CTCFirebird: Night of the Paranormal

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CTCFirebird: Night of the Paranormal

Postby CTCFirebird » Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:09 am

This is my entry for the Literature Contest.
I have got to say that I am honored to do something like this. I wasn't really sure if I had any time to myself to be apart of this, but I eventually did. Comments, critiques, etc. is preferable!
One thing though: Make sure you read this at night and/or in a dark room.
Night of the Paranormal

A newly wed couple had just moved into a quiet neighborhood. Their surrounding was clean and the people were friendly. They were pretty excited to see that they have gotten new neighbors. For the people, they haven’t had neighbors in so long. The wedded couple invited them for a party in their own backyard. They were having a good time getting to know the newly weds. The couple pondered about the people who use to live in their house.

“So, what were the previous owners like?” Linda asked. “Did they have children of their own?”

“The previous owners were very nice people.” John retorted. He was one of the most respected neighbors. “And yes, their kids were very nice. They come by every once in a while, but we’re happy to finally have neighbors. It’s been so long since-”

“Since what?” Kevin asked.

“Since…” John didn’t know what else to say. I don’t think I should ruin this day for anybody, he thought. “Well, they’ve gone missing. Let’s just put it at that.”

Linda was shocked and showed such concern. “Oh, my god. Were they found? What happened?”

John replied. “Well, you know cops, one thing you ask and the other they keep a lid on it.”

“Their investigation?” Kevin asked wanting to make sure they were on the same page.

“Yes. It has been about 6 years since we haven’t seen nor heard from them.” John explained. “I guess the cops are furthering their investigation even as we speak.”

“So, that’s why the house went for sale.” Linda said.

“Yeah. They felt that it was time for some new people to move in this neighborhood. They had to move out the furniture and everything.” John finished.

The wedded couple nodded in understanding. It bothered them at first, but tried to enjoy the rest of the day with them.


Later that night, Kevin and Linda were all alone in the house. They were in bed together about to consummate their marriage. Kevin started kissing around Linda’s neck. She was enjoying it, but heard something strange in the house.

“Wait… do you hear that?” Linda asked Kevin.

Kevin continuously was kissing her neck and made a sound in disagreement stating he didn’t hear anything nor even knew what she was talking about.

“Wait!” Linda demanded, pushing him slightly away. Kevin pretty much ignored her at first, but then started hearing something of what Linda was hearing as he went halfway close to her. As he heard, he backed away. There was a sound of footsteps inside their house walking towards their direction and then walking passed their room.

“What is that?” Kevin asked her.

“I dunno.” Linda answered in a whisper.

Then the footsteps came back and walked away. Only this time, there were knocks on the wall and on the doors of the hallway where the rooms were located. Kevin and Linda looked at each other confused – baffled by the event taken place in their house. The next thing you know, their light was growing faint, but tried to be strong by illuminating their room. It made a buzzing sound. Kevin and Linda looked at their lamp.

“Didn’t you just buy those?” Linda asked.

Kevin nodded, but was more focused on what the sound coming out from their room was. “I’m gonna see what that thing was.” He started to get out of the bed.

Linda grabbed his arm. “N-no. Come back to bed.” She begged. Linda was afraid of what might happen to Kevin if he does step outside the room. “Let’s just call the police to see if they could inspect the place even further.” She suggested.

“Even if we do that, we’ll have to come out of the room to open the door for them.” Kevin argued.

The phone rang unexpectedly. Linda gasped. She felt a cold chill in the back of her spine, goosebumps started to pop up from her skin and felt like her soul jumped out of her body and then sunk inside again. Kevin had shivered while gritting his teeth as he looked slowly towards the phone. We have got to do something about the volume on that phone, he thought. Linda reached out and answered the phone.

“H-hello?” Linda said waiting for a response, but there was none – just silence. She started looking at Kevin with the phone close to her ear.

“Who is it?” Kevin asked and Linda just shrugged while shaking her head.

Just then Linda started hearing heavy breathing noises coming from the other end of the line. The breathing was slow, but hastily at the same time. All of a sudden, the other end just hung up.

Outside in the hallway, the sounds of the footsteps started again, along with the knocking on the walls and doors of the house upstairs. Kevin and Linda watched frightfully at their door of the master bedroom. The knocks were light and were indistinct. It was getting defined and suddenly faint from where they were to the other end of the hallway. The heavy footsteps and knocking stopped. It hindered for a while. Kevin took the risk of getting close to the door. He was being very cautious trying not to make a sound to alert whoever or whatever was behind that door in the hallway.

“Kevin. No!” Linda warned in a whispering tone. Kevin looked at her while the rest of his body faced the door he was walking towards. He signaled her to stay put. He opened the door slowly and looked around. No one was there. He made his way back in the bedroom and closed the door. He was walking toward his wife.

“Well?” She asked wanting to know if he saw anything, She eventually hung up the phone.

“Nothing.” He shrugged, as he was halfway there.


There was a crisp, violent pound on their door. They both gasped frightfully. Linda jumped up and Kevin fell to the floor.

If you want me to type up a few more to this story, that part will have to be exempt from the Literature Contest, but will be added to this page!

Thanks in advance, my dudes! :grin:
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