Maru's New Lit Thread//Rap: Time Heals All Wounds

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Maru's New Lit Thread//Rap: Time Heals All Wounds

Postby Maru » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:34 am

I already tried doing this once, so let's just get the cliffnotes.

-Bell's Tongue

\And now, let us be on with it.
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread//October Thirty-One

Postby Maru » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:36 am

October Thirty-One
A loose, mediocre Halloween story starring two girls
Written by MC Ballad (Maru)

“Nau, are you done in there yet?”

“Yeah, just a minute!”

“Nauuu, if I have to come in there--”

“N-No, Mizu, I’m almost done, promise!”


Honestly, I know she hates Halloween. I think that was one of the things we talked about first when we started going out. Mmm, I think about it hard enough and I can still taste that latte we shared. And then we went to that thing with the rollerblading, and I kept falling on my rear, but Nau kept sighing and pulling me back up. That was fun, hehe… Oh, wait, what was I thinking about?

Oh yeah, Nau hates Halloween, but not for obvious reasons.

She loves to dress up, I can see why. She just looks so cool, in almost everything she’s wearing! And, she’d kill me for telling anyone about this, but she loves kids, and costumes, and I can see her just gushing over both of ‘em! I giggle at the thought of her, trying to hide her face in her hands, denying how cute a little girl in a pumpkin costume is! D’aww… But, she’s got bigger reasons to hate Halloween. I mean, she is a gangster, after all.

Wait, ahem… She’s a Roman Street Diva.

Probably the ‘baddest bitches in Tag City’, as a friend put it. The Roman Street Divas are the top female gang in town, lead by the ‘ever-attractive’ Sayaka ‘Eris’ Maeda… Well, I don’t mind her, but Nau hates her guts for some reason. She doesn’t like to talk about it. I guess being third in command does that to you? I don’t know…

All I know is that come Halloween, Tag City goes mad; there’s been a lot of deaths in the past few years, somewhere in the twenties if you add them up. There are at least five active gangs people tend to bar their doors to on a daily basis. Nau always talks about how most of them are, well, in her words, ‘young and dumb motherfuckers with about as much respect as a piece of cinderblock’. Hehe, crass as it is, I love Nau’s way with words!

But, back to the subject… All that ‘young and dumb’ stuff; it usually means a lot of fights, graffiti (something I happen to be well-versed in), noise, and all around chaos. Imagine that sort of thing on Halloween! It’d be even harder to identify them all! Plus there’s so much excitement during this holiday…

…God, I sound so dumb. Of course, Nau could attest to this a lot better than me. After all, she’s a badass Diva and I’m just a tagger. A huge nerd tagger…

I started to get a bit anxious. Nau hadn’t come out yet. She wouldn’t just leave me out here, not at all… Right?


“Just doing my face!” she replies. “Get the hell in here if yer so impatient!”

“I-I’m not impatient! Not at all!”

“Pfft, prove it, ice fairy!”

At that point I was already at the door. Oooh, Nau got me so flustered sometimes! “I’m not that either!” With that reply, I open the door to Nau’s room.

There she is…

I should’ve known Nau would’ve customized that cat costume I got for her. She kept the cat ears and bell collar, and she still had, well, the upper half of the costume…save the sleeves. She also had a nine-tailed whip hooked to her belt. However, she was wearing green cargo pants and black and white sneaks. Points for the black skull graphic trailing down her left pant-leg, but she seemed so casual. It was a little disappointing.

At least she was painting her face! In a sort of skull-ish way, too!

“Dude, you’re totally an ice fairy.”

What? Confused, I look down at myself. I giggle a bit. How could I forget I was wearing such a silly dress? Clad in a full dress with sparkly, see-through butterfly wings, all in light hues of blue, I was indeed an ice fairy.

“…Okay, but not just any ice fairy.” I smile at her. “I’m yours!”

“Ewwwgh, you cheesy goof!” Nau snickers. I love when she does that. She scratches the back of her head, a balled fist resting on a cocked hip. “Can’t believe you really talked me into this, Misty…”

Misty. My alias as a tagger. My preferred name… It sounds like a symphony coming from Nau’s mouth.

