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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 21a (ALL of it) is

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Jan 14, 2006 1:48 am

Why thank you! Thank you indeed. Of course I've taken a few liberties with yours. Obviously, no one will know until much later. And I apologize if that last chapter was a little short. I tend to alternate between long and short length chapters without warning...or myself knowing for that matter seeing as they seem longer when I'm typing them! On a side note: HUZZAH!!! 5,000 freaking views! w00t

Chapter 21b: Get Bunny back! (part 2)

*scene starts out (well, continues actually) in the PPG room. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup back themselves away in sheer confusion at what they see. All the way at the drawer located at the left side of the bed, a purple cloth floats above it, glowing so bright it makes the pink walls seem purple. Heck, the light being emitted is so intense, EVERYTHING in the room appears purple*

Bunny's voice: C'mon! What're so afraid of?! It's me!

Blossom: can't be her! Can it?

Buttercup: But we saw her blow up! Even the professor said there's nothing left...

Bunny's voice: Nothing left?!

*the door swings open, revealing Claire, Dimitri, Sensei Jack and the Professor*

Professor Utonium: Girls, what ha...*sees the cloth glowing as it emits a bright purple hue throughout the room* WHAT IN BEN FRANKLIN!?!?!


Sensei Jack: What sorcery is this?! *glomped by Buttercup*

Buttercup: Sensei do something! A spell, exorcism, ANYTHING! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Professor Utonium: Buttercup?

Buttercup: *notices that everyone's staring at her and blushes...a lot* Uh...*gulp* that didn't...happen. *lets go of Sensei Jack*

Blossom: *giggles* I knew it.

Claire: Everyone, just calm down!

Bubbles: HOW?! Bunny's cloth is haunted!

Bunny's voice: Haunted?! You think I'm a ghost? Nurse lady! Help me out here!

Blossom: Nurse lady? *turns to Claire* You have something to do with this?!

Professor Utonium: Claire, what's going on?!

Claire: No time for chit chat! If the energy being emitted from this cloth became this immense already, then we must act now! Actually, *stares at the PPG* YOU must act now!

Blossom: What? How do...

Claire: I'll explain later! Now go to your sister!

Bunny's voice: Finally! A voice of reason.

*the PPG slowly walk to the cloth. Upon getting closer, they feel a slight pulse their heads!*

Blossom: *holds head in pain* AHH! What's happening?!

Buttercup: What's up with my head?!

Bubbles: It hurts!

Claire: It's only for a little bit I promise! Now all of you...put your hands on the cloth.

Blossom: *head pounding* Is this supposed to...

Claire: Hurry up! There's not much time!

*the PPG reluctantly press their palms on the purple cloth*

Claire: Now...close your eyes.

Professor Utonium: know about this?

Claire: Oh yeah, I never told you did I?

*Claire raises her arms forward and opens up her hands. Thin, soundwave-resemblant cerise circles emanate out of both palms and phase through the PPG's heads. Just a split second after, their bodies start to glow brightly of their signature colors! They glow brighter and brighter until...*

Sensei Jack: What kind of spell...

Dimitri: Claire, I still don't seem to...

Claire: This is hard enough as it is Dimitri! Please keep quiet...

*3 flashes of pink, blue and green light up the room. The glowing on the PPG fades away, still standing oddly still and their hands still pressed on the cloth*

Dimitri: Whoa! Sorry if that was...

Claire: No. *pant pant* That...*pant* was supposed to happen.

Professor Utonium: Girls? Is it over? *gets closer to the girls* Can you hear me?

Claire: *sigh* Adric, leave them be. They're not here anymore.

Professor Utonium: What?! But...

Claire: Well physically, they're still among us but their minds...I've sent them to Bunny.

Professor Utonium: How can you do that? Unless...their brainwaves!

Dimitri: Brainwaves are a sort of electronic pulse. I'm guessing Claire sent their pulses into Bunny's genetic code. Very dangerous if you fool around with something like that, but that still doesn't explain what's going on!

Sensei Jack: Explain yourself!

Claire: Once Bunny comes back, I'll explain everything.

Professor Utonium: safe.

*in an undisclosed location, there's nothing but purple as far as the eye can see. Sort of like a chasm, only purple. Before, it was cluttered with DNA fragments fluttering about everywhere and a much duller purple backdrop. Now the purple hue everywhere is much brighter this time around and there are DNA spirals of skyscraper height. Okay, they're shorter. They're next to each other row by row, with the tallest one in each row. Each row stabilizes each sense, among other things. Sight, sound, even appearance! In the midst of these rows, 3 tiny dots of pink, blue and green appear out of nowhere and expand. At a certain height, they stop growing and disperse...revealing Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup*

Blossom: *looks around* Where are we?

Buttercup: *spots one of the many DNA spirals* What are these?

Bubbles: They look like buildings.

Blossom: No...they're DNA spirals! So authentic looking! I've never seen one up close though.

Buttercup: DNA?

Blossom: Deoxy...deo...I forgot what it stands for but this is what all living things are made of. Except plants that is.

Buttercup: Whatever. Where are we?!

Bunny's voice: Inside me.

Bubbles: What was that?

Blossom: It sounded like it came from...everywhere? *shouting* Where are you?!

Bunny's voice: Knock knock.

Bubbles: Who's there?

*Bubbles feels something poke her shoulder. She turns around...and sees a girl of her height with bright purple eyes, brown hair tied into a ponytail and wearing a purple PPG dress*

Bunny: BOO!!


Blossom: *turns around* Bubbles wh...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Buttercup: What's go....WHOA!!

Bunny: *giggles* FINALLY, I can see you again! *draws all 3 girls into a group hug*

All 3 PPG: Bunny?!

Bunny: YES! YES! About time you sillies figured it out!

Blossom: So...all this time you were alive?!

Bunny: Duh! It's all thanks to the nurse lady.

Bubbles:'re still here. With us. That means we can be together again!

Buttercup: Look at you! You look...normal now! Not so gross looking anymore.

Bunny: You calling me ugly?

Buttercup: No no. Well you were, until now.

Bubbles: Who cares how she looks? This means Bunny's back! YAY!

Claire's voice: Not right away you won't! You're not out of the woods yet!

Buttercup: Yikes! Where'd that come from?!

Claire's voice: Outside. I can see everything. It's such a cute reunion, but there's not much time!

Blossom: Not much time?

Claire's voice: There's a way for you and ONLY you to restore Bunny but you must act fast.

Bunny: Why? I feel just fine.

Claire's voice: Look up. How many stars are there?

*the girls look up and see the sky illuminated with hundreds of tiny purple stars, the source of light in the whole place. However, Bunny notices something strange about them*

Bunny: Hey...they're drifting apart AND there's less stars! What's the deal?!

Claire's voice: My "seeds of regeneration" only last for at least a year. Without your final ingrediant to materialize you, you won't be able to truly be with your sisters again.

Blossom: Final ingredient? What's going on anyway?

Bunny: The nurse lady will explain everything. But I can tell you this...she's the best friend I have and probably the nicest people out there. Helped me and everything just out of...what's the word?

Blossom: Gratitude.

Claire's voice: That's enough please! Okay, here's the first step. Find a small cluster of DNA spirals.

Bubbles: *rockets into the air and spots said cluster* Found it!

Claire's voice: That was fast. Anyway, once you're there you should see a small opening.

Blossom: I can't believe this. You're coming back Bunny!

Bunny: I know! Isn't that great?

Buttercup: Yes, great! Let's go! *grabs Blossom and Bunny's hand and soars past the various DNA rows and stops in front of the DNA spiral cluster, which is very large up close. Bubbles is already there*

Bubbles: What next Mrs. Staydamind?!

Claire's voice: Go inside the opening.

*the girls go around the spiral cluster until they see what appears to be an alcove. Inside it is a rather peculiar looking console. It's basically a transparent table with 3 tiny cups of the PPG's signature colors on it and a button at the center*

Buttercup: Next!

Claire's voice: Extract a piece of your essence and put it into your respective cup.

Blossom: Extract what?

Buttercup: Hold on, you mean blood or something?!

Bunny: That's not good.

Claire's voice: NO! Put your hand on your head, stand still for a moment and slowly pull your palm away.

*the PPG each press their palms on their forehead and close their eyes for about a minute. Then as they open their eyes, they pull their palms away and each sees one rather large, golf ball-sized sphere of their respective color in their hand*

Bubbles: *gasp* What's this?

Claire's voice: All will be told later. Now put them in their matching cups.

Bubbles: Almost there! *drops her essence in the blue cup*

Blossom: Won't take much longer now. *does the same*

Buttercup: Yeah...we missed you too much. *follows suit* It was kinda stupid that you left us because you were unstable.

Bunny: Not anymore I'm not!

Claire's voice: Now all you have to do is push that button and the regeneration process will begin.

Bubbles: Here goes.

Buttercup: On 3?

Blossom: On 3! One...two...THREE!!

*the PPG stick out their index fingers and press the button together. Then everything got brighter, including the DNA spirals! The girls got out of the alcove and looked up. The stars are beginning to merge! As each pair collide into each other, they form a bigger star. The bigger one draws in the others like a magnet. The girls watch in awe as they finally fuse into an enormous violet sphere, glowing with energy*

Blossom: We...we did it!

Buttercup: So we wait now?

Claire's voice: Simply have Bunny stand...*static*...sphe...*static*...plete.

Bubbles: Huh?

Bunny: Hey, what was that?

*the sphere starts to dim, then flicker a bit into nothingness*

Buttercup: What the?

Blossom: *hears a shattering sound* What bro...*turns around as she gets all dreary-eyed at what she sees* NOOO!!!

*inside the alcove where the essences are, one of them is no more. All that remains of it are shards of blue glass scattered throughout the table. Shards that immediately vanish...along with the blue cup*

Blossom: Bubbles' essence! IT BROKE!!

Bunny: How did it break like that?! Unless...nurse lady, what's happening?!

*in the PPG room*

*the purple hue that practically drenched the room with it's color started to flicker on and off. On the floor, Claire is bent on her knees, panting harder then usual and sweating*

Dimitri: Claire, what happened?!

Claire: They...they're in trouble! I...I couldn't even keep it up for this long DARN IT! A part of Bubbles' essence shattered!

Professor Utonium: You mean your losing contact with them dropped Bunny's chance of coming back?

Claire: No. I couldn't keep up the telepathy. Something else made it shatter. This is bad...without all 3 of them the regenerative seeds won't have more energy to feed on!

Sensei Jack: So the girls went to deliver a sort of energy catalyst of some kind.

Professor Utonium: Are you saying that Bunny will turn into her deformed self?!

Claire: No...even worse. *teardrops fall from her eyes*

Dimitri: All molecular life will vanish. With no energy of any kind, the DNA will die out. And if that happens...

Claire: Then everything I did for her a year ago will be for NOTHING!!!

Dimitri: But what made Bubbles' essence shatter?!

*in Bunny'*

*everything started to fade in and out. The DNA spirals, the big sphere, even Bunny herself*

Bubbles: Wh...what's happening?! Why did mine shatter?!

Bunny: Bubbles, don't cry on me! Just before it shattered, did you think of Shad?

Bubbles: How do you...

Bunny: Were you or weren't you?!

Bubbles: *sniff* Y...yes. I was thinking about how Shaddy didn't get to know you a lot. When I was thinking about all the stuff we were gonna catch up on I thought of Shaddy. I thought how he'd like to be with us and get to know you. But a lot of stuff happened and now...*crying* he's not here anymore! It's not fair!

Buttercup: Easy there Bubbles!

Bunny: Nice! I thought as much!

Blossom: You know why everything's flickering?

Bunny: I'm guessing those essences are pieces of your thoughts! You girls missed me and really wanted me back, so the nurse lady somehow put those things in your heads and waited them to grow bigger or something. That's just a guess though, but those things probably reflect all of your positive AND negative thoughts, some of which concern me!

Blossom: And?

Bunny: Well I know that Bubbles' friend got kidnapped and doesn't want to come back for some reason. It must've really put a big downer on Bubbles because she thought that sort of thing would never happen. Besides, they were friends most of last year weren't they?

Buttercup: Got that right. She even introduced you to Shad and since then, Shad's been talking to you. The cloth at least.

Blossom: He knew how we felt about missing you, so he kinda said stuff to you sometimes because he knew that a part of you was stiff alive in that cloth. So...

Bunny: Yeah...Bubbles must've thought of all those times and thought how happy Shad might be once I come back, but since he's not with us...*turns to Bubbles* Bubbles it's okay! Think happy thoughts! Without your essence I'm done for! I'll help you get Shad back! *legs and torso vanish*

Bubbles: *still crying* But look! You're already vanishing! It's my fault! I thought we would finally have you back with us but then I thought of Shaddy and now look! I'm not a good superhero at all!

Blossom: Bubbles don't you DARE start that again!

Bubbles: IT'S TRUE!! How can I help Bunny if I can't help Shaddy?!

Buttercup: *sniff*

Blossom: Buttercup? Are you...

Buttercup: So what if I am?! *grabs Bubbles by the gown collar* LOOK YOU CRYBABY! I want Shad back just as much as you do but you can't just let that get in the way all the time!

Blossom: There's a reason why Shad liked you the best., WE showed him to believe in himself...and stuff.

Bunny: I think what Blossom's trying to say is that Shad looked up to you the most. You're his role model! If you can't stop those bad thoughts from hurting you in will you expect Shad to do so?! *arms, stomach and chest vanish as the violet sphere above her starts to disintegrate. All that remains is the head*

Blossom: Bunny! *starts to cry, then turns to Bubbles* Bubbles don't let it get to you! Once we get Bunny back that's one more person who can help us get Shad back along with defeating the Darkstar Council!

Buttercup: In this case, getting Shad back! You think he'll be all happy seeing you like this?! Don't you even remember the last time you got like this?!

Blossom and Buttercup: THINK BACK!!

*upon those words, the tears flowing down Bubbles' cheeks stop. The echo of those words are soon replaced by a very familiar voice. The voice of a person who told her how he liked her best. One year ago...*

Shad: So don't be sad Bubbles. It's not like you to be down. When you feel sad then I'm sad with you. When you seem happy I can smile more easily. *gently wipes the remaining tears off Bubbles' cheeks* So can you be happy again? Please? For me?

Bubbles: Bu...Bu...*sees Bunny's head becoming more transparent*

All 3 girls: BUNNY DON'T GO!!!! *all embrace Bunny's head*

*the scene shifts to the alcove. The blue shards reappear and piece themselves back together again in the blue cup! Everything stops flickering as the DNA spirals glow once again and the core; the big violet sphere, regenerates. Finally, it sends out millions of tiny particles that surround Bunny's head. They go to the neck and regenerate everything from the neck down. The chest, stomach, waist, legs and the feet. Finally, the core sinks down to the floor (or lack thereof) and sucks in the 4 girls*

*PPG room*

*Claire lies down on the bed as Dimitri fans her. The professor and Sensei Jack see 3 beams of light; the girls' signature colors shoot out from the cloth and into the heads of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, who immediately wake up from their trance*

Blossom: Wait...that's it?

Buttercup: Wasn't Bunny su...

*FWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! The cloth was now glowing even more brightly then before! So much that the light itself engulfed it and turned into a formless ray. Everyone watched in awe as this ray began to grow and take form. The top part being the head and stretching out a bit for the ponytail, the middle forming the chest and stomach, and finally the bottom morphs into legs and feet. Once the final touches are done, the light dims ever so slowly until...POOF! It disperses quickly. The one who is in the place of that light is no cloth, but rather the one who has been inside the cloth. A purple eyed Powerpuff known as...*

All 3 girls: *teary-eyed* BUNNY!!!! *glomps Bunny*

Professor Utonium: *watches as his daughters fall down in a heap, giggling happily* She's back... *smiles* she's really back!

Sensei Jack: So the dead can be revived.

Dimitri: I don't think Bunny was really dead to begin with. Claire, look! You did it!

Claire: *lifts her head up* No Dimitri. I just provided the crutchwork. *moves the hair from her eyes* THEY did it.

