SSoM's fic thread. Hidden Angels. Chapter 11 is UP! (70%)

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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:28 pm

Well, considering the pace I'm going with the original fic, not really. If anything, only main and secondary characters will be profiled.

And yes, Emily has home problems, but that's all I'm saying. Also, I wanted to make it longer but doing so would let lose some spoilers concerning her earlier life before her parents died.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Profile update: Emily Hinata

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Sat Mar 03, 2007 3:51 am

Nice profiles, SSoM, can't wait to meet them of your next update!
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Profile update: Emily Hinata

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Mar 12, 2007 2:13 pm

Chapter 7

Emily: *whimpers; feels a sharp pain on her wrist* Ow! Not again.

*the school day has come once again. The students are in their classrooms performing their normal school rituals. In the case of a certain third grade class, a reading and writing assignment is in progress. The weather outside is partly cloudy with sunlight peeking through the windows every now and then. At the front of the class, a teacher is keeping close watch from her large desk. Another teacher's sized desk is beside it*

*on certain days, there are two teachers who take charge of a class. For today, Claire and Ms. Louise--Shad's English teacher--both have shifts in the third grade homeroom. However, Claire stepped out for a little something; leaving "hazel eyes" to make sure the students keep to their work and not engage in any indistinct chatter. She found this class a little easier to work with, not needing to deal with Shad. There was always something odd about that boy (a weirdo some peers call him), and Ms. Louise is not a fan of the unusual. No adult in the community is keen to deviancy. That goes quadruple for Marked Ones*

*some of the youngsters are doing a passable job, having just started. Cindy however, has her worksheet nearly complete. The child is rather fond of words and being quite knowledgeable in nouns and verbs helps her greatly. While she has a pet peeve in the form of math, English has always been her favorite subject. It was the only time of the school day where she's able to use one of Arlcie's gifts: a thesaurus. Students find this class boring, but Cindy feels at peace*

Emily: *whispers* Psst. What's the answer to #2?

*until Cindy's other pet peeve comes along*

*every class or two has a bully of sorts, and this one comes in the rare form of a little girl. A child of Asian descent--either Chinese or Japanese--is seated right behind Cindy. Donning jet black eyes and shoulder length hair accompanied by a hair band, Emily Hinata is that one girl who favors her own brand of torment rather then the usual recreational activities of girls her age. Whether it be flicking students in the ear, occasionally falling asleep during class, cutting in the lunch line, or even tripping her peers, if a bully did it, she'll have most likely done it (or will do it)*

*then again, there are those days where her abrasive behavior can't do much of anything. Case in point: Her worksheet has virtually no answers whatsoever. While she can try to write down her guesses, a sharp pain in her wrists impede her progress, thus causing major discomfort. Therefore, she does what any academically lazy child would do: ask others for answers. And who more then the one student she dubs the "nerd queen"*

Emily: *whisper* Hey! Listen! I'm talking! What's the answer to #2?!

Cindy: *whisper; doesn't turn around* No! That's cheating!

Emily: *whisper; a little high-pitched* Shut up and tell me you naughty brat!

Cindy: *no longer a whisper* Stop calling me that!

Ms. Louise: PIPER!! Stand!

Cindy: *gulps; stands up* Y-yes Ms. Louise?

Ms. Louse: *stern tone* Mind explaining what possessed you to disrupt the class?

Emily: Yeah! Why the loud voice? Teacher said no talking.

Cindy: But...okay. *head down* I'm so...

Ms. Louise: Head up.

Cindy: *tilts her head up* I'm sorry Ms. Louise. It won't happen again.

Ms. Louise: Best if you see to that.

*abashed, Cindy falls to her seat once more as Emily sticks out her tongue with a sour look on her face. As she does though, Cindy's slightly unruly lengthy hair bounces up...and lands right on Emily's tongue. Disgusted, the girl coughs as she pushes the hair away*

Emily: *whispering once again* Cheap shot!

Cindy: *whispers back* What'd I do?! I already got in trouble.

Emily: *whisper* Why's your hair so long? You almost made me vomit on purpose didn't you?!

Cindy: *whisper* I didn't!

Emily: Liar.

Cindy: *finally turns around; still whispering* You're the liar! You went to Ms. Staydamind for that rash and you didn't play that day. You weren't even outside and you said you fell!

Emily: *still whispering*'re a crybaby!

Cindy: *getting a bit agitated* Why call me a sissy when you're the one who keeps crying to herself?!

Emily: At least I don't hang around with stupid Marked Ones after school...

Cindy: *voice raised* They're not STUPID!!

Ms. Louise: PIPER!! That's the second time today!

Cindy: But...

Ms. Louise: Stand!

*Cindy stands as she prepares herself for another chastisement. At least, that's what she would be doing if it weren't for something holding her down. Despite wearing a skort, her rear end feels attached to the seat she's on, unable to get off. The girl tries to twist around but is unable to do that. It's almost as if something has caused her to be stuck to her seat*

Ms. Louise: Piper! Stand up right this instant!

Emily: She won't stand up. She doesn't want to!

Cindy: I'm trying! I'm just stuck somehow!

Ms. Louise: Stuck?! How so?

Cindy: *struggling to stand up* I don't know. It's like I'm sticking to the chair like...*gasps; hears a slight ripping sound*

Ms. Louise: Piper?

Cindy: Ms. Louise, I don't think I should get up.

Ms. Louise: Excuse me?!

Emily: She said she's too goody two-shoes to get up. Heheh. Sucker. Maybe you should get her up herself.

Ms. Louise: Piper, stand up right now.

Cindy: No.

Ms. Louise: *eyebrows rose* What? What did you say?

Emily: *light giggle* You're in trouble now.

*the rest of the class looks up in slight awe. Not too many students say that word to an adult and not get some sort of harsh penalty. Embarrassed, Cindy's cheeks turn a light shade of pink as she tries to correct her statement*

Cindy: Oh no! I mean...I didn't mean to say that. I can't get up now.

Emily: You think you're an Enforcer already huh? What a brat!

Ms. Louise: *to Emily* Silence! Back to your worksheet! *stands up as she turns to Cindy* Need I tell your mother of your disobedience? If so, then GET UP!!

Cindy: *almost sobbing* I...I...I can't! I really don't want to get up because...

*too late. Ms. Louise storms to Cindy's desk, positively enraged. She's not one to let students get away with not following her rules*

Emily: *whispers* If you think this is bad, wait until she pulls you up.

Cindy: You did this?! Why?!

Ms. Louise: *looming over Cindy* This is your last warning. Stand up and apologize!

Cindy: I'm sorry.

Emily: Teacher said you have to stand up first.

Cindy: *angered* I CAN'T stand up! It's because of you that...

*too late. Ms. Louise already has her hands under Cindy's arms as she forcibly tries to pull the tyke off. As she said, she really is stuck somehow*

Ms. Louise: What on...what is this?!

Cindy: Please, don't pull me off! You can't!

Ms. Louise: It's too late, you had your chance.

Cindy: But if you pull me off I'll...I'll...

*Ms. Louise makes one more attempt to pull Cindy off her chair. The girl has her eyes shut as the last thing she hears before that one inevitable sound is a door opening*

Claire's voice: Hmm? What's going on he....


*the entire classroom echoes with laughter at the resulting sight. The girls giggle wildly in hilarity, as the boys stand there, red faced and staring. What are they staring at? The end result of what happens when a girl wearing a skort is pulled off a chair with superglue on it. Pieces of the clothing are still stuck on said chair, but the main source of the ensuing laughter is Cindy*

*her face overflown with blush and--soon enough--tears, all that's left below the waist is a small pair of pink underwear with a rabbit's face on both the front and back. She wishes to run. Run and hide, but where? Would she bolt out of the classroom and risk breaking some transgression of sorts due to her running around half-dressed? All Cindy can do is just stand there while her face gets hotter and hotter as more blood ran up to her cheeks, and more tears started to well up in her eyes. It's only a matter of time until her gift triggers itself, ends up bawling, or both. Never has she been humiliated in this form...or any form*

Ms. Louise: *wide-eyed and shocked* What in God's na...*to the class* Silence! SILENCE!!!

*try as she might, the teacher's demands aren't met as the girls keep laughing and even some of the boys start to chuckle. The one in the biggest fit of giggles is right behind the child most mortified; the one responsible for the clever--yet downright cruel--prank. Emily can barely keep herself standing as she holds her sides together, almost tearing up at the sight of Cindy's face, nearly resembling a dimpleless strawberry*

Ms. Louise: *agitated* I don't want to have to write up every...

Claire: No need.

*Claire walks to the blackboard and takes out a sharp-edged chalk from the small shelf nearby. Upon scratching said board with the white stick, a horrible, screeching sound is emitted by the jagged chalk. Within seconds, the cackling youngsters pipe down and cover their ears due to the ear-splitting noise. Everyone except for Emily that is, and Cindy paying no mind due to her silent weeping*

Claire: *sigh* I think I know who's responsible for...*confused* What happened? Why's Piper...?

Ms. Louise: Precisely what I was going to ask her. *to Emily* HINATA!! Cease your chortles!!

Emily: *pant pant* Why? You have to admit, that IS funny! I mean, look at her!

Ms. Louise: *glaring* So you're responsible for Piper's partial...disrobement. How did you do it?!

Claire: *arms folded* I'm more interested in why then how. Allow me.

*Cindy walks past the desks as she makes her way towards the prankster/bully. But just when she goes past Ms. Louise, she feels something glomp and wrap around her stomach, followed by light, whimpering sobs*

Emily: *smug* Tch. Knew she'd do it.

Ms. Louise: Is that really...

Claire: Louise please! *looks down* Piper, what happened?

