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Postby korikou » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:51 am

Hey guys, this is Shinbai's Board, the story of Yuu and Kitsune
picture here-
and their struggle to earn enough money to stay in their favorite school before the end of the semester or else they'll be kicked out.

I'll Post chapters (or parts of chapters) here so you can review them and make comments at a slow pace but if you want to try and read ahead and catch up to where I'm already at than please go here
And read and review on that site instead as anonymous user

So without further ado, here is part 1 of chapter 1

Shinbai academy, a school where competition is encouraged to the limit. Yes, whether it is in love or destruction, students are always told to strive for the best in every way possible but the most incredible thing about this school is how they enforce the competition of life.

"You must pay for everything you need, nothing is provided except a room where you will learn" "You must get money, defend your money and fight for your survival" those are the decrees of the principal who runs this school and he is not kind…especially when you don't pay the rent.

We begin with soft footsteps; the boy making them was holding brown paper bags of groceries close to his chest as he made his way down the hallway, counting the room numbers to find his own.

"Room ninety-nine, room one-hundred…room one-O-one!" He stopped and focused his big blue eyes, trying his best to see through the groceries blocking his view. "Hmm?" The boy noticed a piece of paper on the door and tried to take a closer look, the bags made crinkling noises as he pressed his body against the paper. "Let's see….E…vic.…tion….Eviction…oh it's an eviction notice." He laughed a little to himself at his accomplishment


"EVICTION!?" The boy shouted, letting go of the bags and showing us his face.

The boy was a classic little brother character. Reaching no taller than five foot eight, the boy had a small frame and large blue eyes that screamed fragile, his blond hair reached down to his shoulders and his bangs were kept up by a dark hair band, they still managed to cover some of his face though. He wore a school uniform (a tan sleeveless v-neck sweater that reached lower than his hips and a short-sleeved white dress shirt underneath) it was too big for him and made him look smaller than he really was.

This is Kitsune age fifteen (though you'd swear he was twelve); his real name is Joshua Shen but some people call him Jo and others call him Shen; he is a student of Shinbai academy (but you'll hear more about that later) my name is Narrator-kun and this is a story about that eviction notice on the door.

Kitsune slowly reached for the pink piece of paper with a shaky hand, his fingers slipped under the eviction notice and pulled lightly. His eyes stared wide at the words on the paper as he read; the shaking went from his hands to the rest of his body. "E-eviction n-notice….." The shaking got worst, he tried to steady his hand but it refused to cope. Eventually he managed to get a firm enough grip on the door that he could push it open

"Dam monster!" Inside the room was another boy playing a video game in a mess of trash.

This is Yuu Satoko, he is the best friend and roommate of Joshua Shen (Kitsune if you haven't clued in on the nickname thing yet) he is in many ways the opposite of Kitsune. Yuu is a tall (six-foot one) tan teen with rugged dark auburn hair that reaches past his shoulders; he has piercing green eyes and a piercing on his left ear. Yuu is the current captain of the karate club; he wears the same uniform as Kitsune though the white shirt he wears is long-sleeved; he currently wasn't wearing the vest.

Yuu sat with his legs crossed .For a while, he didn't seem to notice that his roommate was standing in the doorway, all of his attention on the flashing screen in front of him. The boys fingers smashed buttons and jerked the controller around, his head turned slightly and he noticed the cowering Kitsune standing in shock.

"Oh" The boy said, not noticing the state the boy was in. "It's you Jo-kun, you get the stuff?" He turned back to his video game and continued button mashing before realizing he didn't get an answer and turned back towards the blond. "You okay Jo-kun?" He had a slightly worried look on his face as he pressed the pause button on the controller. "Jo-kun?" He asked again, this time a little more worry in his voice. Yuu got up and walked over to the shivering Kitsune. "Dude, what's the matter?" But there was no response. "What's that paper?"

"It's a…"



"A note?"

"An evict"


"…..IT'S AN EVICTION NOTICE YUU-KUN!" Kitsune shouted; his eyes watering, his hands gripped the paper tighter as he showed Yuu the destructive power.

"AN EVICTION NOTICE!?" Yuu snatched the paper from Kitsune's hands. "Are you sure this is an eviction notice!?"

"I think so..."

"YOU THINK OR YOU KNOW!?" Yuu grabbed Kitsune by the shoulders.

"I-I KNOW!" Kitsune shouted in a panicked attempt at a response.

"Hold on, it might not even be that much right?" Yuu smiled (It was a really weak attempt at comfort) but was still sweating buckets.

"… billion yen…." Yuu said with a sigh of disbelief, Kitsune followed behind as they walked down the hallway. The two were depressed but decided they couldn't do anything now so why not go to class.

"How are we gonna fix this Yuu-kun?" Kitsune asked, he didn't bother to try and make eye contact…his eyes stared down at his feet as he walked down the carpeted floor.

"I don't know Jo-chan, if we don't make enough money by the end of this month we're totally screwed." Yuu looked at the paper again and smacked his face. "How the hell do we owe so much?"

"All the debt from before we started going here got transferred to the school as well,

1 billion

Then there's the expense for room, food, books, and the water usage fees (we pay full price because we enrolled ourselves)

50 million

Then of course there's the debt's we've made inside the school

50 million

And we have to pay a fee to get into class when we're late and we're always late

3 million

I forget we're the rest goes"

"Dammit!" Yuu punched a hole in the wall next to him, Kitsune looked back to see a line of fist sized holes stretching back way too far to count; his eyes then went up to the camera that was following Yuu's movements.

Destruction of school property

4 billion seventy-seven million yen pieces….

"I'm sorry Jo-kun; I guess this is kind of my fault huh?" He looked down and got more depressed than usual

"Heh-heh, don't worry Yuu-kun." Kitsune placed a hand on the teen's shoulder. "We'll be fine as long as we stay calm right?" He smiled an actually reassuring smile to Yuu.

Yuu looked up and began to brighten a little as he went to open the main door to the outside. "Yeah! We're the best of the best aren't we; I know we can do it if we jus- LOOK OUT!" Yuu tackled Kitsune to the ground, the whistle of a blade and the chunk of it hitting the wall behind the two was his explanation. "Shit, we don't have time to deal with her today." Yuu grumbled as he got up. He took Kitsune's hand and pulled him up too. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Yuu-kun." Kitsune said with a weak smile, he dusted himself off and looked around at the place they landed in.

A lush green palace of flora, a rainbow of flowers cascading across the ground. In the center of the masterpiece was a humungous tree the width of which you could run laps around for a real exercise and the height of which made you fill like an ant.

The Garden, a place of contemplation and serenity in the Shinbai school dorm building; the schools hectic and chaotic life style often forces even the most composed of students to fall victim to the stress of this every day school life. For this reason, The Garden was created so that all students may take in the smell of the flowers and become at peace if only for a moment, this is also why all doors leading to and from the dorms lead to this place so that all students pass through the garden at some point in the day.

Kitsune and Yuu stood in at the door and took a deep breath in of the fresh air; it calmed them and made them at peace…..

"Move!" A kunai knife shot through the air and almost impaled Kitsune's forehead but Yuu caught it between his fingers.

…if only for a moment

"Good reflexes Yuu-chan!" A female voice boomed from a branch high up on the gargantuan tree.

A girl with long velvet hair that reached down her back and almost to her feet was leaning on the trunk of the tree as she stood on the wobbling branch. Her hair was wrapped up tight in a white silk cloth that kept the purple locks in a neat line down her back; her bangs were long and parted to the right so you could only see her left eye (a beautiful shade of dark red). The girl also had a thin curvy body with a set of large breasts adorning her chest.

"I wonder how good they'll be against this!" The girl whipped out another kunai knife and threw it at the two boys. Yuu just yawned as the blade came closer towards him; he flicked his wrist and snatched the knife out of the air in one fluent motion.

"You're not making us late again you dammed ninja!" The boy shouted, throwing the blade back at the velvet beauty. The blade struck the trunk, a hairs width away from the girl's head, yet she didn't flinch.

"What's got you down in the dumpy-dumps Yuu-chan?" She asked with a baby talk accent.

Yuu turned to Kitsune. "What's she saying?" Yuu asked. Kitsune pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked at the girl standing on the branches.

"She says she's coming down." Kitsune informed the teen; they both stepped back in anticipation.

The girl started jumping back and forth like a boxer before jumping off the branch with her arms and legs tucked in, she spun through the air in ball form before spreading out her arms to release the hundreds of kunai and shuriken stars upon the two.

Akane, the self proclaimed "Ninja" of Shinbai academy, her interests include: having her photograph taken, walking around in bikinis, changing her hair and eye color from time to time and making Yuu and Kitsune's lives just plain difficult (meaning she makes them late for school…because she can). Oh, she wears the same uniform as Kitsune-chan but with a skirt instead of pants…but stating that is kind of redundant.

"Jo-kun! Evasive maneuvers!" Yuu shouted.

Kitsune dashed for a nearby bush and pulled out a round shield, he tossed it like a disk to Yuu and the teen caught it without a hitch.

Yuu ducked down under the shield as the knives came like rain down on the two. Kitsune was back inside while Yuu was under the shield, the knives striking the wooden circle with hundreds of thuds.

"Not over!" Kitsune shouted, Yuu stood and looked up to see Akane with her arms spread out like she was sky diving. The girl pulled back a fist, a slightly psychotic smile was on her face. Yuu held up the shield in a defensive stance. Akane's smile changed to a soft one.

Akane shot her fist forward; it crashed against the wooden frame and sent Yuu sliding on his feet backwards. Yuu lowered the kunai covered shield to see Akane landing like a cat a few paces away, her back to the tan warrior.

"What's the matter Yuu-chan?" She asked with a slight sign of actual concern. "You're usually a little more aggressive." She got up and spun around to show another kunai knife in her hand (this one's blade was a few inches longer than the other and slightly flatter) she twirled the blade in her hand then suddenly snatched it out of the air and held it like a dagger (the blade pointed downwards).

"We don't have time to fight you today!" Yuu shouted. But Akane was already picking up speed in her footwork.

A slam on the ground with her left foot and Akane was propelling herself forward like a jet.

"Shit" Yuu was quick to prepare; Akane closed the gap between them and came up with and upward slash, it cut through Yuu's ragged hair as he bent backwards. Then came a shing (the sound of Akane flipping the blade so that she held it like a sword) the ninja slashed down and cut a line through Yuu's vest and shirt. Yuu retaliated with a swift knee strike, Akane's sword slash had left her tilting downwards and she wasn't ready for the oncoming strike. The ninja slipped a hand under her chin and caught the knee before it made contact.

Akane jumped, pressing her hand on the knee, she did a handstand (if you know where this move comes from then you're awesome!) and then flipped onto Yuu's shoulders so the she was sitting on them with her skirt bottom in his face (almost forgot to mention that she's a pervert). Yuu stumbled back a few steps before Akane locked legs and tilted her weight backwards.

"Check this move out!" She cheered. Suddenly she did a back flip and Yuu was in the air, the ninja let go of her legs and the tan teen slammed against the ground, face up. Akane stood over him with a frown. "I notice you're a little slow today Yuu-chan." She sighed.

Yuu throughout a sweep kick but Akane caught it with one leg and then kicked him in the side with the other.

"See!?" She said with a worried voice. "You never let me get kicks like these off…" She emphasized her point with another kick to his side.

