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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Fri Jan 06, 2006 10:34 pm

No, how he started asking if there was any Chemical X all of a sudden. This update will clue you all in.

Chapter 18: Creation! Birth of the Creampuff Girls!

*it's been one week since Shad's "disappearance." Claire volunteered to put up missing signs and whatnot, even though she and Dimitri knows that won't help much. Especially if the "tracker" on the boy doesn't seemed to be detected somehow. It's pretty much a sub-normal weekend at the PPG household as well*

*PPG household 1:16PM*

Buttercup: *yawns* Sheesh, never thought I'd say this, but the weekend is boring!

Blossom: *reading* Are you sure you're bored? Or are you just dull because you don't have much interest in the same stuff you do all the time.

Buttercup: That's what bored is! I keep getting stuck in Megaman Battle Network 4 and I'm out of ideas on how to kick Bass' butt! Wish Shad were here. He was really good at that game on his first try.

Bubbles: *saddened tone* He's just right next door. At least he used to be. We don't even know where Shaddy is. Besides, even if he was still here he wouldn't want to be with us. Not after...

Blossom: He does! He was just nervous since he didn't really take the fact that we moved away so well. He probably thought we'd be mad at him or something. I just hope Bell doesn't do anything to him. He's probably alone and scared and...alone.

Bubbles: Shaddy's already alone. He's been alone for a whole long year. And I feel the same way. *hear's someone's voice in her head*

Girl's voice: Silly Bubbles. You're never alone!

Bubbles: *gasp* What was that?!

Blossom: What was what?

Bubbles: I...I heard someone!

*inside one of the drawers, a purple cloth slowly flashes, getting brighter and brighter*

*meanwhile, at Black Eden (lab) 1:20PM*

Shad: *opens a cupboard* Not here. *opens another one* Not there.

Bell: Shad, I'm telling you. We don't have...

Shad: What? The Chemical X is right there. *points to a beaker filled to the brim with Chemical X*

Bell: Shad, do you still like Bubbles?

Shad: You asked that last week. I said only a little bit. Enough to still carry around the plushie at least.

Bell: But you said your mommy gave that to you. If you hate your parents, then why do you still have it?

Shad: I'm not sure. Even though I don't like them much anymore for lying to me, my Bubbles plushie still has that special something, so special that when I don't have it I feel...weird. Like empty. Sort of like a piece of me. That's what I think.

Bell: So you don't like your parents, even though you still keep the same thing they gave you?

Shad: Hey, you don't like Mr. X much yourself. You only stay with him because he made you. Same with how my mommy and daddy made me. I'm here because you took me here. But why?

Bell: Daddy told me to.

Shad: And what does the Darkstar Council do? And why does Mr. X hate the Powerpuffs? And...*looks back at his shadow* how did he know I have that shadow fire thing?

Bell: Don't know. But it only works if you have pain. To turn it into power and shoot it back at those who brought you pain is what daddy said. Who were you thinking of?

Shad: A little bit of the Powerpuffs and my parents.

Bell: Who made you hurt more, the Powerpuffs or your parents?

Shad: I thought of the Powerpuffs at first, but then when they said my mommy and daddy were lying, I thought of them saying I didn't have any powers. I believed everything. Then when I found out I had one everything went weird. My PARENTS lied to me! The Powerpuffs were right yet I didn't believe them! That's another reason why I can't go back to them. They'll think I' do you say it?

Bell: Crawling back to them in pity? That's what daddy says to Zim...a lot.

Shad: Yeah, that. So that's probably how that black fire came out. I wonder if there are other powers I got from the accident.

Bell: When you train, you'll know.

Shad: Heheh. Weird. When I talk about this stuff with you, the hurt in my heart starts to go down a little bit.

Bell: Maybe because you're not the only one who has lying parents...or something like that.

Shad: *opens another cupboard, his face beaming* AHA! Found it!!

*Shad's house (basement) 1:35PM*

*Dimitri stands by his supercomputer while his "little guest" types up what appears to be complex code on it*

Dimitri: Sorry if Claire called while you were doing something.

Dexter: No need for apologies. I was doing a little research myself.

Dimitri: Hmm?

Dexter: Nothing. *sigh* This can take a while.

*upstairs in the bedroom*

*the PPG are with Claire. Just talking stuff is all*

Claire: Girls, don't worry. I'm just fine.

Blossom: How can you be fine when your own son got kidnapped?!

Claire: Simple. I put up missing posters and the like. And besides, Dimitri has a little something up his sleeve. Or should I say...someone.

Buttercup: Someone?

Claire: And he has ME to thank. The little shorty can get a little arrogant at times.

Buttercup: So...who'd you call?

Bubbles: *frazzled* Never mind about that! Our house is haunted!

Claire: Haunted?

Blossom: Bubbles is hearing things. Said a girl's voice spoke to her, but we didn't hear anything.

Claire: *eyes widen* Girl's voice you say? Ohhhhhh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Bubbles: It's a ghost isn't it?!

Buttercup: There aren't any ghosts in our house! Let alone our room! You're probably so worried about Shad that your head's going nuts!

Blossom: If Dimitri got Shad back once, he'll get him back again.

Bubbles: But last time Shaddy got kidnapped it only took Mr. Staydamind a few hours to get him back. It's been a week! What if...what if...Shaddy's trapped in another dimension!?

Blossom: Bubbles, that's ridiculous! Bell can't be from some parallel universe.

Claire: Come to think of it, Bubbles might be on to something. The "tracker" on Shad wasn't detected anywhere at all. As if it vanished off the face of the Earth. Maybe...just maybe this Bell person can...

Buttercup: Yeah yeah, we don't know Shad is, but what can we do? It's like Dexter said, we don't even know much about Bell or who this Darkstar Council is. Or why they even took Shad for that matter.

Dimitri: *walks in the room* That is a good question.

Blossom: Mr. Staydamind!

Bubbles: You're not still mad after...

Dimitri: A little.

Blossom: Good, because we have a lot of stuff to ask. First: When did you work for the Global De...

Dimitri: Shut up!

Bubbles: Did Claire really ge...

Dimitri: Silence!

Buttercup: And why did Shad for...

Dimitri: *stomps his foot down* ENOUGH!! Claire, why are they even here?!

Claire: Just a quick visit and nothing more.

Dimitri: *mutters* Nothing more. *scoffs* Just stop interrogating me. Just get on with your lives and before you know it, Shad will be back, hopefully safe and sound.

Blossom: Claire said she called in a secret weapon. Where is he?

Dimitri: Basement. *PPG zoom past him* Wait, it's off limits!! *chases after them*

*in the basement*

Dexter: *still typing* Oh boy. This might take longer then I thou...*door swings open*

Blossom: Dexter!

Bubbles: You're the secret weapon?

Buttercup: Look at the size of that monitor! Is this one of those supercomputers?

Dimitri: *catches up* NO!! They're props! Fakes! Dexter's just helping me with something! All this is NOTHING!!

Dexter: *anime sweat drop on his forehead* Blossom's a lot smarter then she appears to be Mr. Staydamind.

Blossom: Exactly. Hey, are you calling me ugly?!

Dexter: *blushes* Age-wise! I meant age-wise! *laughs nervously*

Dimitri: it's not a prop. You girls will keep interrogating me anyway so I might as well tell you THIS much. This supercomputer is how I got Shad back last year. There, no more!

Bubbles: It's soooooooooo BIG! It can get Shaddy back again, right?

Dexter: It can, but the supercomputer can't seem to detect Shad. According to what Dimitri told me upon arriving here, the supercomputer acted as if Shad vanished off the face of the Earth itself. I doubt Bell could've taken him to another planet. Nevertheless, Claire called (although how she got my number is even beyond me) and here I am, enhancing the scanner for a broader range of features.

Bubbles: *jumps up and down* YAY! We'll be able to save Shaddy after all!

Dimitri: Hold on, here's the bad news.

Dexter: Adding these features can take a while. A long while.

Buttercup: English please.

Dexter: A month. Probably less if I'm lucky.

Bubbles: *grabs Dexter* A MONTH?!

Blossom: Easy there, Bubbles! *pulls her away from Dexter*

Bubbles: But Shaddy might be lonely and scared and hurt and bound and gagged and...*goes on and on and on*

*back at Black Eden (lab) 1:50PM*

*a large black pot lays on a table filled with all of Bell's (and Gir's, if he has any) toys. Next to it is a large sack of sugar and assorted food spices. Shad, Bell, and Gir stand in front of said table*

Bell: So...what will you do again?

Shad: Simple. Dr. X tried to make a Powerpuff Girl with a white lilac, making you...right?

Bell: Yeah.

Shad: Did you ever think that he tried to make 3 instead of one?

Bell: No. He was happy with just me.

Shad: And you remember what...oh, never mind.


Bell: Go on.

Shad: No...I'd...rather not. Let's get started.

Gir: My turn! *jumps on the table* A little bit of thiiiiiiiis. *dumps a salt shaker inside* A little bit of thaaaaaaaat. *dumps a pepper shaker* And some of thiiiiiiiiiiis. *drops cinnamon sticks* And some of thaaaaaaaat. *pours in red satay*

Bell: *giggles* That's enough Girly, let Shad try now.

Shad: *gulp* Here goes.

*Shad rips open the sack of sugar and pours some in. Unfortunately, since Shad isn't familiar with measurements...he poured in a little too much, but Bell blinked for a second, not noticing. Gir just performs a freak ceremonial dance around the pot*

Bell: I don't have enough toys for everything nice.

Shad: And Gir's stuff...these aren't even nice! *takes out a propeller, ray gun, taco and a robotic spider leg (the one Zim uses as transportation)*

Bell: Now what? *thinks for a moment* Hey, what about...

Shad: *notices that Bell is staring at his Bubbles plushie, which is attached to his jeans* What?! But...why?

Bell: You keep saying it's nice to have it with you, or something like that.

Shad: But...I told you I feel odd without it. It keeps me from getting nightmares...sometimes. Sure it's nice, but it's still just one plushie.

Bell: I can go to a store and steal some, but then daddy would get suspicious.

Shad: *looks down at his Bubbles plushie* But...fine. *saddened tone* Pour the Chemical X. *drops the Bubbles plushie in the pot*

Bell: I'm sorry Shad.

*Bell pours all the Chemical X from the large beaker inside the pot, practically drowning the contents within...along with the Bubbles plushie. A few crackling sounds are heard, followed by bubbling from the chemical itself*

Bell: Wonder how long this'll take.

Gir: *waving a flag* GO TEAM!!

Shad: *shaking*

*the bubbling starts to get louder. Soon, smoke starts to rise out from the pot*

Bell: Uh-oh. You don't think we did something wrong, did we?

Shad: I'll go ch-check.

*Shad stands on his tippy-toes and takes a look inside the pot. The spices have already sank. The sugar has been dissolved. And the only thing that's sticking out appears to be a small, yellow clump of synthetic hair. I sinks lower. Lower. In fact, it didn't look so much as it was sinking but more like the Chemical X was consuming it. Engulfing it like a flooding shadow covering light itself. Shad can only watch until...*

Bell: How is it?

Shad: No.

Bell: No for what?

Shad: I don't want it to go away.'s too precious to me! I don't care if a liar gave it to me, it's still...

Bell: Shad, you're not gonna...