*scene moves out of the PPG household and to the clear night sky, showing a magnificent view of the stars. A few of them...just so happen to be purple. An excellent sign indeed...for a puff is born...or in this case: reborn!*

End of Chapter 21b!

Must. Get. Sleep!
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:40 am

Wow, excellent!

And, just to help Blossom, it's deoxyribonucleic acid.
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 21b is UP!

Postby Keeper » Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:01 am

And so the purple perky puff, Bunny, is back! w00t
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Postby LinkG07 » Sat Jan 14, 2006 12:24 pm

YESS!!! This chapter rocked Shad!! NICE!!

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Postby Keeper » Sat Jan 14, 2006 1:39 pm

LinkG07 wrote:Keeper: So you changed you ava to Naota?

Yep. ^_^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 21b is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:06 am

Chapter 22: First bath for Creampuffs.

*Black Eden (Bell's room) 8:38PM*

*it's almost bedtime and already the room's a mess! There are thrown pillows and sheets everywhere. Bean is bouncing on her mattress, Berry tries to talk to Gir (even though he usually speaks nonsense), and Bop plays pillow fight with Bell*

Bean: *giggles* Higher! Higher!

Bop: Coming at ya! *throws a pillow at Bell*

Bell: *ducks* Nya-nya!

???: OOF! *thud*

Berry: What was that?

Gir: The OOF man!

*Bell turns around and sees Shad slightly dazed on the floor. The pillow next to his head pretty much shows how he ended up falling. On him however, is a small heap of clothing: 3 nightgowns. One bergandy/maroon, the second aquamarine, and the third amber*

Shad: *readjusts his glasses* Was that a pillow?

All 3 Creampuffs: Daddy Shaddy's back!

Shad: *gets up* It's Shad! Or Shaddy. That's fine...I guess.

Berry: What are those on the floor?

Shad: These? *hands out the nightgowns to his "daughters"* Your pajamas. Bell let me borrow her spares and dye them.

Bean: Die!?

Bell: No, not like that! He means he changed them from white to your own colors.

Berry: Daddy Shaddy, what are pajamas?

Shad: *blushes* I said just Sha...never mind. Pajamas are clothes you wear to sleep. You just take off the clothes you're wearing now and...

Berry: Like this? *puts her hands on her shorts and starts to slide them off...*

Shad: NO!!

Bell: You usually take off the shirt first, but don't do that now!

Berry: How come?

Bell: It took me a while to find out on my own, but when Shad sees a girl's...undies...he gets way more nervous then usual.

Shad: Meaning that you shouldn't undress in front of...*blushes* you know. *walks outside the room* Just let me know when you're done. *about to close the door when...*

Bell: Not yet. They still need to take a bath first. I already did, so who's next?

Shad: Bean.

Bean: Yeah, but there's just one teeny tiny question?

Shad: *eyes widen* Uh-oh.

Bean: What's a...


Bean: *screams* WHAT'S A BATH?

*upon screaming those words, thin white soundwaves blast out of her mouth and force Shad away hard into the wall*

Shad: OW! My head!

Bean: *gasp* Daddy! *floats to Shad and glomps him* I'm SOOOOOOO sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I didn't want to hurt you! You couldn't hear me so I tried talking louder and this echo thingy came out...

Shad: You have Sonic Scream?!

Bell: Of course. All the Creampuffs do. They ARE copies of Bubbles...sort of.

Bop: What's that supposed to mean?

Berry: Copies of Bubbles?! NO!! We're better! We're not gonna leave Shaddy!

Shad: Wait...what was that?

Bean: I was asking you what a bath was.

Shad: go into a tub, turn on the water, scrub yourself with soap, rinse and you're done.

Bean: Turn on the tub? Scrub with...water was it?

Bell: I think it'll be easier if you show her.

Shad: *blushes* You mean...

Bell: Just take a bath wi...


Bell: You have to! You're their daddy!

Shad: But you helped me make them, so you're the mommy!

Bell: But it was your idea! My daddy showed me how to take a bath.

Shad: But they're...they're...GIRLS!!

Bop: So what? Is it because Bean's too dumb to get it? *zips over to Shad* Maybe you can teach me first...Daddy Shaddy. *giggles*

Bean: *pushes Bop away* No, daddy chose me first! He's teaching me!

Berry: Um...maybe we can all take a bath together? Will that work?

Gir: Splish splash in a bath!

Bean: Great idea Berry! I was about to say that myself.

Bop: To the tub thingy!

Bell: It's settled. You'll all take a bath together to learn how it...Shad?

Shad: *eye twitches* >.@

Bell: Shad?

Shad: *faints*

All 4 girls: SHAD!!

*another 10 minutes pass*

Shad: Guhhhhh. Where am I?

*Shad's eyes open, but his vision is slightly blurred due to being without his glasses. Although wherever he is, it's really bright. White bright. A minute later his eyes start to clear up as he looks around. He sees a small pearl white sink with a sliding cabinet above it. Next to the sink is a toilet. At the far right side is a door. Next to it is a white haired girl in a oddly short white nightgown who seemed to have just came in. His eyesight started to clear up more as he heard...giggling? Shad's eyes widened as he saw the girl by the door is none other then Bell!*

Bell: Glad you're awake.

Shad: Where am I?

Bell: *giggles* Where do you think?

*Shad looks down and sees...water? And on the floor he sees clothes...very familiar looking clothes...some of which are his! He's in a huge spa-like tub! At the left is a wall with a tiny alcove for a soap bar and a few knobs and touch panels that changes the pressure of flowing water and temperature*

Bean's voice: Yay! You're awake!

*Shad gulps a bit. He turns around slowly and sees exactly what he was afraid of. What...or WHO is in the tub (nude and all mind you) are his own creations: Bean (her hair down a bit without those Chinese buns), Berry (her hair down as well) and Bop (no Teddiursa beanie)*

Bop: So? We're already in the tub, what do we do next?

Shad: *blushes*

Berry: So this is a bath. It feels all soothy-like.

Shad: *blushes even harder*

Bean: Where's the soap thingy?


Bean: EEEEEK!!

Bell: You fainted and they really wanted to know how it worked and all.

Shad: So why didn't YOU do it?!

Bell: I already showed them how to turn on the water and stuff. All they needed to do was take your clothes off and put you in the tub with them until you woke up.

Shad: THEY WHAT?!?! :shock:

Berry: Why are you mad?

Shad: I'm not mad I' see...I never...FINE!! But I'm only going to show you this ONCE!! I...

Bop: When you fainted (that's what Bell called it at least) Bell told us you get really shy around girls and stuff. But we're your daughters so it's okay, right? We don't mind.

Bell: That's what I'm trying to tell him.

Shad: Let's just get this over with. *reaches for the soap bar* This is a soap bar.

All 3 Creampuffs: Oooooooooh.

Shad: Yeah...a soap bar. You just rub it between your hands like I'm doing *demonstrates* and scrub everywhere you can. *scrubs his arms, hands, face and tummy* Then you splash yourself with water.

Bop: Like this? *slams her fist into the water, sending a small wave toward Shad, washing the soap off his body*

Shad: Y...yeah. Like that.

Bean: Oooooooooh! Let me try!

*Bean takes the soap from Shad, lathers it a bit, and scrubs herself. With all the slick fluid her skin appears white. Bean then takes a short dive underwater and rises again, splashing Berry and Bop in the process*

Berry: Hey, you splash...*sniff* you smell nice.

Bop: Almost like...this is what baths do?

Bell: Sure. You usually smell nice when you get clean.

Bop: Really? *grabs the soap bar and washes herself with it* Hey, I feel cleaner already.

Berry: *sees a back scrubber next to the tub* What's that?

Shad: That? It's a back scrubber.

Berry: Um...can you use it?

Bell: Yeah, try it out! Berry, face your back toward Shad.

Berry: Huh?

Bell: Turn around.

*Shad gets the back scrubber and rubs the bristles with soap as Berry turns around. Shad draws the bristle end to Berry's back and scrubs ever so slowly*

Shad: How's that?

Berry: *giggles* It tickles.

Shad: Really?

Bop: Oooooooooh! Let me try!

*Bop snatches the back scrubber and scrubs Berry's back a little too hard, causing some discomfort*

Berry: Hey, that's too rough...OWIE!!

Bop: This is fun!

Shad: Bop, quit it! You'll leave a mark!

Bop: She's just acting all wimpy, I'm not doing it that hard. *scrubs harder*

Bean: Are you sure?

Berry: It's...OW! Getting too...OW!

Bell: *sigh*

Shad: Bop! *snatches the back scrubber back* Bad girl! Apologize to Berry!

Bop: Aw. It didn't leave a scratch or...

Shad: Say sorry!

Bell: There you go. Act more like a daddy.

Bop: *pouty face* Sorry Berry.

Berry: Sorry?! My back is all achy and stuff! It's ALL YOUR FAULT!!

*Berry accidentally unleashes her Sonic Scream, the heavy vibrations causing ripples in the tub. The water then starts to drain away*

Berry: Why didn't you...where's the water going?

Bean: EEEEEK! *glomps Shad* It's sucking us in!

Shad: *blushes...HARD*'re naked!

Bell: Relax, I did that.

*Bell's toe is on a small button at the lower side of the bathtub. Obviously the drain button. She then crouches down and opens a cupboard under the sink, taking out 4 white towels. She hands them over to the kids in the tub*

Bop: We get dry with this?

Bean: Now that you mention it, I'm starting to feel a little cold.

Shad: *quickly wraps the towel around him* There, now you all know how it goes? You have to do it by yourself everyday.

Berry: Yes, but it was fun having our first bath with you.

Bean: Can you take a bath with us again? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?

Shad: Uh...

Berry: Just one question. *gets out of the tub* What was that tiny thing on your tummy?

Shad: A belly bu...oh. You girls don't have those.

Bean: Why not?

Shad: ...Don't know. *yawns* So tired.


Shad: Good night Bell.

Bell: Good night Shad.

Shad: Good night Bean.

Bean: Good night Shad.

Berry: Good night Bop.

Bop: Good night Berry.

Berry: Good night Bell.

Bell: Good night Berry.

Berry: Good night...daddy.

Shad: *snores*

Bop: Asleep already?

Bell: Let him. He gets tuckered out easily.

Bop: Humph. And I thought he...*yawns* would stay up *yawns* longer. *sucks on her thumb and falls fast asleep*

End of Chapter 22.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:37 am

That's an interesting experience, hehe. Poor/lucky Shad...
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 22 is UP!

Postby Keeper » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:09 pm

Shad will never learn... than again Ren gets nervous when he saw Samantha's panties. XD

Okay, so both of them have alot to learn. ^^;

Great update though. :)
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Postby LinkG07 » Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:12 pm

hehehehehe thats funny,

great dude ^^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 22 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Tue Jan 17, 2006 11:11 am

Chapter 23:

*PPG household (PPG room) 9:42AM*

*the PPG are fast asleep despite the sun being up. Then again, it's a weekend. Bubbles cuddles her Shad plushie as Buttercup just rolls left and right a little. Just then, a small hand comes out of nowhere and pinches Buttercup's nose. Naturally, the poor girl can't snore much and...*

Buttercup: *eyes snap open and gasps* WHA?! *cough cough* Who on...

Bunny's voice: Rise and shine sleepyhead!

*Buttercup raises her head and sees her just very recently resurrected sister: Bunny herself! And in her PPG dress to boot*

Buttercup: Bunny! What was that for?!

Bunny: Why are you sleeping on a good day like this? Look at the sun! It’s so bright.

Buttercup: So? It's Sunday! You know I alwa...wait never mind. You don't know.

Bunny: Actually, I do know. I hear you snore the longest...and loudest!

Buttercup: That's it, I had enough up to here! *throws her pillow at Bunny, but misses*

Bunny: *giggles* See, you're all drowsy. *tries to pull Buttercup off the bed* A little hot water on your face should fix that up.

Buttercup: It's cold water.

Bunny: Sorry, I kinda got those mixed up what with just coming back here in the real world. Not that I actually left you girls, but there's no water where I was at.

Buttercup: *gets off the bed* So how...

Bunny: I was an...entity, I think it's called. I was sort of alive, but was a tiny bit dead...I think.

Buttercup: Whatever. I'll be in the bathroom. *exits the room*

Bunny: That's more li...HEY! I was a sub-lifeless being for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG and all you say is whatever?! MAN!!

Blossom: *yawns, then wakes up* Morning Bunny.

Bunny: Ah, here's someone who remembers me.

Blossom: Of course I remember you.

Bunny: I meant being alive! Buttercup was acting as if she can stand x amount of years of sheer boredom! Sure there was a lot of space in that purple purgatory but there's NOTHING there!

Blossom: Speaking of did you know about Shad?

Bunny: You don't remember what Claire told you last night? After you stopped crying? And Buttercup of all people was crying?!

Blossom: Oh yeah. It turned out that last year, Claire used a dessert as a distraction so she can get into our room.

Bunny: That's probably when she found me. When she left after fixing me up, I began to hear stuff from outside. Which explains why I don't need much explanation on what's been going on.

Blossom: Yeah. You probably heard Shad too.

Bunny: *quick glance at Bubbles, still asleep* I guess I can see why Bubbles liked him so much. Too bad I never actually saw him. If what I heard was right, the next time I DO see him is when he's with the bad guys. The Darkstar Council? And Shad's being manipulwhatever by this Bell girl?

Blossom: Yeah, that's it. Despite what Shad said about Bell losing a friend, it still doesn't give us a real clue as to why he's with those guys. Heck, he even held back on us AND healed our injuries from Bell's attack! Is Bell really the only reason why he's with the Darkstar Council? What could've happened between those two?

Bunny: Must be conflicted. At least that's what I overheard a while back.

Blossom: Now that you mention it, when he moved here he wasn't in a hurry to reconnect with Bubbles, let alone me or Buttercup. *walks to the door* Coming?

Bunny: Nah, I already brushed my teeth. Took me a while though, I forgot how to use those things.

Blossom: Actually, you never used them at all. *leaves for the bathroom*

Bunny: Well daddy showed me how it's done. Either way, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Bubbles: *in her sleep* Sh...Shaaaaaaaaaddy. *moans*

Bunny: Hmm? Almost forgot Powerpuff numero tres. *floats up and gets a small birds-eye view of Bubbles* She's...talking in her sleep?

Bubbles: Sh...Shaaaaaaaaaddy!! Don't GO!! *squeezes her Shad plushie as she tosses and turns*

Bunny: Poor girl's having a nightmare. It's Bunny to the rescue! *lifts up Bubbles and slaps her...repeatedly!*

Bubbles: *eyes snap open* OW OW OWIE!! What was...*dropped back on the bed*

Bunny: And once again, the day is saved! Thanks to...*hit by a pillow*

Bubbles: What was that for?!

Bunny: You were having a nightmare. Don't I at least get a thank you?

Bubbles: Fine...thank you, I guess.

Bunny: You were thinking about Shad weren't you?

Bubbles: Sorry I...*sniff* last night, because of me you almost didn't...

Bunny: *lands on the bed and hugs Bubbles* Hey, it's not your fault. Well, if I were to look at it in a cruel way, then yes. But I'm not cruel, so no. *lets go of Bubbles and looks at the friendship picture on top of the drawers* I take it this is the picture from last year.

Bubbles: Yeah. Shaddy has a copy of that.

Bunny: Can't wait to meet him.

Bubbles: What?!

Bunny: When he's not a bad guy anymore.

Bubbles: Shaddy's NOT a bad guy!!

Bunny: Hey hey, I know. It's just I came back at a confusing time and all not knowing all the answers. If I knew them then believe me, I'd tell you.

Bubbles: I...I just want Shaddy back.

Bunny: We all want him back. Then we snap him out of whatever brainwash thing Bell has him under and make that Dr. X guy pay! *throws a punch, but accidentally hits Bubbles*

Bubbles: OW!!

Bunny: Whoops! Sorry there!

*Black Eden (Bell's room) 9:55AM*

*Bean and Gir are merely staring at each other, Berry and Shad are still asleep, and just through the door in the room, Bell and Bop are in the bathroom looking in the mirror. Bop still dons her amber nightgown and has a toothbrush in her mouth, chewing the bristles as Bell brushes her hair*

Bop: So this thing is called a mirror? Wow, I really do look like that bubble.

