KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

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KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:14 am

YO!!!! HOWS IT GOING PEOPLE!!! how long has it been since I have been gone....2 YEARS!!! WTF :jawdrop: !!!

Anyway I got good news and bad news....the bad news is that I lost my work for my last work so its not gonna come back :'( but the good news is that I will write a story in its place :grin:

So please enjoy 'Rise of The Dark Slayer', a Code Geass story.
Prologue: The Offer.

((OCC Point of view))

Ok... Ok, I'm gonna say something, ok? I'm gonna make it official... I'm gonna say something about my life...

It fucking sucks at its fullest.

Why? Oh well... You know... I'm a guy who looks likes I came from another country. A guy who quickly learns English and Japanese. I'm sort of a normal guy, I guess. However, being like this is still not enough to get the others to accept me for who I am.

In school, everyone in my class... Ok, not everyone but a few, but most of them in my class made fun of me because I was different. They always make fun of me, saying that I'm a stupid Russian kid... First of all, I'm not stupid. And I'm not from Russia either, but I have a small heritage of it. Somewhere else, I keep asking the teachers to make them stop. However, not even that can stop him. So…Every once in a while... I avoided some people who I never met in school. Yeah, school sucks, I know.

Although, unlike in school, I'm a lot relaxed at home and outside. It feels so relaxing to be in somewhere nice. However, there are some bad moments about the two of them. At home, my mom always yelled at me for an unknown reason. They always yelled at me to go to school, they always yelled at me to come and see them... Well... They acted like very responsible parents, I know. But the yelling is way out of line...

Outside... Well... I don't know what, but I guess it's because I always feel like some people are about to get me and kill me off. I was... well, a little protective to myself. And what's worse, the kids always made fun of me, like in school. So... This is a bunch of shit to me.

The name is Rett Clemons. Its Nice to meet you... Well, not that quick, but close. Anyway, here's the start of my afternoon...

It was a Friday afternoon. And after avoiding students, ignoring the names they called me, I came back home. I tried to turn the front doorknob, but it appears to be lock... Yeah... My parents always do that, being responsible parents.

I sighed. "Man... I wish I could knock the door so they can come and unlock the knob, but they'll end up yelling at me and telling me to always bring the keys... Oh well." I said. I begin to dig something in the right part of my back-pockets and pull out two sets of keys. I put one of the keys in the knob and unlock it. And so, I turn the knob and come inside of the house.

"I'm home!" I yelled to my parent... Although, for some reason, I received no answers. "...Ok. " Still no answer... Hm... Maybe I'll go check up in my parents' bedroom to see if they're in here. But instead, I see that the door to the bedroom was opened. And no sound…were heard. "Wow... They left?" I was surprised at first, but nothing is important right now.

"Hm... If I remember correctly, they should have left some notes somewhere around... here!" I spot a note laying on the table. I walk to it and pick it up, reading it.

Dear Rett...

I gonna have to go with Johnny (AN: my stepfather) for a business trip. So we want you to stay home and watch the house.

However, if you don't do it and just be lazy, No Afternoon plans after I get back. So be a good boy or else!


I read the note as my right eye begins to twitch "... Geez... That's brutal... There goes my afternoon work." I said as I head to my room.

I flopped on my looking at the ceiling just think of my life and how I could change of make it better. Then all off a sudden my head begins to hurt like hell. I growled in pain but then I eventually blacked out.

((Unknown location))







I opened his eyes. I had no idea where I was. My appearance was like black and white. I was in a strange white realm where all I could see was a single clock moving back and forth.

"Where the hell am I?" I said to myself looking around then I spotted.

In front of me was a beautiful woman. She appeared to be in her early twenties. She wore no clothes, completely nude, with her long green hair covering her breasts, her hands covering the rest.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am C.C." She said. "I have something to ask of you."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I have used the Power of the Kings on your dimension. I need your help young one. Sooner or later, events will fold on my world that will drag the world into chaos. I need your help to break the chains of chaos."

"Break the chains of chaos?" I said. "How am I, a human being, supposed to do that?"

"By simply protecting the man who opens your capsule." C.C. said.

"Protect someone huh?" I said. I lay back down on the ground with my hands on my head. "Sounds easy said than done, but so be it. I got nothing else to do"

"Alright then." C.C. said as she held my hand and suddenly my body begins to pulse as power begins to flow though my veins. Then she lets my hand go as the power was still flowing though me. "you'll be in Area 11 soon and I have given one of the abilities of the power called 'Geass', the power of my kind, but its different than the others. So please, rest. You will be awaken when the time is right."

"…So bet it. I accept the terms of your contract" I said; I suddenly began to become tired. Then I eventually fell asleep. It was at that moment that I was always in a capsule that I could not see from the bright light.

My existence fell between universes and entered from one place to the next.

And thus I no longer became myself.

I threw my name away and became one name that people will fear: Ector, The Dark Slayer, a warrior who would serve Lelouch VI Britannia in his conquest of the Britannian Empire and later my enemies who would try to kill me.

"In the Year 2010 in the common era, the 'holy' empire of Britannia invaded Japan. The small island had no chance against the empire which was the last superpower in the world. Despite a lack of natural resources, the small island held a strict policy of isolation. With hopes to take the mainland, the Britannian forces mobilized the first of its Knightmare frames, a new kind of humanoid power armor. The results exceeded expectations and the Japanese forces fell before the might of Project Knightmare. Japan became part of the empire and was stripped of rights, freedoms, and even its name. Japan became Area 11: The designation of the defeated Japan, But soon it will all change. And it will soon begin by the edge of a sword."
I am known as the "Chaos Adept Master". Fight with me your going to regret it.
My life is in total hell and hatered so I fight only to overcome myself
Im seaching for answers i dont even know...to find out what happen in my past
This is what im do when im Glad for other people who will impress me and others
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Re: KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

Postby Masxira » Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:21 am

I like the concept~

It just seems a bit rushed; I sort of got confused when you suddenly fell asleep and threw away your name.

Other than that, please- continue.
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Re: KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:21 pm

With Pleasure :grin:

Chapter 1: Rise to Combat


With a bright flash of light, and a loud cackling of energy Ector appeared in the air, and crashed into a small garbage pile.

"Oh... This sucks. That woman could at least warn me before this stupid shit happened." Ector said as he sat up and began walking around the area.

"What a strange place..." He thought. "The buildings, the people... they look so different. Guess this the world C.C. mention."

"Filthy Eleven!" a crass voice yelled out, Ector turning with a frown to find three street punks picking on a street vendor, one of them stamping on a discarded hot dog "You call this a hot dog? Tastes like Dog SHIT!"

"I'm sorry sir!" the man mumbled, Ector's eyes narrowing as he realized the man was a local Japanese. His eyes narrowed further as he realized that nobody was saying anything about the man's treatment, if anything, they acted like nothing was happening at all.

"Saying sorry won't get the taste of shit out of my mouth!" the punk snarled, kicking the crouching man in the stomach, stamping on his back as he fell over, coughing "Dammit, you need to learn your place you little-!"

"That's enough." Ector growled, the veteran having heard more than enough, his hand clamping down on the taller man's shoulder, harden eyes narrowed in anger as he glared up at the bully.

"Who the hell's this guy?" the punk growled, turning around and swatting Ector's hand off his shoulder, his buddies sidling up next to him, the three of them towering over the shorter teen, gangster faces on full blast "You sticking up for this Eleven, huh?"

"Back away from him and go about your business." Ector stated coldly, looking into the thugs eyes without a hint of fear, despite being outnumbered three to one "If you don't, you'll regret it."

"That so?" the punk scoffed, bending over slightly, bringing him eye to eye with the shorter man, his right finger poking Ector in the chest "What'cha gonna do huh? Kick me in the shi-NGH!"

Calmly, his eyes never leaving the thugs own, Ector reached up and grasped the man's finger, twisting it with a savage crack, the joint snapping as he bent it at an unnatural angle, the tip pointing up at the man's wrist.

"That's the only warning you're going to get." Ector stated, as the thug collapsed, holding his injured limb to his chest, his buddies kneeling next to him, looks of shock on their faces "Get lost."

"I'll remember this!" the punk snarled, racing off alongside his buddies, his hand clutched to his chest as he weaved through the crowd, spouting obscenities at anyone that got in his way.

"Worthless scum." Ector muttered, snorting dismissively at their retreating backs, casting a dark glare at the shocked onlookers, forcing them to avert their gaze as he knelt next to the panting vendor "Are you alright?"

"H-hai…" the panting Japanese man gasped, only to shake himself, looking up at his rescuer in alarm before switching fearfully back to the Britannian language, a bright, fake smile on his face as he clasped his hands together "I mean, yes! Thank you kind sir!"

"Not a problem." Ector assured him in his own language, causing the man's smile to falter in shock as he helped the vendor up, handing him his hat "You should avoid trash like that, they'll pick on anyone to make themselves feel big."

"I'm used to it sir." The vendor assured him, restoring his paper hat to his head with a saddened smile, his eyes weathered with tolerance and resignation "After all, this is my lot in life."

Ector said nothing, turning on his heel and walking away after making sure the man was all right, the teen munching on a complimentary hotdog as he made his way through the streets.

'Could use a little more seasoning. Too late for that now' He admitted, swallowing the last bite in one go, tossing the paper into a nearby trashcan as he made his way deeper into the crowd.


Unbeknownst to Ector however, the altercation with the thugs had NOT gone unnoticed. A teenage girl, dressed in a sleeveless pullover and skirt, a large hat pulled over her crimson hair and a bag of groceries held in one arm, gaped at the teen in awe from behind her fake glasses, one hand diving into her pocket, whipping out a blue cell phone.

"C'mon-c'mon…" she muttered, her narrowed eyes never leaving Ector's face as she followed at a distance, watching him move through the crowd like a tiger stalking it's prey "Pick up already you green-haired bi-!"

"Kallen?" a female voice replied on the other end of the line, tone bland and bored, as if the speaker had known she was about to call "Is something the matter? Were you unable to find what I asked for?"

