(PPG Fic) Black Cherries / (Digimon Fic) Desire

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(PPG Fic) Black Cherries / (Digimon Fic) Desire

Postby Cinful » Sun Jan 29, 2006 2:53 pm

Black Cherries

Chapter One – Far Away

‘This is starting to piss me off, every damn night it happens, every single night. I can’t talk to my sisters; maybe I should ask the professor he might know. Either way I need to talk to someone.’

Buttercup sat up in her bed, sweat covered her body, it was nearly dawn and she knew she wouldn’t get back to sleep, her clock read 5:27 in vibrant green. Her nightmares kept getting longer and much worse every night. She’d been having them for the past couple of weeks, along with some weird new feelings that also confused her. She stood out of bed, grabbed her favorite clothes and headed for the shower. She passed her sisters’ rooms; they were both still fast asleep, ‘having nice dreams too, I’m sure.’

The warm water drenched her skin; she lost herself in her thoughts. The girls had just recently turned fourteen; they still fight crime, quite a bit too. Mojo hasn’t made an appearance in a good while, ‘probably just making a new scheme to kill us, no doubt.’ Most of their other major enemies either were in jail or finally gave up trying. She focused on the song playing lowly in the CD player. It was one of her favorites, Twisted Transistor. All of the girls’ tastes in music varied, widely. But hers and blossom’s were what was considered weird to Bubbles and the Professor. Blossom liked a lot of different stuff, like alternative and classical, but she also liked rap. That really confused Buttercup, how someone could like stuff like Beethoven and Coldplay then go to listening to Chingy and Gucci Mane on the same CD. Her stuff may be weird but at least most of it was in the same genre, like Disturbed, Cradle of Filth, and MSI (Mindless Self Indulgence). ‘But hey to each her own, huh?’ She dried herself off and tossed the towed aside as she searched for her brush. She didn’t care if she didn’t have clothes on, that’s just how she was, and she didn’t judge other people, so she didn’t judge herself so she could see herself and not care.

She looked at herself in the steamy mirror, which refused to stay clear no matter how many times she wiped it. She realized how much, yet how little she’d changed over the years. She was defiantly taller, her hair was different. It was just above her eyes in the front and stopped at the top of her neck in the back. While she did grow up, she still had a bit of an attitude, though she rarely had one with the professor.

The first thing she donned were her green earrings, black choker which had the pink powerpuff symbol, hey two silver necklaces and her panties. She then grabbed her dark green pants and pulled them on. They were a couple of sizes too big, but she made them work, she clipped the chain to her belt loop as the song changed to Droppin’ Plates. Last, she grabbed get green tank top; it turned to black at the top of her stomach and stayed the way till the bottom of the shirt, which stopped a bit above her navel. Satisfied she was done she turned and opened the door, walked toward the stairs. It was still dark outside, ‘good I didn’t miss it.’ She thought to herself. She grabbed a pop tart from the kitchen and walked out the front door.

The smell of dew filled her nose; she floated herself up to the roof and sat on the edge. This had become a ritual for her in the past few weeks, up before dawn, shower and eat breakfast on the roof watching the sunrise. It calmed her watching the sun come up, it looked as though it was telling her don’t worry, she loved it. She was torn from her thoughts as she felt something wet hit her head, she looked up and her eyes met the dark rain clouds. Her eye twitched in annoyance.

“Damnit…” She jumped down from the roof; the paperboy tossed the newspaper at her, not realizing she was there. It hurdled toward the back of her head, yet without even thinking her hand snaked backwards and grabbed it. She stopped for a second and blinked, ‘huh, that was weird’, she shook her head and opened the front door, both her and the professor screamed.

“AHH, Buttercup? What are you doing up this early?” Blossom and Bubbles opened their doors, looking not quite as girly as usual, and ran to the top of the stairs. “It’s alright girls, go back to sleep.”

“K, night Professor.” The two said almost in unison.

“Sorry professor, I had a nightmare, couldn’t get back to sleep, and wanted to watch the sunrise, not that I can though.”

“Let me fully wake up and we’ll talk, alright?” She smiled and nodded, getting out of his way she walked to the kitchen behind him and sat at the table. He grabbed a cup of coffee and sat across from her.

“Oh here, I caught this on my way in, hehe; I imagine this is what you were headed for.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” She handed him the newspaper.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“So…what was this nightmare about?” He asked her.

“Nightmares. Plural.”

“Plural? How many have you had?”

“I’ve had them almost every night for the past two or three weeks, so almost everyday since I turned fourteen.”

