into space! After that, they look over at Malignancy, who is just floating there, with a smile on his face.

"Good... I guess this won't be boring after all! I had no idea you all had the Ark with you! That makes this almost a fair fight!" Barasia laughs- "Almost fair? You don't seem to reali..." She lets out as she notices a 'T' like object in Malignancy's now open core, then she looks at the Ark, and back at the Object! "N...No...!" She says to herself as Malignancy lets out a huge grin!

"What is it, Barasia?" Dexter says, worried. But before he gets his answer, a loud noise is heard near Malignancy! As they all float there, mouths agape, a Gigantic yellow portal has opened above Megaville! "I was going to be content with destroying this world and all of it's people, but now that the Ark is in the picture, I have no choice! I have to destroy time itself!" The gigantic mass that is Malignancy flies into the rip in time!

"Lynn? No wait... Barasia...? What is going on, who are you?!" Buttercup lets out confused! "I will explain after we are done, Buttercup!" Barasia says plainly.

Blossom, Dexter, Buttercup and Barasia all look at each other, in the red skies of a doomed sunset. "This is what we came here for... let's finish it, Guys!" Dexter lets out! Blossom, Buttercup and Barasia nod as they all fly toward the resonating Maw.

It's time this all ended!


The final part will be after this. Just one part. The epilogue.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Okay, took an obscene amount of time, but the final part is finally finished. It will have 2 endings that go as follows:

A: This ending will tie into the main storyline of PPGD and Grim Tales as best as I can make it do so.

B: The story of the Chronometals will continue into the next major story; Chronometal Panic.

Enjoy! :grin:


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chronometal Epilogue: Why is it we Fight?

"A-Are you serious?!" She merely nods, sending a shiver down his spine. "R-Right... we have to warn the people in the bunker! We need to evacuate!" --- "NO! It will destroy the ENTIRE world!" He looks around hysterical and flustered. "Th-Then... we have to go deeper, there is no choice..." She nods. A boy shows up around the corner, looking at no-one but talking to everyone.

"Why fight it..." She looks over and stomps toward him! "How can you say that? This is all we have done to get this far! You of anyone should know that!" --- "I do know that, Bubbles." The boy lets out. "I've fought this thing for what seems like hundreds of years and it’s all ended the same... and now he even has the Ark... whatever hope there was is forever lost." He shakes his head. "Don't even try to talk me out of this state of mind... I'll be somewhere else if you need me... as if that would ever happen." He walks out of the house and doesn't look back.

Bubbles merely looks through her door window as he walks into the almost fully set sun, partially eclipsed by a large yellow portal. "Professor..." --- "I know Bubbles... let's go help the people in the bunker..." She reluctantly rips her gaze from Otto and walks downstairs, into the new bunker set up merely a month ago and they will prepare for the worst... the world is about to end... or worse...


He looks up at the portal, the closer he gets to it the more unstable he feels. It seems that everything near it is getting distorted and twisted. He notices four lights travel into the portal. He smiles slightly. "I'm happy for them... they still have hope..." The smile recedes as he closes his eyes.

As he stands there in the middle of the road... in the dark... the breeze starts to pick up. Then Otto feels something.

It feels like... sand is blowing on his shoes...

Otto's eyes go wide! "I... I don't think they can win... but...!" He looks at the portal with a single tear growing in his eye. "If the Ark is lost... then there truly will be no hope left! I hope they will win... I... Hope!" He clutches onto new-found reason! "I hope they win!" He points at the maw of the portal- "WIN!"




Blossom, Dexter, Buttercup and Barasia all float within a matter-less mass of space-time. "I sure hope you are all ready..." Barasia lets out. "We would not have come this far if we were not." Dexter says simply. Blossom shakes her head. "It doesn't matter if we are ready or not! We have to do this- now!" Buttercup looks at all three of her cohorts. "I don't know how this all happened, or how you all knew about exactly what was going to happen... or what is really happening at all. But my sister is going in head first into a battle she said she might not survive. I have no other reason to fight. Let's go!"

The words of the only non-time traveler reach all of their ears and boost their morale slightly. They all fly off toward the brightest part of this space.

As they near it, they notice a lot of lights are coalescing onto one orb-like object far away, as they take glances at the lights as they travel, they notice certain things. Some of the lights have buildings in them, others have people. The farther down they get, they notice people are no longer in the light. They see a jungle... then they see a volcano...

Barasia speaks up- "It seems we are traveling right for the beginning of time." Slight shock crosses Blossom's face- "Wait... don't tell me Mandark is going to destroy the beginning of time?!" Barasia nods. "It is certainly possible." As they look at the lights again, they see starry space, then a coalescing star... and right before they reach the orb... they see only darkness.

As they reach the orb, something emerges from the light.

It is Malignancy.

"So... you have all come." His voice no longer resonates and is on par with everyone else's. "I guess it was inevitable... mankind will never embrace a sinless life and those unable to change will come at their only hope and try to destroy him." He looks in judgment upon the four before him. "Why are you speaking like you are some kind of God, Mandark?!" Dexter yells out. Malignancy lets out an iron smile.

"I guess you all deserve to know... join me, Deedee." --- "What the hell are you talking-" Before Dexter can finish; his armor glows and lets off a divine light! It is blinding and only one of the four can look at the being that is generating the light. "W-What...?" Barasia lets off as the other still shield their eyes. "What?! What is it?!" Dexter yells out, still blinded!

"Dexter... it's... it's Deedee." As those words leave her mouth Dexter un-shields his eyes and looks right into the light! As he gazes he notices his eyes are not hurting anymore. "Dexter..." She lets out simple as the light fades. She floats off toward Malignancy. "Deedee?! Where are you going?! Don't go near him!" He yells out as the rest of the group readjusts their eyes.

Blossom stares at her, mouth agape! Buttercup merely looks at the three others. "Who is... she?" Blossom looks over and says quietly- "That's Dexter's... 'Dead' sister." Buttercup looks over at her. She is wearing a simple white dress and has two divine wings and she is floating closer and closer to Malignancy.

As she nears Malignancy, she then stops and Malignancy floats to her side, as they both look at the four. "Dexter... Blossom... Barasia and Buttercup. We will now tell you all the reason for everything that happened." Deedee nods and looks up at Mandark, who looks back. The lights of time are swaying all around them, rumbling and creating a tense atmosphere.

"As soon as I died..." Mandark stops for a small moment before continuing. "I am not going to mince words. I am here on the will of the All-mighty." Dexter merely stares at Mandark. "All...mighty?" Deedee nods. "God, Dexter... that is why we are both here." As she says this, her divine wings start to flap slightly.

"You were always a man of science, brother... but even you have seen the light, have you not? Set aside the limitations you have put yourself in and listen..." Malignancy follows her words. "Long ago, a man named Micheal started research on time travel... and through tireless work, he was the first to reach this area and laying in it, was the Ark."

He continues. "Simply by discovering the Ark, he set up a chain reaction that would result in Time-Squad's construction... and a paradox loop that leads to him never actually finding the Ark. The result of this was he was always un-naturally hungry for that he could never have, even though he never knew what the Ark was, his very existence reflected his discovery in an alternate dimension."

Deedee picks up his words. "But then, through alternate realities... Time squad was destroyed and the Ark was rendered dormant, but not inactive. Then the now un-powered Ark flew toward a random time-line... This time-line." Mandark carries on.

"The un-powered Ark was the basis of Model M... my base. Although in this time-line, Micheal never truly knew what the Ark was... he could still see its potential and so he went on a search for a source of power for it. A powerful soul..." Malignancy closes his eyes and Deedee places her hand on him. She then looks at the group and continues.

"Susan's soul. Through a long period of uncertainty, Micheal finally found the right soul. With help from you, Barasia." Barasia nods. "I see..." Buttercup looks over to Barasia. "Lynn!? You helped this... THING get created?! How could you?!" Blossom parks herself in between Barasia and Buttercup. "This is not the time or place for that, Buttercup! We have to focus!" Deedee continues.

"With Model M's creation, came Model D's creation. I was to be the catalyst that would either save or doom the planet and all of its inhabitants." --- "Deedee?! What are you talking about?!" She raises her arms as lights dance around her. "Did you not wonder why no matter what you have all done, it all would end the same way? There was a higher power guiding fate itself to this very moment."

"I cannot believe that Deedee! Our fate is our own to choose!" Deedee looks her brother in the eyes. "Dexter, you have always been a man of logic and only believed in what you saw for your own eyes... well look at me, Dexter." Deedee flaps her divine wings as feathers fall beneath her. "I am an extension of his will, as is Malignancy." Dexter's eyes go wide-

"Mandark?! He is here as an... Angel? I will not accept that! He is going to kill everyone! What kind of God would allow his own subordinate do that to his children?!" Deedee closes her eyes as Malignancy speaks.

"Look around you, Dexter." He says simply through a riddle. "What drove us all to this point... other than fate?" --- "YOU DID!" --- "And what am I, Dexter?" As he asks that questions his iron wings extend outward. "I am a machine. Built by Man, as Man has finally mastered the technology to harness their own souls as power. I am the embodiment of pure sin, Dexter. Their sin."

Blossom's face scrunches. "But hasn't humanity has proven time and time again that they can better themselves? Is eradication the only answer for their crimes?! I will not believe that!" Deedee nods. "That is why we are here." --- "W-what?" Blossom stutters out.

"Susan was sent here to end humanity's sin... as was I. Though we have chosen different methods, we are both trying to achieve the same goal. I would side with humanity and give it a light so that they might end all sin and bow before the light of purity... but here we are. Even to the bitter end humanity still clung to sin in their final moments."

Deedee shakes her head, as a lone tear grows in her eye. "I had such faith in it too... but I guess my own people cannot change who they are..." Malignancy floats toward the four in an act of aggression. "So here we are, at the root of all sin. The wheels of fate that create humanity, as well as Sin. With time's destruction, all sin will end and all that will be left is the Lord and his vassals."

Malignancy pauses shortly before the four. "But there was one human pure enough to of cured the world of sin..." He glares at Dexter, who flinches slightly. "Micheal..." He raises his arms. "He called to me and I answered as I knew his intentions were pure... He wished to control all of the world and its people, as to end all strife in the world..." He point at Dexter in judgment-

"But you stopped him, at the end of the First War! With his death his soul was absorbed by the Bio-Simbiote and all of his purity waned... the world had lost its last hope... So now we are here, I did not want it to end this way, Dexter. I truly prayed for humanity." Deedee floats to her brother. "I am sorry Dexter, but I will not abandon you in your final hours! If you think that you can save humanity from its own sin... I will be with you, always!" After those words leave her mouth she floats back into Model D.

Malignancy floats downward to meet the entire crew on an even level. "The time for talk is over. Now it is time for the last of humanity to attempt to repent! Come, heroes, come try to fight fate!"

As he says those words, Barasia takes the Ark out and hands it to Buttercup. "W-What's this?" --- "The key to our survival... I give it to you as you are the only one here with true immortality." --- "What do you want me to do with it...?" --- "Should we die, use it to bring us back!" --- "D-Die?!" She merely nods. "This being is far stronger then any of us, you carry that... It is our only hope." She nods hesitantly. "Okay... just, don't plan on dying too soon!" --- "Haha... I won't, trust me!"

Malignancy rushes at the four, who separate in all four directions- "HYA!" He yells as he lunges a giant spear at Blossom, who barely has enough time to catch it in mid-air and be taken along for the ride! As Dexter rushes for him, Buttercup yells; "LOOK OUT!" Before he can react a giant beam of light impales Dexter! "DEXTER NO!" Blossom yells out as she rushes for him, but he vanishes. "W-What?!" Both Blossom and Buttercup let out, as they notice they are floating in a dark area.

A giant rumbling noise is heard around them as Malignancy rushes right for Blossom! --- "Not today!" Buttercup yells out as she pushes her away and gets crushed by his massive jaws! "Damn you..." He lets out lightly as he spits her out and she almost instantly regenerates. "Not tasty, huh? Well too damn bad!" She yells out as she fires a large green laser at his eyes. "Is that all you got?" He laughs out as he feels no pain from her feeble attack.

