Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

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Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby BalrogslayerZ » Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:32 am

Hello everyone, My name is Kom and this is my first time here in the literature section. It's been a year now since I first came to the web and I've been visiting SNAFU on a regular basis since. I spent my time here quite a lot, mostly reading PPGD, GT , sometimes I clicked into the forum section to kill time. Anyways, I just stumbled into this section of the forum just hours ago and decided to stick around a little. After I read a number of threads here, I found this place to be one interesting community and found myself wanting to join it. I've been writing some short stories on my free time, but didn't have a place to share it. Well I did posted some stuff on Wattpad but I didn't really check it as much as I do here, and since I'm going to be here for some time, I think I should give it a go.
Truthfully, I'm not much of a writer myself and my English is not that good, but I'm going to improve those shortcomings eventually. So please, if there's anything wrong with my grammatical structure, or if my story seemed weird to the point of incomprehension, don't hesitate to point it out, it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy what I'm going to post here, and have a good day :grin:
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby BalrogslayerZ » Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:43 am

The Fugitive

"Fear makes us feel our humanity." -Benjamin Disraeli, British politician, 1804-1881

A foul stench of blood ran through the air in that dark and eerie room, and it was as silent as the grave. The only sound in that room was a young boy hidden behind a bloodied metal desk, surrounded by the darkness.

His brown eyes were set on a pile of body in front of him, one of which used to be his father, laid in a pool of blood , the smell in that room was horrid, the darkness surrounding him was frightening, and the silence in that room was maddening. However, it was what his eyes reflected that is the most traumatizing thing he has ever seen.

Fear struck him like lightning bolt, and for the first time since he entered this medical facility 5 years ago, he felt vulnerable. The boy started to shiver, his mind couldn't take the pressure and he could feel it breaking apart little by little, but ironically, what kept him from breaking into madness was the gruesome and bloody view he's beholding.

The boy couldn't remember what happened before his father died, The last thing he remembered before he found himself under that metallic desk was two men dressed in black, with guns in their hands.

He tried to recollect his memories, tried to piece what happened together, but suddenly, the door on the far side of the room opened and two men walked in. They both were wearing bloodstained black suit, with guns in their hands. The light from the outside gave the boy a clearer perception of the men in black suits, one of them was tall, and has a scar on the left eye. The other one was short and has a disfigured face.

The boy could not remember clearly who they were, but his gut told him that they are the people responsible for what happened, and his vague memory . He knew that if those men were to find him, he'll surely perish by their hands. So he decided to keep as quiet as possible and wait until they leave.

The men in suits scoured the room furiously but they didn’t see the boy behind the desk. They were frustrated, and kicked every dead body out of their way. The boy sat still, hoping those murderers wouldn't find him and quickly leave, as he cover in fear, he overheard their conversation;

“Where the hell is that little brat? We can’t let any test subjects escape from this place, or Carter’s going to hang us from that damn tower.”
The man with a scar looked around furiously, trying to find the boy among the bodies littered on the floor.

“I can’t see anything in here, damn we should've kept the lights on. That maggot must have died in the blast along with others. Let’s just take the rest of the kids and get outta here; Carter would want a full report as soon as possible. Besides, I don’t wanna be greeted by any other nasty surprises these eggheads may have had in store. Ugh, the smells….I think I’m gonna puke.”
The other men said in disgust, the smells forced him to close his nose.

“Alright, let’s get the hell outta here. Call for the cleanup crew and let’s go back to HQ. And tell them to bring extra elixir shots, we're almost out of time.”

The two men left shortly afterward; but the boy still couldn't move an inch, as if whatever courage he once had were gone. As he froze still behind that bloodstained steel desk, he slowly regained the memory of the events that transpired.........

He remembered his father taking him beyond the facility's gate 5 years ago. Back then his body was very weak and he remembered going to the hospital on a weekly basis. His bad luck reached its peak when he was hit by a bus right in front of his home. The circumstances forced his father to take him from Manhattan where he was born to this medical facility out in the woods.

His father was the lead scientist of the facility and put him in solitary containment unit in order to provide the best care for his condition. The scientists performed tests on him but it was not so intrusive, the new life under the dome was quiet and peaceful. He remembered he saw many children outside his chamber, they were patients like him, but the scientist prohibited him from meeting them.

One day, his father took him to a big white room for another test, he couldn’t remember what happened after that, but when he woke up again, his father was sitting right beside him. The boy could remember clearly, his father expressed relief….but despite the joyful face he saw, there was something else, something similar to regret.

After that day, he was allowed to approach other children, he made many friends and he was happy. But as time passed, he began to notice some of his friends were disappearing from the common room. The scientists explained that they were sent home because their conditions have already been improved. Everything was fine until this evening….until those men came.

With no warning or any sign, those men opened fire on everything that moved, his father managed to take him back to his room, but he was mercilessly shot by the murderers from the back, his father then hid him under the table before succumbing to his wound.

The boy eventually mustered enough courage to get up and leave the room, he was still shook up because of what happened. But at that point the smell of blood and corpses doesn't bother him anymore. His eyes has already adjusted to the dark, and he's clear of every obstructing thoughts, the only thing he felt was the need to survive. He looked at his father one last time, and left the room in haste.

When he got out of the room, the facility was burning down and the floor was littered with dead scientists, but strangely enough, other children…his childhood friends were nowhere to be found. He was worried about what happened, but decided to move on. He ran past the living quarter and common room quickly, his eyes looking out for the murderers. When he realized that they're already gone, he ran to the exit as fast as he could.

It was raining hard outside, but he could see the light from the cars those murderers used to get to the shelter, several more lights quickly approached his location from the main road, he knew the murderers were on to him, and his only home is burning to the ground right behind his back. He made a split second decision and ran out of the facility he once called home into the pine forest nearby.

As he ran away from his shelter, his eyes started to fill with tears, but it was not of sadness…it was filled with rage and hatred. He kept running and never turned back. He kept running until his legs went numb, until exhaustion took him down. He reached the edge of the forest, and before him was a grass plain.

He collapsed, exhausted from the running. The last thing he saw that night was a group of men, dressed in black robe approaching him; he closed his eyes, and embraced the inevitable.

