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Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same name

Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:39 pm

This is a story I have been on for some time now. I've flipped it over and over in my head til I deployed, as I am now. Now I'm writing it out, hopefully, I can finish it before I return to America. I'm a fan of Naruto but not some of the going ons of the series, these "going ons" inspired me to make this fanfic. Also I intend to write and go to college for writing, so it's best I start somewhere. The story is first person perspective, it's just how I started it honestly, no real reason and no intention of making any changes til I finish the story then revise and rewrite based on the revisions. I feel it to be the best way to learn and correct myself, considering I'm writing for experience and not for a comic, or making an actual book. so enjoy, I intend to update as often as possible, in between protecting America and all, lol. Also I try to space out the story to make it more reader friendly, it was just random spacing sorry if it ruins the rhythm of the story.

It was morning, the fog was thick, birds chirping and the wind blowing across the sea played intro to the gentle sound of the paddle hitting the water. Closer we got to the shore I found myself feeling uneasy about setting foot on what used to be enemy territory. Just didn't seem right. Waving to the ferryman as he rowed away I looked around "Nothing" I thought to myself. I was beginning to get concerned this could be a trap "Hmm." I walk from the beach into the forest with luscious green leaves, towering trees with branches that shake hands with one another. Fog was clearing by now, I felt a breeze whip at the back of my neck the way it does when a bug or a ...!

Ducking I lunged forward rolling to look back at what was behind me, a whistling in the air is what I heard instead. More projectiles " I knew it !" I yelled. Running up a tree I hurled my own kunai back in the direction of the attack. Leaping from tree to tree "You think you've got me, don’t you?" I slyly thought to myself. My enemy revealed himself directly in front I leap faster toward him, only to be blindsided from the side, torn off my path and slammed to the ground,. . . or so he thought. My clone followed shortly behind, sword drawn, as we landed stabbing my opponent in the back. Turned out he was also using a copy "Figures, it's never that easy" I mumbled. The clone and I split up before I could get ten feet I was in a sword fight. He was good, dropped silently, almost got me. We exchanged blows, a moment of time I always revel in, the clash of sharpened steel, the adrenaline rush. I got low and foolishly swung at his ankles with all my power, "He'll jump and counter me with a downward strike" I thought while only looking at what was in front of me. My adversary made the wise decision, sadly he was met by a double that split off the moment he jumped splitting him in two. All that remained of the enemy was a log chopped in half "Right" I sighed. "Who ever these people are. . . they're luring me into something."

I thought to myself as I again went in a separate direction of my clone. I began to run faster I could feel myself getting enraged as I started barreling down the forest floor. "Just listen for it" the sound of clashing steel could be heard from a long way off. My clone was locked in combat, I sped towards it. When I'm in range, I do the hand seals "FIRE STYLE, FIREBALL JUTSU!!" is drowned out by the screams of the burning ball of fire as it rushes through the trees. The clone and it's combatant jump out of the way of the ball of fire, the clone jumped toward the enemy and is met with the business end of his kunai. The clone stabbed, squeezes the enemy tightly as it's skin starts bubbling, it begins to smoke and glow red. Closing the distance I see flames shoot upward "Gotcha!" I grin as I hop onto a tree. My opponent lay smoking, writhing in pain, I shoot downward from the branch above for the finish . Big move, leaves me open, just what I want it to look like. The comrade of the smoky ninja, administers a vicious sidekick that I evade. I retreat a few feet gaining some standoff "It's a woman, with a katana!?" I notice, as I stand ready to attack.

The kunoichi keeps a crouched stance, one hand keeping her katana close to her hip and the other lingers over the hilt. "I've never seen this stance before, I don't want to be hasty, but. . ." thinking, I tighten the grip on my blade. I feint as though I were going to rush her, she takes the bait takes a step forward begins to unsheathe her sword. . . . next thing I remember is a flash and hitting the nearest tree ten feet from my last position. I try to quickly recover, only to see another flash. No good, I fly back again "WHAT IS THIS! It can't be her just. . . !" I'm in awe on my hands and knees. I see another flash "I see it, . . . I . . It is her drawing the sword, but how!?" Mid thought i manage to roll away from this one. "I've got you pegged now." I look around and my weapon's no where near me. I quickly start moving, she follows, we pass tree after tree til I'm no longer running adjacent to her. She fell for it, I retrieve my sword, or at least, I thought she did. A chill rolls down my spine I can feel her. . . she strikes at the ground disfiguring the surface with a flawless slice.

Only one problem with that kind of move it's to dynamic she won't have time for the next strike if I can catch her in mid-air at the end swing. Spinning like a top, blade in hand, I'm met with "STEEL!! There's no way in hell" upon closer inspection I see she is unsheathing and blocking me. "Who the hell is she!?" I think to myself bewildered. The kunoichi continues to unsheathe her katana, unluckily I'm spinning in the direction that she's drawing her weapon. This is gonna be bad, REAL BAD "Now or never!" I think to myself. Multiple kunai and shuriken come flying from me as she spins me out, she deflects them all, with incredible swordsmanship We continue to drop she begins her final slash I can already feel the blade cutting into me without it touching. . . "Too bad" I grin devilishly. She gives me a baffled look which quickly changes to surprise after she see's the reddish orange glow beneath her. My last clone, was too close, no escape, the kunoichi rides the fireball to the tops of the tree's turning their green leaves a dark brown.

Sheathing my sword, I finally hear her hit the ground. I look behind me and to my surprise she's standing, barely. "You just don't know when to quit do you?" I say as I look over my shoulder. Her breathing is heavy, her stance is weak, defeat is absent in her eyes. This annoys me, I draw my weapon "Stop looking at me like that." I say as I walk quickly towards her. A man lands between the two of us "That's enough." He says as he turns to aid the girl.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:39 pm

I took another step forward "What did I just say. . Genki?" The man said looking out the corner of his eye at me. Stunned, I ready myself "Who are you?" I say to him. The man begins to heal the kunoichi, with medical ninpo, the girl relaxes "I'm your squad leader, and this is one of your teammates" he replies. "Was this a test?" I said to him as I put away my sword once again. "Something like that, I personally didn't plan it, but it served it's purpose" He replied. "What purpose?" I asked as I relaxed a little more. “The opportunity to learn about one another." Finishing, he stood up and walked toward a tree. "Today you met your first swords woman Corrine here learned not to overestimate her abilities and underestimate her opponent's" he retorted. The man stopped pacing and looked at Corrine, she faced away, towards her companion, guilt washed across her face. "If you're are squad leader why would you let this happen, who are you for that matter?" I asked riled by his unconcerned attitude I gestured toward the male that lie burned from my double I could only assume he, was my other team member. This entire thing seemed like one big mess, with a bad leader in the thick of it all. " I know what your thinking and your wrong. Hozukimaru over there" the man points to the crispy ninja. "He's not a part of are team he's just a victim of his heart. No your other team member has been stalking you two this entire time. He replied casually.

His words made me nervous, how is it possible that this person went unnoticed for this long. Then I remembered feeling an uneasiness when I entered the forest. "That's what it was" I think to myself as I try to find the person without being obvious. I continue talking to remain composed "You never told me your name" I said as I lean against the nearest tree arms crossed. "Jikokuwa, Hien." He replies, as he looks toward the sky seeing the shadow of a bird overhead. It was a clear sky the sun shined beautifully into the forest and reflected pleasantly off the leaves. My heart sank "Jikokuwa! They don't exist right. . . RIGHT?" I thought urgently to myself. "Your joking right Jikokuwa. . that's a myth they don't exist?" I felt like I was pleading with him. He merely looks at me, I get a good look at his eyes. . . I fall to the ground. Fear makes it hard to breathe, I'm not sure why maybe, because I'm looking at a ninja that is from a clan that is rumored to use time jutsu. "Did you seriously believe we didn't exist" Hien asks. I can do nothing but nod my head, I don't know what to do I've always been told when i was younger to kill a Jikokuwa if I were to meet one. Our clan's are sworn enemies but, having never seen one, nor anyone else I know, I thought it to be a fairytale. Here I am though, now what?

I regain my composure, and stand to my feet, I'm nervous "Should I strike? No, he may know it's coming, if that's the case then he already knows what I'm gonna do next and will counter before i do it. I could already be dead or trapped in some sort eternal loop. . ." I drive myself half crazy thinking of the possibilities. As I stand holding my head in disarray, I feel arms wrap around me and a voice "Calm down." it says soothingly. My fright at once boils over into rage, I break free, turn and slash with my sword at whatever touched me. "If I'm gonna die, so are you!" I yell breathing heavy. "What are you doing?" I hear Hien say behind me. "No way. . he's already behind me?" I think to myself. "You alright Suri?" Hien asks as he moves in front of me. "You gotta be more careful, about that kinda thing. Look at you, you got yourself cut up and now your all exposed." Hien says as he exams the girls chest. "I'm confused, I injured her pretty good I'm sure. . but, from where I'm standing she looks fine, her boobs are hanging out too." I think to myself with a grin. "I can assure you Sensei I don't need any medical care I'm fine I heal fast" Suri reasoned with Hien who continued to examine her exposed breasts. "I don't know these. . I mean this scar could get . . uh . . infected, yea, definitely i better check them for volume make sure they haven't lost. . uh. . any mass. You know medical stuff, you understand? Hien said with a concerned face as he looked Suri's chest up and down.
This girl is actually considering it. . . " Fine, if it. . ." Suri was interrupted. "IDIOT!!!" Corrine roars as she rams past me. Knocked to the ground, I see Hien getting his face stomped in, while Corrine scolds Suri for being "stupid enough to let us look at her tomatoes" as she put it. First time I heard that one, Suri finally decides to cover her self as Corrine fixes her top. Who carries throwing knives, shuriken, a katana and a sewing kit. Hien fixes himself wiping away the bloody nose, I lean against a tree in disbelief "I think I just wanna go home now" I said aloud.

"Ah, relax Genki we can't be serious all the time," Corrine chimes in "or as perverted as you.” Hien laughs as he slaps me on the back repeatedly, I don't really like being touched. Smacking his hand away "How do you know me?" I said as I gave him a serious look. Hien glances at all of us then walks toward a tree, his back to us "I may have looked into your past. This raises an eyebrow, and just as I'm about to ask how "What, What do you mean?" Suri interrupts. "He jumped back in time to stalk you. . " Corrine teased before being cut off. "I was observing the three of you, so I could learn each of you." Hien said turning to look at us. "And, what did you learn?" I asked agitatedly. "Enough, mentioning anymore would be pointless."Hien said unconcernedly. "That seems unfair, we don't know anything about you Sensei?" Suri says with a concerned look. I find myself getting tired of Hien, and Suri. Hien's dangerous, but he acts innocent, and Suri acts so caring, but I know better. I don't buy it at all. "Is that all you can do, go backwards in time?" I ask Hien. "Concerned?" Hien says as he leans in my direction. I narrow my eyes at him.

Corrine checks her work holding it up to the sunlight, a look of gratification on her face as she hands the top back to Suri. Corrine looks at me "He's obviously afraid of you Sensei, for good reason though." Corrine said with a smirk. "Is this how loser's get revenge, how pathetic." I said as I look away and laugh to myself. "What'd you say, I'll take you on at anytime you bastard! Do you hear me, look at me!" Corrine hops up and tries to run at me while Suri holds her back. Corrine looks back at Suri only to see she hasn't put her top on. "PUT THE DAMN THING ON, STUPID!" Corrine yells as Suri eyes begin to water. She finally put's the top on, I continue to laugh to myself, Hien chuckles while his back is turned.
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Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:17 am

In your second update, the "take" needs to be "took". You're writing in past tense, not future.

