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Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Sun Apr 02, 2006 9:57 am


Based on Transformers©

Written by

Scott D. Harris


Chapter One: The Space Odyssey

In the vast reaches of space, a Decepticon vessel made its way through the stars. The vessel was known as the Hades and within it were seven lethal Decepticons. They were under the command of Deltatron, a high-ranking assassin for the Decepticon Government. Deltatron had become ambitious. He was the perfect killer and he knew it, now with his own small faction he had set out to conquer everything in existence.

Deltatron was a sleek, black, purple and dark green figure with a curved horn on his forehead, the burning red eyes of his species and a dark grey moustache and goatee beard. Deltatron leaned forward in his command chair.
“What are our coordinates?” he asked. His second-in-command Motorwing, a navy blue and white winged Transformer with a featureless faceplate and a boxy head, turned slightly to respond.
“Coordinates 1-8-8-7 by 1-9-1-4,” he said. “There is a planet not far ahead with rich resources.”
“Which planet?” Deltatron asked.
“The planet Earth,” Motorwing said. “It is rich with energy but very primitive.”
“Then we will make a base camp there,” Deltatron ordered, “and drain all of the energy there.”
“Yes Mighty Deltatron,” Motorwing acknowledged.

Not far behind the Hades, an Autobot shuttle was following. This shuttle was known as the Arrowmax and seven heroic Autobots were inside. Their leader was Throttle Convoy, a streamlined blue, silver and gold Transformer however the design of his head casing showed his position. He was quite possibly one of the youngest leaders in Cybertron history.
“Stay on them team,” said Throttle, “I don’t want them getting away.”
“Roger that Convoy,” replied Gunmetal, a brawny green and grey Autobot with a cannon perched on his right shoulder and spikes lining his forearms.

“Autobot shuttle closing in on us,” reported Victimizer, a skinny grey and purple Decepticon with a single visor rather than twin optics and three small headlights on his forehead.
“Who is the commander?” Deltatron asked.
“Throttle Convoy,” replied Victimizer.
“A young upstart,” Deltatron harrumphed. “Open fire from the rear cannons.”
“Yes Mighty Deltatron,” Victimizer nodded and pressed a button.

Two cannons on the back of the Hades fired at the Arrowmax, striking the side and opening a hole into the vacuum of space. The pull took hold of Ocelot, a young white and orange Autobot, and dragged him towards the opening. Ocelot gripped the floor but he was being rapidly pulled towards his doom.
“HELP ME!” he screamed. Throttle Convoy ran over and grabbed Ocelot’s hand but he was also being pulled towards the opening.
“Convoy!” exclaimed his second-in-command, Braincase, an attractive blue, white and red Autobot fembot.
“Stay where you are!” Throttle Convoy ordered. “Remember your mission!” With all his strength, Throttle pulled Ocelot back in but the vacuum gripped him and dragged him out into the black oblivion of space.
“CONVOY!” Braincase screamed at the top of her lungs as their leader was sucked into the distance.
“Slag it! That blast shorted out our engines!” Gunmetal snarled. “I’ll have to take her down to the nearest planet! Hold on everyone, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!”

The Arrowmax spiralled down towards the planet Earth as the Hades landed not too far from them.
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Re: Transformers: Battlefront

Postby Darkness_calls » Sun Apr 02, 2006 10:00 am

A weary good story. Looking forward to the next update.
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Re: Transformers: Battlefront

Postby Scotty Rave » Sun Apr 02, 2006 4:04 pm

Chapter Two: Arrival On Earth

When dawn came, the Autobots gathered around the main control console of the Arrowmax. The screen showed that they were surrounded by a rather healthy forest.
“Where are we?” Skyfire asked.
“The coordinates say we’re on Earth,” replied Gunmetal.
“Skyfire, Ocelot,” said Braincase, “you’re going on patrol. Transform at once.”

“Right,” said Skyfire, a white, red and black Autobot with two antennas on the sides of his head casing. “Skyfire, transform!”

Electronic shifting noises filled the air as Skyfire changed his shape into that of a white and red fighter jet.

“Ocelot, transform!”

The same noises were heard again as Ocelot morphed into a white and orange sports car. A door opened in the side of the Arrowmax and a ramp extended at a downward angle until it reached the ground. Ocelot and Skyfire emerged from the ship and disappeared through the trees. Someone watched this from the shadows, electronic eyes glowing brightly.

Skyfire and Ocelot zoomed into the nearest city and screeched to a halt.
“Something tells me this isn’t the same Earth shown in the records,” said the jet.
The city, London, was very old fashioned. The people were flamboyant, basic or dirty and smoke belched into the sky above through hundreds of chimneys. This was indeed Earth. The year was 1862.

The humans surrounded the two vehicles, unsure of what to think. They transformed to robot mode, scaring the humans even more.

“What are they?” someone asked.
“Monsters,” said another.
“No, they’re machines,” stated a third.
“Hey!” Ocelot snorted. “We’re more than just machines!”

The reaction of the humans was mixed. Some began to cower, some began to grow angry and some even became interested in the Autobots. One person in particular stepped towards them. He was a sharply dressed teenaged boy with neat, brown hair and hazel eyes. He was clean-cut and well-kept and had an air of sophistication.

“You two are quite…intriguing,” he said.
“And who are you?” Ocelot asked, still annoyed.
“My name is Sheridan Holmes. Who are you?”
“Skyfire, and this is Ocelot. We’re Autobots, from Cybertron, a planet far from Earth.”

“Then my theory was right. Earth isn’t the only planet that sustains life.”

Elsewhere, the Decepticons were investigating the area. Whereas the Arrowmax had landed in a forest on one side of London, the Hades was located in the wasteland just outside what would later become Dagenham. However, the Decepticons had still managed to find the area to be quite suitable.

“Motorwing, how are we for Energon?” asked Deltatron.
“We have a satisfactory supply for now,” replied the second-in-command, “but we must make plans to mine the energy beneath the surface of the planet.”
“Make it so,” Deltatron agreed. “Victimizer, Widow, Treadnaught, locate inhabitants to use as slave labour, we will need more hands than we have to mine all the energy. Motorwing, begin pinpointing ideal areas to begin mining. Acidrain, Nightlife, take to the skies and search for any signs of the Autobots. If you find them, turn them into slag.”

Victimizer transformed into a grey and purple pickup truck and drove away. Widow, a short, black and silver fembot, shifted into sleek, black sports car and followed him. Treadnaught, a terrifying green and black hulk with a missile array on each shoulder, changed into a green missile tank and thundered after his two teammates.

Acidrain, a shapely and beautiful green, white and black fembot transformed into a green and white jet and launched into the sky. Nightlife, a slightly larger blue, white and red robot, became a stealth bomber that mirrored his colour scheme exactly and joined her.

“That slagging Deltatron,” Nightlife grumbled. “Oh what I’d sacrifice just to give him a piece of my mind.”
“Which piece Nightlife?” Acidrain sneered. “The insane half or the useless bit?”
“You have no right to say that Acidrain,” Nightlife growled. “I know your interest in Deltatron is not of a military kind. I do pick up information from behind closed doors.”
“You have a filthy mind.”
“Filthy but correct. That’s why you’re so protective of him.”
“Shut up Nightlife, shut up before I shove your faceplate in your afterburner.”

The arguing continued more or less the same as the jets streaked across the skies.
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Re: Transformers: Battlefront

Postby SpartanCommander » Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:20 am

This is very interesting however I do prefer teh G1 Transformers to the Japanese made ones but this is pretty good.

I hope you continue.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:14 pm

I like G1 to, I wasn't a fan of the Japanese Headmasters series (The Rebirth is way better), though I did like Masterforce, Victory and Zone. This is my own version of the last great Autobot/Decepticon war before the age of Maximals and Predacons began. Wow, I just realised how many leaders that should make.