“Really, hmm, so like I said, what are they about?”

“Each time they get longer and a lot worse. It starts out I’m lost, somewhere in a jungle or something, no one’s anywhere around and I can’t use my powers.”

“You can’t, like you’re not allowed or…”

“They aren’t working, I keep trying but they just won’t.”

“Hmm, keep going.”

“Okay, that goes on for awhile, and then it switches to Townsville, I’m down on the streets watching Blossom and Bubbles fight someone I can’t really make out.”


“I can tell they’re in trouble, but I still can’t use my powers, then they’re going down. I run to help them, but I’m so far I get there too last. Then suddenly I’m somewhere else in Townsville and I have my powers back and I’m fighting but…” Her green eyes fill with sadness as she looked to the ground.

“Hey it’s okay, now who were you fighting.” She slowly looked over at him, tears were threatening her eyes, but she refused to let them out. He stood, walked over to her and knelt next to her.

“…I was…I was fighting the girls and hurting them.”

“Oh my, Buttercup, it’s just a dream.” He pulled her into a hug, “you don’t have anything to worry about. I know you wouldn’t ever do something to hurt your sister and you know that too.” She finally let her tears go, much as she hated showing weakness the professor just had that, let go it’ll be okay, quality.

“I know, -sniff-, it’s just starting to scare me I can’t stop having the night, -sniff-, mares.”

“Don’t worry, just don’t worry.” Blossom and Bubbles silently walked in, the professor mouthed for them to wait a little while. They understood and walked back to the living room.

End Chapter One

Added after 12 minutes:

Chapter 2 – Smile like You Mean It

Buttercup walked with her sisters, her headphones covered her ears as the metal blasted into them. She was in her own world, lost in thought, completely ignoring her sisters. Who were beginning to get annoyed.

“How can she listen to that stuff?” Bubbles questioned.

“Not all of it is bad, though I do admit, what she’s listening to now is quite unorthodox. Still, it is her choice; we can’t make her change her opinions in music.” Blossom told her sister as Buttercup listened to MSI.

“Yeah, but does she have to listen to her choice so loud?

“Again, her choice… So what do you think this morning was about?”

“What do you mean?” Bubbles asked.

“I rarely see Buttercup cry, I mean I don’t even remember the last time she did. Yet she was this morning.”

“I don’t know, should we ask her?”

“You know her; she’d either deny it or just get angry for us asking.” ‘I wish I’d heard a bit more then just the professor saying don’t worry, ‘cause that just makes me worried. Ugh, this is so annoying.’

“You’re probably right, anyways, we’re here.”

“See you girls later.” Buttercup waved to her sisters.

“Bye Buttercup.” She was the only one of the three who had different classes.

Buttercup was lost in her thoughts staring at the window as the teacher droned on, normally she’d be listening weather she liked what they were talking about or not. It was polite, besides Blossom quizzed her all the time on her homework. But ever since the nightmares started she quit paying attention, they were almost always on her mind. She was pulled out of her thoughts by the classroom door shutting. She glanced to just catch a look at the reason, but after seeing it she immediately froze and tensed.

“Oh, there you are, I was wondering if you were going to show up.”

“Class this is our new stude…” Buttercup quit listening; she already knew who it was.

‘What is he doing here? He…smiling? Weird, it’s not really the evil smile he used to have. But still what’s he here for?’ He caught her eye and she stood, ready to fight.

“Hey, easy Buttercup, I’m not here to start anything.”

“Oh, you to know each other?” The teacher questioned.

“You could say that.” Buttercup said slowly, eyeing the boy.

“Well then, you can show him around the school, take a seat next to Buttercup.” He obliged as the teacher started back on her lecture or whatever she was talking about.

“What are you doing here, Brick!” She hissed anger apparent in her voice.

“Calm down, shit, I said I wasn’t here to start nothing. I’m here to go to school, remember?”

“I thought you guys were destroyed!” She said, speaking quietly.

“Uh, more like temporarily decommissioned.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” She asked with a deadpan look.

“What I mean is, we were just hurt by… you know,” both blushed slightly, “anyways. When we recovered, we left for a couple of years, trying to figure out how we were beaten and to get stronger. We were supposed to come back and defeat you… We came back seven years ago, but…”

“Seven years, how come we haven’t seen you at all, then?”

“Damnit, didn’t your dad teach you not to interrupt people. As I was saying, we came back, but we’d already made a decision, we asked ourselves, why we wanted to beat ya’ll so badly and blah, blah. We realized, it wasn’t us, it was Mojo and where was he when we needed him, off creating some other evil plan because we’d failed, so we said screw him, what’s the point anyway.”

