hello's PPGD FanFic: The Eastern Dragon rated t for viloence

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hello's PPGD FanFic: The Eastern Dragon rated t for viloence

Postby hello » Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:16 pm

Chapter 1 – Welcome to Megaville

At the heart of Megaville a train stops. Three kids step off and take their luggage with them. A man in a white lab coat behind them says “Well here is the city of Megaville where our new home awaits.”

The three kids remained quite remembering what happened to their old house and to their friends. It has been three years since that incident. The man called a taxi and told the kids to get in where it would take them to their new home.

One of the kids, a girl, called out Father what about you?” she was dressed in a yellow jacket and had a yellow skirt. On the side of the jacket showed a Yin Yang symbol.

The man says “Ill meet you their but for now I have some errands to fulfill.”

Another man in a white lab coat shouted “Professor Shin! We need you at the University now!” Professor Shin says “I understand I will be their soon. Bo, I must go now please take care of your younger siblings until I return understand?”

Bo looks at him then at her siblings and says “I will make sure they are safe.”

“But father…you will be coming back right?” says the girl in turquoise jacket and skirt. On the back of her jacket also held a Yin Yang.

“I will make sure I will come back Bonnie I will never leave any of you.” said Professor Shin.

After watching their father leave they entered the taxi and went to their new home. After a two hour ride north of Megaville they arrived. Their house was next to a white house with a large window on the second floor.

“Dam couldn’t we have just flown here” says the boy a blue overcoat.

“Blaze we don’t want to attract attention…they may not accept us for who we are just like back in China.” said Bo

“I guess your right…but are we suppose to just live like normal kids when it is clear that we are not? We where given special powers as a gift.”

Bonnie glares at Blaze and says “You call this a gift? How can you call this a gift when we where cased out of our own country?” Bonnie starts to tear and says “Remember who killed our mother and our friends.” “The people of China just couldn’t accept the fact that not all of us are bad. It was those three boys who caused all this misery to us” “This power of ours that were given made us similar to them…the Rowdyruff Boys...”

“Bonnie that’s enough.” says Bo. “We moved here to forget our past and move towards the future. With powers or not the Professor expects us to live and carry out his dream of seeing us become successful adults.”

After a moment of silence they entered the house and Bonnie is being comforted by Bo in the living room while Blaze took charge of unpacking everyone’s luggage since he was the quickest on his team.

After he finished unpacking he went to his sisters and said “I think we should call it a day, we have been through a lot and it is about two in the morning.”

Bo looks at Blaze with a nod of approval. They go to their rooms and dozed off to their dreams.

End of Chapter
leave feed back please so i can learn from the mistakes i made
this is only the first of the 3 chapters i have depending on feedbacks i may either abandon or revise the story
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Jul 15, 2007 5:07 am

Looks good so far.
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Postby hello » Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:18 am

Chapter 2 – A Step Into The Past

As the sun rose over the town another day has begun. Bubbles began to stir and slowly opened her eyes. She got up and moved to the window to look at the clear and beautiful sky. When she looked out she saw Bo sitting outside on the porch. Bubbles excited to see new neighbors quickly got dressed and went outside. Bo noticed Bubbles approaching her and turned to face her.

“Hi, my name is Bubbles, what’s yours?”

“Hello my name is Bo, please to meet you.”

“Did you just move here yesterday?”

“Yes, my brother and my sister are still sleeping inside.”

Bubbles now even more excited.

“Really? My sisters are inside as well, still sleeping though.”

Bubbles noticed the worried face on her.

“What’s wrong? Bo”

“My father hasn’t come home yet and I’m worried for him.”

“What does he do?”

“He was a researcher back in China.”

Bubbles eyes widened

“Wait!!! You’re from China?!?!”

Bo is a little offended and says “Yes, is that a problem?”

“No no, it’s just that I haven’t met someone from a different country before”

“What caused you and your family to move to Megaville?”