Do you have an editor? Give me a day to look over this, and I'll get back with a better response.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:28 am

no I don't have an editor but if your volunteering your services right now

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:24 pm

Kinda sorta. I'm willing to help, but I'm biased against your story on two fronts. First, I'm not a fan of Naruto. Second, I'm about as big of a fan of first person stories as I am Naruto. Don't know if you want an editor that struggles against your story and writing style.

If you can't find someone, sure, I'm willing to help. But I would find a real life friend and ask for their help. I have three such friends that help me in that manner, also with brain storming.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:44 pm

I'm willing to accept your help, as far as the Naruto thing i personally don't like the current story. I do however like the concept of the world, the first thing is just something I'm doing when I revise it I might change it, but for now it'll be as is (as far as narrative perspective). I was inspired to make my own continuity of the story based on my dislike for many of the things in the mainstream story. It's easier to me if you think of them as wizards or mages rather than ninjas, I intend to try to put a lil more ninja in the story or at the least make the story more, real within its fictional boundaries if you get what i mean.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:23 pm

. . . Meanwhile on the opposite end of the island. "Brother, I've had the vision again, it reassures me we are on the right path." Says a man with light brown hair. He sits with his legs crossed behind a veil within a tent. The shelter is dimly lit, a breeze flutters the opening, lightly rubbing against the face of the man who sits near the entrance.

Very well Nakamaru, what is it you need your big brother to to do to bring your dream into reality?" The man replies with his chin resting on his interlocked fingers. An ominous grimace creeps across Nakamaru's face "Utopia will only come through the hard work of our allies and ourselves. With that being said Benimaru there are those that don't agree with are purpose and others that simply need to be shown the light. Will you bear the the torch my brother?" Nakamaru said as he moves from behind his veil to his brother's side. Benimaru lifts his eyes reflecting the light that sneaks into the tent. "Yes baby brother, I as well as everyone else who believe in Utopia will slay any who would stand in our way. I will shoulder a brilliant fire to blind all those who would stare into it." Benimaru said as he stood fist clenched. "Gather the men then, there is work to be done.

. . . In the city of Banjugakure. "Here we are, the best spot in town." Hien says as he points to a ramen stand. "You've gotta be kidding me?" I said in disapproval. Hien and Corrine walk toward a seat, oddly enough Suri seems to agree with me as she stands near in the street. "I'm with Genki on this Sensei, I have to have some meat in my food." Suri says with her arms crossed. Hien having already started eating "lookf . . okf . . I'm on a. . . dudgets. ." He says with a mouth full of food. Finally swallowing his food, " I'm trying to be nice here ok, you guy's are pushing it. I mean look there's plenty of meat in here. . . you agree don't you Corrine." He says as he gesture's to the bowl while looking at her. She takes a deep breath "You've been a cheapskate since I've known you, there are other foods much better than ramen and at a reasonable price Sensei." Corrine pleads with Hien. He looks out the corner of his eye at her as he continues to eat his noodles "BLASPHEMY. . ." He swallows the last bit. "Fine, where would you three like to go?" He said with an annoyed look on his face. All at once the three of us say "STEAKHOUSE." We said as we look at one another and grin. Upset Hien pays and begins to walk in the direction of the restaurant in silence. " Is this really the first time you've gone here? I ask Corrine as I follow Hien. "With him it is, he really hates spending money" she says with a smile. "I'm looking forward to biting into a juicy grilled steak I can almost taste it, can't you?" Suri asks me. I look at her and think " I am pretty hungry from earlier" I look back forward, there it is the steakhouse. "I could eat." I answer to Suri. Seated now "So Banju is a city with a ninja village in it how does that work?" I ask Hien. With his arms crossed " Just like any village would work, Banju just has an ever growing populous due to it's size, port and all around good weather. It makes people want to live here, thus, there is always something to do another mission to be had." Hien replied." I see, It's still strange." I said as grilled a few slice of meat. "Well you know that Banju, the city that is, encompasses the entire island and that the city is split into sectors due to this." Suri said as she ate. " The more populated the sector the more upscale it is, the less populated the area the poorer, although the exceptions are the agricultural sector, power plant and other stand alone areas like it." She continued. Stunned the three of us stared at her as she ate. "Uhm, you've been here before Suri?" Corrine asked smoke coming from her steak. "A few times, I usually just remember stuff like that though. . . " Suri looks at the grill "Your steaks are burning." she says as she lays another on the grill. We try to quickly save them from being burnt. I crunch on charred meat "Suri, why did you hug me while we were in the forest" I say as I look at her. She shrugs her shoulders " You just looked like you needed someone to comfort you." She says nonchalantly as she continues to stuff her face. "You thought the best time to do this was in the middle of a fight, really." I said concerned. " I heal fast so I wasn't to worried. . " Suri said before being interrupted. Corrine slaps her hands down on the table as she stands. " What's wrong, you ok?" Hien said as looks at Corrine. With a look of devastation she quickly moves past Hien and starts speeding toward the door. "Whats your problem" Hien yells at Corrine turning his head. All that was heard as she sprinted out he door was "HOZUKIMARU!!". . . . .

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:41 pm

A moment of silence goes by before it registers as to whom she's referring to. "Oh! It's that guy I burned. . ." I said as I rub my chin. Suri stops eating momentarily . . . then continues to gorge herself, Hien shrugs his shoulders "Not my problem. . " he says, "YOUR A HORRIBLE SQUAD LEADER!!" I said in outrage as I point to him. "And you've got a short temper." Hien replied as he crossed his arms with a grin. "You do." Suri agreed giggling at Hien's words. "What? What does that have to do with anything?" I said flustered. "This is how people get killed" I thought as my eye twitched. . . . Corrine Searching the streets of midtown Banju. "Hozukimaru . . . Hozukisan . . DAMMIT!

You dummy why didn't you say something before we walked off. Corrine said out loud to herself. Sighing, Corrine runs down one block, checks an alley, runs down another, and searches the rooftops. She starts to lose hope as deep pockets of guilt start to open up. She sits on the roof of the tallest building in sector two, as she looks out the sun is a blazing orange red. Off in the distance a lone bird could be seen flying high above the path that separates the forest from midtown. Her wounds sting as she remembers the mornings bout. Corrine clenches her fist at the thought of having lost to Genki. "I was sure I could beat him, Kajina or not. I trained so hard . . what went wrong?" Corrine sits on the rooftop sulking over her defeat as she remembers the events prior to Genki's arrival. "Corrine." said a young woman who looked only a few years older than Corrine herself. "Yes Heikokage- sama" said Corrine as she knelt before the leader of her great ninja village not making eye contact. The Heikokage smiled sweetly "You have been chosen amongst your peers to be are representative in a new allied force that is to be formed inconjuction with Teisei and Chigakure." The Heikokage began to move about the large room that was her work area. A desk sat in front of the young Heikokage a closed curtain behind her, neatly stacked books lay close to the desk and scrolls not far from that.

The Heikokage walked toward the curtain, peeking out to look upon her home in the pale moonlight. "If I may ask Mam what sort of force is being put together and why me, above anyone else?" Corrine said as she continues to kneel. The Heikokage turns to her subordinate "You may rise Corrine, . . you are best suited to represent us in this endeavor. You embody qualities that make Banjugakure ninja what they are, Tenacious and vicious as well as compassionate and fair, all at once." The Heikokage said as she acted out her words. Corrine blushes as she sees the Heikokage's passion "Your words are very kind mam, but i don't think I'm any of that." Corrine said as she held her hands behind her back averting her gaze from the young woman in the white and blue kimono in front of her. "Good, that is exactly why I chose you. Now you will be meeting your squad leader Jikokuwa Hien, tomorrow in the sector two woods, as well as your other teammates from our neighboring islands. Understood?"

The Heikokage said as she collected some papers on her desk into a pile and put them into a folder. She extends her arm holding the paperwork " I understand my lady" Corrine said as she stepped forward to receive the folder she knelt one last time and vanished in smoke out of the room. The Heikokage flicks off the light switch in her office and opens the curtain fully revealing a beautifully moonlit village. With her arms crossed behind her back she observed her village, taking a deep breathe as though inhaling the serenity. "Corrine . . you are a good Chunin perform well, and believe in yourself. Heikokage thinks to herself as she continues to watch the hidden Banju village.

Corrine is shocked as she looks over the profiles of her squad mates. "A Kajina and a Chisuda, this is a chance of a lifetime . . . a chance to test my abilities against the supposed indestructible Kajina clan, and a blood jutsu user." She almost splits the profiles in her hand from excitement. She calms down and goes into deep thought . . . time passes. "I have to make it a real confrontation, they have to feel like their life is on the line otherwise they won't fight me like I want them to, . . . hmm I'm gonna need someone else to help me . . ." Corrine thinks as she sits on her bed in her underwear. She rolls from one side to other thinking of who would be willing to help her in this personal mission. "Hozukimaru! He'll do it . . . really he'd do anything I tell him to, Maybe I shouldn't abuse his feelings, like that." She pauses in silence for a moment "He'll understand, I'm sure." She said as she tried to convince herself. . . .

SIDE NOTE: Something I feel the need to mention when I write I focus on painting a picture with words given I'm not the best, so I keep it simple and do what I can description wise. The other thing is I play the Naruto OST the entire time I write switching songs as the mood changes in the story, it helps me, a lot. My point in mentioning this is if you get the notion try to match the song you think I may have played during a scene and if you get the feeling like "I'm there" then that's prolly the write song. Just something fun to do, in any case hope everyone is enjoying the story so far.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:32 pm

The next morning. A young man comes running gleefully through the forest until "Yes, today's the day I'll finally be able to get Sagawa-san to accept my feelings I guarantee it!" He thinks to himself as he jumps from branch to branch. Corrine stands in a clearing "Maybe I should've gotten someone else Hozukimaru isn't the best ninja I know he's isn’t even the best ninja's little cousin . . . but, he's the only one I know would agree to this and not tell anyone." Corrine thought to herself as she crosses her arms nodding reassuringly. "I really hope he doesn't bring me anything . . " Just as she finishes her thought Hozukimaru lands with a loud thump. "Owowowow, oooh sorry about that, I slipped on the moss on that last branch." He said with a big smile as he got up and dusted himself off.

An awkward moment of silence pasted as Corrine looked away from Hozukimaru's smiling beet red face. Abruptly, he reaches into his backpack and hands Corrine a sewing kit and crushed flowers. "This is for you, I remembered that you liked sewing so I got you that, and these flowers as well . . they've seen better days i guess." He said as he rubbed the back of his head still holding the gifts. Corrine rolled her eyes "Thank you Hozukimaru for bringing me broken wilted flowers and a sewing kit before we go into battle, these should definitely come in handy." She said sarcastically as she snatched the stems and stuffed the small sewing kit in her leg holster. Rubbing the back of his head nervously "It's no big deal, Corrine-kun" Hozukimaru said shyly. With a serious face Corrine looks at Hozukimaru "I don't think were close enough for you to be gettin all chummy with me, remember what your here for, to back me up in case I need it. Got it?" Corrine said coldly. Hozukimaru's head dropped "Oh . . well yeah I remember . . . I mean of course, you know I've got you covered no worries. Just if you want, maybe, you could call me Hozuki-kun?" He said as he raised his head in hope. His words went unheard as the wind picked up. Corrine was watching the trees and never heard the poor boy, he watched her short orange hair blow in the wind, her eyes glow in the light of the morning sun and her smooth skin which reminded him of freshly cut sunflowers and smelled twice as nice. He had watched her for years in there genin days of training and today was the day he would prove himself man enough to care for her. "Someone's coming."Corrine said as she leapt into the trees.

