The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars

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This page contains Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the beginning of Chapter 6.

Birdofterror's: The Chronometal Wars
NC-13: Literary Nudity, Blood, Medium to Harsh Language, etc. All those good things.
Credit goes to: Bleedman and Beeare for use of their world and several of their Characters, and Griddles for use of one of his Characters later on. Obviously to the creators of the cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network among other stations for use of their characters as well.

This is a Fan-Fiction of Bleedman and Beeare's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. It involves time travel and every character from the PPGD universe, and several who are not. Each chapter is split into 3 manageable parts to be read individually without risk of overwhelming the reader with the burden of a gigantic super-chapter. Read at your leisure.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter One: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
Part One: Baby steps

The sound of machinery clicks, whirs and beeps in the background... Not a soul in sight, though this area is suited to such a defiant existence. Primitive robots tend to the essential upkeep of the machinery here, though dust is in layers in areas. It is not cold, despite the shaded iron and steel that makes this area... some might even call it; cozy.

Dust still dances in the air as unfamiliar sounds are heard echoing the corridors of iron. A long, loud and invasive siren has been going off the last 30 or so seconds with the words: "TIME MINUS 30 SECONDS UNTIL REVIVAL" splayed across a computer monitor. The robots respond with an electric pace; clearing the immediate area of rubble and debris.


"TEN... NINE... EIGHT..." The computer talking with voiceless words, addressing no flesh that would interpret it, only robots that need not read to understand the situation:

...She is awakening...

"ONE... REVIVAL COMMENCING." Steam shoots out of a cylindrical machine and gears twist and crack. The robots are watching, scanning... making sure all is fine for her arrival, they have been waiting oh so patiently. A thick greenish blue liquid inside the machine, visible only a couple inches in bubbles and drains...

"STANDBY...” The liquid continues to drain, the person inside now barely visible from the top of the cranium. This machine, probably the only one not in disrepair performs its one and only job under the constant surveillance of metal beings... their only job: maintaining this machine and making sure the being inside is awakened at this- exact time.

"DRAINING COMPLETE... OPENING TANK... STANDBY..." A gust of pressurized air fires out as the machine barely opens its protective walls of glass. The being inside, supported by arm clasps and life support tubes, begins to shudder and shiver. The robots eagerly awaiting, scanning her... ready and waiting to obey her every command.

"INITIATE WAKING SEQUENCE..." A short jolt fires from one of the life support tubes, waking the girl with a sharp yelp...! "... Ugh... ..." Her eyes slowly open, hazily she makes out the room... Robots, dust, metal and a main computer section. Her chest slowly starts to rise and fall, she struggles to breathe as she comes into sync with the rest of the world... she has been asleep a long time.

The arm clasps open and the tubes disconnect as the surprised girl falls to the ground with a mild thump. On her knees she slowly stumbles to her feet with the help of one of the robots. Her eyes now fully attuned to the mild lighting of this steel labyrinth look around curiously; yet sleepily.

She sees a monitor, with the words ‘Open file A’ splayed across it with fuzzy, barely legible words. She slowly stands and nears the monitor doing her best to stay balanced before she can lean on it as she presses a button to open the file while still half conscious.

As she opens the file, a static voice of a young man barely crackles through.

“Good morning. I’m sure you are confused as to what has happened to you and why this is happening. But please bear with me, as I can only tell you so much without overloading your still waking and fragile mind. However I can tell you more on another console. Make your way to corridor B-2... you may want to be dressed for this occasion. Your clothing is present in B-2..."

The girl fumbles, unaware that she is completely exposed and she darts her eyes around the barely lit room. The robots merely stand there awaiting her every action with piercing eyes.

"Oh and before I forget... there's something I have to tell you. You may not understand this now- and that's okay, you will later... I'm... I'm sorry about the way I treated you before... before all of this happened.”

She looks back to the monitor, it now lays dormant with no words across its face.

She slowly turns back and begins to walk down the vast halls. Her bare feet slapping against the dust covered ground echoing endlessly. The fine dusty wind breaking through the cracks in the walls sticking to her still wet body remind her that this area- regardless of the breeze and her lack of clothing is not at all cold.

It is actually quite comfortable. She looks up and around, disrepair in every location she can possibly see, cracks and gashes in the walls and ceilings... most of which looks like it could come crashing down at any moment. Yet, there are no heaters; no air conditioners and the metallic walls are warm to the touch... as if the entire world is in a warm bath.

She constantly looks back at the robots following her and scanning her with their eyes. At first she is disgusted by the annoying little things, but as the minutes go by she learns to ignore them, knowing they are here for a simple reason. For her. Yet that simple reason remains questionable to her; because she still does not know who she is, nor why she is important.

She makes her way to the storage rooms, with low power neon lights saying A-1, B-1, C-1 and continuing until it reaches the index and loops. It will take quite some time to walk down this hall to reach B-2. But she doesn’t seem to mind... time to think is all she needs.

“Who am I, what am I doing here? What is this place?” She constantly asks herself. “TH-S –S TH- M-STE-S LAB...” One of the robots surprisingly crackles out with barely understandable words. “Who’s lab?” She asks, curious all the while still walking down the hall.

“DEX-“ It tries to say before it crackles out *File corrupted.* She is not surprised. As she looks around, noticing every storage room in great disrepair, rubble trickling down from the ceiling as if it were rain, it is enough that the robots can simply move anymore, let alone talk.

She reaches a room slightly different than the others, the neo light much brighter than the previous rooms.


She enters the room and immediately notices large guns positioned at each side of the room. Seemingly inactive, but surprising and startling none the less. She notices a clothing locker off to the side of the monitor saying “Open File B” and goes for the locker first.

She dodges several piles of rocks around the room. They seem out of place, as the rest of the room seems in pretty decent repair, but she ignores them and approaches the locker.

She opens it up swiftly with optimism crossing her figure, but it is empty. Completely empty. She looks back at the robots still scanning her every movement and lets out a small sigh. She closes the locker and accesses the file.

“It’s good that you made it here. Should you listen this well in the near future, you may learn a lot more. That said, you may have already noticed several things about this room. The lack of clothing for one and the piles of rocks for two. Both have explanations but I will start with your clothing.”

As the young man’s voice continues, she is certain she has seen these words and heard this voice before.

“The locker is empty, but your clothes are in this room. To ensure that they were not stolen by scavengers, I placed a small lockbox beneath the Moveable Locker. It will easily move from its socket. I will give you some time to do this before continuing.”

More than happy to oblige the computer, she moves the locker from its socket easily and sees a small box underneath. She quickly grabs it and opens it up. There is an entire set of clothing, from upper to under; they all seem to share several characteristics. They are all reddish pink.

She quickly slips them on, relived to finally be clothed and looks at herself in a broken mirror off the side of the room. It suits her naturally long, red hair. She returns to the monitor as it continues.

“The rocks around the room also share a lot of significance. As I will demonstrate.” After those words are said, one of the robots behind her begins to approach one of the rock piles and remove the stones.

One stone, then another... and another- until she notices something ghastly! An entire human skeleton in brown rags is buried under the stones! Confused as to why this is, she turns back to the monitor.

“They were scavengers. Looking for anything that may improve their quality of life by picking at ruins. But my lab is important, YOU are important. I couldn’t have them damage or endanger you or anything close to you. It was their life or yours... I made the decision quick and would make it again. There are a few things left to tell you, so access file C when you are ready.”

Trying hard to absorb all of this information at once is hard, so she looks back to a final piece of clothing in the box, one she seemed to avoid.

It is a red bow. Something tells her it would suit her well, but it just seems to... put her off from it. She can vaguely remember wearing it, but she discarded it at some time. As to why, she does not know. She puts the box down and sighs. She turns over to the monitor with the words ‘Open File C’ splaying across it in fine, bright letters.

She turns to it with determination and some other major emotion crossing her face! She must know what happened here!


This large dotted line means that 1/3 of the chapter is complete, and additional information is given out under it after every part. Read on for the rest of the Chronometal Wars.

(Editing again, moving edits to the bottom, making the front less cluttered for new readers. July 10th 2012)

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Keep in mind my future posts after this will not be updated as this one was, so several posts may seem out of date, but the story itself is 100% intact otherwise.

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I'm going to go through EVERY single part of my story and fix grammar and Spelling errors, and remake lines to make them better than they once were. However, I am still not going to edit the first and last parts of the posts.

Another Big Edit. (March 28'th 2012)

It seems I was lacking proper manners in my introduction. I didn't have a proper title. So here it is I guess.

Yet Another Big Edit. (May 24th 2013)

I went back and did massive 'Quality of Life' edits for chapters 1, 2 and 4. Fixing spelling and grammatical errors- things like that. Enjoy.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Well on the bright side there was no NEGATIVE feedback yet, but this doesn't seem to even be garnering an imaginable fraction of attention my old thread commanded... not sure why...

Ohh well, here's part 2, it oughta be a ton of a lot more interesting than part one. Maybe I'll finally get a response. o.O


Chronometal Wars
Chapter One: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
Part Two: Crimson Heroine

After she accesses File C, the young male voice speaks again: "The Chronometal war did not end well, as you can see as it left this world the way it is- oh wait... I didn't remind you of the war yet, did I? This is awkward... I should have planned this better. Oh well, the data storage is very limited so I'm going to go with it." She scratches her head, trying to remember any "war"... but all that comes up are rocks, her mind is completely blank...

"Roughly 40 to 50 years ago, you and I found something we eventually ended up calling Chronometals... Mine, labeled Model D, yours; Model B. These metals warped to our bodies' shape and did what our arms and legs would normally do, with much stronger results. There was another Chronometal, known as Model 'M' and I shall get to that later. But after-"

A piece of debris falls from the ceiling and crashes into the monitor, knocking the girl back and destroying the computer. The robots quickly help her up and try to repair what’s left of the computer- but it’s no use; the damage is too extensive and the spare parts left cannot be melded to the metal hull.

She stands, mouth agape... the monitor was not even a foot away from her and there was no stopping the ceiling from crumbling further once it fell, she could have been crushed! As she slowly regains her composure, she hears a... familiar voice.

"Why, fancy meeting you here!" The voice is playful and drawn out, yet heavily devious with a hint of malice. "Would you mind leaving the room and meeting me face to face?" The very voice sends shivers down the girl's spine... and every instinct in her body is telling her not to approach the voice, but instead locate any possible escape route in case things go wrong... She darts her eyes across the room, but there is only one way out... and only one way- in.

The voice is a lot less drawn out and filled with frustration- "Don't be scared little girl, I won't bite! Now come out!" After a short time the voice returns to 'normal': "Fine, if you won’t come out, maybe I'll come in! Hahaha..." The girl feels a small tap on her shoulder and her stomach drops...!

She stands in one place, guard set, but in the wrong direction; she cannot find the strength to turn around, he is there. But somehow through her paralysis she musters the nerve!

She rushes in a sharp 180 degree angle to find none other than, dust... nothing was behind her; she lets out a long breath, spent from shear terror and checks her heartbeat...

"NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, GIRL!" She rushes back again, this time she sees a 'man' so to speak... Red skinned, pincer hands and a very bad fashion sense. He has a pincer to the right of her neck, the other snipping the air deviously. She stares blankly at him, being extra careful not to tick him off... "Oh, it seems I could have ended you right there, but why are you still here I wonder?" He retracts his claw, backs off slightly, crosses his arms and looks our hero in the eyes with a dark smirk across his face.

After a short duel of silent wills she breaks the silence: "Who... who are y-you?" He looked almost insulted and responded with "Well I suppose it can’t be helped, but before I answer your oh so obvious question... who do you think YOU are, hmmmmmm?" The girl pauses for a moment and answers slowly; "I... don't know yet... d-do you?" - "Yes, yes I do..." Emotions conflict within the girl, she naturally fears this 'man' but he knows her... she has no choice but to indulge him:

She stares back into his eyes waiting for him to continue, but he will not. "W-well... who am I?" - "Oh come now, search in that little brain of yours, I'm sure something will, blossom if you think about it hard enough! Haha..." she responds sharply: "What do you mean? Wait...?"

She pauses for a while, lost in thought and piecing words together that sound familiar... He quickly breaks her concentration "You may call me- Him, little girl, as you oh so loved to yourself." She looks up with a great deal of confusion in her eyes and says while squinting: "Him? Your name is Him?" - "I have many, many names. none of which are important as of now. Just call me Him, it has a nice ring to it anyhow... haha..."

"Alright, Him... Why are my emotions battling each other at the mere sight of you and why do you know more about me than I do?" Him flies up and sits on the floating dust as if it were a chair, spinning in it slightly, causing dust to collide with her reddish dress as he playfully explains. "Well, we have a long history that blossomed from a certain event- in a certain town. One thing led to another and you moved away leaving lonesome me back in the gutters... and a 'little' boy wanted me to give you something..."

All the while, spinning in a chair that doesn't seem to exist he pulls out a small, radar looking wrist accessory and watches her as it spins on his pincer, in the opposite direction his chair is spinning it in, giving the illusion that it is stationary even as he spins around it. "This nifty little device will allow you to have control over time and space, to an extent... a friend of the author of the messages you recently heard wanted me to give you this..." He extends it in her direction...

She reaches for it but its quickly snatched away and he continues: "ONLY after you knew who you are, why you are here and what to do with this device... the computer was crushed while giving out information- thus meaning I cannot give this to you, just yet...!" He straightens out and looks her in the eyes once more and says flat and plain- "Let's not beat around the bush, do you know who you are yet or not? If not I have something in mind..." He grins slightly, but it seems more innocent than his other facial expressions.

She stands there, muttering words under her breath. "B... blo...? It sounds so, familiar. It is on the tip of her tongue, she has no idea what the word she is trying to spit up is, but it feels so right. She takes a deep breath and pieces familiar pieces of word together- "Bl... oss... om?" As that name leaves her lips, she feels deep warmth within her, as if she had just remembered who she was...

Him looks somewhat surprised, but the expression is soon murdered with an eerie smile. "Ah... always the smart one eh? Yes. Your name is none other than, Blossom..." He extends the device once more, Blossom smiles as she reaches for it- only to have it snatched away again.

"But do you know your mission? Why you are here? Why he put you in that Chamber!?" He yells out! Blossom responds with a rather neutral tone of voice. "Well the world was ended by the Chronometal wars was it not? That and the person who put me here told me the world needs me. Would it happen to do with that perhaps?"

"Tch... you are learning far too fast, you're not making this fun, Blossom... but it's all to be expected, that mind of yours beat me far too many times for me to be comfortable with... but I suppose that why he chose you despite the numerous and incredibly deep problems..." He puts the device on the 'chair' and flutters back down. He walks towards Blossom, until he catches sight of one of the robots. He quickly smashes it with his foot and returns sight to Blossom with a slightly happier face.

"You may have a very hollow idea of what you think you have to do now, but you have no details and you do not have any idea of where to go with this device... I wish I didn't break that computer right now so I wouldn't have to go through so much damn time, EXPLAINING it! I wanted to make it a game: I even have a Twister mat and Parcheesi board somewhere around here... but it can’t be helped..." He scoffed and waved his pincers around...

"YOU BROKE THE COM-" Blossom tried to say before she noticed she wasn't in the lab anymore. "-PUTER?! ... Eh?"

She's floating above the clouds and is slowly floating down. The sky was bluish, not the gray and brown she viewed from inside the Lab. As she passes the clouds she feels the cold mist, it is soothing... and she feels almost at peace- were it not for everything making no sense and the world being destroyed she might of even taken a nap at that very moment...but once she passes the final layer of white misty fluff and opens her eyes, she notices a horrendous sight indeed and all positive feeling was gone faster than it could of ever hoped to come.

A large meteor-like mass of stone is floating just above the surface of a major city, but not just any city- it was a city she feels a very strong connection to! Lightning is shooting out from it and massive winds circle its great ring. A robot standing on top... She continued floating down until she was on equal footing with the robot on the top of this awesome mass.

Merely standing upon this great mass forces emotions of dread, betrayal, pain and anger to pierce her heart and she nearly collapses on the spot. But she must push forward!

When she landed on the large meteor, it noticed her, but It makes no other mention of her. It then turned to look off the edge, almost sorrowful. Spikes suddenly shoot out of 4 areas around the shoulders of the robot and formed what looked like wing bones. The bones electrify and shoot out forming what look like real wings... one red, one green, one purple and one blue... It growls as it stepped even further towards the edge... its massive feet crushed the thick stone as it walked- its large, wrecked arms still at its side. Blossom followed, deadly curious.

It now stands on the edge of the Meteor, the winds and lightning still furiously twisting around the crust- if not now more furiously. It kneels down by the edge and mutters under itself: "Why did she do that? He was going to come back, but he didn't want to! He's dead, very very dead; he died more than the normal man should! He told me he never wanted to come back and to protect her from everything! But... she... HE...!" The lighting now covers the entire stone- violently churning in all directions. "He came back, why...? Me, he wanted me to suffer... all because of- what HE DID! It wasn't my fault! It... Wasn’t..."

The robot's protective face plate falls onto the meteor and bounces off, falling endlessly, revealing a young man of white skin and reddish brown hair. "Blossom, I wish you were here right now- I need you. I mean why did she... but- we were on the same side... weren't we? I was even going to help her brother! Ha... Haha... HAHAHAHA!!" It stood up and spread its arms to both sides, eying them as if his own arms were foreign objects: rage, madness and sadness in his eyes it grits its teeth as it claws at itself, trying in vain to tear its own Ivory-white armor off! The winds now so strong the meteor itself is ripping to pieces at the seems!

"Mandark! You got what you wanted! I might as well be dead now! She's gone! There is nothing left! You were right, there was no hope for our future... you were always right! It was my fault! IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! IT WAS ALWAYS MY FAULT!! I FEEL YOUR GOD-FORSAKEN PAIN!”

The robot collapses to its knees, breaking stone on impact and his face breaks into tears... can robots really cry? Then the meteor enters a free-falling state, Lightning, wind and dust all ripping it to pieces as it drops... Terrible noises of wind rushing up as the Mass crashes downwards slicing rock to pieces is almost deafening, but Blossom can barely make some noises out.

Two girls, wearing brown and blue dresses that looked exactly like hers are on both sides of the meteor... "Buttercup, we have to leave- now! Or we will all be crushed too!" - "NO! Blossom is in there, you go and I will try to stop this!" - "But, but you can't! You know you ca-" - "GO BUBBLES, NOW!" The blue girl hesitantly flies off, constantly stopping and looking back with shining dew in her wake, the brown one has tears growing in her eyes- adamantly staying, despite the obvious doom she faces. "Blossom... I'm... sorry, I... I wasn't strong... enough..." Blossom flies off and rushes to the girl as fast as she could!

The girl notices her and her eyes grow wide! "Oh my god... Blossom? Is that really you?! But... you-" The meteor starts crushing the buildings, blowing dust and deafening noise all around them as all sight of the girl fades-

Blossom finds herself in the lab, looking into Him's eyes... "What you have seen, was the end of what was to be called, The Chronometal wars, or even The Apocalypse to some. Do you now know why you are here and the importance of your Mission?"