He woke up again on a bed; it wasn’t his family home in Manhattan or the familiar bed at the facility. He looked around, trying to get a sense of where he is. Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked into the room and sit by him. Startled, he tried to escape but he was too weak to move.

The mysterious man wore the same black robe the boy saw last night, his face was marked with large scars and he was wearing an eye patch on his right eye. The remaining eye he had was green, his gaze was like that of a man who survived through all the wars in this world put together, it was an eye of a killer. However, this middle aged man wasn’t as menacing as his looks suggest, he welcomed the boy with a smile on his face.

“Hey kid, how’re you doing? You got us worried last night when you collapsed at that field.”
The mysterious man greeted the boy, offering him a glass of water.

“I’m feeling better…thanks, but where….am I?”
The boy looked around nervously, trying to get a sense of where he was.

“You’re at our small village just out of town around the forest, we saw you running away from the Enlightenment Project facility last night.”

“My home!!! Is it……..did anyone?”
He turned to his savior, his heart raced with the expectation of good news.

“I’m sorry kid…we tried to save your friends but we were too late, the scientist were all dead and other children were nowhere to be found. Whoever did that were professional killers, mercenaries, they even managed to turn off the security drones. By the time we got there, they were all gone.”

The boy has already accepted the possibility that he’s a sole survivor from the whole ordeal….but the shock hasn’t worn off yet. He remained silent, lost in his thoughts, and then tears start to come out from his eyes. The man who saved him hugged him, trying to comfort him.

“It’s alright, you’re not alone. You’re safe now and no matter what happens from now on, I will always protect you. What’s your name?”

“Garret….my name is Garret Lowell.”

“Garret huh, you can call me Salazar. Come, let’s go to the village, I’ll get you something nice to eat.”
Salazar smiled to Garret, and for the first time since he left the bloodstained table, the boy felt safe from harm.
Salazar took Garret out of the room and into the village, and there he raised the boy as his own brother.

In time, Garret started to trust his savior, and he finally feels the sense of belonging he once had with the man who saved him. But no matter how hard he tried to start a new life, he could never forget the bloodshed, the pain, the screams of his childhood friend and family. Every night when he close his eyes, the fear and loss always came back and haunt him in his sleep.

He knew that the life he once had was gone; it was taken away by those murderers, and every time he think about them, he can feel the rage and hatred swelling within his heart.

The boy swore to himself that day he ran away from the facility; that one day, he will find those murderers, along with every single person responsible for what happened, and put them to justice, no matter the cost.
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Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:57 am

Hey-ho, do hope you enjoy yourself around here. I do enjoy the Art and Literature section here, you make great friends and people who provide great help and support.

Read through your work anyways and it's impressive if you have English problems and yet you have better English than some of the stories I read. It does require some getting use to as sometimes what you write is inconsistent, contradictory and scattered a bit. Below are some examples, there probably would've been more, but I didn't mean to pull out this much lol . But don't worry most of them aren't proper English mistakes and there's only one English mistake that I point out here, but are more preferences to how I would've written it.

Still shocked about what happened just minutes ago, the boy found his body unresponsive to his wishes, Wishes is too friendly a word to go with what's a dark and suspenseful scene. I'd take out the 'to his wishes' all together really (I'm a word cutter fanatic, I cut out words that I think are not needed).

Fear struck him like lighting bolt, Typo! Sorry but pointing out typos make me feel smart.

what kept him from breaking was the gruesome view infront of him. You bring up that there's something horrible in front of him twice from a short space from each other. It's like saying he couldn't a moment ago, gets distracted by something and then all of a sudden is looking back at the thing and can't turn away from it again. Unless that's what happens (In which case make it clearer), I'd remove one of the times you mention this.

His brown eyes were set on a body of his father laid in a pool of blood You give us a random piece of information that provides nothing to the story which is that he has brown eyes. Unless it's a hint or is an important later (Such as when he looks at blood his eyes turn brown). But the thing is that you give us information about his eye colour and then you tell us his daddy's dead. I think really if you want to tell us he has brown eyes (Which you don't need to unless it's important to the story), have it in a separate sentence.

reflected topped the list of the most traumatizing thing he ever saw that night. For a nightmarish incident for him, i doubt he'd be be going through the other traumatizing scenes in his head and ranking which ones are scariest. Really I think you'd say these was the most traumatizing scene he had scene or something like that.

there was nothing inside his head Sorry but this is more humorous than adding to the suspense.

They were frustrated, not only because they couldn’t find the boy, but because they can’t stand the stench from the dead bodies they left on the ground. Perspective problem here. Right now your telling the story from the boys mind cause that's generally how perspectives work (I do hate perspectives though, I really do). Unless you're doing this from third perspective then you wouldn't be telling what was going on inside people's heads in general. So really you'd just say they're perspective and at most you'd make it clear that this was the main character guessing what the other characters were thinking, but besides that you'd just say, 'They were frustrated'.

quickly leave, as he covered in fear, Earlier you mentioned he stopped shivering, this gives the impression that the boys stops being scared as it's pretty hard to just to stop yourself shivering just because of well, you can and especially how you continue to explain how much fear he's in. So yeah.

“Alright, let’s get the hell outta here. Call for reinforcements and let’s go back to HQ.” Call for reinforcements just as you're falling back?

he made sure his father died with his eyes closed, This is all meant to be shocking and traumatizing and yet this kid has the ability to go up to his dead Father who was killed in front of him, whilst his murderers are still gun-hoing inside the building, probably not far from him and then close his eyes.... I'll buy it I guess, but wanted to point out that I find it hard to imagine a kid doing that.

That's most of the writing issues I have, again they're personal issues that some people might disagree with, but ah well, I'm learning myself and some of them are preferences where other people might have other preferences. It's pretty good writing though.
As for the story, I have to say it's unimpressive. Thus far we have escaped subject thus far, that's all we get and that's all we've got so far. It's far too generic and uninteresting. It has all the basic remedies that are seen far too often in this sort of scenario. The test subject escapes against all odds, what went on there is a mystery and the test subject is horribly scarred from the experience. It's thus far boring with really interesting murderers. The story itself gets into too much about how the character wants to wet himself and everything's just too bland because it's focuses so much on the sudden destruction of the medical facility, which is normally a lab or military base, but is still a usual remedy of the escaped subject.
So while I have faith in your writing, the story I thus far don't have faith in.

