Ballerina Killer I

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Ballerina Killer I

Postby GinKyofu13 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:52 am

Author's Comment - The story of the Ballerina Killer have arrive,
So do not be shy, but the introduction will tell what happen. So no complaining or there will be trouble, but in the future who will save the world from the Demon 5?

So do not be angry, but be patient.

Ballerina Killer – The Series of the Bloody Wind


In 1456 BC, the day of the 血まみれの風 or its been known as The Bloody Wind, but I cannot do Roman Japanese. Its comes every 400 years, but Magic users with Dark Magic curse the village without the sage for an evil deed. So many people died in the village that hasn't been named, but others called it “A Village without Sage.” Everyone do not remembered when the village have a sage, but lets just say this village have a mystery of its own.

No one wouldn't dare to go the village without the sage, not even the emperors of Japan, Polices, or tourists, villagers who live in the village cannot get out and besides it haven't shine for centuries. Then three days of tragedy, a sage come the village, everything started to turned right this time, all the demons were shield away by the sage, and the first time ever the Sun shined into “The village without the Sage” now “The Village With the Sage”, but the sage renamed it “Paradise.” The villagers were happy and the sage stay in the village until he save a priestess from thirteen Robbers.

The Priestess was a beautiful wearing a white dress with blood stains, every villagers knows about the priestess, but warned the Sage. The Sage was in love in first site, but ignored the warnings and Fourth Night Priestess and the Sage make love with each other in a Bright Full Moon. At the bad time, darkness was hiding, but the sage do not know that Priestess was the “Blood Witch”, not a regular priestess, but an evil reincarnation of the 6 Demons that are pure evil roam free in each Six Parts of Earth. The first one was in France, the Second in Russia, The third one in North America, fourth in Japan, five in South Pole, and Six one is unknown to be found, but each with elements that is powerful on Earth.

Few years later, the priestess give birth to five daughters, they were gifted with abilities except for one that is the youngest one in the family. The priestess do not care if she does have abilities or not, but love her no matter what even her eldest sister who is mute, but the other four do not like her. Things started to get bad, the sage and the priestess became ill. Before the sage died, he said to the youngest, “Be strong, my dearest, no matter what, and please me us proud.”

At the last minute the priestess make a scarf that is made from Okami Tree (A rare tree in the North of Japan, only sages can only see it and the leaves help to heal any diseases) and a fur of the kitsune for only the eldest sister and the youngest sister before she died. The both sage and priestess died peacefully, the villagers did a funeral in honoring the sage, and they became prepare for what will happen next. Later it became terrible, The Village became “The Village without a Sage” once again, the three sisters did not know what to do with the each powers, but did with selfish needs.

Demons were freed terrifies the villages and all the worlds a new war begin between humans and demons that are alike. The Elder Sister try to keep the others together, but it was too late. All two sisters got slaughtered by one of the Demon 6, the third one joined the dark side of Demon 6, and now there were only the elder and younger sister left. The elder used only her power to help people, but only the youngest still did not have any. The villagers pleaded for help, they be slaughtered like the others, but the elder one did not know what do.

The Demon 5 gathered up together to take down the Elder sister, when there is no hope in saving the world. At the time, the youngest revealed what her powers are, the control of darkness, but cannot control the powers giving more demons the advantage. The Elder Sister was worried if the demons get more power humanity is doom. So the elder used her last strength to shield the darkness away from the youngest along with her memory teleport somehow to Edo. She was found by an old couple and was raise as Ballerina.

At the age of twelve she left to become the actress of Japanese Kabuki Theatre, but her faith turn sour, she had been killed by a Head of the Kabuki who was a Non-Sage (Those who hate sage and want to wipe out all the sages in the world) with an axe on her head because she discovered that she the Sage's daughter. The tragedy lost of the last daughter of the Sage, the worst it become, and the more deadly it to go outside, and Demon 6 mostly 5 take over the world years later. They caused the war against the mortal and the immortal. Now the Demon 5 take over the world, the survivors live in the Underworld and half of the world is in danger, but how long will Demon 5 rule the world?

Who will save our world and stopped the Demon 5 with the plotting of destroying the humans?
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:27 am

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