Bell: Her name is Bubbles. And you're using the toothbrush wrong again.

Bop: *takes it out of her mouth* This thing's broken. It isn't making my teeth clean at all. They're still all icky yellow looking.

Bell: That's because it's MY toothbrush. *takes the toothbrush and squirts a dab of toothpaste on the bristles* What sound does sheep make?

Bop: What's a sheep?

Bell: *sigh* Open your mouth.

Bop: Whatever you say...mommy. *opens wide*

Bell: Mommy!? Shad should be the one doing this! *Bell brushes Bop's side teeth up and down* You need to brush the side and back teeth back and forth like I'm doing.

Bop: *takes back the toothbrush* Like this? *brushes the back and side teeth back and forth as demonstrated* The toothpaste tastes weird.

Bell: There you go! Now for the front teeth...

Bean's voice: No no NO!!

Berry's voice: EEEEEEEEK! What happened!?

Bop: That sounded like Bean and Berry! Bop to the rescue! *dashes out of the bathroom and just sees...Bean sitting on her mattress with a very pouty look on her face as Gir just giggles madly*

Gir: I win! You be food now!

Bean: Nickel!

Gir: Neil!

Bean: Trail!

Gir: Pill!

Gir: Pill!

Gir: Gruel!

Bean: Trill!

Gir: Bell!

Bean: Li...Bo...AUGH!! No fair! Who's idea was it to end all the words with L?!

Bop: Try "tell."

Berry: Or tool. And cool.

Bell: I came out here for...wait, Bean! You know the alphabet now?! *runs over to Shad and tries to shake him awake, but to no avail*

Berry: I tried to wake up daddy, but he won't. Is he not feeling good?

Bell: He's fine. He's just a really big sleeper. C'mon Bop, nothing to see here. *pulls Bop back to the bathroom*

Bop: But I wanna try to wake up da...

Bell: Don't open your mouth! You're slopping toothpaste all over!

Shad: *moans, then wakes up* Goo...good morning everyone. *glomped by Berry and Bean*

Bean and Berry: *gleefully* DADDY'S AWAKE!!

Shad: WAUGH!! Bubbles don't do that!!

Berry: B...*let's go of Shad* Bubbles?

Shad: Uh-oh. I forgot how much they look like her/ No, I'm sorry Berry. It's just that...I thought that...Bubbles always did that to me all the time.

Berry: *saddened tone* we remind you of Bubbles?

Shad: You're all a lot like her. Even down to the glomp thing.

Bean: So that's what it's called. GLOMP! *glomps Shad*

Shad: Yikes! *blushes* Yeah...that.

Berry: If Bubbles knew you liked her...why did she leave you without saying so?

Shad: I knew she was leaving. It' heart. My heart knew she didn't want to tell me. That time, I thought Bubbles and her sisters would always be with me, so I tried not to trust my own heart. Instead it kept hurting more and more. Finally...

Berry: She told you and you kept hurting a lot after that...even now.

Bean: So that's why you have those eyes.

Shad: Eyes?

Bean: Yesterday, Berry said you had sad hurt eyes and you hid them all the time by wearing glasses. I can see them well now. They do look sad. Like water is about to come out of them.

Berry: But Bell said you need glasses to see...

Shad: *shakes his head* You're right Bean. I did keep wearing glasses to hide my eyes. Since they're silver, it just makes them look sadder. I don't really need those specks anymore.

Bean: *draws closer to Shad's face* So...your eyes are silver because you're sad? Sad because of what Bubbles did?

Shad: No and no. It's a long story on how my eyes got like this but I don't think me being so sad and ending up crying sometimes is Bubbles' fault.

Berry: It's not?! But you said...

Shad: I said it wrong last time! Yeah...I just missed them too much. If I believed my own heart that time I wouldn't feel like this. But then I wouldn't create the Creampuff Girls. But...they're only a day old and I kinda forgot why I even made them Just for being made? Just a waste! I don't care what the reason was, they still deserve to be here! Besides, it's kinda my parents' fault for lying to me. I felt so weak a long time ago. I could've helped fight the bad guys before the Powerpuffs were made, but they lied! Hey...maybe I CAN be a daddy! I'll be the type that won't lie! That makes me a good person! From now on, it'll be nothing but the truth. Maybe the hurt in my heart will go away. Girls...from now on, you're free to call me daddy!

Bean: Really?!

Berry: *beaming* Even "Daddy Shaddy?"

Shad: Uh...

Gir: *chanting* Daddy Shaddy! Daddy Shaddy!

Berry: Not you Gir!

Shad: *gulp* This will take a while. Hope I a good daddy with this hurt in my heart.

Berry: Daddy Shaddy. Your eyes are sad again. They look like...they look like water is about to come out.

Shad: Wh...what?! *wipes eyes* Hehe. Don't be silly. C'mon, I'll show you around outside.

Bean: Like how mommy did for you?

Shad: Mommy?

Bean: Bell! Mommy Bell!

Shad: *saddened tone* Y...yeah. Let's just wait until Bell and Bop are done. I need to show you how to brush your teeth.

Berry: ...........Daddy.

*Shad's house (basement) 11:42AM*

*Dimitri chomps on some french toast as none other then Dexter rigorously types on the Supercomputer yet again*

Dexter: Hmm...looks like this'll be complete faster then I thought.

Dimitri: So making an interdimensional scanner won't take long?

Dexter: I'm merely upgrading it.

Dimitri: I wonder how the girls are doing, what with getting Bunny back and all.

Dexter: Speaking of which, is Claire "sober" again? Shortly after she left the house...

Dimitri: She's not an alcoholic! When she strains out her powers for too long her mind gets hazed up into a dizzy spell. Happened once before a year ago.

Dexter: Dimitri, what was it like at the Global Defenders before you resigned?

Dimitri: When I first arrived there all those years! Even back then it seemed they had gadgetry far ahead of our time. I should know. Me and my friend made a few of them. Of course I was so much better in that field back then. Sadly, my skills waned greatly over the years. I'm almost ashamed really.

Dexter: But not ashamed enough to be so stubborn as to except my help.

Dimitri: Hey! It's not that I called you! Besides, don't think that I'll tell you ALL that happened while I was with the Global Defenders.

Dexter: *sigh* If you really didn't want my help, you'd force me out of here. Knowing that you need assistance with something that is far beyond your control. Despite your mistakes, you're not as useless as you think.

Dimitri: Pfffft! What are you, my wife?!

Dexter: Just...don't let it get to you. *saddened tone* For there are some can never reverse.

Dimitri: What's with the sad face there?

Dexter: Hmm?! Oh, nothing! The reprogramming is progressing nicely so far!

Dimitri: Hmm. I guess I'm not the only one with things to hide. Nevertheless, it's not in my place to know.

*back at the Powerpuff household (PPG room) 11:50AM*

*the PPG stand behind their youngest sister as she smilies at the gift the professor just gave her: a purple bouncy ball*

Bunny: *beaming* F...for me?!

Professor Utonium: Well, it's just an old dodgeball from the old days colored purple. It gets a little bounced up at times, so be care...*glomped*

Bunny: Thank you daddy!!

Buttercup: Wait...I didn't get everything from a few minutes ago, but isn't her birthday in a month or so?

Blossom: Well technically she's been born again, so it's only proper that she gets a gift.

Bubbles: It's great for outside and you've been wanting to go out!

Bunny: Yeah, but just to make sure...*stretches her leg back as he prepares to drop the ball*

Blossom: Wait!

Bubbles: Didn't the professor said...

Professor Utonium: No Bunny, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

*too late. Bunny kicks the ball at the wall, causing it to bounce into the lamp, knocking it over as it bounces to another wall, and another. Soon the girls and the professor were ducking and sidestepping at a ball gone wild!*

Professor Utonium: I told *hit* OW! You that it can get *hit again* OW! Unstable!

Blossom: It's not *hit* OW! That *hit again* OW!! What am I saying?! Someone *hit yet again* OW! Stop that thing!!

Bubbles: *getting hit the most* OW OW OW OW OW OW OWIEEE!!

Buttercup: *zaps the ball with her laser vision, causing it to pop* And that's the end of *punched*


Buttercup: What? I sto...*realizes what she's done* Ooooooooooh. Yeah...I can explain! *flies out the window as Bunny chases her down*

Bunny: You better fly! YOU BETTER FLY!! Gotta go faster then that!!

Blossom: What an...sub-eventful birthday it has been for Bunny.

Professor Utonium: *picks up the shreads of the ball* My prized memento of 2 generations...GONE!! *runs to the window* BUNNY! When you catch Buttercup tell her she's not getting ANY allowence from now until SUMMER!!

Buttercup's voice: DARN IT!! I SAID I'M SORRY!!

Bunny's voice: NO YOU DIDN'T!!

End of Chapter 23.

Yeah, another filler. So sue me. Don't worry, for the plot will progress soon enough. Also, a certain blue-haired puff of my ol pal will appear very soon. No I don't have a request ready from him (sadly), but let's leave it at this: She won't be a gynoid...and yet not a human. You theorize from there. ;)
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 23 (some of it) is

Postby Keeper » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:31 pm

Most certainly he is not. Just confused, that's all.

Great update, Shad. Looking forward to the rest. ^_^
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 23 (some of it) is

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:58 pm

Okay, I have NO FREAKING IDEA what happened, but chapter 24, along with every other post after Jan. 18 got wiped out!! Did Dave try to move the forums again?! *sigh* Granted, I'm a little upset but I'm glad I saved this beforehand. Whew. So yeah, here's chapter 24...again.

Chapter 24: Link Conversion revelated.

*Black Eden (in front of RODAN) 12:04PM*

*Shad, Bell and the Creampuffs (now in their regular hiker-esque clothes and Bop wearing her Teddiursa beanie) stand in front of the massive supercomputer with multiple monitors in awe...despite the fact that they've already seen it. Dr. X stands beside it, explaining what its purpose is*

Dr. X: RODAN: Requisitional Operations and Display Access Network. Courtesy of the late Mandark, and myself it is the Mother Earth of Black Eden; The heart of all functions.

Shad: I haven't seen a computer this big since daddy's computer.

Dr. X: What?

Shad: My daddy has something like this only it has one monitor.

Dr. X: Does it still run on 30GB?

Shad: Gigabytes? What are giga...still?

Bell: WHAT?! Did he just say...

Shad: What do you mean still? You know...

Dr. X: Nothing! Just a slip! RODAN holds up to double that amount.

Berry: Are all computers this size?

Bell: Only very few.

Bop: I already know what it does. It makes music!

Dr. X: The Internet isn't RODAN's exact purpose!

Bean: ...........It's really really big.

*cue anime sweat drops on heads of Shad, Bell, and Dr. X*

Dr. X: Ahem! As I was saying, you've seen RODAN at work many times. It can monitor everything inside Black Eden and out. Also, it can be used to observe the activities of our foes.

Bell: *whispers* Daddy! Shush!

Shad: Foes?

Dr. X: I mean, superheroes.

Shad: So it's like a TV?

Dr. X: *sigh* RODAN, initiate superhero search in China.

RODAN: Beginning search now.

Bean: It talks! Shaddy it talked!

Shad: Uh...all computers do that.

Bop: After it's done doing that humming sound, can we listen to our theme song?

Dr. X: No.

Bop: *cutesy eyes* Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase?

Dr. X: ...NO!

Bop: Fine! Not for me, then for mommy! *pushes Bell forward*

Dr. X: Mommy?

Bell: Heheh. It's a...a long story.

Bop: Pleeeeeeeease, mommy's daddy? Can you play our theme song?

Dr. X: Even if I knew what the title of that overly childish melody is...NO!

Bean: It went like this:

    Tip Tap koi wa itsudatte Candy
    FURU-TSU no you ni Tasty
    Good Luck sou ne mainichi ga SUNDAY
    awatenaide My Heart

Bean: And that's all I can remember.

Dr. X: Are you all incapable of following orders?!

Samantha's voice: Geez Doc, cut the kids some slack.

*all look up and see Samantha sitting on a tree trunk. Seconds later, she jumps down and lands on her feet perfectly*

Samantha: They're only what, a day old?

Dr. X: I'm merely showing them that RODAN isn't a toy, lest they play with it again.

Bean: Oooooooh, I know you! You're that Sammy girl who helped me with the computer. Thank you.

Samantha: Sammy? Meh, I just came to see how Shad's doing. I heard things got a little out of hand last night.

Shad: How did you..*Bell clasps his mouth shut*

Bell: Samantha has a way of knowing these things. Besides, she can tell the Creampuffs can get hyper sometimes. It's a girl thing...I think.

Samantha: I just came to tell the kids that they should stay away from the Cluster from now on.

Berry: Cluster?

Bop: Those robots that tried to kill us? If they try again we'll just beat them again! Like POW! And WHAM!

Samantha: They're machines. They have a way of getting stronger. I wasn't there when you pulverized their asses in 30 seconds flat, but they were probably caught off guard.

Dr. X: Are you done yet? I'm searching for a proper mission for our newest member.

Samantha: Sheesh, fine. I'm out. Later, hothead! *walks away*

Bop: HAHA! She's right! You ARE a hothead. Your head's on fire!

Berry: Doesn't it hurt?

Bean: I wonder if you can roast...


RODAN: Scan complete. Results: Pinpointed 4 superheroes in China.

Dr. X: Excellent. Set up the coordinates.

Bell: Wait, did you say mission just then?

Dr. X: I didn't stutter, now did I?

Bell: WHAT?! But Shad still needs rest after what happened yesterday! You can't just...

Dr. X: If it's because of Shad's...hesitation towards attacking the Powerpuff Girls then I'm well aware of that. This is just a practice mission. Starting off a mission with those 3 mini-titans wasn't a wise move; I'll admit that much! But if it weren't for that...IT would've never happened.

Shad: It? And why did I have to attack the Powerpuffs?

Bell: Shad, you still don't get it?! What my daddy wants us to do?!

Dr. X: Link Conversion.

Bop: Link what?

Bean: I think he said combustion.

Berry: Link Conversion?

Dr. X: Yes Berry. Shortly before your "parents" retreated, they accidentally unleashed a power that, from what I theorized, can only be triggered when the minds of 2 "X" beings are synchronized. In other words, those who are bestowed upon Chemical X are qualified. Yet that is not enough. They must create...a bond of some sort, one that they and they alone must strengthen. Once that happens, their minds are synchronized.

Bop: Synchronized? On what?

Dr. X: It means that the bond is built upon a particular...emotion. It can be joy, sadness, anger, or a possible combination of the latter two in this case. You see, in the case of Shad and Bell, they can achieve Link Conversion quite easily because they have much in common, something that not even I expected. They both wish to never feel the lonely sensation of being alone. They both long for a friend that won't leave them. And most importantly they both seem to be harboring not only a pained heart, but also *glares at Bell* a great hatred at those who are responsible for their very existence!

Bell: *mutters* Only because it's true! *fist shakes* If you just saved Ma...

Dr. X: Enough! As I was saying, when your minds are synchronized, you can lend your powers to each other, in the case of the very first attempt. Shad lent his powers to Bell. Ebony Blaze, the attack of the darkest flames, became linked to Bell, causing her to use it out of pure instinct. Thus conversing Ebony Blaze into Ivory Blaze. From what I saw it was much stronger then the base attack and nearly vanquished the Powerpuff Girls! They would've been, say, MIA now if it weren't for...

Bell: Shad didn't want them hurt! I was doing most of the fighting back there for a reason! I want to avenge Susan by getting back at Blossom but I don't want to hurt Shad even mo...

Dr. X: *flame on his head flares up violently* Only speak when spoken to!!

Shad: Mr. X, it's not her fault.

Bell: Shad you don't have to...

Shad: I understand Bell. What I don't get is why I fainted after I healed the Powerpuffs? And I don't remember giving Bell some of my power.

Bell: don't have to get in trouble for me. Really. I'm the one who knows what's going on.

Dr. X: Funny you should ask. You did it subconsciously. Meaning that you lent your power to Bell without even realizing it, all out of pure gratitude for your friend. However, Bell used too much of your power in that conversed attack. That left you severely drained. Although I may be exaggerating with the words "severely" and "drained" but either way, you were unconscious for quite a few hours.

