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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:44 pm

So I'm in this?! And I'm the darkness in one's mind in this fic? Even Shad is here?! MORE!

And I see you borrowed my method of bolding in chapters.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:09 pm

Thank you two for the comments.
This update, might be a little confusing.

Next update:

Chapter 9
“Shadowed state of mind”

Tina stood there, not knowing what to do or what to say. Then finally she
was able to throw a few words.

“So, why did you bring me here?”
Tina couldn’t see it, but she could feel that he was smirking.

“I’m trying to get out of this damn place, but I’m cursed you see, I can’t
leave this place … yet”

“And you think I’m going to help you?”

“Well I’ve told you everything …”

It was right he did tell her everything, or at least he said so. That creature
is able to change the memories of other beings. Make them forget or
remember what he wants. Then he continued to talk, ripping Tina away
from her thoughts.

“… but one thing”
Tina knew he was about to say something that would not benefit herself.

“My powers only work on creatures originally from this planet. That is why
I’ve brought you here; I’ll have to do it personally”

Tina could see an enormous hand reaching out, though she couldn’t see
the hand itself, the shadow around him seemed to move with his hand.
Tina thought about running away, but what good would that be? She was
in his world. Then his finger reached her forehead. The finger itself was
hot, really hot. It burned her head a little. A loud zap sound filled the air,
as dark energy of some sort rushed from his finger to her head. The pain
was horrible, like being rapidly shot through the head. Tina screamed and
tears came forth in her eyes. She closed her eyes, then all stopped. She
quickly opened her eyes. She was in the school’s forest.

“Are you alright” Said a soft voice behind her.
She turned around, there stood a white haired boy.

“I’m fine Shad, thank you” She replied.

Shad had joined her school at the same time as the three girls.
Apparently the girls knew Shad from Townsville. Shad had been rather
quiet around the girls. At that time the school bell rang, recess was over.

“Let’s go Shad, you don’t want to be late at your first day?”

“Of course not”

Tina ran off. But Shad stood there for a second. He gave an evil smile and
laughed a little.
Foolish girl he though, then he ran after her.

The day passed and school finished.
Shad had disappeared and Tina had already made friends with the new
girls (for her own reasons). Blossom had been quite “close” to Dexter.
Buttercup had gotten a fan club, apparently she fought some monster.
Tina, Bubbles and two other girls, a blondish, evil looking girl, named
Mandy and the other one was purple haired, video game player called
Gaz. They four were heading towards the mall. Tina was getting angry,
she had been on this planet for a rather long time and still hasn’t drained
anyone of their power. She knew she had to do it soon.

The mall was a busy place. Lot of people. The four girls were in the
arcade. Tina felt a presence, she had felt it before, back when she drained
that source a little.

“Bubbles, can you come with me?” Tina asked Bubbles while the other
girls were playing. Bubbles became a little curious.

“Uhhh … sure, why?”

“Just come, it’s important” Tina said and walked quickly away.

“Ok … but what about the other girls?” Bubbles asked but noticed that Tina
couldn’t hear her, so she followed her.

Five minutes later they were in the parking lot, it was an underground
parking lot. No one was there, though there were lot’s of cars. Bubbles
scanned the area, she could feel that something was wrong. Then she
noticed a boy in the corner, not just any boy, but one of her greatest
enemies. The boy was staring with anger at Tina and didn’t notice Bubbles yet.

“Boomer, what are you doing here!?” Bubbles called.

Boomer then noticed Bubbles. His eyes filled with sudden fear. He looked
at bubbles then Tina and Bubbles again.

“Bubbles she is dangerous, stay away from her!” He called.

“What do you mean?” Bubbles asked in disbelieve.

Tina knew she had to do something right know, she slowly walked behind
Bubbles. Boomer noticed. His face filled with fright, he had always liked
Bubbles and didn’t want her to be hurt, much, in any way.

“Answer me!” Bubbles called, but then she felt a light sting at her neck
and the darkness consumed her sight and thoughts, as she fell unconscious.

“Now that she is out of the way, what do you say about finishing what we
started?” Tina asked and gave him a poisonous glare.

Boomer, in great anger, screamed and rushed towards Tina, she only smiled.

Added after 5 hours 53 minutes:

Here is a picture I made of Tina.
I suck when it comes to darkening >.< so I didn't even try.

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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:03 am

Well here is another update, yet again with litle talking.

Next update:

Like a rapid dog, he rushed towards her. He raised his fist and threw a
punch in Tina’s face. Tina dodged his punch, as his fist flew by. She
revolved around and kicked Boomer in the leg joint. The impact of the kick
forced him to the ground. When he landed, he instantly rolled away from
Tina, just as her foot came stomping to the ground, creating a small crater
where his head was a second earlier. Boomer stood up and tried to kick
Tina she easily blocked it with her own leg, but she didn’t expect his fist,
the kick was only a diversion. The fist hit Tina in the cheek. She stumbled
backwards, but Boomer didn’t give her any rest, as he jumped at her. He
puncher her again, but this time in the stomach, she bent over and held
her stomach in pain, only to see his feet coming with great speed at her
face. Tina was kicked in a half circle and landed on her back, her nose was
bleeding and her cheek had swollen a little.

Why is he only getting stronger? Tina thought.
She then noticed Boomer looking in Bubbles direction.

Of course! She thought with an evil smile on her face.

Tina stood up. Boomer went into battle position. She gathered energy and
shot it at Boomer, but he easily side stepped it. He looked at Tina with a
disappointed smile at her weak attempt. She crossed her hands and
smirked (but stopped smirking when a swift pain came to her swollen
cheek). Boomer knew something was wrong, he quickly turned around and
saw, to his most horror, that the bright blue energy was heading towards
Bubbles, he realized she wasn’t aiming at him.

Without thinking he ran towards Bubbles, he was going to save her no
matter what. Tina slowly raised her fist. Boomer was now about eight
meters from the energy. Then Tina swiftly pulled her fist towards herself
and the energy instantly changed direction, now heading towards surprised
and not ready, Boomer.

There was a giant explosion of blue brilliance. Boomer fell on the ground,
badly burned; most of his black soldier costume was torn apart. Tina
slowly grabbed Boomer by the collar and raised him from the ground. She
opened her jaw and out came her “worm”. The worm attached itself,
again, on Boomer’s forehead. White energy gathered from his forehead,
as the “worm” “ate” the energy. Tina could see his power aura shrink.
After awhile Tina stopped and withdrew her tongue and closed her jaw.
Boomer had been drained. He would still be super human though. Much
stronger and tougher than normal humans, he would even be still able to
fly. But he was horribly weak now, compared to his brothers. Tina dropped
him and walked towards Bubbles. She would wake up soon, so she
hurried to drain her in the same way as she did to Boomer. Then Boomer
moved a little, Tina looked at him, her eyes became glowing red and she
shot two laser beams from her eyes. Both beams hit Boomer and knocked
him out again.

