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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Apr 07, 2006 5:52 am

Easy easy! The update will come in due time. I just need to recollect those thoughts is all.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t (Fic recovery complete!)

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Apr 15, 2006 9:19 pm

Well I'll be damned. One month since I updated. ONE MONTH!! And the thread goes to page 3! Hell if I knew that one thing would come after another, but I just had a rash of bad luck in terms of finding time for my art. I can only hope you folks haven't lost interest in this. I'm not even sure if I recollected all my thoughts for this chapter. Here's hoping that it won't be so short. So without further ado...............................................

Chapter 38:

*BAM!! The white flash dissipiates. The PPG and RRB collide and rebound to the ceiling. Blossom dodges an eye-beam from Bricks as Buttercup and Butch are locked in hand-to-hand combat. Bubbles merely dodges every punch and kick (and grab) Boomer sends at her*

Butch: Hey Butterdweeb! Think fast! *jabs Buttercup in the face*

Buttercup: GAH!

Butch: You have no idea how long I wanted to do that! HAHAHAHA...*jabbed back*

Buttercup: Loser says what? *backs away*

Butch: *annoyed* Why you...*chases Buttercup*

Blossom: *to Bricks* Get back! *zaps Bricks with eye-blast*

Bricks: It'll take a lot more then that to stop us!

Bubbles: Blossom, we have to save Shaddy! We have no time for this!

Boomer: C'mon! We have lots of time!

Bricks: Besides, it's not like you can save him if you can't get past us!

Blossom: Where is Shad being held anyway?

Bricks: Like I'd tell you! *punches Blossom in the gut*

Blossom: GYA!

Bubbles: Blossom! *grabbed by Boomer* Lemme go!

Boomer: You on who's army?

Bubbles: Uh...the Global Def...wait, they're bad.

Boomer: Bad? What makes you say that? Meh, never mind. I have a sure-fire way to beat you!

Bubbles: What?!

Boomer: Yeah, it was so simple yet it took me a really long time to figure it out. It was right in front of me!

Bricks: So? Out with it!

Boomer: *struggles to keep Bubbles in his grip* Just keep her still while I...

Butch's voice: Heads up!

*Bubbles turns to her left and...WHAM!! Buttercup is sent crashing into Boomer, allowing Bubbles to break free*

Boomer: Butch! What was that for?!

Butch: I said heads up!

Buttercup: *rubs her head* Guess your aim's still bad, huh?

Butch: Bad? BAD?! I haven't even started yet...

Boomer: Then why didn't you start? I had this great idea and it would've...

Butch: Oh, c'mon! Not THAT stupid idea again!

Boomer: At least let me try it first!

Blossom: What in the world...

Bricks: Butch! Boomer! Cut that out! We're in the middle of a battle! You've wanted to fi...*kicked to the stomach by Blossom* HEY!

Blossom: Hehe. Your guard was down.

Bricks: Aren't we clever?

*below the warring kids, the rest of the group remain grounded on the floor, trying to get a good view of the bout*

Bean: Bunny, who's winning?

Bunny: Can't tell very well from here.

Bop: Then fly up and see!

Berry: But we can't. They said so.

Dimitri: *using binoculars* Well the Rowdyruffs appear to be arguing about something. Boomer said something about some sort of plan he has, but that's as far as I can guess really. I can't read lip-flap.

Omi: Never mind that! While they're distracted, we can sneak into the...what's it called again?

Kimiko: Supercomputer, but I doubt Bricks would let us in that easy. That warning shot he gave was clear enough.

Raimundo: Or we can just wait this out until the Powerpuffs win, but what the heck was it that got Brisbane freaked out? Are the other intruders really that much of a problem?

Clay: I reckon we check it out, just for a bit.

Girl: Can't. The exits are sealed up. *to Dojo* You can sense Shen Gong Wu, correct?

Dojo: Yeah, so?

Girl: Shad had the Moby Morpher on him. Perhaps if you can hone in on its location, we'll know where Shad's being held.

Clay: Say, not a bad idea.

Dojo: Hold on, give me a moment. *remains still*

Dexter: How strange.

Dimitri: What is at this point?

Dexter: Bell.

Dimitri: Hmm?

Dexter: She seems to be the only one missing in our group. What could be keeping her?

Dimitri: Good point. Surely it can't take that long to disable a surveillance system. What could be keeping her?

Dojo: Say, ain't this odd.

Raimundo: What is at this point?

Dimitri: Hey, that's my line!

Dojo: We left a few Wu with Claire, didn't we?

Girl: *gasps; backs away*

Omi: Jet Bootsu, Mind Reader Conch and Tangle Web Comb. Why do you ask?

Dojo: It's just that...nah, must not be concentrating hard enough.

Girl: Uh-oh!

Dojo: The Moby Morpher should be...ZHA!! *twitches*

4 Monks: DOJO!!

Dojo: What the...HUH?!

Omi: Dojo, did you find the Moby Morpher?

Dojo: For a second I thought I sensed it, but then I just lost it and next thing I knew, I felt something that mess...something's messing up my Shen Gong Wu senses!

Kimiko: How can that be?! There's no bump on your head or anything.

Dojo: This is different! I can sense the Wu that we have, but something or someone seems to be messing with the Moby Morpher. And believe me, it takes a lot to alter Wu!

Berry: WHAT?! You can't find Daddy?!

Bop: But we're so clo...

*3 loud BOOM sounds are heard as the Powerpuffs are sent crashing to the center of the entrance hall*

Bunny: Er...probably farther then close.

Bricks: *descends along with his brothers* See Butch? We each want the same thing, so there's no use arguing. We stop arguing and the girls can't get to their friend.

Butch: What? So that means we won, right?

Bubbles: *gets up* NO! We're not loosing to you!

Buttercup: We beat you jerks once and we'll do it again!

Blossom: With or without kisses!

Bricks: *sigh* Fine by you. *swift kick sends Blossom to the Dalek scrap rubble near a corridor opening*

Butch: Bulls eye!

Bricks: *opens his hand as it glows red. He straightens it as he aims at Blossom and...* CRIMSON LANCE!

*a wide, red lance-shaped laser is shot out of the hand and explodes upon impact of its target. Blossom has been hit...*

Bubbles: Blossom!!

Bricks: Now THAT'S a bull's eye!

*...or so he thought*

Buttercup: *eyes widen* Bubbles, I think we better move.

Bubbles: But Blossom is...*pulled away*

Buttercup: Now!

Boomer: Hey, where are you goi...

*the smoke clears, the Dalek remains have been vaporized, yet Blossom is nowhere to be seen*

Butch: Huh?! Where'd she go?!

Blossom's voice: How's THIS for a bull's eye?!

Boomer: Where'd that come from?!

Bricks: Show yourself!

*The center of the entrance hall becomes illuminated by a pink light. Bricks looks up and sees a huge pink energy wave heading towards him and his brothers!*

Bricks: *gasps* Boomer! Countermeasures!

Boomer: What's that again?

Bricks: Oh for...STOP IT!!

Boomer: Why didn't you say so?

*Boomer clasps his hands together, raises his arms up, and spins as if he was a ballerina...okay, a spinning top*

Bop: What's he doing?

Butch: Faster Boomer!

*Boomer spins faster and faster and takes off after the pink blast. He is then covered by a cobalt light as he gets closer and closer...*

Kimiko: That's not a kamikaze is it?

Girl: I think it's something a bit more...


*like the attack name, Boomer drills into the blast and hits home. By which I mean he hits the source of the blast: Blossom!*

Blossom: AHHH!!

Bubbles and Buttercup: Blossom!

*Blossom falls to the floor as her attack vanishes. Boomer descends to the floor unharmed*

Boomer: Too easy!

Blossom: *cough* That's new.

Bunny: *helps Blossom up* C'mon sis. Let me help and we'll outnumber them 4 to 3.

Dimitri: You can't! If they don't beat them by their terms, then we won't know of Shad's whereabouts, nor can I make it to the supercomputer without them knowing.

