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Wed Dec 14, 2005 5:17 pm

Catched up you did. ^_^ Just keep an eye on that post. I'll finish it soon. It's the beginning of the end...of the first part that is!

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Wed Dec 14, 2005 6:31 pm

Ok then. :)

Wed Dec 14, 2005 10:36 pm

Chapter 38 completed!

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Wed Dec 14, 2005 10:38 pm

Good. Also updated myself. Long one too. 5 paragraphs. Or is it six?

Wed Dec 14, 2005 10:42 pm

6. I should know. I read most of your update.

Wed Dec 14, 2005 11:11 pm

I just caught up again myself, and it's still going great.

Sorry about not commenting much lately, I've been all caught up in playing EVE lately so I'm slacking at my other regular activities.

Anyways, keep up the good work as usual!

Shadowed State of Mind wrote:But the second obstacle is getting Photoshop.

*coughBittorrentcough* Just got PS9 for myself there...

Thu Dec 15, 2005 8:58 am

Poor Bubbles...

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:39 am

You got up to Chapter 38 already Griddles?! Or did you skip? Meh, either way, this is coming to a close very soon. And Bear, exactly how big is Photoshop?

Chapter 39: A midday view with that girl.

*Shad's house 4:04PM*

*Dimitri and Claire watch the PC monitor, having just seen Bubbles' failed confession and flying out of the room crying*

Dimitri: *sighs, then sarcasm* Isn't this great? First someone tries to hack in here for our location and now this!

Claire: And just when he finally became their friends.

Dimitri: Finally? They've been friends for almost 2 months!

Claire: To us, 2 months is a short time.

Dimitri: Not to us it isn't. *stands up and stretches a bit* So Adric wishes for them to have new experiences. To broaden their horizons by seeing the real world outside Townsville. Great man Adric. Great man. Good thing Shad knows.

Claire: No he doesn't! Bubbles tried to tell him indirectly but...well, Shad just didn't understand what she was pointing out. Perhaps we should tell him.

Dimitri: And then he'll ask how did we know. Sorry, but we can't take that risk. Bubbles will have to 'suck it up' as Buttercup would say and just say it out loud. She doesn't want to lie to him.

Claire: Speaking of lying...*types something on the keyboard and turns a dial on the "lantern." The monitor then fast-forwards a few minutes after Bubbles came in the room*

Shad: But I kept yelling at them! And they kept saying my mommy and daddy are liars! No matter how much I keep telling them that they don't lie they do something to make me think that they do lie, when they don't!

Bubbles: Maybe it's because you don't remember anything from before you turned 4. Why is that?

Shad: I don't know! I always wondered why that is and wondered about a few things! But mommy and daddy won't tell me and I don't know why. And Blossom and Buttercup might not be friends with me anymore because I won't listen to them. So they'll probably go to a different school!

Dimitri: Claire what are you...

Claire: Just a bit further...*fast-forwards a bit more*

Shad: At least you don't think my parents are liars. It always looks like you're the only one who understands what I always say.

Bubbles: Uh...maybe you should ask your parents again. Aren't there pictures or something about what you can't remember?

Shad: I never asked. I always thought I should only listen to mommy and daddy, and only ask what they want to answer.

Bubbles: Wait...no! That's not true at all!

Shad: What?

Bubbles: You have to think for yourself! You can't listen to your mommy and daddy all the time. No wonder Buttercup got so mad at you.

Shad: But...

Bubbles: You're going to be a big boy in first grade. And the older kids start to choose things for themselves and stuff.

Shad: You mean something like keep asking?

Bubbles: I guess. If not remembering something is bothering you then tell your parents. Keep asking until they tell you even a tiny bit.

Shad: I guess I can do that.

Dimitri: And here I thought Blossom would be the one saying all these things.

Claire: Think we should tell him?

Dimitri: Look. It's not exactly our fault Shad lost all memory from 3 years ago. It was like that when...you know.

Claire: We both know.

Dimitri: Either way, it's better that he doesn't remember. I don't care what Adric says, Shad would NEVER get over what happened 3 years ago if I told him!

Claire: You keep saying that, but is it really better?

Dimitri: Claire, you saw what happened! You know we shouldn't tell. We just have to keep things low for a while. Maybe then the girls won't be so wary of us.

Claire: They won't when they move away next week. And if Bubbles, or anyone, doesn't tell him beforehand...things will get really hard for him. He'll think differently, in a bad way. Of course we can always visit them afterwards.

Dimitri: You are aware that for a sister city, it's pretty far from here. We'd be lucky if the car didn't run out of gas.

Claire: Then fill it up at a rest stop beforehand.

Dimitri: Pfffft! At those prices?! Hell no! *takes out a brochure of Megasville from a small desktop drawer near the hard drive* Then again, I've heard they're more "advanced" then us...in a way.

*meanwhile, at the Powerpuff household*

Shad: Blossom, where's Bubbles?

Blossom: Don't know. She just went flying past us.

Buttercup: She just couldn't say it like that. Guess she has back luck when it comes to rock-paper-scissors.

Shad: You have no fing...never mind. Bubbles was...

Blossom: Crying? Yeah, we know.

Shad: Why? She was telling me you were all going on a trip to Megasville. I said I'll wait until she comes back and then she said she was...sorry. Sorry for what? That she'll miss me? Or the trip will be really long?

Blossom: *sigh* She couldn't say anything else after that. At least not without hurting your feelings.

Shad: Hurt my feelings? But it's a trip. I'm glad she told me!

Buttercup: What?!

