DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

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Postby BG07 » Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:37 am

colored is the american way of spelling it... coloured is the english way...
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Postby APE » Fri Dec 22, 2006 1:27 pm

My bad then, ignore it.
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Re: DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Cadaverous » Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:49 pm

woohoo, basium in a fit somebody stop her!!!!!!!
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Re: DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Jan 09, 2007 2:55 pm

Gawk, I'm so sorry!
I just have been so damn busy lately :(
But now I'm done with this busy crap (for some time at least), so more updating the story. This update and the few next will be almost only fighting, so excuse that. It may be a little confusing that Basium sees them all as shadow monsters of sort while everyone see just her and not Balanus. Bare with me, the confusion will end soon. After that will be some explanations, like why has Lilly been so late, what was up with those disks etc etc.


I'm not sure If I should end the story after chapter 10 or make it longer :unsure:

Next update:

Basium’s eye sharpened as she made herself ready to fight this new
threat. The smirking beast cracked its knuckles.

“Are you ready?” It hissed at her.

Basium moved slowly into her fighting stance. One leg ahead of the other,
hands in chest height, she was ready for anything.

Blade stared at the masked girl; he knew the outfit right away. It was the
girl he just saved, but there was something else he noticed. The clothes,
he faintly remembered seeing Balanus in them once.

“Why are you doing this?” Blade asked, not really wanting to fight
someone he just saved. But she moved into fighting position. Even though
Blade wouldn’t want to fight her, she would fight him without a doubt. Also
she did attack police officers and even murdered one of them, she would
have to answer for that and Blade knew it. He had no choice but to fight

For a second they just stared at each other and then both of them at once
charged. Blade rocketed forward, with a little power he hovered up and
threw his foot downwards her head, hoping to knock her out and finish this
quickly. At the perfect moment Basium had her arm in the way of the
kick, blocking it perfectly. Blade was rather startled; his kick wasn’t weak
even though he wasn’t using all his strength but that girl didn’t even flinch,
let alone getting actually hurt. He hesitated, which of course is always a
mistake when fighting, Basium grabbed his foot just as he tried to fly
away. Too late, she got hold of it and with no mercy she flung him to the
ground. He hit the ground with great force, great enough to make a crack
in the street. The impact bashed all air out of Blade’s lounges. This was
obviously going to be harder then he though. Basium didn’t stop, her
problem is that when she starts fighting, stopping is hard. She slammed
her fist in Blade’s torso, a normal person would instantly die from such a
hit but Blade was no normal person. He yelped but resisted to writhe in
pain, instead he kicked her in the shin. This time he didn’t hold back, the
strength of his kick was barely enough to do any serious damage but still
enough to make Basium lose balance and fall. Basium would have fallen
on top of Blade but he shot an aqua colored beam at her. She was blown
high up, the heat of the beam burned her badly and her clothes were
really damaged, she plunged into the ground with a loud noise.

Blade shambled to stand up and coughed up some blood. That punch
Basium delivered was more effective then he had hoped for. He glanced
where Basium had landed and was shocked to see that she was already
standing, but then he noticed how damaged she was. He smiled a little,
now he knew how to take her effectively down. Basium had a hard time
standing, her skin was heavily burned along with her clothes. It was
painful just to stand.

“Sister!” Balanus yelled beside her, he was so scared when that beam hit
her. He would have helped but he felt so weak, like he was unable to
move. Now on the other hand he felt stronger and without much though he
grabbed his sister’s hand, then something happened. Lightning sparkles
seemed to journey from his body to her.

“Look, your skin!” Balanus yelled in surprise.
Blade of course never saw Balanus, somehow only Basium saw him at this
time. But Blade was rather startled when suddenly lightning jolts erupted
around her and began to fix her burned body. The skin began to
regenerate and all other wounds, old or new were regenerated as well.
Blade gulped, this was going to get much harder.

“I… I’m healed” Basium stated with a shocked voice. This ‘healing’ power
wasn’t that great really; it worked more like a band aid then actual
healing. Sure her skin regenerated and the pain was gone but the lost
strength never returned, Basium didn’t even feel unharmed but her
morale rose seeing how she looked alright, even the bullet wound she
received from Utonium long time ago was gone.