"Forget your damn microwave pizzas C.C!" the redhead snapped, careful to keep her voice low, as the walls had ears and she wasn't about to try running in these boots "It's Zero…I mean Lelouch! He's here!"

"Are you certain?" the voice demanded the once bored tone suddenly alert "Are you certain it's not just a passing resemblance?"

"Look for yourself!" the redhead insisted, whipping her phone round and snapping off a shot of the teen's face with her camera, sending it to the other woman's cell "Unless he's got a long lost twin brother we don't know about, that's TOO good to be a passing resemblance."

"I see…" the second voice muttered, sounding oddly distant "Follow him Kallen, try to approach if you can but DO NOT blow your cover."

"Understood." The redhead muttered, hanging up the line and moving into the crowd at an easy, but determined pace, her eyes locked onto Ector's back the entire time, a storm of emotion raging behind them.


In an undisclosed location, a green haired woman gazed solemnly at the image on her text screen, her golden eyes looking over the pale, almost regal features of the teen.

'It seems you have finally arrived to this world…Ector…' she muttered, one finger reaching out to trace the line of the image's jaw, her eyes softening as she gazed at the crimson, Geass-emblazoned right eye framed by ebony hair 'It seems our contract is valid… like Lelouch'


Suzaku sighed as he walked down the street, his hands in his pockets as he followed the crowd, simply walking along the streets of the Shinjuku settlement without any actual purpose.

The Knight of Seven had slipped away from his escort, wanting to spend at least ONE day on his own before he had to carry out his duties here in his homeland. Of course, with his recent fame, it wouldn't have been wise going out without dressing down, as the last thing he needed was to be mugged by the paparazzi…or worse, his fangirls.

There were things that even the Knights of the Round feared, even the bloodthirsty Luciano and playboy Gino, and a stampede of hormonal fans, of both genders, was one of them. Hell, even Bismarck knew better than to set foot in public outside his Knightmare, or whatever transport he'd arranged, without disguising himself somewhat.

Not that the man ever went out much mind you, as he took is duties as the Knight of One VERY seriously.

As it were, Suzaku was wearing the same outfit he'd worn shortly after having his name cleared for the murder of Prince Clovis, the same day he'd first met Euphemia. He flinched at the memory of the princess' smile, how he'd caught her out of mid-air when she'd leapt out of a window to escape her sister's surveillance.

'Stop it.' he muttered, placing his sunglasses on his face as he walked out onto the street, hands in his coat pockets 'What's done is done, she wouldn't want you tearing yourself up about it…'

Shaking his head, the Knight of Seven slipped into the crowd, simply going with the flow, allowing his feet to carry him around the settlement, letting the old memories wash over him. It was almost nostalgic, the memories of his date with Euphemia and of the many excursions he'd made here during his infrequent time off form the military, hovering briefly before his eyes as he let them wander over the various stores that lined the bustling streets.

'There's the ice cream parlor the president told me about.' He noted, recalling the flirtatious daughter of the Ashford family with a wry smile 'I wonder how she's doing…being engaged to Lloyd can't have been easy…'

There were other shops as well, such as a bookstore he'd gone to with Lelouch, back before either of them had known they were enemies. And there was the pet store where he'd purchased all those treats for Arthur, his cat, back when the council had adopted the feline into their hierarchy.

The fact the cat had as much say at their meetings as Suzaku had rankled at first, but he'd soon realized it was simply the Ashford heir's way of teasing him. Maybe.

'You never could tell what she was thinking.' He reasoned, shaking his head in bemusement at the many times she'd rendered him speechless, as he stood at a Crossroads, waiting for the light to change 'Hell the only one that could giver her a run for her money is Lloyd.'

The lights changed, the crowds on either side of the crossroads moving towards one another at a sedate pace, Suzaku mingling easily into his own, walking along with his bemused expression still on his face.

For a split second, time seemed to slow to a crawl, the Knight walking along without a care in the world. Then a figure in a black jacket appeared beside him, walking amongst the crowd headed in the opposite direction, the two of them passing, almost cheek-to-cheek, right in the middle of the road.

Suzaku froze, his bemused expression replaced by a look of haunted shock, his eyes widening as the stranger continued past, the sheer impact of the teen's eye stabbing into his brain like a hot poker.

'It can't be!' he swore, eyes wide and pupils receding to pinpricks, as the face of the man flashed through his mind, summoning images from the depths of his memories of an identical teen leveling a gun at his face, eyes wide with desperation 'He's suppose to be under watch by the special forces! What the Hell is he doing here!'

Whipping around, the Knight of Seven scanned the crowd behind him carefully, pushing through the throng of bodies, offering curt apologies as he went, his eyes locked onto the black Overcoat he recalled the target wearing whenever he was free.

"Excuse me!" he apologized, pushing startled pedestrians out of his path, only to curse as he realized the man was gone, a flash of red drawing his eyes to an escalator, his eyes narrowing as he got a better look at the target's profile.

'It…isn't him?' he thought, eyes wide with shock as he recognized that this 'Lelouch' has a thin-bearded, calm face, framed by black hair, a look of regal detachment adorning the teen's features. But when he saw an image in his eyes, He saw something that has scarred his memories.

'Geass.' He thought with distaste

Whipping out his mobile, he dialed in a priority one call to the local authorities, using his override code as a Knight of the Round to bypass the screening center altogether.

"This is lieutenant Matthews of the Shinjuku sector police department," a crisp voice acknowledged, seemingly laced with disapproval at this break in procedure "Who is this? How did you access this line?"

"This is Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Seven of the Round." The Knight muttered, earning a few looks of surprise from those within earshot "Lieutenant, I've uncovered a situation that needs immediate handling…"


Crap!' Kallen cursed as she fell back, the redhead ducking into a telephone booth to avoid looking suspicious as she eyed the brown haired Knight of Seven with alarm 'First Lelouch, now Suzaku?'

"C.C" she whispered, pulling out her cell phone and opening a secure line to the witch as she pretended to make a call, her eyes never leaving the Honorary Britannian's back "Trouble, Suzaku's here as well, and he's spotted him."

"No choice…fall back for now." C.C ordered, the immortal witch's tone as solemn as ever over the line "We can't afford to loose you Kallen, return to base for now, He will have to find his own way out."

'That's what I'm afraid of.' Kallen muttered, her features darkening as she recalled how, betrayed she'd felt when she'd seen Lelouch's true face, not to mention the bombshell that followed with the revelation of Geass.

Oh she was confident that, if this really was Lelouch, he could find a way out of this situation without undue stress. The problem was that with Kururugi involved, things could go either way.

And at that moment, Kallen didn't know which she'd prefer to see.


Ector knew he'd picked up a tail, and deliberately played dumb as he weaved through the streets, purposely leading them through the crowds to test their persistence. They weren't amateurs like the thugs he'd faced earlier, no, they moved with a precision that spoke of training, and a tight information network.

Avoiding all the cameras would have been an impossibility, since they were placed everywhere in the plaza, perched up high in order to grant the authorities a bird's eye view of all locations. Eventually, he'd wandered free of the settlement, drawing closer to the industrial part of town, where several half finished building sites littered the area, separated from the slums by a thick, chain link fence and a bridge composed of concrete and steel.

"You can come out now, gentlemen." He greeted, standing in the middle of one such site, his hands in his pockets as he turned to face his pursuers as they stepped into view from around the support columns "Well now, what can I do for you, officers?"

"Be quiet." The apparent leader, a tall, bearded Britannian with a captain's stripes on his collar barked out, standing to the front of his men "By order of the Holy Britannian Empire, you are to be detained, under suspicion of aiding and abetting Terrorists."

"Terrorists?" Ector repeated, quirking an eyebrow, the scar under his left eye twitching slightly in irritation "I think you've confused me with someone else, I only just arrived in Japan today."

"The simple fact that you refer to Area 11 by their forbidden name betrays you." The Captain stated, his men's hands going to their weapons, as he nodded to one of the men behind the teen "Cuff him."

"Yes, my Lord." The MP agreed, pulling out a set of handcuffs and advancing on the Teen, a hand reaching out to clamp onto the teen's shoulder "Now just come quietly kid, and we won't have to-!"

The MP's words trailed away as Ector's right hand came up, grabbing onto the wrist of the hand gripping his shoulder and FLIPPING the officer into the air, heedless of the man's weight, or the fact he was head, shoulders and torso taller than the current Ector, the MP crashing head first into the floor.

"Keep your hands to yourself." Ector growled, glaring down at the man, still holding the dislocated arm, noting that the man's neck was bent at an odd angle, though he was apparently still alive.

"Shoot him!" the captain ordered, several of the MP's going for their firearms, bringing them to bear on the teen. But Ector was faster, and with the strength of his deceptively scrawny body, he pulled the twitching body of the paralyzed officer into the path of the bullets, before leaping out of the way with a spectacular somersault.

'Shit! What is he?' the captain demanded, his teeth gritting as Ector weaved in and out of the gunfire, taking his men down one by one 'He can dodge bullets at point blank range, without breaking a sweat…he's actually defeating grown men twice his size and three times his weight as if they were dolls!'

"Sir!" one of the senior officers called out, firing at the teen from afar, only for the target to use one of his comrades as a human shield "Incoming transmission! The Knight of Seven is on his way!"

"Roger that!" the captain snapped, gesturing for his remaining troops to rally forwards, drawing his handgun "We'll hold him down until backup arrives! Switch to night-sticks!"

The MP's complied, holstering their weapons and pulling collapsible batons from their belts, a press of a button revealing a static discharge. Stun-rods, used to subdue livestock and rioters alike.

Ector made a note of this, his hardened eyes narrowing as he switched tactics mid-fight, his eyes now watching the batons, rather than the officer's eyes in order to determine their next course of action.

When fighting a gunman, most people instinctively find themselves looking down the barrel of his weapon, too focused on the little lead slug that lurks within to even think of working up a strategy. Ector had done the opposite, ignoring the firearms in favor of focusing on their masters, placing himself in positions where it was hard to get a shot off, such as engaging in close quarters, making sure his back was covered, or placing himself so that there was a risk another officer would get caught in the crossfire.

