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athdlg's Stories n' Such

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I've made several stories over the years. Decided to share what I have written or planning on writing if I ever do. This includes FanFiction, original stories, comic ideas/scripts/and planning.
For criticisms, I am mainly looking for errors in my writing (punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.) because, apparently, my English is terrible. But I would love suggestions and comments to what you think needs improvement, what you found interesting, or what you like in a story.

White Blaze - Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) FanFiction - [PG-13]
Chapter 1 - Take Back What You Own [External Link] [Internal Link]
Chapter 2 - Questionable Character [External Link] [Internal Link]
Chapter 3 - Coming IDK When

Please don't use my characters without first asking for permission and confirmation. Not sure why anyone would but just saying.
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Re: athdlg's Stories n' Such

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White Blaze

Chapter 1
Take Back What You Own

“What do you thinks’ inside..?” The confused demon-boy, Rin, asked. His blue eyes narrowed suspiciously, tightening the grip of his strap to his sheathed sword.

Rin’s brother, Yukio, who has recently come to terms with his demon blood; looked through gleaming glasses down at the large, boxed, object in the middle of their room. A glare set in at the suspicious package. The brown box was standing at half Rin’s height, the width being the same length.

Scanning over the sides of the package, Yukio tried to lift the box up but found that it was rather heavy, “Ah, it says it is from Mephisto,” Yukio said giving a puzzled look even after finding out it was from the chairman of the academy.

“Let’s open it then! Maybe the crazy guy thought we deserved a bit more earnings for our hard work,” Rin cheered, rubbing his mild, calloused hands together, “Especially since, you know, we closed Gehenna’s gate and all. We deserve a treat.”

Hearing his brother’s words, Yukio sighed, “The fact we destroyed Gehenna’s gate seems to be a reward enough.” The same blue eyes had a certain glare over towards his brother, “Don’t you think?” He asked with such a serious tone in his voice.

Rin winced at his brother’s tone, rolling his eyes right afterwards. “It wouldn’t hurt anyone if all of us were thanked somehow besides a pat on the back,” Rin pouted, “At least a feast or a party or something!” Whining to his brother, Rin hit the top of the box aggressively, a noise coming from inside of the box.

The two brothers’ mouths ajar, eyes widened when hearing the small squeak coming from inside of the box. Their eyes met with one another before nodding their heads. Yukio grabbed out one of his guns, backing away from the box before bringing up the artillery in both hands and aiming at the top in defense. Rin, about to pull out his sword, was stopped by his brother with a signal with his hand. Yukio continued to stare at the box, waiting for any sudden movements to occur from within.

The atmosphere was heavy in the room, the two brother’s curious as to what Mephisto had sent the two of them in such a large package. Rin’s hand continued to grip at the end of his sheathed sword, waiting for the opportunity to strike down on the box and destroy whatever was inside. Currently, Yukio was being cautious as to what could be inside while Rin was thinking it was something dangerous that needed to be taken care of immediately. The two opposites carefully advanced closer to the box before it had rustled slightly. Backing away out of reflex, Rin had gasped slightly before glaring down at the box in somewhat disgust. He was tired of waiting.

“Hey, get out of there no...” Rin was cut off nearly at the end of his sentence by an uproar of the box. A large amount of pink smoke, confetti, styrofoam packaging peanuts, and glitter came rushing out of the box, a loud feminine shout coming from the box.

With such a strange surprise and lack of visibility, Yukio was unable to fire the gun and could only gasp as a large figure hopped out of the box and tackled his older brother to the ground. Rin, in response to not knowing what was touching him, flailed at the sudden contact. A loose grip came to the biceps of his arms, the figure staring down upon him until the smoke cleared away. Much to both of their surprise, it was a girl. A girl with long white hair, light blue eyes, and wearing a female True Cross Academy uniform with rolled down socks, except her necktie was…for some reason tied in a bow.

Rin stared up at the girl, wide eyes wondering what had happened. One moment, the two brothers were planning to destroy what was inside the box and the next, it so happened to be a girl who has now pinned Rin down. Rin stopped flailing after seeing it was only a girl, and was now questioning in his head as to what exactly she was doing in the box, but more or less why she was on top of him. Yukio stood silent, not sure what to make of the situation at hand while Rin stayed on the ground with the mysterious girl blinking curiously down at him. A flash of anger were in her eyes, closing her face to Rin’s. The demon boy, currently being pinned, whimpered in shock from such close contact to his face by a girl.

“Kurikara, hand it over,” the girl finally spoke, demanding the sword that was currently strapped to Rin’s back.

The brother’s held their tongues, eyes dilating at the mention of Kurikara, Rin’s sword. Spotting the strapped, sheathed, sword behind Rin’s back, the girl’s mouth came ajar in surprise and lunged for the sword. Grabbing the top of the sheathed sword, the girl lurched forward in the process of escaping the two brothers’ with the sword in her hands. She stumbled forward slightly from stepping on Rin’s stomach and kicking him into his jaw, but kept moving with the sword in her hands. Noticing the extra weight on the sword than usual, the girl did not bother to look down to see she was dragging the very boy she had pinned down when she came out of the box.

“Rin!” Yukio shouted after his brother, only having enough time to chase after the two out of the door. The girl may have had a lot more weight to carry but she was still slightly faster than Yukio.

“S…Stop!” Rin begged, more of her to stop dragging him rather than to stop running away all together.

Looking down, the girl finally realized she was carrying extra baggage as she was staring down at the boy who was practically foaming from the mouth from suffocation. Furrowing her brows, she unbuttoned the top half of the covered sword, taking out Kurikara from within the flimsy cloth container, letting Rin drop onto the marble flooring in the hallway.