... ... ...

Was it all real? She was unable to save the brown clothed girl she felt a strange connection to. A tear formed in Blossom's eye and falls...


-Once again, Feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

-If you have questions, please don't make them too excessive; there's still more story to be told!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Still no posts... Meh. I'll just keep going, some guy has got to come along, bored out of his mind to read a fanfic of a fanfic.


Chronometal Wars
Chapter One: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
Part Three: The Device

"Who, what... was that robot on the meteor talking about... a-about me? Blossom...?" Him merely turns around and floats just above the ground- "Perhaps... Perhaps not..." The tear falls to the floor, making no noise as it gets trapped in a stray layer of dust. "Come on! I'm in no mood for games! I just died!" Him quickly and sharply turns his head to meet Blossom's words. "If you were dead, you wouldn't be here! Think leader girl, think!"

"L...Leader girl?" She lets out carefully. "Those two girls you saw, they were of you... your sisters. You were lost that day, one of the only... 'Survivors' of the Crash. You were the leader." Blossom's eyes meet the ground as she slowly lets out her next question. "Did... did the blue one survive?" Him now completely turns around and meets her back on the ground and lets off an almost sympathetic aura. "Yes, she survived the crash, but unlike you, without the protection of the lab and remaining incapacitated- the world proved... too much for her; she had the ability to survive, but her will to live was crushed..."

He continues: “She had lost both of her sisters and wandered around aimlessly looking for the kin she refused to accept were dead. Not even I, her sworn enemy wanted her to go like this, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone... no fun at all." Him eyes the floor, drawing deep from memory. "She tried really hard to hold on, a foggy idea of a family burned into her scarred mind kept her going, but then she found... Buttercup."

After mentioning Buttercup, Him pauses for a second, carefully choosing words; before dismissing the whole thing entirely as he avoids further answers...

Him scoffs and lets out a small sigh, projecting an aura of what feels like regret... "I can no longer play with you, you know too much for me to have fun anymore so I might as well be direct. This was meant to happen-" Blossom's head rises up to meet Him's. "But, he did not wish it so... he found the means- and sent you here for the most of the aftermath, hoping that you would find a way to fight destiny." - "W...who?"

"Dexter..." Blossom's head throbbed, what the man in the speakers said was true- Her memories... though most of them incomplete, were returning. She had made an event unfold with her own hands- "Ah...!" She huffed through clenched teeth! The pain, not too great- but filled with so much emotion quickly overwhelms Blossom...

She dropped to her knees and fell to the ground but not with a loud thump, the dust breaking her fall and waving out...

She dreamed... of rocks... She was laying under rocks, (Rocks...) not moving... not breathing (More rocks, all I can remember are rocks...) ... She feels tremors and hears the crashing of thunder and lightning even through her stone prison... "Mandark... you got... she's go... now... I have no... ... I feel... your... ... pain...!" Nearly an eternity goes by, Blossom feeling pain she has never felt before, unable to breathe... unable to move. "Buttercup... ... or we will... crushed too...!"

She feels something penetrating her chest, one of the many stones are impaling her...!

The stones rise up, as gravity seems to escape... They were falling, she notices a small opening and summons all her remaining energy to crawl through it during the weightless sensation. She looks around the room, noticing shattered machinery and even her beloved Model B lies before her, broken beyond all repair and recognition... her eyes constantly fade in and out of focus as everything becomes blurry and focused within the same second.

She then sees a young woman, black hair... pig tails and a deep scar going down her face... looking up a wrecked staircase at the sky, giving off a seemingly lifeless aura, as if it were a standing cadaver. Blossom lets out a small breathless peep... "As... tro... nom... o... nov... ... why...?!" She collapses as gravity returns with the horrible noise of the city being crushed like a tin can as the stones fall and crush her alive! Dust from the outside rushes in faster than even she can see, blocking all hope of ever breathing again. She wakes up with a quick and deep gasp!

She looks around her surroundings in fright, all the while hyperventilating seeing only Him... "D... did you do that... th-thing to me again...?" - "No, I did not..." He explains. "They were your memories, your, original memories." She gets off her back and sits cross-legged- regaining what was left of her stone-crushed composure. "This is all, so crazy... so I'm, Blossom... and... Dexter saved me?"

"Well not exactly-" He exclaims- "He gave you life when you no longer had any- but your will was so strong that you never really died, you held on to the last moment... He found you there- in the stony halls and brought what was left of you here." - "So he did save me?" - "It was too late for you... well, for your body."

"My body?" Blossom looks at her hands, her long hair, legs- chest... Nothing seemed out of place, yet how would she truly know... "Dexter used what little resources he had to make you a new body... he knew a lot more than he wanted to know about bionics. Your brain was still alive by the time he returned you to the lab, but even the bionic machinery takes time to adapt to a new host brain, so he put you in what you woke up in. Though even that device took a very long time to find, but new memories even HE acquired made it barely possible to save your brain."

Blossom shudders... "Ew, brain?" She pokes her head, gauging it... "Oww..." - "This body of yours is almost perfect; it can eat, digest, feel pain, cry... and host a soul." Blossom stands up and looks curiously into Him's eyes. "Host a soul?" Somehow the word 'soul' reminded her of the nice sister she had... Bubbles. "Wait, you said you were an enemy to the blue girl- er, Bubbles... and that I beat you more than you liked me to... were you one to me? An enemy?"

Him paces the room slowly never truly making eye contact. "Yes, yes I was." - "Then why are you helping me? Enemies don't do that!" Blossom says flustered, now becoming uncomfortable with his presence. He continues to walk... "Let’s just say, your other sister made me an offer I couldn't refuse..." - "My other sister? You mean the brown one- Buttercup? I thought she... died- with... my body. If she set up a deal, how would she or you be able to repay it?!"

Still pacing the room, as if he expects the conversation to last a much longer time- "Buttercup, where do I start with that girl...? Right after the final of the two wars started, Buttercup was- well, jealous of your new-found power..." Blossom's eyes widen, as if she almost forgot something very important. "Model B... my- Chronometal... Right?" Him lets out a small chuckle... "Yes, your Chronometal made you more powerful than her- it made her very proud... and angry- quite the pool of emotion that one, haha..."

"During the second wars, you and Dexter fought side by side- protecting each other with your lives. Buttercup, even as a superhero could not even dream of possessing your new power... The villains she so eagerly fought were getting stronger and more ruthless, even one time holding Bubbles hostage with, a very violent chemical at their dispense... I can barely remember how she got her out of it." Him stops and shakes his head side to side.

"But I'm starting to ramble, they are dead now, you are left and you must save everyone for your own sake." He picks up the device- still floating in mid-air and throws it in Blossom's direction. She detects another trap and does not reach for it- and it ends up hitting her in the face.

"Oww! Damn it!" She exclaimed. "Why didn't you catch it? Haha!" She rubs her face with one hand, picking up the device with the other. "So... how does it work?" - "Well, why don't you try it out?" She glares at Him... "How am I supposed to know this is safe? That your not just playing another trick?" He glares back. "I promised Buttercup to keep your soul safe until you save this world and I will. I am evil, but fair." - "Buttercup? My soul? Save the world? ... Alright..."

She attaches the device to her wrist, it's a little loose, being slightly too large for her, but she tightens it and focuses on the data inside. Among the controls and logs, she sights a calendar. 2058 MEGAVILLE (CURRENT)"

"Is today... 2058 Him?" He leans up against a wall- clearly bored. "Yes, it is the year 2058, 50 or so years after you all... failed and the world went to hell..." He breaks a small smile as if reciting from a good memory- "Ah, they needed the Powerpuff Girls so much... But they waited for nothing; the world was over... But they refused to give up- clinging to denial. Did you know they even tried to RECREATE you? How rich!"

"Spare me the details- I'm going to fix all of this!" She fiddles with the device, setting it to 2010, the date the Chronometal wars ended and everything ended. "Wait, what do you think you are doing little girl?!" She faces him, goes into a battle stance and says- "Fixing all this!" She presses accept as him tries to physically stop her... But it was too late.

... ... She hears heartbeats and opens her eyes... she is traveling through a dark quick tube of light... She feels she could... wake up at any moment... Along the flowing walls of light she notices her surroundings, it is hard to make out, due to how bright it is... but she is definitely at the meteor, but then the light becomes blinding as she falls to the ground.

*THUD* ... She opens her eyes, looking into Him's. "What did I say little girl, do you understand nothing?!" He looks as if he is going to strike her, but instead picks her up at the shoulders and grits his teeth. "What happened?" She lets out- confused. "You can only go where you know your soul belongs! You don't belong in that time! ... Not yet anyway, Dexter said to listen- SO LISTEN!"

He drops her to her feet and backs off slightly. "In order for you to save this time, you must understand EXACTLY what happened during 2010- the Chronometal war's end, not just jumping into it and killing the first person you see and saying, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!" He eyes her and then thinks something up really quick. "Do you even remember your own father?" The question catches Blossom off guard.

She seems to be locked in deep thought... she digs deep into her memories, pulling out sounds of her youth...

"Girls, oh girls! Come here! Pancakes are ready!"

Blossom remembers a man, serving her... breakfast... but- can’t remember much past that... she mutters out- "The professor?" Him once again looks unsurprised. "Wrong..." Blossom staggers a bit before asking- "What? Then who-" - "You never had a real father, your not even human! You were never born and you never had a father! HA!" Blossom's teeth grit and her eyes narrow as she yells out- "HE WAS MY FATHER! He cared for us all... When we were sick... When we were injured- he fed us, nurtured us... as any normal father would!" Blossom lashes out at Him with her fist, but he quickly reflects it, making her spin slightly in place before regaining her balance.

Him laughs, very pleased! "Ha! This is too rich, even when I say no, you say yes! Even when I hold all of the cards and I know everything that happened! That was almost scary, it's as if the real Blossom is right here! Dexter did a good job with your head, I must admit. You indeed know enough about yourself to go back to 2004." Blossom huffs, regaining emotional control...

"2004? What's there anyway?" She asks. "The moment of fate, you moving to Megaville and meeting Dexter for the first time." - "Megaville..." The sound brings back more emotion filled throbs to her head as she tries to nurse it. "Oh, don't pass out again girl, here... let me do it for you... Goodbye for now Blossom... we WILL meet again!"

Him presses a button as Blossom's vision goes blurry- and she finds herself in the Light tube again... Her heart beats, it is the only thing she can hear, she feels so sleepy, but her eyes are wide open, absorbing the bright darkness, the back-round, now much longer than before begins to churn around her as she leaves her shell... she is no longer human, though even as a Powerpuff she wasn't really human... and even after that she wasn't even a Powerpuff, she was a robot... she truly remembers nothing of herself. She can faintly see outside the tube again... this time it seems to be a classroom, all her sisters are there and the professor has just left...

Some time passes and the light fades away and she feels herself, in a new body... eyes still closed. She awakens to laughter, all the while standing in place. "How cute, you even have your own club, the Flowerpuff Girls" - "That's Powerpuff..." The blue one, Bubbles let out. - "Oh- alright, Powderpuff.” -- "Now why don't you girls take your seats and we'll get started. I just know you're all going to like it here."

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup walk down the class, taking individual seats. Blossom takes a seat by the window... looking out of it with still half-asleep eyes, lost in thought... This was the time it all started, but she's six years back... can she really stop it- right here? She tries to drown it out and relax...

She has plenty of time... doesn't she?


Chapter one is concluded, and chapter two will be following in PPGD's footsteps at the birth of the comic itself, but now Blossom has a will of her own, and she must change history to fix the future. Will she be honest and noble, changing it subtly yet still providing the needed outcome? Or will she be more direct and do whatever it takes to prevent the end of the world? ... And what of Otto, the time-traveling keeper of history? There are still so many questions untold... for now.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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I really hope this giant Hourglass thing doesn't contradict me before I'm done! :'(

Beside that point, this is Chapter two, focusing less on stage setting, and more on character development.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Two: Enemies of Time.
Part One: The Powerpuff Girls *-*-*

*Blossom eyes her desk, a single book and pencil lay before her. This is indeed Megaville... She looks around- and spots a calendar. February 2004. This is also the right time. Right place and right time- she knows who she is and who some of the people are. She turns her vision to the other girls in the classroom who she once called: 'Sisters.'

*Bubbles, decked in a blue dress-skirt not unlike Blossom's own red one. Him said she survived the wars, only to lose both her will to live and her sanity in the new found wastes she never accepted was home. She was never the brightest, but always the most caring of the sisters- even without 'personally' knowing Bubbles, Blossom feels a warm sensation from her... she is family.

*Buttercup, also wearing the same- yet other-colored dress-skirt was explained by Him as a very proud warrior. Apparently she grows jealous of Blossom's powers in the coming wars and makes a "deal with the devil." Blossom still doesn't know what she had to give up to make such a powerful being accept such a complicated deal, but she would rather not. Her dress is green, not brown- as it was at the crash... Regardless, she too- is family.

Class lets out for recess and Blossom's mind is running faster than it ever had- she knows what’s about to happen and without knowing it lets out very small words under her breath. "And... Buttercup wants to: ..." - "What I'd give to kick some butt right about now, what about you Bubbles?" She said and Bubbles timidly responded- "I don't want my butt kicked..." Blossom knows her line- but decides not to say it, instead planning for the more important lines next. Her eyes darting across the grounds.

"Ahem" They hear coming from a young man standing nearby... it's Dexter... "Greetings new classmates. On behalf of all of my friends I would like to express my most sincere apology concerning that little event this morning." Blossom responds quickly. "Yeah, it was no problem; we get that a lot where we are new."

"Oh, well nevertheless I am rather curious about that introduction you had... Is it true that you are what you claim to be...? That you are superheroes?" - "We sure are, you want a demonstration?" Blossom let out: taunting. Dexter raises an eyebrow. "It's almost as if you read my mind, yes I was very curious about it. I've never seen superheroes like you before- and wanted to see what you were made of."

"For you see, I too, am a Superhero." Buttercup gets up and exclaims: "Yeah right, I suppose you can read a book faster than a speeding bullet." Blossom also gets up and turns to Dexter. "Care to show us what you are made of?" Buttercup looks towards Blossom, clearly shocked... but pleased! "Ah, that's what I like to hear, 'Leader Girl'." - "Let’s just go easy on em’." Blossom turns back and meets eyes with Bubbles. "C'mon Bubbles, lets do this the way we always do."

Bubbles climbs to her feet and nears the others. "Buttercup- you get the first attack." - "Fine by me, Blossom... -You're about to get a kick out of this four eyes!" Dexter stands there. "Bring it on, sister." Blossom goes into a fighting pose and Buttercup leaps into action reading her body language. "Here's foot in your mouth!" Buttercup- still in mid-air readies a powerful leg attack! "Buttercup get back!"

Buttercup shoots backwards as Dexter pulls out his 'little toy.' A gigantic mech-suit conforming to Dexter's very skeletal structure, however this is not a Chronometal and is instead one of his many inventions. "Hmm, very quick of you, Blossom." He lets out- amused. "What are you, Mojo's fan?" Buttercup yells. "You will refer to me as none other than... Dexter, Boy Genius! Prepare yourself for you are 'all' about to feel the ultimate power, of science!" - "Science schmience- just let me kick your butt so we can finish this!"

"No Buttercup, we finish this as a team!" Blossom exclaimed. "Gather round girls." The others walked into a small dirt circle as Blossom explained strategy. Dexter merely sits there and watches, clearly impatient. "GO!" Blossom lets out as the three girls take off in opposite directions. Blossom and Bubbles seem to be going away and Dexter uses this to take advantage of Buttercup's hole-filled strategy.

"Your efforts... ARE FUTILE!" Dexter grabs Buttercup by the leg and swings her around. "You give up?" He says with a smug smile. - "You ask them!" Before he can even look up his face is driven in by Blossom's foot and is sent flying back! Dexter stumbles to stay balanced as Bubbles shows up from behind to knock him down.

The girls group up and stare down the 'Boy Genius.' "Give up?" Buttercup lets out, almost laughing out loud. Dexter gets to his feet as his machine regains full power once more. "Not on your life!" Blossom merely stands there letting out a small smile, she enjoys time travel a lot, but that's not why she is changing the fight. "Let's do things like we always do!" Blossom says then turns to Bubbles. "...Our way." Bubbles smiles widely.

They all charge at the same time and catch Dexter off guard!
Bubbles: "One for the money!" As she kicks Dexter in the face!
Blossom: "Two for the show!" As she elbows Dexter's chin!
Buttercup: "Three for your bruises!" Booting his forehead backwards!
"Four to go!" - "Let’s finish this!" - "With one final Blow!"

Blossom lets out a large pink beam as Bubbles fires a small energy filled tornado and Buttercup breaks the ground using the pavement itself as a weapon! "My turn!" Dexter yells out as he raises his arms and generates an energy shield! "Now girls!" Blossom yells! At that very moment all the attacks arc upward above Dexter!


As the attacks collide above his energy shield and form a white ball of energy! The girls all take off at once and charge towards the ball from mid air. "And four for the encore...!" Blossom lets out as they all kick the ball at once! A large scale explosion takes place where the boy was just standing!

Dust flits in the air as they all await the fate of the boy... eager children gathering around the battle, awaiting his fate.

Dexter's machine merely crawls out of the newly formed crater as Buttercup says- "Oh, you want some more?" - "THAT'S ENOUGH! Enough of this foolishness, all of you." The school's most esteemed teacher, Jack yells to stop the fighting. "Into the school- NOW." Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Dexter all follow the teacher into the school... all the while, feeling like they are watched.

As they are following, Blossom feels something else, as if fate itself was being torn asunder at the seems, It is possible that this alone would provide a subtle enough kick to stop the Chronometal wars, but she MUST be sure...

"I am sure you are all aware that fighting in a school is-" - "Uh, Sensei Jack, may I... borrow Blossom for a minute?" A short geeky looking boy says interrupting Jack's discipline. "Humph... Just don't do it again girls, as for you Dexter... I am charging you with giving the others a look around the school grounds: take Courage with you. Sure Otto, she's all yours." Jack walks off leaving Otto staring into Blossom's eyes. They both know why they are here.

-*Some time Later.*-

They walk outside and go behind a tree on the edge of the School grounds. "What the hell do you think you are doing here Blossom?!" Otto yells! "I thought we explained time travel won’t solve anything! It’s too dangerous!" Blossom sits at the base of the tree and asks-"Otto, tell me... why 'don't' you know why I'm here? Aren't you with time squad and should know any and all abnormalities as they happen?"

Otto's face scrunches up a bit. "When other people use time travel devices mine only tells me that something with this time is offset, I looked around and surely enough the fight Dexter was supposed to win was completely turned around. By you." - "I have my reasons Otto..." Otto growls! "Are they good enough to risk the entire universe!?" - "Probably not, but I will save the world, here and now."

Otto freezes. He checks his device for any cataclysmic event taking place from here to 75 years from now- Blossom's guessed life expectancy and finds nothing. "Very funny, Blossom- but my device doesn't say anything about any 'end of the world'!" Blossom gets up and runs to Otto and grabs his arm. "H-hey!" he lets out. Blossom accesses the time travel cloaking system. "W-What are you doing?!"