"It's not meant to hurt, Man-dork, it's blinding your right eye!" As soon as she says that, Barasia collides into his head, causing the dark world to distort! "Grah... I guess the world of inner sin has no effect on true heroes or robots..." Barasia opens her arm into an arsenal of weapons- "Got that right!" She yells out as bullets fly into every open spot of Malignancy! "DIE!" He extends his arm to Barasia and encircles her with his massive hand!

Right as he is about to crush her, Blossom gets in the way and holds his hand open! "Damn... It... Model... B...!" He grunts as he tries very hard to crush her! Buttercup flies to one of his wings' base and attempts to dislodge it using heat vision! "Annoying gnat!" Malignancy yells as he bats her away, still trying to crush Blossom." As both of his hands are occupied, he hears something above him- "Forget about me, Mandark?!" Dexter yells out, causing 'M' to look up at him!

Dexter was charging a giant attack into his beam saber and he rushes down, causing Malignancy to ignore Buttercup's annoyances and block his attack! The giant beam of energy incinerates a small layer of metal on his arm, but no real damage was done! --- "HA! Is that the best you can- DO!?" He yells out as he lands a direct hit on Dexter, causing blood to fly in all directions!

"DEXTER!" Blossom yells as she squirms from Mandark's grasp and flies off for him! "GOT IT!" Buttercup exclaims as she flies off with one of Malignancy's six wings. Barasia fires at her and steals the wing and with inhuman speed, whips it around as a weapon right into Malignancy's core! The collision shatters the wing and the outer shield of the core, once again revealing the Ark.

"Shut up and die already!" He bellows out as he extends each of his arms at both Barasia and Buttercup! With Barasia in grasp, he squeezes harder and harder! "GAAH!" She sputters out as the very life is squeezed from her! "Ba...ra...sia...!" Buttercup squeaks out as the life from her is constantly ripped out, as her immortality forces her to live!


Blossom stops Dexter in mid-flight and examines his wounds. His entire face is bleeding and she cannot see past all of the blood and his armor and shattered in several areas and he is unconscious... "Dexter... don't die on me!" She pleads as she shakes his body back and forth. "Your Chronometal is the only hope we have! Don't die on me!"

She shakes his body, as she notices it has gone cold and her face goes pale.


"D...Damn... It... Sorry, Butter... cup..." Barasia says simply as she goes limp. "NOOOO!" Buttercup screams in protest, unable to do anything to help as Barasia merely lies there, dying or already dead. The brilliant lights flow past them as he tosses her body aside as if it were garbage. Her body floats into the darkness and then it leaves all sight...

"There is no hope for any of you... go silent and accept your judgment!" --- "FUCK YOU, MANDARK!" Buttercup screams out coarsely- "YOU ARE NO GOD! YOU ARE NO PROPHET! YOU ARE AN EVIL BASTARD!" --- "Be quiet!" He yells out as he squeezes her harder, causing her to spit out blood, but she never dies- or goes silent.

"You spout out crap about being this world's only hope and talk about the sins of humanity, as you stand there, crushing a girl to death and torturing another! Then you go and kill people and force others to watch their loved ones and friends die- and you have the nerve to call yourself humanity's only hope?! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!" --- "You understand nothing! You are empowered by the force of pure evil!"

He uses both hands and squeezes harder and harder, causing her bones to constantly shatter and regenerate as she spits out larger amounts of blood and smaller organs! "This... evil... force... is giving me... life... as you... a self proclaimed... messiah... take my life... away!" She smiles through bleeding teeth- "It seems good and evil have... switched sides, don't you think, Monster?!"

"RAAAAAAAGGH!" He bellows out as a sharp pain coarsens through his entire body! He releases Buttercup who quickly regenerates and flies off behind him! "Hey Blossom, good timing... How's... Dexter...?" Blossom never meets her words and instead wears a face of pure rage, digging her Chronometal Saber deep into Malignancy's spine! "YOU... KILLED... HIM!" Blossom screams out as she rips his metal apart!

She discards her saber and starts punching through his armor! "HE'S DEAD! AFTER ALL HE TRIED TO DO! YOU KILLED HIM!" She flies up and tears off one of his wings and flies off. He turns around and looks her in the eyes. "Don't worry, after I am done... he will have never existed to of sinned... or died." --- "He tried to save the world... all of us... and you just killed him...!" She shudders out as she carries a giant wing, looking into his dark metal eyes.

As she says these words, her armor glows as a white aura radiates from it. A timid voice is head coming from the armor. "Susan..." Malignancy's gaze shifts from her eyes to the armor. "I always thought you were a kind-hearted person... but now you seek to end all life, even mine...?" As those words are spoken, a girl of small stature and white hair leave's Model B.

She floats up as the lights around her churn and glow white. "Bell..." He simply lets out. "You were like a brother to me, Susan. I cared for you and I was so upset when you died... but I guess you never thought the same..." --- "Bell, it's not like that... I thought the world of you! You brought me back from the edge of sanity! I owe everything I am to you..."

Bell looks at Malignancy. "Then please stop this... Susan..." --- "I CANNOT! This is humanity's only hope! Without this they will be forever barred from the holy land and wallow in a world of pure sin forever! This is their only chance!" Bell shakes her head. "The only one here who truly understands humanity... is Blossom, someone... who isn't even human- and I shall bestow upon her my power, so that she can stop you!" As those words are spoken she fades back into the armor.

Malignancy merely floats there with artificial tears in his eyes. "I am... so sorry, Bell... I have to do this." He quickly lunges for Blossom! She lets out a large battle-cry and glows white as she swings his wing at his arm, shattering both! "W-What?!" He exclaims as she flies for him and crashes into his core! With new found determination, she digs into the core and reaches for the Ark, but is then torn away by his other arm!

"And with this- the resistance ends!" He yells as he starts squeezing her as well! She resists for a long time before her arms give out and she is completely grasped! "BLOSSOM NO!" Buttercup yells out as she flies for her and tries to unhinge his hand! Blossom is crushed so hard she cannot breathe or speak, but she simply looks into her sister's eyes, as they start forming tears in them. She moves her lips as to say 'sorry' but no voice comes out as her eyes close...

Malignancy floats there, half destroyed with an exposed core and the last Chronometal in his hand- shattered.

"At last... the pain... the suffering can end." He says simply as he releases his grasp on Blossom, who merely floats there in space. He flies off toward the large light orb. "BLOSSOM! SPEAK TO ME!" She says frantically as she jostles her body back and forth! Her entire Chronometal is shattered and pieces are floating around her...

Blossom's eyes remain open though it is clear they no longer hold life. Buttercup merely floats there in the mass-less void, all those around her she loved or cared about are dead. She never lets go of Blossom and simply looks into her lifeless eyes with only sadness to pass hers.

"Buttercup..." A light drawn out voice says. "It is not over... you and I are still left... we cannot let their death be in vain!" A red shade rises from Buttercup and holds a claw to her shoulder. "What is there left to do, Him...?" She lets out, voice quaking and cracking.


Malignancy observes its shattered body... right arm is completely obliterated and core is gaping open, but still fully functional. Stray electricity flies from the open wires that dangle from the open wounds. "How did she muster such strength... was it...? Bell?" He does not answer his own question and raises his remaining hand to the light sphere that is the root of all time.

His Ark starts glowing as the orb resonates and churns! Within moments it starts cracking and heaving under some strange power.

"MANDARK!" Buttercup screams out. "Again? You want to try to face me again-" Malignancy lets out as he turns around.

Buttercup floats there, unrecognizable from before. She is now a gigantic devil-like life form. She has giant red wings and her eyes are seething with flames. She points a clawed finger at Mandark- "My Immortality is over! But now I have the strength to fight you on equal ground, murderer- AS A MORTAL!" As those words are spoken, she fires for him, only to be blocked by his only remaining hand!

As she pushes forward, his leverage wanes and she starts taking ground! He looks into her eyes and sees that she is not alone- Him's eyes are in there as well, he is no longer a passenger... they are of one entity! Buttercup's hand turns into a giant pincer and she grasps Malignancy's only arm!

"HRAAGH!" She bellows out as she tears it from its socket! "Not so fast, demon!" He yells out as the Ark shines and repels her! "D-Damn it Him, I can't get close!" --- "No... You can- but I cannot. He is using some sort of holy weapon with the Ark! I cannot maintain this form for much longer!" --- "Hopefully, you won’t- NEED TO!" She yells out as she extends her arm right for the Ark and fires a giant red beam!

It only scrapes the Ark but it is enough to cancel the ray and Buttercup flies for it! She mount's Malignancy, now the same size as it and digs her two giant clawed hands into his heart! "N-NO!" He yells in protest, but she gets a good grip and tears the Ark from its socket! As soon as the Ark is removed, Buttercup destroys Malignancy's husk! "NO! NOOooo---" He screams as his voice no longer reaches the Machine.

With Ark in hand, she looks at the Time Orb, which is now on the verge of completely collapsing! "Buttercup, my form is... ending! That attack did more on me then I thought!" --- "It's okay... It's over..." Buttercup shrinks and maintains a brown color for a while, before even it fades and she turns green once more.

She takes the Ark out of her pocket and eyes the two Arks. They look almost exactly the same, but one has a slight indentation on the top and the other has a protruding piece of metal, it seems that they were once one entity. She shakes both of them, but nothing happens. "Damn it! Work, please!" She yells at the metal objects- to no apparent avail.

The orb collapses into itself, as all of the white lights are being sucked into it! "NO! This cannot be happening! I have the Arks... but what now?! WORK DAMN YOU! SAVE THIS WORLD!" She screams at the Arks. "They won't work you know." A familiar voice lets out. "What?! Who said that?" Buttercup asks to the now fading void.

Brilliant lights fly past her vision faster then she can see! "I am still the Ark... and I have won... It's over." The voice vibrates one of the Arks. "Mandark...!" She huffs out, eying the Ark. "It's not over! Now tell me how to work this thing!" --- "Now why would I do that?" --- "I-I don't know! Just... TELL ME!"

Buttercup is so flustered she is making no real sense talking and it causes Mandark to laugh! "No need, Buttercup-" Another voice speaks. The other Ark vibrates from these words. "H-Him?! What are you doing in there?" --- "Barasia was smarter than I thought... this Ark is almost completely un-powered, but she gave it to you... and as I faded from existence, I felt a warm light from this device... It is perfect..."

"You dare disgrace the Ark, Demon?!" Mandark yells out from the left Ark. "My power is returning, even though it was almost all destroyed by the other Ark... Buttercup, attach me to Mandark." --- "W-What?" Buttercup slips out. Darkness begins to encroach on their positions. "F-Fine! You better make this work..." Buttercup takes both of the Arks by the base and attaches them together at corresponding indentations on their tips.

"Okay... now what...?" She says, with no response. "Him, are you there...?" She lets out weakly as darkness consumes everything, what small amounts of light that are left are being swirled into the void as she can only look upon it. "Humans..." The double Ark lets out very faintly. "H-Him?" --- "The fate of... all humans..." --- "...Mandark...?" --- "Should be in their... own hands..." --- "HIM...?!"

The Arks fly out of her hand toward the void and crash into it, causing an ear shattering breaking noise! Buttercup heaves and writhes as she palms her ears closed, yet noise still permeates the area! She forces one of her eyes open through the sharp pains, to see a small light where the Arks once were, but it is not being swallowed by the void... it is just floating there.


*I was never a hero...*
*I've caused so much destruction... so much death...*
*Why am I alive, if all I bring is suffering...?*
*Deedee... Mandark... heh... Earth...*
*Sin... I guess that's all that's left of me.*

"He tried to save the world, all of us!"

*Blossom...? ... Sorry, but you are wrong, Blossom...*
*But... what is it I was truly fighting for? I don't even know anymore.*
*Was it my hatred for Mandark...? ...No... It wasn't...*
*But... but what was it...? Why was I fighting? What was it...*
*That I... THAT I DIED FOR?!*

"The only one here who truly understands humanity, is Blossom.*

*Bell? Hehe... enemy or no, you are right there... she was...*
*A far better human- and hero than me, that's for sure.*
*She fought for Humanity, for me. For my parents, for her loved ones.*
*Isn't... that what I fought for? ...No... But, why not? Was I not a hero?*
*Who... am I? ...ha... I guess there's only one more person I can ask.*

He opens his eyes to the darkness and goes into a submissive state.