Backing away from Rin with three large steps, the girl glared at him, as well as Yukio who had finally caught up with her in the hallway. With his gun pointed directly at her, the gleam in his glasses was hard to make out if he could be bluffing about taking a shot or not, either way the girl was no planning on letting Kurikara go anytime soon, her grip tightening around the sword with care and protection.

“Return that sword back to Rin, now.” Yukio ordered, the gleam disappearing to show the intense serious expression in his eyes.

The girls eyebrows struck back, worried for if she could get herself out of this situation. Her legs were frozen in place and she shook in hesitation, thinking of a way to escape. Rin coughed a few times, standing back up on his feet next to his brother and holding his throat. Glaring over at the girl, right now he wasn’t in such a good mood to be the nice guy in this situation, but seeing her scared stance caught him off guard, she looked somehow frightened even though she made such bold moves earlier. Her eyes scattered around, looking for something to use, something to do.

“I don’t know who you are, but give my sword back,” Rin demanded, placing his hand out as a last chance for the girl to make the right decision for herself.

Rin took a step forward, trying a safe approach. The girl had not moved from her spot until seeing Yukio step forward as well, the gun still pointing in her direction. A glare set to the boy’s, stepping back as well in caution.

“Yukio,” Rin whispered, grabbing his brother’s attention, “put down your gun, she’s scared…” Using his intuition at this point, since he couldn’t use his sword at the moment, Rin waits for his brother to apply what he requested, although it was denied.

“Are you crazy? She has your sword,” Yukio noted, considering the situation that the girl could possibly use Kurikara on both of them. They had to defend themselves somehow.

“Oh come on, just listen to me!” Rin shouted out, annoyed by the fact his younger brother wouldn’t listen to one small request he had of him.

The two began to bicker with one another before of the request, a window of opportunity closing in on the girl as she realized this would be her chance to escape. Without so much as acknowledging that she was on a two story window, the quickly jumped to the left, crashing herself into the large window in the hallway to get herself outside.

Yukio noticed her movement before she even had the notion to do it, picking up his gun in a split second and shooting without much aim, but he hit his target. The bullet went straight into the girl’s leg, an agonizing grunt sending out through the window as she was also cut on a shard of glass still stuck to the bottom part of the window as she fell from the second story window to the grounds of the old male dormitory.

A thud came from the contact of the white haired girl’s body and the ground, the sword, she desperately desired, flying over three meters away from her. Regaining her consciousness, blacking out for about three seconds from the fall, it was enough time for Rin to jump down from the window with ease, as well as Yukio coming after him out the window with some strain from the large trench coat he wore.

Rin growled before seeing the blood trickling down her leg from the bullet and cut, pitying her situation, she didn’t seem like she was any harm but to herself. He reached his hand out to her as soon as he was close enough, “Hey, you’re hurt, come with us and…” Before he could finish his sentence, the girl jumped from her position through the pain and tumbled over next to the sword, clutching it into her hands with heavy breathing.

Rin huffed, seeing that the nice approach wasn’t really doing him any good, but he didn’t want to hurt her at the same time. Yukio, on the other hand, was taking all precautions in making sure she was no harm to him or his brother.

“Let me go with Kurikara,” She finally spoke up, attempting to stand from her squatting position but winced from the pain in her calf.

“What?! Are you kidding, you hand it back over!” Rin shouted, Yukio still not thinking it was necessary to use his shots just yet, but his hands were shaking with an anxious feeling inside his gut.

Whimpering from the pain, one of her hands released itself from Kurikara and rested itself on the bleeding calf of her leg. Her eyebrows raised thinking that she had a nice shot in escaping now after realizing the opportunity from this wound. Her hand was moving up and down her bleeding leg, frowning all the while staring at the brother’s with a frown. Each step they took she made a sideways step backwards.

“Alright!” The girl shouted, in a form of what sounded like defeat, but there was a giant smile on her face.

The brother’s both had a confused stare, not sure if they should believe her implication or still be on guard. Her expression changed, sticking her tongue out in disgust at how they could actually believe such a lie. Fingers dug into her calf, creating a sickening sound of her blood pulling out from the bullet she was trying to take out.

“Hey wait!” Yukio called out, now also worried about the girl, thinking she might be an idiot like his brother.

“Amaimon, King of Earth, grant me the power of your Kin, the Goblins…” She spoke quietly, her feet rushing to stand her up as she turned and began to run to the entrance of the gate of the building. Both Rin and Yukio gasping while hearing her chant words in assumption to summon demons.

“She’s going to summon a demon!” Rin spoke the obvious, making a run for the girl in attempt to stop her.

“Impossible! How did she…?” Yukio didn’t finish his sentence, remembering the movements of her hand on her leg and looking at the back of her right leg to see small markings of Magic Circles all over the back of her leg. “Shit…” Yukio cursed, taking aim for the girl, firing with three shots in attempt to not hit his brother.

Too late, she had finished her appeal, “…and I shall grant them my own power in return!” Hearing the gunshots, the hand with blood held the sheath of the blade, the other at the handle to pull out Kurikara in enough time to reflect the first and second bullet aimed for her back. Her stance and swing of the sword was that of a bat and nothing more, no skill aimed in swinging the object other than to deflect what was coming at her.

While reflecting the bullets with Kurikara, Yukio noticed a very important detail that happened when the girl pulled out the sword that Rin did not notice the blue flames did not come out. Other than when the sword needed to be fixed, the flames would come out when the sword was drawn. Such a minute detail was taken, and in that second Yukio wasn’t able to comprehend who she was or why Kurikara didn’t activate, for she sheathed the sword back in place.

“Aughh!” Rin shouted in reaction to the two bullets being reflected right to him, momentarily dancing in place. His composure was gained for a short moment until seeing the girl bent down on all fours, her leg deforming on the areas to which the Magic Circles were drawn on. In no surprise Goblins came out from her body, swarming in numbers around Rin and Yukio.