Shad: I might not go abroad or whatever, but at least all of you will be back. I'll wait as long as I can and then we'll all go to school and play together again!

Blossom: *eyes well up with tears* Oh great, now I'm doing it! Even though Shad's been starting to think a little negatively of us since that whole 'his parents are lying' thing he still thinks of us as good friends. And he sees superheroes are so good he thinks having superheroes as friends mean that we won't ever leave him for good. If we tell him the whole truth now he'll be heartbroken and probably stay alone like before, and he doesn't want that, nor do we! No wonder Bubbles couldn't tell him! She knew it wouldn't be fair to Shad.

Buttercup: You feeling okay Blossom?

Blossom: Yeah. Just fine.

Buttercup: Anyway, yes, we're leaving for Megasville. But it's not a trip.

Shad: What?

Buttercup: It's more of a tour thing. About a few days from now (since it's next week) we'll be outta here. But here's the thing: How about we convince the professor to unground me and Blossom so we can have as much fun as we can before we go. How's that?

Shad: Weird. For some reason, I feel as sad as Bubbles does. And I can't believe what she said about it being a trip for some reason. Is it a trip? Fine. We just need to find Bubbles first.

Blossom: You don't sound to well. You feeling alright?

Shad: Uh...I think so. *walks downstairs* Bubbles! Bubbles where are you! Buttercup has this great idea we should do!

Blossom: Did Shad sound a bit...sad when you told him we're leaving?

Buttercup: A little bit. You don't think he figured it out on his own did you?

Blossom: Who knows? C'mon, let's help look for Bubbles.

Buttercup: We don't need to. She's probably in her pile of stuffed toys. *bonked*

Blossom: Those are in OUR room and she left it! You check the garage and I'll look in the bathroom.

Buttercup: Whatever.

*in the living room*

Shad: *checks under the couch and behind the TV* Not here either. Maybe mommy knows?

*Shad exits the house and is about to cross the street until he hears faint sobbing from behind him*

Shad: *turns around* Bubbles?! No, not there. Where's that sound coming from?

*sobbing is heard again. Only this time, Shad looks up and sees Bubbles sitting on the roof, crouched down and her head between her knees*

Shad: Bubbles!

Bubbles: *raises her head, revealing her face stained with tears* Shaddy?

Shad: Why are you on the roof?

Bubbles: *sniff* Nothing.

Shad: Why were you crying before? Was it something I did?

Bubbles: No Shaddy. You didn't do anything wrong, honest.

Shad: What happened? If it's about you going on that trip then you'll be back...right?

Bubbles: *floats down the roof and carries Shad back up with her* It...it's not...Shaddy, what was it like being all by yourself?

Shad: I wasn't happy so much, that's for sure. I usually get really scared or nervous if I'm not with my mommy and daddy. When I was at school I get so nervous and shy to talk with anyone else. When they try to talk to me I don't say anything or say the wrong thing, so I always sat in the corner so everyone will ignore me and I won't mess anything up. But I felt even more sad with no one else. I tried to not tell anyone because they shouldn't be sorry for how I feel. So I just stayed in the corner. Stayed there until...

Bubbles: Until I came? I thought you were sick at first and didn't want to spread germs, but you didn't seem sick. And you were the only one who looked so sad while everyone else had fun in the classroom.

Shad: So you wanted to make me feel better by taking my drawings. Then I chased you all around the room.

Bubbles: That's how I got you to sit with us.

Shad: Then there was the dodgeball game and I won on my own.

Bubbles: With help from Buttercup and Blossom at least.

Shad: *looks up, then gasps* Bubbles! *points at the sky* Look over there!

Bubbles: *sees various clouds in an orange sky due to the early sunset. The remaining sunlight made the clouds look as if they're glowing* Where?

Shad: The moon!

Bubbles: *tilts her head to the right and sees a partly-faded full moon admist the clouds* A full moon! But it's not even nighttime yet.

Blossom: It's called a midday moon!

*Bubbles and Shad look down from the roof and sees Blossom and Buttercup right in front of the house*

Buttercup: You lovebirds were at the roof this whole time?! *whips out a camera and takes a picture* HA! Now you can't deny it!

Blossom: Buttercup! You ruined it!

Buttercup: Ruined what?

Blossom: The moment!

Buttercup: What moment?

Blossom: Ugh! Never mind. Bubbles, you're all better now?

Bubbles: A little. *takes Shad's hand as she floats off the roof, but not without another picture from Buttercup while in mid-air*

Buttercup: That's another for the album!

Shad: Why takes pictures of just me and Bubbles?

Buttercup: Uh...so you won't deny it? *cue anime sweat drop on the back of her head* Hehe.

Blossom: How about this: We all take a picture together.

Bubbles: On the roof!

Blossom: Why the roof?

Shad: The midday moon, that's why.

Blossom: Fine, we'll do it on the roof.

*and so, the kids get atop the roof as Buttercup sets up the timer on the camera*

Buttercup: Okay. I think 10 seconds is good. Ready!

Blossom: 10...9...8...7...

Shad: Bubbles?

Bubbles: What?

Shad: Before you asked me how it was like being by myself, what were you going to say? "It's not..." then you stopped.

Bubbles: I'll...I'll tell you later. All that time being by himself...why can't he come with us?

Blossom: 2...1...

All 4 kids: Creamy!!

*camera flashes. A slip of paper comes out of the slot. It develops, revealing 4 kids smiling on a roof, with an orange sky and the midday moon in the background*

End of Chapter 39!

