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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sat Apr 12, 2008 2:06 am

Author's Notes: Quick note before this chapter starts. BOLD Writing is for when people are speaking Al Bhed. For those who do not know what that is, it's the language the Al Bhed speak, and it is very tricky to write in that language because in the game, its looks like gibberish.

Chapter 36: The Chocobo Eater.

Haseo woke early the next morning. He stayed in bed for a little while, allowing himself to slowly wake up. He sat up and swung his feet of the side of the bed. He ran a hand through his hair and stood up. He got dressed and picked up his sword then exited the room and went out into the main lobby. Haseo was about to step outside when he bumped into someone.

Pardon me.” When the man saw Haseo’s confusion, he added an explanation quickly. “I meant to say ‘pardon me’, but it came out in Al Bed.”
“I see, so you’re an Al Bed?”
The man nodded. “My name is Rin. Owner of this establishment. Nice to meet you. It means : Nice to meat you.”
“Ah… Nice to meet you too. My name is Haseo.”

A scream broke through the air, it was a woman.

“Someone help! The chocobos!!”

Auron came into the travel agency, he saw Balthier.

“That’s our cue, lets go.”

Haseo nodded and walked over to him, they exited the travel agency. Mel was by the door.

“There’s a fiend by the chocobo coral.”
“Must be big if someone needs help with it.” Haseo commented.
“Right, lets go.” Auron said.

Xin, Aina and Leo were already by the coral, though they were looking at the inn, there was a very large fiend with very long arms, short legs, and a large head standing on it, it growled, revealing it had two tongues. In its hand was a chocobo. It jumped down from the in and faced the group, the chocobo managed to free itself and it ran away. It now looked at the group angrily, blaming them for causing it to loose its meal.

Haseo unsheathed his Claymore, Auron placed his on his shoulder and faced the chocobo eater. The others went beside them. Aina cast protect on the party. Auron ran towards the beast and swung his sword, it didn’t even scratch it. Haseo swung his sword as well, to the same effect. Mel cast a fire spell at it. It charred its skin slightly, but the fiend seemed not to notice.

“Aina, summon an aeon.” Auron instructed the Summoner.

She nodded, everyone moved out of the way. She held her staff out in front of her, she spun it in a full circle, fire making a circle, that got smaller until it reached her hands. It moved down her staff and onto the ground at her feet. She knelt down and placed her hand on the ground, the fire spread outwards in a circle and the ground inside the circle became charred earth. A glyph appeared briefly before the ground shook and something broke through. Aina was in the air, and a large dog-like beast with flames on its elbows and haunches came up and gently caught her, and gently placed her on the ground, she walked away from the aeon and it roared at the chocobo eater.

“Attack, Ifrit.”

Ifrit? Haseo thought back to the airship Ifrit that he had seen that night by the Mac Anu two years ago. He didn’t want to remember the entire even, and was curious as to how this aeon fought.

Ifrit ran towards the fiend and jumped into the air, flipping and bringing its claws down hard onto the fiend. Ifrit managed to scratch the beast’s head. Blood started to trickle from its fresh wounds. The chocobo eater swung at Ifrit, and hit the aeon. It slid back towards the party, ripping up some earth with its paws. Ifrit shook his head to rid itself of the slight dizziness and roared.

“Ifrit, use Meteor strike.”

Ifrit nodded and faced the fiend. He opened his mouth and a large ball of fire appeared, he closed his mouth and hit the ball of fire with his paw, sending it flying towards the fiend. The fiend was knocked back, close to the cliff behind.

“Ifrit! Do what you can to knock the fiend over the cliff!” Ashe said hurridly.

Ifrit nodded again. It used another Meteor Stirke. The chocobo eater slid back again. It was very near the edge of the cliff. Ifrit decided to push it off himself. Ifrit ran towards it, jumped and flipped in the air, bringing his claws down. The fiend jumped backwards, not realising it was close to the edge of a cliff, and jumped right off the cliff and into the water. There was a large splash, followed by pyreflies floating upwards. Ifrit nodded his satisfaction and turned to his summoner, who nodded, he was dismissed. He bounded off until he was needed again.

Aina turned to face her guardians, all except Auron were awestruck. Leo ran over to her and hugged her.

“That Aeon was increadible! Wow, I can’t wait to see what the others after Valefore and Ifrit are like!”

Aina just giggled. She was holding her staff horizontally, both hands in the middle of it. She stood patiently while Leo, Mel and Xin were praising her. Auron and Haseo were standing off to the side.

Added after 45 minutes:

Chapter 19: I’m the One

The group was once again on its way, and this time with a free chocobo ride. A reward for helping with the Chocobo Eater. The second half of the highroad was much more treacherous. It was thinner with cliffs on either side. Though the chocobos easily carried them along a route they’ve taken many times before.

They arrived at the end of the highroad and the beginning of Mushroom Rock road. There was a gate-like building and crusaders were posted in various locations in the small space. There were cages with various sinspawn inside. The group dismounted their chocobos and they ran off back to the inn. Haseo walked over to Mel, who was watching the cages intently.

“I sense something terrible is about to happen.” She said when Haseo arrived beside her.

“They’re obviously planning something.” Haseo said, he too felt something was going to happen, and now that Mel did too. He knew it for sure.


Aina, Xin, Leo and Auron were already walking to the gate,Mel and Haseo walked over to them, they were talking to one of the crusaders.

“I’m sorry I can’t let you pass.” He said politely.

“Why not?” Auron asked calmly.

“We’re gathering sinspawn, to lure Sin into a trap. We don’t want any watchers, it’d be a great risk to them.” He paused and looked at the group. “Hey, you’re a summoner and her guardians right? Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Everyone just sighed and turned around, they were going to have to wait until it was over to get to Djose temple. As they walked back, Haseo noticed someone approaching, he recognised the blue hair. He groaned quietly. Two guado were walking behind him. Aina noticed him as well and stopped walking, so did everyone else. Seymour approached the group, and Aina prayed. Seymour stopped in front of her and prayed as well.

“So, we meet again, Lady Aina.”

Haseo felt his stomach churn as he spoke. He definitely didn’t like the Maestor.

“You looked troubled. Is there anything I can do?” He asked.

“W-well.” Aina turned and looked at the gate; she didn’t need to say anything else.

“I see.” He said as he walked towards the gate, and the crusader guarding it.

The crusader walked up to him and saluted.

“Maestor Seymour, let me show you to the command centre.”

“Hold, I have a request.”


“I need to have Summoner Aina and her guardians let through to the command centre.”

“B-but Maestor Seymour… Maestor Seymour sir.”

“Do not worry. I’ll take full responsibility.”

“Very well, they may pass.” He saluted.

The crusader stepped aside and cleared the way; Maestor Seymour turned and faced Aina and her guardians.

“It is done.” He said.

“Oh… Thank you, your grace.” Aina bowed.

Seymour and his guado walked off ahead into the distance. Aina was still bowing, even though the Maestor was no longer in view.

“It is time to go, Aina.” Fran said.

“R-right, let’s go.”

Aina said, she and Mel walked on ahead, followed by Xin and Auron. Haseo and Leo stood.

“I don’t trust him.” Haseo said, his arms were crossed.

“Better be careful with where you say that. He’s a Maestor.” Leo cautioned. “C’mon, we better get going to catch up.”

Leo hit him on the shoulder as he started running. Balthier got Mad as hel and jogged after him.

Mushroom Rock Road, Spira.

The group was just about to ride a large lift to reach the command centre when they heard yelling from nearby. Mel, Leo and Aina walked over, so did Basch, Haseo and Auron, but they hung back slightly. The two people who were arguing were Luzzu and Gatto. They caught the tail end of it.

“An orders an order, crusader. To your post.” Lazzu spoke with authority and finality.

“B-but sir!” Gatto protested. Though he gave up and walked angrily to his post.

Lazzu noticed Aina and the others.

“So, they let you through.”

“Yeah, they did.” Vaan spoke, they both sounded solemn.

“He sounded angry.” Haseo motioned to Gatto.

“At least there’s no chance he’ll get hurt.” Leo said. “Why are you fighting anyway! Aren’t the all mighty machina enough?” Leo said angrily.

“They’re not ready yet. They need us for support.” Luzzu said.

Leo grunted and moaned, waving his arms madly, he was too mad for words. He looked away from Luzzu, down at the path they had just been moments ago.

“Leo, I may not get another chance to say this. It’s about your brother.” Luzzu spoke quietly.

Leo turned and Fran rushed forward.

“No, don’t.” Mel urged.

Leo looked at Mel, then back to Luzzu.

“What?” He asked quietly.

“I’m the one who convinced him to enlist.”

Leo looked at Mel, who looked away, then back to Luzzu. He walked over to him slowly.

“I’m sorry.” Luzzu said quietly.

Leo looked at him for a moment, then stepped forward and punched him hard in the face, Luzzu was knocked of his feet. Leo went for him again and Haseo ran forward to restrain him. Luzzu sat up, rubbing the side of his face. He looked at ease, more so than he had been earlier.

“When me and Recks used to blitz together. He always used the say that after we won the cup, he’d propose to Mel. Then one day he just up and joined the crusaders. Its because of you!” He yelled, he was still trying to free himself from Haseo’s hold.

“Easy Leo.” Haseo said.

“Recks also said to me.” Luzzu was getting up slowly. “That being with your girl is nice. But keeping sin away from her, is better.” He looked at Fran, she looked up at him then, she had still been looking away.

Leo had stopped struggling, so Haseo let him go. He stood breathing heavily and turned to look at Mel.

“You knew?” He asked her.

“Luzzu told me… Before we left.”

She said quietly, she couldn’t bring herself to look Leo in the eye. Luzzu chuckled.

“She hit me too.”

Lucile then rode by on a chocobo.

“All crusaders in the vanguard report to the meeting hall immediately.”

Luzzu looked at Mel and Leo and started to walk towards the large lift.

“Luzzu.” Leo said, he stopped walking but didn’t turn around. “Don’t die out there.”

Luzzu turned. “Why? So you can heat me some more?” He asked.

“That’s right!” Leo smiled, holding up his fist.

Luzzu gave a small smile and walked to the lift. Everyone just watched him go.

Crusaders Command Centre, Mushroom Rock Road, Spira.

The edge of the cliff was lined with cannons, some crusaders were posted at each. People were running back and forth, making some last minute preparations. Leo was looking more and more crushed as he looked at each piece of Machina. Leo walked over to one and kicked it, he yelled out and kneeled down, holding his foot. Haseo stood beside Mel, they both watched him.

“He really doesn’t like them, does he?”

“Recks left the sword Leo gave him behind and used an Al Bed Machina.”

“That’s got nothing to do with it!” Leo said angrily. “I just had these things!”

Mel sighed and shook her head, she knew better. Haseo noticed a familiar purple robe and groaned.

“What is it?” Mel asked, Haseo motioned towards Seymour. “You don’t like him, do you?”

“I don’t trust him either.” He said as he folded his arms.

“Neither do I… I sense something about him, but I can’t place a finger on it.” Mel spoke with the same wisdom he remembered about the Blossom he knew from Megaville.

“We seem to be the only ones.” Haseo commented.

“I do believe that Sir Auron doesn’t trust him either.”

Mel and Haseo looked at each other and nodded. Haseo walked over to where Aina and the others were, and Mel walked over to Leo, he too was now limping towards where Seymour was.

They had arrived shortly after Maestor Seymour did. He was giving a speech to the crusaders, all about how he was going to bear witness to these events, and how this day would go down in history.

“What’s going on? Why is Maestor Seymour backing the crusaders!?” Leo said angrily. “They’re using Al Bed machina! It’s against the teachings of Yevon!”

“They’re willing to go against the teachings, for the greater good.” Aina spoke calmly. “Leo, I believe Maestor Seymour sees that too.”

Leo turned around, he was at a loss for words, he looked at Mel, begging her silently to agree with him.

“I can only speculate.” Leo said calmly.

Leo hung his head, sighing angrily. Haseo had already been agitated, but not because the crusaders were going against the teachings. He had become agitated when Aina spoke about Seymour.

“Ask him yourself.” Auron said quietly.

Leo turned around in time to see Maestor Seymour approached. He stopped and looked at Auron.

“Ah, Sir Auron, it is an honour. I’d be most interested in hearing what you’ve been doing these past ten years.”

“There is nothing to talk about.” He answered and walked off.

“I see…”

He looked at Aina, and Haseo had to walk off as well, before he did anything. He walked over to Auron, who was leaning against the wall of rock, he was looking out to the sea. Haseo too leaned against the wall, crossing his arms.

“Do you think their plan of theirs could work?” Haseo asked.

He shook his head. “It’ll take a lot more than just Machina to destroy Sin.” He said calmly.

Haseo nodded.

“Who was the other guardian who went with you and Raminas?”

Haseo sighed, he had expected that answer. Auron smirked.

Added after 11 hours 25 minutes:

Chapter 38: Operation Mi’Ihen. Haseo's Inner Demon: Gilgamesh!

The group were now standing inside a set of drapes that were set up as walls. They had passed a very frustrated Gatto. A man stood up from a chair and walked over to them. He wore orange robes and had no hair. He walked over to Auron and gave him a hug.

“It’s been to long, Auron.” He said as he let him go. “you must tell me what you’ve been doing these past ten years.”

“He’s Maestor Kinoc.” Mel whispered to Haseo. “He’s one of the four Maestors of Yevon, and leader of the warrior monks. He also commands the crusaders.”

“At least he has a good reason for being here.” He whispered back.

“Referring to Maestor Seymour are you?” Mel whispered, she was smirking, Haseo nodded.

Gatto came in and saluted.

“The men are ready and waiting for your command sir.”

Kinoc tunred to him and saluted. “Good, dismissed.”

“Sir.” Gatto saluted again and walked out from the area.

“We don’t have time for this now, do we?”

“This plan won’t work, you know that. We’ll just let them…dream a little longer.” Kinoc said quietly to Auron.

“What?” Haseo said quietly.

“Lord Kinoc.” Came Seymour’s voice. Haseo groaned.

Kinoc walked over to him. “Yes, proceed.”

“That Kinoc, a Maestor?” Auron asked to no one in particular.

“I heard that.” Kinoc said. “A lot has happened in ten years.” Kinoc walked over to Auron. “What were you doing and where?” he tried again to get the information he wanted.

“Fufilling a promise to a friend.”

He walked away from Kinoc and rejoined Aina and the others.

“Tell the Al Bed standing outside that its time to begin the operation.” Kinoc began, he and Maestor Seymour began to walk away. “The fiends make break through, this area is not safe. Make sure you are prepared to defend yourselves.”

“Will Sin come?” Aina asked, she sounded nervous.

“Sin always returns for its spawn. And just to be sure, we’ll encourage them to call out to it.” A nearby crusader explained.

“You won’t have to. Sin will come.” Auron told them.

Everyone now turned their attention to the cage the sinspawn were in. It was being shocked and shocking the sinspawn inside. They started to call out to Sin, it was hard on the ears and Balthier rubbed his slightly. Suddenly, they heard a large crash! The cage was now broken and all the sinspawn inside were gone. Then, a large fiend landed on the cliff in front of them. It seemed that the sinspawn had merged together into one large one. It had a long, upright body, with a head on top, it resembled a centipede, but without all the legs. It had two large clawed arms on either side, near the ground. It also had to legs that were spread out from its body, supporting it. All the crusaders in the area quickly ran from the area. Aina and the others took out their weapons and faced the beast.

Aina quickly cast protect on everyone, and just in time. The large centipede swung one of its clawed arms towards them, and almost hit Xin, but the barrier took the blow instead, though he was knocked over with the blow. He stood up and faced the beast.