Bo looks to the east and the wind blows her hair around. Bo thinks to herself “I don’t think I should tell her that my siblings and I are made from Chemical X even though she seems friendly and trustable.”

Bubbles looked at Bo when the wind blew “You’re pretty.”

“Thank You Bubbles…three years ago in my hometown there was a war that devastated the country. The government decided to create perfect soldiers from chemicals. Unfortunately, due to the lack of research on the substance called Chemical X. The enemy learned of this Chemical X and ambushed a convoy near my town and…” Bo struggles from the painful memories but decides that its time to overcome them. “…and it spilled into the town where garbage was discarded. My family was nearby and the chemical reacted to snails, snippets of hair and a puppy tail.”

Bubbles thought to herself “No, it couldn’t be the Rowdyruff Boys.”

“Three boys came out of the explosion, one red, one blue and the other green. They called themselves the Rowdyruff Boys. Brick, Boomer and Butch were their names. They attacked my family and killed my mother and our friends in the town.” Bo starts to cry from the memories. “My father, my siblings and I were the only survivors. When we awoke, the entire town was destroyed and we where forced to move from providence to providence.”

Bubbles feeling sorry for Bo said “I’m sorry for what happened to you mother and your friends.”

“Thank You Bubbles…” Bo continues. “The government finds out that we survived and wanted to capture us and interrogate us for what we saw. However, they use terrible methods, so we fled the country after three years of wandering. My father found a job at the University in Megaville so we moved here.”

Phone rings inside Bo’s house and Blaze comes out. Blaze a little surprised at the sight of Bubbles just stares at her. Bo makes -.- face and slaps him. Bubbles giggles at the sight.

“Ow what was that for?”

“That was for being so rude as to stare.”

“Hey I can’t help it she looks so beautiful.”

Bubbles giggles again and thinks to herself “does he not feel embarrassed?”

Blaze then remembers Bubbles is there and turns red for what he said.

“Sorry Bubbles, he has always been like that”

Bubbles still giggling, says “Its ok.”

“So Blaze who was on the phone?”

“Ah yes dad was on the phone.”

“What did he say?” Bo blurted out

“He said he won’t be back until five tonight.”

Bo looking sad says “I see”

Bonnie comes out and says “Breakfast is ready…Oh hi there my name is Bonnie pleased to meet you.”

“My name is Bubbles, the pleasures all mine.”

Meanwhile back at the Powerpuff’s home Blossom and Buttercup woke and got dressed.

“Hey Buttercup where’s Bubbles?”

“Beats me, she is probably outside looking at butterflies and talking to squirrels.”

“Couldn’t you be more caring Buttercup?”

“Hey! Caring just isn’t my style you should know that Blossom.”

Blossom moves to the window and sees Bubbles and their new neighbors.

“Ah there she is and she seems to have made new friends.”
“Bah, like I care who her friends are.”

“Buttercup don’t say that!!! Go tell Bubbles to come inside for breakfast.”

“Huh? But you didn’t cook anything”

“Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“Oh never mind.”

“Just tell Bubbles to come in to eat.”


Buttercup heads towards the window and flies down towards Bubbles while Blossom heads to the kitchen and takes out breakfast the professor made before he left to the University of Megaville.

Bonnie and Bubbles are having a conversation while Bo waters the lawn and Blaze trims the bushes. Buttercup flies down and reaches Bubbles.

“Bubbles, time for breakfast go inside and eat.”

“Okay tell Blossom I will be there shortly.”

“Buttercup this is Bonnie and her siblings Bo and Blaze.”

“Bonnie this is Butter-“

Bonnie’s eyes grow wide as if she saw a ghost.

“Bonnie? Is there something wrong?” Bubbles asked.

Buttercup senses a disorder nearby and pushes Bubbles. Moments later a loud explosion was heard and Blossom comes running out where she sees Bo and Blaze in fighting stance in front of Bonnie.

“Buttercup” Bubbles and Blossom screams

“Shut up you two!” Buttercup yells

As the smoke cleared a barrier of green energy was seen floating on the large crater.

