Frets of Fire anyone?

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Frets of Fire anyone?

Postby Hiryu » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:45 pm

Yeah, some probably alreeady know this, some may not, but I'm gonna post it anyways...

Frets on Fire is kinda like the pc version of Guitar Hero, made by fans of the guitar and the game, that don't really have the game console to play it. Yes, you can get a guitar to play it here on the pc, or you can do like normal folks, use the keyboard has a guitar. So yeah, I give you guys the link to download the game and some songs, I'm still searching for the forum of the game, where one can get the songs of Guitar 1 & 2 and lots more.

The game.
The songs.

P.S.: This game ain't suitable for laptops, unless you have a regular keyboard to plug into it.
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