“Oh, don’t be like that! You know you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Because you’re forcing me too. It just doesn’t feel that way right now.”

“You liar!”

“You nerd.” See? Told you I was a major nerd. Nau even said so.

“You deviant.”

“You geek.” Oh, I’ve been promoted? Our tones have been getting lower. Are you trying to persuade me, Ibarazaki?

“You beast.”

“Wait, is this the part where we fuck?”

“Maybe if you’re good~”

“Dammit!” Nau grins, chuckling. She has great teeth, that girl. Oh god, I can see that canine. That one, adorable canine, the one that makes me think she’s part cat or something. The one that goes with her costume so perfectly now that I think about it.

And now I have to wait for her to be good, whatever the crap that meant. The term ‘cockblock’ would certainly fit if I had one.

“Uhm, Mizuko?”

“H-Huh?” Oh, hi there, reality, didn’t see ya there.

“Mizuko, you’re blushing.” Oh, I am? Nau looks pretty worried. “Are you okay? God, y’can’t be getting sick right before a party. ‘Specially not one you wanted to drag me to.” Oh, is that it?

“I’m not! You’re so paranoid about colds.”

“Because they suck!” We both snicker a little. “So, we hitting this party or what?”

“Of course! …And can I tell you a secret?” She leans her toy cat ear in for added fun. I take the opportunity to give her a quick kiss.

“You’re the coolest, Nau.”

“You too.”
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread

Postby Maru » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:38 am

To be honest, I feel like I'm just giving myself an excuse to have a geeky-ass graffiti lover swoon over a ladythug.
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread//Ventures in Exile: Back at Square One

Postby Maru » Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:44 pm

Ventures in Exile
A Vocaloid Fanfic
Written by Maru


Please don’t skip this.

Firstly, I don’t even own A Vocaloid, much less it’s entirety. At this point, the medium’s been tossed around to various Brands, so I don’t know who exactly to credit. However, I can attribute the main character, Gakupo Kamui, to Japanese Media Celebrity GACKT. With this being said, I don’t plan on including a disclaimer to future chapters, since it’s already been established that I own basically nothing but this particular series of documents.

And now, a bit of information on the work itself. This fanfic was inspired by this one guy I admire (after just one night of his videos, too!), who does amazing work with Gakupo’s POWER Voicebank. Its name is xXMachiiXx. Be sure to look him up on YouTube. His Gakupo versions of the Of Evil series are amazing to me.

The chapters will be titled by the song that inspired the chapter in the following manner…

>>[Vocaloid]: [Song]

There’s really no purpose for this besides showing you guys to look these songs up, as well as show you where my mind goes when I hear them! There will also be alternate titles, as official chapter names.

And now, let us be on with it.

Chapter One: Square One
>>Gakupo: Re_Birthday –Acoustic-

It’s been a whole year…

I never expected to live this long after my exile. I probably expected to have died before this day, maybe five months after it all went down. Sitting in front of a fire in just my robes, aside from my right shoulder guard and shin plates, maybe resting on a fallen tree, I could have been asleep, then assassinated in my sleep. But thinking this way, I’m not giving myself much credit. I’m an aware warrior; I can handle the night just fine.

I remember when I didn’t have to roam this cold land, passing by village after city after town. This land is very strange; There are many civilizations across this continent, and in others, even stranger. I rarely pay attention to my surroundings, though, in a sense. I only interact with others if I need to, like, say, taking up a room at an inn, or going for drinks at a bar and being initiated in absent chatter. I must seem cold to others.

Rin certainly seemed to think so growing up.

Looking back, Princess Kagamine was such an adoring child, and transitioned into adolescence fairly. She was maturing, becoming a leader, much to my Queen’s liking. Ah, sorry. My late Queen, bless her courageous soul.

I often wonder how I came to be a servant to the royal house. I mean, when did I first meet Toshiko, and how had she come to the conclusion that, hey, this is a guy who deserves to carry out my every whim! …Not that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I suppose I valued that position more than… Ohhh… Yeah, that’s right, now I remember how we met.

