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Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/1/2013

Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:17 pm


Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/1/2013

Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:58 pm

This story was inspired from a night of boring studies on U.S. history, specifically 1800s. Names have no relation to actual people and locations. This text also holds no historical value. A thanks to Bawub and Blood Lord, editing and information.

Revolution Asylum - The Caged Rat

“Many don’t feel normal. Most think others are normal. Masks are what makes us normal.”
-Dorothea Dix

They were in a dark wooden cabin, lit only by a candle, placed on the center of the table, at the center of the room. A runaway slave in his mid 20s, sat on one side twitching. His clothes were old and filled with holes. On the other end, a white man, a farmer in his 30s, he wore dirt stained clothing and a hat, which covered his face.

“Las memory?” the black man repeated, as he continued to twitch in the chair. “My dad. He killed my mom he did. Whipped her til she dropped. I think I was 14. I killed him the same nigh. Same whip. Mos killers are caught an hung. Hid real well I did. Then I was jus out cold. Course, I wasn dead, was sleep an all.”

“Wha happened after tha?”

The runaway chewed on his nails as he looked up at the roof. “Woke up to Ms.Dix,” he said. “Nice lady. Tol me I ain do no wrong. Tol me I was jus like e’eryun else.”

The farmer leaned forward on the table, crossing his fingers as he stared at the runaway. A few minutes passed, the silence was only interrupted by the runaway’s jerking movements. “Boy,” the farmer broke in, “Where is Ms.Dix?”

The runaway stopped twitching. He just stared up, as if he was star gazing. A mouse can be heard scampering about, the only thing breaking the silence.

“Where. Is. Ms. Dix?” the man said once again, placing force behind each word.

“Ms. Dix?” he repeated. He leaned back in his chair, as he lowered his head to make eye contact. “Well, she’s starting the revolution of course.” His accent seemed to have disappeared, following his twitching.

The farmer brought his hand up to pinch his nose. “Revolution ended years ago.”

“Not that one. No. The next one.”

The farmer tried to stare him down. “I know you loons are a bi' outta the loop, but is no secret tha your people get special education from Ms.Dix. Is a civil war.”

“I’m well aware.” He leaned forward, resting on the table. “But there won’t be anythin civil about this war.”

As the farmer opened his mouth, the runaway continued.

“After!...We win this war, we’ll be calling it a revolution! When our kind rises, you all be left at our mercy.”

The farmer took a deep breath as he stood. “So what? You turn us to slaves after y’all win the war agains slavery?”

The runaway slammed his head on the table and sat back up. He started twitching again as he yelled, “SLAVE?” He laughed, “No no nono we dun car bout tha. Nuoooo...nono. Ms.Dix dun car bout silly li’le thins like tha. Nonono!” The nearly inaudible accent returned, heavier than before.

The door behind the farmer opened. A bearded white man holding a rifle looked in. “Everythin alrigh in here?”

Both the runaway and farmer responded, “Everythins alrigh.”

The white men stared at the runaway. “Don you star thinkn you can talk when you want.”

The runaway lowered his head, but still kept twitching.

The farmer looked back to his friend, “Calm down, Thomas. How are the others?”

Thomas replied, “All the same. Keep talkn bout a revolution, kept sayn it has nothn to do wit slaves.”

The farmer looked back to the runaway. “I see.”

Once again the cabin was silent. Only the sounds of the black man’s continued twitching, and the mouse scratching a wall in one corner, kept the room alive.

The farmer sat back down. “Look here son, we’re jus tryin to-”
The runaway yelled as he flipped the table up. He picked up his chair and threw it at the men. He turned around and began to claw at the wall.

The farmer fell to the ground, and Thomas raised his rifle.


The runaway dropped to the ground. The mouse scurried out the door.

Thomas lowered the gun. “The hell happin ta him?”

The farmer stood up, never taking his eyes off the runaway. “Father raped his mom. Killed his mom. He attacked his father. Ran off after that. Then Ms.Dix gotta hold of the looney. Can ya blame the boy?”

Thomas started to reload his rifle. “I don give a shit bou tha. The loons are all like guns. They don jus shoot on their own.”

The farmer moved the table to the side. “Since when you star knowin so much bout loons?”

Thomas put the rifle aside as he helped the farmer move the body. “Since when did we care bout loons?”

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:41 pm

I was told to make a poem for a class. My given topic was parents. Teacher didn't let me change it. Thought I'd post it here too.


Past Time

I was never good at sports
Couldn’t understand it at all
Do any of them
It wasn’t as simple as they said

My dad struck out, I heard
Dad left in the first inning
Doesn’t bother me though
Care telling me why, anyone?

Mom had troubles dribbling
Couldn’t pass the ball
Manage any of the shots
It wasn’t fair

I got mad at her
Made her feel bad
Many hardships followed
Mistakes, would be making light of it

I won’t do it again
Can’t mess up my last chance
Do all the right things
It won’t be hard, but harder

But is it possible?
I mess up too much
Can I accomplish it all?
Try hard this one last round

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:56 am

It took me sooooo long to go through this forum!!! But it was really interesting! I've never played Minecraft or any RPG videogames before, so when I imagined the stories I imagined a world similar to Runescape (I used to play that when I was 12-14 and it's the only thing I could relate these stories to) haha :P You have some really cool ideas and I enjoy your writing style!

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:58 am

Oh and about your poetry, it's very descriptive and I like it! I have no idea how to write poetry so congrats on your awesomeness!

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:10 pm

Thanks. Writings all for the imagination so as long as it gets your mind going, I'm happy! :D

Personally not to confident with poetry. I wasn't too sure about this one, so thanks again for the confidence boost!

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:07 am

No problem, keep at it!!!

Re: Nova Island Productions: Last Update: 11/24/2013

Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:17 am

So, I missed the deadline for a poetry contest :c
Still, I made something! Couldn't think of a title(too lazy to also >.>)


Amazing how powerful words are, juggernauts
They seem so simple, elementary
Some are forgotten or easy to ignore, neglect
A few could haunt thoughts and actions, obsessed
One would complicate them often, convoluted
Awful how powerful words are, juggernauts
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