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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:50 pm

Hehe... Such a cute moment with Bell and the cat. ^_^
You forget to write 'It' of Bell speech that she's been tickled by the cat.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:48 pm

hey...who would of known...Here is the update.
Chapter 13 part 3 Blossem's Power. The Avenger appears!

Kite: "Alright Blossem you ready?"
Blossom: "yeah. I am"
Dexter: "are you sure you dont need help Blossem"
Blossom: "No Dexter but thank you" *kiss his cheek*
Dexter: "Yes 'Mam!"
Kite: ((Note to self be careful of the girls kiss...they make you do things they want)) "All right...now Blossem your Epitaph's name is Tarvos. Summon it and..."

*another AIDA appeares*

Kite: "BEGIN!"
Blossom: *Markings surrounded her body* come TARVOS!!!

*then came Tarvos, The Avenger*


Blossom: "Ok im ready" *fires needles at AIDA*
AIDA: *Fires shock bullets*
Blossom: *dodges and fires massive Needle*
AIDA: *fires Dark seeking bullets*
Blossom: *uses her wings as a shield to block the attack*
AIDA: *fires a massive black beam*
Blossom: *dodges and fires electical spheres at it to break its sheild* Ok Data Drain! *creates a sphere from the needle's tip then fires the sphere at AIDA which was killed and she returns to normal*
Dexter: "Nice job Blossem."
Blossom: "Thank you Dexter."
Kite: "ok got a name"
Blossom: "hmm...Pai will do"
Kite: "Good...All right guys its is time to leave. we spend enough time here"
All: "right."

*then they all leave in an Azure flash*

Chapter 13 part 3 end

Next time on Chapter 14 another school day.... Battle against the AIDA corrupted!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:41 pm

Nice chapter, Kite! It ended very well for them!
It's 'Blossom' not 'Blossem', wrong typo.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:45 pm

Leon FlameBurst wrote:Nice chapter, Kite! It ended very well for them!
It's 'Blossom' not 'Blossem', wrong typo.

i was about to go get some rest soo i rush it but now its fixed
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:08 am

Chapter 14 part 1 another school day.... Battle against the AIDA corrupted!

-Megaville Elementry: Mrs. Meryl Room-

Buttercup: "aww man i hate doing math on 1st period"
Shad: "I feel your pain"
Blossom: "Hey...where's Kite?"
Bubbles: "Over there"

*they all turn and see Kite by the window looking outside with a blank expression on his face*

Blossem: "I wonder what's wrong with him?"
Buttercup: "im going to go talk to him *walks to Kite* hey Kite are you ok?"
Kite: "...."
Buttercup: "Hey Kite *puts her hand on Kite shoulder* are you ok?"
Kite: *snaps out of it* "huh yeah...im fine..."
Buttercup: "are you sure?"
Kite: *smile calmly* "yeah"

*then 2 girls Tootie & Suzie overheard them*

Tootie: "Did you see that."
Suzie: "what"
Tootie: *whispers in Suzie's ear*
Suzie: "really?!?!"
Tootie: "yep. will ask them later for the newspaper"

*Then Ms. Meryl walks*

Mrs. Meryl: "ok students take your seat"
All: "Yes 'mam"

-After class in the hallways-

Kite: "Man that was a pain"
Buttercup: "I agree"
Blossem: "well we got to do it"
Dexter: "yep. hey where Orca & Balmung"
Kite: "you're kidding right? They go to High school"
All: "oh..."

*then Tootie & Suzie got in front of Buttercup & Kite*

Tootie: "sry to disturb you 2 but... *pulls out a note pad* we would like to ask you how you 2 lovebirds meet?"

*then Kite & Buttercup turned as red as an apple*

Both: "L-LOVE BIRDS?!?!?!"
Suzie: "Yeah so Buttercup...Why did you fall for Kite? It's is because of his calm yet has the same additude as you?"
Buttercup: *blushs* "umm"
Blossom: ((Deep question))
Tootie: "So Kite why do you like Buttercup. Is it because she's is cute to you or is it just because you like her"
Kite: *blush and growns*
Dexter: ((MAJOR deep question))
Kite: *Lies* "Oh hey Jack-sensei"
Both: "Jack-Sensei!!!" *turns around*

*then the group leaves in an Azure Flash*

Both: "We got Trick!!!"

-meanwhile on Black Eden-

Cubia: "So Mr.X what do you want me to do?"
Dr.X: "Simple go to Earth and retrive Bell."
Cubia: "and as for Kite and the others"
Dr.X: "....Kill them"
Cubia: "probaly the others but not Kite."
Dr.X: "Very well. and Baraisa you go to"
Baraisa: "yes Dad..."

*Both Cubia & Baraisa leave under darkness*

-After School-

Kite: "well that was a day."
Buttercup: "well at least it can't get any worst than this"

*then AIDA appeared as a Red haired women with a katana appeared infected*


Kite: "Ah crap"
woman: "well well the first people to die"
Kite: "Not on my watch"
All: "Dont forget us!!!"
Woman: "ok then you will all DIE!!!"

*Then Black crows surrounded the woman*

Woman: "What are these thing"

*Then one turn into a black beam and killed the woman. the force of the beam was so heavy that they coverd themselves to defend...Then Kite sees 2 people walking as the crows where flying away....a young girl named Baraisa and then.....Cubia!*

Chapter 14 part 1 end!

Next time on Part 2 The Power of Hate & Pain. Cubia vs. Kite!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:22 am

Man, the fight against Buttercup and Kite versus Baraisa and Cubia!
I wonder it's true that Buttercup and Kite are lovers...

Anyway great chapter! ^_^
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:28 pm

Chapter 14 part 2 The Power of Hate & Pain. Cubia vs. Kite!

-School ground area-

Cubia: "So Kite you escape from your coffin"
Kite: "Yeah."
Cubia: "well good"
Shad: "Who the hell is that"
Dexter: "whoever he is it seems Kite knows him well"
Cubia: "Suprised to see me?"
Kite: "No."
Cubia: "then your aware of it."
Kite: "of what?"
Cubia: "our connection...I dont fully understand how it happen perhaps something inside of you has awaken which overuned me and at that point it's erellavent but what ever happend, happend for a reason."
Kite: "and what reason is that?"
Cubia: "I'd killed you Kite I watched you die no sastifaction i might add but then something happend...something i know which was impossible...you destroyed me Kite. afterward i learned the rules and understand what i was supposed to do, but i didn't...i couldn't. i was compailed to distaine...compailed to disobey. Now here i stand because of you Kite because of you i am no longer apart of reality. because of you im change im unplug a new man sorta speak like you apperitly free."
Kite: "Congradulation"
Cubia: "Thank you...but as well know apperance can be deciving which brings me back to the question why where here...we're not here because we're free we're here because we're not free...there is no escaping reason no denying purpose because we both know without purpose...we would not exsist."

*then out of the shadows other Cubia Images appeared*

Cubia#1: "it is purpose that created us."
Cubia#2: "Purpose that connect us."
Cubia#3: "Purpose that pulls us."
Cubia#4: "puprose that drive-"
Cubia#5: "that trives us."
Cubia#6: "Purpose that define us."
Cubia#7: "Purpose that binds us."
Cubia: "we are because of you Kite. we're here to take from you what you take from us" *drives his Hand into Kite's Chest*
Kite: "Ghhh"
Cubia: "purpose."

*then a black infection slowly infecets Kite*

Buttercup: "KITE!!!"

*then Baraisa gets in her with her hand full of dark energy*

Baraisa: "don't even try"
Buttercup: "Damnit!!!"

*The Infection reachs Kite's face*

Cubia: "Yes that's it will be over soon"
Kite: !!!

*then the infection reversed itself then Kite pulls Cubia's hand out of his chest with no injuries in his chest then the other Cubia clones charged at him but at that time Kites body was ingulfed in Azure flames*

Kite: "Azure...BLAST!!!"

*then Flames burst out of him into a sphere-like blast around him in a 20 feet radius causing Cubia into a wall & the Cubia sky flying then was erased. as the blast ended Kite decended into the middle of the crater*

Cubia: "hmph you did get stronger...Baraisa lets go!"
Baraisa: "but-"
Cubia: "Another time will do"

*then they both disappear into darkness*

Kite: "huff huff" *falls on one knee and coughs up blood"
Buttercup: "Kite!" *helps him up*
Blossem: "Lets take him to the infirmery"
All: "Right!"
Kite: "H-hold on...i know a place to heal this wond."

*then Azure flames surrounded them and teleport then from the school grounds as a certain skeliton boy, blonde girl, gingerbread man, rag doll girl, and devilish girl appeared from the shadows*

Grim jr.: "That..."
Ginger: "was amazing."
Hansel: "so where did they go"
M.M.: "I thou have no idea"
Her: "we might as well tell the others about this"
Group: "got it!"

*then they leave*

Chaper 14 part 2 end!

Next time on Chapter 15 Alter of Azure Rejuvination. A talk GT & SB cast!
Man this is a long chapter!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:40 pm

The Matrix reference! Yet one of my favorite scenes!
I wonder that the 5 from the last scene are enemies or not...
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:22 pm

Chapter 15 Alter of Azure Rejuvination. A talk GT & SB cast!

-Somewhere in the Himalayas-

*Azure flames appeared around the area and the group appeared*

Kite: "well we're here"
Shad: "D-damn i-it's c-cold"
Dexter: "G-gee y-ya think"
PPG: "where are we?!?"
Kite: "The hidden entrance to the lost city of Atatar in well know Himalayas"
Kite: "Hold on... שהנודע לשמצה בעקבות נפילת חלונות הזכוכית ממנו, זמן קצר! (from the light comes the dark the war has begun again. Open the doors once again) "

*then the snow bursted under neath it as a door was shown*

Kite: "lets get in before we freeze"
All: "right"

*as they all entered the faclitiy they didn't know they where followed by the GT & SB*

Bo: "is this the place Brave?"
Brave: *nodes*
Grim Jr: "Guess we are at the right place"
Her: "We better get inside and keep hidden."
Group: "Right"

*then they all enter the ruins*

-Azure Chamber of Rejuvination-

Buttercup: "What is this place?"
Kite: "a place for the injuires i had to be healed"
Otto: "This place is so old it was untouched by man"
Kite: "you got that right...this place is at least 4,000 years old"
All: "Damn this place is really old!"
Kite: "I know..." *sits into a stone like throne*

*then Azure flames surrounded Kite, the bleeding begins to stop and then connecters connect to Kite's neck*

Kite: "ghhh"

*then the Azure flames decends & Kite get's up rubbing his neck*

Kite: "all right lets get out of here & get THEM out of hiding"

*then the group turns around and sees the GT & SB cast came out of the shadows of hiding*

Grim Jr.: "Guess we got cought huh?"
Kite: "yeah and now i want to know why your all here"
Bo: "we are sorry sir but we just wanted to know what was going on."
Hansel: "And we also like to know was that kid you fought with at the school grounds"
Kite: "...his name is Cubia, The Anti-Epitaph of Everything..."

*all where shock to hear that*

Bell: "and that black haired girl...was my sister named Baraisa."
Kite: "excatliy..."
Bell: "I thought she was gone a long time now"
Kite: "we will have to find out later, but for now let's get out of here"
all: "right!"

*then they all leave the Lost city*

Chapter 15 end!

Next time on chapter SPECIAL Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. AVP
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:52 am

Cool chapter Kite! The GT and SB charathers are somehow amusing me.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:49 pm

chapter SPECIAL! part 1 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. AVP

-PPG House-

*they enter thought the front door*

Buttercup: "hey Kite?"
Kite: "Hmm?"
Buttercup: "what happend to you in the Alter?"
Blossom: "i would like to know as well"
Bubbles: "me too"
Kite: "....I tell you later"
PPG: "aww"
Kite: "well lets get some rest ok?"
PPG: "ok"

*then PPG went into their own room*

Kite: "it seems quiet...too quiet"

*then he enters his room*

-Somewhere on Megavilles top tower-

*on the top of the building a creature with weapons looked down on the city, with cyco weponds then he pulled out a skull as he look at it. this creature is known as the Predator*


Predator: *voice sounds like cracking noise and then roars into the sky

-underneath a broken down company-

*in the coldest part of the underground a large frozen beast was in it till fires burst out of opening spaces thus cause the frozen beast to be unfrozen. this monster is called Alien*


Alien queen: *screehs loud*

*then about 10 of then about human size comes out of the shadows unfrozen as well*


Aliens: *screechs then leaves*

-back on the tower-

Predator: *roars then jumps of the building when his whole body clocked to the next building*

-PPG house-

Kite: *feels pressure as he wakes up breaving heavly* "what the?...something's not right here"
Buttercup: *enters his room* "Kite are you ok?"
Kite: "...yeah i'll be fine"
Buttercup: "well ok if you need me ill be in my room...ok?"
Kite: "sure ok then"

*then Buttercup leaves leaving Kite to think for a while*

Kite: ((What just happend there?...oh well)) *falls asleep*

SPECIAL! part 1 end
SPECIAL! part 2 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:54 am

Wow, AvP! I didn't expect that to read this! But you made it a cool chapter about that!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:28 pm

chapter SPECIAL! part 2 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P.

-Saturday at a local clothing & sports shop-

Kite: "ok guys get the things you need we got all the time we need."
Bubbles: "I'm glad to bring Courage here, but they wont let him inside."
Buttercup: "My kind of store."
Bubbles: "Buttercup!"
Balmung: "it is just their policy"
Orca: "policy only gives broken dream."
Dexter: "That never happened before"
Blossom: "i have to agree with Dexter"
Bunny: "...."
Shad: "Hey you ok?"
Bunny: "huh? oh yeah im fine"

-outside the store-

Courage: ZZZZZ....

*a trash can was knock down*

Courage: "Ruh?"

*then out of the shadows an Alien shows itself then looks at courage*


Alien: *hisses*
Courage: *screams like a little girl then runs into the store and grabs Bubble's leg*
Bubbles: "whats wrong Courage"
Courage: "R-R-R" *Animation: looks like the Alien then turns back to normal*"
Buttercup: "what the hell is that supposed to mean"
Kite: "if i have to guess it is some Monster outside right"
Courage: "rahuh"

*then noises where heard up the air shoot*

All: Uh-oh

*then the panel open and an Alien appeared*

Kite: "What the hell!"
Alien: *walks near Buttercup to kill her*
Buttercup: "Bring it Ugly!
Alien: *growls evily*

*then a spear pins the Creature to the ground an then it dies*

All: What the!? :ogle:

*then out of nowhere another creature appeared ((Predator)) appeared then pulls the spear out of the dead Alien and the spear went into a smaller state*


Shad: "what the f**k"
Kite: "lets get out of here. Now!"
Store cleark: "all of you go though the back exit!"
All: Right!

*All leave to the exit except Kite & Buttercup*

Buttercup: "Let's go Kite"
Kite: "No...not yet"
Buttercup: "But you can get killed"
Kite: "Listen Buttercup...Take all of the group & head back to the house. I'll be right behind you. ok"
Buttercup: "ok...Just dont die." *heads toward the back entrance*
Predator: "...."

*then the store clearks came out with guns but the Predator has 2 Gun-like weapons on his shoulders and then fires at them killing them*


Kite: "Oh s**t."
Predator: *looks at Kite with his guns prepared to fire*


*Then another Alien grabs Kite's shoulder*

Kite: "heh BIG mistake" *Azure flames surronded his body burning the Aliens hands*
Alien: *screechs in agony of its hands burning off*
Kite: *pulls his Multi-Blades swords then cuts the Alien's head off*
Predator: *walks toward Kite* "...."
Kite: "what are going to do?"
Predator: "חלונות הזכוכית ממנו, זמן קצר" (who are you?)
Kite: *Relized he spoke the same language as in the Ruin in Atatar so he spoke the same language* נפילת חלונות הזכוכית (I'm Kite of the Azure Flames)
Predator: "לשמצה בעקבות נפילת" (well Kite sence you killed this creature) *breaks off one of the dead alien's finger as steam appeared from it* הזכוכית (hold still this may hurt) *makes a marking on the left side of Kite's skull*
Kite: *flichs in pain* הזכוכי (ouch)
Predator: הזכוכית ממנו (Just deal with it) *finished it* זכוכית (done lets go) *drops a small charge while 2 more appeared*
Kite: זכוכית (right!)

*then the both ran out the front door and Kite sealed in with flames so they cound't get out then 5 seconds later the bomb exploded along with the aliens thus Kite & Predator head toward the PPG home*

SPECIAL! Part 2 end!
SPECIAL! Part 3 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Mar 09, 2008 2:16 am

Chapter SPECIAL! Part 3 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P

-PPG home-

*before the explosion at the store Buttercup returns to her house*

Blossom: "Their you are Buttercup, But where is Kite?"
Buttercup: "...." *a small tear comes down her eye*
Bubbles: "Dont tell us that-"
Buttercup: "he's stlll there...at that store"
Bunny: "and you just left him there!"
Buttercup: "He said for me to head back to the house and regroup with the others...and he'll be back"
Balmung: "but have you seen that thing! he could be dead!"
Orca: "Balmung! Thats enough!
Balmung: *realized what he said he sees Buttercup crying abit* I-im sry i didn't mean to say that.
Buttercup: *sobing*
Bell: "Buttercup...your worried for him are you?"
Buttercup: "....Uh-huh."
Bell: "well do you...'like' him"
Buttercup: "...." *nods her head*
???: "That all i need to hear."