It was a simple, yet highly effective strategy that had unnerved the guards, and made good use of his smaller, lighter size to move swiftly between their ranks, allowing him to get in close to deliver the finishing blow.

One soldier, whom he'd punched in the chest, had his chest cavity collapse inward from the blow, his sternum punched in, the diaphragm collapsed, and the lungs and heart pulped, all from the same blow. Another had his face reduced to a bloody smear on the floor after having it slammed into it, yet another was on his knees, cradling his snapped wrist, his hand hanging limply as his howls pierced the air.

'This is the best Britannian troops have to offer?' the Teen scoffed, delivering a sharp kick to the solar plexus that sent the much taller officer flying across the site, crashing into one of the support pillars, cracking it 'They're better than those soldiers the other day at least.' He dodged a strike from a baton and snapped the man's elbow backwards with the same motion, backhanding the howling MP in the face 'That said, they really aren't that special.'


Suzaku all but leapt out of the taxi he'd commandeered at the plaza, yelling at the man to seek his reimbursement from lord Guilford's secretary, before racing into the Viceroy's palace, his eyes narrowed as he brushed past clerks and soldiers alike, making his way to the hangar. "Cecile!" he called out, storming into the room to find the blue haired technician going over the Lancelot's performance Data "Can the Lancelot be launched?"

"Suzaku?" the woman exclaimed, noting the look on the pilots face with surprise, before shaking her head apologetically "It's just undergone system maintenance, so all it's weapons were removed, but I can get it operational within the next ten, fifteen minutes."

"Hurry." Suzaku insisted, cursing the delay as he turned on his heel, leaving the technician to order the refitting as he made for the pilot changing room that was reserved exclusively for any Knights of the Round that happened to pass by Area 11.

Tossing his coat onto the bench, the Knight of Seven entered the code to his personal locker, revealing his white flight suit and communications headset, pressed and ready.

'I don't know who or what the hell you are.' He muttered, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it to the side with a grim expression 'I'll make sure that THIS time, you WON'T slip away.'


"Im…possible…" the Captain choked, his hands grasping futilely at the hand clamped around his neck like some venomous serpent, which was forcing him to crouch down slightly, his legs limp from lack of air.

"Is this really the best you can do?" Ector demanded, a hint of disappointment in his tone as he glared into the man's eyes, his own laced with boredom "I expected more from the so-called conquerors of the world."

It had only been a matter of minutes since the fight had begun, but nearly all the MP's had been disposed of, some lying on the floor, moaning in agony as they clutched ruined limbs or choked up blood from internal wounds. There were others that had been less fortunate, such as the poor fellow who had been punched so hard he'd crashed into one of the concrete walls, the impact killing him instantly, and leaving a sizeable dent in the wall itself. Now Ector and the captain where the only ones left capable of conscious thought, or at least conscious thought that wasn't marred by agonizing pain, for the moment anyways.

"Now then…" Ector muttered, his tone low as he pulled the man up so they were roughly eye to eye "Perhaps you'd care to inform me why you and your men assaulted me?" he narrowed his eyes as the captain clammed up "Your men are still alive…mostly. That situation could easily change depending on your answers.

The captain flinched, his eyes trailing over the battered forms of his surviving soldiers. They were experienced men that had served under him since they'd been fresh out of the academy; he knew them better than he knew his own children back in the homeland, some of them had children of their own to support as well.

Military procedure always dictated that a mission from a Knight of the Round be completed regardless of the consequences, and that retreating was punishable by execution. But even a blind man could tell that this mission had failed spectacularly, and the Captain's primary objective, other than ensuring the peace in the settlement, was the safety of his men.

"We…were given orders to apprehend you on charges of terrorism." He explained, coughing slightly due to lack of air, prompting Ector to loosen his grip, just a fraction, in order to let the man breath easier.

"You already told me that before we fought." Ector warned the man, tightening his grip briefly to warn the captain not to try anything as redundant as stall for time "I want to know who gave the order."

"It…it was the Knight of Seven," the captain revealed, teeth gritting as he prayed that the military brass never caught wind of this "Lord Suzaku Kururugi, the Seventh Knight of the Round."

Ector's eyes narrowed at that, wondering WHY that name sent a shiver of anger and apprehension down his spine, but brushed it aside "So this Knight was the one that ordered you to capture me?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow sardonically "Not much of a knight if he has other people do his dirty work for him."

"Not…capture…" the captain countered, though he couldn't help secretly agreeing with the teen, after all it was Suzaku's orders that landed his men in this situation "We were sent in…to detain you."

No sooner were these words said did Ector catch the sound of something cutting through the air, the telltale hum of an engine drawing ever closer, though surprisingly, it seemed to be coming from above.

The ceiling cracked, collapsing inwards as something heavy crashed through it. Ector cursed, tossing the Captain clear of the debris, the man landing with a sharp cry, looking up in shock as the teen vanished in the smoke and falling debris.

'He…saved me?' the captain wondered, his once immaculate hair a tangled mess of sweat and debris, his eyes filled with confusion as he gaped at the large chunk of ceiling that had crashed where they'd been standing 'He could've left me to die…saved himself…why'd he throw me to safety?'

His thoughts cleared as a familiar white shape loomed out of the rubble, green eyes cutting a swathe through the smoke as the flight system on its back powered down. 'The Lancelot Conquista!' the captain gaped, staring up at the experimental Knightmare Frame, the personal weapon of the Knight of Seven 'So he finally showed up did he?'

"S-sir!" a pained gasp called out, the captain turning to find one of his men standing nearby, supporting another over his shoulder. The other survivors were lined up behind him, those that could supporting their comrades as they were able "What should we do?"

The captain turned back to gaze at the Lancelot, his eyes widening as he espied a familiar figure in a red jacket standing atop the rubble, apparently matching glares with the white mech, his regal features bathed in a beam of light.

"Sir?" the MP queried, following his commanding officer's gaze to the target, looking on in a sort of terrified awe at the teen that had, so easily, defeated their squadron "Should we assist Sir Kururugi?"

"No." the Captain countered, earning looks of shock from the men as he shook his head, turning his back on the glaring opponents and returning his hat to his head "Help the injured, we're moving out."

'Let the Knight of Seven handle his own messes.' The Captain muttered, his eyes narrowing at how close he'd come to being killed by the Honorary Britannian's late entrance 'My first priority is the safety of my men.'


While the surviving MP's slipped away, two unlikely figures glared at one another, the whole world ceasing exists outside their field of vision.

One, a dark haired teen with mismatched eyes, one a regal brown, the other a sigil sporting crimson, stood atop a pile of rubble that had once been the ceiling, or rather several upper floors, of the unfinished building he'd been fighting in a black overcoat and black pants. The second, a brown haired, green eyed teen in a white flight suit, gazed down at his opponent from inside one of the most formidable Knightmare Frames in the Britannian Military, his eyes narrowing as he took in the youth's features.

'this man…without a doubt has Geass. but he's not Lelouch.' Suzaku muttered, taking in the regal features, marred only by the scowl on his face and the small, jagged scar under his right eye, which glowed with the Geass crest.

"Quite the dramatic entrance." Ector called out, his voice reaching the Knight of Seven through the speakers inside the Lancelot's cockpit "I certainly wasn't expecting a white Knight to come barreling in from on high."

The Knight of Seven leveling the Lancelot's Veras at the teen, features settling into a neutral frown as the targeting reticule locked on.

"Well now," the Black-clad teen noted, quirking an eyebrow, apparently not the least bit threatened by the high powered laser cannon in his face "Nice toy you have there, I didn't know the Britannian Military employed tin soldiers." His gaze returned to the Lancelot's face "What's the matter? Too scared to face me on your own?"

"Call it erring on the side of caution." Suzaku countered, his tone level as he narrowed his eyes at the teen's blasé attitude "however I have to place you under arrest."

"Under arrest?" Ector repeated, quirking a brow in confusion. "I don't think so tin man, and I don't see how a little gas would bother a guy that smashes through roofs, almost killing his own men."

Suzaku flinched, averting his eyes to a side monitor to discover that yes, there WERE several MP's hobbling away from the site, some of them covered in dust, all of them eyeing the Lancelot with fear. "I'll apologize to them later." He countered over the speaker, the Lancelot's head snapping back to lock gazes with the black-clad teen "But first, get your hands behind your head, I won't ask again."

"There you go with that shit again." Ector muttered, shaking his head as he placed one hand on his hips "I'm telling you, I don't take shit from no one." He narrowed his eyes at the mech "My name's Ector and I sure as hell aren't getting on my knees for a Britannian wind-up toy."

"So that's how you want to play it." Suzaku muttered, his gaze hardening, tugging on the control yokes, commanding the Lancelot's left arm to reach out and grab the teen "Then by order of the Britannian Empire, I hereby arrest you for-!"

He trailed off as Ector leapt back, dodging the oncoming hand and soaring up onto one of the damaged floor beams on the next level, landing daintily on one foot, the other following suit.

'How the hell?' Suzaku gaped, his green eyes widening with stunned alarm as he gaped up at what he'd assumed was his revived friend on the next floor 'That's the third floor! No human could jump that high!"

"You think you can catch me with that overgrown toy soldier?" Ector called out, one hand in his pocket as he smirked down at the Lancelot from on high "It's big, I'll give it that much, but even a Clanker was felled by a stone." The black-clad teen said his eyes hardening as he pulled the purple crystal from his jacket pocket, holding it to his face "And I think you'll find MY stone more than enough to defeat a single tin soldier."

Before Suzaku could summon a reply, the brown eyed teen held the crystal over his head, the wings of the gem opening, as if in flight, as the crystal began to glow.

'Come to me. Come to your new wielder' He thought in his mind.


In a cave near the coast of Japan, a sheathed O-katana was laying on a rock until a bluish purple aura surrounded it and it pulsed. It was kept in a black metal scabbard with a yellow tie hanging from the bottom of it. The wrapping around the hilt was white with black diamond pattern going down the cap to the guard, which like the cap was a brass color.

The sword then floated into the air and it headed for the demonic aura it sensed.


