Ruthless Days : Ryler

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Ruthless Days : Ryler

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Ryler Nomax Age:25 - Ryler Is a man with a haunted past, he grew up as a royal family member in the Red Nova Republic, his father, however felt that his thrown was threatened by Ryler being born, ofcourse Ryler was the succesor to the throne, but Ryler's father didn't want this so he tortured him into giving up the thrown, and when he said yes he was banished.

Nalia Turner Age:23 - Nalia is a medic for the Rebels, she doesnt have a family, she never knew her parents because they abandon her during a caravan raid.

Chris Helix Age:18 - A young man with an average life. but with his family so poor he has resorted to robbing people. and for some odd reason he is able to walk thru walls and turn invisible. He knows nothing about how he gained these powers but he uses them to his advantage.

Kylie (No last name) Age:16 - A young women with a very sadistic attitude. her family was killed when she was 6 at age 12 she joined the mercenary band "13". she wields a giant sniper rifle capable of going thru the thickest of metal. she named her gun "God's Finger".

Kane (No last name) Age:?? - Not much is known about Kane's background, many people think that he was born in a lab some where.

Dr. Dyson Granger Age:203 - The docter that started it all nothing is known about him not even his age, however, some people believe that he has found a way to live for ever and that his real age is 203 years old.

Alexander Williams Age:32 - Alexander is the last of his people, a warrior clan called the Firestalkers. He was to be the chosen one. To be in a tournament to decide which clan will lead all the other clans. But Kane attacked and killed most of his people except 5 other warriros he trained with. Now they blame him and he must fight them off day after day.


Planet Noax in a distant region of the universe. The year is 58 A.C. (after crown), The war between the rebels and the Republic have gone on for nearly a decade but after the royal family nomax came into power things began to take a turn for the worse

Location Discription

A primitive planet that still has some hold on technologie, however. the people of the planet Noax soon forgot there past. That they are decendents of people from a far away planet called Earth.

[center]Ruthless Days©[/center]

Chapter 1 : A day’s lost soul

Ryler stared into the sky trying to keep from blacking out. Breathing hard he can feel that two of his ribs must of been broken from the impact. The man in uniform staring down at him with a sadistic smile on his face, he knew this was the end. But he didn’t want to give up, not yet, reaching for his belt Ryler pulls out his combat knife and regains strength instantly. Getting up he thrusts the knife into the man’s face. The man stumbles then falls to one knee. With blood dripping to the dirt he looks up and smiles at Ryler and says “That was the worst thing you could have done”, the man puts his hand up. His palm begins to glow red and just as Ryler was about to get up and finish the job a beam of light shoots from the mans hand and rips thru Ryler’s chest causing him to fall to the floor face down.

The man in uniform laughs and then begins to walk into the desert sun as If nothing bad had taken place. For a brief time Ryler was dead but he heard another voice. It was the voice of an old man.

(???)-So your alive after all, perhaps you wouldn’t of ended up like this had I helped. Maybe I can still help you.*pulling out a siring he injects Ryler with some sort of glowing red substance*.

(???)-This will keep you alive...although the side effects can be a little... unpredictable.

Ryler gave out a chuckle under the gargle of blood and then as his eyes drifted to the sunset. And then fell into darkness.

(A Women’s Voice)-Im surprised he’s still alive! It looks like he was shot and not only that hit by a car or something...

Ryler heard this voice and thought that he was dead. That maybe he was in heaven and the people there were going to welcome him. Or that maybe he was in hell and they would steal his soul and torture him to a state of hysteria. But then he realized that she said he was alive. Ryler opened his eyes to find a canvas ceiling and a girl hovering over him with a look of shock on her face.

The girl was beautiful, but she looked also ragged as if she hadn’t seen civilization in a while. She had silver eyes and short but wavy purple hair. She had the smile of an angle and Ryler with his eyes fixed on her. Couldn’t find the words to ask her what had happened to him. Instead he just stared her, and after a few minutes she realized this.

(???)-*blushing* oh um... your ok... that’s great... we thought you where a goner for a while there um... my name is Nalia... Nalia Turner and you are?

(Ryler)-my name is Ryler No- *he paused realizing that he couldn’t use his real name*...just Ryler.

(Nalia)-well its nice to meet you Mr. Ryler..
(Ryler)-no no its just Ryler.

(Nalia)-oh..., say you wouldn’t happen to remember what happened to you now would you?

Ryler began to think about what happened and then paused with a look of confusion. A minute past and then he grabbed his four head and as if a needle was digging into his brain began screamed out in pain.

(Nalia)-what’s wrong?! *she reaches for him and then puts all her weight on him to subdue his rampage*.

Ryler stopped moving and lay there with Nalia on top of him.

(Nalia)-*blushing*oh crap...this looks a bit acquired...

Nalia quickly gets off of Ryler.

(Nalia)-so what the hell was that about?! You just went nuts and all I did was ask you what happened?!

Ryler sat up from the bed looking down he rubbed his head trying to collect him self.

(Ryler)-...I don’t remember...I don’t remember what happened...

Nalia was in shock at Ryler saying this. She turned to him and with a look of sadness said.

(Nalia)-well you’re the only one that survived, there wasn’t any other people to bring back.

(Ryler)-wait...I remember some thing now, I’m... with the rebels? Rebels against what?

(Nalia)-the Red Nova Republic...

(Ryler)-now I remember, we attacked there research base in the desert called Atka.

(Nalia)-there where no other survivors, there was a massive explosion and you where the only one we could fined. 1 out of 1000...

(Ryler)-*with a look of disbelief* that’s because of me? it was...him.

(Ryler)-*anger* Kane...

(Nalia)-what was that?

(Ryler)-nothing...I was just thinking about some thing that’s all *as he lays back down to rest*.
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