Then she finished draining Bubbles. But like Boomer, she would still be
super human though. Much stronger and tougher than normal humans, she
would even be still able to fly. Tina swung Bubbles on her back and ran
away. In the darkest corner of the parking lot, a certain white haired boy
saw everything.

“Do you really, wish to use that monster?” he whispered to himself.
There was no answer but still he continued:

“Of course master, I didn’t mean to comment on you plan”
With those words, he vanished in the shadow.

Bubbles slowly opened her eyes, a bright light was right in front of her and
her eyes had a hard time getting used to it. A trusty voice whispered at her:

“Bubbles … do you hear me?”

“Professor?” she said barely said, her throat was rather dry.

“Yes Bubbles, it’s me” the professor said.

Then finally Bubbles eyes got used to the light and her blurry vision got clearer.

“What happened?” Bubbles whispered, she had a rather hard time remembering.

Bubbles saw that she was in a hospital room; the professor and a doctor
were in front of her. She had a breathing tube in one if her nostrils and a
feeding tube in one of her hand.

“Do you remember anything?” the doctor asked, while he shone a flashlight in her eye.

“Yes I remember … BOOMER!” she suddenly became angry.

“So the Rowdyruff boys came!” The professor said in a surprise.

“Anything else?” The doctor asked calmly.

“No, I got knocked out or something”

“Well, then Tina had already told us the rest” The professor said.

“Tina, where is she, is she alright!?” Bubbles asked with a worried voice.

Professor told Bubbles what Tina had told him. Apparently, there were
three boys; one of them attacked Bubbles from behind, knocking her
unconscious. Then they pulled out some kind of weapon and shot Bubbles.
Then they just left. And Tina called an ambulance.

Bubbles bought the story, just like Tina had hoped. Of course she didn’t
suspect Tina. But a question was burning inside Bubbles head, why did
Boomer say that Tina was dangerous?

End of Chapter 9
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:12 am

Here is the start of a long chapter.
I wish someone would give me comments :unsure:

Next update:

Chapter 10
“The Pink Rose”

Bubbles had become really depressed lately. She had lost most of her
powers. The only consolation she had was from her old friend Shad,
though he didn’t quite know how to act to her. He of course hasn’t been
her friend like everybody thinks; it’s thanks to the shadowed state of their
mind. Their memories have been changed to think that Shad have been
their friend for a long time. Tina has been testing her new powers, and is
really happy with the results. It’s only thanks to her training that she is so
emotionless towards her victims. But at the evenings when she was
visiting the powerpuff girls (analyzing for weaknesses on the other girls),
she was really sad and for some reason Bubbles liked the company of
Tina. It’s only when she or Shad was with her, then she became a little
happier. That of course had some effects on Tina, something she had
trained for so long not to feel, it was guilt. She felt guilty to what she had
done, but it was her purpose, she had to do it.

The night was extra dark this time. In the docks, a little ferry sailed. When
it made landfall, a cloaked being stepped out. It was only about 120 cm.

“We’re here miss” said a, large fat sailor.

“You be careful now” said the captain; he was a very large and muscular man.

“Thank you, I appreciate your help” The cloaked being said with a sad and
broken female voice.

The being walked away, she walked between two large storage buildings,
nearly invisible in all the darkness. Then the being noticed that two men
were blocking the passage. She looked behind herself and noticed that the
captain and the fat sailor had blocked the other way. Seconds later they
had surrounded her.

“We know that you’re not from around here, demon” the captain said with an angered voice.

“We are servants of the lord; you will perish from our beloved world” the fat sailor spoke.

“I do not know what you’re speaking of, nor do I care. I’ve come here for
one and one reason only. Everyone in the way will die” She said, the being
was now more sad then before, she hated to kill other living creatures.

“Die demon!” The captain screamed.

That was the last thing he ever said. The cloaked female quickly, too
quickly, flipped her cloak out of the way reviling her red dress, large red
shoes and pinkish (rather spiked) skin. In one hand she had a large
hammer and the other hand was equipped with a smaller version of the
jackhammer shotgun. With a loud bang noise, the captain’s head was
blown clean off. The others hesitated, but the red dressed female didn’t
give them any chance. She killed them all, and then she picked up a pink
rose and placed it with every corpse. Police sirens filled the air.

“I’m sorry, you’re not the ones who deserve to die” she whispered and walked away.

Tina was walking with Bubbles and Buttercup; they were heading to
Dexter’s house to pick up Blossom. Bubbles didn’t say anything, her head
was facing the ground and her mind was filled with depression.

“When I meet those stink boys, I’m gonna make’em pay!” Buttercup said
angrily and slammed her fist into the open palm of the other hand.

Tina didn’t say anything, she just watched Bubbles. She wished she could
give her, her powers back.

“Damn it, I forgot Dexter’s books” Buttercup suddenly said.
Tina and even Bubbles looked at her, not believing she cared.

“Blossom asked me to bring’em” Buttercup said quickly.
Bubbles giggled. Tina and Buttercup looked at her and smiled, happy that
she made some mark of joy.

“I’m gonna go back and get his damn books, you two go ahead” and with
that she flew high into the air, heading back to her home.

Tina and Bubbles continued walking to Dexter’s home. Few minutes later,
they heard a faint meow. Bubbles looked up with sudden interest. There
between two abandoned houses, was a poor looking cat.

“Poor cat, I must help it” Bubbles said and jogged towards it, Tina followed.

The cat led them down the alley, down a stair and into an abandoned
warehouse. There it simply vanished.

“This doesn’t look good” Tina whispered and to prove her words, the
warehouse doors suddenly closed. There wasn’t much light in the warehouse.

“We should …” Tina didn’t get to finish, as a loud BANG sound filled the air.

Bubbles didn’t know what to think, but something red poured over her and
she heard Tina gasp for air. She turned around and saw Tina on her
knees. Her arm had been blown off.

“Whose there!” Bubbles screamed, tears building up in her eye socket.

Then a being walked from the shadows. The being had her cloak on like a
hooded mantle. Tina recognized the red dress.

“Amy!?” Tina whispered in disbelieve.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Mon Apr 24, 2006 11:22 am

AND here comes the drama ;)
Every story should have drama ^_^

Next update:

“W … w … what?” Bubbles asked and a tear fell down her cheek.

“I’m surprised you remember me, you vile murderer” Amy said and
pulled down her hood.

The hood fell down, reviling a cute looking, hedgehog, with pink skin,
large eyes. Its spikes were brushed down and made her look like she had
short hair.

“What do you mean with murderer?” Bubbles called in disbelieve.

“What you don’t know? Even after what she did to you?” Amy asked.
Tina sat there on her knees, too surprised to speak.

“She did what to me?” Bubbles asked again, this time with a naïve voice.

“You’re nearly powerless now aren’t you?”