The field lets out a small static discharge as the cloaking field is activated; they are in the year 2010. Otto merely stands mouth agape as he sees a giant stone crashing onto the city, Buttercup defiantly staying put under it as Blossom sees herself charging at her, truly an odd feeling... "I think that's enough for one day..." Blossom fidgets with Otto's device once more, as he still stays put gawking at the apocalypse.

(However... during the time it takes to travel from one time to another, Blossom thinks to herself. Why did she see herself chase after Buttercup? Wasn't that just a dream? If not and Him did indeed have the ability of time travel, why rely on such technology?)

They return to their time and Otto falls backwards, supporting himself with his arms as he sits.” ... Why wasn't this noted in the device?!" He yells out in a loud yet hushed whisper. "I’m not sure, but apparently some guy from the future gave someone a device I used to get here and it was a friend of Dexter, I think it was you."

Otto covers his forehead with his hand as he tries to pick one of the many questions he wanted to ask. "First off, let’s say I 'DID' find that so terrible that I set aside my duties to Time Squad, why would I give you the device anyway?" - "A lot may be lost in translation but some guy in the future gave it to me saying it was from you."

Otto looks up, still eager to know what is going on. "Who?" Blossom pauses for a moment, finding a good way to describe Him... "Well he's red, obviously not human... and talks funny..." Otto cocks his head to the left. "The principal?"


This is chapter 2, as you can see- if you read it of course; It takes place during the Comic's birth, and already there are massive changes. The cogs of fate are spinning, with realities and dimensions colliding.

Let us see what happens eh?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The views are nearing 100, and still not even a single post. Throw me a damn bone will ya?


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Two: Enemies of Time.
Part Two: The Black Talisman

"The principal? Him's the principal?!" Blossom almost yells. "Nice grammar..." Otto scoffs. "N-No that's his name! His name is Him!" Otto's eyes squint. "Mr. Nodacks is who now?"

Blossom’s eyes widen as her jaw clenches. "WHAT?!" Otto, obviously frustrated yells out- "The principal's name is Redd Nodacks! Not Him!"

"Can I see him?" Blossom asks. Otto sighs, relieved to be out of that joke of a conversation: "Sure." They both walk up to the building as Otto fidgets with his device. Time freezes and they teleport into the principal's office. Though red and inhuman, it is obviously not the same man she knew before. He was chubby, had an annoying grin- not an eerie one, he had a spiked tail...

And he wore no pants... "Well that's not Him..." Blossom lets out in a sigh. Otto looks to Blossom and asks- "Who exactly were you expecting, is there some other big red guy I don't know about?" - "Well I'm not even sure who he is myself, what with the amnesia and all-" - "AMNESIA?! Are you telling me you went back in time and you don't even fully understand what you're doing?!"

"Well it's not my fault... it all happened when I crawled out of that tube-" - "Holy... are you SERIOUS Blossom? Let me guess, the red guy sweet talked you and here you are with only his word to hold merit?" Blossom looks up and gazes into the time-frozen distance, she walks up to a window and leans into it on both of her hands. "Well, you are not too far off... I came out; I didn't know a thing... I did what the computer told me... then he showed up..."

"It’s all really complicated, my memories are there and they are just locked for now... I remember about half of everything... I am Blossom, the wars end the world- causing what you saw... and I can stop it. From what Dexter said, this is his or 'our' fault." Otto nearly falls as he staggers from that comment. "Wait, WAIT! DEXTER?!" Blossom looks over at Otto and raises her hands off the window. "Otto, are you telling me everything... Him, Me, The Apocalypse and Dexter's relation to it are all completely unknown to you?"

Otto shakes his head, apparently losing all composure. "I didn't even know that was going to happen and now Dexter caused it all? And, some red guy sends you- an amnesiac back in time to save the world you don't even remember, with help from future me?" Blossom merely stands there. "That sounds about right and I have a gut feeling it's all true."

Otto sits down in the time frozen office of Mr. Redd Nodacks. He takes off his glasses puts his fingers to his closed eyes as he tries to fight back an enormous headache. "Honestly, I don't know why I didn't report this to Time-Squad right away, but now it turns out I'm involved... So my sloppiness probably saved me from time-erasure..."

He takes his fingers from his eyes, opens them and looks at the blank floor before him. "There's only a couple explanations to this... why something like that happens and I never knew about it..." He looks up to Blossom with inquisitive eyes. "One of which is you are baiting me into an obliterate trap..." Blossom smirks slightly and looks back at Otto. "Trust me Otto, I'm a Powerpuff Girl, if I wanted you hurt- or worse... You wouldn't be here right now; all it would honestly take is a simple wrist movement..." She waves her hand in the air slightly and pauses, remembering Him and where they clashed multiple times.

Townsville... before the beginning of all this...

After that comment Blossom stares into nothing for a little bit... "Are you okay?" Otto lets out confused. "Yeah, I just got an idea." Otto puts his glasses back on and stands up. "Well let’s get out of here first." He fidgets with his device a bit and they teleport back to ground level as time returns to normal. "Maybe I can find Him in Townsville..." - "But isn't there something you have to do first?"

Blossom looks into Otto's eyes with a blank expression. "Hmm... OH-" as she lets out that last word an ear splitting scream echoes across the school-grounds!

Buttercup flies off to the source of sound, "Bubbles!" She yells out! Otto stares at Blossom for a while... "Well? Are you gonna go or what?" Blossom eases herself onto the school walls and replies with a smug tone, arms crossed- "Why? Jack's gonna take care of it... I'm gonna go get a soda and tell you my plan after this all passes."

As she starts to walk off she notices a girl standing by a tree, looking up across the school-grounds into the horizon... Blossom's eyes squint, her face looks very familiar... but everything else- the eyes, clothing... hair- are different, as if a polar opposite. She shrugs the idea of reminiscing with someone she probably never even met off and continues.

"Blossom." Blossom stops mid trail, the girl is speaking to her, with also- a very familiar voice. Curious, she looks back and addresses the young lady. "Yeah? Do I know you or something?" - "Not yet, but soon we will be close friends..." She lets out deviously, never breaking her concentration on the horizon, her back still facing Blossom, hands in her dark brown trench-coat, with her long black hair covering it.

Blossom waits for another response from her, but it does not come, she instead moves closer to her, trying to identify what she is looking at. She looks off into the distance and notices a large silhouette on the school rooftops. She then looks back at the girl, who finally breaks her gaze and looks back at Blossom.

Her pupils are ebony, pure black with an innocent yet obviously dangerous and deadly look in her eyes. "She isn't here now, she was though... Only a robot is here to observe the Dread Dragon and its creator..." Blossom doesn't respond she foresees no real answer to her questions. The girl breaks the gaze and walks off, but lets out a small remark. "Leave Otto and do some exploring for yourself... oh and you can find her out back soon, with Mojo."

Blossom shudders... Mojo-Jojo, her once-arch-enemy... She looks back at Otto, before shrugging off her doubts. "Who is she talking about? Otto, I'm checking it out." - "Oh no you don't!" Otto quickly grabs Blossom's leg and pulls her back down. "I've never seen that girl before Blossom..." ... "So?" - "SO, I'm saying she's a time traveler, but not just a time traveler, the time-device didn't even pick her up! That means she might not even be from this Dimension! And she may be baiting you into a trap!" Blossom holds her position for a while and floats up. "Fine, but I just want to see if she's here, I won’t interfere."

As she climbs to about 30 feet she sees the golden Dread Dragon fall to its knees, let out a roar and explode in a glorious light, Jack had saved the day when she could not... in the past anyway. She looks around the grounds for any signs of suspicious activity, or even Mojo. And without too much searching, she sees the monkey, now in the Death grip of...

Her...? "What?" Blossom says to herself as she focuses her vision. A little girl, probably no older than 8, with beautiful white locks, a pale-white dress and a deathly grin on her face makes a blast from the past... and not a good one at that.

"Bell... she IS here...!" Blossom looks around anxiously, she sees a Tree on top of a hill... "That's where..." She remembers that before she went back in time, she sat under that tree after learning of Dexter's past and met Bell... "Wait!" she lets out exited. "The lab!" She enters a free-falling state and stops herself a couple inches from the ground, all the while Otto looking right up at her, making sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

"Otto, I have to get into Dexter's Lab, Now!" Otto wears a very tired look on his face, looking into Blossom's eyes with unblinking determination. "You know what I'm about to say... Don't do it Blossom." - "No I mean in the past!" As if Otto couldn't make his face any more absolute he almost pops a blood vessel for wearing such a- 'You know what I'm going to say' face.

"We have to stop Deedee from dying, I think such a different chain of events might stop the world from ending!" Otto's face un-tenses as he starts to think. "Hm..." Just then what seems like a whirlwind hitting her and her skirt from nowhere, causing much dust to hit her fluttering dress, is none other than the Black-haired girl back with almost break-neck speed. "No, don't do that, this time line may still be preserved..." She says simply. The air around her is now much more intense and electrified, her raw energy seeping into the area.

"Maybe coming here was a bad idea..." She finally says and looks at Otto, who looks back with angry eyes. "Who are you and why are you toying with Ti-" He is interrupted with a fist hardly an inch from his face. "Don't worry, I was just leaving..." She retracts her arm, which makes a slightly metallic noise... as if several watches were hitting each other and then flies off at immeasurable speed.

Otto falls to his knees. "It was so fast, I didn't even see the fist move... She could have killed me if she wanted..." Blossom stands by him, Otto looks up disappointed that she didn't try to comfort him- only to see that she too was wearing a shocked look. "I... didn't see it... move either..." Otto's eyes go wide. Her fist moved so fast that a hero as fast and powerful as Blossom couldn't even see it... Who was that girl?


Not just time, but dimensions themselves are bending at the power of the Chronometal wars- Bell is back on the scene, as is a Mysterious black-haired girl, with almost immeasurable speed that not even Blossom can keep up with also enters the fray.

Blossom now has multiple decisions to make, saving Deedee, affecting Dexter further, and/or finding Him in Townsville.

That is, if the girl will let her... Who is she and what are her intentions? Only time will tell.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Maybe I need to advertise myself?


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Two: Enemies of Time.
Part Three: Friends, or Foes?

Otto continues to sit on the ground, shocked that not even Blossom could follow the dark girl's fist as it broke the sound barrier and even more so that he had not even heard of her as well. "Why is this happening? I should know everything that happens!" Otto climbs to his feet. "Ugh, well this is not good, I don't have very many options..." Otto reaches into his pocket and takes out what looks like a gun, Blossom jumps back in self defense as he points it at her...

"Whoa! What are you doing!?" Blossom lets out with a mixture of fear and anger in her voice! "Blossom, have you ever heard of the effects of time?" Blossom takes no time to ponder his question and instead remains focused on the weapon in case he should fire it. "The Butterfly Effect, the paradox that occurs when a time traveler tries to fix something that happened and in turn makes it worse in the process. The traveler then tries to fix THAT, only making it more so."

Otto's eyes narrow as he tenses up, showing no signs of hesitation short of actually firing the weapon. "The Pogo Effect, the paradox that occurs when a time traveler tries to fix something, but it turns out by trying to fix it, they cause it!" - "Otto, please, we need to work together! You saw what happens!" Otto retains his position and posture, ready to pull the trigger on the slightest provocation... Blossom is fast, very fast, he can’t afford to hesitate if she runs or attacks...

"I have no record of you showing up, I have no record of that ever happening and I have no record of ever giving you a Time Squad device! All I don't have recorded is what time travelers have done, this was all caused by a traveler..." Blossom's eyes tear up, Otto is deadly serious about this decision and she can't talk him out of it...

The air around them grows still and a slight tingling sensation envelopes them: as if an electric storm just appeared from nowhere!

"Why don't you just set the gun down nice and slow now..." The voice comes from beyond the tree... The black-haired girl stands there, now with a completely different wardrobe... she wears a dress-skirt, exactly like Blossoms, only black... dark, unrelenting, Black with only a splash of white on its core. But not even relevant to that, her arm has opened up into some sort of mechanical weapon!

Otto quickly switches targets, but as soon as he does Blossom rushes at him, bashes the gun from his grasp and steals it. She then backs off and holds it in her hand, not pointing it at anyone. "D...damn it Blossom, what if she caused all of this? Shoot her!" - "Stupid boy... you really need to learn to shut up when someone is pointing a gun at you..." She lets out with a commanding tone. "What if it was you who caused all of this and not Blossom or I? You are a traveler too..."

Otto holds stead, careful not to make any sudden moves to anger her. "It's a possibility, I know. But I made a mental promise to tell myself from the future if I would ever do something like this... and if you can’t trust your own word, then all is lost." The girl merely lets out a loud laugh! "What horse shit! You expect us to believe that?! I know for a FACT that you would not! That you COULD not, dumb-ass!" Her course language is in stark contrast to how refined her arm-implanted rifles are. "Blossom, say something for yourself will ya?" She yells.

Blossom ponders the previous events this day and recollects Bell's physiology and then views the black-clad girl, almost a polar opposite in color... but compared to clothing, face and stature, she is almost exactly the same. And in reference to 'beating the hell out of people' she lets out a seemingly innocent question-

"Are you Bell by any chance?" The black haired girl freezes... Her weapon, eyes and body all gradually shift from Otto to Blossom as her face begins to express greatly escalating anger- "Don't... you... EVER, CALL, ME-" Her eyes flare up as her weapons fire all at once- "BELL!!!" Blossom shoots up, barely dodging the bullets and she aims the gun at the girl and fires!

However, she seems to of dissipated into thin air... "Blossom, behind you!" Otto lets out frantically! But before she could look behind her: *WHAM* right in the back of the head, sending her flying at a speed immeasurable. While in mid air Blossom opens her eyes and says to herself- "Alright... no more miss nice puff..." Blossom breaks her fall with one hand and quickly searches around, still upside down.

The wind hits her now flipped skirt from behind and she lets out a sharp kick to its direction without looking, directly impacting the girl's core and sending her flying! Blossom jumps to her feet and lunges at her. "Whatever, I don't have time for this... time to use the last one!" The black girl said under her breath. She stopped sliding and aimed her hand at Blossom before she could make it to her and before she even realized what happened; Blossom was trapped in a large, blue sphere!

She then approaches Blossom slowly, as she tries to break out with raw strength, laser eyes and even karate kicks... but none prove effective, the ball is very powerful! She makes it to the cage and looks right into Blossom's eyes. "Stop fighting Blossom, I'm not even here to kill or injure you or Otto..." Blossom meets her eyes and drops her arms, she can’t do anything within here. "Then what ARE you doing?" - "Research... as well as other things-"

"Let go of my sister you bitch!" The words seem to come from almost nowhere as the green Powerpuff, Buttercup kicks her in the side of the head, sending her into free-flight! She then lets out an array of attacks on the blue ball, to no avail. "Ah, dang it! OPEN!" Buttercup lets out frustrated! "Bubbles come over here and help us!" Her voice carries very far and seems to reach its desired target, because as soon as she finished the sentence a large sonic boom is heard across the distance.

Blossom merely stands in the sphere observing the situation, "She isn't here to kill us, but I do want out to stop all of this..." She says to herself very quietly. The girl gets up from the attack and simply looks at Buttercup... her eyes starting to widen, like that of a cat's. She breaks into an eager smirk: "Oh, I am gonna have some fun with you, my Buttercup!"

She readies a lunge as the blue girl, Bubbles stops in between Buttercup and her, arms spread out in a gesture of impasse. The black girl relents her lunge stature and says to the blue girl: "And you think that I care that you are standing there? You might wanna move if you want to live...!" Bubbles merely takes a hard gulp, remaining in stance. "Tch... fine with me..." She reapplies her lunging stance and before Bubbles could even realize the situation she was sent flying with a trail of blood leaving her nose.

That sight must of drove Buttercup to the brink of sanity because her teeth nearly broke each other during heavy rage induced grits and she goes after assailant! Not wanting to be caught off guard again, she enters a defensive stance, waiting for Buttercup to near. Buttercup wastes no time with strategy as she continues down a straight path to the defending girl.

"Sigh, you're no fun... Oh well, I guess it was to be expected, going head first was always your style..." She sidesteps with great speed and punches Buttercup in the side of the stomach so hard that the nearby grass flitted at the sheer power it generated, however she did not fly off upon impact and just fell to the ground as if dropped from a standstill, speechless and seemingly lifeless.

The girl merely looks at Buttercup's body and taps it lightly with her foot. She diverts her eyes from Buttercup and back to Blossom, who is wearing a surprisingly mellow look. She walks up to her and says "Aren't you angry at this? You don't look mad at all..." Blossom looks back into her eyes, wondering the same question. 'Why am I not angry?' She thinks to herself.

"Well I honestly never knew them that well... and there isn't anything I can do." - "Never knew em' that well huh? Guess I'm in the right place..." She raises her hand and the orb dissipates, Blossom falls to her feet, but does not waste time going into a defensive posture, the girl holds all the cards and even still- it seems she isn't her enemy...

"What are you doing here? What's your name?" The black haired girl stares off for a while and then to Bubble's body and then back to her. "Well honestly, I came to stop Otto." She pauses for a while. "As for my name, best not tell you now... come, let’s talk to Otto." She starts to walk off and Blossom looks at her sisters...

"Before I go with you... you left them alive- right?" - "I checked Buttercup, she's fine, well a better word is 'alive'... and I didn't hit Bubbles that hard, she should be more than fine; give or take a broken nose." Satisfied with her low tier of caring for her sisters she never knew, she follows the girl to Otto.

"Without wanting to start a fight, what is your relationship with Bell?" The girl stops in her tracks, but then starts walking again. "I'm sure Otto may have told you, but I am not from this dimension. In my dimension... she's my sister. However in this one it seems I never even existed." The answer catches Blossom off guard, but she continues to walk with her.

If Bell is her sister and she doesn't like Bell... and Bell is Blossom's enemy, does that make this girl her ally? Only time will tell. The girl picks her trench-coat off the ground and puts it back on, hiding her similar garb to the Powerpuff girls as to not catch any more attention... short of people curious of trench-coats.

*A short time later...*

They make it to Otto, who is merely sitting there, deep in thought. The girl speaks, all the while her brown trench-coat waving in the breeze, hands in its pockets. "Trust me, this isn't Blossom's fault and if you try to hurt her again, it will be your ass, got it?" Otto just nods, in no room for negotiation and never making eye contact. "Good..." She turns to Blossom. "Well my job here is done, you're safe... for now."

"We 'will' meet again in the future, but for now we must part ways. Do your best to stop the apocalypse." Otto and Blossom lock eyes, for a split second they were enemies and then they almost died and now there is a strange girl who seems to know about everything... even more than they do. But for now it seems she is not an enemy, at least not a direct enemy and that Otto and Blossom are on thin ice with each other.

If Otto can turn on Blossom so easily and on such low information, what is to stop him from doing it again? But alas, time will tell this as well... at least he is disarmed. Blossom turns away and approaches her sisters, looking over her shoulder at every moment's pass.