“Let us destroy this shadow together” Balanus said with a serious tone in
his voice. Basium nodded and they charged at the small shadow monster.

Blade noticed how the girl was charging at him, but this time those same
electric jolts were around her hand.

“Bringing the heavy weapons, eh?” Blade thought out loud. Then he
quickly threw his arms to the sides and instantly he felt his powers
materialize into two transparent aqua colored swords, both of the blades
shone with aqua brilliance. Basium jumped at him and threw her fist at
him, but he used both of the swords to deflect the attack. Even though the
swords were said to be unbreakable, Blade was still knocked back, he
skidded rather long distance before he came to a stop. Blade moved into a
stance, only to notice the thrown car coming right at him. Acting on pure
instinct her sliced the car into half, therefore not getting hit himself.
Somewhere really near somebody yelled “Aw man I just finished cleaning
it!” Ignoring the comment, Blade rushed towards Basium. He swung his
right sword at her; she moved her upper half backwards dodging the
strike. He, like a master dancer, moved lightly and swung his sword at her
again and again, each hit barely missing. Basium was pinned, all she
could do was dodging and if she dared to attack then one of the shadow’s
(Blade’s) attacks were bound to hit.

“Bro, help?” Basium growled. Balanus gathered his energy and shot it out
at the swords. To Blade and all others that watched it only seemed as if
Basium grabbed Blade’s swords. The energy jolts that were still moving
around like uncontrolled lightning, now all seemed to move into the
swords. Blade tried to draw the swords out of Basium’s hands but she held
to tight. Suddenly Basium squished really hard and the jolts made
crackling sounds, then crack!

Both of the swords broke. Blade stared at the broken energy that slowly
faded away. That shouldn’t even be possible!

“W-what are you?” He asked with a trembling voice. He saw Basium’s now
highly powered fist come straight at him and then all went black.
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Postby BG07 » Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:42 pm

Blade's in trouble... some serious... serious trouble... he's going to need some help... or they're just going to have to snap out of it... but of course how could I forget... I love fight scenes, good work with this one
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Re: DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Darkness_calls » Wed Jan 31, 2007 6:50 pm

It has been way to long :(

Well I have an excuse. My computer has been broken for a long time now and just recently it was fixed... so... I haven't been writing much ^^;

To make up for it I decided to make a larger-then-usual update. Just one more update then chapter nine is finished ^_^

Next update:

Basium held unconscious Blade up with one hand; he was knocked out and wouldn’t wake up for quite a while. But like stated before, she didn’t see Blade. Basium and Balanus saw everyone as black shadow monsters of some sort and there was something else. A voice, not Balanus like she was used to but a girl’s voice, it was ever so low and had a highly teasing pitch. She didn’t hear the exact words of that voice, it sounded so weird. Basium didn’t know if the voice was mumbling random nonsense or if it was speaking some language she wasn’t familiar with. Ignoring that voice Basium raised her fist, ready to throw the final punch the knocked out monster. The timing was perfect; the stage was set and the creature completely at her mercy. Why didn’t she strike, what held her back? Basium tried to strike him but her body didn’t want to co-operate. What was going on? Again the voice came, now on higher notes and somehow… commanding, as if it wanted Basium to kill the beast. Basium though about it and more she thought about it the more she came to realize that she didn’t really have the urge to obliterate a being incapable of defending itself. Basium’s thoughts were cut off by a loud voice, some one was yelling.

“Leave my brother alone you masked buffoon!” Buttercup yelled angrily as she flew towards Basium along with Bubbles and another girl.

