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Postby Icerider » Sun Aug 21, 2005 4:57 am

The Terminator-Post Judgement Day

April 15th 2029 23:45
Private Luke Micheals
Outer Defensive Perimeter: Los Angeles

Private Luke Micheals was on standby, on top of the outermost defensive wall of the Los Angeles Resistance base. Searchlights from on top of the wall swept over the dusty, junk cluttered ground of what was left of the eastside LA. Watching the area that the debris had been cleared to when the wall had been constructed, Luke idly thought 'At least my shift's almost over'. The reflection of one of the spotlight beams on a clean metallic surface alerted Luke; making him grab up his night vision binoculars and check the area on the ground. Pressing the binoculars into his eyes, Luke saw something he had only heard from the veterans that actually made it back to base after an attack: a machine. The bipedial mechanical monster was alone as far as Luke could see, yet even so, he spun around and began running down to the alarm mounted on the wall, tripping over chains of rounds for the mounted gun he was stationed at as he ran. Finally reaching the alarm panel, Luke slammed his fist into the battered dull red button on the panel which caused a screeching wail to erupt, shattering the night's silence and stillness with it's loud, echoing voice that reached to the furthest reaches of the city.

Bolting back to the mounted gun, slipping over the ammunition once again, Luke sat in front of the panel, that discerned what vision to use based on the light around the panel, as a crosshair for the gun. Seeing the machine again in his sights, Luke fired the heavy plasma machine gun at it, and it's many comradic machines that were only just coming out of the debris. As Luke fired at the machines, alarms all over the city were being activated and the gunners on the wall were firing into the hoarde of incoming machines, destroying an occasional one here and there, but overall doing nothing to stem the incoming tide.

Luke's vision blurred as the heat sensor on the panel reached the red line and the gun shut itself down so that the barrel of it did not melt. Still holding the trigger as the gun quieted, Luke's eyes slowly cleared as the machines returned fire at the gunners. The man two feet to the left of Luke, on his own gun, was blown out of his seat by a laser blast from the machine army and his gun was suddenly silenced as he flew off the wall and onto one of the many piles of debris on the Resistance side of the wall. Luke once again began firing at the foremost machines, destroying heads and severing wires on a couple of them, and downing only a single machine. As Luke eased off the trigger so that his gun would cool down, a barrage of laser fire shot up and only just missed Luke's form, waiting until it was safe to fire.

Hearing, above the sounds of the battle, a loud noise that seemed to be coming from behind the machine army with their red optics burning through the night, their bulky laser rifles firing and being reloaded, and thier nightmarish forms marching to attack without fear, yet also above the air. Glancing at his small radar on the gun, Luke saw only an endless tide of machines. He watched the air after every seond shot from then on. He was not watching for long.

As more and more laser and plasma return fire flew at the wall personnel, three men sprinted out of the lookout post to Luke's right, one jumping straight into the gun just outside of the house, another running towards the next nearest gun, and the final pelting towards Luke, fear plastered over his face.

Luke glanced sideways at these comrades as his gun once again shut down for cooling and saw the young man recieve a plasma ball to his shoulder, which ripped through his arm, burning a hole in his armour and making him slam into the ground and begin screaming in agony as his blood, turned black in the eerily bluish light of battle, poured out of the hole that had been, a second ago, his shoulder. Leaping off his emplacement, Luke dragged the screaming young man into the guardhouse, praying against all odds that he himself would not be hit by the incoming laser or plasma rounds. The unidentified sound was getting louder and louder with each passing moment.

Resting the private against a wall inside the guardhouse, Luke quickly ripped the young man's shirt off to create a temporary bandage to stem the flow of blood from the potentially fatal wound in the man's arm. Looking into the agonised young man's face, Luke told him "I'll be back for you. I promise. You're gonna get outta here. Alive." With those words said, Luke started for the door again.

Running towards the open heavy metal door, Luke saw a black substance splash in front of him and smelt the stench of burnt flesh before a barely discernable thud reached his ears and a helmet rolled into view. The soldier who was manning the gun just outside the door had been shot out of his gun. Luke heard the sound more clearly as he stepped out the door and bolted for his gun. It was a steady whining as if of turbines spinning furiously with a heavy echoing note as it's central core. Fear doused Luke as he finally recognised the sound.