Hozukimaru snapped out of his daydream and readied himself amongst the forest backdrop. All that remained were the frail sunflowers on the grassy floor of the clearing. Hien appears behind Corrine “I can see you must be tired from searching.” He said as he looks at Corrine. She stands up looking downward “I don't know where he is ok, but I still haven't checked the forest. . I . just want him be ok.” Corrine said as she rubbed her eyes. Hien sighs as he turns toward the horizon with arms crossed “Hozukimaru is at the hospital, I took him there after you left him.” He said as he looked out toward the setting sun. “You should really treat Hozukimaru better than you have, even if you don't share his feelings. Show a little appreciation for his efforts. Hien said as he continued to watch the sun. His gray eyes glow with a dim orange of the sun, the hour and minute hands within his iris' tick away. Corrine took flight toward the next building as she made her way to midtown hospital. Hien smirked as he began to fade from sight. At the hospital Corrine walks to the front desk, there was sparsely any way around. “I guess everyone's going home, it is late . . .” Corrine thought as she stopped short of the desk. Then considering turning around she hears a voice “ Can I help you miss?” said the receptionist. “Uhm, well I was wondering if visiting hours are over or not?” Corrine hesitantly replied. The receptionist looked at Corrine for a moment “Did Hien send you here?” she asked. “Yes, yes he did.” Corrine said nervously. “Ok , I told him I'd do him this favor, just so were clear visiting hours end at five pm.” Said the receptionist as she began giving Corrine directions.

The door to Hozukimaru's room opened slowly as Corrine walked in, she stood next to his bed as he slept. His face, as well as other parts of body were scarred from the flames of Genki's jutsu, Corrine's eyes began to water. She covered her mouth in awe “I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.” She thought to herself. Hozukimaru's eyes slowly opened as he felt the warmth of Corrine's hand on his. He watched tears drop from the face of the girl liked “It's ok.” He smiled lightly as he grasped Corrine's hand. Then as she heard his voice Corrine could no longer hold back her tears as she also gripped Hozukimaru's hand.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same

Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:00 pm

Outside the steakhouse Suri caressed a full belly, while Hien mourned his empty wallet. Putting the wallet his pocket he goes on to say “ I can't believe you ate that much. I mean, haven't you heard restraint?” Suri shakes her head, turning to look at Hien she replies “That's not something I was taught. Besides, Sensei you were paying I figured I should eat as much as I wanted.” Hien shook his head in disbelief, he noticed my silence and asked “Is anything wrong Genki?” My back was turned to them as I took in the layout sector two. I looked over my shoulder saying “. . . No just looking around.” Suri stretched as she said “You've been doing that since we left the forest, in any case I've been meaning to ask you about that sword.” I turned to face her and said reluctantly “what did you want to ask?” Suri pointed to the sword it's has a very distinct look to it I'm sure I’ve seen it before I just can't remember where. Have you always had it?”

The blade was unique in design as it had three edges and no point, and was an arm and a half lengths long, with a broad frame similar to foreign broad swords and had no guard. It had odd symbols on it that read “The World”, one crisp piece of metal made by fusing to styles of blacksmithing and imbuing the metal with chakra. “Yeah, I've always been the owner, why are you asking about it” I said annoyed. Suri fell quiet as she bit her lip, thinking of where she'd seen the sword. Breaking the silence Hien clears his throat, he walks ahead of us and says “lets not focus on things such as that, I still need to show you two where you'll be staying and explain the details of our first mission as well as bring you before the Heikokage. ”Suri's eyes widened at the thought of being in front of the Heikokage. We began to walk behind Hien as Suri says” I've heard so many great things about her, one that she's like really young and two that she's extremely beautiful.” Hien continued walking as he said “I didn't think those of Chiga would concern themselves with the goinga on of other islands, but you seem to be pretty well informed.” Suri was embarrassed by his words as she replied “ No, it's not like I'm not the only one we all know about the other islands and some of the things that happen on them.”

Hien slowed his paced to where he was walking beside us saying “ What I'm trying to say is I know how the people of your clan have been persecuted based on how they practice their way of the ninja. I would think they would shut themselves off from anyone else.” The Chisuda clan would never have survived if they'd adopted that attitude. On the contrary they made themselves more open to conflict, as a means of spreading word of their prowess. I should know I've killed quite a few in reaction to there boasting over those they've defeated from my village. I shook my head as I looked away from the conversation “You would think a Jonin would have knowledge of this kind of stuff already. It seems as though all Hien is, is his ability.” Hien halts and turns as he faces a three story building it read

“My house is your house” I could only assume this to be where we were going stay. Suri read the sign saying “I wonder who owns this place that banner really makes it sound welcoming.” As, we walked in and Hien said “ It should be it's owned by a nice elderly couple they've been running this place for years, since I was a kid, although, I've never personally stayed here. I hear it's a good place.” An old women came out of a door that was behind the counter, we already had rooms reserved for us. “This is a pretty big room.” I said as I walked across from the door to the window. “So are we sharing rooms Sensei or do we get our own room?” Suri asked as she rummaged through the closet pulling out a futon. Surveying the room Hien says “Sorry no first class service we've only got two rooms between the four of us, so, yeah were sharing. Two to a room and since both of you are already in this room.” I felt myself getting hot, my heart began to race, as I remembered the sight of her exposed chest. I felt a nose bleed coming on, “ Is that alright with you” Hien asked me. I wiped my nose, continuing to face the window saying, “Yea, I think I can . . uh manage, the arrangement no . . . uh . . big deal.” Hien began to move closer to me as he said “Are you ok, not having any dirty thoughts about tonight.”

I quickly turn and point blushing nervously, only to see Hien walking out of the room. “It'll be ok Genki-san I'll just sleep over here and you can be on the other side.” Suri said with a smile as she pointed to two mats that were right next to each other. I fetched a futon from the closet and moved it on the other side of the table that sat in middle of the room thinking to myself “safe.” I took a deep breath and sighed in relief. I turned around after laying down my bed for the night only to see Suri undressing. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” Down the hall Hien smirked as he heard me yelp in surprise. Corrine arrived on the roof of the hotel in a puff of smoke, she entered into the closest room through the window. Hien looks at her and says “I wasn't sure if you'd be able to figure out what room you were in.” Corrine sits and crosses her legs saying “You forget I'm the one that made the reservations.” Hien was laying on his futon as he rolled to his side to rub his back and said “Oh, that is right, well good job my pupil. How is Hozukimaru?” Corrine looks away from her old teacher and says, “I think he would have been better off if I hadn't dragged him along.” Hien looked upon Corrine lovingly “Well, you gotta remember every man is responsible for his own destiny, Hozukimaru chose to help you he could've said no. Besides, I'm sure even now in his current condition he's not upset with how things turned out. Hozukimaru is a good person.” Corrine shook her head in agreement a cheerful smile on her face. “Well we'd better get some rest we've got a lot to do tomorrow, asses to kick, Kage’s to see and so, and so on. Hien faded out, as he curled into his futon. Corrine walked over to the light switch flicking it off. Night had finally fallen on Banjugakure and a new day awaited on the next at the next sunrise.

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Wow. You're pounding these out pretty fast.

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I've already got a lot of pages typed and I type one a night, so I post one a night. Im ahead of what I post by like 40 something pages. So yeah I find time even if I stay up late, it's imperative that I get better at writing, anything could happen where I'm at you know.

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. . . Meanwhile on the other side of the island. Hell's fury burned in the eye's of Benimaru “Did you believe we were unaware of your presence, how foolish do you think we are now look at trapped like rats. I personally would like to inform you that YOU will die here.” Benimaru laughed spitefully, he had caught a team of ninja in one of the many traps that were planted around the camp. Kyo looked from arm to arm at the stone that now lended aid in his capture, what remained of team consisted of Mai, Yagi and himself. All of whom were caught in the same predicament. As Kyo could recall it: They had spent the entire morning monitoring the movements of the known terrorist group codenamed “The Horde”. During the course of the day everything was normal no sign of anyone being aware of there movements.

“Benimaru had us pegged from the beginning, I don't see how though? We were out of range of eye ability, I’m sure of it. They must have had the Iwa ninja within there group set these traps. I didn't think there word had spread as far as the mainland, I need to get this information back to the Heikokage.” Kyo's forehead began to sweat as he tried thinking of an escape route. Benimaru was brought a weapon by one of the others that was with him, he unsheathe it the glint of the night's moon shown brightly off the edge of the blade and he said “Beautiful isn't it/ being killed under the night sky under the moon no less.” Benimaru gestured toward the moon as he lifted his blade skyward. Huff and puffing tired from struggling to release themselves from the creeping rock technique. Kyo looks toward his students and says “stop struggling it'll only make into the stone cover you more, relax.” Mai stares at Kyo with dread in her eyes and says “ should I just sit here and let myself die without trying, no there's no way, not like this, not like this!” Terrified she begins to cry as the stone moves around her neck her body completely in cased.

“Kyo sensei, I have idea” whispers Yagi. The stone had completely consumed his lower half but his hands remained free. “Don't do anything foolish Yagi! Kyo whispered in reply. Yagi without hearing out his teacher, quickly makes hands seals, “EARTH STYLE, EARTH GRAVE JUTSU!!.” Benimaru stands still watching the boy an odd glare in his eyes as they reflected the moonlight. Those eyes, Yagi's technique reflected off of them with great clarity, as the earth beneath Benimaru began to to open in a funnel, and quickly close just as it had started. Yagi was startled as he looked eyes wide with disbelief and said “Kyo sensei, what . . . what jus happened to my technique. .” The ground beneath Yagi began to open up in a funnel as it slowly drug him in the pit widened til it stopped just before it reached Mai. She could see as the boy was twirled around, and around by the hole. The it stopped Yagi had sat shoulder deep in a cavity of dirt. Yagi looked around as though he had seen a ghost saying “This is my move that I made how is this, happening!?” Kyo sat speechless as his vision was split between looking at his student and Benimaru. Kyo began to say “Don't do this. . .” Benimaru smiled menacingly as the small group he was with began to giggle in expectation one of them even says “ I love it when he does this shit man, the look in there eyes is almost too much.” Another replies laughing “No, It's priceless, is what it is.”

Benimaru having watched the technique the entire time “SAKASHIMA!!” Within the sand small humps could be seen forming, until a single spike thrust forward, then another and another and many more as they shot in and out of the depths of the pit blood drenched. A stomach curling scream was heard, Yagi's body was minced and grinded into smaller section after section. His head remained intact as it skipped from spike to pike, where it sat for a moment of silence as all in the current area saw. Mai, cold from the sight, stared, her mouth gaping in awe as she watched someone she cared for die so violently. A short distance away, out of hearing range a girl could be seen crying and throwing up from what had just unfolded as she wiped her mouth. Eyes filled with pain and sadness a flame roared in her chest so hot she to grasp at her chest. “I'll kill all of you!” She vowed as she cut across her chest. Gripping the kunai so hard her hands began to bleed she leapt into the treetops. Kyo unable to walk rubbed his forehead into the ground this scratched the metal of his headband and the symbol of his village. Benimaru and his flunkies began to laugh loudly at the sight of the head that sat atop the spike, and he says “That boy should have stayed at the academy, if he's a product of the future it's looking pretty bleak for Banju.” The jutsu begins t crumble, the earth returns to its original state as the pieces of Yagi's body reappear on the surface Lifting his head in response to Benimaru's words “That boy was top of his class in all areas, he ten times the man you are, but, that's irrelevant to what's about to happen to you now.” Holding is stomach in pain, Benimaru wipes his eyes “And, what exactly is going to happen am I gonna be surprised, by another lamb to the slaughter!”