Wonder if Bubbles will actually tell Shad the whole truth.
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Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:59 am

Poor Shad... leaving would be so tough on them. Makes me wonder why the Professor wanted to move. Unless it's like in my fic and he accepted a new job.

Thu Dec 15, 2005 1:05 pm

Chapter 39 completed!

Very close to the end now.

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind. w00t

Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:32 am

Chapter 40: Good-bye...forever?

*for the next few days, the kids have been doing whatever they can to have as much fun as possible. The park, sprinklers, tea time, last minute karaoke, pointing out star constellations, anything until moving day comes. In fact...*

*PPG room. 4:54PM (one day left until the PPG move)*

*Blossom and Buttercup put their clothes inside their respective boxes. Bubbles and Shad pack up their things as well*

Shad: *puts his towel in his suitcase-styled bag* You're gonna leave tomorrow...right?

Bubbles: Uh-huh. The professor says we'll have to wake up a bit early when we leave. Don't know why.

Blossom: I think he said something about beating the rush traffic. From how he said it, making it to Megasville won't be like a quick drive to Tokyo Townsville.

Buttercup: So we have to go to sleep 1 hour early?!

Blossom: *dispenses her brush and hairclip in the box* Probably earlier then that.

Bubbles: You'll be okay when we're gone, right Shaddy?

Shad: *voice breaks up a bit* S-s-sure. Why do I feel so weird? They'll be back...won't they?

Blossom: You don't look so good Shad. Are you sick?

Shad: My tummy hurts. A lot.

Blossom: You probably ate lunch too fast.

Shad: No. That happens after I eat too fast. My tummy doesn't get upset like this unless... *opens drawer, revealing Bunny's cloth* Hello Bunny. Guess what? You're going on a trip with your sisters to Megasville.

Buttercup: And now he's talking to a cloth. You sure you're alright Shad?

Shad: Yes, I'm fine! I had this thought that if this is all that's left of Bunny, then maybe she can still hear us. Besides, it's just like in a fairy tale.

Bubbles: Um...Shad? About that "trip" I was...

Shad: *puts his last article of clothing in his suitcase-styled bag* I'm done packing! *tries to pick it up, but only manages to drag it*

Bubbles: I'll get it to your house for you?

Shad: Uh...why don't we take it there together?

Bubbles: Even better! Try getting on the suitcase.

*Shad sits atop the suitcase. Bubbles lifts it up and then flies out, carrying the suitcase-styled bag as Shad sits on it, as if he were riding a magic carpet*

Blossom: A bit strange, don't you think?

Buttercup: *drops her boom box in the box* What?

Blossom: Ever since we decided to make the most out of our time Shad's been a bit...interupptive then usual.

Buttercup: Inter...in english!

Blossom: Every time Bubbles is about to tell Shad that we're moving away he stops her by doing or saying something else.

Buttercup: Maybe he already knows.

Blossom: I don't think so. We've been keeping a close eye on those two. It's when Bubbles ran out crying that Shad began to act a little strange. Like just now, his voice sounded as if he was going to cry.

Buttercup: Oh yeah! And he was in a hurry to do all the fun stuff so fast. Maybe because he still thinks it's a trip until Bubbles tells him.

Blossom: Call me crazy, but I think Shad already knows.

Buttercup: How so?

Blossom: Every time Bubbles says 'trip' Shad seems a bit...depressed. As if he was the same lonely boy who sat in the dark corner all the time back at school all over again. Of course, that's the reason why Bubbles won't tell him the whole truth. Shad...

Buttercup: Yeah yeah, you told me yesterday. She knows Shad likes her and saying that there's a good chance that we'll never see him again will make him his old self or something.

Blossom: More specifically, he doesn't want to lose friends that he just got. It's been what, just almost 2 months since he finally got used to superheroes being his friend. He even said so himself he doesn't want to end up alone again! But maybe things will be a bit easier for Shad if Bubbles just tells him already.

*meanwhile, at Shad's house*

*Bubbles carries the bag upstairs as Claire sits with Shad, who's holding the "lantern" in front of him*

Claire: So?

Shad: What?

Claire: How did the sleepover go?

Shad: *glumly* Fun.

Claire: I see you had to come back here since the girls are going away for a while.

Shad: Mommy. I don't think it's a trip.

Claire: Hmm?

Shad: When Bubbles told me she was going away, she started crying. I thought it was because she was going to miss me, but it was a trip so she'll be back and...I don't know why but I started to feel like this. Feel sadder.

Claire: Sadder? About what?

Shad: Something keeps telling me something. I think I know what it is but I hope it's lying.

Claire: Hope what's lying?

Shad: The one place where you said all people look into. *points to his heart* This. This is telling me something else. Something I hope is a lie.

Claire: Oh dear. It's as if everything's against him...even his own heart.

Shad: It...*sniff*...it's making me feel all weird inside, in a bad way. How do I make it stop?

Claire: *draws Shad into a hug* You'll know sweetie. *strokes Shad's snow white hair* You'll know.

*after closing the door to Shad's room, Bubbles comes down the stairs, but not before seeing Claire hugging Shad, who appears to be closing his eyes, barely holding back a tear*

Bubbles: *reaches the bottom of the stairs* Hello?

Shad: *opens his eyes* Bubbles?

*meanwhile, back at the PPG household*

*Blossom and Buttercup have just finished packing up their belongings. Now they wait for the moving truck to come for the furniture*

Buttercup: Yeah, but when the heck is the moving truck gonna come? *punched* OW!