"I... don't do this much, so forgive me if I lack courtesy..." He closes his eyes again and kneels to the ground, which is solid, despite not existing.

His palms are together and his eyes are tightly closed... He is... Praying. For the first real time in his life. He prays and prays, for what seems like hours... then days... then weeks. The darkness around him remains as silent and cold as ever.

"Are you really dead, Dexter?" A familiar voice is heard behind him. As Dexter opens his eyes to the blinding dark, he turns to meet the voice. It is Mandark sitting on a golden throne, in a new Chronometal. The Chronometal looks exactly as it did at the crash at the end of the first war... The perfect Model M. "Mandark..." He scowls plainly. Mandark raises his arms to address the nothingness he wrought. "Look around you, Dexter. There is nothing. You failed."

Dexter's eyes tense. "Yeah, well... you didn't exactly play fair." Mandark smiles wryly. "Fair? I was simply a machine built by man, as were your Chronometals." Dexter raises an eyebrow. "Was...?" Mandark nods as he nears his palm to his face, now in a new Deep Gold Chronometal. "You and I are of the same again, Dexter." --- "Of the... Same?" He asks.

Mandark nods again. "Human, Dexter." He rises from his similarly colored throne. "Wait, how can you have a Chronometal? Whose soul is powering it?" --- "My own." He states simply, walking down. "But, that's not possible! You are alive!" --- "As are you." --- "My Chronometal isn't powered by my own soul!" --- "Yes it is." Dexter goes silent for a while, after he says that and fully leaves the throne, only a few yards away from him.

"But... Deedee?" --- "She isn't here anymore, Dexter. She is dead, only we are left." Mandark nods and eyes Dexter. "I have Chronometal model Mandark and you have Chronometal model Dexter!" He points at Dexter, who looks at himself, noticing his Chronometal is different!

It’s a deep silver color, yet it still feels and looks exactly like Model D. "What's going on...?" Dexter lets out flatly. Mandark looks up at the darkness. "Him... He destroyed the Arks and brought us all back to life. But I had one trick left too." He smiles slightly as his head returns from his gaze into the shadowy heavens. "As his Ark created life, I bound mine to all of their souls- and yours. Should you die, they die and they will remain here as I regain my power to destroy what's left of time."

Dexter grasps his saber and looks Mandark in the eyes. "So, it's not over yet, huh?" Mandark stops smiling and simply looks at Dexter. "W-What is it, Mandark?" Mandark cocks his head a little, before smiling slightly. "It's... just..." He laughs quietly as Dexter activates his D-Saber. "Why do you want to kill me Dexter?" --- "I don't." Mandark nods. "Well then, why do you HAVE to kill me, Dexter?"

"To save the world." Mandark shakes his head. "That's... not what you feel you need to do." Dexter squints as he points his saber at Mandark at eye level. "No, it's not. Is it? Honestly, I don't know why I need to kill you." Mandark nods again. "Not even you know why it is you fight... yet fight you do." --- "I have no choice." --- "Don't you? You can let me enact my plan to save humanity." He shakes his head angrily. "I... can't let you do that."

Mandark raises an eyebrow as his golden armor shines slightly. "You don't fight for the world... you don't fight for yourself... and you certainly don't fight for humanity. Dexter. What is it you fight for?" Dexter remains silent, sword drawn at him. "Perhaps, it is for your own twisted sense of justice?" Dexter shakes his head and Mandark continues.

"What then? Who... then?" Dexter relents his blade as he looks downward at the endless dark. "Who...?" He says simply as Mandark strains to hear him. Dexter closes his eyes and smiles. He looks back at Mandark, with a somber smile on his face. He raises his weapons to a combat stance, still smiling slightly. "I fight... For Blossom." Mandark wears a plain expression. "How obvious... how didn't I think of it befo-" --- "And I fight for you, Mandark."

Mandark's body stays in the same position for a while before he relents it and looks at Dexter. "For... me?" He shakes his head and continues. "But that doesn't make sense, Dexter. I am your enemy, we are bound by fate to end one another." --- "I hate fate... Why can't we all live together, happily?" Mandark gazes at Dexter. "If I was not mistaken, I offered you the branch and you set it aflame." --- "I am a new man, Susan. This war has given me the better portion of a century to think about the things I've done and the people I've hurt and what I truly want."

Still in a battle position, he continues. "I am no hero, Mandark. But I am no villain and I am only human. I've sinned, that much is indisputable. But can I not repent? Is my fate truly to die here as you end all life? Or can we start over, as friends, in a new world, not bound by... by fate?" Mandark smiles warmly. "Dexter... I..." He stutters out before the expression leaves his face.

"I... Cannot accept." --- "I thought as much..." Dexter quietly speaks as he maintains a battle stance. "I never thought I would see the day where you would seek my forgiveness Dexter... I will... remember it forever, even after my job is done." Dexter sighs slightly.

Mandark extends his hand to his side and a Giant golden lance flies from the darkness into his grip. "If things were different... if WE were different... different people... different times, places... we could exist together. But everything that ever was willed that we be enemies for all eternity, Dexter. And now there is only one thing either of us can do... we can fight, for what we think is right." He points his lance at Dexter at eye level, meeting his saber.

"This is not a battle of right and wrong. This is not a grudge match. This is not a fight between enemies. This is fate. To fight fate is to fight all things. Yet fight we must." Mandark says poetically as he looks Dexter in the eyes.

... ... ... ... ...

He rushes to Dexter, who quickly flies backwards, avoiding his lance. Mandark fires at him while he is in mid-air and lunges as his heart, but he defends with his saber! He eventually grounds himself and slashes the lance away, only to have it whip back and bluntly strike the side of his head, sending him flying away- painfully.

Mandark Jumps into the darkness and fades away- leaving Dexter stumbling back onto his feet, disoriented by the harsh blow. Before he can realize that Mandark is gone, he emerges from the shade, directly above him!

Dexter fumbles as he tries to dodge his many attacks, getting hit by many and dodging only a few. "Dammit- How are you so fa-" He tries to say as Mandark lays a sucker punch to his jaw! Dexter spins from the sheer impact. "Dexter. Every time we have fought it has been an unfair fight- to me. You always had Blossom by your side- and recently, even the Black Mother! But now we are alone; and you see my true strength!"

Mandark yells out a battle cry as he jets to Dexter, landing attack after attack as blood falls into the endless dark. For each time he is knocked down, he attempts to stumble back to his feet, only to be struck down again.

The sounds of Dexter crying out in pain and Mandark yelling out are heard relentlessly through the black nothingness.

Hours go by and the void is replaced with floating globules of blood...

Finally, Mandark stops his attacks. Dexter; with barely enough energy left to cough blood merely lay there, dying. Mandark looks down on the shell of a 'hero' with no emotion on his face.

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn't hesitant to kill you, Dexter, especially since I know you have changed... but this is what I must do." Dexter merely spits up blood, seemingly unconscious. Mandark approaches him and raises his lance to rest just above his chest. Dexter's eyes open slightly, looking into his eyes.

"Man... da-CAW*" He tries to say as he coughs up blood. "...ster..." A faint voice speaks through the void. "Dexter..." The voice continues, as Mandark relents, looking for its origin. A blue haired man appears from the shadows and looks at Mandark, as he looks back- angrily. "You...!" Mandark seethes!

The man merely smiles as two other people emerge from the shade. "Been a while, eh?" --- "How?! Phantom killed you all!" A woman at the man's side speaks up. "Killed us? Not quite. We would have died were it not for the Ark and a brave young man." Yet another Man, aside them both speaks as well. "He saved us and brought us here to settle the score between you and all of humanity!"

Mandark completely disregards Dexter's body and points his lance at the three. "I will admit, I never thought humans could become as strong as you guys did that day in Megaville. Without Chronometals or even Biosymbiotes no less." --- "Enough of the pleasantries- you die this day, M!"

Mandark fires off at the three, two of which disperse, but one actually charges at him! He produces a mechanical looking sword and meets the tip of Mandark's lance and does not lose any ground- regardless of how much stronger Mandark is than him. Neither waste time taunting nor gloating as they continue to furiously trade blows! Even though he is pure human- with no super powers, he does not flinch as he is struck by Mandark!

"Hyaa!" A loud female voice yells as many brightly colored projectiles are launched at Mandark from her giant gun! "D-Damn!" Mandark yells as he tries to avoid the attacks, only to be met with the second man as he crashes down with a giant hammer! It lands true but Mandark has enough traction to recover without ever hitting the ground. He flies backwards, only to have the two Men charge right for him!

The leader's swift sword lands many strikes as the other man's hammer turns into a giant claw and grabs onto Mandark! "GAME OVER!" The leader yells as he lunges his blade into Mandark's chest! The woman comes running over- only to have the leader fly off into her! "Game over indeed..." Mandark taunts, blood dripping down his torso. He grabs onto the claw and tears it off- and then he punches the man back.

He rips the sword out and then uses it to block the oncoming barrage of bullets! After the volley ends he whips it to her! "A-AH!" She screams as it impales her chest! "LIDIA!" The leader yells! He runs to her as Mandark laughs- "PATHETIC SINNERS!!!" He bellows as his lance rises from the darkness to strike him in the heart!

As the leader slumps to the ground, Mandark kneels down in pain, blood pouring from his chest. The third member rushes for Mandark, who attempts to punch him, only to be dodged as he gets behind him! "Let's see how you like this..." He lets out as he digs his arm into Mandark's wound! "HRAAAAAHHHHH!" Mandark roars out in pain, right before he backhands the man off of him!

He sprints to him as he attempts to recover his bearings, only to have Mandark's claws dig into his neck and slam his head into the ground over and over again! "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!" He explodes out with as he slashes his face to the extent of severing his jaw and making it slide across the ground, right before he caves his skull in with his fist!

Mandark's face is one of pure rage! His fangs are fully extended as his eyes lose their color and he loses all sight of morality as he continues to shred his corpse! Blood sprays everywhere as he ravages his body. Mandark rises from the blood, holding his chest.

"D-Damn it... Ha...Ha... I don't think I'm going to... make it...!" He blubbers out as blood spills from his newly hallowed chest.

"No. You won't." Dexter says as he fills that hole with his saber. Mandark looks down to see the weapon's tip and smiles slightly. "I guess... That's fate for you..." Mandark says plainly, right before Dexter flares his Saber, causing it to explode in all directions and flash Mandark's body to a crisp...

Mandark's body slumps to the ground as Dexter falls to his knees with a small frown on his still battered and bloody face. He looks at the three bodies. "Who... were you guys?" He pauses for a moment, taking the whole situation in. "Well... thank you... all of you..." He says right before collapsing to the ground, exhausted.


I will post final remarks after the ending- read on.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:21 am

Ending A: This will tie in with PPGD and Grim tales as best as I can make it do so.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chronometal Epilogue: Peace. (Ending A.)

The darkness around Dexter and all the bodies churn and ebb. Large vibrations occur as the darkness is overcome by light!

"Dexter... you have, done well. For a Human of course. The world once again knows the fleeting peace that is common when a worldwide terror is put to rest... All of the Chronometals are destroyed, and the ones that remain are un-powered, simply glorified suits of armor. I however, am truly grateful for the trip we had together, boy. This Ark will serve me well for the years to come. Maybe I can finally achieve my life-long dream... but just remember- the only reason I was even siding with you was due to a deal with Buttercup... a deal I am now unable to collect upon. But it is of little consequence. Next time we meet we may not be so warm with each other... 'hero.' Goodbye for now."

Dexter opens his eyes, viewing the newly clear sky of Megaville. The stars are receding as the sun comes into sight. He looks around, and see's Blossom and Barasia lying beside him. He stumbles to his feet and checks on Blossom, she is breathing... and smiling. She is fine. He turns to Barasia, who now has her eyes open, looking into his.