At the building, Ector's left hand was still stretched out and a gleam appeared from the sky and then an O-katana headed straight for the black haired teen and it landed into his hand. Ector felt the sword pulse in his hand and heard a voice whisper to him.

'A warrior fallen from grace. The power of darkness gives birth to new weapons and skills.´

In Ector's mind, flashes of a man with slicked back spiky white silver hair, a blue trench coat, wearing all black and an O-katana in his hand was standing on the platform of a tower while rain fell from the sky.

Another flash appears and he sees the man performing a series of teleporting and slashes while killing strange creatures and then fighting a man with silver white hair like him only it wasn't slicked back and was wearing a red trench coat and fighting him with what looked a claymore connected with a skeleton that appeared to be the guard and hilt.

The last flashback that appears is with the man's hair similar to the man in the red trench coat with his sword stabbed into the other man's torso and says this.

'Might controls everything and without strength you can't protect anyone or anything, let alone yourself.' The flash backs ends after that while Ector stares at the blade.

"Enma Katana: YAMATO!"

A flash of purple light filled the air, Suzaku cursing as he shielded his eyes with his arm, the Lancelot mimicking its pilot with the arm that held the Veras. Or rather, it TRIED to, Suzaku looking on in horror as the severed limb crashed to the floor, still holding the weapon in its hand.

'What?' he gaped, whipping round to look for Ector, only for a proximity sensor to go off, the Knight's gaze turning upwards to gape at the figure standing on the ledge above him.


He stood over two meters tall, covered from head to foot with Red and Black armor with Gold trim around the feet, shoulders and face. His helmet was almost identical to the infamous mask that had terrorized the Britannian forces in Area 11, Zero, but possessed a wing-like Knight's visor over the eyes, which glowed a mechanical purple with Geass symbols engraved in each socket. ((Think of the Gawain, The black Knightmare)) Behind him looked like a blue ghost-like spirit, but it took the shape of a demon warlord. ((Think of Nero Devil Trigger Form))

Ector then started to slowly walk towards the Lancelot. He then speaks in a dark and cold tone. "The moment my body changed and my blood, rage, and power awakened… a voice echoed in my head saying…"Power"…"Give me more power"…" He says, in a modulated voice identical to Zero's tone, but stronger, and laced with dark intent walking towards the frightened Suzaku while Yamato's pulse becomes faster.

"If I become a demon… then so be it. I'll do whatever it takes to protect the people I care for, even if it means me being an exile. I will not let scum like you put your filthy hands on anyone I care about." He says and places his left hand on the sheath and his right hand on the hilt.

"Now then…" Ector spoke, as he takes out and twirled the O-katana overhead with one hand, while the spirit was copying the same movement with its own O-katana, leveling the tip at the Lancelot's face "Shall we proceed, Tin man?"
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Re: KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:12 pm

Chapter 2: The Message.

"What? He launched the Lancelot?" Lloyd Asplund queried, the grey haired, Duke/Scientist/Oddball looking intrigued as he spoke with a concerned Cecile Croomy over the monitor in the Lancelot's hangar bay.

The Lord of Pudding was still in the homeland, having been too caught up in some experiment or other to come over to Area 11 when Suzaku made the request to transfer the Lancelot, though he'd allowed Cecile to go, stating that he was confident in her ability to maintain the Lancelot in his absence.

Well, that and the fact that if she was in Area 11, then she wouldn't be able to reprimand him for his flippant behavior, those ear-pulls really hurt after all. Not to mention he'd no longer have to suffer the…abominations…produced by her horrendous cooking skills. He'd swear on his Grandmother's grave the jam tarts she'd tried to feed him had compound eyes…and last he checked, steak and kidney pie wasn't supposed to contain live squid.

"My, all this for a single terrorist?" he crooned, forcing the memory of his assistant's culinary faux pas into the recycle bin of his mind, along with his morals and common sense, as he smirked knowingly at the woman "Such a determined little cog he is."

"This is a serious matter Lloyd!" Cecile insisted, slapping the console before her for emphasis, and regretting it as she gripped her aching palm "The look on Suzaku' face…he looked like that time at Narita…" he features softened "or rather…"

"Euphemia's death?" Lloyd guessed, shocking the technician with his insight "Oh don't look so shocked," he assured her "those were the only times Suzaku wore an expression that gave pause for concern, he was such a dependable specimen otherwise."

"LLOYD!" Cecile snapped, the blue haired technician not in the mood to put up with the scientist's eccentric method, or his manner of coping by branding humans as 'parts' or 'specimens' for use in his experiments "This is serious! What if something happens to-?"

"Don't worry." Lloyd muttered, his nasal tone sounding most unconcerned as he waved a hand dismissively at the screen "It's Suzaku after all, there was only one person that could have provoked such a response in him, but he's been dead for over a year now. Right now I doubt even that pilot of Rakshata's Guren, Kouzuki was it? Could make him sweat."


"Are you alright, Kallen?" C.C asked, the green haired witch looking up from munching on her slice of microwave pizza as the redheaded pilot sneezed out of the blue "Did you catch something outside?"

"I'm fine." Kallen assured the immortal, having changed into her Black Knight Uniform upon her return to the Black Knight's temporary headquarters, "Forget about that, what are we going to do about Lelou-I mean, Zero?"

"Nothing, for now." C.C admitted, stalling the redhead's protests with a raised hand and in a calm, commanding look as she finished the slice she was working on "We don't have the manpower to mount a rescue, nor do we have any plan of action if we encounter Suzaku or any other Knightmare frames whilst there."

She nodded towards the main screen before her, where the photo Kallen had sent earlier was displayed. "Besides…we have no idea if this is really Lelouch, or an attempt to draw us out into the open." She nodded thoughtfully at his Geass sporting right eye "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it were BOTH…it'd fit with Charles' methods after all."

"But still!" Kallen exclaimed, filing away the immortal woman's use of the Britannian Emperor's first name for later, when they didn't have a crisis on their hands, her arms spread wide for emphasis "Aren't we at least going to see if it's really him?"

"You seem much worked up about all this." C.C noted, turning to regard the younger girl with her golden eyes "Weren't you the one that saw Lelouch's final moments?"

Kallen's mouth snapped shut, the redhead's fists trembling as she glared at the immortal witch, only to turn on her heels and storm off, leaving C.C to finish her pizzas.

"Im sorry Kallen..." C.C said to herself as reverted her eyes towords the picture of Ector. "You are not ready for the truth...of who this person is."


Kallen stormed across the hallway, heading towards her room, slipping in and locking the door behind her. There, safe from prying eyes, she reached under the bunk, pulling out a small shoebox, opening it with trembling hands to gaze down at the contents, the broken, dented half of Zero's mask gazing up at her, almost accusingly.

'It can't be him…' she muttered, the memory of that fateful night so long ago rising unbidden from her mind as she held the helmet close, burying her face in it 'If it is…then why…why didn't he…?'


It was in that moment, as he gazed up at the dark, armored figure that had been his worst enemy that is bringing the Lancelot to its knees, that Kururugi Suzaku, Knight of Seven and former champion of the late princess Euphemia Li Britannia, felt fear for the first time in over a year.

It was inconceivable, how could this person that has the same power as Lelouch, a man that, even as a child, had trouble running one lap of gym class, terrify Suzaku, who outstripped him physically in every way, whilst the latter was piloting a next-generation Knightmare frame that could wipe out entire enemy units without support. By all rights, Suzaku could have reached out and grabbed the teen by now, squishing him to a paste inside his newfangled suit of armor.

But he couldn't, some deep, instinctual terror, laced with awe, kept him from doing anything but gaze up at the armored figure that had lopped off the Lancelot's arm without being detected. Unknown to the Knight, his eyes had taken on a slight, reddish tint, Lelouch's lingering Geass reinforcing his natural fear's orders to remain still.

"What's wrong?" Ector called out, the modulated voice, so identical to the one that had provoked rebellion in the Japanese a year ago, dripping with mockery "Surely that's not all your precious toy can do?"

Suzaku shook himself, the effect of his unknown Geass vanishing along with his fear as he grit his teeth, launching the Slash Harken from the Lancelot's remaining arm, his opponent leaping over him, twirling in mid-air to avoid the attack, as the Knight of Seven deployed his Knightmare's sword and turned the mech around to face the threat head-on. The soldier blocked the strike with his lance, the impact sending him flipping backwards to crouch against a pillar, clawed fingers digging into the concrete, holding him up.

"Not bad," he announced, dropping down to stand on the floor beam, twirling his lance idly as the Lancelot turned to face him fully, his voice laced with mild amusement as he stared the mech down "Bit slow, but it's got a decent back swing…you should try for the majors, kid."

"YOU SONOFA-!" Suzaku snarled, the Lancelot's tracks lowering, accelerating the mech forwards like a charging knight, the sound of screeching tires filling the air as he brought the sword down on the soldier in a diagonal swing.


The Knight gaped, eyes widening at the sight of his sword being held back, the crimson edge held an arms length away from the target. Not by the O-Katana, no, for the soldier still held that in his right hand, almost lazily. No, the sword was being held back by the soldier's Demon spirits hand, the blue armored gauntlet gripping the crimson blade with apparently no due strain despite the sheer weight.

"Comes with hidden accessories too huh?" Ector noted, his tone almost intrigued as he inclined his head slightly to eye the blade "Nice…pretty creative too…" his grip tightened on the blade, which began to spark as the claws of his hand pierced the metal, sending fractures along the body "Too bad it look so FRAGILE!"

He clenched his fist, making the demon spirit's hand clenched, sending a massive crack through the blade, snapping it in half and sending the Lancelot staggering back, the mech landing awkwardly on the floor, gaping up at him in alarm.

"Oh look, I broke it." Ector muttered, his voice laced with mock regret, taunting the pilot of the white Knightmare as he hoisted the point in the air "Here, I don't want it anymore."

Suzaku barely managed to roll the Lancelot out of the path of the snapped off blade, cursing as it nonetheless pierced his flight unit, disabling it with a shower of sparks.

'There goes my maneuverability.' The pilot muttered, his eyes narrowing as he was forced to detach the unit, as it would just slow him down, catching sight of the Lancelot's severed right arm lying on the others side of the battleground, the Veras still clutched in it's grip 'Can't get up close' he muttered, turning the Lancelot to charge towards the weapon 'have to snipe him!'