Blossom: Don't you pull THAT again! The truck will be here in a few hours and take everything but our beds.

Buttercup: So we chuck those in when we wake up? That's good.

Blossom: *looks out the window to see a backdrop of the urban area of Townsville* Hard to believe we're actually leaving Townsville. We have so much good memories here. Fighting crime, enjoying weekends at the park...

Buttercup: Aw don't get sappy on me. I'm gonna miss being here too. Even if everyone didn't like us when we were made. Seeing us as freaks. But after that whole fiasco with the monkey army, we showed them! And we showed them again! *floats up and jabs in mid-air* And again! *jabs again* And again! *kicks upward this time* And again! Shad probably enjoyed seeing us kick butt all those times. Wonder if there were stuff he didn't see?

Blossom: Yeah. Speaking of Shad, he and Bubbles are taking a while getting his stuff back in his room. Wonder what's keeping them?

Buttercup: Well why don't we pass the time with something? Like saying good-bye to everyone.

Blossom: Wow. You used your brain. Again. Who first?

*back at Shad's house*

Bubbles: So that's it?

Shad: Uh-huh. Somehow my heart is making me feel something, and that's making me think of something that's not true. At least I hope it's not true.

Bubbles: What's not true?

Claire: The only way to know is if you tell him the whole truth this time.

Bubbles: This time?

Claire: I mean, tell him the truth. Almost made a slip-up...again.

Bubbles: But I...if I do that then Shaddy will... Do I have to?

Shad: Please Bubbles? I want to know if what my heart is making me think is true or not?

Bubbles: *gulp, then shakes a little* Shaddy, I can't...

Shad: Yes you can! If you can fight monsters and let me be more open and stuff then you can do this! The Bubbles I know would, that's for sure!

Bubbles: Okay. This is it.

Claire: This is it.

Bubbles: You want to ride Air Bubbles one more time?

Claire: *falls off her chair* WHAT?!

Shad: I guess. One more...time?

*meanwhile, at Townsville Prison*

*Blossom, Buttercup and the professor stand in front of Mojo's jail cell*

Mojo: So you are leaving? You wish to leave the perimiter of Townsville? The boundaries of your residence? You wish to do what many thought wouldn't do which is leaving Townsville? Professor Utonium, you wish to leave your hometown by leaving your hometown which is Townsville? By seemingly abandoning me by leaving here, as in all of Townsville, which is Townsville? Wh...


Blossom: Professor, why did we stop here first?

Professor Utonium: Hmm. I had a reason until Mojo started talking. Either way, you should be glad I came to visit one last time...JoJo.

Blossom: Yeah, JoJo! Without us around you probably won't have much of a reason to break out of here anymore.

Buttercup: Nya nya! Bye forever Mojo!

Professor Utonium: Perhaps years upon years here will teach you to mend your ways.

*Blossom, Buttercup and the professor leave the prison*

Mojo: Impudent peons! I will not mends my ways in years. For I have yet to spend one year here. You think you can run off for long, but it will be ME who will be doing the running off. The running off after you! I shall not rest until I have destroyed you Powerpuff Girls. Me resting is futile until I destroy the Powerpuff Girls. The notion of rest will not come to mind until I've destroyed the Powerpuff Girls. Only then shall I rest once I've destroyed the Powerpuff Girls. For I am Mojo J...*flaming roll of toilet paper is thrown at him* YARRRRRRRRRRGHH! IT BURNS! FOR I AM MOJO JOJO!! I NEED A HOSE! THE HOSE IS REQUIRED FOR EXTINGUISHING THE FIRE ON ME! REQUI...*sprayed with water then shot by a tranquilizer dart*

*somewhere in the skies 6:03PM*

*Bubbles flies through the sky with Shad in tow. She takes the same path as last time. Twirling around the clouds, flying just a few inches above the lake, gliding through the forest, taking turns around the urban buildings, and finally stopping at Shad's house*

Bubbles: So?

Shad: That was fun as always, but it still hurts.

Bubbles: I thought it'd make the pain go away! Do I have to tell him now? It does?

Shad: Yes. Can you tell me now?

Bubbles: We can sing songs. But Buttercup's boom box got packed already. What about...no, the video games are packed up too. Shaddy, let's go inside.

*on the street, a white car drives along, the professor driving and Blossom and Buttercup in the back seat*

Blossom: Okay, saying goodbye to everyone we know took...2 hours. Probably less.

Buttercup: Hey, you were the one who volunteered to open all of the Mayor's pickle jars as a final act of heroic generosity.

Professor Utonium: Now now, it doesn't matter how lon...*sees 2 kids going inside a house* Bubbles? Shad?

Blossom: Where?

*as soon as the professor parks the car in the driveway, Blossom and Buttercup fly towards the front door of Shad's house until...*

Buttercup: *WHAM* OW! Again?!

Blossom: Security system. Remember?

Buttercup: *holds head in pain* Whatever. You think Bubbles told Shad?

Blossom: Don't know. But there's only one way to find out. *Blossom uses her x-ray vision on the door, but to no avail* What? It didn't work!

Buttercup: X-ray vision didn't work? How?

*the door opens, revealing Claire*

Claire: What was that about X-ray vision?

Blossom: Uh, nothing! Just checking to see if Bubbles is here.

Claire: Well she is but Shad needs to be alone with her for a few minutes. I'm just....watching.

Buttercup: You mean we can't even come in?

Claire: I never said that. You can come in, but wait in Shad's room until I say it's okay. Step in now.