Shad: *watches as the plushie sinks in completely* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

*Shad plunges his arm inside the pot and salvages out the plushie. He runs over to Bell*

Shad: *teary-eyed* Whew, it's still just fine.

Bell: Shad, why did you do that?!

Shad: This is my best birthday present! The reason why I have it look like Bubbles is because I like her the most out of the 3 Powerpuffs! A liar might've given it to me, but it still has that special something. It's one of the very small things left that still keep me up and stuff. And I'm NOT ABANDONING IT AGAIN!!

Bell: Yeah, but how will you...

*louder crackling sound are heard. Bell and Shad turn around and see the pot, the contents within bubbling even more. Seconds after that, the pot began to overheat as several small pillars of light pop out! The pot starts to shake and rumble violently until...*

Shad and Bell: DUCK AND COVER!!

*and duck and cover they did...after Bell grabbed Gir that is. An explosion rang throughout the entire lab, shaking up a few nearby test tubes. The smoke that appeared soon after started to thin a little*

Bell: You think it worked?

Shad: I don't know. *hears a few coughing sounds* Huh?

Gir: The smoke! It goes koff koff.

Girl's voice (that sounds oddly like...Bubbles?!): Hey, what's with all this...smoke?

Shad: You heard that?!

Bell: That sounds like...Bubbles?! So it worked after all!

Another girl's voice (which also is the same as Bubbles' only a slightly lower tone): Stand back! I'll handle this...smoke. How do we do it again?

Yet another girl's voice (also sounding oddly like Bubbles): Meh, just blow it away! BLOW! *makes blowing sounds which, surprisingly enough, starts to make the smoke go away*

Shad: Wait...2 Bubbles?!

Bell: What went wrong?

Shad: *crawls away from the table and stands up. He sees silhouettes of 3 little girls just an inch shorter then he is* Hello? Who are you?

*the first one on the left steps through the smoke towards Shad. Go back a few pages, her picture's right there:P*

Bean: *giggles* My name is...uh...Bean sounds good...I think. Yeah, call me Bean.

*the girl to the right also steps forward. She wears the same clothes, only an amber shirt under the vest instead. Also, she dons a skirt with biker shorts underneath. Yes...biker shorts. Her eyes are a glistening amber and a knit cap with little teddy bear ears on top. Did I mention her hair is also blonde? Like Bean's?

Bop: Bop's my name. You're cute. *giggles*

Shad: *blushes* They...they...they...

Bell: Is it me or do they...


Bean: Bubbles? Who's Bubbles? *turns left and right* I don't see a bubble? What is a bubble?

Bop: Ooooooh! *jumps up and down* Let me pop it! Let me pop it!

Girl's voice: Pop it? Why would we pop it?

Bell: *sees the last girl behind the veil of smoke* Hey, don't be shy. Come on.

*while Bean just looks around wondering what a bubble is and Bop jumping around wanting to pop one that isn't even there, the last girl steps forward a little more slowly then her two sisters...possibly out of slight shyness. Regardless, both Shad and Bell were practically mouth agape at what they saw: The girl is wearing the same clothes as her sisters, only an aquamarine shirt is under the red vest. The eyes are the same color. And yet, what shocked Shad the most is her hairstyle...blonde with pigtails tied together by aquamarine ribbons. Couple the hairstyle with the face, and in a heartbeat, she'd pass for...*

Shad: *face beaming* BUBBLES!!

Bubbles look-a-like: Bubbles? Who? Me?

Bell: Shad...their FACES look like Bubbles! I thought you were trying to...unless...

Shad: When I took out the plushie, it didn't complete the recipe. That...and I think I put in a little too much sugar.

Bean: Hey, aren't you gonna give her a name...daddy?

Bop: Yeah daddy, you kinda let us name ourselves, now it's your turn.


Bop: We ca...

Shad: I'm too young to be a daddy! I'll get to that part later. As for you...*stares at the Bubbles look-a-like* Look at her. She looks so...adorable just standing there. All 3 of them. Like Bubbles. But what to name her? I remember seeing a fruit of the same color as you.

Bubbles look-a-like: So can you give me a name? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Shad: Berry. These are your names: Buns at the side=Bean. Teddy bear knit cap=Bop. And the one who looks like Bubbles the most...Berry. Now all you need is a title. Something that, sort of.

Berry: What about the Bubblypuffs?

Bop: Nah, that's not good.

Bean: Hey, who left it for you to decide? You don't even know what a bubble is!

Bop: Neither do you!

Bean: But you want to pop one! I say we're the Sweetpuffs. We look sweet!

Bell: Shad, say something. This was your idea.

Shad: Uh...I can't believe this. I...I actually MADE puffs!! Like that time mommy showed me how to make creampuffs. Yummy sweet... I got it! From now on, you'll all be known as...The Creampuff Girls!

Gir: Yummy girls! Eat them!

Bean: AHHH! That thing's gonna eat us! *runs away from Gir*

Bop: *giggles wildly* You think that tiny thing can eat *CRUNCH* OWW!! *looks down and sees Gir gnawing on her finger* GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!! *waves Gir around, bashing him into cupboards, tables, test tubes and the like* Bean, stop this crazy thing!

Bean: Nuh-uh! It's gonna eat us!!

Bell: Leave Girly alone! *goes to Bop and tries to pull off Gir*

Shad: *merely stands there in shock as the "chaos" ensues* Just 1 minute after I made them and already they're messing up the lab. It's like...*picks up his Bubbles plushie* I made 3 Bubbles. *gulp* Now what?

End of Chapter 18!

BEHOLD! The Creampuff Girls! And now to wait until the images come in.

Added after 11 hours 41 minutes:

Chapter 18 completed!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Bear » Sat Jan 07, 2006 3:50 am

Good work Shad, and I just saw the next creampuff pic that Griddles did for you, they look awesome.

By the way, I've gotta agree that you've totally got Zim and Gir in character, it's great!

EDIT: Fixed spelling, too late for me here :zzz:
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:18 am


Berry for ya! :D
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 18 is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Jan 07, 2006 6:02 pm

YES! She's perfect!! Thank you Griddles! Just one more I suppose.

Added after 7 hours 23 minutes:

Name: Berry
Age: Appears to be 6
Origin: Original Character by Shadowed State of Mind (aka ME!)
Personality: See Bubbles...and then some. ;)
Afflication: One of the Creampuff Girls
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Aquamarine
Signature color: Aquamarine
Powers: Unknown as of yet (same ones as Bubbles?)

Ah, yes. The second of Shad's "accident" of a creation. Sans the aquamarine eyes, Berry is so strikingly similar to Bubbles that...well, they're practically twins! Although it seems obvious that the sugar overdose caused the 3 girls to have the somewhat same characteristics as Bubbles, their appearances may be in due to an extra ingrediant. ;) Anyway, Berry reminds Shad of Bubbles in every way...almost too well. At first it seems that she looks up to Shad as a father figure (litteraly, since he MADE her after all) but it soon appears that she's the 'Bubbles' that Shad wanted...the one that likes him the same way. Regardless, Berry notices Shad's pain and does whatever it takes to make Shad truly happy. However...can she really replace the true girl Shad still has feelings for?

Yeah...consider this a mini-update. Tales of Symphonia is keeping me away from here more then I thought.:P
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Sat Jan 07, 2006 7:28 pm

Great profile, man!
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Profile for Berry is UP!

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:50 pm


Name: Bop
Age: Appears to be 6
Origin: Original character by Shadowed State of Mind
Personality: This equation: 30% Buttercup + 70% Bubbles=Bop!
Afflication: One of the 3 Creampuffs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Amber
Signature color: Amber
Powers: Probably the same as Bubbles (and then some?) if I can't think on something...or did I? ;)

Adorable little thing isn't she? The "Buttercup" of Shad's creation, Bop is a risk-taker, pure and simple. Despite having a small portion of Buttercup's characteristics such as trying to be hardcore, vying for "Daddy Shaddy's" attention and the like, her bubbly nature slips through...which explains her love for teddy bears (Teddiursa in this case. That was Griddles' idea ^_^ ). Not to mention her slightly overactive curiosity. Translation: That's her first time seeing a bubble and knows not of the consequences of popping one made of gum! All in all, Shad is content with his creations despite being in a state of shock at first. But...seeing as all 3 of the Creampuffs are very similar to Bubbles one way or this what Shad really intended? Is quantity really better then quality?

Yes, that bolded line is a hint. Now that all 3 Creampuffs have been drawn by the main man Griddles himself...NO MORE!!

Just kidding. Chances are, I may not ask of another request unless something big happens in this fic. Or you can take a shot at drawing Shad in his new garb. Your choice Grids. ^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby LinkG07 » Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:55 pm

Sweet dude ^^
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Postby Melcadrien » Sun Jan 08, 2006 2:18 am

Hey shad, here's an idea; If you haven't started making character sheets on your computer, i suggest you do incase for some apparent reason the site goes out.
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:23 pm

Er...I saved the pics to both Photobucket and my hard drive. Also...

1. I have no scanner.
2. I don't have Photoshop (not that it would matter because...)
3. I can't draw PERIOD!! :'(
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby Bear » Sun Jan 08, 2006 5:34 pm

He was talking about the character's information, it's a good idea to keep all your work backed up on your computer in case the forums went down.
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Profile for Bop is UP!

Postby Keeper » Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:51 pm

Now that be a good idea. ^_^
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:39 pm

I'll...think about that. I have faith that this place won't end up like Mustapha Land.

Chapter 19a: Creampuffs earn their keep.

*Black Eden (Bell's room) 2:10PM*

*Bean bounces on the bed, trying to keep her distance from Gir, who finally stopped biting Bop's finger thanks to Bell. Berry takes a short nap on Shad's mattress. Bop sits next to her while Shad heals her finger with his healing powers via his finger*

Shad: That should do it.

Bop: Thank you daddy.

Shad: *blushes* I said don't call me that. Just call me Shad.

Bop: Then in that case *slams her fist on the floor* I call upon the first meeting of the Creampuff Girls! From this point on, I deem myself leader!

Bean: What for?

Bop: Because I said I can! *sticks her tongue out*

Bean: No fair! I got out of the pot first so I'm leader!

Bop: But I'm the one who blew the smoke away so I'm leader!

Bell: Shad, do something! Any more noise and daddy will come here.

Berry: *wakes up and yawns* What was...*yawns* that, something about the leader?

Bop: Yes, as strongest of the Creampuffs, I deem my...

Berry: Why not let Daddy Shaddy choose?

Bean: Daddy Shaddy! That's a good title.

Shad: I said I'm not a daddy!

Berry: But you made us daddy!

Bop: So I'm sure you know who's best to lead the Creampuffs.

Bean: What's a leader again?

Gir: Invade! DOOM!

Bean: AHHHH! *runs toward Shad and glomps him, who almost falls down in the process* Daddy, he's gonna doom us and THEN eat us!

Shad: Gir can't eat anything. He's a robot...I think.

Bean: But he bit Bop!

Bop: Pfffft! So? Daddy can heal us. Now who's gonna be the leader?

Berry: I say Daddy Shaddy is the leader. He made us, so it's only fair. Besides, he's our daddy! *glomps Shad*

Shad: I said don't call me...What am I saying? She looks so cute saying that. So Bubbles.