*PPG and RRB commence fighting*

Dojo: *feeling a bit dizzy* And for some reason I can't get a lock on the Moby Morpher. You have any idea what's blocking it?

Dimitri: No idea. Can anything on a technological scale disrupt your senses?

Dojo: No. I mean, I DID sense the Wu Shad had for a second, then something just made me all screwy. Now every time I try to hone in on it I get this huge headache!

Clay: Well Brisbane probably doesn't want Shad to leave this place so he must be still here.

Dexter: So he wasn't at the weaponry or barrack domes and there was just a hologram of Shad at the labs. The only place we're not sure of is the surveillance dome but Bell hasn't returned. What could be keeping her?

Raimundo: Aw, let's just stop pondering about that for now. *watches the fight* Wonder who's winning.

Omi: *to Breannin* Breannin, you have spoken very little. What are your thoughts?

Breannin: Both the Powerpuffs and the Rowdyruffs are equally matched.

Clay: Gee, you can tell?

Kimiko: Now that you mention it, it doesn't seem one-sided.

Bunny: C'mon, they'll win this! Go sisters!

Dimitri: You girls better end this quick. Shad's rescue can't be held off much longer!

*to the fight*

Bubbles: YAH!! *tries to kick Boomer, but misses and hit by his punch* OW!

Boomer: Haha!

Butch: *dodging Buttercup's attacks with ease* Give it up Butterpansy.

Buttercup: Hold still!

Bricks: Humph. That's it. Keep your temper up.

Blossom: Don't taunt my sister! *kicks Bricks in the face*

Boomer: Bricks, can we try my plan now?

Bricks: *rubbing the bruise left on his cheek* Fine...

Butch: Hell no! We ain't doing THAT!

Boomer: But it won't take that long, honest!

Bubbles: They're arguing again?

Blossom: That leaves more time for us to plan our next move.

Dimitri: Girls! Shad needs to get out of here NOW! Wrap it up!

Blossom: Gotcha! Girls, initiate...

Weasel's voice: BRICKS! BOOMER! BUTCH! What are you still doing in here?!

Bean: AH! Where'd that come from?!

Dimitri: Speakers again, but it's not Brisbane this time.

Bricks: Weasel?

Weasel's voice: You've been ordered to hold off the intruders! Almost 1/4 of our army has been decimated by the Da...*crashing noise*

Bell's voice: SHUT UP! Everyone, never mind him! Just save Shad now! I'll catch up!

Girl: Bell?

Berry: Mommy?

Bell's voice: *tone of desperation* Never mind about me! Just get Shad!!

Butch: The hell's going on in the surveillance dome?

Bricks: Let's just make this quick. Boomer!

Boomer: So I can...

Bricks: *nods* Initiate "reverse blowup" maneuvers!

Buttercup: Reverse what now?

*almost as fast as the Creampuffs, the Rowdyruffs zip towards the Powerpuffs, punching them hard enough to send them flying to the wall! Once they get up, they're already cornered*

Boomer: On 3. THREE!

*the Powerpuffs shut their eyes as they brace themselves, but instead of iron hard hits, the 3 girls each felt a tiny peck on their cheeks*


*a minute passes, and nothing happens. The girls open their eyes, surprised that their opponents didn't inflict any more damage to them. Instead, they see them backed away and, for some odd reason, red in the face*

Butch: Uh...Boomer?

Boomer: Yeah?

Bricks: You want to explain?

Boomer: Explain what?

Bricks and Butch: WHY DIDN'T THEY BLOW UP?!

Bubbles: Blow up?

Blossom: Okay, I give up. What's the deal?!

Boomer: Remember that time when you kissed us and we blew up? Well I was thinking about how to avoid that when we fight you again, but then it hit me. If you can blow us up with a kiss, ma...

Bricks: Yeah! Hence the title "reverse blowup."

Butch: He thought that if we kiss you prissies, you'd blow up too! But as I thought, it...*hears giggling* What's so funny?!

Bubbles: *giggling* Nothing! I thought that was just...well, cute!

Boomer: *blushes* Cute?

Butch: Cute? Us, CUTE?! We're tough! Cute isn't tough!

Buttercup: I can't believe you even agreed to that dumb plan!

Blossom: It probably didn't work this way because...well, maybe because you're a...*breaks into giggles* BOY!!

Bricks: What does that have to do with anything?!

Blossom: Okay, enough of this. Girls! Starburst formation!

*the Powerpuffs take to the ceiling and stop just a foot below it. The girls each fire a beam of their signature color at a certain angle. All 3 beams merge together into a white ball*


*the white sphere shoots out a huge broad blast illuminated with all 3 signature colors headed towards the Rowdyruffs*

Boomer: I got it! PLASMA DRILL! *zips toward the attack*

Bricks: Don't! It's too po...

*too late. Boomer doesn't even come close to ripping through the blast, as the ray explodes upon his impact, the shockwaves harming Bricks and Butch as well. The smoke clears as a thud sound is heard. Bricks and Butch are relatively okay, but alas, Boomer isn't so lucky on account of taking the full force of the blast*

Bricks: Boomer you dork! *bends down* What's wrong with you?!

Boomer: Heh. I though...*cough* I thought that if my other plan didn't work, I could at least try to stop the attack to make up for it.

Butch: But you did...sort of.

Buttercup: So what? Did we win?

Butch: PAH! You've got a long way...

Bricks: *holds hand up, signaling defeat* No. Boomer's hurt. If one's down then we don't stand a chance with all 3. At least not easily. You girls win...for now.

Dimitri: FINALLY! Now where's Shad?!

Bricks: *points to the entrance to the supercomputer (i.e. the door Dimitri was unlocking earlier)* Brisbane's got him in there. Good luck though, no telling what he has in store.

Boomer: *stands up, although he kinda staggers while walking* Wow. I kinda feel better already.

Butch: Yeah yeah, just not enough to go another round with the Powerpuffs. Let's just get outside before that ferret nags at us again. *glides to the exit and presses a button near the titanium door, opening it* But the next time we meet, believe me when I say that we WILL win! *leaves through the exit corridor*

Boomer: Good luck getting that kid back, I think. *follows Butch*

Bricks: Guess we'd better hold of those intruders.

Blossom: Thanks.

Bricks: What for?

Blossom: For holding off the other intruders for us. We were kinda getting a bit worried about that.

Bricks: Wha...*blushes* HEY! We're not helping you! We're just doing what Brisbane ordered! We already have one group of intruders here already! *glares at said group* So yeah, don't stick around too long. *makes for the exit*

Girl: Bricks!

Bricks: *stops*

Girl: No offense, but I think you're far too powerful to be controlled by a pompous coward such as Brisbane.

Bricks: And?

Girl: Nothing. I just hope that sinks in.

*Bricks says no more as he goes through the exiting corridor, the door closing itself behind him*

Berry: What're we waiting for?! Let's get to Shaddy already!

Dimitri: Ah, right!

Dojo: Wonder if Shad still has the Moby Morpher.

Clay: Only one way to find out!

Bell's voice: WAIT!

*the Creampuffs turn around and see their "mom" fly out from the surveillance corridor*

Bop: Mommy!

Blossom: Bell, what took you?

Bell: *frazzled* Never mind about that! We have to get away from this entrance hall now!

Girl: Hmm...what's gotten into...

*BANG! The Mystery Girl turns around and sees a large sharp blade impaled through the exit*

Nool's voice: Almost there now!

Bell: *fearful* Just get through the center corridor NOW!

*the group makes their way through the now-unlocked door leading to the supercomputer. Unlike the others, this one's a relatively short corridor, taking less then a minute to reach their destination, which they do*

*now they're in the heart of it all. Yet it's nearly empty. The dome they're in is much bigger then that of the entrance hall, but there're no chairs, no desks, no furniture whatsoever. Up above is the same type of lightbulbs illuminating the room in a bright light. Some of the walls are covered with wires. The wires are traced to the very end of the dome. An enormous, hulking, tall rectangle with multiple screens, levers, buttons, and...well, it's the Global Defenders supercomputer of course!*

Omi: Look at the size of that computersuper.