The Goblins attention was focused on the girl for a second, drops of sweat setting in for staring at her for too long before cynical smiles were in place at the Rin and Yukio, charging toward only Yukio with the all intention to kill. The girl scoffed in surprise, stomping the ground twice with her uninjured foot before taking off into the direction she was heading to in the first place. There was no time for tantrums for the Goblins not doing as she wanted, it was her plan to escape, not be a better tamer.

“Wait…ah…” Rin was calling after the girl but his brother took his attention away, seeing as he appeared to be having difficulty defeating the summoned demons.

“Don’t worry about me, get your sword back!” Yukio reassured him, firing shots at the Goblins one by one.

Rin nodded his head and ran after the girl in quick acceptance that his brother did not need help with a few Goblins’. As Yukio was realizing with a few shots of his guns, these Goblins were tougher than he first expected. His accuracy was superb as usual, but the Goblins speed outmatched such accuracy, and with their brute strength they are more vicious than with his previous encounters of Goblins.

Yukio questioned in his head to why the Goblins were so powerful. “Damn it!” His shout rang out to Rin’s ears. The boy in mention tailing the girl as best as he could, without losing sight of her, paused in thought when hearing his brother cuss out loud. He didn’t know what was going on, but he could only hope for the best for his brother, as he had no power at the moment.

“Get back here!” Rin called out, getting tired of these games and began to run full speed at the girl in his sights.

“Ow..oww…” Huffing under her breath, the stinging sensation of her leg was still in place as she continued to run as fast as she could away from the angry half-demon behind her, “Leave me alone!” She shouted back at Rin, biting on her bottom lip through the pain on her calf and tried to gain speed with a slight limp in her leg once in a while. The incline of the hill they were on wasn’t helping much either.

“Not until you give me back my sword!” With a last leap, Rin managed to grab onto the injured leg of the girl, dragging her down to the ground with him, “Hah! Got you…” Cut off by his own trail of thought, Rin stared up the girl’s leg, seeing that not only did the markings she made previously disappeared by her wounds had disappeared as well, “Wait you aren’t…”

Cut off once more, a rough smack from his sword on his head made Rin realize that he had not gotten what he chased after back yet. The girl growled, hitting Rin like a practice dummy. She didn’t seem to realize she could take out the sword and use it to her advantage that way instead.

“Get off, you brute!” Demanding that he get off, Rin was doing no such thing and protested at the thought with stating he needed his sword back.

“Brute?! You’ve gotta’ be kidding…” While it was only a second, there was a glimpse to where he was able to see up the girl’s skirt, a chill running up his back in fear for what might happen if he was found out rather than the fact he had seen up a girl’s skirt in the first place, “I…I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Almost begging for forgiveness on the stop, hesitation set in as the grip on her leg had slipped.

Glaring down at him, the girl swept her leg away from Rin’s hand and lifted it upwards, her skirt flipping upwards with a perfect view of what Rin saw beneath. The boy choked on his own saliva while trying to swallow, eyes wide in shock at her position.

“Fool.” A simple and quiet insult right before slamming her foot down onto Rin’s head and letting it smash into the ground with full force. She was oblivious to such perverse natures, as it may appear.

With Rin’s face in the ground, twitching from instances of two surprises happening in a single moment, the girl had a chance to escape. Before she left, her foot came wiring back up and crash down, heel first, into Rin’s skull to make sure he was down for the count.

A second was enough waiting for her and the white haired girl stood up, running to the top of the hill where a castle-like building was, the home of the Principal of True Cross Academy, Mephisto Pheles.

Yukio finally was able to catch up a few minutes later, taking out the last of the Goblins along the way over to finding Rin and the girl running into Mephisto’s house. Clenching his teeth, Yukio spotted his brother on the ground unconscious and picked him up by the back of his collar, holding him in the air. Staring at him, it was as if his brother was seeing stars.

“I’m going….to…kick her ass…” Rin squeaked out with a fluctuating tone.

Yukio sighed, calling him an idiot and placing him down on his feet, “You could barely get yourself up, now come on, she’s going in Mephisto’s palace…er, home,” Yukio stated to Rin, not wasting any more time in waiting for his brother bring himself together. But as he stated where the girl was heading, Rin bounced back into action and stood firmly on his feet, shaking his head and nodding in agreement before following his brother.

Meanwhile Mephisto was mildly expecting the visit that would be crashing through his office doors. Writing away at his desk, Mephisto looked up from his seat, hearing hurried footsteps at his door before one of the double doors came open by his butler and the girl came rushing inside with titanic smile on her face, Kurikara safely in her hands.

“Samael!” Hollering out toward the man, who has been known as Mephisto Pheles at True Cross Academy, the girl charged for the desk which he was behind before lunging forward and aiming to tackle the man with a hug.

“Oh my,” While he did have enough time to react, Mephisto let the girl have her way with the hug, partially assuming that she would be landing on his desk in the process and kicking off any object on the surface. Since some objects were collectables, the objects did not crash on the ground; instead they gently landed on the carpet with the help of Mephisto’s abilities, safe and sound.

Still with a smile on his face, Mephisto accepted the hug, letting the girl wrap her arms around his neck and sit on his lap in content. With the papers he was signing on the floor, objects being scattered, Mephisto sighed with a faint sound of displeasure.

“Still as wild as ever, I see.” He shrugged his shoulders, allowing the girl to curl up on his lap until he finally took notice to what she was carrying, “Kurikara?” He questioned in confusion.

The girl nodded, lifting her head up from Mephisto’s collar bone, “Yes! I took it from…” About to name the boys’ that she had quarreled with earlier, a slam from the double doors sounded through the room, Rin and Yukio coming through the doors.

Before being seen, Mephisto blinked curiously as he snapped his fingers and the girl floated to the air instantaneously away from him, the girl gasping from being moved so suddenly. Glares were apparent on their faces, the expressions set to the girl that was clutching onto Kurikara and circling to the left of Mephisto’s side.