“Well … yes, that is because …”

“Never listen to that monster!” Amy growled, and then she continued:

“That monster (here she point’s at Tina) drains power from other
creatures, then when there is no one to stand in her way, she kills
everyone on that planet” Amy spoke with many years of hatred and
whispered with sadness:

“I should know, my planet was her first and only target target”

Bubbles eyes, shrank with anger, as she faced Tina and asked, angrily:
“Is that true!? Did you do this too me!? Even when I blamed the rowdyruffs!?”

“Yes …” Tina said slowly.

“What, why!?”

“That … is my purpose in life, my only purpose” Tina looked down she
didn’t dare too look Bubbles in the eyes.

“After all this time … I thought you were my friend” Bubbles whispered,
she fell on her knees in front of Tina and tried to get rid of tears by
rubbing her eyes.

“I don’t want this life … But I’m bred only with the purpose of devouring
planets. After staying with you I’ve been filled with the emotion I’ve been
training so many years to not feel anymore … guilt”
Tina admitted, hoping Bubbles would believe her. Tina wasn’t lying, she
never wanted to become a leech, and she was just so unlucky to have
been born from a family of leeches.

There was long silence, but Bubbles finally broke the silence and said:
“You’re still going to jail”

“I would do anything, if it were anyway for you to forgive me”

“Jail would be the start”

“I can’t believe you’re gonna forgive her” Amy screamed.

She pulled up her gun and aimed at Bubbles. Bubbles froze. BANG!
Sound filled the air. Bubbles opened her eyes. Only too see Tina’s eyes
right in front of her. Tina was hugging Bubbles and whispered, as blood
filled her mouth and leaked down:
“I’m sorry … I am so sorry”

She let go of Bubbles and fell with some noise on the floor, a large bullet
wound had ripped her spinal column apart, and she lay on the floor, not
dead but dieing.
Bubbles stared down at Tina. She didn’t realize what happened, just yet,
but then she realized that Tina had taken the bullet instead of her …
therefore saving her life. Her eyes filled with tears, as she just stood
there, almost paralyzed.

“No … wait … that shouldn’t happen … she is a monster … why … why
would she … save any one?” Amy whispered, as she shook were she stood.

Bubbles looked up, still crying and screamed at Amy:
“She was only raised to be a monster. You on the other hand are a monster”

Amy nearly broke down, after that statement.
“No … no … she killed them all … she killed them … NNNOOO!” Amy called
and shot Bubbles in the chest. Bubbles fell on the floor beside Tina. Their
eyes met. Bubbles smiled and stretched her arm towards Tina and opened her palm.
Tina’s eyes filled with tears, as she stretched her arm and grabbed
Bubbles open palm. They just stared at each other for a second, then
their eyes closed and they stopped breathing. Then Amy just realized
what she had done.

“What … have I done … I have become the thing I’ve been hunting”

With those words, her mind filled with the memories of those she had
killed. She fell on her knees, not knowing what to do. Then she heard
some noise, a very abnormal noise, she looked at Tina and noticed an
orange colored fog coming out of her nostrils and mouth. The fog
gathered over Tina, slowly it formed a shape. Amy’s eyes widened, she
knew that shape. It was an orange colored fox, with large red shoes. He
looked kind of sad, as he stared at Amy, like he knew what she had done
and didn’t approve of it.

“Tails!” Amy called.

The fox waved, and then he turned back into a fog. There was a bright
glow where Tina and Bubbles endeavored. The fog seemed to move into
Bubbles mouth. Amy didn’t notice that. She ran out when she saw the
fox. Amy now stood just outside the storage building, in the docks and
stared down, into the deep blues sea. She thought about many things,
mostly how much she despite herself. Her revenge had seemed just at
first, but so many had suffered, just so she could have her revenge.

“Amy” a low whisper was heard.

Amy turned around and saw Tina. Her clothes were still mostly ripped
apart but she had no wounds at all, not even bleeding. Amy pulled up her
gun. There was a low silence, and then Amy threw her gun at Tina, whom
grabbed it.

“Go on, I deserve it” Amy whispered.

“Too many have suffered, for what I’ve done. You killed me (though she
didn’t actually stay dead) and I hope that can give your soul some piece”
Tina said and threw Amy’s gun into the ocean.

“Many have suffered also for what I’ve done to get too you. Now I wish to
correct it … I’m going to leave and join the intergalactic police, do
something good for a change”

“I wish you all the luck you deserve from me”

With that they walked in opposite directions. Amy pressed some buttons
on her watch and she vanished with yellow brilliance. Tina walked back
inside the storage building. There lay Bubbles, unconscious, her clothes
were even more ripped apart then Tina’s, and just like Tina, Bubbles
wounds were gone.

“I hope your family can forgive me also” Tina said to herself and picked
up Bubbles. She then ran faster then the speed of sound towards the
powerpuff girl’s house.

“Whe … where am I?” Bubbles asked.

“You’re home” said a familiar male voice.

Bubbles had a hard time doing so but managed to force her eyes open.
There she saw the professor sitting beside her and her sisters were
watching nearby.

“Tina saved my life” Bubbles barely managed to say.

Blossom and Buttercup looked at each other, like they were ashamed for
something. Bubbles looked around.

“Where is Tina” Bubbles then asked.

“Tina … she is at the hospital. She told us everything that has happened
and what she had done … your sisters kind of lost it” The professor said.

He didn’t want to finish and he didn’t have to, Bubbles guessed it all.

“That was unfair” she whispered and fell asleep again.

“She didn’t even fight back, she just took it” Buttercup said.

In a hospital bed. Lay Tina, she had few broken bones and many bruises.
But she was still glad. Bubbles had forgiven her and though Blossom and
Buttercup said they would never forgive her, she knew someday they
might. Tina lay there and thought about her purpose, leeching the worlds.
After thinking about it, she promised herself that she would never, leech
anyone again. She was going to disappear (leave and not be seen again),
but actually stay with the shadows … becoming a so called super hero. It
sounded really stupid, but to her it didn’t matter. She would get the girls
forgiveness no matter what.

End of Chapter 10
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Erix » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:59 am

I have to ask, about the sig. Why does bell need a knife?

oh, and her thumbs on the wrong side :P
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:04 am

It's a pic. I didn't have to have Bell ... I was just drawing some random weirdness when I noticed, it reminded me of Bell. The knife was just a ... point, that I brought + I I'm always trying to practice drawing hands ;).

I draw alot of troubled pictures. These two are 2/4 Bell troubled pics I have...

oh, and her thumbs on the wrong side

She's holding the knife behind her back in the right hand ^_^ nut if you're talking about the first pic then yeah, I noticed when I uploded it >.@
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Postby Erix » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:09 am

darkness_calls wrote:It's a pic. I didn't have to have Bell ... I was just drawing some random weirdness when I noticed, it reminded me of Bell. The knife was just a ... point, that I brought + I I'm always trying to practice drawing hands ;).

