A Halloween story for the literature contest

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A Halloween story for the literature contest

Postby Nina333 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:38 pm

Mrs. Nipper was an old woman who didn’t look forward to Halloween. Every year, children would come to her front door wanting candy. She would put a plastic bowl out with candy she bought from the supermarket. The children would empty the bowl and ask for more candy.
Mrs. Nipper would tell the children no but her words did no good. The parents of the children gave Mrs. Nipper disproving stares. In turn, Mrs. Nipper succumbed to the parents’ stares and gave their children more candy. Well, this year would be different. Mrs. Nipper was going to draw a boundary by sticking to what she said. Mrs. Nipper smiled as she petted her black dog Nugget who had a tumor hanging off of him. Nugget whined and scratched his tumor with his back leg.
Mrs. Nipper was not a mean old woman. She just wanted to keep some candy she bought for herself. The costumed children would start showing up in a few hours. I better put on my costume Mrs. Nipper thought, as she pulled out a white sheet from the linen closet. Then, Mrs. Nipper took a sharpie marker and dabbed two eye holes on the sheet. Next, Mrs. Nipper cut the holes with scissors. While cutting, Mrs. Nipper noticed a white flour sack she left lying on the carpet floor.
Mrs. Nipper cut two eyes on the sack. Hurriedly, Mrs. Nipper threw on her ghost costume and donned on the white sack. Now, she was a friendly ghost who wore a hat. Mrs. Nipper put red devil horns on Nugget. He kept pushing the horns off so Mrs. Nipper duck taped the horns to his head. Ms. Nipper inspected her only Halloween decoration which was a pumpkin by opening the lid. She sniffed and decided the pumpkin was in good shape. She put the pumpkin out by her welcome mat. Everything was ready. All Mrs. Nipper had to do was wait for the children.
She reclined in her easy chair while she waited for the doorbell to ring. Nugget lay on the carpet and licked his tumor. Finally, the doorbell rang. Mrs. Nipper got up and opened the front door. An African American boy dressed as a pirate screamed when he saw Mrs. Nipper. He ran to his parents who gave her dirty looks. Mrs. Nipper shrugged in confusion. She was just a friendly ghost wearing a sack on her head. There was nothing to be afraid of.
More children came. Some of the children petted Nugget who wagged his tail happily. Then, the children grabbed the candy from the plastic bowl. Mrs. Nipper waited nervously while the children gobbled up their candy. She watched the children open their mouths to ask for seconds. “No,” Mrs. Nipper said firmly before the children could ask the dreaded question. The parents gave Mrs. Nipper their awful stares as she was dreading. But, Mrs. Nipper stood her ground and repeated no. Eventually, the parents and children surrendered and walked away. Triumphant, Mrs. Nipper hugged Nugget to her chest. She had learned to stand up for herself. From now on, she could save some candy for herself every Halloween.
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Re: A Halloween story for the literature contest

Postby Tenshi Nova » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:43 pm

Awesome. Link it to the Literature Contest thread when you're ready for submission. c:

Here's your link - viewtopic.php?p=3441734#p3441734
Here's the link to the contest - viewtopic.php?f=17&t=55670
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