Bean: So...all that was how the Link thing worked?

Bop: You use too many hard words! I didn't understand ANY of that!

Berry: I think it means if mommy and daddy stay together and be good friends, they'll get stronger. Can the Link thing be done

Bop: Yeah, I want to try it out too!

Bean: We've only been around for one day (what's one day?) and already I feel like I knew daddy for a long time!

Dr. X: I don't know if it can be done with more then 2 people, but feel free to try. *to Shad and Bell* Let me know when you're ready and I'll send you to your destination. *walks away* And don't touch RODAN unless you know what's good for you!

Bop: Meh, whatever. *runs up to RODAN* Now which one does the music?

Bell: Daddy just...does she WANT to get spanked!? Shad...are you trying to stand up for daddy?

Shad: No! It's just...I kind of feel like I...I don't know, but somehow I can trust him.

Bell: Trust him?! Shad do you have any idea...

Shad: He told us about something called Link Conversion and how it works right.

Bell: I know but...I don't want you dragged in this. I don't want you to end up like Mandark and daddy just sitting there saying you're worthless and other stuff.

Shad: So that's why he didn't save Mandark? I don't know him but from what you told me a week ago he didn't sound worthless.

Bell: *sniff* Not to me. He was just hurt, like you...and me now. When he joined us he used his smarts and stuff to help us. He was almost like a brother to me. It seemed like daddy would do anything to make sure he never left us. Until...

Berry: Mommy, are you crying?

Bell: AHH! Berry, you...*wipes eyes* you heard all that?!

Berry: I think so. Your daddy lied to you too?

Bell: S...something like that.

Shad: Berry, why don't you go play with your sisters? Bell and me have to get ready for the mission. *saddened tone* I'm just glad this one won't have the Powerpuffs in it.

Berry: Why is the sky always dark here?

Shad: It's...I don't know. Bell?

Bell: It's called BLACK Eden. This place is different from Earth.

Berry: I...want to go in the sun. I...I don't *shaking* I don't like the dark.

Shad: Bubbles was afraid of the dark too. Too bad there's no really big night-light that can be used as a sun.

Bean: Awwwwwww. Don't worry Berry. We'll ask the green alien if he can send us to a place with daylight.

Berry: R...really?

Bean: Sure. And if he doesn't then...uh...we're stuck here.

Berry: *smiles* I say we try anyway!

Bean: Atta girl! Follow me! *dashes to Bop* Time to go Bop! *pulls Bop away and shoots into the pitch black sky*

Bop: No fair! I almost had it!

Berry: Daddy?

Shad: Yeah?

Berry: Good luck. *flies off with Bean and Bop*

Shad: I hope they know their way around. It can get really dark and I only showed them the parts I know about.

Bell: You're still not familiar with this place!? Maybe we should explore before we go to China.

Shad: Good idea! Maybe somewhere in this place is something...well, pretty?

Bell: Now that you mention it, there's one place. *holds Shad's hand* Let's just stick together. You don't have your glasses on after all. *walks onward with Shad*

Shad: Well I don't really need them that much anymore. At least I think so. What do you think we'll find in China?

Bell: Now that you mention it I'm curious as well. Daddy should tell us what to do when we get there.

Shad: *saddened tone* As long as the Powerpuffs don't show up again.

End of Chapter 24.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 24 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:35 am

Okay, since I know all the usual readers already read chapter 24, I'll just put this up and hope I waited long enough for the posts to NOT link together!

Chapter 25: It's a secret to everybody.

*Black Eden (inner woods) 12:32PM*

*scene opens up to the more heavily wooded area of Black Eden. The bulbs in the biomech trees shine a little brighter but not enough to fully illuminate the darkness. The tree trunks are much bigger and thicker, with gray leaves just remaining still due to lack of wind in Black Eden. Between the clusters of the tall trees is a path, where footsteps can be heard. Shad and Bell are walking along, Bell leading the way*

Shad: Is it me, or is everything starting to get darker?

Bell: Duh! We're getting deeper now.

Shad: What is this place you want to show me?

Bell: It's a surprise. You might not believe me until I show you.

Shad: C'mon, I'll believe you!

Bell: *stops walking* What?!

Shad: Just tell me. Please?

Bell: You believe me?

Shad: Yes, so where are we going?!

Bell: He...he trusts me already? Is it that Link Conversion talk daddy gave us or the Link Conversion itself? NO! It can't...or is it? *sighs, then continues walking* We're almost there.

Shad: Are you afraid of the dark?

Bell: No. I've been here for a really long time, so I'm used to the dark. If I get tired of it I just go inside the dome where it's nice and bright.

Shad: It's the ONLY place where there's light.

Bell: Then why did Berry get so scared of the dark back there?

Shad: She wanted the sun. When she and her sisters went out yesterday they must've liked it. Better then the dark.

Bell: Why do they see me as a mommy?

Shad: Look at us! We both have white hair and my eyes...they're silver, but that's close to white. Besides, you helped me make them so that makes you the mommy!

Bell: But Girly's the one who put in the spice...

Shad: So he's the uncle! Girly!

Bell: *giggles* Uncle Girly! Imagine that.

Shad: Yeah. *sigh* I wonder how the Creampuffs are doing.

*outside the dome*

Bop: *bangs on the door* HELLO, anyone in here? We want to go to the sunlight so PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE let us in!!

Security System: Access denied.

Berry: Didn't mommy do something that let us in? She stared at something and put her finger in a hole.

Bop: That takes too long! Stand back Berry! *backflips and stops in midair*

Bean: NO! What if you...


*dozens of amber-colored energy spheres shoot out of Bop's hands and explode upon contact with the large door. After about 3-8 dozens or so, Bop stops shooting and lands, the explosions going up in smoke*

Bean: Did it work?

Berry: *hears a humming sound* I hear something.

*some of the smoke clears up, showing the door opened and the lab in view*

Bop: YES! *jumps up and down in glee* I DID IT! I DID IT! I DI...

Zim's voice: Did what now?!

*the smokes clears away entirely, showing none other then the Irken Invader himself: Zim*

Bop: Hey, aren't you the green alien we beat up?

Zim: Nay! You merely brought upon DOOM to the Cluster! Had they let me helped, you all would've been DOOMED dust! For I am Zi...

Bean: You talk too much. Blah blah. Why do you say "DOOM" all the time?

Berry: I think it's an alien thing.

Bop: Who cares? Let's just find that telethingy so we can get out of here!

Zim: What's this?! You wish to leave Black Eden?!

Bop: Not leave! Just go out for sunlight.

Bean: We're just doing a favor for Berry.

Berry: Daddy Shaddy said we can go out and then come back. He's going with mommy on a date.

Zim: What?! You mean kissing and hugging and all that Earth monkey...

Bean: No! The hothead mutant man said they're going on a mission.

Bop: But what if the mission is a date?

Bean: You don't even know what a date is!

Bop: Neither do you!

Bean: At least I'm leader while Shaddy's away!

Berry: QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! *voice makes the surrounding area shake* Stop fighting!

Bean and Bop: Y...yes!

Zim: I took a day off for this?

Berry: Ahem. *turns to Zim and initiates cutesy posture via tilting her head up and tilting the rest of her body back and forth* Zimmy, the first time we went to the Earth monkey place, I liked the sun. It's just that I wasn't there for very long and had to come back here. I'm afraid of the dark and sunlight never comes here. So can my sisters and me PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE use the teleport thingy? With sugar lumps. Lots of sugar lumps.

Zim: .......................

Bean: Let's try saying it together. 3...2...1...


Zim: ACK! The...EYES!! Faces! Girls...TOO...CUTE! MUSTN'T...dis...disobey Dr. X's orders! BUT GIRLS...TOO...CUTE!!

Bop: Now's our chance!

*the Creampuffs sneak past Zim and go to the edge of the lab, where a small round platform below a glass tube lies, the teleporter no doubt. Next to it is a large screen and a console that determines the destination*

Bean: *hops on the platform* That's it!

Berry: *does the same* And away we GO!

Bop: *follows suit* To sunlight! *nothing happens* does this work again?

*cue anime-esque sequence of Bean and Berry falling down*

Bean: You got it to work last time! How can you not know?!

Bop: Dr. X just pushed button things and next thing we knew, we were in the sky above the Powerpuffs. I thought you saw which buttons to push.

Bean: Nuh-uh! You were closer to the controls!

Berry: Now what, Zim might catch us now!

Bop: Actually, I know of the next best thing that'll get us just where we need to go. It's another technique that I came up with.

Bean: What's it called?


*true to her word, Bop kept button-mashing every button on the console, slamming every directional pad and joystick in the process. The screen flickered on, but was constantly moving from one image to another. Townsville, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Aaron City, Retroville, Dimmsdale, Fairy World, and finally...*

Berry: STOP!!

Bop: *stops button-mashing* What? I was almost done.

Bean: You always say that. Look at the TV. *points at the screen*

*the screen shows a huge martial arts-esque temple high up in the mountains, surrounded by several, smaller buildings that are possibly the sleeping quarters*

Berry: Let's go there! Let's go there!

Bop: That place looks boring. *pushes another button, the screen switching to an image of the Powerpuff household*

Bean: What's that?

Bop: I think it's one of those "houses" Shaddy told us about. Or I heard it somewhere. Can't remember.

Bean: Look, someone's coming out!

*the screen shows 5 figures heading to the car in the driveway. The first being the professor himself and near the door, the PPG. Buttercup takes out what appears to be her allowance and hesitantly gives it to the professor. He then gets into the car and drives away, the Powerpuff in the purple dress waving good-bye*

All 3 Creampuffs: THE POWERPUFF GIRLS?!

Bean: That's their house!

Bop: So that's where they live!

Berry: ........*glares at Bubbles on the screen*

Bean: Berry, you didn't say something. Why?

Berry: .................

Bop: She probably wants to go in the sunlight so bad she's excited. It looks like the sun is shining at the Powerpuff house the most. So away we...

Berry: No.

Bean: But don't you want...

Berry: Yes.

Bop: So let's...

Berry: Not near Bubbles!!

Bean: Bubbles? What's wit...OH! I see. You're a little...little...I forgot the word but that's the reason you don't want to go there.

Berry: She made daddy sad. I'm not going to a place where the person who made daddy sad lives!

Bop: Oh, that. But look at it! It's so nice out there! Where else do you wanna go?

Berry: *smiles, then takes control of the console* Where else? *giggles*

Bop: Wait Berry, not...*

*as soon as Bean and Bop jump off the teleporting platform...VWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! A flash of white light fills up the entire lab. The 2 girls cover their eyes as the light continues to shine on and on until everything dims. They open their eyes and still see the platform and the console...but no Berry*


Bop: Why did she do that?! We gotta go after her! *jumps on the platform* TAKE US TO BERRY!! *nothing happens* SHADDY'S GONNA BE SOOOOOOOOOOO MAD AT US!! *crying* WAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!

Bean: *gasp* Bop! *points at the button of the console* Down there!

Bop: *wipes tears from her eyes* What?

*Bop hears a slight scratching sound, as if a printer is on. She checks the bottom of the console and sees paper sliding out of a slot, like a picture from a photo booth. Bop rips it out and tries to read it*

Bean: What does it say?

Bop: Uh...I don't think I can read yet. *gives it to Bean*

[center]Warped: Berry
Destination: Master Monk Guan's Xiaolin Temple
Time warped: 12:43PM[/center]

Bean: It says here she went to that temple the TV showed us earlier. Master Monk Guan's Xiaolin Temple. That big thing is a temple?

Bop: That place looked boring, but NOOOOOOOOOO!!! She just went ahead!

Bean: We gotta tell Shaddy! *tries to fly off, but Bop grabs hold of her*

Bop: Not so fast!

Bean: Let me go!

Bop: If Shaddy finds out then we'll be in trouble! I don't know much about daddies but if that orange mutant man always seems mad at Bell, then it's because she did something bad...I think.

Bean: SO?!

Bop: Shaddy might stay mad at us and I don't want him to be mad! That's worse then being sad! You know the saying about how the messanger of bad news gets killed?

Bean: No.

Bop: Me neither! So we keep quiet about this and say that Berry went for a walk or something. Besides, *takes the form from the console and tacks it onto said console* once Shaddy and Bell come for their mission, they'll see this and try to get Berry back. But they won't know it's our fault so we won't get in trouble.

Bean: But what about Berry?

Bop: Aw come on! A place that boring can't have anyone living in it that's dangerous. Besides, Berry's superpowered. Even if people live in that place, what can they do? Shoot fire out of their hands and make water appear out of nowhere? Oh, and they can use rocks for fists and fly around. NOT!! Berry will be just fine. Now let's get outta here before that alien stops being dizzy.

Bean: really do know what you're doing.

Bop: Which is why I should be leader!

*back at the wooded area of Black Eden*

Bell: we are.

Shad: *gasps*

*the 2 kids are now in a huge round meadow. The huge trunks of the trees (strangely enough, they're real black trees and not biomechanical) that conceal it don enormous spheres that resemble lanterns. They glow a bright, yet eerie red. Strangely, there's wind in this area as well, whereas the other parts of Black Eden had almost none of that. Covering most of the meadow are flowers which are tubular and made of two petals, one curling over the other to form what looked like a jaw. They're as black as the sky above them. The glow from the "lanterns" shine upon the entire meadow, Shad and Bell*

Shad: *looks in awe* It...It...

Bell: So pretty isn't it?

Shad: When did you find this place?!

Bell: I think it was sometime before we found Mandark. I was out exploring when I just came across this place. I don't know why, but this place feels scary...but soothing at the same time.

Shad: Yeah...I'm feeling it too.

Bell: And there's wind here, yet there's no wind anywhere else in Black Eden. I don't know why though.

Shad: You know...I was told that despite what discoveries we made, we've only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Bell: Wow! Who told you that?

Shad: I just remembered it. My Godfather told me. And I also remember some of his name now! Mr. U...darn, I just had it. It starts with a U.

Bell: A U? Did he just say Mister? When I went into his dreams (at least I THINK it was his dreams) I saw him call someone else Mr. Utonium. And he said that was his Godfather. Hmm... I'm sure you'll remember.

Shad: *spots the odd looking flowers* Flowers! So there ARE flowers in Black Eden!

Bell: Yeah, but don't go near them. Black Snapdragons are poisonous.

Shad: How do you know?

Bell: I had Girly scan them and he told me everything. Sniff it and you won't all.

Shad: Scary.

Dr. X's voice: SHAD! BELL!

Bell: Guess it's time for us to go. *picks Shad up* Allie oop!

Shad: *blushes* Bell, it's okay. I can walk.

Bell: Nonsense, the sooner the better. *flies high above the tress and heads to the dome in the center of Black Eden* Remember that place. It's a secret to everybody.

Shad: Gotcha!

End of Chapter 25!

Lots of hints abound. But since I'm so generous, I'll spot one for you. The appearance of the secret place Bell showed Shad is based off of an eerie forest from Baten Kaitos. Nekton: Shrine of Spirits. Also, anyone find it a bit odd that the trees there are real and not biomechanical? Not to mention the fact that breezes are more frequent there? Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? ;)

And as for the bolded part of what Bop said...those who watch a certain little show that starts with a X and S knows that she couldn't be farther from the truth.:P

EDIT: And because there's been a SEVERE lack of BGM as of late, here's a little something for that secret meadow. Simply because this BGM plays when I enter Nekton. And that meadow is somewhat based off of that place. As I said, those who played Baten Kaitos should know.
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Postby GridsNaranek » Thu Jan 19, 2006 11:29 am

Hahaha, the Creampuffs have a weapon against Zim that Gaz could never quite grasp...

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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:51 pm

Chapter 25 completed!

Added after 3 hours 16 minutes:

Just added a BGM. Very fitting if I say so myself.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 25 is UP! Now with

Postby Keeper » Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:17 pm

Creative of you to extend the terrain of Black Eden. Fine job buddy. :snoogins:

Also the BGM sound great too. ^^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jan 19, 2006 6:15 pm

Why thank you. And Black Snapdragon courtesy of Griddles!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 25 is UP! Now with

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Jan 21, 2006 1:00 pm

Chapter 26a: Raft Royal Rumble! (part 1)

*Black Eden (lab) 12:55PM*

*Bell and Shad read the note that Bean and Bop left behind as they stand in front of the teleporter as Dr. X sets the coordinates to their destination*

Shad: Mr. X?