*Cindy says nothing as she squeezes Claire harder and sobs a little harder, followed by hiccups. Realizing the extent of her emotional distress, Claire bends down and wraps her arms around the youngster, hugging her back*

Claire: *whispers* Shh. It's okay, you don't have to say anything now. You can explain it when...

*THWAP!! Claire's head is struck by an incoming textbook (paperback, thank goodness)*

Ms. Louise: *enraged* HINATA!! WHAT is the meaning of this?!?!

*rubbing her temple, Claire turns to Emily. Her smug expression has twisted into rage, fists clenched, and eyes glaring menacingly*

Claire: This girl...had she not done that would she have...I see. Louise, dismiss the class and take Piper to my office. I need to talk with Hinata alone.

Ms. Louise: Listen to yourself! The child has nothing to cover her...

Claire: *frustrated sigh* Nice priorities.

*Claire takes off her cerise shirt (she wears an identical short-sleeved shirt underneath) and ties it around Cindy's waist, concealing the cute bunny-clad panties. Ms. Louise then ushers the rest of the students out of the classroom with the still blushed child in tow. Now the only ones left in the classroom is a kind teacher and tormenting youngster*

Emily: *mutters* She ends up half-stripping and gets off free. *scoffs* Teacher's Pet.

Claire: Teacher's Pet? *sigh* If I had a dollar for every year I haven't heard that...

Emily: Why am I in trouble?! She's the one who ended up stripping!

*Claire looks at Cindy's seat, littered with a thin shining layer of a sticky substance and most of what remains of the skort*

Claire: They really don't know how to make clothes properly anymore. All it took was that small amount of superglue?

Emily: I'm leaving.

Claire: I'm sure I said we're having a little chat. I've been keeping an eye on you for some time and frankly, I have a few things to ask you.

Emily: Humph! It's not my fault! Cindy probably only did that for attention. You even give her special treatment by taking HER home! *walks away*

Claire: Where are you going?

Emily: *turns around and sticks out her tongue* MYA!! I hate lectures!

*the tempered child stomps to the door, not wanting to hear another word. She doesn't even get three steps in before she's raised high up by the collar. Her face is now at the same height as that of the vertically built teacher, who has her up so high dropping her can easily cause a bruise or two*

Emily: *thrashes about* NNUGH!! Lemme go! LEMME GO!!

Claire: The more you flail about like that the longer this will take. Just let me speak to you!

*Emily says nothing but blows a raspberry, spraying thin tiny dots of saliva at Claire's face*

Claire: You were so nice when you asked me for medicine.

Emily: Only because SHE was there! Why is that geek hanging out with stupid Marked Ones anyway?!

Claire: Never mind that. I'm just concerned as to why I sometimes find you crying by yourself, Emily!

Emily: *gasps; shocked* What did you call me?!

Claire: Perhaps I'll explain that you once we get acquainted a little. For now though...

*Claire uses her free hand to lift up a nearby chair. She then takes the furniture and child to a far corner of the classroom, putting the former first, then the latter on top, Finally, Claire bends down to Emily's height; their faces on the same level*

Claire: Let's begin; First things first, why Cindy?

Emily: Why? Humph! She's a naughty girl who goes to Marked Ones all the time! I don't.

Claire: Well...that's somewhat true, but naughty? Did you ever try asking her?

Emily: What for? She never talks about it. Besides, she's weird. Her hair's too long and her eyes...who has purple eyes?

Claire: Now now, there's no need to ponder that. Anyway, never mind Cindy for now. I just want to know how...

Emily: Why did you butt in anyway?! It's none of your beeswax! And why did you call me Emily?!

Claire: Hmm. Judging by your tone you haven't found your name. Numbers are so mechanical, especially when they're applied to children.

Emily: What's she babbling about now? Shouldn't she just yell at me and go away?

Claire: You're probably expecting me to yell at you in a tone most harsh and send you off. *smirks* I don't work like that.

Emily: *gasps again* How...

Claire: I don't yell at children unless they agitate me, and it takes a lot for that to be accomplished. Besides, *taps Emily's nose* I like children.

Emily: *grumpy tone* What kind of teacher are you?

Claire: Just a teacher, nothing more. I just thought we'd get acquainted. You need help after all.

Emily: Oh, NOW you help me?!

Claire: *chuckles* I guess I deserved that. I just needed to make sure I wasn't mistaken. THOSE should've tipped me off sooner.

*what Claire refers to is the source of Emily's throbbing stabs of pain during the assignment. On both wrists are raw, blistering red marks. Also displayed is a slight tint of purple on the hands. Emily, noticing what Claire's eyes are looking at, quickly puts the hands back in her dress pockets*

Emily: SO?! What's it to you?! The other teachers see it and they don't care!

Claire: I'm not "other teachers". And I'm not a mind reader either.

Emily: *confused* But before...when I how did you...

Claire: Unlike most of the faculty, I don't really admit to knowing everything about how a child's mind works. Each and every single one is individual. *small smile* If everyone thought the same way, where would be the fun in getting to know the little tykes?

Emily: Can I go now?

Claire: Not yet. Tell me, do you feel miserable?

Emily: No.

Claire: Well, if there's anything I learned it's that depending on the child's situation, let it be at home or school, they can sometimes get miserable. You disagree, but I'm afraid your occasional crying spells say otherwise. Do you cry because everyone else seems happier then you are?

Emily: Never mind why I cry!

Claire: Tough nut to crack, I'll give her that. Well, from the times I've observed you, I noticed that when you don't cry, you project your inner turmoil upon others. The only way for you to be happy is if you make someone more miserable then you are. Who better to exploit then the girl who feels bad about the Marked Ones, and at the same time hates her Gift? *short pause* Don't you feel bad about what you did?

Emily: Heh. I only feel bad because the superglue didn't rip her undies off.

Claire: How's home treating you?

*as she quickly tries to figure out an answer, Emily remains still, her eyes widened a little more then normal. She has a feeling similar to what Cindy felt when she confided in Claire. The scruffy youngster still has no idea how the teacher knows the things she knows, but up until the home question, she slowly started to feel at ease, despite her demands to leave the classroom*

Emily: *sniff; rubs her eyes* Now look what you made me do!

Claire: I checked your files, but they didn't seem to say much. I'm not going to make any drastic assumptions, but judging the time when you threw that book at me...

Emily: I was aiming for Cindy.

Claire: Are you jealous of my attention towards Cindy? At first I was under the impression that you did that for attention, but perhaps I'm not too far off. Hehe, maybe you planned this yourself and your attitude's just an act.

Emily: Why would I do that?! I hate lectures! All you're saying is just stuff about nothing.

Claire: Dimitri always said that was a rather annoying habit of mine. Can never stay on one topic, I can’t.

Emily: UGH! What's wrong with her?! She's even weirder then Cindy! If Ms. Louise were here I'd be out of here right now but she keeps talking to me as if I was a friend...huh?!

Claire: I don't really know what's best for you...not yet at least. So starting today, you're coming with me.

Emily: You mean...

Claire: The bell will ring in a few minutes so I'll just say yes. After all, you owe someone an apology.

Emily: Hmm....fine. But I still don't like you! Cindy will still get special treatment like hugs from the teacher and stuff.

Claire: *eyebrow raised* consider hugs special treatment? I'm practically the only teacher here who does that.

Emily: Huh? Why?

Claire: *sigh* It's a long story; Too long for a day even. Condensing it would leave holes everywhere. But since you're so upset over the prospect of me hugging Cindy...

*to Emily's surprise, Claire gives her a light kiss on the cheek followed by a hug similar to the one given to Cindy. The Asian girl's cheeks become a delicate shade of pink, easily visible through the white skin. In fact, her entire body starts to heat up, as if barely remembering the last time she received a hug so soft. During the duration of the short cuddle, Emily appears to be almost a different person*

Claire: I'm sure this isn't like the one your mother gives you, but at least you and Cindy are even now.

Emily: *voice softening* I...I don't have a mommy.

Claire: *abruptly lets go* What?! Well, not now but at least the memories are...

Emily: *shakes her head* Nuh-uh. I don't remember her. I don't remember daddy.

Claire: *taken aback* You don't?! You don't have any recollection of Ema and Hideki?

Emily: Wh...what? Who are they?

Claire: Oh my Go...*head down; saddened tone* It's true then.

Emily: What are you talking about? Did you know th...

*before she can finish, Emily has a quick flashback. Her eyes don't see Claire, but instead a backdrop, almost black, and illuminated by several balls of fire. For reasons not quite yet know, the mere presence of fire frightens her; scares her; puts her in a paralyzed state of fear; Staring into destructive red-orange blazes, unable to even speak due to the terror stunning her very vocal cords. Before it all disappears, she here's a hoarse, almost vengeful whisper; A whisper so quiet, yet aghast beyond the state of reason. It consists of just one word, but somehow that alone sends Emily into a cold sweat*

Claire: *snaps Emily back to reality* EMILY!!

Emily: *sudden tears accompanied by the aforementioned sweat* HUH?! WHAT?! *hears the bell ring*

Claire: What just happened to you? First you were just asking a question and next thing I knew you were sobbing frantically.

Emily: How did...but...I gotta go!

*too fast for Claire to grab at this point, Emily gets off the chair and dashes out of the classroom, forgetting her bookbag in her haste*

Claire: Emily...what did you see?

End of Chapter 7!
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Ch7 of original fic is UP! (50% done)

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:35 am

Can't wait what will happen next, nice part, SSoM!
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Postby PueRToRiCaN12187 » Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:09 am

God I can't believe i've been gone for so long! I need to catch up... again... last I remember I was in like chapter 40 of dual Minds or something... I'm gonna need to catch up again.

Added after 4 hours 32 minutes:

Wait, nevermind, I was wrong. Last chapter I read was 37 (I think), it was the one which ended just before the PPG/RRB fight. Well, at least I finally caught up! W00T! Wow, I still can't believe Sage and Kage are in there... I don't even know what else to say...