I draw alot of troubled pictures. These two are 2/4 Bell troubled pics I have...

oh, and her thumbs on the wrong side

She's holding the knife behind her back in the right hand ^_^ nut if you're talking about the first pic then yeah, I noticed when I uploded it >.@

lol I only noticed the thumb because I was scrathing my head and went "wait a minute........"
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:11 am

lol I only noticed the thumb because I was scrathing my head and went "wait a minute........"

>.< I'll just hope more poeple won't scratch their head lol
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Jeorge- » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:02 am

Erix3423 wrote:I have to ask, about the sig. Why does bell need a knife?

oh, and her thumbs on the wrong side :P

It Is Too. xD

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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby craig911 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:04 am

Jeorge,check your messages.
darkness,cool fanfic :)
Everyone in this list...I shall miss with all my heart.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:24 am

Thanks Craig.
I had to write this in a hurry (damn school). Yeah it is short i know >.<

Next update:

Chapter 11
“Where is Blossom?”

The days passed. Tina had disappeared. Bubbles never got the change to
thank her for saving her life. Everyone knew what happened at the docks,
though the girls didn’t know how. Bubbles had died, but was still alive; her
popularity had risen a bit, mostly because of curiosity. To everyone’s
surprise Bubbles had suddenly become really smart, outclassing Blossom,
but not outclassing Dexter. No one was sadder then Dib at these times, he
and Tina had become rather close (though it wasn’t written in any
update). No she was gone and he learned that she wasn’t human. Nobody
knew which made him feel worse, that she was gone or her inhumanity.
Blossom sat in front of the tree she and Dexter hang out, they if you would
want to know have become really close, more so then Tina and Dib had
been. She had just ventured into the past, with the help of Otto, and seen
terrible thing in Dexter past. Dexter had lost his sister; it was his rivalry
with his arch enemy, Mandark. They had been fighting and Deedee took a
shot for Dexter, sacrificing herself for him. Blossom couldn’t get rid of
these thoughts; she though about the pain Dexter must have gone through
and about her lost sister, Bunny.

“You got tacos?” Someone asked.

Blossom looked aside; there was a green looking dog. The dog danced
around them he called “BOOM” and an explosion came which threw
Blossom away. She stood up with a surprised look. She then noticed a girl
with white hair, eyes and dress. The girl picked up the dog and said:

“Girly I told you to stay at home”

“Who are you?” Blossom asked, angrily, not liking too be attacked for no reason.

“Oh, I’m Bell and I’m here to kick your ass”
With those words she flew towards Blossom.

“Tina are you alright?” Goliath asked.

“I’m fine, why do you ask” Tina answered quickly.

She was watching Buttercup through a screen; she had been building a lot
of new machinery lately. There were lots of screens on her newly updated
super computer. She pressed a button and the screen changed to Bubbles.

“Ultra Warriors ready, master” A rough metallic voice came through Tina’s bracelet.

“Good, make sure they work this time … and call me Tina”

“Yes mast… I mean Tina” The metal voice said.

Tina smiled with herself; she had been really busy lately. She had sent a
letter to the principal, about that she was quitting. Redd, the principal, had
replied to her that the school was also a place for abnormal things and
she was welcome to re-enter at her wish, also her grades have been so
high that, she would be able to join where she left off. She thought about
the school for a moment. Then Dib hit her mind. She was too scared to
confront him after she learned that everyone knew about what happened
at the docks. She really liked him and leaving without a word too him, it
made her feel rather sad. Tina pressed another button, this time she
wanted to see what Blossom was doing.

“Target lost” the super computer screeched.

“What the …” Tina straightened her back and pressed few buttons.
On the screen came Dexter.

“She isn’t with him … where could she be!?” Tina said to herself.

“Tina check out the images of spybot G-45” Goliath said.

And that Tina did, she didn’t like what she saw. On the screen was
Blossom and Bell fighting, next images showed Blossom lose. The robot
ant creatures coming back and attacking Blossom then the second last
pictured showed some boy take Blossom away. Now the last picture
showed Bell teleport away.

“Goliath find out where the girl teleported and give me the coordinates”

“Yes Tina, but what are you going to do?”
Tina walked towards a glass board, inside were six differently colored emeralds.

“Too bad I never found the last chaos emerald … It is time to try out E-99”

“The Egg emperor! Tina are you sure?” Goliath asked with a fright in his voice.

“Don’t worry I took out the AI chip, so I’ll be in perfect control”

“Your choice Tina, but I’ve located where the white girl went”

“Let me now when the teleporter is ready”

“It will take some time; the place is in another dimension”

“Won’t matter where she goes, I’ll make her beg for forgiveness”
Tina walked out of the room, heading towards where the egg emperor was.

“I love it when she get’s all battle like” Goliath said with respect.
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Postby Frostmork » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:29 pm

Egg emperor...Yoshi?!? Joking...
I have missed some commenting, sry.
So here for the comment:
Still a very good fanfic.
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:36 pm

Thanks Frostmork.
But the Egg emperor is from Sonic X, episode 26. There the Egg emperor KICKS SONIC'S BUTT.
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Postby Frostmork » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:42 pm

I know Eggman. Look,mean this guy?
Hope you do or i feel a bit after...

Added after 51 seconds:

Didn´t really mean that Eggman specific. But...But
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:48 pm

Here is a pic of The Egg Emperor.
Eggman is one of my favorite villains lol

Here is a sumamry of the race known as The Leeches.

I created the leeches ten years old. Along with their language, religion and everything.
They were enemies I created for my uncle (he used them in Dungeons &
Dragons). The leeches look and breed like humans. Nobody knows why
they look like humans. The leeches are able to open up their jaws (This
wasn’t part of my original idea, but when I saw Blade II, I had too use it).
The leeches have two throats; one for breathing and the larger one too
keep their tongue. The tongue generally is used too drain creatures of
their powers, making them really weak. The tongue looks like some kind
of worm. With an opening like a mouth. Inside the mouth of the “worm”
are many tiny but sharp teeth. The teeth “lock” themselves on the prays
forehead. There the tongue is able to drain the power of the pray. The
power drained is transferred to the leech.

This is the leech’s only purpose in life. They are trained from birth too
invade other planets, finding the most powerful and drain them, then keep
draining the strongest, until there is no one to stand in their way. After
that the targeted planet is destroyed and while there is no one there too
stand in the leech’s way anymore …

Killing a leech is really hard, while they are to begin with just as wimpy as
normal humans, they in the end become really powerful. Every time they
die, a random power is taken away to resurrect the leech. The leeches
have a weakness, their tongue. If the tongue is removed then the throat
will slowly start too swollen. In the end it becomes so swollen that it
blocks the way for air, suffocating the leech. If they die in this way then
they won’t be able to resurrect them selves.

