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Playahmade's Art/Rhyming-Poetry

Postby Playahmade » Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:43 pm

So I like to write rhymes/poetry whatever u want to call it. Usually when I'm depressed cuz I get to think straighter. Give me some CnC if that's possible.

[center]The souls of man are wicked.
The hearts of man are twisted.
Vessel's and arterie's, bloodflow restricted.
Words of good deeds insisted,
but within lies evil, conflicted

Claims that thou has never lied,
in hell these falsenesses are fried.
when a stranger has died
passed on, I have never a tear cried.

So here I stay and here I rot.
With Satan's temptations never fought.
The sould in which darkness itselff bought.
To reach Heaven I never sought...

Travelling down the lonely road
the evil reap the weeds in which they sowed.
To each sin a punishment they owed,
to carry a burden as if it were a load...

Time travels slower in this dark place
but somehow wrinkles wither the face.
Inproper judgement is never the case,
for how are u innocent when there is a chase?[/center]

Added after 1 minutes:

One more

[center]truth always comes falsely never realistic
The answer we missed it
Right in front of your eyes and you never kissed it
Causing heart ache and regret
The mind can’t even begin to forget
Caught in a web, a painful net
The answers right there but not let
To be found
Come round
Pass by the tearful mourner
A so called non conformer
It’s all so fake
But we all take
For granted never a break
But anyways it’s too late
The time has come
And I’m the one
To finish everything before it’s done
Don’t run
No reason to be scared
Even the coward dared
Just like an onion layered
Peel away the skin
And the tears begin
For every sin
Atrocities invented
2 races blended
Life itself ended
Stare down death
And see how long you can hold your breath
As your chest is crushed
Your brain is mushed
And your voice is hushed
See how hard you are at that time
As if everything you ever said was sublime
Every fear and pain hidden behind a crime
Oh woeful soul
Take control
Of your fate
Before it’s too late
Because the mind can’t contemplate
And everything seems real but nothing is
The so called mother wanting kids
Is a junkie lookin for some extra dough
Even though
Couldn’t take care of her kids even if she had the know
The time is now
For someone to take the rise
Look into the devil’s eyes
To see the lies
The fear and doubts reinforced by cries

Ya I know the face is f-ed up and so are some of the proportions but it was one of my first attempts at drawing a full figure. I usually just doodle heads or hands but never the whole thing. I really like the tattoo, it's amazing. I'm not gonna finish it cuz it's too much work, so I'd rather draw another. CnC pleaaasseee.
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Postby NetGhost (IYM) » Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:46 pm

Some advice, look at the rules and rename this thread as your art showroom. Name it whatever you want as long as it has your name on it.

Good poem though. I like the rythum of it, every single last word in the sections rhymes.
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Postby Kris » Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:51 pm

Yeah, please rename your thread to something like: Playahmade's poetry

And welcome to the forums.
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