End of chapter
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:20 am

Another good one, might do a PPG/PPGZ/PPGD crossover today if I get off my lazy butt in time.
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Postby hello » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:03 am

Chapter 3 –Friend or Foe?

The barrier protecting Buttercup disperses and Buttercup fell to the floor breathing heavily with cuts on her arm. She thought to herself “Dam that attack was powerful.” Buttercup could not set up the barrier quick enough to prevent damage done to her.

Buttercup gets up and looks at the three and says “Who threw that energy disk?”

Blaze steps forward. “I did”

“Oh you’re gonna get it Blaze, IMA BEAT YOU TO A PULP.”

“Bring it”

Blossom thinks to herself “Wait something is not right.” Bubbles looks at Blossom in shock “They are just like us Blossom”

“Yes Bubbles I suspect they are also created from Chemical X”

Buttercup who heard this said “What! They too have powers just like us?”

“Heh, don’t let your guard down.”

Buttercup took a punch in the stomach and Blaze back flipped and kicked her in the chin. Buttercup crashed onto the floor bruised and furious. “You got lucky that time.” and charges at Blaze.

“Too slow” and Blaze disappears

Buttercup stopped with shock at her eyes as he reappears behind her and smashes her back into the cement below followed by and attack he called “Element of Treachery”
Buttercup tried to get up but was pushed down by a symbol which appeared around her. An enormous red hot asteroid appeared from a circle above ready to smash her. Blossom intervened by freezing the rock and breaking it into many pieces.

Bo charged at Blossom leaving a yellow streak behind. Expecting this Blossom turned and blocked the incoming punch but she didn’t expect her to charge and energy ball and to forcefully explode it. Blossom was sent flying into a building which collapsed on her.

“You three must be with the Rowdyruff Boys”

Blossom got up from the wreckage and said “you must be joking.”

Bubbles tries to tell Bo that they are not allies with the Rowdyruffs.

Bonnie looks at her and says “Do you expect us to believe you?”
“We have lost that trust three years ago only our father can convince us now Bubbles.”


“Bubbles your too soft” Buttercup said after flying out of the crater.

As Blossom charged at Bo she said “Bubbles we need your help to subdue them, so we can explain the situation in Megaville.”

Bubbles reluctantly joined the fight…”Buttercup take Bonnie Bubbles you take Blaze.”

“Aw come on Blossom”

“Blaze is too fast for you. Only Bubbles can keep up.”

“Let us show them the strength of the Powerpuff Girls” yelled Blossom

“I see you are their leader Blossom. Yinpuffs show no mercy”

Both sides charged energy balls except for Blaze. Blaze charged an energy disk which could cut through energy balls because of the high concentration of energy in a small shape. Both sides threw their energy attacks which resulted in a large explosion. There was much dust and smoke in the air so visibility was low. However, Bubbles caught off guard because the disk flew threw her attack and hit her in the chest.


In Black Eden Dr. X was watching the fight and called Bell in. Bell was a girl similar to the Powerpuffs but she was the Chemical X she was the Powerpuffs all in one. She dressed in a white dress and has white hair. She also had a pet named Gir.

“Bell I want you to go to the Yinpuffs and try to convince them to help our cause for a chance of revenge at the Rowdyruff Boys. Give them three days to decide. If they refuse then destroy them.”

“Yes, father I will be on my way.” With a blink of an eye Bell disappeared and flew North.

“Dr. X why do you want these stoooooopid humans. Are the Rowdyruff Boys not on our side?”

“Zim you have much to learn…take a look at these potential allies. They are equal to the strength of the Powerpuffs for now, but they have a huge amount of hidden power. They make the Rowdyruffs and the Powerpuffs nothing but insignificant little boys and girls.”

“Bahh…these these stoooooopid inferior humans are no match for Zim alone.”

