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Postby Schoefield » Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:28 pm

I'm a writer first, animator second, artist never.
I'm currently practising my drawing abilities, so don't expect too much work on that side of things. I'm also a perfectionist, I expect everything to be done right, even if I have no skill, and I usually end up hating most of my stuff =)

I'm putting ratings above the piece of work I post here, which values what I personally think of it out of 10.

First piece = Writing.


Personal Rating: 6/10
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---Chapter 1---

"Where is he!!?"

Spearing through the sky, tearing apart clouds with flame and fury, meteors ripped into the stoned flesh of Fyr-Faern, the grand castle of wizardry. Like a dying golem, the impossibly large structure would fall apart slowly, chunks of stone screaming through the air to crush the apprentice wizards which the building housed. Jets of flame spewed from the freshly born holes amongst the castle walls as lava trickled down slowly, like blood from a wound. A loud scream rippled throughout the lands, the castles death cry.

Hordes of the undead, thousands upon thousands, ran through the dying valley of Fyr-Faern. Their screams pierced the hearts of many, their swords piercing many more. Waves of fire danced throughout the army, blowing apart rotten flesh, melting the decaying bones of reborn soldiers. Wizards fought back valiently against their opponents, channelling forth all manner of spells to keep themselves alive, but their numbers weren't enough, their combined skill, too weak.

Blood ran over the ash-gray lands, running rivers down the hill leading to the grand castle. Normally, these lands would be lushious green, vibrant and alive. Today however, Synfeer turned these lands into the colour of they deserved, to the colour they left him feeling. The sun still showed it's light, but it was a horrible light, crimson red, a blood soaked sky. Nothing remained pleasant in these lands, nothing appeared attractive, it was all ruined, degraded, destroyed.

Synfeer trudged towards the large, rounded doors of Fyr-Faern, his blackened halberd held firmly between the frozen-blooded fingers of his right hand. They opened for him, bearing the innards of the castle, and the figure who stood bodly still, before all the hatred, all the death. The figure walked into the light that the outside provided, showing himself to the world Synfeer created, and to Synfeer himself. Footstep after footstep echoed throughout the large, hollow hallway, suspense rising slowly in Synfeer's mind.

"What right have you, to alter our world to yours?" roared the rough voice of this figure, now standing still before the smaller Synfeer. A spear, made of silver, rested in the taller beings left hand as the boy began his demands, screaming loudly to match the voice used against him, "Where is Menfir!?".

The army charged into the castle, all weapons raised above tattered, moulding heads as the stampeding footsteps echoed into the hallway. The figure didn't move, instead, raised a smile as they came closer and closer. A sword plunged into flesh, spewing out blood onto the marble floor before ripping free from fleshy confines. Now a laugh came from the figure, as he didn't flinch even a little from the attack, and instead raised his hand to brush away silver hair that invaded his vision.

"I see reality, Synfeer. Illusions will not harm me." The figure spoke again, laughing still as sword after sword swiped away at living flesh. Synfeer himself, drew into a battle-ready stance and charged, halberd brought down towards the skull of his oppenent. Within a second, silver met blackened-steel, and the halberd went soaring through air. Synfeer was disarmed, and open to deaths arms as the spear was brought upon him, but the blunt connected the blow, with a crack.

The world began to warp slowly as Synfeer was knocked to his knees, right arm dangling by his side and blood dripping from his lips. The desire to win was still strong in his mind, and the castle erupted into grand flames that licked against the sky. Laughter again echoed through the hallway, as the figure looked down on his foe, "Real fire, is so much more damaging."

Synfeer was blown from the castle, and onto the regenerating valley outside. Soldiers began to fade, blood began to dry and a blue sky began to overtake the crimson nightmare, as all returned to normal. The figure emerged from castle depths, and stepped down to the fallen boy. Before speaking, his blue eyes searched around the lands, and a sigh broke free as corpses of the living lay scattered about the valley, "Though fake your attack may of been, it's still killed many. Consider yourself warned.."

A hand was brought down to grasp around Synfeers neck, and it pulled the boy to his feet, "You are banished."  Synfeer spat at the figure, and broke free from his grasp, then took one last lunge with his fists, only to recieve a sigh, "Goodbye!" Before he could connect the blow, Synfeer was whisked away via teleportation, and phased into lands unseen by his eyes. Instead of hills of green and rivers of blue, there were mountains of grey and fields of white. The punch he had thrown was still in motion, and threw Synfeer off balance, causing him to fall from the ledge where he previously stood.

---End Chapter---

Oh, for the fun of it, my newgrounds account:
I have a few bad animation on there, and a few more on the horizon that'll be 75% better.
If you guys can recommend a good drawing tablet, that is affordable, please PM me and let me know.
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