“So that still doesn’t answer my first question.”

“Well, we got bored of always goofing around outside school, so here I am, same with boomer and butch.”

“They’re here too?”

“Of course, you think I’d just go without my brothers?”

“True, anyways, since I have to show you around it’ll give me a chance to keep an eye on you.”

“By all means. I wouldn’t mind keeping a couple of eyes on you either. Hehe.”

“Excuse me?” She said, anger reigniting.

“Nothing.” He chuckled, ‘she’s cute when she’s angry.’

Buttercup had completely forgotten her dreams, her eyes were angrily glued the dark red suited boy aside her. She glared at him, untrustingly. He was actually beginning to get nervous. The two were headed to lunch and she had to stay with him, she was already in enough trouble at school as it was. So ditching him was out of the question.

“Okay, it was cute at first, but now the glare’s getting old and just plain creepy.”

“Hmph!” She faced forward, still glaring.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just have to prove my worthiness and trust in time.”

“Whatever.” Buttercup opened the door to the lunchroom and was immediately ambushed by Blossom and Bubble.

“Buttercup, you’ll never guess who we saw today.” Blossom said, a bit of a worried look mixed with another odd expression on her face.

“Oh, I think I could fathom a guess or three.” She said her eyes rolling.

“What how’d you…” Bubbles was interrupted as Buttercup stepped out of the way letting Brick say hi himself.

“Hi.” He smiled.

“Blossom went on the offensive.”

“Easy, he hasn’t made any threats…yet,” she looked over to him, “I’m his guide around the school, so I’ll keep an eye on him.” Blossom calmed herself, but like Buttercup, was still wary.

“So where are we sitting.” ‘I really think he’s trying to piss me now.’ Buttercup balled her fists, “I may be your guide, but I damn sure am not your babysitter, you can get lunch and eat with your brothers.”

“-Gasp- Buttercup, language!” Bubbles said shocked.

“Oh please, you know you’ve said it too, Bubbles, don’t deny it.”

“Well, I certainly have never cu…”

“Excuse me, wasn’t it you who called fuzzy a fat pink ball of sh…”

“Hey!” Buttercup and Brick both laughed. She glanced at him, ‘least he’s got a sense of humor, bit more of a foul-mouth then me but hey, who cares.’

“Alright, you can sit with us but no funny st…” –CRASH- She was interrupted by a loud crash coming from outside, the three sisters looked at each other and ran outside, Brick looked for his two brothers and motioned for them to join the rest.

There was some huge monster attacking the city, ‘what, it’s been years since something this major happened. Damn’ The girls turned to Brick and his brothers.

“Do not interfere.” Buttercup said fiercely.

“Fine, do as you wish.” Brick said. The three girls launched themselves toward the monster.

‘You were right brother; she is cute when she’s mad.’ Boomer.

‘Yeah, so it’s really her, are you sure?’ Butch.

‘I’m sure brothers, so you know what we have to do. And you know what’ll happen should we fail.

End Chapter Two

Forgive me; I haven’t seen to many recent episodes, last one I remember with the RRB in it was when the PPG kissed them.
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Postby Akaine » Sun Jan 29, 2006 2:55 pm

I like it so far^^
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries

Postby Keeper » Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:37 pm

I like the work you've put into the story. Keep it up and it's okay if you've missed the other episodes with the RRBs in it. Not really much you know.

[spoiler]They return months later more evil and immune to the PPGs' kiss. Him was the one who revived them. Though after a few more episodes, no one really knew what happened to them then.[/spoiler]
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Postby Akaine » Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:44 pm

I really like it- I say again, and love the details^^
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries

Postby Cinful » Sun Jan 29, 2006 8:37 pm

Tnx, hmm, I guess it wasn't to vital to see more RRB episodes then, hmm, tnx though. I'm actually getting ideas for what happens in the next chapter. Btw, I've got some fanfictions, on other shows (actually there's only two other shows), should i post them, they're for Invader Zim, and 2 for Digimon (though one of the Digimon ones is a little more fitted for a mature audience.) Anyways, thanks again ^_^
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries

Postby Keeper » Sun Jan 29, 2006 8:43 pm

I like to see them. :)

Just make sure to put them in this thread. The forum has a rule about having more topics about a person's art. Either it be writing or regular artwork.
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries

Postby Cinful » Sun Jan 29, 2006 11:18 pm

Well I was gonna ask that, but i guess you already answered that. I guess i'll just make a new post for each story and edit the others when i get a new chapter. Btw, tonight, i'm on the verge of finishing my Digimon story, it's my Best and most tradgic work i've ever written. I'll post some later.
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries

Postby Keeper » Sun Jan 29, 2006 11:19 pm

Looking forward to it. ^_^
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries / (Digimon Fic) Desire

Postby Cinful » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:52 am


Episode One – Job Offer

It begins at the middle story of a newly built apartment building inside a messy apartment with clothes and other assorted....things strewn around, only the Kitchen remained clean. The clock, setting on the mantel aside the TV, read 2:37 in bright green letters, all the while a loud monstrous sound came from the back room. Inside the room a messy desk with a computer, papers, an astray, and a pack of cigarettes on it were cluttered with dishes and clothes. Then the source of the monstrous sound rolled over, a few locks of burgundy, brown hair was all that was seen.

Suddenly the silence and serenity of the apartment was interrupted by the ringing of a phone. An arm emerged from the endless pit of covers and smacked the poor alarm clock across the room, the ringing continued, a cell phone soon joined the clock, the ringing continued. "ARG, DAMNIT!" The person under the pit of covers sat up and began to search under the clothes using the phone line. After awhile of pulling his target was in site, he picked the corded phone up to him, he lay back down, disgusted with it for waking him up. He answered it, irritated "WHAT!"

"Excuse me!" A stern female voice answered. He shot up, immediately awake.

"Err, I uh, mean, Hello, Daisuke Motomiya residence, Daisuke speaking!" His pushed out in record time.

"That's better."

"Heh, what's up, Mom?" Davis asked as he stood up out of bed, knowing he wouldn't get back to sleep now.

"Nothing much around here, your father got some time off for a small vacation. How about you, how’s your new apartment?

“It’s great, I love it!”

“I’m, you deserved it, you graduated in the top five in your class. Took you long enough to get those grades, too.”

“What can I say, when you help to save the world and all eyes are on you and your friends it drives you to do better at everything. That’s also why mine and Ken’s games after that were always ties.” Daisuke Smirked.

“So do you have a job yet?" Davis stopped in his tracks.

"So a vacation huh, where to?" He laughed sheepishly.

"Don't avoid it, it doesn’t matter though, I already knew."

"Then why'd you ask?" He asked dryly, with an annoyed look on his face..

"I’m just keeping you on your toes." He mocked the words silently, while picking up a shirt. "In fact that's why I called."

"Really," Davis asked sarcastically, smelling the shirt for safety and quickly tossing it away with a revolted look, “how's that?"

"Yesterday I got a call from a man, offering you a job." He picked up another shirt, satisfied with its safety he kept it and went in search of pants and boxers.

"What kind of job?" He asked more interested. With his set of clothes he exited the room setting them of the counter and opening the fridge.

"I don't know, he wouldn't tell me, he said he was only allowed to tell you because it's classified." Davis raised an eyebrow.

"Really, interesting, did he leave a number?"

"Yeah, let me find it." While he was waiting he changed out of his t-shirt and boxers to a semi-clean tank-top, boxers and shorts.

“I finally get offered a job and you lose the damn number, thanks mom.”

“Very funny Daisuke and watch you’re language.”


"Its fine, you ready?" She asked.

"Yes, go ahead." He said clicking the pen end.

"Ok, it's 421-559-1540, his name's Michael Ryland."

"Alright, thanks, anything else you need?"

"I don't think so. I guess I'll talk to you later, I love you."

"You, too, bye."

"Bye." Davis clicked the phone off and set it on the table. He then stared at the piece of paper for a few moments thinking.

"Ryland, huh? I wonder who the hell you are." He set the slip of paper next to the phone and walked to the living room, throwing all the clothes in a laundry basket and putting it on top of the washer. Returning to the living room he lean down on the floor, extending him arms out for support and extending his legs afterwards. Removing one arm he placed it on his back and began.

Five minutes later after switching arms he stood up and wiped the sweat from his forehead, then continued. After doing a few more routines he had finished. Grabbing what he'd hoped was a clean towel he enter the bathroom and removed his clothes turning the radio on and stepping in the shower. Turning the knobs the water escaped the shower-head. "AHH!" he immediately hugged the wall, "GODDAMN THAT'S COLD!!!" As the water warmed up he leaned back into it and began to shower himself.