Although... I should probably be getting to work on the homework that's due in about 9 and a half hours...
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Ch7 of original fic is UP! (50% done)

Postby slsomicman » Fri Mar 16, 2007 4:50 pm

Wow, the adults can be so cruel. I smell mass evil manipulation of children....
Henshin a go-go baby!

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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:58 pm

Chapter 7 is complete! Also, I finally gave the original fic a (somewhat) tentative title thanks to an outside source. He goes by the name of Hedionist, who I infrequently chat with.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Ch7 of Hidden Angels is UP! (100% DON

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Tue Mar 20, 2007 4:11 pm

Man, Emily and Claire sure have a hard day in the school, that reminds me like my day in school...
Anyway, great chapter!
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Postby GridsNaranek » Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:29 pm

Nice work!
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Postby crilly123 » Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:02 am

Typo skort?
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Postby GridsNaranek » Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:12 am

Shorts + skirt. Skort. Guess it's not a common term, but that's the impression I get.
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Ch7 of Hidden Angels is UP! (100% DON

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Mar 21, 2007 10:08 pm


And here's the sour-scout herself folks! Also found one page back. Courtesy of Griddles and attire courtesy of yours truly. (kinda. I gave Griddles a reference)

Added after 9 hours 52 minutes:

Don't feel like making another chapter yet so...


Name: Claire Staydamind
Age: 20-29
ID#: N/A (born before the "New Order")
Status: Teacher and current Observer of Cindy Piper
Personality: Appears to be overaffectionate towards the young (known to give hugs, something many teachers seldom do). Tad bit ditzy when it comes to conversations; often strays between one topic after another
Family affiliations: Shad; son. Dimitri; Advocator of civil rights for Marked Ones (deceased)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Likes: Little girls; has a "thing" for ones that of an Asian ethnicity, freedom, Shad...
Dislikes: Persecution, prejudice, intolerance, extremism(sp?), injustice, bigotry, institutions, Enforcers and their actions...
AOA: 5-13 (rough estimate)
Gift: None

"My name is Claire Staydamind. There are many things I like, and am not one who's seen as intolerant of others, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and so on and so forth. I have quite an ambition that used to be the main drive of my life, but is slowly devolving to a fleeting dream as others say. My dream: Total restoration of the relations between "normals" and Marked Ones, empowerment to the so called "vulnerable" children...and to avenge the death of the two people I hold dear to this very day."

A lady with a tall physique and a big heart to match, Claire Staydamind can be easily identified as the lady who always has something to say, a trait she obviously passed to her son. What hasn't been passed on is her habit of straying from one topic to another (as demonstrated in chapter 7) With a strong sense of justice and an almost overwhelming ambition to safeguard and empower children, relinquishing the persecution of Marked Ones, and even coming to terms with her own affinity for kids (especially Asian ones...), her support from her husband Dimitri only made her least, until he died, leaving her behind along with a four year old Shad. Since then, a new social order has put her on edge, but vowed not to lose hope and sanity. She has seen the persecuted, ostracized Marked Ones mentally cave in and cross the line, and never must she be seduced by such temptations. What she's most worried about is her own son Shad, who may have possibly acquired the same strong affinity towards the young. The stress shows as she occasionally bites her fingernails. Fortunately, what hasn't vanished is her sense of helping children and befriending them, as her interactions with both Cindy and Emily demonstrated (although the former was more successful). What's most peculiar is her knowledge of Cindy's Gift, the Heart's Eye and what does...along with why it torments Cindy so. Finally, it is said that Claire, while she doesn't know when, hopes the time will come when she can avenge the deaths of "two loved ones". But if Dimitri is the first...who can be the other one?

What are Gifters? What is the Heart's Eye? And how does Claire know of it? That answer...will have to wait until another time. ;)

GAH! Either I made it too long or just didn't know whether to add more without spoiling anything. Meh, never was too good at this profile business anyway. Least I tried.

EDIT: Pic of Claire Staydamind added. Courtesy of Bossygirl.
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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Profile update: Claire Staydamind

Postby hellboy222 » Fri Mar 23, 2007 7:11 pm

man it took me forever to catch up great work it's really cool.I'm guessing if emily has a gift it will probably have something to do with fire
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Profile update: Claire Staydamind

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:42 am

Chapter 8

Cindy: *sniff* Is it done yet?

Claire: Patience, Cindy.

*school is still in progress as the students, done with their lunch, make their way outside for recess. Once again, Cindy remains inside, although not for the same reasons as before. This time, she sits in Claire's office by the window, which isn't facing the yard the students are playing in. Instead, Cindy sees the cars congregated in their designated space. Just for the heck of it, she tries to spot Claire's car, but to no avail*

*As for why she is here, there are quite the moderate amount of tissues--damped with tears--crumpled on the tiled floor right next to Cindy's white pink-striped sneakers. The intense flush from earlier is gone from her face, although the girl is amazed why that is. After all, she is still without a skort, or anything below the waist for that matter except for delicate pink bunny undies. While still mildly embarrassed, she can't help but feel a tad bit angry at the one responsible for her partial disrobement. Respecting her wishes, Claire agreed to not face her direction*

*and what is the gentle teacher up to? Claire is sitting at her desk in the midst of a futile attempt to repair the precious student's garment. Alas, the bulk of the skort got destroyed, and whatever is left are stuck together like...well, you get it. Further attempts to use a sewing machine to tear apart the superglued fabric from the chair (the same one Cindy got stuck on. Claire took the liberty of taking it with her) only made matters worse. Had Claire been at home now, Cindy's bashful predicament could be resolved faster then you can say oopsie daisy. The problem is taking Cindy to her house without having the entire school look at the lower half of her almost-exposed birthday suit. Granted, Claire has no qualms but it's for Cindy's sake*

Cindy: Is it working?

Claire: *sigh* I'd be lying if I said your skort was fixed, but...

Cindy: You loathe lying don't you? It's gone.

Claire: I'm so sorry. I tried my best, honest I did.

Cindy: You don't need to apologize. It's not your fault. *head down* I'm just worried what mother will think.

Claire: You leave Tabatha to me. Besides, I have something at home that'll rectify this for good.

Cindy: *stands up; head up* Weird. I kinda feel a little cheery just hearing that. But why wouldn't Ms. Lousie help?

Claire: Lunch. *stomach growls; blushes* Come to think of it, I've yet to eat myself.

Cindy: *stomach does likewise* I didn't even leave this room since the lunch bell rang. Not that I would--or could--since...*cheeks turn a tint of pink* you know.

Claire: No worries. Our delivery boy is on his way right now.

Cindy: Delivery boy? We don't ha...

*before the sentence is completed, there's a quick click coming from the doorknob, followed by the door opening in an abrupt fashion, as if it was kicked open. Sure enough, it was. Why? The "delivery boy" has his hands full with a trio of lunch boxes. One hand is holding a blue lunch box, whereas the other hand is balancing two more, one cerise and one violet*

Cindy: *gasps; face turns beet red again* You're...YOU'RE...Oh no...why'd it have to be HIM?!

Shad: *gleefully* Special delive...

*Shad stops mid-statement as his attention is immediately turned to a certain long-haired little girl wearing nothing more then a baby blue t-shirt and pink bunny panties*

Shad: *flabbergasted; sways a bit* Ho...who...what happened to you?! *conked on the head*

Claire: Shad! How many times I have to tell you to KNOCK first?!

Shad: Mommy, my hands are full and I didn't know Cindy would be here. *to Cindy* What happened to your skort?

*once again, Cindy is in a similar distressed state. The knees are shaking and the face once again resembles a dimpleless strawberry. The staggering difference however, is that Cindy appears to be trying--struggling even--to turn away from Shad. Not due to embarrassment persay, but something else. Whatever it is it's causing an internal tug of war as she alternates her view between Claire and Shad every few seconds. It's as if something is compelling the little girl to keep her eyes on Shad. Tears are starting to well up but unlike last time, they're almost wide open; glistening even!*

Cindy: No...not again. NOT AGAIN!! *steps back* I...I can't stop looking at him. Why did it have to come up NOW?!

Shad: *concerned tone* Cindy? What's wrong? If it's me looking at your...heh *averts his eyes* How's this? Weird. I understand why her face is red but those puppy dog googly eyes?

Cindy: It's not that! Well, it is a little, but...

Claire: Cindy, try closing your eyes.

Cindy: *whimpers* I can't! I'm trying but...somehow, I don't want to.

Claire: So it's spontaneous. This is troublesome. *sigh* Shad, can you leave our lunch here and head back?

Shad: Huh? I don't get it. Why?

Claire: Please, just step out for a minute!

Shad: *puts the lunch boxes down* Alright alright, don't get uppity.

*as Shad reaches for the doorknob, a tear rolls down Cindy's cheek. After that, the Gift deactivates, taking a heavy load of stress along with it. Exasperated, Cindy takes a few quick breaths, then quickly glomps the nearest person; in this case, Claire. Shad merely watches, slightly confused. Then again, anyone would be confused looking at an eight year old who acts in a peculiar matter, however brief, and is more embarrassed about something else other then someone of the opposite gender staring at her panty-clad posterior. Not that Shad could help himself on the last part mind you. He finds the sight—a seemingly emotionally distraught student embracing a teacher—truly sympathetic*

Shad: *blushes a little* Uh, sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but how did Cindy...

*suddenly, the door is swung open, with the boy unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Said door swings to him, slamming into his face as he topples backward onto the floor, the door swinging back further as it conceals him. Ms. Louise steps in, carrying a plastic bag filled with at appears to be cloth of many colors. The kind possibly meant to be sewn with*

Ms. Louise: AHEM!! What is the meaning of this?!