“You will see Zim their powers far surpasses anything I have felt. The only one that can match them is Bell. You will have your chance against the Powerpuffs one day just be patient.”

Back to the fight

Both sides are panting heavily after using much energy in the attack.

The Powerpuffs make the first move and charges. The Yinpuffs brace for the attack. Bubbles disappear and reappears behind Blaze. She kicks Blaze but her leg went right through him.

“What the-“

As Blaze appears in front of her and strikes…but futile as well. Blaze was struck from behind and falls a few feet and recovers.

“I see now why Blossom put you up against me...your fast.”

“Why thank you”

“However, I sense hesitation within you…it will bring defeat to you.”

As both Bubbles and Blaze engage in their high speed battle Blossom and Bo are in a deadlock trying to overpower each other.

“Heh, your strong Bo I can see why you are the leader.”

“I can say the same to you.”

Bo shoots lasers out of eyes but Blossom expected it and broke free to doge the attack. While she doges she unleashed her Ice breath at Bo who has also seen it coming and intercepted it with a yellow barrier.

Blossom charges and hits the barrier breaking it. The shockwave sent both Bo and Blossom flying back. Blossom recovered in the air but Bo flew through a parked tractor trailer. Bo came out and yelled “Resplendence” and the air around her froze and shattered causing many sharp blades to fly towards Blossom. Buttercup who saw this knocked Bonnie into a nearby building and charged her attack “Kah me ha me HAH!” and a large energy attack intercepted the blades and canceled each other out.

Bonnie saw her chance to attack and yelled “Flame Purge”. Six large swords of fire appeared behind her and made a circle then scattered.

“Some attack that was” Buttercup yelled while on one knee.

“You will soon see the power of Flame Purge.”

Then Buttercup sensed the swords from all directions but was unable to move due to her saving Blossom.
Blossom saw the swords flying in but could not break from Bo.

“Heh, I guess this is it for me” Buttercup whispered and closed her eyes.

Bubbles and Blossom screamed “Buttercup!”

Then Bubbles eyes turned red and delivered a devastating blow into Blazes stomach causing him to cough up a large amount of blood. Seeing this both Bo and Bonnie break off their engagements and rushed to Blaze. Blossom saw this as her chance to save Buttercup but she was just a little too far to make it in time. The swords hit from each side and caused a large explosion that was so bright it blinded them. As smoke and dust was beginning to clear Blossom fell to her knees and began to cry because she could not see Buttercup. All she saw was a large crater and many collapsed buildings around it. Just then Bubbles appeared and was carrying Buttercup in her arms. Blossom felt relived Buttercup was fine.

It was clear that Bubbles had lost her temper and saved Buttercup with her hidden powers.

Back at Black Eden

“You see Zim the power of that attack was off the charts…not even the technology of your race can even measure to its might.”

“That pathetic attack from that stoooooopid little girl is noth-“

“THAT’S ENOGUH ZIM…I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I shut it for you. Now go make me some coffee.”

Gir appears out of no where and says “While your at it get me so tacos”

“yes sir…do you like it black or with milk?”

“Black now leave me be and don’t forget about the tacos”

“Yes my tacos Zim my tacos.”

Zim thinks to himself “dam Gir you just make things harder for me. I will destroy you for I am the almighty Zim buwahahahaha”



Back at Megaville

Blossom ran to Buttercup and they stood together panting very heavily. As Blaze got up he resumed fighting stance like his sisters did. However, Bo knew that they where at their limit because they were pant like the Powerpuffs.

Both sides knew that this last charge was going to be the final move to determine which team wins. As both groups charged at each other a white light crashed into the ground between them.

“Hello” said Bell who was standing on the cracked cement

“Bell!” the Powerpuffs yell

“I have a deal for you Yinpuffs”

Bo looks suspicious seeing that she is just like the Powerpuffs.

“Why should we trust you Bell?”

“Buttercup, Bubbles we have to stop her.”