Dr. X: Hmm?

Shad: it okay if we can get Berry back first?

Bell: What were they even doing near the teleporter anyway?

Shad: They wanted to go outside. I didn't ask Mr. X first and...wait, where's Bean and Bop?!

Dr. X: Not to worry Shad. You'll kill 2 birds with one stone.

Shad: *gasp* I have to kill birds now?!

Dr. X: NO! You'll complete your mission and get Berry back at the same time. Read the receipt. Where did she go off to?

Shad: *reads the receipt* Somewhere's temple?

Dr. X: That's exactly where you and Bell are going. Your mission is to test your power against the Xiaolin Dragons.

Bell: Xiaolin WHAT?!

Dr. X: Monks! They guard sacred powerful treasures known as Shen Gong Wu; Mystical objects that give the possessor a huge variety of abilities. You would do well to make your way to the vault and fetch what you want.

Shad: But how will I know which is which?

Dr. X: Find the Ancient scroll of the Shen Gong Wu. It should give you all the information you need on all of them, but choose wisely.

Shad: Mr. X? Can I really do this? What if I fail?

Dr. X: You failed simply because those girls caught you by surprise. With more practice and training, you'll show them what you can really do.

Shad: Wait...what DID happen that time?! I just got mad and didn't want to be lied to again. I had power...power to help all this time and only found out because Mr. X showed me. did he know? And why does he talk to me as if he knew me? AUGH!! I'M SO CONFUSED!! What is all this!? Bubbles...where are you? *sniff* Okay.

Bell: Shad?

Dr. X: Hmm...the vault is located at the left of the main temple. Obviously it's under heavy guard so...

Bell: We know! Take out the Monks while...

Dr. X: These are no ordinary Monks! Had this organization been created much earlier, this mission would be much easier. But they're stronger now. Not to be trifled with! They possess the ability to control the elements of fire, wind, water and earth. If things get a little too rough for you Shad, feel free to head towards the vault as fast as you can.

Shad: *raises hand* Question. Why can't Bean and Bop come with us? And where are they?

Dr. X: That...*sighs then takes out another receipt from his pants pocket and give it to Shad*

[center]Warped: Bean and Bop.
Destination: Powerpuff household; Plateau Suburbs, Megasville
Time warped: 12:48PM[/center]

Bell: That's just a little bit before we came here!

Shad: But...the Powerpuff's house?!

Dr. X: No need to worry. I'm sure they won't do anything too drastic. After all, as long as they come back they can have their sunlight.

Bell: But why at the Powerpuff's house?

Shad: *gulp* I hope they don't do anything bad.

Dr. X: Enough worrying. You can fetch them after your mission is complete. Now step into the teleporter.

Bell: Ready Shad?

Shad: I think so.

*Bell and Shad step onto the platform as Dr. X pushes a big button, starting up the warp process no doubt. Bell holds on to Shad's hand as they start to flash multiple colors*

Shad: *gasp*

Bell: What?!

Shad: *wide eyed* Th...this is...

Bell: I just held your ha....

Shad:'s not that. This warp thing. I feel I've been on something like this before!

Dr. X: What?!

*before Dr. X can ask, Bell and Shad are engulfed by a white flash that fills up the entire lab. Dr. X merely looks on as the flash goes away...along with Shad and Bell*

Dr. X: Strange...he's experienced this kind of teleportation before?

*somewhere in China*

*scene starts again on a long set of stairs on a mountain. A huge sphere of light appears and disperses, showing Shad and Bell*

Bell: Looks like we're here...sort of.

Shad: But I don't see the temple.

Bell: That's because we have to climb the stairs first. C'mon. *walks up the stairs*

Shad: *follows Bell* So we just have to get the scroll and the wu things?

Bell: Shen Gong Wu. And yes. It shouldn't be too hard if we try to avoid the Monks.

Shad: We need to find Berry first. Then we can get those Shen Gong Wu.

Bell: Yeah. I wonder how she's doing.

Shad: She's probably scared all alone.

Bell: How? She probably got here on her own while Bean and Bop just went somewhere else!

Shad: But why didn't they follow her?! She's their sister!

Bell: Next time you see them make sure they never leave her.

Shad: You mean, scold them?

Bell: Of course! You made them!

Shad: I probably just have to keep a closer eye on them.

Bell: Or that. *sigh* I wonder what the Monks look like.

Shad: I hear that most of them are bald and have dots on their foreheads. And they're really good at karate.

Bell: But daddy said these Monks are different. They can control elements.

Shad: Maybe these Monks are...*stops*

Bell: Shad?

Shad: Bell. What IS the Darkstar Council?

Bell: Where'd that come from?

Shad: It's just...I don't even remember why I even attacked the Powerpuffs.

Bell: You didn't hurt them you know. Besides, you kinda wanted to stay with us.

Shad: Yeah, but because you seemed me. Mr. X even said we have a lot of stuff in common.

Bell: That's one thing he's right about.

Shad: If you hate him, why do you do as he says?

Bell: I already told you! He's my daddy! You "left" your daddy because I took you away from him. And Bubbles.

Shad: If it was up to you, would you have attacked Blossom and the others by choice?

Bell: Yeah!

Shad: WHAT?!

Bell: Why are you so surprised for?! I told you that they forced Mandark to blow up his lair...with him in it! I want to get back at them!

Shad: *continues walking* But what if Dr. X saved Mandark? Would you still have a grudge against the Powerpuffs?

Bell: I guess not. But the point is...

Shad: We're here.

Bell: Not "we're here" it's the fact that...*head gets tilted a bit*

Shad: Look, we're at the temple!

*Shad and Bell are now at the top of the stairs. In front of them are open gates that lead to a huge martial arts-esque temple high up in the mountains, surrounded by several, smaller buildings that are possibly the sleeping quarters*

Bell: So this is what a temple looks like. So big and beautiful.

Shad: Pretty? It just looks big.

Bell: Hey!

Shad: So we just need to...

Man's voice: Intruders! Halt!

Bell: Huh?!

*2 monks in white karate outfits jump out from nowhere and land in front of Shad and Bell. Their heads are shaven and completely round as they take an offensive stance, their fists clenched*

Shad: AHHHHHHHH! *glomps Bell* The Monks!

Bell: *blushes* Uh...Shad, can you get off?

Shad: Oops. *blushes, then lets go* Sorry.

Monk 1: Who are you children?

Shad: Uh...*whispers to Bell* Now what? Mr. X didn't say anything about this.

Bell: *whispers back* Just say something.

Shad: Ahem. We're tourists. Can we have a tour of the temple?

Monk 2: This is not a tourist attraction. Please leave.

Bell: But we must get in there! I dau...I mean, friend of ours is in there. Can you please let us in?

Monk 1: You must be mistaken. Only official monks are allowed inside Master Monk Guan's temple. Now lea...

Shad: Please Mr. Monk! You must...*hears Dr. X's voice from his earpiece*

Dr. X's voice: Repeat after me. Our hearts are heavy with darkness.

Shad: What? Oh well. Here goes. *gulp* Our hearts are heavy with darkness.

Monk 1: Hmm?

Bell: Shad?

Dr. X's voice: And our minds are hazy with doubt.

Shad: Our minds are hazy with doubt.

Monk 2: I see.

Dr. X's voice: We are on a pilgrimage to discover ourselves.

Shad: Discover ourselves? But we're right here! We are on a pilgrimage to discover ourselves.

Bell: Is...daddy helping him?

Monk 2: I understand now. But first...*lands his palms on the heads of Shad and Bell. A minute passes, and he raises his hands off* Yes...perhaps the Xiaolin style might do you children good.

Monk 1: You should've just said so. Now...*points to the main temple* make your way to Master Monk Guan and register. *jumps away to nowhere*

Monk 2: Farewell and good luck. *jumps away as well. Bell and Shad walk through the gates. They are now on temple grounds. They see lots of monks similar to the first 2. Whether doing push ups, practicing karate chops, meditating, 5 mile laps, you name it*

Bell: They all look the same.

Shad: I wonder which ones control the elements.

Dr. X's voice: No time for chitchat! Make your way to the vault! It should be just west of the main temple.

Shad: First we find Berry! Can we please look for the Shen Gong Wu after? I'm worried about her.

Dr. X's voice: Rest assured, she's in no danger. The Monks wouldn't dare harm her.

Shad: Why?

Bell: Shad, let's just keep going. If we stand around here any longer the Monks will get suspi....

Berry's voice: DAAAAAAAAAADDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Shad: Was that?

Bell: Could it be...

*there was a quick flash of aquamarine, then WHAM! Next thing she knew, Bell saw Shad on the floor. Hugging him (tightly!) was a familiar little Creampuff in a dark cerulean vest with an aquamarine shirt underneath, complete with orange shorts, knee-pads and hiker-esque shoes*

Berry: *still glomping Shad* DADDY DADDY DADDY!!

Bell: Berry! There you are!

Berry: *looks up and sees Bell* MOMMY!! *glomps Bell*

Shad: My aching...*gets up* Berry what happened?

Berry: Um...long story?

Bell: What were you running from?

Berry: Um...longer story?

Boy's voice: Aha! I have found you, girl made of bubbles!

Older boy's voice: Her name is Bubbles!

Boy's voice: That too!

Shad: Where'd that come from?

Berry: They think I'm Bubbles!

Shad: *feels someone poking his shoulder* Who's there?

*turns around and sees a boy, possibly older then him, bent down and catching his breath. He has dark brown hair and a slight tan. His eyes are green and unlike the other monks, he dons a red karate outfit instead with a bondi blue sash around it. And let's not forget the white pants now*

Boy: *pant* Geez...Bubbles. We...just know...why you're here and all.

Shad: Uh...who are you?

Boy: *gets up* What the...who am I? Who are you?! *turns to Bell* And you?! What's with the "do?"

Bell: Do?

Shad: Don't make fun of my hair! Now who are you!?

Berry: He says his name is Raimundo.

Raimundo: I see you remembered my name Bubbles.

Berry: I'M NOT BUBBLES!! My name is Berry and I wanted my daddy!

Shad: What's going on?! Berry, why did you even come here?!

Berry: This place looked pretty and had lots of sun.

Raimundo: Heheh. I don't know about that but...hey, don't change the subject, who are you people?

Shad: My name is Shad Staydamind! My friend Bell and me are here to become monks. Our minds are clou...

Boy's voice: Raimundo, did you retrieve the bubble girl?

*another Monk with the same clothing as Raimundo catches up. This one is oddly short (almost shorter then Berry!) and has yellow skin. Like most of the other monks, his head is shaven and has 9 dots on his forehead. His eyes are small though, almost bean-sized*

Berry: That one is Omi. *bonks Omi on the head* Where's the hair? Did he lose it?

Omi: *slaps Berry's head away* No! I did not lose it! I was born without hair! Besides, all monks...

Shad: Shave their heads? So you're...

Omi: Yes. Nature made me bald!

Raimundo: I think you mean naturally bald.

Omi: That too!

Berry: Look at it. So shiny. I think I see my face on it.

Raimundo: Yeah, whatever. If you're not Bubbles then why do you look like her? You another Powerpuff or something?

Shad: *gasp* You know the Powerpuff Girls?!

Berry: Mr. Raimundo said he heard of them. *turns to Raimundo* And I'm a Creampuff! My sisters are Bean and Bop but they didn't come. Said it was boring.

Raimundo: Heheh. Got that right.

Omi: Boring?! Who are you to say that this place reeks of boredom?! I dare you to devour that sentence!

Girl's voice: I think you mean eat those words.

*the next Monk to appear is a girl this time. She dons the same garb as the other 2 but her eyes are blue and her hair is black, tied up in pigtails a little similar to Berry's*

Shad: Another one?!

Raimundo: About time you caught up Kimiko.

Kimiko: Can it, Rai. There was a phone call. *to Berry* Hey there...Berry, I think your name is?

Berry: FINALLY! Someone actually knows I'm NOT Bubbles! *to Shad and Bell* This is Shad and Bell. My mo...

Bell: Friends! We're her FRIENDS! *to Berry* Right?!

Berry: ...........yeah!

Kimiko: Good thing you guys came here on time though. She was going crazy a few minutes ago.

Omi: In fact, how did you find this place? Very suspicious I might add.

Shad: We heard great things about Master Monk Guan.

Bell: We want to meet him so we can see if we can become monks. We need to cle...

Raimundo: Say no more. *mocking tone of voice* Quest to find yourselves BLAH BLAH BLAH cleanse your mind BLAH BLAH BLAH! *kicked in the knee* OW!!!

Berry: Don't make fun of DADDY!!

Omi: Hmm?!

Kimiko: Daddy?!

Shad: Uh...I remind her of her daddy! So she mistakes me for her daddy! *nervous laugh*

Berry: But...

Bell: Is it me or we getting WAY off track?! Berry. Shad. *grabs them both and jets up into the sky*

Omi: What's this?! That girl is capable of flight!?

Kimiko: Say, you think she's one of those Powerpuff Girls? Her dress looked similar.

Raimundo: And shorter too. *elbowed in the stomach* OOF!

Kimiko: Watch it!

Raimundo: I was...just pointing it out!

*high above the temple*

Shad: Now start from the beginning. What happened?

Berry: When I got here I was already inside the temple but a bald man found me and grabbed me. I broke free and ran around so I can get a good view of everything and it all looked so pretty but I bumped into a big person with a weird hat on and grabbed me but I couldn't break free and then took me to his room where those other 3 monks down there asked me questions and stuff and when they asked where my daddy was I got upset because I feel sad without daddy so I got upset and flew everywhere because they thought I was Bu...

Bell: Alright already! We get it! Just don't talk so fast.

Shad: So they asked you questions, you started to calm down until I was mentioned (sort of) and that's when you got...crazy because you missed me? That's what happened?!

Berry: Uh-huh. And I wanted to show you everything here and here you are!

Shad: At least we got you back. Now we can start the mission.

Berry: So...I see! Your mission is to have fun here!

Bell: No Berry! We have to...take a few things.

Shad: I think I have a feeling that those are the 4 special Monks Mr. X mentioned.

Dr. X's voice: That's because they ARE those Monks!

Shad: AH! Mr. X!

Dr. X's voice: Perfect! You just missed the one chance to get the Wu undetected! If only Berry...

Bell: Wait, how is this Berry's fault?!

Dr. X's voice: If they were to found a stranger, they would tend to him/her until he/she is well enough to move on. If what Berry said is true, then you might've been able to get in the vault while the Monks were distracted. Now you'll have a harder time trying to break in. Doing so by force will attract too much attention.

Shad: What about the scroll thing?

Dr. X's voice: It should be somewhere in the main temple in the middle, possibly the ground floor. Try to persuade the Monks into showing it to you first. I doubt they see either of you as a threat.

Shad: I'll try.

Berry: *sees something heading towards them* Daddy, something's coming!

Bell: Is it Bean and Bop?

Shad: *turns around* I only see one. But who?

*the UFO (not an alien mind you) soars closer to the 3 kids. As it does, they have a better look at it. It's a bird of some kind, but an oddly colored one; black wings and a white chest. It has the appearance of a parrot sans the big beak. It stopped in front of the kids, hovering in place*

Berry: What's that? *tries to pet it, but the bird almost ends up biting it, causing Berry to pull her hand back* EEK!

Bell: I think I saw it in a book once. A bird, I think it's called.

Shad: It's a parrot. But parrots are usually brighter colored then this. And where's the big beak?

Bell: Never mind that. We have to find a way to get inside the vault.

Voice (southern accent): *chuckles* Now here's something that you don't see everyday.

Berry: EEK! It talked!

Bell: The mouth didn't move.

*Bell used her magnification vision on the bird. On the back she saw the strangest thing. A tiny red bean with a crusty looking face. On its stem-ish arms are bracers of some kind. They're black with a red ruby engraved in each bracer*

Bell: What on Earth? Are you the one who spoke?