"…dammed ninja..." Yuu muttered as he rolled over to get up.

"We got some bad news today…" Kitsune said as he helped Yuu get to his feet. "We're kind of getting evicted soon so we're both a little down in the dumps."

"Evicted!" Akane repeated in shock. "How much do you guys owe?"

"It's looking to be around….seven billion…"

"Seven Billion!" Akane repeated again.

"Yeah, we're in a bit of a bind aren't we?"

"Not that big a deal, all you have to do is get a few jobs from The Board right?" Her smile brightened.

"The Board is a hell hole; people get their bones broken trying to get a job from there!" Yuu protested. "You lost almost all your clothes when the guys were trying to tear you apart to get a job from you."

"Yeaaahhh…" She sighed with a blissful smile.

"What the hell are you remembering!?"

"N-nothing, just some childhood memories is all…"

"What the hell kind of childhood memories do you have!?"



"Oh right! Well, you guys don't have much of a choice right, you'll lose your admittance here if you can't pay the bills by the end of this semester."

"Yeah…" Kitsune gave a sad smile.

"If only there was a safer way to find a job in this school." Yuu said.

"Can I help?" A sympathetic voice came from behind them making them all spin around to see who it was.

A bright blonde beauty stood behind them, her hair was a wavy summit of light and her big beautiful eyes were the same diamond blue as Kitsune's (in my opinion they're just a smidgen bit duller than his); her petite form stood at five foot nine and her chest was adorned with the same smooth round orbs as Akane's (though perhaps slightly larger). The girl wore the same uniform as her classmates along with an adorably bright smile.

The three stood in silence for a second. Immediately they all turned around and scrunched up together.

"Holy fucking shit! It's Sarah!" Yuu whisper shouted; the expression on his face was strange (a weird mix of nervousness with spikes of anger) he had a small begrudging smile with a few drops of sweat forming on his forehead.

"What does she want; we placed an offering to her just last week!" Akane started to hyperventilate.

"Hah-hah! You guy's are being so strange when Sarah is our friend!" Kitsune gave a smile (his face was dripping with a cold sweat and his legs were wobbling like two twigs tied to a chain in a tornado).

"Kitsune-chan, you're worst than us!" Akane pointed out.

"Maybe she didn't see us; we can still make a run for it!" Yuu's breath was short and choppy under the pressure.

"Whatcha talkin 'bout?"

"HOLY SHIT!" Yuu shouted in surprise. "I mean…nothing Sarah; we're just talking about…plants!"

"I heard you guys needed a job." Sarah said. "Why not work for me?" She said with another cheerful smile.

"Like hell to that!" Yuu shot a pointed finger at her.

"Please Yuu-kun!" Sarah clasped her hands together with a big puppy dog faced beg. "You gotta help me!"

So here's her profile.

Sarah Star (yes, Star!) the member of a filthy rich family, she is the idol of the school, the president of the school and the demon queen of the school as well; she has a distain for Kitsune and enjoys causing fear throughout the school buildings. She is, in short, the anti-Christ (if he was girl and had a butler) and will obliterate everything that doesn't move the way she says…but she's yet to of destroyed anything (what does that tell you?)

"No!" Yuu shouted louder this time. "Working for you would be working for the devil!"

Sarah took a step forward and placed a hand on the taller teens shoulder, the blonde let out a big breath and then lifted her head to show a gentle smile. "Is that such a bad thing?"

"Don't say things like that so nonchalantly!"

Sarah backed up and gave a soft giggle. "You don't really have a choice okay Yuu-chan?" She had a kind of radiance about her, a radiance that was most likely created with the blood of a demon and the moonlight's shine on the devil's birthday. "You'll work for me whether you like it or not." She threw out another giggle. "I was here just to give you the message that you two are my newest employees so I'll be taking my leave now. Come butler-san!" Sarah laughed one last time before she walked off into a shadow and disappeared.

Akane and Yuu shuddered as a cold chill washed over them.

"That girl scares the shit out of me!" Akane whispered to Yuu.

"I don't like her either but it looks like we're stuck in a tight situation."

"On one side, you could go get a job at The Board and be trampled to death." Akane said with a stern look of concentration, her eyes shut tight as she focused.

"On the other hand, we could go work for Sarah…."

They both broke out into a laughing fit, falling to ground and rolling around trying to keep their breath.

"O-okay..." Akane breathed out while a tear from her eye. "I'll see you guys at The Board later today." She couldn't stop the small bits of laughter coming from the earlier option presented. The velvet haired ninja pulled out a black ball and threw it to the ground; the impact caused a puff of smoke to appear and when it vanished, so did Akane.

"What's with all the smoke every time she leaves a room?" Yuu asked between coughs. Out of no where, a piece of paper smacked him in the face. "The hell?" Yuu grabbed the paper and read the words aloud.

Late again

Love Akane!

Hope you enjoyed it!
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:50 pm

Now this is a fun story I'm looking forward to. I weighed reading it as I'm following a number of people and their stories, plus I'm multi-tasking a bit these days. But I decided why the heck not. Did not regret it, I am enjoying the characters, they're unique, though I find the ninja creepy (What?). But I find the daemon girl, Sarah is so far my favourite character thus far. I have no real predictions though of what's going to happen, but that's mostly just because you don't seem to have a plot just yet. But yes, I look forward.
But now for some writing criticism, why? Because I am an arrogant git who not only enjoys trying to improve other people's writing but my own. So to start with, Korikou, your work is very imaginative, love it and you certainly know how to do a slow-paced scene and you have a grasp on fast-paced scene. But like most writers, it requires practice, just remember to tell the readers what they need to know when reading action. I feel after all when you write action, it could be improved a little. This may just be a case of you improving your writing over time, so I wouldn't care too much, just something you'll get a hold of by yourself.
Here's some notes I took down that I hope may also help.

The boy shouted, letting go of the bags and showing us his face. What?
Reaching no taller than five foot eight, the boy had a small frame You go a lot into this character's size, just leave it that he had a small frame or something. If you tell too much character description then there's those who get bored.
Yuu sat with his legs crossed .For a while Typo! Pointing these things out are a big deal to me for my self-esteem!
Yuu punched a hole in the wall next to him Again, telling what's important. Do we really care what wall he struck? I think we'd imagine it was the wall within arms reach or how else could he punch it?
the whistle of a blade and the chunk of it hitting the wall behind the two was his explanation ...What? Couldn't read this properly, I get that your trying to tell us this is Akane passing by or something, but using words like chunk gives us the idea she use blade shaped like a block of wood. I think if you change that word choice, it'll sound more clearer.
The girl whipped out another kunai knife and threw it at the two boys. Again your fast-paced action writing isn't that bad... But I'm a git, whose a word-cutting freak. If I wrote this scene, I'd keep it simple personally 'She threw another kunai at them'. Shot, sweet and tasty in my opinion.
Yuu throughout a sweep kick Typo!
distain for Kitsune Typo!

Hope this does help in the end.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:11 pm

Yuu sat with his legs crossed .For a while Typo! Pointing these things out are a big deal to me for my self-esteem!

That's not a typo.
Yuu sat with his legs crossed.- End of Senctence!

For a while, he didn't seem to notice that his roommate was standing in the doorway, all of his attention on the flashing screen in front of him

As in- For a period of time, Yuu did not notice that his friend was standing there due to his attention being drawn to the game

The boy shouted, letting go of the bags and showing us his face. What?

We begin with soft footsteps; the boy making them was holding brown paper bags of groceries close to his chest as he made his way down the hallway, counting the room numbers to find his own.
"Room ninety-nine, room one-hundred…room one-O-one!" He stopped and focused his big blue eyes, trying his best to see through the groceries blocking his view. "Hmm?" The boy noticed a piece of paper on the door and tried to take a closer look, the bags made crinkling noises as he pressed his body against the paper. "Let's see….E…vic.…tion….Eviction…oh it's an eviction notice." He laughed a little to himself at his accomplishment

I'm setting the scene here okay, imagine a small kid holding big groccery bags, the narrator can't see his face and neither can you, the bags make a crinkling sound when he tries to look at the paper and when he reads it, he pauses and drops the bags in shock and we see his face and so does the narrator prompting Narrator-kun to give you a proper look at him.

the whistle of a blade and the chunk of it hitting the wall behind the two was his explanation ...What? Couldn't read this properly, I get that your trying to tell us this is Akane passing by or something, but using words like chunk gives us the idea she use blade shaped like a block of wood. I think if you change that word choice, it'll sound more clearer.

The word "chunk" should be italicized, meaning the blade struck the wall behind them when they ducked and made the chunk sound like when a knife stabs into wood.
They heard the whistle of the blade as it flew over their heads and than heard the chunk of it hitting the wall behind them which they knew meant that Akane had tried to attack them because it happens alot.

That's about it, everything else I just do differently except for the two typos at the bottom, those were spot on and I'm glad you caught that for me.

Also, I wrote this awhile ago and am already on my fifth chapter with the story so my writing style has probably changed alot, if you wanted to skip ahead and not wait for me to update; you can just go here and read up to where I am instead of waiting

But thanks for the critisisms, if I think I'm running into the problems mentioned before than I can fix them so that's really awesome of you.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:32 pm

korikou wrote:
Yuu sat with his legs crossed .For a while Typo! Pointing these things out are a big deal to me for my self-esteem!

That's not a typo.
Yuu sat with his legs crossed.- End of Senctence!

Oh, where's the full stop? :grin:

As for the chunk thing it's not very clear. We know they've recognized it's Akane, but I thought you were meaning chunk as in chunk of the blade's metal. If you wanted to keep chunk in, then I'd recommend you at least say they heard. That will slow down the pace, but it's better than leaving it unclear.

I also find the narrator thing confusing. But then your probably doing 3rd person, something I'm very accustomed to doing, but you seem to be doing it in a much different way then what is normally expected in 3rd person. Again I am crud when it comes to perspective, so I'll leave it.

But no problems on giving help, it's what I have pleasure in doing. That and inflating my own ego. But I'll be sure to read up the rest of your work.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby Blood Lord » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:51 pm

You probably ought to consider putting spaces in-between everything and breaking it into paragraphs and other chucks.

It makes it easier to read, like this.

Cramping it up like that make it one solid brick of a post that people often ignore on this site.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:09 am

It's much easier to read on the site, If I had known that it would paste like that I would of done something differently but I didn't have time to fix it (still don't) so I guess it's a problem that I'll have to get to at some point
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby Blood Lord » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:12 am

Learning curve, I guess. Although we are very close to the same join year, interesting.

Don't worry about this post, I can make the changes for you if you are swamped and that will allow you to focus on your next section.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:35 pm

When I first got here I wasn't posting a lot, I came here as an artist showcasing my best art work
I got the reception one would expect from a picture like this and then came back four years later
Spouting my new best art work

So though we may have started close to the same time, we definitely don't have the same level of experience.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby Blood Lord » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:57 pm

That's for sure. I'm still somewhat curious if our paths ever crossed. You did have a fantastic increase in skill, and you just missed our Art Contest too. Bummer.
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:59 am

Part two of chapter one!
PS I already know about the "Narrators" constant interruption being a problem but I fixed it in later chapters so don't worry

Also, this is supposed to be a manga story so really look at it like a big comedy, where the characters give over the top reactions to crazy situations
One hour later

Yuu and Kitsune sat in a corner of the room. A long strip of paper was taped to each of their foreheads and reached down across the middle of their faces and stopped at their noses. Yuu blew his strip of paper up in the air as he leaned back on his hands while Kitsune just sat on the ground with his hands folded (because that's what the teacher said to do).