Bop: Okay, fine. Shad is our leader! I want a hug too! *glomps Shad, leaving him no room to move with all 3 Creampuffs hugging him*

Shad: Yeah...I'll be the leader.

Bell: So cute.


All 3 Creampuffs: *jump up in shock* AHHHHH! MONSTER!!

Bell: Uh-oh. We were trying to calm these girls so much that we...

Shad: A big mess. You girls stay here. Gir will watch you.

Gir: We have snackies! Yummies for me!

Bean: I'm not staying with him!

Bell: It's okay I'll take him.

*Bell and Shad exit the room and see Dr. X in the distance, amidst the wreckage of test tubes, cupboards, a few tables and the like*

Dr. X: *turns to his left* You two! Get over here now!

*Shad and Bell slowly walk towards the mutant man. While doing so, they avoid all obstructions caused by the explosion from earlier. When they get to Dr. X...*

Bell: Daddy...whatever it was we didn't do it!

Dr. X: I'm not putting the blame on anyone. I just want to know WHY this happened and what caused it!

Shad: was me.

Bell: Shad! What are you...

Shad: I tried to make something but it blew up. Bell just pulled me away from it before...NO! I'm not lying!! I'm *shaking* not like mommy and daddy!

Dr. X: Hmm?

Shad: Bean! Berry! Bop! Front and center!

*in three flashes of bergandy, aquamarine, and amber, the Creampuffs appear right besides Shad. Their appearances alone have even Dr. X taken aback a bit*

Dr. X: Wh-wh-what is this?!

Bop: That's the monster? Pffffft! I thought the first monster we were gonna fight would be way more tougher looking then this hothead!

Shad: NO! No fighting! Mr. X...say hello to the Creampuff Girls.

Dr. X: So that explosion was...Shad how did you...HOW?!

Shad: I used the same ingredients that Mr. Utonium used to make the Powerpuffs. When I asked if they can join us you said no. Then I thought of what Bell told me about how she was made. So I thought if I could make new Powerpuffs...

Dr. X: Say no more. I see what the outcome is.

Bean: Powderpuff? What's a Powderpuff anyway?

Dr. X: *sigh* Bell, fetch a few mattresses and put them in your room.

Bell: You mean...

Shad: They can...

Dr. X: Yes. Under the condition that this...*waves his hand around the wreckage* doesn't occur again, at least not without my jurisdiction. Also, I suggest that your girls do something to earn their keep. They can start by cleaning up this mess. *retreats to his room*

Bell: Is it me...or did we get off just a little too easy? It looked as if he didn't even notice that they look just like Bubbles.

Shad: They can...stay? They...

Berry: Shaddy, what's wrong? You look hurt.

Shad: It's...fine. Just a bit surprised. *sniff* Excuse me please. *retreats to Bell's room*

Berry: Did Daddy Shaddy look a little...not right?

Bop: Meh, looked just fine to me. How're we gonna get all this cleaned up?!

Berry: His eyes...they looked sad.

Bean: Sad? You can tell? He always wears those things over his eyes.

Bell: *sweeps up a few shards* They're glasses. My daddy wears them sometimes.

Bean: So that makes him a glass-eye? Wait, that's wrong. What are glasses for?

Bell: They’re for people who can't see well. Sometimes I saw Shad without his glasses though. He might not need them anymore.

Bop: So he hides his eyes? But the color is so...well...I don't know a word for it, but they look good.

Berry: *saddened tone* Daddy Shaddy is...sad. What makes him sad?

*Dr. X's room*

Dr. X: To think I thought he would be a fine asset in just this plan only. Who knew that he would go so far as to deliberately make copies of true little girls? Granted, I did the same thing, but...he had his own reasons.

*Dr. X walks to his closet and opens it up. However, it's not so much as a closet but rather a hidden alcove. A dark, gloomy, almost haunting alcove*

Dr. X: Come forth! Personification of wicked darkness! He who is bound to the Earth! Envoy of the dark abyss. Reveal thyself!

*black smoke appears out of nowhere inside the alcove. It begins to swirl ever so rapidly. It solidifies and takes shape into a shortened (and slightly transparent) version of a tall being. The shape-shifting wizard of darkness himself: Aku!*

Aku: Who dares summon...*sees Dr. X* ah! So it is you yet again.

Dr. X: Greetings Aku. I come here bearing news worthy of your attention.

Aku: Is this about our little...arrangement?

Dr. X: Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Do you recall being told about a fine asset to my Darkstar Council the previous week?

Aku: Shad Staydamind. You claim that he demonstrated extraordinary power.

Dr. X: I wouldn't call it extraordinary, but I've never seen such raw power nevertheless. Not since Bell.

Aku: Has this boy made any progress?

Dr. X: He made 3 more allies. Well, I'm not so sure if I can call them allies. They were created partly because of his misery. The pain ravaging through his heart is the reason why he made his...daughters.

Aku: He should be using this pain for power! That is where he draws his power from...correct?

Dr. X: Almost. It'll be some time before he's able to use it to its most critical extent. Once that happens...oh, just you wait.

Aku: Hmm. You sound as if you...know this child very well. But enough of that for now.

Dr. X: Yes. Is it ready?

Aku: Patience. It shall be ready in due time. So long as you fulfill your end.

Dr. X: Rest assured. HE will be out of your way soon enough.

Aku: Very well. *hologram vanishes in a puff of smoke*

Dr. X: Only a matter of time until...the Doomsday Blackout. *hears a loud BOOM*

Shad's and Bell's voices: WHOA!!

Dr. X: For the love of...not again!

*Dr. X closes the secret alcove and gets back to the lab, which is now spotless*

Dr. X: They got the job done. It must've come from outside then.

*Dr. X runs out of the dome and is stunned at what he sees. Just a few feet away from him, a large crater stretches far and wide where the biomech trees used to be. At the other side of the crater is Shad and Bell, looking pretty shocked. Floating above the crater are the Creampuffs themselves. In the crater...are 3 cluster bots. Most of the subsidiary kaijins Mandark sent after Blossom 2 months ago are now scrap metal. Among them, still operational but KOed, are 3 of the main kaijins: Kuwagus, Montray and Silkoid*

Dr. X: *stunned* How...they...WHO DID THIS?!

Bell: *slowly points the Creampuffs* They...did that.

Gir: They brought DOOM!

Bean: Darn right! And we'll do it again if did they do again?

Bop: They made us mad! And when they made us mad, that green thing was chatting something, you had an idea and the rest...*looks down* just look at them!

Bell: *picks up Shad and flies to her dad* You should've seen it! They...

Shad: At first I thought they would get hurt fast!

Bell: Almost less then a minute!

Dr. X: WHAT?! Are you saying that 3 out of the 5 Darkstar Cluster, among our greatest warriors...were vanquished in less then a minute by what was made a little over an HOUR AGO?! HOW?!

Bop: Long story. Berry went to check on Shad so she did that. Shad felt better and then wanted to show us out. We cleaned that lab or whatever that place is called and got out. That's when those monsters and a short green person appeared. Berry got scared but I didn't. They got really mad because we're humans and inferior and stuff. I said we can't leave because Dr. X let us stay. Then they got so mad they were gonna kill us! So Shad told us to run away but I'm not afraid of robots. So me, Bean and Berry fought them and won!


Bop: Duh! That's what I just said! Of course it was Bean's idea.

Bean: Nuh-uh! It was your idea to fight them. I came up with the fighting move.

Berry: And that's what beat them! Yay for Bean!

Gir: Three cheers for the DOOMBRINGERS!!

Shad: Where's Zim?

Montray: *sparks coming out of his joints* DAMN!! Something's...crawling under me! Show yourself!

Zim: *crawls out from under Montray and gasps for air* Damn those spooty earth monkeys! The title of doombringer belongs to ZIM!

Shad: Mr. X...I'm sorry. I told them to run, but instead...the robots are...*sees Dr. X...laughing to himself?*

Dr. X: *snickers to himself* This was an unexpected sight to see. 3 out of the 5 best warriors Vexus has offered me, and they fall to creations that just learned of their powers in half a minute. The leader of the Powerpuff Girls couldn't even hold her own against one, let alone a whole hoard of lesser kaijins. have done more then I can ever achieve in such a short amount of time. Shad...whatever they did that gave them victory. Can they do it again?

Shad: I think so.

Bean: Think so? We CAN do it again!

Dr. X: Excellent. I have a little proposition for Bell, the Creampuffs... *lands hand on Shad's head* and you.

*at that moment, Shad has a quick flashback! He sees himself, at age 4, at his old house with his parents. Patting him on the head is that same recurring scientist with that same labcoat with the X on the lower left side*

Cranston: *smiles* Good afternoon Shad. How are things?

*everything blacks out and the flashback ends as Shad finds himself in Black Eden once again. He takes a quick jump backward*

Dr. X: Shad? What is it? You look pale.

Berry: *glides next to Shad* Shaddy? Daddy Shaddy? Are you hurt?

Shad: I...I thought I passed out. I'm fine now. Wh...what will we do?

Dr. X: What the Darkstar Council always does. For now, I want you to take your powers on a little...test drive, so to speak. Here's what you'll do.

*meanwhile, in the skies of Megasville 2:32PM*

*while Dexter makes progress in upgrading Dimitri's Supercomputer in hopes of finding Shad, the PPG decide to go out for a bit of fresh air. What better then to fly around their new home? Okay, they can walk. But they can fly!*

Bubbles: *mutters* One month. By that time Shaddy will...

Blossom: C'mon Bubbles. You saw how big that computer is? It's only obvious that even Dexter will have a hard time. Still, why would Dimitri have something like that?

Buttercup: I know. Only those big military places and science labs have those. Heck, the only one I can think of besides Dimitri that has something like that is that Dorkster.

Blossom: Hey! He's not a dork once you get to know him more!

Buttercup: Why? I don't like him. At least not as much as you do!

Blossom: *blushes* What?! Well...wh...what about Sensei Jack? I see how red your face goes when he goes near you!

Buttercup: *blushes*

Blossom: *smirks* Yeah, just like that! *giggles*

Buttercup: Well at least Sensei Jack actually knows how to fight! You saw how he took care of that monster that almost ate Bubbles and me?

Blossom: Sure. It was love at first sight for you ever since. And just for the record, brains beat brawn anytime!

Bubbles: SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!! *shaking*

Buttercup: Geez, what's up with her?!

Blossom:'s almost as if she gets like this when you tease me on how I love...I mean LIKE Dexter.

Buttercup: And the same for you with me and Sensei Jack...not that I REALLY like him. *nervous laugh*

Blossom: You don't think it's because...Bubbles?

Bubbles: What?!

Blossom: Do you love Sha...

*a loud ZWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMM sound cuts off her mid-sentence. The PPG turn to their right and see a large pillar of light coming from the schoolyard, shooting up into the sky and possibly into space*

Bubbles: That came from the school!

Buttercup: What was that?

Blossom: Let's check it out. Follow me girls!

*the PPG zoom to the schoolyard behind Megasville Elementary. Strangely, the grass didn't get burned or anything. The girls land to take a closer look*

Blossom: There's nothing here?

Bubbles: Then where did that light come from?

Bell's voice: Yoo-hoo! Powerpuffs! Over here!