What is this!?
Basium furiously thought.
< Must be this monsters comrades! >

Basium dropped Blade as she flung her hand towards the powerpuff girls.
“LEAVE!” The little masked girl yelled and a bright glowing energy shot out like a lightning from the sky. The noise of thunder followed the lightning like energy as it sailed through the air towards very frightened Bubbles. Buttercup was able to push Bubbles out of the way just as the lightning passed them. With an explosive sound the lightning hit one of the many skyscrapers. A large piece of the building’s outer wall was blown apart. Invisible energy blew up all glassed items in a large radius just before the fire and pressure blew it all away, only smoke stayed as the fire vaporized. Chaos broke loose as all those that didn’t wish to be cough in the battle ran screaming away, people left their vehicles and ran for their life. The police never came; they knew from passed experience that it is best to leave the super fighting to the super heroes. Buttercup stared at her third sister, waiting for her plan. Not that she really liked following her plan rather it just had become sort of a routine for her.

“Got a plan Blossom?” Buttercup asked with an almost forced voice.
The third sister of the powerpuff team bears the name Blossom. She was beautiful and elegant. She was the so called leader of the team both smart and good tactician, rarely does her plan fail. Her long copper hair was tied with a lovely red bow and she had pinkish eyes that go well with her pink uniform.

“Yes, I have” Blossom spoke.

What are they doing!? Basium though, when she realized that the monsters weren’t leaving nor were they attacking.
< It seems as if they are planning something >

And we don’t want that do we? She asked in her thoughts, not expecting answer. A smile crawled on her face, not a nice little smile like girls her age would usually bring forth but still she did, the smile of thrill, thrill of battle… but of course nobody saw it because of the mask.

“Got it girls?” Blossom asked her sisters. Both of them nodded.

“Good. NOW DISPERSE!” she yelled and that they did just as another lightning passed them and hit the same building as before. All of the three girls flew in different directions. Buttercup’s eyes glowed red for a second as they charged energy, then she shot two thin lasers at Basium. Balanus jumped in front of his sister, Basium yelled something out but he didn’t hear it. He was focused at the lasers coming at them. He had learned how to call forth his energy but he was still little weak at molding it into an attack, but what if he just released a lot of energy at the lasers. Of course he faced the danger of getting the lasers through his chest if this tactic of his didn’t work, but he hadn’t though about it when he jumped in front of his sister and now it was too late to regret it. Balanus yelled as his body ached from releasing so much energy at once but it went as he had hoped for.

“What the hell!?” Buttercup yelled as her lasers were simply vaporized in some energy outburst few feet’s from the masked child below.

“Eh, Blossom I think you didn’t expect the energy shield” Buttercup shot at her copper haired sister.

“I guess we could try…” Blossom began but Buttercup cut her out.

“Sorry sis but we don’t have the time. Bubbles cover me!” Then she flew down towards Basium and Bubbles followed after some self debates.
Blossom sighed and flew after them. Buttercup was first at Basium. She threw flurry of blows at her, but Basium was able to block most of them. Those few that got through didn’t really do much rather then buzz Basium a little. Buttercup meant to finish her flurry attack with one last strong punch but Basium side stepped without much effort. There Buttercup saw her mistake, you see, Buttercup can sometimes be rather barbaric and doesn’t think things through. Buttercup had done the mistake of giving her all into that last punch but since Basium side stepped, Buttercup clumsily fell forward. One the best opportunity a fighter could get. With out a blink of her eye, Basium’s leg was quickly raised up then flung mercilessly down upon undefended Buttercup. The strike hit her at the back of her neck and slammed Buttercup into the hard concrete ground. A hit like that could easily kill humans but Buttercup was stronger then a mere human, even though the damage wasn’t much she was just barely conscious. Less then a second after Basium had slammed Buttercup down did she raise her leg once more. This time to deflect Bubbles high kick and deflect it she did. Bubbles lost her balance; Basium used the chance and hit her in the hip. Bubbles yelled in pain from the strength of Basium’s attack as she fell onto the ground. Not giving Bubbles a second to rest, Basium slammed her foot down at her throat. Bubbles lost all air and felt as if she was suffocating, which she really was, but Bubbles was able to withstand fainting out and now struggled to get Basium’s foot off her throat. Basium would have attacked her again if it wasn’t for Blossom. Blossom’s attack was so sneaky that Basium barely was able to block it with both of her hands.

“Got you!” Blossom smiled. Basium looked down at Bubbles.