Kimiko: Supercomputer.

Omi: That too.

Bunny: So somewhere in there are the dimensional coordinates to Black Eden?

Girl: Should be.

Bean: *looks around* Where's Shaddy?

Dr. Brisbane's voice: So...the forsaken ex-professor and his entourage of vermin have finally arrived at the heart of operations.

Girl: *raises an eye-brow (not that anyone can tell since she's still wearing her mask)* For...saken?

Dr. Brisbane: *reveals himself from behind the supercomputer; arms behind his back* At last you've made it. Not that I'm surprised really. You inferiors had quite the grudge against the Rowdyruffs.

Blossom: I think you got that the other way around.

Dr. Brisbane: Do I? Well excu...

Berry: Where's Shaddy?!

Dr. Brisbane: *angered* HOW DARE YOU?! An inferior such as you cutting into my monologue!

Dimitri: Would you stop calling them that already?! Unlike you, they actually try to protect the world!

Dr. Brisbane: Are you sure about that Dimitri? Because they do happen to miss a few obvious details.

Dimitri: Such as?

Dr. Brisbane: Their disability to pinpoint the source of course. Despite their advances in stopping large scale crime, smaller, yet more devastating acts are being committed each day. All triggered by the same source.

Girl: What source do you speak of?

Dr. Brisbane: It's the source that I thrive to cleanse since the day this organization was erected. The source is obvious really. It's all around us. It's just that you inferiors have been mentally degraded enough by it to not recognize it properly!

Raimundo: Would you stop saying that already, sheesh! What's the source of all evil then?!

Dr. Brisbane: PEOPLE! HUMANS! HUMANS such as us generate the source of the world's errors! It is their inhibited impulse to break the rules that separate us from being primal savages. Whether it being cursing out loud or shoplifting "just for kicks" it all evolves into something far more dire. Those around them fail to prevent and and next thing you know, the crimes hit the front page! So much of it gets committed every minute of every day and little is being done to stop that! You would-be superheroes should know better then to know how to do so, but alas, you only take action when the negative impulse of the human escalates, and by then he's at the point of no return.

Dimitri: That's not true. Every day, people are doing what they can to make this world a better place. Little by little, they do what they can to make a difference in everyone's lives.

Dr. Brisbane: Need I state a few headliners to change your mind? No? Then allow me to continue. This organization has been erected to strike the source and eliminate it. Yet even we are unable to finds an effective way to do so. That's when we finally obtained the very lifeblood of the Global Defenders.

Blossom: Chemical X.

Dr. Brisbane: It took time, really. All of the experiments ended in failure until one rather particular young woman decided to volunteer. The result was something not even her own husband forsaw.

Dexter: I presume that this confirms that Claire indeed did obtain her powers here.

Dr. Brisbane: Yet it wasn't without complications. She conceived a child quite a while after the experiment. A child who, by logic, should have rather effective abilities...

Dimitri: Not this again! LOOK! We went though those tests numerous times and I kept telling you, Shad had no powers! At least not the ones you wanted him to have!

Dr. Brisbane: At least I invested my time to see for myself when he was at his tender ages.

Dimitri: That's the point. Shad's a CHILD! A little boy! He deserves to have the normal life I had! The life that everyone should have!

Dr. Brisbane: "The life that everyone should have..." If I was taking all that away from him, then I was doing him quite a favor. His life would have been better in our hands.

Dexter: Sorry for interrupting your needlessly long monologue, but would you like to divulge on the happenings of the Berserker Revolt?

Girl: *gasp* WHAT?!

Dimitri: NO! Dexter why...

Blossom: Yeah, I'd like to know that as well. Did it involve a scary shadow of sorts?

Buttercup: And dead soldiers?

Bubbles: they said.

Dr. Brisbane: Yes, perhaps we should get to the point. I may not know how you cretins knew off all that, but before I go on, I'll backtrack to the past for a bit. Allow me to remove the lies that Dimitri fed you...if any. Allow me to divulge on what started the Berserker Revolt, the origins of that "black shadow" and how it all ended in Shad's presumed death!

Berry: *chokes back a sob*

Dimitri: *shaking* No...NO...STOP!!

Dr. Brisbane: But first, you all might've noticed quite a few oddities. Are you curious as to how we obtained the Daleks? Simple. Normally they're organic on the inside but we decided against that and constructed our own Dalek. Sadly, the Chemical X has no effect on non-living things and a Dalek is considered non-living. So I obtained another, rather unique power source though...a little friend.

Dimitri: Friend?

Dr. Brisbane: Yes. She was quite the odd one really, but she told me on how these mystical things worked. Exspheres I think she called them. With numerous amounts, we created our own power supply and created new, far superior technologies! Yet...despite what she said it would have vast effects on a human if used properly, I never really did use it on any of the soldiers. Mainly because they had no idea where I got the exspheres from.

Dimitri: Secretive as ever, I see.

Dr. Brisbane: This person even had one equipped on herself, but was a somewhat evolved version of the exsphere. Cruxis Crystal. She claims that it allows a human to evolve into the ultimate being. I had the liberty of obtaining 2 of them just very recently. But enough about that. I mustn't give away too much. This is all about Shad, is it not?

Bell: And we're taking him back!

Breannin: His powers shall not be exploited by the likes of you!

Dr. Brisbane: But don't you all wish to know of his...involvement in the Berserker Revolt 4 years ago?

Powerpuffs and Dexter: INVOLVEMENT?!?!

Dr. Brisbane: No no, that'd give away far too much. More like gentle persuasion to see what we can do. Sadly, there was a slight miscalculation and the black shadow rampaged throughout the entire facility, and ending Shad's life...presumably.

Berry: Persuasion? *fist shaking* You...tricked daddy? *black stare; head down*

Bean: Berry?

Berry:'re the reason why he's sad?

Dr. Brisbane: What now? Surely I had nothing to do...

Berry: *rasping; restrained fury* LIAR!!! *head up; infuriated and on the brink of Bubblevicious* IT WAS YOU!! The reason why I saw Daddy Shaddy dead...why grandma was crying...and you were just there laughing at him...IT WAS YOU!!! *aquamarine aura appears and flares up*

Breannin: She's angered at Brisbane all of a sudden?

Omi: *gasp* Her's elevating so fast!

Bell: All that talk Brisbane spouted must've pushed Berry's buttons somehow!

Dimitri: See what you've done Brisbane?! You've just angered a so-called "inferior." What will do you now? You have no shield around you. No soldier for backup. Best if you apologize now.

Buttercup: If she's everything Bubbles is, then he's pretty much dead and meat.

Dr. Brisbane: *chuckles*

Blossom: What's so funny?

Dr. Brisbane: Go on Berry. *menacingly* Unleash it. Unleash it all at me! They really must have no idea. *smirks*

Berry: I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jets toward Brisbane at a frightening speed, leaving behind a small turbulence ala Sonic Riders :P*

Dr. Brisbane: *not feared by the feral girl's rage; standing his ground* Yes. Go on. For what I'm about to unleash...what I have in store for all of you...will be unlike anything the world has ever seen!

End of Chapter 38!

Yep, I'm heading to bed now. But first...

Exspheres and Cruxis Crystals are from Tales of Symphonia (I did mention a reference a while back)
Note the bolded ones. Unlike the reference, the one who supplied Brisbane with those isn't from the game.
And at last, some BGM for the beginning of Berry's little...well, you know.