"Running away are we?" Ector noted, sounding almost disappointed as he tilted his head at the White Knightmare's change in tactics "I guess it's my turn then huh?"

He stepped forwards, as if he intended to walk of the edge of the beam, only for his thrusters to come to life before he dropped, propelling him towards the Knightmare with his lance held high in both arms.

"HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Ector roared, bringing the o-katana down, forcing Suzaku to back up to avoid losing his other arm. Yamato sliced through the Frame's chest armor, eliciting a series of sparks as the power core was exposed, Suzaku cursing as he backed up further, drawing his other sword as he did so.

"We tried this already!" Ector taunted, bouncing off the floor and charging straight at the Lancelot, his o-katana colliding with the Lancelot's crimson blade, sparks flying in all directions as they deadlocked, the Knightmare's superior size and weight making it a match for the smaller Ector's strength.

"That's more like it." Ector hissed, his purple eyes narrowing as he put the pressure on, his strength increasing as he bore down on his opponent, the Lancelot slowly being pushed back despite Suzaku's employment of the Frame's tracks, the tires screeching as they left marks on the floor.

'Impossible!' the Knight of Seven gaped, sweat dripping down his forehead, eyes wide with alarm as he gaped at his foe, heedless of the warnings from his console as the Lancelot's limits were reached 'He's pushing BACK the Lancelot?'

"YOU'RE OPEN!" Ector snapped, suddenly swiping upwards, knocking the Lancelot's blade away, though the Knightmare managed to hold onto it as it staggered back "HUOOOH!"

Suzaku cursed, bringing the Lancelot's remaining arm around and activating the shield system, fighting the urge to sigh in relief as the energy shield deflected the soldier's weapon with a hail of sparks, grimacing as the force of the blow actually set off another warning alarm from the control panel.

'I can't match him in close quarters.' The Knight of Seven realized, swiping desperately at the soldier with his sword, forcing him to fly back and give the White Knightmare some breathing space, the warning alarms dyeing away slowly 'Despite his size he's as powerful as a Knightmare…maybe even stronger.' He narrowed his eyes as Ector righted himself in mid-air, hovering several yards away, sword held behind him 'Coupled with his speed and flight capabilities, there's no way the Lancelot can compete with him on the ground.'

His eyes flicked to the side, where the Lancelot's severed arm laid not ten paces away, well within distance of a lunge. The problem was, he'd have to expose his side to the enemy for a split second, and he didn't doubt that Ector, or whatever it was, would let such a mistake slide.

'On top of that, I only have one shield,' the Knight of Seven noted grimly, his eyes flicking to the Lancelot's remaining arm with a grimace 'and I can't use it and equip the Veras at the same time.'

If he lost the other arm it would leave the Lancelot defenseless, with only the waist mounted Slash Harkens to rely on, which were next to useless when you took into account the enemy's size, speed and maneuverability. The opponent was faster than the Lancelot too, at least while the Knightmare was grounded, and with the flight system out of commission, the enemy had the advantage of being in a close, confined battlefield.

Truth be told, all of his instincts were screaming at Suzaku to run, to turn tail and make a break for it, hopefully drawing the attention of the proper authorities to aid him.

Only two things prevented him from doing so; One was the simple fact that Suzaku didn't believe, for one second, he'd be able to just run away without being killed from behind.

The enemy had already revealed it was faster than the Lancelot, and exposing his back to the enemy was something only a fool would do against a faster opponent, even one with no apparent projectile weaponry.

The Second thing was the Geass that Lelouch planted in him, which fed upon these realizations, the overriding command to 'LIVE!' refusing to let the Knight turn his back to this dangerous foe.

Not that he WOULD run away. As a Knight of the Round, no, more than that, simply out of respect of everything he'd seen and done, he could not afford to turn his back to the enemy, especially not THIS enemy!

'No…' he realized, gritting his teeth as his eyes unknowingly took on the reddish tint of the Geass command once again 'The only way to survive…is to attack him from outside his range!'

"YOU BASTARD!" he snarled, hurling his sword at the armored figure, forcing him to change course in mid-air to avoid being perforated. During that split second delay, Suzaku yanked on the control nodes, the Lancelot turning almost immediately, racing towards the severed arm at top speed.

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Ector snapped, the dark slayer hurling his own weapon at the Knightmare, Yamato spinning like a Buzz saw as it lashed out, severing the Knightmare's left Leg at the knee.

"UOOOOOOOOOOH!" Suzaku howled, forcing the mech to leap forward with it's remaining leg, crashing into the floor next to the severed arm, scooping it up as the Knightmare rolled with the fall, plucking the weapon from the limb and hurling it at Ector, who was caught under it as it fell.

"Blast!" the soldier cursed, the heavy limb carrying him to the ground, his purple eyes narrowing as he turned to glare at the Lancelot, which was standing, shakily, against a pillar for support on it's remaining leg, the Veras aimed right at him.

"This is it." Suzaku spoke over the radio, the exhaustion in the Knight's tone surpassed only by his air of satisfaction "Come out of that armor and surrender."

The Purple lights of Ector's eyes narrowed, the soldier letting out a mechanical hiss as he glared at the Knightmare from under the severed limb, only to trail off into mocking laughter.

"What's so funny?" Suzaku demanded, his eyes narrowing as he leveled the Veras at the Ector's face once more, not willing to give the armored warrior a chance to try anything funny, not with his Knightmare in this condition "Stop Laughing and come out!"

Ector's laughter trailed off, the teen looking up at the unsteady Knightmare as he brought his left hand, index and middle talons held aloft, and gestured towards himself in a 'come hither' motion, light glinting off a barely visible wire coming out of his gauntlet.

The proximity alarm in the Lancelot's cockpit went off a second too late, Suzaku cursing as he turned, far too unsteady on his single leg, just as Yamato buzzed towards him, severing the Lancelot's left arm off at the shoulder, the Knightmare falling over backwards due to the sudden loss of balance.

"BASTARD!" the Knight howled, reaching for the eject lever, only to curse as the Lancelot crashed onto it's back, making it impossible for the system to work, effectively trapping him side "DAMMIT! DAMMIT ALL TO-!"

The blade of the O-Katana pierced cockpit, scant hairs from stabbing the Knight of Seven in the face, Suzaku recoiling in horror as the monitors went haywire, the tip withdrawing, only to be replaced by a set of clawed, armored hands.

Metal screeched as the hands widened the hole, light pouring into the damaged cockpit as Suzaku looked on in horror, gazing up into the glowing purple eyes of his opponent, barely managing to gab his firearm from it's holster before one of the same armored hands that had torn into the cockpit grabbed him by the front of his suit, dragging him out the hole kicking and screaming.

"So that's what you look like…" Ector muttered, holding the struggling Knight aloft, his purple eyes narrowing as he looked the teen over, a hint of disappointment in his tone "I was expecting something a little more…impressive."

"Impress this!" Suzaku snarled, bringing his firearm to bear and firing into the Ector's face, empting the entire clip, still squeezing the trigger as the gun went silent, only to gape as the smoke cleared, the Soldier's face completely unharmed.

"Are you done?" Ector demanded, in a tone that indicated he considered Suzaku's last attack little more than an annoyance "It doesn't matter how many of those things you fire at me…they're as insignificant as ant bites."

He dropped the Knight onto the Lancelot's chest, Suzaku attempting to sit up with a grunt, only to choke as Ector's armored foot pinned him on his back.

"So Britannia sends a child to do their dirty work?" Ector pondered, as if speaking to himself, heedless of Suzaku's enraged face as the Knight fought to free himself from the soldier's foot "Must've been a shortage in manpower."

"Shut up!" Suzaku spat, the Knight of Seven glaring defiantly up at the Tekkaman with hatred and shame warring for seniority in his emerald eyes "If you're going to finish me off then do it already!"

"Finish you?" Ector repeated, the dark slayer looking down at the Knight, head tilted to the side, as if only now remembering he was there, "Oh I'm not going to finish you off, I've still got a use for you after all."

"I'll never join you!" Suzaku snarled, his eyes narrowing in disgust as he struggled to get out from under the armored foot of his hated opponent "I'd never join a murdering bastard like you!"

"Join me?" Ector repeated, this time his tone laced with mockery as he reared his head back and laughed "What would I need a weak little fool like you for? No, all I need from you is to deliver a message."

He knelt, pinning Suzaku against the Lancelot with his awesome weight, the Knight of Seven gasping for breath as he felt his bones creak under the pressure, Ectors's clawed hand reaching out cover the Knight's mouth, holding his head in place.

"Go back to Britannia little worm." Ector growled, his eyes glowing dangerously as they bore into Suzaku's terrified Green "Crawl back to your masters, tell them to say their prayers to whatever impotent Gods that will have them." The Glowing eyes narrowed dangerously "Because I'm coming for them, and if they're smart they'll kill themselves and save me the trouble. Because they DON'T want to fight me, and they DON'T want me to have to come looking for them if they hide."

Suzaku choked, the sheer animosity coming off the soldiers's stare enough to make breathing, already problematic, a serious concern. Just as the knight was about to pass out though, the pressure, physical and mental, lifted, Ector standing up and leaping off the Stricken Lancelot, landing on his feet with an audible crash, before walking away at a calm, steady pace.

"W-Wait…" Suzaku coughed, the Knight crawling towards the edge of his ruined Knightmare, pulling himself over the edge, only to fall to the floor, crying out in pain as he landed on his arm, clenching his teeth as his shoulder dislocated. "Don't you…walk away from me…!" he gasped "We're…not finished!"

Ector paused, standing with his o-katana held vertically off the ground, his head titling slightly as he looked back over his shoulder at the injured pilot. "Don't move." He ordered his tone calm and commanding, as if he was trying to calm an injured animal, caught in a trap "You can't deliver your message if you die."

"Why…" Suzaku gasped, the injured Knight struggling to get his knees under him, his eyes never leaving Ector's back as he grit his teeth "Why are you… trying to destroy the peace?" he demanded "Hasn't there been enough bloodshed? Did you come here simply to kill MORE innocent people?"