“I think we’ll need a plan for this one.” Haseo said as he looked at the sinspawn.

“I agree.” Xin said.

“Leo and Mel, you take care of its head.” Auron spoke quickly. “Xin and Haseo, you handle the arms, I’ll take the body, Ashe, take care of healing.”

Everyone nodded and placed themselves into better positions. Leo threw his ball at the beast’s head, trying to use his Dark Attack. He hit the beast, but it wasn’t blinded.

“It’s immune.” Mel told him as he caught his ball. “But perhaps we can blind it another way.”

She held her hand in the air briefly and brought it down, a powerful Fira spell struck the beast’s head. Vaan smiled at her and threw his ball again. The beast stumbled back slightly, shaking its head. Green liquid started to ooze from where it had been burned.

Haseo had just managed to seriously harm the left arm of the beast and it slumped to the ground useless. He looked over at Xin, and he too had managed to render its other arm useless.

Auron swung hard at the beast’s body, causing a huge gash and green liquid started to ooze out, the fiend now had to slump because of the wound to its torso. Auron placed his sword back on his shoulder and walked over to the others.

Fran cast another Fira spell at the beast’s head, it screeched in agony as its fleshed was burned once more. Haseo and Xin were standing back; it appeared that the sinspawn was nearing its death. Suddenly it lifted its left claw and swung at Haseo. He tried to dodge but it came to fast and he was hit. He was sent flying and landed hard in the dirt, where he rolled and slid for a few feet.

“Haseo!” Aina said as she went over to him to cast cure.

Auron ran over to its left claw and swung hard at it, he managed to sever its claw and it disappeared into a few pyreflies. As he had suspected, the Fiend turned its attention to him and lifted up its other claw. Before it could swing at him, he ran over and swung his sword hard and severed its other hand, it too disappeared into many pyreflies. Auron walked away from the fiend as Mel cast another Fira at its head. The creature screeched and slumped over, its head landing on the ground. It was still squirming, and still alive. Then the unpredictible happend, it fully healed itself and enter beserker stage ((5x it's own level)).

"Man that thing is not going to quit." Leo said

"....Everyone...get to a safe place." Haseo said solem

"What?!" Everyone except Auron said

"But if you fight this thing by yourself you'll-"

"I SAID GO NOW!!!" Haseo said before Aina could finish.

"But..." Aina said

"Just do it..." Auron said

then the whole group left leaving Haseo to fight the Sinspawn. then he does some unknown hand signs then underneath him, a seal appeared till a gust of wind appeared around Haseo then at least six sword appeared stick to the ground then all of the swords shoted to the sky then some unknown being captures them all in his 6 hands.


the creature lands near Haseo pushing him back so it could get enough room. the whole entire group except Auron ( again -_-' ) we in to awe because of the summoning.

"is he...a summoner." Aina said

"he's not a summoner...that's a skill" Auron said

"SO MASTER? THIS IS MY OPPONENET!?" Roared the unknown being

"Yeah. take care of it Gilgamesh" Haseo said

"THEN HIS POWER WILL BE FORFIT!" Gilgamesh said in an uproar

Then Gilgamesh charged at it. then the Sinspawn swing it's right claw at it but Gilgamesh jumped then slices the arm off it's body then jumps back to where he was then runs again to it then the Sinspawn tries it's left claw but it happend again...It got cut off. now Gilgamesh was geting bored so he decided to ended it quick. he jumps into the sky then his sword glow with powers of each different element. Then Gilgamesh slams them to the ground then pillers appeared beneath the SinSpawn causing it one Hell of a massacure on it. As Gilgamesh disappeared and Haseo fell on his right knee when the water in the ocean rose into a large sphere and was rapidly approaching their location, Sin was coming. It broke threw the surface, it looked at everyone on the beach and on the cliff. The crusaders started to fire its cannons at Sin, it didn’t even screech, it just stood there watching as it was being attacked by the machina. The chocobo knights then began their charge against sin.

Auron, Xin, Leo and Mel stood near the edge of the cliff. Aina was supporting Haseo, who was still looking a little worse for wear from the blow he’d received.

“Look out!” Auron said. He and the others quickly went for cover.

Sin then surrounded itself with a force field of a purplish blue colour. That then shot towards the people who were on the beach and on the cliffs. They people who were struck by this blow weren’t just killed, they appeared to be evaporated, even the sinspawn that had fallen from sin were destroyed in its blast.

Dust hovered in the air, and for what seemed like ages, all was quiet. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last long.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:59 pm

Chapter 39: Aftermath

Aina opened her eyes, she was lying down on the ground and dust still floated in the air. She looked around and saw that a lot of the cliff had been destroyed. She looked around again and couldn’t find Haseo, nor any of the others. She sat up quickly, and noticed something near her.

Seymour was standing in front of the sinspawn from earlier. It had completely healed itself again! Aina gasped. She saw her staff lying near her and grabbed it, she stood up. She looked to her right, and saw Auron standing there, he had his sword on his shoulder and he nodded to her. She nodded back. They ran over to Maestor Seymour and stood on either side of him. He had his staff out; he smiled when he saw Aina approach. Aina quickly cast protect on the three of them.

Seymour cast a Fira spell at the head of the beast. It turned a deep purple colour and slumped, though the sinspawn was still alive. Auron ran towards one of the arms and swung, cutting it off once again. Seymour had cast another Fira spell, this time at the other arm, causing the arm to die. They now turned their attention to the body. Before Auron could do anything, Seymour had cast a Fira spell at the body. He had killed the sinspawn and it disappeared into many pyreflies.

Aina quickly looked around, she still couldn’t see her other guardians and ran off towards where she had last seen them. She stopped when she had looked out to the sea, where Sin still was. The Al Bed were now aiming their large laser that was mounted on the top of a tower at Sin, and was powering it up. Sin turned its attention to the laser and faced it. The laser fired, but Sin put up its barrier. It was now a power struggle, the Al Bed inside the tower added more power, and it started to make the shield buckle inwards. Though, it caused a portion of the shield to shot out towards the tower, causing it to blow up.

Aina could only watch as it was destroyed. Seymour was standing directly behind her, though she didn’t actually notice. Auron stood nearby, keeping an eye on Aina, and Seymour.

Below them on the beach the dust was still settling. Haseo lay face down in the sand. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head. His vision was blurred and he looked around slightly. He could see destroyed cannons and bodies here and there, there was surprisingly little blood on the sand, considering the amount he saw that didn’t look to be alive. His vision blurred once more, and things went black.

He could see a tree, with a large glowing sphere in it. There were bushes around a large clearing, people were either walking or running by. The sky seemed to be flying past them at an incredibly fast speed. He looked around, he recognised some of the faces, they were crusaders from earlier. A small boy wearing a purple vest with its hood pulled and black shorts came before him, he shook his head and disappeared. The scene changed.

He was standing in his father’s office, though he could see a younger version of himself, watching his father quietly as he looked through some papers, as he was mumbling to himself. He then crossed the room, still mumbling and began to look through another pile of papers. Haseo’s younger self just watched sadly and silently. He turned around and left the room.

Haseo opened his eyes slowly, he could see someone kneeling over him, and he could see the grey cloud filled sky above. He was lying on his back, though he couldn’t remember why. He could vaguely remember waking up earlier, though he wasn’t on his back. His vision was still blurred, but was getting better, he could now see it was a man kneeling over him, and he was wearing red. Haseo went to sit up and a large, black gloved him stopped him; he had grabbed his shoulder gently, yet strongly.

“Easy.” Auron’s voice said.

Haseo could now feel his body again and groaned. He was starting to remember what had happened, and he didn’t like what he was remembering. He remembered being hit by the sinspawn, Sin attacked, and him falling from the destroyed cliff. He just lay there, not wanting to move, his body ached, and even the though of moving made pain shoot through his body. then darkness surrounded him as his characteristics change from normal clothing to black armor. his hands looked like demon, his feet look demonic, the side of his shoulders hade spikes coming out.

He heard some footsteps rush towards him, and saw Aina kneel down beside him. She placed a hand on his forehead, her hand felt nice.

“How is he?” She asked Auron.

“Why not ask him yourself?” Auron smirked and stood up. He slowly walked away.

Aina looked down at Haseo and smiled.

“How are you?” She asked.

Haseo groaned. “Words cannot describe it.”

Aina gently picked up his left hand and held it in both of hers.

“Well, I’ll just have to fix that won’t I?”

She closed her eyes and concentrated, she quietly spoke words for a spell, a cure spell. Haseo felt a little better, though now he felt he could move. He slowly sat up and ran a hand through his hair. Some sand fell off. He looked at Aina, who looked at him, they both smiled. Aina then looked over to someone else, Haseo turned his head to look and immediately regretted it, he felt nauseous just looking at that purple robed figure yet again. Aina and Haseo looked at each other again.

“Excuse me.” She said quietly.

She stood up and walked over to Haseo, he just looked out to the ocean ahead of him. It was still eerily quiet, and the scene before him could have been beautiful if it weren’t for the destruction that surrounded him. Sin… It seemed all it was capable of was destruction. Though, there was something that was bothering him, and it wasn’t the presence of Seymour. It was what he had felt earlier… Or more specifically… Who he had felt earlier.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:50 pm

Chapter 40: The Temple of Thunder

Everyone was quiet as they made their way towards Djose temple. They still had a fair distance to walk still, and this part of Mushroom Rock Road had cliffs on one side, and a cliff wall on the other. What had happened was still on everyone’s mind. And they were either too depressed or to tired to say anything.

One good thing had come from what happened. Not many fiends were left in the area, and the ones who were, were easily dispatched by either Xin or Auron. Mel was too tired to cast any more spells, Leo had lost his ball, Aina was keeping to supporting the two fighters, and Haseo was too tired, and still ached from what had happened.

Haseo had been very impressed by Aina. Even though she had to perform another sending, and had witnessed the same things as they had, she still managed to remain happy, and still managed to smile. This helped Haseo keep his feet moving as they walked. The operation had reminded everyone of the importance of the pilgrimage, and they all agreed that it’d be best to get to the temple before nightfall. There, they could rest, and Aina could receive another aeon.

In less time than expected, they reached a crossroad. One path led to Djose temple and the other led to the Moonflow. Leo had told Haseo that it would be better if he saw it for himself, instead of having it be explained to him. Aina ran towards the path that led to the temple. She stopped and turned around.

“Come on! We have to get to the temple!” Aina said excitedly and started running again.

Leo ran after her. Xin and Mel walked on ahead. Haseo went to follow.

“Hey, new guy.” Auron said, Haseo turned around.

“How could you tell?”

Auron just smirked as he walked towards him. Haseo crossed his arms.

“The man you sensed when Sin was near. That is who Raminas’s second guardian was.”

Haseo just stared, he knew he had heard him correctly, but he found himself unable to believe it.

“How?” Was all he could manage to say.

“That would be best for him to explain.” Auron said.

Haseo sighed. “That would be a little difficult.”

“He may have died in your world, be he is not dead here… However, he is no longer human.”

“What?” Haseo couldn’t grasp it. His family died to years ago, yet 1 somehow came here and was Raminas’s guardian? Impossible… Unless. “Venat…” He whispered to himself.

“He did speak often of Mac Anu.” Auron said. “He also talked often of his brother.”

Haseo took a few steps away. Auron just watched him. Haseo sighed and turned around, letting his arms drop to his sides.

“It couldn’t be though. My brother died two years ago, and yet you say he came here ten years ago… And you already knew that he had died… Which would mean he came here after his death… But, that doesn’t make sense.”

Auron walked over to him.

“You’ll find out the reason in due time.” With that, he turned and started to walk down the road that led to the temple.

Aina came running back, still smiling.

“Are you coming?” She called cheerfully to him.

Haseo sighed heavily and walked over to her.

“Is something wrong?” She asked, when he saw his face, she looked concerned.

Haseo looked at her and forced himself to smile.

“I think, all I need is a nice soft bed.” He said wearily.

Aina grabbed his hand and started walking, Haseo followed.

“I’m sure they’ll be one ready and waiting for you at the temple.”

Djose Temple, Spira.

Before them was a large column made of stone. Lightning spared here and there from it. Haseo looked up, it didn’t appear to be as impressive as the other two.

“Simple design…” Haseo said, as he looked up to it.

Aina smiled. “If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see it in all its glory!” She said excitedly.

As if on cue, the stone suddenly lifted from the actual temple, which was well decorated. And started to float in circles around it, it appeared to be supported by lighting going to and from the temple and the boulders.

“Impressive.” Haseo said quietly.

“The Lightning Mushroom Rock. It only opens when a summoner is addressing the fayth.” Mel spoke.

“Which means there’s already a summoner inside.” Xin said, crossing his arms.

“I see.”

Haseo said. He felt his vision blur slightly and closed his eyes briefly to rid himself the blurriness, he opened his eyes and his vision was back to normal.

“Let us hurry!”

Aina said excitedly and walked briskly towards the entrance to the temple. Her guardians followed her inside. The inside of the temple looked much like the others, just with different colours. Statues of the High Summoners lined the room and people were praying at various ones. Three people walked down the steps that lead to the cloister of trials. A summoner and his guardians. The summoner and one of his guardians were older, perhaps around Haseo’s age, and the other was quite young, perhaps around ten or so. Aina and the summoner greeted each other with a prayer.

“Ahh, a summoner. May I ask your name?” He asked.

“I am Lady Aina, from Besaid.”

“Ahh I thought so. You look like your father.”

“Have you met my father?” Aina asked, surprised.

“No… But I did become a summoner, wanting to become High Summoner like him. Oh, forgive me, where are my manners. I am Isaaru.”

“And I am Maroda, I guard my older brother.” The man behind Isaaru said.

“And I’m Pacce!” The young boy announced proudly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Aina said, smiling.

“You must have some of your father’s talent in you.” Isaaru said.

“I-I’ve only just become a summoner.” Aina began humbly.

“I have an idea! Perhaps we should have a race to see who can defeat Sin first, no?” He asked, smiling.

“Very well, I accept your challenge.” Aina said, smiling as well.

“And now I must go, I wish you luck on your journey, Lady Aina.”

He prayed once again and walked around the group, his two younger brothers were already by the door waiting for him. Haseo watched them leave the temple. Aina, Xin, Leo and Auron were walking up the stairs. Haseo let a groan escape before he could stop himself. Today had been rather exhausting for a HKK ((Authors note: HKK is like PKK except with just heros instead of players)).

“We must, it is the duty of the guardian.” Mel said, knowing full well why Haseo was groaning.

Haseo simply nodded and the two head for the stairs. Haseo felt his vision blur again, though this time his vision stayed blurred when he tried to blink it away. He started to loose his senses and felt himself sway. He only heard one thing as his world went black once again.

“Haseo!” Aina called. She had turned back to look at him, and in time too.

Mel looked back to him when Aina had called out and caught him in time. Aina pushed passed her guardians and walked over to him. Some of the temple’s priests came over.

“He is fine. Just tired from the day and perhaps still a bit weakened.”

“We have a few beds available still, despite the number of wounded that occupy our temple.” One of the priests said.

Mel looked at Aina.

“You go get the aeon, I will stay here and watch over him, if it would make you feel better.”

Aina looked at Mel and nodded. She felt worried for Haseo, but she knew what she had to do. She had to pray to the fayth, so she could receive the aeon, and be one step closer to receiving the final aeon. She turned and walked back up the steps as Mel and the two priests brought Haseo to a nearby room.

“The Cloister of Trials lies ahead. Are you prepared?” A man asked, he stood in a doorway.

“I am.” Aina spoke with confidence.

