MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 15 is up)

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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 12 is up)

Postby MyWiiIsGlowing » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:23 am

Chapter 13: The Master of Time

Danny floated through the Ghost Zone feeling both disturbed and at ease. He had always felt more relaxed while in the Ghost Zone (well, when he wasn't being hunted). His powers reacted more turbulent in the Human World, even when not active. In here though, they were calm and more controllable. He felt at home, and so did his spore.

Behind Danny flew Dani. Being an imperfect clone of a ghost-human hybrid led her to be greatly instable in the human world. This being her first real trip to the Ghost Zone, she felt surprisingly normal. Even while taping into her ghost powers, she felt solid and stable. "I never want to leave" she thought to herself.

Behind them floated Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, all of whom had followed Danny through the portal opened by the cloaked figure were less impressed by the eerie nature of the Ghost Zone. The Ghost Zone, home of many of the creatures that go Bump in the Night was like a living nightmare for the three young girls.

The portal had placed the 5 of them just outside of a large castle made of gears with a large clock face. Danny had visited this place twice before, once during his dealings with his evil future self and again when trying to prevent Vlad's ghost powers from manifesting. Clockwork, ghost master of time, resided in this castle.

As Danny got closer he noticed a large hole in the clock face. Someone or something had been here not long ago as the edges of the hole continued to smolder. The remainder of the castle was covered in the green spectral spores. Flying in his fears were confirmed. The grand time chamber of Clockwork had been reduced to a pile of rubble. Under one pile, Danny noticed a small piece of purple fabric sticking out. Danny called to the girls and they quickly freed an ancient looking ghost with a long white beard and a smashed glass clock oh his chest.

"Clockwork, are you ok?" Asked Danny

"Uhh...", moaned the ancient ghost. "I need to rest a bit but I'll be fine"

"What happened here?" asked Dani.

"I was assaulted by a young ghost-girl with jet black hair and the most vacant eyes. Her powers were so great I was unable to warp her time-space. She shattered my stalf and stole the Sands of Time. A powerful being she once was to have gained that much additional that she could have hidden herself from me."

"The what?" questioned Buttercup with a lost look on her face

"The Sands of Time. In all representations of me designed by your kind, I am an old man who carried an hourglass of time. As you can see the old man part is true and the hourglass was an archaic vessel for those powers. Well the Sand of Time are the sands that once flowed through the hourglass. Ive kept them in my clock", he said pointing to his cracked chest, " which gave me more direct control over my powers and also caused my age to shift. Being old gets tiring."

"What could she do with the Sands? " Asked Blossom concerned, piecing together the identity of the mysterious female.

"Alone, nothing." Everyone sighed a breath of relief. "The Sands take eons to master. No, the true purpose of the Sands is to unlock the Vault of the Damned. Articles that are deemed too powerful for the flow of time are removed from the time stream and locked in a separate dimension at the far end of the Ghost Zone."

"No!" cried Danny. "Vlad must be after some lost artifact."

"Not even close" came a cold voice from outside the hole in the tower.

Turning around, the five heroes saw the tech-suited Skulker floating next to the cloaked stranger that led them down this rabbit hole. The cloaked figure reached up and pulled her hood back, revealing her long flowing jet black hair and glowing red eyes. "Hey there Red. Remember me" she said smugly. "Or maybe this will help jog your memory" Tilting her head back, her body began to shimmer and became encased in a glowing green aura. When the field dispersed, the body of the White Powerpuff, Bell, remained floating.

"YOU!" Cried Blossom.
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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 13 is up)

Postby MyWiiIsGlowing » Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:35 am

Chapter 14:Bell's Dark Heart

"I knew you'd remember this face" said Bell in a sweet sing-song voice. She engulfed her body in her spectral aura, transforming back to her ghost form. "You may call me Bell Phantasm."

"Using part of the spectral spore's inherent energy and parasitic nature, we were able to imbue this child with the powers of specters", boasted Skulker.

"You three deal with Bell. Me and Dani will take the hunter", ordered Danny.

Bell removed her cloak revealing her long flowing black dress. Her ghastly pale-green skin showing in great contrast with her dark appearance. "I have waited for this moment for a long time", she said as her body crackled with energy.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup didnt even have time to dodge as three streaks of white light erupted from Bell's fingers, striking each of them square in the chest. The fiery pain shot through their bodies as they were blasted straight through the backside of the Clockworks' Tower. Bell raced after them, through the new window she helped add to to tower, only to be met with blinding flash of Blue, Red, and Green light. The girl quickly regained composure and had managed to prepare a powerful counter strike in only a matter of seconds. Blossom looked on in anticipation as the smoke began to clean from their last attack.