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The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:41 pm

I've been wating and here it is.
A great chapter.
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:38 pm

Chapter 38 completed!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:23 am

Great work! Now Berry can prove her lone strength at last.
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 18, 2006 7:30 am

That was a good chapter. I'm really looking forward to learn about the berserker revolt (I've been wanting to know about it for a long time :P)
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:37 am

PAH! Who doesn't want to know? Well rest assured before this part of the fic ends all (okay, some but not all) will be revealed. But for now, think on what Brisbane's up to. :P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:06 am

I've already figured it out ... He can steal clothes ... that pervert ... Nah I'm kidding. But rest asured he is up to no good ^_^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 38 is FINALLY UP (1

Postby Keeper » Tue Apr 18, 2006 8:45 pm

Hey again, Shad! ^_^

I'm back on the forums and like the update. Keep it going. :D

Now hopefully I can get my fic back on the road again. ^_^;
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 38 is FINALLY UP (1

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Well now. It seems that chances are (by which I mean hopefully) I'll once again head to the peaceful suburbs of Queens. Perhaps there I'll find some inspiration to draw (and do some homework while I'm at it). Granted, I was supposed to go today, but things came up on the other end so...BAH! Why am I babbling about that?! You're all here to read the preluminate battle! I've been looking forward to doing this (hehe. You'll see) more then the PPG VS RRB fight, so without further ado...

Chapter 39: Beat the Angel (yes, that's the title of this chapter AND the name of the BGM)


Dr. Brisbane: *laughs maniacally*

Dimitri: What the...why isn't he moving?

Dexter: Something doesn't seem right.

Dr. Brisbane: You...*slowly raises his arms from his back to over his head. The Moby Morpher is attached to both his sleeves, yet it doesn't seem right. The ruby that was in each bracer is replaced by an eerie looking, shining gem that appears to be oozing black liquid* INFERIOR!!!

Clay: The Moby Morpher?!

Kimiko: Yeah, but there's something funny about it.

Girl: That liquid. Could that be...*gasps* BERRY STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Bean, Bop, Bell and Bubbles: BERRY!!!!!!!


*too late. Brisbane binds the bracers together, letting himself become enveloped in a golden light emanating from the Wu. Berry shows no signs of slowing down as he charges head-first into said light, obscuring both figures. Obviously, the brightness of it all causes the group to close their eyes (except the Mystery Girl, for she still has her mask on), but not before hearing several BAM and WHAM sounds. Bubbles slightly opens her eyes and sees Berry flying out of the light and firing one more laser-blast at said light, then lands*

Berry: I'm not asking again. WHERE'S DADDY?!?!

Bubbles: Berry. You...killed him?

Berry: I don't know. I can't tell with all that light still in the way.

Dimitri: *opens eyes* What just happened?

Berry: I think I made that bad man dead.

Dimitri: What?!

Berry: I think so. All of a sudden I just got all angry and then...


*the rest of the group opens their eyes in response to the booming voice*

Dr. Brisbane: You have no idea...this power...AT LAST I'VE OBTAINED THIS POWER!!!

*a huge flapping noise is made. The golden light vanishes, and what the group sees in its place puts it in sheer total shock. Brisbane is still there, only....................................not quite the same. The same odd jewels that inhabited the Moby Morpher are now each attached to one of his hands. He wears...BAH! He kinda looks like this minus the hat, the zombie-ange...I mean, Collete from Tales of Symphonia, and the angel wearing the clothes altogether :P )


Blossom: An...AN ANGEL?!

Dr. Brisbane: Yes! The ultimate being! The sole pure organism! The Angel!!

Berry: He's still...*goes into Bubblevicious again*...DIE!!!! charges after Brisbane again*

Breannin: Berry!

*Berry throws a hard punch, but Brisbane grabs her wrist just when the fist almost strikes his face*

Dr. Brisbane: Now now, we'll have none of that. *sqweezes Berry's wrist*

Berry: AHH! You...LET ME GO!! *struggles to get free, but to no avail*

Dr. Brisbane: I think it's time for some...PUNISHMENT! PHOTON!!!

*streaks of light are released from Brisbane's fingertips. They circle around Berry, encasing her in a sphere of golden light. There's a high yelp before the sphere itself explodes, followed by a scream as Berry still remains in Brisbane's grip*

Dr. Brisbane: AGAIN!! PHO...

Bean and Bop: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR SISTER?!?! *switch into Bubblevicious*

*there are 2 flashes of bergandy and amber, followed by Berry seemingly vanishing and reappearing at Bean's side* However, he barely feels the devastating kick behind the head Bop gave him*

Dr. Brisbane: *turns around* Funny. I didn't even feel it.

Bop: Feel this you meanie!!! *kicks Brisbane across the dome* AMBER PHOTON EDGE!!

*a jagged ray of amber light is fired at Brisbane, but...*

Dr. Brisbane: Are you not aware of the POWER I posses now?! *he brings his wings in front of him, using them as a shield. The attack strikes, creating smoke in the process*

Bean: Did it work?

Dimitri: Wait a...was that Bubblevicious?!

Bubbles: They're just like me, remember?

Buttercup: Yeah, but is he de...

Dr. Brisbane's voice: ANGEL FEATHERS!!

*from the smoke, 3 golden energy rings come out, all hitting Bop in rapid succession*

Bop: AIEEE!!!! *falls*

Bell: BOP!!

Dr. Brisbane: *uses his wings to flap away the smoke and walks toward Bop* It's bad enough that you're illiterate. Now you can't seem to submit to your inferiority?!

Bop: *angered further, but can't stand up* What did you call me?!

Bunny: That's it! I had it up to here!

Buttercup: If he won't tell us where Shad is, we'll make him!

Blossom: Okay then! Rush him! *all 4 Powerpuffs fly after Brisbane*

Dr. Brisbane: *sighs, then opens his hands into a palm and fires a shining golden sphere above the PPG* RAY!!

*the sphere showers the area around the incoming girls with gold beams of light. 9 of them (EACH) zap the Powerpuffs*

All 4 Powerpuffs: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

*sphere vanishes*

Dimitri: DAMN! He's too strong!!

Dojo: *gasps* NO WAY! This ain't right at all! He shouldn't be doing this!

Raimundo: Duh, so let's help the...

Dojo: No, not that! I mean the Moby Morpher doesn't usually allow it's bearer to do this!

Kimiko: What do you mean?

Omi: The Moby Morpher allows one to change into whatever they please, correct? So how is this not possible?

Dojo: That's the thing. It doesn't give anyone any other abilities then shape-shifting! Mad hatter doc over there must be using something else.

Breannin: *gasps* Of course! Remember what he said before! Someone gave him 2 Cruxis Crystals!

Clay: And something did seem funny about the Moby Morpher just before he used it.

Dojo: No wonder I couldn't sense it. Brisbane must've jammed them in the Wu and messed with my senses!

Kimiko: But what about that black stuff oozing out?

Dimitri: Chemical X.

Dr. Brisbane: So you've finally caught on, have you?

Dimitri: You may look like a holy being, but you're far from one on the inside!

Dr. Brisbane: This is just an experiment. A successful one I might add. Combining a matter altering object, 2 mystical gems, and the ultimate source of power itself has allowed me to be fully cleansed and immeasurably powerful! I am but the first of many who will follow suit to my rule! The influence generating from my visage will break all rebellious morale. I shall use the exspheres to cleanse all the tainted ones into the same, pure, being! Discrimination will end, crime will stop, and all errors of the world shall cease to exist under my new world order!

Dimitri: Your vision is just what it is. A vision! You can't just force the entire world to follow your illusion!

Dr. Brisbane: YOU'RE the one who's mind is trapped within illusion! You constantly pretend that the events of the Berserker Revolt never occurred. That the happenings didn't have, what you think, a rather significantly negative impact on your family!

Dimitri: That's the reason I planned this rescue mission. I'm not letting you repeat the same mistake again!

Dr. Brisbane: But look at me now. Does this *flexes his wings* look like a mistake? You can experience this power too...if you repledge your loyalty to me.

Dimitri: My trust for you was broken the second I left this twisted place. As much as I'd hate to say it, I'd...I'd rather die then...

Breannin: Dimitri you mustn't say that!