*the girls turn around and see 2 figures far at the edge of the forest. They glide closer and see who they are. The first they already identify: Bell. The second however, is a slightly taller boy. He has a hood over his head (and face) which is attached to a dark slate gray shirt with a black stripe across the stomach area complete with black jeans and black-striped sneakers. Also, he seems to be shaking a bit*

Blossom: You again!

Buttercup: Who's the kid in the black...

Bubbles: *pissed off, blood practically boiling* WHERE'S SHADDY?!

Bell: Aw, what's wrong? Wasn't strong enough to save your boyfriend? *giggles* Sorry, but it wouldn't make a difference even if I did tell you.

Buttercup: What for?

Bell: Because he's not coming back! And to prove it, he's gonna help me beat you into the dust! Sure I did that on my own, but hey, it'll be more fun with a friend.


Buttercup: *stares at Bubbles* Not good.

Blossom: Bell, I reeeeeeaaallllllllllly wouldn't get her angry.

Bell: What for? Is she gonna cry? Throw a tantrum?

Bubbles: KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

*Bubbles, now so royally pissed off that she's guessed it: Bubblevicious, that she charges toward Bell at a frightening speed as the scene blacks out*

End of Chapter 19a! (aka to be continued)

Added after 8 hours 13 minutes:

Chapter 19a completed!
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Postby GridsNaranek » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:14 pm

Wonderful lead-on to the next chapter!! Bring on the catfight ^_^
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Good news: The catfight will commence tomorrow.
Bad news: I don't have a good battle theme for it. Granted I can use the same ones I've been using...but still.

So yeah, whether Shad will help Bell out or outright reveal himself is your guess alone...or until I update the next day, whichever comes first.:P After all, let's not forget my Creampuffs. Now THAT I have a good battle theme for.

One more thing: Expect to see a BIG SURPRISE either in the next update or the update after. Most likely the next update.
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 19c (PPG VS CPG) is

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Jan 11, 2006 12:48 pm

And now without further ado...

Chapter 19b:

*WHAM!! Bubbles tackled Bell in sheer fury as the white-haired girl is sent flying into a tree, which cracks up and falls over seconds later*

Bell: OW! What was that all...*Bubbles jets to her and grabs her by the collar of the dress*

Bubbles: Where is he?!

*Bell's eyes light up as they shoot out twin beams of light, pushing Bubbles away and causing her to loose her grip on Bell*

Bell: None of your beeswax!

Bubbles: TELL ME!!

Bell: Make me!

*Bubbles and Bell both take to the skies as they collide, rebound, and collide into each other over and over again. Blossom and Buttercup look up as their sister goes toe-to-toe with their foe*

Buttercup: Should've never made her mad. Almost feel sorry for Bell.

Blossom: Never mind about that. *turns to the hooded boy* Who are you?

???: Me? Uh...I'm just watching.

Buttercup: Why don't you just take that stupid hood off?

???: *gasps* NO!!

Blossom: Don't make us do this the hard way!

Buttercup: *walks to the boy* And you don't want to make us do it the hard way!

???: What do I do? What do I do?! *Bell falls right next to him* Bell!

Bell: *cough* Anytime now!

???: Okay then.

Bell: Just remember what they did to you.

Buttercup: What we did to him? We never saw him in our lives!

???: SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT UP!! *dark aura starts to surround him* Darkness Fog!

*out of the boy's shadow, a thick black fog quickly seeps out and surrounds the entire area. Blocking out the sunlight, it's as if the girls were in the dead of night! Scene then zooms out of the schoolyard, which now appears to be engulfed in a dark cloud*

Bubbles: What happened?!

Bell: I happened!

Bubbles: *feels a swift kick to the head, sending her crash-landing to the ground*

Buttercup: What's the deal, kid?!

???: Just shut up!

Blossom: eyes are starting to adjust...I can see a little now!

Buttercup: Same here.

Bell: Hey, you weren't supposed to do that!

???: Sorry Bell.

Bubbles: Wait. That voice...where did I hear it before?


*Bell almost catches Bubbles off guard, but the blue girl quickly ducks under a punch and retaliates with a swift kick to the stomach, followed by an eye-blast*

Bell: You can see?

Buttercup: Duh! Everything's just...gray.

Blossom: *to the hooded boy* Why are you helping her?!

???: Because she's my friend...and you're not! NOT ANYMORE!!

Blossom: Why would you be friends wit...wait...what was that last part?!

???: Why don't you just LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY?! EBONY BLAZE!!

*out of his shadow, a stream of black fire jets out and bends to its targets: Blossom and Buttercup!*

Blossom: Evasive maneuvers, stat!

*while Bubbles contends with Bell, Blossom and Buttercup jumps away from the incoming fire. Blossom then clasps her hands together, aims up, and shoots out a large pink blast, cutting through the dark fog and dispersing it as well*

Buttercup: Whew. Glad that's gone.

Bell: Where did the fog go?

Bubbles: *gasps* NO!!! *lands on her feet*

Buttercup: *shocked* Did he just say...

Blossom: Say...say it isn't so! You CAN'T be who we think you are! YOU JUST CAN'T!!

???: Humph! So now you respect me when I'm a threat to you now?! I don't want to do this, but...Bell needs me!

*the boy removes his hood as Bubbles looks on in sheer...well, shock. The child who assisted Bell is none other then...Shad Staydamind himeslf!*

All 3 girls: SHAD!!

Bubbles: Sh...Shaddy?

Shad: Bubbles? I...I wasn't aiming for you, honest! *hears Dr. X's voice from his earpiece*

Dr. X's voice: Don't let her fool you! Remember, they only hesitate because you're with us now. That you…a former friend…are a threat. They'll convince you to leave us. Leave your creations. Leave Bell! If they did admire you, then they would've accepted you a long time ago.

Shad: Yeah. Bell!

Bell: *lands next to Shad* Yeah?

Bubbles: *glares angrily at Bell, tears in her eyes* WHAT DID YOU DO TO SHADDY?!

*Bubbles jets toward Bell at frightening speed yet again, but instead of landing another hit, that hit is blocked by...Shad! He blocks Bubbles' fist with his own palm*

Bubbles: *gasps* Shaddy! Why?!

Shad: *struggling to keep ahold of Bubbles* Be...beca...*loss for words*

Buttercup: Wait a minute. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Blossom: Shad! You can't believe what Bell said! Whatever she told you is a lie! We're still your friends!

Buttercup: Always have and always will!

Shad: Wh...what am I doing? *lets go of Bubbles' fist* The's going away. *dark aura starts to fade away*

Bell: Shad! Did you forget already?!

Dr. X's voice: NO!! Shad, remember how they left you! You needed them and they deserted you! Are you really...*Shad ignores Dr. X's orders*

Bell: Shad! I...I thought we were friends.

Shad: I...I am.

*at the edge of the schoolyard, a car pulls over and out comes Dimitri*

Dimitri: SHAD!! *runs toward Shad*

Bubbles: *glomps Shad* All's well that ends well!

Shad: Daddy?

Dr. X's voice: No...he lied to you! You trusted them and they broke that trust by making a web of lies! Are you really glad to see the one person who you can no longer place your own care in?! You had power, but he said you had no such thing. You could've done great things had you known so much sooner.

Shad: You...*pushes Bubbles away* LIAR!! *dark aura flares up ferociously*

Dr. X's voice: YES!! Put an end to him right here! RIGHT NOW!!

Bell: Yay!

Bubbles: Shaddy!

Buttercup: What happened?!

Blossom: *notices that Shad is staring angrily at Dimitri, who's almost caught up with him* DIMITRI GET DOWN!!


*another stream of black fire erupts out of his shadow and speeds toward Dimitri. Luckily, Blossom flies toward him, and pushes the man down as the blaze soars just mere inches over him*

Dimitri: Wh...what on Earth?! *gets up* Shad, it's me!

Shad: GET AWAY!!

Blossom: Dimitri stay down!

Dimitri: Shad, what happened to you?!


Bell: Yeah, stay back!

Dimitri: I take it you're Bell. What did you do to him!?

Shad: She didn't do much. She's my new friend now! You said I never had powers! But look now! LOOK NOW YOU BIG LIAR!!

*Shad jets towards his dad and mounts up for a blow to the head, but Blossom is nearby and blocks it in the nick of time*

Blossom: Shad...just listen.

Buttercup: I'm coming leader girl! *soars toward Blossom*

Bubbles: Wait up!

*Bubbles prepares to take flight, but Bell pins her to the ground*

Bell: No sirrie! You're not going anyware.

Bubbles: YOU!! *zaps Bell off* This is all your FAULT!!

*at the other part of the schoolyard, Blossom and Buttercup constrict a struggling Shad as Dimitri tries to consol him*

Dimitri: Shad, I really didn't want to lie to you but please understand that there's a very good reason why I did so! It was to keep you safe!

Shad: Safe! *struggles to pull himself from Blossom and Buttercup* I could've done something good with my powers! I could've made everyone safe! But you didn't want that! You didn't want what's best for everyone, let alone me!!

Dimitri: No...Shad, you're different from the Powerpuffs. Far different.

Blossom: *tries to keep ahold of Shad* Ugh! Wait, what do you mean different?

Buttercup: Is it how he REALLY got his powers? Speaking of that, where's Claire?

Dimitri: She decided to stay behind for some reason but now's not the time for that! Shad, this Bell is she like?

Shad: What's it to you? She's my friend! And like me, her daddy lied to her as well! She had a friend but he's dead because her daddy didn't try to save him! We both lost a friend!

Blossom: That's not true!

Buttercup: You still have us!

Blossom: And in case you don't know this by now, those people at the Darkstar Council are trying to KILL us!

Shad: LIES!! The leader knows I still like Bubbles a little bit! He knew how I can use my power! I trust him...somehow! I do! I can't explain it but I just do! And I know that he would never try to kill you on purpose!

Dimitri: Shad, this is why I can't let you use your powers! *eyes well up with tears* They distort the mind AND the heart! They were NEVER MEANT TO BE USED AGAIN!!

Blossom and Buttercup: *gasp* AGAIN?!

Shad: *breaks free from Blossom and Buttercup's grip and runs to the other side of the Bell* JUST LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BIG FAT LIAR!!

*at the other side high above the schoolyard, Bubbles isn't quite doing so well. Her attacks keep getting dodged every time. It's as if during that conversation Shad had made Bell grow stronger. In fact, she now dons a small white aura around her! She dodges the next punch, grabs Bubbles' arm, and kicks her to the ground*

Bell: *pant pant* Geez...she's tough when she's mad!

Shad's voice: BEEEEEEEELLLLL!!!

Bell: *looks down and sees Shad running from Blossom and Buttercup, who are pursuing him* Shad! *quickly descends next to him*

Shad: Hey...where did that white light around you come from?

Bell: Same with your dark aura. Mine popped up when I was losing.

Shad: hurt Bubbles!

Bell: She'll be fine...I think.

Bubbles: *slowly gets up* Uh...Shaddy. Have

Shad: Bubbles?

Blossom: *caught up* Found you!

Buttercup: *flies toward Bubbles and carries her* You're not getting away this time!

Bubbles: Don't...hurt Shaddy. He's...already hurt...inside.

Blossom: We won't lay a finger on him. Bell on the other hand...

Shad: NO! You're not hurting my friend!

Buttercup: Shad will you WAKE UP?! Bell just hurt your crush!