As the steady chugging of Resistance machine guns was slowly overrun by the unidentified sound, Luke flew back to his gun and checked the radar once again as he began firing into the sea of SkyNet forces. Now an aireal target reisterred on the radar and Luke's head snapped up as he searched over the tops of the mounds where the machines were spewing forth from. The cold feeling of dread filled Luke's body as he saw it. A gunship was on the horizon, coming towards the defenders at a leasurely pace, as if sure that it was invincible.

Stopping in shock and horror as the Hunter Killer gunship came into view, Luke finally responded to what he was seeing after a moment, snapping his turret towards the incoming terror and beginning to fire, pumping the plasma rounds towards the gunship through the black night air as the army on the ground continued to advance towards the wall.

As the heavy sound of the HK gunship's engines overran even the sound of Luke's machine gun, it opened fire upon the wall, peppering it with plasma rounds and downing almost half of the defenders, silencing the guns and incinerating the crews. At this point, the remaining turrets all concentrated fire upon the airborne threat, leaving burn marks and small, black dents all over it's hull.

Luke aimed for the left engine as it pointed itself towards him to manouver the ship to be able to fire upon the remaining gunners. The turbine itself pointed towards Luke as his gun's needle moved quickly towards the red line. As his gun shut down, Luke lost all hearing as the engine exploded in a firey show that engulfed the rest of the ship before an even larger explosion signified that the ammunition belts had exploded within it.

A wreck of charred black metal span towards the base of the wall, spreading shrapnel as it spiralled downward. A blade from what had been one of the engines buzzed menacingly as it span uncontrollably towards Luke's gun, causing him to leap out of the turret to avoid being sliced in half by it.

Slamming into the ground as laser fire shot towards him, Luke began crawling towards the guard house, ignoring the airless feeling in his lungs and searing pain in his head and limbs. 'Have to...get back...' he thought to himself. 'Gotta save the private'.

Reaching the guardhouse just before concentrated plasma and laser fire swept the wall, Luke saw the private, laying dead upon the ground with blood coming out of his wounded shoulder and also out of his head, just underneath his left temple. Looking up quickly, Luke saw the outline of one of the machines in silouetted by the blue laser and plasma fire and leapt out of the door he had come through. Tearing down the access stairs, Luke was thrown off his feet by a glancing laser shot that hit his right shoulder, which caused him to fly off the stairs and land on the dusty, bone dry ground between two piles of debris. His chest felt like it had been landed on by a tonne of bricks. The adrenaline in his body caused him to get to his feet whilst crawling away from the wall and begin to run as a loud crunch behind him signalled that the machine had followed Luke's decent.

Knowing that a single wrong move could mean the end of his life, Luke ran away from the wall, dodging between the various debris. An old, rusted hulk of a car here, a part of an apartment block there...Luke tore between these obstacles, feeling the lactic acid building up in his legs as the nightmarish sound of hydraulic servo-motors grew behind him with every second. Finally collapsing from exhaustion and surrendering to his fate after running for over half an hour, Luke forced himself into a sitting position and held his laser rifle at the ready. He wasn't going to die without a fight.

Seeing the dual red lights of a machine's optic systems burning through the darkness, Luke fired his PLM-40 into it, emptying his clip and leaving the laser rifle's barrel smoking before dropping it beside him and pulling out the dual machine pistols he had strapped to his thighs. They were also empty within the space of a few seconds. The nightmare continued to advance, crunching the skull of a small rodent's white skeleton underneath it's silver foot.

Luke, out of desperation, began crawling towards the left, around the building debris he was leaning against as the machine opened fire with it's laser rifle and incinerated the area he had been, not a second before, leaning against. Crawling behind the rubble, Luke heard a loud noise, much like that of a pre-apocalypse truck, getting louder and louder from behind him. Using his last bit of energy, Luke pushed himself over the large gap between piles of debris as the mechanical monster followed him around the corner. Huddling behind a large pile of rubble as he waited for his doom to come to him, Luke reloaded his machine pistols as he listened to the hydraulic servo-motors honing in on his position. He was ready to die for the Resistance.

