Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

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Re: Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

Postby BradaoOfCartha » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:49 pm

Lyte Inhaled a large amount of air as he saw the water freezing around him. He sunk down and thought to himself, "How am I suppose to do that?" He sat there at the bottom waiting, for something anything different. He sat there for a few moments thinking to himself, about his past, and what he might experience here. It was at this moment that he felt as if time had frozen in place. What was this feeling? Lyte didn't know.
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Re: Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

Postby Karo » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:11 am

~Amanda & Amber~

The twins floated together in the water, their skin blistered bright red from the shift between hot and cold, their hands twined together. Neither one spoke a word of complaint, they would not give their master the satisfaction. They were happy-go-lucky, friendly girls, but they had an intense competitive streak, which, as soon as they started school, had included beating their master at his own game. As the water flowed back and forth around them, the temperature changing, the girls began to grow used to the pain, closing their eyes and relaxing. It didn't take long for the calm to extend into the water around them, subsiding to room temperature.


Hisui glared defiantly as her new teacher lifted her up into the air once more and swept off his hood, revealing stringy black hair and fang-like teeth. He was a frightening sight, to be sure, but there would be no point in demanding an apology if Hisui let him see that she was afraid of him. She had not expected him to throw her from the roof though. Defiance turned to shock as she flew off the roof, and shock turned to fear as she began to plummet down towards the ground hundreds of feet below. A scream tore from her lips as she fell, her eyes wide as she tumbled ever closer to the ground below. After a few moments of believing that she was going to hit the ground and turn into a half-japanese pancake, a single thought crossed her mind, which caused her to stop screaming, and panicking. There's no way he's going to let me hit the ground. He's a teacher. He'd lose his job if I died. She fell the last few stories in silence, waiting for the jarring impact that would come from him catching her.
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Re: Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

Postby Acktoo » Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:41 pm

[Ramona Harlan, Earth Classroom]

Ramona shot a disapproving look at her new teacher. Walking around on the dirty ground with her bare feet? Preposterous. The expression on Gideon's face shot down whatever complaints the girl had, however, and she sighed aloud and proceeded to remove her footwear. Soon enough, Ramona's feet were bare, and with a look (and step) of hesitance, the first year stepped onto the dirt. The feeling was a bit odd at first, but the cool earth felt somewhat... calming on the girl's exposed skin.
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Re: Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

Postby TheLivingCouch » Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:21 pm

-Gideon Fell, Earth Class-

Gideon nodded as Ramona did as she was told. If the girl had noticed that none of her classmates were anywhere to be seen she would soon find out why. Not but a moment after she set her bare feet upon the ground she would find it collapsing out from under her. Like the others, Ramona would find herself landing on a cushion of soft moss at the bottom of a deep hole. “Now class.” Gideon spoke with authority as the walked to the center of the room and took a seat. “Since everyone is now here, we can finally begin your first exercise to start you on the path to mastering your element. I will warn you now that this first task is a difficult one and not everyone is able to complete it on their first attempt. If you indeed cannot, wait until the exercise is over to let me know.”

There was silence for a moment. In that time the man took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and readied him self for the task ahead like he had so many times before on his own, and a few with other students such as these. “I want you to take a seat my students and make yourselves comfortable. Now, take a deep breath and completely clear your minds. There is nothing now but yourself and the very Earth that surrounds you on all sides.” Down in their holes Gideon’s students would find the sound of his voice descend from stern and commanding to hushed and hypnotic while still ringing out clear as day across the room. “Focus on it, the walls of rock that surround you, tall and strong, and the soft moss that cushions you. Take it all in my students; how it feels underfoot, the texture and the hardness of the rock, the rich smell that encompasses you. All this my students, from the highest mountains to the deepest valleys, to your own place in the ground, all this the earth has to offer you.”

“Now I want to shift your focus inwards. Go deep inside yourselves and then deeper still, farther and farther until you reach the very core of your being. Search carefully my students, for there you will find your own elemental power yet weak and untested but there just the same. Examine this power of yours. Visualize it. What does it look like? What color is it? Does it remain still, shake and quiver, shift and change? Embrace your power my students. Know that it is wholly your own, and will be for as long as you live.”

“Now, take hold of your power and extend it downwards. Imagine yourself moving downwards with it; into the Earth, down through the dirt and stone, down through the rocky interior and the molten rock, all the way down to the very core of the Earth.” Here it was the most difficult part of the ritual. As the students extended themselves downwards they would begin to feel a great pressure on their bodies, and an even greater heat growing ever stronger as they descended. However it may feel however, no one was in any danger. Gideon felt the intense heat and pressure just as his students did but pressed on just the same. He had done this many a time over. “Do not be alarmed my students. You will feel heat and pressure all around you as you descend. Do not allow it overwhelm you. Push yourselves on through.” The man was booming once more, as to inspire confidence, and to let himself be heard through the pain he knew his students would be feeling.

It was not hard to know when the ordeal was over. Gideon felt awash in relief when he finally reached his destination. “At the Earth’s core my student’s you will find and end to your ordeal. There you will find relief and sanctuary. This is not all you will find however. You must listen, and listen carefully, for it will not come quickly. You may need to listen for some time, but you will hear it, a soft but steady thumping, strong, ancient, and unending. This, my students, is the beat of the Earth. It’s very spirit. Let it resonate through you. Listen and know that the Earth around you is alive, alive and willing to do as you ask to the extent of your own powers.” Gideon did not need to wait long to feel the rumblings of the Earth. It came to him naturally. Before long he opened his eyes, the exercise now was now over. “When you are finally able to feel it within you, you may open your eyes. Your task is complete.”
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Re: Elemental Academy, Chapter 1: It all begins... NOW.

Postby Akaine » Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:18 pm

Minerva Hitaome: Darkness Classroom

She had followed James into his classroom and stood in the back corner, leaning against the wall. Pulling the surgical steel brass knuckle out of her pocket, she slipped it onto her right hand, her thumb caressing the steel in a loving manner. She listened to James as he began his class. She was curious as to what roadblocks he'd throw in the kids's way. While she waited, her mind wandered and drifted towards how tired she felt, not that anyone really cared. She didn't look tired, but her body felt worn out and her insomnia-ridden sleep just wasn't enough.: evidence being, if one looked really carefully, they'd be able to see bags hidden under her eyes.
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