*Blossom and Buttercup walk inside and go straight up the spiral staircase as Claire remains in the living room with Bubbles and Shad, who's carrying his Bubbles plushie*

Claire: Okay, now you can tell him.

Bubbles: Remember that trip I told you about earlier?

Shad: Yes.

Bubbles: The professor said something about seeing the world and going to Megasville would be a good opportunity for us. That and Townsville is still wrecked a bit. So we're going to finish kindergarten there and then go to first grade.

Shad: But you're going to be back right? AH! My tummy's starting to hurt more. Why can't my heart stop? It can't be what I think it is! It can't!

Bubbles: There's something I really have to tell you right now. Something I didn't finish because...*remembers running out her room crying*...you know.

Shad: I do know.

Bubbles: I'm going to say it right here and right now. Are you ready?

Shad: Y-yes.

Claire: Here comes.

*at the top of the stairs, 2 large pairs of eyes, one set pink and the other emerald green, watch on*

Bubbles: *deep breath* It's not a trip. We're moving away Shaddy.

*there was silence. Utmost silence. What happened next looked like it was almost something in slow motion. Almost. The Bubbles plushie slid out of Shad's hands and fell to the ground. His silver eyes started to flood up a pool of teardrops as his heart grew heavy upon the confirmation of what he hoped was his own imagination gone wild. Almost instantly after his plushie fell, a single tear rolled out of one of his eyes and down his cheek*

Shad: ...........................................

Bubbles: It's not that bad. I can write to you and you can write back. Besides, Megasville isn't that far. I really liked being with you and I hope you can still be as happy as the times we played together. You don't need to let this get to you.

Claire: Shad, is there anything you would like to say?

Shad: *bends down to pick up his Bubbles plushie* Good-bye.

Bubbles: Good-bye? We're not...*sees that a practical waterfall of tears streaming down his face and on the floor* Shaddy we can...

Shad: *sobbing* I SAID GOOD-BYE!!

*conflicted by both grief and possibly anger, Shad runs up the spiral staircase and PUSHES Blossom and Buttercup out of the way. He gets inside his room and slams the door shut*

Blossom: Shad.

Buttercup: Man, when you're right Blossom, you're right. I mean, I thought he'd just stand down there but...whoa.

*Blossom and Buttercup walk down the stairs and sees Claire with a slightly sullen look on her face and Bubbles looking as if she's ready to cry*

Claire: *wiping a tear from her eye with a tissue* Shad you poor boy. If he reacted in such a way to news like this, then there's no telling what would happen if...

Blossom: Bubbles?

Buttercup: Shad probably didn't mean that.

*before anyone could blink, Bubbles glomped Blossom and Buttercup, sobbing uncontrollably*

Bubbles: IT'S NOT FAIR!! This is exactly why I didn't want to tell him! Now he'll just get sadder and sadder until...

Blossom: I know Bubbles. I figured it out days ago.

Buttercup: I don't care if he did yell at you or push us, I'm still gonna write to him!

Blossom: I'll write extra hard for you Bubbles. We all will.

Bubbles: *sniff* Really?

Blossom: I don't care what Shad said, we're still his friends no matter what.

Claire: Girls, I think it's best if you all go now. I'll speak with Shad. *ushers them out the door* Mail us when you get to Megasville. *door slowly closing* Good-bye...for now...Powerpuff Girls...adieu. *door closes completely*

*soon after the girls went home, they told the professor everything that happened. The professor was almost at a loss of words upon hearing how Shad took it. Back at Shad's house, Claire told Dimitri what happened as well when he stepped in. Unfortunately, Shad refused to let anyone in his room, nor did he step out of it for the rest of the night due to wallowing in his own tears. Dimitri and Claire decided that at 5:55AM they would see Adric and his daughters off. They would leave it up to Shad to see if he would accompany them*

*in front of the Pow...er...former Powerpuff household*

*a loading truck is parked in front of the house alongside the professor's car. Standing near those are the professsor and the sleepy PPG*

Blossom: *yawns* What are we waiting for professor?

Professor Utonium: Not waiting. I'm trying to *unlocks the car*...there. Everyone inside now.

Bubbles: ............................

*the front door of Shad's house opened, revealing Dimitri and Claire, wearing jackets over their nightwear and walking to the professor*

Professor Utonium: Dimitri! Claire!

Dimitri: Heheh. So you leave at last Adric.

Claire: You going off to higher learning. To challenge yourself. That seemed like something you wanted to do back at high school.

Professor Utonium: You guessed right Claire. *deep sigh* If only he was here to see me off.

Dimitri: Yes. It's a shame really.

Claire: Enough of that. It's such an honor for your girls to protect us all this time. I'm sure Townsville will be able to defend itself well into the future. Blossom, make sure you don't snoop about too much. Buttercup, you may want to learn how to fly more straight. And Bubbles. I'm so sorry to say this but Shad won't be...

???: Bubbles?

*Bubbles looks to the right of Claire and sees a door open. Walking towards her is a little boy with white hair with a tint of gray, silver eyes, and wearing pajamas. He stops in front of Bubbles. Holding something...*

Shad: I made a copy of this. Remember Tokyo Townsville?

Bubbles: *given the same printout picture from the picture booth at Tokyo Townsville. The one of her lightly kissing Shad on the cheek. Bubbles gasps* Sh-sh-shaddy. This is...

Shad: *yawns*

Claire: Oh my. *picks up Shad* Looks like someone's still a little sleepy.