She rises to a sitting stance, still looking at Dexter. "Wha... What happened in there?" Blossom moans a bit as she wakes up from what seemed like a long nap. She smacks her mouth and rubs her eyes before realizing where she is. "Huh...?! Dexter...?" She slips out, confused.

Dexter smiles slightly, noticing his Chronometal is completely shattered and scattered along with the rest of the rubble. "Dexter! Your Chronometal- ACK! 'My' Chronometal!" Blossom stammers out as she notices even her's is scattered about. "It's over..." Dexter sighs out. "It's finally over everyone..." He rears up and laughs loudly!

"W-What?" Blossom says as she rises from the rubble. "Him told me the Chronometal wars have finally come to an end. Mandark is forever gone and all of the metals we used are un-powered; Deedee's soul as well as Bell's are at rest." Barasia walks off without saying a word, being caught by Blossom.

"Where are you going, Barasia?" --- "It's over, there's no reason for me to stay." Blossom scurries off the ground and runs to her and grabs her by the arm- "You can stay with us! You can live in Megaville with us! You don't... have to go..." Barasia gently jostles her hand free of Blossom's grasp.

"I appreciate the sentiment, I really do- but I was to blame for all of this." She looks to the newly blue horizon. "Have you noticed Buttercup isn't here?" --- "Well... yeah- after the battle she sort of... umm... I- don't remember what happened really... where is she?" --- "She was the only one of us with immortality. After the battle she probably instantly awoke before any of us and went to tell the people of Megaville what happened. About what 'I' did..."

Blossom diverts her eyes. "It is fine, Blossom. I didn't even belong here to begin with. I'm just a drifter, I'll find my way through this world." She looks Blossom in the eyes and puts on a bright smile- one Blossom has never witness from her face! "It was from our time together I finally learned the real worth of life- and death. If I was never here I would still be a mindless killing machine... Who knows what might of happened to me if it wasn't for you guys!"

Barasia looks away from Blossom, blushing slightly. "Well, this wishy washy stuff isn't exactly my style... so I guess I'll get going-OOPH!" She stammers as Bubbles flies in from nowhere and hugs Barasia and Blossom together! "OH MY GOD! I am so glad you are all safe and sound!" Bubbles screams out through tears! "I thought... I thought that you would... *Sniff*" After jostling out of her grip, Blossom speaks.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Bubbles. We are fine." --- "W-Wait, what happened to your Chronometal?" Blossom looks at the crushed remains of her Metal. "It finally gave out after the Battle. Dexter's too." --- "Wait... so that means... we can be a team again? I mean, well... I know I'm not quite as strong as you are, even more-so with the metal, but-"

"That's enough Bubbles." Blossom snaps out, making Bubbles flinch slightly. "Don't you EVER set yourself below anyone ever again. You were as much a part of this conflict as anyone else here! Isn't that right, Barasia?" She nods happily. "More then right, just because you didn't have a Chronometal or Travel through time, does not at all mean you didn't have a gigantic impact on the war itself. Even before I knew what was going on, when we met in Megaville during the Chronometal Prologue, you knew me, before even I knew you. You steered me through the wars in ways I never thought possible. And to top it off, you got everyone- even Otto to safety during a time of great crisis."

Buttercup lands after hearing those words, catching everyone by surprise. "Lynn is absolutely correct Bubbles." She regains her posture and continues, looking into a blushing Bubbles' eyes. "Even with my Immortality, I barely had enough power to fight anyone in this war. Right before World's end was at full power, I couldn't do anything to the Roudyroughs but hold them back before Blossom came and swept them out. I may have been immortal, but that didn't mean I was better... not at all..."

Buttercup shifts her gaze to Barasia. "From what I hear, you played a much bigger role in this then I thought possible, Bubbles, and besides- It was Him that made me Immortal." --- "I guess it's time I explained who I was, Buttercup-" --- "No need, Lynn... I did a lot of thinking back at the bunker after I told everyone what happened. It doesn't matter who you are, or were, or what you did. What mattered was what you did for us in the end, and during the wars. Weather or not you caused this hardly matters to me anymore, you used your own power to fix it. You are a hero, Lynn."

Dexter walks into the group and nods. "You are a hero, Lynn... but..." Dexter looks around at the people waiting for him to continue before sighing. "These people... the victims of Megaville may not- or will not accept anything but judgment upon you. We who know everything, who were with you are the only ones who really know you- who forgive you." Barasia sadly nods.

"You are right... The people of this city... of this WORLD will view me as a villain, traitor... monster, or something even worse. I am glad I got to help you all save this planet, and indeed all of time, but it came at a devastating cost... a cost I cannot possible pay back the world." She looks up into the sky.

"I'll go traveling across the cosmos, maybe find the Cluster... and finish where I left off of my old life. Not that It will be EXACTLY the same the second time around, in fact it is going to go MUCH differently." She nods to the entire group. "I am Barasia, the Black Justice. I shall uphold the law of life across the galaxy, and end the tyranny of those who would bring evil to the universe!" She coughs a little bit and diverts her eyes.

"That was uh... a bit corny- but you catch my drift." --- "No, that was great!" Bubbles squeels! "I've always wanted to be a super awesome hero like that! One who would be feared by all evil-doers, and bring justice to all! I envy you, really!" Barasia looks Dexter in the eyes. "We may not of ever directly met before, Dexter. But I can tell that if it went just a little differently, we could of become great friends. Farewell, all of you."

Barasia fires off into the sky and quickly leaves sight. After that moment Blossom cocks her head and looks at Buttercup. "Wait, where did you go earlier, Buttercup?" --- "Oh uh, that? Well..." She scratches her head and looks at the 3 remaining heroes. "Well I went to the bunker to tell the professor about what happened, he spread the word to the people, and I went away for a while..."

She looks to the ground with a slight agitation crossing her face. "I did some serious thinking about Barasia... and about Him... and about Me." She looks at her clothing, and then Blossom gasps slightly- "Your... your clothes are green again!" Buttercup nods somberly.

She raises her head to meet everyone. "There's something about Him I should tell you guys about..."

The ending is over, the rest are my remarks. Posting it like this because it seems to mesh with the story, so I'm posting it here in different color.

I'll post Ending B later, a lot later. Final remarks on the Chronometal wars.

1: My spastic use of other people's characters, primarily Grid's always linger in the back of my mind. I always think that it is perfectly okay and I still do, but if he just said it was as well that would be fine too. Meh.

2: "The 3" Will never get their own story, for certain reasons- just know they are Human and Military.

3* (Read bottom for additional details.): I have 2 other stories planned after this that tie into the main story of Chronometal Wars after Ending B. One named 'Chronometal Panic' and one named 'The Tales of Megaville."


What was originally thought:

I originally formulated the "Chronometal Wars" in my mind a long time ago, well before I decided to actually write it. I'm not sure what it is about Bleedman's/Beeare's/Grid's story telling compelled me to do it purely around PPG, they just seem so awesome, so this is my best attempt at a Fan-fic.

It was to be much much different then it turned out, In fact Chronometal Models D and B were actually going to get their own personalities, and not actually be powered by souls, and Barasia actually wasn't going to be involved at all. Blossom and Dexter were going to die, and the Chronometals would take over their lifestyle later, and I'm not sure about what I thought about the ending... but I think the entire world was destroyed... go figure. :unsure:

Another detail of what was originally going to happen, and this is very interesting, and some of my readers might of had this in the back of their mind for a while now but shrugged it off after such a long time- but Future Robot Blossom was actually going to get a huge role in this. Remember at the very beginning, that robot body Dexter made was going to be the main story arc, and everything was going to revolve around it, but as the story went on, I decided to go a different way, and simply have the body be a means to an end to save Blossom's consciousness.

The evil future of the Chronometal Aftermath was actually going to be semi-inhabited by people, and Blossom would travel back and forth between future and past, into her real body, and the Robot body of the future, making subtle changes to the future so that people could survive in the world. Some things such as an EMP Hardened floating Atmosphere generator would of been added to the future to make rain and absorb radiation and Blossom would of essentially Given up on stopping the wars, and instead cushion the blow by making the wrecked future more inhabitable.

Fun fact, but all of the Bio-Symbiotes weren't ever in the original design either, they were all actually Model D-B's. Fragments of both Model's D and B, and as Dexter and Blossom battled them (And promptly died only to be replaced by D and B, their robot doppelgangers.) they would grow their Chronometals into D, D2, D3 etc.

Bottom line is, I imagined it a lot differently then I wanted it to actually turn out, and I think it went very well.


Final note: Here is an updated time-line of the Chronometal Universe.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War
The Panic
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War
Ruination War
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
Ancient War
(5 year gap)
Justice War
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:10 am

Here's Ending B, which continues the story of the Chronometal wars into Chronometal Panic.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chronometal Epilogue: The Curse that is Sin. (Ending B.)

The darkness around Dexter and all the bodies churn and ebb. A single being floats down from the shadowed heavens. "Dexter..." It speaks softly. It lets off a faintly blue aura with divine wings flapping at its sides. "You and I were of the same, we fought for what we both thought was right... I fought for a world without sin, whilst you fought for a world where your friends were safe... our goals were not mutually exclusive..." It kneels down aside Dexter and puts its hand on his chest.

"Your heart still beats with that of a protector. You are a good man, Dexter. It is a shame you could not be reasoned with in my end, but I have forgiven you." It transmits a faint aura to Dexter as life is slowly churned back into him. As he slowly comes to, he opens his eyes to meet the angel's.

"Micheal..." He says softly. "Do not speak, conserve your energy. You came this far with your philosophy, let's see if the world can accept it." The seraphim rises back to its feet and floats toward the shadows. "Wait." Dexter snaps out flatly. Micheal stops and looks at Dexter, who continues after rising to a sitting stance. Dexter looks around very slightly, barely moving his head to look at anything.

"So... God doesn't approve of my methods, but he did approve of yours and Susan's?" Micheal laughs slightly... "Dexter, the will and sight of the All-mighty are not suited to the ears of mortals." --- "Is that a yes?" Micheal merely stares at Dexter. "No-one ever had a chance to actually get answers to things they had not power over, like fate... and God... and you dangle here and expect me not to ask?"

Micheal floats down-ward and lands on the darkness. "There are several things I 'am' within justifications to say and answer, and one of them is- yes Dexter, God finds your methods against his wishes." Dexter rises to meet the angels words; eye to eye. "But, why?! All I ever tried to do was help my friends and family... and along the way I saved countless people!"

Micheal smiles slightly. "He does not frown upon your actions, Dexter." The angel sternly shifts his facial expression to one of agitation. "Your inner rage, your inner sin, your ulterior motives is what shifts his gaze from you, Dexter." Dexter clenches his fists and looks somberly toward the lower abyss. "Why does... God... hate me so much... for something, I CANNOT FIX!"

Micheal shakes his head and walks toward Dexter. "God does not hate you, Dexter. He has nothing but love for you, but like that of a stern parent he is forever displeased by actions that endanger or condemn his kin, but he still loves you with all his power." Dexter looks up into Micheal's eyes with rage filled tears in his eyes.

"My parents are dead. Blossom is dead. My friends are dead, TIME is dead, YOU are dead. Everyone and everything that ever was and will be is dead and all he cares about is me? MY SIN?! Well, here's a sin for you; God sent the angel, Mandark to fix the world, and I killed him. I killed an angel because of what I thought was right... how much of a sin is that?"

Micheal shakes his head once more. "More of a sin then tolerable, Dexter." --- "And what is he going to do about it? What are YOU going to do about it?!" --- "Bring you back to life." Dexter looks down at himself; his wounds are cured and he hardly ever realized that all of his energy has returned. A fleeting warmth crosses Dexter, but it is quickly replaced with even more layers of rage!

"WHY?! The world, time, EVERYTHING is gone! Why does he see fit to leave me alive in this hell?!" --- "Not just you, Dexter; everyone." --- "You are going to revive... everyone?" --- "Everyone who died during these battles with Susan." --- "You mean... Blossom, and everyone else... aren't going to be dead?" He nods gently. "Yes, Dexter, they will return to the land of the living."