Can she trust no-one?


And so Blossom realizes the incredibly complex situation she finds herself in, who were once friends are now enemies, and who were previously unknown are friends. Or are they...?

The next chapter will not pick up directly where this one leaves off, and will split into Dexter's own story on the Chronometal wars. Lets watch!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:28 am

I swear once I get a single reply others will come in, I'll just lie to myself and imagine the reason people aren't posting is because the story is so awesome it is blinding them.

Yeah lets go with that. lol


Name: Chronometal Wars
Chapter 3: Turning Point in Fate
Part 1: End of the Old Story and to Peace

The sound of machinery clicks, whirs and beeps in the back-round... Not a soul in sight, though this area is suited to such a defiant existence... Primitive robots tend to the essential upkeep of the machinery here, though it is in perfect repair. The air in this place is kept a steady 71*, the ideal setting for Dexter.

The sound of a wrench tightening a bolt into place is as common as the quiet, it seems he is always working on something new- in or out of the lab. However, a noise is heard off to the distance... one he hasn't heard in a long time. A long, loud and invasive siren has been echoing down the labyrinth, drowned out only by the sound of fevered footsteps at a fast pace.

"Computer, status report!" Dexter yells as he runs down the endless halls. "Accessing... Dexter, a large energy surge is occurring right outside the town of Megaville. It is steadily growing in power, radius and heat and will; considering it does not stop growing; consume, burn and obliterate all of Megaville." Dexter continues down the hall, almost at his favorite chair!

He jumps as he lands in the computer chair, spinning in it once and moving himself to the keyboard. The sound of keys being hit are also common, though not usually at this speed. "Hmm, so it's right there eh? Better call Blossom... Computer, send a priority 1 emergency message to the Powerpuff Girls and continue scans on the anomaly and notify me of any changes!"

He then catches himself in mid thought: "Computer, where did this energy source come from? What is it?" - "Dexter, it seems to of come from the base of the northern Megaville mountains. A large amount of electrical interference can be felt from there, which opens the possibility of electronic devices present. As for what it is: that is unknown as of now."

As he continues his work on his report of the energy source, another- more pressing alarm goes off! "Dexter, many mechanical beings are less than 1 mile from the lab and closing at a 15 Mph speed." - " What? How many?" - "Scanning... ... 851 and 2 larger mechanical tank-like devices." - "Where did they come from? Who's robots are they?!" - "Unknown."

"Computer, did you send the message to Blossom?" - "Affirmative." Dexter wastes no time, he enters a command into the computer panel that will cause 99% of the lab to become virtually impregnable. But right before he can put in the final code, an explosion goes off near the Lab wall! As he puts in the code, the lab goes into a constricted and highly defended state, except the area where the explosion went off is malfunctioning and will not lock down!

"Computer get repair bots over to the hole and repair it as fast as possible, priority 1!" - "Understood." The air is buzzing with energy and stress, alarms are going off and the lab itself is flashing red and white! Robots divert their constant duties to the hole in the wall and work at an electric pace, clearing the immediate area of rubble and debris...

They are coming...

"Time minus 1 minute to mechanical confrontation." Dexter is scanning the area and making calculations... "Robots times’ immediate repairing material divided by 1 minute... plus robots to make it here by that time..." He does calculation body language, but it doesn't add up. "Erg... dangit it wont work! There's not enough time!"

"Time minus 20 seconds to mechanical confrontation, exercise caution Dexter." Dexter climbs a ladder to his armory, he's not losing his lab without a fight. "Computer, initiate robot defense mode omega strategy, blockade that hole!" - "Yes, Dexter." The first robot makes it in and Dexter's robots use whatever tools available, be it a repairing torch or a stray stone to attack it.

As he digs through his only weapon cache, he can hear the battle just yards away, it starts off tame, but as more robots make it in the sounds are nearly cacophonous. Armed now with his laser blade, plasma rifle and energy shielding, he runs to the catwalk overlooking the gaping wound in his lab!

He flicks a switch on his vest and a blue haze envelops him as he arms his plasma rifle and fires with pinpoint accuracy at the increasingly numerous robots! The lab's own tenders are being torn to shreds by large beetle-like robots with almost impossible blade sharpness! They are making it in almost as fast as they can walk!

"Computer, where are the Powerpuff Girls?!" - "Scans are not picking them up within a 1 mile radius." That comment sends a shiver down Dexter's spine, he won't be able to hold his lab- or his life out very long, if they aren't on their way he might not make it, or worse... he will have to flee his one and only working lab.

One after another, the robots fall and one after another, the robots advance, ignoring Dexter due to his high-ground advantage. They are ignoring his machinery, give or take a scan and they continue into the womb of his life's work. "Die you abominations of science!" He continues his assault on the machines, but the entire floor is blanketed in a writhing dark-chrome color that is the robot invasion!

His rifle is now out of ammo and he is left with either going back and restocking, or jumping down and beam-sabering them! Dexter's inner rage forces him down the ladder and onto one of the robots, he takes out his beam-blade and stabs it into the core of the machine, ending it instantly. Though he is now on par with the robots, they continue to completely ignore him.

He is destroying them at a much slower pace than he normally would, but now it seems the robots have all made it in... "Computer, Powerpuff girls, NOW!" - "They are within 4000 feet of this lab and closing." - "Thank Einstein..." Dexter follows the robot beetles into his own lair, but stops as a grizzly noise is heard only a few yards away.

The sound of a large vehicle is approaching, fast and Dexter remembers that the computer scanned 2 large tank-like mechanical objects approaching. Dexter is at his wit's end, over 500 robots are still functional and running rampant through his lab and titans approach to do god-knows-what. The large tank is now creeping into the hole, though it is immediately apparent that it is too large.

It continues in as if the wall never existed- breaking it to dust as it moves. Dexter merely stands there in the shadow of the great construct, Sword in hand- with no hope of rescue. But just as all hope leaves Dexter's form, a sonic boom can be heard just outside the lab and just after that the tank stops moving in its tracks, only a few feet from Dexter.

A red haze fires through one of the cracks in the wall. "Dexter, are you okay?!" Dexter looks up and meets the only consolation to his doomed situation, the leader of the Powerpuff Girls: Blossom! "F...fine and you?" She fires down and picks up Dexter in her protective arms. "Just swell, let me get you out of here!"

As she leaves through the crack she came in, they catch a sight of Buttercup, the green Powerpuff Girl holding the tank in place as Bubbles, the blue Powerpuff Girl, standing in place with a large Blue aura around her. "Don't worry, they will take care of it, lets get you to the professor to cure your paralysis." She smiles wryly as Dexter merely nods...

*Several hours pass...*

The Powerpuff's humble abode on the outskirts of Megaville is jumping with energy now that the 2 other girls make it back home and Dexter scrambles for every grim detail of his lab. The green one speaks up. "Well it wasn't too much trouble to break the things, but what was all of that anyway? That wasn't the reason we came." Dexter's face shows confusion for a short moment and he snaps back into reality.

"Oh that's right! The energy reading!" Dexter lets out now that he remembered the very reason he called the Girls. The blue girl says playfully: "Well we would of checked it out if there weren't two big tanky things crushing the neighborhood, so we went to your lab to see if it was you... unlikely but still possible right?"

Dexter called the girls to investigate the anomaly roughly 10 seconds from the proximity alarm, if he called them any later he would of been... well- crushed. "Well I'm glad you guys came when you did, I'm gonna head back to the Lab and check the damage." - "By yourself? Are you sure?" Bubbles let out worried. "Thanks but you guys did enough, I can take it from here... Hmm..." Dexter looks around the room before he leaves the house.

"Where's Blossom?" He asks. Footsteps can be heard going down the stairs. "She said she was going to take a shower real quick." It's the professor, he walks to the door and escorts Dexter out. "Thank you for the pick-me-ups Mr. Utonium, see ya." Dexter then walks off into the distance toward his possibly non-existent Lab.


Imagine for a moment, that this story Is Star wars- HEY I said imagine, no need to think in that tone!

Imagining this story is Episodes 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Here's the graph so far.
__________________________^_______^---This is where the story began.
_________________________- ^---Here we are now.

Episode Zero (Or right before Episode 1 per say.) Is PPGD, One is where I come in.

(Note: If this pony thing is mentioned more than once I'm Burning this place down myself. If you are reading this from any point other than April 2011, this means nothing to you. Carry on.)
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:22 am

Been gone for 12 days, but I suppose it didn't really matter.

I have faith in this, it will be good someday.


Name: Chronometal Wars
Chapter 3: Turning Point in Fate
Part 2: Under Lock and Key

The hour is Nine, the rest is not important; It's dark is the point. Dexter walks down the sidewalk, eyes to the ground, deep in thought having traveled this way many times before he needs not look to make it to his lab, but he hits a road block not even half way. He looks up to see the commotion, the towns-folk are yelling, talking, screaming and just plain making noise just up ahead. No doubt from the panic of tonight's events.

The town police: which Dexter has a deep brotherhood with, block the people from passing this point. Dexter makes it to the front of the line, without exchanging so much as a sight lock the yellow tape is risen and Dexter passes. "So it wasn't just my lab eh?" Dexter says before leaving the police line.

"Nah, the entire block this'way down's been c'pletely flattened Dex." The moonlight reflects off the bits of metal strewn across the streets and wreckage of the houses... Dexter continues down, sure his Lab has met the same fate. His mind-etched route, now changed causes Dexter to become a little more careful and slow with his steps, his lab is more than a good 5 miles away.

His mind wanders into corners he would rather not venture again...


A long time ago Dexter met in combat with his arch-rival; Mandark. This battle- fueled over the death of Dexter's sister and Mandark's love; Deedee, caused a lot of death and destruction on both sides, but Dexter had a net-win... being the only one of the battle to come out alive. Just after Deedee's death, Dexter was traumatized and created an android that looked just like her... it was made of donated human organs and a Nanosteel frame: virtually indestructible...

It was the epitome of everything Dexter never wanted as a scientist... it was an abomination and he knows that his sister would despise the device, yet he created it... and kept it: forevermore. Why? Not even he knows...


His house, just a few yards away catches Dexter's eye, most of it is untouched... partly because this was once his lab, but is no longer. He created a second lab after... Deedee's passing... in secret inside his school in Megaville and used his old, destroyed lab as a shortcut to the new lab- should the need arise. This was not the main target of the machines, therefore the house... and his family within were left unharmed.

He enters the house, greets his worry-struck parents and heads to his room. Moving a book, the entire bookcase moves to show a ruin... his old lab, his foul... horrible... guilt-struck and deathly feeling carcass of an old lab... He does not intend to stay here longer than he needs: so he runs to the Ver-tram and fires into his new lab quickly...

The long ride gives him time to think... but all these things, his lab being destroyed and him being in his old destroyed lab... him almost dying... nearly brings Dexter to tears. All the memories he has tried so hard and long to keep from resurfacing and ruining his NEW life are coming back all at once and it brings Dexter to his knees and he takes off his Glasses...

Dexter sighs as he fights back the tears, his head angled straight up in an attempt to stop them from inadvertently rolling down his cheeks. He closes his eyes, the sliding pressure forces them out and he cant stop it, he falls to the floor and cries...

and cries...

For minutes... he cries and he can find no release, this isn't the only- first- or last time he wishes or will wish that he was dead... all of this pain and suffering and death because of him... because of his past. The things he has done, the people he has harmed-

"Damn it all Dexter, forget this... please!" He says to himself over and over again, but he cant seem to break the cycle... He punches the floor of the Ver-tram as it makes its next and final turn to his new lab. Lights flash up above through the glass ceiling of this mobile room. He gets up from the floor and leans on a corner.

Dexter sighs and sniffs, he can't handle this anymore... but when he seems to just about snap she comes to the rescue again... "Dexter? Is that you or a recording?" Dexter's eyes light up, he looks around and sees a camera in the corner of the moving tram. He rubs his eyes frantically in an attempt to cover his sorrow.

"Y...yeah, its me, Blossom... not a recording..." - "Oh... good... I came to your lab after I heard you left, I can see you from this screen, where are you?" Dexter sighs. "Coming to you Blossom..." Blossom nods to herself. "Okay, I'll be waiting for you..."

As she leans on his giant computer, the chair right in front of her shoots sideways as the floor itself opens up and a large cylindrical- glass object raises from the floor. A door slides open to show Dexter, he lunges out and hugs Blossom. "E-EH?! A...are you okay Dexter?" He says nothing, he clings to his entire world and doesn't let go. Blossom stays still for a minute and then hugs back...

If she hadn't come at that moment...

Dexter lets go of Blossom after a short while. "Thank you for everything Blossom, I needed to hear your voice to put things back into perspective..." He looks up at the ceiling of his Lab. "I just need to keep going for Deedee's sake-" He looks at Blossom. "And for my sake, I need you." Blossom nods. "Want to take a look around now?"

Dexter snaps out of his negative/positive spiral of emotions and stands up straight. "Yeah, lets see the damage..." They walk down the lab's halls... 2-A, 2-B, 2-C... They reach the index and the same destruction is apparent in every room, the robots were looking for something. As they come to a fork in the lab they decide to split up, Dexter heading down the continued index, Blossom into the heart.

Dexter utilizes voice activated wall conduits to keep in continuous contact with Blossom. "Find anything that they might of taken yet?" - "No, I'll keep looking." They both continue their boring jobs. Dexter passes into the final index after some time, all the rooms have been ransacked and over half the inner lab has been combed. "I didn't find anything on my half of the lab, I'll head to the mouth and see what’s up, Dex." Dexter looks back, its gonna be a long walk...

As if Dexter needed more time alone, he continues by himself, down the shattered remains of his labyrinth. "Computer, status report." - "Over 30% of the lab has been misplaced, moved, destroyed or in any way affected by the foreign robots." 30% is a very large amount, almost six square miles of machinery as well as spanning several floors, it will take Dexter months of 'uninterrupted' work to repair it.

Dexter passes the time walking down his now apparently too big Laboratory by making calculations. 30% of 33,450 square feet, most of which are delicate machinery or holding cells for past inventions... Helper bots destroyed, total repair rate reduced by 98.5%. Total time estimate to total repair: 6 months, assuming he spends 6 hours a day repairing. He sighs.

His mental train of thought crashes into a mental 'wall' with a worried Blossom blasting her voice through the intercom. "Dexter! Come to the front of your lab now! Something IS missing!" Dexter thinks about what could possibly be at the fro-

His eyes widen and Dexter runs off as fast as he ever has down to the entrance of the lab!


The plot thickens... or does it?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:32 am

Phew, reading all that in one hour. Alright got what you wanted, someone actually read you story and is here to comment :grin: . I mainly started reading it because of the mentioning of the ho-ha about all this stuff that contradicts Bleedman's stuff (When who cares, its a fan fic, just pretend it's in a different dimension of something).

So okay, start off with I really liked your writing, it was easy to read, well described and got to the point (Get a annoyed with writers who take all their time describing something like every detail of this small rock that's irrelevant to the plot, let alone the story!). Had to have a liked how you used Him the best, he's so far more loveable and interesting character than in the original TV series and in Bleedman's comics (For the moment and no offence to either of them), but you send all day really on this confrontation between Him and Blossom. Sorry but even though you try to keep it interesting with flashbacks and near the end, you just can't help this has gone on long enough and they could be doing something else. On the brightside you leave plenty of hooks about the place to keep readers in and find out what's going on here, but it feels you could leave more as it does seem like its the point of this large scale scene. (Poor Butters :'( )

To warn though it got a bit dull, why? Because it was heading into a time paradox... I don't like time Paradoxes, they hurt my head and are to confusing and I sit on my bed all day pointlessly try to figure out how these things are possible when I could be doing revision for my higher college course.

I'm also a tad etched you used Bell, I know you've probably had a lot of people biting at you about this, but its just that Bells a trademark character for Bleedman (In otherwords a character he's very proud of) and we know little of her. What's more I don't think she had to get involved, you could've just said this black powerpuff girl came out of nowhere instead of getting her involved.

Now here's also a list of English writing problems I had that might help you. Be warned I'm not good an English so I'm probably the one that's wrong (And here I recently published a book). So here we go.

"Alright, Him... why does my subconscious hate you, your voice, your clothing and especially your face so much, and why do you know more about me than I do?" , accurate character dialouge, but bad dialogue in general, especially word choice, you're not good with dialogue of times because your too fixated in getting the character right but don't think things through.
"Let not beat around the bush' Don't you mean let's not beat around the bush?
Time freezes and they teleport into the principal's office. Thought red and inhuman, don't you mean something like, though not red and inhuman?

As a word of advice, the reason why you've probably not received any other feedback is because your jamming in too much work at once. People feel who read your word feel to obligated to reading the rest of your work before submitting work and you have to remember that most readers here come to read web comics, which a require a lot less reading and effort than stories like this
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:34 am

(Editor's note: Things said in this review response, as well as the review in general talks about things that are now out of date, fixed, or otherwise removed.)

Walrus, I must commend you for not only reading, but reading it all at once and then replying. It means a lot, sincerely. As for the grammar/spelling issues you were mentioning, I have fixed all but the 'Blossom hating him' part, I honestly don't know other words to use in their place.
WalrusM3 wrote:To warn though it got a bit dull, why? Because it was heading into a time paradox...
Hmm, I can see how that could get mind-numbing. Well even at my own risk, let me assure you there will be no Paradoxes in this, every little thing is thought out intricately, and every character serves their purpose. Even spoiling everything by saying that, there will be NO TIME PARADOXES. So rest assured.
WalrusM3 wrote:Had to have a liked how you used Him the best, he's so far more loveable and interesting character than in the original TV series and in Bleedman's comics (For the moment and no offence to either of them), but you send all day really on this confrontation between Him and Blossom.
You have no idea how many times I had to rewrite their dialogue together, it was really in the double digits. At first I made Him seem too sinister, but then I calmed him down significantly, making him seem like an omnipotent child and dictator, very fun to work with as a character. But very hard to write.
WalrusM3 wrote:Sorry but even though you try to keep it interesting with flashbacks and near the end, you just can't help this has gone on long enough and they could be doing something else.
If you are referring to Him and Blossom's talking, and the massive 2-part interactions, I guess I can agree.

Story related spoilers:    I was using Him as basically Blossom's second half, she is Blossom, but he is her Memories. He really only served a purpose as a data-file, he taught Blossom everything and then sent her on her way, as was Buttercup's only upside to her deal.   
WalrusM3 wrote:On the brightside you leave plenty of hooks about the place to keep readers in and find out what's going on here, but it feels you could leave more as it does seem like its the point of this large scale scene. (Poor Butters :'( )
Now this is not at all what I was expecting. "Add more details."

lol And here I was thinking I was putting in too much to digest. Your wish is my command.
WalrusM3 wrote:I'm also a tad etched you used Bell, I know you've probably had a lot of people biting at you about this, but its just that Bells a trademark character for Bleedman (In otherwords a character he's very proud of) and we know little of her. What's more I don't think she had to get involved, you could've just said this black powerpuff girl came out of nowhere instead of getting her involved.
Yeah here is where I got a little dangerous with my writing, but I think it will be much juicier as a result. I am not intending on using Bell as a key character in this, but her sister is. In fact as we continue you will see the Black Girl unravel almost as much, if not more than Him did.