“Hah! You got her!” Rin proclaimed with confirmation that he was victorious in capturing the girl, even though he didn’t have anything to do with the ‘capture’.

Fixing his glasses, Yukio groaned, “Finally…” He heaved a heavy sigh as he held the gun up to the girl again, this time aiming a little closer to her heart than before.

Growling to the boys, the mysterious girl widened her eyes in frustration of how stubborn the two were, “Don’t you dare…” She warned Yukio, even in the air she still tried to get into a fighting stance, which caused her to circle within the air once more, the tension filled atmosphere disappearing. Yukio’s previous, cautious, aiming of his gun, lowered slightly from such a pathetic sight.

“Whoa there, fellows!” Mephisto raised his arms, at the same time the girl’s ability to float due to his magical ability faded out of his will; she fell with a loud thud.

Landing on the ground with her face first, Mephisto and the brother’s stared down at the girl, watching her shakily get up to her feet and cover her face with her hand. With Kurikara still in her hands she hid under Mephisto’s cape, peeking out to glare at the two.

Mephisto smiled in amusement, allowing her actions to follow as he stared back up at the boy’s, “ Let me expla…” Before another word came out of him, Rin interrupted.

“What the hell?!” Rin shouted, taking a few steps forward closer to Mephisto and the girl, to which she reacted with tightening her grip on Mephisto’s clothing, “Who the hell is she and why are you…helping her take my sword?!” Still with time to shout, Rin wanted to charge at the two and almost beat the answers out of them before Yukio interrupted with a hand on Rin’s shoulder to stop him.

“Mephisto, what is going on?” He questioned with a calm demeanor as usual, Mephisto only chuckling at the ruckus currently happening in his office.

“I suppose greetings are in order,” Gesturing from the people mentioned, Mephisto introduced everyone in the room to one another, “Rin, Yukio, this is Shiraha, Guardian of Kurikara.”

Yukio’s stared in surprise as Rin raised a brow in confusion toward Shiraha, the girl showing her canine teeth as she frowned at the brother’s. Mephisto didn’t personally see anything wrong with the situation or Shiraha’s role. The only fact he knew was that Rin would be having a lot more troubles if Shiraha stays around.
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Re: athdlg's Stories n' Such

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White Blaze

Chapter 2
Questionable Character

Firm tension came rushing into Mephisto’s office as an awkward silence formed between the four individuals standing in the room. While Yukio seemed to know what was going on in the situation, Rin had no idea what was happening or the significance between Kurikara and this mysterious girl named Shiraha. No one was speaking, and no one appeared to want to speak, either that or they were at a loss of words. Mephisto, seeing as there were no questions, closed his eyes shrugged his shoulders.

“If that’s all you wanted to know then I think there is no reason to…” Opening one eye, he heard Yukio interrupt.

“Where does she come from?” Yukio spoke with a stern voice, not wanting to dance around his questions.

Mephisto gave a small huff as he grinned and looked down at the genius exorcist, “I shipped her from Gehenna, to True Cross Academy by her request. She has been demanding to come here right about the time Rin released the seal of Kurikara,” Mephisto explained, looking down to see Shiraha still hiding from underneath his cape, he clicked his tongue in amusement.

Yukio furrowed his brows, not sure what to think of the situation, “You say she comes from Gehenna, but she how no physical demon attributes. She is not a demon…?” He stated in a question expression, his hand clutching his gun harder in prudence.

Rin, puzzled by Yukio’s remark, stared down at Shiraha’s body absentmindedly. His brother was correct; Rin couldn’t find any physical quality about her that was like a demon’s. What was more intriguing was that he couldn’t smell if she was a demon or not. Rin’s confused expression now faced Yukio, pointing toward her.

“So she’s not a demon but she’s from Gehenna?” Rin asked, trying to make sure his knowledge was correct.

“Hmm…” Mephisto rolled his eyes to the ceiling, as if to ponder on the idea if she were a demon or not, “Shiraha, are you a demon?”

Shiraha jumped in surprise of the question, narrowing her eyes to the floor she quickly looked back up at the boys, “I am not a demon.”

Confidence in her voice, it still was not enough to convince Yukio. Rin felt strange trusting her, something in his gut telling him that she wasn’t telling the truth. Their silence made Shiraha clench her teeth together in irritation that they didn’t believe her. Mephisto saw her anger, and paused in the awkward moment before his words stepped in to suggest something.

“…Be a dear and show them?” Mephisto requested of her, giving a small wink down toward Shiraha.

Mephisto stepped aside, letting Shiraha walk forward to step in front of the boys. Before proving to the boys that she was supposedly not a demon, she tossed Kurikara behind her. Mephisto caught the relic, beginning to twirl the sword in his hand while patiently waiting for Shiraha to finish.

Curving her white hair behind her ears, there were no pointed tips at the end. A few seconds later, she turned around to have her back facing Rin and lifted up her messily tucked in shirt, no appendages secretly hidden underneath. Rin made another grunt, still in suspicion of her words.

“I don’t have a tail or any other demon traits!” She shouted back toward Rin, grabbing the end of her skirt and lifting it up to show Rin there were no tricks.

“Oh…” Mephisto stopped twirling Kurikara, not able to hold in a snicker at how scandelous Shiraha was being.

Gaining a colorful view of her undergarments again, Rin backed up in surprise and waved his hand out for Shiraha to place her skirt back down. “Alright! Alright! I believe you!” He begrudgingly agreed so he wouldn’t have to witness an embarrassing sight.

Yukio had turned his head away before Shiraha had shown backside, pushing up his glasses as the gleam made is a mystery to whether he was looking at her or not.

