A discourse on magic: Essays on the nature of the mystic.

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A discourse on magic: Essays on the nature of the mystic.

Postby Verec » Sat Nov 19, 2005 3:52 pm

These are excerpts of the collected works of a fourth circle mage, named James White. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is known not for his personal skill, or for any great power, but instead for his ability to explain the magical world to laymen. His published works, and to a lesser extent his unpublished works, have served to introduce a huge number of people to the nature of magic. In the anticipation of the release of his next title "The Powers of Other Worlds" the editors have combined his notes and other associated works to create this reading for your education. It is our hope that you will find these works as informative as we did.
Acknoleged assistance recieved from: Mrs Roth of California USA, Mr. Blood of Gothem USA, Mr. Higurashi of Tokyo Japan, and Aloysius Crumrin of Massachusets, the only member of the group willing to give his full name. Several more assistants to this project elected to remain completely annonymous.

This book and its contents are copyright James White 1983, 1985, 1889, 1990, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2001.

(This is an introduction and placeholder for a series of articles on the nature of magic, how it is used, where the power comes from, and other mystic questions. I will also adress several other isssues in passing. While not definative, it will be very nice.)
"I saw it, there, in the sewers...for just a second. All hunched over, skin pale white beneath those rags...so many rags. The vermin crawled about his feet like idolaters at worship, and I swear that the wind drew breath in a frightened gasp at his passing. He wore cold like a cloak and I swear that behind that smiling golden mask he was laughing at me as his curved blade rose and fell, cutting through my men. It left wounds filled with crystals of salt...the screams...the screams...and the pants....Gods! The Pants!!!"
-Captain Urtin, who salted and ate his former soldiers.
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Re: A discourse on magic: Essays on the nature of the mysti

Postby Material Defender » Sat Nov 19, 2005 3:58 pm

Good intro.
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Re: A discourse on magic: Essays on the nature of the mysti

Postby Fellguarde » Sat Nov 19, 2005 4:04 pm

Interesting. This reminds me of something I wrote on a different forum; Thaumaturgy: a Science.

Good luck with this. I’ll be following it.
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Postby Jay » Sun Nov 20, 2005 4:04 am

I do always like reading your little things like these Verec, quite interesting really :)
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Re: A discourse on magic: Essays on the nature of the mysti

Postby Mr. Noia » Sun Nov 20, 2005 5:07 am

It read very pleasantly, nice work.

Added after 2 minutes:

lol does this James White have anything to do with this? :P
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Postby Mortos » Sun Nov 20, 2005 11:55 am

Not bad.
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