“Very well.” The man stepped aside to let them through.

Aina turned and nodded to her guardians, who nodded back.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 41: Recuperating

Chamber of the Fayth, Djose Temple

Xin was in his usual position by the door that lead to the fayth. Auron stood by the entrance/exit to the chamber of the fayth and Leo slowly paced back and forth in the middle of the room. The hymn of the fayth could be heard and the three men felt at ease listening to it. It had definitely been a long day, and was about to get longer.

Dona and Barthello walked into the chamber and looked around.

“My, my, my… Still travelling with all these guardians…. Oh? Two are missing yet there’s a new one… How interesting.”

“Mind your own business, Dona.” Leo said as he walked by.

Dona just chuckled then looked over to Barthello who was standing in front of Auron.

“What is it Barthello?” She asked, sounding bored.

“You are Sir Auron, no?” Barthello asked.

“What of it?” He replied.

“May…. I shake your hand? Auron… No, Sir Auron! You’re the reason I became a guardian!”

Auron chuckled and held out his gloved hand, Barthello shook it with both his hands. He let his hand go.

“Thank you sir, this means so much.”

“Barthello enough, get over here.”

Barthello ran over to Dona and started mumbling that he’d never wash his hand again. The door that lead to the Fayth opened and Ashe walked out, Xin supported her as she almost fell. Dona walked over to her.

“You owe much to your father. All these guardians, and sir Auron too? And I hear Maestor Seymour’s quite taken with you. The world much seem different when you’re the daughter of lord Braska.”

“This has nothing to do with my father. I am travelling on my own as a full fledged summoner.”

“Then try standing on your own two feet for once.”

Dona walked past her and into the chamber beyond.

Djose Temple, Spira

Haseo opened his eyes slowly, the room was bright and he squinted. He was in a soft and warm bed, it felt nice. He looked around the room and saw Mel standing by the door. He then sat up in bed quickly, having remembered what they were going to do. Mel turned to face him.

“Don’t worry… She’s already received the aeon.”

Haseo sighed, Mel walked over to him.

“How long was I out?”Haseo asked, stretching his arms, he was feeling a lot better than he had been.

“A few hours. And don’t worry, we weren’t waiting for you to wake up, Aina is still sleeping.”

“I see…”

Mel walked to the door and opened it, she looked back at him.

“You were near Sin again… Are you alright?” Mel asked.

Haseo nodded, and she left the room, closing the door behind her. Haseo then remembered the conversation he had, had with Auron yesterday. He may be feeling better physically, but now, he had to deal with something else. Though, he still found it hard to believe. “All in due time.” Haseo sighed heavily. It seemed Auron didn’t like to give the whole story in one sitting and instead liked to give it bit by bit, and leave you wanting to know what happens next.

He pulled the covers off his legs and swung his legs over the side of the bed and rested his arms on them, and hung his head down. He sighed, he couldn’t come up with the answers he was hoping for. He stood up and walked over to the door.

Outside Djose temple, Spira.

Haseo walked outside to see the others, they were all standing near the temple, waiting for the summoner.

“Sleep well?” Xin asked when he approached.


Haseo looked around and noticed Leo wasn’t with them.

“Where’s Leo?”

They motioned towards the side of the temple, he was with Luzzu. And from the look on their faces, and the fact that Gatto wasn’t with them. He sighed and turned to the others. They nodded.

The guardians waited a little more for their summoner. She must be exhausted from yesterday. Haseo thought as he leaned against the temple. Mel walked slowly over to him and leant beside him on the wall.

“Perhaps you should check on our summoner?” She asked.

Haseo looked up at Mel, she looked down and winked.

“Perhaps I should, then.”

Haseo stood from the wall and walked to the temple door. He walked into the temple, and asked a nearby priest which room Ashe was in. He pointed to one, and thanking him, Haseo walked over to it. He quietly opened the door and stepped in. He saw Aina sleeping soundly in the bed. She was on her side, facing him, and on top of the covers. Haseo quietly closed the door and walked over to the bed. A small smile forming on his lips as he looked at the sleeping Aina. She stirred, mumbling slightly. She rubbed her eyes and slowly opened them. Her eyes staring at him sleepily. She sat up and bed.

“Good morning.” Haseo said quietly.

“Good mor – Morning!” She stood up and looked worried. “It’s morning? Ooo!” She walked over to a cabinet and started to look through it.

“It’s alright, you’re not the only one who slept in.” Though his attempt to calm her down seemed to fall onto deaf ears as she looked around the room.

“I – I’ll be right out! Tell the others, please!” Aina said quickly as she continued to search.

Smiling, Haseo nodded and walked out of the room.


Haseo stood with Fran, Vaan and Basch. Auron stood by the temple. The doors to the temple opened, and a flustered looking Aina ran out to them, holding her staff. Her hair was quite messy; she obviously left the temple before fixing it. She stopped in front of them.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

“Morning, sleepy head!” Leo said, smiling.

Aina ran over to Auron and apologized to him as well.

“Really, there’s no rush.” Mel spoke calmly. “Come here, I’ll fix your hair.”

Aina went over to them again and started trying to smooth out her bed head.

“A summoner with bed head? What’s the world coming to?” Xin said, smiling.

“You could’ve woken me up!” Aina said, she had stopped trying to fix her hair.

“Well, we called to you, but with all that snoring.” Mel said smiling, and chuckling slightly.

“Hey!! Why’s everyone picking on me?”

Everyone started laughing, even Auron. Aina looked over at him, looking shocked.

“You too sir Auron?”

“Once lady Aina fixes her hair, we’ll leave.”

He sounded like he was about to laugh at any moment. He walked over to the others, everyone was laughing, even Aina started to laugh, even if she was the one being picked on by everyone. It felt good to laugh, after everything that had happened, they all needed it. They started walking back down the road that would lead them to the crossroad they were at before, and now, they were headed to the Moonflow, and Guadosalam beyond that. Mel had explained to Haseo it was the home of the Guado, and where Maestor Seymour’s mansion was. This wanted to make Haseo wish he stayed in bed.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 42: The Moonflow and Shoopuffs

The group made their way towards the moonflow. It was a long walk, with a fair amount of fiends, which were getting stronger. Though, they never had any real problems with fiends, and the upside was that Mel and Aina’s magics were growing stronger. Haseo learns a new wepond style: Flick Reaper. Aina could now cast cura as well as shell and a few other spells and Mel could cast blizzara, thundara and watera. They had only encountered one problematic fiend, an ochu. And though Fran dealt a lot of damage with Fira, it wasn’t enough. So Aina had summoned her newest aeon, Ixion. It was a beautiful unicorn, with a golden horn, its mane was braided and beads were at the end of each braid along its mane. Electricity sparked from it as it did battle.

The scenery was beautiful in this area, cliffs were smooth and lots of greenery grew in the area, a nice change from the harsh landscape of Mushroom Rock Road. They didn’t pass many people on the roads. They eventually met up with two Vierra along the road, which Haseo found intruiging. He thought of the Vierra in somewhere called Ivalice, and how strict they were about leaving their wood.

Mel tensed as they neared and began to scowl.

“What is it that you want?” Mel asked, crossing her arms.

“Believe it or not, Mel, we’re not here to bother you.”

The one on the left spoke. She was wearing a silver shirt, it had three-quarter length sleeves. The shirt ended just above the Vierra’s belly button. She wore a short skirt around her hips. It ended about halfway down her thigh. She was wearing silver knee high stiletto boots.

“Why are you here, then?” Fran asked, still scowling.

“We’re here to warn you.” The one on the right said, smiling.

She was wearing an outfit similar to the other Vierra. Though hers was black and instead of a skirt, she wore tight fitting pants that very clearly showed off the muscle on her legs. She wore the usual stiletto sandals that most Vierra wore.

“Warn me of what?” Mel asked, her patience was wearing thin.

“Something has been taking summoners.” The silver dressed one spoke.

“Wouldn’t it be sad if Mel ended up Summoner-less as well as homeless?” The black one said to her friend, laughing slightly, a sly grin on her lips.

“It would.” The other said, she too smiled. She looked at Mel. “You’ve been warned.”

And with that the two Vierra left, walking ahead of them. Mel watched them go, her eyes narrowed.

“Let us be on our way.”

Mel said angrily and continued walking; Aina joined her, with Xin and Auron following them closely. Leo and Haseo walked slightly behind them.

“Who were they?” Haseo asked Leo.

“Bjern and Yenka.” Leo whispered. “Mel and them used to be friends before she left her village.”

Leo quickly stopped talking, Mel had cast him a dark look. Leo chuckled, Mel still had incredible hearing like Blossom. He was curious though, why Bjern and Yenka were teasing Mel about leaving her home, when they had done the same… Unless the Vierra weren’t as strict as they were in Ivalice. Which would mean that there’s another reason why they would be taunting her.

The Moonflow – South Bank, Spira.

A beautiful river was flowing slowly passed them as they stood, watching its silent beauty. Purple flowers stuck out from the water near the bank, Aina was kneeling by and looking at them, a small smile on her face. Haseo had never seen such a beautiful river before, and it glowed a bright orange with the setting sun.

“When night falls, a large cloud of pyreflies gather here, filling this area with many beautiful colours.” Aina said, she looked out across the river. “Making the Moonflow a river of stars.” Aina smiled. “I’d love to see it someday.”

“Well, nightfall isn’t that far away.” Leo began.

“We don’t have time.” Auron said with authority.

Vaan sighed.

“Well, then we’ll come back here, after we beat sin.” Haseo suggested.

No one answered they weren’t meeting his gaze either, and they looked…sad. Haseo sighed. There’s something they’re not telling me. He thought. Aina stood up and turned to the others.

“We should hurry! We don’t want to miss the shoopuff!” Ashe said smiling, she walked down the path that ran beside the river.

“Shoopuff?” Haseo asked Leo, who just smiled. “Let me guess?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see!”

Leo ran to catch up with Aina. They all walked on, towards what looked like a station of some sort. Haseo stopped in his tracks when he saw a large blue, thing of some sort walk by. It had a large nose that was curled inwards, making a spiral. It walked slowly by. On its back was a small rectangular saddle, with a cover.

“That’s a shoopuff.” Leo said crossing his arms and looking at it.

“We’re riding that?” Haseo said, looking at Leo.

“Oh yeah, its really fun!”

Haseo looked back to the shoopuff. I wish I had one of his old ships, the Strahl, was with me… He though to himself. He’d rather try to fly over the sandseas than ride that. Vaan ran over to Ashe and Basch, who were standing in line. Mel and Auron walked over to them, and stood there, waiting for the shoopuff to be ready. Aina smiled and waved Haseo over, who, reluctantly, obliged.

“You’re going to love riding the shoopuff! It’s soo much fun!” Aina said smiling.

“You’ve ridden them before?” Haseo asked, she nodded and Xin sighed.

“Ten years ago just after her father’s calm had started.” Basch explained. “She had fallen off when the shoopuff shook. It lifted her back onto its back.” He sighed again. “She jumped in three more times after that.”

“Oopsie…” Aina said sheepishly. Xin chuckled.

A blue skinned creature appeared near a large crane. It had large yellow eyes on the sides of its head.

“All aboardsss.” It called in a very strange voice.

Ashe practically floated onto the crane. She was bouncing up and down as everyone got onto the crane and it lifted them upwards, so they could easily climb into the seating that was set up. Balthier was reminded again of just how different Ashe was from Buttercup. She did have some similarities with the hero he knew from Megaville. But she was much more carefree… Much more. The shoopuff started to move towards and into the water. They were now crossing the serene waters of the Moonflow.
I am known as the "Chaos Adept Master". Fight with me your going to regret it.
My life is in total hell and hatered so I fight only to overcome myself
Im seaching for answers i dont even know...to find out what happen in my past
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:19 pm

Chapter 43: Trouble in the Water

Haseo was leaning back in the soft cushioned bench, he had his left arm on the edge and he was looking out at the Moonflow. He was in the corner, it was very comfortable, and with the slow pace of the shoopuff, it was relaxing. Aina was leaning over the edge, looking down into the water. Xin was trying to get her to sit down, with little success. Fran and Vaan were sitting near each other, looking out at the Moonflow as well. Auron was sitting opposite Balthier, looking around at everything. Haseo understood why he was called the legendary guardian. He had kept his cool while sin attacked, and was an incredible fighter and he protected Aina well. Though, he did still want to know what else he was keeping from him, and what the others were hiding as well. Earlier, Leo and the others had explained in a little more detail about forbidden machina, after Auron had pointed out the ruins of a city below the waves. They said there used to be a machina city built on many bridges over the water, and when sin came, it was easily destroyed. They also had explained that Yevon tells them which mahina they can and cannot use, Machina like the ones used in the Blitzball stadium in Luca were acceptable, and machina like the ones used in operation Mi’Ihen were forbidden. They also explained that many years ago, the people of spira kept making more and more powerful machina, and a war erupted between them. The people feared that the world would be destroyed. Sin appeared shortly and destroyed all the cities and its machina.

Then shoopuff shook violently, and stopped moving.

“What was that?” Aina said, she was still standing.

“Sit down.” Auron said.

Aina went to sit down, but an Al Bhed came and grabbed her, and jumped into the water. Haseo sprang to his feet and pulled out a scythe and jumped into the water. Leo also jumped into the water, along with his new ball he had bought before they boarded the shoopuff. Together, he and Haseo swam downwards towards some bright lights that moved around. As they neared, Haseo could see that the lights were attached to tentacles that moved around, and those tentacles were attached to a piece of Machina. The body of the machina resembled the one they had fought in Luca and on top of the machina was a sphere, inside was Aina. She pounded against the sphere, trying to break free.

The machina opened up slightly and fired to missles at them, they quickly swam out of the way and the missiles hit some ruins nearby, destroying them.Haseo swam up to the thing and slashed at one of the three prongs that seemed to generate the sphere, but to little effect. He swung at it again, barely scratching it. He swore silently and swam away for a bit, he looked over at Leo who looked at him and shrugged. He too was having the same luck as Haseo. The machina opened up again and shot two more missles, they quickly dodged out of the way. Haseo looked at the machina then got an idea. He hoped that this Vaan knew at least one of his Data drain. Smirking, he seethed his Scythe. Leo looked over at him and he winked. This thing doesn’t appear to be too powerfull. As he closed his eyes and concentrated, he hoped that the shell Aina was in would protect her.

He felt his feet touch solid ground and felt the familiar eight prongs come near his wrist, circle around it and in the center was an eye. He opened his eyes and pointed at the machina, then a beam shot forwards and collided with it. A large pillar of poweful energy shot upwards, engulfing the piece of machina. Haseo felt himself in the water once more, and looked over at Leo, who looked shocked. It appeared that Leo didn’t know about Data Drain. He then looked over at the Machina that was in very bad shape. Some parts were hanging here and there. And, to Haseo’s joy, the sphere on top of it was still intact, along with Aina.

Haseo swam towards the machina and destroyed one of the pillars with his Claymore, it had been heavily damaged. The sphere disappeared and Aina floated in the water. Haseo sheathed his slaymore and held onto her hand and swam towards the surface, with Vaan following. Leaving the machina to either blow up or float down to the bottom, Haseo didn’t care.

Their heads broke the surface of the water, near the Shoopuff. It was still standing where it had been before Aina had been taken. They swam over to the shoopuff.

“What was that!?” Leo asked Haseo excitedly as they swam.

“Data Drain… I’ll try to explain it to you once we’re back on the shoopuff.”