Crap! She though, just as Bubbles shot two lasers at her. Basium was too slow to react, she could let go of Blossom and deflect the incoming attack but then Blossom would be free to attack her, also were she able to dodge but then she would loose her pin on Bubbles. Whatever plan she came up with in those few fragments of seconds had to many flaws until she was too late. The lasers hit the mask, an invisible wave of utter pain shot through Basium’s whole body but the mask did neither brake nor get damaged as the lasers ricocheted off it. Basium let go of Blossom and held her head as she yelled in agony. For one tenth of a second did the world before her flash, the monsters vanished and instead did Basium see the truth. She didn’t know what to make of this, was this some of the monsters tricks or did this really happen. She fell backwards and landed on her buttocks, sitting. Blossom helped Bubbles to stand up and glanced at Buttercup, she was alright, almost unconscious but alive.

Brother… did you see that? Basium thought and looked at her brother.
<That was nothing, ignore such false visions and trickeries and destroy them!> Balanus yelled at her. Basium was startled to see her brother act like this, he had always been nice and his voice… it sounded… darker. What was wrong with him?

“The mask is her weakness, we should focus our attacks at it” Blossom whispered to Bubbles, she agreed with a nod and both of them charged at Basium. Basium was still staring at her Brother, something about him made her worry.

<Watch out!> his voice called within her head and she rolled backwards, just barely dodging Blossom’s jabs. Right after she had rolled away, she kicked the ground and jumped backwards, evading Bubbles kick, and landed on her feet standing, ready for anything. Both Blossom and Bubbles charged her front. The girls fought furiously, dealing punches and kicks, deflecting and evading. In close combat, Basium was strong and it was well shown. Basium was hardly damaged at all, even though the other two girls were able to lend a punch or two. But Bubbles and Blossom were damaged; Blossom’s red bow was barely hanging and therefore leaving her beautiful smooth copper hair running freely with her motions. He uniform was dirty from dust and being slammed down more then once; one of her cheek had swollen up giving her skin this unwelcome blue and purple color. Bubbles was more damaged the Blossom was, one of her piggy tails had loosen up and got mixed with her normal short hair. She had scratches and cuts everywhere, Basium had been able to deal quite good sucker punch at her eye, dealing what is called a ‘black eye’.
Bubbles face got caught in an accidental attack, not really accidental but it was aimed at Blossom. Basium’s knee connected with Bubbles face, breaking one tooth and blowing up a small section of her lower lip.
Bubbles rolled away just before Basium’s fist ran into the ground. Using the opportunity both Bubbles and Blossom backed away.

“We are losing sis!” Bubbles panted and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You don’t have to remind me” Blossom hissed. Basium finally was able to pull her hand out of the ground, she straightened herself and stared at the other two girls, Buttercup had fallen unconscious and lay safe not so far away.

“I have a plan, probably our last shot” Blossom whispered.

My head… it feels like its exploding Basium complained and rubbed her head. She felt as if this mask forced her to power up only so it could drain it away.
<You are winning, finish them and then let’s get the hell out of here so you can rest>

“You understand?” Blossom asked Bubbles, whom slowly nodded. Blossom charged towards Basium but meanwhile Bubbles slammed her hand together, forming some kind of static energy. She swirled her hands around each other, making the energy take the form of Frisbee, but with more ‘spiky’ edges. Then Bubbles drew her hands away from each other, the energy broke up into two.

Basium looked at those two shadow monsters, the copper eyed monster rushed towards her while the blue eyed monster stayed behind and gathered up energy.

<I get it, one of them will charge you and while you’re occupied the other one will attack you with that energy> Balanus pointed out.

You think you can stop that energy attack with your powers like you did last time?

<Of course> Balanus snorted.

Then you do that, I’m gonna take the other one down once and for all Basium though and smiled deviously.

Blossom jumped at Basium, ready to slam her with both of her hands. But that was one part of her plan. Basium grappled both of her hands and Blossom did the same. Now they were locked in their fight, perfect opportunity for Bubbles to attack. Balanus stood nearby, ready to negate Bubbles attack. Bubbles shot her disc like energies towards Basium. Balanus gathered up his strength and called forward his power, Bubbles attack came closing in. Balanus held his hand up, like a police officer telling a vehicle to stop and in an explosion of yellow and blue brilliance Bubbles attack was negated. Basium glanced at the explosion, smirking, their attack plan failed miserably but Blossom smiled a victory smile.