Buttercup: So he still cares doesn't he? *gets in the car*

Blossom: Looks like it. *does the same*

Bubbles: *floats up to a sleeping Shad* Good-bye Shaddy. We'll see each other again...I promise.

*right after those words, Bubbles kisses Shad on the cheek and gets in the car. The professor starts the engine as the moving truck drives ahead*

Dimitri: Be sure to call every now and then Adric!

Claire: We know how much of a square you are. *giggles*

Professor Utonium: Very funny. Rest assured, I'll do that.

Dimitri: Then adios old friend.

Claire: I bid you *bows a bit* adieu.

*the car then drives along. Dimitri and Claire watch as the car holding their best friend, the same car holding not only the greatest heroes they've known, but the best friends...that their son had. They wave good-bye as the 2 vehicles go farther, shrinking from their view as it takes the out-of-town highway...until it goes out of sight. To a new place. To a new experience. To a new adventure. Rest easy, Powerpuff Girls. Your duty may be done in Townsville, but in Megasville...*


To be continued in Dual Minds Think Alike!


Powerpuff Girls (c) Craig McCracken
Names "Adric" and "Cranston" (c) Sir Griddles
Shad Staydamind (c) ME!!
Dimitri Staydamind (c) WHADYA THINK?! :P
Claire Staydamind (c) DUH!
Global Defenders (c) Mpcp 13 (wonder who that is :unsure: )

And that should be all of them. Hope I didn't miss anything. Before the second part starts I'd like to inform you all that I may create a trailer like last time (here's hoping I don't screw up anyone). Also, what WILL be available before (maybe before) it starts is a sneek peek at another OC of mine. I won't be saying who, but let's just say some of you will be pretty surprised. And those that do know, please don't blab.
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Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:16 am

Yay, that was good dude!!

I wonder how this'll affect Shad though?

Sat Dec 17, 2005 4:16 am

That was GREAT!

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind FINISHED (for now)

Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:16 pm

*gives thumbs up* Sweet finale ShadowM!!! :snoogins:

I will most be excited to read "Duel Minds Think Alike" w00t w00t w00t

Re: The Life and Times of Shad Staydamind FINISHED (for now)

Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:41 pm

Added the bibliography. Trailer (if there will be one) will be done when I'm able to. Grrr, laundry!

Added after 8 hours 24 minutes:

What am I saying. Of course there'll be a trailer. And it starts...NOW!

A Shadowed State of Mind production

In the suburbs of a vast metropolis known as the sister city of Townsville: Megasville

*zoom in to a familiar-looking house*

It has recently become a new home for 3 special little girls

*zoom in further through the windows into the PPG room, showing Blossom sitting on a desk and doodling a heart with the words 'Dexter' and 'Blossom' in it*

Buttercup: *snatches paper* HA! You DO like that dorkster don't you?

Blossom: *chases Buttercup around the room* Give it back! Professoooooooooor! Buttercup's teasing again!

However, one of the girls feels a tad bit...lonely, for lack of a more sophisticated word

Bubbles: *sits on the bed, staring at the picture Buttercup took* I wonder how Shaddy's doing.

But come the next day at school...(i.e. fast-forward 2 months after the Dexter Saga in the PPGD)

*scene shifts to a first grade classroom in Megasville Elementary*

Ms. Meryl: Class I would like to introduce a new student. Come on out Mr. Sta...Stayda...*door opens, revealing a boy with white hair and silver eyes*

An old friend returns (sort of)

???: My name is Staydamind. Shad Staydamind.

Bubbles: *gasps*

This boy is special...

Ms. Meryl: Please make Shad feel welcome.

For he is...

Bubbles: Shaddy, there's a seat right...*Shad zooms past Bubbles and to the back row*

Or at least, WAS a friend of the PPG

Blossom: Oh no.

Dexter: You know him?

*scene shifts to the playground behind Megasville Elementary*

Bubbles: Shaddy was the bestest friend we ever had, but I think I hurt him before we moved.

Claire: The poor thing's been pushing away everyone for some time.

COMING SOON! (or VERY soon since I update fast :P)

A new evil...

*cue shots of all members of the Darkstar Council*

...unlike any other, aims to destroy all heroes!

Dr. X: Before we're through the world shall tremble beneath our mighty rule!

They all seem to share the same ambition...

Zim: We shall rain infinite DOOM upon their DOOMY HEADS OF DOOM!

...as Dr. X has a little 'doomsday scenario' planned.

*shot of Dr. X speaking to a holographic version of Aku in a dark alcove*

Aku: Rest assured mortal. All will go as planned so long as you keep your end of our settlement.

However, someone goes...

*shot of Shad and Bell vanishing in a flash of white light*


Bubbles: SHADDY!!

But when Dr. X saw an unexpected visitor...

Dr. X: *staring at a shaky Shad* SHAD!

Shad: How do you...

Bell: Daddy, you know him?

...things change a bit.

Bell: So you hate being alone. I know! Maybe we can be friends.

Shad: I guess...just don't leave me.

*scene shifts to Shad wearing gauntlets with a ruby in each of them and binds them together and a soot-covered statue of a dragon in front of him*



Dimitri: You mean Shad just DISAPPEARED?!

...things are about to change. Slowly...

???/Shad's "other half": Shad...why would you join them?

...but steadily.

Bell: *to Shad* Now!

Shad: EBONY BLAZE!! *a stream of jet black fire shoots out of his shadow and sets some nearby trees aflame*

Be prepared...

*shot of Bunny's cloth glowing a bright purple*

...for surprises...