Alpha Trion, Optimus Prime, Elita-1, Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, Impactor, Cerebros/Fortress Maximus, Metalhawk, Ginrai/God Ginrai, Star Sabre/Victory Sabre, Dai Atlas, Throttle Convoy

Megatron, Shockwave, Galvatron, Scorponok, Sixshot, Bludgeon, Overlord, Deathsaurus, Violenjiger, Deltatron

Chapter Three: First Battle

Nightlife and Acidrain swooped over London and people looked up in astonishment at the giant metal ‘birds.’
“Oh look, this city’s infested with anthropoids,” Nightlife sneered. “Let’s blast ‘em!”
“Now that sounds like fun!” Acidrain agreed. Both jets rocketed downwards, firing their lasers at the humans, who ran in fear from the deadly duo. Nightlife and Acidrain transformed to robot mode and continued to fire from their chest and forearm blasters, lighting the city in a furious blaze.

Skyfire and Ocelot saw the carnage from afar as the humans around them remained uncertain. Skyfire immediately detected two Decepticon energy signatures and activated his com-link.
“Skyfire to Arrowmax. We’ve detected two Decepticon energy signatures, we may need back-up.”
“Understood Skyfire,” replied the voice of Braincase. “I’ll send Pyrebolt and Sunbeam to your coordinates.”
“All right, Skyfire out,” the tall Autobot finished the communication and looked down at Ocelot. “Come on, let’s stop those Decepti-creeps before they ruin the city.” Ocelot nodded and they both transformed to their respective vehicle modes, racing off towards the scene. The humans who knew them as friends followed, cheering loudly. Sheridan Holmes rubbed his chin thoughtfully then walked over to his awaiting carriage and climbed in.

“Sedgwick,” he said, addressing his butler, who was also the driver, “follow the crowd, I want to see these ‘Decepticons.’”
“Very good sir,” Sedgwick nodded. He cracked the reins and the two black stallions in front of the carriage began to trot forward at a brisk pace.

“This is so much fun!” Nightlife shrieked as he blasted a bakery into rubble.
“Fun time’s over Decepti-trash!” a voice yelled, followed up by several laser blasts from above. The two Decepticons growled and readied their weapons as Skyfire and Ocelot rocketed towards them. The Autobots transformed to robot mode and fired from their hand-held blasters. The Decepticons jumped around. Acidrain activated her com-link.
“Acidrain to Hades! We need reinforcements now!”

A laser shot struck her com-link, frying it. Acidrain gritted her teeth as a yellow and white sports car sped towards her. Nightlife was also occupied by a large red fire truck that kept blasting him with powerful jets of boiling hot water.
“Looks like our back-up got here,” Ocelot noted.
“You have a real talent for stating the obvious,” Skyfire chuckled.

“Sunbeam, transform!”
“Pyrebolt, transform!”

The sports car transformed into a yellow and white fembot about the same size as Ocelot. The fire engine shifted into a large, red, silver and blue Autobot with a featureless faceplate and a laser perched on his head casing, which resembled the helmet of a modern day fire fighter. Victimizer, Widow and Treadnaught screeched around the corner, all morphing to robot mode and opening fire from their weapons. Pyrebolt deflected a laser burst with his forearm then fired some ice cold water from his hand-held cannon, which was attached to his back by a hose. The water hit Victimizer’s lower body, freezing him in place. The skinny Decepticon growled and started firing shots at the ice prison until it shattered.
“Stay where you’re slagging put!” Pyrebolt bellowed, firing another burst with so much strength that it not only froze Victimizer completely, but also fixed him to a wall.

Widow tackled Ocelot to the ground and both of them began to wrestle.
“I’ll rip out your optics and eat them for breakfast!” the fembot hissed.
“Aw, shut up!” Ocelot retorted and flipped her over, slamming her into the road. Treadnaught stomped over and grabbed Ocelot’s wrists in his huge hands. Lifting the Autobot into the air, Treadnaught began to pull the wrists in opposite directions. Ocelot cried out in pain and kicked at the air. He could feel the wires and cables in his arms stretching, the joints loosening. Skyfire shot Treadnaught in the back of the head, causing him to let go of Ocelot, who hit the ground and hugged himself, his arms aching.

Skyfire knelt down beside him. “You okay pal?”
“I…I’ll be fine in a cycle,” Ocelot replied. “Just need to get the feeling back in my shoulders.”
“Okay, I’ll watch your back until you can move,” said Skyfire. He spun around and shot Nightlife in the chest just in time to stop a fatal attack.

Acidrain tried to hit Sunbeam but the little Autobot kept jumping around, firing her blaster from different areas.
“Slag it!” Acidrain hissed. “Decepticons, retreat!” Treadnaught pulled the frozen Victimizer off of the wall and ran off while the other Decepticons transformed to their vehicle modes and vanished from view. Pyrebolt turned his attention on the fires and unleashed a torrent of ice cold water, quickly dousing the flames. The humans that had gathered to watch the battle cheered loudly and a feeling of pride swelled up in the Autobots.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Tue Apr 04, 2006 1:12 pm

Chapter Four: Deltatron’s Scheme

A blue, white and red Cybertronian computer stood against a wall of one of the sleeping quarters of the Arrowmax. The screen showed various articles relating to Earth’s history. Added to her own existing knowledge, Braincase’s databanks were becoming quite full. Finally, she decided that she knew enough and retracted her satellites. With a mechanical whooshing noise, she converted to her slender robot mode. Braincase loved to learn, and that little session left her feeling quite pleased. She walked over to a shelf of Cybertronian data-files, the equivalent of human books. Sheridan Holmes had showed her his extensive library and she had converted the information into her own. Sheridan’s collection consisted mostly of detective stories and Braincase was intrigued from the start by them.

She selected a data-file and sat down to, lifting the metal cover and settling on her bed to read. A few uninterrupted mega-cycles passed and she finished the data-file. She placed it back on the shelf and walked out to the control bridge. Gunmetal and Pyrebolt were there, performing a maintenance check. Ocelot, Skyfire and Sunbeam were out on patrol.

Braincase stood beside Gunmetal.
“How’s the uplink with Cybertron coming?” she asked.
“It’s coming, that’s all I can say,” Gunmetal replied. Suddenly, a monitor fizzed and crackled. A distorted image of Throttle Convoy appeared on it.
“Autobots…!” the image exclaimed in a warped voice. “Am….coordinate…”
The image flashed off and the three Autobots could do nothing but stare. They looked at each other. Suddenly, Braincase jumped into the air. “HE’S ALIVE!”

“Oh, thank the Matrix,” Gunmetal breathed.
“It’s a slaggin’ miracle,” Pyrebolt chuckled.
“Gunmetal, try and locate that signal immediately!” Braincase ordered.
“Roger Braincase,” Gunmetal nodded and went about his work.

Inside the Hades, Deltatron was overlooking the blueprints to his latest plan. The blueprints were littered with Cybertronian glyphs and the image seemed to be some kind of a dome with five metal rods emerging from the top. Acidrain looked over his shoulder.
“Mind telling me what you’re planning?” she asked.
“Acidrain, my dear,” the Decepticon leader chuckled, “I am planning the downfall of the Autobots. These plans detail a machine that will create an energy field all around London. We will have the entire city’s population to be our slaves. We will mine enough Energon to repair and power the Hades so we can jumpstart our conquest.”
“I love it when you’re really evil,” Acidrain cooed.
“I’m gonna be sick,” Nightlife sneered from the doorway. “If you put more effort into leading us Deltatron, and not playing around with his beryllium bimbo, we might have actually won this war already.”
“Nightlife, you’re pushing your luck,” Deltatron warned. “One more servo out of line and I’ll blast you into oblivion and back. Do not forget who the top assassin around here is.”