Shiraha’s body turned back around to face the brother’s, huffing from how much effort she thought was unnecessary to prove her words to be true. She stepped back, taking Kurikara back into her hands and letting Mephisto be the center of attention again.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Mephisto grinned and gestured toward Yukio, “I can assume that answers your question for now.” Yukio huffed, not seeing how that makes her not a demon, but left the argument alone.

Yukio opened his mouth to question another strange fact until Rin stepped in with a loud statement, “Bullshit, I don’t care who or what the hell she is! Give me back my sword before I kick both of your asses...” A threatening growl came seething between his teeth, Yukio agreed with his brother minutely, but he clicked his tongue, not partial to how he took the approach.

“My, my, so impatient…how about you ask the Guardian of Kurikara instead of me? Shiraha has technical jurisdiction on who is deemed worthy of Kurikara…or at least she’d like to be…no matter how much control they may have over it.” Mephisto stated smugly, smirking down at Rin, wondering what he would do now.

“Where has she been all this time then? I’ve never seen her until now.” Rin resisted the urge to snatch the sword away from her but continued to try to explain himself, “I can control Kurikara perfectly fine…aurgh!” Groaning in irritation, grabbing the sides of his head and shaking his hair vigorously, “Will you…please…” His eyes rolled, grunting before continuing, “…allow me to use Kurikara?” He asked, placing his hand out toward her so she could hand it to him, expecting immediate truce.

Shiraha stared at Rin’s hand, then to Rin’s expression to see how forced his request was. Teeth tightly pressed down she snarled at Rin, smacking away his hand in refusal to his request.

“No. I’m not going to give Kurikara to some pampered prince. You don’t deserve to have Kurikara.” Blunt with her reply, the discussion appeared to have ended in silence until Rin lurched forward to tackle Shiraha.

Gasping, Shiraha didn’t think he would be so aggressive under the presence of Mephisto. Yukio grabbed onto Rin’s torso to pull him back but the boy was able to grab onto Shiraha’s hair and the handle of the sword, pulling back to take it away from her. Senseless shouting began between the three young teenagers, Yukio trying to settle the situation while Rin and Shiraha were slowly becoming more violent with one another when not getting their way.

Mephisto, while he was amused with their quarrel, had other matters to attend to. His time was precious and if he left things as is then it was possible these two would be fighting all day without some sort of equalizer.

Stepping forward toward the three, Yukio reflexively moved aside as he saw the principal come forth and watched as he grabbed Shiraha by the back of her collar with one hand and Rin’s tail with the other. He pulled them both away from one another so he could grab their attention.

Rin, as his tail was grabbed, bit his lip and restrained a pained grunt before his tail was let go and he lay on the ground with tears in the corner of his eyes. The boy rubbed the lower section of his back, murmuring curses under his breath while he regained his composure.

Shiraha on the other hand was still held by the back of the collar, held up by Mephisto so that they were at eye level. In comparison, she can be seen as a kitten being picked up from the scruff by her owner for her bad behavior.

“Shiraha, wait outside this office with Rin, I need to speak with Yukio.” He demanded, Rin getting the message in an instant and letting go of Shiraha.

Shiraha protested, “But…”

A twitch of Mephisto’s eye glinted toward her, his grin widened as he patiently waited for Shiraha to accept his request. The girl had gained shivers up her spine from such an expression he had given her, knowing there was a underlying threat if she did not obey. Nodding her head she made her way to and out the door as Mephisto’s butler opened one double doors for her to exit. Rin made his way in a slow pace, looking back at Yukio and Mephisto in curiosity to what they could be discussing.

The butler closed the door as soon as Rin made his way out, the boy seeing Shiraha sliding against a nearby wall and to the floor, holding Kurikara with care. He furrowed his brows, seeing that she looked a tad upset, other than thinking it was his fault, he didn’t know what could be wrong with her.

Not wasting any time, Rin came up to Shiraha, his hands in his pocket and an empty cloth strapped behind his back he huffed, “What’s your problem?”

“I’m supposed to protect it…right?” She muttered, Rin not catching what she was saying.

“What?” He asked again, thinking she possibly said something of importance.

“It was supposed to be my responsibility, my right, but you had to come into the picture and take it away…” She continued to mumble, an internal and personal anger settling within her, much more than about Kurikara.

Rin did not understanding what she was talking about. It didn’t bother him, but the seeing her become miserable in a few seconds ticked him off for some reason, not thinking she had any reason to be depressed.

“If not that, then what am I?” Her hands shook at the handle of the sword, holding the object closer to her chest before Rin could roughly object to her sorrow.

“What the hell?” He questioned, bringing his hand down and picking Shiraha up by her collar, lifting her up and slamming her against the wall to gain her attention, “You take my sword, talk big game that I don’t deserve it, and now you’re questioning your role as ‘Guardian’ of this thing?!”

Shiraha’s legs shuffled, barely touching the floor from Rin’s grasp. Her bangs shrouded her eyes but were enough to see the flushed cheeks of hers, the bottom of her eyes welled up with water, liquid filled with fear and confusion. They slowly widened at his words, not sure what to still make of why she was here.

“I…I’m sorry…” Her voice cracked, not sure what came over her.

Rin took notice of how she was reacting, feeling the clanked rattling of Kurikara in her grasp shaking from her fear. Dropping her back to the floor he watched as she simply stared up to him in surprise, wondering what he was planning on doing next. In even more of a surprise, he backed away and turned around, groaning as he scratched the side of his head.

“Whatever…I went too far. I shouldn’t have done that to you…and I shouldn’t have tackled you to the ground in there. So, yeah, I’m sorry too.” Flustered from his rude actions, he stayed with his back turned to Shiraha.

As Rin thought about it more clearly, now that his anger was out of the way, he couldn’t help but think of her as similar to his situation long ago when he was saved. He still wasn’t sure why he was saved, but he didn’t want another person to doubt themselves. Rin turned his head slightly so that Shiraha could hear him better.