Blossom: It''s just like Dimitri said. The powers Shad are using...they're messing with his mind somehow. He's conflicted!

Bubbles: Shaddy...*cough* snap out of it. The's starting to make you worse. You have to fight it.

Shad: I'm...ju...ju...just fine! Bell needs me and I need her!

Bell: Vice-versa with me! Shad's the bestest friend I ever had since Susan!

Buttercup: Who?

Shad: No matter what you say, I'm not going back with you...

Bell: Nor will he be with lying excuses for parents!

Shad: So just float up...

Bell: Take off...

Shad and Bell: AND LEAVE US ALONE!!

*at those words, the black and white auras on Shad and Bell begin to merge, as if attracted to each other like magnets. The colors mix together, followed by a humming noise as the PPG can only watch as Shad and Bell feel a heating sensation as they're both engulfed by an enourmus gray aura!*

Blossom: What the?!

Buttercup: How did they...

Bell: What just happened? I feel...warm.

Shad: The's not there anymore. At least for now.

Bell: Wait...isn't this how you feel when you're using your powers?

Shad: Sort of.

Bell: I wonder...

Blossom: ATTACK!!

*the PPG charge towards Bell. Before they even come close however, she stretches out her arms, opens her palms, and shouts the words...*


*a huge wave of white fire shoots out of Bell's hands as it consumes the PPG as they scream out in sheer pain. The fire disperses, leaving the girls on the ground and nearly unconscious, some parts of their dresses burnt away*

*meanwhile, at Black Eden*

Dr. X: *watched the whole thing on his monitor* WH...WHAT. ON. EARTH?!

Gir: Ebony and Ivory!

Dr. X: That...power! What was that?! It'' if Shad lended some of his power to Bell, who then conversed it into an attack of her own. They must've linked their very minds together and conversed their powers, amplifying it almost, 20-fold! Link. Convered. They've discovered a new which can be known as...Link Conversion.

*back at the schoolyard*

Bell: We showed them!

Shad: Blossom! Bubbles! Buttercup!

*Shad runs over to the PPG. First he goes to Bubbles and heals her. He does the same with Blossom and Buttercup as well*

Bell: Shad, what are you doing?!

Shad: *crying* I...*sniff* I don't want them to die! Just because I'm not their friend anymore doesn't mean I want them dead!

Bell: Shad...

Shad: I...ju...*faints*

Bell: SHAD!!

*Bell walks up to Shad, lays her palm on his back and warps away back to Black Eden in a flash of white light*

Buttercup: *gets up* Hey...weren't we all burned just now?

Blossom: Yeah, but we're fine. How?

Bubbles: Shaddy...he healed us.

Buttercup: You mean after all we said he STILL helped us?!

Bubbles: I heard him say my head.

Blossom: What?

Bubbles: "Don't die."

Blossom: So he really is conflicted.

???: Conflicted? As if!

*Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup look up and see 3 cloaked figures floating in the air. One is bergandy, the second, aquamarine, and the third amber*

Blossom: Who are you?!

Girl in bergandy cloak: Hehehe. Wouldn't you like to know?

Bubbles: Why...they sound just like me.

End of Chapter 19b!

Added after 3 hours:

Chapter 19b completed!

Added after 9 hours 58 minutes:

Hmm...that's ANOTHER fight that didn't translate into a chapter very well. Meh, it was somewhat unfinished anyway, so they may fight again. ^_^ For now though...

Chapter 19c: Unbeatable attack?! Creampuff Shuffle!

*scene shows the schoolyard behind Megasville Elementary. Black spots from the black fire dot the plain. In the center of it all, the PPG stand (although Bubbles is still fatigued from her bout with Bell. And the fact that she was in Bubblevicious during the whole time didn't help her stamina) below the 3 cloaked girls*

Blossom: What do you mean?! Show yourselves right now!

Buttercup: Look, stuff happened and we're not in the mood! So just...

Girl in aquamarine cloak: Humph! We saw everything.

Girl in bergandy cloak: So you're the Powderpuff Girls.

Buttercup: That's POWERpuff Girls!

Girl in bergandy cloak: Whatever. *stares at Bubbles* He's right...we are similar to...that girl. *lands just a foot away from the PPG and points at Bubbles* You must be Bubbles!

Bubbles: Huh? How did you...

Girl in amber cloak: *lands next to her sister* Our daddy told us a lot about you.

Girl in aquamarine cloak: *last to descend* And even more to me.

Blossom: Hold're not part of the Darkstar Council are you?!

Girl in amber cloak: DARN DRAT IT!! Bean, I thought we were trying to be a mystery look and all!

Girl in bergandy cloak: It was a guess! I didn't know!

Girl in aquamarine cloak: *tries to break up the argument* Wait, don't fight! You would've told them anyway Bop!

Buttercup: Leader girl, I think that's a yes.

Blossom: Let me guess: You girls are related to Bell aren't you?

Girl in amber cloak: No way! We may be with that big orange mutant man, but he didn't make us!

Bubbles: Then who did?

Blossom: Call me crazy, but why do you all sound like...

Girl in aquamarine cloak: Bubbles? *giggles* Our daddy wanted it that way.

Girl in bergandy cloak: So that's what a bubble looks like? She looks just!

Girl in amber cloak: Whatever, might as well do your thingy again and go back home.

Blossom: *gasps* Wait...what was that?!

Girl in amber cloak: What? You want us to introduce ourselves? Bean, since you're next leader, you start.

Girl in bergandy cloak: Uh...okay!

*the wind whistles through the air as leaves float on by. The cloaks billow and flutter ever so slightly. And...nothing happens*

Girl in bergandy cloak:

Girl in amber cloak: Fine, I'll start!

Girl in bergandy cloak: I got it! Introducing...*swipes off her cloak* Bean!

Girl in aquamarine cloak: *follows suit with her cloak* Berry!

Girl in amber cloak: Fine, I'll be last. *off with her cloak as well* Bop! And together we are...

All 3 girls: *pose* The Creampuff Girls!

Blossom: *wide-eyed* WHAT...ON...



Bean: Better believe it!

Berry: We're kinda like you, only better! At least that's what daddy wants us to be!

Bop: Less talk, more fight!

Buttercup: Don't say we didn't...*Bop practically PHASES in front of her...face to face!* huh?!

*before Buttercup can react, Bop lands a series of 15 kicks and....8 punches in quick (and I mean QUICK) succession. She then does a backflip and stops in midair as she stretches her arms out, palms wide open*


*lots upon lots of bright amber energy spheres shoot out of Bop's palms and combust upon contact with their target (in this case, Buttercup)! They all hit the girl, not giving her a chance to dodge a single one. When it's all over, the dust clears as Buttercup surprisingly still stands, but in a slight daze...almost unconscious. Bop fixes that by pushing her to the ground*

Bop: One down!

Blossom: *stunned* Wh...what just happened?! That went by so...*Bean phases in front of Blossom*

Bean: Fast? Yeah, that's what Dr. X said.

Berry: Normally, we'd only listen to daddy, but the mutant man wants to see us do IT again!

Buttercup: *slowly gets up* Do...*winces from the sting of Bop's attack* what?

Blossom: *relieved* Buttercup!

Bop: Hey, why are you up?!

Buttercup: Pffft! You don't know me that well, do you?

Bean: Bop, she has to be up. We need 3 targets for our attack.

Berry: But I want to play with my twin first!

Bubbles: *stunned* They...Berry...she looks just like me. How? *slapped*

Blossom: Bubbles, snap out of it!

Bean: Hey, I thought daddy said she was more cheery then this. Oh well. *punches Blossom, causing her to slide backwards, but leaves a bruise on her left cheek*

Blossom: UGH!! That's it! No more fooling around!

Bean: You haven't even started yet! Let's begin with...*jets toward Blossom, pokes her, then takes up to the skies* tag, you're it!

Dimitri's voice: Blossom!

Blossom: *turns to her left and sees Dimitri* It's not safe here!

Dimitri: Where's Shad?

Blossom: He's...gone. Bell took him again, but I'll explain later! *lifts up to the skies after Bean*

Bop: *giggles* Catch me if you can! *takes off to another side of the schoolyard*

Berry: Well, I guess it's just you and me. That's good. I'm the better you, after all.

Bubbles: The...better me?

Berry: You hurt my daddy! *punches Bubbles in the stomach*

Bubbles: *gasps for air* Wh...why are we fighting?

Berry: *giggles* Does it hurt? That's how daddy feels...INSIDE!!

*Berry's eyes, filled with a familiar fury of Bubblevicious, light up and shoots out aquamarine beams of light. Luckily, Bubbles jumps back and counters with an eye beam of her own, but Berry ducks under it*

Bubbles: *pant pant* So...tired. Why are you so mad at me? I never saw your daddy before!

Berry: First my daddy's daddy lies and now you are?!

*Berry tries to grab Bubbles, but she vaults over her and hits Berry with another eye beam, a direct hit. She hovers an inch off the ground and flies backward to the edge of the forest...away from her look-a-like. Berry chases her down in hot pursuit*

*up high in the skies, Bean and Blossom do hand-to-hand combat with each other. Blossom manages to block most of Beans attacks, occasionally countering with a punch or 2. But she begins to lose her stamina as Bean feels no fatigue whatsoever. Oddly enough, she stops*

Bean: Tired already? You're no fun!

Blossom: *pant pant* What are you, a robot? You're not even sweating!

Bean: Nope, I'm a Creampuff! Besides, could a robot do this!

*Bean backs away a bit, a foot at least. She extends her fingers to their maximum length on her right hand and shouts out...*

Bean: Genji maroon bullets!

*from each of her outstretched fingers, a small, narrow bergandy beam shoots out from all 5 fingers. Blossom manages to dodge at least 3, but due to exhaustion from hand-to-hand combat, the last 2 implode on her arm and chest, almost breaking the skin!*

Blossom: AAAHHHHH!!!

*on the surface, Buttercup seems to be faring a little better. She dodges Bop's incoming follow-up to her special attack and returns the favor with a swift kick to the head, knocking her off her feet*

Buttercup: And there's more where that came from!

Bop: *cries* WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Why are you so mean?! I...I just wanted to play! WAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Buttercup: Hold on there! First you introduce yourself as some Powerpuff wannabe, then you zap me with those energy spheres and such, I fight back as usual, and now you end up...*punched in the stomach*

Bop: HAHA! I really was crying, but I knew you'd feel sorry. Besides, daddy said you were gullible!

Buttercup: How did he know that?! Not that I'm gullible or anything.

Bop: I don't even know what that means. KYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA!! *charges toward Buttercup, mounting up a punch*

*near the edge of the forest, Bubbles jumps back as two blue spinning energy spheres crash and explode right in front of her. Berry then attempts to dive-bomb the girl, but Bubbles sidesteps to the right, getting more and more tired. She already has a few scratches, along with bruises from her fight with Bell*

Berry: Stand still!

Bubbles: *pant pant* Not until you tell what you're saying! Who are you talking about? You say this stuff like I know him!

Berry: Why don't you get it?! *eyes start tearing up* I thought...I thought you'd remember! He LOVED YOU!! And I don't even know a lot about that yet!

Bubbles: Wait...loved me?