Nightlife scowled and sunk back into the shadows. Deltatron activated his com-link.
“Motorwing, Treadnaught, Victimizer, Widow, are you ready to carry out the first phase of construction?”
“Affirmative Mighty Deltatron,” Motorwing’s voice replied.
“Excellent,” Deltatron hissed. “Soon, the humans will be under our power and the Autobots will be blocked out by the field, unable to do anything!”

He laughed a raw, hideous laugh and Acidrain joined in wholeheartedly.

Outside, the first stage of construction was completed – the base that would hold and power the machine was ready and filled with liquid Energon from the emergency reserves. The four Decepticon workers stepped back to admire their handiwork.
“I’d say it’s come along nicely,” said Victimizer. Treadnaught nodded.
“I can’t wait to see the look on those Autobots’ faces,” Widow giggled.
“Stage one is now complete,” Motorwing stated, “stage two begins immediately.”

Several mega-cycles passed. Gunmetal clapped his hands in victory.
“By Primus, I’ve done it!” he exclaimed. “I’ve locked onto…” He was interrupted by Skyfire, Ocelot and Sunbeam charging into the room.
“What the slag?” Pyrebolt questioned.
“We got trouble,” Ocelot panted.
“Big trouble,” Sunbeam added.
“With a capital D!” Skyfire finished. Braincase looked at Gunmetal and Pyrebolt. After a moment or two, she bellowed a command. “Let’s roll!”

Added after 31 seconds:

Chapter Five: Vote Of Confidence

As Motorwing, Acidrain and Deltatron moved their completed invention to the perfect spot, the other four Decepticons were attacking the Autobots to keep them busy. Pyrebolt roared across the landscape in vehicle mode as Braincase stood on top of his cab, powering up her energy sword. She activated the boosters in her feet and launched into the air, slashing at Nightlife. Nightlife fired from his arm blasters but Braincase blocked with her blade, responding with another slash.

Treadnaught transformed to robot mode and unleashed a furious volley of shots. Skyfire blocked them with his wing shields and his photon cannons flipped out his back and attached to his shoulders. He began shooting at the much slower Treadnaught, who had to stand and take the hits.

Ocelot and Sunbeam began to circle around Widow in car mode. The Decepticon fembot tried to get a lock on them but they were simply too fast. Ocelot suddenly turned and barged into her from behind, sending her up into the air. The two Autobot cars transformed to robot mode and pulled out their blasters, firing and striking Widow in the chest. Widow screamed as she spiralled downwards and landed on Nightlife.

“Good grief,” Victimizer scowled, “what losers.” He transformed to robot mode and ran at Gunmetal with an energy axe. He slashed the Autobot across the stomach then kicked him. As the biggest Autobot, Gunmetal’s weakness was that he was slow and not fully able to handle quicker opponents like Victimizer. The Decepticon jumped into the air and fired at Braincase from behind. The Autobot commander was hit and fell to the ground with a surprised cry. Pyrebolt quickly transformed and fired a freezing cold blast. Victimizer saw the attack coming and rocketed out of the way. The water created a trail of ice. Ocelot did not have time to stop and went skidding away, crashing into a tree.

“Time to die, Auto-scrap!” Victimizer screeched. “There’s a reason I’m called Victimizer!”
“Shut up!” Pyrebolt scowled. He opened his chest compartment to reveal two gattling guns. The guns opened fire on Victimizer, catching him by surprise and flooring him. Treadnaught reached for the staggering Braincase but Gunmetal tackled him out of the way. Skyfire swooped down and transformed to jet mode.
“Climb in,” he said as the cockpit swung open. Braincase uttered her gratitude and climbed in. The cockpit close and Skyfire flew into the air, firing his now back-mounted photon cannons at the Decepticons below.

“Nightlife, we have completed the final phase,” Deltatron said over the sub-commander’s com-link, “return to the Hades immediately.”
“Decepticons, retreat!” Nightlife shrieked. The Decepticons pulled away and transformed to their respective vehicle modes, roaring out of sight. The Autobots regrouped on the ground and Braincase stepped onto the grass.

“Look at those Decepti-chumps,” Skyfire sneered, “running like petro-rabbits.”
“I’ll give you petro-rabbits,” Braincase frowned. “This doesn’t feel right, I think they were stalling us.”
“Stalling us for what?” Sunbeam exclaimed. The ground shook as a dome of purple energy suddenly covered the city of London from above.
“Stalling us for that,” Gunmetal stated.
“Let’s smash it!” Skyfire shouted. He charged at the dome and before his team-mates could stop him, he struck the side of it and bounced back painfully.
“We can’t get through,” Braincase frowned, “we need to think of a way to break in.”
“Throttle Convoy would know what to do,” said Ocelot downheartedly.
“Well…Throttle Convoy’s not here,” said Braincase. “We can make do without him. We’re not that incompetent you know.”
“She’s right,” Gunmetal agreed.

High up in the atmosphere, something was streaking down towards the Earth.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:42 pm

Chapter Six: Return Of A Hero

The energy field generator had been put into place right in the middle of Trafalgar Square and the dome it had created smothered the city. Inside the dome, the Decepticons were grabbing humans off the street and placing them in portable cages, which were then loaded onto Motorwing and Nightlife, who were on standby in jet mode.

“This plan is coming off without a hitch,” Widow commented, “nice work Deltatron.”
“Soon, we will have the labour force we need to dig up all the Energon,” Deltatron cackled, “and then…conquer the universe.”
“You’re getting over-ambitious,” Acidrain warned, “your grandfather was the same.”
“My grandfather was a coot with too much lip!” Deltatron hissed. “That’s what got him scrapped in the first place! I never want him mentioned again.”
Acidrain stared in surprise at her fiancée, but quickly shook it off. Without another word, she went back to snatching up anthropoids.

Sheridan Holmes and his portly friend Jason Watson, were hiding behind a building.
“W…What’s happening Holmes?” Jason asked.
“It’s the Decepticons,” explained Sheridan. “Blast it! Where are the Autobots? That glow above the city must be keeping them out somehow. Come Watson, we must try and contact help. The bobbies can’t take on those monsters.”
Sheridan ran off down the street and Jason struggled to keep up, huffing and puffing like an old dog. The duo hid inside an empty block of flats as Victimizer drove past in pickup truck mode. They stepped into the open again, dashed down an alleyway and up a flight of metal steps to a high rooftop.

“H-Holmes, look up there,” Jason pointed. Sheridan looked up. Something was moving across the sky at a rapid pace.
“It’s too fast to be a meteorite,” Sheridan stated. “Perhaps it’s reinforcements.”
“Another Autobot?” Jason asked.
“They did say they were from outer space. So it’s very possible. Blast it, I’ve spent years learning martial arts Watson, and I am unable to do anything against these monsters…”
Jason rested a hand on Sheridan’s shoulder.
“Holmes,” he said, “please, try and remain cool. Nobody is perfect.”
“Yes, you’re right old friend,” Sheridan sighed, “I…I just hope help arrives soon.”

A scanning device had been set up at the edge of the dome, attached to Braincase via several cords. Currently in super computer mode, she and Gunmetal were trying to find a way past the energy while the others waited anxiously.
“This energy field is on a unique frequency,” said Braincase, “and I can’t find it. If I could then we could simply bypass it. The Decepticons obviously built it with limited resources.”
“Slag it,” Skyfire scowled. “The humans are in danger and unless we get through, so is the entire universe. Even the Space Defence Force will be helpless against a legion of high-powered Decepti-creeps.”
“Please be patient Skyfire,” Sunbeam pleaded, “they’re trying their best.”