Shad: What, I don't see any...*takes a slightly closer look* OH! A bean with a face?!

Bean: HEY! *jumps onto the bird's head* That's HANNIBAL Roy Bean to you!

Berry: *gasp* You have the same name as my sister!

Shad: Mr. Hannibal Roy, we might've first met each other just now, but is it okay if you can please call yourself Roy?

Bell: And go away or something. We're trying to get inside the vault.

Roy: Who are you to comma...did you say...vault? As in, the Shen Gong Wu vault?

Shad: Yeah! We come from an organization called the Da...*bonked*

Bell: Rouges! We wish to use the magical weapons for our own needs and stuff. You seem to know a lot about them. Perhaps we can team up for a time.

Dr. X's voice: Hmm. He also seems to have a Shen Gong Wu on him as well. Be careful Bell, he can't be too trusted.

Bell: *whispers* Okay daddy. *to Roy* How about we split it 50/50?

Roy: Better yet, 90/10.

Bell: Say, that's pretty nice of you.

Roy: Of course. You and your pals can take the 10 and I have my 90 off the top.

Shad: HEY! 50/50!

Berry: What daddy said! 50/50!

Roy: Hmm!? Daddy?! And to think I was initially enamored by floating children. Which reminds me, before we put our plan into action, introduce yourselves.

Bell: Fine, but never mind how we can fly! You're a bean! I'm Bell.

Shad: My name is Shad Staydamind.

Berry: Berry! *to Shad* Daddy, he looks creepy for a bean.

Roy: Hey, I heard that! And this, *bounces on the bird's head* is my little messenger and mode of transportation, Ying Ying.

Berry: It's mean. It almost bit me.

Roy: Now now, it doesn't bite...much.

Ying Ying: *squawks*

Bell: So...*looks down and sees the Monks, who look like tiny dots from way up in the sky* what'll we do? You probably know the layout of the temple better then we do. Those Monks will just distract us again.

Roy: Heheh. Just stay up here until I give y'all the signal. *jumps off Ying Ying and binds the bracers together* MOBY MORPHER!!

*blinding rays of light cover the tiny figure. The kids and Ying Ying cover their eyes as to not have their eyes hurt. The light diminishes and the kids open their eyes and look down, but they don't see Roy*

Berry: Where did that Roy person go?

Bell: Wait...was that thing he used a Shen Gong Wu?!

Shad: Yeah, it has to be. It can make things disappear?

Ying Ying: *squawks*

Bell: I'll take that as a no.

*on the temple grounds*

Raimundo: Hey, I think she's coming down!

*a girl with long white hair and haunting white eyes lands next to Raimundo*

Bell: Tee hee. I'm back!

Kimiko: Where's Shad and Berry?

Bell: They left for now. Heheh. Had to go somewhere but they'll be back. Let's go see Mr. Guan. *giggles*

Omi: You are acting most...giggly.

Bell: Only because being a monk will be so much fun! Yay!

Raimundo: So much...are you sure you're not at the wrong temple? It's not THAT fun. I kinda like it but you end up saving the world from evil over and over and over again! And the world? Let's just say it depends on us A LOT! I mean, can't someone else do it every now and then?

Man's voice: *angered* Was that a QUESTION?!

*a shadow is cast over the Monks and Bell. Raimundo turns around and sees the source of the shadow, a large, muscular monk who is no doubt the leader of the temple. Master Monk Guan*

Raimundo: Uh...yeah, about that "no questions" rule, can't we just take a short break?

Kimiko: Oh boy.

Master Monk Guan: *angered* ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! WHAT DID I SAY ABOU...

Omi: Master Monk Guan! Please save your chastising of Raimundo for later!

Kimiko: We have a newcomer who wants to become a monk. Isn't that right, Bell?

Bell: *confused* Newcomer?! When did I...Those BRATS!

Raimundo: You feeling okay?

Bell: Uh...yeah. New student, right here! What do I do first?

Master Monk Guan: First you are to follow me. We'll sort things out in the temple first. *turns to Omi, Kimiko and Rai* The rest of you, continue your training!

Bell: Can they come with me? These monks seem like experts and might be capable of telling me the rules more better. Especially Omi. He seems the most capable of them all. So can they come with us? Please?

Master Monk Guan: *sigh* I suppose so, since you're new here. But they go back to their chores right after.

Omi: YES! You need not worry young Bell, for I, Omi, shall teach you the way of the Xiaolin Monks with most proficiency!

Raimundo: There he goes again. I almost wish I was stuck doing laundry instead of Clay and Dojo.

Kimiko: Same here.

*meanwhile, at the PPG household (PPG room) 1:04PM*


Bunny: Say, this is a nice picture. I mean, look at Shad!

Buttercup: Yeah. I took 2 more pictures before this one. One when they were talking and the next was when they were floating around.

Bunny: So judging by what Bubbles is doing in that photo, she probably likes Shad as much as Shad likes her.

Buttercup: Duh! Bubbles didn't know it herself until Shad got taken away and got brainwashed or whatever.

Bunny: I'd like to meet these Darkstar guys and give them a piece of my mind! Just wait until Bell shows up. I walk up to her and demand that she gives Shad back. If not...

Buttercup and Bunny: POW! WHAM! Right in the kisser! *giggles*

Buttercup: Same here.

*living room*

*Blossom and Bubbles are playing a video game. Super Smash Bros. Melee. Blossom just won...for the 10th time*

Blossom: Lost again? Are you even trying?

Bubbles: It's this character. I'm not good with him.

Blossom: You were never good with Mr. Game're still worried about him, aren't you?

Bubbles: *flustered* SO!?

Blossom: Easy there. I'm just saying that we'll get him back. It's only a matter of time until the scanner is upgraded. Of course, then we need a teleporter since it's in another dimension. And we don't even know what's in store for us when we get there. If only we do know what it's like over there, where Shad is.

Bubbles: I just want to see him again. We have to convince him to come back to us first.

Blossom: Good point. Forcing him away from Bell will just make things worse. We just have to figure out exactly why Shad just sided with her all of a sudden. Then there's those Creampuffs. There's no way Shad made them intentionally...did he?

Bubbles: That girl...the one who looks like me the most. She looked angry. She said it was my fault that Shaddy is the way he is.

Blossom: Just because she said so doesn't mean it's true. We had to move. Shad was probably...lovesick. At least I thought so until that whole thing yesterday. Maybe it was because of his weak heart. Some people are probably born with those.

*hiding under the table, 2 familiar Bubbles look-a-likes watch on as Blossom and Bubbles continue their conversation*

Bean: Poor Bubbles.

Bop: Hey, don't feel sorry for her! She's our enemy!

Bean: Since when?

Bop: Since she made Shaddy sad!

Bean: You didn't even know Shaddy was sad until Berry said so.

Bop: Whatever.

Bean: So can we still 'play' with them?

Bop: Their daddy might be back soon so...*jumps out from under the table* BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!

Blossom and Bubbles: AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

*Buttercup and Bunny come flying down the stairs*

Bunny: Whoa! Where's the fi...*sees Bean and Bop* YIKES!! Since when were there 2 more of you, Bubbles?!

Blossom: Those aren't...well technically they're...

Buttercup: Those are the Bubbles knockoffs I told you about!

Bunny: So you're the Creampuffs!

Bop: That's right, and we're here to play! Today, this house! Tomorrow, the world! TYAHAHAHAHAA!

Bean: What's tomorrow mean?

Blossom: Not if I can help it!

*Blossom thrusts a fist toward Bean, only to have her arm vaulted over, followed by a swift kick to the back of the head, sending her crashing into the table*

Bean: Nya nya! Miss me!

Bunny: Man, she's athletic.

Bop: Huh?! Who are you?

Bunny: Me? I'm Bunny.

Bop: Bean!

Bean: Yes?

Bop: Daddy Shaddy never said that there were 4 Powerpuffs! Now what?!

Bean: Just continue playing?

Bop: Exac...*punched in the face*

Buttercup: Bull's eye!


Bunny: Watch that temper.

Bubbles: Bunny they're...

Bunny: Don't worry. All we need is about 10 minutes to get rid of...

*before Bunny's sentence can be completed, Bean and Bop disappear in quick flashes of bergandy and amber. Then 2 more flashes of bergandy and amber occurs immediately after as Bunny and Buttercup are kicked ouside the living room and into the kitchen, crashing into the refrigerator as several juices are spilled on them*

Blossom: Oooooh!

Bubbles: Buttercup! Bunny!

Bunny: *winces in pain as she gets up, practically drenched with apple juice* Okay...we'll need more then 10 minutes. *nervous laugh*

*back above Master Monk Guan's temple 1:20PM*

Berry: *still carrying Shad* What's taking so long?

Ying Ying: *squawks*

Bell: Hey, I'm bored too. When is this signa...*pecked by Ying Ying* ow!

Shad: Leave Bell alone!

Ying Ying: *squawks wildly*

Shad: What's gotten into you?

Bell: Unless...that must be the signal!

Ying Ying: *nods, then soars down behind a building just next to the main temple. The vault no doubt*

Shad: I think he wants us to follow him.

Bell: Yeah, but we have to be careful. Those people down there might find it weird for us to by flying around for too long.

Shad: I can't fly.

Bell: Berry, try not to fly too fa...*hand is grabbed*

Berry: No problem mommy!

*suddenly, there was a quick flash of aquamarine. Next thing Bell and Shad knew, they were standing behind the temple vault!*

Bell: *gasp* How did...

Shad: can teleport?!

Berry: What's teleport?

Bell: Wait...that flash! Why didn't you tell me you and your sisters can flashwarp!?

Shad: Flashwarp?

Bell: It's something I see in sci-fi movies and stuff. Basically you do a quick flash from your body, and during that flash everyone's frozen in time. But it's only for a second though. Either way, with that ability, you can do a lot of stuff in brief flashes of time with flashwarp.

Berry: But I can't use it all the time. Only once or twice a day.

Bell: That's okay. I'll ask daddy about it later. Let's just find a way inside the vault. Remember, we can't be seen.

Omi's voice: Come, dragon in training, as I give you a tour of the temple by the best of the Xiaolin Dragons...ME!

Raimundo's voice: Are you always like this when a newcomer shows up?

Kimiko's voice: We barely get newcomers.

Shad: Was that Omi and the others?

Berry: *peers from the corner of the temple vault and sees the Monks coming out of the main temple* 1...2...3...hey! Where's the fourth one?!

Bell: Must be on break, I think.

*one more person comes out of the temple. It's not the fourth Xiaolin Dragon, but rather, a very familiar looking girl. One who looks exactly like...*

Shad: BELL!? How are you there when YOU'RE HE...*bonked*

Bell: Shush!

Berry: I HAVE 2 MOMMIES?! *bonked*

Bell: I said shut up!

Raimundo's voice: What was that?

Kimiko's voice: I didn't hear anything.

Omi's voice: Come to think of it, I, too, heard something. But it is nothing. Come Bell, let the tour begin!

Bell (the one in front of the main temple): Sure thing Omi! *follows Omi as the other Bell behind the temple vault looks on in shock*

Bell (the one with Shad and Berry): How did...who is...WHAT?!

*Ying Ying swoops down in front of Bell with a long scroll in his beak. He drops it in Bell's hands and squawks wildly*

Berry: What's he saying?

Shad:'s Roy!

Berry: You mean that tiny thing?

Shad: Yeah. Those things on his arms. Those must've been Shen Gong Wu! When he jumped down he said Mody Morpher! What if that turned him into you, Bell?

Bell: It did. *finally gets it* DUH! He must be the distraction while we sneak into the vault and take the Wu!

Berry: But the scroll.

*Bell opens up the scroll and sees a bunch of Chinese writing. At the center is a big blue circle that constantly flashes various objects within*

Shad: That must be it! The Ancient scroll of the Shen Gong Wu. With this, we'll know which Wu does what.

Bell: So let's get in and out already.

Berry: Allow me! *pulls Bell and Shad towards her*

Bell: Wait Berry you don't...

*too late. The same aquamarine flash from before occurs as Bell and Shad are now in a large, seemingly empty stone circular room. On the wall they see a large lever*

Bell and Shad: Berry!

Berry: *blushes* Sorry. I just wanted to help. *spots the lever* What does that do. *pushes it down*

Bell: Berry don't! We don't know what that...

*a rumbing sound shakes the room. Strangely though, no rocks are falling. Instead, a large cylindar pillar rises out of the center of the room, a spiral staircase sticking to the pillar along with several drawers. It stops in mere seconds as the kids stand in awe at what they see*

Bell: That's...the vault?

Shad: Doen't look like any vault I ever saw. *earpiece activates again*

Dr. X's voice: Yes, you've seen the vault. Now look at the the Shen Gong Wu and then check the scroll. I'll leave it to you to choose which ones you'll take.

Shad: Okay...I guess.

Bell: This'll take a while.

*meanwhile, in the temple kitchen*

*Omi, Kimiko Raimundo and Roy (disguised as Bell) stare at several tall piles of dirty dishes*

Omi: And these are dishes. Washing them in the morning and before sleep will be just the most simplest of the tasks ahead, but will be most arduous for a dragon in training such as yourself.

Bell (Roy): True, but maybe if I train under your guidance I'll do just fine!

Omi: But of course young Bell!

Kimiko: Is it just me, or is Bell acting a little...different from before she flew from us?

Raimundo: Tell me about it. She's practically kissing up to...

Omi: Hey! Are you accusing Bell of being a smoocher?

Kimiko: Smoocher?! I think you mean moocher.

Omi: That too, no wait! It's not that!

Bell (Roy): Yeah, not that at all!

Raimundo: *glumly* Great, an Omi fan. Next thing you know she'll turn butchering common idioms into an art form.

Bell (Roy): Those runts better be getting some good Wu. Or else!

*back at the vault*

Bell: *opens a drawer and takes out a small miniature armadillo figurine* What's this?

Shad: *looks at the scroll* It says here it's called the Tunnel Armadillo. It can get bigger and dig underground. A mode of transportation it says.

Berry: You can read those squiggly things?

Shad: No, but there are some parts in English.

Bell: This'll go in the maybe pile. *chucks away the Tunnel Armadillo and opens another drawer. It contains a minuature black dragon figurine* What's this supposed to be?

Shad: That's weird. It's a black dragon but the scroll doesn't have it listed.

Bell: *takes out the black dragon figurine and puts it into a sack* Let's just take it with us.

Berry: Which ones do we have so far?

Bell: *looks inside the sack* That black dragon, the Mind Reader Conch and the Emperor Scorpian.

Shad: That one controls all the Shen Gong Wu, right?

Bell: That's what the scroll says.

Berry: Can we get more?

Bell: I'm not sure. There's a lot of them to go through and none of these drawers are marked. *hears someone behind the door* Who's that?

Shad: Someone's coming!

Berry: HIDE!

*the kids grab the scroll and sack and scurry behind the pillar. The door opens and in comes a rather big Monk with the same attire as the other 3, only with a cowboy hat on. He stops in front of the pillar, looking quite confused*

Boy: Well I'll be rat in a basket full of tofu. How'd the vault get itself up?

Voice: Beats me. Guess someone forgot to close it.

*Shad and the others, still behind the pillar, see a shadow come up next to the boy's shadow. It appears ferocious, deadly, like a bloodthirsty dragon*

Berry: *whispers* Daddy!

Bell: They have dragons here too?

Shad: Must be a guard dragon.

*their guesses are proved void. Slithering next to the boy is indeed a dragon, just not scary looking. It's the size of a gecko and has green scales*

Dragon: Say Clay, did you hear? We got a newcomer.

Clay: Newcomer? Now? Dojo, why didn't you say so sooner?

Dojo: Hey, you know how chores are.

Clay: I guess I'm used to it by now. Where is he?

Dojo: He?! It's a girl! She's having a tour of the place right now. Heck, Omi is taking her here to the vault right now. Which reminds me...

Clay: Easy there partner, I didn't forget. *takes a crystal orb out of his pocket* Now which one does the Orb of Tornami go in again? *walks around the pillar*

Berry: *gasps, then whispers* He's gonna find us!