Hope this is helpful and do continue writing.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby BalrogslayerZ » Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:40 am

Wow....thanks man!! As I said, I'm not that good at writing yet so this is very helpful. Thanks for the advice :D
Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby BalrogslayerZ » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:07 am

A New life

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched , they must be felt with the heart. –Helen Keller"

Garret was taken in by a man named Salazar, who found him lying at the grass field. After he had recovered from the shock, he joined the village as a new member.
However, he soon locked himself inside his room, isolating himself from the other villagers, only taking food and water through a window and speaking only to his savior Salazar.

The shock he felt that night may have worn of, but the wound was still fresh. And Garret can still remember everything that happened vividly as he relieves it every time he closes his eyes.

Garret didn't bother talking to anyone; he doesn't even look out the window to see other people. He was drowned in his loss and too absorbed with hatred to care. The only thing in his mind was revenge.

One day, Salazar came inside the room and talked to him;

"Hey kid, how're you doing?" Salazar sat down beside Garret on his bed.

"I'm fine, thanks" Garret talked back, his eyes fixed on the ceiling, not even looking at Salazar.

"Hey, I know you're getting better after what happened, but still, you should go out and get some fresh air. It's almost a month now and you haven't done anything else but sit idle in your room."

"Can I ask you something?" Garret got up from his bed and turned to Salazar.

"Sure, ask away."

" I still alive?"
Salazar paused for a while; he looked right into the boy's eyes and answered;

"Well....that's a question you have to answer yourself boy. I could say you're alive because I saved your ass, but that wouldn't really help answer your question now would it?"

Garret let out a sigh; he turned away from Salazar and lay down on his bed again. He started to speak, with his voice cracking down.

"Salazar, I really appreciate what you did for me, you saved my life and kept me safe. But I'm wondering if I should have died back there or not.....I mean, my home is gone, my friends are also gone, hell I even watched my father bled out to death right in front of me.....the only thing I can feel right now is hatred, the only thing I want to do right now is to seek vengeance....I may still be a boy but even I know that's not a good way to please...tell me, why should I be alive, when there's nothing for me to live for?"

Garret turned back to Salazar, with a short knife in his right hand, he held it against his throat and was about to cross it to the other side.

However, in a blink of an eye, Salazar disarmed him and threw the knife away.

Garret expected to get hit for what he tried to do, but what he got instead, was a hug from his savoir.

"Garret...I understand what you're going through. You're sad, you're depressed, you think everything that you love in this world are all gone and you just wanted to end it all. I've been through this kind of thing many times before, but you've got to learn to cope with it and live on. I know I have no right whatsoever to keep you from doing what you want, but please....don't kill yourself. This world has so much beauty that you have yet to see, don't throw your life away like this. Don't let the people who sacrificed themselves for you die in vain. If you don't know why to live on or what to live for, I'll try my best to be that reason"

Salazar let Garret go, he looked at the boy right in his eyes and smiled at him.

"Salazar.....I'm sorry...."
Garret turned away and stare at the ceiling again, trying to hold his tear back.

"Hey, it's alright boy. You don't need to hold it back anymore; you don't have to hide your feelings any longer. I'm here for you, and so does everyone out there. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask. We'll help you as best as we could, so stop holding back already."
Salazar looked at the boy as his tears ran down his cheek; Garret fell to his knee and started crying. For the first time since he escaped the facility, he got to take the pressure off his chest. That night, Salazar stayed with the boy until he stopped crying and slept, since that day, Garret stopped having nightmares about what happened.

After the talk he had with Salazar, Garret started to feel better. Eventually, he took a look outside the window to see what's out there.
What he saw was a simple, primitive community, where there was nothing but small clusters of wooden huts surrounded by a pine forest. Garret couldn’t see any signs of modern technology at all; even the clothes the villagers are wearing are old.

However, as he looked on and observe his surroundings, he began to notice something strange about the denizens. The way the villagers talks and interact with each other is not that of a primitive group of people, there was intelligence, there was a sense of civilized community, there was something beneath the simple lifestyle they led.

His curiosity eventually drove him to find answers from Salazar , who told him that these villagers did not live here at first, they all came from different places. Some were scientists, war veterans, some were criminals who wanted to redeem themselves, but they all came together for one reason only; to escape from the men in suits, the same people who destroyed Garret's home and killed his father. And that in order to remain undetected by those murderers, they had to isolate themselves from the modern world and lead simpler life. They had to stay completely off the grid, where they can't be found.

It was only after Garret learned the truth from Salazar that he realized that everything he saw up to until now was just a ruse. After that point of realization, he threw his prejudice away and finally found the courage to speak to the villagers.

To his surprise, the villagers he was afraid to meet at first were all friendly to him. They welcomed him with open arms and smiling face, as if he was their long-lost family member returning from war. Throughout the years he spent with the villagers, Garret learned many things from them, from primitive hunting skills to advanced mathematics.

As time passed, Garret became one of the most promising members of the village; he was proficient in hunting as much as using his wits, and after he single-handedly defeated a wild jaguar that tried to eat a little boy with only stones and carved spear, he was hailed as a hero by everyone in the village for his courage. It was then that Garret finally got the sense of belonging he once had back, the villagers were like his family.

The peace and company he experienced through the years changed how he perceive the world, little by little, he began to lose the hatred he once had, and the emptiness he once felt was finally fulfilled. Eventually, Garret found himself drown in the pleasure of peace and all he wanted to do was protecting his new found family rather than going after the murderers who destroyed his home.....until that day. The day he found out the ghosts of his past was still there to haunt him.
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Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:37 am