Like humans, leeches have emotions. But thanks to being trained from
birth, they most often become emotionless. Many leeches don’t want to do
this, but their lord commands so. The lord, often called “The First
Drainer”, is a leech, thousands of years old. The lord doesn’t age as long
as the leeches are draining somewhere. Not only doesn’t he skip ageing,
but he gets a copy of every drained power. This obviously makes him the
most powerful leech. His command is final, always, that is his law. He
doesn’t care if his people die, as long there is enough of leeches that are
draining power from others. Nearly every leech know this, they hate it,
but how can they overpower someone whom is always stronger then them?
If someone doesn’t want to do their job, then most often their life comes
to an swift end.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:30 am

Here is an ultra short chapter I did on 40 min. brake time I had in school.

Next update:

The hours passed. Then finally Goliath let Tina know (via com-link) that
teleporter was ready. Tina stood on a hard iron floor; she was looking
upon her greatest invention ever. The egg emperor. It was much bigger
then her school. She had been busy collecting materials for him. Now he
was ready. She walked towards the elevator. After some time the elevator
finally reached the top, there Tina walked along an iron platform. She
came to a titanium plated door. It automatically opened up, Goliath
followed. Inside she sat down at the controls. The controls were armor
inside a sphere, there was no gravity inside the sphere. Tina put the armor
on and ordered Goliath to activate E-99 (the Egg Emperor). That goliath
did, he placed himself in some kind of box, where he was strapped down,
as hundreds of cables attached themselves on him.

“Activating movement procedure” Goliath spoke.

Tina moved her hands and E-99 did the same.

“Power up procedure” he continued.

A panel opened up, there were six holes. Six small hovering machines
came, each carrying a differently colored emerald. They placed one
emerald in each hole and left.

“Everything is ready, ultra warriors in cargo hold, weapons fully powered”

“Then lets go” Tina said with a grin on her face.

The room filled with many different colored brilliance. E-99 disappeared.

Inside a bright white room, a little girl lay on her bed, crying. It was Bell,
her “close” friend, Mandark, had just died. Mandark had captured Blossom
to get his revenge on Dexter, only ending it by suicide. Bell had become
angry with her father for not saving him. She had attacked him and called
him bad names. He became angry and spanked her. Now she was sobbing in her bedroom.
Suddenly her room filled with many different colored lights. Curiously she
walked slowly towards her bedroom window. Her eyes widened with
fright, just outside was the largest machine she have ever seen before.
The enormous machine looked around and found what it was looking for.
Bell became rather scared when she noticed the machine staring at her.
She screamed and jumped behind her bed for cover, just as E-99’s right
leg suddenly kick, blowing the roof off her room.

Inside E-99, Tina smiled, it was payback time. Five of Tina’s ultra warriors
came from E-99 cargo hold and flew down; they landed in Bell room
(which was now mostly rubble. They stared furiously at Bell. Bell’s face
was filled with hatred.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:26 pm

Here is the next update:

Gir walked from out of Bell’s closet. He looked at Bell then at the robots,
then again at Bell. Gir screamed with high pitched and cute voice:


Bell charged the robots, she tried to punch one of them, but they kept
their distance. Bell attacked again and again, but they just dodged and
moved away from her. This went for some time until one of the robots

“Analyzing complete, begin capture”

Bell noticed that the robot, which spoke, didn’t look like the others; he
looked like boy, while the others looked like they came from a cartoon.

A tower fell, as E-99 missed one of those flying insect robots. Many have
attacked E-99, but it seemed to be utterly futile. A laser beam, shot from
an overly large cannon, stroke E-99, but it bounced off, flying towards
the black forest below and blowing the trees to pieces.

“I think I have to take him on personally” Said a large insect robot.

“But commander Destruction, I think that isn’t a very good idea” said a smeller one.

“I know that Nool, but we are running out of options” With those words
hew spread out his wings and flew towards E-99.

“What the hell is going on?” Dr.X called, but there was no one there.

“Why is this thing attacking us?” He asked himself.

Dr.X was looking through his computer, the causalities were high and the
damage was even worse. He reached to his radio and called Bell:

“Bell, where are you”
He pressed few buttons and on the screen came Bell’s room, his eyes
widened with fright. NO! He thought.

Bell lay on the floor, being hold down by three of the robots while the
fourth kicked her and ordered her to stay still.

“Give up, we are to strong, not even our creator can match us” The boy robot said.

Bell hated being restrained, so she tried to ignore the kicks and struggles
to get loose; she had to buy some time.

“Why don’t destroy your master and take over then!?” She asked.

The boy seemed to be thinking about the idea but one of the other robot said angrily:

“Nobody betrays Tina”

“Aren’t they loyal” A girlish voice came.
Bell looked at the newcomer and she recognized her.

“It’s you!”

“So we meet again” Tina said with a confident smirk.

“Tina you’re here, why? We can handle this girl” The boy robot said,
worried that Tina might have noticed him actually thinking about Bell’s idea.

“It’s too boring, controlling E-99, so Goliath is handling it” Tina sighted and waved her hand.

The robots seemed to have loosened their hold on Bell, mostly because
their creator was there; this Bell noticed and used the opportunity. She
shot a white energy sphere at the robot on the left side, used eye laser on
the robot at the right side and kicked the third robot under which seemed
to be a jaw. All this happened at the same time. Bell used their surprise
to quickly fly away.

“You idiots!” Tina yelled and flew up.

“Take care of everything here, I’ll get her myself” she yelled at the five robots.
The boy robot’s eye twitched a little, her voice showed him one thing. To
her he was only a minor creation, not worthy of anything.

Dr.X never saw this happen, because he ran towards Bell’s room the
moment he saw that she needed help. His face was marked with sadness
and he worried much about his dear Bell. Nobody would guess, that he
loved his daughter so much, he would gladly leave earth forever just to
save Bell, if that would be needed and that is how much he cared for her.

Bell landed not so long away from. She was bruised from all the beating.
She really hoped that those robots could not fly. Bell looked around just in
case, the robots could fly, but she didn’t expect to see a white flash and a
girl in cadet blue armor flying so fast towards her. Bell noticed that it was Tina.
How can she … Bell started to think but her thought quickly turned into
pain, as Tina crashed into her, slamming them both into the ground and
creating a small crater. Tina looked down on Bell; Tina had created a
special something for Bell.
Then really quietly a large shadow loomed behind Tina and raised a scythe like hand.

And here are two lovely made pictures of Tina, Drawn by Erix.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 29, 2006 7:36 am

Chapter 11 is the longest one yet and its not over ;)

Next update:

Dr.X was near Bell’s room. Bell I’m coming he though. To his surprise four
robots came out of the room.

“What have you done with her?” He screamed at the robots.

“She is fine for now” Said one of the four robots.

Dr.X six bright yellow eyes flashed with hatred, his hand suddenly filled
with orange fire.