Funny, I’m back to square one. Back then I was just a young samurai with no home or money to his name. Now, it’s a bit better and a bit worse. Now, good ol’ Gakupo Kamui has some coins to get by, but has been exiled from the home he’d cherished for about, say, half my life? Thinking about it that way, I’m a bit depressed…

But no. I can simply move on and live like a nomad. That’s all I can do, really. Who would welcome me other than the current Princess? Well, no, scratch that, she wouldn’t either. I have not the slightest iota what came over Rin, but she very well hated me the last time we were in a room together…

Granted, well, it was… the anniversary of Queen Toshiko’s death.

I believe everyone under the royal house suffered from Toshiko’s loss to sickness. Toshiko Kagamine was a strong ruler, a better ruler than our King, Ushio, even. Ushio was more of a businessman, and Toshiko was a brilliant strategist. Thus, they had run a sort of miniscule war on other civilizations, with surprisingly good results.

That isn’t to say they were purely tyrannical rulers. Toshiko and Ushio were two of the best people I’d ever had the pleasure of being around. To start with Toshiko, she was a very vibrant woman up until she passed, kind and proud. I’m even starting to remember on how she had simply found me in an alleyway and invited me to serve her. Ushio, though far more reserved, was a respectable man for me, too, as well as a vastly powerful speaker and a great mathematician.

I had been indicted to the royal house a few years before Rin…well…for interest of self, uhm, happened. I didn’t get to see…the actual birth, unfortunately…no, fortunately. I was told to stay out of the room, to guard it from curious outsiders. I may have blocked most of that day out of my memory. I’m…a tad prudent when it comes to…such subjects.

But yes, Rin was born, but with another child. The house hadn’t expected twins. The king and queen had decided to name the extra child Len, so to create a humorous little naming dynamic for them. I’d like to say that the two of them were a good pair of little nobles… I’d like to, but I can’t.

Okay, now I’m getting a bit depressed. I lie down on my back in a sort of recline, not exactly caring if the dirt would ruin my robes. The fire warms me, a warm I really needed as I look up at the night sky. Cloudy today. Hope it doesn’t rain, that’d be pretty clichéd.

What was I thinking about? Oh yeah, the day that began a slow turn for the worse in the royal family.

This was actually the only thing Toshiko, Ushio and I swore to never talk of with each other. It was a while after the noble twins had turned four. Ugh, my stomach tenses, remembering what had happened. Unfortunately, Len’s unexpected birth had slated him to live of servitude to the royal family, instead of the life he’d just barely begun to live as Prince Kagamine. He’d been taken away from the family, to have him undergo proper conditioning to become the perfect servant to his family.

…I’d probably hate it less if he hadn’t been taken while he was playing with Rin and I… That day, I don’t really know who cried more out of the three of us. Sure, they were loud criers, but my tears came to me as a shock. I’m pretty sure Toshiko cried a bit as I was dressing her for bed that night.

…Okay, I’ve grown up, I can…


Gimme a moment…-sniff-

Okay… That was healthy…

For the years to come, I think the king and queen became a bit colder, thus starting their small string of continental conquest. However, little Rin had become extremely close to me. I didn’t have much of a problem with it. She’d tag along on errands, though, which made them hard to carry out on top of keeping that hyper little fireball concealed. She made it seem as though I was her brother, even calling me so almost once every day.

Then came Toshiko’s illness. Rin, at the time, was thirteen, and undergoing certain lessons in preparation for one day taking the throne, being the only heir of the Kagamine name. Toshiko had been helping her when she had suddenly collapsed. Rin and I hadn’t panicked like that in years.

In the days to pass, Toshiko had been confirmed very sick. A skilled physician had diagnosed her with a sort of brain aneurysm… I’d forgotten the specifics. Soon, the Queen of our mostly unknown kingdom had passed.

Afterwards, Rin had found the resolve to take the throne, months after the suicide of Ushio.

Finally, on her fourteenth birthday, though I’d rather not go into specific details as of yet, Queen Rin Kagamine had not only banished me from the home I’d cherished, but she’d sent a riot of the kingdom’s men to kill me in the central plaza. I didn’t think I would survive… But here I am, reminiscing about my years in that world. And now, there’s no other path but forward for me.