*they all turn and see Kite still in 1 piece but no sign of the Predator. Buttercup was so relieved she hugged Kite* (Aww...cute monent)

Buttercup: "Idiot...dont ever do things all on your own"
Kite: "heh dont worry i wont."
Dexter: "where was that creature."
Kite: "Umm...Right next to me"

*Then the Predator was out of clocking in apperance*

All: YIKE!
Predator: "לשמצה בעקבות" (im not going to kill you all)
Kite: "He said he's not going to kill you." לשמצה (speak English)
Predator: *activates his wrist communicator to English* Their that makes things better...i suposed an introduction is in order. Im Yautja a warrior of the alien race Alocamala.
Buttercup: "You have at least 10 sec. to tell us why your here or ill kick you @$$ to kingdom come!"
Yautja: "why of course...Im am here to rid of creatures called Barraki's that you have seen in the store."
Shad: "you mean those ugly creature"
Yautja: "yep."
Kite: "well since your here you 4 girls might as well get ready for what the professer made."
PPG: "Huh?!"
Bell: "What do you mean?"
Kite: "You'll know....to the basement"

*they all leave to the basement*

-Utonium's Lab-

Kite: "Yo Professer! are they ready?"
Utonium: "yes they are...Girl Bell try these on" *gives them mecha clothing*
PPG & Bell: thank you professer!

*7 minutes later blossom came out first with her mecha suit*

Blossom: "how do i look?"
Dexter: *turns red* "Not Bad."
Blossom: *blushs* "Thanks dexter...huh?"

*then mecha-like wing appeared around her*


Blossom: "what are these?"
Utonium: "Mecha wings to increase your speed"

*then Bubbles came out in her suit*

Bubbles: "Well?"
Shad: "You look like an angel"
Bubbles: *blushs* "Thanks Shaddy."

*then wepond-like projectiles appeared aroun her*


Bubbles: "Wow!"
Utonium: "Mecha Cannons to amplify you blast"

*then Buttercup came out with her suit*

Buttercup: "feels good"
Kite: "you look perfect in it"
Buttercup: *blushs* "Thanks you Kite"

*then 4 weaponds around her*


Buttercup: "Woah Cool"
Utonium: "4-way weponds mod. allows you to use 4 weponds

*then Bell came out with her suit*

Bell: "well this feel good"
Balmung: "Make you look awsome"
Bell: *turns red* "T-Thanks Balmung."

*then mecha-wings like Blossom came out*


Bell: "I fell different but in a good way"
Kautja: "well now that the fasion show is over lets decuss how rid of the Barraki's"
All: Right!

SPECIAL! part 3 end!
Next time in SPECIAL! Part 4
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:10 am

Chapter SPECIAL! Part 4 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P.

-Utonium's Lab-

Kautja: "alright though the scan of the entire city their at least 4,000 Barraki's on each side of it"
Kite: "what about the civilians?"
Kautja: "90% evacuated the city 10% are dead do to the Barraki's"
Blossom: "but what if those things get out of the city?"
Mai: "yeah?"
Lyn: "what will happen then?"
Balmung: "when i check around the city exits they were barricaied by the national guard."
Orca: "Damn and just things cound't get any worse than that."
Bell: "If im not mistaken their at least making more of themselves
Kautja: "grrr We need a plan..."

*they all think*

Bubbles: "cant we fly over to the city"
Yautja: "Cant they got helicopters around the city"
Shad: "then what else?"

*all thinking again*

Bunny: "the sewers?"
All: "HELL NO!!!"
Otto: "when i check the time streim they complety seal it in"

*all thinking again*

Kite: "Wait i know." *pulls out his cellphone and dials numbers*
Dexter: "who are going to call?"
Kite: *puts the cellphone near his ear* "Global Defenders..."
Voice: "Hello?"
Kite: "yes i would like to speak with Dr. Brisdane..."
Voice: "one moment..."
Dr. Brisdane voice: "Hello?"
Kite: "yes is this Dr. Brisdane?"
Dr. Brisdane voice: "yes this is...who are you?"
Kite: "My name is Kite"
Dr. Brsidane voice: "oh so your Kite that the boys are talking about. what do you need?"
Kite: "2 things...1 is if the RRB get here to Megaville to fight of creatures in the city."
Dr. Brisdane voice: "i know the whole city is overruned. the army is going in their"
Kite: Right and 2 to have acess to government policy to get into the city."
Dr. Brisdane voice: "Understood be at the North Gate you'll meet the RRB there.

*both hang up*

Kite: "all right listen lets head toward a barricaid in the north side of Megaville"
All: Right!

*then the all headed outside towards the north section gat of the city*

-Global Defender's HQ-

Dr. Brisdane: "ok you know what the mission is...Find Kite and the others at the north side of Megaville. when you enter the North section make sure to kill the creatures and check for civilians if their any..."

*then the RRB fly off towards Megaville*

-North Section-

Kite: *huff* "that was a good run"
Buttercup: *sacaticly* "Gee their is nothing fun then running than flying"

*then the RRB appeared*

Brick: "we got in here just in time"
Boomer: "what's the problem"
Butch: "what he said"

*then a marine appeared*

Marine: "hey you kids-"

*animation: then a vein mark on Kite's head*

Marine: "you shound't be here."
Brick: "We have orders from the government" *gives him a slip with the government handwritings*
Marine: *reads it* "Global Defenders huh...what's with people these days using kids-"

*animation: Bigger vein mark appeared on Kite's head then disappeared*

Marine: "to do this type of job...Ok...OPEN THE GATES!"

*then other marines appeared unlocking the way into the city and the entire group enters the infested city*

Kite: "We in for one hell of a wild night."

SPECIAL! Part 4 end!
SPECIAL! Part 5 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:39 pm

Chapter SPECIAL! Part 5 Unknown creatures & Unknown Hunter. A.V.P.

-North side of Megaville-

Kite: "ok here is how we are going to get it done. Blossom, Brick, & Dexter will take of this side of town."
Blossom: "yes sir."
Brick: "got it."
Dexter: "understood"
Kite: "good now Bubbles, Boomer, & Shad take care of the South side"
Bubbles: "ok."
Boomer: "yeah..."
Shad: "sure."

*then they flied to the south side of the city*

Kite: "ok Buttercup, Butch, & Otto you take care of the East side."
Buttercup: "This is gonna be sweet."
Butch: "That's my line, but yeah it will be."
Otto: "i dont like where this is going..."

*then they headed to the east side of the city*

Kite: "well Bell, Bunny, Mai & Lyn will take the west side"
Bell: "im ready."
Bunny: "so am i!"
Mai: "this will be a breeze"
Lyn: "yeah..."

*then they headed toward the west side*

Blossom: "what about you and the others"
Kite: "Yautja, Balmung, Orca, & I will head toward the nest so we will be ready to set the charges to send them straight to hell."
Yaujta: "all right the location is at least 100 ft belows"
Balmung: "its been awhile since we fought."
Orca: "this will be fun."
Kite: "Ok i'll teleport us to the location...hang on."

*Then Yaujta and the Azure Trio teleported into a sphere and enters the ground*

Blossom: "i hope they know what their doing."
Dexter: "they will do what they can."
Brick: "you 2 love birds get ready...here they come!"

*then at least 25 Barraki's came out of the shadows then at least 75 came climbing down from the buildings ready for the kill*

Brick: *prepares to fight* "think you can handle this many?"
Dexter: *pulls out a Gun blade* "well...if be tougher if 1 more showed up."
Blossom: *pulls out gauntlent and the Mecha wings came out* "then that will be the one ill take care of."
Brick: "what your fighting to."

*then they all charged. Dexter uses his Gun blade to cut up at least 10 of them then fires a charge of energy at one that it's head blown off. as for Blossom she rapidly attack a barraki at least 50 times fast that its own body exploded then then files to the sky then slams her fist to the ground causing at least 45 Barrakis where sent sky high. Brick fire multiple blast to kill 15 of them then rips off one of their tails and use it as a whip to kill the last of them*

-South side of town-

Bubbles: "where are they?"
Boomer: "Dont know."
Shad: "Hold on their they are!"

*then at least 200 Barrakis came out of the buildings*

Shad: *pulls out a Scythe* "i was born ready"
Bubbles: *pulls out a staff including mecha cannons* "so am i."
Boomer: *prepares to fight* "..."

*then they charge at them. Shad slash at least 25 into a spiral slash then 10 charged at him then Shad creates an energy slash to kill them and 50 more came then Shad cause an Ebony Flame tidal wave. Bubbles was against at least 50 of them then she uses her staff to confused them with images then she uses a sonic scream to blow their minds out...litterily and fires the cannons to create a massive explosion. Boomer creates a powerful to fire at the rest of the Barraki's then kills them all.*

-East side of town-

Buttercup: "Ok where are they?!"
Butch: "i dont see them."
Otto: "Hold on...look up their!"

*then 100 Barrakis came out of the buildings*

Buttercup: *calls her weponds* "lets go!"
Otto: *pulls out Shuriken blades* "jeez..."
Butch: *prepares to fight* "This will be fun."

*then they charge at them. Buttercup uses her drill to drive it in one of their heads then she pulls a sword out to cut another in half then brings out her mecha claw then squeeze the acid out of one of them then pours it on at least 35 of them and finally pulls out her hammer then slams it to the ground to create a shockwave to kill them. otto throws his shurikens at 25 of them cutting off their heads then they return to Otto as a Barraki sneaks down a building but Otto swing his blade around it's face then slowly the Barraki's face slowly falled off as Otto puts his blades into a shuriken blades decend in the contaiment of the disk blade. Butch rapidly punchs & kick the Barrakis senses out them then fires alot of blasts at them to kill them*

-west side of town-

Bell: "man where are they?"
Bunny: "i dont see them..."
Mai: "man i dont see them"
Lyn: "Hold on. Look out!"

*then 300 Barraki's came out of the buildings*

Bell: *pulls out her katana & her wings came out* "bring it!"
Bunny: *prepares to fight* "come on!"
Mai & Lyn: *spell books appeared around them* "We're ready!"

*then they charged at them. Bell charge at them so fast that she slashed 100 so fast in a blink of an eye then as sheath her sword all 100 Barraki's had cut marks everywhere then fall on the ground dead and Bell just giggled at the killed creatures. Bunny rapidly spins around like a tornado caputring 100 of them in the tornado then she spins much faster to make the barraki's bodys get torn apart then Bunny stop as all the body parts of the Barrakis fall to the ground. Mai use a spell to make at least 50 Barraki's burn up and turn to bones then 50 more charge at Mai then Lyn uses a spell to freeze them then she snaps her fingers then the frozen Barrakis shatters like glass*

-100 ft below Megaville-

*the Azure Trio & Yautja appeared near the containment temple*

Yautja: "There it is."
Kite: "Damn this place is older than Atatar."
Orca: "not to mention colder..."
Balmung: "Where do they set the charges?"
Yautja: "on each side of the temple"
Azure Trio: "Got it."

*the at least 10 minutes they set the charges everyside of the Temple*

Yautja: "Ok let's get the hell out of here."

*but then the Temple doors open and the Barraki Queen came out of the temple*


Barraki Queen: *hissed*
Kite: "Woah didn't see that coming. Let's go!"

*then they all teleported before the charges exploded took the temple with it*

-back to Megaville-

*the group returns back to the surface*

Kite: "well Job's done"
Balmung: "you got that right

*then the ground begins to rumble*

Yautja: "not quite"
Orca: "oh no."

*then the Barraki Queen burst out of the ground*

Kite: "God Damnit!!!! when will this thing quit & die!"

*then the Barraki Queen charge straight at them. Yautja fires dual blades from his wrist at the Barraki Queen's neck but it just stop but not died then he pulls out his Disk blade then throws it at the Barraki queen then it comes back to Yautja then throws it at the Barraki Queen again as the blade comes back the queen swings it tail at Yautja piercing him though the chest killing him then throws Yautja body off it's tail. Kite was pissed off then pulls out his muti-blade swords then rapidly attacks the queen then the queen used it tail on Kite causing him to collide to a building. then as he got out of the buliding his body was paralized then the queen was prepared to stab Kite with it's tail.*

Buttercup: "KITE!!!" *Charges at full speed knocking the Barraki Queen to the a building* "Kite are you Ok?
Kite: *too weak to move* "...."
Buttercup: "Kite!"
Barraki queen: *gets out of the building then swing it tail at Buttercup*
Buttercup: *gets knock out cold*
Kite: "!!!" *pulstated to see Buttercup not moving know from his memories how Blackrose died from Cubia* "...." *then he snaps in blind rage* "GRRRAAHHHH!!!!!!!" *grabs the Barraki Queen's neck*
Barraki Queen: *cant move in fear*
Kite: "Azure...Ultima!!!!" *then a giant pillar of azure flame appeared around the barraki queen burning it into nothing but dust then Kite walked toward Buttercup healing her with pure Azure Flames*
Buttercup: "...thanks Kite"
Kite: "sure thing Buttercup"

*then the rest of the group appeared*

Blossom: "their you guys are, but where Yautja?"

*then they lower their heads then see Yautja dead body*

Kite: "...may you rest in peace"

*Then out of nowhere an Alocamalian appeared then 2 more appeared then a ship appeared out of the sky. Kite knows that the one that stands in front of him was the leader*

Leader: "לשמצה בעקבות" (so you killed the Queen yet one of my warriors fall dead into battle)
Kite: "לשמצה" (yeah that's pretty much it)
Leader: "לשמצה בע" (very well...)

*then 4 other Alocamalian appeared took Yautja dead body. Then the leader pulls out a sword: Exaliber then gives it to Kite. then the leader leaves to it's ship then they disappear*

Kite: "...Let's go home."
All: Right...

*then they all leave the empty city*

Chapter Special! Ended!!!
Next time on Chapter 16 3 ways to to wake up a dead asleep Kite. Virtual Training time!
Added after 1 hours 12 minutes:

Damn my eyes hurt including my brain, but however i will give you guys a nice treat. a trailer for second session of this story. Here it goes

*in a unknown realm where nothing was alive till electicity came around then Dr.X appeared in front of Kite*

Dr.X: ....Speak.
Kite: The power of Cubia is ground beyond your control-

*then a scene shows Cubia and Cubia Images appeared then the vision stop*

Kite: You can not stop him-

*then the scene shows Kite prepared to fight Cubia*

Kite: But i can.
Dr.X: And if you fail?

*then their was dead silence*

Kite: i wont...

*then the scene shows Buttercup and someone named the Oracle *

Buttercup: Do you know what happend to Kite?

*then a scene show Kite walking in the unknown realm*

Oracle: He is trap between this world and the AIDA world.

*then the scene shows Dexter's Arch-Rival return from the dead, Mandark*

Mandark: bring me the eye of the oracle-

*then a scene shows Kite got hit and crash into the wall*

Mandark: and i will give you back your savior.

*then the scene shows an unknown person*

???: Mr. Kite.
Kite: who are you?
???: the past flesh-

*then a flame-like image of Cubia appeared around the unknow boy*

???: that sees your enemy...
Kite: That's impossible.
???: Not impossible...Inevitible.
Cubia: hehehahaha!!!!

*then the scenay shows a deserted area with the group*

Professer: In least then 12 hours armies of AIDA will breach the the Dark walls.
Dexter: ...if we have to give our live...WE GIVE THEM HELL BEFORE WE DO!
All: Yeah!

*then the scenery showing Kite and Baraisa*

Kite: Can our worlds be saved?

*then a scene shows the whole group prepared to fight AIDA*

Baraisa: Tonight...the future of both world will be in your hands...or in his.

*then the scenery shows Kite walking down the streets of Megaville empty while the Cubia images look at Kite hatefully while Cubia appeared at least half a mile away from Kite*

Cubia: Well Kite welcome back...we've missed you.
Kite: This ends tonight.

*then they both charged at each other colliding their fist at one another forcing them back. then the scene changes to where the group is about fight with AIDA*

Professer: You never believe in The One.
Baraisa: I still dont...I believe in him.

*then AIDA cracks the walls*

Shad: The dock is breached!
Dexter: Here they come

*then they fired at the AIDA army*

Professer: Kite is believing what he must do.

*then the scene shows Buttercup huging Kite*

Buttercup: If you tell me will make it I'll believe in you.
Kite: we'll make we have to.
Professer: I dont know what he will do to save us.

*then the scene shows the Azure Flame God & Anti-Epitaph Cubia fighting in the sky*

Professer: But i do know that as long as their is a single breath in his body...he will not give up and neither can we.

*then the final scene shows Azure Flame God & Cubia colliding then everything was white then Blackrose appeard in front of Kite*

Blackrose: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Trailer Ended!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:50 am

Next time on Chapter 16 3 ways to to wake up a dead asleep Kite. Virtual Training time!