"He didn't have to be such a hard ass about us being a few minutes late." Yuu said with another puff of air (the piece of paper on his head read: idiot student)

"Well it was almost a full hour." Kitsune said with a small nervous smile. "I kinda wish Akane hadn't locked all the exits." (Kitsune's paper read: idiot only by association)

"When I see that ninja again, I'm going to kill her." He mumbled under his breath.


Yuu shot up into the proper sitting position.

"Dam hard-ass." He mumbled lower this time before leaning over to Kitsune. "You ready?" He asked in a whisper.

"Yes, I am prepared for our adventure." Kitsune said and they both smiled a determined smile at those words.

"We've got this in the bag, a few good paying jobs and we'll be rollin' in the doe before the semester is over." They looked at each other; their eyes burning with the flames of resolve (though you couldn't see them from behind the paper). "Things are finally going our way!"

"Attention all students" an announcement from the speakers behind them sounded. "We have just made a confirmation of a job that is worth over seven billion yen for almost no work and no qualifications!"

The room went silent.


Every student dropped their pencil


Kitsune and Yuu froze in time


The bell…rang

"EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!" A student shouted and everyone was up! Mercy was thrown to the wind as students stampeded out of the class room, stomping on their fellow class mates to get to the hallway.

Kitsune and Yuu ran out after them, their steps fast and fluent. They made their way down a number of hallways before stopping to see the sea of students at a large board.

This is The Board; it is a mile wide and twenty-two feet tall. In this place, anyone can put up fliers for any job for, any amount and at any time. Students who have no one to fund them must get jobs to stay in this amazing school and they must do it quickly. Along with the number of activities that come from this board, it could be said that most major injuries in the school are created by this board as well….it brings out the demons in us all.

"What do we do Yuu-kun?" Kitsune asked. A bloody tooth flew out of the mob of people; it rolled and landed in front of their feet. "Y-Yuu-kun!?"

"We can do this Joshua!"

Out of the crowd shot a sword covered in blood, it struck the ground and lodged itself into the floor.

Yuu and Kitsune shared a look of terror for moment but the taller teen shook his head rigorously before giving himself a hard smack in the face to regain his resolve.

"We have to get that job no matter what!" Yuu shouted in an outrage, he snatched the sword out and stuck it in the air like a commander going to war. "I'm going in!" He shouted before rushing forward. Yuu jumped into the air and crashed into the sea of demons. A few minutes passed and Yuu suddenly erupted out of the crowd, beaten and battered. The teen hit the ground and rolled across the floor to Kitsune's feet.

"Yuu-kun!" The boy dropped to his knees.

"I-Is that you Jo-kun?"

"Yes Yuu-kun, it's me."

"Look…Jo….kun I'm not…g-gonna make it…"

"You can get through this!"

"No! have to…you have to move on and….find a…new school cause…we're… really fucked up here…"

"We can still do this Yuu-kun!" The blonde let a tear drop fall from his eye.

Yuu placed a hand on his cheek

"Stupid…kid…" His head slumped to the side and his eyes closed, he was at peace now.

"Nope" Akane flew down and stomped on his stomach. Blood gushed from his mouth at the sudden attack.


"Oh hey Kitsune-chan." Akane waved "hi" with a big smile. "Where's Yuu-chan?"

"I'm down here you fucking bastard!" He growled from under the heel of the ninja. Yuu shoved the ninja off of him then shot up to his feet like a bull ready to charge.

"Oh hey Yuu-chan, where've you been buddy?"

"I was under your boot you fucking ass!" He shot a straight kick at her head but she parried it with her wrist and jumped back.

"Wow Yuu-chan, I'm surprised you could get up after I stepped on you like that."

"YOU KNEW!? YOU B- guahh!" blood spurted out of him and he fell over.

"Hmm, if you're gone than that means I get the big money prize." Akane laughed. Yuu's hand grabbed the ninja's ankle.

"Yuu-kun!" Joshua shouted, getting down on his knees. "The flier at the very top of the board sais "5 billion yen" in HUGE letters but no one can get it!"

"No one but me!" Akane shouted from the ceiling.

"What the hell!?" Yuu shouted as he looked at the socks in his hand. Akane clasped her hands together and stuck out her pointer finger to make a hand sign; her eyes were closed as the intensity grew thicker.

"Ancient ninja technique, shoe no on jutsu!" She said with a sharp set of blazing red eyes.

"Don't call shit like that a ninja technique with such a serious expression!"

"Bye-bye Yuu-chan." And with that she was off.

"Dammit!" Yuu face palmed himself and then turned over. "I guess that's it"

"No Yuu-kun!" A heroic (albeit frail and small) shadow was over him. The blond hair blew in the wind and a set of blue eyes looked at the sea of anger that was the crowd with a determined flame. Kitsune stood tall. "There is still something that I can do." He turned his head to give Yuu a determined face smile before dashing off at a faster pace than Akane.

Kitsune raced at full speed; Akane did the same but had a bonus of starting before the blond. The two continued their sprint across the respected surfaces; neither faltering or showing any sings of slowing down but Kitsune was moving faster than the ninja and slowly began to close the gap between them, by the time the blond made it to the mob off blood lust, he was already a ways ahead of Akane. The smell of blood grew stronger but Kitsune's movements didn't slow down. The moment he reached the mob of bloodlust, Kitsune jumped diagonally and began to run on the wall over the people.

Okay so time for the introductions, Joshua Shen aka Kitsune. He is frail and small and cute as anything, he can't fight to save his life but dammit…he is a kick-ass free runner!

Akane was still right behind him though and was coming up quick, both of the runner's eyes looked at the paper at the top of the wall…and then a ping sound went off.

The flier fell from the top of the board and started soaring downwards. Akane and Kitsune's eyes showed a quick shing of light before they both launched themselves at the mid air piece of paper. Everything slowed down…the two were in the air….their hands outstretched to get the flier, conviction propelling them forward…Akane's hand was closer.

"I got it!" She shouted, inches away from the flier…when a shoe struck her straight in the face and threw her off course. "Noooooo!" She fell into the crowd and slowly began to sink inside the grabbing hands (a small blush and smile was on her face though when she felt her shirt being torn apart).

"Serves you right!" Yuu shouted, on his feet with a missing shoe.

Kitsune grabbed the paper and then flipped so he landed feet first on the wall behind him. With a satisfied smile, he jumped back to the other wall and then back flipped off that one to land on the ground. He looked at the paper in disbelief and showed a bright smile. "I did it!" He cheered, spinning around with the paper hugged tight to his chest. He ran over to Yuu and received a pat on the head from the taller teen. "I did it Yuu-kun!" He repeated, showing the paper to Yuu with a big blue eyed child like expression, like he had gotten all A's on his report card and was showing it to his parents.

"We did it!" Yuu cheered with him. "WE GOT THE SEVEN BILLION YEN JOOOOOOB!" He shouted and jumped with Kitsune.

"What did you just say?" A voice from the mob asked.

"He got the job that's worth so much?"

"I want that job!"

"Me too!"

"Kill Yuu…and mildly harm Kitsune-chan"

"Maybe we can do weird stuff to Kitsune-chan if we can kill Yuu.."


"Y-yeah Yuu-kun." They shared a look of calm and gave each other a warm soft smile. "LET'S GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" They ran at top speed, the mob chased after them with pitch forks and javelins. They ran for hours around the school but managed to get into their building and close the door before the mob could get them.

"Thank god those crazy bastards didn't get us with their pitch forks!" Yuu said as he pressed himself against the door to stop the rampaging students from breaking it down.

"It's a good thing the Javelin team's pros were out of town or we might have gotten skewered by those spears!" Joshua panted as he did the same. The bashing against the wall shook them both but they stayed firm and refused to budge. "So Yuu-kun, what was the job?"

"You didn't read it?"

"No, I was caught up in the moment so I didn't get a chance." Kitsune pulled out the piece of paper and read it over, when he was finished the smile faded into a blank shadowy expression.

"JO-KUN!" Yuu took the paper and read it too, his eyes turned dark and his expression went emotionless. The stepped away from the door and let the mob rush inside with their torches.

"GIVE US THE PAPER!" A raven haired boy shouted. Yuu quietly lifted his hand and let the boy snatch the paper from him. The mob gave a hurrah before backing out of the room and lightly closing the door behind them. Inside, the two boys could hear voices outside of their room.

"Whaddya get?"

"Yeah! Read it man!"

"Fine, fine keep your clothes on…now let's see…."

"Hey dude, what's the matter…"

The paper slipped under the door. Yuu walked over and pushed it back under the door again but it was sent back. He did it again but this time the door swung open and crushed him.

"Get the rope!"

One hour later

Yuu and Kitsune sat on their apartment floor. Kitsune was on a pillow while Yuu was on the cold floor, the flier taped to his face.

The flier read:




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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:42 pm

here's a slight recap on what's happened so far.

Yuu and Kitsune are students at a school where you must pay for everything; one day Kitsune comes home to find that there's an eviction notice on his door! So the two try to think of a way to make up the money but a series of crazy stuff happens and they end up taking a flier for a job that will get them all the money they need but the job entails working for Sarah, an extremely evil being…..and now….we continue




"I'll pay off your entire debt…"


"Stop being so stubborn!"

Sarah sat at a desk, her hair was tied in a bun and she wore a pair of black rimmed glasses. A tall tan teen sat in front of her with a blank expression, next to him was a thin blond boy with big blue eyes, the tall one was around sixteen while the small baby faced one was around fifteen (but you'd swear he was younger!)

This is Yuu (the big mean one) and Kitsune (the small cute one), through certain circumstances that they would rather not go into; these two are in debt for over three billion yen.

"I'm not asking you to rob a bank, just hear me out okay?" Sarah pleaded, almost jumping over the desk like a child wanting her toy back.

"No." Yuu said once again, the same blank expression he had for the last five times the question was asked.

"It's so easy!"


"You barely have to do anything!"

"No, I don't make deals with the devil" Yuu said.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to someone who was nice enough to let you in her office."

"THIS ISN'T YOUR OFFICE!" Yuu snapped. "This is the principal's office and how the hell did you get in here anyway!?"

"What I do with my money and my access to power tools is none of your concern Yuu-chan…sigh asking a lady about her personal life is very ungentlemanly behavior."

"And breaking into an office so you can play boss is really unladylike behavior!" He shouted in response.

"So what I'm hearing you say is…you really do wish to work for me?" She brightened with a smile.

"That was no where near what I just said!"

"So you'll start at twelve?"

"We're not working for you, devil woman!" He shouted and began to stomp off. "We're leaving!" Kitsune began walking after him but…

Sarah's voice stopped them.

"You don't seem to realize the position you're in Yuu-chan." Yuu and Kitsune felt a chill down their spine. "You see this piece of paper here?" She smiled; the aura of a devil pungent in the air as she spoke. "This little piece of paper that you so desperately tried to grab is a binding contract." She giggled.

Yuu's eyes shot open in horror while Kitsune tried his best to keep his body from trembling anymore.