And if you don't at least have a guess where she is from, lets just say I didn't make her up, She is not Mine nor Bleeman's. However, incorporating her was quite the mental charade. There were multiple things involved to include her, but with a little bit of tweaking on the side, it will be all right- this I am sure of.

WalrusM3 wrote:I mainly started reading it because of the mentioning of the ho-ha about all this stuff that contradicts Bleedman's stuff (When who cares, its a fan fic, just pretend it's in a different dimension of something).
Hmm, contradictions caused you to read this... I'll keep that in mind... I know that I can just pull some BS out of a hat and go "ALTERNATE UNIVERSE" but I really, REALLY don't wanna resort to that. I personally think taking it all in your hand causes lazy writing. I need to set boundaries and work around them, and what I will be left with is a logical piece of your time.

WalrusM3 wrote:As a word of advice, the reason why you've probably not received any other feedback is because your jamming in too much work at once. People feel who read your word feel to obligated to reading the rest of your work before submitting work and you have to remember that most readers here come to read web comics, which a require a lot less reading and effort than stories like this
What you say is true, however, I have been at this for about a good month, and you read it in about an Hour. And this isn't really a new thing; I tried Chronometal Wars about a year earlier, and I had a shit-ton of people looking at it. ONE PAGE.

However, maybe you are correct. I can hold off on this for a while, and let whatever readers I have digest the story fully.

Thanks for everything you said, I think the story as a whole will be better for this. I'll be sure to keep an eye on you. :grin:
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:10 pm

Glad I could be of help then :grin:
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:48 am

As of Walrus's feedback, I have fully augmented the ending of this chapter, and all further parts with more details and closer attention to grammar and spelling, and I said I would hold this off for a while, but I wanted to at least finish this chapter up.


Name: Chronometal Wars
Chapter 3: Turning Point in Fate
Part 3: Chronometal Prologue

As Dexter runs down his lab, he keeps thinking to himself about his most guilt-stricken invention ever devised, the one placed at the maw of his lab. He makes a sharp turn causing the rubber in his boot to smoke as a squeaking sound echoes down the halls, before the echoes of running are once again heard.

He pants wildly, as if things couldn't get any worse, he slips several times and corrects himself before he falls, but he loses his balance and he then lands on pieces of metal left from the Robots. "Ahhhg...!" The very sound of that causes a sonic boom to echo throughout his lab. As he rises to his knees and holds his arm in pain, Blossom shows up and airlifts him to his medial lab.

A few agonizing moments later, medic bots are tending to his arm, riddled with metal shards and toxic waste. "Th...thanks Blossom- Oww..." Blossom stares at him a moment, deep in thought. Dexter stares back, considering that she is probably finding the words to use regarding the missing machinery in the front of his lab.

She opens her mouth, but quickly closes it and goes back to thought. Some moments pass before Dexter breaks the silence- "Is she gone...?" Blossoms eyes weaken, now she is trying to find other words. "Yes Dexter, she is gone." Dexter lets out a deep, wrenching sigh. He closes his eyes and lays his head back against the surgery-bay's pillow.

Blossom turns her back and sits on the stool next to the bed. Dexter looks over, seeing only her red hair and deeper red bow. "Blossom...?" She turns her head around curiously. "Do you think that something really bad is going to happen?" Blossom ponders the question a bit, but then he speaks again. "Mandark is gone, but for some reason, I found his beetle bots in my lab earlier..."

Blossom quickly responds. "Do you think that someone is using his lab?" Dexter inches off of his back to lean on the pillow, causing a medic bot to made all sorts of noise. Without breaking his sight on Blossom he pushes a button on the droid to cause it to go silent again as he continues. "Its very possible, but I'm not sure who, or why anyone would want to take them over and send an assault on my lab and take out some of Outer Megaville too."

Blossom goes over a list of villains she has seen over the years, the most reasonable choice would be Mojo-jojo, but he has never shown his face since she moved to Megaville. "I think I know someone who might of done it, perhaps someone followed me from Townsville." He jumps off the bed and reaches for a syringe and some medicine.

"What are you doing Dexter?" Blossom asks as she rises from the stool. "Packing a shot of stim and going to Mandark's old lab." - "But you aren't better yet!" - "No, not completely- but all of the shards are out of my arm and the bandage is set. It's gonna get better on its own, but I'm packing stim just in case." Blossom scoffs and rushes to his side. "Dexter, what if someone IS at Mandark's lab, don't you think going there alone is... very VERY stupid?!"

"Well I'm not going to argue that its not a thing a man of science would do, but I'm not going alone." He looks her in the eye. "I'm gonna call on an old friend." He walks out of the pale-white operating room as the Medic bots go into standby; Blossom in close pursuit.

He reaches the heart of the Lab where he sits on his computer chair and boots it up. "Man, I hope this thing still works..." The computer loads up successfully and Dexter blushes slightly. He thinks to himself- "Oh, man... I forgot my desktop is a big picture of Blossom in her two-piece!" Without ever making eye contact he keeps perfectly natural as he accesses the internet.

"Was that me at the beach with you and Olga?" Blossom giggles slightly at Dexter's awkward body language as he fidgets in his chair. He coughs, as he accesses his account. As he imprints his password, Blossom looks at the keyboard in pure curiosity to catch the password through sight memorization, just for fun.

But to her amazement his fingers moves extremely fast: even for her and before she knows it there's a 47 digit password punched in. Among his... rather small friend's list- is one who is still online. Dexter clicks it to enter into chat.

(Wizkid says: Hey coop, you still on?)

After a short delay...

(Lordofthelargepants says: yeah big man, whas on yer mind?)
(Wizkid says: I'm going to need Megas again.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: whaaaat? wy?)
(Wizkid says: I need to check out Mandark's Lab.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: yo mean that geek wit the giant bee robo?)
(Wizkid says: Yes, but not the same place Coop.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: i dont meen to be unsensitiv ,but isnt he ded?)
(Wizkid says: Yes, well, maybe. I'm not sure, I just know I was attacked today by his robots.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: forreel? well i supose i can help you again.)
(Wizkid says: Thanks Coop, you are a lifesaver.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: you no it!)
(Wizkid says: In case you forgot my address, here I am- the sooner the better coop, I may be a dead man Tomorrow.)

He punches in a file and sends it to his friend and he exits out of the program, causing another short slip of Blossoms beach image to fly across the screen before he forces the computer off. "Well that's that, He will be here in a couple hours, by then it will almost be daytime... you should head home." - "I'm a superhero too Dexter, I'll come with you!" Almost as if he was hoping for those words, his face lights up a bit. "Thanks Blossom..."

He turns away and heads into a part of the lab. Blossom asks curiously- "What are you doing?" - "Getting supplies" But as soon as he starts walking, his intercom lets out a loud static! When it breaks a voice can be heard coming from it- "Attention Megaville! Attention Megaville! This is not a Drill, there are Unknown Flying Objects and mechanical things of unknown origin running wild in the Suburbs! Be sure to get to a safe location and/or seek the police and await further instructions!"

The intercom loops after that endlessly as Dexter and Blossom locks eyes and a seemingly constant low-pitch rumbling is heard, as if it was an elephant stampede. Something really bad is going to happen...


And so the first of the two major wars begins, PPGD ends, and destiny is placed into the hands of the strong. There is a major gap in story between this and Chapter one however, about 2 full years of actions, that eventually leads to the apocalypse and then starts chapter one in its aftermath.

Lets continue on with chapter four, which takes place directly after two.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Unlimited » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:48 pm

This has been bothering me for a few hours but...what's a "stim"?
You mean "Stem", right?
Like a Stem Pack? The things you inject yourself with to keep you going?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:45 pm

Unlimited wrote:This has been bothering me for a few hours but...what's a "stim"?
You mean "Stem", right?
Like a Stem Pack? The things you inject yourself with to keep you going?
First off let me thank you for reading even that far.

Secondly its not stem, stem makes no sense unlike Stim for it is an abbreviated format of the word "Stimulant" and it is usually used to accelerate bodily functions, such as movement, thought or construction. In small doses is almost completely safe and helps speed up natural healing processes, which is why he is using it as a medical supplement as he is in a hurry.

(in large doses your heart can explode.)
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Unlimited » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:43 pm

Oh, OH!
Silly Google. No wonder I couldn't find out what "Stim" meant.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:12 pm

I got what I finally wished for, people are posting in my thread. Here's the next chapter, it is still only 3 parts like the others, but its much, much bigger than the others directly compared, so get ready for some deep shit.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Four: The Black hand of Fate.
Part One: Heart.

With the trench-coat clad girl gone, all that's left is Blossom, Otto and a couple of bleeding bodies in the dirt. Blossom walks up to the more terminal sister; Buttercup. She crouches down and wiggles her arm in an attempt to awaken her- to no avail. "Hmm." She said under her breath. She then hears footsteps behind her and whips her head backward, catching sight of Otto.

She wears a very hostile face toward him, but he does not return the sentiment. "Blossom... I-" Otto lets out, rudely interrupted by Blossom. "I really don't want to hear it Otto and if what the girl said is true, it's not my fault... but guess what? I don't have anything on you! It could have all been you!" Otto merely diverts his eyes and sighs.

"Ugh.." A faint sound is heard a short distance away, Bubbles struggles to hold her upper body upright. She meets eyes with Blossom for a short moment, but then quickly snaps to Buttercup. "Bu... Buttercup...!" Bubbles stumbles to her feet and runs over to the group- fighting a major headache and possibly a concussion.

"Is she alright?!" She almost screams out as she falls to her knees at Buttercup's side- all the while blood runs down her face. Being a major hemophobe, Buttercup's condition must be incredibly frightening to her if she doesn't mention it at all. Blossom rips her angry eyes from Otto and then turns to meet Bubbles.

"I think so, I'm not sure if she's 'Okay' per say, but she's still breathing." --- "Well what are you waiting for Blossom!? Take her to the nurse!" Blossom looks around and soaks up the situation and gains perspective; she is the leader of this group and she really isn't acting like it right now. "R-Right! Let's get her there, uh- you lead the way!" Blossom all but forgot the way there...

Blossom holds Buttercup in her arms as if she were a sleeping damsel... aside from the word damsel the situation isn't too far from the fantasy. Bubbles feverishly leads the way, looking back during every possible moment. Blossom looks back, seeing that Otto is following- almost as invasive and annoying as the robots of the future...

They make it to the nurse's office, all... four, of them. Blossom still giving Otto the evil eye. The nurse gives Buttercup a quick look-over, he is very familiar in super-hero first aid and has treated the Powerpuff girls many times. "It seems she has sustained major injuries to her ribcage, she must have taken quite the hit." The male nurse says unsurprised.

"You could say that." Blossom says to no-one in particular. "We got in a scrape with a... rival from a long time ago, apparently." Bubbles looks over to Blossom confused. Blossom rises to her feet and walks towards the door. "Where are you going?" Bubbles said to Blossom. "I'm gonna go talk to Dexter." The very statement shot Otto out of his seat and into close quarters of Blossom who nearly elbows him in the face, but fights the crushing urge.

She approaches, opens, exits and closes the door calmly but as soon as she is out of sight of them she goes back into anger-mode. "The hell do you want anyway Otto?!" --- "Look, I screwed up, alright? I. Am. Sorry. But I am still a time squad agent and I need to keep tabs." Blossom lets out a 'very' wrenched sigh and walks off toward the inner hallway.

Buttercup would be standing here being gawked at by all the jealous girls at school for being saved by Jack during her battle with the Dread Dragon if it were not for her 'current' injuries, but that is of little consequence.

"Alright, keep your distance, I'm actually going to HELP the timeline a bit, so leave me alone." Blossom scoffs as she motions Otto to go away. He holds stead and observes her. Dexter walks down the hallways with a large stack of books that obscure his vision, Blossom walks the opposing direction in the intention of colliding with him.

She brushes arms with him and he loses his balance and drops all the books, as they make a sound of fluttering paper as they fall spine-up and crinkle their paper upon the tiles. His glasses fall on the ground, as does Blossom. She remembers every step she takes here, but hopes her actions before don't ruin the situation now.

She recited from memory and forged emotions: "Dexter, I'm sorry! I should have look where I was going, I'm really sorry!" --- "It's nothing- I'm okay." She then looks him in the eye, with the intention of merely staging the next act, but she then sees something in them.

"Um, are you okay?" Blossom merely looks Dexter in the eyes, seeing something much different then she remembers before. She picks his glasses up off the floor and hands them to him. "I... uh..." She fumbles her line completely... "Well, I'm going to clean up here..." --- "Uh, let me help you Dexter!" She helps him pick up the books, but then forgets everything else and decides to go with it as if it was truly a new meeting.

"Hey uh, I'm really sorry about that, let me make it up to you later tonight, alright?" --- "Oh? What did you have in mind?" --- "I'll think of something and pick you up." --- "Alright, it’s a date!" Blossom chuckles slightly at Dexter's direct humor and walks off acting like a giddy schoolgirl, a real girl, as the professor initially intended her to be... not a scarred husk that the wars left behind and for a while she forgets her woes.

Otto merely stands gawking, mouth agape. "That wasn't helpful to the timeline in the SLIGHTEST!" Blossom reacts to his words as if she completely forgot his existence. "Oh, uh... I forgot my line." --- "So you're gonna take him out on a DATE to fix it?" --- "Lay off Otto, this timeline is helplessly changed anyway, might as well have some fun before Mandark tries to kill me."

That final statement sends chills down her spine after it slips off her tongue. She is going to be ambushed by Bell and forced into Mandark's lair and await Dexter's saving grace. She may have more experience now, but it’s very possible she is the same strength as before and it is rather unlikely that she will be able to fight off her aggressors.

"Oh my god... *sigh* that’s right... In only a couple hours, Bell is going to attack me..." Otto changes from pessimist to worried friend in an instant. "But, I don't think you've formed good enough of a relationship with Dexter to cause him to risk his own life to save you... all I've seen so far is you beat him up and then knocked down his books..."

Blossom sighs again. She walks off toward the library. "Are you going to do what I think you are?" - "Maybe..." She stands before the largest bookcase there and looks for the thickest, most complicated and frustrating looking book in the entire area. After locating it, seemingly an Almanac on the many theories of protomatter... or something like that; obviously something no-one would ever touch. She gives it a tug and it causes the Bookcase to move...

She walks in, the only light coming from where she was and where the lab starts. As soon as she hits the bottom, she raises her head to meet with Deedee's, cold and unrelenting eyes.

"Hello again... we have to stop meeting like this..." Blossom enigmatically whispers under her breath.

"You shouldn't be here..." Is heard from Blossom's side in the shadows. Blossom knows she is not welcome but she needs to stop Mandark, now. "Dexter, Mandark is going to kill me." Dexter seems unsure how to react at this statement and he continues to wear an incredibly surprising neutral-face.

"If this is your idea of a joke, or pretense to a date, maybe I mis-judged you." --- "It's not a joke, he wants to kidnap me and use me as bait to lure you into an elaborate trap, because of what you did to Deedee-" --- "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Dexter seethes with rage over Blossom's words. "I did not do this to Deedee, it was all Mandark!!!" Dexter coughs, the volume of his voice caused him to choke up a bit.

After catching his breath, he resumes. "How do you know about this anyway? No-one in the entire world knows what truly transpired in my lab that day..." --- "Mandark does." Blossom let out simply. Dexter pauses and then lets out a small sigh. "I should have known he would never truly let go..."

Blossom then asks him a short and direct question. "Can you act like nothing happened here? If Mandark knows that I know he might try something even more dangerous." Dexter scoffs. "Why would I risk my own life to save you anyway? We just met!" Blossoms eyes tear up as her aura sinks into one of sadness...

Dexter looks up and sees her sad face as she turns back up the stairs. "Please Dexter, if you won't come for me, then 'please don't try to bring me back', I'll beat him alone..." Those words strike Dexter right in the heart, as he remembers Deedee's words in the Garden that one day he tried to find his inner-self...

*He remembers his youth... his sister, in her white dress that she usually clads herself in when she wishes to pass life lessons to him. The long conversation seemed pointless and drawn out at the time, but nowadays he understands it more then anything else in life...*

Technology is not everything in the world was the gist of her heartfelt speech to Dexter and after she died- it was the only thing keeping him from 'fully' completing the abomination that was Deedee-android. He made a promise to Deedee that should she ever die he would never use Technology to bring her back. And now Blossom is saying that she is going to die and for him to not bring her back.

Dexter's mind races, He won't ever let Mandark kill again...!

"NO! Blossom, I will... I WILL SAVE YOU...!" Dexter rushes to her side as if by instinct and shows a very protective and bold side of himself that Blossom hasn't seen in a very long time. "Dexter, even through time and space you are still the same man I've known..." --- "Huh? What are you talking about Blossom?" She says nothing and lunges at him, giving him a big hug!

Dexter blushes brightly. She lets go and lets a few tears fall to the ground, all the while a huge smile splays across her face. 'I love you Dexter...' she thinks to herself deeply. She turns and walks up the stairs. "Mandark will try to take me by force soon, but it’s a massive army you can't stop, please don't try. Maybe if you had a giant robot or something..."

Ever since Mandark destroyed Dexter's old lab a long ways back most of his giant robots are beyond repair, but he does know Coop and Megas- and makes a mental note of them. As she passes the staircase, she meets eyes with Otto, who seems to of heard the entire thing. The bookcase shuts...

"I... I can't believe he feels that way towards you, even after all you did." --- "This is going to sound really girly, but I think the power of love transcends time and space..." Otto lets out a small laugh and smiles at Blossom. "Blossom, I am sorry for everything that happened and I promise it will never happen again, can we please still be friends?"

Blossom recounts all the matters of her life she can remember so far as a robot. All she has ever known was death, gloom, anger and destruction... but now she has a chance to change everything for the sake of good! Blossom smiles back, wipes the tears from her eyes, wears a proud face and says: "Of course Otto!" She raises a hand up and Otto smacks it-

"High Five!" 'This world needs us to work together Otto...' She thinks to herself, proudly.


And with that, the armistice is in place. Blossom and Otto are forever allies in the battle against time itself. Dexter has seen the light, and vows to never let Mandark kill again- the peace is about to shatter, and the Chronometal prologue is about to begin.

It seems that now, there is a much larger beacon of light that is hope than there ever once was. The black girl is seemingly an ally, Dexter is on their side- Blossom and Otto have stopped fighting, and all that's in their way is Black Eden, and their pawn; Bell.

(Side note: Spellcheck doesn't seem to recognize Hemophobe. /shrug. )
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Tue May 03, 2011 1:14 am

Its been like, one to two weeks without a post, but I've been busy. That and I've had to rewrite this part at least 3 times, so here is the next part.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Four: The Black hand of Fate.
Part Two: Ebony and Ivory.

Blossom and Otto walk out of the library, together. Each with a new-found respect for the other. No matter what happened or is going to happen, they cannot afford to be on opposite sides. It seems as though the entire universe is out to get them, but their only beacon of hope is Dexter, yet at the same time, their chances are still very shaky.