Kyo smirks the horde stop laughing, they become weary, all goes silent. Movement is heard in the trees the men look around, reluctantly Benimaru takes his eyes off his prisoners. Studying the area, animals can be heard, nothing troubling. Benimaru looks back toward his captives, unsurprised they've fled, along with the head of the Yagi. Kyo runs as fast he can away from the horde members, he carries Mai's motionless body on his shoulder and Yagi's head under his other arm. The horde can be heard chasing behind him. He closes in on Yuri bursting through the woods “ Sensei!” Yuri and Kyo stop on the same branch he cants his side with the head away from her handing Mai to her. “We don't have much time until they catch up, now listen as quickly as you can I want you to take Mai back to the village and wait for me no questions asked, understand!?” Breathing heavily as he constantly looks behind himself and at Yuri. “But, what about Yagi and what they did to him” She begins to sob as she clenched the kunai in her hand. Kyo looks Yuri in the eyes and yells with a look that struck a new fear in her heart “GO, GOD DAMMIT!!!” In the next moment Yuri had split off from Kyo who was now taking fire as chunks of earth, kunai, shurikens were wizzing toward him at break neck speeds. Yuri bounded from branch to branch and tree to tree as fast she could, her legs were beginning to get tired but she thought if she stopped she may end up like Yagi. That image kept her leaps strong, fast, and far, until she safely reached the village where Kyo was nowhere to be seen. Even hours later after after a search party was sent to retrieve him. Yuri felt helpless, all she could do was sit in the hospital and mourn her master and her friend.

In this particular area I tried to get across the eye ability of the Mirigan (made up by me). I guess it is a little confusing, so if your interesting in an explanation I will deliver, otherwise enjoy.

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. . . Back at the hotel, early morning. I stood atop the railing on the outside of our room, Suzaku, a red hawk and my best friend sat perched on my forearm. It made me smile to look upon his majestic carmine feathers and his eyes that looked far beyond the day and into tomorrow. He and I shared sight, we were bound together til the day one of us died and the other was released from the jutsu. Until that day, whatever he saw, I saw. Red hawks could see heat and manipulate their fire based chakra, this made him a devastating weapon. For the most part Suzaku plays scout, hidden from the sight of friend or foe high in the sky. Movement comes from within the room, Suzaku flies off, I step back into the room to see Suri looking at me and she asks “What were you doing out there, and why are you up so early?

” I look at her as she speaks, quickly look away, I can see her breast, apparently Suri also sleeps in the nude. “No reason I just thought I'd watch the sunrise.” I said as I slide open the door to our room. She sits up with the blanket covering her chest, smiling “That's really sensitive of you Genki, I had no idea you enjoyed things like that, maybe next time we can watch it together?” I slide the door closed as she speaks, how annoying. I stand outside my room barefoot and irritated, looking down the hall I find myself wondering whether Corrine came to the hotel last night. Shrugging it off I see Hien walking up the stairs. He looks at me, there's an awkward silence between the two of us as I watch him walk around me. “Make sure you eat something, we have a lot of things to do today, foods downstairs. ”He said as he glanced behind himself. “Still don't trust that guy” I think to myself as I move down the steps. My nostrils fill up with smells of breakfast, my heart races with excitement. I can't wait to sink my teeth into whatever is giving off this delicious scent. I make my way down the hall across, from the entrance only to see Corrine who immediately throws me a dirty look as she stuffs a slice of ham in her mouth. I'm inclined to give her one back, but, instead I cross my arms and smile pompously at her. She narrows her eyes, as she stares at me and I her. The tension between us is almost visible, it's so thick in the air. “You gonna get food or just clog up the line kid?” A heavyset man behind me loudly said. I didn't realize I was in line at first, as I grab my tray I can see Corrine snickering in the background at my expense. This makes me mad, I grab my fork and spoon, I can hear the dumpling of a man next to me breathing heavily as he hurriedly grabs as much food as he can. I look at him in disgust, as I'm walking away from the line I raise my arm and slap the man's tray into the air saying “Oops, my mistake”. The fat man falls to his knees mourning his food that lay on the floor saying “ Dear god, WHY!” I smirk as I walk away from the scene of the crime, only to be met face to face with Corrine who disapproves, “Nice job asshole.”

I walk past her toward an empty table next to a window and say “It's not like he needs it anyway, besides what's he gonna do about?” Corrine turns toward me and with a stern look and says “Your just a bully, can't believe they picked you as a representative for your island or clan for that matter.” Eating my food as I glance out the window and back to Corrine “They have faith in me. You on the other hand, yea I think it was a mistake to choose you honestly. As far as fatty cakes is concerned if he allows himself to be bullied then I guess so.” This doesn't go over well with Corrine who raises her fist in to the air slowly, a blind fury in her eyes. A loud commotion could be heard coming from the medium sized dining area. Hien and Suri race downstairs to find tables,food and chairs thrown everywhere as the other patrons hug the walls in fear. The of us could be seen locked in combat with utensils as swords and standing atop tables. Hien and Suri look at each other in disbelief a loud studder could be heard behind them “G ggg.. GET Oo oou . . OUT!!” Said the old man as he sat on the ground terrified after having knives and forks thrown in his direction with deadly speed.

After being kicked out we quickly gathered are things “Good job guys way to get us kicked out of our hotel, I mean what were you two thinking? It's over, ok, whatever vendetta you have end it, now!” Hien exploded as we stood in front of the hotel I had nothing to say, Corrine did “It got a little out of . . “ Hien looked her in the eyes and said “Be quiet.” At this point the three of us remained silent as we stood in the street. Even, Suri seemed upset over this recent event, brushing her bed hair furiously while holding a small mirror with her other hand. She was pouting “I didn't even get to take a shower yet, I feel disgusting.”she said through pouty lips. After taking a deep breath and reclaiming his composure Hien turned back to face saying “Ok were going to the Heikokage's building, you'll be able to finish freshening up when we get there. So let's get moving.” After embarrassing myself I felt it best to be on my best behavior for awhile. I thought about what Corrine said about representing my clan and village. They trusted me to do right by everyone. I looked to Corrine who seemed to be coming to a similar conclusion as she looked forward, renewed confidence in her eyes. We walked through the streets of midtown, almost aimlessly, is what it seemed. We walked into one building exited out the back of another, I was starting to think we were lost. Then, I noticed the buildings were changing from the longer towering structures, to more traditional ones. It reminded me of home, I slowly realized we were in the hidden village of Banjugakure, when I saw more people wearing headbands with the symbol of Banju.

As we walked down the streets of the hidden village I could see villagers stopping and pointing as we passed. I'm sure they hadn't seen a Kajina or a Chisuda in the village before, not casually walking in their village for that matter. On occasion we would stop, as friends of Corrine and Hien would greet them, I pulled my hood over my head in hopes of being ignored. Suri took in the sights with eyes wide, the brilliant colors, the way some structures sat atop one another. How the forest and city seemed to mutually reside within the village. “This is it” Hien said as he stood in front of what was probably the widest building in the settlement. This was a busy facility, as it should be, everyday request were made for simple task or more enigmatic problems to be solved by ninja of the village. It was the same of my village. We walked inside, Corrine's face had a large grin across it “Your smiling pretty widely, you nervous?” Hien said as he continued into the building. “No I'm just, excited, the last time I was here I was just so, impressed by the Heikokage.” Corrine took a deep breath, we paused in the middle of the busy first floor. Often, Hien would raise his hand, in greeting to the many people that seemed to zip past us “Do you know all of these people or are you really that friendly?” I wondered as I asked him. I had never seen someone wave at everyone who passed him and had it acknowledged by them all. Hien continued to wave, with a light smile on his face he says “I make it a goal to remember the faces of all those I've either helped or met in someway, so, yes I do know them all. Although, there is new face I haven't seen before near the front desk.” We all glanced in the direction of the desk an attractive woman could be seen waving seductively in are direction. “Oh boy, I might have to find out her name once were done with Heikokage.”

Hien said as his face began to turn red. “I don't think you'll get the chance.” Suri retorted ominously. Hien, Corrine, and myself were taken aback by Suri's serious tone. She turns to look at us with the tip of her tongue sticking out as she rubs the back of her head. Adorable, Is what I thought, for some how, Suri seemed really good at diffusing peculiar moments. Suri turned back toward the desk saying “What I meant was, that she'll prolly have left by the time we return Sensei.”

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Hien began to walk toward the wide staircase saying “I'm not to worried about it.” Finally reaching the Heikokage's office after three flights of stairs, we stood in front of two big white doors. Hien sighed as he fixed his uniform, I felt nervous, so I took a deep breath. “No reason to be nervous, I don't even know this woman, she's not my leader. . . although she is the strongest ninja in Banju.” I said to myself, I could feel my heart pounding. I felt a warmth cup my hand, I quickly look at it to see Suri holding my hand. I attempted to pull away, but her grip was firm. She whispered in my ear as she had done before and said soothingly “Calm down, It'll be ok.” I didn't like hearing this from her the first time and definitely not now. It did help though, I found myself looking away as I blushed.

Corrine who stood on the other side of Hien leaned forward, saw that Suri and I were holding hands, Corrine frowned a little. This I did not see. Corrine boldly stepped forward, knocking on the door “Enter” a muffled sound came from within the room. She pushed open the double doors revealing a large room with the same blemish free white floors that existed throughout all that I had seen of this building. The walls on the other hand were a light green with white dots all over them. Odd, I thought to myself, as we approached the wide desk covered with paperwork, for the Heikokage. A woman not much older than myself looked at us with a stern expression, we knelt, although I had half a mind not to, as I hesitated. I didn't like this I felt as though I was betraying my village by kneeling before this woman. As the thought continued to bother me Suri who continued to grasp my hand gripped tighter. Her hand holding mine, kept my emotions from getting the best of me. “Rise, squad one of the, TeiBanChi alliance. I will make this quick as we must act on the info we have.” said the Heikokage while seated, her expression unchanging. We all stood attentive as she spoke, I noticed her eyes looked very similar to Hien's. It took me a second “She's a Jikokuwa!” I thought to myself, I could feel my eyes widen at my discovery. Then, I questioned, why I was so surprised it actually made perfect sense that one of their clan would be the leader of the village. This also sparked the thought, that she may in fact be, the Jikokuwa clan head as well. “Recently, Kyo's squad, was sent on a scouting mission, to what we to be the position of the head camp of the fanatic group known as the Horde. Their operation was compromised, and Kyo lost one of his genin during the escape.