“Don’t doubt your own calling,” Is all he could say without wanting to completely revert back to a nice guy without a reason.

Shiraha’s eyes strayed across the ground, considering his words. Picking herself up off of the floor by gliding her back against the wall Shiraha moved forward and tapped on Rin’s shoulder to capture his attention once more. Kurikara was held at her side, not believing he would attempt to take it away from her again.

“The only way for you to gain Kurikara back for your own purposes, whatever they could be, you must prove your worth. Show me that I do not need to protect Kurikara any longer.” Her voice cracked, stepping forward to Rin.

In response, Rin thought this was supposed to be her way to intimidate him, but it almost appeared to be begging. The confused expression turned aggravated, staring down at Shiraha’s chest where her bow tied necktie was. Reaching out he pulled down the ends of the terrible put together necktie and began to tie it for her.

“I’ll prove my worth, or whatever, to you and more!” He proclaimed, straightening the necktie for Shiraha and tightening the end against her neck.

Shiraha flinched from the slight pinch at her neck of the necktie. Glowering up at Rin, not much taller than her, she grabbed the empty strap against his back and roughly swiped the bag away from him. Rin whined, briefly choking from Shiraha dragging the strap at his neck, he stomped his feet in anger when seeing her walk away from him without a care.

“What the hell was that for?!” Rin shouted out his question as Yukio came out from Mephisto’s office, looking troubled as per usual when thinking about a situation to thoroughly.

Rin looked over at his brother after giving Shiraha a final glare, “What’s up?” He inquired heading over toward over to Yukio.

“She’s…staying with us.” A dry expression came to him, exhausted from the long conversation—or argument he had with Mephisto on the matter of Shiraha staying with them.

Rin’s eyes bulged out, not thinking he heard his brother right at first, “What?! You can’t be serious…” Rin ruffled at his own hair, not thinking he would be able to ‘play nice’ with such a girl, he thought that Izumo had a better attitude with him in a conversation.

“Well, it’s not as if she’s staying in our room. She’s staying in the old Boy’s Dormitory with us, I’m not sure exactly where in the building or why, but we’ll be seeing her around somewhere in the dorm.” Adjusting his glasses, Yukio sighed.

Considering she seemed to take care of herself nicely when they first met, he thought she would be fine on her own. There was a few more words discussed in the office that he did not speak of, nor did he want to speak of with Rin, in case he overreacts.

“Urg. So now we have to take care of a brat, nice.” Clicking his tongue, Rin glanced over at Shiraha one more time, Watched her smile as she placed Kurikara into the cloth strap, placing it on her back.

Yukio noticed Shiraha’s smile, raising an eyebrow, “She seems to really be happy to have Kurikara in her possession again.”

Giving a sour frown toward Shiraha, Rin scoffed in response, “I’ll show her…” He mumbled his words, Yukio staring at his brother quizzically.

“What does that mean?” Not quite understanding what he meant, Yukio did assume that it had something to do with being worthy of Kurikara.

“Nothing,” Looking away from his brother, Rin didn’t think Yukio needed to know about his deal with Shiraha, no matter how insignificant the bet might be.

The three odd individuals were separate from one another as they all walked back to their dorm, Shiraha in front passed the two by a block, Rin following behind with an aura of intimidation, and Yukio trying to catch up to Rin to make sure he didn’t do anything moronic.

Awkward silence and pressure formed when all three came to the front of the old Boy’s Dormitory, Shiraha not bothering to look back at the two brother’s demon brother’s behind her as she entered though the front double doors and scaled the stairs to the second floor. Rin and Yukio simultaneously caught up to her by a few meters, climbing up the stairs and finding Shiraha picking a room that was at the far end of the hall of theirs.

Light blue eyes of Shiraha’s stared over to Rin and Yukio, narrowing her eyes to the knob before entering her room, a click after closing the door signifying she locked it securely. The aroma of arrogance formed to Rin on Shiraha’s behavior, while Yukio thought she was a strange and unpredictable girl, this was to his disliking.

While Shiraha was in her room, her last action was untying the perfectly fixed necktie of hers and placed it back into an unsightly bow she originally had. The idea that such an unworthy person helping her out with her necktie was abhorrent. She was not going to allow a person she disliked to help her out; at the very least she would show that she will not accept their help.

{ ~ }

The next day came forth, sun still aiming to rise over the islands of Japan as it has done for as long as many could remember. Groggy persons arose from their slumber, and two specific individuals met around the hall where the sinks were near the bathrooms.

Shiraha yawned in her hand, rubbing her eyes with Kurikara still strapped to her back and wearing her uniform, she found that Rin was at the sink already. Blinking with a weary stare, she came over and didn’t mind his presence as she prepared to brush her teeth with eyes glued at the bottom of the sink.

Rin stopped brushing his teeth and looked over at her, squinting his eyes suspiciously, “You’re not going to rant about me being an unworthy user of my sword?” He asked, emphasizing the word “my”.

Shiraha shook her head looking up to Rin’s eyes while continuing to shake her head and gazed back down to the sink while brushing her teeth. There was an awkward silence for a while, Shiraha finishing brushing her teeth and washing her face just before Rin, about to leave before he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Wait,” He called out, turning her around and looked at the puzzled stare of hers.

Placing his tooth brush in his mouth he tugged at the ends of the necktie and began to redo the accessory so it was properly made. When he was done he gave a small smile and took the toothbrush out of his mouth.

“There! Much bett…” He couldn’t get his last words out before Shiraha smacked the toothbrush out of Rin’s hands to where it toggled around at the bottom of the sink beside them.

Still a tired gaze, Shiraha’s eyebrows narrowed down to form an unpleasant stare toward Rin. The demon boy was flabbergasted, unsure what to say until he snapped back into reality and began to shout at the rude white haired girl. Immediately while he was shouting she began to fix her necktie into an atrocious bow once more.