“A step ahead of you Blossom” said Bubbles and Buttercup

“Stay out of this Powerpuffs” and with a swift attack Bell knocks all three Powerpuffs to the ground and rendering them unconscious.

“Because I offer you the chance to have revenge on the Rowdyruff Boys”

“Wait how do you know of our past?”

“That’s not important”

“If you want revenge for what they have done to your mother and friends. Then you will help us in taking over this planet. All your dreams will be restored and your mother revived.”

“That’s impossible no one can revive the dead.”

“No one that you know of…but my father can he has friends with superior technology.”

“Meet me in the train station in the heart of Megaville in three days I wait for you decision there.”

On the radio

“Bell destroy the Powerpuffs while they are vulnerable…this way they won’t be much of a nuisance to our plans anymore”

end of chapter...what will happen to the Powerpuff?
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:04 am

... Really COOL!
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Postby hello » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:20 am

Chapter 4 – Redemption

“Yes, father I can now avenge Susan. It was because of them that he died.”

Bo looks at her siblings who are exhausted from the combat that took place starts discussing that they should save the Powerpuffs. Blaze and Bonnie looks at her in astonishment.

“Bo why would you want to save them?”

“Because Bonnie if they know Bell and opposes her and her father’s plan of taking over the world they may have a different heart from the Rowdyruffs.”

“But Bo could we really trust them?” Blaze whispers

“I say just one more time Blaze. They may be similar to us.”

“I understand now what you mean Bo, but in this state we cannot overcome Bell.”

“Bonnie is right Bo in this state we won’t be able to put a scratch on her”

“That’s why I want you two to stay here and rest up, I am going to fight her myself.”

“But that’s insane” they both said

“Listen father told me to keep both of you safe and I intend to do so”

With that she left the two and threw an energy ball at Bell.

Bell already having much battle experience doesn’t even need to sense and attack coming. Bell stops and hears the light whistle of the energy ball and raises and arm and catches it. Bell turns and throws it back so hard and fast that Bo could not move out of the way even though she expected that to happen. Bo took her the energy attack into the chest and was knocked back and skidded on the cement.

Bonnie and Blaze rushes to her “Bo are you okay?”

Bo slowly opens her eyes and coughs out blood and said “run she is going to kill us all.”

Bo then loses consciousness.

Both Bonnie and Blaze looks at Bo and decide that they cannot leave their sister behind.

“Sorry Bo but if we are going to die we die together” Blaze and Bonnie carry her to some place safer.

Bell receives an order to kill them through her radio.

“Bell it has seems that they have decided to refuse our offer.”

“I will show no mercy.”

Bell approaches Bonnie and Blaze. Bell knows that they are much more of a threat to her than the unconscious girls. Bonnie and Blaze make the first move by charging at Bell.

“You cannot win why don’t you just let me kill you quickly.”

“Not a chance” and Bonnie delivers a kick towards her face

Bell stops it with ease and grabs Bonnie’s leg. Bell throws Bonnie behind her and she collides with Blaze.

“Dam how did she know?”

“To predictable, Blaze”

“Yeah? Well predict this!”

Blaze charges and throws a punch which stops short. He jumps in the air and tries to kick Bell. Bell stops and turns away from Blaze as she knew Bonnie was right behind that attack. Bell knew that attack was a diversion. She charges a white energy ball and yells “White Whorl” As Bonnie in front of Bell and punches, Bell ducks and smashes the attack into her stomach burning her skin and making her cough up blood as she crashed into a ten story high building which collapsed and buried her. Bell turns and faces Blaze.

“Your next”

Bonnie did not come out of the rubble, so Blaze assumed she was unconscious. Blaze became furious and attacked Bell relentlessly throwing many punches and kicks. Bell blocked them all with ease and kicked him in the back of the head causing him to lose conscious.

“Pathetic, I don’t know what my father saw in any of you.”

As Bell is about to strike the final blow the ground starts to shake violently and Blaze is floating in the air unconsciously. Professor Utonium is nearby and sees what has happened to his daughters. He was not alone though he was with Professor Shin.
“Professor Utonium this is not good.”