Claire: ACK!! Oh dear, oh dear! Cindy, you may want to let go!

Cindy: *lets go of Claire* Um...hello Ms. Louise.

Ms. Louise: ARE fixing her a new skort, are you not?!

Claire: Unfortunately, that can't be done. That superglue, it...heh. Really did a number on the fabric. I don't think any additional fabrics will do much.

Ms. Louise: *turns to her left, then right* Is there someone else here? I could've sworn I heard another voice.

Claire: *nervous laugh* You must be hearing things. It’s just me and Cindy. Don't worry about Cindy though. I have something at home that'll fix this up in no time.

Ms. Louise: Don't be silly. Should anyone be worried, it's you. After all, YOU are her Observer. Just put something on Piper. Surely you don't intend to have her walk out the school like THAT, do you?! It'll be rather troublesome.

Claire: *chuckles* Now who's being silly? It'll be fine.

Ms. Louise: *sighs; then heads toward the door* One more thing. What of the Hinata child? Did you set a disciplinary action?

Claire: But of course! A simple time-out and she shouldn't be bothering anyone. Not for a while, at least. Let her go after a short chat. You should talk to her sometime.

Ms. Louise: Talk? Talk?! You honestly think her mischief will end by simply having another of your all too friendly chats...

Claire: *nibbles her fingernails* Did yelling at her work? Did detention work? Did threatening to transfer her work? Didn't it ever occur to you that multiple restrictions--unnecessary ones at that--would quell her misbehavior?!

Ms. Louise: So you expect us to just leave it be?! For all intents and purposes Piper was lucky. You're basically saying that if we do nothing...

Claire: Do no... *falters; then snaps* Try to ask about her home for once! The girl doesn't even remember her own parents! She even cries to herself during class! If you really want her to stop misbehaving, find out what it is that MAKES her do so!

*slightly taken aback by Claire's outburst, Ms. Louise takes a step back, then turns around and makes way for the door*

Ms. Louise: *back still turned; low tone* Claire Staydamind. Eight years has done little to simmer your tongue. You're as pacificial as ever I see. *to Cindy* Piper!

Cindy: Um...yeah?

Ms. Louise: I've finished grading your test. Despite your hasted completion, it seems you've earned a perfect score.

Cindy: Really?

Ms. Louise: As expected of the daughter of an Enforcer.

*the red-head stops right next to the door, still swung at the wall. Ms. Louise turns around, adjusting her glasses a little with a serious look on her face*

Ms. Louise: And yet I wonder exactly how is it you knew such sophisticated words. Your files don't say you have a tutor. Why, it's almost the same words a certain nibbling hamster has a habit of wri...OOMPH!!

*the door suddenly swings back to close the exit, although hitting Ms. Louise halted the process. Before she can ponder what caused that however, from almost out of nowhere--or more specifically--behind the door that was against the wall a moment ago, is a preteen seemingly babyfaced boy the teacher knows all too well*

Shad: HEY! I resemble that remark! *pauses* Wait, that didn't make sense...but I do bite my pen alo...

Claire: Shad! *slaps her forehead* Aye yai yai I forgot he was behind there. You were supposed to...

Ms. Louise: Wh...wh...what is HE doing here?! A young girl is currently in a state of half-dress and a MALE student—a seventh grader—is in her presen...

Shad: What? I'm the delivery boy.

Ms. Louise: *angered* DON'T you interrupt me Staydamind! I don't recall you having a job of any sort!

Shad: I don't get why you're so an...

Claire: Ms. Louise just let him off! He was here by chance and nothing more! He insists on bringing me lunch every...

Ms. Louise: No excuses, even if he is your son! I should have this perve...

Cindy: *screams* NO!!

Ms. Louise: *stops her ranting* Excu...

Cindy: *sniffs; eyes closed* He...he just came to help. He said he had some extra clothes in his locker that he'd let me borrow after lunch was ove, but he couldn't do it because he wanted to get us lunches first.

Ms. Louise: *eyes Shad* Him? Give a lower-grade student lun...

Cindy: I was behind Ms. Staydamind's locker so he wouldn't see when he came in. After he gave us lunch he tried to get to his locker but then you swung the door open so hard and he was so close he got pushed behind. I came out from Ms. Staydamind's locker when he turned around.

Ms. Louse:'re basically saying this isn't his fault?

Claire: Do I have to spell it out for you?! It was all a coincidence!

Shad: *confused* Huh?! But I was...

Ms. Louise: Very well. I'll pardon him for now. But I assure you if it happens know what shall occur. *to Claire* One more thing: Where is the Hinata child?

Claire: Funny you should ask. She ran off. Must've got hungry.

Ms. Louise: *sigh* I suppose. Such a day this is.

*and at that, Ms. Louise finally exits the office, leaving behind a confused Shad, a scared Cindy(eyes still closed), and a triumphant Claire*

Claire: Whew! So close. Didn't know how I'd cover up that one.

Shad: *clueless* But I don't have any clothes in my locker. I hate PE.

Claire: Really? *smirks* You have quite the body for it Shaddy.

Shad: But...well, even if I had any, they're not girl clothes and they'd be too big. Maybe...*sees something amiss* Cindy?

Cindy: *eyes closed; whispering to herself* Please go away. Please go away. Please go away. Please go away...

Shad: *pokes Cindy's forehead* She's gone now.

*Cindy makes a small yelp, taken aback by the sudden prod. Her eyes slowly open, the first thing she sees being Shad's up-close face. Her eyes are once again glistened, teary, and wide open. Seconds later though, the eyelids lower a little, back to their proper position*

Cindy: Gone again. Why won't it go away?! *rubs eye* What? Is there...

Shad: *hands Cindy a miniature, recently opened pack of tissues* Your eyes seem a bit watery. Keep it.

Cindy: Um...thank you. *dries her eyes*

Claire: Shad, that's really sweet of your but don't you need those for...

Shad: Nuh-uh. Why was Ms. Louise so mad?

Cindy: *stops* Huh?! You saw me while...

Shad: That? That's nothing! All I did was see you in your underwear. What's the big deal about that?

Claire: Shad, it IS a big deal here!

Shad: Humph! Not to me it isn't. Why's she like that anyway?

Cindy: *blushes; shakes head* I don't wanna talk about it.

Claire: We'll tell you later at home. I'm sure I'll have something to rectify this anyway.

Cindy: Hand me downs?

Shad: Maybe, but you kinda look cute in those bunny undies.

Cindy: *turns pink* Wha?

Claire: Shad! I think she’s cute too but keep it in your head!

Shad: Can't I do both? *to Cindy* Sorry about that.

Cindy: I...I don't need an apology. I think it's you I have to say sorry to. Doing that yesterday, and saying that in front of a higher-grade student...

Shad: OH, that! Why did you do that?

Cindy: *mutters to self* It's Dimitri. That means this boy is the son of the one who almost...but why would he be a...*shakes head* It has to be wrong. The others were grownups but Shad is... Nothing. Nothing wrong. *hears a bell ring*

Claire: Uh-oh. Lunchtime's almost over. Best if you hurry up Shaddy.

Shad: *stomach growls* Uh-oh is right. *hears a light giggle* Cindy? Did you just...

Cindy: *flushed once more* Uh...I think you're hearing things!

Shad: Whatever. Bye by...*trips as he walks away* OW! *gets up once more and leaves the room; the females alone once again*

Claire: Cindy, did you giggle just now?

Cindy: His tummy growled and I just laughed. Sorry if that was bad.

Claire: No no, it's not bad at all. In fact, if you see it as funny, then laugh.

Cindy: Um...I guess so. But how old is he?

Claire: Shad? He's twelve, in the seventh grade. Why?

Cindy: He kinda acted like he was still little. Not all the way but he reminds me of...don't know. He's weirder then you though.

Claire: Haha. Me?!

Cindy: He tried to stand up to Ms. Louise and she's one of the meanest teachers there is. And he even thought I was cute in...*looks down at her underwear* these. I didn't think boys would think that.

Claire: Shad is...different from most children; Very different. Provided if you don't run off when you come with me after school you may see why. May I ask you one more question?

Cindy: Yes ma'am.

Claire: Ugh, please don't call me that. Call me Claire. Anyway, is it okay if I feel your heartbeat?

Cindy: Why?

Claire: Not much reason. Not yet at least. Think of it as a miniature check-up. All I need is my hand.

Cindy: Um...yes please.

*Claire bends down to Cindy's height and lifts up her baby blue shirt, much to the girl's surprise. The woman's hand opens completely to a large palm and presses it directly on the center of the chest, the sudden touch causing Cindy to flinch slightly. After that, Claire's head—her face specifically—closes in on Cindy's; their foreheads touching and eyes gazing into each other. Cindy stares into the shade of cinnamon brown, as Claire is lost in a shade of purple*

Cindy: Why's your face...

Claire: Just a minute more. I need to...check a little something.

*while the eye contact lingers on, Claire starts to feel the little girl's heartbeat increasing in tempo. All the while both the face and chest start to get a little hot. Nevertheless, Cindy stays put as her vision remains clear, still able to see the sea of brown in Claire's eyes. Seconds later, the eyes, followed by the rest of the surrounding area in general, start to shimmer slightly, as if a mirage is starting to appear. Instead of an illusion however, colors begin to shift shades and texture. The browns of boxes become the whites on the floor. The beige on the table mixes with the cerise and violet on the lunchboxes. Even the sky visible through the window is affected by this surreal event. White clouds twist and swirl, the yellow sunlight vanishing, yet brightness still prevails outside. Tiny multicolored spore-like dots rise up from the ground. Finally, when all the colors distort, the clouds camouflaged with the now pale white sky, the visage of Claire herself darkens! Skin, eyes, even clothes aren't spared from whatever it is that Cindy sees; her tears starting to well up once more in fear and confusion. The illusionary effects that taunt her are now active once again. Claire, now nothing more then a faceless, black shadow, says something to her. Cindy would hear it...that is, if she could hear, for the shadowed figure in front of her, in the exact same posture doesn't even have a mouth! Not wanting to endure the torment of the unknown...or perhaps the too-much-known in Cindy's case, the tears finally fall as the sobbing begins*

Claire's voice: Cindy...CINDY!!! CIIIIIIIINDYY

*a huge shattering noise, as if a giant glass statue tipped over, cancels out Cindy's vision of distortion. In a blink of an eye, all the colors are back to their original spots, the spore-like dots vanish, and Claire is properly visible once again; her hand no longer on Cindy's chest*

Cindy: *still sobbing; tears streaming* I...I...everything went...