Feeling his heart slam into his ribcage as time seemed to slow, Luke heard the sound of the truck getting louder and louder as the foot of the SkyNet unit crunched into the dust right beside Luke's knee and it's servo-motors whined as the other foot left the ground. Hearing the sound of a machine gun beginning to fire which were soon joined by three others, Luke watched the foot in apprehension as it disappeared.

Turning so that he could see what had happened, Luke saw the machine being hammered by plasma rounds that punched into the body of the monstrosity, soon leaving it as a charred piece of machinery, the analystic yet murderous glow of the optic systems dead and black. Peeking around the pile of debris, Luke saw a Resistance tank with four heavy plasma machine guns smoking stopped at the point that the debris began to thicken. Crawling out of hiding, Luke moved into the beams of the spotlights as he crawled towards the tank. Before he reached it, however, the driver pulled it around and with a heavy lurch it began to move. Luke's heart was pounding, blocking out all other sounds.

Crawling weakly towards where the tank had stopped, Luke felt the adrenaline drain from his body with increasing speed, also making him attuned to the pain wracking his body. Grunting in pain repeatedly as he leant on the debris to stand up, Luke felt his shoulder as if it were on fire, his stomach felt as though a sledgehammer had been slammed into it, and his arms and legs burning because of the numerous cuts and bruises caused by the crawling through the dust. Wobbling on the spot as he stood, weakened, upon the area the tank had been, not even a minute ago, parked on.

Walking slowly back towards where he left his gun, Luke heard the sounds of heavy bootfalls coming towards him from the direction of the wall. Leaning over to pick up the discarded rifle, Luke saw another private pelt around the corner and come to a sudden stop as he saw Luke. His breathing was heavy as he listened for the sound of doom behind him, and when he did not hear it, he slightly calmed down. All of this happened as Luke stood upright again and winced as his back popped into place once again. "Let's get back. It's getting early and we're gonna be needed back at Headquarters." Luke said to the man as he turned around, preparing to step back into the clear area. His legs felt as if filled with lead and his head pounded in time with his heart as he heard the man move up beside him.
"Alright. We'd better..." he replied quietly to Luke's comment. Stepping painfully forward, Luke took one step, and another before his legs began to properly respond. The two privates began to make their way back to the Resistance Headquarters tiredly.

After another hour of trudging through the rubble towards the base, Luke and the other private who's name was Andrew, heard once again, the deep, hollow booming sound of a SkyNet HK gunship coming towards them. Looking at each other for a split second, both men began running quickly, still dodging in between piles of debris and ducking under cover whenever possible. Glancing over his shoulder as they began to pelt through an open stretch between perimeters, Luke saw the hellish shadow of the gunship against the backdrop of a black, cloudy sky honing in op them.

With his heart in his throat, Luke saw the guns on the wings of the gunship begin to heat up, a ruddy yellow glow deep within the barrels of them signalled that the targeting system had locked onto something. It was hounding the privates like a hunter playing with it's prey as the weapons heated to firing temperatures. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion to Luke as the burning plasma pellets sped towards him and Andrew, leaving an acrid scent of flames in their wake. The plasma shots honed in on their targets.

Feeling the heat as one of the plasma balls flew past his head, Luke saw the dirt in front of him thrown up by the impact of the burning hot material. Without looking, he heard a heavy booming to his right, among one of the debris piles, and the night lit up with a yellow flash as two missiles slammed into the silvered plating of the HK gunship as its' guns began to fire faster and faster. Feeling his face burnt by the passing of one of the plasma balls as the gunship lurched to the side, Luke leapt into cover as four more missiles flew into the air at exactly the same moment. They all hit the gunship in the main body, and the repercussions created a loud whine as one of the underslung fuel tanks was punctured. The gunship began to turn around, yet before it could begin it's retreat another four missiles roared up at it. The explosion was immense as it fell out of the air, the charred, blackened hulk spewing out shrapnel in every angle. With a tremendous crash it slammed to earth, smoke pouring off it.