"My only enemy is Britannia." Ector countered, his voice calm, a sharp contrast to the angry emotion in Suzaku's own "Britannia and ONLY Britannia itself. I could care less about anyone else, so long as I destroy everything associated with my enemy."

"Even if it means murdering countless innocent people?" Suzaku pressed, pushing himself upwards, using his chin, his left hand gripping his right shoulder "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

"I am Ector Sparda, The Dark Slayer." The dark slayer replied, his tone calm, laced with a strength that was hard to describe, as well as a feeling of coldness "The one who will destroy Britannia…The one who seeks power to surpass my own abilities..."

"Surpass your own... abilities? What the hell are you talking about?" Suzaku asked

That said, the dark slayer walked off into the shadows, leaving Suzaku kneeling before the ruined remains of the Lancelot Conquista, the Knight of Seven, still crouched on his knees.

Clenching his teeth in frustration, the Knight leant back suddenly, his head tilted upwards as he unleashed an anguished howl at the sheer, overwhelming defeat he'd been handed, at the hands of a man...no a Devil.


After leaving the Britannian pawn at the construction site, Ector had quickly made his escape, reverting to human form and slipping back into the crowd in the settlement. Not wanting to draw too much attention to himself just yet, the dark slayer sequestered himself in a deserted, relatively clean alley to organize his thoughts.

The battle with the White Knightmare had been surprisingly easy, an interesting diversion to be fair, but easy nonetheless. He had honestly been expecting more from his enemies, those who claimed to have conquered over two-thirds of the globe.

'They must favor Quantity over Quality.' He muttered, recalling how the Britannian military had swamped their foes with massive amounts of armored giants, bulkier than the white Knightmare 'Those mass produced ones must go to the everyday grunts…that white one appeared to be a custom model.'

Either way, it was clear that he'd overestimated the enemy somewhat, or at the very least, had overestimated the skills of ONE of them. According to the Soldier, the White Knightmare must have been piloted by the 'Knight of Seven' everyone kept going on about. Going by the title alone, this meant there had to be at least six other 'Knights' fighting for Britannia, which meant it was time to do a little background research.

'In the morning.' Ector decided, narrowing his eyes as he watched the sun go down, the dark slayer slowly standing up off the crate he'd been sitting on 'Right now, I need to find a place to sleep…'
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Re: KOTAF: 'Rise of The Dark Slayer'

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:03 pm

....HOLY SHIT I GOT LAZY!!! :jawdrop: This has gone on too long!!! From Now on I will work around the fucking clock. for my laziness, here is the new chapter.

Chapter 3: Gaining a Devil Arm...and Gambling?




After finding a place to meditate, Ector was now in his mindscape standing in the middle of a field with Yamato in his hand. The sword glowed and then it floated out of his hand and in front of him. The blade then glowed even brighter and then formed into a human shape. The glow faded and standing in front of Ector was a silver haired man. His hair was slicked back and spiky and was wearing all black from his shirt to his boots and wore a blue long coat with three tails and a snake like pattern on the right side of the jacket. But the weird part was that it had a familiar glow like the spirit had when he was fighting the Lancelot.

He looked at Ector who was shocked and spoke up. "Hello descendant of Sparda."He says in monotone while Ector blinks and then smiles.

"So you're Yamato huh? I wonder why you're taking the form of Vergil Sparda?" He asks and Yamato speaks.

"He was the last one to wield me but he could never use my power at it's fullest due to his desire to gain power no matter the cost, but that was due to the fact that he blamed himself for not being strong enough to save his mother. Do you remember when you used me to fight the ningen with the robot? You were able to use a small amount of my power then but that was due to your devil's blood awakening." He says and Ector nods.

"I'm sure you were told by C.C about your power of Geass allowing you to control time and space?" Yamato ask as Ector shook his head. "Thought as much, woman doesnt talk much...But I am your true power, the power that can cut through anything including the fabrics of time and space. But that's not all. I can also cut down targets with out even touching them. When you continue your training, I'll be teaching you and passing on the knowledge of the style my previous wielders used. It's called the Dark Slayer Style. It's normally based on teleportation but it is difficult to master."

He explained while Ector's eyes widen in shock. "So this style basically gives me the ability to disappear and appear before my enemies?" Ector asks and the entity nods.

"Yes it does also the sword style basically used is based on attacking with the sword and the sheath."He says getting a nod from the young devil. "Remember this though Ector, you control the devil's power, it doesn't control you." He says and transforms back into the O-Katana and lands back into Ector's hand.


Ector was sitting in the middle of the field meditating while Yamato was feeding him knowledge on the Dark Slayer style and how to use Yamato. During that time a red aura oozed out of the area and floats around from him, and lands on the ground and starts to form.

The youkai glows and a flash appear around the field and then dies out. Before him stood a 9 foot red furred creature that looked like a werewolf, only it had the appearance of a lion The were lion opens his red slitted eyes and growls at Ector who opens his and smirks. The were lion flexes its claws while its tail slammed onto the ground creating a small crack in it.

It then snorts red fire out of its nostrils while Ector's eyes become as cold as ice and his expression becomes emotionless. "So you're the one I must defeat in order to gain your Devil Arm correct?" He asks in an emotionless voice. The were lion nods and then speaks.

"So you are the last of his kin. The one who betrayed his people for a bunch a fragile flesh bags. It's a shame I never got to face his sons but you'll do. I am Umarial, the demon beast of hell fire!"He says and rears his head back to shoot out a streak of red hot fire out of his mouth while a heat wave is released from his body and the fire passes by Ector who doesn't even wince from the heat.

When the heat dies down, the bipedal lion looks down at Ector who chuckles. "Impressive display of fire power." He said while the Lion snorts. "I suggest you get ready to face me seriously seed of Sparda or I will reduce you to ashes!"He says and lunges at Ector and swipes at him with his flaming claws.

Ector leaps over the demon and twirls in mid air. He then lands on his feet and then places his right hand on Yamato's hilt. "So you want a piece of me literally eh?" He asks out loud and the fox turns around and responds by letting out a roar. A reddish orange circle appears under them and transports them to an arena that surrounded by mountains and the ground was black and had red cracks in them. Ector looks around and chuckles.

"Okay then … come and get it if you can!" He says while pressing his left thumb under the guard and clicks it up while smirking.


BattleTheme Sworn Through Swords (Berial Battle)


Umarial lets out a roar and charges at Ector on all fours while said heir of Sparda waits for the fox to come closer. Umarial rears his fist back and it ignites into a fiery blaze. He brings it down on Ector who disappears in a blur while the fist crashes into the ground and a pillar of fire rises from the attack.

Ector appears above Umarial and draws Yamato. He then lands on the ground and charges at Umarial who removes his fist from the attack he just performed and swings his tail at him. Ector leaps over it and brings Yamato down and slashes Umarial across his right arm. Said demon grunts out in pain and swipes at Ector with his left arm, Ector ducks and then slashes him across the chest, and vanishes when Umarial shoots fire from his mouth.

He lands on a large boulder while Umarial opens his mouth again and was charging up a fire orb that was in his mouth. He unleashes a large fire ball from his mouth and the red fireball heads towards Ector at a fast rate. Ector performs Trick Up to avoid the attack which destroys the rock, leaving a smoking crater.

"Graahh! You accursed half-breed!" He snarls while both of his hands are ignited by red fire and slams them into the ground.

Ector's eyes widen when a pillar of fire rises from the ground and turns into a spinning funnel and heads for Ector at a fast pace. The funnel leaves a trail of fire in its path as it heads for Ector who was cursing and barely avoids it. His left arm gets singed by the fire and he hisses in pain. Kaen smirks and then charges on all fours at the teen.

Yamato glows a bluish purple color in Ector's hand and he charges also. Umarial slashes at him with his blazing claw but Ector skids on the ground, stabs Yamato into Umarial's chest and the blade moves all the way down to his torso and he slashes downward while blood sprays from the lion's chest. Ector then plants his hand on the ground and pushes upward in midair and lands back on his feet while twirling Yamato.

Umarial staggers from the serious injury and collapses. Ector smirks at this and the Demon struggles to get back up while clutching his injured chest and torso. Ector starts to run towards Umarial and increases his speed. "Rapid Slash!" Ector cries out and starts to swing Yamato in different directions while the invisible slashes leave cuts and gashes on Umarial's body.

Said demon grits his teeth in pain and when he turns around, Ector slices through his chest twice, leaving an X shaped slash on his chest. The teen skids forward for awhile and stops while twirling Yamato and sheathing the sword slowly. He then clicks it shut when it's fully sheathed and blood sprays out from every cut and gash from Umarial's body.

Umarial coughs up a large amount of blood and falls to his knees while panting heavily. Ector then walks over to the down were lion that turns his head at the teen and grins. "No more heir of Sparda. You have proven the fact that the blood of Sparda is still strong. I surrender."He says and Naruto nods at the fallen demon.

"Here is your reward young Sparda, the power over hell fire, courtesy of your truly" He says and his body glows and becomes and orb of red fire. Ector holds his hand out as the orb heads towards his extended arm and when it makes contact a bright light surrounds him and the arena and when it clears, he finds himself back on the field and realizes that he's wearing a pair of gauntlets and greaves on his arms and legs. They were deep red and had an outline that changed from orange, to yellow simultaneously. The greaves were the same only they had two pairs of what looked like miniature buzz saws on the heel part (Combination of Beowulf and Gilgamesh).

Ector had a mask that covered half of his bottom face. When he clenches his fists, a pair of three red glowing claws juts out and then retracts as does the mask. Ector grins and then gets into taijutsu stance with his right arm back and his left arm out with the palm open and his legs spread apart slightly.

His right hand then glows red and then with a battle cry, he swings it forward and a huge red fire ball shoots out of the gauntlet and ascends towards a large boulder. When it makes contact the rock explodes and sends debris in every direction. Ector remains in the stance for a while and then performs a series of round house kicks while fire trails across his heel, getting wider and longer.