"Oh my, oh my…" Sarah sighed. "What will I do with this binding piece of paper?" She said in false dismay. "What would I do if this paper along with these…" She picked up a giant stack of papers from under her desk and slammed them on the desk in front of her. "documents illustrating every single debt you have attained in the last year got out to the teachers or even worse…the principle? Why, they would have you thrown out without a penny to your name and then what would you do with no home?"

She looked away, eyes starting to water. "<Sniff> Why the very thought of you two out on the street <sniff> where you might get beaten senseless by a pack of paid assassins in a dark alley way where you couldn't escape is such a terrifying thought that I just can't think about it!" She looked up at the two boys in the door way, smiling at their reactions

Yuu stopped sweating, Kitsune stopped shaking; both stood as frozen as ice sculptures.

"But that doesn't have to happen you know?" She smiled again, it was so bright and cheerful that if it wasn't for the black aura exuding out of her body with such force that it threatened to exile all life and joy from existence…it would have been very reassuring

Yuu was the first to respond, spinning around and closing the distance between the two in seconds. "That's black mail!" He shouted in outrage.

Sarah looked at him curiously, tilting her head to the side in honest confusion. "…I don't understand the point you're making here."

"The point is that it's wrong you devil woman!"

"Still not following…."

"IT-IS-WRONG-TO-BLACK-MAIL-PEOPLE!" He shouted, giving a strong indent on every word so she couldn't misunderstand a single thing!
"Okay…I get the word "black mail" but you threw it in the middle of a lot of nonsensical words that I don't understand."

"Ahhhhhh!" He roared and was about grab her but Kitsune grabbed him and pulled him back (which means he pretty much hung off of him and tried to use the friction of the floor to slow him down).

"No Yuu-kun! " Kitsune pleaded "If you hurt her, you'll be thrown out for sure!"

"I don't understand why you're mad, you wanted the job but now you don't?" She asked, tilting her head to the side again.

"That was before we knew it was you who we were working for!"

"Look, this is a simple job and besides, if you work for me you can be assured that no one will find out about the debt you owe."

"Really?" It was Kitsune's small voice that came from behind Yuu.

"Of course, I'm extremely connected!" She gave them both a bright smile; the aura that threatened to extinguish their souls was absolutely gone. "Now if you'll just sign here, we can get business started." It came back very quickly.

"And will you really pay off the entire debt?" Kitsune shrunk back, the sound coming out like a little mouse's squeak.

"Of course, I said I would, didn't I?" She smiled again

"I don't trust this…." He took a shaky hand and grabbed a pen off the desk. "So why am I moving forward?" He asked himself with a shaky voice.

"Sign the paper...come on you know you want to…." She leaned in close so that Yuu could see the darkness in her eyes (there were flames in there too but I'm not saying that part out loud). "Sign and all your dreams will come true…" She whispered into his ear.

"N-no! I won't do it!" he quickly pulled his hand back and gave a triumphant laugh. "Nice try demon woman but I'll never sign your demon contract!" He smirked in absolute triumphant.

"But you already signed them Yuu-chan!" She smiled, showing two papers with his and Kitsune's signatures on them.

"What the hell!?" He shouted in astonishment, taking a step back. "And when the hell did you sign your name!" He pointed at Kitsune who had at some point moved from the floor to sitting on the desk with a pen in his hand and a blank stare on his face.

"I-I don't know Yuu-kun…..I-I d-don't know….." The small blond said as he trembled.

"Well thank you gentlemen for your cooperation!" Sarah beamed with another smile "The paper in your hand will tell you what you need to do and where you need to go!" She gave one last smile before sliding backwards into the shadows and disappearing.



"The chair she was sitting in didn't have wheels"

"That's true."

"And that wall is a flat surface."



"Yeah Jo-kun?"

"….I'm very frightened…"

"Me too Jo-kun…met too…" They both backed out of the room slowly, instantly turning around and running once they felt their feet touch the hall way floor.

"Those two are big babies…" Sarah giggled, standing on the roof of the school. (I don't know how she got up there….and I'm the freaking narrator!)

"Do you believe they will be able to accomplish the mission milady?" The butler beside her asked, holding up a tray with a tall glass of ice tea and a slice of cheesecake on the side. The butler took the white plate with the cheesecake on it and handed it to Sarah; the blond gently took the plate in a most ladylike fashion and picked up the fork that lay next to the heavenly desert.

"Whether they are capable or not is not a factor Butler-san." She said, scooping a small piece of the slice onto her fork and savoring the sweet taste. "This is very good, where did you purchase this?"

"I made it my self; milady knows I do not tarnish my hands with purchased filth." He said, bowing down as he spoke to show that he meant no harm in his words.

"I was only checking, your preference about food is exactly why I hired you….along with some other things." Sarah placed another bite of cheese cake in her mouth before turning around and placing it back on the butler's tray. "We're going now Butler-san." She said, not bothering to turn to speak the old man behind her.

"Yes milady."

In their dorm room, Kitsune and Yuu began to converse about the matters at hand.

"So we're working for her Yuu-kun?" Kitsune asked, lying on the bottom bunk under Yuu, who simply mumbled swears to himself as he lay on the bed over the blond, staring at the wall with a pissed-the-hell-off look on his face.

"We don't have much of a choice now do we?" Yuu grumbled, trying his best not to lash out at his friend just because the devil from he- I mean Sarah had ticked him off. "We don't have much of an option; we'll do this one job and be done with her."

"What is the job we're supposed to be doing anyway?" Kitsune asked, looking at the ceiling (well for him it was the bed above him but he imagined the sky when he did it).

"I don't know; this dam paper doesn't give any info on the job she wants us to do!" He grumbled, gritting his teeth as he tried to keep himself from ripping the paper (and the bed) apart.

"Really?" Kitsune asked, sheepish about speaking when he knew that Yuu could destroy the room at any minute. "Does it give us a time?"

"Yeah." Yuu said, slightly calmer. The teen passed the paper down to Kitsune so that he could read the information for himself. "It gives us a location and a time for when we should be there…."

"But it doesn't tell us what we're going to do when we get there." Yuu was starting to get boiling mad. "Why would she do something like that?"


"She did all that just to go and not even tell us what the job was!"

"It's okay Yuu-kun!" Kitsune said, his nerves wracking.




"Is there a hole in our wall?"

"…..maybe…how much debt do we have now?"

"…a lot…Yuu-kun?"

"Yeah buddy?"

"Will she really give us the money we need?"

"…..probably not…"


Yuu and Kitsune both stood on the sidewalk side by side, in front of them lay the street; the sound of cars zooming by filled the air. Across from them was a giant object being covered by an even larger tarp, the object inside was three and a half feet taller than Yuu (and if you recall, Yuu is 6'2).

"So you managed to show up on time, very good!" They both heard a voice from behind them; it was Sarah, dressed in her school uniform along with a small bright pink bow on the side of her head as a hair decoration.

"You said to come here at four AM!" Yuu shouted.

"What's your point?"

"It's ten AM! We've been here for six hours!"

"You know the employees show up before the boss when it comes to big business" Sarah said with a "duh" smile. "All the employees have to do is start working"

"You didn't tell us what the job was though!" Yuu almost strangled her but Kitsune grabbed him again.

"We need this Yuu-kun! Please don't do anything rash!"

Sarah simply walked passed them, walking down the sidewalk until she reached the giant object covered by the tarp. With a yank, she tore the tarp off with both hands and flung it into the sky (where like most cartoons, the tarp just disappeared and was never seen again).

"What is that?" Yuu said, staring at the thing in astonishment.

"This is your first job!" Sarah said with a bright smile.

Hey everyone, it's Narrator-kun here to tell you what I see in the next chapter

Let's see…..I see food, boobs and frustration!

Next time, Job #3- Cook and Sale

I can tell you more but it'll cost you

Sorry about that end bit there, if this ever becomes an anime than I want Narrator-kun to do something cool at the end when you get glimpses of the next episode. And everyone needs a good ending line just like all great anime shows

"I can tell you more but it'll cost you!"
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:47 pm

"Come and get it!" Yuu shouted, standing in the food cart. The sizzle of the grill right in front him grew louder as Kitsune poured more sesame seed oil over the rice. Yuu's nose twitched at the smell of the rice and onions and other delicious ingredients that wafted through the air as the grill continued to sizzle.

A while passed and no one came by; the sidewalk was completely empty except for their food stand, even the cars were no where to be seen.

"Where the hell is everybody?" Yuu said under his breath, looking up and down the sidewalk but not seeing a single person come for their food. Yuu looked up at the school's clock (it was a huge round one that's always at the top of those huge schools). "We've been out here for two hours already and no one's showed up!"

"It's okay Yuu-kun, I'm sure that there'll be more people soon." Kitsune smiled, stirring the rice on top of the flat silver stove, taking in a quick sniff of the food to see if it was done.

"That Sarah, I bet she knew this was going to happen!"

"What the hell is that!?" Yuu asked in astonishment, looking at the object in front of him. The "object" was an average sized food stand. The stand was comprised of a large grill, the surface of which was completely flat, it looked like a fine sheet of steel over a large rectangular white box, the grill came up to Kitsune's waist. The food stand had no roof but it did have a large banner that stretched from two poles located on either side of the stove

The banner read:

STAR DINING in kanji

Yuu looked up at the tall stand and then at Sarah.

"So what are we supposed to be doing?"

"You cook the food Yuu-chan and then you sell the food…it's pretty simple stuff" Sarah smiled, ringing a little bell on the table.

"And this is all we have to do?" Yuu said, looking back up at the stand, walking inside and looking at all the ingredients that had been set up against the wall behind the stove top.

"Yep, all you have to do is sale sale sale!" Sarah cheered; she turned around and started towards the school but Yuu's voice stopped her.

"You're not bullshitting us are you?" He asked with a serious face. Sarah only smiled, without turning around she said with a sly voice.

"Of course not Yuu-chan." And with that, she left the duo to their own devices.

"Hey, there's enough in here to make fried rice!" Kitsune smiled brightly, going through the ingredients and pulling out a rice cooker and a few pounds of white rice.

"Sale, sale, sale, sale, huh?" Yuu repeated, looking at where the blond girl had stood. "That'll be easy" The tan teen smirked

"That's what I said but…." He Yuu looked over at Kitsune, who was putting the finishing touches on the browned rice. "WE'RE NOT GETTING ANY CUSTOMERS!" He shouted to the sky. At that moment, a child and her mother walked by the stand.

"Mommy, can I have some fried rice?"

"No dear, the blond one seems nice but the big one keeps shouting, you don't want food from a shouting guy do you?"

"No mommy, I guess I don't…" With that they left.

"What the hell was that?" Yuu glared at the woman as they left.

"Wow, you expect to sell food with a look like that?" Akane's voice appeared from behind Yuu, the teen quickly spun around to see the purple haired ninja eating a plate of fried rice.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Yuu, pointed at the ninja as she continued to eat more fried rice as if she wasn't paying attention…she wasn't.

"I'm foching you bail….by?" She said with her mouth full.

"Swallow your food before you talk to people!"

"gulp I said, "I'm watching you fail" " Akane repeated, taking another spoon full of rice. "gulp It's a shame though…" She paused to gobble another spoon full of rice. "…..this is really good rice!"

"Then why don't you try paying for it?!" Yuu exclaimed, throwing a spoon at her. Akane caught the projectile between her fingers.

"Because Kitsune is giving away free samples that's why!" She pointed the spoon she was holding at the blond who was setting small bowls out on a large table with fold out legs.