Two of them returned to Banju with minor injuries, but, Kyo himself has yet to be located. The mission of the TeiBanChi squad one, is to retrieve any information Kyo might have found, dead or alive.” The Heikokage stood as she spoke pacing from one side to another. Suri released my hand and raised her's into the air, the Heikokage sat on the edge of her desk saying “Yes miss Suri?” Suri dropped her hand behind her back as she replied “How are we supposed to retrieve the message from him if he's dead, mam?” This seemed like a silly question, at first, until I really thought about it. This is a ninja, true, but I doubt he'd have sensitive data tattooed on himself, let alone have the time to write it down or hide it adequately, as he was being pursued. The Heikokage looked at Hien as she replied to Suri's question “Kyo is a ninja known for his resourcefulness, I'm quite sure you all will know what to look for.” As she spoke a gentle knock could be heard on the large double doors behind them. One of the two ninja that worked in assisting the Heikokage, moved and slightly opened the door, poking their head out. “In what area was Kyo, during this incident?” Hien asked as he placed his hand on his chin. The Heikokage stood and moved toward the window behind her desk, sending her fingers through her flowing auburn colored hair, saying “Deep in the forest of sector five.” The door flung open as the Heikokage finished her words, the assistant began to speak as the same young lady that was at the desk walked in behind. “This woman says she has information on the whereabouts of Machida, Kyo” The assistant said as she lead the woman toward the Heikokage.

Admittedly this one is shorter do to the drama I'm trying to build up, the next will be up tomorrow as usual. I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned.

On a side note: I wanna know, what you all think of the main character's? They likeable, are they overbearing, can you relate to them?

Hmmm, all very good questions I think.

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I'd like an answer to these questions: What you all think of the main character's? They likeable, are they overbearing, can you relate to them? You don't have to be a pro to have opinion I know Ive got viewers let put finger to keyboard and answer I've been kind enough to keep a steady flow of updates the least you all can do is answer a simple inquiry. Anyway more story, juicy part.

The woman stopped in front of the desk, as the Heikokage spoke “Do you really know, where he is?” The Heikokage said, looking at the woman out the corner of her eye's. The hands within her eye began to slow in there movement within the clock that is the iris of the Heikokage. “Of course I do” the woman spoke with great confidence. Here I was nervous to simply walk in the room, me a ninja of Teiseigakure, out done by a civilian. . . Strange though, how this person is so sure about something that none of us are aware of, for that matter I'm sure no one outside of this room would know about what we were discussing. My eyes widened, I looked in the direction of Hien. I saw him reaching for a kunai, I glanced toward the assistant who had since walked away from the woman. “Machida, Kyo. . . is DEAD. . .” The entire room fell silent, Hien quickly raised his blade to the neck of the woman saying “Explain yourself , who are you, and . . .” He was cut short as a loud clap was heard from near the Heikokage. The assistant who had allowed the woman entrance, now glowed a bright gold as a twisted smile gripped her face palms together” You, will die for the sake of UTOPIA!” A loud noise was heard a massive explosion, tore through the entire floor, making the above stories collapse. Debris of all sizes fell onto the street below, in a matter seconds a mass of ninja began swiftly moving citizens to safer ground. Like a summer breeze people were swept up and away from harm, as other ninja entered the building from what left of the roof and the entrance to save all they could.

I recall the moment before the explosion erupted, but, right after it began, an odd indescribable feeling came over me. Then I saw it, the Heikokage's optic's glowed with the radiance of the full moon in the night sky, time had stopped. The blast, had been made inert, if only temporarily then Hien spoke as he moved toward the Heikokage “Asa, we need to go, now.” Asa shook her head as her eyes remained lit the hands in her eyes completely stopped, and said “I wish it was that simple but who ever set this up is aware of my ability to stop time, I can only keep this explosion and the bomb tags that were thrown out side of my window from blowing for so long.” So this is what is felt like to be within the grasp of the Tokigan, it sent shivers down my spine when I thought about it. Then, I looked around the room the woman who had once seemed so confident to me, maintained and unending look of terror as she looked upon the explosion, both of them unmoving. Hien looked at me, he seemed to be contemplating on ideas of escape. Corrine sprints forward, jumping the desk and stands in front of the window saying “Release the bomb tags, mam I can reflect them with my Mirigan.” Asa glances at Corrine, then looks to Hien and says “You were confused by my words, I see.” Asa, the Heikokage of the hidden village of balance, made hand seals. She placed her hand on her belly as it expanded sporadically and shoved it back in echoing “WIND STYLE, WIND BULLET!!!” An enormous pulse of air and a back draft that made it difficult to see, made the paper in the room dance in midair. The large window as well as the frame that housed it, blew forward slapping the bomb tags that sat in limbo within the air. Unfazed by the glass that violently smacked against it, we exited to the nearest rooftop.

Allowing the explosion to play out once we were a safe distance. Everyone was on high alert, the Heikokage began directing a search of the village for more insurgents. I was in awe of the power that she possessed, I had never seen a wind bullet of such immense size. I wondered what else she was capable of, Asa turned to us after she finished delegating. “I need you to go and find out what Kyo knew Hien!” He nodded his head and took off running the three of us followed closely behind him. Who is this group and what is “Utopia,” and why would someone go as far as blowing themselves up to try to kill a kage of all people. . . . Meanwhile near the remains of the Heikokage's office. Smoke plumed from a nearby alley as Benimaru inhaled one last time from his cigarette, before putting it out. He had watched the entire scene he smiled wickedly saying to himself “This is only the beginning, your dead young kage, you just know it yet.” He began to walk down the street away from the incident. He slowed his pace as he looked behind him one last time at the bystanders that had gather to see what had transpired. Light from the sun ran across his eyes as they would pure glass. He returned his head forward, the buildings that lay parallel with path he walked began to blow up. One after another screams could be heard and bodies could be seen waving and mingling with the blood and rubble in the wind. Asa, dropping to her knees in torment, sat horrified as an entire area of her beloved village detonated right in front of her eyes. While she was only capable of saving a small region in comparison to the damage caused. We were outside the village when heard the thunderous sound, we stopped, through Suzaku's eye's I could see the awful sight. I dropped my head, I was unable to find the words, to describe the what I had seen. “Focus, in due time we will pay them back!” Hien said his fists clenched so tight his arms quivered. Corrine stood in disbelief as her eyes began to swell while she watched the smoke rise from the village. Suri grabbed her by the wrist and pulled Corrine as we all continued on are way to sector five.

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. . . . Meanwhile within the largest tent on the opposite of Banju, Nakamaru danced around joyously. When he finally stopped, he took a deep breath saying "It is difficult to fight fate, even with those of time you can not change the future. Utopia is a reality that is fast approaching no one will stop it's coming, NO ONE!" Nakamaru laughed to himself for a few moments before he was interrupted by a masked man in a cloak. "Ahh, so you have arrived, come to check on our progress have you? Everything is going as I said it would, no worries" Nakamaru said with an arrogant tone. The masked man walked close to Nakamaru saying "Good, they had better if you expect to us to continue support you and your, . . Utopia. I have brought more supplies, rifles and such, these should aid you in your endeavors. Strike quickly at Banju and end them, so that we may move on to the other islands." Cloaked and masked, the intensity in his words could still be felt, as he turned his back to leave. "Yes, our Utopia will encompass all three islands of the fade, the weapons of the foreigners are not needed. The Utopia will be pure of all foreigners!" Nakamaru said disgusted by the thought of alien help. The masked man stopped in the entry way saying "Remember this Nakamaru, a bullet is as fast as the yellow was rumored to be but less than ten percent of size. Fail us and you'll never see it enter your heart, these are the words of a foreigner, unto you." The masked man exits the tent Nakamaru is left with a bad taste in his mouth, but he simply smiles a maniacal smile as he begins to laugh at the thought. "No one will separate me from my place of bliss, . . . my UTOPIA!" He said as he raised his hands toward the sky, images of the land he dreamed of could be seen moving from one eye to the next like a slide show. The four of us had been running for most of the day, in silence. Hien finally decided to stop, I don't believe it to have been from exhaustion. I think that he had used the time we spent traveling to clear his head, because as we stood in the woods of sector he turned to us saying "Are you three, alright?" It was a strange question to ask, because, the three of were tired from keeping his pace. We had traveled almost the entire length of the island in a day, a feat in itself. Rather than say anything I nodded, as did Suri. Corrine, gripped her sword tightly as she slap her fist against nearest tree. I understood how she felt, more than anything it was not knowing whether friends or family had been injured that hurt her the most. She remained silent as she clenched her teethed, her fist firmly pushing against the tree. "We should have went back, why didn't we go back Sensei?" Tears ran down her face as she spoke putting her back against the tree, sliding down it. I didn't know what to say even after running for so long, even after I saw what happened. Suri knelt down in front of Corrine who sat on the wallowing in self pity. Suri softly touched the face of Corrine and looked into to her eyes. "I understand that you feel as though you let everyone down, but if we had gone back and seen a lot of your loved ones hurt then what? Would you bring them back to life or act as you are now, because, what your doing isn't helping anyone. If you take all the pain you feel and use to stop those responsible so you never have to feel this way again, then you've accomplished something, right? She held Corrine tightly to her chest as she spake. The warmth of Suri's body calmed her just as the sound of the splashing waves of the ocean do to many. Hien stood there as he thought about how he couldn't have put it any better. "This is where we will be camping for the night, tomorrow we will devise our plan as we enter sector five tomorrow. This was only the second day and it was now at an end as we bedded down and prepared for an early morning. I was excited for what the next day would bring, if only Amarante were here to see the night sky with me.
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. . . Meanwhile, deep in the forest of sector five. After burying the remains of his fallen student Yagi, Kyo had been slowly trying to make his way out of the domain of the Horde. Tired and hungry he hadn't been given a respite for even a moment. “This is crazy, there's no way they can still be chasing me. I know I had to have lost them, but every time I feel someone there. Unknown to Kyo he had been caught in a genjutsu, and for the past day and a half, an illusion had him paranoid of his very surrounding. A woman watched through many small proxies within the forest as Kyo ran for dear life from a phantom stalker. He ran like a hunted animal from the assailant, like a mouse running from a cat he ran from one hiding spot to the next, attempting to elude her. “Oh how this brings me such pleasure, the high I get from watching you squirm, is almost orgasmic” The woman said as she ran her hands across her chest and down between her legs. Moaning sounds echoed in the treetops, Kyo stopped his mad dash, the look of fear was replaced by a solemn expression. He looked off in the direction of the sound hatred burned in his eyes and soul, like a bonfire during festival time. Kyo felt deep sadness when his student was killed and he was forced to bury his head. The thought made all the muscles in his body tighten, veins protruded from his forehead. Then, he vanished. “Oh, ooo, mmmh, goodness . . .!”

The woman moaned, erotically at the thought of Kyo's suffering. The echoes of his words were a rude awakening to her twisted dream “EARTH STYLE, STONE RAIN JUTSU!!” As he slapped his hands on the ground, the ground around tree shot high into the air, taking the some of the forest with it. The woman immediately retreated to a neighboring tree off in the distance saying, “You seem to be a bit sluggish, are you tired? The woman teased Kyo from atop the tall tree across from him. “I'll make sure nothings left of you.” In that instant the wind picked up it's pace as it blew in from behind Kyo, who's hands had finished making hand seals. “WIND STYLE, TEMPEST WAVE JUTSU!!” The large rocks from the last jutsu were swept away as they tried to return to the earth, they were broken up by the gale winds that blew toward the kunoichi. “Just like your little student, you think you've got the energy to keep up with me, baby. The woman said seductively as she moved her finger in out her mouth, wetting her breast with it. The image of the kunoichi vanished from the top of the trees as she spoke, her voice seemed everywhere and her nowhere, the storm raged on. With a look of disappointment on he shook his head and began to say “ Your genjutsu won't work on me any longer, I spent all this time ensuring, I knew exactly how to track you.” The kunoichi's voice echoed through out the forest. “Oh baby, you really do have a thing for me, I'm so happy to hear you've payed me so much attention.” The woman teased in a alluring tone. The wind speed increased severely, the trees began struggling to stay up right, the rocks corkscrewed and twisted all about, as they plowed smashed into the trees and other rocks. Then, the air current settled into a spin Kyo made a final hand seal, the massive tornado began undoing all in its path, the head of it twisting and contorting in every direction. Uprooting trees and demolishing rocks, anything unwilling to yield to its might.