-Saturday morning 9:00 AM-

*Ah Saturday. a day for kids freedom at school and to enjoy the weekends let see how the Powerpuff girls deal with this morning as they get up*

Bubbles: Yay! IT'S SATURDAY! c'mon girls get up.
Blossom: Yeah sure.
Buttercup: *grunts a bit* yeah...
Bell: Got it. im up
Bunny: ...5 more minutes
Bubbles: Let me get Kite, Balmung & Orca up.
Buttercup: Nah let me do it.
Blossom: well that's unexpecting of you Buttercup...is it beacuse you want to spend some time alone with Kite.
Buttercup: Shut up. it's not like you would spend alone time with Dorkster.
Blossom: Hey he's not a dork! and his name is Dexter.
Buttercup: whatever. im going. *leaves*

*in the hallway Buttercup walks downstairs and sees Orca drinking a cup of coffie and watching TV while Balmung was reading a book on the couch.*

Buttercup: You guys are up already?
Orca: Yeah *drinks his coffie* did you hear on the news.
Buttercup: what news?
Balmung: that the Barraki's Infection of the city has been cleared out. so it's safe to go back to the city.
Buttercup: that's a relief. Hey where's Kite?
Orca: Probualy in his room.
Buttercup: Thanks *about to heads toward Kite's room*
Orca: woah hold on Kite cant let anyone in his room.
Buttercup: Says who?
Balmung: it's just not wise to go in their
Buttercup: watch me. *enters Kite room*

-Kite's Room-

*inside Buttercup looks around Kite's Room sees a Plasma screen TV, a Labtop, a desk that has folders scattered around...no doubt it was homework, a Xbox 360, A PS3, a suitecase that has the marking like the language of the alcomada and finnaly a bed with an azure color on the sheets and in the bed Kite was asleep*

Kite: :zzz:
Buttercup: *shakes him* Hey Kite get up.
Kite: *still sleeping*
Buttercup: *shakes him a little harder* Hey c'mon your wasting the day away.
Kite: *still asleep*
Buttercup: .... *shakes him hard that it could wake anyone up* OUI! GET UP WILL YOU?!
Kite: *still dead asleep*
Buttercup: wow he must be dead tierd.

*then Orca & Balmung enters the room*

Balmung: He must of been working on something last night.
Orca: well guess we got to get him up 3 ways
Buttercup: what are they?
Orca: lets go with it. lets start with #1.

*25 minutes later Balmung comes back with a Baconater from Wendey's and places it near Kite*

Balmung: there we go.
Buttercup: What you placed near him?
Balmung: A baconater. Kite loves to eat it.
Buttercup: well i know one thing. Orca just ate it.

*then Balmung reconized that the Baconater was being eatin by Orca*

Balmung: Orca...
Orca: sry...Hunger get what hunger wants...
Balmung: *sigh* Ok let's try #2

*3 minutes later they reel in a large gong*

Orca: ok cover your ears!

*then they covor their ears as Orca swack the gong so hard that the others heard it*

Blossom: What the heck is going on!?
Bubbles: I think my ears are bleeding abit
Orca: sry we're just trying to get Kite up.
Balmung: now the last on is #3 but we need alot of shock-
Buttercup: Or we can do this *gets a bucket of water then throws the water on Kite*
Buttercup: seems that woke him up from dead.
Kite: haha very funny...so why are you in my room?
Buttercup: just trying to get you up.
Kite: Next time use a warm bucket of water.

*then the professor walks in*

Professor: sorry to disturb the group but we need to train
All: no fair!
Professer: Don't worry once we're done with it we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.
All: Okey...

*then the headed downstairs*

-Virtual training room-

Kite: they used this for training?
Professer: exactly. Dexter care to explain it
Dexter: yes sir. You see this will be used for virtual reality purposes and other types of program training. as you can see there are like levels that test your power like LV.1 for easy and Lv.150 for expert.
Kite: what about this one? *Points at a knob that should the infinate symbol*
Dexter: That is a very dangerous level that the girls barely survived last time or in otherwise God Mode. it's when they face against themselves like facing your fear or darkness except 10x stronger than before and it will fight you.
Kite: ...Ill go first.
Professer: ok...if you want it.

*then Kite enters the Virtual chamber*

Buttercup: is this the right thing to do?
Professer: he said he wanted to go first *activates the nobe setting it to level 125*

*then the virtual chamber turns into a deserted ruins of a city. and what stood in front of him was Baraisa and then the fight was about to begin*

Chapter 16 ended!
Next time on Chapter 17 Kite vs. Baraisa! Something goes wrong! Into Another Realm
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:28 pm

Chapter 17 Kite vs. Baraisa! Something goes wrong! Into Another Realm
Kite: So i have to face this kid... (that was with Cubia...this will be tough)
Professer: Dont worry this is just a virtual testing dummy. the training will begin in 3...2...1...Begin!

*then Baraisa charged at Kite full speed then throws her fist at Kite. Kite pulls out 1 of his Multi-blades sword to counter her attack then creates Azure Flames and strikes Baraisa with it. Baraisa stumbles abit but got back up and fires a massive black sphere at Kite. Kite just stood their wait for it to get to him then puts his left hand on the sphere then forcing it to the left that hit a building and it tumbles down. Baraisa showed no emotion because it was not the real Baraisa but the group could not believe it. Kite was about to finish it but Baraisa nailed Kite in the stomach. Kite stumbles abit but when Baraisa was about charges at Kite he raised his right arm and prongs appeared around it*


Kite: Data Drain!

*fires a beam directliy at Baraisa causing her whole body to explode*

Professer: Good training is com-

*then the system went to code red*

Professer: What the?!
Buttercup: What's happening?!
Dexter: I dont know but something is happen to the energy around Kites right hand.

*when they see Kite on the Moniter the Data Drain on his wrist begins to have a major red aura was around it*



*Then the whole training room had been electricfied that the systems exploded and their was a bright light that blinded the whole group then when the flash is gone so was Kite*

Buttercup: What the? where's Kite!
Balmung: Automatic transportation...that skill can only be done if data drain was used on Data.
Orca: so now he is in a dimentional gate that will take him to another realm...
Dexter: how did you know that?
Blossom: yeah.
Balmung: He did it along time ago...and we ended up in a realm full of crackpot casinos and gangsters.
Bubbles: how unfortunate.

-Interdimentional Gateway-

*the braclet was traveling light speed along with Kite though the system*

Kite: Where the hell are you taking me?!?!

*then the braclet goes faster then Kite turn into a 14 year old and his clothing became different*


Kite: ah Crap here we go

*then he ends up in a space ship. ((Author's note: Welcome to space))*

Kite: Where the hell am i.

chapter 17 ended
Next time on Chapter 18 Inside the ship. Kite meet the Realm's Heros: Galaxy angels
I am known as the "Chaos Adept Master". Fight with me your going to regret it.
My life is in total hell and hatered so I fight only to overcome myself
Im seaching for answers i dont even know...to find out what happen in my past
This is what im do when im Glad for other people who will impress me and others
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:13 pm

Chapter 18 Inside the ship. Kite meet the Realm's Heros: Galaxy angels

Kite: Where the hell am i?
???: listen here and listen good.
Kite: huh?

*turns around and sees a guy with a cigar & a frighten soldier*

Boss: you are last combatnet so your going to that death match & your going to like it.
Soldier: No..you cant make go their..i kill you..I'LL KILL YOU!
Boss: *fires a gun at him* Wasteless trash.
Kite: *walks to the killer* Is that anyway to treat a frighten combatnet
Boss: What's it to you?
Kite: it's simple...your have no combatnets left
Boss: Hmm...you got a point...how 'bout you?
Kite: Interesting...what's the catch & pay?
Boss: It's a 11 on 1 battle and your on your own in this battle and money is 15k also membership to the galaxy order.
Kite: ...You my friend got yourself a deal.

*15 minutes in the arena*


*then Kite appeared in center stage as the crowed goes wild while 7 people were observing*

Tact: I got $55 on the solo fighter. if he wins he is in our group
Forte: On the squad $55
Muillife: On the solo person $55
Ranpha: Squad $55
Vanalla: Squad $55
Mint: squad $55
Chisote: Solo person $55

*then the gates open then soldiers came out with their guns firing at Kite*


*but the bullet reflected off of Kite then weponds appeared around him then pulls a sword while Azure flames appeared around it*


*then he charges at them slashing a few of them then jumps and pulls out a lance & gun*


*then pierces one on the ground then fires his gun rapidly at a few then throws Azure flames on 1 of them*


*then one is about to hit Kite with a gun, but Kite brings out a sword and cuts him in the arm*


*then the last one fires a missile at hit and it exploded but out of the smoke as Kite still alive while all of his weponds protecting him*


Kite: BIG mistake. *pulls out his gun and fires at the soldier, killing him & winning the match*

*45 minutes later at the Exit Kite was about to leave with hi 15K.*

Tact: wait sir!
Kite: ???
Tact: Sry to disterb you but you have to come with us. you won the match so you have to join us.
Kite: So i have to join with you people...fine but i have to know who you are.
Tact: Of course. I'm Tact, leader of the group
Forte: Forte, second in command
Muillife: Muillife, one of the top gunners of the group
Ranpha: Ranpha, the one who makes stradegies
Mint: Mint, the back-up soldier.
Vanallia: Vanellia, repair mechanic
Chisote: Chisote, the one whos in charge of the ships data base
Tact: *sticks his hand out* We are glad to have you on board uh...
Kite: Kite *shakes his hand* at your service.

Chapter 18 ended
next time on Chapter 19 Kite first space battle. The power of the Azures!
I am known as the "Chaos Adept Master". Fight with me your going to regret it.
My life is in total hell and hatered so I fight only to overcome myself
Im seaching for answers i dont even know...to find out what happen in my past
This is what im do when im Glad for other people who will impress me and others
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:18 am

Chapter 19 Kite first space battle. The power of the Azures! Sin, The messenger of Cubia! & reunion

-2 weeks later in Space-

*yeah sure you can call it peace and quiet till a ship comes fast as the speed of light traveling to a certain location. Also Kite was in that ship*


Kite: .... *thinking of the past*

-a week ago-

G.A.: WHAT!?!?!
Forte: Your leaving?!
Kite: Yeah...
Vanallia: But why?
Kite: ...
Muillife: come on tell us.
Kite: i cant tell...
Ranpha: Why not?!
Kite: It's just...
Mint: just what?
Kite: ....
Chisote: please tell us.
Tact: I know what it is...your going back to your home are you...
Kite: ...yeah.
Tact: I see...Here. *gives him a pair of keys*
Kite: What are these for?
Tact: Keys to a ship...it will last you a month.

*then the memories ended as Kite realize the sonor on the scanner showed 5 unknown ships approching*

Kite: 5 huh?....Not even a threat.

*then one ship fires missles at Kite, but Kite does a barrel dodge then Fire the machine gun turrent to distroy the 1st one. the second one fires then same thing except kite dives forward then the missles hit the third one while Kite spins so fast as he flew straight ino the second and it blew into pieces. the forth one fires a beam and unfortuatly it hits Kite, but then as Kite was out cold Azure flames come out of his body then spike like objects appeard behind him then he turns into the Azure Flame God*

-PPG Realm-

Balmung: *holds his head in pain*
Orca: *same thing*
Buttercup: What's wrong?!
Balmung: It's Kite...we found him
Dexter: how?
Orca: the Azure Flame God...and something else


Pilot#4: WTH?!
Azure Flame God: *cuts the ships with a shuriken blade then fell an unknown force behind him he sees a creature the size of megaville. That creature was SIN*


SIN: ....
Azure Flame God: Who the hell are you.
SIN: I am SIN, Messenger of Cubia...
Azure Flame God: o.O !!!
SIN: *opens a portal* take this gate....it will take you home.
Azure Flame God: Why should i trust you?!
SIN: He want to make sure you stay alive.
Azure Flame God: Grr...Fine, But tell Cubia this...If he kills one more of my friends he gonna wish he was never alive.
SIN: .... *disappeared*

*then Azure Flame God enters the portal and travels very fast*



*then he ends up above Megaville then reverts back to his normal self then falls till something caught him. It was Buttercup*

Kite: I guess...Im back home *falls uncontience*
Buttercup: *gigles a bit* Welcome home.

Chapter 19 ended
Next time on Chapter 20 A plan...Need members to help!
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 20 a plan...Need members to help!

-Dexter's lab, briefing room-

"So what’s been going on since I was gone for 2 weeks?" Kite asked.

Dexter just sighed along with the rest. Then Dexter types something down on the computer for 'crime wave' then the screen shows Megaville was in turmoil.

"That is what is going on. A major crisis was happening and AIDA rapidly appeared" Dexter said

"Why not just go out their and fight them?" said Kite.

"Only one problem." Blossom said
"the out number us..." Bubbles said
"And outmatch us." Buttercup said as she slammed her fist to the tables.

Then the whole entire group decided what to do...till Kite came out with an Idea.

"We need more people." Kite said.
"Where?! No one in the right mind would fight them!" Buttercup Shouted.
"Dexter do you still have a teleporter?"
"yeah why?" Dexter asked.
"That’s how we are going to get more people"
All*: Right!

Then they all got up and left till Kite stop Shad

“Shad a word if you will”
“Yeah?” Shad said
“How about we make a ‘trade’.”
“A trade?”
“For your Epitaph for mine”
Shad was shocked. “Are ya sure?”
“Ok but how?”
“Hold on…”

Then he does hand signs and 2 spheres exit out of their bodies and enters the other bodies. Shad looks normal; But Kite’s body characteristics change


“Well this is new…”
“What happened to you ya?”
“Must be an effect but I think I better be called by another name…Haseo, The Terror of Death”

Then in the next few hours Kite, Now Haseo explained to the group, was standing on the teleported ready to go.

"Are you sure about this" Dexter asked
"yeah...I got more experience at this" Haseo said
"Ok here it goes!" Dexter said as he activated the switch then everything went bright then the light descend and Haseo was gone

Unknown Beach, Unknown world.

Haseo opened his eyes, though quickly closed them. The water he was in stung his eyes. Water… Water?! He quickly opened his eyes and lifted his head out of the water, though something was strange, he didn’t feel light headed, nor did he feel like he had swallowed any water.

“Interesting.” He said to himself.

He then felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, after spluttering and splashing a bit in the water, he saw a blue ball floating nearby.

“Heeeeyyy!!” He heard a familiar voice call from behind him, but he couldn’t quite place it.

He turned around; his eyesight was slightly blurry from the blow to the head. He could make out someone on the beach waving at him. Kite waved to him.


He started to swim towards the beach, as he got closer, he started to see the features of the person more clearly, he was with other people on the beach. He smirked when he recognized him. He stood up when his feet could reach the sandy ground and walked towards him.

“Are you alright? Sorry about that!” The Red haired teenager said as he neared him.
“Just watch where you’re aiming next time... ((Dexter?!))” Haseo smiled, he hadn’t seen him in a long time. Though he was confused when Dexter looked shocked instead of happy to see him. “What’s wrong?” Haseo asked.
“Uh… what do mean?” Dexter look-alike said, taking a few steps back.
Haseo sighed. “It hasn’t been that long, Dexter.”
“Umm… We’ve never met before.” Dexter look-alike spoke nervously.
“What are you talking about, Dexter? We fight AIDA, for only 2 months, remember? You came to visit me and Buttercup about a month before her Gathering, remember?” Kite was getting annoyed.
Dexter look alike took a few steps away from him.
“Okay… Who are you?!”
Haseo sighed again, this was getting ridiculous. Alright, I’ll play along, for now.
“I’m the terror of death from Megaville.”
“the what, from where?” Dexter look-alike asked.

Now Haseo was getting worried. If this Dexter didn’t even pretend to act shocked by that news and ask a million questions about his airship, there was now something to worry about. He then remembered what happened back in the ruined temple.
“Where am I?” He asked to no one in particular as he looked back out to sea, realizing now he didn’t recognize this island. "And who are you?"

“Besaid Island. And my name is Leo” Leo said, he was eyeing Haseo strangely. “Are you alright?” He asked.
Haseo turned to Leo.
“I’m where?” He asked.
Leo now had a look of understanding and pity. Haseo was getting even more annoyed.
“Did you get too close to Sin?”
“What? ((Sin!?))”
Leo sighed, and he looked pained.
“Yeah, it’s been terrorizing Spria for a thousand years.”
“Spira?” Haseo asked, he took a step towards Leo.
“That’s our world… You don’t remember, do you?”

Haseo hoped he had misunderstood. How could he be in a different world? What was that thing I found? He thought just before her felt his legs give out from under him. Soon, everything around him went black.

Chapter 20 ended!
Next time on Chapter 21 the Besaid temple!
"All:" is used for if the whole group is talking

Chapter 21 The Besaid Temple

Haseo woke up to find he was looking at the roof of a tent. He looked around, it was decorated with different fabrics for the walls and there was a rug on the ground. He was lying in a soft bed. He was glad that he was alone in the tent. It gave him some time to think. He was trying to make out how he got here, and why Dexter, or Leo didn’t know him. He sat up in the bed and put his feet on the ground and rested his elbows on them, and supported his head with his hands, sighing.

He was starting to believe that he wasn’t in Megaville anymore, though, he still wasn’t entirely convinced. What was that mirror I found? He wondered to himself. I wonder if it was that, that brought me here… As he was deep in thought, Leo walked in; he had a basket of fruits with him. He looked at Haseo, and stopped where he was. Haseo looked up at him, and noticed the fruit, at that moment, his stomach growled. Leo smiled and walked over to him, handing him the bowl.