Kitsune jumped when he heard his name being called; stiffening quickly as though he were a child whose prank had been discovered before it was ready.

"I-I'm sorry Yuu-kun….we weren't selling anything and I know we have to do our best so I thought this would be a good idea…" He looked down at his feet. "….was I wrong?"

"Of course not!" Yuu patted his head. "But the portions…" He looked at the table and saw that there were lines of plates piled high with rice sitting on the table. "THOSE ARE FUCKING HUGE!"

"But….Akane said people eat twice this much..." Kitsune countered, looking at his feet again.

Akane deflected another flying fork before it impaled her head, she flicked the top of the fork and sent it spiraling in the air, a shot of her hand and the fork was between her fingers.

"It's not nice to throw things." Akane said, a sly smile on her face. "And the portion sizes don't matter, you have a much bigger problem.." She added, tossing the spoon behind her. "I can help you...but it'll cost you something big!"

"Like hell we're paying you money for advice we don't need!" Yuu threw a round house at her face but the pervy ninja ducked under the leg and got in close, her nose almost touching Yuu's face.

"If you want any customers than you'll pay up...Yuu-chaaaann.." She gave another smile, seductive in her approach as she made an attempt to get closer. "You know you won't make any money doing what you're doing now.

"Bullshit!" Yuu shouted, grabbing a plate of food and running around a corner. "Hey you, taste this food and buy it!"

"What, who are you!?"

"Come on miss, I just need you to taste this for me!"

"Stop following me!"

"Stop running! I'm just trying to give you something delicious!"

"...fine...I can't run anymore...I'll try some..."

"Oh, thanks miss just one bi-"

"Taste pepper spray bitch!"

"My eyes!"

There was a silence (excluding the screams) and then the sound of a triumphant "Humph" followed by the sound of foot steps walking away.

"Okay, that could of gone better..." Yuu said, Kitsune spraying his burning red face with a spray bottle filled with whole milk (which is an actual method to help stop the burning sensation that comes from pepper spray). "But even so!" He suddenly got up despite the horrible stinging in his eyes."We do not need your help!"

"Are you sure..." Yuu heard the whisper of Akane in his ear.

"We can get customers on our own!" Yuu responded, grabbing Akane's wrist and spinning around, throwing the girl over his shoulder and slamming her back against the ground. "We don't need perverted ideas from someone like you, I don't care if we don't get a single-" The sound of his cell phone ringing stopped his rant.

"You'll wanna get that..." Akane smiled from the floor.

Yuu hesitantly flipped open his cell phone and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hello Yuu-chan..." A dark voice, soft like a whisper calling you to the abyss.


"giggle It's almost twelve Yuu-chan, I bet you have lots of money by now right?"

"O-Of course Sarah, w-we have a bunch!"

"giggle you're lying to me Yuu-chan giggle" A dark aura poured out of the cell phone, slowly consuming the head of the tan teen. "Now why would you do that Yuu-chan?" The aura began to spread throughout his body. "I do hope you have a little money to show for all the stuff you've been using..."

"W-wait! We still have time you know!:

"Well hurry, hurry Mr...otherwise..." The aura became a black nothingness, totally enveloping Yuu's entire body and freezing him in perpetual darkness. "'ll work for me forever...Yuu-chaaaaann...giggle" With a click the call ended instantly, shattering the darkness around Yuu and leaving him shaking.

"You still don't need my help?" Akane mused, still lying on the floor , pulling one leg closer to her chest and feeling her skirt pull up to show the pink frills of her panties. "I have a lot of ideas Yuu-chan."

"...fine..." Yuu muttered, pointing a frying pan at the velvet girl. "We'll give you a percentage of our cut...BUT THIS BETTER WORK!"

A smirk spread across the ninja's face.

"Oh Yuu-chan, I got an idea I know won't fail..."

Ten minutes later

"Come and get it!" Akane shouted, standing in front of the stand with a bunch of fliers hugged tight to her chest.

Akane was dressed in a purple bikini, her top barely covered her huge breasts as they pressed against the cloth, threatening to burst out. Her bikini bottom had frills around the edge, making the swim suit look more like underwear then bathing wear.

"Come on!" She bounced around, the round orbs on her chest bounced with her and continued to even when she finally stopped her lustful dance. "Isn't anyone here willing to take a bite out of something sweet." She licked her lips.

"How is you acting like a perverted monkey going to help us sell this shit!" Yuu glared at the girl as she bounced around.

"We'd have more people if you had let me dress Kitsune-chan in something pretty!.." She said, appearing behind the small blond and hugging his body from behind. "You're figure is perfect for a nice swimsuit too Kitsune-chan..."

"I-I'm flattered Akane-chan b-but I th-think that would be kind of embarrassing!" He said, shaking his head rapidly back and forth all the while turning a crimson red.

""Hey, why don't you try getting us some more customers while you sit there being a stalker" Yuu tetorted, throwing another fork at the ninja's head.

Akane, turned around and ducked under the flying silverware before giving the teen a wink. "Don't worry Yuu-chan, I know that they'll be here soon?"

"Who?" Yuu wondered. Then he felt the earth quake, the glass of water that he for some reason had lying out began to ripple with the vibrations, the faint sound of stampeding feet became greater...and began.

A giant mob of men came rushing out of nowhere, they stampeded their way right in front of the stand and started shouting obscurities too vile to go into (don't be fooled, the guy who writes this only has experience with anime girls and doesn't even know how to use obscure words!). They all had the same hungry look in their eyes.

"See, you just gotta know what they want!" Akane laughed, passing out bowls of rice.

"She's so hot!"

"I think I'm in love!"

"I wanna squeeze those tits!"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" Another group suddenly appeared this one was made up of woman and they did not look happy. "WE LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR ONE MINUTE AND YOU GO AND START EATING WITH SOME TRAMP!" The woman all shouted in unison, grabbing an ear and pulling them away. All of the men looked back at Akane with tears in their eyes.

"We'll miss yoooooouuuuuuu!"

After the mob departed, a long and awkward silence swept across the street.

And the the little girl and her mother came passing by again.

"Mommy, why are there still no customers at that yelling mans store?"

"Well dear, he's made what most people would like to call a whore house.."

"Oh, does that girl have a low self esteem and daddy issues.."

"No dear, she's probably just a skank..."

"I wish I could have some of that rice mommy..."

"I know sweety, but you know I wouldn't touch this place with a ten foot pole"

And they left, the trio watching them as they slowly walked away.

"I think that went well!" Akane said with a bright smile and thumbs up...right before getting hit across the head with a frying pan.


"Ouch! What's with the rough treatment?" Akane asked, rubbing the lump on her head.

"We're screwed now!" Yuu shouted, shaking Akane by the shoulders. "We're going to have to work for the devil woman for the rest of our lives!"

"Don't blame me!" Akane put her hands up in defense. "If you hadn't made such horrible faces we would've gotten some customers!"



Ding, Ding!

The sound of a bell being rung interrupted their shouting match.

The two shouters looked up to see Kitsune with a bell in his hand ( you know the kind with a handle that you see during Christmas).

"Yuu-kun..." Kitsune said, not looking away from the stove; his voice was flat and serious as he stirred more rice.


Kitsune took in a deep breath, breathing in all the textures of the food in one breath before letting it out with calm indifference. "It is time we went about this differently.." He whipped out something wrapped in cloth that looked hundreds of years old.

"With this, we can do something amazing.."

Hey everyone, it's Narrator-kun here to tell you what I see in the next chapter

Let's see…..I see pages, lights and acrobatics

Next time, Job #4- Advertise and adapt

I can tell you more but it'll cost you!
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Re: Shinbai's Board

Postby korikou » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:37 pm

Yuu and Akane stared at the object in Kitsune's hands; whatever it was it must of been ancient because it was huge and covered in dirty gray bandages and cloth that looked like it had gone through a century of war.

"What is that?" Yuu looked closely at the bandages and noticed that it was covered in Chinese letters he for some reason didn't recognize.

Kitsune hugged the object tight to his chest, letting a smile appear on his face. "This is an ancient tome." He said, holding back the small laugh he wanted to let out.

"Why do you have an ancient tome!?" Yuu asks with a confused head tilt.

"It's a family heirloom from a lost world, grandfather gave it to me when I left."

"Who gives a family heirloom away as a parting gift" Yuu asked

"Grandfather said I might need it while I'm gone." He hugged the book tighter.

"You can give the back story later." Akane stepped in, feeling bored and anxious to move on. "We don't have time so show us what's inside Kitsune-chan!"

"O-okay, I'm sorry!" Kitsune snapped out of his memory daze and quickly unwrapped the object in his hands.

The bandages and cloth fell to the ground as Kitsune unraveled the contents.

"..." Yuu and Akane stood with blank faces, staring at the ancient "tome" in Kitsune's hands.

A giant, hard cover, yellow book was being hugged by the blond with care; on it was plastered the words "THE GOOD BUISNESS MANUAL!"

Yuu and Akane didn't say anything, their faces were frozen as they stared at Kitsune's bright smiling thing was for certain; at that moment the two teens were thinking the same thing.


"H-hey Jo-kun?"

"Yeah Yuu?"

"Exactly how old is that book?" Yuu asked, a shaky finger pointed at the book and an awkward smile plastered on his face.

Kitsune's smile brightened more. "Grandfather says it's over 300 thousand years old!" Kitsune beamed.

Yuu and turned to Akane and they shared the blank expression again. Akane gave Yuu a nudge and he took another step forward.

"And Jo-kun?"


"Exactly how did your family get the book?" Yuu asked hesitantly, trying ever the harder to make his weak looking smile seem the slightest bit natural

"Grandfather says that my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandfather's grandfather stole it from a dragon!" Kitsune closed his eyes in remembrance of the bravely fought battle for his ancient tome. "The people of that era were so brave to fight dragons of the eastern realm." Kitsune looked up to see Yuu and Akane with blank faces and wide eyes staring at the book.

Kitsune looked at them both with a curious stare. "What's the matter guys?"

"Nothing!" Akane said with a laugh. "We were just so surprised at how good it looked after so long."

"Ah yes." Kitsune closed his eyes again remembering his grandfather's wisdom. "Grandfather is very good at restoration, I am very proud of him."

"..." Yuu and Akane looked at each other and then back Kitsune before simply nodding in agreement about the situation.

"So what's the first step?" Yuu asked after a really long bout of silence.

Kitsune opened the giant book and began reading. "It says that there are three things a restaurant needs to succeed." he turned a page gently. "You must have good customer service, good food, and good atmosphere to be a successful restaurant" He stated before closing the book. "We'll need all three if we wish to make any money by the end of the day."

Akane smirked. "Customer service, I know how to give proper customer service.."

"We don't need your kind of help.." Yuu said bluntly.

"Aw need to loosen up a little." She hugged him from behind, pressing her body against his back.

"You're loose enough for everybody." He said, slipping out of her embrace and giving her a smirk.

"So you really wanna die huh?" Akane pulled out a kunai and licked her lips, ready for the kill.

"Whenever you're ready, you perverted ninja!" Yuu cracked his knuckles and took a step forward. The two got into each other's faces and began another glaring contest.

"NO!" Kitsune cried, showing them the book. "It's bad to fight in a business!" He pleaded.

Akane and Yuu stepped away from each other, the ninja twirled the knife in her hand before throwing it on the ground while Yuu shoved his hands into his pockets; grumbling words under his breath as he did so.