“What the hell?! I help you out and you acted like I did something wrong! You’re not supposed to tie a necktie into a bow! It’s supposed to be…” There was another interruption from Shiraha, speaking with a firm voice.

“I don’t like you,” She began, gaining Rin’s attention as he stood back from her in surprise at her words, “I may have close relations to demons, and you are Satan’s son, but I still don’t like you. This has nothing to do with your unworthy nature of Kurikara either and I don’t need an explanation to say why I don’t like you…if you were going to ask.”

Rin’s glare softened, almost looking like a wounded puppy, but more disappointed and confused than anything. A girl he never met before, supposedly a normal girl, and off the bat she doesn’t like him for any reason. His mouth opened up to try and refute, only to be hear something interesting from her once more, not hurtful but important information.

“Your brother, Yukio, he is the son of Satan as well, but he still does not have the capabilities as you,” Rin’s jaw slightly dropped, wondering what she was going on about. “He may have been taken over by Satan and therefore unlocked his abilities of his bloodline, but in no way is he able to unleash or control them for that matter. The moment both of you combined your flames is when he was able to control his powers, and that was only because the essence of Satan was still within him for a brief period of time. Your brother has noticed, of course. His tail already disappeared, only thing remaining are his ears and that’s because that is the remnants of Satan’s power allowing him to show his true bloodline—vaguely.”

Rin forced his eyes closed, placing his hand up toward Shiraha for a second while he process what she said and then recognized that he couldn’t care less, “So what? I don’t care about what you say; if that’s really true then he’s close to human than…than what I’ll ever be.” He whispered the last part to himself, speculating if Shiraha had anything to retort with that, usually people got angry for believing that he was not fully human.

Even after the climactic battle between him, his brother, and Satan; even after he had stated that he was raised human and is human; in the back of his head he knew, or at least had a continuous thought that he would never be able to be human like everyone else. He believed there was still a shred of insanity that could be brewed within him due to his demon blood.

“I don’t care either. In fact, I didn’t even have to tell you this. I was doing it to be ‘nice’, like you want me to.” Scowling at one another now, she continued, “People are still going to be after you and your brother, despite ‘defeating’ Satan at his attempts to combine Gehenna and Assiah into one world. Some still want to kill you and Yukio, others want what Satan wanted…and others I have no clue what they are thinking.”

“Again, so what? We’ll just defeat them all over again like we do every time!” A smug smirk came to Rin, thinking he won the argument somehow.

Shiraha shook her head, disappointed with the conversation more than she thought she would be, “I suggest you tell your brother what I told you, even if he has already notice and even if you don’t care,” Turning around, she went down the stairs without looking back at Rin, “I’m going to school, see you there.”

“Yeah, well whatever,” He shoved off the topic that was just talked about and turned on the faucet to wash his face before he had a nervous chill up his spine and shouted down to Shiraha, “You’re going to school with us too?!” Living with them he might be able to deal with, but going to school as well would be more of a hassle than ever.

The upfront personality of hers can’t last forever…Whilst Rin was shouting for his brother to explain such a catastrophe heading to their school, a light giggle of amusement for Shiraha could be heard if you were near her.

Giggling and mild whispers still commenced at school, lunch time, toward Rin as girls and boys of his school passed by him and his fellow Cram School friends. The demon boy grunted all the while he was the talk of the school because of a certain white haired girl causing a ruckus in his own classroom. Not that she barged in or anything…because she was assigned to the classroom with him.

Konekomaru shrugged his shoulders in a nervous behavior, prickly from everyone talking quietly as they walked by the group, “Okumura, what are they talking about? The students passing by us are specifically looking at you…”

Rin grumbled, staring down at his bento before shoving food into his mouth before speaking, “This new girl in my class came up to my desk and told me to get out as soon as she spotted me!” Having to talk loudly as he spoke due to the food, he did not want to talk about what happened to him in the beginning of the school day.

Renzo laughed, shifting his bento down on his lap as he pointed at Rin “You’re the one that’s the talk of the school? Hahah! What’d you do? Break the girl’s heart? That’s what I heard anyway…” Renzo raised his eyebrows up and down, curious as to what happened.

Ryuji grunted in response to the whole mess, eating his bento quietly as he spoke, “Serves you right then, I can’t possibly imagine you even getting a girl to fall for you in the first place though.”

Rin scoffed at Ryuji’s last remark and clipped his chopsticks at the three of them, “That’s not what happened at all!”

“Then what happened?” Renzo was suspicious, not buying that Rin didn’t hurt a girl’s feelings.

“Look, she’s this new girl that decided to pop out of nowhere and live in the old Boy’s Dormitory with me and Yukio.” How that sentence rolled off his tongue made Rin wince, thinking it might have came out wrong.

Renzo grinned in amazement, “Waahhh! You have a girl living with you two?! Lucky dogs…” He pouted, sulking into his bento.

“Not lucky,” Rin emphasized the word ‘not’, continuing his explanation, “she hates me.”

Ryuji more or less chocked on his food from his bento after Rin finished his sentence, “And you think that’s a strange occurrence?”

“You don’t get it! She seems to have more hatred for me than anyone I’ve come across with.” Rin placed his bento down, almost done, but losing his appetite from the conversation.

“Come on, she can’t be that bad, right?” Renzo interrupted, trying to make peace of the situation, “but if she really doesn’t like you, I could always try my hands on her!”

Ryuji and Konekomaru winced at Renzo, unsure of what he meant by words—whether it be literal or figuratively. Neither of them wanted to know and shook off the troubling thoughts as all three of them continued with their lunch. Rin didn’t seem to want to talk anymore until Renzo decided to speak up about a pressing issue that was missing on Rin’s person.