He then stops and then crouches with his right arm pulled back and performs a rising uppercut. The fire emitting from the attack creates a blazing trail of flames which die out and Ector then pause in midair and then rolls into a ball with his right leg sticking out and does a revolving kick with fire trailing around him.

His body moves downward while performing this and when he's close to the ground, he plants his right foot and arm on the ground and a powerful heat wave and flames spread outwards, burning grass and the ground as it spread and dissipates. Ector gets up slowly and then he cups his hands together with his legs spread apart and looks towards the sky.

An orb of red and white fire appears around his cupped hands. "HAAAAHHH!" Ector cries out as he shoots his hands forward, releasing a powerful Fireball into the sky, making it resemble a comet heading for the sky.

The fireball then explodes and a miniature fireballs shower down from the sky in different directions. Ector then sits up and looks at the gauntlets again and chuckles. "Nice Diablo, Very Nice." He says as the area begins to fade.


((Real World))


As soon as the light begins to fade, Ector appeared in the area that he was in, before the battle began with Umarial.

"I don't know what the hell that was all about the flash show…but I need a god damn nap" Ector said as he began to make his move.


Cecile Croomy could only look on in shock as the remains of the Lancelot Conquista were carried into the hangar, her eyes taking in the jagged hole in the Frame's chest in alarm, suddenly grateful that Lloyd was still abroad, working on the Vincent Prototypes. She rounded on the retrieval team, demanding to know where the Pilot was, turning on her heels as she was directed to the changing rooms.

"Suzaku!" she called out, bursting into the reserved area, heedless of protocol, looking around wildly for her teammate and friend, turning her head at the sound of running water, walking around the corner, only to gasp and duck behind the wall, her face redder than a tomato.

"Cecile…is that you?" Suzaku called out, the pilot leaning, naked, under a shower, both hands planted against the wall as he let the scalding water wash over him "Sorry…it looks like I just gave you and the crew more work to do…"

"It…it's alright." Cecile assured him, breathing deeply to regain her composure, making sure her back was to the wall, trying to get the image of the younger man's lean, muscular toned back and buttocks out of her head "More importantly…were you hurt?"

"No." Suzaku assured her, the dark, emotionless tone with which he said it overriding any sense of relief Cecile got from the admission "He didn't hurt me…he didn't consider it NECESSARY to finish me off."

Suzaku clenched teeth, his fist clenching in frustration as he pounded the wall of the shower, he repeated the motion, memories of the one-sided battle against the man claiming to be 'The Dark Slayer' resonating with the sounds of his flesh colliding with the tiles, Cecile flinching on the other side of the wall with each passing thud.


Since he lacked much in the way of money, and it was too far away from a hotel, Ector spent the night on a bench in the park, waking up to find the sun already high overhead, and people walking around.

'Must've been more tired than I thought.' He noted, grumbling to himself as he sat up stiffly, his stomach growling for sustenance 'This is such a pain…' he muttered, eyeing a nearby hotdog stand with a scowl 'The transformation takes a great deal of energy…my body's practically running on empty.'

Cursing himself for toying with the White Knightmare and that demon for so long the other day, the dark slayer got to his feet, stiffly, ready to plan out the day's activities, which right now had getting some food into him as the highest priority.

Someone crashed into him from behind, sending the Dark Slayer face first into the pavement in a tangle of limbs. Letting out an annoyed growl, the dark slayer turned to glare at the offending human projectile, the black haired teen blinking up at him in confused alarm.

"Uh…sorry about that." the offending teen offered, rubbing the back of his black hair in embarrassment as the dark slayer continued to glare at him "Wasn't watching where I was going and…"

"LELOUCH LAMPEROUGE!" an angry female voice called out, the black haired teen jumping, leaping to his feet in alarm, offering a hurried apology as he made to run, only to crash face first into the ground again as Ector grabbed him by the ankle.

"OW! Oh c'mon! I said I was sorry!" the black haired schoolboy offered, looking at the red-eyed teen in desperation "You got to let me go, if Miss Viletta catches me playing hooky again-!"

Ector frowned, glaring into the desperate teen's eyes, the sound of approaching footsteps drawing closer from behind. His stomach growling made the dark slayer's decision for him, as he stood up, dragging the protesting teen into the bushes out of sight, just in time as a tall, exotic looking woman in a sports uniform rounded the corner, looking highly annoyed.

"So help me Lelouch Lamperouge," she muttered, glaring around the area with a frown on her admittedly beautiful features "If you make me run all across this park I'll have you running laps from here back to the homeland!"

Crouched in the bushes next to Ector, the Black haired teen stiffened, keeping as still as possible as he watched the woman's eyes wash over their hiding place, letting out a sigh of relief on after she'd jogged off in the opposite direction.

"Thanks." The black-haired teen offered, exhaling explosively as soon as Viletta was out of sight "She's been hounding me every day because I keep going out for rides on my bike during recess, I mean, what business is it of hers if I go out for lunch?"

It was certainly none of Ector's, but the dark slayer's ears perked up at the student's mention of 'Lunch', the red-clad teen standing up out of the bushes, eyes narrowing as he kept an eye on the surroundings, before gesturing for the other teen to clamber on out.

"You can make it up to me with that lunch you mentioned." Ector informed him, the dark slayer's stomach speaking up at the same moment, earning a sweatdrop from the black haired teen as Ector led him over to the hot dog Stand by the elbow.


"Man," Lelouch muttered, the black haired teen's eyes wide as saucers as he watched Ector put away his tenth hot dog in as many minutes, the starving dark slayer not leaving a single crumb behind "You must've been starving."

"I hadn't eaten anything since yesterday, kid." Ector replied between bites, washing down the rather dry dog with water from a nearby drinking fountain "Just arrived in the country the day before."

"Oh? A transfer from the homeland?" Lelouch noted, his eyes lighting up with interest, as he looked the taller teen over "Still, I can't believe your folks just let you wander around without any cash."

"Don't have any family to speak of." Ector countered, earning a shocked look from the blue haired student as he tossed the last of the wrappers in a bin "I came to Japa-Area 11," he corrected himself mid-sentence, "to look for answers."

"Man, that's rough." Lelouch muttered, missing the dark slayer's slip, as he seemed to deflate slightly at the teen's words

"It doesn't matter." Ector assured him, the dark slayer getting up with a satisfied grunt as he dusted himself off, his hands going into his jacket pockets "Now that I'm fed, I can start looking around for work."

"Hey." Lelouch noted with a small grin "I've got an idea on how you can made some quick money." he pulled a flyer out of his pocket and handed it to the teen "There's a new casino that opened a while back, I've been meaning to check it out one of these days, but Miss Viletta always shows up to drag me back."

"A Casino?" Ector wondered, his red eyes narrowing as he eyed the flier in his hands, which depicted several girls in bunny-suits posing provocatively with various gambling tools, like Slot-machines, roulette wheels, even a poker table.

"C'mon," Lelouch insisted, looking excited at the prospect "At the very least it'll give us something fun to do, heck you might even land a job if you're lucky, I hear they're hiring people off the street!"

'There is that…' Ector pondered, mulling the thought over in his head as he held his chin, eyes roaming over the provocative piece of paper 'That, and a Casino could be an ideal place to gather information on Britannia…'

"By the way…" Lelouch spoke up, the black haired schoolboy holding his hand out to the dark slayer with a calm smile, snapping his out of his thoughts "I didn't catch your name; Mine's Lelouch, Lelouch Lamperouge."

"...Ector Sparda." Ector offered after a moment's hesitation, accepting the offered hand and shaking it briefly, quirking an eyebrow at the confused expression on the other teen's face.

"That's a weird name" Lelouch asked, looking the taller teen over, only to shrug and shake his head in dismissal "Never mind, forget what I said."

Ector said nothing, but a sense of apprehension washed over him as he allowed Lelouch to lead him back to his motorbike, the Dark slayer clambering into the sidecar as they took off down the motorway at top speed.


On the way to the Casino, Ector had discreetly grilled Lelouch, including his little brother Rollo that he picked up from school, who seemed only too happy to help, on the situation here in Area 11. His eyes had hardened as the boys told the tale of the Black Rebellion, of how the Black Knights, led by the masked Revolutionary Zero, had challenged the Britannian Empire, only to be defeated a year ago, most of them incarcerated for their crimes, and the Revolutionary executed by the now legendary Knight of Seven.

"I actually went to school with the guy, can you believe that?" Rollo boasted, grinning down at the dark slayer as they raced down the motorway "I mean yeah I had my misgivings at first, he was an Honorary Britannian after all, but he grew on us." He chuckled "Course, then he went and killed Zero during the Black Rebellion, and was elevated to a position in the Knights of the Round."

"The Knights…" Ector prodded, recalling the face of the brown haired Knight of Seven he'd left howling in defeat the day before yesterday. He hadn't seemed so impressive then "Are they Britannia's strongest forces?"

"Of course!" Rollo exclaimed, eyeing the teen like he'd just admitted to living under a rock for most of his life "They're the personal bodyguards of the Emperor! One of them's more than a match for an entire army!"

"How many of them are there?" Ector asked, looking up at the brothers inquisitively, masking the dark humor in his eyes with false innocence "You said Kururugi was the Knight of Seven, are there more?"

"Let's see…" Lelouch muttered with a frown "I don't know their names off by heart, but I do know that not all the positions are filled at the moment…I think there's maybe eight members at the moment, but they aren't in numerical order." He nodded "I do know that there were supposed to be ten of them at one point."

"So going by that logic that means that the strongest of them would be the Knight of One, correct?" Ector asked, looking up at the teens for confirmation, earning a nod of agreement from the escorts.

"Yep, Bismarck Waldstein." Lelouch agreed "They say he's the most powerful Knight of One since Marianne the Flash." He held up a finger "He's also the oldest of the Knights, as he was promoted to Knight of One from Knight of Five after Marianne passed away."

Ector said nothing, but fought the urge to grimace as an uncomfortable feeling built up in his chest, almost as if something had grasped his heart and given it a sharp squeeze.

Needless to say, by the time they arrived at the Casino, the dark slayer had a lot to think about.