The Kunoichi who by now was far from the storm, remained unmoved by the anger that could felt from the tornado as it ripped through the woods. “How sad, I'll be long gone before that ever you ever reach me, oh, and I was looking forward to your cold dead hands caressing my body too” While she spoke the air around her began to pickup and even though the eye of the storm was not yet upon her. The fierce winds reached out to hold her just as she wished. The air blew in from every direction, kicking up a cloud of dirt as it moved, so much the air blackened from the amount of soil that flew around so rapidly. “What is this this. . . this can be that tornado, it so far off how can it be reaching me?!?” The Kunoichi thought to herself as she tried to fight through the winds, shielding her eyes from the rubble in the air, even breathing within the tempest was becoming a chore in itself. Eventually, she found shelter within a large hollow tree, the storm was upon her by now. Massive stones smashed the top of the hollow tree and its neighbors to splinters. The woman stood frozen with fear, her skill was in genjutsu, she had no real tools to deal with this other than fleeing. Her escape had been cutoff, she began to wimper in fear, but the storm would have none of that. The woman was snatched into the into the storm along with the very earth beneath her. Red mist mixed among the blackened air as her body was grinding into a faint memory, the Tempest raged for a moment longer til it dissipated in a climatic release of wind and rock in all directions. Kyo could be found on his hands and knees in the forest drenched in sweat, a smile on his face as he thought of how good it felt to get revenge. Exhausted he felt himself ready to collaspe, he knew better. He had caused a scene, brought too much attention onto himself. He had to escape, before he was seen or caught. “ I have to return, I have to. . . but, if I don't. . ” Kyo said as he gasped for air, halting his run falling to his knees. Performing hand seals “SUMMONING JUTSU, GOTEIMARU.” The cloud of smoke that appeared revealed a mole of average size with a headband similar to Kyo's. The mole sniffed the air, and felt the hand that rubbed it's head saying “Kyo, is that you, wow, you smell horrible. Ya smell like you haven't showered in ages, is everything alright?” Goteimaru asked, as he walked closer to Kyo.

“I don't have much time to explain, but I need you to get this scroll to the Heikokage, do you understand?” Kyo spoke urgently to Goteimaru, who simply nodded, taking the scroll he was handed into his mouth. The mole jumped into his hole, but, not before sniffing in the direction of friend once more before leaving. The next moment he was gone, but, another plume of smoke appeared before Kyo, he had not done another summon and all his chakra was used up. Kyo's vision began to wane as he, faintly saw the visage of a mole ten times the size of Goteimaru. It took hold of him, setting him within a hole it created as it lie next to Kyo. His friend of many years Goteimaru of the mole clan, had summoned another from his family to watch over Kyo's collapsed body.

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. . . . Some time earlier, before the sun rose high into the sky to mark morning time, we were up and moving steadily toward sector five, Hien had surmised that we would catch our enemies unawares if we moved under the cover of darkness. We reached sector five, Hien had us split off into groups of two it was Corinne and I and Suri and Hien. We could cover more ground since sector five was known for it's size and the creatures that resided within it. From what Corrine told me as we searched it was also commonly used a final training ground, where a week long survival test was given to academy students. Moving through the trees Corrine abruptly stopped I did so as well asking “why did you stop?” She pointed to a tree far to the left of are position and to another far off to the right, saying “ there's a trap here, we can only go around it, but, I'm sure there is another trap next to this one. The Mirigan or Mirror eye, a doujutsu said to only to reflect the truth when seen through it. Many Sagawa clan member's have died for the sake of those who covet it, even more have died trying to seize it from a Sagawa. They are the policing force in Banjugakure, the crime rate is low because of this. I looked as carefully as I could at the trees, they seemed normal to my sight. When I saw the same objects through Suzaku's eyes, residual heat, footsteps could be seen, someone had been hear not to long ago. Standing erect on the branch we had stopped on “ok, lets go.” Corrine looked up at me in confusion, saying “your not serious, are you, how do you expect to get past that, whatever that is?” I wasn't sure exactly what would happen but we needed to continue forward.

“I'll deal with it when I get down there.” I said as I dropped to the forest floor sprinting toward the gap between the two trees. Nothing was out of order until I ran past the line that the two trees made, immediately explosions let off in front and behind me. I was blown further forward into an oncoming ball of fire. Ordinarily the precautions taken in this trap would have spelled doom, but, I've got tough skin. I stood up and dusted myself off after wards, Corrine landed beside me saying “I had almost about how durable your people are, you made a clear path for me to follow.” She said approving. I didn't reply, who ever was on guard in this area heard the explosions, now where would they approach from. The thunderous sound of running could be heard, closing in on us. “What is that?” I looked around as I asked Corrine. She thought for a moment before she replied, “A alot of different animals live in this region of sector five . . . and if we assume that a lot of people have fallen prey to this trap.” Large figures could be seen moving in the shadows of the surrounding trees. “I think it's breakfast time,” I said while I unsheathe my sword. Corrine gripped her katana while her thumb released the blade ever so slightly. It was still dark out, the smell of sulfur was thick in the air, how often did these animals eat here? “There's something wrong, there shouldn't be this many here at one time? Maybe, one or two, but, not a group this large. Great, I thought to myself while I sighed mentally, “The night sky is gonna make this difficult, are you gonna be alright?” I asked her, since I could see due in part to Suzaku.

“Don't worry about me, if I only relied on my eyes I wouldn't be worthy of this sword.” Corrine's right hand hovered over the hilt as her left held the sword by her wist still in the sheathe. Although when I thought about it if she could see those trees almost immediately, then I'm sure she could clearly see in this darkness. The animals were were getting upset, they expected there food to be cooked, well done. The situation turned, for the worse when the eyes of the creatures turned red and sparks of electricity could be seen emitting from their bodies. The electrical energy got more violent when they started howling and growling savagely toward us. “This isn't good, these are thunder wolves.” she said concerned. Thunder wolves were one of the few chakra beast that lived on the three islands. They were animals that had adapted themselves to using there chakra nature, like Suzaku. Alone they're can be difficult to deal with, in a group they were a nightmare as the electricity will collect between them increasing in power. Corrine and I stood back to back, a few of the wolves rushed at us. Their size was imposing, I heard the strike of steel through flesh, I glanced over my shoulder to see the red glow die in the eyes of a wolf, as it lay split in twain. It's legs still standing, the torso leaked it's intestines across the grassy floor. I hear bellows closing in on me, I turn receiving a shock across my body, just what I needed to regain focus.

I'm thrown to the side a few paces, I land on my feet and dash at the sender. The animal swings at me again I close the distance, I duck, stepping deep into the lunging wolf, in an instant I stab the bear and a clone breaks off from me to counter the second wolf attacking from the side. I run the first one through, it falls onto its back I flip over it as I perform hand seals “FIRE STYLE, DRAGON FIRE JUTSU!! An intense flame surges from my lips as it spreads across the area like an ocean wave over sand it consumes the creatures that continue to madly run towards the fire. My flame stretches out to where Corinne was fighting, unfazed by the oncoming fire. She sways her body almost touching the ground then vanishes, the group that surrounded her with rabid fury, pause in confusion. The flames had subside, blood ran down the edge Corrine blade as she appeared a moment later behind the creatures as they fell apart in pieces “LAI SWORD STYLE, WANDERING SLASH!!” was the last thing the ears of those wolves heard. We continued to fight for seemed like hours, howls and wimpers pain could be heard as we laid wolves to rest, until daybreak. Upon the light of the sun the fighting had ended, I only saw the corpses of a few wolves in comparison to how many I knew I had fought. I looked around for Corrine, I found her some yards away from me, her clothes were torn in some places, but nothing serious. I could see she was tired, I was too. “You, ok? I said as I took a deep breath sheathing my blade. Breathing heavily she turned to face me, but still surveying the area. “What are you looking for?” I asked her. She now looked at me saying, “The one controlling these animals, he shouldn't be too far away.” I knew the wolves were being controlled, but the one using the jutsu, is probably long gone. Those footsteps from before were wiped away during the scuffle.

I looked around at the forest, brightly glowing from the rays of the sun. Whoever we were dealing with is a genjutsu user, which meant finding a needle in a haystack. We must be close to their base, rustling in the trees could be heard as a flock of birds moved out of the head of a tree and in to the blue sky. Through the eyes of my crimson friend I saw a person moving away from are area, at a high rate of speed. “We need to continue looking for this guy Kyo, that's what were here for anyway.” I said as I started walking in the direction of the target Suzaku spotted.”Your talking like they're jus gonna let us search this forest without a fight! Did you forget what we jus went through, we need to find this person first, or we'll keep being attacked!” Corine said concerned as she gripped her sword tightly. I paused looking back at her saying “I've already found them, so lets go.” Corrine looked at me baffled, at what I'd said, but she followed me but not without asking “How? I mean, what do you mean you found them. What did you do?” She looked at me curiously, while we leapt from branch to branch. “Just follow me.” Is all I replied.

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We continued to follow the heat trail Suzaku had seen, I could tell Corrine was getting upset about blindly following me. Can't be helped I thought to myself, no one can know about the existence of my eye in the sky. After a time the trail went cold, were they onto us? Couldn't be, I stopped just in case, we hadn't run into anymore wolves either. I would think this person would assume we were going to pursue them. I could here Corrine complaining about how I was lost, my thoughts blocked her out. Who was this we were following? Were we to close, did they notice Suzaku?

There's no way, I was sure that we were a good distance apart even if they were a sensing type they shouldn't have been able find us. Corrine was fed up with me ignoring her, so she pushed me off the branch we stood on, in an effort to get my attention. I really hate this girl is all I thought as I landed feet first on the ground, I looked up at her in disdain. She returned my gaze saying “Don't look at me like that and don't ignore me. I'm not some weak idiot, if you've gotta plan asshole tell me!” She spoke loud enough to make the birds in the trees fly off, she was giving away are position. I was prepared to yell back at her, until I felt a chill down my back. I turned to see a lone wolf, electrical energies flaring off its back, no red eyes though. This one wasn't being controlled, it was also larger than the others. “It's the alpha!” Before I could finish the thought Corrine had spoke it. I'm sure this one had more tricks than the others, but this couldn't have been what we were following the entire time? If it was why'd it stop here, were there more in this area? I quickly looked to my left and right nothing, Suzaku didn't pick up any other heat marks either.

