Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

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Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby bob-dude » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:01 pm

Well, I'm back. Sort of, with newly betaed chapters! Afterwards then I'll go back to working on chapters and such.

[center]Reformation: Prologue[/center]

The sun was slowly rising on the northeast coast. Above a town a small hole was slowly opening, tearing though it like the sky was made of silk. It glowed a golden yellow with white shining from it like an aspiring hope; most normal mortals would be unable to see it with out a higher sixth sense. However this town was home to three abnormal beings in human form and little did they know the pain they would soon have to face and how grim both life and death could be in only seven days.

The town of Vickson, Ohio. It would not exactly be a backwater hick dump but at the same time the last thing it was going to become was the next Metropolis. With a population of about 500,000 people, five high schools and a local University, two malls, as well as a DMV and even a town statue at the center of the town right in front of the current mayor's office; Mary Wilkinsburg. It was quite impressive in its own right. It wasn't without its fair share of problems either. Crime, gangs, slums, and finance were problems that every city faced like the Black Plague and Vickson was no exception. The crime rate was temperate but it was still something the Vickson, Ohio police force had to contend with more and more, even a few times finding them self's overrun with the typical group thief's or crime spree. The chief of police Mike Mcyal had even recently asked for a raise in the police budget as things were strangely enough getting more and more out of hand each day.

The mayor herself was of French descent although she knew none of her homeland's language. Not one person in her family had ever had expressed any interest in politics at all so she had been the only one to stay from the norm. She was 40 years of age, although she would soon be 41 in March and despite her age was still quite naturally beautiful. She had been mayor for the past five years, a feat she was quite proud of. She loved her town even with all of it's impairments but still on the night of April 15, 2007 she went to bed with a foreboding feeling, a feeling of dread of some kind. She quickly brushed it aside and went to sleep as dreamland swallowed her whole sense of being.

Grim Jr let out a deep and tired sigh. Early 21 century life had never been easy and this was even more true when you were the aborted son of evil reincarnated and had she-devils for a wife and daughter. Fortunately for all of them his love of his life and former foe, Her had managed to find a way to shut up their daughter's second mind. He closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelieve. A split personality was a fairly stupid and over used idea but it still didn't change the reality of the situation. At least the other Rose would be less of headache to both him, his wife and of course his daughter. In truth Jr enjoyed his human identity of George Miguel Smith even more so then his wife did. The 40 some year old reaper always had wanted to live on earth and almost every day in the small Ohio town was at times a dream come true to him.

Still, work with Johan Tech, the company he worked for, was not the most lax company when it came to working. Now more so then ever with the deal they had managed to strike with CEO and Duel Monsters legend Seto Kaiba. Even someone of Jr's stature knew of the famous businessman's skill both in the office and in the game, Johan Tech had been very happy to have such a powerful company such as Kaiba Crop with them and because of so had started cracking down on everyone and anyone who worked for them. This was bad for everyone but Jr sucked it up anyways. The extra pay was a good an excuse as any plus his job wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.

At 12: 46 when he was about to go down to the buildings cafeteria when his black cell phone began to ring, fittingly enough the song that was played at funerals, his own personal joke of sorts that Jr had kept for over ten years for the more ironic side of sorts. Jr picked it up and turned it on.


"Jr sweetie." A voice said though the static but was none the less recognizable as his wife Her.

"Heather? Why are you calling?"

"Look out the window and I think you'll see what I mean." Jr arched an eyebrow up but did as his wife told him. No sooner did he get to an office window did his jaw drop a little from fear. The portal that had appeared in the middle of the night was now the size of a mini van and was glowing brighter then before. If any mortal could have seen the hole they odds are would not have know what to make of it but unfortunately Grim Jr knew exactly what was before his light blue and gray eyes. The pink color from his face blanched in seconds and he was as white as a sheet from fear.

"Where are you now?" Jr asked his wife with a hint of worry in his voice as it quavered a little uneasly.

"I'm at the house with Rose, Sadako, and Sakura. We'll wait for you before we talk about anything." Her replied coolly.

Jr nodded. It was times like these that he was glad he had marred her, although she had changed greatly in personality since they had first meet when they were kids she still had her hardcore tough as nails personality, something their daughter had never seen before, and her natural cool way of thinking made her ideal in wost case scenarios, which they unfortunately were in..

"I'll be there as fast as I can." he said and with that turned off his cell and put it back into his pants pocket. He then began to speed walk to the nearest elevator but was quickly stopped dead in his tracks by the voice of an old friend.

"George! Where's the fire?" A rugged, male voice boomed behind him. The Underworld prince mentally cringed to himself, off all the time why did HE have to show up now?

He slowly turned his head and forced a smile. "Harold my main man! What's up?" The man named Harold was a large man most of it from his muscles and brawny bulk. An equal large dark red golf shirt covered his wide shoulders. His bottom half was also buff with muscle and a pair of slacks covered his other half. Both Jr and Harold had meet 15 years ago when Jr, Her, and a newly born Rose had first come to Vickson Ohio to avoid some kind of crazed demon attacking the Underworld. Both men shared a love of sports of any kind and had quickly become good friends. Harold shrugged which made it look more like a rowing stroke if anything less.

"Not much", he replied. Just as Jr started to walk away Harold then said; "The boys and me were thinking of checking out early and going down to a bar and relive ourselves a little, was wondering if you could come with us."

"Normally I would but the wife and kid are sick with the flue." Jr hated lying to his best mortal friend like this but he knew he had no choice in the matter. "I have to get back home fairly quickly and any other time I'd be more then happy too but duty calls."

"Really? Sucks mate, hope they get better soon and tell Red I said hi." With that the wide man walked off leaving the son of death alone again. When he was sure that his best friend was gone Jr let out a deep sigh of relive. That had been too close for comfort. As he made his way to his car a ping of guilt rushed over him like a waterfall. He hated having to lie to Harold but right now he had larger things to worry about. The streets had proved far more clearer to drive though then they had in the morning and made it back to his house in about roughly 45 minutes. Slowly Jr opened the door and walked in and made his way to the living room.

His family lay before him. Rose was in her human form and both of them sat with their mothers, having no real idea what was going on. Sadako was in a sky blue dress which went all the way down to her legs. She turned her head and gave her former crush a perplexed look, she was as confused as her daughter and niece was. And then in the back of the living room sitting in a wicker chair was his lover and his wife Her. The devil women's red eyes were hardened and cold with a lack of fear. She was dressed in her Santa outfit which she most likely had changed into when she had brought their daughter home.

For a while no one said anything, Jr was first to speak up.

"So... no doubt you three are wondering what that hole in the sky is." he said at last.

"Dad I didn't even know there was anything going on, so mind telling us what's happening?" Rose asked in a confused tone. Both lovers eyed each other, pondering how to answer the question. "We'll give you the brevetted version. We have seven days to prepare an army for battle because on height of noon the 22 of April our town will have an entire army of angels to contend with."

There was only silence after the divulged and concise truth was put out in the open, Sadako was the first to recoil enough to ask, "Couldn't we just forestall them, strike them before they strike us?" Jr simply shook his head. "That's imposable, when an Alky Lai is shown then that means that the time of judgment is at hand, they can come to us but we're powerless to get to them. All and all the only thing we can do is concerted a strategy of some kind and ready our self’s for battle when the day comes."

Her then turned her head to Sadako and Sakura with a demurred look on her face, "I want both of you to go back to your apartment and gather anything you want, don't worry about the other important things, both Jr and I will let you live with us until we have this mess straightened up. And make it quick, time is of the essence."

Both mother and daughter gave a nod and wasted no time leaving the house, now only the daughter, mother and farther was left. As soon as they did Her turned to face Rose, "Rose same thing. Get anything from your room and get back to our time and wait for us in the center hall. The rest of us will be there shortly and if you see anyone tell them that an Alky Lai has been cast over our home, if you can't find anyone we'll take care of it." Rose did as she was told with out question and when she was finally gone her mother let out a deep sigh. When the sound of space and time being opened and closed came to their ears Jr deiced to try and comfort his wife.

"You were great my sexy Santa." Jr said as he kissed Her on the cheek bone. She gave a demure smile. "You haven't called me that pet name in years! Not to bad for something extemporaneously made if I do say so my self." she said as she returned her husband's gustier kiss, but on the lips.

"I can't believe that those pompous windbags have really gone and cast an Alky Lai on us..."

"Well the fact of the matter is they have. Now here is the game plan, you will go and try to get as many people out of the town as you can. I'll work on helping Dan and Kat get to safety and training Rose, she won't fight in the battle but we'll start with the basic of basic and work our way up after this battle is all said and done."

"So should you make the force field or should I?" Jr asked suddenly.

Her pondered for a moment. "Me. I'll make the force field and invisibility shield for the house." she said after thinking for a moment. After that there was only silence once again and neither said anything. It had been quite a long time since they had any time to just talk. In truth neither of them knew what to talk about for that matter as it had been that long since they had done the art of conversation. After appreciable amount of time had passed both Sadako and Sakura appeared with arms full of things, bags almost bursting at the seams.

With that Grim Jr ripped open a portal with his Nergal made scythe, which he had dubbed many years ago as the name Doom Hawk. He then stepped back and turned to his best friend, wife and godchild and said; "Ladies first." With that all three black haired women stepped in and Jr soon followed in after them. The portal closed with a slight sonic boom as it closed behind them. Leaving the small house bare once more.

The Reformation begins...
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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby bob-dude » Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:36 pm

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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:04 pm

Nice story, bob-dude! I will wait for your next!
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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby Kite_of_Ultimanum_Blades » Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:13 am

Hey wait a minute.....
This is from the story.....
Are you sure you're the one who wrote this...
I'm a member also and I've seen this before...
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Postby bob-dude » Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:15 pm

Well I AM also 1wilson1 AKA bob-dude(the sight wouldn't take the second so I went with the first) So there is NO ripping off of any kind here.
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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby Kite_of_Ultimanum_Blades » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:53 am

Well, okay.....
Whatever you say....
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Re: Bob-dude's LOF continuation: Three months after the resc

Postby bob-dude » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:57 pm

For your reading pleasure I have decided to post an English assignment I did in class on an extra chapter of the book Lord of the Flies. Don't like it then don't read it and just roll with me on the whole Piggy and Simon visiting Jack as ghosts bit OK? o.O

Three months after the rescue
The blank and slightly moldy white wall stared back at Ralph with an endless and aimless glare. As Ralph sat on his bed at the Howdzer Orphanage and began his morning as he normally did, reflecting about what had taken place in the past three months he went into his deep train of thought. The war had been over for quite some time, the battle that the polite had died in had in fact been the winning battle and to make a long war story short the ‘civilization’ as the boys had known it had in fact survived, although Ralph was now far more opened minded to the world then he had been at first since what had happened on the island that had held them prisoner for so many months. Most of the boy’s homes, towns and such had remained intact but their family’s had not been so lucky. Every boy on the island’s family members, except ironically enough for the boy with the birthmark, were all dead which Ralph, Jack and the other felt that maybe in retrospect that may have in fact been a good thing. They doubt they had the guts to face their parents with the acts of evil, madness, and insanity they had committed.

Jack had since arriving back in Great Britten been to multiple therapists and now was more or less under control thanks to his meds and was no long so killer happy, although Ralph from time to time heard him muttering an insane thought every now and then in the bathroom. The entire groups of little one’s had long since been adopted by other and in some cases better family’s and the only one’s that we’re left at the orphanage were Jack, Roger and Ralph. Roger had been to the same group of therapists that Jack had gone to but with far less success. The boy still had kept his love of killing and torturing living things and expressed no interests in giving them up. All of the nuns and priests that ran the building feared that Roger could one day become the next Hitler if he was ever given any sort of power or authority in the world a thought that personally scared Ralph to the bone. With a heavy sigh the boy that had once been chief on an island of boys got up and made his way outside. When he went to the back to the playground, which only had a tether ball with a very old and slightly rotten away ball and a pile of reeking rubber tiers to make a forte. When Ralph saw the ex leader of the hunters he wasn’t that surprised. Jack spent almost all of his free time with that pole, some times to releases any pent of hate or anger, other times as a way to release his stored up sorrow, misery, and most of all remorse, something that Roger had long since forgotten on purpose.


Jack stopped his smacking of the ball on string and turned his head to Ralph.


For a few moments neither boy said a thing. Jack had long since apologized for what had happened on the island and although neither of them could be called best friends both boys had gained a feeling of mutual respect for each other and had grown to a better understanding then what they had when they were on the island.
After a while Ralph spoke up and broke the ice, “So how’s the therapy going?”

“Well enough, a few more visits and they think I might finally be able to be up for adaptation.”

“That’s good to hear…” Both boys fell silence once more not sure of what to say seeing as how they had already talked about everything a boy their age could talk about and then some.

“Want to know who I see from time to time in the middle of the night?” Jack asked suddenly in an attempt to keep their conversation going.

“Who?” Ralph asked although he had a small idea who Jack was talking about.

“Piggy and Simon!” Jack replied with a wide grin on his face.

“Really? Wizard!” In truth Ralph didn’t have any problem believing Jack after what he and the rest of the boy’s had experienced he thought that anything was possible.

“Before you ship me off to the loony bin it’s totally true! Piggy’s real name was Joe and Simon… Well let’s just say that he’s now forgiven us but he is still a little sore about the mass killing him with sticks thing…” The last of Jack’s sentence trailed off but Ralph was more then willing to pick up the ball.

“Can’t blame the bloke really, anyone would be sore about being killing by a bunch of half crazed kids with sharpened wood when all he was doing was trying to open our eyes to the truth and we were too blinded by our own hate, fear, and anger.”

“He was the only one who was ever able to see the truth, Simon was special like that… He was creative, unique, and selfless to the very end…” Jack said in remorseful tone trying his beast to hid his tears and act manly like how he had on the island. He then gave a wide grin and decided to change their conversation.

“Here’s another thing you won’t believe! Apparently when you’re dead you can take on any size or shape you want so Piggy is really more of a Twiggy at this point?”