Claire: Only to you. The Heart's Eye does that.

Cindy: *sniff* Wh...what is it?

Claire: I'm afraid I can't answer that. Not sure if anyone knows of it really.

Cindy: I...I hate...I ha...te...

Claire: *saddened* I'm so sorry. I just wanted to...I had no idea...

Cindy: *screams; now infuriated* I HATE IT!!! I HATE IT!! I HATE IT!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HAAAAAAATEEEE IIIIIIIIIIIT!!! WHY WON'T IT GO AWAY!! WHY...WHY...*faltering* won't it...go...won't it go...

*before Cindy starts having a temper tantrum, Claire rushes in and hugs the turmoiled tyke. During the hug, Cindy doesn't even have the heart necessary to finish her sentence. All this time, after the Heart's Eye finishes its unintended torment upon its holder, all Cindy wanted was to hug, or be hugged. But knowing that no one would believe something so farce, she always spent her days by her lonesome. Now that she finally has a back-rubbing hug from the one adult she knows to always trust, Cindy should be getting better*

*unfortunately, after seeing what the Heart's Eye showed her, she felt both comfort...and anguish as well. After what she saw in a then-shadowed Claire right before it all vanished before her eyes, she fervently hoped—prayed even—that the same thing that happened to the other Marked Ones doesn't happen to her precious teacher*

*if anything, the very thoughts of that happening...swimming in her thoughts...and all because of a so-called Gift that she never asked for—or even wanted—made her cry harder*

End of Chapter 8!
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I'm the first to comment this time around! Poor Cindy.... Chapter 8 is looking good Shad, keep it up :).
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Re: SSoM's fic thread! Hidden Angels. Chapter 8 is UP (30% d

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keep it up i'm on the edge of my seat
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Eh? How so? Not that suspenseful, is it? Added a lot more though. About 7 pages now but hopefully it should be complete tomorrow. Sorry for these gaps in updating folks.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread. Hidden Angels. Chapter 8 is UP (80% d

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oops wrong topic but keep it up
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Chapter 8 is finally complete! Sorry that took so long.

Oh, and it's safe to assume that when you see a chapter partially done, best to check it every now and then. Usually if I don't have time I update it in bits.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread. Hidden Angels. Chapter 8 is DONE!

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Chapter 9

*once again, the school session has ended. The usual mass exodus of escorted students initiates as the yards become crowded, the children making their way to the school buses. Always on time and on schedule, the student transportation vehicles await their passengers*

*at the reserved teacher's parking lot, a familiar pair stands next to a cerulean car, Claire in the midst of unlocking it. Her cerise long-sleeved shirt is no longer being worn, now appearing in a t-shirt of similar appearance. Cindy on the other hand, is using said shirt as a makeshift skirt once again, and a flimsy one at that. Considering it's tied at one end near the waist, one side is prone to the occasional (albeit small) flash of bunny undergarment nearly every step the girl makes. It still made her feel almost naked but at the least, it's better then strolling with her rear end nearly exposed, covered by the aforementioned--albeit tight--cotton garb*

Claire: Cindy, are you sure you're okay?

Cindy: *trembling; sniffs* I...I think so. I hope no one saw my undies back there

Claire: Just hang in there for a few more minutes.

Cindy: Um...............about that time in the...

Claire: Never mind that. *unlocks the car* C'mon. *smiles* Stand there longer and an unpleasant gust may come along.

Cindy: *blushes* It could be worse. Glad it's not so windy today.

Claire: By the way, how would you like to sit in the front seat today?

Cindy: *face almost beaming* Fr...front seat? Mommy and daddy never let me...

Claire: Aha! Almost saw a smile there.

Cindy: Yea...I mean, yes please. Thank you.

*Claire and Cindy step inside the car as the former person starts it up and drives out of the parking lot and the school altogether*

Claire: Cindy Piper: Carrier of the Heart's Eye. How long has something like that tormented you so? How long have you kept it inside? I'm sorry.

Cindy: Carrier? For what? *gets it; head down* Oh...that. It''s not your fault. You didn't do anything. That Heart's Eye thing always comes up by itself. just never appeared twice in a row.

Claire: Did it by any chance pop up when Shad entered the room?

Cindy: Yes, but it's not because I was almost half-naked at the time. I...I don't know how to say it. It scares me. Everything it forces me to see scares me. Even the Marked Ones get...*pauses* Why do so many people speak ill of them?

Claire: I can't quite answer that in one sentence I'm afraid. To do so in the best of my ability would take quite some time. Not that I'm insulting your intelligence mind you! You're a bright one.

Cindy: *shakes head* Only because I read a lot. Everything else, I'm bad. Emily's right.

Claire: Don't you listen to what she says.

Cindy: But...but it's because I'm sometimes around Marked Ones that people think I'm bad! Mommy and daddy think so too. More daddy then mommy though.

Claire: Do you know what Marked Ones are?

Cindy: I...I don't know. They're always called the worst kind of people. Some say they have no humanity for the things people say they do. But the ones I met are as human as everyone else.

Claire: Heart's Eye allowed you to see that. Is it safe to assume that it comes up specifically when you're with a Marked One?

Cindy: Not all the time, but everyone that I see with it gets...

Claire: They disappear. You hate what you have because everyone you see with it disappears.

Cindy: Not by me, but by other people.

Claire: *sigh* Enforcers. Every single time a Marked One befriended you, or even tried to, you're seen as a victim, or one in the making.

Cindy: *light gasp* Exactly! Yes! How did you know?! This lady...Claire...she really is different from most grownups. I don't even remember the last time I spoke to one like this.

Claire: Now now, one thing at a time. Does anyone else know of it?

Cindy: No. I'm so scared that I forget and start crying. But today was the first time I started screaming because of it. I couldn't stand it anymore. Not after what it showed me. *pause* You're the only one who knows. I don't even know how I got this but I'm still glad you believe me.

Claire: Of course I believe you. Not too many children can come up with a lie like that.

Cindy: Emily might.

Claire: Speaking of her, did you ever wonder why she teases you?

Cindy: She's jealous.

Claire: *chuckles* Yes, but not in the way you think. At least I think so. I'm not a mind reader. Unlike you, I'm not a Gifter.

Cindy: Of cour...wait, a what?!

*the car comes to a halt, having reached its destination. Having parked it in the driveway, Claire and Cindy step out and head for the front door, just a few steps away. While Claire remains in her usual calm state, Cindy has a slightly perplexed look on her face. A Gifter. Of all the reasons she thought for having the Heart's Eye...*

Cindy: *bewildered* Gifters?! But those are just a...

Claire: *unlocks the door* I know what they are. It's just at the top of my head but the things you see with those eyes of yours are things no one--and I mean NO ONE--can ever, let alone even attempt to see! Your being a Gifter is the only explanation I can deduce. *steps inside*

Cindy: That's still preposterous! Asinine!

Claire: *sigh* That's the Cindy-lingo I adore. If you really want some convincing and a side of food for thought--and I'm sure you'd like the latter--I suggest you step inside my office.

Cindy: Well...I guess so. Besides, I have to stay with you after school until mommy comes home.

Claire: Excellent! I even have an assistant to break things down just for you.

Cindy: Ms. Louise?!

Claire: *raises an eyebrow* After that debacle in my office? She's still a child I suppose. Think someone

Cindy: *walks inside* The rest of the teachers are still at school. Who else did you...

*Cindy trailed off as her violet irises saw the one assistant Claire referred to: An all too familiar seventh grader donning similar facial features to the teacher, sans the even lighter brown eyes and shorter black hair. The only thing that kept Cindy from almost not recognizing the preteen shorty (though still considerably taller then the little girl) is a pair of round, almost oversized glasses*

*beside Shad is a rectangular, runner-up whiteboard devoid of any written text or drawing for that matter. In short, blank. On the usual round table common in most living rooms are two sheets of paper and two pencils*

Claire: *giggles* Don't you think the glasses are a bit much? I'm surprised you got home so quick.

Shad: And miss being the teacher for once?! Besides, I want to know what it's like. *to Cindy* Don't worry, I'll be nice. So...cute. *quickly glances at an uncovered section of Cindy's underwear*

Cindy: Him?! Why's he looking down at my... Um...why Shad?

Shad: Haha. I'm the assistant teacher of course. I probably don't look all teacherly and such but daddy himself taught me everything he kn...well, only about a quarter's worth, but that's still a lot.

Cindy: Dimitri. He's Dimitri's son. For someone who's the son of someone like him, he doesn't seem like... Okay.

Shad: That's it? Okay? Oh well, nothing to it! Just try to write down as much as you can. I'll even repeat it lots of times if you want. Oh, and you can also paraphrase!

Claire: Simmer down, Shaddy.

Cindy: I don't know what you'll teach me, but alright.

Shad: Here goes. Get your pencil ready. *clears throat; pauses* Uh...which one do I do first again?

Claire: *sweat drop* Oh my...I see you're not well versed in the Soulbody Theory. Allow me. *to Cindy* Pay close attention now. Ready?