After he finished he turned the water off and stepped out, wrapping himself in a towel he wiped the mirror and fixed himself up for the day. He'd grown up quite a lot since the last we've seen him last, his hair is much less crazy. His hair was very short in the back and ever shorter in the front. He'd gotten a bit taller too and since he began working out he looked damn good. Walking into his room, towel around his waist, he found the clean pair of jean and plain white button-up he could find and dropped his towel, putting his underclothes on first he put the tank -top on then the button-up on, but left it open.

Walking out of the room he grabbed his key and wallet from the near-by table. Exiting the apartment he closed the door and locked it behind him. He took the lift down the first garage level and walked to his car.

It was a black Nissan Silvia. The car was lowered to the ground, unseen to the daylight traffic it also held red neon’s on the bottom of it. The tail-lights were black except for three small circles letting the brake and reverse lights break free, the front lights were covered black with a small red tinted slit that let the light out. The design on the back windshield also matched the trend of red; also joining it was the hood design. The black body kit gave it more of an edged look to it, as did the 18’’ rims. On the inside he leather and a larger Pioneer CD player along with three subs and two kickers behind the seats. Using his keyless entry, he unlocked the car and started it. Opening the door he put the key in the ignition and turned it, releasing the auto-start. Putting a mix CD in he flipped a switch, turning the subs on and shifting the gear he backed out. Shifting upward he headed for the exit as the speakers boomed. He saw the clock.

"Damn, I'm late." He pulled into traffic quickly.

On the other side of town

"He's late...again..." Yolie tapped her foot impatiently.

"He'll be here, baby, don't worry." Ken said, Yolie melting in his eyes, then quickly regaining composure.

"Oh don't baby me, he's been late every single time we've met in the past two months, he always says he overslept, so each time we make it later and later, its 3 o'clock in the fucking afternoon!! You know he’s just trying to piss me off!" Yolie ranted.

“Yes, Daisuke is out to piss you off, everyday he wakes up thinking, “how am I going to piss off Yolie,” do you really believe that? And you used the f-word again.”

“Damn,” she pulled a dollar bill out and handed it to Cody, who smiled at the extra income Yolie provided from the bet she made. “Still I know he isn’t out to get me, but my God, it is getting ridiculous, no?”

“True, but hey, we all have faults, right?” Yolie sighed, rolled her eyes and finally agreed with Ken, knowing he was right. Ken looked over his friends with a smile, which quickly faded, once he caught glimpse of Kari and Takeru, kissing.

"I really wish you'd tell him, it wouldn't be nearly as bad, rather then finding out from someone else you know." Ken said pretty annoyed.

"You really know how to ruin a mood." Kari pouted.

"I tell him that all the time." Yolie announced playfully.

"Ye- HEY!" The others laughed.

"But seriously, I don't like keeping secrets, especially not to Daisuke, the only reason I haven't told him is because it would be best coming from you, but three months, come on guys."

"I know, I know, I just can't stand to hurt my friends and he’s my best friend."

"Mine to and I know it'd hurt more if he found out from either seeing you two out together or hearing it from someone and I think you know that too."

"I wi-" She was interrupted as she heard his car pull up.

"I will, just not today, I want today to be a day of fun.......as friends." Davis walked in and after spotting them he walked over and sat down.

"So, what's your excuse this time? Overslept, Forgot?" Yolie questioned with a smirk knowing he didn't have one.

"No, I got a phone call that took a little longer than expected."

"From who?"

"My Mom, a guy called there to offer me a job." Davis proudly, although he knew he'd spend the entire time trying to prove he was offered a job. At first he hated the under-minding they did, but he'd gotten used to it after all, Tai got a lot of heat too, he figured it was just an anti-leader complex they all had or something.

"Someone offered you a job?" Yolie asked.

"Yes, is that so hard to believe?"

"Yes." A huge sweat drop formed on his forehead.

"Notice there was absolutely no hesitation when she answered, but yes."

"What kind of job?" Tk asked.

"I don't know, he wouldn't tell her, said it was classified, he could only explain it to me and I still haven't called him yet."

"Classified? Weird, I wonder what it is." Kari said.

"Dunno, but enough about that, I’m hungry and since we’re out together, I GET TO DRINK!” Everyone laughed at Daisuke’s antics.

After another couple of hours they had finally decided it was probably time to go. Davis was the last out, looked up, the sky was dark, it was about to rain. He hurried to his car; he hated driving it in the rain, at the sign of the slightest drop of water it would hydroplane.

"See ya'll Friday, right?"

"Yeah, just be on time." Yolie yelled getting in Ken’s truck with him.