Dr. Brisbane: What's that now? Then allow me to grant your feeble wish. A shame, really Yours, Shad's and even Claire's lives would've been much brighter had you not resigned. So be it! ANGEL ARROW!


*Brisbane fires a gold, arrow-shaped laser at Dimitri in the same fashion as his previous attacks, only to be bounced off and burned from a wall of fire materialized by Kimiko*

Clay: Big Bang Meteorang!

*Clay throws his bronze weapon at Brisbane. As usual, he merely stands there and points at the incoming weapon*

Dr. Brisbane: Limiter Ray!

*Brisbane fires another golden laser from his fingertips, hitting the boomerang. However, instead of evaporating as he expected, it split into 5 smaller parts*

Dr. Brisbane: Hmm?! Angel Feathers!

*3 gold rings shoot out from the wings, but they only take out 3 of the miniature boomerangs. Brisbane merely blows away the last 2 with a strong flap of his wings*

Dr. Brisbane: If that was your idea of an assault then I...*sees something amiss Raimundo and Omi to be precise* Where...

Omi's voice: SHIMO STAFF!

Raimundo's voice: BLADE OF THE NEBULA!

*Brisbane immediately finds himself being lifted high up by a tornado that somehow appeared underneath him. As soon as it disappears, he's immediately struck down to the floor by a hard, icy substance. His attackers turn out to be Omi and Raimundo, of course*

Raimundo: *jokingly* I'm sorry, did you say something? "If that was your idea of an assault then I..." Then what?

Omi: I believe he was about to say...

Raimundo: Sarcasm.

Omi:. Oh, that.

Dr. Brisbane: You can't even detect sarcasm? Such a sad thing. *gets himself up quickly and attempts to punch Raimundo, only to be blocked*

Buttercup: Hey four-eyes, didja forget about us?!

*the Powerpuffs (minus Bunny) and Creampuffs, now recovered from the previous attacks, fly up and attempt to dive-bomb Brisbane, who looks up at them*

Dr. Brisbane: RAY!

*the shining golden sphere from before appears above the rapidly descending puffs, but before it can fire out the beams, the Powerpuffs latch onto the Creampuffs*

All 3 Powerpuffs: NOW!

*in 3 flashes of bergandy, aquamarine and amber, the 6 puffs vanish, yet Brisbane still didn't seem worried*

Dr. Brisbane: I swear. *turns around and fixates his eyes on an empty spot, then with a wave of his arm...* PHOTON!

*streamers of golden light are shot out of Brisbane's fingertips once again as they circle around the empty spot and morph into a sphere. It appears that the target has been missed, until a few shrieks of pain are heard. The sphere vanishes, leaving the Powerpuffs and Creampuffs wounded once again!*

Bean: But how?! That always works!

Dr. Brisbane: Surely this isn't how you always make such tactics. Anything you try on me once can't succeed again! Flashwarping?! The pair of Cruxis Crystals embedded on me enhance my senses to the point where I can hear your flight movements, thus rendering your method of combat futile!

Bunny's voice: How's this for futile?! Ricochet Bounce!!

Dr. Brisbane: *doesn't even turn around* Limited Ray!

*Bunny doesn't even come close to Brisbane before a wide golden beam from the sky cancels out her attack*

Dexter: This is maddening! He can see our every move!

Breannin: Those Cruxis Crystals.

Girl: Yes. Those things seem to be...

Breannin: No, not that. Those things...they're not good. What Brisbane plans to use them for is just...

Dimitri: Wait, you know about those things?!

Breannin: It's an extremely vague memory but I recall those things being used in ancient times. The Cruxis Crystals are an evolved form of exspheres but the side-effects are far worse then normal exsphere usage.

Girl: Go on.

Breannin: In one case or another...they become like me.

Dexter: You mean in a robotic matter?

Breannin: What's a ro...never mind. Anyway, Cruxis Crystals do indeed evolve humans and increase their natural abilities substantially, but I've noticed a few things. Numbness.

Dimitri: Numbness?

Breannin: Those who foolishly used those things on a whim experienced physical and emotional numbness.

Bell: You were like that not too long ago.

Breannin: Until you gave me this. *clutches her chest and feels the Heart of Jong beating* Everything I'm's all so new to me. It's happening so fast.

Girl: But you're remembering things from thousands of years ago. Perhaps if you can recall how to trigger your powers you can assist the girls and Monks.

Dimitri: Numbness. Brisbane did say that he didn't feel that sharp kick Bop gave him.

Breannin: They become monotone. The influence of the Cruxis Crystal overwhelmed them. They couldn't feel anything, and this Brisbane person wishes everyone to be like that! To make them docile to the exspheres in order to make his twisted vision a reality!

Bell: He can't do that!

Dimitri: But who gave him those things? If what you're saying is true, then they probably don't exist they?

Breannin: I don't know. I really don't know.

Bell: But remember. You're human now. You don't have to worry about being numb again.

Breannin: But I still feel hurt because of what I did to Jack. I couldn't help Buttercup beat those Daleks. How can I do anything if I can't trigger my powers?!

Girl: It may be a good thing that you worry.

Bell: What?! Don't you have any idea how she feels right now?!

Girl: That doesn't deviate from the point. The fact that she worries much about not being of use; of being unable to retain the knowledge of how to use her powers, is proof that she indeed does care. That you wish to gain newfound trust from your companions. You wish to feel useful.

Breannin: Yes. That's exactly how I want to feel now. That'd make me

Dexter: Happy?

Breannin: Happy. I don't even know how that feels.

Girl: When it comes, you'll know.

*a scream breaks the conversation. The remaining ones in the group direct their attention to the fight scene. Berry's head is under Brisbane's foot as he keeps a tight hold on Bean and Bop. The Powerpuffs try to attack once again, but all are repelled by Brisbane's wings. The Monks stand their ground, contemplating their next move*

Raimundo: Geez, even attacking him all at once doesn't work! It's as if he has eyes on the back of his head!

Dr. Brisbane: The abilities I now possess far surpass...

Bop: Would you quit talking like that?! It's annoying!

Dr. Brisbane: Silence! PHOTON!

*the streamers of light once again encase Bop, causing her immense pain as they combust*

Bop: *sobs*

Dr. Brisbane: You shall show your liege the utmost respect.

Bop: *slowly raises her head and sticks her tongue out* When piggies fly you weenie!

Dr. Brisbane: Then you leave me no choice. JU...

*WHOOSH! The Mystery Girl whizzes past Bell and the wounded puffs and stops in front of Brisbane*

Dr. Brisbane: Hmm? So fast...


*BAM!!!! She punches Brisbane clear in the stomach a huge silhouette of a cerise lion materializes in front of the fist. Although he doesn't feel it, Brisbane is sent flying across the dome as he crashes into the wall, just barely missing the supercomputer*

Dexter: *wide-eyed* What...

Bell: Was that a lion just now?! How did she do that?

Raimundo: About time you started to help! Why didn't you do that before?

Girl: I was waiting for the right moment.

Bubbles: But you went so fast!

Girl: I did?

Dr. Brisbane: RAY!!

Kimiko: Wudai Fire Shield!

*the puffs, Monks and the Mystery Girl quickly gather around Kimiko as a small dome of fire is materialized around them, shielding them from the numerous gold blasts*

Kimiko: Clay, when I give the signal, jump out of the shield and attack him!

Raimundo: You're wearing the Fancy Feet, right?

Clay: Under my boots. But...

Kimiko: *sweating* I can't hold this any longer!

Dr. Brisbane: How right you are. Limiter Ray!

Kimiko: NOW!!

Clay: Fancy Feet!

*Clay zooms out of the fiery dome at an almost lightning speed as it vanishes upon being struck by a huge golden beam from the ceiling*

Clay: Fist of Tebigong! EARTH!

*Clay raises his fist, now covered by the bronze gauntlet, and attempts to deliver a devastating blow to Brisbane. Unfortunately, he teleports at the last second*

Clay: Now where'd he...

Dr. Brisbane's voice: Angel Feathers!