Berry: He said that he wanted to be your best friend forever, but you had to move away. Since then he had that hurt in his heart for one year! He's been not fine for too long! Unlike you, I'm going to do everything I can to make him better! That's why he made me! Made my sisters! He couldn't get himself to face you again! That you'd leave him again! *tears roll down her cheeks*

Bubbles: Wait...are you...*gasp* IT CAN'T BE!!

*a light BOOM sound is heard. Bubbles looks behind her and flies to the source, only to see Blossom lying flat on the grass and Dimitri beside her*

Dimitri: Are you okay?

Blossom: Man...what is she?

Bubbles: B...blossom?

Blossom: *gets up* What's wrong Bubbles?

Bubbles: It's their maker. It's...*eyes start to tear up*

Buttercup's voice: GANGWAY!!

Dimitri: Hmm?

*the girls turn around and see Buttercup flying from what appears to be a barrage of amber energy spheres. Buttercup makes a few twists and turns, causing the blasts to crash into each other instead as she lands beside her sisters*

Buttercup: *pant pant* Geez, that Bop girl even has me tired. It's like she has...

Blossom: Unlimited stamina. *looks up* Same thing with Bean. What are they?

Dimitri: And why do they look so much like...

Bean: *comes down from the clouds* Yoo-hoo! Looks like you're all trapped. What do we do now?

Bop: *catches up* It means we can do that thing now.

Berry: Yeah! Do it! Do it! Do it!

Blossom: Now what?

Buttercup: Bubbles, what's with you? So they look like you, so what?

Bubbles: *shaking* It's not that...they were made by...

Berry: Hope Daddy Shaddy is watching this! Formation!

Blossom and Buttercup: WHAT DID SHE SAY?!?!

Dimitri: Wait...MY SON made you?!

Bean: You must be daddy's...what do they call them again?

Berry: Daddy's daddy!

Bop: Never mind him! Let's pop the Powerpuffs already!

*the Creampuffs take to the sky and land in this order: Bean first. Berry at the left of Bean. Bop at the right side*

All 3 Creampuffs: UNISION ATTACK! CREAMPUFF SHUFFLE!! *cue bright flashes of bergandy, aquamarine and amber*

Blossom: Where'd they go?!

Bean: *reappears in front of Blossom and uppercuts her into the air* ICHI!

Berry: *follows suit with Bubbles as she kicks her up to the air* NI!

Bop: *does the same with Buttercup and tosses her upwards* SAN!

*cue 3 more flashes of bergandy, aquamarine and amber as the Creampuffs disappear out of sight again as the PPG float in the air*

Buttercup: Now what?

Bean: *reappears in a flash and punches Blossom HARD in the gut* ONE!

Berry: *reappears and does the same to Bubbles* TWO!

Bop: *follows suit with Buttercup* THREE!

*the Creampuffs vanish again in more flashes of their signature colors as the PPG are left gasping for air as they hold their stomachs*

Bubbles: *hack! cough*

*followed by more flashes, the PPG are struck and sent spinning in place 3 times by what appears to be nothing, but can hear their voices*

All 3 Creampuffs: YI! ER! SAHN!

*finally, there's a flash of bergandy as Blossom is SLAMMED into the ground by Bean*

Bean: UN!

*and Bubbles is sent crashing to the ground after a flash of aquamarine*

Berry: DEUX!

*and finally Buttercup*


Dimitri: NO!!

*Dimitri sees the PPG speeding down to the ground at a dangerous speed. He takes cover as they finally crash land, causing a huge tremor that shakes the interior of the school building. When the rather short shake is over, Dimitri looks up from the ground and stands his eyes open wide. In the center of the a large crater, the girls all knocked unconscious inside it. The Creampuffs above them quickly vanish in a flash of light*

Dimitri: DAMMIT!! *takes out his cell phone, only to see that it's out of batteries* UGH!! *spots a pay phone at a corner of the block* Don't worry girls, I'll be right back!

*Dimitri runs as fast as he can to the pay phone to alert Dexter. But as he gets to it, a brown-eyed girl, no older then 12, has seen everything from the roof of the school. She jumps off and lands next to the crater perfectly!*

AN:'s the surprise! Read the description closely. Heheh.

*the girl dons a black karate robe with a white sash around the stomach area. A zig-zag tendril grows out above her forehead and a ponytail tied behind her hair. She slides down the crater and takes a closer look at the injured girls*

???: Crap! Too late! *sigh* Better safe then sorry then. *takes out a cell phone and dials 911* Anonymous tipster here. There are 3 injured girls in a large crater behind Megasville Elementary. Get them to the hospital, stat! *hangs up* If only I didn't...ugh! *jumps out of the crater and heads back to...wherever*

End of Chapter 19c.

HAHAHAHA!! Go Creampuffs! I mean, the surprise is here. As I said, pay attention to the girl's attire description and appearance, then picture it in your head. Look familiar? ;) Heheh. And here's the battle theme for Powerpuffs VS Creampuffs!

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Added after 5 hours 22 minutes:

*sigh* Might as well update. Hope it doesn't stick to the previous post. I hate that!

Chapter 20:

*Megasville Hospital (emergency room) 5:47PM*

Blossom: *half-asleep* Nuhhhhh. Wh...wha...*tries to lift her head up, but feels a sharp pain in her chest* AHHHHHHHH!! *eyes snap open* That hurt!

Buttercup's voice: About time you got up.

*Blossom can now see her surroundings. She lies still on a white bed, her left arm broken and tied up in a sling. To her left is another bed, Buttercup lying down with her right leg in a sling as well, obviously broken. Her forehead is also wrapped around with a thick bandage, same with her left arm. Blossom looks to her right and finally sees a still-sleeping Bubbles, who seems to be in worse shape then herself and Buttercup. Granted, nothing was broken, but a small needle was stuck in her skin, injecting a clear blue liquid. A heart monitor also resides next to her bed, not flatlining thank goodness. Although it does jump up a little too quickly every few minutes...a sign of great fatigue, the poor girl*

Blossom: Megasville Hospital?

Buttercup: Tell me that didn't happen. PLEASE tell me all that didn't happen in one day!

*the door opens as Professor Utonium, Dexter, Dimitri and Sensei Jack walk in*

Professor Utonium: Girls!

Blossom and Buttercup: Professor!

Dexter: Blossom! *runs to her bed* Are you hurt? Do you need any assistance?

Blossom: Dexter, I'm just fine...sort of.

Buttercup: Psh. She's faking it.

Sensei Jack: Buttercup, how are you?

Buttercup: *blushes* Uh...just fine sensei! Easy peachy! My leg's probably all better already! *pokes the cast* OWWW!!

Sensei Jack: Don't overexert yourself. Let it heal on its own.

Blossom: Speaking of overexerting...*looks toward Bubbles* someone did it big time.

Dimitri: Girls, I'm so sorry.

Blossom: It's okay. What happened couldn't be helped. Although...

Dimitri: No, not Shad. Well it is,'s just that I was going to call the ambulance on a pay phone, but I had no change. *embarrassed* Go figure.

Buttercup: So...Sensei Jack called the hospital?

Sensei Jack: No. I was out grocery shopping during whatever it was that caused the huge crater at the schoolyard. When I got back, the ambulance already had you all in stretchers.

Blossom: Wait...then who saved us?

Buttercup: Speaking of saving, where the heck is Claire?! She works here doesn't she? She can just heal us with her powers in a jip! *constantly mashes the red "help" button*

Professor Utonium: *stares at Dimitri* Yes, Dimitri. Where is Claire?

Dexter: She wasn't at her house when I checked upstairs.

Dimitri: mean she wasn't home?!

Dexter: I went to the main office and asked who made that call, but they said it was an anonymous tipster. Also, while I was upgrading the scanner, I did hear someone exit the house. It might've been Claire catching up to you when the current scanner detected Shad.

Dimitri: But I didn't see Claire at all. Where could she have...

*door opens, revealing a slightly fatigued Claire, all prepped up in her nurse uniform*

Claire: *yawns* Did someone call a nurse?

Professor Utonium, Dimitri and Dexter: Where have you been?!

*meanwhile, at Global Defenders HQ (Brisbane's office) 5:51PM*

Dr. Brisbane: *typing something on his computer* Yes...almost done now.

*the plasma monitor flashes the words Incoming message. URGANT!*

Dr. Brisbane: This better be good. *clicks on the text, opening a video message with I.M Weasel in it* Weasel?

Weasel: Sir, you recall the disappearance of Shad?

Dr. Brisbane: Was it necessary for you to ask that? It's only been a week.

Weasel: You see, our satellite picked up a few things...

Dr. Brisbane: Shad?!

Weasel: Well...yes, among...I'll send you the footage now.

*the screen switches from Weasel's face to none other then the whole fiasco at the schoolyard from a few hours ago! Brisbane is almost mouth agape when he sees Shad using his powers entirely on his own, including what he's saying, even up to when both he and Bell executed Link Conversion. Then the screen flashes to the fight between the Powerpuffs and the Creampuffs, who now just said that Shad made them! The video ends with them performing the Creampuff Shuffle and warping back to Black Eden. The footage blacks out as Weasel's face appears on the monitor again*

Dr. Brisbane: *stunned**slams fist on the table* THERE ARE MORE OF THEM?!

Weasel: Apparently Shad seems to be manipulated by this Bell person, no doubt the work of the one who presides over the Darkstar Council.

Dr. Brisbane: Shad...he MADE those...those...that power. Thanks to this Dr. X character, getting Shad back will be most difficult!

Weasel: But surely Dimitri would try to rescue his son. May I suggest that he does the work for us while we save our resources for when Shad reappears again?

Dr. Brisbane: Perhaps. Or I can just lure them all to one place and send the Rowdyruffs there.

Weasel: You've prepared the bait?

Dr. Brisbane: It's almost complete. Thank you for sending me this footage. You are dismissed.

Weasel: Affirmative. Weasel out. *face disappears from the monitor*

Dr. Brisbane: Hmm...perhaps I can wait will my former employee works something out. After all, it shouldn't take my hackers too long to break into his supercomputer...again.

*back at Megasville Hospital 6:00PM*

Claire: said WHAT?!

Buttercup: He says he's not coming back. I know, it stinks.

Claire: can he use those...

Blossom: That's what I don't get either. At first I thought his "other half" can use those but Shad looked like he did it all on his own. How's that possible?

Buttercup: And to top it off, Bell used something just like that. And it hurt!

Blossom: Yeah...for that split second their auras...they kinda merged together and Bell was able to use Shad's power as her own. Ivory Blaze I think it was called.

Claire: I'm so sorry. It's...*tearing up* SHADDY!

Dexter: It'll be fine Mrs. Staydamind. Once the augmentations on the scanner are complete we should get a lock on him. Although a slight oddity came up while I was doing so.

Professor Utonium: Hmm?

Dexter: I got a lock on Shad just after you girls stepped out. But when Bell took him away again, it vanished. What I first thought was right all along.

Dimitri: What is?

Dexter: The base for the Darkstar Council...where Shad is, lies in another dimension.

Blossom and Buttercup: WHAT?!

Sensei Jack:

Dexter: Something of the sort. Now that we know that Shad isn't being held in space or something, the scanner should be upgraded a little quicker.

Blossom: Another world? *turns to Bubbles, still asleep* Gee Bubbles, who knew you'd be right this whole time.

Claire: I couldn't get there in time. I should've...