Dexter shakes his head in protest. "But- but there is no world to go back to! Will we simply rot in this darkness for all eternity?" Micheal floats above Dexter and leaves his sight into the darkness- but a few words are spoken as he vanishes-

"The world will return to its original shape, those lost will be guided back through the darkness onto earth. Mandark failed to end all of time, as the Ark remains in power, and with it- one strand, and ONLY one strand of time was left. Your time, Dexter. The sinning world will return without God's gaze, humanity's fate is it's own now... is that not what you- nay, what all humans wish for? An uncontrolled destiny? Well it is granted, the heavens shall no longer interfere with the affairs of mortals during their lives... as it is you all wanted, Dexter. But be warned, human-"

His voice distorts as it seems to come from all directions very quietly; "The eater of sin, Model M's husk still remains on earth, without the soul of Susan, without the directives of purity. For every sin the humans commit, the Metal grows more and more powerful, take heed... and I do hope for your sake, you and all of Humanity sees the light!"

The darkness quakes and rumbles as the bodes of the 3 strangers disappear from sight. Mandark's body vanishes into a faint white light as everything around Dexter fades in and out of sight! A loud sound like that of sharply blowing wind engulfs Dexter as he strains to cover his ears!

As he tries to block out the noise he opens his eyes with a deep gasp!

... ... ...

He notices he is staring directly into the morning sky of Megaville. Without rising, he looks to his left. Blossom is lying there, but she is too far away for Dexter to figure out whether or not she is okay. He looks to his right, seeing Buttercup and Barasia standing a short distance away talking to each other.

He weakly rises to his feet, still very sore from the previous battles. He walks slowly over to Blossom, her Chronometal and his are badly damaged, but still in-tact. Halfway to her, he feels his pocket vibrating, he reaches in and pulls out a cellphone.

... ... ...

"Hello...?" He says weakly. "Dexter? Is that you?" --- "Utonium..." --- "It is you, how is everyone? Is everything alright? The sky finally cleared up and people are getting stir-crazy." Dexter walks over to Blossom who seems to be alright. She is breathing well and seems to be snoring a small bit. He looks over to Buttercup and Barasia, who are still out of earshot who look over at him, but back to each other every once in while.

"Yeah... everyone is alright, Professor. Model M is gone..." There is a long pause on the phone before Dexter breaks the silence. "Hello...?" --- "Oh, uh... Sorry Dexter, I was lost in thought." Dexter starts walking over to the two others, still talking on the phone. "Thought? About what? It's finally over, isn't it?" --- "Well... that's just it Dexter..." As he continues to talk on the phone, Dexter's eyes and face change emotions very fast. "Alright..." Dexter sighs. "I'll tell them, look's like our job isn't done quite yet..."

He turns off the phone and slips it into his pocket...

He finally reaches Buttercup and Barasia, who put their conversation on hold to address him. Buttercup speaks first- "Hey Dexter... what happened in there anyway?" Dexter raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" --- "You might not of known, but during the last moments in there we 'all' saw what happened."

"You mean with Mandark?" --- "Not just Mandark, who were those other guys?" Dexter shakes his head. "No idea... they didn't ring a bell in the slightest." Dexter looks to Barasia. "Did you guys see anything 'after' the fight with Mandark?" Barasia shakes her head. "After you passed out everything went black, I thought we failed. Yet here we are... why? Did something happen?"

Dexter merely stares off into the distance for a while. "Dexter?" Blossom lets out, walking slowly over to the group. "Oh, Blossom- you're up!" He says softly. She rubs her head. "What... oww... what happened in there, anyway?" As she rubs her head, deep in thought, she remembers something and looks into Dexter's eyes. "Wait... Dexter...?" She merely trails off with. Dexter turns to her. "Is there, something wro-OOPH!" He tries to say as she tackles him!

She holds on to Dexter, without making any noise, her eyes still open, but not with tears in them. She merely hangs on to Dexter. "I saw you die... and, I lost... all control." --- "Blossom..." --- "But it's finally over..." Dexter sighs before gently prying Blossom off. "W-what is it?" She stammers out. "Holding this off any longer would be bad for everyone before they assume anything so I'll just say it."

He takes a deep breath.

Blossom, Buttercup and Barasia look at Dexter as he opens his eyes with a mix of reluctance and anger.

"A new, giant Model M has been discovered under the Antarctic crust by Professor Utonium, and it seems to be growing larger with each passing hour. This battle is far from over, in fact I think it's just beginning... I'm sorry everyone, but we aren't done yet."


And with this, the Panic begins.

What to expect from Chronometal Panic:

1: More then ever, Chronometal Panic will focus heavily on the people of the world, not just the small group of heroes.
2: Rivalries within said group of heroes being core to the story.
3: Time travel being completely un-used.
4: Character development shifts into much darker territory.
5: Global scale, not just Megaville anymore.

Extra: Like Chronometal wars shifts to the First War every 3 chapters, Panic will shift to the 'Distant Future' every couple of chapters. Sub-Chapters may once again be implemented.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:33 am

-Story Recap #3-

Chronometal wars takes place in 4 major timelines.

A- PPGD: 2002, the start of PPGD.
B- The first war: 2008, 6 years after PPGD's chapter 6.
C- The second war: 2008.5, several months after the first war.
D- Ruin: 2050, 40-50 years from PPGD's start to the second war's end.
(Note: The phasing from PPGD to the first war may be a little sketchy, due majorly in part to time-keeping in PPGD is trivial at best.)

Later in the story, a more detailed Timeline will be posted. Enjoy until then.


Sub-Chapter 1: Before the War.
Several months after PPGD's original final chapter. Takes place before Chapter 3.
   Micheal befriends Olga to claim her brother's soul to create Model M. The Black mother shows up and helps him to create it, as well as the 4 bio-symbiotes.   

Sub-Chapter 2: The Sands of Sadness.
49.9 years before Chapter one, after the second war decimates the Planet.
   The Chronometal Titan treks through the land as Dexter fights to regain control of it, however; during one of his many wanderings, Bubbles shows up and is Killed. Thus ending the reign of humanity forever.   

Sub-Chapter 3: Lynn's new World.
A day into the First war.
   The Black Mother, under guise as the young woman; Lynn, joins the Powerpuff girls in a small attempt to help people before the major killing begins.   

Sub-Chapter 4: World, Thy Name is Ruin.
A few years after Sub-Chapter 2, and a very long time after Chapter 1.
   The Black Mother goes forward in time to where the last time traveler went; only to find Otto there. Otto explains that he killed Blossom in the past, thinking she caused all of this, and in doing so- doomed the world. She kills him, and takes his trench-coat to the past into Chapter 2 to stop Otto.   

Chapter 1: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
50 years after the second war.
   Blossom awakens, regains parts of her memory from Dexter's logs and Him's words and goes back in time to either stop the wars from happening or prevent their horrid outcome.   

Chapter 2: Enemies of Time.
2 years before the first war, and beginning of PPGD.
   Blossom meets up with Otto, who betrays her after piecing together pieces that really shouldn't of been pieced in that way. Meet's the Black Girl AKA the black mother for the first time.   

Chapter 3: Turning point in Fate.
2 years after the start of PPGD, and 1 day before the first war.
   Dexter and Blossom fight in his lab during the prologue to the first Chronometal war- Emotions flare as Dexter is reminded of his past over and over. The only thing keeping him sane is Blossom.   

Chapter 4: The Black hand of Fate.
2 years before the first war, direct continuation of chapter 2.
   Otto and Blossom put aside their differences and become allies to save the world. The black girl shows up many times, not as an enemy or a friend, but as a Watcher. Blossom thinks she; herself- might actually be Dexter somehow.   

Chapter 5: Mandark's Legacy.
2 years, with a few days shaved off- from the first war. Direct continuation of chapter 4.    Dexter kills Mandark in cold blood instead of letting him live. (and ending up killing himself) The black girl shows up and tells everyone- including Bubbles; who eavesdropped on their private conversation that she is a robot willed from another dimension who actually caused the wars to begin with.   

Chapter 6: The First War.
The exact start of the first war, direct continuation of Chapter 3.
   Dexter claims the infamous Model D as Megaville comes under fire. The four knights start their main plan to revive Model M and with it, end the old world order.   

Chapter 7: Birth of the Mother.
Direct continuation of Chapter 5.
   Blossom and Otto create a logic and creation loop that creates both The Black mother; now known as Barasia, as well as the Chronometal wars Themselves. Otto leaves the group as Blossom becomes one with her inner soul before finally starting the last battle with Model M in the future with Dexter's soul at her side.   

Chapter 8: All In
Direct continuation of Chapter 7.
   Blossom searches inside herself, finding Dexter's soul meshed within her own due to a variety of reasons. Everyone travels to the horrid day of the Second War to do Battle with Mandark, now with Dexter on their side. They fail in destroying him, but everyone leaves the battle alive, and then they charge into a large time-vortex to the final Showdown.   

Epilogue: Why is it we fight?
Direct continuation of Chapter 8.
   The final battle starts, and everyone figures out why everything happened. Blossom, Dexter, and Barasia all die leaving Buttercup and Him to finish off the husk of Malignancy. After Malignancy's demise, Him brings Dexter and everyone else back to life, but Mandark ties Dexter's life to everyone else's, and goes into one final showdown with Dexter. If it were not for 'The 3' showing up, Dexter would of died, but they succeed in weakening Mandark enough for Dexter to finish him off, Ending the second war once and for all.   
Ending A: Peace.
This ending bypasses the Contradiction but ends the entire story of both the Chronometal Wars and PPGD and picks up with Grim Tales from Down Below.
   After the battle, everyone wakes up in the rubble of Megaville, with the Chronometals destroyed. Barasia leaves to right wrongs in the universe as everything seems to go back to normal... however there is always trouble in paradise.   
Ending B: The Curse that is Sin.
The story continues into the next: Chronometal Panic, where enemies become friends, friends become enemies; and no one is ever safe from fear itself.
   Dexter talks to the angel, Micheal, learning that Mandark failed his mission to destroy all of time. In doing so, the world has fallen from the graces of the heavens and its fate is now in it's own hands. Dexter and the group learn that the battle is far from over, as a new enemy rises in the South Pole.   
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:30 am

Story 2: The Chronometal Panic
Prologue: Unanimous

Ten chairs, surrounding a large desk filled with many important looking files, are all filled by politicians, soldiers and scientists.

They all look around to each other and to the report in their hands, seemingly out of breath. One man, seemingly the leader of this get-together gets out of his chair and nears the large screen on the far wall.

He enters a disk into a device and images display across the board in 3 dimensions. He turns to address the men with a stern look on his face.

"Gentlemen. The reports we received one year ago tipped us to a possible terrorist attack. I believe I speak for all of us when I say, this was no mere terrorist attack and no-one saw it really turned out to be; coming." The men in the chairs fidget around, either out of fear or anticipation. The leader continues.

"Almost the entire City of Megaville was wiped out during the past 48 hours by- this." The images switch to a three dimensional picture of World's End. "A... floating base of operations for the Knights- a group of people, once our own citizens, who betrayed their country and killed countless people over the span of only a year." The leader coughs into a fisted hand before continuing.

"We don't have as many details as we would want, due in part to the work of one of the Knight's insurgents killing off all of our scouting parties. All we have is witness testimony and a few photographs." One of the men in the circle speak up. "Sir, what happened to the base, Sir?"

The picture changes again, this time to what looks like a group of children. "We have nothing concrete, but these individuals are what happened to the base." --- "Sir, with all due respect, these are just children, Sir!" --- "Need I remind you of the roster of most of the Knights, soldier? Kids. Children. Freaks of nature are what nearly destroyed an entire City!"

The leader points his finger at each individual kid. "We have learned most of their names and their ages. Not a single one of them is above the age of eighteen and only one of them are human." The men in the circle start talking amongst each other, others completely silent. "Quiet!" He orders, obliged quickly.

One of the scientists rise from their chair and addresses the captain. "Captain, uhh- sir! What do you mean that only one of them are human? ... uh- sir!" --- "At ease, professor. For this occasion only, I will accept that only my men call me, Sir. Cut the pleasantries and speak your... science speak."