*Clay is toppled to the floor by the same 3 swift golden energy rings. Brisbane hovers above him*

Dr. Brisbane: This is starting to get rather dull. Even your Shen Gong Wu has little chance of harming me. *flicks away an incoming white sphere*

Bell: *hand smoking* Then why don't you tell us where you hid Shad?!

Dr. Brisbane: The only way to force me into revealing his hiding place is by defeating me, which is impossible. *teleports in front of Bell* So you're out of options. *smacks Bell into the supercomputer, which is still operational*

Bean: MOMMY!!

Dr. Brisbane: Angel Feathers!

*Bell takes to the ceiling to avoid the rings of light, only to become encased in an all too familiar golden sphere, followed by her screams and Brisbane rising up next to her to prolong the attack*

Berry: Let her go!

Bop: AMBER...*sharp pain in her arms* AHHH!

Blossom: You're still hurt from that last attack!

*Blossom looks up at Brisbane and fires her trademark energy wave. Brisbane's wings, on the other hand, generate a yellow barrier around him, blocking Blossom's attack*

Bean: We have to do something! Mommy can't last much long...

*a blaring ZHHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sound is heard, then seemingly out of nowhere, a streak of green light fires up near the ceiling as it pierces through the barrier and strikes Brisbane, but all he does is turn around and look down at his attacker as his Photon sphere continues to contain and harm Bell*

Dr. Brisbane: Dimitri. Very unlike you to pull off a sneak attack.

Dimitri: There's more where that came from! Let Bell go!

Dr. Brisbane: Release her you say? Of course.

Dimitri: *catches on to what he meant* Wait, not that!

*the sphere vanishes, causing a nearly mangled Bell to fall to the hard metal floor. She has no strength left to stop her descent.

Blossom: Everyone! Get Bell!

Dr. Brisbane: Do they ever think before they act? *spreads his wings* JUDGEMENT!!!

*the last word echoes throughout the dome as the group run towards the point where Bell will fall, but they don't get anywhere close. The reason: the hundreds of lightbulbs in the ceiling shoot out several beams of golden light to heavily strike the group (even Dimitri and Dexter), stunning them. To make matters worse, Brisbane shoots a Limiter Ray and Angel Arrow at his falling victim, inflicting additional pain as Bell finally hits the cold hard ground, unconscious; the rest of the group too immobile to come to her aid*

Dojo: I think I hurt in places I didn't think existed.

Bunny: You're telling me. Ow.

Dr. Brisbane: *still in the air; having a good view of the near-incapacitated group* Consider this a lesson! This is what happens to those who defy my authority! There is only one superior being on this planet, and I happen to be him! No longer will I allow the world to continue its self-destruction, for I shall root out all who dare opposes the Global Defenders! Do it...or die trying.

Dimitri: *cough; struggles to stand up* Then...if you're such a psycho just do the latter.

Dr. Brisbane: Can't you see? This power has revitalized me. Restored my faith in the Global Defenders. If it were any other way...then I'd rather have the inferiors do away with me.

Breannin's voice: Then why don't you DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!

Dr. Brisbane: The sapphire one! How did I...what?! *notices that Breannin isn't among the damaged group* Where is she?! How did I miss her?! JUD...

*almost out of nowhere, a blast of sapphire fire engulfs Brisbane's hands, leaving them behind as hardened sapphire!*

Dr. Brisbane: *lands* AHH!! Where are you?! *feels numbness in his hands* What?! No! I can't move my...

*the Cruxis Crystals in his hands are flashing rapidly. Then something frightening occurs as Brisbane's eyes widen with fear from what is happening. The Cruxis Crystals start to "crust" over the sapphire and the rest of his arms with a scaly, crystalline substance!*

Dr. Brisbane: What's happening to me!? What's wrong with the Cruxis Crystals?!

Breannin: *seen near Bell; on the brink of tears* Bell.

Bell: *wakes up* B...b...Bree? *glomped*

Breannin: You're hurt!

Bell: Bree, you're okay!

Breannin: Yes, but this irritating sensation I feel. Is...this anger?

Bell: Anger?

Breannin: When I saw Brisbane hurting you I just...

Dr. Brisbane: *angered and possibly scared; his chest already petrified* YOU!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Breannin: *gasp* Your hands!

Dr. Brisbane: Your life will be the price for your insolence!! PHOTON! *nothing happens* What? How...GRRR!! RAY!! *still nothing* Why is nothing happening?! JUDGEMENT! ANGEL ARROWS! ANGEL FEATHERS!! HOLY LANCE!! LIMITER RAY!! *nothing, nothing, and more nothing* body! Why can't I...

All 3 Creampuffs' voices: UNISON ATTACK! CREAMPUFF SHUFFLE!!

*there's a flash of bergandy. Brisbane feels a sharp, painful blow to the back so hard, he's sent flying towards the supercomputer. Before he hits it, a flash of aquamarine appears, followed by Berry appearing in front of said supercomputer as she kicks the incoming would-be angel soaring in another direction, only to be grabbed and thrown upwards to the ceiling by Bop after a flash of amber. Brisbane hits the lightbulbs, causing his petrified limbs to be seared by some of the shards as she rapidly descends*




*Kimiko throws several flaming sparrow-shaped arrows at Brisbane. They blast the falling foe, burning him greatly as the fierce turbulences from Raimundo's weapon not only intensify the spreading of the flames on him, but also sends him crashing into the wall*

Omi: Wudai Neptune WATER!

Clay: Wudai Crater EARTH!

*Omi's water douses the flames on Brisbane, only for a few metal and stone tiles to smash into him. The monochromic colors on the Xiaolin Monks vanish, their part of the assault finally over. The 4 Powerpuffs rise up above Brisbane and shoot a beam as they merge together into a white ball*


*the white ball shoots out a huge broad blast of pink, blue, green and purple light headed towards Brisbane. It makes a direct hit as an explosion rings out. The resulting gusts cause the mask of the Mystery Girl to come off, revealing her face to all. Brisbane, his wings almost lost of its feathers and the clothes charred and burnt, is barely standing up. There are gaping holes in his crystallized hands where the Cruxis Crystals used to be*

Girl: My mask!

Dexter: Hmm? So this is what you loo...

Dimitri: WHAT?!?! *stunned* NO!!! *backs away from the Mystery Girl* NOOO!!! THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!!

Girl: Dimitri please! J...j...just let me explain!

Dimitri: YOU!! *points a shaky finger at her* I COULD'VE SWORN YOU'VE...

Blossom: Wait, hold on! You know her?!


Dr. Brisbane: You...*voice rasping; at the edge of death**staring furiously at the Mystery Girl* How dare you!!

Girl: What are you saying?

Dr. Brisbane: Do you honestly think

Dimitri: *holding his head in pain and confusion* What's going on?! This girl! THIS GIRL!!

Dr. Brisbane: Ba...Ba...BARASIA YOU TRICKED MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *collapses*

Bunny: WHO?!

Dimitri: Barasia? *calms down a bit* I guess I was mistaken. But her face. I could've sworn that...

Dexter: *at the supercomputer* Oh no!

Blossom: Dexter?

Dexter: I have good news and horrible news.

Bean: Good news first please.

*Dexter presses a few buttons. A section of the wall opens up, revealing an alcove. Within it is an opened large tube containing an unconscious, yet very familiar white haired boy*

Berry and Bubbles: SHADDY!! *pulls Shad out of the tube*

Bell: *carried by Breannin* He's safe!

Dimitri: *runs toward Shad and sweeps him into his arms* SHAD!!

Dexter: That's the good news. The bad news is that the coordinates are gone!

Blossom: Gone?! But that was the only chance we had to get to Black Eden.

Dimitri: Who cares? *still hugging Shad* My boy is safe now! We don't need them anymore!

Kimiko: I guess all that fighting we did damaged it.

Dojo: *pulls the Moby Morpher off the unconscious Brisbane and slithers to the Monks* Yeah, but his last words were something else.