*scene shifts to the PPG knocked to the ground by 3 girls their age shrouded in cloaks of bergandy, teal and orange(tentative color)*

Buttercup: Who are they?

Girl in bergandy cloak: *giggles* Wouldn't you like to know.


*shot of the Rowdyruffs and Claire in the woods of Black Eden*

Butch: Out of our way lady! What makes you think you can stop us?

Bricks: It's not like you're a Powerpuff or anything.

Claire: *eyes closed* Heheheh. You're mistaken child. For the time being at least...*eyes snap open as a light pink aura surrounds her and begins to float a few inches off the ground* I'm much stronger then the Powerpuffs!

Boomer: Say WHAT?!

...and turns...

Dexter: What Bell and Shad did...was that Link Conversion?

Otto: Link what?

...at each and every corner...

Dr. Brisbane: *stands on a balcony, high above a battalion of troops* Today, we shape our destiny and purge the world of this Darkstar Council!!

*scene shifts to Black Eden*

Dr. X: Bell, make sure Shad stays away from harm. From what we've seen him do, it's no wonder the Global Defenders wish to have him.

Bell: But daddy, how did you know his name?

...along with a sinister secret...

Dr. X: The Berserker Revolt...to think I thought...

...that will turn the tide of battle...

*scene shows the sky being "ripped apart" as thick black mist seeps out and covers the entire atmosphere*

...between the Global Defenders...

*cue scene of soldiers in uniform marching around the base*

...the Darkstar Council...

Montray: There's something odd about the young human that I can't put my wire on.

Commander Destruction: Affirmative. Dr. X wouldn't have let him join us in the first place. Not that he knows what he's getting himself into.

...and the superheroes themselves.

Bubbles: Why would Shaddy join the bad guys for?

Blossom: *fist shakes* It's Bell.

Dexter: He must be manipulating him somehow. Although I can't understand why they would want him.

*final scene shows the heart of Black Eden enveloped in a maelstrom of chaotic explosions as a figure completely shrouded in shadow smiles wickedly, his red eyes showing signs of savagery*


*screen goes black as Gir runs around holding a bag of popcorn while Shad chases him and Bell watches on*


Shad: Gir that's mine!

Bell: *giggles*

Coming to a thread near you!

Now for trailer music. You may choose from either this or this. Be sure to...meh, you know by now. The bold words.

Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:14 am

Great stuff!! Can't wait!

Sun Dec 18, 2005 1:39 am

Hey, good job on the first saga, and the next one looks like it should be quite interesting. Keep it up!

Sun Dec 18, 2005 2:41 pm

Glad that you all like it. Now as much as you might've liked what the next part has in store, keep in mind that this is a trailer. As you know, there are some stuff in there that won't be finalized and a few other things I deliberatly didn't add in.

For example, who are those girls shrouded in colored cloaks? Well if you guessed new OCs of mine, then you're correct. Who are they exactly? Heheh. Just wait until Griddles gets to my request. Because I may not (and I empisize the word MAY) start the second part until it's done. Yes, it's just that good...wait, did that come out right?

Anywho, which trailer theme did you like better?

Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:15 pm

In the words of slip and slide (Coconut Fred)


Re: Teaser Trailer up for Dual Minds Think Alike!

Sun Dec 18, 2005 8:02 pm

I like both! I like this fic! I can't wait!!! w00t

Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:09 pm

Can't wait huh? Well I may start things off this week. Or tomorrow even!

Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:39 pm

HA! See, like I said, tomorrow! Which is today! Sit back and relax folks. For it begins now! Dual Minds Think Alike! And just as a side note, this is fast-forwarded one year after the PPG moved and 2 months after the Dexter Saga of the PPGD. Also, I can’t think of a good subtitle for the first chapter. Drat!

Chapter 1:

*scene shows the great blue sky, or a little of it at least. It's a dull, gray cloudy day. The scene then pans down to the City of Townsville and then zooms out to the suburbs. The scene then shows 2 houses separated by a street. On one side is a house completely uninhabited, whereas the view of the second house across the street is obscured by a moving truck and a silver car*

*Shad's house 1:21PM*

*in her bedroom, a woman with shining brown eyes, black hair tied into a long ponytail and a short tendril above her forehead wearing a marine blue dress is filling out a form of some sort. A job application. Also in the bedroom is a shorter man with the same black hair, black eyes and donning a suit. He too is filling out a job application*

*the scene then shifts to another room. An empty room devoid of furniture save a few small boxes. The walls and ceiling are painted gray and the carpet, also gray. In the center of the room stands a boy, age 7, with hair so white it'd be mistaken for snow if it weren't for the slight tint of gray. His eyes were an almost dulled silver. The boy is wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt with a detachable hood and slate-gray pants. The boy seems sad. Of course, he always seemed sad people say. He's been like that ever since last year. When THEY moved away*

Shad: *putting the life-size PPG plushies in the box, the second to last of his belongings* That's everything. Well, almost everything at least.

Claire: *opens Shad's door* Shad, are you ready?

Shad: Yes mommy. Everything's packed.

Claire: *sees something in Shad's hand* Is that...

*Shad holds it up, revealing it to be a plushie of a certain blonde-pigtailed girl with large blue eyes wearing a blue dress with a black stripe across the middle*

Shad: This? I...I want to keep it with me. When we're in the car.

Claire: I see. So you...okay. Your father and I just got our things in the truck. You wait in the car while...

Shad: No. I'll get these in. *lifts the smallest box containing his clothes and leaves the room*

Claire: Shad. *picks up a bigger box holding his books* OOF! Easy now, lift with your legs.