“Really? You’ll have to let me join in at some point!” Ralph said with a grin.

“You more then welcome too tonight Ralph, Twiggy and Simon both wants to talk with you for quite some time.” Jack said as the dinner bell began to ring it’s hallow sound signaling it was time for supper. Both boy raced each other to the door to see who would be first to eat and Ralph couldn’t help but smile. It would be nice to be able to see Simon and his noble and one real friend that had stuck by him until the bitter end on that slice of Hell that had been in the form of an island, the newly nicknamed Twiggy one last time before they moved on in the Afterlife.

So any thoughts on this thing, and to be fair I did write this in a little over an hour so sorry if it seems a little rushed. BTW if you have never read the book Lord of the Files then you really should, I for one loved it! Oh, I also do not own anyone in or even related to people from the book. End of story.
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Re: Bob-dude's LOF continuation: Three months after the resc

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:05 pm

Question about reading pleasure? I do enjoyed about this story! ^_^
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Postby bob-dude » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:37 pm

Which one? The LOF flies one or the GT one, and glade that you like them! I'd be more then happy to show you a peek into the the Rebirth saga of my GT story if you'd like.
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Postby Leon FlameBurst » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:38 pm

bob-dude wrote:Which one? The LOF flies one or the GT one, and glade that you like them! I'd be more then happy to show you a peek into the the Rebirth saga of my GT story if you'd like.

Sure, go ahead, I mostly visit here.
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Postby bob-dude » Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:07 pm

Glad you liked them!
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Postby Comic Kitten » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:30 pm

Wow you're a great writer!!! I love the stories!!! And the paper you wrote was very interesting too! Can't wait for more ;)
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Postby bob-dude » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:39 pm

Thank you deary! I learned from(one of the best) out there, Griddles.
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Rose was in her devil transformation and sat on a large blood red colored chair in one of the sitting rooms where her grandmother had told her to wait for her mother. The brown haired teen let out a deep sigh and the being began flinging her tail back and forth out of boredom. She was in a light purple tank top and a pair of faded jeans that she would now no longer be able to wear due to the huge hole caused from her tail. Why did her life have to be so confusing?

"Well the fact that you’re a spineless baby couldn't have anything to do with it." her other mental half said to her with an snicker. It took all of Rose's self control to jump up and yell back. Slowly she muttered knowing that the other Rose would be able to hear just fine, "Shut up. I'm not in the mood right now and I have a big enough of a headache as it is."

"You have a headache. YOU HAVE A HEADACHE!?" The other Rose yelled angrily causing the dominant one to wince and twitch in a great pain. Did she really have to yell so damn loud? "You think I LIKED spending the past twelve years of our life completely powerless and having to put up with your teenage girl crap 24/7? When I COULD have been gaining my own reputation, living up to our family's heritage and finding a husband of some kind."

As Rose stood up and began pacing to keep her mind off the loud ringing noise in her light orange skin colored skull she asked, "Why a husband at our age? We are only 15." She could hear the sneer in her other half's reply, "The sooner the better, and besides I thought you wanted Dan to be your husband."

This caused the dominate Rose to blush a little. In truth she didn't really want a husband at her age, maybe when she was a few hundred years older but at age 15? No way! And looking back Dan wouldn't make a good choice either, they were best friends and Rose just wanted then to stay that way. Her train of thought was interrupted by a snort from her other half. One of the large wooden doors swung open and Rose's far more attractive mother, Her, stepped in the room. She had on her signature twisted Santa outfit on and looked as deadly and as sexy as ever. The older she-devil's face was as emotionless as stone and even her radiant and natural shiny raven black hair seemed to suck any hoping from the atmosphere around her.

Silently Rose let gulped. "Coward." the other Rose muttered to herself. When Her had finished walking to her daughter and was only a few feet or so away from her so spoke, "Rose, you're both, odds are, wondering what you're father, myself and everyone else plan to do, seeing as how things have turned for the worst."

"Well yea, not like we have much less to worry about at this moment." said the other Rose dryly. Her ignored the comment and continued. "I'll try my best to summarize the plan in a nut shell. I will transport both you and I to an old friend of mine who will be willing to give us some of his ability's to replace the loss of your Nergal powers." The raven haired Santa clause wearing paused for a moment as her daughters more disrespectful half let out a whoop of joy at the idea of gaining more powers, a trait that reminded Her much of herself when she had only be a child before she had fallen in love. "After that the two-"

"Three." the other Rose corrected it was added.

"Three of us will work on getting the two of you back to the basic of the basics of your training. When the battle is over and done with and if we win then we will continue your training but the two of you will have to keep up with the school work."

No sooner did Her finish talking then the ruder Rose spoke up. "You said if mom, what happens if we lose?" The raven haired she devil turned to her daughter(s) and her faced turned a shade grim. "First off you will not be fighting if we can help it Rose, I am only going to teach you the basic of your powers so you'll at least be able to last out long enough for myself, your father or someone else to come in and save you." She waited for the other half of Rose's being to settle down at the thought of not being able to fight before continuing.

"We are not stupid Rose, we know when to give up and if the time comes when there is no other choice but to surrender then we'll surrender. Heaven only wants the town, not us. They want to free the town from our "evil influence" and are not afraid to kill for their beliefs either."

"But we’re not evil!" Rose shouted much to her (as well as her mother and other half's) surprise.

"Well of course we're not sweetie. You're father knows that all too well and I'll be blessed the day someone thinks of your aunt as "evil"" Her said dryly. "But the only thing an angel will most of the time ever see in you, especially one that fights devil and demons daily, will be either my reputation as a mass murdering angel slayer or how good your head will look as a trophy!"

Although at the mention of her past both Roses deiced it would be better if they kept their mouths shut for the time being.

"Grab my hand and don't let go no matter what Rose. I'll teleport the two of us to where HE is located and we can receive our powers together, think of this like shopping at the mall but we're getting new powers instead of cloths." Her commanded softly as she held out her slightly darker shade of orange, hand. With her own lighter colored, shaking like a leaf hand Rose grasped her mothers with hers and waited.

"It's not an automatic process Rose." She explained when she saw the baffled look on her daughters face. "It would normally be much quicker but that man lives so far away that this will take awhile and look down, it’s already started."

Rose did as her mother suggested and her eyes widened in wonder. Where the soles of their shoes and feet had been now stood a pink mist like substance that was slowly but surly making its way up the rest of their body's like an elevator of sorts. Rose's orange face lost all of its color and her mud brown hair turned a shade or so lighter. Even the black horns on her forehead seemed to lose their color from the fear. The sight of her petrified daughter caused Her to chuckle a little. The look on Rose's face was priceless.

"Calm down Rose." Her cooed as she brought her daughter closer and hugged her in comfort. "The mist is normal and you can expect to lose all five of your senses even before I'm ready to transport us. When that happens we'll be left with nothing but our eyes to communicate with our eyes and that's something you've never done before and I myself have not done in a LONG time."

"We can do that?" Rose asked in a perplexed voice.

"Well I can but like I said before I haven't done it since I fell in love with your father and truthfully I doubt you'll be able to do it very well if at all for your first time but I can teach you if you ever want to learn how, comes in handy I'll tell you that much right now!"

"Thanks mom..." Rose said in a soft tone as both she demons tightened their hug and wrapped each other's tails around their opposite owner causing her other half to almost puke from the mushiness.

"Mama's girl!" The other half said in a sneer.

"Shut up!" both mother and daughter said in unison causing the two to laugh together for the first time in a long while.


Will was in his stone made bedroom smiling and laughing slightly insanely to himself. The time to prove his worth would soon be at hand! He grew tired of fighting one virtual foe after another and this would give him the chance to show everyone what he was capable of, and this time there would not be any magic god like clowns to stop him!
"Soon cousin, thou shall see the mean of TRUE POWER!" The boy yelled causing the walls of his room to quaver a little.

"Tell me kid do you ALWAYS talk to your self?" A voice asked him from behind the shadows. Will looked up ready to kill whatever fool had just dared insult him when he saw three transparent people floating before him with wisp ends for tails in place of feet. A tanned muscular monk with out any sort of shirt on and dirt blond hair to the left, A raven jet black-haired man that had skin tone similar to Sakura or Sadako and wore blue armor and had a small back mustache right under his nose to the right and a powerful looking blade at his ghostly hip, the last person looked to be about a boy Will's own age that was covered from head to toe in dirt and had on the hid of many different animals on his body for clothing.

They looked oddly familiar for some reason, after a few moments of thinking Will's eyes widen with realization.

"Thou are three of the people that defeated the so-called "God" Kefka correct?" Will asked when he realized who the three before him were. The monk nodded. "That's right and I don't believe we ever got around to introduce ourselves. My name is Sabin Rene Figaro but everyone calls me Sabin for short."

The man in the blue armor then floated forward; "Thou may call me Cyan, Cyan Garamonde at thy service." he then gave a small bow and floated back to his original spot.

"Copy cat." Will muttered under his breath as he turned his head to the beast looking boy expecting to get his name as well but was thoroughly surprised by what he got instead.

" UWAAAAOOOOOOOOO!!" The animal like boy's screech was so loud it forced Will as well as Sabin and Cyan to cover their ears so their eardrums wouldn't blow up from the pain. Was the yelling really needed? After the boy's short but powerful yell was done with he said in a primitive tone, "Me Gau! Mr. Thee can call Gau... Gau!" The blond rolled his red eyes back. What an idiot!

"So why exactly have the three of thee come to see me? I take it you are here for more then just a simple hello?" Will ask with his eyebrows raised.

"Well... here's the thing kid." Sabin said. "We've all had hard lives and been though a lot when we were alive and we've been thinking we've earned a fancy sort of place to stay and..."

"In other words you want to see if I can give you're group a good word with my grandmother correct?" Will finished for the monk. The three world savers nodded. "I'll see what I can do, is that all?"

Cyan was the one to shake his head, "I am afraid not young Sir William. My friends and I know of the upcoming battle your family will face with the armies of Heaven and I and Sir Gau wish to give you the chance to learn our powers and aid from our guidance, in other words we wish to share your body and you will gain even MORE power then you all ready have! Dose that not seem appealing to you?"

Gau began to shake his head up and down like a mad man,when he was done, he said, "Will strong! Gau help strong funny speak boy!"

Will began to rub his chin and ponder the offer. The power of the Samurai and Beast, an interesting and deadly combination! "Very well then." The blond boy said. "I accept." With that both Cyan and Gau's sprites slowly morphed into a navy blue and hay yellow and floated into Will's body becoming one with his very being. The moment they did an ocean of emotions and memories overwhelmed the blond devil horn hair styled boy's senses almost driving him to the point of madness within only thirty seconds. Sorrow. Revenge. A burning hate. Rejection. An uncontrollable rage. The guilt of being powerless to save the life's of people he cared for. A faded picture of a small girl with a sketch book flash though Will's brain who seemed oddly familiar too him for some reason. Had he seen her on the cover of a magazine somewhere? His brief train of thought was broken as the emotions recycled themselves throughout Will's mind. Sorrow. Revenge. A burning hate. Rejection. An uncontrollable rage. Sorrow. Revenge. A burning hate. Rejection. An uncontrollable rage. The cycle went over and over until finally the range of emotions slowed down and ceased to be.

Will said nothing as his head was literally still spinning from the flood of feelings and even looked a little green around the gills.

Sabin let out a small chuckle of amusement from the look on the twelve year-olds face.

"Well seeing as how that went swimmingly I'll best be going and tell the others we have a new place to crash for a while. Going to rub it in those FF 7 losers faces big time!" With that the monk slowly began to fade away until he was gone from the room completely. The moment he did Will passed out on his large king size bed from his demon size headache. That power had better be worth it in the end.


As both Her and Rose shook of the last of the transporting mist from their bodies the two began their walk down a wide and all most endless stone covered hallway. Rose noticed as she looked from side to side that their way was lit by light blue neon flames with old looking arm bones of many different and monstrous looking animals to hold the torches. Rose shivered from the lack of eerie light and large amount of shadows that creped along the walls and tightened her grip on her mothers’ left hand. Why in the world would someone chose this for a place to live?
"Is the baby scared?" the other Rose asked in mock concern.

Rose only snarled in response, which her mother chose to ignore with more interesting thoughts of her own. "Yes I am!" Rose screamed mentally back to her other split half. "And I assume YOU'RE little Miss fearless then?"

However much to her surprise her other half let out a chuckle of laughter. "Me fearless? As if! I'll have you know there is something I fear quite greatly thank you very much!"

"What's that? Being put in your place for once?" Rose muttered under her breath out loud.

"No! I'll have you know I'm terrified of frogs thanks you very much!"

At this only the sound of feet hitting cobble stone and dim, flickering flames could be heard from the oddly cast peacefulness.

"You’re kidding, right?"

The empty silence in her head was Rose's only response.

"And you have the nerve to mock me?"

"Shut up! At least I try to live up too our heritage!"

Rose didn't reply and instead only rolled her eyes in disbelief. She then turned her head to her mother who had only kept her eyes down the seemly endless and every looming hallway.

"... So mom." Rose said trying to strike up a conversation of SOME kind so she would not have to continue to talk to her other half. "What kind of powers are we going to get exactly?"

"The powers of the Hunter, Rose." was her mother's only reply. The tone of her voice told Rose that she would no longer be gaining any answers any time soon. As both she-demons walked a dim light slowly came into view, Rose guessed that this light at the end of the tunnel would be where her mother's "friend" lived, however when the light came into better view what Rose saw surprised both her half's.