“Here, eat up.”

“Thanks.” Haseo said as he took the bowl and started eating.

“Where is this…Megaville, you said you were from?” Leo asked, as he sat on the bed, leaving some space between himself and Haseo.

Haseo swallowed the fruit he had been chewing. “Far away.”

“Like…. Not in this world?” Leo ventured, Haseo nodded.

A silence grew between the two.

“Maybe you got too close to Sin and its poison affected you?” Leo offered.

Haseo looked at him.

“Where is Sin?” Haseo asked.

Leo was about to explain when a bald man in robes came into the tent, he walked over to Leo and whispered something in his ear.

“She’s fine, I’m sure of it.” Leo answered. “Besides, two guardians are already down there.”

The monk whispered something into his ear again, and Leo sighed.

“I still think, there’s no need to worry.” Leo said.

“But, it’s been three days.” The monk pressed.

Leo sighed. “I’ll go to the temple, but I’m not going in, you know how those two can be!”

“Thank you.”

The monk turned and walked out of the tent. Leo stood up and stretched.

“What’s wrong?” Haseo was curious.

“WH-what? N-noting, nothing at all!” He spoke quickly. “I have to get to the temple.”

Leo turned and left the tent, leaving Haseo on the bed.

“Temple?” A mischievous look appeared on his lips.

He stood up and walked out of the tent, though he stopped in his tracks when he walked outside, he hadn’t seen the village, since he wasn’t awake when he was brought there. There were a few huts and tents in the area, and at the back of the village was a large, stone temple. He starts walking towards it.

Besaid Temple, Spira

Haseo stopped in the entrance as he took in the sight he was looking at. It was a dark circular room with statues of different people surrounding it. People were either standing or kneeling at various statues and making odd movements with their arms. He noticed Leo was talking with the monk at the bottom of some stairs that lead to a door. He walked towards them; they were talking in whispers again.

“Please go check on her for us.” The monk was saying.

“She’s fine, I’m absolutely sure of it!” Leo said again.

“It’s been three days.”

“What’s been three days?” Haseo asked, startling the two.

“The summoner has been inside the cloister for three days, we’re getting very worried about her.”

“The summoner?” He asked.

The monk looked at him as if he was looking at a madman. Leo stepped in front of Haseo, holding up his hands.

“He got to close to Sin, his memory’s fuzzy.”

“I see.” The monk looked saddened; he did the odd movement with his hands. “Praise be to Yevon that you survived, hopefully you will regain your memories shortly.”

All Haseo could do was blink and stare. I’m definitely not in Megaville anymore. He thought as he looked at the monk. There was definitely no Yevon, or any prays like that in Megaville. He then remembered why he had entered this temple. Where there were temples, there were usually some answers. He was on a mission after all.

“We should go check on the summoner, she could be in danger.” He said as he ran up the steps towards the door.

“W-wait! Only summoners and their guardians can enter the cloister of trials!” The monk spoke quickly and rapidly.

Haseo sighed. “You wanted him to check on her right?” He pointed to Leo.

Before anymore objections could be made, he slipped through the door that had opened for him.

Leo watched the man disappear through the door and sighed. She’s going to kill me. He thought as he ran up the stairs after the man.

The Cloister of Trials, Besaid Temple.

Haseo was impressed with what the interior looked like. Glyphs glowed on the walls, and touching some of them made either doors or walls open. He walked through the cloister, trying to find some treasure; he could sense there was something around here, but where? At first he thought the glowing sphere he had picked up could have been, though he quickly discovered another recess where it could fit in, which allowed him to move deeper into the cloister. A few long minutes of searching, he reached a large stone pedestal; it was in the middle of a corridor.

“What do I do with this?” He asked himself, his voice echoed in the corridor.

“You push it to that.” A voice said from behind him.

Haseo turned around and saw that Leo was standing with his arms crossed; he was leaning against the wall, looking at Haseo.

“Over to where?” He asked.

Leo stood straight, uncrossing his arms and walked over to the pedestal.

“Here, let me show you.”

He put both his hands on it and pushed, it moved effortlessly. When Leo stopped pushing it, it sunk into the floor and a circle appeared on the ground, Leo stepped onto it, and it became what resembled a lift Haseo had seen back in the Mac Anu.

“You coming?” Leo asked.

Haseo smirked and walked to beside Leo, the lift started to move downwards almost as soon as he had stepped onto it. It came to a stop, and Haseo could see two familiar people standing at the far end of a circular room, near some stairs. The two figures faced the lift. One had a red ribbon and long orange hair that was tied in many braids. She wore a long black dress. It had one long sleeve on her left arm, and no sleeve on the other, she turned to face them with her red eyes, she didn’t look happy. The man who was standing with her had shoulder length silver hair, and he was well skilled. He wore a white tank top and had dark blue shorts on, and was wearing sandals. He also wore a blue bandana over his silver hair. He only looked at them, he stayed where he was.

Haseo only stared at them in amusement, even though they looked different, they were there. Blossom and Shad. I doubt they’ll know me though. He thought to himself.

Leo walked towards the two.

“What are you doing here?” Blossom look-alike asked without warning. “Didn’t think we could handle it?” She sounded a lot angrier than the Blossom he knew… Considering the Blossom he knew didn’t get angry easily.

“J-just let me explain, Mel.” Leo spoke quickly.

“Who’s that over there?” Shad’s deep voice echoed in the small circular room.

Leo turned around, even though Haseo got off the lift, he was barley inside the room. As I thought, they don’t know me. Haseo thought to himself, while sighing.

“Oh him? Well, he’s the reason why I’m down here.” Leo spoke quickly.

Mel shot both Leo and Haseo a look that could have incinerated them.

“You brought an outsider in here?” Mel glared at Leo, and he seemed to shrink under her gaze. “If anything bad happens, I’m blaming you.”

She turned away from him and walked back to the bottom of the stairs. Leo stayed where he was, staying quiet. Kite walked towards Leo slowly and stood beside him.

“I see why you didn’t want to come down here.” He whispered to him. This seemed to cheer him up a little.

“Yeah, she’s got quite the temper.”

The door at the top of the chairs started to open, everyone looked in that direction. Light was pouring into the chamber from the room that lay beyond the door, footsteps could be heard. Soon, a person materialized, and Haseo sighed, he should’ve have seen it coming.

Chapter 21 ended!
Next time on Chapter 22 The summoner!

Chapter 22 the summoner!

At the top of the steps, was a Buttercup look-alike. She was leaning against the wall, she looked exhausted, and she was sweating. She wore a white tank top that had a sliver flower design, she also wore a long, flowing dark green skirt, and it had some golden flowers near the bottom. Underneath she had black, knee high boots with black laces. Her hair was the same as it was in Megaville.

She stood up straight and walked to the top of the stairs, and flicked her hair away from her eyes, which were closed. She slowly opened them, and a small smile appeared on her lips. Her Green eyes sparkled.

“I’ve done it. I’ve become a summoner.” Her, surprisingly, quiet voice barely echoed in the circular room.

Her knees gave out and she started to fall down the stairs, the Shad look-alike ran up the stairs and caught her before she fell too far. Haseo was looking at this version of Buttercup. She was quite different from the Fighter he knew back in Megaville. A lot quieter, that’s for sure.

Besaid Village, Besaid Island.

They were back outside the temple and in the bright sun. People were surrounding the version of Buttercup as she walked out; she was now carrying a staff that one of the monks had handed her. She walked into the middle of a stone circle that was in the middle of the village, she turned back to her guardians behind her, they nodded, and so did she in return. She faced forward again.

She raised her staff above her head with her right hand, as she brought it down in front of her; she placed her left hand on it as well. She took a step back with her right leg and held the staff out behind her. A large circle appeared under her and bright lights shot out into the air from the circle. Soon after a large, bird-like creature appeared. It flew in from behind the temple and landed slowly in front of the version of Buttercup. She lowered her hands and walked slowly towards it, it reached out its head, its yellow, pupiless eyes staring at her with gentleness. Ashe reached out and gently stroked its head and neck.

Leo and Mel ran over to her, and everyone in the village cheered. Ashe was smiling as she was receiving praises from Leo and Mel. The creature was patiently standing behind its summoner as she received praises from the villagers. Haseo could only stare in wonder at the creature. He had seen stranger looking AIDA while he had gone on his own quest those two months ago, but there was something, different about this one. The version of Buttercup turned back to the creature and nodded. It spread its colored wings and took off quickly.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

Haseo jumped and looked to his right, where he saw Leo standing.

“I thought you were over there.” He pointed to where the version of Buttercup was.
“I was, I came back over here. But, what did you think of the aeon?” He asked, he sounded exited.
“The what?”
“The aeon, what Aina just summoned.”
“Oh that… It was, quite interesting.”
“Is that all you can say? It was incredible!!” He was silent for a few moments. “I meant to ask… About earlier, how did you know my name? And that of the summoner?” He asked.

Haseo sighed.

“It would take a while to explain.”
“I’ve got time!” Leo said quickly.

Haseo sighed again. He obviously didn’t get what I meant by that.

“Let’s go back to my tent, we can talk there.”

Leo started walking before Haseo could object. And considering he didn’t actually know anyone, even though there were four people that looked like his friends, he didn’t know them. He decided it’d be best to stay with this version of Dexter.

In the tent, Haseo had explained everything of what had happened in Megaville, and why he had gone all over it two months ago with his friends, and all about Epitaphs, and why he found the aeon to be interesting, he sat quietly munching on some food Leo had brought. This version of Dexter just stared at him in amazement.

“You’re not from here are you?” Leo ventured looking at him from his position on the floor in front of him.
“No, I’m not.”
“Wow… Well, maybe I can convince Mel, Xin and Aina to let you come alone with us to Luca tomorrow. It’s where the season’s opening Blitzball tournament is being held.” Leo offered as explanations, though it seemed to have left Haseo even more complex. “I’ll try to explain it to you at some point, you should get some sleep, you look bushed!” Leo said after a yawn came from Haseo.
“I think I will, thank you.”
“No problem!” Leo stood up and walked to the curtain that served as the door to the tent. “Make sure you come to tonight’s party, we’re celebrating Aina first successful summoning tonight.”
“I’ll make sure to be there.” Haseo said as he lay down on the bed.

Leo left through the curtain.


Haseo woke up a little while later and sat up in the bed. He could hear some people arguing outside. He stood up and crept over to the curtain and peeked through a small opening. He saw it was Mel and Leo. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, at first.

“Excuses again?” He heard Mel; she spoke a little louder now.
“Yeah, but… He needed help.” Leo said quickly.
“That’s it! No more! Enough Leo.”

She turned around and walked away, Leo just stood there. He sighed and turned towards the tent. Haseo walked away from the curtain and back to the bed. The fact that there were only those two outside told him that he had missed the celebration. Not that he had actually planned on going, he felt like he needed some time alone anyway. Leo walked into the tent and saw that Haseo was sitting on the bed.

“Oh! So you’re up, and you missed the celebration!” He folded his arms in mock disappointment.
“Sorry about that.” Kite wasn’t in his usual good mood.
“Don’t worry about it; you’ve been through a lot. It must be tough being separated from your friends.”

He sat down on the floor again.

“Do you want your bed?” Kite offered.
“Don’t worry, I usually sleep on the floor anyway!” he laughed. “More comfortable I find!”

Haseo smiled.

“What’s your name anyways? I haven’t asked you!” He rubbed the back of his neck.
“Haseo.” He said looking at him.

Leo held out his hand and Haseo took it, they shook.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Haseo.”
“Same to you!”
“Got some good news for you!”

Haseo looked at him.

“You can come along with us to Luca! Hey who knows, you might find someone you know there!”

Even Haseo didn’t believe himself when he said it. How could he find someone who knew him? Everyone he knows is in Megaville, or right in front of him on the floor.

Chapter 22 ended!
Next time on chapter 23 Trouble at Sea!

Chapter 23 Trouble at Sea!

Haseo was standing at the front of the boat, enjoying the wind that blew over him. His arms were folded and his gaze was set straight ahead, though he wasn’t actually watching anything, he was busy daydreaming. Fran was on a small balcony with Leo, and Xin was with Aina, as she was talking with some people on the boat. Everywhere she went, someone wanted to talk to her, and it usually ended up being a large group. Though she never faced it alone, since Xin was always nearby. She looked over to the front of the boat, and noticed Kite was standing on his own. He had a sad look on his face. She didn’t know why, but she felt like she had to go over there and talk to him.

She turned back to the people who were in front of her and excused herself; she walked slowly to the front of the boat.

“Beautiful day, isn’t?” She said quietly, she was still walking up the steps onto the small platform.

Haseo turned his head, he looked slightly startled. Must’ve been daydreaming. She thought, she offered a warm smile.

“Yes, it is.” He said, he turned back to face the front.

Aina was now standing beside him, her hair and skirt blowing in the wind. Aina for some reason felt butterflies, as she stood beside this mysterious man. There was something about him and she couldn’t quite place her finger on it.

“Do you miss your home?” She asked, looking at the ocean ahead of them.
“Hm?” Haseo looked at her intently.
Aina looked at him. “Your home, do you miss it?”

Haseo sighed, her lowered his arms and turned around, and he leaned against the railing of the ship.

“I do… And my friends… Did Leo tell you?” He asked, looking at her.
Aina nodded. “He doesn’t believe you entirely.” Haseo sighed and looked at the floor of the ship. Aina turned to face him. “But… I do.” She was smiling again.

Haseo looked up at her, he offered a brief smile. She’s definitely not the Buttercup from Megaville, this one’s shy. He thought as he looked to the back of the ship. Some children were playing with a blitzball, Leo had descended onto the main floor and was talking with the rest of the Besaid Aurochs, which Leo had explained hadn’t won a game for many years. But he was determined to change that this year at the tournament. Mel was still on the upper deck, she was looking at them, her gaze still cold, it made Haseo shudder slightly. He looked over at Xin, his silver hair and blue bandana blew in the wind. He too was looking at them, his arms were crossed.

Aina was now sitting on the railing. She was looking around the ship as well, looking at all the different people on board. She sighed happily, enjoying the moment.

“You miss your friends, don’t you?” She said, looking at Haseo again.
He nodded. “It doesn’t help that you resemble one of my friends… Your guardians too.”

Leo had explained quite a lot to Haseo last night; he was shocked he had remembered it all.

“Really? Wow… That’s interesting… Are they like us?” Aina asked excitedly.

Haseo chuckled and smiled, this one was a true one.

“No, they’re quite different. Which is probably why I haven’t mistaken anyone for them… Well, except for Leo.”
“Wow… I’d love to hear about them someday.” Aina said quietly.
“Did you say something?” Haseo asked looked at her.
She shook her head. “Nope, nothing at all!” She said quickly.

Haseo chuckled and looked back to the ship. Aina jumped down from the railing and stood, facing him.

“Just thinking of how different you are from the friend I knew back in Megaville.”

Aina smiled. Suddenly something hit the boat hard causing it to rock violently. Aina was knocked into Haseo, and they both fell onto the deck. Aina felt herself blush and she looked away. The ship was knocked again and they started sliding, Kite grabbed hold of one of the rails that supported the railing, and held onto Aina.

“Siiiiiin!!” They heard someone yell.

Haseo looked over to the side of a ship; a very large fin was sticking out of the water. It was a lot bigger than he had expected it to be. Water splashed onto the ship, splashing everyone. Haseo shook his head to try to get the water of his face. Not many people were left standing at the wave came crashing into the ship. Aina and Haseo sat up, and he saw a large, spiral like thing come out of the water, it then slammed into the water again, sending another wave onto the ship, soaking everyone, and knocking several people over. Aina started to slip towards the edge of the ship; Haseo reached out, but just missed her hand. Thankfully, a very wet Xin caught her and helped her up to her feet. Kite too stood up.

A man rushed forward to one of the harpoons and aimed it at sin.

“Are you crazy? Shoot that into sin and it’ll pull us under too!” Leo had come to the front when he saw Aina almost fall over board.
“It’s heading for Kilika! Our families are there, we have to stop it!” The man replied urgently. “Forgive us, Lady Summoner.”

Aina nodded. The two men fired the harpoons and they dug into the fin that was now ahead of the boat. A roar could be heard, the ship was suddenly pulled forward, and people stumbled, Kite fell over.

“Hey Haseo! Get your swords, you’ll need it!”

Leo yelled to him. He had his blitzball with him, Mel had now joined them, she didn’t have a weapon, Aina had her staff and Xin had a spear. Kite nodded and rushed towards the entrance to the lower decks, he had left the swords in his room.

Chapter 24: Battling Sinspawn

Haseo quickly ran into his room and retrieved a sphere then pulls out the Empty Skies. He quickly returned to the main deck, where he saw that Xin and Leo were attacking strange creatures with glowing shells, while Mel and Aina were casting magic. He ran to join up with him, when two closed shells landed in front of him. He slid to a stop, and readied his swords.

The shells both shook and unstuck themselves from the wood and transformed into the creatures that the others were fighting. One came at him; Haseo blocked and swung his 1 of his swords, slicing through the shell, which wasn’t as hard as he had expected it to be. It fell over and disappeared in many dancing lights, like he had seen other fiends disappear into after being killed. He turned his attention to the other one. It too charged at him. Haseo drove the other sword into what he felt what its head. It too disappeared into many dancing lights. He ran forward and managed to join the others.