Dimitri: Whatever kept you (although I'm wondering what) couldn't be helped. Besides, the girls had something else to contend with after all that.

Blossom: They called themselves Creampuff Girls.

Buttercup: Kinda like knockoffs of us only they don't wear dresses. They had unlimited stamina, whatever that means.

Professor Utonium: Unlimited stamina? That means...they never get exausted? How's that possible?

Blossom: Don't know, but they knew that and tired us out on purpose, then tried to finish us off. And guess what: They look like Bubbles!

Professor Utonium: Bubbles?!

Sensei Jack: How can that be?

Claire: ...I see.

Buttercup: Even more messed up is the guy that made them: Shad! OUR SHAD!

Professor Utonium: SHAD?! far as we all know, they might've been made with Chemical X! How did Shad...unless...

Dexter: The council leader has some, most peculiar indeed.

Dimitri: Why would Shad do that?! Make copies of his friend?

Claire: He's conflicted beyond belief. His powers...they're...

Blossom: Speaking of which, Dimitri, you said that the more Shad uses his powers the more distorted his mind and heart gets. But Shad never knew how to use them on his own until this Dr. X guy taught him. How did he know that?

Sensei Jack: So many mysteries...and little answers in sight. This may be the work of dark forces of some kind. Shad would never stay with evil beings by his own will. If only I knew this would happen.

Blossom: Bell's the...*hears light sobbing* Huh?

*the Professor walks over to the right side of Bubbles' bed. Bubbles is wide awake now, her head still down and a large damp spot next to the pillow, her tears no doubt*

Professor Utonium: Bubbles? You were awake all this time?

Bubbles: *sobbing* Why...why would Shaddy...join them?

Blossom: *fist shakes* It's Bell. She must be manipulating him somehow. There's just no way Shad would join her on his own. Probably got taken advantage of with his hurt heart and all.

Dexter: But doesn't it seem odd? Why did Bell even take Shad in the first place?

Claire: It's all so confusing.

Dimitri: Once we get the scanner upgraded, we'll get some answers.

Dexter: Right...among other things.

Dimitri: Among what?

Blossom: Look, if we don't know what's going on then can we at least discuss just a little bit more of this at home?

Claire: Not until...

Buttercup: Heal us already!

Claire: Um...I'm not so sure what you're...

Dimitri: Claire...just do it.

Claire: But Dimitri...

Dimitri: It's no use. They figured it out far too many times already. Might as well not deny it anymore.

Claire: *smiles* I knew you'd let up sooner or later.

*Claire sticks out her index finger as it glows a bright cerise. She lightly prods Buttercup's forehead and leg and Blossom's chest and arm. All injuries are now removed*

Blossom: *jumps off the bed* I knew it!

Buttercup: *follows suit* We knew you were hiding something.

Dexter: So it's true.

Sensei Jack: Their fractures healed with just a touch. What are you?

Claire: A human! C'mon, su...*starts to get a little dizzy* wooooooooooo.

Dimitri: Claire?!

Claire: *snaps out of it* Huh?! Oh. Must be more exhausted then I thought.

Bubbles: Wait...Shaddy has your power!

Claire: So he does?

Bubbles: When we got burned really badly and almost passed out...I heard Shaddy crying. He got mad at Bell for hurting us and he made us better. Before he left he whispered something.

Blossom: "Don't die." Yeah...I think I heard it my head.

Buttercup: How did he say it in our head? He has telepathy or something?

Blossom: How would we know? Shad doing that despite joining the Darkstar Council proves that he still cares about us. Weird. Amazing...but weird.

Claire: Despite everything he said?

Blossom: Sort of. Let's just get on home already. I'm starving.

Bubbles: Wait for me! *tries to stand up but staggers a bit* Whoa!

Buttercup: *catches Bubbles* Gotcha! Professor?

Professor Utonium: *carries Bubbles* Still tuckered out isn't she?

Blossom: Not that going Bubblevicious helped. She decked Bell a few times, so it was worth it...I think.

*meanwhile, at Black Eden 6:12PM*

*there are streamers and ribbons tied around a few trees. In the midst of all of them is the monitor area. Below the multiple monitors is Black Eden's supercomputer. RODAN: Requisitional Operations and Display Access Network. A small piece of paper lies beside the keyboard. Bean fiddles with the keyboard a little bit with Samantha as Bop pastes another ribbon on a biomech tree*

Bop: *jumps up and down* VICTORY!! We win!

Bean: Now for one more thing. Uh...*stares at the keyboard* how do I use this again?

Samantha: You pulverized 3 Cluster warriors in half a minute and you can't get this to work?

Bean: It does work...I think.

Samantha: It does. Guess I can't blame ya, seeing as you're not even a day old yet. What are you trying to do anyway?

Bean: Bop was talking about us needing a theme song, so Bell showed me this superwhatchamazuppa.

Samantha: Supercomputer. You're trying to find music? And where's Dr. X?

Bean: He’s in the dome thing. Are we allowed to use this?

Samantha: Beats me. Then again, Dr. X gets peeved when someone uses his stuff without his permission. Stand aside and hand over the paper?

Bean: *stands aside and gives Samantha the paper with a URL written on it* Here.

*the paper says:*

Samantha: Okay, let's get cracking.

*Bell's room*

*Shad lies still on Bell's bed, fast asleep. Bell and Berry are perched right next to him as Gir just stares into nothingness...again*

Berry: When will daddy wake up?

Bell: I don't know.

Berry: he dead?

Bell: No! He's just fine! He's...tired. Just really tired.

Berry: ...daddy. Gir, when will daddy...

Gir: Shush! It seeps. The yeast is rising.

Shad: *wakes up* Nuhhh. Wh...what happened? *eyes open and sees Berry* Bu...

*next thing he knew, Shad was caught in what felt like a very tight vicegrip. His arms were binded as another pair of arms wrapped themselves tightly around his back, constricting Shad even more. He looks down and sees...*

Shad: Berry?

Berry: *glomping Shad, crying* DADDY!!

Shad: Berry, I'm fine.

Bell: *pulls Berry off Shad* The Powerpuffs didn't dare hurt him. No punches, no zapping, he's unharmed. He just...fainted.

Shad: *wipes tears off Berry's face* You were waiting here this whole time?

Berry: *nods* Uh-huh. *sniff*

Bell: I came here 10 minutes ago to see if you were awake. Berry looked after you for hours.

Berry: Daddy Shaddy, does it still hurt?

Shad: I'm okay now.

Berry: don't look okay. Your eyes still look sad.

Shad: Uh...they do? Guess IT still hurts!

Berry: it okay if I can call you Shaddy?

Bell: Huh?!

Shad: *gasps* WHAT?! This...this is just like last year! With Bubbles!'s just random...right?![/i]

Berry: No?

Shad: O-o-o-o-o-okay. Just...don't call me daddy.

Bell: But you're their creator. That makes you a daddy, doesn't it?

Berry: Does IT hurt when I call you daddy?

Shad: No! It's just...*blushes* why are we talking about this?! *hears music blasting from outside the dome* What's that?

Bell: That's coming from RODAN. Bean must've found it!

*Berry pulls Shad out of the bed and flies out the dome, Bell following them close by. They headed to the monitor area where RODAN, Samantha, Bean and Bop are. They can now hear the music blasting out of the speakers*

    Tip Tap koi wa itsudatte Candy
    FURU-TSU no you ni Tasty
    Good Luck sou ne mainichi ga SUNDAY
    awatenaide My Heart

    ameagari no machi e to dekakeyou
    BABURUGAMU to koukishin wo fukuramase
    mizutamari ni utsutta blue blue sky
    namida mo kitto
    kawaku yo jelly bean
    Ah PASUTERU no hizashi ni
    shiawase mo AKUBI shite'ru
    yukkuri to arukimasho
    Ah Ah Ah Ah

    Tip Tap maru de yume miru CANDY
    hoohareba sugu ni Happy
    Good-bye totemo U2 (yuutsu) na Monday
    aseranaide My Dream

    nayamigoto wa BERI- no JAMU tsukete
    sukoshi tsumeta MIRUKU TI- de nomihosou
    UINKU suru yozora no Shinin' Star
    tenshi ga asobu
    BI-tama mitai
    Ah KARAFURU na kibun de
    kuchizusamu amai MERODI-
    FUIRUMA ga mawaridasu
    Ah Ah Ah Ah

    Tip Tap koi wa itsudatte Candy
    FURU-TSU no you ni Tasty
    Good Luck sou ne mainichi ga SUNDAY
    awatenaide My Heart

    Tip Tap maru de yume miru CANDY
    hoohareba sugu ni Happy
    Good-bye totemo U2 (yuutsu) na Monday

    Tip Tap koi wa itsudatte Candy
    FURU-TSU no you ni Tasty
    Good Luck sou ne mainichi ga SUNDAY
    awatenaide My Heart

Samantha: *closes the media player* I see you guys heard the new theme song.

Shad: Theme song?!

Bean: *points to Bop* It was Bop's idea.

Bop: I figured it'd be better if us Creampuffs had our own theme song. We were watching stuff about the Powerpuffs on this RODAN thing and they have their own theme song. So I figured we should have one as well. Bell thought that was a good idea so she told Bop to find one on the RODAN thing. We have one and it's SOOOOOOOO CUTE! So can we keep it Daddy Shaddy? *cutesy look* Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? With sugar lumps on top?

Shad: *blushes* sounds pretty cute.

Bell: *giggles* There's a lot of music on that site. I knew you'd find the right one.

Berry: Can we use it as our theme song Shaddy? *beaming*

Shad: She...they all look so much like Bubbles. So can I say no? It's official! The Creampuff Girls theme song is now...

Dr. X's voice: *booming* WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!

*the Creampuffs, Samantha, Bell and Shad turn around and see an angry Dr. X. All 6 of his eyes have that "I'm gonna spank you all red" look. Zim is right next to him*

Zim: HAHAHAHAHA!! You see Dr. X? I told you those spooty girl pasteries were ruining Black Eden with their burning eye hurting frilly girly...stuff!

Bop: RAT!!

End of Chapter 20.
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 20 (part of it) is

Postby Keeper » Wed Jan 11, 2006 5:36 pm

Great updates! w00t

Sorry for not reading earlier. ^^;
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Wed Jan 11, 2006 5:47 pm

That's okay. It's the fact that the posts keep leeching together that causes this thread to stay low on the first page. So yeah, at least one comment (more are welcome obviously) after a chapter would do good. That way the next update will look fresh and not look like 3 chapters clumped together!

Sure, Chapter 19 was split into 3 parts but I'm referring to future chapters. Speaking of chapters...did that girl at the end of Chapter 19c look familiar?;)
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:05 pm

Great work! The Creampuffs rock!
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Postby Melcadrien » Thu Jan 12, 2006 3:01 pm

Wow, three girls, incredible speed, might have a chance against me.
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Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jan 12, 2006 5:07 pm

FINALLY! Chapter 20 completed!

Heh. That won't be the last time you'll see the Creampuffs kick ass.^_^
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
Hidden Angels Original, ongoing fiction. (also hiated. Stupid college!)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Thu Jan 12, 2006 6:36 pm

Hehehe, you even mentioned RODAN!
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Re: Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t Chapter 20 (ALL of it) is U

Postby Shadowed State of Mind » Thu Jan 12, 2006 11:34 pm

Yeah...and I forgot to mention you...again. Oh well. RODAN courtesy of Griddles.