The smoke cleared revealing Bell, hovering there with naught but a small singe mark on her cheek. With the same childish demeanor, she coaxed "That it? Now Im sad."

"What is she?" questioned Blossom. "She took three direct blows and is still smiling? How are we..." But her thought were interrupted as Bell, with a quick flick of the wrist, sent a blade of pale green energy screaming through the air. Blossom was quick to dodge over the blade and using her momentum blasted off at near super sonic speed towards Bell; connecting a swift right hook directly to Bell's face. The force of the blow sent Bell careening into a nearby floating landmass, which crumbled around Bell's point of impact.

Blossom turned to look at her sister who were looking on in awe. They had never seen their sister act so aggressive during a fight. Blossom floated back towards her sister, panting. She hated using that maneuver. It is always so draining to fly that fast. Right before reaching their side, Blossom turned while forming a ball of red energy in her hand and bicycle kicked the energy ball into the debris cloud floating around Bell's impact site. Following suit, Bubbles formed two energy blasts in her hands and released them, spinning like a blade. Buttercup formed a green aura around her clenched fist and unleashed it with a single quick punching motion.

The area around Bell exploded in a vibrant display of color and then nothing. Nothing, not even a speck of dust remained where Bell and the floating island once were. And then from nothing, there was Bell, her childish demeanor still radiating. Her body was slightly bruised, burnt and torn but was standing strong. Bell chuckles "Being a ghost has its advantages. Now its my turn."

Bell extended her arms and formed two tiny balls of energy, each at the tip of her index finger. Turning intangible, she flew effortlessly through Bubbles, inserting the tiny bombs into her shoulder blades. Turning tangible again, Bell turned with a smug grin and snapped her fingers, causing the energy balls to explode.

Bubbles screamed in agony as a crippling pain shot through her body. It was the most intense pain she had ever experienced. Both arms hung limp as her shoulder blades were completely obliterated. Loosing consciousness from the pain, Bubbles floated stationary; her arms dangling like wet spaghetti.

"You Bitch. Ill kill you!" Screamed Buttercup as she charged the spectral Bell.

"Tisk tisk", you never learn Bell said lazily. Extending her index and middle fingers, she fired a beam of white and green energy straight through Buttercup, missing her vitals at that angle but severing her spine with great precision. She made only a tiny squeak before looking consciousness herself.

Blossom look on in horror as her two sister fell to this monster of a girl. "Why?" she cried, tears swelling up, "Why do you want to hurt us? What have we ever done to you?"

What childish innocent that remained of Bell's face quickly washed away and was replaced with pure rage. "Why?!" she said. "Because I see you and your sisters and it reminds me of what my life was. You have everything! I have nothing and its all your fault!" She fired a single bolt through Blossom's left hand. Blossom looked on, unfazed.

"I dont understand. I only met you once before this when we fought. I didnt even know your name." Another bolt fired through Blossom's right hand.

"Where did Professor Utonium learn about the properties of Chemical X? My father, Doctor X, developed the compound. He wanted Utonium to develop the ultimate weapon using Chemical X as a catalyst for his genetic research. He left the test vial with Utonium who used it successfully in your creation." Bell's rage was starting to slip. Blossom could see tears start to well up in her eyes. "My father wanted to take and train you to use your powers but Utonium refused. Instead he tried to recreate your work while using a more potent strain of Chemical X. He failed. He used one part of everything nice too little and the imbalance created an explosion. My father was mutated by the Chemical X radiation and his heart warped. The next 10 years of my life were nothing but painful training and neglect. I wasnt a child. I was a weapon." Bell was now hunched over, tears streaming down her face. " Then I saw you. I saw three girls, exactly like me but able to live a normal life. As I watched, I grew to envy and despise you. All I want is to be loved. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!" Bell screamed as she began to sob.

Blossom felt such sympathy for the child in front of her. She wasn't an evil person. Her childish ways were twisted and warped to make her into the thing she was today. "Im so sorry Bell. I can't even begin to imagine what your life was like. But being a Powerpuff isnt the perfect life you envisioned. We are feared by our peers, chastized by the community and hunted by our enemies. Few people actually accept us for who we are. Our family and friends have been threatened time and time again. If I could, I would trade my powers in a heartbeat to have a normal life." Blossom extended her hand. "I dont hate you for what you have done. I want to help you. You are still a Powerpuff. Please. Help us. Join us."
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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 14 is up)

Postby MyWiiIsGlowing » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:45 pm

About time to update. Ill try and finish up soon but I have 8 weeks to figure out how to graduate and this isnt a high priority. Ill still try to finish up...thats what google Docs and work are for. Heh.