“So…why don’t you have your sword?” He furrowed his brows, unsure if this was already discussed, “Don’t tell you me you lost it or I swear I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

Rin slammed his hands down on his bento, furious, the others jumping from shock, “That girl took it! She’s supposed to be keeper of Kurikara or something and said I wasn’t worthy!” He shouted, unable to contain his rage at this point.

Ryuji frowned immensely, “Keeper? Don’t be ridiculous. There is no such thing as a ‘Keeper of Kurikara’. The monks of Myōō Dharani have protected Kurikara for decades and not once have I heard of such a ‘keeper’ in any stories or legends.”

Konekomaru slowly nodded his head in agreement, “Bon’s right. At least, I haven’t heard of any stories of such a keeper of Kurikara either. Have you Shima?”

Shima shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, giving an apologetic smile at the group that he didn’t know anything either.

Rin scoffed, “Whatever you guys say. I’m only speaking of what she and Mephisto said. I need to figure out a way to get it back now.”

“You let Kurikara get taken away by some delusional girl. I don’t think you even deserve the sword at this point,” Ryuji bluntly stated, giving a stink eye to Rin.

Konekomaru gave a nervous chuckle, looking toward Rin in curiosity about this new girl, “What exactly did she do that’s so terrible?”

Rin rolled his eyes, knowing it was a waste of time to argue, “This girl, she said her name was Shiraha. She attacked Yukio and I out of nowhere from a box in our room. For some reason she was sent by Mephisto because she’s some guardian, I guess…Mephisto let her take my sword and now I apparently can’t get it back until I prove myself ‘worthy’.”

“Hmm…” While Ryuji didn’t particularly care about Rin’s predicament, he cared about the sword the monks of his temple cared for and listening to this story was increasing his irritability, “Alright, what’s she look like?”

Rin paused, narrowing his eyes down to the ground while trying to remember specific details about her, “Only thing that really stands out is her white her. She says she’s not a demon, even though I don’t believe her. But I don’t have any other detai…” Rin was cut off by Renzo.

“Is that her?” Renzo questioned, saluting to hide the sun away from his eyes and trying to take a closer look at the white haired girl from a far, the only reason why he could spot her besides the strapped on sword that belonged to Rin.

Rin nodded, the group turning their heads to know what she was doing. Shiraha was standing in a semi-empty grass area, holding out her arms out as she spoke to a black mass that was twice her size in width and length. With the four of the boys being able to see demons, this was not out of the ordinary, but seeing her talk to one so casually was what was out of place. Not only that, but the other students were whispering while walking by, not sure what she was talking to or why she was talking to herself.

“So she can see demons,” Ryuji stated, a bit surprised to the obvious conclusion.

“Yeah, she can also summon them…” Rin muttered, considering her more strange the more she sees her.

“Really? What kind o…” Konekomaru asked, about to ask what kind of familiars she possibly uses until seeing the expression on his face that he still didn’t want to talk anymore, which made Konekomaru narrow his eyes down from the feeling of rejection.

The boys were confused and bewildered by why she was talking to this sludge demon before it began to crawl away slowly to a different area. Shiraha waved excitedly over to the creature, shouting out a ‘good bye’ toward it as it left.

“Why is she talking to that thing?” Konekomaru inquired; a chill crawling up his spine when seeing such a massive demon.

“Well it can’t be good. How do you think about going over there now Shima…Shima?” Ryuji saw that his pink haired friend had disappeared.

The three boys looked around until Rin pointed over where Shiraha was, the others staring in disappointment, “He’s already over there with her.”

Shiraha and Renzo had a small conversation, the pink haired boy getting her to giggle at one of his jokes somehow. Rin, Konekomaru, and Ryuji watched in anticipation to see how he was coaxing her to be so friendly since Rin appeared to think she was more of a demon than what she claims to be.

Renzo gestured toward the boys, Shiraha staring over at the group and glaring right away when seeing Rin. In turn, Rin flinched, thinking that she would be charging over to him to scold him yet again…more like afraid she would pounce on him again. She spoke a few words with Renzo before grabbing both of his hands and grinning up at him as she shook them rapidly. Renzo was shocked for a minute but appreciated the violent handshake and the two parted ways.

Renzo came over whistling as if nothing happened between them. Rin, not trying to seem interested in what they had to say to one another, silently looked away and thought the other two would say something, to which his hunch was right.

“Well, what did she say?” Konekomaru asked, putting away his bento.

Renzo rubbed the back of his head, knowing that what came out probably would upset Rin, “She says she doesn’t want to talk to us while Satan’s son is here and will meet up with me later.”

A cheeky grin grew on Renzo’s face, thinking he had some sort of date with the mischievous girl. There was expectation within the other three that Shiraha would be coming over here to scold Rin, but so far she appears to not be the kind of person he made her out to be.

“You sure that was the right girl?” Ryuji questioned Rin, almost in a mocking manner to check his eyes.

Striking a fierce look to Ryuji, Rin huffed, “Know any other girls besides Shiemi, Kamiki, or Paku that can see demons?”

“I guess…” Ryuji commented back, thinking that it was a ridiculous question to ask now.

“That’s her for sure. But why is she nice to everyone except me?!” Rin shouted, slamming his hands on his head and ruffling his head in confusion.

“Because you’re the son of Satan?” Kanekomaru, Renzo, and Ryuji all asked the same question at once, finding that Rin being Satan’s son was the most likely answer in any situation where someone hated him.

“Come on…you guys are still going to go on about that?” Gutting out his bottom lip ever so slightly, the demon boy felt hurt that his friends would still pick on him because of that fact. It was certainly becoming old.

As time went on, it was time for the boys to go, packing up their bento’s and following one another to their homeroom classes. Patiently waiting in their classes, the boys curiously thought what they would be learning in their exorcist cram school classes after their regular classes were done.

Rin, while trying to pay attention in class, had to withstand the glares Shiraha gave him during his class, eagerly waiting until class was out to run to cram school to escape the girl.
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