Added after 3 hours 53 minutes:

Chapter 21a: Get Bunny back! (part 1)

*PPG household (PPG room) 7:45PM*

*Blossom and Buttercup lie on their bed in their nightgowns. Bubbles takes out a picture frame from the drawer*

Blossom: Well, at least one thing's confirmed. Claire actually admitted she has powers this time.

Buttercup: Yeah, but too bad we still don't know where Shad is.

Blossom: He's in another dimension. Problem is, we don't know which one. For all we know there are lots of dimensions.

Buttercup: Gee...didn't really think on that.

Blossom: And even if we do know which one, how will we get there? It's not like Mr. Staydamind can just whip up a teleporter or something.

Buttercup: No, but your boyfriend can!

Blossom: *blushes* He's not my...

Bubbles: *sigh*

Buttercup: Bubbles?

*Bubbles gazes at the last picture Shad took with her prior to moving a year ago. The photo has all 4 of the kids smiling as they stand on the roof. The clouds blanketing most of the sky shine a brilliant orange as a full midday moon is just faintly seen in the top right corner and the sun setting over the horizon*

Blossom: Ooooh. I get it now.

Buttercup: Bubbles? *snaps fingers* You alive in there?

Bubbles: *dreamily* I guess.

Buttercup: What now? She was gloomy just a while ago.

Blossom: I guess the mere fact that we have a clue to where Shad is gave her new hope. Now all we need to do is wait until that supercomputer is updated, a transporter and we're good to go!

Buttercup: Meh, I think Bubbles is still tired from her fight with Bell earlier.

*meanwhile, at Shad's house (Dimitri and Claire's room)*

*Dimitri, in a slight nervous fit, is sat on the bed next to Claire, who has last week's newspaper on her lap. The front picture shows the ruins of an exploded house in the suburbs of Townsville...their old home. They happen to have a visitor now. He's sitting in front of them sipping some tea. The cup is away from the face, revealing none other then Sensei Jack*

Dimitri: For the last time, we don't know how our old house blew up! *snatches the newspaper from Claire's lap* According to the date, it happened one day AFTER we moved!

Sensei Jack: *sips tea again* If so, then why are you so frazzled? Perhaps it's because you are aware that I don't believe your words.

Claire: He...he has a point. Perhaps a water heater exploded? A gas leak?

Dimitri: Why are we even talking about this?!

Sensei Jack: The girls took a look at the paper and recognized the location right away. Your old home, I presume? It appears to be more then simple coincidence that the explosion occured just soon after you moved out. Furthermore, you also seem to know about those...powers Shad used. I never really believed that portion of the girls' story until today.

Claire: Dimitri this isn't work...

Dimitri: FINE!! But you are to promise to NOT tell another soul what I'm about to say. The girls most especially!

Sensei Jack: Feel free to do so. After all, if one has a secret that he wishes to reveal, then he must do so on his own.

Claire: We'll take that as a yes. Dimitri?

Dimitri: *sigh* Claire and I...are being pursued.

Sensei Jack: Hmm?

Dimitri: You see, about 8 years ago (at least) a friend and I received an offer to join a special top-secret organization. Mostly due to our far above normal intelligence in certain fields of knowledge. We accepted, wanting to test ourselves. I did many good things for that organization...the Global Defenders. I saw the one who presided over it all as one who has an undying passion to shield the world from least...that's how I USED to see him! *fist starts shaking*

Sensei Jack: Go on.

Dimitri: Claire and I got married shortly before I took the job. Since I was among the top employees at the time, Claire was one of the two non-employee who were granted access to HQ. She decided to just volunteer for Chemical X testing out of the blue.

Claire: This might sound strange, but at the time I was a bit of a risk-taker back then. The possibility of horrific mutation didn't pass through my mind. I took it and...*finger glows cerise* there you have it.

Sensei Jack: I see...who was the second one that was allowed to come with you Dimitri?

Dimitri: Our son. Shad Staydamind. Dr. Brisbane suspected that he has the X isotope from birth. Yet no scanner could detect it. As if he didn't inherit it from Claire. Nevertheless, Brisbane was quite the stubborn, stubborn isn't even the word for it!

Claire: Perhaps we should skip ahead Sensei Jack. Dimitri never said he was going to...explain everything.

Dimitri: Thank you Claire. So long story short, something UNSPEAKABLE happened and I quit. Ever since then that man's been pursing us.

Sensei Jack: For you and Claire?

Dimitri: No...he doesn't need me or Claire anymore. What he wants...WHO he wants is...Shad!

Sensei Jack: What?! But why...

Claire: *sniff* God knows how, but he was already captured once last year. Luckily Dimitri was able to get him back rather quickly.

Sensei Jack: So...that "dream" the girls said he had...

Dimitri: Yes, it was real! Luckily, Shad didn't believe a word Brisbane said. But now...

Sensei Jack: He seems to want to stay far from you. Somehow this Dr. X person must've known how Shad's powers can be unleashed.

Dimitri: It's hard to say when he knew we were...hiding that from him, but what I don't understand is how he knew how Shad's powers worked.

Claire: That is strange. In fact...........the only other person in the entire world besides us and Brisbane who has that kind of knowledge, it can't be! *shakes her head*

Sensei Jack: Hmm?

Dimitri: HE died a long time ago.

Sensei Jack: Whom?

Dimitri: A...friend of ours. A good friend. Despite what happened that time he still chose to remain with the Global Defenders.

Claire: You see, the town we fled to had a bit of a brash of crime. Therefore, it was quite difficult for Dimitri to get another job. I went to work while he did all he could to keep the home...and Shad safe from hooligans and the like. Regardless, we both felt too afraid to do anything more then that. And yet...Shad never cowered that time. He kept hoping that a superhero...any superhero would come and do away with the bad people. At that time, both Dimitri and me were almost jealous that while we practically feared for tomorrow, Shad seemed hopeful for the future. Even though at times he wishes he could help us one way or another.

Dimitri: That's when Cranston started to visit. He helped me hook up my Supercomputer, teleporter, and the late security system. That's when he told us why he still continues to work with Brisbane.

Claire: Operation Cleansweep. It's a strategic assault of sorts he came up with himself. Said he's going to test it out on Townsville first and "purge the scum" he said sometimes. Naturally, it got a bit annoying when he kept bragging saying that he calculated every angle, perfected the gadgetry, blah blah blah!

Dimitri: Bragging or not, he did it for us. At least...he WAS going to do it!

Sensei Jack: Was? Did this Brisbane person not acknowledge his plan?

Dimitri: PAH! The reason why he stayed with the Global Defenders because the folks there are the only people who understand how it all works! No, it happened just one week before the test run on Townsville.

Claire: The Powerpuff Girls. The professor made them about 2-4 years ago, yet they look 7 now. They seemed harmless until they went to school. *sigh* Obviously, it was love at first sight for Shad that day. Anyway, a simple game of tag caused several million dollars worth property damage. The girls were labeled freaks since then.

Sensei Jack: But what does this have to...

Dimitri: I got this. At Global Defenders HQ they saw a breaking news update that Townsville is now the safest city in the world thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. Brisbane and Cranston were stunned, but the blood didn't start to boil until he heard that Adric Utonium...his own COUSIN...made them by accident! That's what set Cranston off!

Claire: He was always so calculating. He strictly believed that no good thing is made by accident. He practically went mad that his younger cousin made the most potent defenders of the world unintentionally...and he's right.

Dimitri: He just took it far to personally. And Adric was just trying to make the perfect little girl. Either way, he would've succeeded...maybe. Cranston was so obsessed on trying to outdo his cousin he attempted to make a perfect little girl on his own. One who is better then all 3 of the Powerpuffs combined. That...was the last we heard of him.

Claire: News reports started coming in saying that there was an explosion in a household. The authorities checked the house and saw that it came from the lab in the basement. All they could find of him was...was...his labcoat!

Dimitri: They say he was incinerated by the explosion. Possibly trying to make a perfect little girl no doubt! Yet...I don't think that was the case. If Cranston was incinerated, then there should've been dust, skin marks, anything that could've pointed that out. That's the only thing I found a, wait...there's another thing.

Claire: What?

Dimitri: We've been down to Cranston's lab lots of times and frankly, it's pretty huge. The explosion came from the left side, yet far to the right, the wall appeared broken down, as if caught in the explosion. That couldn't be. I checked myself when the detectives left and it looked as if not something...but SOMEONE must've blasted it down.

Claire: that you mention that, 2 explosions were heard, the second less loud then the first. If Cranston got killed in that first explosion...what caused the second one?

Sensei Jack: So it seems that this Cranston you speak of may be alive...somewhere.

Dimitri: I've tried formulating theories in my head over and over again. Unfortunately, each was more stupid and downright unlikely then the last.

Sensei Jack: And you chose to tell all this to me. Thank you.

Dimitri: Yeah, just feel free to think on it. Doubt it that your can figure it out though.

Claire: Dimitri! *slaps him upside the head*

Dimitri: OW! That was sarcasm!

Sensei Jack: Perhaps I will meditate on all this. I must be on my way. Courage gets a little...shaky when he's alone. Thank you for the tea Mrs. Staydamind. *walks to the door*

Claire: Why you're welcome.

Sensei Jack: *opens the door* Yet...there's one thing I can't seem to grasp in my mind. About that fight in the schoolyard. Name everyone that was there.

Dimitri: First the Powerpuff Girls, then Shad and Bell, myself and those...Creampuffs I think they call themselves. The Bubbles look-a-likes.

Sensei Jack: So if what the girls said is true...then Shad and Bell fled first. The girls thought they were safe until the Creampuffs attacked them. They were knocked unconscious by their onslaught and then the Creampuffs left. You were the only one still standing so you tried to call the hospital, but you were unable to do so. Yet when I arrived, the ambulance was already there.

Claire: What are you wondering?

Sensei Jack: Who saved them? If Dexter wasn't there and Dimitri was at a pay phone...who else could've called?

Dimitri: That...that is strange. Of course I could've called at the time if Claire was with me. *to Claire* Which reminds me, you never told us where you went! Dexter claimed he heard you step out but you never caught up with me! Where have you been?!

Claire: *nervous* Yeeeeeeeaaaaah...about that...


Sensei Jack: My students! *sprints away*

Dimitri: Powerpuffs?! *follows Sensei Jack*

Claire: *deep sigh* That...was close. *hears HER voice again*

Girl's voice: What was close?

Claire: BUNNY!

Bunny's voice: That's my name.

Claire: Not now, I have to get to...

Bunny's voice: *giggles* They screamed didn't they?

Claire: How didn't!

Bunny's voice: Better hurry up. I hear someone at the door.

Claire: Fine. They know about my powers so...let's roll! *runs out of the house*

Bunny's voice: Hey, that's my line!

End of Chapter 21a.
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Postby GridsNaranek » Fri Jan 13, 2006 12:02 am

Ooooh! I got a feeling I know who they mean ;)
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Chapter 21a completed!

MAN, that was short!
The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind PPG fic; finished. part 1/3
Dual Minds Think Alike PPGD fic, part 2/3; finished (trilogy is on an indefinite hiatus)
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Postby GridsNaranek » Fri Jan 13, 2006 10:11 am

Your references ROCK!
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