Opening his eyes to see Andrew white faced beside him, Luke looked back over his shoulder, the world seeming to have lost every sound, and saw the behemoth still slightly moving on the ground. Turning to Andrew, Luke opened his mouth to speak, yet he could hear no sound from himself, even after he had yelled so loud that his throat felt as if it were being torn out. Giving up after this attempt, Luke slowly stood up and felt a hand grasp his shoulder. Spinning around quickly, Luke saw a dark skinned man holding a plasma rifle in under one arm motioning towards the missile crew while his mouth moved. Luke could hear nothing.

Being led back to base within the duration of about an hour, Luke began to regain his hearing as the base's eastern blast door came into view. It was closed, and everyone was getting edgy. Hearing the sounds of a machine gun firing, faintly, Luke looked around and saw that one of the gunners on the tripods was firing at an incoming bogey as the vehicle sped towards the door. It opened slowly, reluctantly, as they neared it, and eight other soldiers ran towards tripods, away from the direction that the gunner was firing. Watching, with adrenaline pumping through him once again, for what the man was firing at, Luke looked down the small 'alleyway' between piles of junk as he sped past and saw sets of red coming closer through the shadows. SkyNet was serious about it this time. They meant to wipe the Los Angeles Resistance out.

He heard officers yelling orders whilst ripping up their guns as the modified jeep screeched to a stop on the bitumen within the tunnel. Leaping out of the jeep, Luke went to join the battle, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. The dark skinned man was yelling an order at him. "Private! Get to the infirmary! If they give you clearence, come help, but get to the infirmary." The sergeant said these last four words with emphasis upon them, and Luke had no choice but to obey. He ran down the tunnel until he reached a small junction and he turned left, Andrew right on his heels. Luke's hearing was slowly coming back to him.

Reaching the infirmary, hearing finally almost regained, Luke and Andrew ran to the medic, who proceeded to bandage all of their cuts and add some cream to Luke's bruises before they ran into the hallway where they could hear laser fire coming from the blast door to their right. They ripped up a gun from within the med bay each and ran to help their comrades.

The battle at the blast door was intense, with machines surging through the door before being taken down by either the two plasma machine guns at either side of the corridor, or the infantry fire that flew past the gunners into the incoming hoarde. Luke could see that the guns were almost out of belts, so he ran backwards, firing the PLM-40 as he did so and destroying the optic sensors of a machine before laser fire seared into the wall just to his left. He ducked to the side of the corridor and turned quickly around, almost falling due to the water on the concrete floor that had come out of the water pipe running to the side of the corridor, yet he kept his balence as he ran towards the armoury to get more munitions for the troops. He reached it as an explosion rocked the base, sending him sprawling into the metal door frame.

Putting a hand to his head as he walked through the door, Luke felt the ground rocking under him, and saw the contents of the armoury swimming in front of his eyes. He looked around unsteadily for the heavy plasma emplacement belts, found the huge container they were in, and brought a flat-top trolley from the other side of the room to the shelf they were sitting on. Heaving the container with all his strength, Luke felt it slowly move from the shelf and he closed his eyes against the pressure within his arms as it moved closer and closer to the edge. After almost half a minute, Luke felt the container leave the shelf and it almost pulled his arms out of their sockets as it landed heavily on the trolley. Opening his eyes as it landed, Luke ripped ammunition clips for PLM-40s and the machine pistols of the shelves and into the container before the crash of the container landing finished resounding around the room and pushed his weight into the handle to get it moving.

Pushing it hurriedly out the door, Luke gained momentum as he heard people yelling for more ammo in the corridor and three men ran around the corner and almost sent the trolley flying as they slipped on the water. Ripping PLM ammunition clips from the top of the container, the men sprinted back, throwing clips around the corner as they disappeared around it. One of them was thrown back with a burning hole that disappeared deep into his chest as Luke sped past him with the trolley, keeping to the right side of the corridor. He reached the plasma machine gun as the last belt was emptied and the gunner roared over the deafening sounds of battle for more ammo. Seeing Luke stop almost in line with him, the sergeant ripped a belt out of the container and inserted the first cartridge into the ammuniton port before resuming his firing on the huge hoard that were now quickly moving closer and closer towards the fighters as Luke made to run across the firing line towards the other gunner.

Tell me what you think, critiques and comments welcome.
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