An okay chapter I guess. While the ending was pretty interesting and the bear chase was okay. The problem I found with the bear chase was because of the old fashion struggle some people have with action scenes. When writing action scenes they normally should be fast-paced (You don't have to, there's no rule and some people do do better not writing their action scenes fast paced, but it's often the case people will recommend you do). That means not using as many words and not focusing on so much, plus the duo have too much of a conversation while dealing with this bear.
My bigger issue is is the story problem, where I find it hard to imagine scientists, war veterans and for some reason criminals (Regardless if they do want to redeem themselves, that's why we have a justice system). Trying to ignore the criminal issue, the fact that they're disguising themselves as moon cultist... isn't smart. Sorry, but it's like if Al Capone thought a great way of getting away from the cops was to fly to Hawaii and pretend to be one of the natives and sounds just as crazy if he brought all the other mob bosses just because they're trying to escape to. Imagine the police tracking them, they'd only need to find one trail and bam, they hit the jackpot. What's more, pretending to be moon cultists? Sorry, but that doesn't exactly keep people away. You've got people that study cultures and societies who'd want to get in on their society and study them, also got tourists who'd want to witness these moon cultist festivals. I don't even see why the people tracking them wouldn't even look there to see if someone they were tracking was hiding amongst their people.
You can keep with the idea if you wish, but I'm not with it sorry.
I also find the relationship okay, there's nothing special so far to make me get into it. They've become quick friends after a cheerful conversation and now the main character protected her okay... but it sounds too cliche. Could just be me, but there's certainly nothing wrong with, just know that I'm fully behind it either.
I'd get into the story more, but I just found out my bloodcount's low from the chemo, so that's why I'm incredibly tired and it's rather depressing. But I am trying my best here, mainly because I do like trying to help people.
Anyways, here's a list of things I picked up while reading your work.

Once every month, when the full moon rises, they will organize a festival and pray to the full moon up in the sky. You have two full moon too close to each other that creates repetition. Really I'd take out the 'when full moon rises' completely as it's contributes nothing to the story, being that the following one does the same effect but has the rest of the information you're giving.

However, after he took a closer look at the villager's behavioral patterns, how they speak, how they live their life, that he understood that all these was just a ruse. Could've just said it was just a ruse.

they had to pose themselves as a community of Moon-worshipping cultist that no one dared tread around. Why?

he began to lost the hatred Re-read the sentence :)

Even though 3 years has passed Thought it was 7yrs?

? you say it as if no one in the village know you Another huge problem, you seem to hate giving capitals after question marks. Question marks is an upgraded full stop, so should always be followed with a capital letter.

it was huge and covered in fur I assume most boars are, plus the character was aware it was covered in fur, so how's this awing?

Before the girl could utter anymore words, a tree branch beside them broke down and revealed giant grizzly bear growling at them. The fact that her speech is cut off, you don't have to mention 'Before the girl could utter anymore words'. Because this is meant to be a sudden action, mentioning that doesn't make it so sudden and takes away from the impact.

Hope this does help.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

Postby BalrogslayerZ » Tue May 06, 2014 10:37 am


“A cornered rat will bite the cat”

It was a rainy day when Garret and his team of hunters went on a skirmish. He and his fellow had planned a trap for a wild boar that has been sighted around the nearby pine forest. Garret was meant to be the leader of the hunt, the coordinator between the trap groups and kill team. But he decided to help with the trap group instead and let the others take charge. He was coupled with another girl who would place the traps while others keep any troublesome predators out of the vicinity.

“Hey, you finished with the trap yet?”

Garret asked his partner, who has been fidgeting around her specially designed trap for quite some time.

“Need a few minutes, don’t worry, if there’s anything coming this way I’ll know it.”

“Sure hope so…..hey, you know anything about the boar we’re looking for?”

“Well, he’s warm-blooded, big, looks like a pig with messy fur, and would be as delicious as his kin”

She said in a sarcastic tone and smiled at him.


“Hah, just kidding. Well, he’s big….bigger than ordinary boar. Salazar told me that this big boy would be able to feed us for a whole week or something.”

“We could just trap a bear instead. I heard that they’re delicious.”

“With carved spears and primitive traps? Nope, we wouldn’t be able to scratch anything bigger than a jaguar, excluding the one that you killed ever so heroically of course. Actually, I’m having a hard time thinking how we would bring this giant boar down with this toy weapon, when we have a big ass armory that housed everything from a handgun to a rocket launcher sitting around unused.”

His partner said in an annoyed voice while trying to set the trap properly.

“Sometimes I wonder that myself……wouldn't we be better off being something else than a reclusive moon-worshiping cult? I mean it’s like 2025 now, at least we could at least be something like traders or mercenaries. That way our quality of life would be better, right?”

“Yup, but that would draw even more attention to us and that would fail our main objective right? I personally think this primitive and undetectable cultist gig is working out quite fine, since nobody wanted to come close to us at all."

"Well, that's the problem isn't it? If we could establish a trade route with the city nearby, we wouldn't have to be out here, in the rain, hunting for a wild boar..."

"Hey.....don't you remember that Salazar told us that we need to remain undetected all the time? That is, if we don't want them to find and kill us all.”


Even though so many years have passed, Garret couldn't totally forget what happened that night. But he made up his mind not to live in the past, he was given a new chance at life by his friends at the village, and all he wanted to do was keep them safe. He noticed his partner has finished setting up her trap and decided to learn more about her.

"I'm Garret by the way, what's your name?"

"Oh come on, that's how you introduce yourself? you say it as if no one in the village know you. Look, after that fiasco with the jaguar, everyone know who you are."

"Well......thanks? but you still didn't answer my question, Wisecracker"

His partner let out a short laugh

"Wisecracker? that's the best you could come up with? really?"

"Well....yeah, but come on, don't leave me in suspense, tell me you name"

"Alright, alright. My name is....wait, here he comes, let's get outta here before he see us"

"Who? Who's coming, I don't see anyone."

Garret was confused, he was wondering if she had hit her head when she was born, or if this is just another joke.

"The boar!! He's on his way here!!, come on you slowpoke, get out of the range!!"

"What, how did you...."

"Just move, come on!"

The trap was set, Garret believed in the girl's word even though he was skeptical of how she claim to have seen their prey through all the trees, but all his doubts were dissolved after he heard a loud squeal coming from the trap site.

"Hah, I told you he's coming that way, come on, let's get him"

The girl speaks joyfully, her yellow eyes were sparkling.

"How.....I couldn't even see him"

"Hey, I may not be able to kill a jaguar by myself, but I have other talents, come on!"

They got to the trap site and signaled the kill team, Garret was in awe of the size of the boar, it was bleeding from having its leg snapped in half from the trap, Garret could feel its pain and decided to end its swiftly. He turned to his new friend who's smiling at her successful trap.