The next morning, I decide to continue on foot, in favor of an actual meal. Luckily, there’s a village nearby. Securing my blade to my waist and grabbing my other belongings, I pace forth, giving a calm glance to the clear, blue skies.

It’s been a year and a day now.
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread

Postby Maru » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:22 am

Finally posted it after forgetting... Might put up chapter 2 later...
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread//Rap: Time Heals All Wounds

Postby Maru » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:49 am

So I wrote this to Macklemore's Starting Over.. So if I can get an instrumental for it with the hook, I'll definitely record it...

Time Heals All Wounds

The stuff my mother hates is liars and thieves
And for the longest time, I thought that I could believe
That I would never be my parents but there's tears in my eyes
Because I'm three times my mother, she's never satisfied

With these GIRLS, these GIRLS, these goddamn GIRLS
I think about my exes and I hate this muthafuckin world
Cuz the things I hate about em are the shit that they like
I figured THEY would be the ones that got me Keefin every night

The worst one wasn't right, always got a hold of me
Got me questioning what the hell's my buddy bout to see
Out of me? And he's the one who glued us all back together

At least she wasn't a skank with bacterial vag
Scopin everybody buff, even thirsty for them fags
No offence, except for you bitch, Cuz you offended me
And all your manwhores too, they still tryna be friends with me

I hate parties now, because you're always there
This isn't fucking fair, Now I hafta act like I don't care and its like
'God fucking damn, I can't trust no one in this room'
Because everyone connects with you, but at least

You ain't Miss Big City, Miss Treat Everyone Shitty
Miss Get In Everybody's Business, Miss Fake Friends in the Fifties
Miss SCP and Shiny Skitties, At least you never call
And guilt trip when I don't want to answer you at all

My friends call me gay all the time
I feel like if I was, my life would be much more than fine
Cuz you'd never be on my mind, but that preference isn't mine
And the only overdose I'll ever feel is off time

[We fall so hard]
[Now we gotta get back what we lost... lost...]
Time Heal All Wounds
[I thought you’d go]
[But you were with me all along... along...]

I hope I never end up like my dad, guess it's family tradition
If I will, I hope I never have sex
Cuz if my seed sees me as a deadbeat or a kid check
I'll have a inconspicuously slit neck

I think about my little sister proudly
And I hope she never hears me scream so loudly
And I wonder how her life might've been without me
I got this fucking side of me that won't stop shouting

Because I can't decide how my father feels about me
Cuz there's alla this stuff he'll never fucking know about me
I'm so fuckin bipolar, I love him to my heart, then I hate him to my core
Why the fuck, is my body so sore

I don't want this anymore! I'm lying on the floor
Voice trembling at my grandpa, the only man I feel like I can talk to anymore
Cuz where the fuck is you?!
You ain't actively calling me like you said that we could do

Is my life a joke to you?! Ain't got nothin to do with you?!
I'm the first born, dammit! I'm daddy issues in it's worst form
You treat me like a hand me down when it's torn
Oh its there, but I ain't showin it off in public anymore

The track here is a sin but how the fuck should I be honoring
The source of all my pondering?
I bet y'all thinking I'm a fucking drama queen
Fuck y'all, here's to all us fuckin Oscar nominees, We are the backdrop

We are the lights and the booms on the stage
And the pens to the pad of a script and every page
Has a whole different plot, but it's the same premise
The man I call my Papi feels more like he's just my nemesis

[We fall so hard]
[Now we gotta get back what we lost... lost...]
Time Heal All Wounds
[I thought you’d go]
[But you were with me all along... along...]

But I'm stronger than the demons in the song
And if I write and it starts righting someone's wrong
Then I want to make you feel better, let the lyrics hug you
Because no matter how I hurt I still love you

That goes for anyone who hears it
Either enemy or not, because love is all I really got now
I put my hate into my verses
I turned into an evil spellcaster, writing out curses
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Re: Maru's New Lit Thread//Rap: Time Heals All Wounds

Postby Comic Kitten » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:09 am

Your writing reminds me of my little sister, which is a compliment! She writes in a way that is like an anime book or comic book. I feel like you are reading the story to me in a super cool way haha! Keep it up!
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