“What happened Professor Shin?”

“To tell you the truth my children are also created by Chemical X very much like yours.”

“What? Why did you not tell me this earlier?”

“Lets talk later we need to find a safe place and hide”

“What about the girls?”

“They will be fine”

Blaze’s eyes open but they were not dark blue, they were black. His clothes turned black and a devil’s mark appeared on his face. Bell now seemed interested turns and resumes her fighting stance.


As fast as he could he threw his hands together and threw a dark purple attack at Bell. Bell seeing that he did not take the time to charge at all that this attack was a bluff and did not move, until she saw the ground being vaporized. Bell quickly set up a barrier and braced for impact for it was too late to move now.


Blaze’s dark black eyes turned blood red and the attack amplified. Bell seeing this unleashed her aura to strengthen her barrier and her defensive skills. As the blast hit the barrier it immediately shattered leaving Bell trying to stop the attack with her hands. Bell just deflected the attack but took nearly all her strength to do.

“Heh, looks like I underestimated you” she said while gasping for air.

“Bell retreat he’s too powerful in this state.”

“Understood father” and Bell flew off

As Bell flew she knew that she had to kill Blaze before his demonic aura can take over. Blaze’s demonic aura diminished and his eyes turned dark blue again. He fell from the sky to be caught by Professor Shin. Professor Shin and Utonium gathered the unconscious kids and brought them inside Professor Utonium’s lab where they received medical treatment.
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:22 am

Bell needs to learn to think for herself, so in your fic whats bell's story of being?
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Postby hello » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:24 am

her part of the story is in the next chapter or the chapter after which im writing up...too bad no one likes this fan fic of mine
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I like it, try posting it on FF.net and see what you get.
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Postby Kusang_Manalo » Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:39 am

Here's a suggestion: Make it longer. More detail. I kinda yawned while reading. It's monotonous. Maybe a little of the description of the place or the more detail of their mood will do a good deal of improvement in making your fic more interesting to read. That's my advice ^_^
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Postby hello » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:26 am

ok thanks for the advice ill try to do that

Chapter 5 – Recovery

Professor Utonium and Professor Shin’s houses were the only ones left standing for five blocks in every direction but where heavily damaged. The damages caused the recovery process of the kids to be slow. During the battle many shockwaves were sent into the building around due to the high level skills used. The walls of the houses were cracked and were in danger of collapsing. The lab itself was no different. The shockwaves had destroyed vials of lethal chemicals. The supercomputer was fried due to clash between Bell and Blaze. The two professors entered the lab after setting their kids to rest. Observing the damage done they concluded:

“It may take a while for them to recover.”

“Professor Utonium I have special medications in my house which should speed the healing process up by a week.”

The medication was a pill shaped like a sphere but it didn’t feel like a pill and was no larger than a grain of rice. However, it did not feel like concentrated energy. The pills are no medication anyone can acquire through a store or pharmacy. Professor Utonium pulls out his PDA and scans the pills for its contents. The pills contained vitamins A, C, D, calcium, and as he suspected white energy. Utonium analyzed this white energy and found it to contain and unknown substance and Chemical X”

“Professor Shin…how can this be? There is Chemical X in this pill.”

“Yes, professor there is Chemical X in the pills but I have neutralized part of its affects such as exploding on contact with these vitamins.”

“Would that be the unknown substance?” Professor Utonium looks at the pill again.

“Yes, the un known substance is a mix of Antidote X and Chemical Z which formed a reaction making the energy you saw in the pill.”

Professor Shin explains “That this white energy is the ability to heal any wound on a normal human in minutes, but would be lethal to the Chemical X kids. Unless Chemical X was added to replace the amount lost because of the exposure to Antidote X. Unfortunately, the side effects are unknown to some of the X kids. When I created this medicine its levels of Antidote and Chemical X were made to match the pattern of my children.”