“We’re close,” said Gunmetal, “the energy spectrum is starting to line-up. If we’re allowed silence, we should find the right frequency within cycles…I’ve got it!”

An electric charge pulsed out of the computer, down the cables and into the device. A humming sound filled the air and a circular opening appeared in the dome. Braincase and Gunmetal remained to keep it there and the other Autobots charged in for the battle. The air seemed to distort for a moment then returned to normal.

“What was that?” Braincase asked.
“…I have no idea,” Gunmetal replied.

The Decepticons were still hoarding scared humans into cages when they heard a loud cry of, “EAT SLAG DECEPTI-BUMS!”
“What?!” Acidrain hissed. She looked up and was struck in the gut by a laser blast. Skyfire, Sunbeam, Ocelot and Pyrebolt were descending from the rooftops, guns blazing. Ocelot cupped his hands together at his side as a ball of purple energy built up between his palms. He pulled the ball back over his head then tossed it downwards. Widow screeched as it hit her in the chest and knocked her over. Deltatron jumped into the air and held out his right arm. His hand slid back into his wrist and his entire forearm opened up, revealing a powerful fusion gattling. He began to fire round after round from it. The Autobots fanned out to avoid getting hit as they landed on the street below.

Pyrebolt pointed at Motorwing and Nightlife, “Sunbeam, come with me and help free the humans! Skyfire, Ocelot, keep ‘em busy! If need be, contact Gunmetal for back-up.” Widow slipped away into the shadows. She transformed to car mode and streaked away from the battle.
Treadnaught lumbered towards Ocelot, firing from his heavy artillery. The little Autobot hid behind a building and opened a channel to Gunmetal.

“Ocelot to Gunmetal, we need back-up immediately. We’re fighting in the…Whitechapel area. Get here as quickly as you can!”
“I’m on my way,” Gunmetal replied. Soon, the rumbling of the Autobot tank signalled his arrival just before he slammed into Treadnaught and floored him.

Deltatron blasted one of Skyfire’s wings and the Autobot crashed with a cry of pain. The Decepticon leader stood over him, aiming the fusion gattling straight at his face.
“Such heroic nonsense,” he sneered and began to power up his weapon.
“Fire that gun and I’ll make you wish you’d never been built,” said a rich voice.
“What?!” Deltatron looked up, as did everyone else on the battlefield.

A blue, silver and gold Cybertronian super bike roared off a rooftop and began to descend towards the ground. It suddenly began to shift with a mechanical whoosh.

“Throttle Convoy, transform!”

Added after 34 seconds:

Chapter Seven: Throttle Convoy, Go!

A blue, silver and gold Cybertronian super bike roared off a rooftop and began to descend towards the ground. It suddenly began to shift with a mechanical whoosh.

“Throttle Convoy, transform!”

The Autobot leader landed perfectly, cracking the street beneath his impact. The battle seemed to stop completely as all eyes fell on the commander.

“You young upstart,” Deltatron snarled, “how did you survive?!”
“I might be young Deltatron,” stated Throttle, “but I am not naïve. Now, either release the humans or I’ll make you.”
“Idle threats,” Deltatron mocked.
“Says you,” Throttle shot back. Deltatron roared and fired his fusion gattling. Throttle jumped into the air. The left side of his waist opened and a black, cylindrical sword grip flew out. The Autobot grabbed it and a silver hand guard slid out of it, followed by a long silver blade. Throttle landed again and slashed at Deltatron, scarring his chest.

“Autobots!” he boomed. “To battle!”

“You said it Convoy!” Skyfire laughed as he opened fire from his photon cannons. The battle was on once more. Gunmetal grabbed Nightlife in his huge hands and slammed him nosecone-first into the ground. The Decepticon squawked in pain as Gunmetal forcefully pulled open his side and began to lift the cages out, setting them off to the side. He would get the humans out after the battle. Ocelot had managed to get inside of Motorwing and was quickly passing more of the victims along to the awaiting Sunbeam. Pyrebolt kept the Decepticon flyer’s blasters distracted.

Outside the dome, Widow crept up behind Braincase.
“So that’s how you got in,” Widow hissed, “well, you’ll pay for your meddling!”
“What?” Braincase exclaimed. She screamed in pain as Widow’s attack burst straight through her, shattering her metal body and sending cogs, screws and cables in all direction. Widow laughed to herself and transformed to car mode, zooming through the opening just before the device failed and the dome became complete again.

Deltatron transformed to helicopter mode and began to fly away. Throttle jumped and grabbed the tail of the copter, holding on tightly. Deltatron snarled and began to spasm, trying to shake off his enemy. Throttle swung his sword and jammed the rotors. Deltatron screamed as they began to fall, landing with a crash on a rooftop. On the one right beside them, Sheridan and Jason shielded their eyes from the shockwaves. Deltatron transformed to robot mode and pounced on Throttle, reaching angrily for his face.

“I’ll rip out your optics,” he hissed.
“Keep telling yourself that,” Throttle retorted and kicked Deltatron with both feet, throwing the Decepticon commander off of him. Throttle jack-knifed to his feet and held out his sword again.
“For a legendary assassin, you’re pretty predictable.”
“Silence!” Deltatron roared. “You and your kind are a blight on this universe! I’ll kill you just like Megatron killed Optimus Prime!”

Gunmetal and Skyfire streaked through the city until they found the generator.
“That must be what’s creating the dome,” said the young jet.
“Got it in one, kiddo,” nodded the older tank, “we destroy it, and we win.”
“I like how you think,” smirked Skyfire. The duo aimed their shoulder cannons and fired. The generator exploded in a glorious ball of flames and the dome faded away.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Deltatron screamed. “IT CAN’T BE! Decepticons, retreat!”

He transformed to vehicle mode and flew away, followed by his soldiers. Throttle Convoy jumped off the rooftop. Sheridan and Jason ran down to street level and watched as the Autobots regrouped around their much missed commander.

“That was incredible Holmes,” said Jason in awe, “who do you think he is?”
“He’s their leader,” Sheridan smiled. “He’s Throttle Convoy.”
“He’s huge,” Jason murmured.
“He also helped free the city,” Sheridan chuckled. “Come Watson, let’s help those in the cages to get home.”
“Yes Holmes,” Jason nodded.

The six Autobots, all in vehicle mode, rode out of the city not long after and came to a horrified stop when they saw Braincase’s body. They transformed to robot mode.
“B…Braincase,” Sunbeam gasped.
“Get the remains inside now,” Throttle ordered. “If her Spark is still intact, we can save her.”
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Postby Darkness_calls » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:54 pm

Really good. Keep it up.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:00 pm

Chapter Eight: Human Faces

Braincase’s optic sensors activated, but everything was blurry for a few moments. When she finally regained full sight, she saw her fellow Autobots before her. To say the least, she was surprised to see Throttle Convoy standing with them.
“Convoy!” she exclaimed. “You’re alive! W…What happened to me? Why can’t I move my arms or legs? And more importantly, why do I suddenly have an increase in memory capacity?”
Gunmetal sighed.
“You were scrapped,” he said after a long silence, “and your body was irreparable. However your Spark was intact, so we inserted it into the Arrowmax’s computer.”
“You…you what?!” Braincase shrieked.
“Braincase, calm down,” said Throttle coolly. “This is only a temporary arrangement. We will try to create a new body identical to your original one, and if you wish it we will transfer your Spark into it. Does that sound fair to you?”

Braincase fell silent, but she nodded.

“Convoy,” she finally asked, “I want you to do me a favour. I feel trapped. I want to be able to move around if I need to.”
“Well, we can create a hard-light holographic body,” Gunmetal suggested.
“That sounds fine to me,” Braincase sighed.