"So what do we do first?" Yuu turned around to look at Kitsune whose nose was back in the book.

"First we should...ummm..." Kitsune flipped through more pages. "Oh, here we go! First we should make sure the name is okay!" He announced.

"I agree, this name kind of sucks." Akane said, pulling her skirt up. "The lettering is all weird and stupid looking" She buttoned up her white dress shirt and slid the sweater vest over her head just in time to feel the vibrations of her phone on her hip. "Oh.." She pulled the pink cell phone attached to her skirt off and pressed it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hi Akane-chan!"

"S-Sarah!?" She sucked in a breath at the sound of the demon child's voice.

"What's wrong with my letters Akane-chan?" She asked with a happy voice. "giggle I made it myself ya know."

"I-I knew that!" Akane said quickly, a bead of sweat went down from her forehead to her chin.

"Ya did...and you still said that?"

"I meant that I didn't know!"
"giggle well which one is it Akane-chan?" Akane began to panic, until something snapped.

"...I think that you're sign is the greatest sign in the world...hail Sarah.."

"I think it's perfect too Akane-chan!" She beamed! "I'm so glad we could come to an understanding!" Then the phone hung up, Akane silently flipped it closed and reattached it to her skirt.

"I think changing a perfect name like this would be stupid on all parties." Akane stated.

"Agreed!" Yuu and Kitsune blurted out in an instant.

"W-what else c-can we do?" Yuu asked.

Kitsune quietly let out a shaky breath before opening his book and reading its content again. "It says that the food might be detouring customers away from the stand."

"The food?" Yuu asked.

"It tastes awesome though." Akane said with a spoon full of rice.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP EATING, YOU FREE LOADER!" Yuu shouted, throwing a butcher knife at the ninjas head.

Akane ducked under the blade, shoving more rice in her face as she did so.

"It's not the taste though..." Kitsune said, turning a faint shade of red for being complemented. "It's the mobility.."


"Yeah, not everyone can eat rice on the go and a lot of people are busy so they need to eat something else." Kitsune closed his eyes and lost himself in deep thought. "Something portable."

"How about sushi!" Akane suggested, pulling the butcher knife out of the wall behind her. "I can dice up salmon like that!" She snapped her fingers to show how fast she was.

"We don't have any fish, and we don't have anyway to wrap up the sushi for people either." Kitsune closed his eyes even tighter as he tried thinking as hard as he could on an idea. In the midst of him thinking, a smell caught his attention. "What?" he asked himself, the smell hit his little nose again, forcing him to disappear behind the stove and pull out a mess of strange ingredients. "I know what we can make!" He said with a bright smile and wide blue eyes! "It'll take about an hour or so though.."

"What are we supposed to do for an hour!?" Yuu complained.

"The book says it never hurts to advertise!" Kitsune read aloud.

"How are we supposed to advertise?" Yuu asked his friend sharply.

"I could always get naked"Akane suggested, pulling up her shirt as she did so.

"What the hell kind of plan is that you pervert!" Yuu struck the ninja on top of the head with a karate chop.

"Ow Yuu-chan!" Akane whined, rubbing her head and looking hurt.

Kitsune stood for a moment, he looked down at his feet, not knowing what to say. While looking down, he noticed something on the ground.

"We can use this!" He said, his face brightening up at the sight of the object. Kitsune once again ducked under the table, this time he pulled out a giant white arrow with the words "EAT HERE!" spread across it in big bold letters. "One of us can stand in front of the shop and show this to passers by." Kitsune said, spinning the sign around.

"I'll do it!" Akane said with a smug smile on her face. "I'm the best at this anyway!" She declared with haughty laugh.

"Like hell!" Yuu snatched the sign out of her hand and walked over to the street corner. "You've done enough with your advertising today."He threw a glare in the ninja's direction before twirling the sign...and hitting himself in the face "OW!" He shouted, dropping the arrow and holding his bleeding nose.

"Ha!" Akane laughed, grabbing the sign off the floor. "Serves you right!" She stuck her tongue out at the teen with another smug grin before turning towards the street and twirling the sign, throwing it up in the air and twirling it around again.

"That bitch!" He said, stomping over to Kitsune who at the moment was kneading dough in his hand.

"Oi, Jo-kun?" He called after a while of sitting around doing nothing. The blond looked up from his dough and stopped kneading. "What are you supposed to be making?" Yuu asked, he yawned and covered his mouth, boredom slowly forcing him to sleep.

"Bao Buns!" Kitsune replied with a cheery smile. "Grandpa used to make them when I was living at home.." He began to think of the times when he was little, when he was crying and someone would give a treat and tell him it was alright.

"Did he teach you how to cook too?"

Kitsune stopped, the question caught him off guard and forced his mind to a brief stop; he stood their silent for only a second before coming back to reality. "Yeah..." a warm smile appeared on his face, his hands went to his pocket and pulled out a black ribbon. "Grandpa once told me that cooking was something anyone could do, it was a doorway to a place where everyone could come together." He gave a small laugh, pulling the black ribbon to his hair. "He said that to cook for someone else was to open that door for someone else." He pulled his hair back and tied the ribbon in it, pulling up his hair and showing both of his clear blue eyes to the world. "I want to use cooking now so that I can open the door to our school and stay in that world for just a little longer...that's why grandpa gave me that book.." He turned and looked at Yuu with soft eyes and a bright smile. "So that I could keep the door to my precious for as long as I can!"

Yuu didn't say anything, he stared a Kitsune with a blank expression.

Kitsune looked at Yuu for a minute, his expression went blank as he realized why Yuu wasn't saying anything; in an instant the small boy's blue went wide and his face became a completely flushed shade of red.

"AH! I said something embarrassing didn't I!?"

Yuu poked the blond's head with his index finger, he had a smirk on his face. "Baka..." He pressed the finger against the boy's forehead. "Don't go calling things like that embarrassing!"

Kitsune stared for a moment but for some reason slowly began to laugh.

(Hey, Narrator-kun here! For those of you who don't know what Bao buns are; please go to bottom of the page and read the explanation..THANK YOU!)


"I'm done.." Kitsune said, wiping the sweat from his forehead and placing the buns on treys.

"Thank goodness!" Akane cried. "I'm sick of twirling this sign around when it's so hot out!" She whined, now only tilting the sign up and down. "Yuu chan, get me something cold to drink why don't you!" She said with her lower lip stuck like a little girl.

"Go get your own drink.." Yuu said, irritation starting to overcome his boredom.

"Why are you being so mean Yuu-chan!" Akane whined more, throwing the arrow on the ground. "And why isn't anyone showing up!?" She stomped her feet in frustration.

Just then, a girl and her mom walked by the stand once again

"Mommy, why is that prostitute from earlier standing in front of the food stand."

"Because dear, these people don't understand that no wants to eat at a whore house."

"Did they think people wouldn't talk about it."

"Well of course dear, these three must be idiots."

"Mommy, we've passed this place three times..are we lost?"

"Yes dear, and if it wasn't for my fear of getting sexual disease, I would probably stop and ask these three for directions."

"Oh...mommy, you're kind of fickle"

"I sure am dear...I sure am..." And then they left..again.

"..." The three stood silently.

"THAT BITCH!" Yuu roared, he stomped forward but Kitsune grabbed the back of his shirt and dg the heels of his feet into the ground for friction.

"No Yuu-kun!" He shouted in protest.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Yuu spun turned around and looked at Akane with rage filled eyes.

"If it wasn't for you always having to be half naked, we wouldn't be in this mess."Yuu shouted."Now what are we supposed to do?"

"I have an idea Yuu!" Kitsune said. "We can still sell to one group of people tat haven't been outside all day!"

"Who!" Yuu spun around like lightning and grabbed Kitsune's shoulders with giant eyes of desperation!

"I-I-I-I-I..deep breath...I think we've been selling to the wrong people." Kitsune said with a determined look. "We can sell to the students!" He said, he craned his head to the side to look at Akane. "Akane, we need a way to attract as many people here as we can."

"Well most of our school is boys so..." Akane began to lift up her shirt.

"NO!" Kitsune shouted. "How about...something...just a little more...humble..." He said, turning red again.

"Humble huh...?" Akane closed her eyes in tense concentration, she stood their silently (for almost an hour) thinking until something struck her. "I have an idea."

"What is it?" Yuu asked, taking a step back when he saw the look of delight in the pervy ninja's eyes.

Akane licked her lips and gave Kitsune a sly smile, taking a step forward.

"A-Akane!?" Kitsune took a step back.

""Just stay still cute little Kitsune-chan..."

"Wait! A-Akane-chan!?"


Twenty Minutes Later

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Yuu asked, taking another picture with Akane's phone.

"Why wouldn't it Yuu-chan?" Akane asked, she gave a wide smile.

"This is so embarrassing!" Kitsune stood, shaking.

"It's okay Kitsune-chan!" Akane giggled, pulling him closer.

"Okay, I'm done!" Yuu said, tossing the phone to Akane.

"Now for the fun part!" Akane cheered. "One..two...three...and done!" Akane typed in a few numbers with her phone and the pictures went to everyone in he school.


The boys locker room was filled with talk of the next game.

"Hey, you think we should practice our defense?" Generic a boy with black hair asked.

"Yeah probably..hold on.." The boy was caught off when he heard his phone ringing; he pulled it out and looked at an email with a picture attached. "...whoa..." He gasped after looking at the image on his phone.

"You got this picture too?" The black haired asked, staring at his phone.

"I got it too!" Another boy.

The same thing was going on the girl's locker room too

"What are we looking at!?" A girl asked in wonder, every one gathered around her.

"Something awesome!" A girl said, smiling from ear to ear.


"No one's coming and we have to go to bed because of the curfew soon!" Yuu said, kicking a can out of sight.

Akane simply gave the boy a bright smile.

Out in the distance, the sound of feet stampeding down a hall could e heard.

"!" Akane counted down, Yuu turned to see a mob of students running out of the school and towards the gate. "It's show time Kitsune-chan!" She giggled, grabbing Kitsune and locking arms. As the students were about to make it to the gate, Kitsune and Akane stepped out in front of them, letting everyone see what they had done.

"Too KAWAII!" A girl screamed.

"TOO HOT!" A boy said.

Kitsune and Akane, dressed in maid uniforms, their arms locked and their smiles unwavering. Kitsune looked at them all with a an embarrassed and shy smile. Akane winked at the boys, licking her lips and letting her eyes catch as many people as they could.

"Welcome to "Star Dining!, please treat us kindly!" They both said in unison.

"Speaking in unison is so Kawaii!" A girl announced, the others around her agreed with nods.

Akane and Kitsune's uniforms differed slightly. Akane's clothes wrapped around her body so tightly, the emerald Shinese dress was short and the slit on the side was cut high, up above her hip (if their had been any wind, you would have seen her in a whole new way) though you could clearly see her waist and hips, the absent of a underwear strap made it obvious that she had nothing on underneath the tight skirt that was a little too short for comfort. Her feet were adorned with a pair of dark stiletto heels that made her legs look amazing. Her hair was tied in a messy ponytail with a string of emerald beads. All in all she looked hot

Kitsune's was slightly less...showy (which means slutty). Kitsune wore the same sleeveless Chinese dress as Akane but Kitsune's was red instead of emerald and the blond's hair was in ox tails instead of a pony tail plus Kitsune managed to wear a pair of black spandex shorts under the short skirt.