"Nice job Wisecracker, your trap worked perfectly"

"Told ya I have other talents. Alright, enough with me being wisecracker, my name is....."

Suddenly, a tree branch beside them broke down and revealed giant grizzly bear growling at them. Garret and his partner was startled and started to back away from the bear slowly.

"Hey, maybe we could play dead? he wouldn't see us right?" The girl whispers to Garret while trying to find a way out.

"I thought you said you would know if anything comes into our way, how did you not see this giant, angry, grizzly bear sitting on its ass right beside us all this time?"

"Hey, I didn't say I could see everything right? and I didn't even bother to look because I thought the kill team would drive it away already.....hey what the hell is he doing to our dinner!!!?"

The bear ignored them and moved on to the dead boar, it was about to have a feast when the girl threw her carved spear at it.
The spear fell off its skin like paper, not even a scratch could be seen on it. But the girl kept throwing rock and stone at the bear until suddenly, it stopped moving toward the dead boar and let out a loud roar at them.

"Uh....he looks angry."

"Of course he is, how would you feel if people throw rocks at you dammit!"

The bear started to approach them, Garret and his partner stopped bickering as soon as the bear let out a loud roar to their face.

“Dammit, now you pissed him off, where's the kill team, did you even signal them?”
Garret turned to his partner, who has already started running away.

“ What the hell?….Hey wait up!!!”
He started running as soon as the bear began to move. Wisecracker turned back to him and waits until he caught up, then they both started running fo their life.

“See? This is why I told you to stop, now how the hell are we going to get th kill team to help?”
Garret turned to his partner as they ran.

“Oh for the love of…..just shut up and run!!”

They ran as fast as they could toward the rendezvous point. That is until the girl tripped on a tree root nearby and fell to her knees.
The bear was closing in, and there's no time to call for help, Garret rushed in to her help with only a carved spear, he stood between the giant bear and his friend.

"Get back, get back!! I'll give you the boar, just get the fuck back!!"

Garret tried to drive the bear back with the spear, but it kept coming closer.

"You know he couldn't understand you right?" Wise cracker chuckles as she got back up on her feet.

"Can't you keep quiet even for a minute? just keep running you idiot!!"

"Ow.....touche. Hey!! Look out!!"
She screamed as the bear ran on its four legs at Garret.

The bear charged at Garret with full force. Its sheer brute strength broke his carved spear…..and half of his ribs in one strike; Garret fell right beside his friend.
Wisecracker threw more rocks at the bear, hoping to drive it away, but all she managed to do was anger it even more.

"Stop throwing rocks dammit!! *cough* you’re just going to make it worse!!"

"Oh and you have a better idea? Please oh please, enlighten me.....wait, is that blood coming from your mouth?"

"I'll be fine, I just need to...get *cough* up"

"Stay down, you'll make it worse!!"

Garret realized his body was once again unresponsive, he can feel his lungs being punctured deeper and deeper with every breath he takes. His vision began to haze, and before he knew it, the bear was already standing right before him and his friend.
The girl tried to drag him away, but the bear caught up to them and ram them into the nearby tree. The bear walks toward them and was about to kill the girl.

"Wisecracker!! Hey!! Wake up, he's coming for you!!!"

Garret yelled at his partner, who seemed to be enjoying her sleep. The bear was getting closer and closer. He had no choice but to draw its attention away from his friend.

He gathered the last ounce of strength he had and threw a nearby rock at the bear, the diversion worked and the bear started to walk toward him. As it got to him, the bear raises its huge paws and claws, ready to strike him down once and for all. Garret panicked and tried to move away, only to realize that his body was still paralyzed by the last attack.

"Oh away!! go away!!"

Garret could only hold his hand out in fear, but suddenly, he felt a strange sensation coming from the inside, he felt his lungs and ribcages relocated to the original places.
Suddenly, he felt a tingling sensation of electricity coursing throughout his body, and in a swift motion, his hand let out a sphere of electric pulse to the bear in front of him. Garret was shocked; he sat there in disbelief, as the bear that would've killed him was sent flying through the forest.

After he regained the ability to move, Garret started to crawl his way to his partner, who's still recovering from the concussion, as he got close to her, he noticed his eyesight was failing, and everything starts to fade away. The last thing he heard was the yelling from the kill team and his new friend Wisecracker. Then, there was only silence.
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Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

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Dreams and Reality

"Dreams are our most memorable moments replayed in our sleep, as nightmares are the replays of our darkest moments "


A faint voice rang in his head, a nostalgic voice, a familiar voice. But in the darkness, he couldn't see anything and didn't know who it was that's calling out for him.

"Wake up Garret!!!, come on let's play!!!"

He opened his eyes, to a little girl sitting on top of him, now he remembered that voice; it was his sister, Ellie. Garret looked around in surprise; it was his old bedroom in Manhattan, before his father took him to the facility. In disbelief, he touched his sister's face, her warmth was real.

"Wha...what're you doing?"

She backed away from him swiftly, confused at her brother's behavior.

"You're real?....what, what's going on here, where's the bear, and Wisecracker?"

"Of course I'm real!! What are you talking about, Wisecracker? Come on you slowpoke, get up already!! It's beautiful outside!!"

Ellie tried to drag him out of his bed, Garret's head was still ringing, as if he was hit by a rock, he eventually got up on his feet and familiarized himself with the nostalgic surroundings. He looked around his room, it was arranged just like he remembered it, the books, the superhero posters, the computer games, he still couldn't believe what he's seeing, then the door opened and a man walked in.

"Garret, Ellie, I see you both are awake. Today I'll have a meeting with my co-workers in our house, so please try to play outside alright?"

Garret couldn’t believe his eyes, a man he thought was dead, standing right there infront of him, a little sister he once forgot, pulling his arms playfully like years ago, a drop of tear ran down his cheeks, he walked toward his father and hugged him.

“Garret? Are….are you alright there son? What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing……it’s just a bad dream.”

Garret backed away, wiping tears off his face. He followed Ellie down the stairs to the lawn in front of his house, the weather was nice, and a soft afternoon sunlight gives warmth to him while the cold breeze kept him refreshed. He could remember everything in the neighborhood, his childhood friend's house beside him, the playground on the opposite side, he could vividly remember asl these even though it has been 8 years since he had to go to the facility after.....