“What are these things?” He asked the others.
“Sinspawn, they detach themselves from Sin. These are small, but you can be certain that there are others who are a lot bigger.” Mel answered as she cast a thunder spell at one of them, killing it.
“Sounds like fun.”

Haseo said sarcastically, though he was smirking as he faced some newly arrived spawn. He was standing beside Mel, who quickly cast another thunder spell at one of them. Xin jumped towards one and drove his spear into its body, and through the shell, it died quickly. Though this Xin was different, he did fight very similarly to the Shad back in Megaville. Leo threw his blitzball at the remaining one, he didn’t kill it, but instead he blinded it. Leo laughed as it tried to hit him but missed. Instead it fell over and started the slide down the wet deck, getting zapped by another one of Fran’s spells.

“We need to do something about Sin!” Xin said. “Hey Aina, why don’t you try out that aeon?”
“Okay!” She smiled.

Everyone backed off to give her some space. She did the same thing she had done in Besaid and the large circle appeared again, sending lights off into the sky. A shadow appeared in the sky and the aeon once again appeared and landed in front of Aina.

“Please help us, Valefore.” The bird nodded and floated in the air in front of Aina, facing the fin, patiently waiting for commands from its summoner. “Attack.”

Valefore flew towards the fin and attacked it, a roar emanated from the ocean. As it flew by the ship, Ashe shouted another command, Valefore nodded and cast a thunder spell, zapping the fin. Another roar could be heard. Valefore flew by the ship again and heard another command, it nodded, this time it flew up then dove back down, as it swooped over the water, it severed the ropes connecting the ship to Sin.

The ship slowed considerable, now that it was no longer being pulled by Sin, and some people fell over because of inertia. Valefore landed in front of Aina and she patted the bird Aeon’s head gently. Valefore nodded its head and took off into the skies. Leo smiled as he watched the aeon leave.

“Pretty cool, right?”

He went to pat Haseo but noticed he wasn’t standing beside him. Leo looked around from where he was for any sign of him, but saw he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He then saw that one of the harpoon guns had broken off, he also noticed one of Kite’s swords lying nearby. He picked it up and ran towards the edge and jumped off into the water below. Aina rushed forward, but was stopped by Xin’s hand grabbing her shoulder gently. She could only wait and wonder.

Below the waves, Leo was swimming and looking for any sign of Haseo. He soon noticed some Sinspawn swimming around an unconscious Haseo. He threw his ball as hard as he could; it hit one and ricocheted, hitting the other two. They swam away. Leo tossed Haseo a tuft of Phoenix down and he woke up. Leo handed him his last sword, Haseo nodded his thanks. Two dolphins swam by, they looked scared. Soon the two noticed that a large purple octopus-like thing was swimming towards them. It looked quite ominous, and Kite had a feeling that this was one of the larger Sinspawn that Mel had told him of earlier. He was thankful that for some odd reason, he could breathe underwater in this world.

He had to quickly moved out of the way as a large tentacle tried to hit them. It missed thankfully. Leo threw his ball, and blinded the beast, that would raise their chances considerably. Haseo swam towards it and swung both swords at its head. He cut it fairly badly, but not badly enough to kill it. Though deep red liquid started to ooze out of it. Leo threw his ball again, it hit the beast square in the eyes, stunned, the beast shook its head. Haseo swam up while it was still stunned and stuck both of his swords into its head. The beast lifted one of its tentacles and hit Haseo away; he managed to hold onto his swords. The blow had winded him, left him feeling a bit worse than sore. He shook his head to refocus himself. The thing was somehow still alive, even though blood gushed from its newest wound. Leo through the ball again and hit it where Kite had stabbed it. That did the trick, and soon it disappeared into many dancing lights. Haseo sighed, though it hurt slightly and he grabbed his side. Leo swam towards him, and motioned for the boat, Haseo followed.

Their heads broke the surface, and soon afterwards, ropes were thrown towards them. They each grabbed onto one and were pulled back onto the boat. Haseo just lay on the deck, and Aina went over to him. Leo sat beside him, panting.

“Are you hurt?” She asked as she knelt down beside him.
“Nothing serious.” He said as he tried to sit up but winced.
“Just lie down and rest for a bit. I get the feeling you won’t be needing a cure spell anytime soon.” She smiled warmly.

Haseo felt himself smile; there was something about this girl, and her smile, that made him feel a lot happier. He lay down again, using her legs as a pillow.

“You’re quite the fighter.” Mel said as she too sat down, though she was slightly farther away, and was at the top of the nearby steps.
“And you’re quite the spell caster.” He said as he closed his eyes, it was quite the tiring day.

Mel smiled, and looked back to the back of the boat and watched the crewmen as they made some repairs and made sure the passengers were safe. The sun was starting to set, and people started to grow more solemn as they neared Kilika

Chapter 25: Sending the Parted

As they neared Kilika, the sun had starting to sink beyond the horizon, painting the sky pink and purple. Ahead of them, was Kilika, the now destroyed Kilika. Sin had already left, but its destruction remained behind. Everyone on the boat was quiet, looking at Sin’s destruction, seemed to suck all speech away from those who witnessed it, or saw the aftermath.

“I will defeat Sin… I must.” Aina vowed defiantly as she looked forward.

Haseo was still resting on her lap; he too, was looking ahead to what they were approaching. Mel, Xin and Leo were all standing near to Aina, they too were quiet.

Kilika Port, Kilika.

Somehow, the port had managed to stay intact enough for the ship to dock. Aina got off the ship quickly and faced the people who had gathered. Xin got off afterwards, staying nearby.

“I am Lady Aina, from Besaid, if there aren’t any other summoners, I would like to perform the sending.” She said as she did the prayer.

Haseo was watching from on top of the ramp that lead off the boat, Leo was standing beside him, and Mel had joined Aina and Xin on the dock. The group of people started to lead Aina away.

“Come on; let’s see what we can do around town.”

Leo said as he ran down the ramp. Haseo followed him; they headed towards what used to be the middle of the town.


People were gathering near the edge of the water, people had gathered the deceased to that area. Aina was taking of her boots, as Xin held her staff. Haseo walked over to Mel, and stood beside her, he folded his arms.

“What’s a sending?” He asked her quietly.
She sighed. “Just how much have you forgotten because of Sin’s toxin?” She asked, looking at him with her red eyes.
“Leo told you?” He asked, avoiding her question,

she nodded and looked back out to where Aina was, she had her staff and started to walk on the water, towards the area the bodies were gathered. She can walk on water? He was impressed.

“The dead need guidance, especially if they died a violent death.” Mel began. “They become jealous of the living, and soon hate the living, out of jealousy for what they lost. And that hatred is what turns them into fiends. The sending sends them to the Farplane, where they can rest in peace.”

Haseo nodded his understanding, and watched as Aina came to a stop over the bodies. She began to dance, twirling her staff around her as she danced in circles. The water below her feet began to rise, she rising on top of it, and continuing to dance. Pyreflies began to rise out of the water; he had asked what the dancing lights were that came from fiends after they had been killed. From what he remembered, they were the “souls” leaving the bodies and going off to the Farplane. As Aina danced, more and more came out of the water, and danced through the air, beginning their journey to the Farplane. It was beautiful, yet sad at the same time, and Haseo wasn’t sure which it more was of. As the last of the Pyreflies left the water, Aina stopped dancing, and stopped twirling her staff. The water gently brought her back down and she walked back onto the broken dock, which was halfway into the water. She had tears running down her face. Mel walked over to her.

“Did I do well?” Aina asked.

Mel nodded and hugged you.

“They’ve reached the Farplane by now, you’ve done well.” She released her from her hug and wiped a tear from her eye, “Just, no tears next time.”

Aina nodded, soon Xin and Leo were there as well, comforting and praising the young summoner they guarded. Haseo felt very out of place. There was so much in this world he didn’t know, he wondered how much there was left for him to discover… Though he hoped that he wasn’t going to be in Spira for much longer, he did want to return to Megaville, but he needs them for the Battle against AIDA back home

Leo noticed that Haseo was standing on his own, and walked over to him.

“Something tells me that you haven’t seen a sending before.”
Haseo shook his head. “It was… An interesting experience.” Interesting… he had a feeling he was going to use that word often.
“Yeah.” Leo said solemnly. “C’mon, let’s get checked into the inn, it somehow managed to stay intact.”

Leo started walking away, and Haseo followed, taking one last glance at Aina, who was once again surrounded by people.

Chapter 26: A Stroll in the Woods

Haseo woke up fairly early the next morning. He stood up and stretched. He walked over to a window and looked outside; the sun was slowly rising above the waters, streaking the sky with its rays. People were already busy with rebuilding. I wonder what it’s like… To live in fear each day. He thought as he walked away from the winder and picked up his shirt from the chair he had placed it on last night. He put his shirt on, then his vest. He grabbed his Sphere from where he had put them last night and walked down the stairs.

“Good morning.” The receptionist greeted. She sounded happy, even after what had happened yesterday.
“Good morning.” Kite replied as he walked down the stairs, putting his sword on his back.

He looked around; they had already made a lot of progress with rebuilding. Impressive, they would get well paid in Megaville… So much there needs to be rebuilt. Most of the docks were rebuilt, and they started to work on the houses that rested on top of them. Building equipment lay scattered everywhere, and many people were working hard.

“Good morning!”

Kite jumped slightly, as Leo had come to a stop just in front of him and had spoken fairly loudly, he groaned. He may be used to waking up early, but it never delighted him.

“You’re a morning person aren’t you?” Haseo said as he yawned.
“That’s right! C’mon, we need to meet the others by the gate.”

Leo started walking, Haseo followed.

“Gate?” Haseo asked.
“Yep, it leads into the Kilika woods, that’s where we’re headed next! Then after that, the temple, so that Aina can receive her second aeon.” Leo explained as they walked.
“Does she know what it is yet?”
Leo shook his head. “But that’s what makes it exiting!”

As they walked, people were busy hammering, sawing or measuring some piece of wood. Even though many, if not all of them had lost someone close to them yesterday, they all waved and happily greeted them as they walked. Haseo wasn’t sure if it made him feel more or less pity for them. With Sin around, they must have to find happiness whenever they can. Soon enough, they reached the gate, where Ashe, Xin and Mel were waiting. Aina smiled when her eyes fell on Kite, he smiled as well. She was still happy. Much different from the Fighter I knew in Megaville. He had become rather fond of the Fighter turned Hero in Megaville, though, because of all she had lost during the time she told me about the time a arch-rival of Dexter, Mandark, took Blossom and she couldn’t save her because Dexter got first in line. She never smiled that much and always seemed troubled. Perhaps this is what she was like before all that? He wondered as he neared her and the others.

“Everyone here?” Xin asked, Leo nodded. “Good, then let’s get moving.”

The gated opened and the group stepped through, a thick jungle lay beyond. When Leo had mentioned that they were going threw woods, he had imagined a small forest, not a thick jungle. He shrugged and walked forward.

They had barely walked one minute when they encountered their first group of fiends. There was a giant bee, with a very large stinger and an odd thing that was made up of floating rocks surrounded by fire.

“What is that?” Haseo asked as he drew the Empty Skies and motioned towards the fire thing.
“An elemental.” Mel answered. “They’re strong against physical, and weak against magic. Though be careful around them.”
“Because they have strong magics?” Haseo finished, Mel nodded. “I’ve encountered many back long ago, but they look different from where I’m from.”

Mel just sighed and cast a blizzard spell at the creature. It looked weakened but it certainly wasn’t dead. Leo threw his ball at the bee; it died, disappearing into a few Pyreflies. Mel cast another blizzard spell at the elemental, killing it.

The group continued on their way, and Haseo hoped that they weren’t going to be in these woods for too long, it was quite humid and warm. Aina was leading the way, and she looked like she knew where she was going. Which Kite was thankful for, he didn’t want to get lost in here.

After about an hour, and some fiend encounters, the group reached the other end of the woods. Ahead of them were some well kept stone stairs, the temples seemed to be very well kept. Leo ran on ahead, followed by the Besaid Aurochs, who was going to pray for victory at the temple. The Besaid Aurochs, and Leo, lined up at the first landing.

“Hey Aina! Wanna help us out?” Leo called down.

She said while smiling, she ran up to join them and stood slightly ahead of them. She held her arm up in the air.

“Ready…. Set!”

She lowered her hand and took off up the stairs, laughing.

“Hey!” Leo said as he, and the Aurochs took off after the summoner.

Mel and Xin chuckled, and Haseo crossed his arm then smiled abit. She’s more carefree here, even with all she has to do. They walked up the steps after the summoner and the youngest of the guardians. Suddenly, they heard yelling from above them, and some people ran by them screaming.

“Guys get up here! Sinspawn!” Leo called down to them.

Sighing, the others ran up the rest of the steps, drawing their weapons. Haseo stopped when he reached the top of the steps. It looked like there was a large plant. At one end of the courtyard were tentacles, four were at the two corners in that end and on the other side was what looked like a large ball with a shell. He sighed and joined the others in the middle of the stone courtyard.

Chapter 27: Of Sinspawn and Temples

Haseo barely had time to make it to the others, when he had to jump out of the way of the tentacles slamming down into the ground. Thankfully everyone had dodged that attack, though they weren’t so lucky when the tentacles on the right swooped in for their attack, most of them dodged, but Leo was knocked into the small wall at the other end of the courtyard, he was knocked unconscious.

“Leo!” Aina made a move to go towards him, Xin stopped her.
“Wait until we’ve gotten rid of those tentacles, it’ll be too dangerous with them still around.”

Aina sighed, and nodded. Instead she started to cast protect on everyone.

“Haseo, you take the ones on the right, I’ve got these ones.” Xin instructed as he went over to the tentacles.

Haseo nodded and faced the tentacles, he had to jump out of their way again, but this time he moved towards them, so it would be harder for them to hit him. He puts the Empty Skies, then pulls out a chainsword claymore: Silad


“Ok NOW I’m ready!” Haseo said with an evil Grin

Then he swung the sword at the base of where the tentacles connected. The sword went a quarter of the way through, and he heard a loud squeal come from behind. These must be connected to that ball thing… He thought. He pulled the sword out and swung again, harder and faster this time, and this time the chainsaw part activated then digs deeper into it he severed it off, green liquid came out, spraying him. He groaned. Now I’ll need a change of clothes. He pulled the sword forward again, the tentacles were now dangling more than anything, and they were barely holding themselves up. He swung again and this time, the others came clean off. Before they hit the ground, they disappeared into many Pyreflies, though they had enough time to spray Kite in more green liquid. And now…I’ll need a bath.

He turned around and saw that Xin had also disposed of his tentacles, and he too was covered in green liquid, though he didn’t seem bothered by it. He was now trying to break through the shell of the main part of this Sinspawn. It suddenly opened up its shell revealing its body. It was green and had two sets of four tentacles attached to it. It looked like a giant plant. Kite ran over and joined the group. Fran cast a fire spell, causing the creature to squeal. Leo had been awoken and now through his ball towards the creature, blinding it. The creature now blindly swung at the group, missing them entirely since everyone was spread out. Fran cast another fire spell, the creature squealed again. Fran was panting, and she fell to her knees.

“I’ve used too much magic, and I don’t have any ethers.”
“You’ve done well, don’t worry about this, we can finish it off.”

Xin said as he ran towards it and drove his spear deep into it, causing it, to once again, squeal. It swung one of its “hands” though it missed Xin. Xin pulled out his spear and plunged it in once again, at the same time Leo threw his ball and hit the Sinspawn in its head. It shook violently then collapsed, and disappeared into many Pyreflies. Everyone stood, or kneeled for a bit panting. Haseo sheathed his sword and looked at himself sighing.

“Are there baths at the temple?” He asked.

Aina looked over and started giggling, Haseo smiled. For some reason, whenever Aina either smiled or giggled, Haseo felt happier.

“It isn’t that bad, is it?”

Xin said smiling, he was leaning on his spear, and he too was completely covered in the liquid goo. Everyone slowly, started laughing. The site of the two, green goo covered warriors was a very entertaining one.

“You’ve definitely got skill with swords and fighting, Haseo!” Leo said excitedly. “You’d make a pretty good guardian!”

Mel shot Leo a look that could’ve sent shivers even down Sin’s spine. Leo seemed to shrink to the size of a pea under her gaze. She started to walk towards the stairs. Xin sighed and walked on after her.

“Nice going Leo.” He whispered to him as he walked by, Leo sighed.

Aina, Leo and Haseo were still standing where they were. A guardian eh? Hm… If I’m to be stuck here for a while, at least that would keep me occupied after all he is still on a mission. The three looked at each other; they had probably all been considering the same thing.

“We should… Get to the temple.” Aina said.

She walked towards the stairs, Leo walked beside her, and Haseo was behind them.

Kilika Temple, Kilika.

Haseo stopped at the top of the stairs. It was quite the impressive temple. On the sides of the temple were too large spires, with holes throughout. The temple it self resembled a dome; it too had alcoves and niches on the outside. Some green spheres with fire inside them were placed throughout the various niches and holes. Before the temple was a stone courtyard with columns surrounding it, and encasing the smaller circle of columns, were two larger ones, which looked like they could have been the arms for the temple.