“I’ll destroy you all” Dr.X screamed and threw his hands forward like he
was punching the air and the orange fire went in a whip like motion and
hit all four robots. Creating a burn mark on them.

“I’ll send you to machine hell for hurting the girl” Said a familiar girl voice.

A laser blast hit one of robots in the head, blowing it off.
Dr.X looked behind his shoulder and saw Samantha, she had her arm
replaced with some kind of mechanical arm, out of this arm stood now a
laser cannon.

“That was a lucky shot, it won’t happen again” Said one of the robots, as
he looked at his fallen comrade.

Something moved really quickly behind the three robots, one of them was
slashed, while a fist punched through the other one. The last robot
noticed that it was the boy robot. If he had any real eyes, then they would
be beaming with hatred.

“Traitor!” He called.
Then an orange blast hit him in the back, blowing most of him up.

“Why did you help us?” Dr.X asked the boy, he didn’t trust him at all.

“Simple, I dislike my creator and wish to see her fall” he said with a smile on his face.

Most of the insect robots were fleeing. They stood no change at all against
E-99. Nearly nothing in the could withstand its power. Hundreds lay dead
on the ground and the base was greatly damaged.

Tina knew something was wrong; Bell’s eyes didn’t seem to be watching
her, rather behind her. Tina heard a little noise, nearly un-hearable,
quicker then the eye, she turned around and raised her hand, and it was
like she was telling him to stop with her hands. Commander Destruction’s
scythe should’ve taken her hand clean off, but his stroke hit some kind of
energy shield. Bell used the opportunity and shot two laser beams from
her eye, one of the lasers hit Tina in the foot. The pain that came to her
leg made Tina loose control of the shield, allowing Destruction’s hand to
cleave the shield and cut four of Tina’s fingers clean off.
She jumped away, holding on her damaged hand, she had a hard time
standing. She noticed something coming from the shadows, it was Zim.
Quickly Tina felt more outmatched then before; she pressed a button on
her bracelet and yelled in it:

“Robots I need you help right now!”

There were some silence and then the robots boy’s voice came:
“I’m sorry to say that I currently don’t take orders from you, have a nice day”

Tina’s mouth was open with amazement, why was he able to rebel, she
didn’t program him so he’ll be able to quit working for her. Destruction
and Bell rushed against Tina, whom was still a little shocked; they
grabbed her and held her down. Destruction raised his hand, ready to cut
Tina’s head off.

“NO WAIT!” Zim called.

Destruction lowered his hand and looked at Zim; his face looked like he
wanted to ask Zim why. It was like Zim could read the question from his face:

“If we kill her now then we won’t be able to stop that monster” Zim pointed at E-99.

“Allow me to show you something every Irken is trained to do” Zim
continued and stared at Tina and pulled some kind of a little red ball.

Tina’s eyes filled with tears and her look expressed with horror, she knew
that machine. It was the machine that allowed the Irkens to enslave the
Leeches long time ago.

“Bell see that little white spot at her neck? Press it for me”

Bell noticed the spot in a instant and pressed on it. Under the white spot
are a lot of nerves, all those nerves entering the lower jaw area. When
Bell pressed the spot, Tina’s jaw was forced open. Zim dropped the small
machine in to her mouth. Out of the red ball came eight spider like legs,
the ball crawled down her larger throat, until it found Tina’s tongue and
there it attached itself on it.

“You can let her go now” Zim said.
Destruction and Bell let Tina go.

“Are you sure Zim?” Bell asked.

”Of course I am, we Irkens used these machines to enslave her race long
time ago and by pressing this button, she will die, without the possibility
of resurrecting herself”

“Self … regeneration?” Destruction asked, because he didn't know that.
Maybe I can use this creature for my advantage Destruction though.

“Now tell your machine to stop” Zim said and held his finger a button,
which was placed on a black remote. Tina pressed a button and said softly:

“Goliath, don’t ask why, but I want you to leave … Bright Light” the last
two words she said with a commanding voice.

“Yes master Tina, bright light” Goliath voice said through her com-link.
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:57 pm

I'm bumping my self with another update ;) (and chpter 11 finally is done)

Next update:

E-99 flew high up in the air, thanks to anti-grav generator. There he
stopped and his chest opened up. Sparkles formed around his opened
chest, white brilliance seemed to be gathering around the opening.
Everything seemed to be so silence; there was no sound, not even from
the wind. A white beam of searing light sprang forth. It hit the middle of
the largest building with a high boom sound. The generated blast from
that beam looked like a half circle, everything that was cough in the light
blast got hurled away, walls crumbled and the floor seemed to jump up in
the skies. When the light cleared, it showed the amazing damage E-99
strongest attack produced. There wasn’t much left of the base.

Commander Destruction, Bell and Zim all stood in awe and stared at the
whole scene. When the blast cleared, E-99 vanished in bright light, as he
teleported away. Then something hit Bell, not literally:

“Daddy!” She called with a scared voice and flew towards the base.

Such attack, it … it’s so powerful … and be created by a child Destruction thought.

Tina smirked and whispered:
“That is what happens to all traitors”

“Shut up Leech” Zim growled.

“Zim, let us get to the base … or what is left of it and bring that creature
with you” Destruction said and flew away.

“If I were you I would keep a firm grip on that remote” Tina whispered
behind Zim. It startled him so much that he jumped high up in the air.

“Do that again and I will kill you, now go, I will follow you”
Zim forced Tina to move along.

Bell came to the rubbles, she started lifting and throwing them away. Bell
knew around, even though the base was nearly obliterated, she started
moving all the rubble away from the lab. This went on until she came near
her room, there Bell noticed a faint glow, and she moved the rubble away
and noticed some kind of energy shield. She couldn’t see through it, after
some thinking she lightly knocked on the shield. The shield vanished and
revealed the boy robot, Samantha and Dr.X.

“Daddy!” Bell yelled with relief and happiness, as she threw herself in to
Dr.X strong hands. Dr.X didn’t even notice, though he hugged her, he was
staring at the damage of the base. There was no sign of the massive machine.

“Did we win?” he slowly asked.

“Kind of” Tina said, as she and Zim suddenly came, nobody noticed them
entering and Bell was far too busy digging them up to notice. Her voice
made them all (not Zim) jump up.

“What is she doing here!?” Dr.X growled.

“Zim captured her” Bell said like it was really obvious.

“He did what?” Samantha asked, she was most surprised that Zim did
anything right, most often she and the rest of the dark star council (A
group of highest ranked officers, from the insect robot’s home planet)
made fun of Zim, behind his back, about how useless he is. Now he did
something they couldn’t do.

Tina hissed at the robot boy and said angrily:
“Too bad you survived”

The boy only smirked.

Time passed on.
“It has been a month since I saw her last time” Bubbles spoke fast.

“Calm down Bubbles” Blossom said.

“I do wonder where she could be” Dexter said and fixed the position of his glasses.

