Hoyle Craps! Its A Fan-Fic by Skorri Siggeir!

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Postby Skorri Siggeir » Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:38 pm

This is Directly C&P'd from a Hamtaro fanforum site.

Another quick test of my Story skills.

Less pervertedness in this one, too. That way people might actually comment on it :(


Raive Feathertouch- A cute little hamster with black fur and white patches. Small black ears with a patch of brown on the left ear. Has big blue eyes. Is dating Aniya.

Aniya- A small female hamster, white fur with one big black patch on her right side, 2 round igloo like ears. Small green eyes.

Raive and Aniya where enjoying a small dance wth there best friends, Micah and Lenny, in the cavern hole of the town Sunnyvale. But a big storm rumbled in and the Shadow Lizards came. The shadow lizards are evil fools that are lizards, but made of shadow. They all have a small crystal in the middle of them. Destroy the crystal, and you will destroy the lizard.

Chapter 1:

Raive swung Aniya round and round in the cavern hole. A huge hole underground, it used to be the home of a large rabbit who had moved into heaven after dieing of cancer. It was large and was bare. It only had one huge cabinet for food, the rest was just floor and chairs. Aniya was dancing with Raive, on the day of the High Rose. The day of the high rose was the day that Sunnyvale was founded, and was called that because of the huge rose that was growing on the beach the founders landed on. Raive danced with Aniya, and a huge storm came in..

"Oh no, Raive. Ive got to get home to Ketsuko! She'll be rushing home soon!" Aniya Said.

"Dont leave yet. we arent finished dancing!" Raive said. Than it occured to him they had no choice, but to leave.

"Yeah man, just stay here and dance, she wont notice." said Micah.

"But she'll notice, I know she will!" Aniya scurried off to the hole leading up to Her house. One of the 3 holes there, it lead to A. Trainer Pepu's home, the old sage who helped all of the creatures of Sunnyvale. B. To Aniya's human master's house.

Sigh.."Dont bother, lets just go home guys" Raive said. Than he heard Aniya scream! He rushed off into the tunnel, ignoring anything and everything. He tripped over a chair, but fixed himself up really fast and ran up. Aniya was being attacked by a huge snake-like monster who had no body, only a small light protruding from its shadow body. "GET AWAY YOU MONSTER!" Raive yelled, than ran up to the beast. He smacked its head, but his paw just ran through the beasts head. He kept hitting everywhere, and finally hit its crystal center, which made it dissipate. "ANIYA RUN! Get to Pepu!" he yelled out.

"BUT!! Ketsuko.." she replied.

"Either go home and die or run to Pepu and live! Ill come with you." he said to her.

"..Fine!" she scurried off to the side of the cavern tunnel that lead to Pepu's home. Raive Followed.

Chapter 1. Finished!

Added after 46 minutes:

I miss comments.
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Postby CarrionMan » Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:46 pm

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Postby Frostmork » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:01 am

Yea. Interesting.
Hamsters. That´s not many series with hamsters starring
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Postby Diesel Kane » Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:13 am

Yo Pancakes, you had a art thread already.
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Postby Skorri Siggeir » Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:41 pm

Aniya arrived at Trainer Pepu's, panting. They found him battling off 3 of the shadow lizards that Aniya had encountered. With a swift smack smack smack, his staff SMASHED through the crystals, the shadow monsters dissipating, just like the other. Panting, Aniya walked over to pepu. He smacked in the feet with his staff. "TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!" He yelled. She did so, than ran over. She knelt down.

"Trainer.. Trainer Pepu! Those monsters, they just came out of no where! What do we do!" she said, pausing here and there.

"My child.. They are called "Shadow Lizards" beasts of the storm that come only to cause destruction on the world. You have to retreat, go to Kikoville, it will provide protection. Meet with the Kiku Twins, Minah and Minuh. I cannot speak with you two any longer, go, go to my old home. Underneath the rubble is a huge cabinet, it has the ancient weapons of my family." he said. "I must stay here, to pack. Meet me in the cavern hole center after you are geared up." He picked up his staff and packed in some food.

"O.. Okay master!" she walked back to Raive, who stood in the doorway the whole time. "Cmon Raive, we need to go fast!" Aniya said.

"Aniya, I promise you we'll get out of here alive, okay?" he said, his voice and eyes far away, ignoring her comments.

"Umm.." she blushed insanely. "Okay Raive.. Lets just go." she said. She was greeted with a kiss from Raive. She blushed even more, her whole face red as a lobster's shell. Raive pulled away and started running towards the cavern hole.

They ran silently for 20 minutes, than arrived at the huge building that was the rubble of Trainer Pepu's home. "Hey ANiya. Where did Micah go.." he said.

"Umm, I dont know.." She said. "Probably home.." she walked into the cave that led to the basement in the rubble. It was small and dirty, with a huge cabinet. Raive walked over and opened it.

A huge suit of armor was there. It contained everything inside.. 200 Quivers of arrows, a bow, a sword, a suit of marksman clothes, a sword, a shield, and the suit of armor. It was a very nice suit. It was plate mail, and it had engraved on it the words "Seifold the Pure."

"...Wow.." Aniya said in amazement.

Chapter 2, FINISHED.
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Re: Hoyle Craps! Its A Fan-Fic by Skorri Siggeir!

Postby Nebacanezzar » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:07 pm

Pan, it is against the rules to start a new art thread at any time. Dig up your old one and post the story there.
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Postby Spike » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:42 pm

Locked. One art thread per artist please.
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