A few mega-cycles of adjusting later, Gunmetal finished installing the new systems. A slot opened near the bottom of the main control console and a black-and-silver discus with the Autobot emblem printed on it hovered into view. A beam of light burst upwards from the emblem and a holographic figure faded into view. The figure resembled a pretty, human girl. She had light skin and brown hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing a white shirt with a red necktie, covered by an official-looking blue uniform jacket and skirt with white trim, white shoulder pads and red pips. Her legs were covered by white stockings with blue stars on the knees. For footwear, she had a pair of blue high-heel boots that reached half-up up her shins. Resting on her head was a blue peak cap with a white band going around it and an Autobot emblem in the middle. Covering her ears were a pair of blue communication headpieces, resembling two halves of a capsule. A microphone extended from the one on her left and curled down in front of her mouth.

As the Autobots watched, the holographic girl became solid and she opened her big, perfect blue eyes. Looking down at her hands, Braincase gasped. She whirled around and admired her new body in the reflection on a monitor.
“I…I’m beautiful!” she exclaimed. Skyfire, Ocelot, Pyrebolt and Sunbeam swooned in disapproval. They had never expected Braincase to be so vain!

“Hey uh…I’m glad you like it,” Gunmetal said, blushing furiously. Braincase smiled softly. True, she could no longer transform, but she had the entire ship under her power now. She would never abuse it of course, but this made her one of the strongest members of the team. Weapons, computers, satellites, all were at her command. She loved it. The hard-light body was also refreshing, though it was odd being smaller than her original body.

That night, Skyfire sat outside the Arrowmax, watching the sky as the stars twinkled brightly. Pyrebolt stepped up behind him.

“Hey,” he said.
“Hey,” Skyfire replied.
“Mind if I sit with you?”
“I ain’t charging.”

Pyrebolt sat beside the young flyer.

“What are you thinking about?”
“Life on Cybertron?”
“No. Life on Earth. The creatures here are so different to those on Cybertron. I envy them. Think about it ‘Bolt. They can’t transform, but they have so much more than us. We have the most enhanced technology in the known universe. They have the beauty of nature. Their industries will continue to grow, but they will always have nature. I…I wish I was a human.”

Pyrebolt looked at Skyfire.

“You know, if you wanted to be a Pretender,” he said, “I’m sure we could make…”
“That’s not what I meant,” Skyfire interrupted. “I didn’t mean I wish I could have a human mode, I mean what I said. I think I’d enjoy being human more than being a Transformer.”
“You’re not the first ‘bot to say that,” said Pyrebolt quietly, “a lot of our people were enraptured by this planet’s beauty, and wanted to be humans. A few of the older Autobots actually had the chance to be human, but they went back to their old lives. It’s philosophical mumbo jumbo. I’ll never understand it.”

Chapter Nine: Enter The Patrolbots

Nightlife sat in his quarters, plotting in deep, deep thought. He had to get back at Deltatron for what he had done. Once, Nightlife had been one of the most powerful mob enforcers on Cybertron. Everyone in the city of Improbus knew his name and feared it, rightly so. Then Deltatron, that smug cretin, had made a deal with the mob boss and Nightlife quickly found himself being whisked away to parts unknown to go on a mission he never agreed to. He would have his revenge – kill Deltatron and return to Cybertron, once more becoming a legendary soldier.

Standing up, Nightlife emerged from his quarters and moved quietly towards the Decepticon commander’s personal chambers. As he closed in on the door, a hand rested on his shoulder.
“Going somewhere Nightlife?” a mocking voice asked. Nightlife spun around, coming face-to-face with Deltatron.
“What’s in my quarters that interests you so?” the leader continued.
“Your infernal Spark,” Nightlife hissed. “I’d give anything to slit your throat.”
“I admire your intentions,” Deltatron chuckled, “but remember one thing.” With a powerful move, he threw Nightlife to the wall and aimed his fusion gattling at him.
“I am the top Decepticon assassin,” he said. “Try anything, and I’ll blast you into scrap. Got it?”
“Yes…” Nightlife growled.
“Yes what?” Deltatron frowned.
“Yes…Mighty Deltatron.”
“That’s much better.”
Deltatron withdrew his cannon as his arm returned to normal and his hand reappeared. He walked away from Nightlife, who was now stewing in his anger.
“One day Deltatron,” Nightlife murmured, “one day.”

In the Arrowmax, the Autobots were gathered around Braincase. She had told them she had news for the group, and even Throttle Convoy was intrigued.
“Well?” Ocelot asked impatiently. “What’s the news?”
“During the past few weeks,” Braincase began, “I have been working on a little project to help us in the fight against the Decepticons. Allow me to introduce…”

A door slid open in the wall and three vehicles rolled in – a S.W.A.T van, a police car and a police helicopter. All of them were painted white and blue with flashing sirens on top.

“…The Patrolbots! Okay guys, show them your robot modes.”

“Sgt. Impact, transform!” the S.W.A.T. van transformed into a tall, bulky-looking Autobot with a gruff face. The top of his head casing looked like a police hat. A green visor covered his optics.
“Bentley, transform!” the car shifted into a younger, sleeker robot with a plain faceplate and a streamlined design.
“Searchlight, transform!” the helicopter changed into a slender fembot with a sly smile and a single visor rather than two optics. Two antennas extended from the sides of her head casing.

“Impressive,” Throttle Convoy commented, “but what else can they do?”

Sgt. Impact stepped forward. “Convoy, I think I speak for myself and my team when I say that we are capable soldiers as well as top enforcers. We are ready to fight alongside you.”
“And smash those Decepti-chumps into space dust!” Bentley declared.
“They’ll regret ever messing with the Autobots,” Searchlight smirked.

“I like their spirit,” said Pyrebolt.
“They’re certainly eager,” Throttle Convoy agreed, “but remember Patrolbots, you must be careful. The Decepticons are not to be taken lightly.”
“We understand that Convoy,” Sgt. Impact replied. “Don’t fret.”

“Then welcome to the team,” Throttle Convoy offered his hand.
“Pleasure’s all ours,” Sgt. Impact accepted.

Added after 1 hours 13 minutes:

Chapter Ten: Attack On The Tower

The sun was rising over the United Kingdom. In the wasteland around the Hades, the Decepticons were plotting their latest scheme. Motorwing had detected a large supply of Energon under the Tower of London and they were making plans to dig it up.
“We will destroy that wretched tower,” said Deltatron. “That will make the excavation much quicker.”
“An ingenious plan Mighty Deltatron,” Victimizer commented. Treadnaught, the silent giant, nodded in agreement. Nightlife sneered quietly. If these losers were just a little sappier, they’d be smooching that moronic Deltatron’s skid-plates. Nightlife had standards and was careful to choose who he worked for; he’d show that slagging Bot Skir a thing or two for handing him over to this over-ambitious murderer.
“Then let us make our move, my Decepticons,” Deltatron cackled.

In the Arrowmax, Braincase’s hard-light hologram hovered boredly as her internal workings checked for anything new. For a while she found nothing but she picked up some Decepticon energy signatures and immediately summoned Throttle Convoy to the control bridge.
“Convoy!” she reported. “I’m picking up Decepticon energy signatures heading into the city!”
“How many?” the leader asked.
“All of them.”
“Good work Braincase. Summon the others and tell them to meet me at my coordinates.”
“I’m on it Convoy.”
Throttle Convoy ran out of the ship and transformed to super bike mode, racing off into the distance. Braincase sent out an alert message to the other Autobots immediately. The Patrolbots quickly closed in on their leader whilst the others came not too far behind.