*in the hallway, Dimitri leaves the room holding a big envelope when he sees Claire carrying a big box*

Dimitri: Shad's done already?

Claire: Almost done. There's one thing he wants to keep with him in the car. Can you get the others? *walks down the spiral stairs, struggling with the package a bit*

Dimitri: No problem. *goes in Shad's room and sees 3 more boxes, one of them containing his large bed* Yeah...no problem.

*just outside Shad's house*

*Shad throws the package with his clothes into the moving truck as Claire does the same with her's and Shad's belongings as well. The truck is nearly full. Just enough space for the bed*

Claire: So Shad? How do you feel now that we're moving?

Shad: Why are we moving?

Claire: Daddy got a job transfer of course. Naturally, since it's so far in Megasville I decided to switch hospitals myself.

Shad: Oh. Okay. So I'm going to a new school.

Claire: That's right. Megasville Elementary. Once we get there you'll be starting first grade. Things shouldn't be too hard for you there. After all, Ms. Keane announced you got one of the highest grades in the graduation ceremony. Yet you didn't seem to happy that time. I understand why.

Shad: Understand what?

Claire: Shad, don't pretend to forget. You'll have to make new friends eventually. A good start is at Megasville.

Shad: Friends? New friends? I already had friends. But they're not my friends anymore.

Claire: Aye yai yai! He's been saying this ever since THEY left. Not that I can blame him. After all, he's been very...infatuated with one of them. The poor thing had a sullen heart ever since he heard those 4 words. Well they've been sending you letters. You seemed a little happy when you read them.

Shad: Only for a little while. I wanted them WITH me forever. That's how friends are, aren't they?

Claire: They are with you. *pokes Shad's heart* In here. That's what friendship is.

Shad: Then why does it hurt?

*the front door opens, revealing Dimitri trying to pull the large box out of the house, almost out of breath*

Claire: Be right there Dimitri!

*as Claire runs to Dimitri to help him pull the box containing Shad's bed out, Shad goes inside the car and sits down in the back seat, staring at the plush doll version of the first girl he had true feelings for*

Shad: We're going to Megasville. Daddy says it'll take hours to get there. It might be nighttime when we get to our new house. I wonder what it'll be like. Maybe it can have that security thing like our old home. But that man who used to visit only knew how to do that and daddy doesn't know a lot about techie stuff. Will our house be closer to the school or far away like it is here? Will it be big or small? I wonder if it has a spiral staircase. And I wonder if it'll be across from...*turns to the now-boarded up former home of a certain renowned scientist*...them. Will it be closer or farther from...them? Why did they have to leave? I was so happy when I got used to having friends. Superhero friends. I'm a normal person yet they liked me anyway. I just wish they liked me enough to not move away. Mommy says they never left my heart, but why does it still hurt...for a whole year? Maybe the only way for the hurt to go away is to not care anymore. If I don't care, then maybe I'll stop being sad, and the hurting will stop. Besides, if I try to start being friends with them all over again they'll probably leave me like last time. *yawns* But I've been feeling more sleepy then usual. Maybe because *yawns* my dreams are the only place where I can relive everything...even if...*head lolls to the side* they aren't...*lies down on the seat* real. *falls asleep*

*once Dimitri and Claire are done putting away everything into the moving truck, they get inside the car. Dimitri being in the driver's seat and Claire in the passenger seat*

Dimitri: Wonder what the look on Adric's face will be once he sees us.

Claire: You mean you didn't call him?

Dimitri: *starts up the engine* No. I want this to be a surprise. *turns to the back and sees Shad laying all over the back seats, fast asleep* Hmm. Perhaps it'll be a surprise for Shad as well. Provided that he hasn't got over...well you know.

Claire: Over what? His sub-depression or the girls themselves?

Dimitri: *hits the gas pedal* The latter. Sleep tight Shad. Have pleasant dreams.

Claire: His dreams are probably the only place he can retreat to now.

Dimitri: In a flawed reality? Let's hope it doesn't stay that way.

Claire: Shad probably hopes the same thing.

*the car finally drives off. Off to the same highway a certain other car took one year before. The moving truck follows it. In the car, Shad sleeps soundly, holding onto his plushie tightly. In a realm that is entirely his own. A world that he wishes was a reality. A place where he can relive the wonderful days with the 3 girls he adored so dearly. But the one he wishes to see the most not in his dreams, but in reality, is the one girl he had, and still does, have special feelings for. The girl who is almost identical to the plush doll Shad still treasures to this very day. Her name still echoes in his mind, bringing a little bit of joy, but a feeling of inept loneliness: Bubbles Utonium*

End of Chapter 1!

Hmm. Seems a bit short. But it's the first chapter after all. Not to mention the first one to not feature the girls to boot (at least not yet, obviously). Naturally, this calls for some BGM but I'm at school for the time being so once I get home that'll be arranged. Comments are, as always, welcome! ^_^

Added after 1 hours 29 minutes:

Chapter 1 completed!

EDIT: BGM! Get your BGM here! Your choices this chapter are this or this. Hmm. I kinda like the first one better.
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Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:54 pm

Nice starting point. Better get mine finished then. Can't be behind. ^_^

Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:30 pm

Added music to chapter 1! I'll see if I'll get chapter 2 up today.

Added after 1 hours 2 minutes:

So in the meantime, listen to the Dual Minds Think Alike theme song!

Re: It's begun! Dual Minds Think Alike! w00t

Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:58 pm

Great work man w00t can't wait to see more ^_^
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