Cindy: *nods* Uh-huh.

Claire: Excellent. Now...

*taking a black marker out of her pocket, Claire draws a medium sized circle near the top of the whiteboard. This is followed by a rounded rectangle connected to said circle, complete with tube-like appendages coming out. The drawing, however crude, almost resembles a person*

Claire: Body as the vessel.

*switching from black marker to gray, Claire colors in the head, being sure to remain within the lines*

Claire: Mind as the maintainer.

*swapping gray with pink, Claire draws a small heart right at the center of the rounded rectangle, serving as the body*

Claire: Heart as the stabilizer.

*finally, Claire swaps colors once more, this time using a gold marker. By coloring in all the blank spots surrounding the mind and heart, the rest of the drawing sparkles in a shimmering golden vibrance. Odd, since a marker can't normally produce such an effect*

Claire: Cindy, getting all this down?

Cindy: I didn't know she'd be such a bad drawer, but... Yes Claire.

Claire: Good. Anyway, the body's self-explanatory so let's start with something simpler. Not that anything's simple with THIS theory. The mind represents logical thinking. Due to the potentially unstable nature of one's heart, the mind tries to keep it in check. That's what holds most of our emotions, though some may disagree. Yet it's the mind that governs them. Obviously if we rely on emotions more then logic, the results are far from satisfactory. Although it doesn't really mean we should be emotionally numb, no no. The relationship between the heart and mind is akin to checks and balances. Think of the heart as an annoying, happy-go-lucky little brother and the mind as a cold, nerdy, logically thinking older sister. The little one makes sure the big sis has some fun and let loose every now and then, and the big sis makes sure her little brother doesn't go overboard and do something stupid. You understand?

*both children exchanged bewildered, yet intrigued looks. While Shad had nearly no idea what Claire said until the last couple of sentences, Cindy was just starting to understand that little lecture. Although the little brother/big sister bit seemed slapped on*

Cindy: I don't know if I do. I only got a few sentences down and...well, it's really confusing.

Claire: What matters is that you have at least part of what I said down. Shad?

Shad: Uh...apart from the last part, no. Can I do the Gifter Theory now?

Claire: You must really like that one. Alright, take the wheel.

Shad: YES!! Don't worry Cindy, this'll be much more fun!

Cindy: I'm not worried. Fun? He doesn't know why he's doing this?

Shad: I won't be drawing anything, but listen up.

Claire: Shad, eyes at hers.

Shad: *blushes* Humph. It's not my fault that makeshift skirt is so flimsy. Her Anyway, I'm sure you were able to get a tiny handful of mommy's lecture, even though it's too complex and stuff. Now I start a speech that's a little bit different. You know by now that everyone is born with a heart, body, mind, and soul. Some people are really heartfelt so they're more in tune with their emotional workings, whereas those with a strong mind are capable of great feats of logic. Or something like that. But a long, long while back, there's been talk of a different breed of people who were born with these parts of themselves so advanced, they can perform stuff no one else is capable of. We call these people...Gifters. Do you understand this? I'm not going too fast for you, am I?

Cindy: *shakes head* Nuh-uh. You can keep going.

Shad: Sure thing bunny--I mean, Cindy! Cindy! *flustered* Depending on which part of themselves has been augmented at birth, or before birth, each Gift is different. Since everyone is unique in one way or another even if they both have the same augmented part, no one has the same two Gifts. These range from mind reading from someone strong in mind, to detecting the most dormant of emotions from someone who's emotional him or herself. Daddy used to tell me that these are speculated to be a result of genetic mutations, and not the gross kind. It's said to be the most likely theory. Any questions?

Cindy: Yes. Aren't the Gifters...fake? An urban legend?

Shad: Yeah, I kinda hear that a lot nowadays. The main problem with proving this theory is that no one has ever come across a Gifter themselves. And even if we did, its not like we'd know who they are? They can be anyone, and do anything. The fact that most of what they do is that of a clairvoyant type isn't much help either. No Gifter looks different on the outside. Ever. Even worse is that most people exaggerate, saying that they can do laser eyes, super strength, electric zap, x-ray, and...well, yeah. The super strength one probably isn't too far off since it might be a Gift of the body. Finally, in order to be a legitimate Gifter, you have to be born with it. Not that it matters since the mutations that cause it are one in a thousand at least.

Cindy: *raises hand* Question.

Shad: Yes?

Cindy: Why do your eyes keep going down every seven seconds? And do you believe that Gifters exist?

Shad: She noticed? Of course I believe in Gifters. I've never seen one, but I'd like to. I've always wondered what it'd be like to be one. Ask them how they feel about the powers they have. *pause* Yeah, I'm sure they're out there. Daddy was sure of it too. Even mommy thinks so.

Cindy: Gifters. After what he said about him, could I...could I be one? He seems like the kind of person to believe me. This stupid thing I have showed me why I shouldn't even be near him, but maybe...just maybe...

Claire: Hehe. You really have no idea. Question is, should I tell him? Say Cindy, you think we should...

*the mock class is interrupted by a couple of hard knocks on the door. Claire, being closer to the door, walks to it and unlocks it. Normally she'd whisper to herself that she wasn't expecting anyone, but in this she opens the door and the expected guest is revealed, Shad's eyes are slightly widened, as Cindy's in a state of half-shock*

Emily: *arms folded* Humph! Weirdo club, huh?

Claire: *pulls Emily in, holding her hand* Back to normal I see. Come now, don't be so crabby.

Cindy: *flustered; gets up abruptly* WHAT?! No fair Claire, why's she here?!

Chapter 9 is complete!
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:04 pm

Chapter 9 is complete!

Also, those who've read the first prologue should spot a familiar certain something.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Tue Apr 17, 2007 2:28 am

It's Cindy saying the final line, not Claire. Just helping out ;)
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Drat. Was in a rush going to bed so I didn't ha...wait, I thought you found this fic boring.

Added after 1 minutes:

Not that I mind that you've read this chapter of course. Thanks for pointing that out.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: SSoM's fic thread. Hidden Angels. Chapter 9 is DONE (100

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:06 pm

Chapter 10

Cindy: Why?! First she ruins my skort and now...

Claire: Now now, don't fret please. She may have gotten away with it that time...

Emily: *grumpy look and tone; arms folded* And I'd do it again too!

Claire: *pats Emily's head* Would you really, you sour little munchkin you?

Shad: Wait, that little Girl Scout’s the one who...

Emily: *snaps* Who're you calling a girl scout?!

Shad: Haha. You kinda look like one with that getup. It's almost as cute as a Girl Scout uniform.

Emily: What do you care? Who the heck are you anyway?!

Shad: Yikes. My name'*to Claire* Mommy, should I?

Claire: *nods* She's well aware of her name. Well, sort of.

Shad: My name is...

Emily: HAHAHA!! You...*giggles* you still call her mommy?!

Shad: *blushes* Uh...why?

Cindy: When the students turn eight they address their female parents as mother.

Shad: Nah, I prefer mommy.

Emily: A seventh-grader who calls his mother mommy?! And I thought Ms. Jabbers-a-lot was weird. Pffft! I don't care! Why am I here anyway?!

Claire: I made some arrangements to have you dropped off here. I figured that you owe Cindy an apology, not to mention getting acquainted a little. Shaddy here would love that. *points to an empty chair* You can sit at that table, across from Cindy.

Emily: Heh. I can still see her undies through that flimsy thing. Whatever. *goes to her seat*

Claire: Just think of it as counseling. Granted, we have a lot to discuss but its best if we take things slow.

Emily: I don't even want to be here!

Claire: *stern tone* Would you rather be home now?

Emily: *pauses*

Claire: Well let’s begin with the obligatory introductions. My name is Claire Staydamind, but of course you're free to call me Claire. My son is Shad Staydamind, who, while capable of being the brightest tools in the shed, doesn't quite act like it often.

Cindy: *raises hand* Question.

Claire: Yes Cindy?

Cindy: Is it...

Emily: *butts in* Nuh-uh! I go first! Can I go home?

Shad: Mommy said you...

Emily: Why am I here again?

Claire: Cindy raised...

Emily: Why do you call her Cindy?! Why not Piper? And why did you call me Emily? Where'd you...

Cindy: *yells* I asked the question first!

Emily: No, ME!!

Cindy: I raised my hand first!

Emily: *stands up; chair scoots back* I said the question first!

Cindy: *does likewise* You can only ask one!

Emily: That's not what she said, geekbait!

Cindy: Quit calling me names!

Emily: Shut up, nerd queen!

Shad: *nervous* Mommy didn't say anything about this happening! C'mon, girls! Get along! Don't fight! Please?!

Claire: My my, two minutes in and already the catfight begins. Didn't really want to do this, but...

*Claire raises an open palm and in one fell swoop...BAM!!!! The senseless bickering stops, sending the attentive children back to their seats*

Claire: Now that that's over, let's continue this in a coherent matter. Emily, I'm sure that Cindy raised her hand first. In this session, we raise our hands first. *to Cindy* Your question?

Cindy: Is it okay if we tell Emily about the Gifters?

Emily: What?

Claire: If Emily wants to. Though it's not necessary. Those lectures were meant for you after all.

Emily: No. *raises hand* Why do you call Her Naughtiness here Cindy?

Cindy: Her WHAT?!

Claire: Ooooooookay. Ignoring that last insult, that happens to be Piper's real name. It's also displayed on ID cards, but they're disguised with numbers. All it takes is clever knowledge of ABCs and 123s. *to Cindy* Can you show Emily real quick please?

Cindy: *annoyed* What?! Why me?! Me? Acquainted with HER?! She's a ruffian! A bully! She makes me miserable just for fun and Claire wants me to...

Emily: Fine. *takes off her ID card and slides it across the desk to Cindy* Well? You're the smart one! Not like I have any usual.