“Hello, Genkei.” a voice spoke from behind the tree nearest to the wolf. I knew this voice but why would she be here. “Yumie? Why are you here, what stake does the Ono clan have with this, Utopia?” I probed as I slowly placed my hand over the hilt of my sword. The girl revealed herself as she stood next to the wolf, on all four of its feet it came up her midsection and Yumie was of average height for her age. The wolf growled when I reached for my blade, I didn't know what to expect I had never seen a trained thunder wolf in the field. “Calm yourself Genkei were not gonna fight, just yet, let's catch up, you can tell me about your new friend too.” She laughed to herself, as she mentioned Corrine. “To answer your question though, no, I in no way agree with the beliefs of these idiots. But, there paying me, so you know how that goes.” The girl shrugged her shoulders as she spoke and began to pet the wolf as it licked her hand in affection. I did know exactly what she meant. Corrine had had enough of being lover looked, she shot from the high branch making a beeline for the girl and her wolf. I immediately grabbed Corrine before she could get to close, It wasn't as easy as I thought to stop her. She struggled while we were in midair and managed to push me off her as we landed saying,” What is up with you!? This is the person that tried to kill us earlier. Why aren't we returning the favor?” I looked at her sincerely saying, “It's not that simple we can't just charge in on her.”

Corrine looked at me in confusion, I was used to it by now though. I should have explained that Yumie was a childhood friend. Also, that Yumie was a genjutsu, taijutsu user with a supposed “Ichigeki Hissatsu,” kekkei genkai. And that she had a bloodline limit that made her acidic, from her blood to her every secretion of fluids. The acid she produced was strong enough to even burn through the skin of some of the members of my clan and straight through the bone. Yumie was also aware of Suzaku, so she would mask her body heat. I contemplated telling Corrine all of this, but what I ended up saying, “I'll handle this you just stand back, okay?” Corrine didn't like this either, I felt her staring a hole in the side of my head as I watched Yumie. “You'd better listen to him girlie, or you might regret it later, isn't that right Shirayuri?” She said as she gathered her saliva on her fingers, the wolf rubbed it's body against her leg in response to it's name. Yumie then, rubbed her wet hand on the tree next to her, the bark began to permeate an odd colored gas. The bark ate away til, the center of the tree became visible. A look of surprise jump onto Corrine's face as she realized what had happened. “I know what your thinking. Oh shit, no way! Believe it'll happen to you if you try to go any further.” Yumie teased as she looked at Corrine wickedly. I didn't want to have to kill Yumie, being as were once friends and all, but, she wasn't leaving me a lot of options. Yumie stood there next to the tree that now waved over the slightest breeze, her arms crossed, an acidic guardsman and her watchdog.


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I lunged at Yumie, cutting towards her neck, the wolf and her vanished, I turned saying to Corrine “Can you see them”. She turned her head away from me pouting “Oh I thought the mighty Genkei jus wanted me to stay back and not get myself hurt.” I clenched my teeth I couldn't believe she would throw that in my face now of all times. A bolt of lightning ripped between us as we leapt into the trees. Yumie appeared next to me she nonchalantly checked her nails, then she stopped and glanced at me. She swiftly threw her hand in my direction, I dodged and sprinted towards her.

Yumie had shot a grappling hook into the tree, it was never intended to hit me but, to be used as a zip line to quicken her movements. She came at me with greater speed than I could muster with just my legs. Ill go to the ground, is what I thought as I leaned off toward the edge of the branch in mid sprint. I saw Shirayuri on the ground below me, it's fur spiked from the power it produced. When I continued off the side of the branch the wolf loosed a discharge of its prowess. I nearly fell prey to this electrical explosion, but I dug my sword deep into the side of the tree, stopping short. Yumie's cheeks enlarged before she spat out a glob acid on the side of the tree I rested on. I quickly shot from one tree trunk to the next Yumie and Shirayuri hot on my tail. Just as I knew how Yumie fought she also was aware of my tactics, although the wolf was unexpected. I could predict it's purpose of covering her attacks and cutting off my escapes. I'm sure it also played a role in her genjutsu as well. I began to wonder what had become of Corrine after we separated. In the middle of avoiding Yumie's attacks, I see a sliver of bright light as the trees to my front begin to fall at an angle all in unison. I stop on the nearest branch and right behind me, Yumie, with a hand covered in her acidic slime.

“SAIRAAIII!!” The falling trees burst in my direction at high speeds, I feel the wind from the flying trees. I think to myself, flying trees or acid burns? I choose to retreat toward the trees, this time I feel the wolfs discharge hit me, it jumped. It hurts but not as much as I intend to hurt that wolf, before I can I'm carried away by a tree. Yumie smiles at me devilishly, as she reaches her hand forward to burn through me. Crouched on the same tree that shuttles me toward danger, I see Corrine, in an instant she draws her sword. Everything came to a halt, or at least it seemed that way. All of the trees in are vicinity explode into chips of wood, not sizable enough for toothpicks. I hit the grassy floor, hard, as I lie on my stomach I lift my head up to see Yumie covered in blood, her clothing tattered, crawling toward Shirayuri, who managed to evade the blast. “LAI SWORD STYLE, WELCOME BREEZE!!” Was the last thing I remembered hearing before I landed, I had forgot Corrine was an incredibly strong swordswoman, and a Mirigan holder. Her immature attitude made me forget, or was it my own immaturity that made me forget? It really didn't matter at this point, I thought as I stood to my feet, I felt a little dizzy. The force behind her strikes are betrayed by her small frame, but if you look closely you can see the muscles are certainly there. Regaining my bearings, I saw Yumie standing, barely, her still grinning face the same way I saw it last saying, “Your a horrible friend Genkei!

You didn't tell me your new pal was a Mirigan user!” Yumie shook her head as it slowly dropped, before she could raise it to attempt an attack. Corrine had already cut her and the wolf in half. The cut was so clean that it took a moment before they themselves realized it. Before my eyes I saw Yumie and Shirayuri, turn into wood logs. “She escaped a while ago.” Corrine said as she turned toward me her katana already resting in it's sheathe. She began to walk past me while I was saying, “You knew she had run off and you let her?” Corrine stopped “ Of course I knew, but I had to make sure you were okay. You were flung pretty far by my welcome breeze.” So she did deliberately shoot all of those trees toward my direction and use that wide attack on purpose. She used me as a distraction because she knew I could take it, or she was just mad at me. But, it was smart none the less “ next time you could just tell me your gonna do something like that.” She looked over her shoulder at me saying “Why? You keep secrets from me.” I felt like she was talking about Yumie.

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We walked on for awhile in awkward silence, I didn't know what to say. I could see how she might be upset over how I acted. A lot of things have happened, her village got attacked and she's unaware of how her friends and family are fairing. “So who was she, who's Yumie and how do you know her?” Corrine asked abruptly. “We grew up in the same village together, she's an old friend, but I didn't go easy on her or anything.” I found myself feeling embarrassed answering for more than what was asked. Corrine continued to walk in front of me saying, “Are you two still friends?” I shook my head as we walked “ Do you try to kill your friends?” I responded sarcastically, it was a silly question she asked. Corrine turned and faced with a flustered look on her face “ Of course not, but I'm not working against other Banju ninja either, you Teisei ninjas have no honor.” She shook her head in disbelief as she spoke. What she said was pretty harsh, we work for money to support are clan who support the village.

“If taking a mission regardless of whether it may put me at odds with another clan from the village means I have no honor then so be it. Corrine was shocked by my reply, her eyes wondered away from me as she slowly turned back around. She maintained a concerned look on her face. “If you were given a mission right now from your village, to turn on Hien, Suri and myself would you?” I'd better put her doubts to rest, Corrine not trusting me would be bad given are current situation. “No, I've been told by the Kazankage that there are no missions of more importance than this one.” Corrine looks over her shoulder and stares at me for a long while. It's those eyes, she must be trying to see if I'm lying to her. “I'm glad to hear that then,” She said after a sigh of relief. A thought arose as she turned forward, “Hien can travel through time, right?” Corrine turns to face me as she says “Yea, why do you ask ?” I cross my arms as I speak, “ Then why doesn't he just go back and stop the attack on Banju from happening or why doesn't any of his clan for that matter?” It was something that had been nagging at me for awhile. Corrine placed her arms behind her back and sighed saying “The Jikokuwa have a rule about respecting time and using what they can do responsibly.” I crouched down and looked up at Corrine with a raised eyebrow, I didn't really get how or why they would need to respect something that can't be touched or seen. Corrine continued to explain “I'm not one hundred percent on all the details but from what Hien told me. There was once a member of the Jikokuwa clan that abused the Tokigan and created a severe time shift. After they had managed to contain the problem as much as they could they ultimately came to the decision that they could no longer amongst others on the mainland, especially after what had happened, to include those who were hunting bloodline limit users.

I stood up placing my hands on my hips saying “ what happened you never said what he did?” Corrine layed her arms across her belly, “He tried to change something that happened in the past and I guess when he did he changed other things in the future. From my understanding a lot of other people suffered because of this.” I had heard something like this before, I think. “Who exactly suffered?” I further questioned Corrine. She rolled her eyes as she answered me “I really don't know, I mean think like, it's the reason why some clans got wiped out and why some things are the way they are now. Hien wasn't very specific when he told me the story, he just made the point that it's why they hold themselves to a high code of responsibility and respect for the passage of time. I wasn't going to get anymore out of her on this subject, I decided it was enough as I shrugged my shoulders and began to walk past her. Corrine turned with e and grabbed my wrist as I tried to pass her. I looked back at her with a stern look. “Now I have a question for you,” Corrine said with a smirk. Fair enough, I thought as I turned to face her after she released my wrist. “Okay, is it true that the Chuushin of Teisei are the Kazankage personal guard?

And, is Akane Kajina one of them?” Corrine sounded excited when she mentioned the Chuushin. I had know idea that they were that famous, I'd figure that most people would hate them. “Yes, to both questions, why did you ask?” What about the Chuushin and Akane Kajina interested her. Corrine's face lit up with ecstasy “wow, do you ever see them, have you seen Akane in person? I just love her, she's like the idol for kunoichi's everywhere.” I scratched the back of my head in disbelief, she was a fan, how cute. “Yea I've seen this before and Akane, but you know there are other female Chuushin right, like . . . “ Corrine interrupted me as she ranted on about how much better Akane was than the other twelve members of the guard. I had enough, so began to walk away from her saying “Come on we still need to find Kyo, right.” Corrine ran to the side of me while saying, “Your right, but I've still got more questions though.” She smiled as she talked. Her smile was beautiful and it made a little happy to see her not sulking about Banju.

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Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:14 am

. . . Meanwhile on another side of sector five. “Sensei, we've been going around in circles for hours now.” Suri complained as she pouted. Hien looked around the area at the forest, where everything looked normal. “Were definitely caught in a good genjutsu we've tried releasing ourselves and were still just running around in circles and coming back to this spot, somebodies stalling us.” Hien said as he tried thinking of away of escape. Suri also began to look around the area, as she did the tree behind her fell almost landing on her as she rolled out of the way. “Where did that come from!?” Suri said in dismay at the thought of almost being crushed. A few more close calls with trees occurred near Hien and another next to Suri.

“Really, falling trees come out and face me, coward.” Hien said he looked toward the tops of trees around him. “Sensei, please don't provoke, this person we don't know what there gonna do next.” Suri said worried for their safety. Hien looked at Suri, in that same moment a small stream of liquid shot towards him. Suri immediately jumped in front of him, the acid hit her skin. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”Suri cried out in pain as blood began to spill from the holes that were now on her midesction. She dropped to her knees, as she choked on her own blood, what was left of her innards spilled onto the ground as the hole burned through to her back. Suri lay on the ground, eyes open unmoving, blood from her body painted over the green blades of grass of the forest floor. As grotesque as it was, Hien seemed unaffected as he looked away toward the tree tops, another stream shot at him from a different direction. So did another, and another, Hien managed to to stay away from the streams of acid that shot from the trees. The woods took heavy damage as trees toppled, and the grounds surface corroded under the acid.