Omi: "Barasia, you tricked me." What did that mean? *glance at the Mystery Girl*

Girl: What?!

Dimitri: Who are you? Really?! He was staring at you!

Girl: I'm not Barasia, honest! I never heard the name!

Berry: Never mind all that! Let's just get Daddy Shaddy out of here!

Bunny: Good point. It won't be mission accomplished until we return home.

Buttercup: I'm just wondering if those other intruders are still out there.

Bell: We better be...*gasp* NO!

Breannin: Bell?

Bell: We have to get out of here NOW!

*Bell, despite being heavily damaged, floats up and bolts out of the dome with Breannin in tow. Confused at her sudden hostility, the rest of the group follow Bell in haste. They reach the entrance hall, but Bell is nowhere in sight. Finally, they go through the exit corridor and leave the base entirely, reaching the outdoors. But what they see is not what they expect. Sure, there are a lot of soldier corpses abound on the plains, but the other intruders were an even bigger surprise. Right in front of the group is Bell, shaking fearfully at the other intruders. It just so happens to be the Darkstar Council themselves! The Cluster kaijin, Zim, Gir, and Samantha stand near Dr. X, glaring angrily at the shaky girl in white*

Zim: By the Tallest! You were right Dr. X! Bell DID lead us here!

Samantha: I wouldn't call it...

All 4 Powerpuffs, Dexter and Dimitri: WHAT?!?! *stares at Bell*

Bell: ME!? Helping them?! W-w-w-wait! It's not what it looks like! I just...

Dr. X: Did the right thing by playing the role of spy so we can hone in on your location, thus finding Shad? Why thank you Bell. Nice work indeed.

Buttercup: *grabs Bell by the collar* You tricked us?!

Bunny: That whole sob story from before was just a lie to get us to trust you?!

Blossom: I don't...I don't believe it. Bell...I trusted you!

Bubbles: I stood up for you. SHADDY stood up for you!!

Bop: NO! Mommy never told that meanie! Really!

Bell: Bop's right! I thought that daddy wouldn't try to take Shad back because...

Dimitri: I think we've seen enough Bell. *glares at Dr. X* You must be the leader of the Darkstar Council. *takes out Nullify Blaster gun from his pocket* Do you have any idea what you've done to my child by making him use those powers?!

Dr. X: Still the overprotective one, eh Dimitri?

Dimitri: *eyes widen* What? How do...NO! *points the gun at Dr. X* Just stay back! You're not taking Shad away from me...away from US again!!

Breannin: You. How dare you use me like that?! You had no idea how much harm you brought upon us!

Destruction: What's this? She appears to have gained free will, just as Dr. X said.

Kuwagus: *to Dimitri* HUMAN! If you value your life, you shall surrender the human boy at once!

Zim: Or feel the combined wrath of the Cluster and Irkan forces of infinite DOOM!


Omi: So Bell deceived us?

Clay: I don't think we can say for sure.

Raimundo: At least not yet.

Dexter: Perhaps some interrogation is in order.

Blossom: Forget it if she tricked us or not! The best we can do now is to get Shad out of here!

Dr. Brisbane's voice: *screaming* YOU'LL DO NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!! HOLY LANCE!!

*a small, diamond-shaped pattern of rainbow light appears on the ground under the Powerpuffs. 4 small beams of light pierce through the 4 sisters from 4 corners, then the last 4 combine into a large lance that skewers the Powerpuffs, causing immense pain along with leaving behind quite the amount of cuts and ripped sections of the dress. The girls eventually fall into unconsciousness after the pattern on the ground vanishes*

Dimitri: GIRLS!!

*the rest of the group and Darkstar Council now face the entrance to the base and see Brisbane, now battered beyond belief. His legs have now been mysteriously crystallized, the glasses shattered, his eyes bloodshot, both wings tattered, and his crystallized arm clutching his chest as he pants heavily*

Berry: You're still alive?!

Dr. Brisbane: Did you ex...*coughs out blood* expect any less?! It would be sheer foolishness for me, an angel, the ultimate being, to lose to such HUMANS! *eyes widen maniacally* I'm taking all of you INFERIORS DOWN WITH ME!!!!!

Omi: His body is turning to, crystal!

Breannin: I didn't...

Dr. X: *chuckles, then starts to laugh hysterically* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Nool: Dr. X, sir?

Bell: Daddy?

Dr. Brisbane: You. What's so funny?!

Dr. X: So...this is how Johnathon Brisbane, the prestigious founder of the Global Defenders, finally meets his end. How disappointing.

Dr. Brisbane: You speak as if you know me.

Dr. X: Know you? Even to this very day I'm surprised that I served among your ranks, and remained loyal to you...even after that dreadful Berserker Revolt 4 years ago.

Dimitri: *gasps; drops the gun in a state of shock* Wh...WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!

Dr. X: It's no surprise that you don't recognize me Dimitri, but it matters not. *glares at the unconscious Powerpuffs* I went insane with arrogance ever since my cousin, who didn't give so much as a quick interest towards science in his youth, made something that was completely outside his intention.

Girl: .................................

Bell: Daddy, what are you saying?!

Dimitri: No. NO! *glances at Bell* So the one who knew how to trigger Shad's powers, the one who created Bell, the one who I thought was dead was...WAS...NOOOOO!!! THERE'S JUST NO WAY!! *holds his head in agony once again, dropping Shad in the process* IT...YOU...*faints*

Raimundo: The heck just happened?!

Girl: Cranston Thaddeus Utonium, is this what has become of you?

Bell: Utonium? That's the same last name as...DADDY! You're related to Blossom's father?!

Dr. Brisbane: Enough of this!! I don't know how you ended up like this Cranston, but it's bad enough that I had one traitor! This proves that all who feign alligence are nothing more then mere traitors! That NO ONE CAN EVER BE TRUSTED!! HOLY LANCE!!!

*the same pattern from before appears under Dr. X. This time, Bell pushes her father out of the way, causing her to take the full force of the attack*

Bell: AHHHHH!!! *collapses*

All 3 Creampuffs: MOMMY!!

Dr. X: BELL!!

Dr. Brisbane: And there you ha...

*Bell's anguish makes something inside of Dr. X snap. An overwhelming sensating mixture of grief and anger overwhelm him. For a short's as if he becomes a different person entirely. He cuts off Brisbane mid-sentence by running up to him and snapping his crystallized arm clean off!*


Dr. X: Feel the pain...*punches Brisbane HARD in the gut*...of those inferior beings...*kicks him into the outer walls of the dome* you BURN! IN! HELL!!!!

*Dr. X shoots out a large stream of orange-red fire at Brisbane, charring what's left of his fleshy skin while his remaining crystallized limbs go black. Finally, Brisbane collapses one last time, lifeless*

Bean: Wh...what?!

Breannin: He's dead.

Berry: Gr...grandpa?

Dr. X: Come. *carries Bell and Shad* We're going home.

Bop: NO!

Berry: We're staying right here!

Dr. X: You'd rather remain with the enemy?

Breannin: They're not our adversaries anymore!

Kimiko: That's right! I don't know what's going on but if you think we're going you let you get away with this...

Dr. X: Creampuffs! Either you come back with us...

Zim: ...or the earth monkey's life is forfeit! BWAHAHAHA...*smacked*

Dr. X: Don't steal my lines. So? What'll it be? It's rather obvious that if the Powerpuffs see Bell as an enemy, so it's only logical that they will look down upon you as well. After all, surely you wouldn't want to be apart from your creator any longer...would you?!

*the Creampuffs remain silent and hesitant. After a moment, they slowly walk towards Dr. X, almost sobbing. Breannin reluctantly follows. Nool activates a teleportation device on his arm, causing himself, along with all the other Darkstar members to phase away. The last thing the Monks and the Mystery Girl see are the Creampuffs' sad faces as they, too, vanish*

Clay: Whooooooo wee! Ain't that something!

Dojo: Yeah, I'm confused. What was up with Dimitri?