This was all cute and what not but what sold it was the blond's face. Big blue eyes begging you for some relief from the embarrassment; they looked like two separate skies both being filled with an endless shining blue.

Akane hugged Kitsune closer to her body. The two stayed with their arms locked together and began again to speak in unison.

"Thank you for coming." They both said. "Please enjoy the meal we've prepared just for you!" They separated, showing that a table with a plates of Bao buns set across it.

"Wow, those things smell good!" A student said.

And so the day went by like this, Kitsune, Akane and Yuu sold hundreds of the Bao Buns and raked in the cash; everything was as awesome as awesome could be...until this happened.

"Thank you for coming!" Kitsune said with a smile. He dropped the yen pieces into a jar that was almost full and waved goodbye to the boy who smiled and took one of the Bao buns before leaving to talk to his friends. "Another happy customer...I just wish I didn't have to wear this, I am a boy after all.." he said to himself, turning another shade of red for the fifteenth time that day.

"Things are looking up Jo-kun, no more worries!" Yuu said with a happy smile.

"Yeah!" Kitsune cheered, the two high-fived...and parted just in time to avoid a flying Bao bun. The soft dough hit the wall right behind Kitsune and Yuu, making them spin around to see a group of thugs dressed in white dress shirts.

Three menacing looking teenagers walked over to the stand, all the other kids stepped out of their way as the group strolled closer to Yuu and Kitsune.

There were three of them; the one on the left was a thin guy with spiky black hair, he was tall but had a skinny build, the one on the right had a completely shaved head and two piercings in his ear and the one in the middle had messy brown hair and a ponytail, they all wore the same white dress shirt and blue jeans combination and they all looked like jerk faces!

"So what do we have here?" The boy in the middle asked with a smirk, picking up another Bao bun. "You little ones having a party and not inviting the big kids?"

"That's not it!" Kitsune said sheepishly.

The leader glared at Kitsune and hurled the bun at him, striking the blond in the face. Kitsune staggered backwards, the dough smacking him in the face and scattering the filling everywhere.

"Who fuck asked you to speak up!" the bully said and picked up another bun, this time he threw it on the ground and stomped on it. "I hate Chinese food, tastes like shit and smells like throw up!" He stomped on it more. "I'm doing you brats a favor, think of it as forgiveness for not inviting your senpais to a dinner party."

"Please stop that!" Kitsune begged, specs of food still stuck to his face. "We have to sell those!"

"You're actually making these guys pay for this shit!" The leader laughed along with his two friends. "Why would someone pay for food like this!?" He kicked over the table and started stomping on the food with his friends. "Hey, why aren't you kids smiling?" He asked with a smirk.

Everyone around the three were glaring at him with a fury. He could see the hatred in their eyes.

"Oh, I get it!" The boy said after pretending to concentrate for awhile. "It's that chick over there isn't it?" He said, pointing at Kitsune. "You're mad that someone like that is profiting off of this shit food." He deducted, his friends nodded in agreement. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it and take that money so you can all invest in my future." He said, taking a step towards Kitsune who quickly grabbed the jar and hugged like his life was on the line.

"You can't have it!" The blond proclaimed. "This is something that me and Yuu and Akane-chan worked hard to get so please leave it alone!"

"What the fuck makes you think I'm asking for it!?" He said, he took another step forward. "Hand it over bitch!" He reached out a hand but it was grabbed before it could do anything. "The hell?"

"I don't like what you said about the food senpai." It was Akane, a small innocent smile was on her face as she held the bully back with one hand. "You shouldn't say something like that until you've tried it for yourself!" She shouted, using her other hand to shove a Bao bun into the boy's face.

The raven haired leader began to choke violently on the meat filled dough.

"See, isn't it delicious!" Akane asked.

The boy fell to his hands and knees, spiting out the food to regain his composure. "YOU BITCH!" He roared again, standing up and letting his fist fly at Akane's face.

Akane slapped the fist away with her left hand, she used her right hand to grab the boys wrist and pressed down on a pressure point with her thumb.

"AHHHHHH!" The boy fell to his knees in pain, Akane never easing up on the pressure point but instead smiling at the boy as he shouted in pain.

"Boss!" The two other members of the group shouted in unison.

"Wow, hitting girls and throwing things at Kitsune-chan like that...tell me senpai, how old are you supposed to be?" Akane smiled down at the boy who couldn't even look up at her.

Without warning, the boy with a shaved head came charging at Akane with tremendous force.

Akane didn't move, she waited for the boy to come closer before releasing the leader and leaping over the bald one, kicking off of the back of his head as she passed him by in the air.

The kick sent the bald boy sliding across the sidewalk...unfortunately it sent Akane off course, she landed off balance and fell on her butt.

"I knew I should've worn a shorter skirt." She said as she rubbed her back. "this long stuff is no good for fighting..." She tried to get up but was having troubles which is why the bullies were able to grab her and pin her to the ground by her wrists

"Someone needs to make you learn your place!" The leader with the ponytail said, he pulled back a fist and got ready to let it loose.

Akane closed her eyes tightly, preparing for the punch.

"Hey, if I knock you unconscious you won't have to eat that ag-" A fist smashed deep into his face and sent him flying backwards, tumbling across the sidewalk.

Everyone looked up to see Yuu glaring at them all, his eyes were wide and his face was blank but it quickly began to contort into a burning rage. "If you about my friends food again..." He walked over to the boy lying on grabbed him with one hand, pulling him up off the ground and close to his face. "...I will fucking murder you...understand!? He threw the boy to the ground.

"You fucking brats!" The boy spat. "We don't even wanna be anyway!" He laughed, shaking a little bit as he got up and slowly retreaded backwards. "Come on guys!" He called before turning an running away, the other two boys ran after him and suddenly the sidewalk was silent. Yuu picked up the buns that hadn't gotten stomped and picked them up in his arms before walking to Kitsune who was sitting against a wall, still hugging the jar of coins tightly.

"Oi, Jo-kun!" Yuu nudged the teen with his foot.

"Yuu-kun?" Kitsune looked up, he was so concentrated on the coins and the buns that he hadn't noticed his friend walk up to him.

"Want one, I heard they're really good." Yuu flopped down next to him and handed him a bun.

"Thanks Yuu-chan!" Akane snatched it and sat next to the tan teen.


"Be nice Yuu-chan!" Akane pouted.

"How are you still eating after all that rice!"

"How am I supposed to keep my figure if I starve myself like one of those crazy people, you don't me all skin and bones do you!?"

The two continued like that, shouting back and forth at each other like children.

And Kitsune, the bright eyed blond couldn't stop smiling...

Job#1 Success!

The Next Day

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WE DIDN'T MAKE ANY MONEY!" Yuu almost leaped over the principals desk to get at Sarah.

"Silly Yuu-chan!" Sarah giggled. "You know you can't sell food on school property!"

"You knew that didn't you!" Yuu slammed his hand on the desk in a rage.

"What makes you think I know Article two section four of our school's laws and regulations?" Sarah asked, feigning confusion. "Anyway, even though this didn't work out, I have another job for you...and it's easy too!" She said the last bit with a wide smile.


and so began Yuu and Kitsune's lives as workers...

End of chapter 4

Narrator-kun here to tell you what I see in the next chapter

I see...boxes, wardrobes and kidnapping.

I can tell you more but it'll cost you

A bāozi or simply known as bao, bau, humbow, nunu, bausak, pow or pau is a type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item in various Chinese cuisine, variation as to the fillings and the preparations. In its bun-like aspect it is very similar to the traditional Chinese mantou . It can be filled with meat and/or vegeterian fillings.
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The Boy In Tattered Clothes

Postby korikou » Mon May 12, 2014 9:41 pm

A story I started two years ago but never finished, if you guys like it; I might continue it!


In this world there are things called "demons" whether they are actual beings that have materialized from the words of the bible or if they are simply monsters and this name was one simply bestowed upon them so that we would have something to fear is a mystery that some will never come to see the answer to. Whatever they are, they definitely do not wish good will for those that walk the living world. They have been the cause of the destruction of everything. Calamity and strife, these are their soul goals for everyone they walk into, they are immense in number and in strength; an army of them can come and destroy us at any time….but they would never risk coming into the presence of a witch.

And this is where our story begins….This is where the woman met the boy with tattered clothes.

The air of the alleyway was thick; the cold air blew through the night sky, holding with it the tension that struck at the nerves of the woman who walked alone that night.

Her blond hair flowed down her back, her movements were heavy with fear; the crackling of the trash that cluttered the alley could be heard as her speeding steps struck the old, broken black road that paved the floor of the alley. As the woman made her way forward, she heard the footsteps that she feared so much creep closer to her. As her heart beat raced, the woman finally came to a stop, sadly though, it was not of her free will.

"Dammit!" The blond beauty cried as she banged on the wall at the end of the passage with fists too weak to do anything but hurt themselves, the woman was stuck and those terrifying footsteps were coming closer…She was done for, the woman had nowhere else to go and it frightened her to the brink. As her breath came to a halt, the footsteps stopped and the woman finally turned around to see a tall man shrouded in a dark black two piece suit, his eyes were completely shrouded by the black shadows that clouded the alley's walls, making his seem almost nonexistent. His features were barely noticeable in the dim lit night sky and that only made his appearance twice as frightening.

"Glad I finally found you." The man's voice was ice in the form of words, the woman looked for an escape route, anything that she could use to escape only to find herself in the presence of a heat so hot it could burn her very soul, as the sweat began to build up on her forehead from the fear, panic and blazing heat that was surrounding her body. Her light pink sweater, something that would have usually kept her warm on this cold night, only increased the burning sensation running across her body.

The woman finally opened her bright green orbs to see the bright green flame that was clutched in the hands of the dark figure. The glowing emerald light of the flames condensing into a ball in the man's hand showed the marauder's features perfectly, his eyes were the same bright green as the woman he was about to burn to ash, his short hair that hung slightly in front of his eyes was a bright hazel color and his face was that of a young twenty year old man.

"G-get back!" The woman stammered out as the flames grew brighter; the woman tried to take a step back but she only ended up pressed against the wall that kept her from the path to life. The man's expression turned from solemn and indifference, to a smirk; he enjoyed the fear eroding her body and couldn't wait to burn the frightened mortal to a crisp and take what he wanted for his collection.

"If you could do that, you would have." The man said as he wielded the fireball, in an instant he was already rushing forward, the man went to slam the bursting ball of flames right into the heart of the terrified woman.

The heat of the fireball enveloped her body; the woman was sure this was over but the burning that the woman was expecting to overtake her body and fill it with an unbearable pain never showed and instead was replaced with the simple feeling of the man's palm.

Though it was indeed warmer than what it should be and there was smoke coming from his hand, the woman wasn't feeling anything that could burn her soul. She stared in shock, amazed at the miraculous turn of events.

As the woman stared into the equally shocked eyes of her attacker, for a moment, they shared an unknowing gaze with each other but the confusion that had struck the man's eyes was replaced with a burning rage.

The man pulled his arm back and another fireball appeared in his hand. "Let's try this again." The man said and jutted his hand forward again. The woman became scared again but was once more shocked to find that the fireball wasn't in the man's hand anymore.

"I think you're looking for this." A boy's voice came from behind the man and he quickly turned around to see the bright light of his flame coming from the new opponent.