He had just barely made it home before it began to pour down raining. He was thankful for that, too. After he was off the lift and walking towards his apartment, he began to think about the Job he was offered. He unlocked the door and walked in, turning the lights on he decided to wait to make the call until later so that he could clean, it was a friggin' mess, so that's what he spent the rest of his afternoon on.

Five hours and 12 trash bags later...

He had just finished, he opened the refrigerator and pulled a bottle of imported Corona Extra. Opening it he took a sip, half-way through he saw that little slip of paper. He finished his sip and picked the slip up and set the drink down, trading it for the phone. Davis dialed the number. It rang......

"United Nations Office, what's the name or extension?" The operator said.

'United Nations?' "I'm Daisuke Motomiya, I-"

"Mr. Ryland is expecting your call sir, one moment, please."

"Uh, alright." The phone began to ring once again.

"Ah, Mr. Motomiya, I've been waiting for your call."

"Yeah, so what's all this about?"

"I'd like to offer you a job with us."

"In the United Nations?" Davis asked.

"Technically yes, technically no. I would need to speak in person about those details, but I can say the pay is extremely good, at least $150k a year increasing the longer you stay and the relocation processes are quite easy."

"I see, but what wou- wait, relocation? Where would I be based at?"

"Depending, it’d require a lot of moving around, but it would most likely be in China and The United States, among others.

"What, but, that's........far."

"Yes, because of your already well-known status in Tokyo, Odaiba, and other close districts, you wouldn't have much use that close to home."

"Then I'm afraid I'll have to respectfully…,” he thought for a second. “...think about it."

"Well, I can respect that, no matter when, give me a call."

"Alright, will do." Davis clicked the phone off and sat down at a stool.


Three days later

All of the Chosen, old and new were told to come to this get together. Even Mimi had come to stay for a few days to come to this one. It was a fine Japanese restaurant. Everyone was there; the entire restaurant had been rented out for this night. Three hours had already passed; they were still laughing and carrying on. Finally Ken remembered about Davis' job proposal.

"Oh, hey Davis!" Ken yelled over the table.

"Yoooooo?” They were all apparently slightly drunk.

"What's up with that job offer you told us about?" Everyone quieted down.

"What job offer?" Tai asked.

"Davis was offered a job the other day, but that's all we know." Yolie said.

“He was offered a job?” Matt asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, weird, huh?”

"So?" Ken pressed.

"It was bullshite, I told them no.” Ken looked at him; know the look on his face was the one of when he was lying.

“So what was it for?” Kari asked.

“I don’t remember something about business director.” He laughed and rubbed his head with embarrassment. The topic changed as the fun continued.

Soon it came to be time to leave, grabbing his jacket Davis stood up as did Tai at the same time, the others followed. Davis paid his part and followed the others out. He pulled a box out once he was in the outside night and lit a cigarette he had pulled from the box. He entered his truck after saying his good-bye and getting the, it's not too late to quit lecture, from Ken, again and that he wanted to talk to him.

The next day

Davis had woken up earlier than usual and made his own breakfast for once. After eating he put the dishes away and headed to his workout space and began his workout. He worked out until he couldn't go any longer and collapsed. Pulling himself up he quickly made it over to the couch and sat down to rest. He spent most of the doing some stuff around the house. He’d finally gotten bored enough to pick up his keys and go see if there was a good movie tonight.

He started the car and backed out of the parking spot and drove up into the normally dark, but currently bright lit, night as he headed toward the Wanza Ariake Bay Mall. He pulled in the closest available parking spot and turned the car off and stepped out, setting the alarm as he walked away. He opened the door and let the girls behind him in first, then went inside himself. He checked his watch; the movie he wanted to see didn’t start for another twenty minutes. He decided to walk around for awhile; he checked the normal places on his way to the theater.

Finally after picking up a few things he headed toward the theater. He got within twenty feet of the entrance when he saw them and ducked out of the way. ‘Whoa, calm down, they’re good friends. They’re probably just here to see the new action movie........Alone?’ He stood up and looked for them, he saw them and froze. Their lips were locked; he dropped what he’d bought. Kari opened her eyes to look at the person she was kissing, something caught her attention, it was Davis. She gasped as she removed herself from the kiss, Tk was curious and followed her gaze, he saw Davis and he saw the hurt on his face, but before the two could react it happened he backed up then he turned and ran.

“DAVIS WAIT!” Tk grabbed her.

“Just let him go.”