Leo smiled, and Haseo looked at Aina, who was still holding onto his hand and swimming slightly behind him, she smiled at him, and he smiled back. Basch leaned out from the opening in the platform that had been closed off by a net. He held his hand out for Ashe to grab. Haseo and Xin helped her back onto the Shoopuff, then Haseo, then Leo. The three were soaking wet.

“Nothing like a nice dip to refresh oneself, eh?” Haseo said smiling.

Aina and the others chuckled. Haseo retook the seat he had before, and Aina and Leo took theirs. This time, Aina sat down, and everyone made sure she stayed sitting for the rest of the crossing.

The Moonflow – North Bank, Spira.

Leo, Haseo and Aina had been given towels as soon as they got off the lift, so they could dry off slightly. Night was rapidly approaching, and they had to be on their way. They were going to spend the night in Guadosalam, much to Haseo’s disappointment.

“Perhaps he won’t be there.” Fran offered, though, she herself didn’t believe her words.

“Let’s hope.” Haseo replied as he rubbed the towel against his hair to get as much water out of it as he could.

After restocking their supplies, they headed out towards Guadosalam.

Haseo and Aina walked along ahead of the others. They didn’t say anything, but they didn’t actually need to. They enjoyed each other’s company, and were enjoying the peacefulness of the woods around them. They neared a bend in the road, it was also a very small beach to the waters of the moonflow. Someone lay there face down, in a black and red wet suit.

“Oh my!” Ashe said and ran over to her.

She knelt down beside the person. Definitely a woman. Haseo thought, smirking slightly. Aina gently touched the girl’s shoulder, she stirred and sat up. She was wearing goggles. Her wet suits had scratches and holes here and there, some blood trickled from some of them too. She stood up and reached behind her, unzipping a zipper. She removed her arms from her wetsuit. A pink tank top became visible, she also wore green armbands on her arms. She started to take the suit off her wet legs, which took some time and effort. She was wearing fairly short, yellow shorts. The white scarf she wore around her neck hung freely now. She managed to get the suit off and she kicked it off to the side. On her feet she wore short boots. They were white and blue. She took off her goggles, it was attached to a headpiece of sorts that she had too pull off her head. She threw the goggles aside and Haseo immediately recognised the face, he sighed. Aina didn’t notice his sigh, though she too recognised this person, but for another reason entirely.

Added after 3 hours 58 minutes:

Chapter 44: The Al Bed Named Teleia

The blond hair girl placed her hands on her hips and glared at them.

“That really hurt you know!” She told them.

Aina smiled and giggled. “I tried to warn you, Teleia!”

“Yeah but!”

“Hey! What are you two up to?” Leo voice came from behind.

Haseo didn’t look back; he was looking at this world’s version of Bubbles. Her hair was the same colour, and perhaps the same length. Though he really tell since Bubbles from Megaville always wore her hair in braids. Leo and the others caught up and looked at Teleia.

“Oh? Whose this?” Leo asked.

“My name’s Teleia.” She said cheerily to Leo, even though she looked a bit awkward.

Mel and Aina looked at each other, then Aina pulled Teleia to the side and, along with Mel walked a little distance away from the others.

“We need to discuss something.” Aina said to the others.

“Girls only!” Teleia said.

The three girls talked in hushed tones. Haseo was already noticed how different this girl was from the one he knew. She seemed to be less mature, and definitely was spunkier. The three girls seemed to have come to an agreement and walked back to the group. Aina walked over to Auron.

“Um, Sir Auron? I would like Teleia to become my guardian.”

Auron walked over to Teleia.

“Look at me.” He said quietly. She did so hesitantly, her eyes closed. “Open your eyes.”


Teleia opened her eyes slowly and looked at him with her green, spiralled pupil eyes. Auron smirked.

“As I thought.”

“No good?” She asked hesitantly.

“Are you sure?” He asked her.

“A hundred percent!” She smiled. “So… Can I?”

Auron turned to Aina.

“If she wishes it.”

“I do.” Aina replied.

“Very well.” Auron walked away, giving the others some space.

Penelo turned to the others.

“The name’s Penelo, at your service!”

“Nice to meet you.” Vaan said.

He, Teleia and Xin started talking, Mel and Aina waved Haseo over. He walked over to them casually.

“Teleia’s my cousin, she’s an Al Bed.” Ashe whispered.

“Don’t tell Vaan, you know how he is around Al Bed.” Fran cautioned, also whispering.

“You have my word, I won’t tell him a thing.” Haseo smiled when Aina smiled.

After all the introductions had been made, they headed on their way to Guadosalam.

Guadosalam, Spira.

The entrance to Guadosalam was very beautiful, though the site of it made Haseo’s stomach churn. He knew that he was going to be there, he could feel it, and he didn’t like it. The entrance had blue stone, and the tree branches formed a ceiling overhead, it was dimly lit in the entrance. Though light seeped through green glass, that were held in place by roots, that formed a beautiful design. They descended down the entrance, and were now officially inside Guadosalam.

Large roots served as the paths, houses and the other building were built inside the tree trunks and roots. Guados walked around, and beautiful music filled the air. Haseo would have felt calm in any other circumstance, but all he could feel now was disgust and anger. Mel looked uneasy, which only added to Haseo’s discomfort. Even though this Fran was different, she did have the same intuition, which she seemed to be showing more and more around Haseo.

A green haired guado approached them. He wore a pale green overcoat, with purple sleeves, over a white shirt and dark green pants.

“We have been expecting you, Lady Aina.” He said as he stopped in front of them. “I am Tromell Guado, I’m in the direct service of the great Seymour Guado.”

Haseo groaned when he heard the name. Just as he had expected, he was here. And something told Haseo they’d be seeing him soon.

“The Maestor has important business with the lady summoner.” He said looking at Aina.

“W-with me? What ever could it be?” Aina seemed surprised.

Please, its obvious he just wants a chance to flirt with her more. He thought angrily. He was scowling, and crossed his arms.

“Please, come to our manor.” Tromell said, motioning to a pink door at the other end. “All will be explained there. Of course, your friends are also welcomed.”

Tromell turned and headed towards the Manor, everyone followed, except for Haseo. He was still standing with his arms crossed. Mel noticed and walked back towards him.

“Let us get this over with as soon as we can?” Mel said calmly.

Haseo grunted. And started walking towards the manor as well, Fran smirked and followed. She knew full well why he was so bothered by entering the manor, though, she wasn’t about to hurt his pride by mentioning it. Chances are he hasn’t accepted it himself yet. They rejoined the others outside the manor door. The double door swung opened and let the group inside. The entranceway had pink flooring. There was a staircase on both sides of the room; they looked like they were made from tree branches and roots. It seemed everything in Guadosalam was made out of roots or branches. Haseo felt uneasy as he stepped inside. Everyone spread out as they entered, Mel went to examine the portraits that hung on the walls along the staircase, Auron stood near a doorway, and leaned against the wall, Xin stayed near Aina, who stood in the centre of the room, she looked nervous. Vaan was on the other staircase, examining the portraits on that side of the room. And Teleia stood near Aina. Haseo decided to walk over to Mel, since he knew that she too felt uneasy about this situation.

“Who are they?” He asked, trying to lighten the tension in the air.

“These are the previous leaders of the guado.” Fran stated.

Haseo looked at the pictures, all the previous guados looked very similar, with green hair, instead of blue. Now that he thought about it, all the guado, other than Seymour, that he had seen had green hair. Seymour also looked slightly more like a human than a guado.

“Seymour looks different from the others.”

“You didn’t know?” Mel asked, she cast a look at the other side of the room, at one of the portraits there. “Maestor Jyscal married a human.”

“So, Seymour’s a half guado, then.” Haseo said, looking over at the portrait at the bottom of the stairs, the one he assumed was Maestor Jyscal.

“That’s right.”

Mel and Haseo quietly looked at the portraits a bit more, though Haseo wasn’t focusing on them. He thought to Aina. He turned slightly and looked at her, she still looked nervous. He walked slowly down the stairs and towards her, his arms still crossed.

“Why does he want to see me?”

He heard her ask Xin, who just shrugged. She nervously held the nail of her thumb in her mouth. Haseo never though he’d see the day where Aina was nervous, especially when meeting a leader like Seymour was. Before Haseo could say anything to her, the door at the back of the room opened and in walked Tromel. Perfect timing. He thought angrily.

“This way, please.” Tromell stood beside the door and motioned for them to enter.

They all walked through the door and into the room beyond. It was more of an oval shape, with a long rectangular table running along the middle of it. Various fruits, meats, and other foods were set up for them.

“Eat whatever you like.” Tromell said as he entered the room behind them, closing the door. “I will go inform Lord Seymour of your arrival.”

He walked across the room and through some double doors on that end of the room. Leo and Teleia went straight for the table and started eating. Auron stood near the wall by the door, Xin stood near Aina, who wasn’t even looking at the food, she still had the nail of her thumb in her mouth. She wasn’t chewing it; she just held it there in her mouth. Haseo felt to sick to even think of eating, and he had a feeling Mel, who stood along one of the walls, felt the same. Haseo paced slightly and slowly. He didn’t like it when he was made to wait, and he disliked it even more now that it was Seymour making them wait. The doors opened and in stepped Tromell and Seymour. Haseo truly felt he was going to loose what little food was in his stomach.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 45: An Interesting Proposition

Maestor Seymour stood at the far end of the room and faced them, he prayed.

“Welcome!” He said.

“You wanted to see me?” Aina asked, now standing a fair distance away from him in the centre of the room.

“Please, make yourselves at home, there’s no rush.”

“Please keep this short. Aina must rush.” Auron said from the other end of the room.

“My apologies, its been a while since we’ve had guests. Lady Aina, this way.” He motioned for her to join him by his side.

Haseo was having trouble keeping himself from glaring. He was standing near the back of the room, near Auron. Xin was near the front; Mel was now with Leo and Teleia who were looking towards the front, at the Maestor. Aina slowly walked towards him.

As Aina walked towards the front, the room went black, then, turned into a night sky, with lights and stars flying past them. Aina looked first at the ground, which appeared to longer be there, then around as a group of lights flew past her.

Seymour walked towards her, and stood behind her, everyone had turned their attention towards the direction in which the lights were speeding of too, it appeared to be a nebula of sorts.

“This is a recreation of the visions of the departed who are in the Farplane.”

The scene changed, they were now in a bustling city, and many people walked by. They were now starting to fly above the city, it was a wonderful view.

“Where is this?” Teleia asked as she looked at the city.

“Zanarkand. As it appeared one thousand years ago. She once lived in this metropolis.”

“Who?” Aina asked, looking up at Seymour.

The scene switched again. They were inside a large bedroom and a woman with silver hair sat on the edge of the bed. She wore very little clothing, if it could even be considered clothing.

“Lady Yunalesca.” Aina said when her eyes saw the woman sitting on the bed.

“She was the first person to defeat sin. Though, she did not do so alone.”

Just as Seymour finished his sentence, a man walked in. Lady Yunalesca stood and the two held each other closely.

“Those two held a strong bond of love. That held them together for all eternity.”

Haseo glanced over at Seymour, he didn’t like where this conversation was headed. Seymour leaned in close to Aina, and whispered something in her ear. Haseo’s eyes narrowed. Aina gasped and held a hand to her now open mouth as he stood straight again and looked into her eyes.

They were once again back in the room they had been in before. Ashe quickly walked away from Seymour and went for the nearest glass of water. She gulped the entire thing down in one breath. Seymour watched her smiling, and Haseo watched him, glaring. Aina walked over to where Mel, Teleia, Leo and Xin stood.

“Wow, your face is beet red!” Teleia exclaimed, looking at her.

“Are you alright?” Mel asked.

“He…. He asked me to m-marry him!” Aina said, holding her hands to her now hot face.

“What?!” Everyone in the room seemed to exclaim at the same time.

Haseo didn’t know his eyes could narrow anymore than they already had. He glared at Seymour, and clenched the fist of his covered hand so much it hurt, though, he didn’t feel it. All he could feel was his hatred for Seymour.

“You know what Aina must do.” Auron said looking at Seymour,

“Of course… She, like other summoners of Spira must defeat Sin and bring peace to the people of Spira. But this means more than just bringing peace, she must also bring happiness to the people. I proposed to Aina, as a Maestor of Yevon.”

“Spira is no playhouse.” Auron began. “A moments diversion may amuse an audience but it changes nothing.”

Seymour didn’t look dissuaded, in fact, he looked amused.

“Even so, the actors must play their parts.”

He replied, looking from Aina to Auron. He turned his attention back to Aina and slowly walked over to her. Haseo had to look away, he couldn’t stand to look at Seymour, especially to see him look at Ashe in the way he did.

“There’s no need to answer now. Please, think it over.” He said.

“Then let us do so. We leave.” Auron started to walk away.

“Lady Aina, I await your favourable answer.”

Haseo was glad he was at the other end of the room, if he were any closer he was sure he would’ve gotten them into trouble. He had a feeling the guado wouldn’t be friendly towards them after he had attacked the Maestor. Auron continued to walk towards the door.

“Why are you still here sir?” Seymour asked Auron, who stopped walking.

Everyone else too stopped and faced the Seymour, they looked back and forth between Auron and Seymour. Haseo looked from Auron to Seymour as well, though he kept his gaze on Auron more than Seymour.

“I beg your pardon. We guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane.”

Before Seymour could say anymore, Auron walked through the door and out of the room, Haseo followed soon after, glad to be placing some distance between himself and the guado Maestor. The others too began to walk away from the Maestor and out of the manor.

Aina sat on a bench still catching her breath. Everyone stood around her, watching her. Haseo stood a little distance away, still trying to calm himself down. Mel, and Leo appeared to be doing most of the talking, he wasn’t actually paying any attention. He barely knows her, and yet he comes out and proposes! He was mentally shouting in his head. And why is this getting me so mad! He enjoyed Aina’s company, and she did make him smile. But, he couldn’t understand why he felt so angry at another man proposing to her… He never did like other men trying to swoon women while he was around, but he never actually got mad.

“I’m going to the Farplane.” Aina said standing up and facing everyone.

Haseo snapped out of his mental argument and turned to face her, his face softening for the first time since they entered Guadosalam.

“I’m going to visit my father, and make my decision then.”

“Go on, we’ll be behind you.” Mel said.

Aina nodded and began to walk up the roots, everyone followed, Haseo in the back, he didn’t want anyone to see his face, especially not Aina.

Everyone was now walking up a set of stairs, they had just passed through a tunnel. Auron and Teleia stopped at the landing, everyone else walked into the Farplane. The entrance was a large circle, it seems to be a force field of some kind.

“You two not going in?” Haseo asked.

Teleia was on his left, sitting on the railing. Auron was on his right, leaning against the railing.

“I don’t belong there.” Auron spoke quietly. “Searching the past to find the future. That’s all that is there, I need it not.”

“And you’re not actually going to see the dead.” Teleia spoke. “They’re just memories. People think of their relatives and the pyreflies react to them. Memories are nice, but that’s all they are. I like to keep mine to myself.”

“I see.”

Haseo said, he looked up to the entranceway. He wondered if he could find some answers, like the one that had been nagging him. Had his brother actually come here? Only one way to find out. He walked up the stairs and up to the entrance, he hesitated slightly, but walked through, it almost felt like he was walking through water. When he walked through, he was on a stone platform that appeared to be floating. Though he couldn’t see what he was floating above, since thick clouds surrounded the platform. Xin stood near the entrance, keeping an eye on Aina, Leo was talking to an ethereal form of his brother Mel stood nearby, watching, and Aina was talking to two people, obviously her father and mother. Haseo walked over to Aina. He heard him coming and looked back, and smiled. Haseo felt himself smile, despite how he was feeling.

“I’ve decided.” She said quietly looking at her parents again.