"It's an... altar?" Rose stated and blinked not sure if what she was seeing was real. Both Rose and Her where only a few feet way from the source of the light, a dead end. She turned her head to her more powerful and collected mother who only gave a stiff nod as an answer. The dead end was of different coloring then the rest of the old, gray stones that made up the hallway. A roughly three foot tall pillar stuck out of the wall and placed gently on it was a small brown wooden bowl with a thick, dark green, slimly, looking liquid that was filled half way(or emptied half way depending on your point of view). Behind the bowl was an alcove lit up brightly by many neon green candles that gave off a lucid green glow, almost giving the bowl and it's containments a sort of aura of sorts. As Rose stepped closer she could make out some kind of drawing carved into the wall, it took her brain a moment to see that it was a great bow and three arrows with, she assumed were in powered with a flame, a blot of lightening, and a block of ice. However the cave drawing was very faded and Rose knew that odds are, she may have been wrong about the arrows.

"Rose." Rose blinked; her mother’s hard voice had brought her back to realty.

"Yea Mom?" she asked as she turned her head to meet her mother’s cold, red blood eyes. Rose didn't have the guts to admit that her own mother scared her when she became like that, not even to herself.

"To contact my friend I need your help. I want you to morph your right hand into a claw and then lay the claw's tongue into the bowl and I will do the same but with my left, I won't lie to you; the liquid in that bowl is as you might or might not have guessed more then just water. Your grandfather made it so that only someone of his descent could summon that being, however this was before I showed any signs of betraying him and that can be used to our advantage." Her explained. "After we have both done that I will say the incantation needed to bring him to our aid. But I must warn you Rose this won't be for the faint of heart. No matter what happens you must not remove your claw tongue. No matter what!"

Rose nodded quickly as her mother finished talking and did as she was told, morphing her hand into her now far more familiar crab like claw. With her body shaking, Rose stepped forward lowered her right claw down to the bowl and slowly opened it up. Rose gave a small twitch as the damp air rushed into the demonic extra mouth and slowly she let her foot long pink tongue slither into the gross, green liquid. As soon as it torched the water Rose gave a small jump and let out a yelp that was no louder then a mouse's cry of help and shivered from head to toe. It was not only cold but tasted like someone had made a stew out of old filled up diapers and VERY moldy sweat socks. It took all of her will power to keep herself from barfing on the spot!

"Never said it was going to taste well did I?" Her stated as she stepped forward and did the same, save for the fact that Her was unflinching when she dropped her own claw's tongue into the mire slime liquid. "Now that you've done your part Rose it is time I did mine." With that Her began the preamble to the spell. The black haired she-demon's lips moved so fast that Rose was hardly able to keep up, let alone understand what her mother was saying.

"She's speaking devilish." The other Rose said in a know-it-all tone to her weaker half.

"She's speaking what?"

"Devilish." the other half repeated. "It's our own language next to English. What? You didn't think that EVERY devil spoke that mortal crap did you?"

Rose deiced not to answer her other half and simple stared at her mother's hastened lips, awed by the feeling of power radiating off them. As the Santa clause wearer spoke her spell both claw tongues began to glow a sinister visible dark brown aura at which Rose couldn't help but look at with an almost child like wonderment. Rose could feel her heart beat quicken with excitement as her mother finally spoke in English, "O being of the Hunt reincarnated. I the daughter of seduction and damnation as well as my own off spring of evil call upon thee to grant us your powers in our time of crises. O lord of the Hunt please here our prays."

Rose turned her head to her mother and gave her a questioning look as if to ask if she needed to do anything. Her only hissed a quick but powerful "no". A moment or so after the pray had been sent the green flames roared to life, increasing both the temperature and light around the two she-devils. A thick brown fog began to settle in the altar like pea soup and in seconds quickly took the form of a person, a male to be precise. The man was transparent but his more defining features could still be seen. He was a tall, darkly tanned man with a large H shape scar that dug deep across his face like a pit and had a wild looking mane of snow white hair that went out in every direction. Bellow his large and tick chin was a powerful mass of muscle covered by two bones like shoulder pads that somehow fit the man's massive frame. A long bone made neck less with a large demon like skull at the end. The man's eyes were a clear cut silver and they alone seemed to hold both a bloody and battle filled life. The man looked at the two females before him and asked in a powerful, commanding, and slightly echoing voice. "Daughter and Granddaughter of Him, for what reason has thee awoken me from my eternal slumber?"

"My family and I are in need of your powers Lord Hunter." Her said. As Rose glanced down at her mothers hand she saw that she had removed it from the bowl and turned it back into a normal hand. With a slight blush Rose did the same although the god of Hunting ignored her presence as he spoke. "It is true that I am indebted to both you and your father." The dark skinned god said. "Very well then speak your wish and if it is within my power I shall grant it."

"For myself I require the maximum amount of power your ability's have to offer." said Her "But my daughter on the other hand is a different matter. She has no real battle experience nor is she a natural of any sort. For her I request that you give her the basics of the basics of your power." The god of Hunting gave a small shift of a nod. With that he brought up his large, rock like hands and snapped both fingers at the same time, the moment upon doing so two brown aura flashes over came both Her and Rose and were gone in an instant. Rose looked at her left hand, then to the other. She felt the same as before, not even the slightest bit different. Had they really gain any sort of new power?

"To answer you're daughter's question." The Hunter god said suddenly as if he could read minds. "My powers are ones that are activated easer in battle then when your bodies are at their normal level. They can be controlled though concise will but not without a good bit of practice, the hardest part besides for the temptation they bring is mastering control. Your mother for instance has my powers at there highest potential which will allows her to turn her enemies into prey, one of my more basic powers. She also has far keener senses then even a Gravechill, being able to see every movement, feel any vibration in the air and smell things from great distance. Those with mine power can move in stealth and can change their forms into those of former preys, because you are both demons I doubt you should have any problems consuming them to gain the skin of a pray and be able to transform at a drop of a hat to avoid suspicion."

"You on the other hand Miss Rose Mary have far greater reduced powers, with senses sharper than what humans are capable of but less then a dogs. You will also need the time to practice being able to use my powers to the point when you can do so in your sleep and you must learn to increase them as well to increase your use of my powers as well. Even the most basic of beginner monsters and demons skins will take time too master and wear correctly and shake off the every growing temptation of never wanting to return to your true, sane self and remain a member of that species of demon for the rest of your days."

At this Rose gulped, not liking the sound of the possibility of becoming no more then an animal bent on killing and feasting.

"Is that all that you require of me?" The god of Hunt asked.

Her nodded. With a grave nod of his own the god of Hunt vanished in a swell of brown, tasteless smoke leaving only Her and Rose alone at the altar once more. The candles went back down to their original glow.

"Should have known, he never was one for saying thanks." Her mutter under her breath as she grabbed her daughters hand and being this time a faster process of traveling back home. As the pink mist began to enclose their very being Rose asked. "So why did that Hunter god know Gramps?" Her glanced over to her daughter. "I'll tell you latter when we get back, you may want to head back to your room and get as much sleep as you can. Your training starts first thing in the morning, well send a servant for you when its dinner time." Her said as the last of their bodies were sucked into the mist and transported back home, leaving the altar once more empty as a graveyard.

Latter Rose crashed her brown haired, black horned on her forehead noggin against her pillow in her bedroom after she had finished eating(Underworld food which she had at least now gain the power to eat somewhat with out puking it out afterwards) and let out a deep sigh. Maybe she needed a bath to calm herself down, not only was her mother going to start her training tomorrow but her own town was going to be the battle field for an all out war, her other half was very annoyed that they would not be fighting if it could be helped but was pleased that they were, as she had put it "living up to their heritage" and had been in a fairly good mode for the rest of the evening.

Because of so she had not bugged her weaker half for the rest of the evening allowing Rose some well need time of thought. Although her father had yet to return Rose truthful was not thinking much about him and was a little worried with her own life at the moment. Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted by a knock on the door. Before Rose could answer the door swung open and a woman walked in.

"Should have known it was you..." Rose muttered to the women weakly, tired from her "boding time' she had, had with her mother only a few hours earlier.
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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales continuation: Reformation

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:02 pm

Interessing chapter, took quite some time to finish reading!
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Postby bob-dude » Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:25 pm

Thanks! Took quite a long time to finish writing!
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Postby Iris » Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:15 pm

Nice update bob-dude, i like the interesting relationship between rose and "Her"
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Postby bob-dude » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:12 am

Thanks for reading it, and they ARE mother and daughter so what did you really think they had?(although Her's love is not without it's limits)
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:23 am

The scene opens up to a room in the capital of the Underworld castle. In one of its many bed rooms a small girl is sitting on her bed. She is hardly what one would call human. She has slightly dark orange skin, horns as black as her raven hair, a tail with a few small spikes on it and oddly enough on her body is something that greatly resembles a Santa Clause outfit of some sort, but with a soft and fluffy boa around her neck. She is a being of damnation know only as Her, the daughter of one of the most evil beings of all time. And her world has changed quite a bit over the last few days. Never in her wildest dreams would she ever have thought to have betrayed her farther to side with the enemy, and do it with the biggest fool in the whole Underworld to boot. Still... a thank you of some kind would only be polite, and that is exactly the problem.

Her's prov

I have been feared by demons and angels alike since I was in diapers, I am known to many as Crimson Death, the very essences of evil itself, yet here I am was and I can't even say thank you to that bone headed idiot of a prince. This is stupid! I have killed hundred of angels, had the guts to betray my own farther and tried to take over the very family's power I now lived with and now I can't even say something as simple as a thank you? With that I slowly rise from bed and leave my guest bedroom closing the door behind with my tail in an angry huff. The slamming of the door travels throughout the hallways and most of the castle. I plan my course of action as I walk down the foreboding hallways.

Hey bone head I never got around to saying thanks and- no that won't work. Jr I just wanted to thank you for- No, no, no, no, no! How hard can it be to say something as simple as thank you? Up ahead I can see two servants coming towards me. They both stop in their tracks as I send them a heartless death glare, the two waste no time running for their afterlives. As they run I let out a fit of laughter, causing pain to other is one of my favorite past times, humans being the most fun of all! As soon as they are out of my sight I continue to make my way down to HIS room, so many thoughts pass though my skull as I walk.

Why did that bone head suggest what he did after we almost fought each other to the brink of death so many times? Why did he work so hard when my farther had kidnapped me and tried to use me as his vessel even after I insulted his face and physically abused him so many times before then? And even now when here I am living in his house and being treated like royalty (not that I am complaining) and being waited on hand and foot, the question still haunts me. Why? It's not like I deserve any of this. And this is far too extreme for pity. Wait, no it couldn't be. It's impossible. That bone head Grim Jr couldn't possible have a... crush on me could he?

Great now I can feel my heart pumping more blood into my body, I'm getting closer to his room and I still haven't the slightest idea what I am going to say to him. I slow my pace down and try to change my mental subject. Needless to say when your entire reputation revolves around trying to boot a family out of power and suddenly you go to live with them it tends to cause a little controversy. One of the most annoying rumors going around is that I have the whole family seduced, as if that one eyed undead freak would EVER fall for me. Really now the ideas fools can come up with never ceases to astound me.

Jr is really the only one who has treated me with any kindness since I got here. Minnie just looks at me coldly with no remorse in her eye. I personally think she is just jealous that her brother is spending time with someone OTHER then her for once. Little bimbo bitch can't take a hint. Never will get why that bone head spends so much time with me, always taking me to the upper layers of hell, forcing me to watch him to that retread and confusing dance of his, half the time I can't help but think I was better off trying to kill him then live with him. I stop walking and I just stand there, for how long I don't know.

I'm at his door now all I have to do is knock on it and say thanks. Come on. COME ON! God bless it why can't I do this? I've been killing angelic bounty hunters since before I was potty trained and now I can't even say thank you to someone? This is just not my day, I came all this way and I'm not going back... Well for better or for worse the door is starting to open now so in a moment or two it won't matter much anyhow.

"Her? Is that you?"

No you moron it's Buffy the vampire slayer, of course it's me!

"Hey bone head."

"Hey, so... any reason why you came all the way down here?"

"Y-yes I just came to... came to..."

"Um... Her are you blushing?"

Crap. Am I blushing? I can feel my face growing in heat and I know I'm not sick so I must be... Like anything else can't go wrong this goes and happens. Forget the thank you; this should get my point across MUCH better.

"Her, what are you-meeem!"

That's right bone head you and I are kissing each other on the lips and I am not letting go until you get my point though that thick skull of yours! The least you could try to do is to stop moving so damn much and try to enjoy this kiss of ours. And don't think that even with my eyes closed that I can't tell that your lower half is trying to escape.


That's right Jr; my tail has an actual use unlike that stupid board with wheels on it you ride around on. You can try to move all you want but I won't let go until you get my point Grim Jr. Don't make me have to tighten my tail grip on you, you'd only make it harder for yourself then. I have to admit, for the only time you've kissed something that was related to you your not half bad a kisser. Alright, I think you get my point.


How cute. Your whole skull is bright red. Did I make the little baby blush? And you’re still trying to find the words to speak. Priceless.

"You...have better way to say thanks!"


Interesting. So you did mange to get my message. Maybe you’re not as big a bone head as I thought.

This was a one shot romance sort of thing I did out of boredom, sorry if it sucks.
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Postby Comic Kitten » Sun Mar 09, 2008 4:34 pm

I think it's good!
Althouth I don't think that most people think that much during a kiss :P
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Postby bob-dude » Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:10 pm

Yes but Her and Jr are not like most other people, now are they?
Paolini: Characters are born of necessity

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Re: Bob-dude's Grim tales one shot: I just wanted to say...

Postby bob-dude » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:17 am

Well I am taking a little brake from my Grim tales from down below continuation story, which along with When Worlds crossover will be on hold until I finish this and my other parody.

This idea which has been going though my mind for quite some time, is something I've deiced to try out. This is my first ever parody and it of the movie Shrek, which has been done to death yes but I do plan to give a good bit amount of originality for this story(such as added dialog) and such and I'll give a list of the cast at the end of the chapter. Keep the criticism low but don't feel afford to give me so good old fashion as well. With that let the story start

Chapter 1: A Demonic Tale

In darkness, a storybook was laid down. It opened almost as if by magic by itself, telling a story as a voice began to read it, turning the pages that showed the story’s pictures.