“Maybe she had something to do with Blossom getting captured” Shad
thought out loud, Bubbles shivered and everyone gave him a poisonous
glare, with that he decided to just shut up.

“Actually that might fit” Bubbles whispered. She never seemed to fully
decide to look at Tina as an evil person or not.

“What?” Buttercup asked Bubbles.

“I mean if her only purpose in life is too drain others then maybe she
tricked that Man … something, into helping her capture Blossom”

“That is just absurd” Blossom remarked.

“Anyway recess is almost over, so let’s hurry to class” Dexter said.

They all decided to go to class. No one spoke on the way. Until a black cat
suddenly jumped from a bush. Shad was so startled, that he slipped and
fell. He hit his head into the sidewalk, he felt unconsciousness befell him.
The last thing he saw was the cat; he didn’t believe what he saw. On the
cat’s forehead were three signs, he knew the signs very well; those signs
belonged to his master.

“Shadowed state … of … mind” Shad barely was able to say and then he fell unconscious.

No one understood what he just said, but they called an ambulance. An
invisible wave sprang forth from the cat. Forever changing their

End of Chapter 11
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Mon May 01, 2006 11:01 am

Here comes a familiar character, if it isn't familiar (BOLD) then you should be ashamed of yourselfs ;)

Next update:

Chapter 12
“Who is whose servant?”

“Hey you bring more drinks!” A metallic iron voice called.

A girl walked to him, carrying a tray; on the tray were lots of bowls filled
with some kind of black liquid. The girl was Tina; she was wearing a maid’s outfit.

“Here are your drinks” she said coldly at Destruction and his council.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Destruction said with a teasing voice.

Tina gave Destruction a poisonous glare and said:
“… Master”

Everybody in the room, burst with laughter, all but Samantha. She though
that keeping the girl alive is stupid, they should get rid of her before she
finds a way to get rid of Zim’s machine. Tina walked quickly out of the
room, every footstep showed her anger. If she would get rid of Zim’s
machine then she would certainly kill them all. In the hallway, she
bumped into the boy robot; Dr.X had given him the name Bulldog. For few
seconds they stared at each other. Tina’s eyes filled with anger and his
filled with happiness of seeing her serving. After those seconds she
flounced away. Bulldog though how amazingly quick they rebuilt the place,
it was almost completely rebuilt. He walked down a corridor, there he
came passed a door, on the door was a sign which read:

“Useless or malfunctioned inventions”

I wonder what I could find in here Bulldog thought, as he walked in.

“Dad what are you doing?” Bell asked, not with her usual voice, it sounded
rather angry, that was because she blamed him for Mandark’s death.

“I’m looking for your next mission” Dr.X whispered, like he was talking to himself.

Then suddenly his screen beeped, he pressed some buttons and on the
screen came a picture of a white haired boy.

“Shad, so I’ve finally found you. I wonder how you father is doing”

“Who is Shad?” Bell asked, really not interested to know.

“The son of my former friend and your next assignment”

Zim suddenly appeared on the screen and yelled:
“I’ve done it!”

“You’ve done what?” Dr.X asked.

“I’ve upgraded the control” Zim said and showed Dr.X the remote, then he continued:

“I’ve added this button, when it is pressed, then the thing I’ve placed in
our “maid” will sting a “little”, causing an immense pain”

“Thank you Zim” Dr.X said and shut off the screen, then he turned to Bell and said:

“I want you to get that boy I just showed you, he is currently located in
Megaville elementary, oh and also take the maid with you”

“What good will that do?” Bell asked, not pleased.

“You’ll see, just make sure to take the newest remote and keep her
silenced, let her distract the powerpuff girls while you get the boy”

“Yes … father” Bell walked away.

Bulldog stood there, staring at the most beautiful thing he has ever seen,
Tina only programmed him with basic emotions. He stared at the thing he
had found. How something this pretty could be malfunctioned. The thing
he was staring at was a little girl; she had pitch black hair and eyes. She
was only wearing under wear. Bulldog was determent on fixing her, he
scanned her brain waves, and they were artificial and still active! He
decided to get her dressed before trying to fix her. He ran towards Bell’s
room, on the way he noticed Bell leaving with Tina. That was good. He
came in to her room, looked trough her closet and took out a bright white
dress with a black stroke in the middle.
He put it inside a bag and ran to the storage room; there he found a pitch
black painting. This color just fits her so well he thought.
When he returned, he could have sworn that she smiled. It didn’t matter,
he painted the dress black, and then he used his heat ray to instantly
make it dry. He picked her up and dressed her in the dress. Next step;
Bulldog went to Zim’s lab (Dr.X was so grateful that he saved them all by
enslaving Tina that he redecorated the base so Zim could have a Lab.),
there he saw Zim.

“Hey Zim, Dr.X needs a electrical magnifier and I know you have one”

“Sure, sure, here you go” Zim seemed to be busy, usually it took some
time to get anything from Zim.

Bulldog went back to the girl. He placed the electrical magnifier on her
head, and placed a cord on himself. Nothing happened at first, but then he
felt a sting and the magnifier stole energy from him, multiplied it and
gave to the girl. Her eyes seemed (though impossible) to come to life.
She coughed and looked at Bulldog.

“Thank you, very much” she said and a smile came to her face.

“Your welcome, now what is you name”

“I don’t have one, but what should I call you?”

“I am Bulldog and I think I’ll call you … Barasia
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Tue May 02, 2006 11:14 am

And here is the end of chapter 12. Anyone that have read Shadowed state of mind's fic should notice that I used a scene from his fic ( though I wrote it down in my own). If anybody remebers what happened next in Shad's fic then you should guess who are about to show their faces (cute faces).

Next update:

Bubbles, Blossom, Dexter, Buttercup and Shad were on the school yard,
Shad somehow managed to win a dodge ball match. Buttercup was trying
to praise him for remembering everything she had tough him back in
Townville. Shad didn’t feel like staying with them, he had been hurt in the
past by them and now he was scared of getting hurt again if he stayed
too much with them.

“He is still sad about us moving away from Townsville” Bubbles whispered
with a sad tone in her voice.

“Yes he … Bubbles what is that?” Buttercup asked and pointed at a device
Bubbles had on her head.

“Uhhh… this is a… Null energy reformer”

“Null energy reformer!” Dexter yelled in disbelieve

“What is this Null energy … stuff?” Buttercup asked, getting confused.

“Well seemingly that I am nearly powerless, I’ve been trying to find a way
to stay with the powerpuff, so I created this” Bubbles explained and
stared at a tree, a grayish, nearly invisible force grabbed the tree, she
then moved her head to the left and the tree was ripped from the ground
and moved where Bubbles was staring. Everyone gasped and Bubbles
stopped the machine, the tree fell on the ground with a loud noise.

“I’ve been trying to make that kind of machine for …” Dexter couldn’t finish, because of a screech.