If Dexter is indeed the one who causes the wars initially- then helping him is beyond the question, but then again; everything is lost in translation and they have no proof. All they have is what they see. Dexter, even now- loves Blossom and would give his life for her and that is more than enough to convince either of them.

"Well, in about a few minutes Bell will meet me atop the Hill..." --- "Blossom, you have to realize a few things. Dexter is going to come for you and you are still Blossom. In the body of the SAME Blossom. You cannot take them all, you couldn't before." He pauses slightly, choosing his next words. "There's no need to fight it, you will live Blossom... trust Dexter." Blossom smiles slightly. "I do trust Dexter, but I don't trust myself."

Blossom continues after a short delay of thought. "I am not just going to be taken Otto, I will fight them with all my power. If I fail, Dexter will save me. If I succeed, perhaps we can avoid the worst of a horrible Battle." --- "Well, I guess saving lives, especially Mandark's could prevent the Chronometal wars." --- "So we are in agreement? You aren't gonna try to stop me?"

"Well there isn't much I can do, Its pretty obvious that Time Squad was hiding this from either me or a lot of agents, I can't report you and I damn well cant stop you by force, Not that I would. Blossom, I am with you to the end!" --- "Thanks Otto..." They both walk down the hall and notice someone unexpected.

It’s the Black Girl leaned up against the wall...

"Hello again, Blossom..." She turns her head to Otto. "Otto..." Blossom turns to Otto and gestures that she won't interfere and Otto takes the hint and talks to the Black Girl. "What do you want now? Why are you here?" She eases off the wall and nears them on equal ground, showing no signs of hostility.

"I've been watching you both and I gotta say, it's interesting that you would take this route... but not just that... take it, together." She snickers slightly and continues. "I gotta say, if I were in your shoes I would probably off Dexter when he wasn't looking, but this is far more interesting." She turns around, her trench-coat fluttering from her movement.

"You intend to fight Bell head-on? Admirable... very foolish, but admirable." Blossom follows up. "When we first fought she was very weakened by hurting her dog... what was its name?" --- "Girly..." The black girl nearly gags from that response. "Trust me Blossom, it is not in any way a weakness, I would know. She treats it as a... lesser sibling, harming it would be... unwise."

She walks off down the hall, getting lost in the crowd before either of them could know it. "Who the hell is she?!" Otto lets out daunted. Blossom shakes her head. "I don't know, she looks almost just like Bell, but she definitely isn't. She couldn't seem to stress that enough. Even being her sister from another dimension, she shows no love for her." Blossom turns her head to the door to the infirmity. "I'm going to check up on 'my' sisters..."

Blossom and Otto enter through the door and see Buttercup sitting on the medical bed, she seems to be feeling better. The male nurse is tending to her very closely. "You know I am still very uncomfortable with your whole, 'Aura Sight' thing right, Mekel?" --- "Yes, yes Buttercup. I'll make this very quick, just remember you took a hit that beat a superhero in one shot." --- "SHE DIDN'T BEAT ME, SHE GOT A CHEAP SHOT!"

"O-ok Buttercup! Hehe, I'm sorry...!" Buttercup growls slightly as he resorts to any sort of physical contact, the nurse seemingly fearful for his own life... "Oh Blossom!" Bubbles yells out as she jumps from her chair. "How was the talk with Dexter?" Blossom, seemingly confused with the question says: "Uh, good... good. Why do you ask?"

Bubbles looks away, surprisingly- she seems lost in thought... rare for the dense Powerpuff. "Well I stepped out of the room a few times for fresh air and I saw the girl who did this to us..." Blossom and Otto turn their heads to meet with each other and then back to Bubbles, curious. "I talked to her a bit and she didn't seem that mean, but I still didn't trust her."

"What did she say Bubbles?" As Blossom asked this Buttercup nearly spits at the floor... it seems she has heard this before... "She said she was sorry and didn't mean to hurt either of us, but I think that was a lie. But she did try to be nice... lie or no." --- "I don't know too much about her Bubbles, but I can at least vouch for her non-aggression. The fight we were in was due to many different reasons, she doesn't hate us or want to hurt us."

Buttercup turns to meet those words. "Oh, really? And how can we just trust this Bi-" --- "Watch your language Buttercup!" Bubbles interrupts with. "Fine, this... girl... when she has the power to beat all of us?!" Buttercup shakes her head, seemingly distraught from the situations of the day. "I don't know Blossom, I just don't know."

Blossom looks around the room for a bit and then to the clock on the wall. It’s nearly 7:30, the time she was ambushed by Bell. "Well, just take my word for it, she is not our friend or our enemy... just keep an eye on her... that is if you can ever find her, she seems to like to hide in plain sight." She turns and opens the door. "I'm going to head out for a bit with Otto, I'll be back..." Blossom pauses for a short moment. "Uh... soon..."

She closes the door behind her after Otto makes it out of the room. "Stay here and alert Dexter once you find out- using information in this timeline alone; that I have been kidnapped." Otto remembers the bow he gets in the mail and prepares the rest of his day accordingly. Blossom walks down the hall, past all the employees working overtime and students staying either for extra credit or detention and opens the door to the outside.

With Blossom gone, Otto thinks to himself... "What if the guys back home know what is happening? ... I... I can't afford to ask... sorry guys..."


As soon as the door closes she feels she isn't alone. She looks around for a bit and sure enough, just off to the left, is the Black girl again.

"Are you really gonna go through with it?" She asks flatly. "I'm going to try. Almost nothing can come out of me getting caught except time preservation." She walks near Blossom and says: "Well think about this. You told Dexter to save you, what if you never get caught?" --- "I'll merely tell him I shrugged them off, either way- we are going to have to stop Mandark."

She thinks to herself shortly. "Hmm, it seems you have this pretty thought out." --- "I wouldn't come this far through time on a whim, this all needs to happen." The girl thinks a little more to herself and then laughs slightly and continues. "Well, either way, Bell is far stronger than you, even if you can get some cheap shots on her she will fight back and win. At least until Mandark gets his grubby hands on you."

She turns away and flies into the air. "I'll be watching you, Blossom. Do me proud." She is out of sight in mere moments, she is really, really fast.

Blossom treads up the hill and awaits Bell's arrival. After several minutes, she sits down at the base of the tree and thinks the situation through to pass time, but before she realizes it, the weird dog-thing is here.

"I AM YOUR DOOM!!!" After the initial words, Blossom phones his entire rant about dancing out and flies into the air quick. As soon as she lifts off, a small explosion goes off where she once was. She fires back down and meets the true culprit eye to eye.

It is Bell. She picks the dog up and talks to it slightly before putting it down away from the battle zone. Blossom catches the word 'Girly' in her talk with the dog. "Why hello there, Bell..." She gets up and turns to Blossom. "You know me... huh...?" She gets into a battle formation. "Then that saves me time with the formalities!" She rushes at Blossom, who barely has time to react to any punch.

She is just as fast and strong as ever and keeping up is quite a pain, but it is possible. After she tries a kick to the head, Blossom spikes it downward and causes the impact to cause a small crater, in which Bell gets stuck in. Blossom then rushes at her, at full speed; Knee extended- fully intending to smash into her innocent looking face.

But she raises her hand and stops her in mid-air as if she were a baseball! She rises from the crater, her grip still on her knee and smashes Blossom into the tree! The impact cracks the tree's bark and causes Blossom to cough up a small amount of blood! Blossom rushes backward, it seems altering the battle may be a bad idea...

She rushes back into the battle and continues to match wits with Bell, who seems to be holding back... They continue the fight, as Blossom fights Bell in high-speed rushing back and forth across large distances. Bell continues to taunt Blossom, but she's already preparing for the next step. Soon she will snap Bell's defenses wide open!

Blossom puts a lot of power into her next punch that is quickly blocked by bell, but the energy surges outward, causing a spiral and loosening her parry. She continues the punches until she senses an attack coming and rushes quickly into the air! She has just dodged a large scale pulse of energy!

She then looks toward the dog... thing... and rushes for it, all the while Bell in close pursuit! She lands and snatches it from the ground and uses it as a shield for her next attack, which works perfectly! Bell stops Mid-attack, leaving herself wide open, but this time, Blossom isn't going to waste her time with a mere kick.

She has also been holding back slightly and releases a large red laser from her palm, blowing the white girl back quite a distance... This is going better than before- She may even win this time!

But the fight is FAR from over, she realizes as Bell lands almost perfectly on her feet.

Blossom lets out a very emotional and bellowed war cry: "Bell, you are a scourge upon the world! Stop this meaningless fighting or Girly dies!" What seemed like tears growing in her eyes almost immediately fade from her face as she stands with a grizzly look in her eyes.

Her pupils have gone small and any childish features in her face almost completely vanish. "DAMMIT! LEAVE! GIRLY! ALONE!" As Bell rushes at Blossom fast enough to shatter the tree from 3 feet away with a sonic boom, Blossom squeezes Girly's head, causing him to yelp in pain. "Stop now Bell!" Bell crashes into the ground, causing a massive crater, just mere yards away from Blossom. She looks up out of it, with an even more enraged face! Rage aside, she is holding stead... for now.

"I will leave Girly safe, if you leave. NOW! Leave me and Dexter alone!" Bell looks around, seemingly confused. Blossom remembers the armada Bell and Mandark arrive with and she looks around, but as soon as she does a large iron ball-like robot crashes into her chest, causing her to fly backwards and dropping Girly in mid air.

As soon as this happens, Bell rushes to the dog's side and once he is safely on the ground, she flies to Blossom, but halts after hearing the words of a young man from close-by. "Bell! Clusterbots! Stop! I want her alive!" Two robots hold Blossom up by the arms as she slumps onto the ground with her limp legs.

A young man with flat black hair nears her, but she is unconscious. "If she is dead, your chassis are mine! Bring her to my new lab..."

The black girl looks on from far above. "Well... she tried... but fate is fate and she is only organic... her power is limited..." She looks around the night sky, lost in thought.


The final part may or may not be super-duper special. And more than soon enough we will be leaving PPGD space for new-found lands.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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This one part has more twists and turns than a Mexican waterpark. If this doesn't demand answers, I wont know what the hell will. Enjoy- and I do mean that.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Four: The Black hand of Fate.
Part Three: The Promised Day...?

"It's okay... Dexter... Everything I have done... was for you..." Blossom closes her eyes as a large laser is fired from Malignancy. Her pointless battle lasted almost an hour and she is completely spent... and Dexter is no more broken out of his stupor than when they started. She takes a small breath before the laser pierces her chest and heart, sending her crashing into World's-end!

She can faintly make out her surroundings before she leaves sync with the rest of the living world... The roof is incredibly unstable from her crash landing and the rocks could fall at any moment...


Chronometal Model B lies before her, shattered beyond any hope of repair... "It's over Blossom, Susan, Phantom and I have won..." Astronomonov lets out an eerie grin and simply looks up the shattered walkway. "The world will end and ours will begin! Our new world..."

But then all emotion then leaves her being, as voices seem to come from her, but her mouth remains motionless as even the life seems to leave her body... "And after that world bores me: the death of all things living will feed Model M to the point of bursting! And then we will leave this planet, in search of another capable of feeling absolute terror and we will torture it until we too destroy them... and then the cycle will begin anew... Not even the Black Mother can stop us now, we are far too powerful to remain under her control..." After that remark World's-end shudders and cracks, as if acknowledging her words.

The lifeless avatar of Astronomonov's body readies a cannon to the ceiling above Blossom's body. Blossom lets out, as if in last words; "As...tronom...onov... No... Olga..." Blossom coughs up blood, but continues to speak. "Your brother... is dead... you cannot bring him back... this way..." Olga merely lets out an echo generating laugh! "HA! This is not about Susan anymore and I am not Olga, worm!"

"I am Chronometal Model M- Biosymbiote P and my goal is complete, this mortal shell holds no purpose for me anymore!" Right after saying that, Olga's Chronometal rips from her body and fires over above Blossom's! "Goodbye, Blossom. Your role is complete!" The Chronometal generates an explosion causing the ceiling to collapse in an avalanche of stone and debris.

Blossom has barely enough energy left to raise her arms in one last act of defiance, but it’s no use. The rocks crush her alive and she is trapped in a world of agonizing pain and darkness... "As for you my puppet, I will now part ways with you... It's unlikely that you will survive the crash, but stay and revel in the fruits of your efforts... none of this would have been possible without your undying emotion..."

What sounds like wind generating into a very powerful tornado is heard by Blossom, even inside the dark world. But then a heart-wrenching voice is heard, right before she passes out... "B...Blossom, where are you Blossom! I need... you I... need..." World's-end rumbles and quakes as a large amount of power is forming atop its pinnacle... but Blossom is completely helpless...

Soon the entire world, her sisters, her friends and indeed every single human being will die or suffer in a world of dust and radiation... And Blossom is powerless to stop any of it.


"Wakey, Wakey!" Blossom opens here eyes out of another hellish nightmare of things to come... Her left arm is badly gashed from the previous fight. She rises to her knees and looks around- She then feels a powerful grip on the back of her head! "Rrrgh! Let go of me you bastard!" Blossom lets out, however- she is far too exhausted to back it up with anything.

"You really aught to wake up to the real world Blossom, My world! And trust me, I don't intend on holding you, or keeping you ALIVE any longer than I have to!" The computer lets out a loud intercom- "UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT APPROACHING." --- "He's coming to right the wrongs of your past Mandark..." Mandark puts on a rather inquisitive face and faces Blossom. 'Does she know...?' He asks himself...

He views the intercom and his eyes seem to light up- all the while Blossom's entire body is being slung along by his massive gauntlet. "Those moves... I... I know that dance!" --- "It's Deedee's dance, preformed almost as if Dexter saved it for you..." Mandark once again breaks his gaze of the screen to look at Blossom. "You, Girl. You knew Bell, you know me... And it seems you know what's going on... how?!"

"I have my ways Susan." Mandark's eyes light up with an odd mixture of Hate, Intrigue and sadness. "I don't care what you know about, Powerpuff girl. My plan is still to execute you right in front of Dexter! So that he may feel my pain! To lose his entire world in a single moment..." He looks to the monitor again, Megas is combating the Megabot.

Mandark's side monitors light up and Mandark looks upon them seemingly surprised. "He is scaling the side of my fortress eh? Let’s see how he likes this!" He pushes a single button labeled 'fodder.' "Hopefully that will get his heart pumping by the time he reaches us Blossom, I don't want him lax when he gets here. He will not be leaving here alive!"

"He will pay... He will pay for his sins..." - "Spare me your life story Mandark, I know it all, you are a brittle husk of a man who was sent to a correctional facility... your words mean very little to me." - "Very well girl, we will cut the foreplay!" Mandark gets a row of Mega-adhesive and straps it over her mouth. "Enough of your damn words, you will play the role of the Damsel in distress now!" Mandark puts a Party-hat on for some reason or another...

Blossom merely accepts being dragged along, until she sees something grizzly. A large tube that is used to house bodies in liquid lies before her... Memories flood into her mind, this is what she woke up in! Why did Dexter use Mandark's death machine to store her for years on end? The glass fires down, Mandark throws her in- and the Glass fires back up and locks into place.

"How I have yearned for this moment. Dexter... I will make you regret that you did not finish me when you had the chance!!! Tonight my dreams will finally be realized!!!" But just then, Blossom looks up and meets Dexter's eyes- He has arrived.

"MANDARK!!!" ... ... ... "Yes?" After those words are spoke, water starts flooding into her chamber.

Mandark and Dexter waste absolutely no time with formalities, Dexter descends from the scaffolding and approaches Mandark with deadly ambition, his hands seem to be completely consumed by gauntlets that let off an impossible amount of electricity. Mandark's armament is not much different, only it lets off crimson electricity.

They clash multiple times, switching weapons to Beam-sabers many times, the fight is truly... 'Electric.'

Blossom merely looks on as the battle slowly escalates... As Mandark has Dexter on the defensive, he lets out in remark: "I won't lie to you, Dexter, I am truly relishing all of this. It seems I'm far stronger than you'll ever hope to be. You're simply... no match for me!" Mandark nears Dexter as his gauntlets release incredibly sharp looking claws and Dexter arms his shield in defiance.

Mandark continues only mere inches from Dexter's bulwark; "Oh how I have waited long for this! It's time for you to pay for your sins Dexter. For what you've done to me and for what you've done to Dee Dee!" Dexter's eyes widen, it seems Blossom was telling the truth, Mandark truly believes Dexter was the cause of Deedee's death...

"Blossom was right, you 'are' insane Mandark! Deedee is dead because of you! YOU STARTED THIS!" Mandark looks toward Blossom, who is almost up to her head in water... how does she know what they are both thinking?! Mandark quickly grabs a foreign object and attempts to bash Dexter over the head, but Mandark wasted too much time looking at Blossom and it is quickly deflected... Mandark backs away and barks out-


Blossom's head is now completely submerged in water and indeed, the entire machine is filled and she can no longer make out neither Mandark, nor Dexter's words... She drowned before and it seems she is going to drown now.

She has changed nothing... Blossom slowly blacks out from lack of air...


Many ghastly, yet quiet and hushed noises are heard before she realizes that she is not dead... again. She feels a very faint detachment to the world around her before... before...

Before long she sees herself standing over her own body, Dexter trying to revive it... it seems he won the battle with Mandark again... but then she has a very strange feeling... this is familiar... yet at the same time, so much different- as if she is seeing it from the other side. She looks down upon her spirit self and gasps at the sight!


As she slowly and terrifyingly raises her hands to her face, she realizes she does not have Blossom's hands- But Dexter's hands! She looks at the rest of her body and sure enough, she is absolutely not Blossom.

She is Dexter...

"W...what the hell... is happening?!" - "Come, child..." Blossom... or is it... Dexter... feels a grasp on her... or his- shoulder. "It is time." It is nothing but the Grim reaper himself, come to see our protagonist off to the afterlife... but then is seems the very heavens split open with a beautiful voice coming from it.

"Hold it!!!" It is none-other than Deedee herself descending from the heavens, she sadly meets what seems to be her Brother's eyes... But then she looks into the real world, seeing that Dexter is alive- but Blossom is dead. She diverts from the odd scenario and meets eyes with the Reaper.

"What is it now? I'm a little busy here." Deedee then speaks. "Look upon this land grim, do you see a dead boy nearby?" Grim boorishly obliges the question and finds Dexter tending to Blossom's body, performing CPR and doing whatever he can to revive her. "Hmm... come to t'ink of it... No, I don't Deedee..." --- "So can you let him live? Please please please please PLEEEEEEASE?!"

"Hmm, dis is quite the pickle... but I don't see why not... since you asked so nicely." --- "Oh thank you Grim, your the best!"

Deedee lands and meet's what seems to be Dexter eye to eye...

"D...Dexter? How did this happen?" Deedee asks. "I...I don't know... I thought... I was Blossom...?" Deedee look's to Blossom's still dying body and then back to Dexter. "I don't know what you have done to yourself Dexter, but whatever it was and wherever it got you, I want you to know I will always love you. And that I will always be watching you..."