“So soon?”

She nodded. “I remember the day that my father’s calm began. I was seven. Everyone in the streets of Bevelle were laughing and cheering. Everyone was so happy. If I defeated Sin, that would make people happy.” She paused. “I have to think of what everyone in Spira wants, not just what I want.”

She and Buttercup are different in many ways… But are also similar in many ways.


Haseo began slowly, what did he want to tell her? He suddenly felt like he needed to tell her something, but couldn’t think of what. She turned and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“You should, go back and tell Seymour your answer.”

Aina nodded. “Indeed.”

She turned and started to walk towards the exit. Haseo sighed. We should go back and tell Seymour your answer… Nice going Haseo! He scolded himself mentally. He sighed and looked out at the vastness of clouds, he could faintly see water running below them, in brief glimpses as the clouds moved. He thought of his brother, and looked out expecting to see him appear before him… He didn’t… Haseo sighed, perhaps Auron was right… Perhaps his brother had really come here, but how? It still didn’t make any sense, but the fact that he couldn’t see him here, meant one thing was certain: he was alive… But how?

He turned around and walked over to the others, Leo had finished talking to his brother, and Mel now stood beside Aina, Xin as well.

“Everyone ready?” Aina asked.

Everyone nodded and they walked back through the entranceway. They walked down the stairs, passed some guado who were headed into the Farplane. They heard gasps coming from behind them and everyone turned. A soul was trying to exit the Farplane!

“M-Maestor Jyscal!” One of the guado cried.

“He does not belong here. Aina, send him.” Auron instructed.

Aina nodded and walked back up the stairs, towards the Maestor. She stood in front of him, still unsure. He looked desperate to do, or perhaps say something. Should I try to listen to him?

“Send him now.” Auron called up to her.

Aina sighed and did so, Jyscal disappeared, back into the Farplane, though Ashe noticed something drop from him as he disappeared. She bent down and picked it up, it was a sphere. She quickly tucked it away where she kept her potions, in a small pouch. She stood up and rejoined the others. I’ll have to find time to watch it, but not now. She told herself.

“Talk later, we leave now.” Auron sounded out of breath, and walked down the stairs ahead of them

They talked as they walked back down the tunnel they had come earlier, Haseo only listened, he didn’t know enough about this world to be able to speak on the matter.

“Was that really Lord Jyscal?” Leo seemed to still be shocked.

“I doubt that a man like Lord Jyscal wouldn’t have been sent after his death.” Ashe put in.

“He must have a strong emotion tying him to this world.” Mel said.

“That’s against the rules isn’t?” Teleia asked.

“It means he died an unclean death.” Auron said.

Outside Guado Manor, Guadosalam

“What do you mean, he’s not here?” Leo asked the guado standing outside the manor.

“Just that, he left shortly for Macalania Temple.” He replied.

“I see, thank you.” Aina said bowing.

Leo and Aina returned to the others, who waiting by the bench.

“He’s at Macalania Temple.” Aina informed them.

“Odd that he would leave so soon after his father tried to leave the Farplane.”

Mel said, more to Haseo than anyone else, who nodded, understanding her meaning.

“What is it, Aina?” Auron said, looking at Ashe.

“It’s nothing.” She replied, she looked concerned.

“You’re a poor liar.” He replied.

“It’s true its nothing! We should be going now.” She said quickly and headed for the exit.

Everyone walked towards a tunnel that lead outside of Guadosalam.

“Next is the thunder plains.” Teleia said quietly, looking scared. She seemed to be forcing herself to be taking each step that she took
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Change of plans!

Chapter 46: Where Lighting Strikes

They stood near the exit of the tunnel they just exited. Haseo looked out ahead of him, no grass grew in this area and large towers were set here and there along the plains. Lightning struck them every so often. A bolt of lightning struck the nearest one and Teleia yelped slightly. Everyone looked at her. She was huddling herself close together, holding her arms to her chest, and keeping her legs bent. She looked like she was afraid that if she stood straight, she’d be struck by lightning.

“I-I think I forgot something back there.” She said quickly.

“Nice knowing you.” Auron said, looking at her.

“Okay, I’ll go!” She whined.

“How are we supposed to cross these plains anyway?” Haseo asked Mel.

“Staying near enough to the lightning rod towers. The lightning should be drawn to them.”

“Should?” He asked, looking at her. She answered him with a sly grin.

It started to rain.

“Be weary of fiends, these plains are filled with them.” Xin said as he held his new spear in his left hand, he kept it horizontal, to not make himself a lightning rod.

“Alright! Let’s go!” Aina said, holding her new staff the same way Xin held his spear.

The group began to walk across the plains. Even though Haseo had never been bothered by thunderstorms, he had to admit, being here made him wary. Up ahead on the road he could see a lightning elemental.


He had to yell, the rain was coming down hard, making lots of noise, and socking them all. Haseo motioned to the elemental, she nodded. She cast a watera spell, causing it to die. Her magic was indeed growing stronger. The walk was anything but pleasant, fiends were indeed many in this region, and the constant storm didn’t do much to boost their moral. They came across a group of two Bunyips and an elemental. Mel easily took care of the elemental, and Auron’s sword easily sliced through the Bunyips armoured shells. They were nearing about halfway through the thunder plains, Teleia seemed to be growing more fearful along the way, though she had managed to fight an Iguion, she used her daggers well, and she had proven to be quite the thief, stealing some high potions and ethers, along with some other things. On the top of a hill they could see a travel agency.

“They really are conveniently placed.” Haseo commented to Mel, it was still raining hard.

“Indeed.” Mel replied.

Auron though decided it would be best to keep moving, since the storm was never ending, they might as well keep moving. Teleia had stopped moving entirely she was chuckling nervously.

“C’mon Teleia, Auron’s got a point, this storm never ends, we might as well get through it as quickly as we can.” Leo consoled.

Teleia continued to stand, and chuckled nervously. Everyone was looking at her. A bolt of lightning and Penelo jumped, and screamed. She then went over to Auron and grabbed his legs, looking up at him.

“Can we please rest in the travel agency, just for a bit?” She pleaded.

Haseo had to suppress a chuckled. Not only because of how different this Teleia was, but the look on Auron’s face. Auron freed himself from her grip and began walking away, everyone joined him. Penelo was still kneeling on the ground.

“Please, just for a little while.” She pleaded as everyone walked away. “Pretty please?” They still walked. “I’m too young to die!” She cried to them. “You’re mean! Your mothers would be ashamed of you!” She called to them.

“Fine! We rest!” Auron said. “She’s worse than the storm.” He mumbled to the others.

Rin’s Travel Agency – Thunder Plains Branch

Everyone walked in, grateful for a break from the rain. Teleia was still keeping her arms to her chest, she still looked scared. Auron walked over to a bookcase, as did Leo and Mel. Xin stood by the door, ever watchful.

“I’m a little tired.” She walked over to the desk. “Do you have a room available?” She asked the woman behind the desk.

“Yes, lady summoner.” She handed Aina a key.

“Thank you.”

She walked into the hallway that lead to the rooms. Everyone watched her go.

“That’s not like her.” Leo said to Mel, who nodded.

Haseo looked from them, to where Aina had gone to. They were right, it wasn’t. She seemed to be down since she sent Lord Jyscal. Haseo looked to Teleia, and decided to talk to her. He hadn’t really had a chance to talk to her since she joined them and now seemed an appropriate time.

“Are you that afraid?” He asked.

She nodded, her eyes were wide.

“When I was little, I was swimming in the water at the beach and this fiend attacked me. My brother cast a thunder spell.” She gulped. “But instead of hitting the fiend, it hit me! BZZZZZT!” A flash was soon followed by a loud crash of thunder, Penelo covered her ears. “Ever since then, I’ve been terrified of thunderstorms!”

Rin emerged from the hallway and looked delighted to see them.

“Hello again, it’s a pleasure to see you are well.” He noticed Teleia and walked over.

She placed a finger on her lips and motioned to Leo. Rin nodded, seeming to understand what she meant. He then saw Auron and he walked over to Balthier.

“Is that, Sir Auron by any chance?” He asked him, Haseo nodded. “Ahh, I’d been wondering since I saw him at the Mi’Ihen highroad branch.” He walked over to him. “Sir Auron?” He turned and faced him. “I wonder if you remember me? Ten years ago at the beginning of Lord Braska’s calm?”

“Yes, I should thank you.”

“Not at all, I could not leave a wounded man to die.” Balthier looked over at the two. “Though I was surprised to see you gone the next morning, with that wound. A normal man would not have been able to walk.”

“I’d… rather drop that subject.” Auron said, sounding pained.

“As you wish.” Rin walked away from him and stood by the desk.

Haseo continued to look at Auron, there was definitely something different about him. Auron had turned around again and looking through the books on the self. Haseo then turned his attention back to Aina. She seemed so preoccupied since they left Guadosalam. Maybe I should try to talk to her? He thought. He took a breath and walked into the corridor, doors lined one side of the corridor, and he quietly and slowly walked by each, trying to tell which one she could be in. He heard a hushed voice coming from one of them. He walked over to it and pressed his ear to the door, he couldn’t make out what was being said, but he could tell it was Ashe along with another’s voice. Who could be in there with her? He gently knocked on the door.

“Aina?” He called gently.

He heard her gasp and take something off of a table, or something similar and rush to the door. She opened it, she looked scared, and her face was pale. Seeing her like that made him worry.

“Are you alright?” he asked gently.

“Y-yes… I’m fine, really. Just, had a bad dream, that’s all.” She looked away from his eyes.

“Are you sure, you’re alright?” She obviously lied about the dream… I won’t press the matter.

“I’m fine. There’s no need to worry.”

She walked passed him and back out into the lobby. Haseo stood there in the doorway for a few moments. He had a bad feeling, and they usually turned out to be right. He sighed and walked back out into the lobby, everyone was preparing to leave and were gathering their supplies and weapons.

“Everyone ready?” Aina asked her guardians.

Everyone nodded, they too were looking concerned. They could all tell something was bothering the young summoner. The question was what? Penelo was still keeping herself huddled. She was looking out the window at the never ending storm.

“Its not stopping, is it?” She said, sounding disappointed.

“Don’t tell me you were hoping it would?” Auron asked her as he approached the door. “Fine, stay here if you want.” He opened the door and walked through, it was still raining.

“Alright, alright!” She stood up straight and managed to lower her arms. “But, you didn’t have to say it like that! You could be more comforting, or something!” Teleia talked, even though Auron had already passed through the door. “Hey! Are you listening?” A crash of thunder, she held her hands to her ears and inhaled. She then stood straight again and lowered her arms, in a defiant manner. “I’m not scared!” She proclaimed. “I’m not scared at all! You hear!”

She walked towards the door and opened it, and walked out into the storm, closing the door behind her. Everyone stood staring at the door for a little while, then they too, walked out into the storm.

“Are we almost out of this?” Haseo asked Auron, having to talk loudly.

“We’re about halfway there.” He replied and started walking.

Great, halfway there. He too walked on after Auron.

The second half of their trip proceeded much like the first half had. It was wet, loud and filled with fiends. It was definitely a demoralizing terrain, and climate. He hoped their next area would be much nicer to look at, and dryer. Haseo could soon see the beginnings of a forest.

“Is that where we’re headed?” He asked Mel, thankfully the downpour had subsided and it was now raining lightly.

“Yes, Macalania woods. The climate is much better, but there are many fiends in that area, some are quite powerful.”

“Joy.” He replied.

They neared the end of the plains, and Haseo could feel his morale rise once more. Aina stopped walking, she looked even more troubled than she had been. She hadn’t smiled since they left Guadosalam, nor had she truly spoken since they left the Travel Agency. Something was definitely bothering her, and it was something serious. Everyone stopped and looked at her.

“Everyone… There’s something I have to tell you.” She said quietly, she wasn’t meeting their eyes, and she wasn’t even looking at Haseo.

“Now?” Leo asked.


“But we’re almost out of here! Let’s go!” Teleia urged.

“I must say it now.” She told them.

Auron noticed to a nearby structure, it had a roof, and the area underneath it was dry.

“Over there.” He said.

Everyone gladly walked over to it, grateful for another chance to be out of the storm. Everyone stood around Aina, watching her intently. Haseo was getting anxious, he hadn’t gotten anxious in a long time, he didn’t like the feeling. She looked at each of her guardians and inhaled deeply.

“I’ve decided to marry Lord Seymour.”

Leo, Teleia, Mel and Xin all gasped. Auron remained quiet, as did Haseo, but he was feeling something build up inside him. He couldn’t place the feeling, was it anger? Sadness, maybe… Or perhaps even jealousy… But why would he feel jealous. He didn’t like Seymour that was for certain, nor did her like that he had proposed to Ashe, and was now getting the chance to marry her! He thought back to all the times he had encountered Seymour, and he thought of Aina, more specifically, he thought of how he felt about Aina… Was it…. Perhaps, perhaps he felt something more than friendship towards her…

At that point, he felt like he was by himself, even though he was surrounded by people. It was only him and his thoughts, he couldn’t hear the other talking to Aina, trying to figure out why she had decided to marry Seymour. He looked over at Ashe, there was still something bothering her… What had she been doing in her room, no one else had been in there, though he distinctly remembered hearing two voices… Had she been listening to something? And if she had… Was whatever she heard the reason she chose to marry… Him? She didn’t look like she had chosen to marry because she liked Seymour, she would’ve been happy if that were the case. She knew there was something about Seymour, and he wanted to find out.

“I am sorry… It is a personal matter.” He heard Aina say.

She now looked directly at Haseo. He looked hurt, and it made her feel worse about her decision. 'I have to.' She told herself.

“Just one thing…” Auron began.

“I will continue my pilgrimage.” She reassured him.

“Then, it is fine.” He told her.

'Fine? FINE!!!!! Nothing’s fine about it!' Haseo thought angrily, but he stopped himself from saying anything. He wouldn’t… Not now anyway
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 47: A Sphere in the Woods

Everyone was quiet as they entered Macalania woods. Haseo couldn’t bring himself to fully look at the trees around them, and how they glittered and sparkled. He just wasn’t in the mood to notice such things. They were making their way along a thick tree branch that served as a path through the woods. Mel had been right, there were many fiends in the area, and most had something in common, they were weak to fire. Most of the fiends were fairly weak, but one kind wasn’t, Chimeras. They were large fiends that were both physically and magically strong. Though, it did have a weakness, it may have appeared tough, but it didn’t take physical damage well. Which suited Haseo, Auron, Leo and Xin well. Haseo was glad they stood up well to fights; he needed a few good ones to let off some steam.

It took them a fairly long time to cross the woods, and they stopped a few times to catch their breath and mend their minor wounds. Despite the amount of fiends, the woods were surprisingly peaceful. And he noticed that even though fiends attacked them, they weren’t as ferocious as some they had encountered earlier along their trip. As they continued along their way, the woods were getting colder and colder. Fran explained that before they reached Macalania Temple, they would have to cross the frozen Lake Macalaina.

They now neared the end of the woods, it was considerably colder here, and Haseo could see snow and ice when he looked ahead to the path in front of them. He could also see the top of a Travel Agency. Rin seems to have a liking for odd locations. Not that I’m complaining. Auron stood by some large branches.

“Wait.” He said to the others, everyone stopped and looked at him. “It’s here, somewhere.”

“What’s here?” Aina asked.

“Something you should see.”

He lifted his sword onto his shoulder and looked at the branches. He started to cut through them, his sword easily cutting through the frost covered branches. He easily cleared a path to what lay on the other side. Auron walked through, and everyone exchanged glances and followed him. It was a small spring, a tree with large spheres in it stood out of the water as water flowed by it. Auron stood looking at the tree, his sword still on his shoulder. Haseo and Aina stood on either side, Haseo crossed his arms.