Professor Utonium analyzes the pill again and finds out what the possible affects are. He didn’t seem to like it. The possible affects of the medication would either result in death, a power up or turning them into normal children. However, the professor knew that it would risky and decided to use them.

“Even with the medication their injuries would still take at least two weeks to heal, their injuries seem to be in serious condition.”

“That might prove to be a problem Utonium”

“Yes, that will be, they are vulnerable for two weeks we must find a way to protect them.”

In Black Eden

In a dark room Dr. X sits their and thinks about creating two more X kids to match the new threat of the combined powers of the Yin and Powerpuff girls. He thinks to himself on his leather arm chair facing what seemed to be a television embedded on an oak tree. “This is truly a problem with their combined powers it would prove ten times more difficult to take this planet over. As he is thinking he remembers what a prophet told him “When East meets West their powers will unite, making them impervious to you attacks.”

Bell returns and reports to Dr. X as he was thinking “Who would have thought one of them have demonic powers?”

“Father I have returned”

“Bell I want you to head over to the infirmary for those wounds of yours”

“This is nothing father, just bruises and scratches”

“Then get some rest you did well they are now vulnerable to attack thanks to your actions.”

“Then next time I will crush them without fail”

“Yes, without fail, then the Cluster and I shall take over the planet.”

Bell goes off to her room and collapses from exhaustion. “Dam that Blaze, I will make sure he is the first to die” and with that said Bell falls into a deep sleep.

Back at the lab

A bright light appeared in the middle of the lab next to Professor Utonium and a boy wearing glasses and a white lab coat.

‘Professor Utonium” The boy called out.

“Ah Dexter, good timing I was going to call you over”

“Professor I heard that there was an attack from an unknown group of Powerpuffs and Bell.”

“Yes, there was an attack”

“Is everything okay professor?”

“Not everything, but the important ones are.”

“Where are Blossom and her sisters?”

“They are in their room recovering from their wounds.”

“Who where the attackers, have they been identified?”

“The attackers were the Yinpuffs, who should be resting in the house next to this one”

“What!? They are your neighbors?”

“Ironically, yes they are”

“Then its still dangerous here, I will finish them off while they are recuperating.”

“Wait Dexter, that’s one of the things I want to talk to you about.”

“There isn’t anything worth talking about the enemy.”

“Dexter would you calm down and just listen!!!”

“The Yinpuffs are the ones who saved Blossom and her sisters”

“Wait, professor I thought you said the attackers were the Yinpuffs.”

“Indeed they did attack the girls but it was all a misunderstanding.”

Professor Utonium explains to Dexter about the story of the Yinpuffs and how they are vulnerable.

“Okay I understand now.”

Dexter looks around the professor’s lab and calculates numbers in his head and seeing if he could make any improvements. He looks at his watch and presses two buttons a red and a silver one. Just then a portal forms and about ten drones come out. The drones were chrome, looked like a trash can and had four arms each. They seemed thin but could carry up to 2 tons worth of materials. The drones assembled in front of Dexter and waited for his command.

“Computer, I want this lab repaired as quickly as possible with eight drones make any improvements that seems fit.”

Then eight of the drones moves out and opens their chests compartments and takes out screw drivers and welding material. Then in another flash of light building materials appeared and the drones set to work.

“Professor your lab should up and running in a day or two.”

“Thank you Dexter, you have been a great help to the girls and me.”

“It is an honor to help”

Dexter turns and looks at the two remaining drones and tells them to follow him. Dexter moves outside the house and speculated the damage it received. He says to himself “the walls need to be top priority, next should be the windows and doors.” Then he scans the house with a PDA which had been upgraded and far more powerful. “Hmm the steel frames seem to be fine but the water pipes seemed to have been damaged” as he moves the scan towards the ground. “Drone XJ-30 I want you to repair the walls carefully. Do not do anything rash that may endanger the house and anyone living in it. Drone RX-79 I you need to repair the pipelines as fast as you can before they burst and flood the neighborhood. “Understood” both drones beeped out.