“‘Once upon a time there was a hansom prince. But he had an enchantment upon him of a fearful sort which could only be broken by love’s first kiss. He was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible ice-breathing dragon. Many brave female knights, magical girls, fan girls, and other heroines had attempted to free him from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed and all of them perished in the attempt. To this very day the prince has waited in the dragon's keep in the highest room of the tallest tower for his true love and true love's first kiss…’”

At this a rude and boorish female voice broke though the magic and wonderment of the story like a hot knife though butter. "Oh please! Like that sort of crap happens in real life! Get real." With that a run down sack of a house appeared to be home the source of the rude voice. The pink paint had long since peeled off the wooden shelter and most of the wood was either rotten away by erosion or termites and the roof was clearly on its last legs. Then suddenly the ancient and falling apart door opened up the show the just who in their right mind would own such a dump let alone live in it on a daily bases.

The owner was of the female gender but she was hardly what one could call human. She was humanoid in shape and had human enough hair, which was a shinny raven black color. And her eyes a deep but still lovely crimson blood red. However these were few of the human similarity's about this 18 year old woman. What made her different from most mortals was the fact that her skin was a Orange reddish color that leaned a little towards the first, hardly what one would call a normal skin tone. The other thing that made this woman different was her pointed elf like ears, the spiked ended and slightly scaly tail, as well as the two very sharp and pointy horns that rested on the side of her head near her pointed ears. This woman also wore a Santa outfit every day of the week all year around as well as a fluffy white boa and bra to match said boa. (she of course had more the one of her same and only outfit as well as extra underwear) Her legs were protected by two slender pure black high heel booties that went almost all the way up to her knees and she had a nice but none the less attractive bosom.

This demonic beauty (only by her own races standards) name was Her, the daughter of Him. Although she really referred to herself as Heather simple because it was less confusing on and saved the demonic 30 year old plenty of headaches. Her mother had been a mortal when went by the name of Sedusa (whom had a less then impressive reputation in her village as the village slut) and her farther Him, Townsville most evil of all evil had been killed by an powerful angelic bounty hunter weeks before his daughters birth.

Needless to say being born a devil in a medieval themed type of society was not the best of living conditions to be raised in and when you’re the daughter of one of the most well known devils of all time, then its even worse. Due to her heritage the young devil child's first few years in the world were spent either being tormented by kids older then her or adults of her village when or if they were drunk, half her time was spent either running from the harassment or fighting back with cheap illusions to scare off the people who tormented the little devil child daily.

To make matters worse when Heather was only three an angry mob (most of them either drunk, religious or a rare combination of the two) came to the home of the mother and she-devil. Sedusa was killed in front of Her's eyes by a stake in the heart and the small cottage and every thing the mother and daughter had own had been burned down to the ground. Heather had managed to escape the mob and by some fluke had managed to find an recently abandoned house that had once belonged to a demon magician from the Underworld. She had then claimed the place as there was no one living in it and the area around it as her own and for the past 20 some years it had been home.

As the devil women looked around at her own personal slice of hell she couldn't help but smirk. The land around Heather's home was the color of volcanic shoot and had random pools of hellish lava and magma were spread around the hellhole almost like Swiss cheese or a sponge. Large hickory oak trees sprouted out of the dead like earth like pimples on a teenager's face.

It wasn't much of a home but one it suited Her's need well enough. As Her started daily schedule the song All star began to play, something that happened in her home every single morning but Her had yet to find out where that damn voice was coming from.

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed

She was lookin' kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb

In the shape of an "L" on her forehead


The years start comin' and they don't stop comin'

Fed to the rules and hit the ground runnin'

Didn't make sense not to live for fun

Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb

As Her was near in one of the lava pools she took off her cloths, placed them in a neat pile and took a long, slow soak in the hellish liquid and allowed her body to relax and unwind.

Helena Bonham Carter as Her AKA Heather

So much to do, so much to see

So what's wrong with takin' the backstreets?

You'll never know if you don't go

You'll never shine if you don't glow

After cleaning her outer body Heather then got her long since worn out toothbrush which still had a few brush left on it and a used tube to tooth paste that the devil women had manged to pillaged from the village that she had been born in. She then squeezed the tube's contents on the brush and began to brush her teeth, when she finished and rinsed out her mouth she gave the glass mirror (also stolen) a demonic glare. The glass shattered almost instantly from fear.

Tara strong as Cupcake

Hey, now You're an all-star
Get your game on, go play
Hey, now You're a rock star
Get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shootin' stars break the mold

Once Her dressed herself and slipped her boots back on she turned to the main pool of lava and held out a hand. Slowly a mixture of black and purple particles began to gather in her hand, turning into a fireball. When the heated orb was roughly the size of baseball the devil women shot the ball of flame at the pound of liquid heat.

"Death Flare!"

Three small fireball's shot from Her's hand and hit the lava with a powerful reaction killing all the fish in there with the burnt of the blast. At this little stunt of her devil magic Her smirked to herself.

Elijah Wood as Grim Jr

It's a cool place and they say it gets colder
You're bundled up now but wait 'til you get older
But the meteor men beg to differ
Judging by the hole in the satellite picture

Her then got out a old bucket of paint and a newly stolen paint brush.

Rachael MacFarlane as princess Mindy

Picking up a piece of bark roughly the size of a basketball backboard the she devil then began to crudely paint the word's KEEP OUT with a crappy picture of her head. She then placed the warning sign a good few dozen or so feet away from her house. When she stepped back to admire her handiwork she gave a small almost child like grin. With that she went back to her house to start her dinner for only herself and her daily wait for the morons of her village to come and try to "expel her damning existence from the world". In other words the usual.

The ice we skate is getting pretty thin The waters getting warm so you might as well swim
My world's on fire how about yours
That's the way I like it and I never get bored

In a nearby pub, an angry mob of men pour out of the doors, lead by their town preacher. All of them had crosses and their Bibles with them as well as pitch forks and torches’s and even the rare sword or musket. They had made a plan to get rid of a certain hellish daughter of Him, this time once and for all as they had tried to do so many times in the past. The major difference was that they had holy water with them so the men thought they stood a good chance as any.

Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

With their torches lit the townsmen make their way into the hellish plane of existence, ready and crazy enough to think that they could take the daughter of Him on in a fair fight. Just as Her finished her dinner of roasted Killbeast the sound of the mob pierced Heather's demonic elf like ears that responded with a simultaneous twitch. The devil woman let out a annoyed sigh, rolled her lovely red eyes and got up from her table.

"Why is it always when I'm about to eat or in the middle of eating?" Her muttered to herself as she made herself invisible and then teleported to where the mob was. Said mob was right outside Heather's home. Keeping quite as to not to let the spawn of damnation know that they were there. They were completely unaware that Her was right behind them, still invisible as to surprise them when the time came.

"Is she in there?" a concern man asked who was new to demon hunting but none the less wanted to protect his village from harm. The other man he was speaking to nodded. The first man smirked and steps forward. "Let's get her!"

At this the preacher, who was slightly chubby but not exactly fat put both his hands on the newcomer’s shoulders.

"Art thou mad man?" The preacher asked him as if he suggested attacking Her with cotton balls and soap bars. "Are thou ignorant of what fate will befall thee if that girl of damnation is to corner you?"

At this Her snorted and took the child part as an insult. She was 25 years old for crying out loud, the nerve of a devil of her stature being called a child, a girl!

"Yeah! She's use her Nullify Blaster to rip your body part atom by atom!" another member of the all male mob stated. At this Heather smacked her face with her left hand and let out a small painful moan. These redneck idiots were getting her magical powers mixed up with a gynoid's, something made of science for crying out loud! How in the name of long underwear did this people managed to get an overrated hunk of scrap metal mixed up with a flesh and blood organic magical being? Her had fought these people for years and after all this time they thought she was a robot!? The worst however was yet to come.

"That's not all that monster will do to you. She'll use your remaining blood to lubricate her body when its rusting." Another member of the mob added. At that comment Her's red eyes narrowed and she gave a small snarl of anger. With a snap of her fingers the devil women turned her body visible once more no sooner doing so then saying "Oh really?"

As every pair of eyes in the mob turned to the Santa outfit wearer and their eyes bulged out a little from fear. Her was first to break the quite." You stupid humans have mixed me up for a gynoid. I am a devil and I assure you we are MUCH worse then any emo steam driven hunk of junk." At this the crowd of men began to look at one another with an uneasy and down right scared theme between them.

Heather smirked evilly at the fear in their hearts and eyes settled down and took root. "We devils, we she-devils especially like to take our time and seasons up our food. Cut off an ear, gorge out an eye. Bring them within an inch of death and then!" Her paused for dramatic effect and to hold the trespassers in suspense. "We dismember the body limb by limb and devour the soul whole."

"Actually goes quite good with a butted bagel." she then added absentmindedly. It was then that the preacher, the man with the least amount of fear stepped up to her and looked down at her, due to the fact that he was easily a head taller then the hellish offspring was. The religious man was quick to whip out his weapon, a cross dipped in holy water. He held the relic firm and high but to he shock and fear the object did nothing.

Heather for the second time that day rolled her red eyes once more and with a flick of her tail grabbed the cross right out of the fat man's hands. Then using both her hands she started to bend the holy relic until it resembled a crude boomerang of sorts. With a twist of her orange reddish colored wrists she flung the metal object past the mob and hit a random hickory oak tree with a dull thud. With that the preacher looked Heather eye for eye, both of them blood red with anger.

Her crossed her arms and glared at her "guests.” Leave now before I plaster your heads all over my walls and add them to my collection." she growled, the men were more then happy to comply. As they ran off one of them had dropped a piece of paper, as it slowly drifted to the devil women feet Heather picked the scrap off the ground and took a look at it. The paper had what looked like a yellow mouse with red cheeks and a lightning blot tail that almost came up to its head, the tip of its very pointed ears was black in color. Underneath the mouse was in big black letters; "Wanted: Any original characters, video game characters, Cartoons that work on shows rated PG or higher, Web comic characters, and Mary/Gary Sues are to be put into jail for life under the decree of Princess Mindy for all of them being 'big losers'."

As she read this paper Her felt only slightly bothered by the announcement, she was more then able to take care of herself and that was all that mattered to the 30 year old she devil. With an snap of her fingers the paper burned away by magical black hellish flames. What Her didn't know was that the announcement was going to effect her life in more ways then she could imagine.

Well the first chapter is done, my first parody chapter ever! Go me! Right so as you can guess the roll of Shrek will be played by Bleedman's Her, whom will also be called Heather as well to avoid confusion so just so you know that Her and Heather are the same person. The roll of Fiona shall go to Grim Jr who will be gray eyeless so in his human form he'll have two blue eyes. I feel the rest on his roll dose not need to be said. The roll of Donkey will go to Bleedman's Cupcake from the webcomic Sugar Bits. Both Donkey and Cupcake are annoying yet at the same time cute so I think it fits. And lastly the roll of that prince dude who name escapes me will go to Mindy, that annoying red haired girl from the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. Yes I know its odds are not that original but she was the only one I could think of so sue me! As you can guess from the next chapter both Cupcake and Her will meet up and that's when thing will get wacky. The next one is going to have robots, South park and cameos of some famous Powerpuff original characters.

Cupcake: Hear that Mint? We're actually going to have a roll in a plot for once! Yay!

All and all seeing as how this chapter is roughly over 2500 words I think it turned out great. At least compared to the Shrek parodies that just copy the script with only a few changes to the story.
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Re: Bob-dude's Her

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Relative Rematch

"Tis been far too long since we have last battled O dearest cousin of mine. I feel my heart growing fainter by the moment in pure excitement, thou art more the welcome to back out of our upcoming earth shattering battle that will make the heavens themselves sake in fear and wonderment, a battle which shall leave this wasteland in even worst condition then if a thousands mating Gravechills stormed though the area making love to one another." A voice thick with some sort of European accent said in a vain and slightly high pitched tone.

"Stuff it Will. I'm not 15 anymore and it is high time you showed me some respect for once you Shakespearean knock off!" A female voice answered back angrily and with a fairly annoyed look on her face that fit her current mood as she shot him an irritated glaze.

"Only when thou hast earned it Cousin Rosemary." The voice answered boorishly in an attempt to abase the women's esteem and gain an emotional advantage of some kind for the battle that was about to take place. The voice that had replied was roughly 6 feet and 5 inch's, of the male gender and had dirty straw like colored blond hair. His name was William Poe and he was the son of Mini Mandy, known to family members and her son simply as Minnie for short. It was also a simple fact that he was quite hansom and well developed physically speaking from the female point of view.

The other person who had called Will a 'Shakespearean knock off' was different both in gender as well as over all appearance. She was a she-devil, or to be political correct a female fallen angel. The young woman was roughly in the high five feet range and only looked slightly like the cartoons devil charter. The color of her skin was a reddish orange color as portrayed in the cartoons, but her horns were on her forehead and curled up back into the top of her brown, almost the same shade as light chocolate, hair instead of too the side of her pointed elfish ears. The woman's tail was not the stereotypical triangle pointed end but instead it was more cone like and spiked at the end's tip. The fallen angel's name was Rose Mary, daughter of Grim Jr.

Rose had only gained roughly half, on Rose's best days, of her mother’s beauty. Her mother, Her, whom fittingly enough had been voted Underworld hottest famous resident ten times in a row, at time beaten only by her mother or sister in-law, Mandy and Minnie. A record Rose was not going to even attempt to try and brake. She also had long since stopped wearing her mothers twisted Santa styled and had taken her own sort of reaper cloak which was a blanched gray color and covered most if not all of her body. Rose's brown hair had turned a shade or two lighter then what her father had on his skull and now resembled something a normal pigtail of sorts which was held together by two separate white fluffy small headbands.

