Xbox Borderlands Leveling

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Xbox Borderlands Leveling

Postby Hana » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:19 am

Since I'll have time coming up and a lvl 69 Siren, I thought I would offer leveling to anyone that needs it.

Now, I'll warn you that my internet sucks and I'm not that awesome a player...and I'll only be available to do this on Thursdays and Fridays before 2pm Central time, starting next week....But I'm willing and I can get the job done, if you don't mind a few visits to the New U, hehe.

Leveling location will be Eridian Promontory, playthrough 2.5. It will be boring for the levelee, but you will get levels and weapon levels fairly quickly.

I will also be available to take people who have New Revolution on treasure runs after I beat MINAC.

The offer stands.
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