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Re: Tales of Dreams IC Phase 2: Crossroads of Fate

Postby Bolts » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:18 pm

Eli glared at Fang as the younger man charged head on at the Viruses. "Are you-" Too late. The boy had already wasted precious energy on a fruitless attack. "Look before you leap, idiot." He growled, pointing a single finger towards the yellow eye contacted to the black chokers around the guards. "You, mage brat. Shoot that thing. You, idiot. Keep those things away from him." Eli spoke sternly, issuing orders as though he were still on his boat. As the viruses prepared for another charge, Eli removed the sword he'd picked off the dead guards from earlier. "This is precisely why I brought this along." Without another word the young pirate flung the weapon towards the viruses, piercing one through chest before impaling it against the wall of the catacombs. With his initial attack launched, Eli removed his own sword as he waited for the viruses to make their next move.
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Re: Tales of Dreams IC Phase 2: Crossroads of Fate

Postby Regalus » Tue May 03, 2011 8:11 pm

Cyrus carefully studied the situation. He had three animated guards at an intersection located beneathe a castle. There were three of them and his group wasn't in immediate melee range. The fact that they were underground eliminated stone blast; no point in removing what little support the floors down there already had after all. SO he would go with a fire ball spell, quick easy and by setting them on fire Eli could take them down with their swords if they were still standing. Perfect! At least it was before Fang had rushed right into his line of fire.

Normally he'd just aim them from a higher angle, but the corridors said made that option mute. He could always use lighting, right? Sadly no he couldn't. Given the fact that Gran had just run into one of the guards, and his boots were still wet as were Fang's. He mauled over his options as quickly as he could before Eli had told him to hurry up. "It'd be a lot easier if you guys didn't keep running straight at them through my line of fire!" he barked back as the older boy impaled the third guard.

Feeling rushed Cyrus went for the best option he could think of. "Wind Blade," he cryed out, casting the spell as quickly as he could. A small emerald sphere of cutting winds appeared, partially engulfing the guards that Fang and Gran had attacked; the later having knocked his target close enough to the other for them to be hit by the spell. I hate combat in close-quarters secretly groaned Cyrus with growing frustration.
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Re: Tales of Dreams IC Phase 2: Crossroads of Fate

Postby Ryute » Thu May 12, 2011 10:42 pm

((Very sorry for the delay. Feel free to yell at me next time if you are waiting on another post from me.))

Torture Chamber
The presence of humans caused two of the viral nodes to open prematurely. Due to this the node created some weak viruses that weren’t fully developed. They had one wing on their left side with black lizard like scales over their body. They had no head, just a viral core of crimson red flashing on and off where it should be. Despite being young and weak their natural defenses make up for it. These little virus are highly toxic to the touch and when near death they explode causing some poison gas and a puddle of toxic acid where the explosion occurred. One headed towards the feminine boy and the other headed for the girls, they wouldn’t attack they just hovered closely giving off a toxic stink.

Jail Cells

Magic seemed to be effective on the viral zombies since it scathed the tiny virus hiding on the back of the zombie neck. The physical attacks didn’t do much. They kept getting closer and one attempted to stab Fang. Fang narrowly dodged the strike given the amount of room. If the corridor wasn’t so tight they would easily be able to out speed them and corner them. After dodging the sword Fang knocked it out of his hand with a swift kick. The kick inadvertently sent the zombie’s arm flying with sword in hand. The armless zombie feel back while another armed zombie replaced them as Fang jumped back to grasp the situation since something didn’t seem right. They raised their swords for a heavy swing on Eli and Gran. While the virus controlling the virus one cast a darkness spell, Spread Zero, at Cyrus. "Are they even taking damage? They just keep going!" Fang angrily shouted.
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