It had also been three long years since Rose had lost against the god and "gentleman" known simply as Dick and although she had been toyed with throughout the entire fight she had learned quite a bit and when Rose and her family had returned to their home universe (and her grandmother back to her normal sexy self) she had spent most of her spare time training and keeping her skills sharpened in case another Dick may one day show his or her ugly head. Her parents (as well as her Aunt Minnie and Uncle Edgar) had taken the same idea and also had taken back to training once again widening the gap between them and their offspring ever more, with the parents far in the league.

Will if anything had a life completely opposite of what his cousin had. He was no longer the short spoiled boy he was years ago but instead he was almost as tall as his father but not quite as muscular as him and he still had the grace of his mother as well as her love of acting and performing almost to the point where he surpassed her completely. But he was still fairly spoiled anyways. All and all the hatred he had for his "other" family members had dwindled a wee bit over the years although he still had a fair amount of distaste for Jr, Her and their daughter. It did not help matters that Dick had chosen Rose to fight and not Will and the general idea of someone choosing his cousin over he still made the blond boys blood boil to the brim with hate and anger.

Both combatants stood across from each other, Will with his arms crossed in a confident pose and Rose with a more relaxed position of sorts, her spiked devil tail flicking and swaying back and forth haphazardly mostly out of boredom. They both looked mostly the as they had when they had first met only a decade ago, one of the most noticeable differences was that Will was now easily a good few inches taller then Rose and had his hair slicked back into a more "cooler" look and not in his grandmother and mothers famous devil horn hair style. This was not the first time the two relatives had fought each other; they had done so when they had been almost exactly ten years younger then they currently were.

The first fight between the two relatives had been on a family visit to the town of Halloween and it had ended in a draw mostly due to neither of them being in their right minds and the fact that they a little to no experience in either fighting or with their powers.

But now with Rose at age 25 and soon turning 26 on May 8 and Will at the recent age of 22 both said excuses no longer applied to both relatives. They were both at the infamous Underworld volcano Hell Maw, which had long since been dead for many a centuries so neither Rose nor Will had to worry about being burned to death by molten rock of doom any time soon.

The overall height of the volcano was not overly impressive. It was only a few hundred feet or so, not even close to a thousand. But the ground of the dead mountain stretched for miles and miles on end with the same blackened scarred earth littered with deep red crack crust that Rose and Will stood on. Even with it's fame Hell Maw was hardly a vacation hot spot for anyone(even by demon standards, which were quite higher then the average mortal) so neither relative had to worry about bystanders getting it the way, not that taking the lives of innocent people would have bothered Will much if at all.

Although both Rose and Will looked more like their parents, they still had any air of difference around them. Rose had never wanted a reputation by fear (or even a reputation of any kind for that matter) and to this date she had managed to do just that, true a few of the "other" nobles knew of her but that only went with out saying due to her pedigree. Oddly enough even though Rose took more to her mother’s side Her, for genetics she was more like her father's side if anything less.

The ground beneath them let out a low rumble as if it was the sound of a caged animal slowly dying from the inside. Both beings ignored the sound and simply looked each other in the eye, waiting for the other to make the first move. As if to signal their fight (and start a fitting prelude of sorts) a loud crash of lightening (there were storm clouds being to swirl around them in the hellish sky) hit the ground far from both fighters but near enough for them to see it lucidly, this was followed by a powerful sounding boom as if to say; lets get ready to rumble! The relative rematch was about to start any moment.

"Shut it?" Will repeated the phrase haphazardly as he waved a vain roll of his equally red eyes and causally tossed his hand in the air as to scoff at the very concept of the idea. "I would like to see thou try it cousin." With that being said Will saw Rose being forth her scythe, Sassy, and brought the head blade down roughly near where her chest was a little, pointing it right at his head, the end of the blade looking particularly sharp and deadly.

No doubt the blade had very recently been sharpened; odds are for the battle it was about to face as Will knew his cousin didn't sharpen her weapon as often as she should have, most of the time paying the price for her ignorance. The petals on the head seemed to have an almost magical glow to them as the lightening (oddly enough considering its nature) struck around them at random, leaving only holes of opened magma and large craters in its wake.

Will complied with his cousin and with a loud snap of his right fingers a large and powerful looking sent of medieval armor appeared around his body. It was a dark gray color yet at the same time resembled so much of the many suite and ties that he wore daily. It covered every major limb on his body and neck, save for his head, and had many raven black spikes across its almost stone colored plating.

Two thick and powerful looking dark sky blue metal blades covered his shoulders, well sticking out over his armor and the two seemed to almost cut the very air they rested on. His boots were rugged and sharp looking, going almost up to Will's knees and leg pants (which had to very thick, gray skulls for knee pads) were black in color, and yet also had that gentleman styled air that its owner was born with as well. His hands were protected by two very heavy and powerful, thick like red gloves that covered his hands yet still showed their newest manicure at the same time.

The ice was broken with a neon blue blot of lightning that shot from Rose's scythe like a bullet. The magical attack hit it's target with a powerful explosion causing a large veil of smoke to surround Will's harmed body, keeping Rose (even with her demonic version) in the literal dark on whether or not her attack had done any damage or not.

As she brought her scythe's head blade closer to her upper body scanning the smoke with her demonic vision she heard a voice vainly prattle from behind her, "Did thou truly expect to harm ME of all beings with such a weak attack?"

A powerful blow was the next thing that hit Rosemary's senses as Will gave her a powerful right hook straight in the cheek; the only thing she saw was Will's ever nearing fist near her right eyelid. The power packed punch sent the daughter of Her flying and crashing down not only on the mountain top but off it as she tumbled down the side of the rugged rock side, her cloak tearing to shards and ribbons as she fell in a fairly conveniently placed ditch, only a few hundred yards aways from Will whom looked down on the edged of the cliff. His face was with a wide smile on it, proud of his work he had done so far.

As white blots of electricity flashed and boomed around her Rose slowly rose to her feet. She looked down at her outfit and sighed. Why was it almost every time she fought her Reaper outfit was messed up in some way, shape or form? Oh well, she thought as she ripped open a dark blue and white swirling portal with her scythe, being more then used to taking a punch at this point in her life. She would just have to return the favor in spades is all!

As she reappeared and stepped out of her portal (which closed the moment she did so) she saw her cousin with his arms again crossed tapping his right foot impatiently as if she was late to lunch. His face had a peeved look on it and he had a half frown as well.

Rose got back into her fighting stance and smiled sheepishly at her cousin. "Sorry." she said in a buoyant but none the less sincere tone.

"You should be..." Will muttered back as he began to bring forth his versatile chains, now ready to continue their fight. Will snapped three of his chains spawned from his armor as if they were apart of it and shot at his cousin like a fishing reel line in an attempt to wrap them around her and brake Rose's body in two. The chains zig and zaged like drunken crazed snakes as they went after Rose from three different angles, left, right and straight. The brown haired demoness smiled as the straight chain was first to reach her, just as it was about to Rose brought Sassy up with her left and dominant hand and the chain wrapped itself around the silver weapon.

The other two chains however were also very quick and both of them were homing in on Rose's left and right side. Almost simultaneously Rose whipped out the one body part she almost never used, her devil tail, and caught the metal links in mid air, both of them now entangled with one another. At the same time the third and final chain homed in on its prey but Rose heard to coming due to her Huntress powers and was able to morph her hand into a crab claw and snatched the chain in one bite. As Rose's body quavered from the stress and strain keeping three attacks away from her the she devil let out a long and tired sigh of relief.

That had been far to close! Talk about a lucky brake, if she had not timed it like she had Rose knew she would now be in a world of hurt instead of just sore and stiff like she was now from holding the every thrashing chains back. Rose glanced up at Will who was smiling smugly at her, knowing full well the spider had trapped the fly and now she would fall like the insect that she was! However instead of a face twisted with fear Rose only gave her own devilish smirk, at which Will frown at her. What on earth did she have to smile about? It was then that Rose transformed into her Hyper form, keeping the chains held at bay as she morphed. The transformation only took a few seconds and when she finished Rose turn and twisted her body back in an almost completely circler fashion, pulling on each chain as hard as she could.

Will had only enough time to look down at his chain (the left and right ones he had held in his arms/hands) and gulped. The metal links tightened from the strain of being pulled, sending their master flying right into the very person they were trying to harm as the trashed back and forth like crazed beasts almost as if they had minds of their own. As the blond man flew to his cousin in mid air he couldn't help but wonder what on earth he had to fear from Rose's little stunt, she was all tied up after all. Or was she? It was then that Will noticed for the first time since their battle had started the two large black high heels like boots that Rose seemed to always wear, a gift from her mother and it was then that her plan became clear to him.

Just as Will was about to crash into his cousin Rose shot her right knee straight up just as his jaw pasted under her. The blow connected with a powerful CRACK noise, the animal like chains recoiling to their master's armor as Will fell to the ground with a powerfully loud crash. He then let out a small moan as he began to rub his jaw, still stinging from the blow that had been dealt to him by his cousin. As he sat up (rubbing his jaw as he did so) and looked over to Rose he saw that she had turned back into her normal appearance and was smiling at him. Not a vain or in-your-face sort of smile but a bona fide, happy smile.

"Had enough?" Rose called out, still all smiles to him as a large blot of lightning hit the ground near them, her devil tail flickering back and forth out of pure habit. Will simply jumped up to his feet and yelled back to her; "Of course NOT wench!" Stupid wore. He added mentally. With his guard lowered Rose saw her chance to strike. Sassy began to glow a light purple color, the warmth of the spell radiating off of the scythe head like a fire place or electric heater. Then quickly enough so Will would have no time to react, Rose pointed her entire weapon at him like a gun and screamed out: Thunderflare!"

A brilliant and extremely powerful blast of light purple lighting shot from the scythe head liked a sugar high blue hedgehog running for its life and hit Will dead on, whom did not even have enough time to utter a groan of pain his eyes only widened when the spell hit him. The force of the blow WAS the same spell Rose had used on Will only less then half an hour ago but this one had the kid gloves removed off it.

The difference between the two attacks was lucid to someone as Will was vain, and that was saying something. When said blast had hit its home a large black smokescreen instantly covered half the mountain top up making it look like to someone down below that the volcano had came back to life once again. Rose smiled to herself mentally, it was time that Will finally got his head deflated a good bit and she was just the person to do it! She began to charge Sassy's head this time a raven black.

"Death Ray"

This blot of energy was black in color and unlike Rose's first attack was shapeless and more blob like then Thunderflare had been, it looked more like a pure beam of energy then anything less. The ray consumed Will's stunned body, having hit the young man true. Although the armor protected his body from a killing stroke (not that he would have died then with his cousin so near by) Will's flesh still burned and screamed to his brain in a nerve shattering pain. The blond 22 year old hit the ground and tumbled down lifelessly, chunks of his armor falling off his body as smashed into the ground over and over again down the mountain and smashed into the ground causing bolder and pieces of gravel flew up into the air, landing down like rain fall.

Rose then walked over to the edge of the mountain top and looked down at her work; she then gave a small half smile. Although she was unable to see her cousin due to being so high up she knew that Will was right now in a lot of pain, something that never failed to make her smile.

As the blond young man lay in his crater, stun and dazed from the sudden attacks and ignoring the pain as best he could he picked himself off the ground before the magma breached though the cracks in the ground. Slowly he rose up out of his five feet grave and looked up and the mountain, or to be precise the person standing on top of it and silently cursed. How in the world could he have fallen for something as simple as that? It was an insult! The son of Mini Mandy gave a snort of anger and with a clap of his fingers vanished in a powerful black swell of fire and brimstone.

The brown haired she devil ears twitched as the sound of a quick flame appearing breach her eardrums. Rose quickly spun around to see Will, a few dozen so feet away from her and a little black and blue but other wise unharmed. As his armor was visible repairing itself he was smiling all the while like a mad man. As Will crossed his arms, causing the armor to crunch under the change in presser, he broke his signature smile as he opened his lips to speak.

"What art going to do now O dearest cousins?" Will asked in mock sympathy but with a look of bona fide wonderment on his now black and blue face.

"This ya little bastard!" A bloodthirsty snarl was mixed into the reply from Rose Mary's maw sounding quite beast like and almost befitting of her now growing anger. Rose then ran at her cousin with full speed, Sassy held back at the ready for any and all beheading. When she was half way to Will she swung her scythe down in mid air in a diagonal swing and screamed out the words "Magna Guillotine!" A powerful hot pink colored shock wave in the shape almost of an actual guillotine erupted from Sassy's head and traveled right towards Will with a speed that even lower level demons wouldn't be able to doge.

However Will was hardly low level demon, just as the shock wave was about to hit Will snapped his fingers and vanished once more from his spot, the attack spell went past the empty air and out into the plane where is slowly disappear from sight.

"Where are you, you coward?" Rose screamed at the top of her lungs at the lifeless land, her voice echoing all though out the empty mountain range. Her only reply was a random blast of light green lighting, (no doubt curiosity of Will) which she deflected with her scythe, a deep and echoing haunting voice then graced her demonic ears.

"Why should I cousin?" The vain and cocky voice that was unmistakably Will's asked with a hint of curiosity. It was now thousands of times louder then before and sounded as if he was speaking into the end of a VERY large Megaphone. "So thou may make play at 'beating me'? I think not! Thou are still not good enough to even lick the ground that I walk on, let alone be able to best me in battle! I have hidden my greatness somewhere on this plane of existence. Our little game will be whether or not thou can fine me or if I must make myself known and rip thy very sense of living limb by limb. Who knows? I may even place a bomb within thy body just as thou wilt leave the realm of the living, as a tribute of sorts."

At this Rose huffed out a snort and rolled her red eyes back, sticking her tongue out as she did so. Tribute her ass, Will would odds are just be to lazy to come up with anything original so why not just rip off a mass murdering emo path tin can with a fairly silly hairstyle?

The young blonds’ voice seemed to come from every direction, which was a great annoyance to Rose due to the fact that she wasn't able to track Will down, even with her Huntress powers at her disposal. Rose closed her eyes and started to concentrate her past decade of on and off training, going though her options carefully in her mind, the booming sound of hasting electrical bolts and flashes of energy attempted to block Rose's mind from rational thought but she did her best to think anyways. If there was one thing her fight with Dick had taught her it was expect nothing and suspect everything.