She continues. "When the time comes I will return-" As soon as she says that Dexter lets out- "Wait... That's right! I know you!" Deedee looks at him with a great deal of confusion. "Of... course you do, I am your sister... Deedee..." --- "NO! Well... yes, but something else!"

"You are Chronometal Model D!" Deedee looks at Dexter, then to Grim and then back to Dexter. " do you know that Dexter?! I was not to make my second coming for years to come!" --- "I... I don't know, Deedee... I just know!" --- "It is my destiny to return to the world and help you as Model D... but..."

She looks around, she seems to have lost all idea of what to say. Grim shuts his phone, it seems he has to go. "Please wrap dis up Deedee, I'm in a hurry..." --- "Y...yes Grim."

She eyes Dexter. "I don't know what you have gotten yourself into, or how you know the divine plans of the future, but for now I will return you to... whatever shell you came from." She lets off a Brilliant white light that envelops Dexter's entire being. "Please, take care of yourself until the promised day... Brother..."


Is your mind blown yet?

If your mind is TOO blown I recommend re-reading Chapter 1 Part 2. Perhaps it will shed just a small amount of light.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Aaaannnnddd I've lost all interest.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Unlimited wrote:Aaaannnnddd I've lost all interest.
Your words wound me.

But would you mind explaining why? If it's something I can fix I will. If it's the slow update times or something like that I'm holding off so chapters aren't clumped up together.

I wanna give it some time.

But if its not that- please elaborate. :(
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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I'm not entirely sure what he meant. If it was my writing style, or something I left out- or put in his feedback could of helped the story as a whole. I hope he comes back, even negative feedback helps.

This is Chapter 5, I seem to be having trouble writing this for some reason. What was in my head is having a slightly harder time coming out than the previous 4 chapters. I still think this is good though, I gave it a lot of time and editing- and I think it's more than ready.

After this part, this thread will have 2 pages, and not be so clumped together. Hoorah.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Five: Mandark's Legacy.
Part One: Closure.

Blossom coughs up a large amount of water, as she looks into Dexter's eyes, now not sure weather or not she is looking into her own... Dexter lunges at her and gives her a giant- worried hug. Blossom is more than just a little confused, and she can barely focus on the situation at hand. Mandark speaks on the Reunion's behalf.

"Touching! Very Touching! By the way, I forgot to mention... Your little girlfriend... Is better off without you..." Dexter walks toward the now crippled Mandark, just having tied up every loose end but his pitiful life. He looks down upon the mess of a man, but Mandark does not respond in fear. Instead, he is almost relishing it!

"That's Right! FINISH ME! Go on! Kill me!!!" Dexter does not budge from his position but instead continues to look down upon Mandark. "What are you waiting for?!!! Kill me now!!! This is what you have wanted for so long! Finish what you started!!!"

Dexter merely shakes his head back and forth.

Mandark, seemingly enraged, stumbles off his knees and grabs Dexter by his labcoat: "WHY!!? WHY!!? You should of just finished me that night... in the cemetery. You had the chance!! You could have just put me out of my misery and saved us all this trouble... IF YOU DON'T KILL ME NOW I'LL KILL YOU, AND BLOSSOM!!!"

... ...?

Blossom recoils from the situation: Dexter is supposed to of said that he would not kill Mandark, and then slap him to regain his composure, but... what is-

*Blood spatters across the room...*

Dexter has his great gauntlet embedded in Mandark's Torso... "Y... yes... My pain, will finally... end..." Mandark slumps to the floor in a puddle of his own blood. Dexter merely looks upon his pathetic corpse. "Mandark... it didn't have to be this way... but Blossom was right. You were a very sick man, and if death brings you peace, and us safety... so be it...!"

Dexter turns to Blossom, with tears in his eyes, but he does not falter. Weather or not the tears are of sadness, joy or rage, Blossom does not know. He offers to help her up, and she accepts the help... she is very weak from her near death experience. "I... can't believe you actually did it..." --- "Mandark... If you didn't warn me ahead of time I may of considered letting him live on Deedee's behalf... But he has killed too many people, and he almost killed you..."

The roof breaks apart, and the green Powerpuff comes flying through it. She lands on the ground and gasps at the situation...

Mandark is dead in a puddle of his own blood with Dexter and Blossom looking over it. "Y... you guys are safe?" Bubbles also flies down, chasing Buttercup. "Buttercup, you still aren't well! Be care-" Bubbles nearly screams at the sight as well. "It's alright girls... I'm fine..." Blossom lets out weakly. "We have to get her back to her house guys." Dexter lets out in response to her weakened state.

Bubbles rushes to Blossom's side, and picks her up without her even asking. "H-hey!" Blossom slips out. "Sorry Blossom, but you don't look too good. I'm taking you back to the house." Bubbles flies up, and Blossom gets one final look at Dexter, who seems to be talking with Buttercup. As Bubbles exits the ceiling, she flies back in shock- nearly dropping Blossom.

It's the Black girl...

"Bubbles, let me down..." --- "B-B-B-BUT!" --- "I'll be fine..." Bubbles hesitantly lets Blossom down onto the roof, and making sure she can stand properly. The black girl meets eyes with Blossom, then with Bubbles... and then back to Blossom and gestures her head to Bubbles. "Bubbles, can you give us a minute please?" Bubbles nods and flies back down into Mandark's lair.

"Though it ended in the same way, its obviously different... Mandark is dead- but his lab is in-tact..." --- "I..." Blossom lets out, desperately tying to find words. The black girl raises an eyebrow and cocks her head. "What's wrong...?" Blossom looks around a little bit, and then meets eyes with her. "Do you REALLY know who I am...?"

The black girl looks surprised, but then seriously considers the question... "Hmm... The spirit of Blossom, sent from the future to save the past?" --- "That's what I thought too..." She looks very surprised from that statement- and asks inquisitively: "But you found out something that makes you question your own existence...?"

Before she answers that, she lets out another question. "What do you think Dexter's role in this is?" The girl is baffled to have her question answered by another- completely unrelated question. "Well it's all pretty obvious to me..." She looks around, and finds a pillar- then sits on it...

"I'm not sure how much I can tell you without causing you to do something I don't want you too... I recommend going back to whoever told you all of this to begin with- and ask them." Blossom remembers Him in the future, and thinks of Otto's time device. "Alright, I will... and as for your previous question, best not tell you now... I don't even know the specifics yet."

The black girl raises and eyebrow and descends from the pillar, the conversation ended far quicker then she thought. She didn't even get comfortable on the pillar yet! "Fair enough... I guess I'll be off then." The black girl flies off once again at immeasurable speed. Blossom yells out weakly: "Bubbles, I'm ready to go home!" Bubbles flies up quickly, and picks Blossom back up- and flies off.

*Some time passes...*

Bubbles arrives at the house the same time Dexter does, and they both head into the house, and are greeted by the Professor. "Blossom! I am so glad you are okay!" Utonium kneels down to hug Blossom, who hesitantly hugs back. Utonium rises and meets eyes with Dexter. "So you are the infamous Dexter? I can't thank you enough for what you did for Blossom..." He extends his hand towards Dexter's.

Dexter accepts the gesture and shakes it as a sign of mutual respect. "Alright, you two head upstairs, I'll get my medical equipment and tend to whatever happened to you guys." Dexter gestures Blossom to head up first, but she pushes him up the stairs. "You are in much worse shape than me Dexter, I insist."

Blossom looks down the stairs, and meets eyes with Otto, who is going to wait patiently for them to meet in private. She continues...

They enter Blossom's room, which is coated in a bright pink and she pushes him onto her comfy bed. "I'll sit on this chair, you are much more terminal than me..." Blossom overlooks Dexter's wounds again in detail. His hands are coated in dried blood from when his gauntlets were shattered in-battle and his chest is very battered and bleeding as well.

The professor enters the room, with a Medkit- but Blossom stops him. "I can take it from here Professor, can you give me and Dexter some time alone?" He nods at her request, and exits- shutting the door behind him. They spend a small amount of time simply looking at each other...

"Let's get started..." Blossom lets out, Dexter rises from the bed, and Blossom from her chair- and Dexter takes off his shirt. Blossom breaks into the med-kit and finds the healing balm, and applies it to his chest. She knows from personal experience that this is an incredibly painful medicine, even for a superhero- but Dexter doesn't even flinch.

After applying the analgesic- she rips into the bandages, and spins it around the affected areas. After Dexter's chest was finished, she went to the bathroom, and came back with a damp cloth. She took his hands and wiped them clean of dried blood, and then applies to balm to his hands as well- but in a much smaller dose.

After applying the bandages to his hands, he speaks up- "My turn now." Blossom sits on the chair as Dexter inspects her arm- still damaged from the fight with Bell. Most of it is healed, but some of the bones seem shattered. He uses the same cloth, now ringed out and cleaned- to wipe off her dried blood, and then applies a harness to her arm. It seems that's all they needed...

Dexter returns to the bed, and trails off in thought...

"How did you know about all of this...?" He lets out simply. Blossom sighs... "I'm sorry Dexter, but I can't tell you that..." He also sighs... "It's so strange, you knew about Deedee, you knew about the attack, you knew about Mandark and me..." He shakes his head. "But I guess you have your ways and reasons for everything that happened..."

Blossom rises of the chair. "I'll let you rest for a while, I'm gonna go tell everyone we are okay- and tell them what happened, and Dexter?" He looks over at Blossom. "Do you regret meeting me?" Blossom asks this question in very many formats, before this is over, she may have to kill him, and even in a present tense he got messed up and killed Mandark- not to mention all the mental scarring that comes with this...

"We all have our regrets Blossom..." She lets off an aura of sadness, but as she nears the door-

"But you are not one of them, Blossom. You let me see what I shut myself out from, Mandark was still a vital enemy... It may not of been His fault that Deedee died, but it doesn't matter. It was you that gave me the courage to stand up for what was right, and I thank you endlessly for it Blossom... I... could never regret any decision I made with you at my side..."

She looks back and smiles at him. "Thanks Dexter..." She closes the door behind her- eyes closed, deep in thought...

When she opens them- she notices she is looking right into Buttercup's, who seems to have rushed up the stairs in an effort to peep. "What are you doing Buttercup...?" She smiles wryly, and heads back down the stairs. Blossom sighs and follows her back down.

"How's Bigman?" Coop, the pilot of the Megas robot lets out. "Dexter's fine Coop, I'm letting him rest... where's Otto?" --- "The dorky kid? *Gulp* He went out for some air." He says through a mouth-full of Chips and Soda. "Front or back door?" --- "Back. *Munch munch...*" Blossom walks down the hall, before Bubbles stops her. "Where are you going?" --- "I'm going to talk to Otto about what happened." --- "O...okay..."

Blossom turns around to meet Bubbles. "What's wrong Bubbles? Are you okay?" She looks around, before beckoning her outside as well. Once they are on the starlit porch, she continues. "I overheard what you were saying with the black girl..." Blossom nearly gasps at Bubbles' words.

"Wh...what did you hear?" --- "Everything... It was all so weird..."


Meanwhile, elsewhere...

"This is how you wanted to go huh?" The black girl says to herself above Mandark's corpse. "Hmm... Hard to think you will one day end all life as we know it..." She kicks his dead body. "Not even death will end the world of you!" She almost screams. "AND HOW DO YOU GET SO DAMN STRONG?!"

She paces around his dead body, knowing no matter what she does he will come back and ruin the world. "I don't know how, but somewhere between now, and then... you rise in power beyond control... and ruin everything! When was it? WHEN DID YOU GET SO STRONG?! DAMN!" She shakes her head, still by herself and seemingly hysterical.

"If I stop you now, will I disappear...? Even so, I can't stop you later if things don't change! ARRGH!" She punches the floor. "Dammit Blossom, I thought you would change things, but nothing changed! IT'S ALL THE SAME!" She hears something outside the facility, and rushes to a higher level to check it out.

She eyes a small girl outside. "Susan? Are you in there?" --- "Olga, Mandark's sister- and future Biosymbiote P..." The black girl lets out under her breath. She sighs... "If you need something done, you gotta do it yourself then..."

The black girl opens her arm to reveal an arsenal of weapons... "This is not how I expected Blossom's intervention would unfold..."


The story shall very soon leave PPGD's universe and enter mine, are you prepared? I do hope so...
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Sun May 29, 2011 2:12 am

We are not out of the woods yet bros. Much more story to tell, and I left not one, but two cliffhangers last part- so here's the next part.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Five: Mandark's Legacy.
Part Two: The Veil Comes Undone.

The black girl takes aim at the ceiling, using what seems like hyper-memory to locate where the bombs are located should the self-destruct system be activated. "If everything is this well preserved, we just have to find other means to stop the Chronometal wars, Blossom..." She fires off multiple rounds very quickly into the roof of the complex, causing large scale explosions!

Debris and rubble falls from the ceiling, quickly closing off all view of Mandark's corpse. "We will meet again, 'M'..." As the building undergoes a catastrophic chain reaction that will inevitably result in the same outcome as the previous time-line before this; a pile of rubble... Before the whole thing comes down, she looks out the window, and notices Olga is backing away from the destruction as well. If everything goes as planned, the universe should more or less stay in-tact.

"Time to stick to plan A... Fix the future, not the past..." She flies off through one of the many holes in the now exploding ceiling just before it all comes down, and watches as Mandark's fortress crumbles into a pile of dust... "But remember, World..." She says to herself with a great deal of command. "Nothing is forever! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" She nearly yells across the soon to be ruins of Mandark's fortress.


"The spirit of Blossom, back and forth through time... Dexter...? It was all so odd..." --- "Bubbles..." Blossom says with a great deal of sadness in her voice. "You... weren't supposed to hear that." Bubbles looks away, also seemingly brimming with regret. Blossom continues. "I'm not sure how to remedy this situation, but I have to try something." Blossom looks around, before finally catching Otto's figure. "Follow me."

They both walk up a dark, yet star-lit hill in their Megaville residence' back yard and meet up with Otto. "Oh, Blossom I'm so glad you're-" As he turns around, he catches eye of Bubbles and stops mid-sentence. "You're... uhh..." --- "She eavesdropped on me Otto." Otto recoils from the words. "W-well what do you want me to do about it?!"

"I want your opinion on how best to proceed, we cant afford to waste time, and I don't fancy reliving more moments of my past; it's a nightmare." --- "So you don't wanna go back and stop her from hearing?" --- "That's correct." Otto shakes his head side to side. "Blossom, can you really think it's that easy?" --- "Of course not, which is why I came to you... but if someone here knows the truth- perhaps they can act while we are time-traveling."

Otto raises an eyebrow. "Normally, I would take what you were saying as the utmost evil toward time's laws of preservation... But since time-squad likely wants me dead- or something we still don't know, their laws hardly apply to me anymore." All three of them hear rustles in the nearby bush and rush to a defensive posture- but it's the black girl, and all but Bubbles let down their guard.

"Your idea is grand, and I propose we enact it right away." She lets out without even a greeting. "I've no problems with this, but why?" Blossom lets out in a swift rebuttal. "The prologue will start very soon, less than a full year. And I've come to a crushing realization." She lets out with a lot of gravity in her words.

"D-Don't I have any say in this?" Bubbles asks frantically. "You heard our words, but only some- so I think it's only fair that we tell you everything we know before we proceed." Blossom and Otto lock eyes, before returning their gaze to the girl. "But, you know more than us." --- "I will tell you both the truth as well, it's time I stop hiding so many things."

"But I insist you start Blossom, tell Bubbles everything you know, and if I feel the need- I will fill in both of your gaps in information." Blossom looks to the starlit sky, digging through deep memory... Bubbles sits down- as does Blossom.

*Cool night air wafts through the tense situation...*

*Sigh.* Blossom lets out, as she begins. "As far back as I can remember, I woke up in the future in a device that... Dexter... built." Blossom looks around, locked on the mental sight of the water device in Mandark's lab, but shrugs it off and continues...

"From what I gathered, it was a bit more than 50 years from this day- in the future." --- "What was it like...?" --- "Horrifying..." Bubbles gulps silently... "Apparently less than a year from now something called the Chronometal wars will begin- in central Megaville no less, Dexter is the main hero- as he gets something called a Chronometal that makes him stronger than almost any hero before him- even us."

Blossom digs in the deepest reservoirs of information she has- she can slowly feel that her mental locks are almost all broken, but some are still in tact... "From future Dexter and future Him's words to my ears, there are apparently 2 Chronometal wars-" --- "H-HIM?!" Bubbles lets out frantically! "Calm down, he is our ally... at least- at that time he is." Blossom coughs. "Now, where I left off... Apparently the lesser of the 2 wars was the first- where there were only 2 Chronometals."

She digs in the back of her mind, as she feels one of the locks coming undone. "Model D... and Model..." Blossom grabs her own arm in an attempt to comfort herself from the terrifying emotions. "Model... M..."

Bubbles understands almost none of this, but she can feel Blossom's tortured empathy, and silently waits for her to continue. "Even to this day, I don't truly know what Model M is... But it destroys the entire world single handed in 'one' night, which is where I come in." She takes a deep breath.

"Bubbles. I am from the future, I have come here to save the world, and we may need your help." The girl of black garment and hair steps to Blossom's side, addressing all three of them. "Now here is where I come in... I will tell you all I know to an extent, if you learn too much the future could be negatively altered."

The girls eyes swish back and forth rapidly, quickly putting words in the best places before they even leave her mouth. "Model M is the full embodiment of Mandark's emotions." Blossom and Otto look to her with a great deal of shock- but Bubbles still seems very confused. "That is all the Chronometals are, souls and emotion. All 3 Chronometals- D, B and M have a soul infused in them with emotion as the pure foundation of their massive powers."

Blossom rises from the grassy dirt and looks her in the eyes. "Wait, if Mandark is Model M, who is D or... B?" --- "Other prerequisites to Chronometal soul placement is as follows." She stands with a Blank expression and lets out in robotic tones-

"One: The person must of died, living Chronometal souls are Impossible." She looks into the house, seemingly through the wall.

"Two: The person must of either been heavily loved, or heavily hated, the stronger the emotion, the stronger the soul." She drills her eyes into Dexter's image. The hate that pours from him for Mandark is fierce...

"Three: And perhaps the most frivolous, the person must of at one point- had their soul inside of a machine as it was turned into a Chronometal, or of been a machine by the time the Soul left in its act of Death. In other words, be a mechanical life-form at one time." She tears her vision from Dexter and places it upon Blossom.

"This is true of all 3 Chronometals, If you dig deep enough into your memories- perhaps you can remember who Model D's soul is." Blossom thinks back recently- to her near-death experience... Dexter's sister, Deedee... she felt so familiar, but in a different way. Was she...?

"Dexter's sister, Deedee, is Chronometal Model D, correct?" --- "Indeed, and for extra credit, do you remember how she became a Chronometal?" She once again accesses her memories, and remembers herself, running around in Dexter's Lab, looking for something missing...