He looks around the table, all other nine men are under him, the only one outside his jurisdiction is the scientist. He smirks slightly. "Almost one hundred years ago, the emergence of 'super-humans' was opened to the public. Some used their powers against civilization- possibly for selfish gain, while others believed in Humanity and sided with us. These are some of those freaks of nature."

"Sir... uh, I mean... *cough* Didn't you mention that one of them WAS human?" The captain takes out an extendable pointer and thrusts it to the only male party member. "This young man, I'm sure all of you know." The people in the chairs look around to each other in confusion. "No? How about now." He flicks a switch and the picture changes to a young red haired man in a lab-coat.

Small gasps and words flood the room quietly. "Wait, Sir- I MEAN... *sigh* Isn't that Dexter? Don't we work in joint operations with him all the time for the good of the world?" The leader crosses his arms behind his back and sighs. "He was once a great asset to our great country, but disturbing pictures, evidence and testimony prove that he is no longer on the side of Humanity."

"Can you be more specific, Captain?" He raises an eyebrow before switching the picture back to the entire group. "Look what two of the five are wearing. It looks like a suit of armor, right?" --- "You mean, Dexter? He is wearing a suit of... armor? Was it one of his many inventions?" --- "Over 90% of our info says that it is not, however, the majority have garbled rumors that it was once his- but it was stolen by the Knights and remade to look like that."

The captain continues after changing the picture to an in depth view of Model D. "According to not-so-detailed rumors we patched together, this was originally some sort of girl-android." The scientist looks deeply at the Metal, specifically at the hair and joints. "Sir...?" The captain looks over to the scientist. "Do you remember Dexter's family?" --- "Hmm... I remember his parents clearly, but I do recall him having a sister, though I know little of her. Why?"

"Look at the hair... and the legs, captain." The captain pauses as he looks around the image in 3 dimensions. A few of the men in the chairs fidget as they look themselves, but none of them are saying anything. "It looks a lot like... Deedee, Dexter's sister." The captain looks at the scientist, before he looks back at the Image. "Hmmm..." He mumbles to himself. "Interesting, but how is this useful to us, professor?" He asks with high expectations.

"Well, sir; you said the Knights finalized this Armor, yes? What if- and bear with me. What if they made it look like his sister on purpose?" --- "Meaning?" --- "Well, what if they threatened to do something to her? If Dexter was working with them, what if it was to save his sister?" The captain looks around the room. "Before I answer that, before this briefing, one of you Men wanted to give me a certain document pertaining to something related to this?"

One of the men rises from his chair in salute. "Sir, yes, sir!" He picks up a file and walks to the captain. "Thank you, return to your post." After a small exchange of formalities the captain reads the file. After a short duration he lowers from the stand and hands the file to the scientist. "W-what is it? ... ..." The captain says nothing and returns to the stand.

The scientist sighs and the captain addresses the entire room. "What was in that file clarified Dexter's sister's relationship with this armor. A few years ago, Dexter was in a horrible battle with one of his lifelong rivals, Susan 'Mandark' and it ended in his sister's death." The scientist puts the file down and speaks up. "Wasn't Mandark also working for the government?" --- "Yes, but they both mortally despised each other and shortly after this accident- Mandark never showed his face here again."

The captain changes the picture to show a low definition picture from 1 year ago labeled 'The first crash.' The scientist gulps as the picture comes on screen and the captain looks at him, they both know what's about to be said. "The file pertained to the unfortunate insanity of Susan 'Mandark' which led to his incarceration to a mental facility where a couple years ago, he inexplicably disappeared from."

He raises his pointer to a far away 'thing' in the picture. "This picture was taken after what was called 'The first war' after Megaville was being suspended in mid-air. The being you see in here is none-other than Mandark, wearing yet another piece of armor." --- "Captain, This file also speaks about Mandark's death a few years ago, almost all rumors point to him both being dead and being in the wars. What does this mean?"

The captain sighs. He changes the picture again, to a snapshot of three people in military armors. "Almost 2 years ago, we caught wind of what we initially thought was a terrorist plot and we dispatched what was to be a top-secret mission to the undergrounds of Megaville. What we found was a labyrinth that was specifically protected against scanning technology that was in the works for over twenty years."

He changes the picture to what looks like a factory and continues. "What they eventually found out was this was initially a base for the Knights, where they constructed machines that were used in the 'First War.' There was a gigantic machine known primarily as 'M' or 'Malignancy' to the Knights. Even though their words made no logical sense, this is what they picked up on a spying mission."

The captain leaves the stand and turns off the projector before activating a sound device. Voices surround the room.

"... ... *Kchrrrk...* ... *Pshshhhhht*"

Quiet girl's voice: "How much longer before he comes back?"
Commanding man's voice: "This is still phase one, those three are wreaking havoc in our base, it could take weeks for it to reach full power unless we do something."
Deep man's voice: "What are we waiting for? Let's initiate phase two!"
Commanding man's voice: "Not yet, Malignancy is not at full power, yet. They are primarily guerrilla based right now, if they keep up their ineffective efforts... we will reach the desired power in less then a day."
Loud woman's voice: "So let's just kill them already!"
Commanding man's voice: "They are far too powerful as of right now. If we can activate some of our machines, we can attack them upfront."
Quiet girl's voice: "Can't we just use Mandark himself? He's far from defenseless."

A few people in the room gasp as the audio continues.

Commanding man's voice: "Their power may yet be enough to stop Malignancy in its current state, I would not activate it unless we are 100% ready."
Loud woman's voice: "So what's the plan, Boss?"
*Short pause.*
Commanding man's voice: "Unfortunately, It is very likely that those three are feeding information to the military, we must commence phase two soon... Regardless of our preparation. I've already picked a location to set it in."
Quiet girl's voice: "Damn those people... can't they see what we are doing? I will never forgive them if they kill Susan. If they even TRY to hurt my brother, they are DEAD!"

The men start talking amongst each other quietly.

The captain turns off the audio device and returns to the stand and activates a picture of what looks like a mechanical volcano at first glance, but seems to have extremities; arms and a head.

"The audio cut off there and we lost information on the three until a few days after that transmission. What you see here was the aforementioned 'Malignancy'. This picture was taken the day before the three lost contact with us indefinitely. On that same day, Dexter contacted us mentioning that there was a large energy surge on the outskirts of Megaville right before it came under attack by robots."

"What does all of this mean, Captain? What does Mandark, or even DEXTER have to do with any of this?" The captain shakes his head and turns the picture one again to one of the Chronometal Model D.

"Although I hate to even mention this mumbo-jumbo, almost all of the survivors from the crash at the 'second war' mention that the Powerpuff girls and Dexter constantly referred to the Armors as "Soul cases" or something like it. Apparently, Mandark was something called 'Model M' and it brought him back from the dead and created what was eventually called Malignancy."

He shakes his head before continuing. "What's more, the survivors mention that the machine that nearly destroyed the city this time was ALSO called Malignancy and was ALSO called Model M, who is in this case- the dead spirit of Susan 'Mandark' Astronomonov." --- "H-How can we take any of this as fact?" --- "The proof is in the pudding, Professor."

He switches the picture to one that shows a Small girl in a black dress. "Our own men dispatched mentioned a girl, roughly around the age of thirteen, give or take- was mentioned by multiple citizens by the name of Lynn. Our own men saw her take on machines that not even a hundred people could hope to tackle- on her own and without breaking a sweat."

"W-Well aren't the Powerpuff girls that strong too?" --- "Hardly, she is roughly 300% stronger then the Powerpuff girls... or at least she was at one point." --- "Well, what does she prove?" --- "We have multiple mentions that state that she was the one who started all of this." --- "What?"

"We have multiple sources that claim to of eavesdropped on her conversations with the group of heroes, mostly with one "Bubbles" of the Powerpuff girls that mention her starting all of this and being called the 'Black Mother.' Our men support this information with multiple witnesses claiming giant mechanical worms recognized her as "The Black Mother" and returning to their base."

The scientist sits down and thinks to himself...

"The Powerpuff girls knew of this all along. The Knights even mention the 'Black Mother' as the underlying Cog behind their master plan and she was the original creator of Model M, better known as Malignancy. They not only harbored the criminal who nearly destroyed the city, but they helped her do it too!"

The scientist gulps as the situation goes on, fearing the captain's next words.

"This girl created Model M for the Knights, who killed countless people through the span of two years, nearly destroyed the city and they continue to roam other cities with these abominable 'Chronometals' of theirs and now we have reports that a Gigantic Model M is in the south pole, attacking all forts stationed there, the entire continent was abandoned and we have reports of South America and Australia coming under attack from 'Unknown Beings.'"

He turns off the projector and walks to the end of the stand.

"We all know what must be done with these, terrorists. They are harboring criminals and they are responsible for the construction of the south pole Model M! They are planning on world Domination and it is up to us to stop them!"

"What is it... you are planning, captain...?" The scientist lets out sheepishly. "We must track down and Kill these freaks of nature before they can cause any more damage to the world!" --- "W-What?! That's insane! We have no solid proof they have done anything!" The captain looks at the scientist.

"How about... numbers, mister scientist? Over two million 'confirmed' deaths have been registered in the southern hemisphere from these unknown assailants in under a week, countless millions unknown. We have proof of what Model M is and of what Model D is. It is obvious they are planning to take over the world, or something even MORE sinister."

"This is madness! You can't just say that they all must die! We have to take a vote and it MUST be unanimous as the rules of this circle state!" --- "You are right, professor. All those in favor of bringing the freaks to justice, say I."

The entire room excluding the scientist yell out 'I' as if they were programmed.

"All those appose?" --- "NAY!" He yells out. "Then it's settled, the freaks die." --- "W-What?! I said NAY! It was not unanimous!" --- "Really? The nine of nine, 100% say otherwise." --- "But... There's ten...!" The captain pulls out a gun.

"NO WAIT-" He screams in futility as a bullet enters his mouth and he collapses to the ground, the men around stare blankly at the bloody actions of their ranking officer. "As I said. Unanimous-

They die."


And so, the Panic begins. A new story unravels and soon, the heroes are going to have to make VERY tough decisions.

Will they stick by Humanity's side, even if they turn on them?
Will they run away, leaving humanity to fight Model M?
Or will they fight the humans for their own lives?

I guess we will find out.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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First part of the second story. What seems so familiar is now so different.


Story 2: The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 1: Shared Pain
Part 1: Funtastrophe

A hoarse gale blows across the fearful air. The entire planet has been put on alert like it never has before- the end is a stone's throw away... and crawling ever closer.

Model M, known to the public as the 'Planetary Malignance' levels city after city in its never-ending quest to destroy.

A sonic Boom is heard in the distance, and before long- the statue of the redeemer is eclipsed by 4 heroes.

"We didn't get a lot of time to prepare. But here it is, our first time in action against this 'new' enemy." --- "It sucks that we get the ENTIRE western hemisphere while ALL the other heroes take the others." --- "This isn't time for that, Buttercup, we've got company." She fires off ahead. "Hey, Blossom! WAIT!" She follows quickly. The 2 remaining heroes shrug and fly down.

A very large barricade is in place from every major western power. Should this wall fall, the momentum the enemies would pick up would be nearly unstoppable. The group's only male member strikes the ground next to the American sergeant near the blockade.

"Any info on the enemies?" --- "Ahh, Dexter. Good timing. We don't have too much information, they are moving so fast and viciously that we can only get satellite data. They seem to be small ground-bound machines that target any signs of humans. Camps, cities, everything."

A local law enforcement shows up and coughs as he tries to speak to the sergeant. "Sir, there are... THINGS outside Rio! They will be here very soon! Hundreds, THOUSANDS!" --- "Well that's what we expected. This city is the largest within thousands of miles, these scum would flock here like flies to shit. That's why we are here- that's why THEY are here." He pats Dexter on the shoulder. "We are counting on you, Dexter!"

"Girls, we are moving out- they are close!" --- "Well, at least this will be fun, even if we have to do EVERYTHING here." The four fly off to the south, and it is not long before they witness the writhing mob. Still in mid-air, the blue one speaks up to Dexter. "I forget... why isn't... uh- Barasia here again?" --- "She had personal things to take care of, a lot of them. We wont hear from her for a while."

