Poetry: "Death"

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Poetry: "Death"

Postby Hasegawa Rayven » Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:00 pm

A bit of my darkness



I have always been here,

Dwelling in the darkness.

Watching, waiting,

Counting the moments,

The seconds, The minutes.

Grains in the hourglass of Humanity.

And when the grains of sand run out...

...I will be there,

And humanity will cease to be.

All this has been foretold.

Mapped out, 'destined'.

Fate has cast it's lot,

And the Four Horsemen Ride already.

War, his blazing sword cutting down the unworthy...

Famine, his mere presence shriveling the crops...

Greed, his massive girth,

Bringing an unfillable hole in one's stomach...

And I, upon my pale white horse.

Coming to end the wickeds suffering.

Once and for all,

Only for it to begin anew in the flames of Hades

We four bring the end of Humanity.

Are you prepared for our coming?


As I have told others, this is probably the Darkest thing I have written.
Syaoran and Sakura "Meant to be"
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Postby InsideTheAsylum » Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:02 pm

Oi, you should keep everything on one thread..

Aka.. "Hasegawa's corner of insanity"..
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