“What is this place?” Aina asked as she looked around.

“This is what spheres are made out of. It absorbs and preserves peoples memories.”

The water in front of the tree began to bubble and gurgle. A large, amount of a gel-like substance came out of the water and floated in front of them as a sphere, it appeared to have a small core on the inside of it. Haseo looked at Auron, who was completely unphased by its arrival.

“Fiends are also attracted to this place.” Auron looked at the floating fiend as it approached them. “Be wary, only magics can harm it, and it can change its weakness. And it has powerful magics of its own.” He looked over at Aina who nodded.

Haseo just sighed, it didn’t surprise him that this would provide a challenge. Aina quickly cast nullifying magics. Xin, Leo, Haseo and Auron stood back, they weren’t going to waste their strength trying to damage it, they would only provide defence for their two spell casters. The large fiend cast a firaga spell at Aina, it was nullified by her nulfire spell. Fran cast the opposite Blizzara. The gel-fiend quivered, then its core appeared to change colour, from red to yellow. Mel noticed and had a feeling what it was planning. She cast a watera spell. It quivered and shifted again, this time it was a blue colour. Mel hesitated, she wasn’t sure if blue would represent water, or blizzard. Though she didn’t have to wonder long, it cast waterga, at Auron. Which was quickly absorbed by the blue sphere that had been circling Auron. Thankfully it isn’t too bright. Haseo thought. The sphere now had a white core, Mel cast Fira, it quivered again, changing its core from white to yellow. Before Mel could cast watera, it made itself a large pillar. It hovered over Mel and shot down towards her, she jumped out of the way. She wasn’t going to allow herself to be beaten that easily. She cast a watera spell at it as it shifted back it is gel-like state, it quivered and started to sink back down into the water, pyreflies coming out of the water. Mel stood up and dusted herself off.

“That was easier than I had expected.” Xin said, smirking.

Mel looked at him, she glared, though she was smirking, Xin just smiled at her, he was leaning on his spear. Auron walked towards where the fiend had disappeared and picked something out of the water and walked back to them.

“Is that what we came here for?” Teleia asked excitedly as she looked at the sphere.

Auron nodded. Everyone huddled around the sphere as it began to play. Haseo couldn’t believe his eyes when it started playing. So… Auron was telling the truth.


Cidolfus Demon Bunansa stood there along with Auron, lord Raminas must’ve been the one holding the sphere. Auron was much younger, and Haseo’s brother looked the same before his death. They were standing in the very same spring that they stood now.

“Auron? Could you stand closer to Venat?” Raminas’ voice said.

Auron sighed. “We don’t have time for this.”

“And why not?” Venat replied looking at Auron. “This quest may be of great importance, but it is also important to rest and take a break once in a while.” Venat said to Auron.

Raminas chuckled and everything shook. “He’s right you know, Auron. It would do you some good to lighten up.”

Auron sighed and walked closer to Raminas.

“We should be on our way, my lord. You know how important this is.” He pleaded.

“I suppose you’re right Auron.”

Venat walked over to them.

“Here, let me take this contraption for a while.” He said while he pointed to the sphere.

Everything shook again as the sphere was passed from Raminas to Venat. Now in the frame was a cheerful looking Raminas, he wore a red and white robe, and a headdress on his head. Auron wasn’t looking any happier as he started to walk away from the two and out of the frame. Raminas started to follow Auron, and Venat as well. Raminas and Auron walked ahead, and were talking quietly.

“Why did you bring him along anyway?” Auron whispered to Raminas.

“Well, he did look lost, and looked like he needed help. Besides, he has been keeping this trip entertaining, has he not?” Raminas replied, chuckling slightly.

Auron just sighed and the sphere went black.


“Is that it?” Teleia said, looking at the sphere.

“I guess so.” Leo said too.

Everyone stood up and away from the sphere. Haseo was till looking at it, he couldn’t believe what he had just seen, and yet, he knew it had to be true. Aina to was still staring at the sphere, she had a small smile on her lips. She enjoyed the chance to see her father on a small part of his pilgrimage, and that it had been a joyous one for him. 'I miss you father. But I have to be strong.' She thought to herself.

“So, that other man was lord Raminas’s other guardian?” Leo asked.

“I think I see why no one knew his name.” Xin said.

Auron chuckled.

“Believe it or not it was out of respect.” Auron said, he looked at Haseo. “Venat had wanted us to record the pilgrimage, so his younger brother could see how he used to be. What he meant by that, I never knew.”

Haseo smirked slightly, remembering the days before his brother death. He stood straight and put a hand on his hip. Aina looked at Haseo, thinking of Venat at the same time. They look a lot alike… He never mentioned his brother before… I wonder what happened? She thought. Haseo noticed Aina was looking at him and looked over. She offered him a warm smile; it was nice to see her smile again. Haseo felt himself smile, despite how he felt.

No one else seemed to have notice the resemblance between Venat and Haseo. One by one they started to walk back out of the area, and started to make their way to the frigid Lake Macalania. Soon only Auron, Aina and Haseo stood there.

“Did he ever mention to you how he arrived in Spira?” Haseo asked Auron.

“He did.” Auron looked Haseo in the eye. “He mentioned something from his world and brought him here, just after he had been killed.”

“I see.” Haseo looked away.

Auron decided to give him some time to think things over and walked towards the others. Aina stood watching Haseo, he looked sad.

“What happened to your brother?” She asked.

Haseo sighed. He wasn’t sure he wanted to tell her now, but he also felt that this may be his only chance… So he began his tale. He didn’t go into much detail on an item called nethicite, since that would make this at least twice as long. He did however explain about how his father had lost himself to it, doing everything he could to get closer to it, to understand it more, all with the help of Cubia. He briefly explained him as well. He then went on to explain, in small detail, what had happened throughout his and his comrades journey over his world and Megaville and what had happened to his brother in a place called the Pharos at Ridoranna. Aina listened patiently and silently. When Haseo finished he sighed heavily. And Aina just looked at him.

“It must’ve been horrible.” She said, she looked at the sphere she now held in her hands, thinking of her father.
Haseo still remained quiet, even though he felt slightly better after telling her about his father, there was still something else that was bothering him.

“Why?” He asked.

Aina looked at him, she looked confused.

“Why are you marrying him?” He clarified.

Aina looked at him and sighed.

“I can’t tell you.” She said quietly.

“Why not?” He was trying his best to hide the anger from his voice.

She looked up at him, she looked like she wanted to tell him, her eyes seemed to try to tell what she could not with words.

“You have to trust me.” She managed to whisper, her eyes pleading with him to understand.

Haseo wasn’t sure how to respond. Looking at her, he could tell that she wasn’t comfortable with the situation, in fact, she still looked scared and worried. It made him worry. She had always been smiling before they had entered Guadosalam, and now she barely did. And when she did it looked forced. He started to hate Seymour more for causing this much fear and discomfort in her. Haseo felt his feet bringing her closer to her. He placed his hands on both her shoulders, she looked up into his eyes.

“I will.” He managed to say.

She looked more at ease and smiled briefly.

“We should rejoin the others.” She said as she began to walk away, Haseo having let go of her shoulders.

“Yeah.” Haseo said and walked to her, they walked out of the area together

at the pond crows surrounded the place and Cubia was sitting on the tree.

"hehe...so that's your weakness" Cubia said with a smirk and leaves in darkness.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Just a friendly reminder: Anything in Bold is Al Bhed.

Chapter 48: Battle on the Ice

Not only was this area frozen and cold, but also a harsh wind constantly blew through. Haseo shuddered as he and Aina stepped out of the protection of the trees. Aina was rubbing her bare arms and stamping her feet, trying to stay warm. Haseo stepped in front of her, she smiled and went closer to him, he blocked out the wind nicely. The others must’ve already been inside the Travel Agency, since he couldn’t see them. The door opened and Leo stepped out first, followed by Mel, Xin, Teleia and Auron.

“What took you guys so long anyways?” Leo called to them over the wind.

Haseo smirked, “Nothing wrong.” He called back.

“Ah Lady Aina.” Came an all too familiar voice.

Tromell approached them and everyone faced them. Aina had to peek out from behind Haseo too look at him. Haseo looked at Tromell, he knew why he was here.

“We’ve been expecting you. Though Lord Seymour and I were surprised when we’d heard you’d come so soon… Pleasantly surprised of course.” He said.

Haseo felt the now all too familiar sensation of his stomach churning at the mention of Lord Seymour’s name.

“Lord Seymour sends his apologies for having left with out notice.” He continued.

“It’s quite alright.” Aina replied, her teeth were chattering. “If I may, I have one request.”

“My lady?” He asked.

“I would like to continue my pilgrimage, even if I marry lord Seymour.”

“But of course! I am certain lord Seymour wishes nothing more.”

Aina stepped out from behind Haseo and looked at everyone, and nodded. They all offered smiles, even Haseo. She needs reassurance. He though as he looked at her, she was rubbing her arms again. Her hair and skirt blew in the wind. She looked at Haseo and gave him a reassuring smile. I trust you. He thought as he looked at her. She walked over to stand beside Tromell. He placed a green cloak over her shivering body, she gratefully accepted it, keeping it wrapped around her.

“We must uphold Guado tradition.” He informed the others. “You will have to wait here a while longer, I’ll send someone for you when we’re ready.” Tromell said.

He turned around and began walking, Aina turned as well and the two started to walk away. Aina paused at the bottom of the hill and looked back up at Haseo, he looked at her. He gave her a reassuring nod and a sly smile. Aina nodded as well and smiled, she continued to walk with Tromell. Haseo sighed. I hope you know what you’re going, Aina.

“Oh no!” He heard Teleia from behind.

He turned and looked at everyone, they were watching the ice below them.

“Al Bed!” Leo said.

People on snowmobiles started to circle around Aina and Tromell. Everyone sprang into action and started to run down the steep snowy hill, instead of the smooth one which Aina and Tromell and took towards them, drawing their weapons from wherever they held them secure. Everyone surrounded Aina and Tromell and the Al Bed stopped their vehicles and jumped off, circling them.

“Stand back.” Auron instructed them, Tromell more than Aina.

“T-thank you.” He said and started to lead Aina away, she tore himself from his grasp and ran back to the others. “Lady Aina.”

“I stand by my friends.”

She said to himHaseo smiled as he held his sword, and glared at the Al Bed in front of him. They could hear an engine approaching them from somewhere, the Al Bed around them ran off to the sides, someone was standing on a hill, watching them. A large tank soon appeared beside him.

“Teleia!” He called. “Don’t interfere or you’ll get this!” The man said to them. “Your magics and your aeons are sealed.” He said, while laughing.

“Translation?” Haseo whispered to Teleia.

“Uh oh! He’s going to use an anti-magic field on us! No magics, and no aeons either!” She said quickly.

“W-wait? You know how to speak Al Bed?” Leo said to her.

“Talk later.” Auron said sharply to him.

“Get them!” The man yelled.

The large tank then rolled down the hill and stopped in front of them. Two small devices were ejected from it.

“Those are the anti magic field emitters! If we destroy them, Mel and Aine can use magic!” Teleia told them quickly.

“Aine?” Vaan asked.

"Later!" Teleia said to him.

Mel and Aina stood back as the others prepared themselves. Mel and Aina were in charge of delivering potions whenever necessary until they could destroy the anti magic emitters. They stood behind a boulder, just in case. 'Be careful.' Aina mentally told everyone.

The tank had four treads that could swivel, it had a very ominous looking cannon that faced them and who knows what else the Al Bed had put into that thing that could attack them. Above them, the transmitters darted back and forth, they weren’t going to make themselves an easy target. The tank lifted its cannon and gattling guns could be visible, they started to spin. Everyone dashed off to find cover as they started to spin. Haseo and Teleia managed to slide themselves behind a nearby boulder, the others too found similar boulders to hide behind as the spray of bullets erupted from the guns.

“We won’t be able to get near enough to even damage it!” Haseo said to Teleia.

“I think I have something that might!” She fished through her bag and pulled out a round metal thing with a pin. “It’s an Al Bed grenade.” She explained. “You pull the pin, through it and after a few seconds… BOOM!” She explained quickly.

Haseo smirked, so did Teleia. She waited for the spray to stop and she pulled the pin. She ducked out of cover and lobbed it over, she heard metal hit against metal and hit behind the boulder again. Shortly after an explosion could be heard. Haseo and Teleia looked out from the boulder on either side of it, to see what damage had been done. The tank was smoking and sparking slightly but could still move. Its tread started spinning and it sped towards the boulder Teleia and Haseo were higing behind. They quickly got to their feet and ran off to either sides as the tank slammed into the boulder. Haseo and Teleia soon stood beside each Haseo off behind another boulder. Another explosion could be heard, Teleia checked for damage, it sparked and smoked more, but that was about it, she cursed something in Al Bed.

“Why isn’t it using its main cannon?” He asked, not that he was complaining.

“It’s the Mana Beam cannon, it can’t be used until the magic field is destroyed.”

“I see… Which we need to, because we’re obviously getting no where.” Haseo looked up to see an emitter hover by. “How can we hit those?” He wondered aloud.

Teleia smirked and spun one of the daggers in her hand. “Leave them to me.”

She stood from behind the boulder and could see the tank was now chasing after Leo and Xin. She looked at the emitter that hovered above her and threw her dagger.

“Direct hit!” She said dancing around slightly.

The emitter exploded and she ducked as he knife came flying by and lodged itself into the ice. She bent down and picked it up and looked for the other emitter, it was hovering above where Mel and Aina were hiding. She took one look at the tank, it was still busy with Xin and Leo, who, along with Auron, were trying to destroy the treads. She ran over to the boulder and slid to a stop.

“Teleia?” Aina said, she had been startled when her Al Bed cousin had arrived.

“Once I destroy that!” She motioned to the emitter. “I need you two to quickly destroy the tank.”

Mel and Aina nodded, Aina held her staff firmly in both hands, she knew which Aeon she would summon. Teleia threw her dagger at it, another direct hit. The emitter exploded and Teleia’s knife went flying off towards the woods. Aina and Mel quickly stepped out from behind their cover.

“Everyone move!” Mel called as she cast a thundara spell at the tank. It started to smoke more.

Mel then too moved out of the way as Aina began to summon Ixion. Electricity formed around her in a large circle, pillars moved around that circle. She lifted up her staff and all the electricity formed on the end of her staff. She pointed her staff to the side and the electricity concentrated there, some still flowing from her staff. She began to pull, and a golden horn appeared. She pulled harder and Ixion jumped out and landed nimbly onto the ice. He reared and neighed and faced the tank.

“Attack!” Aina commanded.

Ixion ran up to the tank and attacked it with its horn, it managed to break off the edge of the Mana Beam Cannon. Ixion ran back a bit and faced the cannon once more.


Ixion launched its two electrical disks towards the tank. It started to spark severely and explode. Ixion went in front of Aina to protect her, in case anything flew their way. The smoke cleared, and the now destroyed tank was visible, the ice underneath it was charred and slightly melted. Ashe dismissed Ixion and everyone walked out from behind their cover and over to Aina. The man from before once again stood on the hill.

“Teleia!” He yelled. “I will tell father!”

I am the guardian of Aina! I’m protecting her, along with her other guardians. We’re keeping her safe! She is safe!” She yelled back.

You do this alone, Teleia.” He yelled back and walked off.

Teleia turned around, a dumbstruck Leo stood there in front of her.

“Why, why did he know your name? And why can you speak Al Bed?” He asked her he then looked at everyone else.