*Clay continues to go around the vault. He almost catches a a glimpse of Berry until...*

Omi: *barges in with "Bell" and the rest of the Monks* And this is the Shen Gong Wu vault. We keep various Wu in...*sees Clay* Clay! Where have you been when I have been showing Bell the temple grounds? That is most dishonorable!

Clay: Sorry Omi, I just finished the laundry. Did you leave the vault open?

Raimundo: We didn't even come in here until now.

Dojo: Sheesh, and I thought everyone had some sense to leave this thing closed!

Bell (Roy): opened by itself? Those morons!

Berry: *comes out of hiding holding a bronze conch: the Mind Reader Conch* Hey! We're not morons!

Kimiko: Berry! There you are.

Omi: Wait, you opened the vault?! How did you get in here?

Raimundo: And what're you doing with the Wu?

Bell (Roy): That twit!

Berry: Uh...*raises the Mind Reader Conch* this thing? I thought it was a regular old conch.

Clay: Something about all this don't seem right.

Shad: *jumps out of hiding* Wait, don't blame Berry! She just wandered here, it's my fault we unlocked the fault!

Berry: Yeah, it's Roy's fault! It's his idea!

Dojo: Roy? You mean...

All 4 Monks: Hannibal Roy Bean?!

Bell (Roy): Eep!

Shad: *points at the "Bell" beside the Monks* It's him! He turned into Bell so we can get in here.

Bell: *comes out of hiding as well* Shad what are you doing?!

Shad: This is our mission Bell! Berry just got caught in between. *to the Monks* She had nothing to do with this, honest!

Clay: So...*turns to the other Bell*

Bell (Roy): *true voice* Why must I be cheated so? *Moby Morpher appear on the wrists* Moby Morpher!!

*the bracers are bound together as a flash of yellow light illuminates the room. It diminishes, and Roy is back to his true form, only much larger*


Raimundo: I thought Bell was acting a little weird. WUDAI STAR WIND!!

*scene shifts to outside of the temple vault. What appears to be a large bean gets blown out through the wall and skidding across the ground by a powerful gust of wind, along with the bag full of Wu. The Monks, Berry, Bell and Shad run out of the vault and surround the villain*

Kimiko: You're not going anywhere Beanie!

Berry: Hey! Call him Roy! I have a sister named Bean.

Roy: HAHAHA! Time to take my share. Or as I like to say, 100/0! *reaches for the sack of Wu*

Shad: NO!

Bell: Not so fast!

Berry: Those are ours!

Raimundo: As if!

Clay: Hold on there partner!

Kimiko: HYYYAAA!!

Omi: *whips out a small shimmering blue stick from his robe* Shimo Staff! *extends into a long pole*

*the sack of Wu is grabbed by everyone! The Monks try to pull it back at one side while Berry, Shad, Bell and Roy are pulling from the opposite side. The tip of Omi's Shimo Staff touches the bag as well. While they all play a little game of tug of war with the sack, the Wu within begins to glow along with said sack*

Bell: Heave...huh?

Shad: What's happening to the sack?

Roy: Well well, isn't this a predicament?

Berry: What?

Omi: We, the Xiaolin Dragons, challenge you Shad, you Berry, you Bell, and you Hannibal Roy Bean, to a Xiaolin Showdown! Or in this case: Showdown Tsunami!

Shad: A what!?

Bell: No fair! Daddy didn't say anything about this!!

Berry: What's a do you say it?

Roy: Just think of it as a game, child.

Raimundo: Shut up bean breath!

Dojo: Hold everything! Now let's sort this out first. What the heck happened before all this?

Bell: *sigh* Long story short, we joined Roy to get some of the Shen Gong Wu but Shad didn't trust him, so we're taking the Wu for ourselves.

Shad: He's only on our side because we'd be outnumbered. Now what's a Xiaolin Showdown?

Roy: Enough chatter! No better time to learn then now.

Omi: Fine! I wager the Orb of Tornami against...what do you have?

Berry: I still have the conch thing.

Shad: Uh...I don't have one.

Bell: Me neither.

Roy: What?! You worthless SONS OF BIT...*2 Wu falls on his head* OW!

*Roy looks up and sees Ying Ying fly high above him from the temple vault, obviously the one who dropped the Wu. Bell and Shad each took one Wu. Bell had a bright yellow dagger: Thorn of Thunderbolt. Shad got a blue waist sash: Third-Arm Sash*

Bell: Wow, what luck.

Berry: Yay! We can play now!

Omi: Yes. As I was saying, *to Shad* my Orb of Tornami against your Third-Arm Sash.!

Raimundo: *to Roy* My Sword of the Storm against your Moby Morpher!

Kimiko: *to Bell* My Star Hanabi against your Thorn of Thunderbolt!

Clay: *to Berry* My Fist of Tebigong against your Mind Reader Conch!

Dojo: *scribbling* Hey hey, slow down! Too many Wu here.

Bell: Can I see that? *snatches the rule book from Dojo and give it to Shad* Try reading it.

Shad: *scrolls through the paragraphs, awing at a few excerpts. He then gives it back to Dojo, his face beaming a bit* Haha. THOSE are Showdowns?! Then in that case...Raft Royal Rumble!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Shad: Raft Royal Rumble. We're on a huge raft that goes downstream. Also, I call a Shen Yi Bu Dare. There are 2 ways to win. The first team to fall off the raft loses and the last one(s) standing by the time the raft crossing the finishline wins.

Dojo: What in read all the rules in 5 seconds?!

Shad: Not all of them. Just the ones that I can understand. I don't know what a Cosmic Clash Showdown is though.

Clay: That kid reads faster then a prodigy in a reading test.

Berry: What?

Raimundo: So we fight on a raft? No prob!

Roy: This won't take long.

Omi: Let's go!


*the surrounding area warps to dramatic proportions. The temple crumbles apart along with the rest of the mountain. Out of nowhere, a huge rush of water comes flowing in midair as the rubble of the temple rearranges itself into a large raft big enough for a fight. The raft drops onto the river, which stretches up to a mile or two, ending in a waterfall blocked by a wide red ribbon, with Dojo at the riverbank keeping watch on the sack of Wu. Next thing Shad and everyone else knew, they were on the raft! Yet the raft doesn't seem to be moving despite being on a floating river flowing in midair, leading downstream to the waterfall in the distance*

Shad: WHA?! How did...WOW! SO...SO...

Bell: Cool?

Berry: So this is a river. Does it always flow in midair?

Raimundo: Nah, special effects happen all the time during a Showdown. Ready?

Shad: I guess.

Clay: *looks at Berry, the gulps* Why did I have to be pitted against such a sweet girl?

Berry: *holding the Mind Reader Conch to her ear* Thanks Clay! But we're gonna win anyway!

Roy: Let's make this quick shall we?

Bell: Be glad you're even on our team!

Omi: Ahem. 3...2...1...

Everyone: *yelling* GONG-YI-TAN PAI!!

Shad: I thought it was Ready Steady Go.

End of Chapter 26a!
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Postby Bear » Sun Jan 22, 2006 10:25 pm

Hey, sorry I haven't commented much lately, but logging in has been a serious pain during this server change.

But server problems aside, the story is going good. Keep going :)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 26a (ALL of it) is

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:51 am


Hope I explained things well and got the Monks in character (thanks to LinkG07 for helping out) for those who don't watch Xiaolin Showdown. *pant pant* So...long.

Added after 10 hours 35 minutes:

And for those who want more explanation on Shen Gong Wu, here's a whole list of them and what they do! Also, that pic in chapter 26a, courtesy of Griddles!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby Bear » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:05 pm

Wow, I can't believe that nobody's commented for over a whole day. Well that was a good chapter anyways. Nice and long :)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 26a (ALL of it) is

Postby Keeper » Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:46 pm

Heh, things are starting to get intense. :snoogins:
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 26a (ALL of it) is

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:46 pm

Wow. Almost 4-5 days since I last updated. To get the full story as to why, check my journal at my Deviantart account. As for the Showdown...(word of warning: expect touches of ecchi in this chapter. Not overboard, but a warning is here just in case. And no, it's not during the Showdown!)

Chapter 26b: Raft Royal Rumble (part 2)

Everyone: GONG-YI-TAN PAI!!

*once those words were carried out, the giant raft started to ride down the sky river; whizzing past the small riverbeds. The Monks braced themselves as Shad wraps the Third-Arm Sash around his waist, Berry just holds the Mind Reader Conch to her ear as Bell just stares at the Thorn of Thunderbolt*

Shad: *fastens the sash* All done.

Omi: Shad! Prepare to be humiliated!

Berry: Daddy, bend down!

Shad: *bends down* Why?

Omi: *jumps and extends his leg* HYYYYYYYYY...

Bell: I wonder... *points her Wu at midair Omi* Thorn of Thunderbolt!

*blasts of electric rings shoot out of the dagger and zap Omi! He's held in place by electricity for a few seconds (cue cartoony exposure of pint sized x-ray) then falls down, smoking a bit*

Raimundo: *to Omi* Omi, you okay?

Omi: I have been zapped by rings of lightning. Do I LOOK LIKE I'm okay?!

Kimiko: You 2 go after Roy and Shad. *to Bell* She's mine. Star Hanabi! FIRE!

Raimundo: *to Roy* Sword of the Storm! WIND!

Omi: *to Shad* Orb of Tornami! ICE!

*the Sword of the Storm generates a small tornado towards Roy upon the first swipe while at the same time, Kimiko throws the Star Hanabi towards Bell, as if it were a flaming boomerang. Finally, columns of ice sprout out of Omi's Orb of Tornami towards Shad. During all this, Berry reads their minds via the Mind Reader Conch*

Berry: Uh-oh!

*Berry jumps to the center of it all, where the blasts are headed! Oddly enough, she spins and spins until she's a blurred aquamarine tornado! She sucks in the fire and ice as the wind from the Sword of the Storm gets sucked up as well. They all spin around the small tornado, shooting up to the skies as Berry stops spinning. Everyone looks in awe*

Raimundo: Whoa!

Clay: The little lady spun faster then a dreidel on Hanukkah.

Roy: Well I'll be damned. Guess you kids are of use after all.

Bell: HEY! Don't belittle us! Hope I used the word "belittle" right.

Shad: Berry! Where'd you learn to do that?!

Berry: Mind Reader Conch! I knew that was going to happen so...

Kimiko: Ugh! Say no more Berry. *to Omi* Now what?

Omi: Leave it to me Kimiko! Orb of...

Berry: *still holding her Wu to her ear* NOW!

Shad: Third-Arm Sash!

Bell: Thorn of Thunderbolt!

*the sash stretches to Omi and upper-cuts him whereas the Thorn of Thunderbolt zaps Kimiko's hand, causing it to tense up in pain as she drops the Star Hanabi, which rolls off the raft!*

Kimiko: No!

Raimundo: Swor...

Berry: *still using the Mind Reader Conch* Again!

Bell: Tho...

Roy: Moby Morpher!

*Roy turns into a gorilla and grabs the Sword of the Storm from Raimundo's hand, tosses it off the raft and changes back into his oversized true form*

Raimundo: Man, now what?! We already lost 2 of our Wu!

Clay: That Shad sure is a fast learner.

Omi: It can't be that! How does he know so much during his fi...unless your on the Heylin side!

Shad: What's a Haylin side? I just read the rule book fast. This Showdown's kinda fun.

Kimiko: *to Clay* Clay you haven't done anything! What's wrong?

Clay: Now Kimiko, you know I don't fight anyone smaller then me. *to Raimundo* Rai, can we switch?

Roy: Now! While they're distracted.

Bell: Quit telling us what to do!

Clay: Aw what the heck, *to Roy* Fist of Tebigong! Earth!

*Clay pulls his fist (armed by said Wu) and prepares to launch a devastating punch. Before he can do so, the raft crashes into a stalagmite sticking out of the sky river, causing it to spin as everyone falls down from the impact. Also, Berry's Wu fell into the river upon impact*

Raimundo: Finally! No more mind-reading.

Berry: NO! The conch!

Roy: DAMMIT! That was the only real edge you had you twit!

Berry: But...*about to cry*

Roy: No excus...

Bell: That's it! I had it up to here with you! Thorn of Thunderbolt! *zaps Roy off the raft*

Roy: I've been CHEATED! CHEEEEEEAAAAATED!! AGAIN!!! *SPLASH! into the river*

Omi: brought out Roy?

Raimundo: You mean took him out. But why?

Bell: I don't know what this Heylin side is, but we never really did trust him. Well, mostly Shad, but we needed help on getting the Shen Gong Wu.

Shad: Berry just got here by accident. It's not her fault.

Kimiko: Then why are we having this Showdown?

Bell: I...*turns away; saddened tone of voice* Let's just say I couldn't back out from all this even if I wanted too.

Berry: Mommy?

Raimundo: Mommy?!

Shad: Uh...let's just say that we need the Wu too! We can't tell you but we're not gonna use it for evil. So let's finish this! This Showdown thing is fun! Fun? I...haven't felt this way for a long time. If only Bubbles were here...if we were still friends that is.

Clay: Whatever you say then.

Raimundo: Meh, good enough for me.

Bell: *feels the wind going a bit faster, and the surrounding riverbanks more blurred* Shad, did you make the current go faster?

Shad: How would I do that? *looks at the river, which seems to be flowing faster* Oh no!

Berry: What's wrong?

Shad: I must've added something by accident. Every opponent that falls off the raft makes the river faster. It'll become a rapid at this rate!

Raimundo: Rapid? I wonder...Kimiko, follow my lead. Clay, when I say the word, jump.

Clay: Sure thing partner.

Kimiko: Whatever you say Rai.

Omi: What? I'm out?!

Raimundo: Now Clay! WUDAI STAR WIND!


*Clay jumps high into the air. Kimiko shoots out fire from her hands into the sky as it turns into a spiral blaze thanks to Rai's wind assistance. The fire quickly ascends up to where Clay is. But just when it almost gets to him...*


*Clay is suddenly covered in a stone armor shoulder to toe. Combine that with the fire igniting it, and Clay starts to dive down like a meteor! Target: Shad!*

Berry: EEEEEK!! What to do?!

Bell: Shad move away! *tries to shoot Clay with her Wu, but all shots bounce off*

Omi: Yes! Sugery win!

Kimiko: It's sweet victory.

Shad: *looks up as the human meteor (aka Clay) comes closer to his impact* Uh...*shaking* E...ebo...ebo...

Bell: Shad just move!

Shad: I can do this. I...can... EBONY BLAZE!!!

*a huge diagonal pillar of black fire erupts out of his shadow and collides with the dive-bombing Clay, who was just a foot away from impact. He's now stuck in midair as he tries to cut through the ebonic inferno. Shad grunts as he struggles to maintain control, the strain starting to make him sweat and the force pushing him back the edge of the raft!*

Kimiko: What's that!?

Raimundo: Never mind what it is! I want to know HOW he's doing it!

Omi: What magic is this?


Bell: No way! I thought daddy said Shad can use that if his bad feelings become too much for him. But now...he doesn't even have his dark aura! Did...did he find another way to use his attack? Hold on there Shad! *gets behind Shad (but not to close to his shadow) and tries to push him away from the edge of the raft*

Clay: *slowly breaking through the flaming pillar* Almost...there. Gotta...hold on...a little longer.

Raimundo: Man, what would Guano Man do at a time like this?

Omi: Get back the Wu! Orb of Tornami!

*a geyser of water erupts out of the crystal orb and puts out the black fire, significantly weakening Shad's offense!*

Bell: NO!

Shad: *collapses* So...tired.

Berry: *sees Clay diving toward Shad at a high velocity* NO! DADDY!!!

*at the last second, Berry executes the role of human shield and jumps in front of Clay's path. What followed next was a BOOM followed by the resulting smoke*

Bell: BERRY!!

All 3 Monks: CLAY!!


*with a clap of his hands, Raimundo makes a gust of wind that quickly blows the smoke away. Immediately after that, 2 loud splashes are heard. The Monks and Bell run to the edge of the raft and see 2 ripples (and Clay's hat) in the river for a quick second before the raft keeps on going. Only this time it's going much faster, practically rapid speed!*

Raimundo: Geez, not again!