Dexter froze in place and chill went down his spine. Dexter recognized the screech.
It is that man He thought.

BOOM! The ground trembled.
“What was that” Blossom remarked.

“It doesn’t sound friendly, lets check it out” Buttercup answered.

The girls were about to fly away when Dexter called to them:
“Girls be careful, that thing you’re about to fight nearly killed jack, long time ago”

Buttercup became really angry.
“Then it is going to pay” she yelled and flew away ignoring the smirk on
her sisters faces.

Tina was in her cadged blue armor. Though not wearing her helmet.

“Just remember, keep them away from me and that white haired boy and
don’t even think about trying to tell them the truth, I can hear very well”
Bell growled at Tina.

“Speaking of the devil, here they come and there is the boy, now do your job”

“*gasp* it’s that girl” Blossom said.

“What girl?” Bubbles asked.

“It’s the girl that kidnapped me back then”

“Then its ass kicking time” Buttercup said

Then there was another screech and a purple blast blew up in front of
them. They looked down and saw a little being in a hefty cadged blue armor.

“Buttercup and Bubbles you take that creature and I’ll help Shad”

Buttercup and Bubbles flew down to meet the creature (it had a helmet
on, so they didn’t now it was Tina), while Blossom flew towards Bell. Tina
shot two powerful laser beams from her eyes (phasing trough the glasses
on the helmets) and hit Blossom, she fell down and hit the ground,
making a small crater. Buttercup and Bubbles hesitated a little, but Tina
didn’t, she sprang towards Blossom. Blossom had barely stand up when
Tina came to her side and roundhouse kicked her in the stomach, the
impact sent Blossom flying and she crashed into Bubbles and Buttercup.
The crash forced them to the ground; they hadn’t even landed when Tina
threw two blue orbs in their direction. Both the orbs hit the girls and with a
horrific explosion, the girls were knocked out.

Everyone that witnessed the event panicked wasn’t it typical that Jack was
on a holiday this exact day. Tina turned around to see if Bell already got
the boy, but to her surprise, Bell was shivering on the grass, like she was
scared and a dark aura glowed around Shad. Tina didn’t care if the boy
killed Bell, but Tina was scared that if Bell would die then Dr.X would kill
her (he had a second remote).

Tina picked up some kind of gun, it flashed as Tina aimed and shot at
Shad. Nothing happened except that Shad fell unconscious.

The suddenly Tina was unable too move. Some kind of grayish nearly
invisible energy was around her. Then she was thrown harshly it to a tree
and breaking it. Tina stood up and saw that the powerpuff girls were back
in action.

“Bell we better leave” Tina yelled and ran towards Bell.

Bell was still shaking on the ground when Tina reached her. Tina picked
her up and shook her. Bell was just afraid, and then Tina slapped her hard
(forgetting that she had an iron glove on). Bell looked angrily at Tina.
Then she pushed Tina away and picked up Shad. Just when they were
about to teleport away, Tina looked at Bubbles and whispered just loud
enough for her to hear it:

“I’m sorry Bubbles, I am so sorry” Then she, Bell and Shad faded away.

“It can’t be” Bubbles said, mostly to herself.

“What?” Blossom asked Bubbles.

“The armored creature … it was … Tina”

End of Chapter 12
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Tue May 02, 2006 11:21 am

Whoa, that's I call a big hotdog anyway Great story and Speedy updater you are! ;)

But too bad nobody goes to my fanfic anymore...
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue May 02, 2006 11:27 am

just like with mine, there are people reading, but most of them don't comment ^_^
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Re: (Fanfic) "Leeching the worlds"

Postby Darkness_calls » Wed May 03, 2006 9:14 am

Here is another (and rather short) update.
Next Update:

Chapter 13

Nearly a week has gone by. Tina was I the main computer room, she was
yet again in her maid outfit and was cleaning the room. Bell and Shad
had gotten “close” and were best friends. Something about “understanding
each other”. It didn’t interest Tina; she disliked Bell too much to care.
Though Bell has gotten friendlier towards Tina as of late.

“Hey you, have you seen Bulldog?” An insect robot asked, not with a friendly voice.

“No ladybug, I haven’t” Tina said, not even looking at him.

“How dare you, I’m not a ladybug!”

“Shut it lady…” Tina didn’t get to finish.

The insect robot slapped her, hard. The sound echoed in the large room.
“Know you place … slave” he said really angrily and stumbled away.

On a platform on the second floor, Bell noticed what happened. For some
reason she though back when her father spanked her. Did she not know
her place, was she only a tool to him. When she snapped out of her
thoughts, she noticed that Tina was staring at her, while holding her
check. Bell felt quite uncomfortable, so she quickly kept going, heading
towards the dining area to get sugar.

Dexter was looking through the library computer, when Blossom came behind him.

“What are you doing” She whispered into his ear.

“Ah … I’m just…” He began and blushed a little.

“I’m just checking out some photos, see this” he continued.

On the screen came a picture when Bell and Tina came.
“Yes … I still can’t believe that is Tina”

“I know what you mean, but remember when I told you when the school
was attacked one day by a large man and he nearly killed Jack?”

“Yes … I remember that a little”

“Well see this picture of Tina … and look now”

The screen changed from Tina in her cadged blue armor to Balethor in almost identical cadged blue armor.

“*gasp* you think they are the same person!?” Blossom asked.

“Be quiet there or I’ll throw you out!” The old librarian woman called.

Inside a certain mountain a cube shaped machine was flying everywhere.

“Why would Tina want to stop the attack this just makes no sense” Goliath
said with a worried voice.

“I’ve been here for I don’t now how long and talking to my self … what
should I do!?” he continued rambling on.

“Damn those insect robots, damn that white girl and damn that Irken … …
I’m such an idiot, the Irken of course, he knows how to enslave leeches,
good thing I know how to “un-slave” them. I’ll go and build a machine that
can help my master” and with those words Goliath quickly moved to the lab.

Somewhere in Nevada …
“Boomer … BOOMER!” Butch called.

“WHAT!” Boomer yelled back, and stopped training.

“We’ve become worried about you, ever since you lost you powers,
you’ve been training like crazy” Brick pointed out.

“That is because I’m going to kill that girl that did this to me … and Bubbles”

Brick and Butch looked at each other, and then at Boomer, who started to train again.

The next morning, Tina was had just polished the floor in an old looking
library. She had also spent great deal of time placing the books in their
right places.

“I don’t know why that hothead wants me to clean this room, it’s not like
he’s gonna use it” Tina said to herself.

A sudden BOOM sound echoed through Black Eden (the base), every book
in the library fell from their shelves. The library was now a wreck.

“DAMN IT!” Tina yelled.

Bells room was filled with smoke, when the smoke finally cleared; it
revealed three small and young looking girls.

“We did it Bell …” Shad said in surprise.

“Daddy?” one newly created girls asked.
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