Garret's thought came to a sudden stop, as he began to realize something grim.

Ellie wasn't supposed to look so young after 8 years, his childhood friend's house was supposed to be demolished, and the scenario he's seeing right now matches what happened that day, he was lost in deep thoughts when he heard ellie called out to him.

“Garret!!, come on, let’s play!!”

Garret turned to Ellie, who’s running out of the lawn to the street;

“Wait up, I’m coming!!”

He began to walk toward her when he felt a sudden impulse, a foreboding sense of danger. With each step he took toward his sister, the impulse became stronger, and then as if it was by instinct, he ran as fast as he could toward his sister and pushed her out of the way.

“Ouch!! What the hell!!”

Ellie yelled at him, her face was red and she was about to get back at him, then her angry face turned pale as she screamed for her brother.

“Garret!!!! Watch Out!!!”

Garret remembered it now, and when he looked to his right, there it was…..the bus bumper that crushed his limbs that day before he lost his memories. That was the last thing he saw, then everything fades to black.

He opened his eyes to a sunlight shining onto his face, he took a deep breath and sighed, there was no pain in his chest, nor tears in his was just a bad dream.

He look around the infirmary and saw his friend Ms. Wisecracker. She was bruised and her head was covered in bandages. But even with the bandages all over her head, Garret can remember her pretty face and unique yellow eyes staring at him.

“Hey, you finally woke up! Thanks for saving my life back there. My sister got the kill team back in time to save us.”

She got up and sit beside Garret on his bed, she was smiling, even though she barely survived a bear attack. Her smiling face was enough to lighten Garret's mood up a bit.

"Hey, you can smile!! That's a relief.....I thought when you wake up from your bad dream you would fry me with that lightning of yours"

"Lightning? did you know I had a bad dream? can you look into someone's mind or something?"

Garret asked his friend in a comical voice, and she smiled back at him.

"Oh come on, I don't even need a mental link to know when you're having a bad dream, you kept screaming names while you were asleep...well, aside from like, Mom!! Dad!!!, help!!"

"Names? what names?"

Garret knew he could be sleeptalking, but he was curious, who else other than his parents and Ellie would he call out to.

"Well, there's Ellie, then Karen.....I think I heard about Salazar and Carter too. You were quite noisy though, I couldn't get much sleep."

"Karen?.....who's Karen?"

Garret was puzzled, it was normal for him to call out to Ellie or Salazar, Carter was a name he heard once but he forgot about it, but Karen was someone else.....someone he didn't know before.

"You tell me, I just met you 3 days ago and even then we spent most of our time sleeping in here. But really, I was rather surprised that you could shoot lightining out of your hands, never saw anyone did that before"

She got up and walked toward a nearby deskwith a water jar, she poured 2 glasses and gave one to Garret.

“Lightning?......What happened? The last thing I remembered was a bear right on top of me”

“You mean you don’t remember anything? when you blew that bear right through the pine forest with that lightning bolt of yours?"

Wisecracker was surprised that Garret didn't remember anything, she touched his head and rub her water glass on it.

“Hey!!, I'm not having any amnesia!! but really...what do you mean by lightning bolt? I don't even…”

Garret was confused, first he had a bad dream, and now Wisecracker is telling him that he's able to shoot lighting out of his hands.

“Ah, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone….not that they don’t know already though. To tell you the truth, some of us were test subjects like you. All of us have some weird power we can use…..I myself have an eagle’s eyes and my sister have a jaguar’s reflex, that's how I could see the boar before he came close, and that’s how my sister's kill team got to us so fast.”

“Whoa........slow down there Wisecracker, What do you mean? Test subjects?..powers? I don’t even know that I could shoot lightning bolts out of my hands until today……. Wait, you have an eagle's eyes?”

“Oh….well, now you know….right? And aye, I do have an Eagle's eyes.”

Garret noticed that her yellow eyes were unique since the first time they met, now he knew why it has such color and why her pupil seemed to be able to see through everything. It was actually the result of the so-called experiment she's talking about

"Wait.....if you really have an Eagle's eyes, then why did you not see that Giant, Angry, Grizzly bear back then?"

"Well.....there's a certain limitations to that, sorry."

“Alright, but there must be something you haven’t told me….. like how you and me got these weird stuff and power”

Wisecracker scratched her head.

“Well…I’m not even sure if you went through the same thing I did or not……and you’re the first I guy ever saw to have any power like this. Most of our powers are animal-like, courtesy of the E.P.'s genetic splicing”

“Alright, I'll just ask Salazar about this power stuff later, but E.P.? what is that, a secret organization or something?”

“You remember those men in suits right? Enlightenment Project's Tactical Soldiers (EPTS), that’s what they called themselves. We just call them E.P. agents, and they are the ones responsible to our current conditions. Me and my sister were taken as a child to one of their facilities. They ran tests on us and injected us with weird chemicals. At the end of the day, we were put in a containment cells. Then we realized that those chemicals those scientists infused into our body gave us some kind of super powers like enhanced strength, bone claws, camouflage, and so on. That's how you…you know, got the power…right?”

“Maybe…..but I wasn’t injected with anything. Not that I remember of”

“Well.....maybe you couldn’t remember, but it doesn’t matter really. Those chemicals were stabilized later and now it’s harmless. and you get lightning bolt as a plus right?”

Garret couldn't wrap his head around all this, but since Wisecracker seems to be optimistic about it, he figured believing her again wouldn't hurt.

“I see…thanks for telling me uh……Wisecracker?”

“ more Ms. Wisecracker. My name is Valora, nice to meet you, よろしく (yoroshiku), Enchanté, 很高兴认识你 (Hen gaoxing renshi ni), . You can call me Val”

She smiled at him, Garret cleared his head of any doubt he had about her, he concluded that the girl before him is someone he could trust. He smiled back at her out of relief and joy, as if she was someone he knew a long time ago.

“Garret, a pleasure to meet you too Val”

Garret got up on his feet and shook her hands. suddenly, the infirmary door opened and another girl walked in, she was surprised to see Val and Garret up on their feet already, and dashed towards them. Garret was surprised by her agility and fell to his bed.

"Hey!!, you're still a patient here, so lie down!! What's wrong with you sis? I thought you still have that concussion in your head."