“Because, I’m Al Bed… And he, he was my brother.” Teleia said, looking away from him.

“You knew?” He asked the others who stood nearby, slowly everyone nodded. “And you didn’t tell me?! Why?”

“We knew you’d be upset.” Mel answered, she wrapped her arms together and stomped the ground slightly, trying to warm up.

“I can’t believe this!” Leo said as he threw his arms up in the air and walked away.

Haseo sighed and walked over to Leo, who now stood by a boulder. He grabbed his shoulder and pined him to the boulder.

“H-hey! What?” Leo muttered.

“Look, she just saved all of us, so treat her nicely. And you were getting along with her just fine before you found out!”


“Tell me one good hell of a reason why you can no longer like being around her.” Haseo said looking directly at Leo.

He slumped slightly and looked down. Haseo let go of his shoulder and stepped back. Everyone was starring at him.

“Lady Aina?” Tromell said to her, he had reappeared from wherever he had been hiding.

“Yes, of course.” She said and the two began to walk away once more.

Tromell and Aina walked by Haseo and Leo, Aina looked up at Haseo, and he looked down at her.

“I trust you.” He whispered.

She smiled and looked on ahead of her as she walked. Haseo watched her go. He was once again aware of how cold he was and started to rub his arms to try to warm himself up, he walked over to the others. Leo was muttering and pacing back and forth, he obviously had accepted what Haseo had said, he just didn’t like it. Teleia was working on one of the machina vehicles the Al Bed had rode in on. It sputtered to life.

“Alright!” Teleia said.

“I’m not riding on any Al Bed machina!” They heard Leo say, he was stamping his feet.

“Fine, walk the way to Macalania temple.” Auron said.

Leo groaned loudly and walked over to them. Teleia and Haseo got on one, Haseo taking the controls, Mel and Auron got on another one, Auron driving theirs, and Leo and Xin got on the other, Xin having to take the controls, since Leo refused to. They then sped off towards Macalania temple.

Added after 11 hours 46 minutes:

Chapter 49: A Horrible Discovery

They arrived at a gazebo, the drapes that were hung from its supports blew in the wind. They all got off their vehicles and walked towards the door that was underneath the gazebo’s roof. They walked down stairs that lead to a long narrow path made of ice, that lead to the temple. It was considerably warmer where they were, they were now underneath the ice, and Haseo could see there was very little water in this lake, most of it was open space in between the waters far below them and the thick layer of ice above them. They were completely shut off from the raging winds above them, for which Haseo was grateful for. They slowly made their way along the path, being careful to not stray to close to the edge.

The temple almost seemed to float where it was. It was very beautiful and almost looked like a ship, with the way the underside of it was shape. They soon stood in the very large and extravagant entryway to the temple. They walked up to the door, though were stopped by the monk standing there.

“A heathen like her is not allowed in such a holy place.” He said.

“She is a guardian.” Auron told the monk.

He was shocked. “Preposterous! An Al Bed a guardian?”

“I’ve decided to be Aina’s guardian. That’s all I want.” Teleia told him quietly.

“And that’s all that is necessary.” Auron said as he walked by the monk towards the door.

“V-very well.” The monk let them pass.

The inside of the temple wasn’t much warmer, but it was warm enough for their frozen extremities to start to thaw. Haseo looked around the room, there were some musicians practicing songs and Tromell was close by, but he couldn’t see Seymour or Aina. Haseo walked over to Tromell, he had been greeting the guardians as they entered.

“Where is she?” He asked.

“I do believe she’s gone to the cloister of trials with Maestor Seymour.” He replied calmly.

Haseo and the others quickly made their way up the steps; they heard a woman scream from below them and turned into that direction. A woman walked out of one of the rooms and fell to her knees.

“A-a sphere of lord Jyscal…. In lady Aina’s belongings.” She gasped.

Everyone looked at each other then ran back down the stairs and into the room. Haseo looked around the room quickly and found the sphere on the table, it was already playing and a picture of Jyscal was displayed over it. Haseo walked over to it, and he recognised the voice. 'This is what she had been listening too.' He thought. As he listened he felt himself grow more worried for Aina, he also felt himself grow to hate Seymour even more. He briskly walked out of the room and up the steps towards the cloister of trials. The man who stood by the door stepped out of the way before he even neared him. He could barely hear the footsteps of everyone else running to catch up with him, he had only one thing on his mind. Get to Aina.

He opened the door and took off at a fast jog through the ice tunnel and towards the door on the other side. He drew his scythe as he ran. He slowed slightly as he neared the door and kicked it open. Seymour stood near a door at the other end of the room, two guado stood near by.

“Seymour!” He said loud enough that his voice reverberated in the room.

He took slow steady steps towards him, the Ticking Death ((A/N: Haseo's Hidden Scythe)) firmly in his hand. The others ran in shortly after, their weapons drawn as well.

“Please be silent, Lady Aina is praying to the fayth.” He said as he slowly turned to face them, he walked slowly down the set of stairs and faced them, smiling.

Haseo walked up to Seymour and put on of his Scythe's blade to his neck, Seymour just stood there watching him, still smiling. Haseo glared at him. The guado moved towards them, but Seymour stopped them by raising his hand.

“You murdered your own father? Why?” He demanded.

Seymour chuckled.

“He stood in my way, I had to get rid of him.” He answered.

The door behind Seymour opened and Aina walked out, she quickly ran over to Haseo.

“What are you doing?” Aina said quickly.

“We saw the sphere, and know all about him.” Haseo said, not taking his eyes from Seymour, he continued to smile.

“I’m sure you already knew, Lady Aina, and yet you still came… Why?” He asked, looking at her now.

“I came to stop you!” She said facing him, she too glared at him.

“I see…”

Haseo gently placed his hand on Aina’s arm and pulled her close to him, walking back slowly, he kept his Scythe ready, even though he had lowered it to a more comfortable position. He gently let Aina go and stood in front of her, as did Auron. The others formed a protective circle around Aina as they looked at Seymour.

“Protect the summoner even at the cost of ones life… The code of the Guardian.” Seymour sounded amused as he watched them all. “Well, since your offering your lives, I’ll just have to take them.” The two guado now stood beside Seymour.

“You won’t just be fighting my guardians Seymour. You’ll be fighting me as well!” Aina told him.

Haseo smiled. The two guado on either side quickly cast protect on themselves, Seymour cast shell. Haseo ran at Seymour and started to swing, but a Guado jumped in front of him and his scythe bounced off because of Protect, he was knocked backwards because of it and fell onto his back. Seymour chuckled at his attempt.

“It’ll take more than that to defeat me, Terror of Death.” Seymour taunted.

Seymour began to cast a spell and Aina quickly cast shell on Haseo. A thundara spell came crashing down, but was blocked by the shell. Haseo quickly got to his feet. And walked back towards the others. Mel cast a thundara spell at the guado who had blocked Haseo’s attack. He fell over dead, and his body disappeared into many pyreflies. Aina was busy casting shell onto everyone. Seymour cast Fira on Aina, which her shell took care of. Auron managed to cut through the barrier of the second guado guard and killed him, now all that was left was Seymour. He cast a thundara spell at Aina, she jumped out of the way, just in time, for it to come crashing down into the floor, cracking the floor where it hit. Seymour went to cast another spell at her. Haseo ran towards him and stabbed him though his stomach. He slumped forward and placed a hand on the scythe's blade that struck him. Blood poured from his wound. He looked directly at Haseo, he was still smiling. A small pool of blood began to form underneath him. Haseo pulled his scythe out of him and Seymour collapsed onto his knees. He held his left hand to his bleeding abdomen. He lifted his hand to cast another spell but he fell over onto the ground, face first into his own blood. Haseo stood over him, his scythe ready should he still be alive.

“Aina, send him.” Auron instructed.

Even though she looked shaken she approached the Maestor.

“What have you done!” Tromell’s said from behind them, everyone spun. Everyone tensed as Tromell and four other guados entered and went towards Seymour’s body, Haseo walked away slowly, blood still on his scythe.

“You’ve killed him!” Tromell pointed at Haseo.

“We had no choice!” Aina said. “He was going to kill us!”

“You spilled blood in this sacred temple!” Tromell spat back.

“He needs to be sent.” Auron told Tromell.

“You won’t go anywhere near him!” He said quickly.

The guados picked up the dead Maestor and began to walk out with his corpse. Tromell followed them though he turned to face them. More guados entered the room and surrounded the group.

“You will be taken to Bevelle, there you will face you trial.” Tromell said and left to follow the corpse of Seymour.

Everyone went close to each other, as the guado neared them. Haseo stood next to Aina, he kept his Scythe raised, just in case.

“We don’t have time for this.” Xin said.

He hit the guado nearest to him in the face with the butt of his staff and ran for the door.

“I like his idea!”

Teleia said and ran for the door, after knocking the guado nearest to her to the ground. Everyone followed suit, except for Aina, and headed for the door. Haseo ran slightly ahead of Aina they were now in Aina stepped foot in it, though she was keeping ahead of it, until the last section, she yelped as she began to fall, Haseo quickly spun around and reached for her hand, he caught it, and now held onto her hand, and was lying on the ice floor as she dangled. Her staff clattered to the floor below. He let go of his scythe and reached out with his other hand. Auron stood nearby, in case anyone tried to come and arrest them.

“Aina, grab my other hand.” Haseo instructed softly.

She reached up and grabbed his hand, though her hand quickly slipped again, his hand was covered in Seymour’s blood. She reached up again, this time grabbing his wrist, he grabbed onto hers. He pulled her up enough so that she could grab onto the edge. Auron came over and helped her up the rest of the way. Haseo grabbed his scythe and stood up. They ran out of the tunnel and down the stairs. The path had been cleared for them by the others, who now stood by the door, their weapons raised and ready. They saw the three approach and prepared to run again.

Everyone now ran as fast as they could along the narrow path. No one dared to look behind them to see if they were being followed, one false step could mean disaster. Soon enough they neared the steps that would lead them back out onto the wind swept ice of Lake Macalania. Haseo ran slightly behind Aina, and he noticed she no longer had the cloak that Tromell had given her. Though now wasn’t the time to think of the temperature outside.

Aina stepped outside and slowed down considerably, it was a lot colder than she had been expected, and three guado stood before them. Haseo and Auron soon ran past her and quickly took care of the three. She still felt shaken from earlier. Haseo held out his hand for her and she ran forward and held onto it, they were once again running. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could manage to run, but she knew she had to continue. She looked down at her hand that was in Haseo’s and felt her cheeks grow hot, despite the cold wind beating against them.

They were now in a very treacherous area of the Lake, and everyone started walking, and panting loudly. Everyone still had their weapons out and ready, though they felt safe enough in this area, is was too narrow for there to be any real threats here and they doubted, and hoped that the guado wouldn’t risk their lives to stop them.

Aina felt herself start to shiver, Haseo looked back at her, a concerned, yet content look on his face. He stopped walking and let her get closer, he wrapped an arm around her and gently rubbed her arm, she already felt warmer.

Haseo felt more relieved and happy than he had in the past few days. Even though they were now fugitives on the run, wanted for the murder of a Maestor, he felt happy. Aina wasn’t going to be marrying Seymour, and she was back among them, not that they had been separated for long.

No one said anything as they walked further away from the temple, now wasn’t the time, they had to get as far away as possible, or at least out of this area and back into Macalania woods. Haseo felt himself smile as he and Aina walked, he enjoyed having her this close to him, he looked down at her. She avoided his eyes, and he smiled even more, he knew why she wasn’t looking at him.

Aina felt her face grow hotter as she and he walked, she was still cold, but he helped keep her warm, for more than one reason. When he tried to look at her face, she had turned away. She didn’t want him to see her blushing. 'What would he think if he saw?' She thought nervously. For a short time, she completely forgot about the situation they were in, and despite the cold, she wanted this moment to last forever, so she could spend forever with Haseo. He had managed to steal one thing in this world, and that was her heart.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Wed May 28, 2008 1:59 pm

Chapter 50: Falling Through Ice

Xin was walking ahead of everyone, with Teleia directly behind him. Behind them were Aina and Haseo, with Auron nearby. Mel and Leo walked together in the back, Leo looked to be the most shocked out of everyone there.

“Guys! We definitely have some big trouble up ahead!” Teleia’s voice echoed around them.

Everyone ran up to Teleia, who had unsheathed her daggers and Xin who had his spear ready. Haseo slid to a stop beside them and looked at what they had been talking about. Big trouble indeed. Ahead of them was a large, white fur covered beast, beside it stood two guado.

“A Wendigo.” Auron said as he hoisted his sword onto his shoulder.

Everyone spread out along the ice where they had fought the tank earlier, they kept in mind what the guado had done during their fight with Seymour, they weren’t going to let the same thing happen again. Basch went up to one of the guados and stabbed him through his heart, the guado fell to the ground bleeding when Xin pulled out his spear. He quickly ducked as a large furry fist came for his head. He stood up quickly and started to back off, the Wendigo kept following him. Auron quickly took out the other guado and went over to help Xin, Haseo and Leo stayed near Aina and Mel, just in case the Wendigo came for them. Teleia was crouched behind them, fiddling with something.

“May I ask what your doing?” Haseo asked.

“Making something.” Teleia replied hastily.

“Now?” Leo hissed at her, Teleia just glared.

“It’ll be worth it, trust me!” She replied.

Auron swung at the Wendigo, a large gash appeared on its back, it roared and turned, swinging a huge fist, Auron ducked in time as it flew above his head. He swung and the body, as the Wendigo was off balance. He only managed a small gash, as his foot slipped on a bare patch of ice and he fell onto his knee. Mel cast a Fira spell as the Wendigo went to hit Auron. It stumbled backwards, roaring and trying to put out the fire that started on its fur on its forearm. Xin drove his spear into its thigh. It roared again and swung at Xin, who barely avoided it by rolling to the ground. His spear still in the Wendigo’s leg. It turned at faced him, barely limping with the spear in its leg. Auron stood and swung for its uninjured leg, and caused a deep gash, the Wendigo roared out in pain and fell onto that knee. Xin took this opportunity to retrieve his spear from its leg. The two backed away from the Wendigo as Mel cast another Fira spell, it roared again, they heard a crack.

“I think it’d be best if you no longer cast Fira.” Xin said to her.

“I agree.” Mel said.

Everyone stood together again, watching the bleeding and panting beast, trying to figure out what it was going to do. It stood up on its shaky and bleeding legs and faced them, everyone kept their weapons ready. It lifted its arms above its head and swung them hard at the ground, the ice shook and cracked. Everyone gasped. It swung again and the ice cracked once more and broke, everyone started to fall downwards, as the ice gave way from underneath their feet. Haseo reached for Aina’s hand as they began to fall.


Haseo slowly opened his eyes. His whole body felt sore, and it felt like it weighed tons. He slowly lifted his head and looked around, he could see Auron and Mel sitting on some ruins nearby. He stat up slowly and rubbed his head. He looked upwards, remembering what had happened, he could see the whole in the ice from where they had fallen. He looked around, there was very little water, and he saw he was lying on a fallen wall. Auron and Mel looked over at him.

“So, you’re awake.” Mel said as she looked at him.

“I’d rather not.” Haseo replied, his head was pounding.

Mel smirked slightly. Haseo looked around, he couldn’t see anyone else.

“Where are the others?” He asked. And where’s Aina?

“Around.” Auron said.

Haseo stood slowly, he wasn’t going to try to figure how they could’ve survived the fall. Now that he was standing, he could see Penelo nearby, she had everyone’s weapons near her, and was working on them.

“She’s fixing them for us.” Mel said. “It’s quite handy having an Al Bed with us.”