After a few moments the brunet let out a small sigh, she then wiped her now sweating forehead, and closed her eye and even put her hands over her ears in order to lessen the now ever growing headache she was starting to get and tried to get some form of train of thought working.

"Alright Rose, stay calm and think this though. Rushing this fight is that last thing you want to do. You can't let that little smart ass provoke you or you’re only going to lose this battle. I have no idea where Will is hiding at, I can't use my Huntress powers and try to locate him though scent because knowing Will odds are he's covered every part of that section of my powers. I also just can't go around teleporting and scrying haphazardly with my devil magic or I'll run out of energy in no time. I can't use my reaper powers and just make a few easy made scouts to go look for Will due to the lack of dead people and the fact that resurrection is not my forte and I can't even bring a pet gerbil back to life with out screwing up somehow so that's also out of the question..."

As Rose went over her choices (and tried to ignore the lighting) she knew that there was one thing she could do that would enable her to find Will's hiding place but she would only do so as a last resort. However as she went over each plan of action in her head with her available resources her brain crept back to her last ditch, type Z plan. After spending close to half an hour of thinking Rose knew what she had to do. With new found resolve she opened her eyes, her path was clear.

"You brought this on yourself Blondie." Rose muttered to herself as she began her spell and braced her body for its transformation.

With a small cry Rose began to change, both physically and mentally. Her's daughter fell to her knees, now on all fours and gave a shriek that quickly turned into a cry of pure tormented torture. A black evil glow engulfed Rose's body and the morphing began. Her body began to rise in shape and form as her back rose up with muscle attachments and spikes, her cloak starting to rip at the seams, and the rest of Rose's body very quickly followed.

Her hands slowly lost some of their more sensitive feeling and slowly morphed into three pronged talons, both of them with razor sharp claws that would allow Rose to rip and slash though metal, rock and flesh alike with the greatest of ease. Rose's brown hair was slowly starting to lessen and lessen until there was only a small bit of fuzz on the top of her noggin. Both her reaper cloak and black high heel boots both exploded from the strain of keeping up with the owners ever growing body size, although at this point Rose's body was far to beast like in appearance to stop the transformation even if she had wanted to.

The back legs slowly rose up in height as well and in seconds were the same size and shape as Rose's front paws. The skin while it still had its organ reddish color was becoming thicker, harder and rugged like a true monster's hid. With a sickning crackling noise Rose's sleek tail was also becoming part of the transformation, it was slowly doubling, if not tripling in size, weight and spikiness. At about 18 feet Rose's body stooped growing in height and depth. Only Rose's face seemed to have remained the same, a little more beast like with a larger jaw and longer, thicker and over all sharper teeth, but for the most part the same, her eyes looked a little sharper and her forehead horns had long since disappeared since the transformation took place. Yet all and all Rose's face still managed to keep its feminine look. As far as her mind went Rose's personality was more or less the same, a little de-evolved but roughly the same as before her transformation.

Suddenly second head spawn itself from the base of Rose's right side of her neck. The new head had one red eye with a small iris in it and a pair of choppers that could crush a tank with ease. Both heads let out a bloodthirsty screech, the vibrations of which caused small avalanches all across the volcano range. It was as if to say that Rose's Gravechill transformation was now complete.

The right head let out a small cry of joy but was quickly interrupted by all five of her bellies screamed to her of the need of nourishment. The right then sniffed around with her nose, which was only two holes on both heads, although she couldn't smell anything something told her there was SOMETHING to eat here, wherever here was. Actually now that she looked around the female Gravechill couldn't help but wonder where her pack was, or her mate even for that matter.

A mate! How could that idea have not occurred to her sooner? She needed powerful Gravechill for her mate as any self respecting female GC would have, any weaklings she would rip apart as appetizers or a snack. A mate meant children and children meant wealth, in the Gravechill world at least. It was settled then! She would find a quick bite to snack on, then a mate, and then kids! Just as the right head told her body to leap down the left oddly enough commanded the other half to stay, the result was half of the Rosechill crashing down to the ground and causing a small tremor forcing the earth below her to split open with cracks in the ground.

"No!" A female voice said with authority in her tone. "You will stay where you are I do as I say, have I made myself clear?" It took the right head a moment before it dawned on her that it was her left that was bossing her around, which didn't make the slightest lick of sense.

When the right looked over at her left she was taken back by how un-Gravechill like her left head looked like. What in the world was going on? Gravechill heads never argued with one another, they worked together to eat and mate! Not bicker like... dare she mention it? Demons?

"Who do you think you are?" The right asked hiding her fear as best she could.

"" The left replied slowly, not quite yet use to her new tongue and language yet.

Right gave a puzzled look, "Rosemary, rosemary food? Yes?"

The left head shook itself no. "I'm not food," She said as if she was talking to a very simple minded three year old with ADD. "I need your body and your help to find someone I'm fighting. He is a very powerful person and I need all the help I can get."

"When we find boy we eat him up? Yes?" The right asked the left, who only shook itself once more as a response.

"No, no eating. We just find him and fight him."

"Snack for babies?"

"Nope. And no kids either."

The right head was now starting to freak out with each answer the left gave her. A Gravechill life was made up of eating and reproduction with mate (there were no gay Gravechill, that is known to demon kind), yet this odd looking left head didn't seem to want any part of that.

"You... not Gravechill, not real Gravechill. Yes?" The right head asked with her voice slowly starting to crack in fear and self doubt. Her small and primitive world was falling apart around her and she had no choice but to do what her left head told her to do.

The right head couldn't help but notice the left roll her two eyes (a rarity in the Gravechill race) in sarcasm.

"Well it took you long enough." Rosemary muttered in an annoyed tone. She then looked as the taken back left head and gave an evil smile. "I love bursting peoples bubbles and being the bearer of bad news so get this, your not a real Gravechill either sweetheart. Your soul is just locked away some place in my body from being digested by my belly so I can use your body and powers to my advantage. If anything you’re just a cheep knock off."

"Shut up! Yes?" The left screamed as two large almost river like streams of acidic tears trickled down her face and dripped off her jaw, causing small holes to form on the rocky earth it landed on. Although she didn't want to admit what this know it all left head was saying as the truth she knew deep down what this Rosemary was speaking off was as true as it came. The female Gravechill right head then broke down into powerful sobs, something that would have been an insult to her entire race. How on earth did this happen? It was then that the right head began replaying her life so she could find out when and how some mere demon had managed to put her soul in her weak little body.

Her mother had been the chef leader of her pack (as was the case with most Gravechill societies) but she had been the last of her daughters, the smallest one in the whole tribe. In the Gravechill world any small, sick or old was kill and eaten by the rest of the pact, however it had come to a surprise to everyone, the mother include when the smallest and thought to be weakest newborn Gravechill daughter single handily slaughtered and devoured each and every single one of her 203 siblings, letting out a very loud and satisfied belch after awards. At only 200 years old this youngest Gravechill was still a baby but she had managed to kill all of her siblings who were much older and powerful and she had barley broken a sweat!(not to mention that her belch had been quite impressive as well)

Most surprised and amazed by her rise from runt of the littler was the very person who gave birth to her, was the littlest Gravechills mother. For the first time since her birth the youngest of the chef's children was treated as an equal, with love and respect (as much as a flesh eating monster of a mother could give) however the barbaric happiness did not last long. A few days after the young Gravechill had eaten all of her siblings two demons showed up, with odd round, fleshy things on their chest the moved as the walked. One was the taller and far more attractive raven haired mother and the other was her daughter, whose hair was a mud brown mane had carried on her a sliver weapon which the Gravechill girl was unable to identify. Both had tails with spikes on the end and outfits with fluffy white things around their necks and wrists that swayed in the wind.

The mother of the two demoness asked that both the chef and his or her strongest offspring to fight then to the death, if they won then both her and her daughters hides would be theirs. If they won then THEIR powers would become theirs for the taking. Although the chef did not understand what the she-devil mother meant she accepted with a vain grin. It wasn't as if they could lose right? The newly arisen baby Gravechill gave a proud smirk with both her heads. Her first demon to feast on! She waged her tail like a very, VERY powerful and evil dog from her own joy. Life didn't get much better then this!

As she looked down at her meal she saw the uneasy expression on her face and how the brown haired she-devil gripped her familiar tightly in her orange hands. The right head licked her choppers while the left gave a small chuckle of glee. They both took a small look back to their mother, who all three heads were not removing their glaze from the stunningly raven haired women. Both she-devils glanced at each other and simultaneously snapped their right fingers, in doing so both sets of mothers and daughters vanished from sight in two swells of black flames that left the grassland burned and scorched badly.

The four monsters reappeared on an almost identical piece of grassland, both Gravechill mother and daughter giving both entirely damned female’s hungry, haunting looks. With that the battle between mother vs. mother and daughter vs. daughter began. And given the hard earned reputation of the Gravechill species the fight was not as one sided or as quick as the Gravechill daughter would have liked it to be. Her brown haired meal spent her time keeping her distance and blasting her with magic spell, then attacking her with that weapon of hers when Gravechill daughter was regenerating her wounds and healing her pain. The young sibling killer also sensed that her food also wasn't that skilled or adept at fighting but wasn't without some merit of power in her own right. That and the fact that she was lasting as long as she was against a demon of her power was somewhat impressive.

However as the fight dragged on so did the young Gravechills ever growing anger. Every failed slash and swipe she gave the she-devil she repaid with a cleave from her weapon, causing a fairly decent cut to appeared on the young Gravechills right claw. A reverent of lukewarm black blood slowly seeped from the wound. However in mere moments the scratch healed itself and (much to the so called snacks annoyance) and the two daughters continued. As the fight went on so did the Gravechill child's anger which bubbled and increased with each failed blow she was unable to strike on her demonic snack along with the occasional counter attack that the brown hair she-devil was every now and then able to give back.

When both sets of mothers and daughters had been battling each other for well over an hour it was then that a blood drenched scream broke then battle like a rock though a house made of glass. Both daughters ceased their fight, the brown she-devil being the more of the two who was worst for wear, and spun around to see the source of the wail of pain and where it had come from. When the Gravechill daughter's heads saw what they saw for a moment the were too stun to accept it. Both mothers were badly beaten, blood on both sides mixed together like some sort of sick smoothie. There had been boxing championship fights that had came out as less of a mess that the two females were currently in.

The fact that a Gravechill could be this badly beaten by a mere devil, let alone a chef, was completely forge the the young flesh eating monstrosity. It was then that too her shock a wail of indescribable pain shot out from none other then her mother’s mouths. The Gravechill daughter only watched in a twist of fear and disbelief as her mother's entire body was compressed by two powerful and large rock made bands. Both of them roughly the size of two armored vehicle in with and 20 times as powerful. With a sickening combination of a crack and a snap sound the Gravechill chef was now bonded down to the ground, hollowing in pain as the two bands slowly tighten themselves around her bus wide body.

The raven haired she-devil then walked towards her foe and with a blurring jerk of her arm, the she-devil's crab like hand shot right into the body like a bullet though cardboard, leaving a hole though the monsters body roughly the size of a basketball. The chef's body jerked and twitched around as a reflex, which only tightened her imprisonment from her two powerful bonds ever more so. The daughter wanted to help her mother but before she could even move one claw in her direction a sharp, stinging pain like a thousand bee stings shot though her back side. The last thing she saw before the depressing darkness filled her every sense was the look of fear and regret on her mothers faces, only the sound of her constant wailing fill the Gravechill child's ears until a blank emptiness replaced all around her.

The right Gravechill head awoke from her flash back with a sudden startled jolt of energy. Her face was a cross between a terrible realization and new found knowledge. As she glanced at the head named Rosemary she saw on her face what looked like one of pure boredom.

"You do with your trip down memory lane?" Rosemary asked lazily as she let out a long and slightly tired yawn from having taken the flashback's time to rest herself up some.

The left gave an uneasy nod. "Ready."

With that the two headed monster leaped up in the air, Will's scent was as thick in the classic element as pea soup. With the smell acquired the Rosechill shot off renewed and ready to kick some ass.

The 22 year old son of Minnie in question, was sitting cross legged in one of the very few caves that existed in Hell Maw. The hideout was located at the very bottom of the volcano. An evil black flame was held in the palm of the blond man's hands as it licked and danced around the air as any normal flame would. Will had ditched the armor and had gone back to his normal pure Heartless black suite and deep red tie. He only stared at the ever dripping water from inside the cave and saw, with a mild interest, that it was now starting to sprinkle rain droplets outside. Will would give his "dear and beloved" cousin about five more minutes, after that she would have had her time and was then fair game in his book.

As Rose's new body crashed from mountain side to mountain side like a tank she couldn't help but use every single bit of her will power to fight back even the simplest of Gravechill fundamental nature such as mating and the urge to eat being alive and whole. Although it was a fact that the Gravechill transformation was THE most powerful one at her disposal it was also the one that Rose had the least control over, and the one she had devoured had only been a child. Rose's mother, Her had gotten an adult and had LONG since mastered the Gravechill transformation flawlessly, as everyone expected.

Rose did her best to keep her thoughts focused on her job at finding Will, something with her new body wouldn't be much of a challenge considering she would be at his location in about five minutes. With a burst of speed from her back legs Rose cut that time in half, in moments she had reached the cave.

Will's head shot up with a fair bit of honest surprise. Cousin Rosemary was here already? Must have used her Huntress powers to find him. With a shrug of his shoulder blades the blond young man walked out to greet his cousin only to be greeted back by a large and powerful pair of shining white teeth that looked as sharp as cutting knives. Will however did not even blink in shock. Just as the right head was about to swallow him whole the left head screamed something in some garbled language that was lost on the vain young boy's ears. Slowly the right head shrank back with a look that seemed to resemble shame or regret of some form.