“Impressive, isn’t?” Aina was standing beside him, smiling.
“Yes, yes it is.”
“Come, let’s get you and Xin cleaned up.”

She said as she walked forward, and walked over a green dome in the centre of the courtyard, which had fire underneath the thick glass. Kite followed, Mel, Leo and Xin followed Aina closely, especially as another group of people came to greet the summoner. The Besaid Aurochs were by their captain, Leo.

A group of men emerged from inside the temple; they were all wearing the same, ridiculously purple outfits. Kite had to stifle a laugh, especially since they were strutting around with pride. They stopped in front of Leo and the Aurochs; Leo was standing in front of who appeared to be their captain and crossed his arms.

“Have you come to pray for victory?” One of the aurochs asked.
“Us pray? No, we’ve come here to pray for some competition this year.” The man in front said. “What’s your goal this year? You gonna: Do your best again?” He taunted.
“We play to win this year! We’re bringing the cup home to Besaid!” Leo said enthusiastically.
“Play away, just remember, even kids can play.” And with that, he and his lackeys walked around them and started to descend the stairs.
“We definitely have to beat them in the finals! Man that Bickson gets me so mad!” Leo said after he had left.
“Don’t let him get to you, that’s what he wants, to throw you off. Keep yourself focused on your goal, and you’ll reach it.” Haseo said, placing a hand on Leo shoulder.
“You know… You’re right!” Leo smiled.
“Now… Could we get to that bath Aina mentioned?” Haseo asked, smiling.
Leo laughed. “Follow me!”

He headed down the steps, Haseo followed.

“Who were those guys anyways?” Haseo asked.
“The Luca Goers… They’ve won the opening tournament every year, but this year will be different.”

Kite looked around the temple; almost exactly like the one in Besaid, though there were different statues. Some of the Aurochs were already there praying, Leo lead Haseo into one of the side rooms. A steaming bath was already set up.

“Ah, looks wonderful.”
“And you can put those clothes in that basket,” He pointed to one in the corner, “And someone will get them cleaned for you.”
Haseo smiled. “Excellent, thank you.”
“Not a problem!”

Leo turned and left the room, leaving Haseo alone so he could get cleaned up.

Chapter 28: Another Summoner

Haseo had managed to get himself completely clean; there wasn’t even just a spec of liquid goo anywhere. Feels great to be clean again. One of the monks of this temple had already cleaned his clothes and they were neatly set on one of the chairs in the room.

After he dried himself off he walked over to the chair and picked up his shirt. It looked and smelled very clean. As he started to put on his shirt the door to the room opened and Aina stepped through.

“I was just – Oh my!”

Time seemed to come to a stop, as Haseo and Aina just started at each other with looks of pure shock on their faces. It seemed as though they were glued to their spots on the floor, and Aina was getting redder and redder in the face.

“U-um…. Sorry! I should’ve knocked first.”

Aina turned around and faced the door; she held her hands up to her face. I can’t believe I just did that! Aina thought to herself. Her face felt hot to touch, she wasn’t sure if she had ever felt more embarrassed in her life.
Kite, despite the fact, found he was chuckling slightly as he got dressed. He never thought he’d every see Aina blush, and even though it wasn’t Buttercup he had met in Megaville 4 month ago, it was still Aina.

“Don’t worry about it. It could’ve happened to anyone.” Haseo said as he was putting on his last article of clothing. “Besides, I’m glad it wasn’t Leo or Xin.”

Aina started to laugh.

“You can turn around now.” Kite said calmly, he was smiling.
Aina turned around slowly, she wasn’t directly looking at him, and she couldn’t bring herself to lift her gaze. Kite stood waiting patiently, he was curious to know why the young summoner had entered the room. When she continued to stay silent, he decided to try to encourage her.

“You had been saying something?” He said calmly.
“O-oh… Yes! Umm… I-it can wait… I-I’ll just wait outside for you.”

And with that, she turned around and opened the door and left. I can’t believe I just…. Oh!! She thought, though, she did start smiling. She walked over to where Leo, Mel and a now clean Xin were standing.

“Did you ask him?” Mel asked.
“Uhh… N-no… I decided it would be best to wait.” She was blushing.
“Did you walk in on him?” Leo asked.
“W-what?! N-no… O-of course not!” She went bright red again.

Leo, Mel and Xin just smiled. The door at the top of the stairs that lead to the Cloister of Trials opened; a woman and a very strong looking man appeared. They walked down the stairs and noticed Aina standing with her guardians.

“A summoner?” She said.
Ashe turned to face her.
“My name is Aina; I come from the Isle of Besaid.”
“Dona.” She said it was an afterthought. “The daughter of High Summoner Raminas, that’s quite the name to live up to.” She looked around at her guardians. “My, my, my… All these people are your guardians? As I recall Lord Raminas had only two summoners. I have only need of one.” She motioned to the man beside her. “Right, Barthello?” The man nodded.
“I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust. And I trust them all with my life.” Aina said as she took a step forward. “To have this many guardians, is a joy and an honor, even more so that being my father’s daughter.” She took a pause. “Of course, I would never think of questioning your ways either. So, Lady Dona, I ask of you. Please leave us in peace.”
“You do what you want, Barthello, we’re leaving.”

And with that, Lady Dona and Barthello left the temple. Haseo was now standing behind the others; he had walked out just as Dona had arrived. His arms were crossed.

“Strong and polite. Very nicely handled.”

Aina turned around quickly, and felt herself blush, she hadn’t noticed him there, and she was still feeling embarrassed about what happened earlier.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, not looking directly at him.
“We should get going.” Mel said as she started to walk towards the stairs.

Aina started to climb the stairs, followed by Mel, Leo, Xin and then Haseo. They were now in a narrow corridor that was lit by torches; a lift was at the end of the corridor. Aina, Mel, Leo and Xin got on. Kite went to step on, but Xin blocked his way.

“You’re not a guardian, yet.” Mel said when Kite looked confused.
“We’ll be back as soon as we can, stay out of trouble.” Aina said as the lift took them down.

Haseo sighed and looked around. He hoped they weren’t going to take too long, there wasn’t much to do in the temple. He went and leaned against the railing that surrounded the hole, the lift started to ascend back up to its original location. I wonder what answers to AIDA's connection to this world and his own, could be down there… I didn’t find anything in Besaid… But that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be anything down here. Though, Aina’s words of ‘stay out of trouble’ came back into his mind and he sighed.
The door at the other end of the corridor opened and Barthello and Dona stepped through, Haseo sighed and looked at them with a cold expression.

“Did you two forget something?” He asked when he neared.
“Why aren’t you down there with your Summoner and her other guardians?” Dona asked.
“Simple, I’m not a guardian.” He answered; he put both his hands beside him on the railing.
“Oh? And you’re just going to sit there and wait like a good boy, are you?”

Dona asked smirking. Haseo just shrugged, he wasn’t going to let her win that easily. Barthello walked towards him and went to grab Haseo, though he just smacked his hand away. Barthello grunted and looked at Dona who put her hand on her head and shook it. Barthello turned back to Haseo and tried to grab him again, he just sighed and moved out of the way, crossing his arms. He was now in between Barthello and Dona.

“And the point of this is?” Haseo asked, not really expecting an answer.
“Oh, just a game, though its not going as I planned. Barthello, we’re leaving.”

Dona said as she turned around and left through the corridor, Barthello sighed and followed his summoner. Haseo just sighed and shook his head; he walked over to the lift and looked at it. The thought of what things he could possibly find down there. Well… These things do seem to take time… Perhaps I could find the treasure and be out of there before they notice. Smirking he walked onto to the platform
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Chapter 29: Answers in the Temple

Haseo stepped off the lift and looked around. He was in a large room, though most of it was open space, the only floor of the room was a bridge that lead to the other side. It had torches burning on either side of the bridge. He walked across the bridge, his steps echoing across the large chamber. He stopped in front of a large stone door; it had a design carved into it. ‘Stay out of trouble.’ He heard, once again, he sighed. Had he suddenly developed a conscious, regarding taking treasure? He stood at the door, thinking, and then shook his head. I may not have my airship, but I’m still on a mission. He pushed on the doors and they swung open, he stepped through them.

Cloister of Trials, Kilika Temple.

The room beyond was smaller than the one he had left, and it was dimly lit by torches around the room. There were some steps in front of him, which he walked up. He saw there was a stone pedestal, with fire on top, it had a sphere in one of the recesses, and it glowed the same colored as the fire on the pedestal. He walked towards it and examined it. Are all the temples in Spira this complicated? He decided to look around the rest of the room first. He went over to an area that looked like it could be a door, but he couldn’t find one. He examined it more closely and found a small, sphere shaped recess on the right side of it. He looked back to the pedestal. Hmm… Probably works in a similar fashion to that in Besaid. He walked over to the pedestal and took the sphere, the fire on the pedestal disappeared. Kite walked back over to the door and placed it in the recess. Light went from the sphere and followed a small crack that went down the wall to the floor, and then to the door. The entire area lit up in flames, it was now a net that was set ablaze. Kite looked at the net, then back to the sphere, he took the sphere out, and the fire, as well as the net disappeared, clearing the way.

He walked through and into the next room, and sighed. There was another pedestal, this one had a green colored sphere in it, and three recesses on three different walls. What do I do in here? He looked at the sphere in his hand, and decided to try placing it in the wall directly in front of him. He walked over to it and placed it inside. A glyph appeared on the wall, fire had also appeared, so he decided to take the sphere out. The glyph stayed and the fire disappeared. He put his hand on the glyph and the section of wall lifted upwards revealing a large room beyond. In the middle was a wall of flame that stretched from one side of the room to the other.

He walked into the large room and saw that on the right wall there were two spheres in recesses, to high for him to reach, and one below that which was easily accessible. He walked over to the wall, and noticed something blinking; he walked over to it and knelt down, examining it closer. It was getting hotter, since he was closer to the flame wall. He stood up and decided to try stepping on it. The pedestal from the other room appeared in the middle of this half of the room; the green sphere was still in the recess. Haseo walked over to it and picked up the sphere. He looked over at the wall, he walked over to it and took out the sphere in there and placed the green one in there. The wall lifted upwards, revealing a small chamber with a purple sphere on the inside. The large firewall disappeared. Kite walked into the room and picked up that sphere. Where do you go? He walked back out of the room and looked around. He had a hunch that it went somewhere in here, but where? The little blinking light caught his attention and he looked at it, he then looked at the spheres in his hands, then back to the pedestal. He looked back to the tile, it looked about the same size as the base of the pedestal, and there was something similar in the Besaid Cloister of trials. He walked over to the pedestal and looked at the recess. He decided to place the purple one in and he placed the other in one of his pouches, since he’d need both hands to push the pedestal. He placed his hands on the pedestal and started to push it towards the tile. He pushed it onto the tile… Nothing happened. Maybe if I use the other sphere? He took out the purple one and placed the orange one in the recess. Immediately the pedestal sunk into the floor, and a small portion of the floor descended into the floor below, where the firewall used to be, revealing another sphere in the wall. Haseo jumped down and took out that sphere and placed the purple sphere in its place. The section of wall lit up and disappeared, revealing a treasure chest inside. Kite smiled and walked towards it. He knelt in front of it and tested it to see if it was locked, to his surprise, it wasn’t and he lifted the top of the chest. Inside was a sphere. He sighed; he was hoping for something… more, he wasn’t sure what exactly, but just more than that. He reached inside and picked it up. I suppose it could have its uses. When he examined it he realized that their was a small writing on it and it was Alocamalian! He read it and it says "Skeith". Skeith?! Haseo thought. Could it be that the Epitaphs were once apart of this world as well. Either way he should keep it when he gets back to Megaville.

He stood up and walked out of the small room. He looked back to the way he came, then to the door on the other side of the room. Well, I have come this far. He thought as he walked forward and up the steps. He saw a similar looking recess and placed the sphere inside, the door turned into a flaming net, just like the one further down the temple. He took out the sphere and the net disappeared, clearing the way to some stairs that lead up. He walked towards them and stopped, looking up. She definitely won’t be happy. Oh well. He ascended the stairs.

At the top of the stairs was a small circular room with torches lining the walls; Mel, Xin and Leo noticed he was there, and definitely weren’t happy to see him. Mel and Leo walked over to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Mel asked him angrily.

“Do you want to get Aina into trouble?” Leo asked, sounding worried.

“She could get into trouble, for me coming down here?”

“Yes.” Mel and Leo said at the same time.


They both sighed and went back to where they were standing before; Xin was still beside the door, his arms folded. Haseo went over to stand beside Leo.

“What’s in there?” He said pointing to the door Xin was standing beside.

“The Fayth.” Leo said.

“And, that is?”

“The Fayth,” Mel began, “Are people who gave their lives to battle Sin. Yevon took their souls from their still living bodies and placed them within stone statues. There they await the call of a summoner. Then, they emerge from their statues and appear as the Aeons.”

“Quite interesting. What does Aina do while she’s inside?” Haseo asked.

“She prays for a way to defeat Sin.”

They said nothing more, and were now simply waiting for Aina to emerge from the chamber. Soon enough, the door at the back started to slide upwards. Kite, Mel and Leo walked to in front of the door, leaving enough space for Aina to come out.

Aina walked slowly out of the chamber. Her knees gave out, and she started to fall over. Haseo ran up and caught her. She smiled tiredly at him, Haseo smiled back

Chapter 30: On to Luca

SS Winno – Destination Luca

Haseo was at the front of the ship, it was nighttime and he was enjoying the cool night air. Xin was close to Aina, while she talked with some of the Luca Goers and a few other people. It was a quiet night, which Haseo was enjoying it.

Aina looked over at Haseo; he had both hands on the railing at the front of the ship. The moon cast a white glow over him, and the rest of the ship. She felt her face get hot again; she still hadn’t entirely got over what had happened earlier that day.

“Goodnight, Lady Summoner.” A young morning spoke, bringing Aina’s attention back to the group in front of her.

“Goodnight.” She said smiling.

The young woman left, and Aina was finally alone again. She did enjoying talking to people, though it did get wearing after a while. She did enjoy the brief moments of peace she had. She looked over at Haseo once again; he was still looking out to sea.

“Why don’t you go ask him?” Xin’s voice startled Aina.

“But… What if… well…”

“What if he says no, you mean?” Aina nodded. “What if indeed. If he does, you can’t control that. The worse that can happen is that he’ll say no. Just go ask.” Xin gave her a reassuring smile.

“Okay… I’ll go ask him.”

Aina walked towards the front of the ship, slowly. Even though Xin had given her some confidence, it wasn’t much. Like he said… The worse he’ll say is no… He won’t hate me or anything. Aina was trying to giver herself confidence as she walked over. She climbed the small staircase onto the raised platform and stood beside him.

“Nice night.” She said smiling.

“Yeah...it is.” He replied, still looking out at the sea.

A silence grew between the two, though, it wasn’t awkward.

“Um… I wanted to ask you something.” Aina said, she was looking at her hands.

“And what would that be?” Haseo asked, turning to face her.

“Uh-um… Would… Would you… Like to be my guardian?”

“Hmm… Would I?” He asked himself.

He had been considering the idea ever since Leo had mentioned that he’d make a good one, and had already decided. Aina looked nervous as he dragged out the time to he was taking to answer, he was enjoying it.

“What kind of person I'd be if I say no... So I’d be honored.”

Aina’s face lit up immediately and she smiled.

“It’s my honor to have you as my guardian, Sir Haseo.” She giggled slightly.

Haseo smiled, it sounded odd, though at the same time, it had a nice ring to it. Kite turned and placed his hands on the railing again. Even though he missed Megaville, his friends and the reason why he's here, he was slowly starting to like it here. There was something about Spira that he enjoyed. Maybe it’s the lack of AIDA. Aina stood beside him, and was watching the stars. She took was leaning on the railing.

“Will you be watching the Aurochs when they play in the tournament tomorrow?” Aina asked.

“Well, if there’s nothing else to do, and since Leo is playing, I will.”

Aina smiled, and looked at the large moon in the sky. This was definitely going to be an interesting pilgrimage.

Luca – The docks

Haseo stood with Aina, Xin and Mel, Leo was with the Aurochs. He was impressed with how large this city was, Leo had explained that it was the largest in Spira, the cities usually stayed small, because of the threat that Sin constantly posed.

There were many people on the docks, they were waiting to greet the teams that were coming off the boat, and there had been three teams on the ship: The Luca Goers, the Besaid Aurochs and the Kilika Beasts. One by one the teams made their way off the ship, waving to the crowds below.

Chapter 31: Maestors and Blitzball

Haseo was following Aina and the others to another dock in Luca, according to Ashe, the Maestors were the leaders of Spira. One of them, Maestor Mika had been in power for fifty years, which Haseo found odd, and even suspicious. Though, he didn’t want to say so to the others, especially since he didn’t know much about Spira.

Dock 3, Luca

Many people were already gathered, eagerly awaiting the Maestors to get off the boat. Ashe and the others easily got to the front when people realized she was a summoner with her guardians.

On the ground at the edge of the ramp, was a red carpet. Lining the red carpet were odd looking creatures that were playing different instruments. First to come into view at the top of the ship was a tall man wearing a large purple robe and a flamboyant costume underneath, that revealed a fair amount of his chest. He had spiky blue hair that looked more like a headdress than hair.