“What would you do?! If you did manage to catch up to the once lead soccer player at our old school, what would you do?! He wouldn’t listen to what you said anyway. Just let me take you home and let him sleep on it, he’ll be calmer in the morning.”

“You’re right........I hope.”
End Episode 1

Episode 2 – Heartbreak

Daisuke ran past people, hitting some, missing others, not even caring. Anger held in his eyes, also there was sadness, hurt, but anger reigned superior over them. Tears threatened his eyes, but he desperately fought them away. Busting through the doors he ran with no bars held, he didn’t bother even thinking to go to his car, he just wanted to get as far a he could, no matter where, just as long as it was away from.........NO, he wouldn’t even think about it. The fire burned even brighter, his legs wanted to give out, but his adrenaline prevented that message from going through. He hadn’t realized he had gone as far as to be in the middle of Yakuzan Territory. His adrenaline had finally run ragged and he had to stop.
“WHAT THE FUCK!?” He yelled in frustration and anger.
“Who are you? What you are doing, you aren’t allowed here!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t...” His eyes caught a glimpse of something on the wall where the light had shined, he knew his mistake. A sign read Aomi South Pier Park. ‘Shit this is Yakuza gun smuggling territory center, what have I gotten myself into? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!’
“Look, I didn’t see anything, just point me to the way to get out of here and I’ll be on my way.”
“You’re a cop, aren’t you?” The man pulled a gun, Daisuke’s eyes went wide, not out of fear as much as his insight of what would happen after that gun was fired, if it fired, every person in a 3 block radius would be on his ass.’
He jumped forward, he felt something crunch underneath his foot as he pushed off from the man’s chest, sending both tumbling, but he caught himself the other man didn’t. He watched slowly after he heard it, time seemed to slow for him; seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours. Daisuke saw the reverb from the man’s drop, the fall’s reaction, the tightening of his muscles and the firing of the gun. He followed the freshly fired bullet and, for a moment, time stopped. He saw it coming; his mind worked too slowly, his body too slow everything was too slow. Suddenly in a flash it was back to normal and Daisuke had rolled only inflicting a flesh wound, but the result was the same either way, he could already hear the running footsteps. Before his mind could even tell them to, his arms were pushing him up and his legs were starting for another uphill sprint.
He knew his legs were in major protest, but if he didn’t get out of there he knew he wouldn’t see the sunrise. His shoes lost grip as he skidded coming through the corner, he pushed himself up and pressed himself even harder. His heart skipped a beat, there was a road, passers by in abundance, what he didn’t see were his pursuers, but could he hear them, they were there not far behind. He made mad dash for the road, he was within distance…he heard a deafening screech, bats? No. He saw the lights, they reflected off his eyes, he didn’t see the back road and he hadn’t even noticed the change in texture of grass to gravel. He stared like a deer in headlights, nothing worked. ‘MOVE GODDAMNIT! YOU’VE LISTENED TO ME UP UNTIL NOW, FUCKING MOVE!’ He begged his legs, again he could see as it came, inch by inch, although to all others it was a car still flying at 85 mph or more. It was no less the a yard away, yet it still looked as thought it would be minutes before it hit, in a flash he was on the ground, his legs had finally taken the advice and the van came to a hurdling stop and the driver jumped out quickly.
“HEY! Are you alright?” The driver asked. Daisuke paid no attention to the question, just the driver. He knew that voice, knew what was coming, he still couldn’t decide to punch the shit out of Tk or ask for help.
“Wait, Davis??!!” Tk was immediately at his side, and saw the blood. “That’s not from a fall, what the hell happened!?”
“It doesn’t matter; we’ve got to get out of here NOW!”
“Just help me up, damnit.” Tk obliged and helped Daisuke into the van. Both of them saw about 6 or 7 figures running up, knowing Daisuke never to run from anything he couldn’t handle, Tk floored it.
They in silence, Tk watching the road glancing to Daisuke every little while or so, seeing if he could get any explanation, even if only a crappy one. He needed to know something! Daisuke just brooded and every little while glanced to Tk only resulting in igniting his fierily anger even more.
“Will you please just at least say something? Anything!”
“............”Daisuke stared forward.
“Please?” Tk begged.
“Anything...” Daisuke mocked, not breaking his forward gaze.
“Damnit, I just want to know who you were running from you, I’m worried.” Tk said glancing from the road to Daisuke and back while he drove.
“I’m fine, fuck you very much.”
“Come on, I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Tk instantly regretted saying that. Daisuke broke his gaze, Tk saw he had the most disgusted look on his face.