It was then that Rose began to start her painful metamorphoses back into her fallen angelic form. As the brown haired demon's body twisted and churned back into its true appearance Rose Mary wailed and screeched to the very heavens themselves in pain and agony. To worsen the matter the transformation back was a long one, an exact five minutes of time. Time that Will did nothing but fold his arms together and waited. It was true that he did hate his cousin, and his fool of an uncle and his bitch of an aunt. (All of those terms being of Will's own definition of his family members) But if there was one thing that William Poe Reaper had that no amount of dime a dozen Powerpuff knock offs had it, that thing in question was manners. The grandson of Mandy was a gentleman first and a being of evil second. Besides, there was nothing not even someone with Will's experience of torture could do to make his cousin Rose suffer any more then she already was at the moment in time.

When Rose had finished her painful change back, she let out a gasp of air as a reflex of sorts. Her once only slightly sweet covered head quickly broke out like a rash but with natural body liquids in place of an unappealing skin change and the itch that came with it. As she whipped her face and tied her brown hair back into a single ponytail Will unfolded his arms.

"Done?" He asked bluntly.

Rose replied with a simple but effective yes. Round two was now about to start.

Rose was quick to whip out Sassy once more from hammer space and raised it back, the head now starting to glow a sky blue sort of color and small crystallized chunks of sub zero ice was starting to take root on the tip of the head's blade as well as on the four diagonal "petals" that rested in the center of the now light blue head. Will response was just as impressive if not more so. The blond held out both his hands by his hip side and with a mental flick both his arms up to his should blades were e lit with raven black and blood red flames that seemed to set both limbs ablaze. His face was now twisted with demented pleaser as his own flames never harmed him. Rose smirked as well as she hopped back a good bit and both cousins positioned themselves as they could both gain a good running start.

When the two were about a good 30 or so feet away from each other both Rose and Will did the finishing touches with their attacks. Sassy's head was now all but covered sub zero ice, from the trio spikes at the top of the head to the back blade the rested in the back. All was a frozen compact ice age.

The flames on Will's arms seemed to disappear at first but in reality they were simply being concentrated in two places. Will's left and right palms as well as all ten of his fingers were engulfed in a black fiery glow which would burn any normal person to ashes instantly. His sadist grin only grew wider in joy. Both cousin's hearts began to pump more life giving blood as both Rose and Will ran at each other, Rose with a look of confidence on her face as her brown haired whipped back and forth wildly in the wind as she charged to her relative and Will with a crazed but at the same time almost happy grin on his face, blond hair just as if not even more wild looking then Roses'.

As the charged reached its apex when both Rose and Will were only a few inches away from the other they both screamed out the name of their attacks, their voices seemed to almost reach the very pit of Hades and lower.

"Blast Cannon!"


Rose's clustered cylinder ray of sub zero ice erupted from her beloved Sassy like a bat out of hell and collided with Will's impressively wide wave of flame thrower styled Hellfire. As the two extremist of extreme temperatures of hot and cold hit the very impact shook not only the ground and caused an small explosion but also sent both Will and Rose flying back in opposite directions a good few yards away from one another. To make the situation even more interesting a dense yet mild fog rolled in from the reaction of the two attacks that had only moments before been forced together. Since the fog was magically made neither Rose nor Will's eyes would be able to help them see, however Rose with her heighten senses from her Huntress powers had little to worry with this change in the battlefield.

As she mentally planed out her next course of action Rose felt a tug of linked metal constrict itself around her waist. Will (who was in the center of the fog) had his largest and strongest chain yet, so powerful that he had to hold the metallic bonding with both his arms and his hands. Will's evil grin widened as he gave the strongest pull he could and his poor simple minded cousin was sent flying right out of the fog where she crashed face first into the volcano's stone hard ground. Rose's ungraceful landing had even left a slightly humorous imprint in the outline of her body.

A low but powerful crackle of thunder could be heard from up above as if the gods themselves were watching the show and enjoying every moment that they saw. Before she could react in any way, shape or form Rose felt another powerful pull on her waist as she was sent hurdling though the air, barley holding on to her precious scythe as she was flung around like a dog toy, back and forth leaving one Rose shaped hole after another. Even though he was robbed of sight Rose's wails of pain made Will's heart warm with happiness.

As both the time and the holes began to rack up Will felt the slow but eventual boredom settle in. Having had his fun he let the chain go and heard it crash with Rose still attached to let some where in the distance. The last of the fog was now dying away and his vision was slowly being returned to him.

Dazed, beating, and black and blue in more places then she had ever been before Rose Mary slowly rose her quavering body of the bruised and smashed ground, having to use both her tail and her scythe to support herself up. As Rose calmed her body down and got it to stop shaking from the ever stinging pain she knew that her next blow would either have to end this fight or at least tip the odds in her favor.

Rose knew that if there was ever a time to use THAT attack it was now. Rose held Sassy, not like an axe styled weapon like she normally did but as a staff of sorts. She then struck the ground with the bottom shaft's blade which dug a fair bit into blacken earth. Then to Will's curiosity large pinkish color lancing spears of energy appeared around the grandson of Mandy, the pillars were spinning quickly around his body like a blender on mixing mode. The boy was now trapped by pillars of ever glowing death.

Rose was quick to bring out her scythe and pointed straight up at the sky. A 150 meter wide single beam of pure white energy shot up over hundred feet in the air, Will was all but caught in the blast. As the blast slowly but surly faded away to nothingness and Will's batted and limped body hung in the air like a broken toy Rose then vanished in a quick puff of pink smoke and reappeared to her injured cousin and began to rabidly and restlessly attack the blond young man's body, each and every slash she gave Will was a was filled with a blood thirsty rage from all the abuse she had put up with him over the years. When the savage blows were dealt Rose finished by giving her stuck up, windbag of a relative one final smack with her scythe. The force of the blow sent Will's tattered and now heavily bleeding body down to the circle of energy which pulsed like a heartbeat and seemed to almost be waiting for the hansom Shakespearean child.

When Will's body did hit the ground the largest pillar of sheer power yet shot itself from the ground, the energy beam consisted of two twin spiraling energy of darkness and light that twisted against the other. The corpse was forced to take the blunt of the pillar; the ending blow had ten times the power of an atomic bomb. As Rose landed on the ground she couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

"Last Requiem Willie, took every bit of remaining energy I had let but it was MORE then worth it!"

With that Rose wiped her forehead and let out a long tired sigh, she then sat her body down. She then watched Will's body plumit to the ground and gave a gleeful laugh when the body hit the ground. The blond young man had long since been knocked out but even though he was beaten into submission he was still alive. Rose then walked over to Will's body and picked up, in a pink flash both being left the battle field to return back to their home, the capital of the Underworld with one less beaten within an inch of their life then the other. Rose knew that Will wouldn't be happy when he awoke and learned that he had finaly lost to his "stupid wore of a cousin". As she made her way to the castle front gate Rose couldn't help but giggle at as she imagined Will's face red with rage and anger. Now that was something to see.

Author's Comments
This easily has to be the longest thing I have written to date, over nine THOUSAND words. In ONE document! I expect a good bit of commenting for this one. So don't just read and then run off, actually say what you liked and/or disliked about this story.

And for those of you who may or may not care this is more or less Eylam's late B day gift of sorts seeing as how he was the ONLY person who comment on the journal entry when I put the poll up, and odds are I would have made it longer but I decided after reaching close to the 9,000 mark that it really needed to end soon so if the ending seems rushed then that's the reason why. BTW Griddles I DARE you to read every single part of this story and still try to tell me that my writing is crap! Oh and a free Internet cookie for anyone who finds the references to Griddles PPGD fanfic thingy.
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Postby bob-dude » Sat May 10, 2008 8:29 pm

Been awhile but I am back with chapter four of Reformation!

Will gave an exasperated sigh. He had been training for the past few months on how to control and slowly master his hellish powers with both his father and mother and although he did enjoy spending time with that and growing stronger with each lesson, the fact that it interfered with his reading time each night was something the blond boy was less then excited about. Will didn't care about the outcome of the battle that his family would soon be forced to fight; he only cared about showing his audience his true power. That and perhaps take a little vengeance for what those angelic fools did to his mother O so long ago.

As the grandfather clock in his room stuck a lone 8 O clock, Will slowly rose up from his king sized bed and went out into the hallway so he could make his way to the training grounds where his father, Edgar would be awaiting him to begin his daily skill enchantment and training.

No sooner did he step out of his bedroom then he ran into someone causing both of them to fall to the ground with a somewhat painful 'ump' sound. As Will picked himself off the ground he opened his mouth to yell at who ever was the fool as to have the lack of common sense to not look where they were going, but when he saw it was that girl, he believed her name was Sakura; he closed his mouth shut instantly.

The raven haired girl in her dark purple, stitched up sweater winced as she got up off the pure stone floor and rubbed her sore bottom. Was it really worth all this just to get to know Will better? Sakura thought to herself as both her and Will's eyes locked each other for a moment. Both owners quickly looked away with a slight pink tint on their faces. Neither of them said anything for well over a moment due to the fact that neither Sakura nor Will knew what to say. Of course it was! All and all the battle for Vickson Ohio was not an overly pressing thought on her mind and Sakura knew she had no training or control over what ever sort of powers she had.(she knew that they were plant related from personal experience) So logically she figured that worrying about something beyond her control was pointless.

Will was first to break the sub zero ice. "A thousand apologizes, Milady Sakura. I did not see where I was going." Will had been raised as a gentleman since the day of his very brought and thus he had a very polite feel around him, save for if his bimbo cousin or his fool uncle or lying aunt were ever brought up in the conversation.

"N-no, don’t apologize Will." Sakura cursed herself in what basic Japanese she knew from her lessons with her mother as she felt her face heat up and the color on her face increase in pinkness. "I was the one who was waiting outside your room in the first place."

"For what reason?" Will asked, his face as perplexed as his tone.

"T-To see you." The Japanese American ten year old girl blushed a deeper shade of pink on her face as her black eyes failed to look Will directly in the face. In truth the young Yamamura girl had a crush on the blond boy ever since she had first seen him and could not help but think of him as very handsome and a true gentleman. She had even made a birthday card for him at one point by herself although she had no idea if he had ever received it or even liked it for that matter. Even now Sakura wanted to hug Will tightly against her own body and never let go but she wasn't stupid.

She, like many of her classmates at her school had long since stooping believing in the dreaded "cooties" and because of so Sakura knew that she would have to take her time and not rush her relationship with her ever so handsome crush. In other words she would have to start out by being his friend and then she would work her way latter on when they grew older.

"Thou dost flatter me." Will nodded crisply with a firm smile as his face returned to its normal light shade. The truth was deep down he was a little embarrassed by the comment. He had never had been around many children his own age, mostly adults that were either solders under his father's command or fellow performers that acted with his mother's troupe and because of so Will had grown up fairly quickly. "But I must go now."

Will was only able to take a few steps forward when he heard Sakura's voice call out to him. "Where are you going?" Will's pointed ears twitched at the question and the son of Minnie stopped dead in his tracks as a deer in the headlights with its hooves super glued to the road. Why on earth was this girl so intent on keeping him held up? Will sighed and concluded that it must have been a woman thing of some sort.

"I am going to meet my father for my nightly training program." Will explained quickly, hoping to end the conversation as fast as he could as he knew he could not afford to be late for his lesson.

"Could I please watch your training then?" For a moment Will said nothing whatsoever at all and just stared at Sakura as if she claimed to be an angel. Had she truly just asked if she could join him to watch him train?

"I suppose so..." he said hesitantly, unsure of how his father would react to him bringing a guest to watch him practice as if he was some sort of pet or zoo animal of some kind.

Inwardly Sakura Yamamura was beaming at herself. He had said yes! As the two began to walk together they noticed from time to time that their hands were clasped tightly in one another. Both Will and Sakura were quick to swipe their hands back but somehow the two sets of five fingers found their way back to the other, almost on a subconscious will of their owner’s desire for their budding romance to take flight.

Although when the two newly acquitted friends were half way towards their destination one of the two heroes’s that now inhabited Will's body deiced to comment on the developing situation.

"Mr. Thou and Miss. Mule have Roma-Ro- in love!" The feral youth screamed in Will's mind causing the blond boy to twitch greatly in annoyance, causing his feet to stop moving almost on a dim and almost ripping off Sakura's arm in the process.

"Are you alright Will?" Sakura asked with a worried tone and confused look on her face.

"Yes..." The blond 12 year old muttered under his breath as they started to walk together again. He then added, "I am fine."

"Your name is... Sakura, correct? Sadako's offspring?" Calling William's father Edgar massive would have been the understatement of the century. At six feet and four inches Edgar was a massive being with a weight of 300 pounds, almost all of it in pure muscle. His glare was easily below sub zero, his wild almost animal like mane of pure silver hair that flowed freely from his head, his eye which were very much like black holes that seemed to suck in any sort of back talk or disrespect right out of a person, and the powerful and thick looking medieval styled armor that covered his body with an dark blue runic looking symbol that Sakura noted quickly morphed in and out of shapes and mythical beasts so freely that she thought that the inscription may have had a mind of its own.

There was a good chance she was right too. Edgar's limb were powerful and thick with a muscle mass that would have put a body builder to shame, but at the same time both arms seemed to perfectly capable of being gentle, thorough and peaceful as need to be. At his right hip bone, also mostly made of pure brawn physical power, lay sheathed in a crimson red seethe was a large and powerful broadsword with a rough and daggered edged sides that made it look more like the tooth of a Gravechill then an actual weapon of choice for a knight.

Although part of it looked as if it was made for the on purpose from start to finish. The blade looked very heavy to lift although Edgar was more then use to the weight, it weighed almost 100 pounds worth of pure flesh slashing metal and had severed the 40 some year old Hell knight on more times then he ever bothered to keep track. The name of the demon and angel slaying bane blade was the officially the Sword of Sorrow, but Edgar simply just called his blade of choice Sorrow for short.