“Isn’t that a Guado?” Haseo heard some people whispering.

“I think so.” The other replied.

Haseo looked back to him, he walked down the ramp and stood in front of the gathered people, he turned and faced the boat, and kneeled, praying at the same time. The gathered people followed suit, including Aina and the others. Haseo just stood watching, as an older man appeared at the top of the ramp. He walked down the ramp and stopped in front of the blue haired Guado. He was barely the same height as the kneeling man.

“People of Spira, I thank thee for your generous welcome.” His voice was soft as he addressed the gathered people. “Rise Maestor Seymour and all of you as well.”

Maestor Seymour stood up and faced the gathered people once again.

“I present to you, Maestor Seymour Guado, son of Maestor Jyscal Guado, who recently passed to the Farplane a fortnight ago.”

Seymour bowed. “I am Seymour Guado; I am honored to receive the title of Maestor. In life, my father Jyscal worked to bring the races of Guado and man closer together in friendship. I vow to carry out his legacy and to fulfill my duties as Maestor to the best of my abilities.”

The gathered people bowed once again. Maestor Mika left, two men followed him. Maestor Seymour was still standing; he seemed to be looking at someone in the crowd.Haseo looked over at Aina, and realized who he was staring at. He looked back at the Maestor, there was something about him that he didn’t like, nor trust. Leo turned to Aurochs.

“Last minute meeting in the locker room!”

He and the Aurochs headed to the stadium. Leo stopped and turned to the others.

“You guys are gonna watch us, right?” He called back.

“Of course!” Aina called back.

Leo smiled and waved, and ran to catch up with the team.
Stadium, Luca

Haseo was sitting in between Mel and Aina, Mel on his left, and Aina on his right. Xin was sitting behind them. Every seat in the stadium was full, people were already cheering for their favorite team, even though the players hadn’t even made it into the sphere yet. Maestor Mika had already come and delivered the speech that marked the beginning of the tournament.

A huge roar erupted from the crowd as the players started to swim into the sphere. Leo swam to the middle of the sphere and kneeled down on a small platform in the middle, and the other Aurochs kneeled on similar platforms, the Al Bed Psyches did the same on their side of the sphere. They were kneeling in their respectful positions. Leo: center, Datto: right forward, Letty: left forward, Jassu: right defense, Botta: left defense, with Keepa in the net. On the other side: Berrik: centre, Eigaar: right forward, Blappa: left forward, Judda: right defense, Lakham: left defense and Nimrook in nets.

The ball shot up from the bottom of the sphere, up past the players. Vaan and Berrik jumped from their platforms, reaching for the ball. Leo reached it first and hit it towards Letty; he caught it and started to swim towards the net. Leo and Datto swimming up as well to give him support, as Berrik swam back to help his defense. Judda swam towards Letty and tackled him, grabbing the ball. He threw it towards Eigaar, Leo tried to intercept, but missed. He wasted no time in swimming after the ball, and Eigaar, who now headed towards Keepa.

“Go Aurochs!!” Aina was standing up and cheering madly.

“C’mon Leo! Get the ball away from him and win this!!” Xin yelled from behind him.

Mel just shook her head, though she was smiling, and Haseo chuckled. Most of the cheering seemed to be for the psyches, very few cheers went for the Aurochs, the loudest being Aina and Xin.

Inside the sphere, Jassu and Botta had blocked Eigaar, but Eigaar had managed to throw the ball to Blappa, who was now swimming towards the net on a breakaway. Leo was swimming as fast as he could so he could catch up. Blappa through the ball hard, and it sped towards the net. Keepa was readying himself.

“Catch it!!!” Xin yelled, Aina covered her eyes.

They heard the telltale buzzer announcing a goal.

“Don’t worry guys!!” Aina yelled. “It’s just one goal!!”

The teams went back into their starting position. The ball shot up in the air again, this time Berrik got to the ball first and had knocked it towards Blappa, but he fumbled and Datto was now swimming fast towards the net, Leo and Letty going in as well. Lakham got in front of Datto, who quickly passed it to Leo, who was now swimming towards the net. Nimrook got himself ready, trying to anticipate which way the ball was going to go.

“THROW THE BALL!!” Xin yelled, he was really getting into the game.

“I think all of Spira heard that!” Aina giggled.

Leo threw the ball hard towards the top-right corner of the net. Nimrook reached for it, and missed! Leo score, making it a tie score. The buzzer sounded, announcing the goal. There was one minute left in the first half. Both teams quickly set themselves up again. The tension grew in the air, if neither team managed to score, they’d go into sudden death, and if one did manage to score, then they’d advance to the finals.

The ball once again shot up into the sphere. Leo and Berrik reaching once again, they both seemed to have hit it at the same time, since the ball didn’t go anywhere. Leo quickly grabbed the ball and spun around, hitting Berrik as he spun so he would loose his grip, and he did. Leo quickly made his way for the net, but was tackled by Lekham who grabbed the ball and threw it towards Berrik. The buzzer sounded as Berrik caught the ball, announcing the end of the first half.

“That was so exiting! I hope the second half is even more exiting!” Aina said excitedly as she hoped on the ground in front of the seats.

“They better win this!!” Xin said, smiling.

“Let’s go see them!” Aina said.

She started to make her way to the locker rooms, Mel following her closely. Kite stood up and stretched.

“What did you think?” Xin asked.

“Quite the fun game to watch.” He said as he finished his stretch. “Must be hard to play.”

“I heard that it can be, but of course, if you ask Leo, he’ll say it’s easy.” Xin said smiling.

Haseo laughed, Leo was quite good. They two decided to make their way to the locker rooms.

Besaid Aurochs Locker Room, Luca.

When Haseo walked in, Leo was talking excitedly with Aina; the other Aurochs were either sitting, or lying down on the benches, recuperating. Leo looked towards the door when Kite and Xin entered, he walked over to them.

“So, what you’d think?” Leo said, as he crossed his arms.

“You played well.” Haseo said.

“I think you could’ve tackled them harder and more frequently, but well played.” Xin said smiling.

“I’m going to get something to drink. All that cheering made me thirsty.” She said with a smile.

She walked out of the room before anyone could say anything.

“I’ll go with her.”

Mel said, leaving the room shortly after, leaving the boys the talk. She closed the door behind her and looked around the hallway. She couldn’t see Aina; she decided to check the main hall before she let herself get worried. She walked down the hallway and up the stairs. She walked to the top of the main staircase in the Hall that led to the stadium. She couldn’t see Aina, and she knew she wouldn’t have walked fast enough for her to loose her that quickly. Someone bumped into her from behind, and she felt something slip into her hand. She turned around, but no one was there. She looked at her left hand; there was a piece of paper. She unfolded it and read it. She crumpled it up again and quickly turned around and ran back to the locker room. She opened the door, and stood in the doorway.

“I can’t find Aina.” She said, panting slightly.

“What!?” Everyone said.

“We have to find her!” Leo said.

“You have to stay here and play. We’ll find her, don’t worry.” Mel said sternly to Leo. Leo nodded.

Haseo, Xin and Mel quickly left the room and ran to the main hall, where Mel stopped the two men.

“I didn’t want to say this in front of Leo, you know his temper.” She said.

“What?” Xin asked.

“Aina was taken by Al Bed, they want the Aurochs to forfeit the match.”

“What!?” He asked again, Mel showed him the paper, and he read it. “Let’s get going, their ship is at dock 4.”

“We should bring our weapons, or you should.” Mel said quickly.

Xin nodded. “But that would take time. I’m sure there’s something around here I could grab.”

“I have mine with me.” Haseo said, motioning the sphere in his hand.

Xin looked around and saw a flag, the post it was on ended in a sharp point. He went over to it; it lifted out of a metal holder. Xin slid off the flag, and placed the flag on a bench.

“This’ll do for now, let’s go!” Xin took off running down some stairs, Mel and Kite following closely.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 32: Rescuing the Summoner

Dock 4, Luca

“Robots?” Haseo asked as he drew his claymore, he was staring at some strange looking mechanical creatures.

“Machina, the Al Bed were expecting us.” Xin replied as he held onto his “spear” with both hands.

Mel cast a thunder spell at one of them, making it overload and fall to the ground, useless. Xin ran up to the second one, and brought down his spear on top of it, causing it to fall over, he hit it again, sparks started to come from it, there were 4 other such machina, they came towards them. One lunged at Haseo with a spike, Haseo moved out of the way and swung the sword on its head. Causing some sparks to fly but not many, it drove its spike towards Haseo again, he moved out of the way and swung his sword again, hitting its body, and knocking it over, it sparked and started smoking. Mel had taken care of two others, while Xin destroyed the last. The three ran towards the boat, it started to move out to see.

“We need to get on that boat! Hurry!” Xin said as he started running faster.

Xin, followed by Haseo, then Mel, ran up the ramp and jumped onto the ship. The stood up, Haseo dusted himself off. The deck of the ship was deserted. There was a crane to their right, and that was about all that occupied the deck. There was a square in the middle, with was a band of yellow striped with diagonal black lines. Suddenly, the metal on the inside of the square slid away, and a large piece of machina was raised onto the platform. On the top, it had what resembled a grinder. Part of the machina opened up, they seemed to be the “arms” of the machine. It was standing on three legs that spread out when the platform stopped in its position. Haseo looked over to the crane and got an idea, he went over to it.

“What are you doing?” Mel asked as she cast a thunder spell at the machina.

“I have an idea, keep it busy.”

He said as he kneeled down to examine it, some wires were sticking out, and there was a toolbox nearby. He opened it up and took out some tools, and started working on the crane.

Xin ran towards the machina and hit it, but not much happened. Mel cast another thunder spell. Sparks started to fly from the machina. It opened up its arms further and blitzballs started to fly out at Xin and Mel, who quickly got out of the way.

“Are you almost done?” Mel called over.

“Almost.” Haseo called back as he was putting the last wires back into place. “That should do it.”

Haseo stood up and went to the controls and pressed a green button, which he guessed would start up the machine. It didn’t.

“Let me try something.” Fran said.

She cast a thunder spell at it, the crane spluttered slightly. She cast another, and it spluttered to life. Fran smiled and turned her attention back to the Machina. Haseo pressed the button again. The crane lifted and started to move towards the machina, it lowered its claw and grabbed the machina, lifting it up, its legs kicking madly. The bottom half of the machina broke away and fell onto the deck in a heap, the crane took the top half off the side of the ship. The now sparking and smoking machina stood up shakily. Fran cast one more thunder spell. The machina was now busting into flames, small explosions coming from various areas. It was now a smoking heap of charred metal.

“I must say, you’re quite handy to have around.” Xin said, slapping Haseo on the back, who was knocked forward slightly.

“Thank you.”

Behind the smoking heap of metal, a door opened and Aina stepped out. She walked around the machina and looked at her guardians, and smiled. Mel walked over to her.

“I hope you hurt them.” She said smiling.

Aina nodded, also smiling. “A little.”

“So, was he on the ship?” Mel asked. Ashe shook her head. “I see.”

“Who?” Haseo asked.

“Oh, my uncle Halim. I’ve never actually met him.”

“I see, so that makes you an Al Bed as well?”

Aina nodded. “On my mother’s side, Halim was my mother’s brother, though he became distant after she married my father.”

“Haseo...Don’t tell Leo… He’s never had much liking for the Al Bed, so it’d be best to keep Aina being Al Bed a secret.” Fran warned.

Haseo nodded. If Leo did indeed dislike the Al Bed that much, who knows how he’d react to discovering that Aina was half Al Bed.

“I wonder how Leo is fairing against the Psyches.” Basch wondered aloud.

“That game!! We have to get back!” Aina said hurriedly.

“Allow me to handle that.” Mel said.

Dock 4, Luca.

Mel had used her magic to bring the group back to Luca, and they were running back to the locker room, since the game had been over for a few minutes.

“They better have won.” Xin said.

“I’m sure he did! I doubt he’d let the Al Bed Psyches beat him.” Fran said, she sounded annoyed, but amused at the same time.

Besaid Aurochs Locker Room, Luca.

The Aurochs were standing around Vaan, who was lying down on one of the benches. Aina walked into the room first, and all the Aurochs turned around.

“Lady Aina! Are you alright?” Letty asked.

“Oh, I’m fine, no need to worry.” Aina said calmly, she walked over to Leo and kneeled down beside him. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah… Just fine! There’s nothing to worry… about.” He winced and fell back onto the bench as he tried to sit up.

“Did you win?” Xin asked from the doorway.

“Yeah!! We did!” Dotta said, he was happy, though his expression turned sour. “We’re playing the Goers in the finals.”

“Good, then you can beat them! Like you should’ve every other year!” Xin walked towards them, and crossed his arms, he was smiling.

“Maybe we would’ve if you had played!” Keepa told him.

“Xin used to play?” Haseo whispered to Mel, she nodded.

“He was the Captain before Leo, but he decided to start focusing more on improving his fighting, and perhaps become guardian to a summoner, so he left the Aurochs and went on a long trip, all around Spira.”

Mel was watching Xin intently; she then looked at Xin and sighed. Recks would still be standing.

“If the captain can’t play, maybe Xin should take his place?” Letty asked, the rest of the Aurochs nodded, and looked at Xin.

“Well, I suppose I would have to, we have to beat the Goers after all.” Xin smiled.

The Aurochs cheered.

“The game’s starting soon.” Leo sat up on the bench and swung his legs over the side. “You guys know what to do.” He stood up and faced them. “Though, before you go out, there’s something I need to tell you.” The team listened to him. “After this, I’m retiring, win lose or draw. I made a promise to myself, and I have to keep it.” He looked at Aina who nodded, he nodded back.

The team looked solemn, but knew what they had to do; they walked out into the hallway, following Xin.

“Quick! Let’s go watch the game!” Aina said.

She grabbed Haseo’s hand and pulled him out of the room, and started to run towards the stadium, leaving Mel inside the locker room with Leo.
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

Postby Kite of the Azure Flames » Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:56 pm

Chapter 33: The Final Match

The Stadium, Luca.

Haseo sat beside Aina, who was standing again, this game was too exiting for her to sit. Not only had the Aurochs managed to get into the finals, but they now had a chance to finally beat the Goers, and she knew they would manage it, and bring the cup back to Besaid!

The teams made their way into the sphere and the crowd roared. Many people were here to watch the Aurochs, they had surprised all of Luca with their win, and the people wanted to see if they could win again. They wanted to see something different; a team other than the Goers win the cup.
Xin was taking the place of Leo, he was centre. Their positions were the same as before. The two forwards, Datto and Letty took their correct sides, as well as the two defensemen, Jassu and Botta, Keepa in nets. On the other side of the field the Luca Goers took their positions, Bickson was centre, Abus and Graav were the forwards, Doram and Balgerda were the defence, Raudy was their goalie.

The Blitzball shot up from the bottom of the sphere and Basch and Bickson jumped for it, Xin reached it first and hit it towards Datto, who began to swam forward. Xin and Letty swimming up with him. Doram got in front of him and tackled him hard, getting the ball away from him. He threw the ball towards Graav, who started to swim towards the net. Xin quickly turned around and swam towards the other end. Graav manuvered his way around Jassu and Botta and now had a clear path to the net.

“Block it Keepa!” Aina yelled from the stands, Haseo chuckled, it was highly amusing to watch her cheering like this.

Graav had thrown the ball up, spun around and kicked it hard towards the net, Keepa went for it, but missed. The Goers scored the first goal of the game. The players reset their positions. Bickson was smiling smugly. I’ll wipe that smile from his face. Xin swore to himself. The ball was once again shot from the bottom of the sphere, the two centres reached for it again, Xin let Bickson reach it first and tackled him hard, causing Bickson to let go of the ball and grab his side. Xin grabbed the ball and started to swim towards the net. He passed the ball to Jassu as Belgerda tried to block his path, she went for Jassu as he went for the net. Xin set himself up by the net, ready and waiting. Jassu threw the ball to Datto, who quickly threw it to Xin. Xin readied himself as the ball came nearer to him, he spun around quickly and kicked the ball hard, it flew past Raudy and into the net!

Xin was smiling as he swam back to the centre, Bickson glared at him, and Xin just continued to smile as he retook his position on the platform.

Besaid Aurochs Locker Room, Luca.

Mel was still supporting Leo, he had almost collapsed from his exhaustion and pain. They were now looking at the wall where Leo had just finished carving something into it.

“My best memories are here.

Leo, Captain of the Aurochs”

They then turned their attention to a screen that was inside the locker room, they saw that it was a tie score, 1 – 1, with two minutes left in the first half.

The Stadium, Luca.

Xin swam as fast as he could towards his end of the Sphere, Abus had gotten the ball and was on his way to the net. Botta got in front of him, but Abus passed the ball to Graav, Xin went to grab it but missed, and Graav got it and swam towards the net again. Jassu got in front of him, but he passed it towards Bickson, Jassu got a hand on it but the ball still found its way to Bickson. Bickson threw the ball towards the lower right corner of the net, and Keepa went for it, but missed.

Bickson and his two forwards cheered, Bickson gave a smug look to Xin, who kept his composure. They reset their positions once again. There was thirty seconds left on the clock for this half. The ball shot up once again, Bickson went for it and Xin just waited. Bickson started to swim towards the net, but the buzzer went sounded. The teams made their way back to their locker rooms.