Cheers tore through the air as the sound of pounding flesh echoed up from the small arena below, a circle of spectators gathering around to watch as two Elevens, brothers according to the announcer, fought each other in a battle to the death.

Ector took in the looks on the faces of the crowd, the jeering, mocking looks of indifference, a stark contrast to the desperate sadness that marked the eyes of the combatants, and had to suppress his desire to transform and start ripping limbs off with his armored hands.

He, Lelouch, Rollo had arrived at the casino and had been easily allowed in thanks to Lelouch and Rollo's status as minor nobility, not a named family, but influential enough that nobody thought to ask why he was cutting school.

"Harsh I know." Lelouch muttered, his features grim as he watched the combat below with a hint of compassion "I don't agree with stuff like this, but this is what happens to those that oppose the empire. The Elevens lost TWICE, so they're not given the luxury of being able to complain."

Ector glared at the teen, but after seeing the honest discomfort at the brothers' predicament, stayed his anger and allowed himself to be led around the various gambling venues, at which Lelouch managed to lose more than he won.

"Heh, sorry bout this." The black haired teen offered as the slot machine gave him nothing but cherries "Gambling's my passion, but I'm pretty bad at it…don't have what you call a 'poker face I guess." He held up a coin "Wanna give it a try?"

Ector shrugged, figuring he might as well humor the boy, taking a seat in front of a different machine, slotting in the coin, and pulling the lever. Almost instantly, a bell went off, the dark slayer quirking an eyebrow as several coins spewed out of the machine like a flood, excited gamblers flocking to it for a piece of the action.

"WOAH! Triple sevens on your first try!" Rollo gaped, grinning at the dark slayer as he shoveled their winnings into a bucket, fending off the moochers that tried to swipe a few for themselves "That's pretty impressive."

"It was just luck." Ector countered, honestly not seeing what the big deal was, but at the same time glad that he had earned some money. He stood up, backing away from the machine, allowing the moochers to flock to it; eager to try their luck on the machine that had paid off, when he bumped into several men in black suits.

"Could you come with us please sir?" they asked, their tone's flat, completely devoid of emotion, but laced with the implication that this WASN'T a request "Your friends as well."

Ector cursed, looking over his shoulder to see another pair of suited heavies standing behind a suddenly nervous looking Rollo and a impassive Lelouch. Nodding, he allowed the suits to flank him, following their lead to a small private area, where a large man sat on a couch, waited on by several girls in bunny outfits and a blonde woman that was feeding him cherries.

"So you're the big winners huh?" the man noted, his tone filled with self-confidence and droll humor, as he looked the two schoolboys over, stroking his beard with his free hand "Don't you three have classes to get back to?"

"Not really." Rollo offered, trying to make light of the situation as he rubbed the back of his head "Y'see, most of my classes were cancelled for the day, so my friend and I figured we'd have a day to ourselves-!" he trailed off as the suits pushed him, Lelouch, Ector into chairs they'd pulled up for them.

"Ah to be young and stupid again…" the man bemoaned grandly, earning chuckles from the men in suits, and vapid giggles from the bunny girls, though their eyes made it clear they'd heard these jokes before, and were simply laughing because their jobs would be forfeit otherwise "Well then, since you've got some time to kill…what say we have a little wager?"

Ector frowned, looking on as the man snapped his fingers, one of the guards bowing and walking off to the side, only to stiffen as he felt someone looking at him. He turned round, following the oppressive feeling to find himself looking into the golden eyes of the man's escort, the vapid expression apparently gone from her face as she locked gazes with him and Lelouch. Then the guard from before returned with a suitcase in hand and the moment passed, the woman offering her escort a grape with the same vapid smile as before.

"You see, I'm pretty famous around these parts." The man admitted as the guard opened the suitcase to reveal a chessboard and pieces "They call me the Black King, cause I've never been defeated in a game of chess." He smirked at the duo "It's gotten so bad that nobody tries to challenge me anymore, which gets boring after a while, you begin to loose your edge." He gestured to the board before him "So here's the deal, we play a little game, you win, and I'll DOUBLE your winnings, you lose, well, at least you'll have your health."

"I have a better choice." Ector said as he pulled out a deck of playing cards and begins to shuffle them, his red eyes flicking over to the guards, who were stationed behind his chair like sentries. He was confident he could take them down without using his devil form, they were simply thugs in suits, not trained professionals like the soldiers had been, the problem was he couldn't fight them AND prevent them from taking Lelouch and Rollo as a hostage "how bout a game of Blackjack. And like you said 'if I win, and you'll DOUBLE my winnings, If I lose, well, at least I'll have my health.' The game will end as soon as someone gets 10 wins out of the game. Agreed."

"Hmm…Since you're the challenger, I'll take on you challenge." The gambler offered magnanimously "Just to give you a bit of an edge."

"Ector…are you sure about this?" Rollo whispered, looking at the Dark Slayer in concern as he swallowed nervously.

"Sure kid." Ector replied "But don't worry," he assured the teen, his eyes narrowing as he got his cards "Either way, we're walking out of here."

"Big words little man." The Black King snorted, smirking confidently at the teen as the dealer reached for the first card "We'll see how long that lasts…"


Unbeknownst to the people inside, a gathering was taking place inside one of the propaganda blimps that had been charted to fly over the area, the aircraft slowly coning to a halt directly over the tower the Blackjack game was being played out in.

"It's been a year since the Black Rebellion." A commanding voice spoke out, the speaker a tall man with blue, spiky hair in a uniform once worn by members of the JLF "Our comrades are either dead or confined, and our leader, Zero, believed lost." He held up a hand, clenching it into a fist "However, recent information uncovered by our intelligence has revealed a light of hope in this darkest of hours, a chance for us to strike back at the Britannian's that defile our country!"

He raised a sake cup in the air, mimicked by the scant gathering of men and women, no more than twenty in all, as they gazed upon him, and the tattered flag of the Black Knight's behind him.

"Let this battle mark the revival of the Black Knights! KAMPAI!"


Several minutes into the game a small crowd had gathered around the area, drawn by the notion of some poor fool challenging the prestigious Black King, but in a game of Blackjack, that's a different story. They certainly weren't expecting to be a teenager, and they most CERTIANLY didn't expect to see him actually PRESSING the King.

Thirty minutes into the game, and Ector had already won nine games while the king won eight.

By now the King's expression had gone from confident to pressed, his brow furrowed as he tried to think of a way out of this situation, so focused on the game he'd actually told his escort to stop bothering him, the woman pouting on the other side of the bench, her Golden eyes never leaving on both Lelouch's and Ector's face.

Lelouch, by contrast, was looking on in awe, as he'd never seen some of the plays his new friend had used thus far. It was almost as if Ector had been playing blackjack his entire life, at a level he doubted even Grand masters could have matched at that.

"Something to drink sir?" one of the bunny girls asked, Lelouch looking up from the match to see a buxom redhead holding up a tray with several beverages and a smile "We have soft drinks, don't worry."

"Uh, I'll have a ginger ale." The student stammered, too distracted by the girl's assets, between which rested what looked like a lighter, to look at her face "Uh…lots of ice please."

The girl nodded and walked off, Lelouch staring after her in a daze, wondering why on earth he had the feeling he'd seen that particular ass-wiggle before.

"And that's game." Ector called out, Lelouch head snapping round as a shocked cry went up amongst the crowed, the teen's eyes widening as Ector has BlackJack, the dark slayer sitting back with a small smile "A good game though, but it's my win."

The Black King gaped, his face a mask of absolute shock, as if he couldn't comprehend the possibility before him, only to scoff and sit back in his chair "Oh dear me…how ever on earth shall I deal with this…" he looked up at the dark slayer with a smirk "I can't have people knowing you cheated me."

"Cheat?" Lelouch repeated, the purple eyed teen's eyes darting between the chess board and the combatants, even as mutters broke out amongst the crowd.

"But how can that be? He never counted the cards!" Rollo said as he observed the game and he never seen Ector cheated

"So this is how you do things." Ector muttered, the dark slayer's eyes narrowing at the confident smirk on the King's face as the suits lined up behind him, "Pretty cowardly for a 'king'… Wouldn't you agree?"

"I prefer to think of it as creative problem solving." The King muttered, snapping his fingers as the guards pulled Lelouch, Rollo, and Ector to their feet "Try not to think ill of me boy, but when you're an adult, you'll understand that this is how the world works…"

"Pathetic. You should drop dead." Ector growled, his red eyes boring into the King's own, even as he prepared himself to throw the guards into the crowd, grab Lelouch and Rollo and run for it, only to blink as time begins to stop then out of nowhere a glowing sword appeared into the Kings chest.

'so this is the power of my 'Geass' that the woman spoke of...but of course the sword had to be you doing, Yamato.' Ector thought as he looked to his right to see Yamato with his hand extended towards the Black King.

"Indeed...It would be pointless to deal with all of these idiots." Yamato said as he and the sword slowly disappeared and time begin to move slowly till it returns to its normal pace.


The moment the words had left Ector's mouth, the smug smirk on the Black King's face had vanished, his features going slack for a few seconds, almost as if his brain had shut down and rebooted.

A second later and the man spasmed, clutching at his chest as blood began to pour from a gaping wound that appeared on his chest from nowhere, his mouth wide as he gasped desperately for air, eyes bulging out of his skull.

He doubled over in his seat, concerned onlookers looking amongst themselves in alarm as his coughs grew more desperate, the man's arm waving wildly, knocking the tray from the redheaded bunny girl's arm, sending Lelouch's Ginger Ale flying into the crowd, drenching the redhead in the process.

His escort placed a hand on his back, as if to try and help him, only for the man to keel over, crashing into the table, upsetting it and sending cards flying, scattering across the floor as he lay there, back arching as he twitched, the crowd now backing away out of fear as the man reached desperately for the sky, only to gasp, his eyes widening one last time, before closing, the man lying flat on his back on the floor, his hand dropping down to the side, landing next to a fallen card, The King of Clubs.

Ironic huh?


Unknowing to all, the golden eyed escort casually pressed the SEND button on her mobile, her eyes never leaving Ector's and Lelouch's face as the signal to begin was received.
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