The Decepticons arrived at the Tower of London and transformed to robot mode.
“The Energon is directly beneath the tower,” Motorwing reported.
“Then let’s destroy it and be done with this,” Nightlife grumbled.
“For once I have to agree with you, Nightlife,” Deltatron smirked.
“Stop where you are Deltatron!” a voice boomed. “Autobots, transform!”
“You heard the ‘bot!” a second agreed. “Patrolbots, transform!”

The nine heroic robots converted to robot mode and stood between the Decepticons and the tower.

“Back the slag away,” Pyrebolt scowled.
“I think not,” Deltatron raised his fusion gattling and fired. The Autobots scattered and began to fire from their personal guns/cannons. The Decepticons took to the air and initiated their own attack. Throttle Convoy drew his sword and swiped it through the air, sending a wave of energy at Deltatron. It struck the Decepticon leader and he toppled towards the ground below. Acidrain let out a mad scream and swooped down, blasting at Throttle. The Autobot leader rolled out of the way. Deltatron pounced on him and they wrestled violently.

“You don’t stand a chance against me, boy,” Deltatron hissed.
“I won’t let you destroy a historic monument,” Throttle stated.

A blazing, blue light blasted from Throttle’s eyes for a few seconds, blinding Deltatron and forcing him away. The Decepticon commander readjusted his optics but he was unable to move in time as Throttle slammed him hard with a punch to the face, cracking some of his metal hide. Deltatron flew backwards and rolled along the ground. Throttle charged and threw another punch, but his fist stopped because Acidrain had interposed herself between the two leaders.

“Let us go Convoy,” she pleaded emotionlessly, “he’s had enough.”

Throttle stood silently for a few moments. He then lowered his arm.
“Get out of here,” he said dryly. Acidrain placed Deltatron’s arm over her shoulders, held him firmly and took off into the air. The other Decepticons followed. The Autobots gathered around their leader.

“How could you let them get away?!” Ocelot exclaimed.
“Because we won, they surrendered,” Throttle stated. “Let’s go.”
“We should’ve slagged ‘em!” Ocelot protested.
“Don’t question my orders!” Throttle boomed. The Autobots looked at him in shock. Their leader transformed to vehicle mode and sped off.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:43 pm

Chapter Eleven: Sting Of The Arachnicons

Deltatron growled. He had been bested once more. This was becoming intolerable. He also despised the fact that there were now more Autobots to contend with. Well, he would show them. His uplink to his allies on Cybertron was near completion, he would simply send for reinforcements. Turning in his command chair, he looked down at Motorwing.

“How is the uplink coming?” he asked.
“…Finished, Mighty Deltatron,” replied the monotone robot.
“Excellent!” Deltatron roared. “Patch us through to my training facility in Polyhex!”

Motorwing tapped a few buttons on a keyboard and a screen buzzed to life. The face of Jericho appeared on it. Jericho was Deltatron’s immediate second-in-command and the fiendish duo had grown up. They were brothers-in-arms. He was a heavyweight, black, grey and brown Decepticon with a boxy head casing and a complicated face – rather than a basic mouth or a faceplate, he had two sliding vertical plates that clicked together when he spoke.

“Deltatron,” Jericho sighed with joy. “It has been too long, my old friend.”
“Jericho, my old friend,” Deltatron greeted. “How are things on Cybertron?”
“Not well,” Jericho replied. “Decepticon activity has been reduced greatly, this ‘Golden Age,’ is continuing almost completely unhindered. Also, the Autobots still have forces on Earth, Nebulos and Zone.”
“Slag it,” Deltatron hissed. “Jericho, I am need of assistance on Earth in 1862. Send me some warriors through a Transwarp tunnel.”
“I’ll be sending the two best soldiers from the Academy, the Arachnicons.”

On Cybertron, a two-man shuttle was launched from a secret base in Polyhex. It disappeared into a rippling Transwarp portal and rocketed towards Earth. The numbers on the interior clock whizzed backwards to 1862.

From inside the Hades, Widow noticed a blip on the scope.
“Deltatron, I got something on the scope,” she said.
“Perfect,” Deltatron cackled. “What’s the approximate landing area?”
“Uh, in the woods surrounding the Autobot base.”
“Then you, Motorwing and I will go and collect them.”
“Y…Yes sir.”
“No sir!”
“You should be.”

The Decepticon shuttle lay half buried in the forest floor. Deltatron, Motorwing and Widow descended from above as it popped open. A red mechanical spider and a yellow mechanical scorpion, each the approximate size of a car, crawled out.

“Poisonbite, transform!” the spider cried.
“Tailblade, transform!” the scorpion followed suit.

Poisonbite was a red, black and grey creature with four of his spider legs attached to his forearms and the other six were on his back. He had long, red claws on his fingers and four eyes. His forehead was lined with four more eyes, which were much smaller.
Tailblade was yellow, black and grey. His scorpion legs were all attached to his arms and his tail now jutted from his back, looking ready to strike. He only had two eyes and a pair of dangerous horns on his head casing. Like his brother, he had long claws but they were yellow instead of red.

“Ah, the Arachnicons, welcome to Earth,” said Deltatron. “I am your new leader, Deltatron. Jericho speaks highly of you.”
“He speaks highly of you to, Mighty Deltatron,” replied Poisonbite. “My brother and I are honoured to be in your presence.”

“Yuck,” Widow grimaced. She suddenly realised she had said it out loud and covered her mouth with both hands. Deltatron glared at her out of the corner of his eyes. Widow was a useless soldier. Yes, she had destroyed that Autobot’s body, but that obstacle was overcome and she had grown in power. Widow had screwed up royally.

“Arachnicons,” he said, “please, give us a demonstration of your special powers.”
“With pleasure,” Poisonbite sneered. He held out his right hand, palm open, as all eight of eyes began to glow. Vines flew out from all directions and wrapped up Widow. The Decepticon struggled, wide-eyed, as the vines tightened. Tailblade pumped his arms and opened his palms as his own eyes glowed. Soil spiralled up from around Widow and clung to her, forming a coffin that covered all but her face. The fembot was panicking now.

“DELTATRON! MOTORWING!” she shrieked. “HELP ME!”

The Decepticon commander’s answer was simple and brutal. “No.”

Poisonbite and Tailblade clenched their hands into fists and the coffin imploded. Widow screamed as her body was crushed and the soil flew in all directions. The vines were also crushed into the process and when the horrific trap had disappeared, all that remained of Widow was a pulsating Spark. The Spark floated away, fading from view. Her final fate was in the hands of the Matrix now.

“They are efficient and brutal warriors, Mighty Deltatron,” said Motorwing.
“Yes…” Deltatron nodded, “…and when I unleash them upon the Autobots, Throttle Convoy won’t know what hit him!” His hideous laughter echoed into the forest. Poisonbite and Tailblade raised their hands.

“Power to the Decepticons!” they bellowed together. “Forever!”
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Thu Apr 13, 2006 10:48 am

Chapter Twelve: In Deltatron’s Hands

“Convoy,” Braincase reported, “I’m picking up Decepticon readings in our proximity, but…there doesn’t seem to be anything on the monitors.”
“Keep an eye out, Braincase,” said Throttle Convoy. “I will go out and investigate.”
“Be careful,” said the Autobot computer expert. The door opened and Throttle walked out into the open.

Throttle activated his scanners and looked around.
‘What the…?’ he thought. ‘I’m picking up two signatures but I don’t see anything. Wait…oh by Primus!’ He didn’t have time to finish the thought because at that moment, several thick vines burst from beneath the ground and wrapped tightly around his wrists and ankles. Throttle grunted and tried to pull himself free. Two tall columns of sand rose up and fell apart, revealing the Arachnicons.