"And we're live!" Buttercup exclaims as she dives into the mass. "Be careful Butter-" --- "DAMMIT I'M IMMORTAL AND PISSED! I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!" She roars as she tears the machines to bits. "Be careful Bubbles, we are with you!" Blossom reassures her before she too- dives into the mass. "Just be sure to collect a few souvenirs, you don't want to be the only one left out, do you?" Dexter jests as he crashes into a mob as if they were bowling pins.

"You guys...!" She fumes as she is the only one left above the hoard. "Ngh!" She closes her eyes and rips into the robots!

" 'Scuse me!" --- "Coming through!" --- "Ten one shot, Eleven one shot..." --- "Ahh!" They all mutter to themselves as they seem to turn this catastrophe into a little game.

Whatever machines make it through are made short work of at the gigantic wall, no REAL threat yet. But they can't help but think what smaller, unguarded towns are like. They cannot be everywhere at once, and this is the best they can do...

"HSSSSSSSS!" The machines blare out as they try- in vain, to strike any of the 4 heroes only to be taunted and eviscerated. "See? This- whoa- isn't so bad. Hehe..." Buttercup lets out as she nimbly dodges attack after attack. Until that is- one lands a glancing blow, drawing blood. "YOUSONOFA-" She seethes as she rips it to shreds, taking its comrades with it.

"This isn't much, but at least I won't get rusty..." Dexter sighs out as he parries and disembowels the machines with break-neck speed. "Or... maybe I will..." He says as he nearly yawns.

"If it's THAT mind-numbing, try making it harder. Take on- oh I don't know... A hundred at a time!" Blossom yelps out as she corrals the machines into a large ball. "Nope, still easy. Oh well." She huffs as the machines explode on a moment's notice.

"You all make it- AHH- seem so easy!" Bubbles states as she delivers precise- but slow attacks on the machines. One by one, they fall. And one by one, she flies back up to find a safe target. "Muhh..." She blubbers.


"We got a... disturbing message from HQ... you might want to look at it yourself." The private hands his commanding officer a note from the machine. As he reads it, his face slowly descends into one of disbelief. "This... can't be right- I won't do it." --- "I know what you mean Sergeant, but look at the clearance code. It's the top, Sir."

"DAMN!" He yells flatly as he bangs on the wall. "How can they Expect us to-" --- "What if they are right? What if they DID do what they say?" --- "Then how do you explain what they are doing now?" --- "I can't. But HQ can, I assure you. Are you willing to forsake your job, your career over a friendship? Or are you going to trust your country?"

The sergeant eyes the private as if he were an enemy. "You would blindly obey this abomination of an order?!" --- "Of course not, But that's not in my jurisdiction, I will file a complaint myself after this is done. We are here to make the hard decisions, Sergeant. Or have you forgotten?" --- "I didn't forget... it's just... damn!" The ranking officer gnashes his teeth together, causing small noises to be heard from his mouth.

"I hereby promote you to Sergeant on the grounds that your Commanding Officer cannot follow his orders, and has lost the will to fight." He states enigmatically. "I... understand sir, I am sorry." The newly promoted sergeant rises and calls for other law enforcement to take away his formerly ranking officer. "He has deserted the fight, I call for a dishonorable discharge. Goodbye, and good luck..." He somberly nods as he is dragged out of the war-zone.

Now alone, he sighs as he picks up the hardline to contact the cannon operators. "Did you get the notice too?" --- "Yes, we are awaiting your orders." The new sergeant pauses for a small moment... "Fire at will..." --- "Y-Yes sir..."


The 'Planetary Malignance' is spreading, and humanity is growing 'panicked.'

Let's see what happens, shall we?
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Shit is about to get panicky up in this bitch.


Story 2: The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 1: Shared Pain
Part 2: Fate's Quick Rebuttal

Bits of machine lay strewn on the ground, steam and smoke rising from their wreckage. One tries to skitter away, before it is caught by a young man. "Where do you think you are go... ...!?" He trails off as he notices something ghastly under the Machine's insect form. Even through its constant hisses and clatters, he notices a small... bulge in its core.

"What... the... h-hell...?!" He stammers out. He digs into the bulge as the machine lets out one final cry and what He finds in it will possibly scar him for life, perhaps the most disturbing thing he has ever seen, even during his terrifying excursions into darkness and sin itself.

He merely looks at it in disbelief as the machine slowly dies. "K...ill... meeeEEEEE!!!"

The being he pulled out of the core was a young man, no older than 10, crying out in pain, bathed in blood and begging for death! Dexter disconnects the kid from the machine, only to feel him wrench in pain- as the last wire comes undone, he lets out a soft groan as all life leaves his form.

He gently places the boy on the ground, all color leaving Dexter's face. He walks over to another- dead machine. Upon opening it up, he nearly gags.

All of the machines he and his friends were killing seemingly for sport were none other then humans...

"Dexter, where are- oh, there you are. What are you do- ...?!" Blossom lets out, also stopped by the gravity of the situation. "Oh, my... g..." She says as she nearly expels on the spot. The being inside the robot rapidly decomposed with a terrified look on its face, the body is mutilated and filled with tubes and wires.

"How... what, I mean we... just- killed, them?! But... they were- ugh..." Blossom fumbles her words and thoughts as she tries to put things into perspective. "This is worse than we thought, Blossom." He rises and looks around the Battlefield. "There were thousands of these things and if they were all Humans... humans taken from other cities and villages Model M conquered... then that means we..."

He shakes his head. "I... don't know what to do, anymore... do we stop them like before?" --- "We... have to, don't we? If we don't, MORE people will become like... like that. And besides, aren't the already dead?" Dexter gulps. "No, Blossom, they were alive until the instant we killed them."

*The 2 other heroes fly in a little later and are filled in on the situation...*

Bubbles is facing the wreckage, taking it all in, as Buttercup stands in the middle of the group, deep in thought. "So, Dexter... you are saying you, saw one of these people before he died?" Dexter nods somberly. "This can't change too much-" --- "What are you saying, Buttercup?!" Bubbles lashes out with! "We can't just destroy them! There are people inside! We have to tell everyone!" --- "Tell everyone to do what? Stop attacking them so that THEY can get corrupted too?"

Blossom interjects and pushes them both to the side. "Stop, Both of you. This is getting us nowhere. While I agree with Buttercup, these things are still more than a little dangerous and they must be stopped at all costs- I am more than inclined to agree that these are still living, breathing people. Killing them right off the bat would be... wrong..."

"So what do you suggest?" Both Buttercup and Bubbles ask. "I... don't know, yet. We need more information. Bubbles, fly above the battlefield and see if you can see a living specimen anywhere, you too Buttercup. Dexter and I will contact the professor and the Base and tell them what we saw." Everyone nods as they take their positions.

Bubbles squints as she views something far off in the distance. "Hey... what's that over there?" Dexter looks up at Bubbles and the direction she is facing. "That's the high power 'Meta-cannon' designed by the professor and I to be deployed here in case something huge came along." --- "Ohh... you designed it to look like a ball, that's odd." --- "Well, it's spherical to spread impact, but it has a large protruding cannon." Dexter says as he pays no mind to Bubbles.

"Are you sure? I don't see any... oh wait, there it is. It's pointing in this direction so looking right at it made it look like it wasn't there." Dexter squints as if he is remembering something urgent, he looks back up to Bubbles. "Are you sure it's pointing at us?" --- "Yeah, now that I know what I'm looking for, I can see the cannon pointing at the battlefield." Dexter shakes his head and Blossom walks over. "Didn't you say the cannon was too dangerous to have looking at the battlefield if we were on it?" --- "Yes, that's exactly what Utonium and I forced the army to agree to if they constructed it."

Blossom looks over to Buttercup, who is pretty much indifferent to the boring situation. "Buttercup, can you go tell the people over there to turn the cannon away?" --- "Sigh... FIIIIIINE." She drolls out boorishly.

But as soon as she starts flying off, a quaking noise fires off in the distance. "What the he-" --- "BUBBLES!" Buttercup screams out as she intercepts the shot! She raises both of her arms to block the attack, but the large aptly designed round penetrates both of her arms and into- and then through her skull!

"BUTTERCUP!!!" Bubbles screams out, flying off to her, only to have another noise fire off in the distance, this time- hitting Bubbles!


Yeah, that just happened. Let's see how the group handles it.

(Note: My spell-check failed in pasting this, so If there are errors- I apologize.)
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Final part of the first chapter:


Story 2: The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 1: Shared Pain
Part 3: Flare

Everyone stands in paralysis of the situation at hand.

The cannon Dexter and Utonium designed to destroy things much more powerful than themselves has fired upon them.

Buttercup falls to the ground with a gaping hole in her skull.

Bubbles falls to the ground with one less arm.

"No..." Blossom stammers with- baffled. She is so frightened that she cannot move.

"GHAAA!" Buttercup screams out, now having fully regenerated. "I AM GOING TO KI-" She yells out, before she notices Bubbles. "BUBBLES!!!" She flies off to her and catches her in her arms. Her eyes are closed, she is knocked out by the pain and shock of the situation. Buttercup's face loses all color as she realizes that Bubbles has only one arm.

Dexter breaks out of the stupor and clenches his fist and bares his fangs! "I AM GOING TO KILL THEM ALL!" He explodes out as he takes off beyond the speed of sound! Blossom lets out words of objection, but he cannot hear her- and even if he did it is likely he would not heed them.

As he takes off toward the cannon, it fires again- which he nimbly dodges. Mere seconds later he crashes through the cannon wall!

As soon as he lands he locates the cannon operator and strangles him as he holds him in the air, above the fusion reactor below. "WHY?" He yells out at the the helpless man. "Ihhht... wusss our- gak- ordersss! *gasp*" He floats above the reactor and squeezes harder. "AND YOU FOLLOWED THEM?! YOU FUCKING-" He yells out as he lets go- "SCUM!" The man hoarsely screams in protest before he falls into the reactor, causing a red glow to permeate the cannon for a short while before it initiates a self destruct system.

His eyes aflame; he looks at the other people as they scramble to leave the cannon. "None of you are leaving this place alive... You followed your orders to the grave!"


"We have to get her back to the house!" Buttercup yells out. "No, Dexter's lab is closer and is better stocked- you get the Professor, I'll put her in the lab!" Buttercup nods as she flies off. Blossom gently lifts Bubbles up and cradles her. "Why did this happen...?" Blossom asks herself as she notices the cannon exploding. "Dexter..."


Dexter stands in awe of the situation. All of the scientists and soldiers he just recently worked with and fought along-side with lay dead at his feet, by his hand. "You all put yourselves in this situation. Not me. Count yourself lucky I gave you all a swift death, Model M wouldn't of been so kind." He states grimly as he walks out of the cannon before it melts down completely.


With Bubbles on the operation table, Buttercup flies down with Utonium in toe. "Oh my god; Bubbles!" He lets out worried. Her arm is in a thick cast with chemicals being poured into her. Blossom is only partly in sight, as she constantly messes with devices to check her vitals. "I... think she's going to be okay. This is not going to be a smooth week though..."


Dexter floats above the city of Rio de Janeiro and looks toward the battlefield. "They want us dead? In the middle of this crisis?" He pauses, fuming. He thinks to himself deeply, never leaving the sight of the Battlefield or the mental image of the young man who died in his arms. "Model M will be the death of them all..."


"She's stable, and I cauterized the wound. We should take her back to the house." Blossom orders. "How did this happen?" Utonium blubbers out, still never getting an answer.

They don't know what happened themselves. Their supposed 'allies' Humanity, have turned on them. None of them know why, and none of them know what is going to happen next.

*An hour or so later, Dexter arrives at the house to meet them all nursing Bubbles.*

"Is she okay?" Dexter asks somberly. Blossom merely nods, avoiding eye contact. The professor leaves the kitchen with a bowl of hearty looking soup as he locks eyes with Dexter. If anyone is going to know what happened, it would be him. They merely nod at each other as Utonium places the soup on the table and jostles Bubbles awake.