Underneath that starless sky, standing firm in the presence of a menacing fool and breaking the tension with a raven blade; a hero's face had shown in the light of that emerald flame.

The face belonged to a young eighteen year old boy; his eyes were a deep dark blue; the cold air blew through his messy raven black hair. A gust of wind brushed through and down the alley way; the boy looked at the man with a small smile. As he rubbed the back of his head with his left hand, seeing how that didn't have a fireball floating over it, the boy spoke.

"Ummm, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave that nice lady alone okay dude?" The boy stood there patiently, waiting for the man in front of him to say something. The man's eyes became as dark as the shadows shrouding that alley, his lips parted to speak in a devilishly cocky manner.

"It seems you have something of mine, would you mined giving it back to me?" The man asked with a devious smirk on his face, he outreached his hand with an expectant look on his face. In a reply to that man's impudent language, the boy's expression changed from a joking smile to a dark look filled with an overwhelming killing intent.

The boy pulled his hand back as though he was going to throw the ball of flames at the demonic figure in front of him only for the man to stick out his arm and shake his finger in front of him, signaling to the boy that that was not a good plan at all.

"Better watch it; you might hit this poor woman over here." He said before taking a step to the side, showing the quivering woman, her back pressed against the wall.

The man turned around, his face was unreadable in the darkness of that narrow path way, yet anyone could tell that his face was in the form of a cocky smirk by the way his teeth glinted in the moon's bitter light, he thought he had won.

The demon took a step forward with his arm outstretched again. "Well, hurry up and come closer, you can die with her." He laughed out, the boy didn't move and the man's voice became maniacal in his laughing fit that was twisted with rage. "Well hurry up! Do you want this bitch to die here and now?" He shouted out before grabbing the woman by the arm. "Wait, what the hell?" The man asked himself as his grip on the woman instantly disappeared.The man was unprepared for what was about to happen next.

The boy launched himself at the dark man, his eyes blazing forward, his movement's silent in the night; he appeared in front of the man before the tall figure could make out what was happening.

"Here" The boy said in a dark tone, he plunged his palm forward, slamming the flames he had in his hand right into the heart of the creature before him.

"You can have your fireball!" The boy said as he left the ball of flame burning inside the chest of the now quaking demon.

The boy jumped back and watched as the flames surrounded the unholy beast. The man's eyes turned dark black as his flesh burned, he shouted out curses in a rage before he finally vanished, leaving a huge scorch mark where he once stood. The boy looked at the scorch mark before walking over to where the woman who had been sitting on the ground, trembling with fear.

The boy walked over to her place. Silently, he took out a glass's case and took out a pair of glasses. As he slid the thin rectangular pair of glasses onto his face, the boy's expression changed from a serious look to one of boredom. He blinked a few times before he looked up at the sky and called out a name. In an instant, the blond haired woman reappeared to face the boy who looked at her with curiosity.

The woman shut her eyes tight and flinched when he saw the boy's hand come closer to her.

"Ummm, miss witch?" He asked as he tapped the woman on the shoulder, the woman opened her eyes to stare at the figure before slowly standing up, her legs shaking. "I hate to do this to you after you've had such a shock."

Crap, this guy knows I'm a witch; he'll kill me and steal my soul for sure if I don't do something!

Her thoughts were rushing through her head like a river of bees. Her eyes shot down to her arm, a small tattoo decorated her forearm, its faded image staring into her frightened eyes. The woman slid back down to a sitting position; all hopes of escape had left her just as all feeling had left her legs.

"But… could you tell her where to find…..the nearest train station?"

"Tr-train station?" the woman repeated the question in astonishment, who was this kid anyway? He just swooped in out of nowhere and destroyed a demon….and with such little effort too!

The boy clapped his hands together and slowly pulled them apart, a rolled up scroll began to appear in the space his hands started to provide. When the old piece of paper was in complete view, it rolled out in mid air and allowed its contents to be seen. On the piece paper was a map of what looked to be the entire world.

"Yes, it looks like I got lost somewhere back in this area here." He sat down beside the woman, not giving any notice to how his clothes scraped against the wall as he slid down against its rough bricks. A quick gesture from the raven haired stranger and the world map turned into a map of Japan and then into a map of the city. "Okay, I was looking around here but I get lost real easy so I ended up wandering around here for a little while before I heard you screaming." He waved his hand over the map and it once again transformed, this time showing a picture of a train station. "This is where I wanted to go but for the weirdest reason, it seems to be blocked to me." He turned and smiled at the still trembling woman next to him. That smile, for whatever nonsensical reason, was a bright one; it enveloped her in a different kind of warmth then before and suddenly the woman felt more relaxed, her nervous nature slowly dissipating under the warmth of the raven boy's smile. "You wouldn't happen to know where I should go from here, do you?" The boy asked with the same smile on his face.

"U-umm well…" The woman stammered, squinting her eyes at the piece of paper that levitated above them, her eyes couldn't grasp what she was looking at, it was too dark and way too hard to see much of anything from where they were sitting.

"It must be hard for you to see." The boy laughed a little after figuring out why the girl hadn't answered very quickly. "Here, let me help you." He said, with a quick snap of his fingers.

Suddenly the whole alley was filled with little balls of green fire no larger than the flame on a candle; hundreds of them floated around the two, illuminating the dark world they had resided in before. The boy looked up at his work and gave a quick nod and smile like an artist looking at a finished painting before looking over at the woman again.

"Is this better?" He asked. The woman simply stared in awe at the wonder before her; she had never seen so many emerald flames at once. They were a special kind of fire that was used only for combat but this kid….he was using them like a common red fire spell. "Come on now, you're a witch." He said with an awkward smile. "You have to be able to see now right?"

"So you really think I'm a witch, witches don't really exist silly." The woman giggled, trying to play off her attack as pure coincidence. He might be able to take down a demon but no one can resist the innocence of a lovely lady like me. She thought with a small grin, hoping that the prevarication

The boy simply tilted his head in confusion. A gentle hand slowly crept toward the woman, the blond shivered as the raven's hands moved closer to her face.

Oh no, he didn't believe me! She cried out in her mind as she shut her eyes tight in fear. So this is how my first assignment ends eh? This is where Akemi Kiyomizu's life as a witch and a hero comes to its final closing! She asked, her mind swelling with the thoughts of her passing.

The boy's hand rested on the top of the blonde's head, setting a slight bit of pressure on the blond locks that swept across her slowly stilling head. When she felt a soft hand touch her head, Akemi looked to see that the boy was smiling at her.

"I'm pretty sure that you're a witch, either that or you're cursed to look older." He deducted, picking up a strand of Akemi's hair and giving it a light tug.

"Ow!" Akemi shouted, rubbing her head as she looked at the teen with an irritated look on her red face. "What's the big idea!" She pouted, puffing up her cheeks like a blowfish. She was going to yell more but a circle of light appeared around her, she jumped up to her feet and shot a look at the boy whose actions still laid in mystery. "What's going on!" She screamed, her heart beat getting faster and faster as time seemed to move slower and slower. A small explosion of light shrouded the alley, had anyone passed by they would have freaked out.

When the light dimmed a beautiful young girl stood where the woman used to. Akemi looked at her hands in shock. She reached for her hair and looked at the dark blond strands that lie between her white fingers.

"Hey! What the hell was that!?" Akemi shouted, her face was a potent fiery red as she stomped up to the raven haired who still sat at the wall.

"See, I knew you were a wiiii-" He was yanked up from his sitting position and into a barely standing position; Akemi shook the boy ferociously despite being shorter and younger than him. The boy's brain was being bashed around in his skull as the blond witch continued her relentless assault, screaming into his ear a series of complaints.

"Who the hell do you think you are huh! Just stripping someone you don't know of their identity like that!"

"B-but it wasn't y-yours!" The raven haired boy tried to explain, his words being jumbled around like his brain.

"I spent all weak preparing a spell that could make me look older and you just broke it like it was some kind of elementary school training charm!" Akemi ranted. She was supposed to be on an assignment but instead, this guy just walked in and destroyed the demon she was supposed to stop….then he went and created so many of these fire balls and even….broke the spell she had spent a week creating…and he did it without any help. "Who are you?" She asked again, this time it wasn't an aggressive tone but instead held bits of curiosity and caution. She held him at arms length as she gave him a look of suspicion.

"My name's Anthony…Anthony Amaterasu, witch and demon hunter…." He said, lifting up a shaking finger as he caught his breath and his composure. "…S ranked…" he added with a huge smile on his face. Akemi simply gave a glare at the boy she held before throwing him down to the ground.

"You expect me to believe that you're an S ranked demon hunter, what kind of amateur do you think I am?"

"Well you did almost get killed by a really low ranked demon…" He trailed off and looked away when he saw Akemi's face become inflamed.

"Don't you sit there and judge me just because I accidentally wasted my magic on the identity spell and then used the rest on the capture spell without saving any magic for myself!"

"Oh….I thought that the demon was the reason you didn't fight back but I guess it was really your own miscalcula-"Akemi grabbed Anthony again and started shaking him again.

"Don't you sit there and judge me!" Akemi repeated, this time even louder. "How was I supposed to know that you could actually run out of power if you used too many spells?"

"I'm not judging you, I'm not judging you!" Anthony blared, trying his best to console the girl and cease his own rampant punishment. Though bewildered and dazed by the rough treatment of the victim he thought would have given him gratitude; the raven haired boy's movements were a serene compilation of open hands. Akemi didn't seem to notice the boy's new calm disposition and continued her ongoing assault with a rapid and, though she made a great a deal, pointless explanation.

"Judging or not, I still cannot believe that someone like you should be giving any kind of advice to a high ranking student like myself." She pouted, looking away from the raven and shooting a puff of air. What was out of the high ranking student's field of perception was that she was slowly beginning to float in mid air. "It's one thing to call yourself a demon hunter but to say that you're a witch is completely ridiculous!" Akemi continued to float higher yet she still lies in complete ignorance of her own situation. "Everyone knows that there's only one male witch in the entire world and he's the greatest in the world!"

"Miss Akemi, I wish to bid you farewell, please don't think to badly of me." Anthony shouted from the ground, snapping Akemi out of her oblivious state and forcing her to realize that she was air born.

"What the he-"Akemi was about to respond when she saw where she was but before the final words could leave her, she disappeared into thin air.

Anthony smirked at the sky where the girl had once floated before lightly pushing off of the ground of the alley way and soaring into the sky. The raven haired boy drifted through the moon and landed on the roof above. He looked across the plane of asphalt and threw his smirk away along with his glasses. Under his feet was a pool of blood, his white sneakers were stained crimson and the scattered body parts were like dead branches sticking a swamp.

"How pitiful, to think that so many demons would come for one witch." His steps were light, floating across the floor of blood and carnage without a second glance. "They were pretty weak though, to be killed so easily."

"Aawww, looks like that make me sad." A new voice sounded through the sky.

"It's good to see you Ko-kun" Anthony's smile returned but in a form far more faded than the theatrical facade he put on for the young witch earlier. Another look around the area and Anthony's smile slipped off of his face once again. "Well, let's get started."

Akemi lay in her bed, her heart was racing and her thoughts were exploding in her head but she was alive and that was what was most important….but what was she going to tell the teacher about her assignment….and who was that boy in tattered clothes…who was he really?

Who ever he was, she'll never forget him
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