“Well, well, well,” Poisonbite cackled, “the mighty Throttle Convoy, at our mercy!”
“Who are you?” Throttle demanded.
“We are the Arachnicons,” Tailblade replied, “and you are our pretty.” He concentrated and soil began to spiral up, encasing Throttle in a tight shell.

Suddenly, Pyrebolt and Skyfire appeared and transformed to robot mode.
“Let him go!” Skyfire demanded, aiming his shoulder-mounted cannons.
“Make us, punk!” Tailblade snarled. Skyfire transformed to jet mode and swooped over them, peppering the Arachnicons with blasts. The trap crumbled, freeing Throttle Convoy.

“Good work,” said the Autobot leader, “let’s scrap them!”
“Now you’re talkin’!” Skyfire laughed. Pyrebolt opened up with an ice blast but Tailblade suddenly disappeared beneath the sand. The Autobots looked around.
“Keep your optics active,” Throttle warned. “These ones are tricky.”
“You bet we are, stupid Autobots!” roared Poisonbite. Vines shot up and bound Skyfire, dragging him down into the soil.

“SKYFIRE!” Pyrebolt grabbed his friend’s hand, trying to pull him to freedom. Throttle rested his hands on Pyrebolt’s waist and began to pull as well, but it was to no avail. Skyfire gasped and let out a final cry as he vanished under the ground. Throttle and Pyrebolt looked on in horror. The commander quickly regained his senses.

“Let’s gather the others,” he said. “We’re going to save Skyfire.”

Hours later, Skyfire’s optics reactivated. He looked around, finding himself lying on table in a lab. He tried to sit up, but his wrists and ankles were bound firmly. Looking to the left, Skyfire saw the huge Decepticon emblem on the wall. Horror struck him – he was in the Hades. A pair of sliding doors whooshed open and the Decepticons entered, surrounding the table.

“Look at what we have here,” Deltatron laughed, “Skyfire, isn’t it?”
“Believe it, Deltatron,” Skyfire growled. “I’m gonna scrap you!”
“You’re in no position to threaten me,” the Decepticon leader spat.
“Slag you,” Skyfire growled.
“Victimizer,” said Deltatron, “please show this brat how we deal with insolence.”
“You got it Deltatron,” Victimizer nodded. He aimed his laser blaster at Skyfire’s knee and pulled the trigger. The joint exploded with fuel and cables going in all directions. Skyfire screamed in agony as every servo rattled inside him. The lower half of that leg had now detached from the rest of him, his knee vaporised. The Decepticons laughed, relishing their captive’s pain.

“Oh, we’ve got big plans for you,” Nightlife sneered. “Big plans indeed.”
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Fri Apr 14, 2006 2:03 pm

Chapter Thirteen: Patrolbots vs. Arachnicons

The Patrolbots rolled through the city, trying to find their missing companion. Their headlights shone brightly, cutting through the darkness of the night.
“Where the Pit could they have taken him?” Bentley muttered.
“Best bet would be the Decepticon base,” replied Sgt. Impact. “Searchlight, fly ahead and try and find it, then contact us as soon as possible. Try and stay out of sight.”
“Understood, Sarge,” Searchlight responded. She flew away from the other two Patrolbots.

“Throttle Convoy to Sgt. Impact,” said the Autobot commander over the com-link.
“Sgt. Impact here,” the Patrolbot leader replied.
“Have you found any trace of Skyfire?”
“Negative Convoy, I just sent Searchlight ahead.”
“Keep in touch Impact. Throttle Convoy out.”

“Keep an optic out for anything strange, Bentley,” said Sgt. Impact.
“Got it, Sarge,” Bentley replied.
“Sarge! Bentley!” Searchlight’s voice came over the com.
“Searchlight, what’s happening?” Bentley asked, concerned.
“I’m under attack! I need back-up!” the fembot exclaimed, followed by a grunt of pain.
“Hold on Searchlight,” said Sgt. Impact, “we’re locking onto your coordinates now. Bentley, let’s hit it, maximum scorch!”

The two Patrolbots put on a burst of speed and roared through the streets as civilians watched in amazement. They even left little trails of fire behind them.

In Hyde Park, Searchlight, now in robot mode, dodged a laser blast from Tailblade’s optics. Poisonbite launched several vines at the fembot, wrapping around her waist and neck. Searchlight fell to her knees, trying to pull herself free. The vine around her neck tightened.
“I can’t wait to see her head pop off,” Poisonbite laughed.
“Stop where you are, Decepti-creeps!” a voice shouted. The Arachnicons turned around as Sgt. Impact and Bentley rushed towards them.

“Sgt. Impact, transform!”
“Bentley, transform!”

The Patrolbots shifted to robot mode and Bentley pulled out his laser gun, firing at the vines holding Searchlight and frying them. The fembot got to her feet, massaging her neck for a moment. Bentley quickly walked over to her.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, thanks,” she replied. Sgt. Impact reached for the compartment on his waist and pulled out an Energon baton, which he used to strike Poisonbite across the face. Tailblade launched his lethal stinger at him but the Patrolbot leader caught it in his free hand. This gave Poisonbite a chance to recover and attack from behind. Sgt. Impact cried out as he rolled along the ground.

Bentley and Searchlight each aimed their laser guns and fired. The Arachnicons withdrew as the three Patrolbots regrouped.

“All right then,” Sgt. Impact smirked. “Let’s do this. Patrolbots, attack!”

Poisonbite growled and sent several vines at Searchlight. The fembot jumped out of the way and fired a shot that hit the arachnid robot in the face. Poisonbite squawked and staggered backwards. Tailblade willed some soil to entomb Bentley but he blasted free before it could become solid. Tailblade smacked Bentley’s gun away. The Patrolbot smirked.

“Okay,” he said, “let’s try the more direct approach.”

He jumped into the air and performed a spinning kick but a shield of soil protected the Arachnicon. Bentley threw a punch but the shield rose again. The punching and blocking continued until Bentley pulled a surprise attack. He faked to the right then swiftly went left and delivered an uppercut to Tailblade’s chin. The Arachnicon flew backwards through the air and landed on his back. He launched his tail at Bentley, the Autobot dodged and the tail hit the grass.

Sgt. Impact struck Poisonbite across the chest with his baton and Searchlight delivered a kick to the Decepticon’s face. Poisonbite growled as he and Tailblade regrouped. A vine shot out and wrapped around Sgt. Impact’s wrist while three columns of soil flew towards Searchlight. Bentley shoved the fembot out of the way and his arms and legs became entombed.

“BENTLEY!” Searchlight screamed. Tailblade clenched his fist as the soil solidified and crushed Bentley’s arms and legs. The Patrolbot cried out in agony. Sgt. Impact roared and ripped the vine off of him. He pulled out a plasma rifle and fired two shots, hitting both Arachnicons in the chest. The duo transformed to their respective arachnid modes and scuttled away quickly as Bentley landed in the grass.

Searchlight lifted her companion’s head. “You fool.”
“Let’s get him back to base for repairs,” Sgt. Impact transformed and opened his back doors. “Load him in.” Searchlight placed Bentley’s body inside then climbed in herself, closing the doors. The van revved up and drove away.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:01 pm

Chapter Fourteen: The Challenge

“Convoy, this is Sgt. Impact. Bentley is badly wounded. We’re heading back to the Arrowmax for repairs.”
“Understood. We’ll continue searching for Skyfire.”
“Roger that, Sgt. Impact out.”

The communication ended as Throttle Convoy let out a sigh. Suddenly, a roar of jets was heard as Victimizer lowered himself down, planting his feet firmly on the road beneath him.

“A Decepticon!” Throttle exclaimed. “Get him!”
“I’m not here to fight, Throttle Convoy,” Victimizer snapped. “I bring a message from Deltatron.”
“Then let’s hear it,” Throttle demanded. Victimizer held out a holo-cube, which projected an image of Deltatron’s head.