Hien continued to move from place to place avoiding streams of acid as best he could. Every once in a while stopping to sniff at the air, Suri's body now lay covered by the trees that had fallen around her. Yumie giggled to herself, as she stalked Hien from the comfort of her illusion. She knew what she was up against with Hien, and was forced to play this game of acid tag. With a few hands seals her cheeks enlarged abnormally as she shot a massive ball of acid into the air, which exploded at a tops of the trees. Corrosive rain poured everywhere as the leaves, trees and rocks were eaten away at by the short lived shower. Hien saw the ball as it lifted into the air the height that it appeared at didn't give signs of the sender's position. He was right underneath it when it began to rain down. His eyes glowed as the hands sped up as did his movements as he dodged the small drops of acid. Yumie's face held a serious look as she swallowed hard after seeing Hien avoid her technique. Blood trickled down her forehead, she still suffered injuries from her run in with Corrine and her narrow escape from her attack. Yumie began to make hand seals but stopped as she found herself getting dizzy and her arms get heavy.

In fact her entire body felt heavy as she layed down on the tree she was hiding on. She was paralyzed, but how she was immune to poison what else could do this to her? Yumie lie there trying to think of what could make her feel this way and then she saw Suri standing over her. Yumie's eyes widened she was baffled she saw her die how was this possible. “You look so surprised I would have thought you would know what a blood user looked like. But, I guess not, what you did caused me a lot of pain, to have to get hit by your attack just to lure you out. Your going to die very slowly, because of that. A word to the wise next time you face a blood user make sure your not bleeding, makes it easier to find you, even if your cloaked in genjutsu.” Suri said darkly as she began to make hand seals. Yumie's heart began to race she couldn't do anything but move her eyes and breathe. She was scared she had never felt this helpless before in her life, the thought occurred that she could call Shirayuri but she didn't want her companion to suffer her fate. “BLOOD STYLE, INFLAMED HEMORRHAGE JUTSU.” Yumie's heart continued an uptempo, her scratches and open wounds enlarged as blood forced itself out. Gashes now covered her body, blood forced its way out through any all holes on her body. The pain was unbearable an involuntary yelp let out from the pain, Yumie started choking on her own blood.

The crimson life force trickled out of her ears, eyes, wounds as it moved out it burned her skin not from the acid but from Suri's ninjutsu. Suri watched her unmoved by the site or the pain Yumie was in, she just watched her with a cold expressionless face. Hien appeared next Yumie kneeling next to her body as it jumped involuntarily. “Release her.” He said as looked at Suri solemnly. Suri looked away from Yumie, the blood that had flowed so freely now ceased. Yumie still choked on her blood, Hien layed her in a position that allowed the blood to run out of her throat. Yumie felt her limbs lighten, she could escape now. Just as she turned to run she met the gaze of Suri and fell on her butt on the branch. No attack had stopped her, only fear, Hien now stood looking at Yumie. “Now I'm going to ask you some questions and depending on what you say you'll live.” Hien said quietly but stern. Yumie nodded her head as she looked at Hien but glanced at Suri behind her.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same name

Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:04 am

Shirayuri had had enough she could feel the pain that Yumie suffered and had understood when Yumie had told her not come for her. That time had passed now, and she would have Yumie suffer no longer. Shirayuri rushed toward the part of the forest where Yumie had hid herself as she cast her illusion. She smelled the other ninja before she saw them, one was male the other a female. She was aware of their positions relative to Yumie's. Having been trained Shirayuri knew better than to run in head first she was strongest in combination with Yumie. Shirayuri smelled the heavy musk of fear on her friend and she didn't like it, fear didn't smell right on Yumie. She had to get her out of there but how? “Why are you here, what part do you play in the Horde's plan?” Hien questioned. Yumie felt weakened, tired, she was covered in her own blood and had lost a lot of it. Yumie had a hard time focusing and even more difficulty staying conscious from her loss of blood.

For her delay in answering Hien's question Suri grabbed Yumie's hand grasping a finger. Suri pushed the tip of her finger toward the back of her, a snap was heard. Yumie cried in pain as she tried to pull away from Suri, Yumie lacked the strength to release herself, but she was wide awake now. “Why are you here and what role do you play in the plan of the terrorist.” Hien calmly repeated. “None! I was just hired to deal with the the four of you.” Yumie said in hopes of being released. Another snap could be heard another finger pushed in a direction it shouldn't be. Yumie squirmed as she tried to keep herself from crying. This was the most humbling moment in her life, she had never been so thoroughly defeated and unable to help herself. Hien looked at Suri, “She's lying.” Cold and emotionless was Suri in this moment, Hien continued to interrogate Yumie. Shirayuri made low deep growls as it felt rage swell up within itself, the electricity it retained began to spike every inch of it's fur. The wolf was charging itself before it made it's way to rescue Yumie. Yumie who had taking the utmost care in making sure to never accidentally touch Shirayuri with her acid, or to harm or disrespect the pride of the animal. All of these things had garnered the wolfs respect, it was time to return the favor. Shirayuri dashed toward the tree where Yumie was held, “You should tell your animal to back down, unless you want me to kill it.” Suri said as she twisted Yumie's wrist, she looked out toward the wolf that looked up at her. “Go! Go away from here!” Shirayuri sprinted off into the woods, Yumie began to cry. Hien and Suri continued to question Yumie for every question that went unanswered a loud snap could be heard, followed by a scream of agony. Having charged enough electrical power Shirayuri began to make its way back toward Yumie it's speed increasing exponentially with each gallop.

The wolf began to glow a bright white its body became engulfed in electricity as it shot itself in the direction of Yumie. A long streak of lightning traveled across the forest floor, it bore a path into the earth. Everything paused Suri and Hien looked down at the scarred earth seeing that the path of the streak went through the tree, sparks rose from the line. Hien and Suri narrowly escape the pulsing rods of lightning that shot upward consuming everything that lay along the cracked ground. Suri tried to keep hold of Yumie who resisted and in the end she was left to the lightning. “Don't worry about her, that electricity is to unpredictable for us to try to save her, she must have trained that animal to kill her in the event that she was captured. She won't survive it.” Hien said as he and Suri observed the fierce lightning from a safe distance. The lightning flared once more before dying out leaving nothing standing that was along the straight line created by the wolf. Hien narrowed his eyes as he saw not even the wolf or the body of Yumie remained. “Sensei they got . . .” Suri was interrupted by Hien as he took off toward there original course saying “She was not our original mission, continuing to pursue her would only delay our . . “ He stopped mid sentence.

There was silence for a moment “She stalled us, the base isn't there anymore.” Suri confused by his words “Base what base, are you talking about Sensei?” Hien took a deep breath before saying “The sole reason for us finding Kyo is because he knows the location of the Horde base. But, since they've moved, . . . we need to hurry and find him.” Suri followed Hien but was at a loss. “Assuming that girl was just there to slow us down that doesn't necessarily mean they've changed there base, they wouldn't be able to move everything without us at least noticing something or hearing noises in the forest.” Hien stopped on the closest branch saying “ They would if they had multiple bases around Banju, and if that's true, then that complicates things. This is why we need to find Kyo now more than ever in hopes that he has information on more than just this assumed base in sector five.” Hien and Suri took off at high speeds through the forest, until they came upon a clearing and a large mound of earth within it.

Re: Dual - Alternate Universe Naruto - Based on RP of same name

Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:14 pm

Upon landing they saw Corrine and myself as we were searching the mound for any clue to it's identity. “Find out anything?” Hien asked while him and Suri walked toward us. “Not yet, it's weird though, where could this have come from?” Corrine placed her hand on the large ball of dirt, and it moved. The dirt was flung everywhere as the creature that lie underneath the hill awoke in a rage, spinning in place . It dug into the earth. “What was that?” I stood dumbfounded by what I had witnessed. Hien and Suri began to run toward the trees yelling “Spread out! We won't hear him coming so were gonna have to stay moving!” Without a reply the four of us scattered within the forest.

“Sensei what is it were fighting here?” Suri demanded as she jumped from one tree to another. Just as Hien began to open his mouth to explain, the large creature burst from under the ground spinning like a loose firework in the air. It's shadow loomed over Suri as she stared up at it in awe, the animal brought it's arms and legs together in mid air. “ Is that a mole?” Suri asked in disbelief, as she watched it begin to dive toward the tree she was on. I raced toward the tree Suri occupied, I'm not sure what came over me, my legs just moved as soon as I saw her in danger. Before I knew it I had Suri in my arms as the mole wipe out the tree behind me, and took to the underground again. I still cradled Suri in my arms as I looked back at the damaged forest, Suri blushed as she sat my arms. When I looked down at her and are eyes met, . . . I felt my face get hot and I dropped her, It was unintentional, I looked away from her blushing.

Suri stood and dusted herself off as she began to speak the ground between us rose to eye level and I was kissing the sky. Suri was shot backwards into a nearby tree, she didn't move. The mole stood on the surface, it could be plainly seen now it was sizable. It retained all the normal features of a mole except the clothing it wore, it had a headband cocked to the side across it's forehead, sunglasses covered it's eyes, it wore a mesh shirt, a blue and white kimono top, no pants and on both arms were arm plating that reached down to its long sharp claws. It had those claws primed as he dove spinning head first toward the unconscious Suri. As I reached the peak of my flight I saw Suzaku flying beneath me and I gently stepped on him and stood on his back performing hands seals.

Suzaku began burning brightly, as bright as the afternoon sun that sat in the sky. I was grateful my friend was here I wouldn't survive a fall from this height. Being able to step on his light frame, was the first technique I learned when I received Suzaku as a baby from my Grandfather. “BEAST MIMIC JUTSU!!” I jumped off of his back as I began my plummet toward the ground transformed in the image of Suzaku who falls by my side, I glow as he does, we mesh into a burning phoenix. A few seconds before we make impact, Corrine zips across the from the tree she was on to the tree where Suri laid in one swoop the mole was slammed to the ground in front of Suri's body a flash of white faded off his back across his back. His hide was to thick for her to pierce it's skin, but it was enough power behind her slash to force him down. As Corrine landed in front of the mole, the scream of are “Fallen Phoenix” technique could be heard across the forest.

Corrine looked up to see what made the noise as we brought fire down upon the mole. Before hitting the creature Suzaku and I raised out of the nose dive at the last minute leaving the fire. In a cloud of smoke I changed back and Suzaku resumed his flight in the sky. I turned to look at the mole, and to my surprise it had vanished in a puff of smoke. “There's no way?” I appealed. Corrine quickly shook Suri til she woke. “We have to go, get up!” Corrine forced the disheveled Suri to her feet. The three of of us began to run and zigzag around the until “Gotekimaru! That's enough!” The mole spun upward from the ground at the sound of its name, it's arms crossed. It spoke “For you to know my name you must know the one that summoned me.” It stood there with its arms crossed as it looked upon Hien who sat on a branch saying “Yea, it Kyo. Sorry bout all of this I just couldn't remember who you were at first.” Hien laughed as he rubbed the back of his head. I was furious, “Idiot!” I thought to myself. Suri giggled a little at what Hien said , but Corrine had a concerned look on her face.
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