You see, it was never Blossom’s intention for Bubbles attack to hit the masked little girl, for Blossom never forgot about the shield. The first step was the deception, making Basium think that Blossom was only trying to stall her and that Bubbles was the one that was supposed to do the attacking. The second step was rather risky but Blossom hoped that the little girl would glance at the collision of Bubbles attack and Balanus power (of course the two girls never saw Balanus, only Basium did, so they just called it the shield) and that she did. Lastly was step three, there came the real attack.

Blossom quickly shot two thin lasers at Basium. Blossom guesses that hitting Basium’s body was futile and hitting the mask would only cause pain, no real damage so she shot at the third option. The lasers shot through one of the two holes in the mask, it moved passed the mask at hit Basium’s silver glowing eye. Basium let go of Blossom and via versa. Basium last sense of everything and she just yelled in total agony. Blossom’s attack was cheap but effective. Basium temporarily lost sight because the silver eye was hers and since that eye was rendered useless the other one took over. Balanus felt as if he was being ripped to pieces but then he noticed that he actually was being ripped to pieces and all those pieces seemed to gather inside of his dear sister. Blossom hesitated only a little, she then decided to end this and with a high karate kick she smashed her heel right in the mask’s forehead. The mask was powered by Basium and Balanus and at that stage it was quite vulnerable. First it cracked but then it broke, Blossom’s last attack was too much and with a huge explosion of white light the mask vaporized into thin air. Since Basium wasn’t longer able to keep this form (thanks to the damaged eye) her brother took over. Nobody saw them change because of the light but soon the light vanished.

“B-Balanus?” Bubbles asked in shock. This is something she would never have believed unless she would have seen it herself. The now standing Balanus stared at her, he was in as much shocked to see her as she was in seeing him.

“Balanus, you mean this is the guy you told me about?” Blossom asked in surprise. Bubbles began to cry, but she never moaned. Instead anger shone out from her pretty, yet damaged, face. She took one step back, turned around and flew away. Blossom had no idea on what to do. Se noticed that Balanus seemed to be frozen like he didn’t realize that this wasn’t a dream. So she decided to do the same as Bubbles, after grabbing unconscious Buttercup and Blade she flew off, following Bubbles. Then, at that moment, Balanus seemed to unfreeze. He, along with his sister, now realized everything. What they saw and heard was fake, there were no shadow monsters. That mask must have done something! They remembered it all, all the way from when the mask was put on them. The memories rushed into their head like watching a movie. They beat down a cop, killed another, knocked out Blade and Buttercup, fought Blossom and Bubbles and lastly… the damage. Balanus looked at the damage he had caused to the surrounding area.

Balanus fell on his knees, he wanted to vanish but instead he began to cry. For few seconds he just sat there on his knees crying, he didn’t think about going, not even when he heard all the police cars in the distance.
Then he heard another sound, this wasn’t even a distant sound. Clapping that is what he heard, clapping from a single person. He noticed through his tears a person walking from some cover, towards Balanus. His unfocused view didn’t really make this person completely recognizable but he recognized the hat and hair… the silver hair…
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Postby BG07 » Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:13 pm

HOOHA! It's always great seeing you post up another part to your already awesome story... and I bet the silver haired guy is kinda smexy :snoogins:
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Postby APE » Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:14 am

Should I know/remember who the silverhaired dude is, cause i don't.
Other than that, this is "GREEAAATER" than frosties.
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Postby Emerald Emblem » Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:14 pm

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!
your writing is superb, I really want to know what happens next.
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Postby Comic Kitten » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:06 pm

I LOVE your fic!
You and PPGD Fan and FA are the main people I read your fics because you guys have the BEST writing skills!
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Re: DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:04 pm

Hey DC! Long time no see, good old buddy!

Awesome chapter! ^_^
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Re: DC Fic: (finished)/Untold Tale (new)

Postby Cadaverous » Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:40 pm

amazing update ^_^
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