“Greetings, Throttle Convoy,” the image hissed. “If you want your precious Skyfire back, then you will meet us at London Bridge at sunrise. That is all.” Deltatron’s face faded. Victimizer transformed into his pickup truck mode and drove off before the Autobots could catch him. The Autobots looked at their leader.

“What do we do, Convoy?” asked Ocelot.
“We have no choice, Ocelot,” Throttle replied. “We’re going to London Bridge, and we’re going to save Skyfire.”
“And if Deltatron’s lying?” Sunbeam asked.
“Then we pulverise every single Decepticon who stands in our way,” said the leader darkly. The Autobots punched the air with excitement.

In the Arrowmax, Bentley was in a CR chamber as minor repairs were made to Sgt. Impact and Searchlight. The Patrolbot female had just relayed their story to Braincase.
“Arachnicons, eh?” the hard-light hologram pondered. “Either Deltatron constructed them himself, or he’s got a Space Bridge active.”
“Shouldn’t we start concentrating on constructing a Space Bridge, then?” Sgt. Impact asked.
“That would be a good idea, Sarge,” Braincase replied. “Once we have Skyfire back and in full working order, I’ll try and contact Cybertron. Thankfully our Transwarp engine wasn’t damaged beyond repair. When contact is established, we can begin construction.”
“Sounds fine with me,” said Searchlight.

As the sun began to rise gently over the horizon, reflected beautifully off the surface of the Thames, the Autobot vehicles travelled to the edge of the London Bridge. The Decepticons awaited them. Nightlife and Motorwing were holding a brutalised and groaning Skyfire by the arms. Cables and circuits were exposed in various parts of his body and some dangled out of the wound in his leg. The Autobots transformed and faced their enemies. Sunbeam looked at Skyfire in silent horror.

“You ravaged him,” Throttle growled. “I should’ve known.”
“I have not brought you here for an all-out conflict, Throttle Convoy,” said Deltatron flatly. “I have brought you here on a matter of Cybertron law. The war started by our ancestors has gone on for millions of years. Decepticons fighting Autobots, in which opposing leaders, you and I, Throttle Convoy, may do battle. The loser must exile himself and his army to deep space for eternity, the winner may stay where he chooses. Also if you win, you can have your friend back. If I win, you must give me the most prized of treasures, we both know you have it. Do you accept?”

“Why should we trust you, Decepti-chump?” Ocelot demanded.
“How do we know this isn’t a trick, Deltatron?” Pyrebolt added.
“Unlike Megatron, who faced his enemy in this very same event,” Deltatron replied. “I will not cheat. We will fight unaided; our soldiers will be nothing more than an audience. I repeat, Throttle Convoy, do you accept?”
“Yes,” Throttle nodded. “I accept your challenge, Deltatron.”
“Good,” Deltatron smiled. “We will battle on London Bridge itself. Decepticons, position yourselves at the far end, you Autobots will watch from here.”

The Decepticons took to the air, flew to the far end of London Bridge and took their seats. The Autobots looked at each other and sat down to watch from the current end. Throttle and Deltatron transformed to vehicle mode, moved to the middle of the bridge and returned to robot mode.

“One shall stand, Deltatron…” Throttle began.
“…And one shall fall, Throttle Convoy,” Deltatron finished.
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Re: Scotty Rave's Chronicles

Postby Scotty Rave » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:54 pm

Chapter Fifteen: Clash Of The Titans

“One shall stand, Deltatron…” Throttle Convoy began.
“…And one shall fall, Throttle Convoy,” Deltatron finished.

As was tradition, the two leaders shook hands then took five steps back.

“Think fast, Throttle Convoy!” Deltatron activated his fusion cannon and fired. Throttle rolled out of the way and pulled his sword grip from the compartment on his waist. The hand guard and blade formed and the Autobot leader charged, taking a swipe at Deltatron only to miss as the Decepticon jumped backwards. Deltatron’s stomach opened to reveal a four-barrelled rocket launcher. Deltatron fired two of them. Throttle jumped over the first one and grabbed the second, sending it upwards into oblivion. While his enemy’s back was turned, Deltatron fired the other two rockets. Both of them caught Throttle and sent him rolling along the bridge.

“YEAH! GO DELTATRON!” the Decepticons roared.
“COME ON, THROTTLE!” the Autobots cried. “YOU CAN BEAT HIM!”

“Yes…I can,” Throttle staggered to his feet, “and I will!” He charged forward and grabbed Deltatron’s shoulders, digging into the metal. Deltatron wrapped his fingers around Throttle’s throat and began to squeeze.

“Die, Autobot,” he growled. Throttle, despite the constricting of his throat, lifted Deltatron up into the air and threw him away. Deltatron hit the bridge, dazed. Throttle walked towards his fallen sword, massaging his neck with one hand. Deltatron growled and pulled a laser pistol from a compartment on his right thigh. He fired two shots that struck Throttle in the back and knocked him over again.

“CHEAP SHOT, DECEPTI-CREEP!” Gunmetal boomed.

Deltatron now stood beside Throttle, his gun poised to fire at the back of his enemy’s head.

“Any last words?” Deltatron asked mockingly.

There was a moment of silence, then…

“Not today, Deltatron!” Throttle spun around and his wrist forearm flipped open, allowing two laser blasters to extend. Both weapons fired at the same time, hitting Deltatron in the face. The Decepticon screamed and covered his face with both hands, dropping his laser pistol. Throttle grabbed his sword and got to his feet, kicking the gun over the side. He retracted his blasters and pointed a finger at his arch-nemesis.

“Surrender now, Deltatron, and I’ll let you leave in one piece,” he offered.
“I do not surrender…” Deltatron scoffed then stood up. Half of his face covering had been blown away, revealing the metal skull underneath. “…I conquer!”

Blind rage taking over his conscious circuits, Deltatron let out a feral scream and charged forward. He pounced into the air, ready to rip Throttle to shreds. The Autobot leader shoved his sword forward and for a moment, there was utter silence.

The Autobots and Decepticons all looked on, completely stunned. From behind a nearby building, Sheridan and Jason were the same. Using a camera drone sent after her friends in secret, Braincase was the same. The whole city was covered by silence and shock.

Throttle pulled his sword out of Deltatron’s chest as the Decepticon leader dropped to his knees. Putting away his weapon, Throttle lifted Deltatron’s body and carried him to the edge of the bridge. He proceeded to drop him to the water below. Deltatron’s body hit the surface then sank rapidly to the bottom. Throttle glared at the Decepticons.

“Your leader has fallen! And the currents at this part of the river overlap, that means he will never rise again! He’s dead! Now repair your ship and leave this planet, forever! GO!”

The Decepticons transformed and fled out of fear, leaving Skyfire. Seeing the death of their leader was more than enough to make them eternally scared of Throttle Convoy. Throttle’s own injuries became more prominent and he collapsed. The Autobots ran towards him, Sheridan and James coming out of their hiding place to meet up with them.

“Is he all right?” Sheridan asked.
“He’s functional,” replied Gunmetal, “but barely. Pyrebolt, go retrieve Skyfire.”
Pyrebolt nodded and walked to the far end of the bridge, returning with the injured Autobot soldier in his arms. Gunmetal transformed to tank mode and Throttle Convoy was carefully draped over him. Sunbeam shifted to car mode and her doors opened, letting Sheridan and James inside. The Autobots then began their ride home. They had won.

Deep beneath the surface of the Thames, Deltatron’s corpse lay still. For just a brief second, one eye glowed red, then faded.


Okay, it's been 15 episodes, and now season 1 is concluded. Can you people start telling me your opinions rather than leaving me in the dark?
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