She hazilly makes out the room, before starting to panic, noticing she is missing her right arm. "Shh, calm down Bubbles. You are fine." Blossom lets out as hallow reassurance. "B-But my arm...!" She blubbers out nearly going back into shock. She slowly rises to a sitting stance and eyes the soup on the table. She looks around, everyone is here worried about her. She doesn't have time to worry about herself while other people do the same.

She rubs her cast, the cannon bullet took off her entire arm and shoulder with artistic precision. She lets off an innocent statement to ease the tension. "I'm not too good with my left arm... haha..." Dexter and Utonium walk away as Bubbles starts eating the soup, having difficulty holding the spoon.


As they enter the basement, the Professor's lab, they look around and close the door. They sit down next to a very well designed safe.

"What happened over there Dexter?" --- "The government... or perhaps indeed all of humanity has marked us as a threat, and seek to wipe us off the face of the world." --- "That's... *sigh* Why haven't they come 'here' yet?" Dexter diverts his eyes as he remembers his actions in the cannon. "The last soldier I killed said that it was a very new order, chances are it hasn't been fully spread yet."

He continues with mock reassurance in his eyes. "And I would love to think that even if it were spread, it would take a longer time due to some of them disobeying the order. I think we have a day at most to plan out what we are going to do." Dexter's Chronometal enhanced ears pick up the door opening, but he ignores it. Part of him wants whoever is there to hear what he is about to say. He is tired of holding it in.

"I think it's time we put the chemical to use, I think we have no choice." --- "But... that's..." Dexter shakes his head. "We prepared it for a time like this. The world is going to end, and everyone is going to be enslaved into a life of permanent pain and torture. After that, there is no guarantee the wildlife and well-being of the planet would be preserved."

Utonium grimly nods. He opens the safe and produces a seemingly invisible chemical in a large vial. He eyes it as if he were looking at the very end of the world. Dexter spouts words indirectly targeting the person at the door. "With this, all of humanity will be killed over night, painlessly. This is the best we can do."

Dexter snatches the chemical and goes upstairs, the person at the door now vacated.

As he enters the room, everyone is looking at him, each with different emotions across their face.

"Dexter...?" Blossom asks sheepishly.


His actions may seem erratic and the Chemical may seem overdoing it and quickly added, but trust me. This has been going on for a longer time than I've let on. The chemical is already "Perfected."
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:01 am

Sorry It has been a while, but no- There will be no part here.

A week and a half ago my computer decided It would be funny to overheat and melt the processor.

Over 2 chapters of work (As well as the entire computer.) has been lost overnight and I'm a little disheartened by it. The only consolation is that the rest of it is On this site.

I might post in a couple weeks or months, or whenever I feel like it.

(Big Edit)

I am going to do something I wanted to do for a while but never found the opening for, I will post it here in this useless post. Make it a little less useless.

While I was writing the entire Story I listened to certain songs as It pertained to certain characters, and it changed as I wrote, as did the tempo of the very story. Basically, I will post songs based on Characters themes as I listened to them as I wrote. They fit as I wrote so I think they fit now.

The themes change as the characters themselves change, so I will post the timeline and link Themes based on the timeline. Numbers will link to the person and theme based on the timeline.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War (1)
The Panic (2)
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War (3-4)
Ruination War (4)
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(3-10 year gap)
Ancient War(5)
(5 year gap)
Justice War (5-6)

The numbers below pertain to the numbers just above, the themes of the characters and/or the entire story change based on how the story progresses. Use the numbers and descriptions to see how they fit with the characters.

1: Blossom and Dexter's theme before the Chronometal panic, during the first and second wars and the Prologue.

I chose Silver's theme not because I like him, or the game. They are both horrible. The song however is melodic and the lyrics pertain to Their actions perfectly. An obvious choice. They lose this theme after that part though.

2: Dexter's theme during only the Chronometal Panic.

Dexter Finally snapped after (and somewhat during) the second war's end. I listened to this song much more than others because I knew what Direction I wanted the story to head into. This theme is Dexter's, but I sort of thought of it as the theme of the entire Panic itself.

3: Barasia's theme before the Black War.

Other than the obvious connections to her color, it also relates to her mystery and strength. I had implemented Barasia as a mysterious and powerful entity, this song works well for what I was going for and listened to it as I wrote most of her lines.

4: Bubbles theme during the Black and Ruination War.

Yes, Bubbles. I give her one of the heaviest roles in the entire story at this point, even down to one arm due to the actions in 'The Panic' she quickly becomes one of the brightest beacons of light in the world. All villains fear her and her new demeanor. She is the world's last hope- as the name of the war entails. She never falters in the face of impossible odds. Cap's theme is perfect for her. Godspeed, heroes...

5: Blossom's theme during the Ancient and Justice wars. Hasn't changed, she just loses it and regains it 1000-5000 years later. Whodathunk.

6: Barasia 101's Theme.

Barasia Clone 101. Yeah, giant spoiler. The real story is actually getting to that point and what makes 101 more important than the others. This theme screams everything I was going to make her. The absolute essence of the ultimate.

She is the only "hero" in my story that was outside of the threads of fate, not bound by the Ark. Her destiny is truly her own. With that power, she is constantly being influenced by people who claim she is their Friend, Another clone, and Model M.

In the end she ends up doing whatever the Hell she wants.


These are basically the themes to each character, as well as the theme of the entire story during those moments. This is what I was feeling, just thought I would share that. Spoilers were added on purpose, I think the readers needed SOMETHING, you know?
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Unlimited » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:26 pm

I am going to ignore that last post and say...

Holy crap! Things are getting serious, serious, SERIOUS!!
What will happen?! What will become of our likeable characters?! What will become of the world?!
All I can do... is wait.

Yes, people, I actually read this. It's not easy, but I read it anyway.
And sorry about your computer. I am assuming EVERY bit of data on your computer was, how do I put this, erased?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:38 am

Unlimited wrote:I am going to ignore that last post and say...

Holy crap! Things are getting serious, serious, SERIOUS!!
What will happen?! What will become of our likeable characters?! What will become of the world?!
All I can do... is wait.

Yes, people, I actually read this. It's not easy, but I read it anyway.
And sorry about your computer. I am assuming EVERY bit of data on your computer was, how do I put this, erased?

Ooh, ooh, a customer!
(Yells Chinese at my adopted Daughter.)

Thank you so much for once again posting, Unlimited. Your praise is very helpful to keep me going: especially since I did indeed lose everything.

So yes, my entire computer went bye bye a couple weeks ago, I'm thankful I left the rest of the story on this site.

As for my most recent post, it was just to say my computer incinerated itself, and I just posted some music links, not so much for other people as it was for me: So I can quickly listen to them while I edit my story.

Also: I can't tell if your first paragraph is actual enthusiasm, or if you are teasing me. :(

Either way, it's good to have a serious poster, so thank you.

I will continue on the story soon-ish, for anyone else reading. :grin:
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:18 am

Mmkay, it's been a while. But here is the next part. Keep in mind with was on a new computer, so the overall format of the story may of changed a bit, but nothing else has.


The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Force
Part 1: The Shadow Clad Book

Dexter stands in the doorway to the basement, being looked upon by the Powerpuffs. Bubbles with a face of
fear, Buttercup with an almost surprised look, and Blossom with one of disbelief.

"Dexter, what were you guys talking about? What is this... this chemical?" Dexter carries an emotionless face
as Utonium comes out of the basement. "Maybe it's time we tell them, Dexter?" He merely nods, never relenting
his lock on Blossom.

The professor raises the vial to eye level, with a very light pink haze within it. "G-Girls... this... um..." Dexter gently
takes the chemical from the professor and continues. "Ever since the middle of the first war, Mr. Utonium and I conducted
research on the shards of Model M. What we eventually found, is what you all know: It grows based on the sins and evil
nature of all Humanity. Pain, Sadness, ill-gotten happiness, death... and we found, as we released this information to the
public, it escalated in growth. Almost 10% in one day."

He shakes the vial around a bit. The incredibly thin gas within doesn't even change position. "Of course, that alone would
not be proper justification for mass genocide, would it? Of course not, but as men of science, we continued along with
whatever this path would bring us to. We found that there was a decomposing gaseous element within Model M's husk.
Blossom-" Blossom's head rises to meet his words. "You and I are the only witnesses to what this gas has done to the world
should it of been released by Model M." --- "The dead world..." Dexter nods. "Yes..." Blossom shakes her head-" But we just
stopped the world from becoming that, you would of fought all this time only to send it back to hell?!"

Dexter shakes his head and smirks a small bit. "No, no... Blossom. Unlike you, I didn't fight to save the world. I fought to save
you, who in turn fought to save the world... but outside of that fact, this is not the main goal of this element." He raises the
beaker once more, looking at it intently. "Through the entirety of the first and second wars, only until its end, we conducted
endless research on this compound, and research on the Model itself." He lowers the vial to look at the three girls.

"Our finished product is something that does not end all life. But indeed, only ends all Human life. Not painfully, but in fact:
as painlessly as possible. Our goal? Should the spread of Model M be so far spread, and our resources too thinned to deal
with the infection, we can cut off its power source with no permanent damage to the earth as a whole."

The three girls merely stare at him as if he were a mad-man. Bubbles is the first to speak up. "How could you even think of
doing something like that?!" --- "They are going to die any-" --- "That's not what I said! Aren't you a Hero, Dexter?! K...Killing
people should never be an option!" Blossom speaks up. "I am inclined to agree, it would only be a good plan if you were: say,
a zookeeper in a pen, and some animals were infected. Taking them out would be the right thing lest everything dies, but
you are not the Earth-keeper, you are not a higher being, Dexter! We cannot kill them all simply because there is an
Infection! There is no guarantee that Model M will win! We cannot resort to this genocide!"

Buttercup stays silent...

Dexter hands the vial to Utonium who merely nods and heads back into the basement.

"Genocide... huh? Murder? Taking... them out? Is that what you think this is? Is that what you think I have become? A
mindless murderer? Someone with a foggy view of the world ending it for... 'its own good?' Blossom, you were there. We
were both there. You saw the absolute carnage in the end. A silent death, where everyone died, where EVERYTHING died."

He raises a clenched fist and diverts his eyes. "We stopped the Chronometal Wars. That particular future is gone. But..."
He looks to the ceiling. As if he is looking through it, to the clouds. "An even worse future is ahead of us, a future where not
even the sands remain, the entire world is on the verge of total destruction. And what heralds this new future? Not
Mandark, not anymore. It is the damn humans, the all of humanity that has turned its back on us and doomed the world.
Model M will feed on their anger, their murders, their pain... grow infinitely in strength until not even a single human
remains- until not even a single life-form remains! We are looking at a future Ten times worse than the one foretold before."

Dexter chuckles slightly... "And what do they do? What does humanity do? They turn their guns on the only heroes left, the
only people who understand this war. If it wasn't for quick thinking; all of us, save Buttercup, would of died in that field. Then
what would happen? Something far worse than what this chemical will do." Bubbles shakes her head. "Are you STILL trying
to justify murder? STOP IT! We cannot resort to anything like that! That is insane!"

Blossom sputters out: "Y... Yeah..." --- "Blossom?" Bubbles asks. Blossom says nothing, deep in thought. Buttercup looks over
her, as if she is reading her very mind. She closes her eyes and faces the floor. "Are... are all three of you saying you would
openly declare war on Humanity while there is a greater enemy out there?! MODEL M IS THE ENEMY! NOT THEM!" She rises
from the couch and paces around the room. Never parting eyes with Dexter.

"Think about this, genius boy. If we release this chemical, how will it affect everyone at once? And who is to say that you
will survive it?" Dexter merely laughs a small bit. "What now?!" He shakes his head. "There is something that will indeed
affect all of the world at once, and hopefully, if it works perfectly, not even I will remain." Blossom and Bubbles eye Dexter.

"You will... kill yourself?" --- "To save this world. Yes. Utonium and I came up with this plan after the first war's end. Should
an event ever rise that we could never remedy, we would cushion the blow to the world by sacrificing Humanity, as well as
ourselves to save the world."


Rivalries are budding now. Let's see how each hero's interpretation of the word "hero" holds up.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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