*lifting a nearby pencil and turning to a blank side of the paper, Cindy scribbles down the proper things necessary to breaking the code of the number names. Recalling what Arlcie has taught her, she writes down only five of the twenty-six numbers often seen in children's ID cards and all twenty-sex alphabets. Even now, Cindy wonders if her guardian angel is still out there somewhere. After putting in the final touches, the paper and ID card slides across the table back to Emily*

*picking up the paper, Emily first sees the alphabet. At first she appears confused due to not being able to properly understand exactly why Cindy wrote it; Even more puzzling to her are certain numbers written below the specific letters, as shown...*

5 9 12 13 25

Emily: Uh...what?!

Cindy: Cross out any letter that doesn't have a number under it.

*swiping the same pencil Cindy just used, Emily makes a quick slash through all the unqualified letters*

5 9 12 13 25

Emily: "Eilmy?!" *glares at Cindy* THAT'S my name?!

Cindy: I'm not done yet! The last step is to imagine that the letters I and M have switched places. After that, have I and L switch too. Then you can switch the numbers.

*in her mind, Emily imagines the letters as students in a lunch line. She's M and L is the unfortunate student that gets cut in line. Now it says Emliy. Lastly, she makes herself I and cuts in front of L, which gets pushed back to Y. The final word: Emily*

*her head jolted back quickly in surprise, Emily takes a good look at her ID card. Child# 5-13-9-12-25. Shifting her attention to the paper, now having the puzzle solution on it (she wrote it while imagining). For the first time in a long time, Emily is just as shocked as she is sour*

Emily: *eyes widened* Wh...ho...di...

Cindy: I was kind of surprised too, but is it okay if you don't say it out loud in school? The other teachers don't...

Emily: My name really IS Emily!! I thought Ms. Staydamind...

Claire: Claire. Call me Claire.

Emily: WHATEVER!! Why do we even have numbers for names anyway?!

Shad: I hear our ID cards have tracking devices in them that remain dormant until something were to happen to us. In case we got lost or something, it turns on and the Enforcers would be able to find us! That, and it keeps any other information away from Marked Ones. At least, that's what they said on TV.

Claire: *scoffs; mutters* A lot of good that'll do. Not!

Cindy: What?

Claire: Sorry if this seems too big of a shock to you Emily. To be honest though, I was always under the impression that you always knew your name until recently?

Emily: Huh? What made you think that?

Claire: Do you recall the last time you've seen your parents?

Emily: *raspberry* PFFFFFFT!! Like you care!

Shad: *raises hand* I have a question for Emily. *to Emily* What are those weird marks on your wrist?

Emily: *grumbles; arms folded* I keep falling.

*not believing the lie, Shad walks to Emily and grabs hold of her hand, pulling towards him to take a better look at the raw, nearly blistering marks around the wrist*

Shad: This was no fall. At worst you'd get a scrape and even then the most common areas are the knees. *looks down at her knees* Nope, nothing. But these seem to be a little...I don't know. Those twists that rough kids do don't usually leave stuff like this.

Cindy: He sounds so grownup talking like that. Maybe I was wrong about thinking he acts like a little kid.

Claire: What's your hypothesis Shad?

Shad: Well I'd like to ask Emily again, but if I have to take a quick guess.............humph! *to Emily* Do these happen to be rope burns?

Cindy: They're what?!

Claire: Ugh! Knew it!

Emily: I...*faltering* it...

Shad: Looks like someone's tying you up a lot. Why is that?

Emily: *shaking* No...none of...

Claire: Emily? Is there something going on at home?

Emily: SHUT UP!! None of your beeswax! What do you know?!

Claire: That's the problem, we DON'T know! Assuming that they are rope burns...

Emily: *snaps* You grownups think you know everything, don't you?! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Claire: *biting nails* Simmer...

Shad: Uh-oh. Nail biting. Mommy, just leave her alone. If she doesn't want to talk about it, don't force her. She'll speak when she's ready.

Emily: See?! *points at Shad* HE knows what I'm talking about!

Claire: *sigh* Normally we'd settle this with a vote but since Shad insists and you're so upset...we'll go with that. Any other questions?

*Emily points at the whiteboard, half-littered with the drawings from one of the previous lectures given by Claire prior to the girl's arrival*

Cindy: It was part of a lecture.

Emily: Lecture? This is tutoring?!

Claire: You...can call it as such. Would you like to hear it?

Cindy: Just turn over that paper. I wrote a few things pertaining to the lecture. Don't know if you'll like it though.

Emily: Pertaining? What kind of wacky hard words is she using?! Whatever. Better not be long.

*not wishing to invest much time in that which she usually finds dull, Emily skims through the relatively short set of notes Cindy wrote earlier*

Shad: What do you think? Isn't it great?

Emily: There's a big sister and little brother? *looks around* Where?

Claire: Just a figure of speech. It pertains to the lecture that speaks of the Soulbody Theory. Of course, it also goes by other names.

Shad: I did the Gifter Theory.

Emily: I thought they don't exist. Why do you want to tell me about people that don't exist?

Shad: *gleefully* But the thought of them are just amazing! It can really happen you know! I wonder if daddy ever encountered one.

Claire: I doubt it. He wasn't involved in the study that much. Had no time for it. He was doing something far more important anyway.

Cindy: *lost in thought* I haven't known this boy for long, but he seems really nice; Almost nicer then Claire even (if that's possible). Shad seems to like kids a lot. He barely took his eyes off me. *looks down at her half-exposed underwear* No, that can't be why. Shad’s definitely the type of person to believe what I have. I don't know if he'll help me, but...

Claire: Cindy.

Cindy: Should I risk that? I can't let Claire nor Shad be taken away because of that same dense misunderstanding. I might have to keep my Heart's Eye a secret from him for now. Just letting Claire know is good enough.

Claire: *louder* Cindy!

Cindy: But just her knowing won't be enough for good. It always comes up at the worst of times. It happened when I was guiding that man, it happened when I saw Shad the first time, and even today it happened. All these times for so long, scaring me, and it never stays gone. If Gifters have powers, didn't they control them? Did they suffer as I did? Or maybe I'm different somehow...

Emily: *shouts* Hey Miss Perfect! Claire's calling you!

Cindy: *snaps out of it* Wha?! Who?!

Shad: You looked like you were daydreaming? Or lost in thought? Or both. Meh, that's something we have in common. I do it too.

Claire: Had something on you mind I see. What was it?

Cindy: Can...can I tell you that in private? Besides, I...*stands up* Your shirt is starting to slide off.

Shad: Oh yeah! Mommy, you said you had a hand-me-down for her.

Claire: Well, its rather old. Follow me Cindy, it's upstairs. *to Emily* And you. No more skort-ripping.

Emily: I never said I did it you know. *pouty face* Humph!

*Cindy follows Claire up the staircase, tightening the sleeve knots of her flimsy replacement garb until its discardment in a more private location. All the while, most of the rear is exposed; the panties hugging the posterior enough to show its figure. For some reason, Shad couldn't help but not avert his eyes. Emily noticed right away*

Shad: *blushes* I think those are getting a little too small...

Emily: I know what you're thinking. She acts all goody-two shoes but she does many bad things for attention. *giggles* definitely worked on you. You couldn't stop staring at her...

Shad: HEY!

Emily: It's true!

Shad: Mommy just said that you did it. Why?

Emily: *frustrated sigh* Why do you keep asking these questions?! None of your beeswax!

Shad: Are you jealous because Cindy's smarter then you? Or maybe its because mommy gives her more attention. Wonder why?

Emily: I don't know. Why do you call her mommy instead of Claire?

Shad: She's my mommy, that's why. Mother sounds too...strong. She said I can call her whatever I want and since then I call her that. What do you call your mommy?

Emily: Humph! Who cares what I call her?! Why're you telling me all this anyway?

Shad: Heh, good question. I usually don't talk this much, what with being an only child and all.

Emily: You don't like being an only child?

Shad: Hehe. For as long as I can remember I kept telling mommy I wanted a little sister.

Emily: S...sister? What for?

Shad: No idea. Guess I usually don't talk to other students and mommy usually doesn't want to talk sometimes. Then there's the fact that when I'm with kids I usually Still have no clue why that is though?

Emily: But you're a kid yourself, and a big one at that.

Shad: Well never mind what I want. Do you have another sibling?

Emily: Pffft! What's it to you?! Why am I even talking to you anyway?

Shad: Better then just sitting down until Cindy comes back downstairs.

Emily: Weird. He didn't even bother asking me about my burns yet. He kinda talks a little too much, but he's still weird. On a good way though. How? Who cares? I'm bored anyway. So...what would you want a little sister to be like? I don't care, just asking.

Shad: You sound like you care. *sits next to Emily* Hmm...she'd be about your age, about a little taller then you. Brown eyes and hair tied in pigtails with blue barrettes. She'd be sweet but also have a pouty side when upset, kinda like you. She'd also be the type of sister who would come to me if she needed help with her homework. Her nightwear can be the type that's a nightgown (perhaps a baby doll...I think), but sometimes she'd wear regular PJs; the kind where you button down the shirt? As for the day and stuff...I think she'd wear the same clothes you do.

Emily: like this outfit?

Shad: Kinda. Makes you look cute.

Emily: Me? Cute? I thought you thought that Cindy's the cute one! You kept looking at her more!

Shad: That's because...*turns red*...well, I also found it a little strange that she has violet eyes. And last time she came here she just ran away when I mentioned my daddy's name.

Emily: What's his name?

Shad: Dimitri.

Emily: Weird name. Why'd she run away because of that?

Shad: Yeah, why did she? Guess I oughta ask her when she comes down.

Emily: They're taking too long. *smirks* I have a better idea.