He heard an angry sigh and turned to see Leo leaning against a destroyed wall, looking away. 'Still angry I see…' He thought. Haseo slowly walked by Teleia, he hadn’t seen Xin nor Aina yet. He walked slowly through the knee-deep water, and steadied himself with a hand on a nearby wall. A light fog swirled through the air. He saw Xin leaning against a wall, his arms crossed, and beside him was Aina, lying on a fallen off piece of wall.

“Aina.” He whispered as he walked forward.

He sat down beside her and looked her over quickly, she didn’t appear to be harmed, though he could see some blood on her head.

“She’ll wake soon.”

Xin said, Haseo looked up at her, he gave him a reassuring smile. Haseo looked back to Aina, he gently picked up her hand with his, and squeezed it gently. She stirred slightly. Haseo felt himself cheer up at just seeing her stir, he had been worried about her, he still felt worried, she did look like she had hit her head, and fairly hard. He squeezed her hand gently again.

“Aina?” He called gently.

She stirred again and slowly opened her eyes, she turned her head slowly and looked into his eyes, with hers, she smiled softly, Haseo smiled to her. He saw a potion dangle in front of his eyes, and Xin’s hand around it, he looked up at him, Xin and a smirk on his lips.

“Could you give this to the summoner?” He said.

Haseo took the potion and took the top off. He gently raised Aina’s head with his hand and put the potion to her lips. She drank it slowly, the gash on her head closed, though the blood Aina.

“Can you sit up?”

She nodded and slowly did so, Balthier kept his hand on her back, just in case. She now sat upright and looked around. She gasped and sprang to her feet, saying dangerously, Balthier stood up and supported her. Holding her left hand with his right, and placing his other hand on her back.

“Easy.” He said gently.

“Where are the others? Are they alright?” She asked him quickly, looking nervous.

“Everyone’s fine.” Haseo motioned to where he had woken up. “They’re over there.”

Aina looked up at Haseo, and he looked into his eyes.

“How are you?” He asked her.

“Fine.” She said. “How are you?” She looked concerned.

'There’s no need for you to be concerned for me, Aina.' “I’m fine.” He smiled. “Knowing that you are.”

Aina felt herself blush and looked away quickly. She had been captivated by him when he first lay eyes on him in the temple in Besaid, and as they journeyed together, she grew fond of him, even began to love him. 'But… I must defeat Sin… I knew my fate long before I became a summoner, and even if I did fall in love, I knew it would be short lived.' Aina looked up at Haseo once more, he was still smiling, and Aina tried to keep her smile, so he wouldn’t be worried by her saddened face. He had already worried him enough. He has a right to know… But it’s too hard to say….

“Haseo… I –.”

“Anie!!” Penelo ran over to her. “Are you alright?”

Aina looked at her cousin and nodded.

“I’m fine.” She said quietly.

The other’s must’ve heard her voice, since they soon appeared, they all looked relieved to see their summoner awake, and were soon asking her the same question she had already been asked by both Haseo and Teleia. Haseo continued to support her, and was still looking at her as she talked to the others. What’s bothering you? What did you want to say?

“Everyone… I need to tell you all, the reason why I went to confront Seymour on my own.” Aina said.

“We’re listening.” Xin said.

“I wanted to confront him, about murdering his father, Lord Jyscal… I wanted to try, try to convince him to turn himself in…. to Yevon’s judgement.”

“In exchange for marriage?” Mel asked, she sounded shocked.

“If that’s what it took, then yes.”

A silence grew among them, Haseo still supported Aina, her gash on her head was gone, but he legs were still shaky.

“What did Seymour say?” Leo asked.

“Nothing, at all…” Aina replied slowly. “I should’ve told you, what I was doing…. Though, now I feel that it wasn’t worth it.”

“Enough!” Auron’s tone caused everyone to look at him. “Dwelling in the past is futile.”

“Hey!” Teleia said, placing her hands on her hips. “You could be a little nicer about saying things like that!”

“Do you want to spend time listening to her regrets? Our immediate concern is Aina’s pilgrimage.” He walked over to Aina. “Are you willing to go on?” He said, his tone softening.

“Yes.” She replied. “Do you think Yevon will allow it?” She asked.

“The Fayth are the ones who give power to the summoners. Not the temples, nor Yevon. If the temples try to stop us, we will defy Yevon if we must.”

Everyone, except Haseo and Auron, gasped at his words.

“I can’t believe you just said that!” Teleia exclaimed.

“Count me out!” Leo said, he crossed his arms. “We have to atone for our sins!” Leo said.

Haseo let out a frustrated sigh, he looked at Leo.

“Think for yourself for once, Leo. Its good to have something to believe in, to help give you strength, or whatever, but it’s also important to believe in yourself!”

Everyone was silent once more, even Leo, who glared at Haseo momentarily but looked away, he did look hurt, but now wasn’t the time to dwell on anything, now was the time to act. Especially since they were still at the bottom of the lake, and they needed to get out, somehow. Ashe pulled herself from Haseo’s hold, he looked at her, and she looked at him, then at Auron.

“I think we must go to Bevelle, and speak with Maestor Mika and explain what has happened. There is no other way, I think.”

“I agree.” Leo said.

Haseo sighed. 'Unbelievable… I’d rather have tried to walk into Hell through the front gate along time ago, than this.' Xin, Teleia and Mel nodded their agreement.

“So it is decided.” Auron sighed.

“Will you come with us?” Aina said looking at Auron.

He nodded, Aina turned to Haseo, her eyes pleaded with him. He sighed.

“We’re going into the lion’s den. And we’re wearing meat around our necks…” He sighed. It would be best if we went with Auron’s plan… But I won’t leave you Aina. “I’ll come.”

She smiled at him, though this time, Haseo couldn’t bring himself to smile. I have a bad feeling about this. He thought, and this one was stronger than the others he had felt.

Aina watched Haseo intently; she knew he was troubled, she could understand why. But we must do this… The other Maestors must understand that we had no choice, and allow us to continue with the pilgrimage.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:17 am

Chapter 51: Out in the Desert Sun

Teleia had finished with repairing their weapons and handed them back to everyone. Aina didn’t have a staff, but they could easily find, or buy another one. There are many travelling salesmen in Spira, Aina thought. Everyone went off in different areas around the ruins again, Mel stayed by Leo, he was still upset.

Aina and Haseo sat together, Aina looked up at the bottom of the temple, her eyes closed, listening to the hymn that could be heard, even from this far under the ice. She always enjoyed listening to the hymn, it soothed and calmed her. She opened her eyes and looked at Haseo, he still looked worried.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” She told him.

Haseo looked at her, she seemed to be back to herself, it made him glad. But he couldn’t shake his feeling.

“I hope you’re right.” He replied.

She smiled and looked at the temple, listen to the voice of the Fayth who sung. Her voice was beautiful. I wonder how much Haseo knows about the Hymn… And if he finds it as calming as I do?

“Listen to the hymn… It’ll calm you down.” She said, still looking at the temple.

“Who sings it?” He asked, as he listened.

“The Fayth.” She replied.

“They have beautiful voices.”

He thought of the other temples, hearing the same hymn song by the many different Fayths, all had beautiful voices. She nodded, she opened her eyes, the signing had stopped. Everyone else too, had noticed. They exchanged glances with each other, and looked around. Aina gasped and pointed towards the temple.

“Sin!” She said.

Everyone looked in that direction. Sin was there, though it was standing still. Haseo felt a familiar presence again. The presence of his brother. There was a bright flash of light, and Haseo closed his eyes to shield them from the light.

Oasis, Unknown Location.

Haseo opened his eyes, he was looking up at a clear blue sky. Sky… Sky? He realised he was floating in water as well, he was floating on his back. He let his feet sink and treaded the water, he looked around and could see rocks that lined the water, a few palm trees. A small beach was near him, and beyond that, endless sand. He swam to the beach and stood when his feet could touch ground, he walked the rest of the way out. He felt behind him, and felt the pole of the Ticking Death. It was still there. He looked around and couldn’t see anyone else, not even Aina. He looked around from where he stood again, he felt his anxiety build. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes briefly, and reopened them. Stay calm… There’s no point in getting worked up, especially in this climate. He looked to his right at the rocks there. They were flat, and one of them provided a shelter from the sun, as well as cast a large shadow on the one beneath it. Balthier walked over to it, and sat down in the shade. It was quite cool. He could hear the flapping of what seemed like large wings approaching him. He stood from his spot and slowly walked out into the sun, he looked up to see a large black bird approach. Huge wings… He thought as he saw them flapping. He had to quickly dive and roll out of the way as the large bird pecked the ground where he stood. Haseo stood up and quickly drew the brotherhood. He looked up at the bird; he wasn’t going to be able to reach it while it was still flying. It screeched and pecked at him again. Haseo jumped out of the way quickly. It screeched loudly, obviously getting annoyed that its prey wasn’t easy to kill. It went to peck him again, though a bolt of lighting on the top of its head caused it to screech and shake its head instead. Haseo looked around and soon saw Fran coming towards him.

“Need any help?” She said as she cast another thundara at the bird.

“about time.” Haseo said.

He watched as the bird landed on the ground, it looked weary. Haseo smirked and ran towards it, avoiding a peck and swung at its body, he barely scratched it, his sword wasn’t long enough. He ran back to Fran’s side.

“Too bad Auron’s not here.” Mel said, having noticed, she cast another thundara spell.

They heard the bird screech. Haseo looked around, to see if he could see Leo, or an aeon, or something that could’ve caused the bird harm. Auron appeared when the large bird had lifted one of its wings to try and peck him. Auron avoided it and swung at the bird’s body. It screeched. Mel cast another thundara spell, and the bird fell over. Its body disappeared into many pyreflies. Auron hefted his sword onto his shoulder and walked over to Mel and Haseo.

“It’s good to see you.” Mel said when he stopped in front of them.

“It looked like you needed the help.” Auron said, he stuck his sword in the sand. He left his arm out of his coat, it was too hot in the desert for that.

“Any sign of the others?” Haseo asked. Or Aina?

They both shook their heads.

“I had noticed the Zu pecking at the ground, and decided to come see if it could have been one of us.” Mel explained. “I’m glad I came.”

“As am I.” Haseo said, he had sheathed the Ticking Death.

“We should find the others.” Auron said.

“Isn’t it best to stay in one spot when separated?” Mel asked.

“If everyone stays still, how will we find each other?” Haseo asked smirking.

“Good point.” Mel said.

Auron pulled his sword from the sand and hefted it onto his shoulder again. The three headed straight ahead of them, to a small valley in between two sand dunes. It was scorching, and there seemed to be nothing but sand in front of them. They walked around a small sand dune, and a makeshift shelter made from a half buried machina and drapes came into view, with Leo sitting underneath, he looked up and noticed them, and he waved, they walked towards him.

“Hey! Its good to see you again!” Leo said when they neared.

“Indeed. Have you seen anyone else?” Haseo asked. How did we get so separated? We weren’t that far apart… And where’s Aina?

“No, though I have seen some fiends, and some machina.” He said sighing. “Just my day, first I loose Aina, then I get attacked by machina!” He grumbled.

“You’re not the only one having a bad day, Leo.” Mel said sternly. “As you can see we’ve all been transported to this desert, and have lost Aina.” Mel crossed her arms and glared at Leo.

He looked away.

“Feeling sorry for yourself won’t find Aina, we should keep moving.” Haseo said as he began to walk. “The others shouldn’t be too far.”

The four walked for a few more minutes, in between the sand dunes, killing the few fiends they encountered. The harsh desert heat was beginning to affect them, but they continued to walk, looking for the others, and Aina. They soon met up with Xin, and continued on after. They now only needed to find Aina and Teleia. They walked along the desert, killing fiends and destroying machina as they walked, they lost track of time, the desert heat was harsh. Mel, Leo and Haseo were sweating; Auron seemed completely unaffected by the harsh desert heat. He walked on ahead of them, easily carrying his sword on his shoulder. Haseo and the others were too hot to for anything abnormal about him to fully register.

“Hey guys! Over hear!!” They heard a familiar female voice call.

They looked up to the top of a large sand dune to see Teleia waving to them. Auron began to walk up its smooth surface, the others following. Teleia looked at each of them.

“So, Anie’s not with you?” She didn’t sound worried.

“You don’t sound worried.” Haseo pointed out.

“Well, I know where she is!”

“Where?” Haseo, Mel and Leo said together.

“Well… Before I tell you, you have to promise not to say anything!” Teleia said.

Almost all promised right away, Leo had his arms crossed.

“You too, Leo!” Teleia said.

He didn’t reply.

“Leo…we wasting time here”

Haseo began slowly. Being separated from Aina, and the harsh desert sun was beginning to affect his mood. Leo sighed.

“Alright, I promise.”

“Good!” Teleia said happily. “She’s at Home!”

“Home?” Haseo asked.

“It’s the home of the Al Bed! Though you can’t tell anyone, because, then people might come and destroy it!”

“Where are we now?” Auron asked, he had set down his sword in the sand again.

“Bikanel Island! This whole place is covered by a desert!” PTeleia said.

“The whole island?” Leo asked, Teleia nodded.

“How do you Aina would be Home?” Haseo asked.

“Some Al Bed must’ve come and rescued her!”

“You mean kidnapped.” Leo put in.

“We don’t have time for this now.” Auron said. “Teleia, do you know the way?”

“Like the back of my hand! Follow me!”

"That is what im afriad of..." Haseo muttered

She walked down the other side of the sand dune, the others following. They continued to trudge along through the desert, following Teleia as she went from signpost to sign post. They encountered few fiends, and even fewer machina, that Teleia easily took care of, dismantling them quickly. Auron and Teleia seemed barely affected by the heat. Teleia kept her upbeat and happy personality, though she was sweating, Auron however, wasn’t sweating at all. There’s something odd about him. He doubted that leaving his arm out of his coat would keep him that cool. Haseo sighed, the heat was getting to him, as did walking through all this sand, and fighting the few fiends they encountered. Teleia stopped in front of a signpost, and looked around, she was beginning to look uncertain about herself, though she still made her decisions quickly as to where they were headed next.

“We’re almost there!” Teleia called out from ahead of them.

“Good.” Leo mumbled.

The heat must’ve been bad, if Leo was now looking forward to arriving at the home of the Al Bed. Teleia walked up a hill, they could hear the faint sounds of fighting from up ahead, everyone became alert again. Teleia was walking up a hill; she reached its peak and stopped, gasping loudly. Everyone rushed up and stood still when they saw what lay before them.

A large metal tower stood in the centre, of slightly smaller metal towers that formed a circle. Gunshots could be heard, and fire as well as many fiends surrounding it could be seen. Screams and yells could also be heard amid the other sounds.

Teleia rushed forward, the others followed, their weapons drawn, they were about to enter a battle zone. If Aina was indeed down there, she could be in trouble. They all ran as fast as they could towards Home.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Terror Of Death » Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:50 pm

Not a bad story, but you kinda turned it into an FFX/.hack story instead of the original PPGD/.hack one (even if the FFX characters resemble the PPGD characters and the city is mentioned a few times). I wouldn't mind seeing this finished, but maybe Kite/Haseo should return to the PPGD universe.

I don't know if this topic would be considered dead since it's been inactive for almost 2 years, so I apologize if it is.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Blood Lord » Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:54 pm

Tue Jun 03, 2008

You see this? This was the last time someone posted in this god forsaken thread. It was almost two years ago.

Reviving old threads is a huge no in here. Don't do it again.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby huai0592 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:25 am

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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby GridsNaranek » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:09 am

Necro'd thread.

If the original writer wants this unlocked, fire me a PM.
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