Kimiko: If this keeps up we won't be able to stand up!

Omi: Simply stand your ground, for we shall win! Have at it, Bell and Shad!

Bell: Whew. Thank goodness she's okay.

Shad: *gets up* Yeah, she's just fine.

Raimundo: Is it just me or do they seem more worried about Berry then winning this Showdown?

*meanwhile, at the Powerpuff household 2:37PM*

*the place is a complete and utter disaster area. The living room has a table and couch turned over, there's broken plates and a demolished fridge in the kitchen, and finally, upstairs in the bathroom, the PPG themselves are in temporary hiding*

Buttercup: What the heck are we supposed to do!? Those Creampuffs are wrecking everything!

Bunny: Not to mention they're fast. Really fast.

Blossom: Never mind how fast they are. Let's just devise a plan to round those 2 troublemakers up.

Bubbles: What if Shaddy told them to do this?

Bunny: Bubbles, please! From what I keep hearing of him I doubt Shad would do this out of spite. He probably can't control his 'daughters' himself. *to Blossom* What haven't we tried?

Blossom: Well there's Buttercup's plan to lure them into our room and barricade it.

Buttercup: Until they broke my boom box and...*blushes*

Bunny: And went through your underwear drawer? *giggles* That kinda looked cute. I had no idea you of all people wore tedd...

Buttercup: *blushed up* SHAADAP!!

Blossom: That didn't work out too well, nor do I want to recall what happened after that. There was Bubbles' plan to use her stuffed animals as bait...

Bubbles: I didn't want them to take my dollies! Even if Bop likes teddy bears.

Blossom: Yeah. Bean saw the laundry basket above it and pushed Bop out of the way before it fell on her.

Bunny: That was a combination of your plan and Bubbles' plan. So I guess it's all up to me. Besides, I have a few attacks I want to try out.

Blossom: As long as they don't wreck the house even more.

Bop's voice: Ooooh. Where does this go to?

Bean's voice: Bop are you sure...

*the PPG hears a loud BANG sound, as if a door fell down*

Blossom: That sounded like...

All 4 puffs: THE PROFESSOR'S LAB!!!

*4 beams of pink, blue, green and purple zip out of the bathroom and fly down the stairs*

*Professor's lab (half a mess already)*

Bean: What's this thing on the cupboard? *points at a lock*

Bop: There's something written here.

Bean: What's it say?

Bop: *pouts*

Bean: Well why are we trying to open it even though it's the only one that can't...

Bop: BEAN!!

Bean: Just read it...


Bean: OOPS! *nervous laugh; anime sweatdrop on her head* I forgot, you can't read. *reads the sign on the bottom cupboard*

The contents within are unexperimental and therefore possibly volatile.
Do not open! I repeat: DO NOT OPEN!![/center]

Bop: I gotta ask Shaddy to teach me to read.

Bean: I don't know what "warning" or "volatile" means, but the rest I think is saying we can't open it.

Bop: But I wanna know what's inside! *punches it open and finds a small bottle* Huh?

Bean: That's it? *opens said bottle, only to find there's nothing in it...or so they thought* It's empty!

Tiny mechanical voice: Nano. Nano nano.

Bean: You heard that?

Bop: No.

Tiny mechanical voice: Nano nano nano!

Bop: That I heard. Where's it coming from?

Bean: Bop...what's happening to your vest?!

Bop: *looks down and sees her black vest...disintegrating?* AIEE! What's wrong with it?!

Bean: *sees that her vest is vanishing piece by piece as well* EEEEEK!! Our clothes are disappearing!

Tiny mechanical voice: Nano nano nano! Nano nano.

Bop: *feels her head is missing something. As if...* NO! My teddy beanie! *Teddiursa beanie...gone!* Who's doing this?!

*living room*

Bunny: I thought you knew where the lab was.

Blossom: It's just that this place got so messed up we barely recognize it.



Buttercup: Whoa, what's happening?!

Bubbles: *spots a doorway partly concealed by an overturned table* It came from there!

*the PPG push away the table and head to the basement lab. But what they find there is NOTHING close to what they expected*

AN: The following is of light ecchi nature and may contain partial nudity. If it offends you in any way, please skip to the continuation of the Showdown.

*the 2 Creampuffs were practically scantily clad! Bean appeared to be frantically shaking at nothing, her Chinese buns disintegrating causing her blond hair to flow down to its full length. The blue shirt looks like it's half-torn and her shorts are almost gone away, showing angel-white panties. Bop on the other hand is panicking just as much as her shoes and socks disintegrate and both her vest and shirt are nearly gone, her flat chest and slightly protruding belly exposed. Her orange skirt is already disintegrated as the biker shorts start to vanish*

Bunny: Pardon my French but...WHAT THE HELL?!?! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Buttercup: *scared* Blossom? Why does this seem so familiar?

Blossom: *nervous laugh* No way. They can't be that dumb. No one's that dumb to just open a certain little cupboard, release certain little...

Bubbles: Blossom! *points at the open cupboard*

Buttercup: *to Bean and Bop* WHY'D YOU RELEASE THE NANOS YOU DUMB...


*faster then you can say Nano dance, the PPG bolt right out of the lab*

Bean's voice: Wait! Don't leave us with the nano thingys!

Bop's voice: ACK!! Not my shorts!!

Blossom: There. Now let's get this place cleaned up.

Bubbles: We can't just leave them there all scared and...naked.

Buttercup: Pffffft! I agree with leader girl. Serves them right for messing up our house.

Bunny: I guess you're...*stares at Buttercup; wide eyed*

Buttercup: What?

Bunny: Your...your...

Buttercup: My what? *feels a slight draft* Who left the window open?

Blossom: Buttercup, it's YOU!!

Tiny mechanical voice: Nano nano nano nano nano.

Buttercup: *looks down and sees her dress disintegrating!* AHHHH!!!

Bubbles: The nanobots got to us!

Buttercup: *lower dress already gone; panties exposed* Blossom, do something!

Blossom: I'll ge...*feels a draft around her legs, looks down and sees her shoes being eaten by the nanobots along with her heart bow* NOT ME!!!

Bunny: Now wha...*feels her hair become loose. Looks down and sees her hairband half-eaten by nanobots* FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

Bubbles: *shaking* I...i...I'M NEXT!!

Blossom: *to herself* Calm down Blossom. You can beat this. *feels a draft around her waist; teary eyed* They'll have...have to know when to stop...*feels another draft around her chest area* SOMEONE GET ME THE REPELLENT! QUICK!!!!

*back at the Showdown*

*due to some inexplicable upset, Kimiko is out of the Showdown and Omi's Wu got knocked away as well along with Bell's Thorn of Thunderbolt. The raft is going insanely fast now as it closes in on the waterfall, signaling the end of the Showdown*

Omi: *whips out a small "solid water" stick* Shimo Staff! *turns into a mace*

Raimundo: *whips out a huge glass-like blue sword* Blade of the Nebula! *turns into nunchucks with a wind turbine for a chain*

Shad: Third-Arm Sash!

*the sash tries to punch Omi again but he jumps over and swings his mace toward Shad. Shad ducks under Omi, who almost falls off the raft until Raimundo uses his Wudai Weapon to create a gale that safely carries Omi back onto the raft*

Omi: Thank you Raimundo. You have rescued my hide.

Raimundo: Saved your skin. But that works too.

Bell: Now what? Those Wudai Weapons are even stronger then Shen Gong Wu.

Shad: Heheh. I know.

Bell: Shad, that's bad.

Shad: It is?

*the raft collides into another stalagmite, this time causing a large chunk to break off due to the intense speed*

Shad: Now THAT'S bad!

Raimundo: Dude, that's rough!

Bell: Let's not try any rough combat.

Omi: A true warrior keeps going onward! *sweeps his Shimp Staff across the raft, causing Bell to trip over, her dress blowing up a bit and Raimundo to accidentally see...whadya think?:P*

Bell: HEY! *gets up*

Raimundo: Whoa! It was an accident! You need more fa...

Bell: Not you. *to Omi* You did that on purpose didn't you?!

Omi: Are you blind? I'm trying to win so of course I did that on purpose!

Shad: Wrong answer.

Bell: *blushes* PERVERT!!! *kicks Omi off the raft*

Raimundo: That's Omi for ya. Subtle as a mamma's boy.

Bell: *giggles* You're next, you know that?

Raimundo: Uh...yeah. Look, if you're not bad guys then why do you need the Wu for?

Shad: *sees the waterfall getting bigger, indicating that they're getting closer* Bell...

Bell: What's it to you? We just want them and that's it. Now let's finish this!

Raimundo: Look, I'll admit I was a bit of a bad egg for a time a while back but just look at me now.

Shad: Bell we're...

Bell: Don't you know girls never tell their secrets?

Raimundo: I'm just saying it doesn't make any sense that...


Bell and Rai: Can't you see we're argu...WAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

*too late. The raft crumbles as Bell, Shad and Raimundo fall off the raft. The entire surrounding area warps back into place. The sky river vanishes, the mountain and temple are back together, and everyone is reunited at the foot of the mountain*

Berry: Shaddy! *glomps Shad*

Shad: *hugs back* Whew. Glad you're okay Berry.

Kimiko: Aw, isn't that sweet?

Raimundo: Never mind about that. *to Dojo* Who won?! Me, Shad and Bell all fell down the waterfall at the same time so who gets the most Wu?

Roy: *in his oversized form* Yes, I'm interested in knowing who is the victor.

Dojo: Yeah yeah, quit rushing me. *checks the rule book* Let's! It's a tie!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Dojo: Shad stated that the remaining team that falls over the waterfall wins. But get this: Raimundo was still on the raft so our team was still in play. Since Bell and Shad still remained as well, they win too!

Clay: So I reckon we split it 50/50?

Roy: NEVER! *grabs the sack of Wu* I'll be ta...

Berry: Not so fast MEANIE BEANIE! *grabs Roy and squeezes him*

Roy: Let...go of me...

Berry: Since you almost made me cry and sucked the fun out of everything...*pulls off the Moby Morpher off his stem arms* I'll be giving these to Shaddy! *gives Moby Morpher to Shad*

Shad: Thanks Berry.

Roy: *shrinks down to his normal, tiny size* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *picked up*

Berry: Bye bye meanie! *throws Roy far far FAR away*


Raimundo: Hahahaha. You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.

Omi: We still have our Wu, which is good since Master Monk Guan would be most furious indeed.

Bell: *picks up the sack containing the Wu* We'll be taking our stuff now. If anyone asks, we never met. Got it?

Kimiko: But you don't seem that bad of a person. You should be a Powerpuff.

Bell: *saddened tone* Maybe I would...if I wanted to.

Berry: Wish Bean and Bop were here. That Showdown was fu...


Bell: Geez, alright already. Just picture it in your mind and...

Shad: I DID!!

Bell: Hang on then.

*Bell, Berry and Shad are engulfed by a sphere of white light. It spins faster and faster until...POOF! It's gone, along with the ones inside it*

Clay: Well I'll be...dang, I'm actually stumped this time.

Raimundo: You and me both. First that fire thing Shad did and now vanishing? Who the heck were those guys?

Kimiko: Watch who you're calling guys there. There were only 2 girls and one boy.

Omi: Yet I am confused as to how this Shad person was able to conjure up such a power. Also, why did Berry call him his...daddy? That is most odd.

Clay: Same here partner. Hmm, got a little itch here. *takes off his hat and upon looking inside it, sees the Third-Arm Sash, Thorn of Thunderbolt and the Mind Reader Conch* Well I'll be a chicken in feather soft hay! We got most of the Wu back after all!

Dojo: Then all's well that ends well. Still, I wonder which ones those kids took?

Raimundo: Nothing too dangerous I hope.

Master Monk Guan's voice: Is that so?!

*the Monks turn around and see Master Monk Guan, infuriated and holding a long piece of paper*

Omi: Master Monk Guan! That newco...

Master Monk Guan: Is an impostor? I know. And I also know that the Showdown was a tie.

Raimundo: And we got the Wu back. No worries. Why're so mad fo...

Master Monk Guan: See for yourself! *gives Raimundo the paper* It's a checklist of all the Shen Gong Wu present in the vault. A check vanishes for each Wu that is stolen. Take a look at which is not checked and say "no worries" with a straight face!

*the Monks scroll through the list and see numerous Wu are checked and accounted for. However, their faces become fraught with worry...and fear when they find one Wu not checked. The Sapphire Dragon!*

Kimiko: Sapphire Dragon?!

Omi: don't know how it works!

Clay: That thing was covered in soot the last time we checked, so the scroll can't pick it up and...

Master Monk Guan: And they don't know anything about it. The instant the soot is wiped off, they will find out the hard way. Along with the rest of the world...unless we find them!

Raimundo: How are we supposed to do that?

Master Monk Guan: Was that yet ANOTHER question?! First finish your training, then we'll discuss.

*back at the Powerpuff household 2:53PM*

*the Powerpuffs and Creampuffs are nearly naked! They've tried everything. Water, insect repellent...that's it. Now with only their panties remaining, they try to vigorously rub the nanobots off themselves*

Blossom: OFF! OFF I SAY!

Bubbles: I wish the professor were here!

Buttercup: We can't be seen like this! Are you nuts?!

*a WHOOSH sound is heard, followed by a bright light from nowhere. In the center of the ruined living room, a glowing white sphere appears and vanishes, uncovered Shad, Bell and Berry*


Bunny: That's Shad?

Bean and Bop: *glomps Shad* DADDY!

Bell: EEEEK!!

Berry: What happened to your clothes?

Shad *not paying attention* Okay, everyone's here. Let's GO!

*with the Creampuffs reunited, they all warp back to Black Eden*

Blossom: Wait, SHAD!!

Bubbles: It's not what you thought it was!

*front door is busted open, revealing Dimitri, Claire and Dexter*

Dexter: We just dete...WHAT IN EDISON'S PRESERVED BRAIN?!?!?!

Blossom: *blushed out* EEEEEEEEEK!!! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!!

Dimitri: The house is a wreck!

All 3 Powerpuffs: *embarrassed beyond belief* LONG STORY!

Claire: Wh...what's with the...WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!?!

All 3 Powerpuffs: *blushed out; covering their...nether-regions* LONGER STORY!!!

*meanwhile, in Black Eden (Bell's room)*

Shad: *blushed out* For the last time, tell me what REALLY happened!

Bean: *covered in a maroon towel, crying* NANO THINGYS ATE OUR CLOTHES!!

Bell: I don't know about you Shad, but I don't believe that one bit.

Shad: Neither do I. It took me a second until I noticed you were both NAKED!!

Gir: Streakers!

Bop: I don't even know what that means! But it's true! The Powerpuffs said so themselves!

Shad: Now that you mention it, I do remember nanos being in Townsville. But all I remember is that they ate buildings, not clothes!

Bell: No dessert tonight!

Bean and Bop: AWWWW!!!

Berry: So this is what it's like being grounded?

Bean: *sniff* You believe us, don't you?

Bop: I...I want my teddy beanie!

Berry: I should believe you, but I shouldn't...Bop!

Bop: Why not!?

Berry: Remember when you said that temple was boring and that you lied about Monks with powers not living there?

Bop: Yes.

Berry: *giggles* Liar liar undies on fire! HAHAHAHA!! *skips out of the room*

Bean: What does that mean?

Bop: It me...nah, can't be. I still say I was joking about that monk thing. I couldn't be right about that...could I?

Shad: No talking! This is time-out!

Bell: Good for you Shad. You're starting to act more like a daddy.

Shad: *blushes* Hehe. Guess I am.

Bean and Bop: Then why don't you believe us?!

Shad: Because it sounds made up!

End of Chapter 26b.

For more info on Nano Dance, click either here, here, here, here, and/or here. Yes, that little ecchi scene I put a warning for was based on those made by puff style master Seiryuga! Please note that while they're not pornographic in ANY way, all of them are NWS, so be careful!
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Hahaha, adorable! Well done!
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 26b is UP! Ecchi al

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lol You so gave me a great idea for my update Shad! lol w00t

And how did you get those links when I have Seiryuga on my watch list!?!! o.O
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