She remembers the front of his lab, and the Deedee android... but when she checked, it was gone... shortly after that time the first of the two Chronometal wars started. She then mentally jumps back in recoil- Deedee was killed, and she was heavily loved by many people... and she was turned into a robot by Dexter, then it was stolen... Then the Chronometal wars started!

"Dexter somehow hoisted Deedee's soul to the Deedee android, and it went missing, and then was turned into a Chronometal by... umm... th-that's as far as I got." The girl lets off a small smile- eyes closed. "I know who made them." --- "Come again?" --- "I made them." --- "Wh-What?"

"Well, 2 of them." Blossom's face scrunches up a bit- "I created Chronometal models B and... M. I had other people create Model D, in an attempt to combine it with M atop the precipice of power and use it to destroy the planet. B, that's yours, was merely a means to an end however." Blossom's face almost shows a mix of all emotions, none more-so than reluctance to believe what she is hearing.

"Th-then... wh-what the hell man?!" Blossom barks out, confused and irritated! She once again closes her eyes and smiles. "It was my only purpose. The world was to be my plaything, and then I was to destroy it..." She then breaks out of the smile and sighs... "But then they rebelled, they all rebelled... I was lucky to escape with my life..." She opens her eyes and looks at her left arm, and then her right. "I even lost an arm that day, and almost died..."

"Dexter... well... M became so strong that day with the power of pure Anger, pure Love, pure Sadness, pure Fear... and pure Self-Hatred. He turned into an instrument of absolute Death and nearly killed me along side you, Buttercup, and Bubbles with the entire planet in one fell swoop." --- "I... I knew Dexter did it, but I never knew how..."

She meets eyes with Blossom and pours everything into these next words.

"I caused the Chronometal wars, and indeed, the end of the world- as was my only initial intention. But then, my secondary objective; Survive... was almost compromised, and I accessed my own Database... to change a few things around." Blossom looks upon her with a great deal of confusion. "Database? Objective- Wait... a... are you a robot...?"

She smiles and closes her eyes again, and lets out a small chuckle. "Indeed. I am from another dimension as a robot, and I am willed here causing the Chronometal wars with the sole intention of destroying the planet, and I am known as the Black Mother." She opens her eyes. "Pleased to finally meet you... I still can't tell you my name though- not yet."


Who you gonna trust?
Who knows.
Well, I do but I can't say-
That would be telling.

(Edit: I thought that 20 pages starts a new page, guess its 30 or something.)
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:56 pm

I've been absolutely barred from my computer for the past couple of days/weeks- but here is the next part, and chapter finale.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Five: Mandark's Legacy.
Part Three: Dark Dreams from the Past.

Otto merely stands, not with mouth agape, nor fumbling in his stance- he simply stands, and gazes at the black girl. "P...Please continue." He lets out sheepishly. She raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Is that it? No giant ' OH HOW COULD YOU' or 'YOU'RE LYING' speech?" --- "Why would you lie? Why now?"

She smiles, almost proud. "At last- some sense. Alright then, let me continue." She sits down, next to Blossom and Bubbles. "Okay... where to begin with that bombshell?"

The wind blows lightly as the cool air eases the tense moonlit situation...

"Back to the very beginning I suppose. From the start I had only 2 directives. One was to destroy everything, the other was to survive. As soon as I was willed into this planet, it was initially to destroy the Chronometals, however as I went forward and backward in time, I noticed no Chronometals- then It hit me."

She closes her eyes and recites from deep memory. "I was summoned to destroy them, but in turn- it is I that creates them. Simply knowing this would cause a Time paradox in a normal circumstance- However, I had no other intention but to make them anyway- to destroy the planet. I used what little information I had from my arrival to pinpoint the locations of the 2 absolutely required Chronometals other than M."

She re-opens her eyes. "Model D, and later in the timeline- Model B. They would be combined along with all 4 Biosymbiotes; F-P-H-L. Flame, Phantom, Harpy and Leviathan- as I named them. Unlike normal Chronometals, these did not host souls; and in fact- absorbed them." --- "So, both Chronometals, and all 4 Biosymbiotes combined with Model M caused what we saw during the apocalypse?"

The black girl nods. "It was the perfect killing machine- not nearly massive enough to destroy the entire world, or barely a city- but the essence of pure hate and death circulating around the planet, making Humans either kill themselves or each other was the perfect way to end almost everything..." She shakes her head. "But even if that didn't kill all the humans- the radioactive dust would make it nearly impossible for any new life to ever come into existence on the planet."

She sighs... "I would of just left it as is, my only role- fulfilled, but World's-end- the embodiment of Model M's pure form collaborated with the most devious of the Biosymbiotes, Phantom. They intended to destroy me after they doomed the planet, and they very easily could of done that if it wasn't for Buttercup."

Bubbles eyes light up. "B-Buttercup? She saved you?" --- "Indeed, I owe my very life to her." Blossom speaks up. "I'm intrigued, tell us more about her intervention." --- "My my, so formal all of a sudden? Very well." She inhales. "Right after World's-end crashed into Megaville, I leaped through time at that moment to view the fruits of my efforts. At that time I thought there was nothing more beautiful in the entire universe, a perfect plan gone perfectly..."

All positive expression leaves her form. "But then he showed up... I looked into his burning, hatred and sadness filled eyes and I saw nothing but death, at the time it looked good- but in less than a few seconds later I felt the worst pain I've ever felt in my life..." She grabs her left arm in painful recollection.

"He had grabbed me by my chest- his hands were more than big enough to encircle my entire body. He proceeded to crush me, my entire chest cavity caved in, and I coughed up my own circuits, but if that wasn't enough, his other hand grabbed my..." She rubs her arm. "My arm, and ripped it off as if it were the twig off a dying tree, he tossed it to the ground as if it were garbage, and he was about to go in for the kill as his hand neared my head..." Bubbles gulps at the gruesome details...

"But then she came..." She smiles at the two sisters. "Your sister came in to save me, someone she never knew- someone she never cared for- and indeed, the one who caused all of this." --- "W-Wait, how did she save you!? Now that I think about it, wasn't she crushed at the Impact sight?!" Blossom lets out inquisitively. The black girl shakes her head.

"Believe it or not, but I actually know very little about the end-result of the apocalypse. I know what caused it, and I know what happens afterwords, but I never actually saw it happen- so I don't know how she lived." She stops shaking her head and raises it to meet the girls. "Regardless of that matter, she jumped in between me and his giant hand, and used whatever godlike strength she had to pry me away from him..."


She looks on in surprise as a strange brown-clad girl with almost titanic strength is risking her own life to free her from his mighty grasp! "You've still got an arm, use it to help me help you!" Never before has she ever been helped- nor assisted someone, let alone help them... help her. Her CPU was running faster than ever, before she finally decided to accept the help and fight for her own life.

She uses her arm and all her strength- along with the strange girl's help to pry herself free of his grasp, as soon as a small opening is clear, she slips out- nimbly avoiding absolute death. As she is on the dusty ground she looks up to see the Beastly monstrosity of what was once Dexter tear the strange girl to pieces before her eyes. Her screams of agony ring through her ears! After she is dismembered he tosses her aside as if she were trash.

For the first time in her life she feels guilt as she sees her corpse on the ground with blood pooling around... she scrambles to reclaim her arm, but her nearly compact crushed upper-body makes it hard to move... As she picks up her arm she hears an almost impossible noise! As she turns around, she notices the strange girl has regrown her legs and some of her clothing and is standing, still mutilated and mauled!

She then regrows her arms and her clothing is fully repaired, she snaps her own neck back into place and enters a defiant stance. "It will take a hell of a lot more than that to take me down, Dexter!" --- "The Blood of Demons run through you, Buttercup- You are not Human, you are not a Hero- you are worthless!" The black girl recoils from that statement! She thinks to herself; "B...Buttercup...?! But, Wh-What?!" She kneels in the dirt, holding her arm to her lap- mouth agape.

"Th...That's Buttercup? The Powerpuff girl, the weakling group of wannabe heroes...?!" She looks upon her as if she was a radiant goddess, clearly blown away by what she is seeing. Buttercup speaks up. "Listen, I'm not sure how you survived, Lynn- or what you are doing here at all... or what to make of your... robot parts, but you should get out of here- I will hold him off!"

The black girl is stunned by the situation- and confused... 'Lynn?' she thinks to herself... 'why did she call me that...?' --- "GO NOW LYNN!" The girl stumbles to her feet and then lifts off the ground and flies off at a slow speed. Buttercup looks at her as if she is viewing a complete stranger. "Wh-wha? You can fly?!" The black girl does not know how to handle this situation and merely tries to fly off as fast as she can. Buttercup tears her eyes from who she called Lynn and looks toward Dexter.

She speaks under her own breath, but the black girl's robotic hearing picks it up; "Blossom showed up right before this all happened, that is proof that she lives through this somehow... I have to fight, if for nothing else, I can buy whatever saves her some time..." --- "Let's do this Buttercup, this is what everything your sacrificed was for." A strange voice seemingly from nowhere lets out.

"It's been an odd day, but now we can finally finish this, Dexter... You ready, Him?" A form rises from Buttercup's shadow. "As I ever was my Buttercup, let's end this!" --- "Him... Buttercup... It is of no difference to me-" Dexter bellows out. "You will all be crushed before the power of the ultimate life form birthed by the humans you fought for and failed to protect, now feel their anguish and despair- and DIE AS THEY HAVE!!!"

As she flies out of earshot of the battle zone she can see giant shock-waves originating from it: electricity, fire, and explosions all go off almost infinitely in quantity and speed. "What have I done... I nearly died...!!!" She rapidly darts her eyes back and forth, trying to find any real reason for doing this. "Just to do what, Destroy the world by the orders of my creator? Why do I care?! I almost died! I... I need to... modify myself if I want to live. I need to change myself or I will die- there is no getting around it!" She mutters hysterically, obviously terrified.

"I am an android. I can and will change my own destiny with my own hands! I will stop this... I can live... I must live! I WILL LIVE!!! Nothing will stop me! I will never die!" She accesses her time travel bracelet and goes far into the past. "I need to get to somewhere I will never be found, and do extensive maintenance on myself..." She looks at the device. "1500 Ad, dark side of the moon. Sounds about right... the future can wait... for now!"


The next chapter will take place right after Chapter 3, at the Chronometal Prologue. Almost all questions left will be answered there. It is also very likely that chapter 6 will be longer than 3 parts. However, that is of little consequence.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:27 am

-Story Recap-

Chronometal wars takes place in 4 major timelines.

A- PPGD: 2002, the start of PPGD.
B- The first war: 2008, 6 years after PPGD's chapter 6.
C- The second war: 2008.5, several months after the first war.
D- Ruin: 2050, 40-50 years from PPGD's start to the second war's end.
(Note: The phasing from PPGD to the first war may be a little sketchy, due majorly in part to time-keeping in PPGD is trivial at best.)

My main worry is that PPGD itself will contradict this story in one crucial way or another.

Ways to contradict Chronometal wars:
-Any main character dies. (Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Utonium, Bell, X, Roudyroughs, Otto, etc.)
-Black Eden attacks Earth, either victorious outcome contradicts my story. (Black Eden destroying/taking over Earth, or the heroes destroying Black Eden.)
-Bell Dies/Goes away forever.
-Time squad gets a much bigger role. (They must remain mysterious)
-Any 'major' time-travel related incident occurs.
-Any major new character emerges.
-Megaville is destroyed.


Chapter 1: Fresh eyes upon an old world.
50 years after the second war.    Blossom awakens, regains parts of her memory from Dexter's logs and Him's words and goes back in time to either stop the wars from happening or prevent their horrid outcome.   

Chapter 2: Enemies of Time.
2 years before the first war, and beginning of PPGD.    Blossom meets up with Otto, who betrays her after piecing together pieces that really shouldn't of been pieced in that way. Meet's the Black Girl AKA the black mother for the first time.   

Chapter 3: Turning point in Fate.
2 years after the start of PPGD, and 1 day before the first war.    Dexter and Blossom fight in his lab during the prologue to the first Chronometal war- Emotions flare as Dexter is reminded of his past over and over. The only thing keeping him sane is Blossom.   

Chapter 4: The Black hand of Fate.
2 years before the first war, direct continuation of chapter 2.    Otto and Blossom put aside their differences and become allies to save the world. The black girl shows up many times, not as an enemy or a friend, but as a Watcher. Blossom thinks she; herself- might actually be Dexter somehow.   

Chapter 5: Mandark's Legacy.
2 years, with a few days shaved off- from the first war. Direct continuation of chapter 4.    Dexter kills Mandark in cold blood instead of letting him live. (and ending up killing himself) The black girl shows up and tells everyone- including Bubbles; who eavesdropped on their private conversation that she is a robot willed from another dimension who actually caused the wars to begin with.   

Chapter 6: The First War.
The exact start of the first war, direct continuation of Chapter 3.
   To be disclosed.   
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Without further ado, the direct continuation of Chapter 3. Exclusively Chronometal wars, not PPGD.


Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter Six: The First War
Part One: Call of Duty

The two of them scurry around for supplies before one of them lets out:

"We're going, Blossom!" --- "Of course, I'll be waiting for you, I'll see if I can save whoever is in danger... or see what it is the danger actually is..." Blossom and Dexter eye each other. "It's just another day, Blossom- we will be fine..." She nods sheepishly and flies off at high speed. Dexter thinks to himself; "Alright, Coop will be here soon- come to think of it, my timing was really great on that note."


High above the buildings, Blossom can see a few small machine-like things floating and moving over the city, she flies down to get a better look- and to her dismay, they are chasing down towns-folk from Megaville. She rushes at the machines and takes one in each hand- then smashes them together. "Dust to dust... you guys alright?" --- "Y-yes, thank you Blossom!" --- "Head to Megaville elementary, you will be safe there!" And with that: she flies off toward central Megaville, the sun breaking through the night sky, it is almost day-time. It has been one hell of a night...


"Okay, all set!" Dexter straps in his beam-saber and loads his electro-pistol. He walks out of the lab, and he notices several frightened people flooding into the school. He thinks deeply about what is best for the endangered populous... "Look's like privacy is no longer an issue..." Dexter says to himself. He rushes down the halls to meet the people. "B-Blossom said we would b-be safe here?" --- "Yeah, follow me over here; there's... uh... a bunker set here!" --- "In... a school?" --- "Don't ask questions- just come!"


"What's happening?" --- "Oh, Blossom! Great timing- we don't know what these things are, or where they came from, but they've already totaled several police vehicles and wounded nearly a hundred people!" --- "So just smash 'em?" --- "That's been the plan for now- and getting the civilians to safety!" Blossom flies off, toward the core of the city- which is now blocked off at certain points.


"Fancy bunker..." A seemingly dim blonde civilian says as Dexter leads them into his 'formerly' secret lab. "Yeah, well with all the superheroes and super-villains nowadays not even schools can be 'TOO' cautious." --- "Well I guess that's true..." Dexter chuckles slightly- not knowing why he is insisting on keeping his lab a secret... "I'll lead you into the deepest part- where no-one can get to you unless they know exactly what this place is; and where to go!"


Blossom strikes several flying machines into each other- causing small scale explosions and removing their threat- but she looks down in horror at the sight she sees. Massive machines- shaped like worms drilling through the road and earth as if it were swimming in water. She flies down and rams into a worm head-on, but it doesn't to much more than move the worm a few inches away from where it once was. She decides to ignore the worm, and focus on finding more civilians.


"Alright, here we are- now do any of you know any details on what is happening?" --- "There's machines everywhere, and not just small ones- BIG worm-like things practically- EATING our houses!" --- "W-What?!" Dexter looks around at the other civilians who are nodding- they have all seen the worm robots. "D-Damn, I need to get out there! Stay here, you are safe here! If something does somehow get in, use that room over there- it leads to my ver-tram which fires at high speed to the outskirts of town." --- "Bless you Dexter..." Dexter smiles slightly at the gesture.


"It's about time you guys got here!" --- "Sorry, we were kind of busy ourselves Blossom!" Buttercup exclaims. "C'mon, we got work to do!" Blossom flies off toward the densely packed part of Megaville with a green and blue trail following her usual red. The three power-puffs destroy any small machine they come by before they reach the main apartment building. Machines are absolutely swarming around the building- which is also on fire. "Bubbles, go in the building and get whatever children you can find first, Buttercup; Destroy the surrounding robots- I'll use my breath to extinguish the flames!"


Dexter finally manages to leave the building, with more and more people shuffling in, he directs them to the lab- which he has marked with ground drawings and cones- which lead all the way into the saferoom where the other civilians are. He fiddles with his wrist-watch a bit. "Computer, initiate semi-full lockdown, left, right and back sides. Initiate anti-enemy algorithms 2 and 4- protect all human life-forms at all costs." --- "Of course Dexter." He runs off, stopped by the sound of roads being smashed, he looks toward in in horror, but it is then lifted with a face of pure joy!"


"Building is extinguished- I'm going in to help whatever stragglers Bubbles left behind- cover me Buttercup!" --- "You got it!" Blossom flies in to the frosty and unstable building, all the while Bubbles is rushing out of it with a seemingly inhuman amount of children on her back and in her arms. "D-Don't worry about me, I'm f-fine!" She breaks into a lying smile as she struggles to stay airborne. "Geese Bubbles..." Buttercup lets out under her breath, she kicks a metal machine into another and looks around. "All gone, let me help you, Bubbles!"


"How have you been, man?" --- "Great, man- you?" --- "Can't complain, but the city is under attack." --- "Wait, didn't you want me to take you to... uh... what's-his-name's lab?" --- "I did, but then Megaville went under attack, come to think of it- me calling you and getting you here at this time was good luck, Coop." Coop takes a bite out of a monster-sized sandwich and continues; mouth full. "Well, jusht anosher day for ush heroesh, Big Man." --- "Amen, brother." They fist-bump and Megas then rushes off toward Megaville.


"This is all we worked for... no regrets yet?" A big burly-looking man in a fiery orange battlesuit replies. "Hell naw, this is all for the future kingdom; Our kingdom!" A woman in a similar suit, but much more slender, seemingly aerodynamic and colored green continues on his statement. "He's right, there is no turning back now- the city will be in ruins soon enough- we just need to feed Model M now, hehehe... Not long now and our perfect world will be within reach!"

The leader of the group looks around, and sees the fourth and final member on the edge of the building looking down- arms crossed and resting on a single leg on the ledge. "And you, Astro?" --- "I've explained all I wanted from this, I don't want your damn world... I want my brother back..." The strange purple armored girl lets out.

The leader, in a large blue seemingly aqua-dynamic battlesuit, lets out pleased; "Then it's settled, now we initiate phase 3 of our plan... hopefully with no more interruptions from those three... people..." --- "I think we are fine... I took care of 'em." The exclusive purple-bladed knight lets out- still looking down the building at the carnage in the streets. The blue leader follows: "Really...? Wow; well good Job, Astro! Then let us not waste time." He claps his hands together.

"Let's get this done!"

A blonde girl in a pink dress seemingly out of place in the middle of the carnage looks up the building- right into the purple knight's eyes- but she tears her gaze away. "The promised day has come... Find me brother... Find me..."


AAAALWAYS with the sub-stories.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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