The girl said in an angry manner, then she looked at garret trying to get up and quickly pushed him down.

"Hey, not you too!! Your ribcages were shattered and punctured your lungs, you shouldn't be getting up any time soon!! At least not after we could examine it!!"

The girl quickly took out her handcuffs and locked Garret to his bed,

Val sighed, she picked the girl up by her shirt collar and take her away from garret's bed.

"Look, he's fine. if he has punctured lungs, do you really think he would be conscious?"

Val said to the girl in a funny tone, trying to calm her down. she dropped the girl down on her feet.

"I know it's fine and all, that the damn thing will fix our bodies right away, but the after effects are still there isn't it? you are lucky that I found you before you turned and we don't even know what he would become if..."

Before the girl could finished her sentence, Val closed her mouth with her hands and turn her toward Garret.

"Oh come on, it's not that serious, we didn't lose that much blood, it's fine!! Look, why don't you go introduce yourself to that guy you just pushed down huh?"

The girl walked toward Garret, who's trying to unbind his hands as Val instructed and took a long look at him, she tried to smile, but the only face she could make was a squint.

"Hello, my name is Ringo, Val's sister, nice to meet you, bye!!"

She went out of the infirmary as quickly as she got in, leaving Garret confused about what just happened, including how she could move so fast in just 3 seconds. Val went back to her bed and lay down, she turned to Garret once again to say goodnight and fell asleep before he could say anything to her.

Garret was ready to sleep again, despite the nightmare he had just hours ago, he did not waver about was just an illusion, and dreams are what kept him on his path all these years. He closed his eyes, and let his wild imagination work in his mind....
Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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Re: Balrogslayerz: The Fugitive: PG-13:Original work

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Hidden Power

"Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens." - Epictetus (Greek Philosopher, AD. 55-135)

A week later, after that nightmare…..

Garret was lying on his bed, Val has recovered and left two days ago and now he’s alone in the infirmary. His thought dwelled on his newfound power, and his new friend. He met many people in the village since he was taken in, but none of them was as enticing as she was, there was something odd about her.

He was about to sleep again when Salazar walked into the infirmary with Ringo, dressed in a scientist's gown; she quickly swiped her tools around Garret’s body.

"Let’s see….ribcages normal, lungs virtually unscathed, no trace of any lingering side effects…..well, he's fully recovered boss. At this rate Mr. Static here could be on the hunt again in no time."

"Good to know, and uh…I'm not your boss Ringo, just call me Salazar like the others, calling me boss is kinda funny"

Salazar smiled at her casually; Ringo smiled back and walked out of the room in haste.

"How're you doing? I heard you and Valora had a rough time with that grizzly bear. But I gotta say, that boar that you guys brought back was delicious."

"Well…..I'm better now, thanks for coming"

"Good to hear, I thought you were going to be crippled just like that, good thing the kill team found you guys just in time eh?"

Salazar sat by Garret and playfully rubs his head. Garret paused for a while; he looked at Salazar in his eye and talked;

"Salazar....I need to tell you something....."

“What is it? “

Salazar stopped playing and looked at Garret right in the eye, he wasn’t smiling and his casual appearance was gone as if it was just a mask.

“Back in that pine forest….when me and Val was about to be….you know, eaten…I think I let out some kind of weird power.”

“You can sent out some kind of an electric sphere right?…..Valora told me about that. And by now she would’ve told you that most of the villagers here were former test subjects too, right?”

“So… knew? But why didn’t you tell me I could do this then?”

“I didn’t know you could fire electric sphere….I only knew that you escaped from the E.P. facility which means you’d likely be infused with that chemical and would have some kind of special power like the others. I was waiting for signs but there was nothing abnormal about you, until that day.”

“So….are you, you know…..special too?”

“I…uh, well it’s complicated. And normally we wouldn’t be so keen on letting others in on our conditions….it’s more like shame than specialty.”

Salazar didn’t look Garret in the eye as he used to, Garret can see that there’s something holding his savoir back.

“So it's true what Val said...the experiments, the powers and chemicals and everything...I won't ask anything else"

"'s all true. i'm sorry I withheld this information from you for so long Garret, i just didn't weant tyou to end up thinking about that dreadful facility again"

"It's okay Salazar, I won't make this hard on you and I know you mean well, you always does....….but do you have any advice for me, ‘cause I didn’t really know how to use my powers yet and I don’t want to end up hurting anyone.”

“Well, it seems that you can let out an electric sphere out of thin air, which could possibly mean that you could somehow manipulate the electromagnetic forces around you…..maybe with the right amount of control, you could do something like infusing electricity with metal or create an electric storm….that’s what I think”

“That’s cool!! Do you have any idea how I could improve it then?” Garret spoke with excitement

“I don’t know Garret……you could try letting out a controlled amount of that lightning bolt, but don’t use it too much. These kinds of things usually have nasty side effects”

“Alright, I get it, thanks for listening to me Salazar.”

“Anytime my friend, anytime”

Garret fully recovered and got out of the infirmary in the following week, he got his feet running around the forest in the next, and went on another hunt in three weeks’ time.

He tried practicing his lightning bolt every day after the hunt as Salazar instructed. From releasing it in different shapes and sizes, then infusing it with metal, in 2 months he gained complete control of his power and used it on every following hunt he went on.

After Garret fully mastered his electricity for 2 weeks, a nasty tropical storm hit the village; Salazar ordered an evacuation into a secret shelter underground while he and other adults tend to a wildfire after a lightning from the storm struck a nearby tree.

The storm brought with it a downpour of rain and lightning, Garret and Valora stayed behind to make sure everyone got inside while Ringo tends to the important equipment.

“Val! What do you see? Anyone else left outside the shelter?”

“Everyone is inside, Salazar and the others are coming back…...we only have to wait for Ringo to wrap up the equipment and cloaking devices then we can go inside.”

A lightning bolt strikes at the nearby antennae and forced Val to run down from the roof, Garret ran to her and give her the shelter key;

“I’ll make sure she gets back, you go on ahead into the shelter, I’ll come back with Ringo when it’s safe.”

“Be careful Garret, I’ll see you inside.”

Valora ran into the shelter along with the other villagers while Garret ran out to find Ringo. He found her sealing the vital equipment into the bunker. As Garret got to her, she was about to leave, but suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck down a nearby tree and blocked her path.