*Emily removes herself from the chair and makes her way to the staircase. At its first step, she starts to tip-toe in a stealthy fashion as she holds on to the banister. Not exactly knowing what she's up to, Shad follows her*

Shad: What're you doing?!

Emily: *scoffs* What does it look like, stupid?

Shad: You're not gonna eavesdrop, are you?

Emily: Um...heheh. What's that?

Shad: Cindy said she wanted to speak with mommy in private! We should respect that!

Emily: C'mon, what does she have to hide?

Shad: about we talk more? Cindy kinda seems a bit teary when I see her. She even kept staring at me when I got home.

Emily: *sing-song voice* Booooooooring! What, were you in your undies too?!

Shad: NO! I just...well, I just can't help but feel that she's hiding something. Maybe that's why she wants to speak with mommy alone. She needs her advice.

Emily: If you don't want to come then go back downstairs! We're almost at...

*before the top of the stairs is reached, that familiar, sharp, throbbing sensation stabs into Emily's wrists. Unfortunately for her, she happens to be keeping her balance via the banister at the time. As she quickly lets go due to the pain and steps back a little too far, the Asian tyke yelps, almost toppling down the stairs. Thankfully, Shad catches Emily in his arms before she meets a rather nasty fall*

Emily: *face flushed; surprised* Di...did you just...

Shad: Um...heheh. I think I did.

*despite the extra weight on his arms, Shad manages to make it to the top, but not without a few grunts here and there. When Emily is released, she does something rather unusual. She gets herself in a straight posture and bows*

Emily: *face still pink; voice softened* Th...thank you.

Shad: *confused* Huh? Why did you...

Emily: I would've broken something had you not saved me. *looks around the hallway* Which room is Claire in?

Shad: Why's her voice so different all of a sudden? Not that I mind, it's cute. She should be in the first door to your right, but I'm not sure if...

Emily: I need to ask her something. Something...important. Is it okay if you take me to her?

Shad: Emily, are you feeling okay? You didn't even want to speak with mommy a few minutes ago.

Emily: I don't know. I just want to talk with her now.

Shad: *looks at Emily's blistered wrists* You almost fell because of those. I think you need something to soothe them.

Emily: *shakes head* No. The ointment Claire uses is special.

Shad: Where do you think she keeps it? I'll even put it on for you! *takes Emily's hand* C'mon!

*Emily in hand, Shad dashes to the bathroom door near the end of the hall, the aforementioned girl trying to keep up. It isn't long until Shad stops in front of the restroom entrance*

Shad: Wait a sec, I won't be long.

*Shad opens the door. A little to quick really, since the speed of the door swinging smacks into Emily, toppling to the ground as her white panties come into view for a quick second. Shad enters the bathroom, shutting the door in the process. After that however, Emily's personality abruptly shifts once again. The face goes from pink to an almost pale white, the eyes narrow, and the voice retains that "whatever" tone*

Emily: Tsch! What am I doing here?! *looks to the opposite direction she came from* The room's that way.

*leaning against the wall, Emily slowly siddles against the wall in the same fashion Shad did a couple of days back. Despite the slow pace, it isn't long until she's about 3-5 inches away from the destined door. Strangely, it's open by just a small crack. More then enough for Emily to eavesdrop on whatever it is Cindy and Claire are conversing upon*

Cindy's voice: Shad I might tell, but Emily? Maybe we should keep her out of this.

Claire's voice: Consider this biased, but I for one don't think Emily is as bad as she wants us to think.

Cindy's voice: I know that. I know you told me what happened when you were speaking to her during time-out you really think that Emily has...*pauses* Are you sure its wise to just let her know? She doesn't believe in Gifters.

Claire's voice: I'm not forcing you to tell her. I'm just giving you some reassurance. I have to warn you though, disclosing your Heart's Eye to others haphazardly may not be wise. At the very least, it depends on who you tell. As I see it, Emily isn't the type to spread things about.

Cindy's voice: I just hope the next time it shows itself it won't be around Emily. Her telling everyone isn't what I'm worried about. I'm just scared that she'll torment me even more when you're not around. Besides, I'm fine just knowing that you know.

Claire's voice: *sigh* If that's your decision...

Emily: YOU?! A Gifter?!

*without delay, the door swings open with such force that it hits the wall. Emily finally has a view of Claire and Cindy, the latter sitting on the bed and still not wearing anything below the waist save for the underwear. Numerous varieties of skirts are laid out on the bed, some of them wrinkled. All the while Emily can barely hold her joy in until...*

Claire: *fingers fanned out; hand covering face* Oh for the love of...

Emily: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAHAAAAA!!! This...*catching her breath*...this is...*falls over due to holding her sides*...HAHAHAHA!! This is too...

*Emily can't even finish her sentence, much less half of it. As the laughter roars on, Cindy keeps on staring. First she's "de-skorted" and now this. The former was humiliating enough, having her panties looked upon by the entire class. But this...this was embarrassment on a whole different level. A situation like this would send her into a crying fit similar to the one just hours ago. The tears are starting to overflow, the face is bright red, yet something other then sadness is present. Claire senses this due to the slight gritting of Cindy's teeth and shaking of a clenched fist. Alas, before the woman can begin to at least try rectify all this...*

*Shad--still in the bathroom--is rummaging through the various medicine bottles in the mirror cabinet, looking for the designated ointment. He doesn't seem very focused, his mind once again lost in a sea of thoughts. In this case, he'd wondering how a minor...well, moderate save from a fall could cause such a sharp shift in Emily's personality. One second he was trying to convince her to get back to her seat. One save later and she's acting even more shy and fidgety then Cindy*

Shad: Aha! Found it!

*despite his lack of focus, Shad somehow finds the proper ointment necessary to null the pain emanating from Emily's possible ropeburn marks. The boy closes the cabinet but doesn't even open the door without hearing a loud, yet familiar sounding shriek*


*right after that, Shad hears a thud, as if someone fell down. Hard. The instant he opens the door and exits the bathroom, he sees and hears things that, to an extent, sadden him. Near the staircase, opposite of Claire's room, he sees a certain recognizable Asian "Girl Scout" on the floor against the wall, her eyes widened in fear. Shad also hears quick gasps of air. Sobbing. Fervent, uncontrollable sobbing. The kind that makes one’s words sound almost incoherent. He can even hear those half-words mixed in with sputtering sobs, accompanied by a woman's pleas to calm down. Although Shad doesn't quite know what's going on, he rushes to Emily's aid*

Shad: *bends down* What happened?!

Emily: *voice softened once more* I...I...d...didn't do...a-a-a-any...

Cindy: LIAR!!! LIAR!!!

*Shad looks up and sees a morbidly distressed Cindy, who's in a worse state then before. Her eyes are saddening yet her teeth are gritted together. She fidgets, yet her fists are shaking as well. Even now many tears are still rolling off, the two violets overflowing with the salty liquid*

Claire: Cindy...

Emily: *quivering* I-I-I-I'm not a l-l-l-l-l-liar! *starts to cry herself*

Shad: Wh...what just happened?

Cindy: *screaming; barely slipping the words through her sobs* She...*cough*...called me A FREAK!!

Shad: A WHAT?! *to Emily* Is that true?!

Emily: *sobs* I...I didn't mean to! I just wanted to speak to Claire and...I'm....I'm sorr...

Cindy: Go home! Just GO HOME!! You didn't WANT to be here, so JUST GO!!

Claire: Cindy PLEASE stop this! You don't understand!

Cindy: *still sobbing* Un...understand what?

Claire: Look at her closely! *points to Emily; still shaking and sobbing in fear*

Emily: I...I didn't do anything. I'm...I'm not a bad girl...not a bad girl...not a bad girl...

Cindy: Yes you are! You just...


Shad: Emily don't...


*Emily dashes down the stairs, through the living room, and out the door as her cries still echo throughout the house. The abrupt and hasty leave didn't even give Shad nor Claire enough time to catch her*

Shad: *flabbergasted* Was she just speaking in third person?! We gotta go after her!

Claire: That won't do.

Shad: But she can't just...

Claire: Trust me Shad, that won't do.

Cindy: *comes to her senses* Wh...what did I...did I just scream at her?

Shad: Scream? You practically blew up in her face! Why did she call you a freak anyway?!

Claire: Cindy? Care to say something?

Cindy: *hesitant; still sobbing a little* Gifter. I'm a Gifter.

*before Shad starts to let this little surprise sink in, Cindy immediately glomps Claire, tears streaming from the eyes once more with her face buried in her stomach*

Cindy: *muffled* I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!

*there was no immediate response after that. Too many things were going on in Claire's mind. Acting as an Observer for Cindy; knowing of her Gift, the first session ending in disaster, and Emily's dramatic shift (or possible degrading) of personality. The teacher just didn't know what to say first*

*Cindy on the other hand, had no idea things would turn out like this. She recalls every time she cried, with most of the reasons due to the Heart's Eye, her previous (albeit minor) friends taken away, or a combination of the two. She felt like crying due to Emily's constant intimidations and bullying, but always kept it all bottled up. The child always wondered..."what if I picked on her for a change. See how she likes it" she sometimes thinks. And that's exactly what she's done*

*but her expected feeling of relief did not occur as she predicted. If anything, it made her feel worse, stooping down to Emily's level. In terms of how she normally behaves—and should behave—screaming off like that was beyond out of line. What she did was no better—worse even—then what Emily dishes out on a regular basis. Now she feels she isn't worthy of Claire's kindness; no longer deserving of her gentle, loving embrace. She feels she isn't worthy of Shad's knowledge, who at least tried to help her understand her power via speaking of the Gifter Theory. After what she did, she feels worthy of nothing*

*nothing at all*

End of chapter 10!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:07 am

Chapter 10 is complete! (whew, boy that's long)
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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