As Dexter started his way into the house, the Yinpuffs house collapsed. Dexter rushed to the rubble and activated to his robot pack. The robot was at least 8 feet tall and was in a humanoid shape. Dexter started to dig through the rubble and found what seems to be a metal suitcase. He gathers whatever survived the collapse which was mostly clothing and shoes. He opens the top window on the house and puts the items inside. He deactivates his robot and it turns into a backpack.

He told the professor what happened and head up to the girl’s room. The room was pink with a heart shaped bed in the middle with three streaks of color pink, blue and green. The three girls where sleeping in their own colors with bandage over their foreheads and casts on their legs and arms. As Dexter entered the room, he was in a state of shock. He never would have thought all three of them were equally injured, even Buttercup which is the strongest of the three. He took a chair and sat in the corner next to the pyramid of the stuffed animals which probably belonged to Bubbles.

Blossom was the first to wake. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Dexter in the corner. She slowly got up and flew towards Dexter who dozed off. Blossom took another chair and put it next to Dexter and sat next to him. She carefully rested her head next to Dexter, so he wouldn’t wake. Blossom then felt a sharp pain in her chest and fell to the floor waking Dexter up. The medication has started its effects.

What will happen next? Will Blossom and the others die? Or will they become normal kids. Perhaps they may receive a much needed power up. Find out next time in Chapter 6 Life or Death?
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Who's advice, mine or the other guy?
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hello, bob
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Postby hello » Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:43 pm

Chapter 6 – Life or Death?

Dexter stared in horror as Blossom and her sisters yelped in pain. Dexter ran to the door and opened it. He called for the professor and went back to Blossom and scanned her for any irregularities. During the scan Blossom gave a shockwave that pushed Dexter away from her and crashed his PDA. A reddish pink aura started to form around Blossom, as for Buttercup and Bubbles the situation was no different. Professor Utonium came into the room with Professor Shin.

“What is going on here?” shouted Dexter

“Shin, what is going to happen to my girls?”

“I cannot say it is up to them to determine their own fates.”

Dexter looking confused said “What is going on?”

Utonium looked at Dexter and told him about the medication and its side effects.

“What!? But that’s too risky.”

“We have no choice the cluster will destroy them if we don’t get them back on their feet”

“Dexter you should know this.”

A another shockwave blasted through Blossom but this time a red demonic looking spirit emerged from her body and seemed to be hovering over her, a blue demon hovered on top of Bubbles and a green demon for Buttercup. The demons eyes glowed and they howled. The demons looked at each other and started to chant words. “Azerath, Cruucio, Explellemtest!” Moments later, their bodies began to glow white. Their bodies turned into energy and dispersed into the air with a blinding light. As the light faded the girls bodies where no longer there. The only thing that remained was Blossom’s bow and the girls’ bandages.

“No, this can’t be it for them.” Professor Utonium fell to his knees

“Not again, Not again” Dexter mumbled as tears began to form

At the same time the Yinpuffs woke and sensed the energy disturbance in the house. All three of them have made a full recovery already being that they were used to the medication due to years of being exposed to them. The three flew into the room where the source of the disturbance was. Dexter looked at them with rage but knew whatever he did would not bring the girls back especially not Blossom.

Professor Shin and the Yinpuffs said “We must leave this room, a ritual is being performed”

Dexter and Utonium looked up and said “What ritual?”

“We need to leave NOW!” said Blaze

The Yinpuffs dragged Dexter and Utonium out of the room and Professor Shin shut the door. The instance the door closed the room glowed with light and a dark energy barrier sealed the door allowing no entry to anyone.

“What the-“ started Dexter but was interrupted by a loud explosion coming from the lab.

End of Chapter---Is this really the end of the Powerpuffs? And what was the explosion from the lab?
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Postby Tuor » Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:53 pm

All threads will begin Poster's Name, Title of Work, Rating, Fanfic or Orig.
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