Mel now rejoined Haseo and Aina in the stands. She sat beside Haseo.

“Is Leo alright?” Aina asked, Mel nodded, Aina nodded.

She was sitting again, though she was fidgety, even though she tried not to show it.

Besaid Aurochs Locker Room, Luca.

“Alright guys! We have them were we want them!” Leo spoke to his teammates.

“But, they’re winning.” Botta said, he looked worried.

“Just by one.” Xin said, he hadn’t stopped smiling since he tackled Bickson.

“Exactly! They may not be showing it, but they’re nervous! We can win this! We can take the cup home to Besaid this year!” Leo encouraged his team.

The Aurochs were nodding, they started to feel what Leo was saying, they knew they could win, that they were going to win. Each and every one of them could feel it. The air seemed to be full of electricity, from their excitement and exuberance.

“I think our Captain should play in the last half, especially if it’s his last game.” Letty spoke.

Leo looked both surprised and happy at Letty’s words.

“I agree.” Xin spoke up. “If he feels up to it.”

“Up to tackling them? Of course!” Vaan held a fist in the air.

The Aurochs cheered, they decided that Letty would sit out, since he had been tackled pretty hard by Doram. Leo would be Centre and Xin would take Letty’s place.

The Stadium, Luca.

The crowd roared even louder than they had at the start of the game. They saw Leo was back in the game, he had become the favourite player of the tournament and the people were craving to see him play.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Mel asked, putting a hand to her head and shaking her head.

“Well at least he gets to play in his last match, right?” Aina said, she was standing once again.

“True.” Mel replied.

Inside the Sphere, the players retook their positions. The ball shot up in the air and they both reached for it. Bickson got it first and passed it to Graav, who was blocked by Xin. Xin tackled him and took the ball away and started to swim up the sphere, with Leo and Datto. Doram tried to block him, but Xin just swam around him. He was now being chased by Doram, Bickson and Balgerda. He lured them around and away from the net. Xin threw the ball to Leo. Who swam closer to the net and kicked the ball hard. He scored! Bickson shot Xin an angry glare; Xin just smiled at him and swam back to his starting position. The score was 2 – 2 and the crowd was cheering loudly! This was the most exiting final game in the tournament they had seen in ages! There was two and a half minutes left on the clock.

Aina was sitting again, and she kept her hands near her face, she was nervous. Mel remained stoic as she watched and Haseo was exited. Even though he didn’t entirely understand the game, it was still a lot of fun to watch.

The ball shot up again and Leo grabbed it first. Bickson tackled him but Leo kept the ball and started to swim towards the net. Balgerda got in his way, and Leo passed. She managed to grab the ball and started to swim, to try to get a clear pass to one of her teammates. She didn’t manage, Datto tackled her and got the ball away and now swam towards the net, Xin and Leo always nearby. Bickson tackled Datto, and got the ball away. He started to swim towards Keepa, but Leo and Xin blocked his way. He tried to pass but Xin blocked him and swam towards the other net.

One minute left on the clock.

Basch was swimming as fast as he could. Doram got in front of him, only to get tackled. He had a clear path to the net.

Thirty seconds left.

Xin threw the ball towards the upper right corner… It hit the post and bounced back. Leo grabbed the ball and swam into a better position.

Ten seconds left.

He kicked the ball hard towards the upper left corner. Raudy reached for it and…….

“GOAL!!!!!!” Came the announcer’s voice. “I can’t believe it folks. The Aurochs have won it! They’ve won the tournament!”

The roar of the crowd was huge! Leo floated on his back, even though he was experiencing it, he couldn’t believe it. A huge grin was on his face, Xin swam towards him and Leo gave him a thumbs up.

The crowd started to scream, and fiends started to swim into the sphere.

Added after 3 hours 59 minutes:

Chapter 34: The Legendary Guardian Comes

People ran screaming from the stands in the stadium as fiends poured in. Haseo was glad he still had his weponds with him as he pulled out Silad. Aina had taken her staff with her, on Mel’s orders when they had left the locker room, just in case.

The trio faced a group of fiends; there were two coyotes and lizard. Fran cast fire on one of the coyotes, its fur singed and part of its flesh burned. It yelped. Haseo swung his sword at the second coyote, who was running towards Aina, he slashed its side and it fell over, though it still got up and ran at Haseo, Mel cast a fire spell at it and it fell to the ground and disappeared into many pyreflies. The other coyote had already been killed by Mel, which left the lizard. Haseo ran up to it and swung, it dodged. He swung again, and it dodged. It swung at Haseo with one of its front paws, Haseo blocked with his sword. He swung again, this time he managed to cut it, and fairly deep, it was bleeding badly. It scuffled away for a bit and looked at Haseo with its yellow eyes. Mel killed it with another fire spell.

Leo and Xin had managed to make their way out of the sphere. Xin quickly entered the locker room and picked up his spear from the locker he had placed it in. They didn’t encounter any fiends as they made their way to the stadium.

Inside the stadium, a man stood, with a blade on his right shoulder. He had dark grey hair, with lighter grey highlights. He wore sunglasses. He wore a long red coat, his right hand was in the sleeve, while his left hand rested on the inside, his coat made a sling for his arm, and the sleeve blew in the win. He had a black shirt underneath his coat and light grey pants and black boots. He wore gauntlets on his hands. People ran by him screaming as a large, lizard-like fiend made its way into the stadium. It looked at the man, a few more people ran by and soon the area was deserted. The giant lizard faced the man and growled. He just smirked and turned to the side slightly, his left side forward. He lifted his left arm up and out of his coat and spread out his legs, ready for the fiend to attack. It charged at him, and he swung his sword at its head. The combination of its speed, and the speed and strength at witch the man swung, caused the fiend to die instantly.

Leo and Xin ran into the stadium, they looked over and saw the man in the red coat. They both stood still, mouths agape when they saw who it was. He turned around and saw them.

“S-sir Auron?” Leo exclaimed.

Auron smirked and nodded his head. Xin was silent, then he saw a Garuda flying towards him, he sprung into action and threw his spear, it lodged itself into its wing. The bird screeched and rolled to the side, causing a large amount of wind to blow onto the three men. It then hovered a little bit away from the platform. Auron faced the bird, and Leo and Xin joined him, Vaan on his left, Xin on his right, though he was weapon less. The Garuda eventually perched itself on the railing of the balcony, since its wing was hurt.

Leo threw his ball at the bird and hit its face, casting dark on it. It tried to attack Auron, but missed. Auron ran towards it and swung his sword, hitting its body. It screeched in pain as blood started to flow from it. As it was dazed, Xin ran up and hoped onto the railing and grabbed his spear. He tore it from the birds wing, it screeched again and started to fling its wings around. Xin jumped down from the railing and ducked, avoiding its large wing. He then jumped up into the air and slammed his spear into the Garuda’s head. It started to disappear into many pyreflies.

The three men looked at each other and were about to speak, when they were suddenly surrounded by fiends.


Haseo, Mel and Aina were being surrounded by fiends. Maybe I should summon Ifrit. Aina thought to herself. She was about to tell Haseo and Mel to find cover when she noticed someone atop the podium where Maestor Mika had given his speech, marking the beginning of the tournament.

“Maestor Seymour?” She said aloud.

Haseo looked over to her, then to where she was looking to. He was atop a podium, and looking around the stadium. What’s he up to? He thought. Fran too was looking up at the Maestor. He prayed and green sphere circled around him then shot up into the air. A chain fell from a reddish haze in the sky and landed in another reddish haze on the ground. The chain stopped and started pulling something up from the reddish glow. It appeared to be a mummy encased in a shell. One eyes was visible along with its mouth, which had long sharp teeth, with four very long canine teeth. Its arms were chained together and to its chest. It screeched when it had stopped being pulled out. Its eye glowed and energy shot out from it, destroying some fiends. The aeon continued to do so, killing fiend after fiend. There was something about the aeon that made Aina feel pity for it.

“So much pain.” She whispered as she watched the aeon.

Haseo too, could feel it. As he watched the aeon continue to destroy the fiends. It stopped and looked around with its eye, no more fiends remained. Seymour waved his hands, and the aeon returned from where it came from.

“His aeon… Is so… powerful.” Aina could only stare in wonder up at the Maestor.

Haseo felt his blood boil slightly as he clentchs his right fist, it caught him off guard. He looked up at the Maestor and shook his head. Why would I be jealous? Its not like I have any feelings for her… He told himself firmly.

Mi’Ihen Highroad Exit, Luca.

Aina, Mel and Haseo were waiting on the Balcony for Xin and Leo. They were saying their goodbyes and congratulations to the Aurochs. Haseo was leaning against the railing, with his arms crossed. Mel was sitting on it, near a light post, and Aina stood in the middle of a circle, looking away from Haseo and Mel. They heard footsteps coming and they all looked towards the stairs that led back down into Luca. They saw Xin and Leo, and someone else with them. Aina walked towards them, then stopped when she saw the other man.

“Could it be?” She asked herself.

Xin walked over to Aina and patted her shoulder, smirking. Leo went over to Mel to talk to her about what had happened earlier. She told him that no one knew where the friends had come from and that Maestor Mika was safe, thanks to Maestor Seymour, everyone then turned their attention to the newcomer.

“Sir Auron?” Mel said with surprise.

“Yeah! Me and Xin met up with him while the fiends were attacking!” Leo said excitedly.

Mel and the others looked at Auron, who was standing in front of Aina, everyone except Haseo, prayed to him when he arrived.

“I wish to become your guardian, do you accept?” He asked.

Aina was shocked.

“Are you serious?” Leo asked.

“Do you refuse?” Auron asked, he sounded amused.

“N-no… But why?” Aina asked.

“I promised Raminas.”

Raminas? Does that mean he was Aina’s father’s guardian? Haseo thought.

“You promised… my father?” Aina was even more surprised now. “Thank you, sir Auron, you’re welcome to join us.” Aina bowed.

Auron looked at everyone, and his eyes fell on Haseo. His gaze remained there a few moments before he looked away. Haseo hadn’t missed it, but he decided it’d be best to save it for another time. Auron walked over to Mel.

“Where’s our next destination?” He asked.

“The temple in Djose, so first…”

“We take the Mi’Ihen Highroad.” He finished, Mel nodded
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Re: KOTAF: PPGD + .hack//GU, The Forgotten Trilogy

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Chapter 35: On to the Mi’Ihen Highroad

The group walked up the steps and were now officially at the beginning of the Mi’Ihen Highroad. Haseo stopped, taking in what he was seeing. Auron stopped beside him. The others were talking to a woman who was standing in front of some chocobos.

“You’re not from this world, are you?” Auron asked.

Haseo looked at him, he was surprised. Only one other person had believed him the first time, and that was Aina, and now this person whom he just met believed him, without him saying anything.

“That’s right.” Haseo said slowly. “How did you know?”
“I met someone before, a few years ago. He too wasn’t from this world.”

Before Haseo could answer, Auron walked over to the others. Haseo watched him, folding his arms. He wondered who he could’ve met, and if that person too were from Mac Anu... But he decided not to think about it now and walked over to the others, who had rented some chocobos for everyone.

Everyone had one chocobo to themselves. Aina was having trouble getting onto hers and Haseo walked over to offer some aid to the struggling summoner.

“Need help?”
“U-um… Yes… I haven’t gotten on a chocobo in a while.”
“Here.” He bent his left leg so that she could use it as a step.

She stepped onto his leg and stepped up, Haseo supported her with his hands and she easily got onto the chocobo.

“Thank you.” She said.

Haseo walked over to the last chocobo and hoped on. They started running down the road. The sun was started to set in the sky, they were headed to an inn that was about halfway down the road, according to Leo. There, they’d rest for the night.

Rin’s Travel Agency – Mi’Ihen Highroad Location.

Everyone got off their chocobos, and people took them to a pen behind the inn. Haseo stretched, it had been a longer ride than he had expected. The sky was now being painted orange and pink as the sun sank lower into the sky.

“Do we have to rest here? I mean, it’s an Al Bed Inn!” Leo said angrily, he put his hands behind his head and put all his weight on his left leg.
“Is that a problem?” Auron asked.
“Well uh… They use forbidden Machina! And in Luca… They kidnapped Aina!” He protested.
“Where were her guardians?” Auron asked.

No one said anything, they just looked at each other, either sighing or just not looking at Auron.

“He’s just looking out for your health.” Aina said to Leo, smiling.
“Well I’m not tired at all!” Leo said, still determined not to set foot inside the inn.
“Well I am.”

Auron said turning around and walking into the inn before Leo could say anything. Mel followed him inside, to get rooms; Xin also went in, mumbling something about food and hungry. Leo walked over to the chocobo pen, muttering about the Al Bed as he went. Aina walked up a small hill and kneeled down near the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ocean. Haseo watched her for a few moments, then his stomach grumbled. He took one last look at Aina and stepped inside the inn.

He sat with Xin at a round table after he had gotten his food. There was a buffet set up in the inn. He started eating as soon as he had sat down, he hadn’t realised how hungry he actually was.

“What do you think of sir Auron?” Xin asked, Haseo looked up at him.
He swallowed the food he was eating, and shrugged. “Can’t really say, since I just met him.”

Xin nodded and took a bit of the steak, he had just finished cutting off a peace.

“Was he Raminas’ guardian?”

Xin nodded, he was still chewing.

“Who was his other guardian?” Haseo had remembered that lady Elza had mentioned that Raminas had two guardians.
Xin swallowed what he was chewing. “I do not know his name, but I heard he was eccentric.”
“At least it would have made the trip interesting.” Haseo smiled, recalling his own trek across Megaville & Mac Anu, with Leo and the others, and Xin chuckled.

He stood up and walked out of the inn, wishing Xin a good meal as he had gotten up to get seconds. Haseo walked outside and stretched. The air was starting to get colder with night approaching. The sky was getting darker and darker as the sun continued to sink. He noticed Leo was still by the chocobo pen, he was sitting cross-legged. Auron stood near him, keeping his eyes on Aina. Mel wasn’t outside; she must be in one of the rooms she had rented for the night.

He walked slowly and quietly over, stopping at the bottom of the slight hill.

“What are you up to?” He asked.

Aina seemed startled and didn’t turn around right away. She turned back and smiled.

“Just watching the sunset. Would you like to join me?”

Haseo walked up and sat down beside her. It was a beautiful sunset. On the ocean a few hundred feet away from them, were some ruins. They were tilted to the right, and it made a beautiful scene as the sun was setting behind it.

“Pretty.” Ashe said quietly.
“It’s not the only thing that’s pretty.” Haseo said as he looked at Ashe. “Though, beautiful may describe the other better.”

Aina blushed and turned away slightly, smiling. Haseo too smiled and turned his attention back to the sunset. There was something about Aina, and he felt he was starting to understand what it was, why being around her made him feel happy. Could it really be? He asked himself.

“I wish… I could live in a place like this… Peaceful, smiling everyday.” Ashe said, looking at the sunset… Her blush hadn’t completely disappeared.
“You could, after you beat Sin.” Haseo said, she nodded.
“Though…. Sin would come back.”
“Why, does Sin always come back?” It had been nagging him ever since he had heard about her father being the one who had defeated Sin before Aina began her pilgrimage to do the same.
“Sin is our punishment for our vanity. And it will not go away, until we’ve atoned.”

Haseo and Aina were silent for a moment.

“What was done, for such a punishment to be earned?” He offered.
“I…I’m not sure…”
“Was it, using too much machina?”
“Perhaps… You know, I’ve never questioned it before… Ever since I was a child, I always believed in the teachings, and what they taught us… But, now that I think on it… Was it really that bad to use it?”
“I have the feeling the Maestors wouldn’t like a summoner thinking as such.” Haseo said smiling.
Aina giggled. “No… they probably wouldn’t!”

She smiled; her smile was always so warm… So sincere. Another silence grew between them.


She looked at him.

“Why do summoners go on pilgrimages, if Sin comes back?” Another question he had wanted to ask.

He remembered earlier on the highroad, Haseo had been speaking with Mel about the calm after they had talked to Luzzu and Gatto, two crusaders from Besaid Island. She had told him that it was the time of peace after Sin had been defeated, and it lasted until it was reborn.

“To bring the calm, and even though it is only temporary. It is worth it. People can once again sleep in their beds without fear.”
“Makes sense…” Treaties are the same… They never last long, but they always last just long enough to give people rest, and hope that they can live in peace. Haseo thought.
“To defeat Sin, we’ll have to travel to Zanarkand, and receive the final aeon…”
“She means ruins of an ancient city that was destroyed a thousand years ago.”

Came Auron’s voice from behind them. Haseo and Aina looked back; He was leaning on a stone pillar. He walked towards them.

“So, is it really a ruined city?” Aina asked excitedly.
“You’ll know soon enough. You should get inside, and get some sleep.” Auron turned around and walked back towards the inn.
“He’s right, summoner.”

Haseo said, smiling he was standing and offered a hand to her. She took it and he pulled her up. Aina nodded and started to walk towards the inn, she stopped and turned back.

“You coming?” She asked, smiling.

Haseo nodded and walked over to her, they walked together into the inn.
I am known as the "Chaos Adept Master". Fight with me your going to regret it.
My life is in total hell and hatered so I fight only to overcome myself
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