“Ringo!! Are you alright?”

"Garret? I’m fine, the tree blocked my path, but it’s okay; you can go back to the shelter.” She yelled back at him while trying to avoid the debris and splinter falling down on her."

“Look, there’s no way I ‘m going to leave you in there, Val would kill me with my own limbs if I do. I have some crazy idea that could get you out, but you gotta clear the area.”

“What are you talking about...oh god, don’t tell me you’re gonna…wait!! The cloaking device is still…”

“Get down!!!!!!!”

Garret channeled the electricity through his body and absorbed the lighting from the storm to his hands. He compressed the lighting into a small sphere of energy and sent it toward the tree. An explosion ensued; the tree was burnt to cinder but the bunker remained intact, and so does Ringo.

“Holy shit!!……you did it!!.....hey wait...what the hell were you thinking!!? do you even know what would happen if I didn't dodge that?"

"Oh come on, at least you and the equipments are safe, right?"

"The device…..ahh!! you fried it!! you fried the damn cloaking device!! We have to fix it up, or.....”

“No time to worry about that, let’s get the hell outta before your sister send out a search party”

They ran toward the shelter through the storm, as they reach the shelter, Valora and Salazar were there to pick them up.

“Sis!! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks to him and his lightning bolt, but the cloaking device was fried by the blast, I think we need to fix it quickly.”

Ringo tried to make her face look serious, but Valora and Salazar can see it miles away that she's still excited about Garret's power.

“In any case…..Garret….thanks for saving her.”

“It’s alright Val, let’s get inside before the storm pick us up”

The storm passed and left only destruction in its wake, but thanks to Ringo, the equipment was saved. And by saving her, Garret strengthened his bond with Valora.

Ringo started to spend time with Garret and her sister hunting. She became more open to Garret after the incident and started to open up to him. She was the best recon in the village and she can slip into the beast’s lair, plant a trap, and slip out before they know it with a jaguar's reflex she demonstrated the first time she met Garret at the infirmary. They hunted together for a time and enjoyed each other’s company, under the watchful eye of Salazar.

Val and Ringo told Garret many things about their past, how they were kidnaped as a child after they were orphaned, how they endured grueling experiments and how Salazar along with the other test subjects in the village blew up the facility and took them in. The girls also told him that there were many more test subjects, their childhood friends scattered all over the world, trying to avoid the E.P. agents. Garret also told them of his past, and his time at the facility. As time passed, their bond became inseparable.

One day, after the hunt, Garret decided to help Ringo repair the bunker and the claking device. But suddenly, Garret felt something just shut down inside his body, and before he knew it, he was once again in the infirmary. Salazar was there beside him when he opened his eyes.

“Hey…how are you feeling? “

“Not good…..I feel weak, like there’s something inside me tht just stopped working, but I think it’s better than before”

“I told you not to use your power too much; but this is rather….surprising. Valora and the others never had any symptoms like this and they used their power on a daily basis. Hey, let me take a sample of your blood.”

3 days later…..

“Garret, I’ve ran tests on your blood sample and cross-referenced the data with what I got from the facility, you’re….a special case.”


“Well, for starters, the reason Valora and the other test subjects doesn’t have this kind of adverse effect you're experiencing is because they are what the E.P. called “Beastmen” the first batch of test subjects successfully infused with useful animal traits, they can use animal-like powers like enhanced eyesight or strength.”

“Then I’m different than you guys? What am I exactly?”

“From what I’ve dug up, you’re a new generation of test subjects called as “Elementalist”. The difference between you and Valora is that she and the other Beastmen have absolute immunity of disease from the adaptive shark’s cells, and the regeneration ability from various species of jellyfishes so they will never get the rejection from the chemical. However, for the next generation of test subjects like you, the Elementalists need an inductive agent the E.P. called stabilizer shots to maintain their health from degrading, but you get more advanced powers than the Beastmen......there's some mentioning of a venom boost, but I don't have anything on that yet”

“Wait...what do you mean by rejection? Is this about that chemical Val and Ringo always talked about?”

“Well, you know that there’s a certain chemical that allows the human body to adapt to genetic splicing right? This chemical, by its roots is highly toxic and holds the record for the most fatal rejection. Even after thr chemical has been successfully bonded with the subject, an excessive use of powers could render it unstable and cause tissues to break down and result in organ failure…..that’s what you’re experiencing”

“So…..I need to find this “stabilizer” huh?”1

“That’s the problem….the only source of stabilizers are inside E.P. facilities, and they won’t give it to you nicely.”

Val rushed into the infirmary with an old injector in her hands. She gave it to Salazar , who was shocked to see the thing on his hand.

“Here Salazar, this should be big enough to get that thing inside him.”

“Valora, I thought we are past that point alredy, this is too dangerous”

Salazar looked at the injecter in his hand with disgust, his green eye was fixed on the black stain inside the cylinder.

“I’m not going to stand by and let him die!! Not while we could still do something about this!!”

Valora looked at Garret with a serious glance.

“Wait…..I thought the stabilizers are the only way to keep me alive, you mean there's another way?”

“Yes….there’s another way……albeit a very risky one"

Salazar put the injector down; he glared at Val with a very serious face.

“Val….you’re not really thinking straight..”

“Salazar…someday he will know about it, we have to save him while we could. I thought you would do anything to protect him.”

“It’s too dangerous….if he couldn’t take it he will die, or worse, he could possibly turn into “them” ”

“It’s better than watching him die a painful death…..I’m not going to stand idly by while he suffer”

Salazar hesitated for a while, but his expression changed as soon as he looked at Garret.

“Garret, after you recovered, meet me at the HQ where you trained hunting skills, If Val think that you can be saved with that thing....then I’m all with it.”

Salazar and Val left the room, and before long, Garret fell asleep. His thoughts dwelled on the mysterious solution to his problem, the chemical rejection he's going through and his past at the facility. Garret felt his body parts once again shutting down, he fell asleep shortly afterwards.
Let the forbidden flame of old times, burn the ignorant to cinder. Let those who were forgotten, rise up again in number. Those who wronged us shall remember, that the light they worship is just an illusion. For that we who lurks in the dark, shall be the torches that brings their annihilation!
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