Novel is Chapter Book

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Novel is Chapter Book

Postby cvmeds » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:02 am


I'm from Florida. Wish to see the happenings here in the forum and get some information on pharmacy businesses in general and providing Info on Novel is Chapter Book.

I've worked in the pharmacy industries for a number of years now so I figure I can offer some useful advice here 'n' there!

Novel is Chapter Book is why........

A novel is a chapter book. Typically a novel is a longer version of a story, which has been made up. Novels are fictional (or not true). Picture books are much shorter stories, with a lot of illustrations or pictures

Thank You

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Re: Novel is Chapter Book

Postby DaCrum » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:39 am

This is genius. I applaud this artistic frenzy.

Seriously can we keep this? It's like outsider art.
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Re: Novel is Chapter Book

Postby GridsNaranek » Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:45 am

Not happening.
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Re: Novel is Chapter Book

Postby BeeAre » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:09 pm

i dunno man. this is beautiful.
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