Chapter 15: Follow Vlad

Bell looked up at the wounded Blossom. Her mind raced, "How can she still treat me like an equal? I attacked her, almost killed her sisters and she still is willing to forgive me? What a fool I've been".

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Bell choked out a "I'm Sorry. I don't know why you are so willing to forgive me but I don't even know how to begin to make this up to you."

"You can start by taking us to Vlad." replied Danny. Bell and Blossom turned to see Danny and Dani floating near the hole in the castle that Bell made previously. Dani held the upper half of Skulker's battle suit, which she vaporized in a burst of green fire. "Blossom" Danny continued "Take your sisters out of here. When you reach the real world, go and find my sister." Blossom nodded and, gently grabbing her sisters, flew back through the portal to the Megaville Park.

"Now, Bell was it, we need to reach Vlad as quickly as possible."

Bell nodded. "Follow me". Bell flew back up and through the portal to the real world. Puzzled, Danny and Dani followed. As soon as they passed through, they saw the lifeless bodies of Bubbles and Buttercup a few feet away. They turned to see Bell, standing over the portal. "Sorry, my portal abilities only work from this side." Bell crouched down and dipped a finger into the portal. As she swirled her finger around the portal, the scene changed from Clockwork's tower to a large clock face, standing on its own in a sea of spores. A tall man slowly approached the clock holding a brown leather bag.

"Vlad's almost there" cried Danny as he dove into the portal, with Dani and Bell following. They emerged from the portal, facing the large clock. Vlad was only a few feet from the face of it. "Vlad!" cried Danny.

Vlad turned to find the three half ghost floating behind him. "Stupid brat. She was supposed to kill them all and instead she leads them right to me."

"So you finally caught me, Daniel." Vlad applauded. "Too bad your too late." He spun around, took a small handful of sand from the leather pouch and threw it on the clock face. Slowly the large hands on the clock face began moving, starting at 1:00 and slowly rotating around. Vlad turned back triumphant.

"Why Vlad? What are you trying to do?"

"Why Daniel, you surprise me. I'm here for the power of the spectral spores, just like before." Danny grabbed his infected hand. "I know the spores originated from here. I must have its source. Imagine the possibilities of controlling something so powerful that it can move through dimensions" The hands hit 3 o'clock. "If I could merge with that power source, Id become invincible" 5 o' clock. "I can give the three of you one last chance to join me. Think of the possibilities Daniel. Bell, I can give you the care of a father you never had." 7' o'clock. "And Danielle, I can make you whole. The spores can stabilize you permanently." 9 o'clock.

"Go to hell" Danny cried. "Ill kill you for what you did to Amity Park. This ends now!" With a chime, the clock struck 12 o'clock. Danny could hear gears start to turn as the clock face split in half and began sliding apart. Vlad turned back to face the clock, a look of anticipation and greed covering his ghostly face. The doors slid into place with an audible click, giving view to the darkness of the Vault. From the consuming darkness, a burst of green light shot out, striking Vlad square in the chest. The impact of the blast caused him to change back into his human form, drop the pouch containing the sands of time, and fly backwards through the portal Bell had created.

The three looked on in horror as a tall, muscular figure stepped from the darkness of the Vault of the Damned. His black jumpsuit bulged against his muscles and his white cloak swirled in the energy being emitted by him. His pale green face was covered in a evil grin. His hair, white as snow, yet burned like a wildfire. Danny's eyes were drawn to the speeding D logo on this ghost's chest, a logo which matched his own. Danny looked into the face of his defeated enemy, a being of pure evil. A creature of a future that almost was. Dark Danny, the fusion of Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius to create a ghost of pure destructive power, had returned.

"Hello Danny." coaxed Dark Danny coldly. "Its been a while."
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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 15 is up)

Postby Blood Lord » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:26 pm

I like how Dark Danny waws introduced. Please keep him as a bad ass.
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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 15 is up)

Postby huai0592 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:15 am

Hi,I'm new here.
This forum is very interesting that I like it very much.
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Re: MWIG: PPGDxDP: Redemption:PG-13 Fanfic (Chapter 15 is up)

Postby GridsNaranek » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:16 am

Usual deal - only OP can request this be unlocked.

Noooooot likely.
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