“BULLSHIT! That is bullshit, if you wanted to not see me hurt you wouldn’t have gone behind my fucking back, you don’t wanna see me get hurt? What, DOES HEARTBREAK NOT COUNT YOU MISRABLE SHIT?...STOP THE CAR.”
“Because if I hit you we’ll crash!” Daisuke was pissed.
“Look, Davis, it not what you-” Daisuke cut him off.
“Don’t give me any excuses, don’t feed me that crap! If you want to make me feel better take me to my truck and don’t say one damn word regarding anything, not matter what. Except how long?”
“............” Tk didn’t look at him, he got the picture.
“That more than enough information.” Tk opened his mouth to talk, “don’t talk to me.” He said it calm-like, emotionless, “just drive.”
“He didn’t talk to me once after that and if I attempted to even try he gave me a death glare that would make even Myotismon think twice. He was deadly, the second we pulled into the parking lot he got out of my car and into his. He squealed his tires trying to get out of there so fast.” Tk.
“Did you try to explain it to him?” Kari asked hopeful.
“Like I said if I opened my mouth he gave me a look that said ‘say anything and I’ll kill you.’” Tk replayed every scene in his head.
“Maybe we should let him cool down.” Sora said.
“I don’t mean to be a downer, but time won’t help anything, he’s basically a replica of Tai when it comes to these things, not to bright and extremely stubborn.” Matt said.
“Excuse me?” Tai turned to look at his friend.
“Not. That it’s a bad thing, it’s just if you wait it won’t help, you just have to push your point. That you didn’t want to hurt him, just explain yourself.” Matt finished.
“He’s right, he may be stubborn, but if you tell him why you didn’t tell him he’ll listen, but if you don’t do it quickly, he might not.” Ken said. “You two need to figure it out though, not us.” Ken told them as he stood up and walked to the door, “he’s not as dumb as you think, tell him the truth, you might be surprised.”
“We never said he-”
“You didn’t have to; I have eyes, just trust him. Now, I’ve got to go.”
Davis sat at the edge of his bed. A loud rock/techno blasted through his apartment. He sat there, unmoving, inert, just staring at the motionless floor beneath him. The phone beside his bed flashed the number 6 in bright red, meaning 6 messages. He hadn’t even bothered to do anything after he’d enter the place, except turn the music on. The strange guitar riff and fast techno drums beat through the speakers; Davis was unfazed by the vibrations.
He stood up and walked to his desk, there was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter next to the computer. Pulling the small stick he lit it and exited to the balcony. He resumed his inert stare, only moving to put the stick in his mouth and remove it. He could still vaguely hear the music, but either way he paid it no mind to it. He thought about everything, friendships, rivalries, loves, crushes, but mostly it all came back to that kiss. No matter how much he tried to erase it, that damn kiss kept coming back.
He also thought about what was going to happen tomorrow, what he was going to say, what all the others would. Would they pity him? Would they laugh at him? Would they try to comfort him? He grimaced at all of these; he didn’t want to be pitied. Then he wondered how long they’d all know about it? Were there other things that they kept from him? These questions came too often and too great in complexity. He didn’t want to think about the answers to them, ever. He trusted them and believed them, but that one little tick in the back of his mind continued to bring up just one question.........what if?
It was getting to be too much for his brain, he thought he was about to crack, then it popped into his head, he’d completely forgotten about it. He looked all over for, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, everywhere. Eventually he found it and held it in his hands; it was a small slip of paper. On it, it read....
Michael Ryland U.N. - 421-559-1540
He slowly walked over to the phone. Contemplating what he should do. He decided. He knew he couldn’t stay in this city. He would come back some day, but he loved her, it was not something he could so easily get over and go back to being near her. Not anytime soon anyways. He dialed out......

[center]End Episode 2[/center]

Added after 5 minutes:

Damn, it screwed up chapter two, if any of you have probelems reading tell me and i'll repost, i'm too tired and sick to do it now, sry
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Postby GridsNaranek » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:54 am

Ooooh, a PPG fic and a Digimon fic. I'm working on ones for both, too ^_^
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Re: (PPG Fic) Black Cherries / (Digimon Fic) Desire

Postby Cinful » Tue Jan 31, 2006 9:38 am

Heh, i've actually got two more Digimon stories, (Desire is my only finished one 13 chapters + Epilogue) and an Invader Zim Story Which is i think a one-shot.
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Postby Akaine » Wed Feb 01, 2006 4:23 pm

I really like it! though I liked the ppf girls one better ^^'
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