The silver stardust hair colored man sat crossed legged and relaxed in a large purely stone made throne chair that some how held his heavy and strong frame with out the slightest sign of braking or weakening from the amount of stress a normal chair would have had. The three of them were in one of the Underworlds many training rooms where almost anyone who knew how to work the computers there could have made a training simulation for someone to practice against.

The raven hair colored ten year girl old found herself quavering and trembling from her own fear and intimation like a slab of Jell-O on a bumper car ride at the state fair, even her jaw chattered uncontrollably so much so that Will had to slightly give the girl a nudge in the ribs juts to bring her back into realty. With her face turning the same shade of pink again Sakura answered; "Y-Yes. Yes I am."

Once more she cursed her embarrassment, at the rate she was going she could become more annoying then that train wreck of nerves girl from that show about the non turtle ninjas. And that was saying something.

Edgar put his hand to his almost perfectly stone carved chin. He had become absurdly powerful throughout the years though simple hard work and had literally fought the proverbial nine yards, demons, Magus, crazed man men (and in some causes women) with supernatural powers out to rule the Underworld, you name it and either Edgar, his wife Minnie, Grim Jr, Her or Mandy had fought and beaten he/she into submission and/or broken their will to live like an egg shell. They were all roughly equal in power, far beyond most S class demons even.

"Interesting." With that Edgar rested his hand at his side. "And what is your reason exactly for bring her with you my son?"

"Lady Sakura simply wished to see my training father. And I told her she could." Will explained calmly.

Edgar nodded at the answer, he then turned to Sakura. "Very well then you may stay." With a snap of his powerful fingers a simple stool appeared from the ground from a magical runic symbol on the floor. When the seat was finished forming its atoms the circle vanished from sight as if it had never been there in the first place. Edgar then pointed to the stool and then to Sakura, she was quick to take her seat.

"William, normally either your mother or I would go over the basics of your powers and help you practice using them but seeing as how we will soon have a war upon our hands I will allow you to practice against one virtual foe from our computer's thousands of files on fighters and warriors." Edgar explained as he rose up from his impressive throne like set and walked over to the equally impressive and fairly large computer system and began to type in and load up an fighting scenario that the room in the next room over would bring into realty though all of the brain's senses, the head scientists of the Underworld that had designed the program received little praise from Mandy or Grim, they knew it was no more then a Matrix rip-off.

But a useful rip-off none the less as it allowed anyone who knew how to run the computer to battle with a hologram that was injected into the brains sense of smell, sight, touch, sound, and taste. Programs ranged from basic sparing matches to fight-to-the-dead and had been used numerous times by Edgar and the rest of the parents in order to keep their skills sharpened.

Will couldn't hid his joy this time as he broke out into a full fledged grin. Finally! A fight was just the thing he needed to prove himself to his family and his new 'friends'. He would get a huge kick out of ripping the limbs off of the poor foolish demon that would his foe to fight and then forcing them down his throat as his eyes bulged in pain and fear.

"Something I should note however is that the person you shall be fighting will be human." Edgar stated as he gave a small half smile as he watched his son's joy instantly crash and burn down in flames of disappointment, complete even with a pout and a frown on Will's part as he gave the stone floor a slight scuff with his shoe. Why on earth would father appoint a mere human for him to face off for his first time? Did he not think that he was ready for the big leagues?

Sakura couldn't help but feel a somewhat of a third wheel but kept her mouth shut and hoped that she could enjoy herself, the other half of the truth was that she was also fairly bored and watching a boy she had a crush on beat the snot out of someone was about the only thing she could think of that would fix her boredom.

"Rest assured my son, the being you are about to face will be more the capable of giving you quite a good fight." The silver haired knight then added, "Oh and you will only be able to use your fists as well as force field capabilities to protect yourself in battle. No chains or fire. In others words fisticuffs and defense my son."

William Poe had half a mind to yell at his father and simply get up and leave the room on the spot, no chains and only his hands and magic? What in the Underworld was his father thinking, how could he show his family what he was truly capable of if his powers were suppressed.

"Annoyed?" Asked a chuckling bemused Edgar as he finished uploading his son's first opponent. "Do not fret, you will be allowed one of the two spirits that now share your body.

At their mentioning both Cyan and Gau appeared out of Will's body, Sakura gave a small squeal of fear as she looked at the two ghosts with a fearful look.

"Mr. Ed knows about us?" Gau and Cyan had baffled looks on their faces, at which Edgar let out a mirth filled peal of laughter.

"Not directly no. But my wife Mini Mandy found a young man with a dark navy blue colored headband on his head and what looked like a giant snow white fur covered hair ball looking though her... personals. After she had knocked them both out cold she had the situation explained to her by a girl with sea foam green colored hair and a red one piece styled suite of some kind and was quick to apologize for knocking out both of your friends."

"I apologize on the behalf of my companions I-"

Edgar however raised his right hand with a small sign of authority and Cyan instantly ceased his sucking up to the former Hell knight.

"Lay down your words Samurai. It is my wife who apologized for attacking your friends." The ex hell knight then muttered under his breath, "Even if it WAS justified to an extent." He then turned to the two world savers smiled warmly as he batted a strand of his silver hair away from his eyes. "After hearing your story and considering the brief history you shared with my mother-in-law Mandy and the others in helping to stop that crazed clown god from destroying two universes, she has deiced to let you all stay assuming you will be able to prove of use to us."

"Thank you Edgar-sama." Cyan said gratefully as he gave a customary bow of respect. Gau simply hallowed with joy.

"New friends! New friends! NEW FRIENDS! New home too!"

Sakura could not help but smile at the young beast ghost boy's energy and enthusiasm. She was glade to know that these weren't the evil-take-over-your-body-and-kill-you type of ghosts like her mother had been at one point.

Cyan then turned to his fellow swords master, with a questioning expression on his face. "Which one of us shall have the honor of accompanying your son into battle?" he asked.

"The one with the vocabulary skill on par with a potato and who smell like a very old boot." Edgar answered as he looked over to Gau, who was still doing his chant and showed no signs of slowing down. Cyan nodded and floated away from the knight back near to Will, who was still sulking, was. Will couldn't help but feel resentment at his father for reducing his powers, what was the point in fighting if he was not allowed to go to maximum power and overwhelm his foes with intimation and raw power?

"Father why thou hast-" Will started to ask however Edgar cut him off.

"-Suppressed my powers, of which I have trained hard with and come to grasp with very quickly?" he finished so quickly that Will could only nod dumbly.

"Simple William. Although you have shown great skill with your recently garnered powers and both your mother and I are extremely proud of you in gaining the ranks you have so quickly, none the less you lack greatly in the basic of simplest basics that is the art of fighting. When a simple jab to the heart would have done the job you have attempted to show off with an eccentric blast of Hellfire or you used one of your many interchangeable chains in order to rip out the practice dummy's 'heart' out and then squeezed the very life out of it."

Edgar paused for a moment then continued. "Although Hellfire is far more then capable a substance of burning most mortal and machines to the finest of ash and your chains strength is able to rib the limbs clean off of most super empowered beings if something was to happen to you and you were no longer able to use said powers you would be all but helpless and would be easy picking for any foe stronger then yourself. You also let your ego get to you William and assume instantly that you are stronger then your foe is, you know little if any way, shape or form of how to fight smart, defensively, and how to take your time when you fight. Slow and steady does after all win the race."

Sakura looked over and saw her crushes glum and slightly offended face, which partly confused her. Why was Will annoyed with his father for? He WAS only working on his weak point, a solid smart strategy for any situation, and he really only cared for his son's wellbeing.

Which was more then could be said for her own father; the only thing that Sakura knew about the man that had seduced her mother by force was that he was a demon fox that could apparently control plants.

Sakura herself had found out from an early age that when ever she felt very joyful or extremely lugubrious that if she was around plants then they would either wilt away and die or bounce back to life good as new. Thankfully such a scenario was very rare in her home town of Vickson, Ohio and ironically enough despite her so called "plant manipulation" powers Sakura had an average green thumb when it came to gardening.

Although he knew his father meant well Will still couldn't help but resent him a little. How could he show off the greatness of his heritage if everything that made him great was held back? The blond sighed, maybe this was the sort of practice he needed after all.

"Very well then father, I am ready for my battle." Edgar nodded and pressed one of the keys on the keyboard, causing the two thick and wide purely necronium made door too the left of them to slide open in an almost science fiction fashion. Gau, who had finally stopped cheering, floated back into his new hostess body and when the two connected a small, blinding flash of dark yellow light shown forth from Will's body. The glow lasted only a moment and almost instantly Will could feel the urge to want to attack something for it's skin and flesh, like a barbaric caveman. The very idea made the blond 12 year old shiver, talk about savage!

"The area of your battle will take place in the highly advance and complex city of New York. A word of warning my son, this city will have things you have not seen before and the person you shall be fighting will be more then familiar with the territory and who will be more the capable of using the city to his advantage. No matter what stay on guard and keep on your toes William, if you do that you may just live though this one." Edgar stated as he got up and walked over to both where Sakura and Cyan stood.

Will said nothing to either of them as he made his way to the simulation room where his first real foe awaited him. His heart was racing faster then any version of the Flash ever had. He slowly made his way into the virtual fight simulating room, the last few moments he spent trying to master his heartbeat back. Gau was only whooping with gee at the idea of being able to fight again.


The sudden and abrupt change in scenery was so great that for a moment William Poe's brain was unable to help him sort out what lay before him. Massive and impressive buildings made out of some sort of advance gray colored stone that seemed to reach the very gates of Heaven itself covered most of his higher vision senses. The floor he stood on was a pure, space like black rocky material and felt very hard under his classy brown shoes that he always wore. The city that stretched out before his red eyes was a mixture of different shades of gray, with a hint of sunlight rays that reflected off the thousands if not hundred of thousands of glass windows, giving the city a goldenrod glow.

The sky was a simple navy blue, most likely the time was about half past noon and the sun was nicely golden bread baked yellow. Will blinked, awestruck by the cities amazing background. Not even Gau's animal personality dared to break the breath taken silence at the cities beauty.

"I would not stare for too much longer my son." Will's father voice came directly into the blond boy brain though the microphone that came with the computer; cause him to jump a little as a reaction from the sudden advice.

"F-Father, h-how are thou-?" Will found his tongue tied into a set of knots as he was unable to express the sheer amount of confusion he felt in that moment.

"Simple my child." His father's tone had a slight static ring to it now. "The room you see, feel and hear before you are but an advance illusion cast upon your mind, and it allows me to commutate with you though your mind. Both Lady Sakura, I and sir Cyan will be watching over and observing your battle with you foe, which will be at your location in a matter of moments. I have taken the liberty of removing any and all civilians from this program as to give both you and your foe plenty of room for you battle. A last word of warning William, your foe will have a sort of six senses for most danger and harm that will come his way, but he is still flesh and blood. If you manage to land one blow to his body do not stop attack and keep it up until you have one. But also spare him if you can, both your mother and I have raised you better then a mindless murder."

With that the sound of Edgar's voice faded from Will mind leaving only his own thoughts and Gaus' however they had little time to go back and enjoy the cities man made beauty as the sound of foot steps reached Will's ears. The blond boy whirled around ready to face his foe but was taken back by his appearance. The man had on a mostly red spandex outfit with thin black lines that crossed across his red jumpsuit like railroad tracks or a form of spider webbing, his face and eyes was kept hidden by the same red clothing choice as the rest of the suite was but with two large white round almost perfectly circler patches for where his eye would have been. On the front of his chest was a pure black symbol that Will instantly saw as a spider, although why this man had it on his costume he couldn't say.

Even though his body was hidden from view Will could tell that he was very physically fit as an impressive amount of muscles and a strong looking six pack was easily visible seen underneath the synthetic outfit. Will didn't know if he should have laughed or show respect by this man's appearance.

For a moment neither Will nor the costume individual said a word, only the heat of the afternoon New York sun beamed down on both of them, although neither showed the slightest bit of a problem with the heat as they continued their stare off. The masked man was first to speak, his voice had a slight bit of arrogance too it and he sounded to be about in his mid to late 20s.

"I take it YOU'RE the one responsible for the whole cities population disappearance then?" he asked.

"If I am what of it?" Will replied coldly. It was partly truth after all; his father had the foresight to take out any and all annoyances for the battle. It was just ammo to ammo now.

"Well seeing as how I'm sort of the sheriff of this city I MAKE it my business when something like this happens!" The masked man answered as he brought both his fists up and went into a boxer like stance. He then cracked his knuckles to show that he was ready to fight.

Will was not impressed. This was his first foe his father had chosen. Will couldn't help but think that maybe he was starting to go senile.

Will raised an eyebrow. "Dose thou have a name of which I may call you?"

The costumed man gave a low chuckle of bemusement as he went out of his fighting position and folded his spandex covered arms in a cross of sorts. Will could sense that underneath that mask of his the man was smirking at him. After a moment the spider symbol wearer uncrossed his arms and said in a cheery tone, "Call me Spider Man kid."

This is the first part of Will's Wrath athough you won't be getting the second part of mabey two chapters. Next one a somewhat famous FF villian will make his apperance and side with the Violator, and I am not talking about Sephiroth!
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Postby Davidka » Sun May 11, 2008 10:12 pm

Kefka, probably. Who is better than Sepiroth in every way except for the fact that he was a 2d sprite while Sepiroth was a 3d Polygonal figure. Or possbly Sin. Maybe Zeromus? Chaos? The Emperor of Pandemonium? The Darkness Cloud? Exdeath? Ultimecia? Kuja and Necron? Al-Cid?
I really like this story so far. But I have a question: where did you get the name 'Alky Lai' from? If I misspelled it, I mean the Angel Judgement Day Army Summon thing.

You could probably add the Evangelions to the fight on the Demon side, as they fought against the Angels... That'd be sweet.

Your story, the first thread, is what got me to read some of the other stories here, namely Griddles's peice, and for that, I thank you.

Keep it up!!!
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