Omi: Never mind that! We must get the Powerpuffs and Dimitri to safety!

Girl: *quick glance at the seemingly lifeless Brisbane* He mistook me for this Barasia person somehow. How can that be when...*shakes head*

*and with that, Dojo extends into his enlarged dragon form to transport the mostly unconscious group away from the base. It's still rather cloudy, only the clouds seem to have gotten much thicker this time around. Another oddity is that Brisbane, who appeared to be dead, is now struggling desperately to get back inside the base*

Dr. Brisbane: I can.

Voice: *sing-song voice* Nuh-uh-uh.

*a figure phases in front of the heavily crippled man. It's a most unexpected sight...sort of. It's a girl who appears to be at least age 12. Apart from the age difference, the black eyes, the spiky fringe of the hair (along with the scythe-shaped tendril), and a large red jewel attached just under her neck, she looks EXACTLY like the Mystery Girl. Brisbane is taken aback at her sudden appearance*

Dr. Brisbane: B...Barasia?!

Barasia: I have a slight problem with you contacting Aku. He'd realize what I'm up to.

Dr. Brisbane: BARASIA! You knew this would happen when I used the Cruxis Crystals, DIDN'T YOU?!

Barasia: Oh, you've been so useful as a guinea pig, you know that? I needed a living human to test it out after all in case I needed to work out a few more kinks. Of course, at least I know not to do something stupid like say, passing off something that can disrupt an exsphere as a key crest.

Dr. Brisbane: A what?! You...never said anything about a key crest!

Barasia: DUH! You used those things on machines and those don't need key crests! So yeah...

Dr. Brisbane: But were with them! The intruders!!

Barasia: Hmm?

Dr. Brisbane: I saw you...or someone who looked just like you. Either way, you deceived me! You knew that I would equip a Cruxis Crystal on myself, DIDN'T YOU?!

Barasia: *bewildered* You saw someone that LOOKS like me?! Okay, spit it out!

Dr. Brisbane: She had...brown eyes...

Barasia: *gasps* Say no more geek bait! *about to walk away*

Dr. Brisbane: WAIT!

Barasia: Look at yourself! Don't you think it's time to give it up? You decided not to use a brain when you fought those kids and now you're paying the price with what's left of your flesh, not that it's all going to waste. *giggles*

Dr. Brisbane: You...*reaches out for Barasia's leg, but is shocked to see that his petrified hand goes straight through the girl. Almost as if she's a specter!*

Barasia: *continues giggling* Testing Cruxis Crystals for me! Getting rid of the weaklings for me! You've been pretty useful Brisbane...until now.

Dr. Brisbane: *close to breathing his last*

Barasia: Hope you enjoy the afterlife. Sayonara! *smilies as she waves at Brisbane, seconds from becoming a corpse*

Dr. Brisbane:'s true. You...are the one Dimitri assumed to

*Brisbane breathes his last as the body completely solidifies into crystal. Barasia then stops waving in a good-bye fashion and frowns in disappointment to something else*

Barasia: That other girl with brown eyes and the same face as me. She seemed awfully determined to get Shad back. Hmm...I knew that Berserker Revolt happened through that cloaked bonehead a long while back but...*smilies malevolently* Oh. *giggles madly* This is outrageous!! Who knew she could DO THAT?! KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Chapter 39!

FINALLY!! This was supposed to be up last night but...yeah. But now it's up with more hints in bold then usual. Guess the identity of the "cloaked bonehead" and why Griddles' killer little girl isn't, you know. And I apologize if some things seemed slightly rushed. Those I did last night as well and...meh, never mind. Point being, Dimitri went semi-nuts when he saw the Mystery Girl, Brisbane's dead, no one knows where the Rowdyruffs are (yet), the Creampuffs were forced into leaving their new friends and Shad got recaptured...again!

As for BGM, one's in the title and the other one (when Brisbane throws in a sneak attack at the PPG) is basically the second BGM from the previous chapter.

Anyway, I DARE YOU ALL to try to decipher at least one hint I leaked! And Barasia courtesy of Griddles along with the Cranston/Dr. X theory. Info about exspheres/Cruxis Crystals can be found here.

Lastly, that awesome quote Dr. X said while finishing off Brisbane, Brisbane's little comeback after the group escaped the base, ALL the attacks he used, him becoming crystallized, and all right down to that short conversation he and Barasia had are all references from by single most favorite RPG for the Gamecube: Tales of Symphonia! w00t w00t
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Apr 20, 2006 5:19 pm

So far too good.
Can't wait until you finish.

... I've never liked Dr.Brisbane
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:34 pm

Okay now, I have returned! So naturally I'll complete the chapter.

And believe me, the wait will be worth it!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:40 am

Wha? ... I didn't even notice you had updated you above chapter.

And believe me, the wait will be worth it!

It was ... and is. I'm betting you next update will be too ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:57 pm

At last! Chapter 39 is complete! All 18 (or 19) pages of it!! w00t
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:28 pm

And a great chapter it is ^_^
It was worth waiting for :P
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 39 is UP (100%)

Postby Keeper » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:53 pm

Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT! Well made, Shad, you did a grand job! Brisbane sure sounded tough there but nothing a little sappphire breath couldn't handle. ;)

Great to see Barasia has made it into the story as well. Hope Griddles reads the update (cause I haven't seen him much anywhere else except for his thread) and enjoys his little girl's acting.

Also, you did it this time with the hints and teasers, heh heh, I'll keep quiet about some of the ones I got. Sides, they were morely the ones that were obvious to figure out. Anyways, til next time. ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Apr 25, 2006 5:40 pm

Well made? Why thank you! As I said, some things seemed a little out of pace because I was dreadfully sleepy while typing out those parts, but I just hate it when I can't finish something I like! In the end though, my parents coaxed me into going to sleep and...yeah, that.

And if you DO know, then PM me what you figured out. Who knows? You might give me a few ideas in the process. ;)
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:00 pm

Haha, excellent...

I'm trying to imagine how fics like this will look not long from now, after I move onto the following stories I have. Will Barasia still be the villain in these ones?
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:16 am

She will always be the villain in our hearts ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu May 04, 2006 2:52 pm

Yet another week has gone by without an update. Sadly, I'm not bumping this for an update. Just to announce 2 things:

1. Most of you may already know that "MILEs" are keeping me from being able to make an update.

2. Sunday is my BIRTHDAY!! w00t If I'm lucky, I might get a scanner! If not, then...well perhaps someone can draw a little something? You decide what it'll be. Shad, Bubbles, the Creampuffs, it's up to you!

So yeah, nothing much. ^_^;
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Thu May 04, 2006 3:15 pm

Congratz Shad !

Hope you'll have a nice brithday ^_^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 39 is UP (100%)

Postby Darkness_calls » Sun May 07, 2006 8:02 am

Sorry for the double post ^_^

Happy Birthday Shadowed State Of Mind.
Here is a bump and a picture for your present from me !
Hope you'll be happy, though it isn't colored. (I suck at coloring). I am not a great drawer, so This will have to do ^_^
Again happy Birthday and Hope you'll have a nice day ^_^

And don't ask why I drew the Creampuffs in those "costumes" lol

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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sun May 07, 2006 8:50 am

Why are they in those costumes?:P

And you're still better then me but not as good as say...Griddles or Keeper. BAH! *puts gift in Photobucket* That's one down. Thanks!^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Darkness_calls » Sun May 07, 2006 8:51 am

Your welcome ^_^
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Postby Keeper » Sun May 07, 2006 6:45 pm

Shadowed State of Mind wrote:That's one down.

That's sure a give away. :P

I know you're expecting me to make you a gift. It's that obvious. ;)
Though, I won't be able to get it done by the end of this night. It'll probably be done in the coming being of this week. Please note, it'll have Shad and the Cream puffs in puff style. For that is the only style I've down them in (except Berry) and it'll get the job done faster.

Until then, all I can give you is this Bubbles pic I got from a japanese site and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! greeting. ^_^
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